Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Rays & Human Unfoldment . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Rays of Greater Wholes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Miscellanea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ray 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Outgoing 6th Ray--Incoming 7th Ray . . . . . . . .
Throughout the writings of Alice Bailey is scattered a
specifically to the effect on our civilization of the
wealth of information about the Seven Rays. The purpose
outgoing 6th Ray and the incoming 7th Ray.
of this compilation is to gather into a single volume that
In the sections on each individual Ray, I was faced with
portion of the material which pertains directly to humanity
the problem of how best to arrange the material, for several
and human life, and which is therefore of immediate practi-
quite different ways suggested themselves. After consider-
cal value to those who study the Ageless Wisdom and seek
able deliberation, I decided on an arrangement which be-
to implement its methods in their lives.
gins approximately with the most accessible material and
The material is arranged in the following manner:
ends with the least accessible. But in the final analysis the
1. General introductory information about the Rays,
order is relatively unimportant, for the real value lies only
definitions, their nature, function, value of studying
in the overall impression created by the excerpts in their
them, etc.
2. A section on each Ray and its effect on the Soul;
The individual passages themselves range from entire
personality; and mental, emotional, and physical
sections to only parts of sentences. In each case, the pas-
bodies of a human being.
sage is followed by book and page number from which that
3. A section on human unfoldment from the point of
passage is taken. The key to the book abbreviations is
view of the Ray energies.
4. Information about how the Rays affect the various
All of the material in this compilation is excerpted from
Greater Wholes of which each person is a part--the
books written by Alice Bailey, with the exception of the
solar system, the planet, the human kingdom, our
first page in the sections on the individual Rays. Each of
root-race, and the various nations of the world.
these was reproduced from a chart in the book The Seven
5. A section devoted to current cyclic Ray influences,
Human Temperaments, by Geoffrey Hodson.
DINA I--Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I
EP II--Esoteric Psychology, Volume II
DINA II--Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II
GWP--Glamour: A World Problem
DN--The Destiny of the Nations
IHS--Initiation Human and Solar
EA--Esoteric Astrology
LOM--Letters on Occult Meditation
EH--Esoteric Healing
TCF--A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
ENA--Education in the New Age
TWM--A Treatise on White Magic
EP I--Esoteric Psychology, Volume I
RI--The Rays and the Initiations

Here I am fulfilling my intention to write a book on the
triplicity of Spirit-Consciousness-Form. They provide the
subject of the Seven Rays. This topic has always been of
entire field of expression for the manifested Deity.--EP I,
real interest for students, but about these rays little is
known. We know, from The Secret Doctrine, that they are
the building Forces and the sum total of all that is in the
The seven rays are embodiments of seven types of force
manifested universe, but their effect in the human kingdom,
which demonstrate to us the seven qualities of Deity. These
and their essential quality and nature, remain as yet a mys-
seven qualities have consequently a seven-fold effect upon
tery. It will be necessary for me to avoid the cosmic note,
the matter and forms to be found in all parts of the uni-
if I may so call it, for I seek to make the information of
verse. They also have a seven-fold interrelation between
practical value to the student and to the intelligent reader.
themselves.--EP I, 19.
I shall, therefore approach the subject entirely from the
standpoint of the human family and deal with the subject in
[The seven rays] are the seven breaths of the One Life,
terms of psychological values, laying the foundation for
the seven basic energies; they streamed forth from the cen-
that new psychology which is much needed, and so dealing
ter formed by the impact of the will of God on divine sub-
primarily with the human equation. What I have to say will
stance, and divided into seven streams of force. The radius
be a commentary upon an expansion of the words found in
of the influence of these seven streams determined the
the proem of The Secret Doctrine, that "All Souls are one
extent or scope of activity of a solar system and "outlined"
with the Oversoul."--EP I, xxii.
the limits of the form of the incarnated cosmic Christ. Each
of these seven streams or emanations of energy was colored
by a divine quality, an aspect of love, and all of them were
needed for the ultimate perfecting of the latent and unre-
We are told that seven great rays exist in the cosmos. In
vealed purpose.--EP I, 44.
our solar system only one of these seven great rays is in
operation. The seven sub-divisions constitute the "seven
The Names of the Rays
rays" which, wielded by our solar Logos, form the basis of
endless variations in His system of worlds. These seven
The seven Rays can be divided into the three Rays of
rays may be described as the seven channels through which
Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows:
all being in His solar system flows, the seven predominant
Rays of Aspect
characteristics or modifications of life, for it is not to hu-
manity only that these rays apply, but to the seven king-
1. The Ray of Will or Power.
doms as well. In fact there is nothing in the whole solar sys-
2. The Ray of Love-Wisdom.
tem, at whatever stage of evolution it may stand, which
3. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability.
does not belong and has not always belonged to one or
Rays of Attribute
other of the seven rays.--EP I, 163.
4. The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity.
5. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science.
A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of
6. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.
energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force
7. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Law.--LOM,
exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. This
is a true definition of a ray.--EP I, 316.
We call these seven [Builders, Sources of life, Rishis of
The seven rays embody and express the totality of ener-
all the ancient scriptures, original psychic Entities, etc.] by
gies which circulate throughout our planetary form. --EH,
various names:
1. The Lord of Power or Will. This Life wills to love, and
A Ray is one of the seven streams of force of the Logos;
uses power as an expression of divine beneficence.
the seven great lights. Each of them is the embodiment of
2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of
a great cosmic entity.
pure love. This Life instills into all forms the quality of
love, with it more material manifestation of desire. It is
The seven rays are the first differentiation of the divine
the attractive principle in nature and the custodian of
the Law of Attraction. This Lord of Love is the most

