Astrology, 256:

Another sign of the zodiac which is also closely related to the previous solar system is Cancer; it might be said that Cancer is an expression (in the stage of great advancement) of the first half of the life cycle in solar system one, whilst Virgo is an equally advanced expression of the second half. In an effort to grasp the situation, it should be remembered that the consciousness aspect, as we understand the ability to be aware, was lacking entirely except in such an embryonic manner that the whole process resembled the stage of the embryo in the womb, prior to the quickening at the middle point of the gestation process. It will, however, do none of you any harm to exert the imaginative faculty and thus get a vague and faint idea of the synthesis of the great evolutionary scheme which, in a cosmic sense, concerns the threefold personality of Deity. With this I attempted to deal in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

Bethlehem, 43:

There are therefore three initiators: first, a man's own soul, then the Christ of history, and finally the Ancient of Days, the one in Whom "we live, and move, and have our Being." (Acts, XVII, 28.) These ideas are interesting when we realize that out of the five initiations there are three which seem, and naturally so, to be of supreme importance. In the life of Christ there are episodes which represent great points of attainment, all climaxing cycles and initiating new ones. These are the first initiation, the Birth; the third initiation, the Transfiguration; and the fifth, the Resurrection. There is in nature some mysterious value which is connected with the first, the third, and the fifth - the beginning, the middle point and the climaxing consummation. As has been pointed out, "it is the intervals, not only between the base note, the major third and the perfect fifth, or those which distinguish the quaver from the semi-quaver, which enable us to build up a symphony or song." Between these high points, in the intervals of which the details are given us in the Gospel story, the work is carried on which makes the later achievements possible. We are primarily considering in this book the technique of the entrance into the kingdom of God. That kingdom exists, and birth into it is as inescapable as birth into the human family. The process is a sequential proceeding from gestation until, in "the fullness of time," the Christ Child is born; the soul begins to manifest on earth, and the life of the disciple and initiate begins. He passes from stage [44] to stage until he has mastered all the laws of the spiritual kingdom. Through birth, service and sacrifice the initiate becomes a citizen of that kingdom, and this is as much a natural process connected with his inner life as are the physical processes in their connection with his outer life as a human being. These two go on together, but the inner reality eventually comes into manifestation through the sacrifice of the human to the divine.

Discipleship2, 609:

I, as a Master upon the second ray, have an Ashram which is a branch, an affiliate, an outgrowth or a specialized part of the Ashram of K.H. It is because of this that the services of A.A.B. have been made available to me for two decades and more than two decades. Words here are limiting and confusing. In the statement of six sentences which was given to you last year, you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in the great interlocking directorate of the Hierarchy and in the basic relation between the Ashrams (as, for instance, all Ashrams upon the second ray) there arises a point where the circle of an Ashram overlaps or interpenetrates the circle of another Ashram, and at their point of contact and of overlapping an increased intercourse and interplay becomes possible. It is here that you have to find your place. It might be pictured somewhat like the diagram (page 610), as regards my Ashram and that of K.H.

At this Middle Point there is a coming and a going; there is relation and contact; there is increased opportunity and inspiration; there are focal points of transmutation, of transition and of transformation. It is towards this area of merging [610] and of fusion that you are now asked to move. Reflect upon this and get the deep spiritual implications which this picture of relationship between the Ashrams can convey to you. By your effort, your determination and your understanding you can form part of the group which stands in this "Middle Chamber" (to use Masonic terminology) and can work from this point in the ashramic life. This important little diagram can be applied also to the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity - the New Group of World Servers occupying this lower midway point.


It will be obvious to you also how the symbolism of an eclipse will come into your mind, for when the merging is complete, humanity and the Hierarchy will be one; there will be no outer or inner and no middle chamber, but only complete unity. Later in our planetary history, this design will also depict the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy. It can also be applied most usefully to the relationship between soul and personality, wherein the "encroaching light of the soul obliterates the dim light of the personality, and within that lighted area the disciple learns to stand."

There is much more that could be said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon what has been said will enable you to add that much more.

I would suggest that you take these thoughts into your meditation, and that you also use this little diagram as the theme for reflection during the coming year. Draw up your [611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts and preserving steadfastly in your consciousness the imperative command of your soul to "move forward." Look for indications of this moving, forward in the growth of increased understanding, in a sense at times of a greatly heightened vibration, and also in a greatly increased facility in imparting knowledge. Learn to know yourself as the disciple, and be not so intensely preoccupied with yourself as the struggling aspiring personality. Personalities enter not into Ashrams - only souls.

There is no need for me to ask you to stand by A.A.B. The rhythm of years cannot be disturbed and you have always stood by her and you always will.

Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. November 1944


The past year has seen much change in your life, and for this I earlier sought to prepare you; it is change which is largely in the nature of release and of a freeing for   more effective service. In reviewing what I said to you last year (and this I have carefully done in order to help you more effectively in the process of adjustment which faces you) I am impressed with the nature and scope of the information which I saw fit to impart to you. I wonder if the implications of what I said made due impression upon your mind? The following information was given you:

  1. That the Master K.H. was aware of you and of your relation to him.
  2. That it had been decided, in view of A.A.B.'s recall for more definite work in his Ashram, that you would continue to work in my Ashram for the remainder of this life. A.A.B. had temporarily given up some of her work in the Ashram of K.H. in order to be of assistance to me in the specialized work I was attempting to do and which she was equipped to aid.
  3. That the "middle point" between the auras or spheres of influence of the related Ashrams should form your 612] immediate objective and the goal of your endeavor. This would mean, in your case, that when you have achieved the "freedom of the middle point" you would be sensitive to impression from me and from my Ashram with which you are now affiliated, but you would also be sensitive to impressions from the Ashram of K.H., via A.A.B.
  4. It was also indicated to you that the vehicle which you should seek to discipline and subject to refinement was the physical body. The density of your physical vehicle is both an asset and a liability; it is for you to discover the nature of both and offset the liabilities through discipline and employ the assets in active service.

Fire, 239:

This Entity, Whom we call the solar Logos, is in no sense the same as the personal God of the Christian, who is no more nor less than man himself, expanded into a being of awful power, and subject to the virtues and vices of man himself. The solar Logos is more than man, for He is the sumtotal of all the evolutions within the entire solar system, including the human, which is an evolution standing at a middle point in relation to the other evolutions. On one side of him are ranged hosts of beings who are more than human, and who, in [240] past kalpas, reached and passed the stage where man now is; on the other side are hosts of the subhuman evolutions who in future kalpas will achieve the stage of humanity. Man stands midway between the two, and is at the point of balance; herein lies his problem. He does not partake wholly of the material side of evolution, nor is he wholly the expression of the third Logos, the Brahma aspect of the Deity, Who is an expression of pure energy or intelligence, motivating that tenuous something which we call substance. He is not wholly Spirit, the expression of the first Logos, the Mahadeva aspect, which is an expression of pure will or necessitous desire, impelling to manifestation. It is the fundamental motive itself or the great will to be. Man is a product of the union of the two; he is the meeting place of matter or active intelligent substance, and of Spirit or the basic will. He is the child born of their marriage or at-one-ment. He assumes objectivity in order to express that which is in each of the two opposites, plus the result of their merging in himself.

Fire, 242:

Humanity is that evolution through which the Son aspect is to express itself most perfectly in this cosmic incarnation. Man blends the pairs of opposites, and the three fires meet in him. He is the best expression of the manasic principle and might be considered, from one very interesting [242] standpoint, the chef-d'oeuvre of Brahma. He is the sheath for the life of God; he is the individualized consciousness of the Logos, manifesting through the seven divine Manasaputras, or Heavenly Men, in Whose bodies each unit of the human family finds place. He is the Vishnu aspect in process of development through the intelligence of Brahma, impelled by the will of Mahadeva. Therefore, in a peculiar sense man is very important, as he is the place of at-one-ment for all the three aspects; nevertheless, he is very unimportant for he is not the apex of the triangle, but simply the middle point, if we view the triangle thus:

  • Spirit - Father.
  • The Son or man.
  • Matter - Mother.

The evolution of the Son, or the cosmic incarnation of the Christ, is of immense importance in the plans of the Being greater than the solar Logos, HE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The animating principles of allied constellations and systems watch the progress of the evolution of the Son with keenest attention.

Just as the planet called the earth is regarded as the turning point or the battleground between Spirit and matter, and is therefore, from that very consideration, of great importance, so our solar system holds an analogous place in the cosmic scheme. The cosmic man, the solar Arjuna, is wrestling for His individualized perfected self-consciousness, and for freedom and liberation from the form, and from the not-self. So man on this planet battles for similar ideals on his tiny scale; so battle in heaven Michael and His Angels, or the divine Heavenly Men, Whose problem is the same on the higher scale.

Duality, and the interplay between the two produces: [243]

  1. Objectivity, or the manifested Son or Sun.
  2. Evolution itself.
  3. The development of quality.
  4. Time and space.

The questions we are now engaged in answering embody certain fundamental aspects of manifestation, viewed principally from the subjective or psychic angle.

Fire, 243:

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions

IV. What is Consciousness? What is its Place in the Scheme of Things?

Consciousness might be defined as the faculty of apprehension, and concerns primarily the relation of the Self to the not-self, of the Knower to the Known, and of the Thinker to that which is thought about. All these definitions involve the acceptance of the idea of duality, of that which is objective and of that which lies back of objectivity. 99

Consciousness expresses that which might be regarded as the middle point in manifestation. It does not involve entirely the pole of Spirit. It is produced by the union of the two poles, and the process of interplay and of adaptation that necessarily ensues.

