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UPDATE 2011 NEW ADDITION - Malvin Artley's, Bodies of Fire

The Secret Doctrine online  or
Secret Doctrine text file

Bringing the Heart Doctrine to the West    |    |  Pranava Vada  (thanks Guy!)   | 

Teachings of the Temple  |  Agni Yoga zip text      |  Nature of the Soul, Lucille Cedercrans

Formulas, Hints & Points of Revelation
- extensive compilation originated by Annie Muller and sustained by Vicktorya. 
Download as word document

zip file:astrorulers



Ageless Wisdom Reference Archive

Texts, Compilations, and Articles by classic and modern esoteric thinkers

Focusing upon Ageless Wisdom concepts, with emphasis upon Alice A. Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, and related streams of psycho-cosmology.

Most files are compilations from A.A. Bailey's published material; several are annotated with the compiler's suggestive comments and questions.


  The Mahatma Letters |  Theosophy, Vivekacudamani, Bhagavad Gita

  Kheper Net    |  Sacred Texts Archive 


Fundamental Charts, Tables, and Diagrams
references from Alice Bailey


7 Creative Hierarchies, VSK chart (pdf)
7 Planes, Horizontal chart

49: Compilation on Forty-Nine


Accepted Disciple

Advanced Man [MDR]

Age of Aquarius 1945 [JPC]

Agni Yoga zip text full book  



Analogy & Correspondence

Angelic Hierarchies (also see Devas)
  Agnichaitans in doc
  Agnishvattas in doc

Astrology & Stars (some documents include astronomical details)

Signs, Planets, and Rays in Compilations & Comparisons
in addition to extensive biographical interpretations,
as part of Volume III of Tapestry of the Gods, by Michael Robbins

Ascendant - First House
Star Influences in the Signs
Overview of Astrology, informal talk

Great Bear
Little Bear / Ursa Minor
Sirius and the Blue Lodge

Atomic Bomb

AUM/OM, Sacred Word, with Aramaic


The Boundless Immutable Principle
Fundamentals from the Secret Doctrine by David Reigle

Basic Distinctions, Economics, and Antagonistic Forces an article by JPC

Black Lodge
Black Masters
Dark Brothers




Central Spiritual Sun



Clear Light

Colour  - Compilations available on ALL individual colours on Ageless Wisdom Compilations yahoogroup

Comparison and Conjecture on Memes, Complexity Theory and Subplanes

Consciousness: 4 energies; 4 levels (short)

Conflict: Causes of Ancient Conflict

Countries - compilations list on various countries

Creative Hierachies



Devas, subplane emphasis

Angelic Hierarchies
Agnishvattas in doc
Agnichaitans in doc



Earth Compilation .doc [DKr]
Earth  (see Astro Comps )
Earth Scheme: AAB Chart XIII
Planetary Hierarchy: jpg VSK (small; larger available)


Basic Distinctions, Economics, and Antagonistic Forces



Endurance, Vulcan & First Ray

Esoteric Schools (AAB; pdf)

Etheric and Prana


Fohat Compilation
Fohat Definitions
Fohat and Fohatic (word searches)
All FOHAT docs above COMBINED


The 6 Formulas, 7 Hints, and 5 Points of Revelation
extensive compilation originated by Annie Muller and sustained by Vicktorya. 

Hints &
Points of Revelation

Download all Formulas, Hints & Points together in Booklet word document


  First Fundamental - One Reality
  First Fundamental compilation: BIP


Glamour, World Problem, Introduction pdf
Glamour, Illusion, Glamour, Maya, Dweller, pdf
Glamour, Causes of Glamour 1 pdf
Glamour, Causes of Glamour 2 pdf
Ending Glamour, 1 pdf
Ending Glamour, 2 pdf
Glamour, Effect of Ray Type
Glamours holding Humanity



Great Invocation
The Great Invocation
all three versions in a word.doc compilation




Esoteric Healing, 10 Laws, 6 Rules
Esoteric Healing Techniques Chart: VSK jpg
Series of Letters on Esoteric Healing

Formulas, Hints & Points of Revelation  -- an extensive compilation, original configuration by Annie Muller, document sustained by Vicktorya.  (could be considered a classic)

Humanity, Purification of
short w/ Raja Yoga Sutra 4


Identification and Monadic Consciousness

Infinity and Infinitization of Selfhood (big pdf; by MDR).