Fire, 248:

A Man

  1. A man is spheroidal in form, he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with a nucleus [248] of life at the center. In predicating this we are considering the true man in his fundamental position as the Ego, with his sphere of manifestation, the causal body, - that body which forms the middle point between Spirit and matter.

Fire, 279:

15 The Secret Doctrine says:

  1. The Universe is in reality but a huge aggregation of states of consciousness. - S. D., II, 633. I, 70, 626.
  2. Spirit and consciousness are synonymous terms. - S. D., I, 43, 125, 349, 350, 592, 593.
  3. Every atom in the universe is endowed with consciousness, - S. D., I, 105. II, 709, 742.
  4. Six types of Consciousness as embodied in the Kingdom of Nature on the five planes of Human Evolution. - S. D., II 123. II, 678.
    1. The Mineral Kingdom 1.
      Intelligent activity. All atoms show ability to select, to discriminate intelligently under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. - S. D., I, 295.
    2. Vegetable Kingdom 2.
      Intelligent activity plus embryo sensation or feeling.
    3. Animal Kingdom 3.
      Intelligent activity, sensation plus instinct, or embryo mentality. - S. D., III, 573, 574.

These three embody the subhuman consciousness.

    1. Human consciousness 4.
      Intelligent activity, love or perfected feeling or realization and will, or intelligent purpose. The three aspects. S. D., I, 215, 231.- S. D., II, 552. III, 579.

This is Self Consciousness - the middle point. - S. D., I, 297.

    1. Spiritual Consciousness 5.
      Buddhic realization. The unit is aware of his group. The separated unit identifies himself with his ray or type. - S. D., III, 572.
      I, 183, 623.
    2. Atmic Consciousness 6.
      The consciousness of the unit of the Septenary solar system. - S. D., II, 673.
      II, 741.

These two embody superconsciousness.

The seventh type embraces them all and is God Consciousness. - S. D., II, 740 note. Study also S. D., I, 300, 301, 183, 221, 623. S. D., II, 32 note, 741, 552 note. - S. D., III, 573, 574, 558, 557, 584.

Fire, 682:

Let us be quite clear in our minds just what we are in process of considering. We are dealing with:

  1. That fifth state of consciousness called the mental plane,
  2. The substance of that plane as it exists in its dual aspect, rupa and arupa, 22
  3. The lives who ensoul that matter, especially in their relation to man,
  4. The Egos or the self-conscious units who form the middle point in manifestation,
  5. The building of the causal body, the opening of the egoic Lotus, and the construction of those groups we call egoic groups,
  6. The individuality of those Existences whom we call
    1. Agnishvattas.
    2. Manasa devas.
    3. Fire dhyanis.
    4. Solar angels, or solar Pitris.
    5. The Asuras.

and many other names mentioned in the occult books. [683]

Fire, 689:

a. The Fifth Principle

The solar Angels are the Pitris, the builders of the body of the Ego, and the producers of individualization or the realized consciousness, the Agnishvattas, the great devas of Mind.

Certain broad and general affirmations have been laid down with the purpose in view of opening up this stupendous and practical subject, and in an endeavor to link up this solar system in its fundamental manasic aspect with the past and the future.

The section we are now approaching concerns the development of the divine Manasaputras, viewing them as a collective whole, containing the Divine Mind, and considering the individual Monad, who responds to Their life as a part of the body of these Dhyani Buddhas.

(a.) Cosmically considered

An occult sentence has its place here. It holds the key to the mystery of the fivefold Dhyanis:

"The higher Three in cyclic unison sought to know and to be known. The lower Three (for we count not here the eighth) knew not nor saw; they only heard and touched. The fourth had not a place. The Fifth (which also is the fourth) formed at the middle point a cosmic TAU, which was reflected on the cosmic Seventh."

H. P. B. states 27, 28 that the individualized Monad has more spiritual consciousness than the monad itself on its own plane, the second. It must be remembered here

that the planetary Logoi are only in physical incarnation in our system, their bodies of individualization being on the cosmic mental plane, therefore full expression for them [690] is impossible during manifestation. Relatively therefore, during manifestation, man is able to express himself fully when he attains the "consciousness of the high places." It should, therefore, be pointed out at the very beginning of our study of this fifth principle that the divine Manasaputras on their own plane must be considered from the standpoint of physical incarnation, whereas man can be considered from what is, for him, a spiritual aspect. 29