Initiate Disciple / Initiated Disciple 

Initiation: Fire From Heaven
- an Extensive compilation on the subject, by Robert Borel

Cosmic Initiations
Second Initiation
Third Initiation (list of references)
Third Initiation
Fifth Initiation
Ninth Initiation
Rods of Initiation (one page of references)

Introduction to Esoteric Philosophy
Conscience of Love, talk to Lucis Trust by Laurence Newey

Intuition, Definition
Intuitives, Four Kinds

Jewel, full compilation in table format - NEW

Jupiter (also see Astro Comps )


Karmic Formula
Karmic Mass
Karmi Relativity

Kundalini (short list of references)


Laya Centers

Light & Matter Unified

Logos, Cosmic



Makara & Mahat

Mars  (also see Astro Comps )

Meditations (page under construction and expanding, including Great Invocation versions and Starling David Hunter's Compass of LIght.)

Mercury  (also see Astro Comps )

Midway and Middle Point
Midway in AAB's books
Midway in Agni Yoga Books
Middle Point in AAB
Middle Point in Agni Yoga
Middle Point in HPB

Monad [MDR]

On the Monad,
Vol. IV in Tapestry of the Gods [MDR]

Dark Light and the Monad
Monadic Consciousness & Identification
Monadic Source Gravitation & Synthesis

Money (Economics)
Money and Reappearance of the Christ includes Sunday and Thursday meditation forms, with comments

Moon [DKr] 
Moon   (also see Astro Comps )
Moon Chain

Master M

Mystical, Pacifist or Militant


New World Order, the United Nations
Next Century

Neptune  (also see Astro Comps )

Nostradamus (pdf)


Occult Chemistry, Annie Besant

Past, On Forgetting the Past, from Agni Yoga

Paths, Seven - Compilation
  Seven Cosmic Paths
  Cosmic Paths

Petals: full compilation in table form - NEW

The Plan & Seven Ashrams

Pluto also see Astro Comps


Prana and the Etheric - Compilation

CLASSIC: Science of the Sacred Word;
the Pranava Vada
- Opens New Page of Contents


Ray Words of Power
Introduction to Science of Antahkarana

1st Word of Power: Great Bear
1st Ray Rishi Marichi
2nd Word of Power: Little Bear
3rd Word of Power: Aliath, Alcyone, Earth
4th Word of Power: Atreya, Sol, Mercury
5th Word of Power: Orion
5th Ray Word of Power: Three Minds Unite
6th Word of Power: Merak, Antares, Mars

Ray Compilations all in one (pdf)

First Ray  Part 1
First Ray, Part 2
   Endurance, Vulcan & First Ray
Fifth Ray
Sixth Ray (partial)

Ray Compilation html (by Eva Smith)
in pdf
in rtfin doc

Formulas, Hints & Points of Revelation  - extensive compilation originated by Annie Muller and sustained by VSK
Download as word document

  Reversal Wheel
  Reversed Wheel

Rods of Initiation

Root Race



Saturn  (also see Astro Comps )

Scheme, Earth
Scheme, Venus


Service (
Science of Service
Service Brief on 7 Rays
Service 7 Rays
Service [Assagioli]
Service Booklet

Seven Cosmic Paths
Seven Head Centres

Sex and Marriage

Shamballa one page [+ 19 part comp; opens new page]
Shamballa, [Pretty word.doc comp]


Solar Angels, questions

Solar System

Soul and Its Mechanism,
VSK adapted version from original, in pdf.

Compilation on Speech (pdf]

Stanzas of Dzyan





Telepathy -- in relation to Shamballa
Telepathy -- quotations exclusive of those in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle

Telepathy and Etheric Vehicle, Section 1
with VSK highlighting for practice of technique

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, book in .doc



the United Nations & New World Order

Uranus (also see Astro Comps )


Vegetarianism, argument for
Vegetarianism, arguments against

Venus (also see Astro Comps )

Thoughts on Visualization; excerpt on DINA commentary, by MDR

Vulcan (also see Astro Comps )
Endurance, Vulcan & First Ray


Wither Man pdf

CLASSIC: Science of the Sacred Word;
the Pranava Vada
- Opens New Page of Contents



Yoga, Agni (zip file!)


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