Human individualization, or the emergence of the self-conscious units on the mental plane, is involved in a larger development, for it synchronizes with the appropriation of a dense physical body by the Planetary Logos; this body is composed of matter of our three lower planes. As the etheric centers of the Manasaputras on the fourth cosmic etheric plane become vitalized, they produce increased activity on the systemic mental plane, the cosmic gaseous, and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man and His life energy begins to make itself felt. Simultaneously, under the Law, mind force or manasic energy pours in from the fifth cosmic plane, the cosmic mental. This dual energy, contacting that which is inherent in the dense physical body of the Logos itself, produces correspondences to the centers upon that plane and the egoic groups appear. They blend in latency the three types of electricity, and are themselves electrical phenomena. They are composed of those atoms, or types of lives, which are a part of the fourth [691] Creative Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely human Monads. Similarly, this triple force, produced by this conscious appropriation by the Heavenly Man, animates deva substance and the dense physical body of the planetary Logos is manifested objectively. This is what is meant by the statements that devas are found only in the three worlds. It is a statement analogous to the one that humanity is only found in the three worlds; nevertheless, the human Monads in their seven types are found on the plane of spirit - as it is the plane of duality - the deva monads are likewise found there.

27 S. D., I, 200, 201.

28 See S. D., I, 201; II, 251, 252.



Kingdom ------------------- Principle.


This has a cosmic and systemic significance and to throw light upon that occurrence which concerns our own scheme, the Stanzas on the coming of the Lords of Flame should here be studied.

Fire, 705:

The fifth principle of manas is embodied in the five Kumaras, and if the student studies the significance of the first five petals which are unfolded in the egoic lotus, he may touch upon the fringe of the mystery. The fifth Ray, which is the Ray of the fifth Kumara, is potently responsive to the energy flowing through the fifth Hierarchy. As the student of occultism knows, the Lord of the fifth Ray holds that place in the Septenary enumeration, but under the fivefold classification, he holds the third or middle place.   1. The cosmic Lord of Will or Power. 2. The cosmic Lord of Love-Wisdom. 3. The cosmic Lord of Active Intelligence 1. 4. The cosmic Lord of Harmony 2. 5. The cosmic Lord of Concrete Knowledge 3. 6. The cosmic Lord of Abstract Idealism 4. 7. The cosmic Lord of Ceremonial Magic 5. [705]   This should be pondered on, and His close connection therefore, as a transmitter of force within the Moon chain, the third chain, in connection with the third kingdom, the animal, and with the third round, must be borne in mind. One symbol that may be found in the archaic records in lieu of His Name or description is an inverted five-pointed star, with the luminous Triangle at the center. It will be noted that the points involved in this symbol number eight - a picture of that peculiar state of consciousness brought about when the mind is seen to be the slayer of the Real. The secret of planetary avitchi 35 is hidden here, just as the third major scheme can be viewed as systemic avitchi, and the moon at one time held an analogous position in connection with our scheme. This must be interpreted in terms of consciousness, and not of locality.

In the fifth round, at its middle point, certain things will eventuate.

The fifth Hierarchy will rise to its full power. This will precede the Judgment Day, and will mark a point of tremendous struggle, for the manasic vehicle "manas" (which they embody) will rebel against the translation of the life within (the buddhi). There will, therefore, be seen on a racial scale and involving millions simultaneously, a repetition of the selfsame struggle which embroils the man who seeks to transcend mind and to live the life of Spirit. This will be the final Armageddon, the planetary kurukshetra, and will be succeeded by the Judgment Day when the Sons of Manas will be cast out and the Dragons of Wisdom rule. This only means that those in whom the manasic principle is over-potent or underdeveloped will be considered as failures and will [706] have to wait for a more suitable period for development, while those who are living the buddhic life, and in whom it is waxing stronger - spiritual men, aspirants, disciples of various degrees, initiates and adepts - will be left to pursue the natural course of evolution on this scheme.

The mystery of Capricorn is hidden in these five and in the Biblical words "the sheep and the goats." 36 The Christian hints at this when he speaks of the Christ reigning on earth a thousand years during which the serpent is imprisoned. The Christ principle will triumph for the remainder of the manvantara, and the lower material nature and mind will be held in abeyance until the next round, when fresh opportunity will arise for certain groups of the discarded, though the majority will be held over until another system. Something similar again will take place on the fifth chain but as it concerns a center in the planetary Logos of which we know but little, we need not here enlarge upon it.

The planetary chains embody centers, and as they are awakened and come under stimulation, they swing into physical incarnation certain types of manasaputras. The type dominated by the fifth chain energy is little known as it is yet in process of evolution within another scheme, the fifth, so it is waste of our time to consider it. It is connected with the unfoldment of the fifth egoic petal of a planetary Logos on His Own plane and consequently with the activity of the fifth spirilla. When the hour strikes, these units of energy will "come in" from another scheme on a stream of cosmic energy which will swing through a particular systemic triangle, just as when the egos came in this round.

It might here be pointed out that the solar Angels concerned with the fifth Hierarchy are naturally a potent factor in the evolution of the fifth or spiritual kingdom; they are that which make it possible, for they not only [707] bridge the gap between the fourth and third kingdoms, but bridge that found between the fourth and fifth.

We need not consider any further this question of the fifth principle, for two reasons:

First, that the subject has been sufficiently covered for our purpose in an earlier section, and secondly, that the full revelation in connection with cosmic manas and the entities who come in on that influence may not further be revealed at this moment. That which is given in the Secret Doctrine, and supplemented here by further details, will suffice for the investigations of students for another generation. Each generation should produce those able to ascertain subjective fact for themselves; they will utilize that which is exoteric and known as stepping stones on the path to perfect knowledge. They will know, and they will give out, and only the next cycle of fifty years after their work is accomplished will see the recognition by the many of the truth revealed by the few. In the case of H. P. B. this is apparent. On the tide of the present endeavor, the Secret Doctrine will be vindicated and her work justified.

35 Avitchi. A state of consciousness, not necessarily after death or between births for it can take place on earth as well. Literally it means "uninterrupted hell." The last of the eight hells we are told where "the culprits die and are reborn without interruption - yet not without hope of final redemption."

See S. D., III, 510, 521, 528, 529.

36 Bible. Rev., 20:6-7. Matt., 25:32.


Fire, 1020:


As the waters bathe the form created, they are absorbed and used. The form increases in its strength; let the magician thus continue until the work suffices. Let the outer builders cease their labors then, and let the inner workers enter on their cycle.

One of the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magical workers, is that both will and desire are force emanations. They differ in quality and vibration, but are essentially currents of energy, one forming an initial vortex or center of activity, being centrifugal, and the other being centripetal, and the main factor in the accretion of matter into a form around the central vortex. This can be seen demonstrating in an interesting way in the case of the egoic lotus, where we have the will aspect forming the "jewel in the lotus," or the inner [1018] center of electrical energy, and the desire or love aspect forming the egoic lotus itself, or the form which hides the center. The analogy in all form building holds good for gods, men and atoms. The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes), seen as a vast blue lotus, and so on down the scale; even the tiny atom of substance can be so considered. The distinction between these various lotuses exists in the number and arrangement of the petals. The solar system is literally a twelve-petalled lotus, each petal being formed of forty-nine lesser petals. The planetary lotuses differ in each scheme, and one of the secrets of initiation is revealed when the number of the petals of

  1. Our earth planet,
  2. Our planetary polar opposite,
  3. Our complementary or equilibrising planet,

is committed to the initiate. Armed with this knowledge, he can then work out certain formulas of magic which enable him to create in the three spheres. It is the same basic concept which governs thought form building, and which enables a magician of white magic to produce objective phenomena on the physical plane. He works with the two types of energy, will and desire, and their equilibrising is what leads to the balancing of the pairs of opposites, and the subsequent release of energy-substance in the formation of the physical plane structure. The magician has to know the following facts:

  • The formulas for the two aspects of logoic energy, will and desire. This is literally apprehension of the note and formula of the Brahma or substance aspect, and the note and formula of the Vishnu, or building aspect. One he ascertains because he has mastered matter; the other is revealed to him when he has achieved group consciousness. [1019]
  • The formula for the particular type of energy substance which he is seeking to employ. This will have relation to that particular petal in the solar lotus from which the desired force emanates.
  • The formula for the particular type of energy which is transmitted to him via one or other of the three circles of petals in his own egoic lotus.
  • The formula for the particular petal in a circle of petals with which he may choose to work. All these concern primarily the will aspect, as far as the thought form to be produced is concerned, for the magician is the will, or purpose, or spirit behind the objective phenomenon which he is in process of producing.
  • The formula which sweeps into activity (and thus produces a form), those Agnisuryans who are energized by any particular aspect of solar force. Where the two forces are brought into contact, the form is produced, or the third energy center appears or manifests:
    1. The energy of the will aspect.
    2. The energy of the desire or love aspect.
    3. The energy of the consequent thought form.

There is no contradiction here to the occult teaching that Father and Mother, or Spirit and Matter, when brought into contact, produce the Son. The difficulty which students have to surmount consists in the true interpretation of the three terms: Mother - Matter - Moisture (or the waters).

In creation, the three vibratory spheres:

  1. The dense physical - Mother - Matter,
  2. The etheric - Matter - Holy Spirit,
  3. The astral - Moisture - Water,

work as a unit, and in the occult teaching, during the earlier stages of creation, must not be separated or distinguished apart. On the path of involution, if the subject may be approached from a different angle, and thus [1020] somewhat clarify, distinctions are made, and on the path of evolution, or of return, they are, as we well know, surmounted; on the middle point of equilibrium, as on our globe, for instance, confusion ensues in the mind of the student owing to the occult fact that the various formulas are being employed simultaneously, the thought-forms are at all stages of construction, and the ensuing chaos is terrible.

The rule which we are commenting upon may be interpreted as stating that in the magical work, the energy of the waters becomes paramount, and desire for the form and the fulfilment of its objective increases. This takes place after the will energy has formed the central nucleus by being brought into contact with the desire force. The magician, through desire (or strong motive), increases the vitality of the form until it is so powerful and intense in its own separated life that it is ready to go forth on its mission upon the physical plane. The building devas who have been impelled to construct the form out of the myriads of elemental lives available, have completed their work, and now cease from constructing; this particular type of energy no longer drives the lesser lives in any specific direction, and the final cycle of work upon the astral plane is entered upon. This is summed up in the next rule.

Fire, 1211:

4. Group Unity

Group unity must be viewed somewhat from the mystical standpoint. It is a truism in occultism to say that nothing stands alone, yet it is a fact that each infinitesimal part of the whole has three relations:

  1. To those units which form its body of manifestation.
  2. To its own unitary life.
  3. To that greater unit of which it forms a part.

One of the main things which, it has been said, underlies logoic purpose, is the working out of ways which will result in true group unity. All that is to be seen might be regarded as a gigantic endeavor on the part of a great Intelligence to produce a group, and evolution is to be regarded, therefore, as a vast experiment with this objective in view.

This triple responsibility above referred to exists for the atom or for the solar Logos, and the trend of the evolutionary process is to make each unit, microcosm and macrocosm, an intelligent cooperator, responsive to forces impinging upon it externally, and aware of its own internal economy and of the latent forces and energies which it has to contribute to the good of the whole. Man, standing as he does at the middle point in evolution, and marking the stage in the evolution of consciousness where a triple awareness is possible, - awareness of individuality, awareness of the forces which are subhuman and [1212] which must be controlled, and awareness of a place within the plan and purpose of a greater Man - must, therefore, rightly be regarded as the most important of the evolutions, for through him can be worked out intelligently the laws of group unity for all the three groups, superhuman, human, and subhuman.

Above him stand those who are too pure or, as it is called, "too cold" to be immersed in the matter of the three worlds, below him are found those lives which are too impure (occultly understood) or "too full of burning matter and veiled in smoke" to be able to mount of themselves into regions where stand the unveiled sons of God. Man, therefore, acts as the mediator, and in him and through him can be worked out group methods and laws which - in a later solar system - can form a basic law for unified work. It is this fact which brings about so much of the peculiar trouble and nature of the human kingdom, and it might here be said that on our planet, which is, it must be remembered, one of the "profane" planets, certain experiments in connection with this problem have been undertaken by our planetary Logos. These (if successful) will result in a great expansion of the knowledge of the planetary Logos regarding the laws governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetary Logos has been given the name of the "experimenting divine Physicist." It is this condition which makes the humanity of this planet unique in some respects, for they may be regarded as working out two main problems:

  1. The problem of establishing a conscious relation and response, to the animal kingdom.
  2. The problem of simultaneously receiving and holding vibrations from superhuman lives and of transmitting them consciously to the subhuman states. [1213]

Healing, 139:

B. Certain objectives present themselves to the aspirant at various stages, and each involves progress, but at the same time certain attendant difficulties.

  1. The objective before the initiate is to have every center in the etheric body responsive to the ray energy of the soul and with all the other seven ray energies subsidiary to it. This process of stimulation, of readjustment, and the attainment of established control goes on until after the third initiation. Then, when that initiation has been taken, the physical vehicle is of a totally different caliber and quality, and the Rules and Laws of Health no longer apply.
  2. The objective before the disciple is to promote control of the centers in the body, via the soul, through stimulation, elimination and eventual stabilization. This inevitably produces difficulty, and the vitalization or inspiration (either of these words would be appropriate), or their lack or deficiency, affect the bodily organs within the areas around the centers and affect all substances surrounding the centers.
  3. The objective before the aspirant or the probationary disciple is to transfer the forces from the centers below the diaphragm, via the solar plexus center, to the centers above the diaphragm. The energy of the base of the spine has to be transferred to the head; the energy of the sacral center must be lifted to the throat, whilst the energy of the solar plexus must be transferred to the heart. This is done in response to the magnetic "pull" of the soul ray as it begins to dominate the personality ray. It is a long and painful [139] process, covering many lives and carrying, as the result, many physical ills.
  4. The objective before the average man (unconsciously effective) is to respond fully to personality force, focused primarily at the middle point, the solar plexus, and then steadily and intelligently to coordinate these forces so that an integrated personality is presented eventually to the soul for control and use.
  5. The objective before the primitive or undeveloped man (again unconsciously effective) is to live a full animal and emotional life, thereby gaining experience of growth, of contact, and eventually of understanding. By this means the response apparatus of the soul in the three worlds is built.

Meditation, 26:

The Point in Evolution

The life of the evolving personality might be divided into five divisions. Ours is, after all, a fivefold evolution, and the life of the man (as a human being and prior to taking the fifth Initiation) may be considered as a series of five gradual steps, each step being gauged by the condition of the indwelling Flame of Spirit. From the standpoint of our occult planetary Hierarchy, as before I have told you, we are measured by our light.

The first division of progress might be measured from the moment when animal-man became a thinking entity, [24] a human being, to that of the conscious functioning of the emotional body or to the point where the emotions are very largely paramount. It corresponds to the period covered by the Lemurian and early Atlantean days. During this period, the man is polarized in his physical body and is learning to be controlled by his desire body, the body of feeling or of emotion. He has no aspirations save such as pander to the pleasures of the body; he lives for his physical nature, and has no thought for aught that may be higher. This period parallels that of the child from one to seven years. At this time the watching Teachers of the race see the indwelling Flame as a tiny pin-point, and the permanent atom of the physical plane holds the polarization. No attention is called for from the Teachers, for the instinctive force inherent in the Higher Self does the work, and the driving force of evolution carries all on to perfection.

The second period covers a point in development when the polarization is largely in the emotional body and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later Atlantean days hold the analogy hid. The desires are not so purely physical, for mind is beginning to permeate, much as yeast causes a movement and a rising in a mass of dough. The man is conscious of vague desires not associated with his physical body; he is capable of a deep love for teachers and guides wiser than himself, of a wild unreasoning devotion for his environing associates, and of an equally wild and unreasoning hatred, for the equilibrium that mind achieves, and the balance that is the result of mental action, is wanting in his makeup. He suffers from extremes.

The polarization lies now in the emotional permanent atom but, (when this point of development is reached) a light plays between the two atoms that have [25] known polarization - the emotional and the physical. What I am seeking to bring out at this stage is that the mental unit has not known the force of polarization, the emotional is holding it, and the result is in integral difference within the periphery of the atom itself. The electronic combinations that compose the atom which has suffered polarization are grouped in a different geometrical form to those which have not yet experienced the process. It is the effect of the life of the Ego, playing on the matter of the atom and causing various approximations and differentiations unseen in a non-polarized atom. The matter is abstruse and complex.

This period is an analogous one to that in the life of a child from seven to fourteen years, or that period when adolescence is traversed and the child is maturing. This maturity is the product of emotional and physical polarization in alignment. Alignment is now easily achieved between the physical and emotional bodies. The problem is to bring both under alignment with the mental and later with the egoic bodies.

To the watching Guides of the race, the indwelling Flame or Light can be seen slightly more enlarged, but still so small as to be inappreciable. But, if I can in any way make clear without misleading by the use of words - whereas in the first period the physical atom could be seen illuminated, now in the second period the emotional atom is similarly lit up, a signal to the Teachers that the work progresses. All this covers a vast period of time, for progress at this period is inexpressibly slow. My allusion to the Atlantean and Lemurian races was but to trace analogy in object, and not analogy in time.

Now, on entering the third period, comes the most vital point in the development of the man, that in which [26] mind is developing and the polarizing life shifts to the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system and viewing humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom, the work has progressed from physical to emotional polarization and remains there. Not till the seventh cycle of the greater cycle, not till the calling of the system into obscuration and out of manifestation will the cosmic mental atom in the body of the Logos achieve polarization. Here and there individuals are, as units, accomplishing the work and demonstrating therefore the hope for all.

This period corresponds to that between the ages fourteen and twenty-eight. The period here is longer for there is much to be done. Two atoms have felt polarization, and one is receiving the shifting. It is the middle point. At this time the light plays between the three atoms (outlining the personality triangle). But the focal point is gradually shifting more and more into the mental unit, and the egoic body is becoming gradually more rounded out, and assuming its proportions.

The man has control of the physical body and each life he builds a better; he has a desire body of more refined requirements (note the occult significance of that word); he realizes the joys of intellect and strives ever for a mental body of greater adequacy; his desires turn upward instead of downward, and become transmuted into aspiration, - at first aspiration towards the things of mind, and later towards that which is more abstract and synthetic. The indwelling egoic Flame or Light now radiates from an inner center to the periphery, lighting the causal body and giving indication of burning. To the onlooking Hierarchy it is apparent that the divine fire is permeating and warming and radiating throughout [27] the causal body, and that the Ego is becoming ever more conscious on his own plane, and ever more interested - via the permanent atoms, - in the life of the Personality. The physical brain of the Personality is not yet aware of the difference between inherent mental capacity and the directed impress of the indwelling Ego, but the time is becoming ripe for a change of some kind, and evolution is moving with rapidity. The fourth period approaches. I would here sound a warning. All this proceeds not in ordered sections, if so I may term it. It proceeds as proceeds the greater system, with constant overlapping, and with parallelism, due to the inherent ray of the Spirit or Monad, to cyclic changes, to diversity of forces playing astrologically and oft from unknown cosmic centers upon the palpitating life within the atoms...

Rays, 15:

The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation As a consequence of all this, great and fundamental readjustments are going on within the Hierarchy itself and within that intervening area of the divine consciousness to which we give the name (as far as humanity is concerned) of the Spiritual Triad - an area covered by the higher mental planes, the buddhic and the atmic levels of awareness and of divine activity. The downpouring avataric stimulation is enabling certain of the Masters to take some of the major initiations, and to do so far earlier than would otherwise have been possible. Thus a great process of ascension and of spiritual attainment is under way, though as yet only its faint beginnings can be traced, owing to the intensity of the point of conflict. Hence also many probationary disciples are finding their way into the ranks of accepted disciples, and many disciples are taking initiation. To this fact of hierarchical upheaval - paralleling and intensifying the upheaval upon the physical plane - can be traced the process of preparation which I have instituted among some disciples, thus hastening the period and point of attainment, provided I receive due cooperation from them. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I. and II.)

As regards the Hierarchy itself, speaking esoterically and technically, its Members (many of Them) are "being abstracted from the middle point of holiness and absorbed into the Council of the Lord." In other words, They are passing onward into higher work and are becoming custodians of the energy of the divine will and not simply the custodians of the energy of love. They will work henceforth as power-units, and not just as units of light. Their work [16] becomes dynamic instead of being attractive and magnetic, and is concerned with the life aspect and not just with the soul or consciousness aspect. Their places are being taken - under the Law of Ascension - by Their senior disciples, the initiates in Their Ashrams, and (under the same great process) the place of these initiates, who are thus being "raised" to more important work, is being taken by disciples and probationers. It is this truth, misinterpreted and shockingly travestied, which lies behind the teaching anent the so-called Ascended Masters, put out by the leaders of the "I AM" movement, thus prostituting and bringing down almost into the realm of cheap comedy one of the most notable happenings which has ever taken place upon our planet.

Rays, 186:

This potent vibration of desire was evoked by men who were as yet without any spiritual vision of any kind; they were purely material in their instinctive reactions (and rightly so at that particular time), and these reactions attracted the attention of certain purely evil energies or Beings. These Beings availed themselves of the situation in order to satisfy their desire for power - again a distortion of the will or first aspect. Thus the Black Lodge was founded. It fed upon human desire and resembled a vast over-shadowing vampire. It vitiated human living and increased the growth of desire far beyond normal expectancy or hierarchical planning, thus creating false goals and standards, building a barrier between the lowest planetary center, Humanity, and the "middle point" or center, the Hierarchy. It will be apparent, therefore, that the following energies were let loose within the realm of maya:

  1. The instinctive force of animal desire. This was not wrong in itself and is subject to negation in time, and normally is controlled. [187]
  2. The stream of descending life, and this in two aspects:
    1. The life aspect, as it bestows being.
    2. The life aspect, as it preserves form.
  3. The steady impact of the attractive power of the soul, implemented by the Hierarchy and increasing in potency as time elapses.
  4. The impelling power of material desire, focused in the Black Lodge, both feeding human desire and drawing a form of life from the massed desire of humanity.
  5. Human development along astral lines, expressing itself as certain well-defined energies or force directions:
    1. Material desire for possessions.
    2. Desire for that which is owned by others. To this the commandment "Thou shalt not steal" has reference.
    3. Personality aims and ambitions; these constitute a form of focused desire of a compelling, life-determining nature.
    4. Aspiration, leading to vision and to the mystic Way.
    5. Purification, the conscious handling of desire upon the Probationary Path.
    6. Initiation. The first two initiations are taken, as you know, upon the astral plane, and bring complete release both from that plane of glamor and from the realm of maya.

Reappearance, 30:

The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter II - The World Today Today, humanity stands at a peculiar and unique middle point, between an unhappy past and a future which is full of promise if the reappearance of the Christ is recognized and preparation for His coming is undertaken. The present is full of promise and also full of difficulty; in the hands of human beings today and in the immediate present, lies the destiny of the world and - if it may be reverently said - the immediate activity of the Christ. The agony of the war, and the distress of the entire human family led Christ, in the year 1945, to come to a great decision - a decision which found expression in two most important statements. He announced to the assembled spiritual Hierarchy and to all His servants and disciples on Earth that He had decided to emerge again into physical contact with humanity, if they would bring [31] about the initial stages of establishing right human relations; secondly, He gave to the world (for the use of the "man in the street") one of the oldest prayers ever known, but one which hitherto had not been permitted to be used except by the most exalted, spiritual Beings. He used it Himself for the first time, we are told, at the time of the Full Moon of June, 1945, which is recognized as the Full Moon of the Christ, just as the Full Moon of May is that of the Buddha. It was not easy to translate these ancient phrases (so ancient that they are without date or background of any kind) into modern words, but it has been done, and the great Invocation, which may eventually become the world prayer, was pronounced by Him and taken down by His disciples. It has been translated as follows:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.