Power or Will
Dynamic Purpose
Dynamically electrified forms
Magnetically electrified forms
Intelligent activity
Diffusively electrified forms
Beauty or Art
Harmonizing electrified forms
Crystallizing electrified forms
Fluidic electrified forms
Physical electrified forms
--EP II, 8.
potent of the seven rays because He is on the same ray
this Lord, and set themselves their impress upon all that
as the solar Deity [the Solar Logos, the Entity whose
is found within His body of manifestation. This
physical expression is our solar system--ed.].
influence of this sixth Lord is now passing out.
3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more
7. The Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic is now coming
closely linked to matter, and He works in cooperation
into power and is slowly but surely making His pressure
with the Lord of the second ray. His is the motivating
felt. His influence is most potent upon the physical
impulse in the initial work of creation. Through the
plane. This ray of order and its incoming is partially
medium of matter (which beneficiently obstructs and
responsible for the present tendency2 in world affairs
hinders) He provides humanity with a vast field of
toward governmental dictatorship and the imposed
experiment and experience.
control of a central governing body.--EP I, 23­26.
4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty, and Art. The main
function of this Being is the creation of Beauty (as an
[A]ll the rays are sub-rays of the second Ray of Love-
expression of truth) through the free interplay of life
Wisdom.--RI, 386.
and form, basing the design of beauty on the initial plan
as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The activity
The Rays & Humanity
emanating from [this Lord] produces that combination
[A]ll people are units of consciousness breathed forth
of sounds, colors, and word music that expresses,
on one of the seven emanations from God. Therefore, even
through the form of the ideal, the originating idea.1
their Monads or spiritual aspects are inherently different,
5. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science. This is
just as in the prism (which is one) are the seven differenti-
a great Life in close touch with the mind of the creative
ated colors. These seven subsidiary groups...produce a
Deity, just as the Lord of the second ray is in close
varying outlook, mentality, and approach--all equally
touch with the heart of that same Deity. Science is a
right, but all presenting a slightly different angle of vision.
psychological unfoldment in man due to this ray influ-
--TWM, 33.
ence, and is only [now] entering into its real work.
[This Life's] influence is waxing in power, just as the
influence of the sixth Lord is waning.
Humanity is divided into seven main ray types, which
6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is
might be enumerated as follows:
a peculiar and characteristic expression of the quality of
the solar Logos. It, with the second ray, is a true and
a. The power type
full of will and governing
vital expression of the divine nature. A militant focus-
ing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent
b. The love type
full of love and fusing power.
of the life urge, a divine sincerity are the qualities of
c. The active type
full of action and manipulating
d. The artistic type
full of the sense of beauty and
1 This fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activity
creative aspiration.
upon the Earth in about six hundred years hence, though already the
first faint impress of His influence is being felt. The next century will
see a reawakening of creative art in all its branches.
2 Written around 1935­editor.

c. The scientific type full of the idea of cause and
b. The emotional or astral body.
results; the mathematical type.
c. The physical body.
f. The devotee type
full of idealism.
--EP I, 333.
g. The business type
full of organizing power, and
given to ritualistic ceremony.
Objectives in Studying the Rays
--EP I, 329.
[The study of the rays] will throw much light upon the
times and cycles in the unfolding panorama of history. In
Each student, as he takes up the study of the rays, must
the last analysis, history is an account of the growth and
steadily bear in mind that he himself--as a human unit--
development of man from the stage of the cave man, with
finds his place on one or other of these rays. The problem
his consciousness centered in his animal life, up to the pres-
thus produced is a very real one. The physical body may be
ent time wherein the human consciousness is steadily
responsive to one type of ray force, whilst the personality
becoming more inclusive and mental, and so on and up to
as a whole may vibrate in unison with another. The Ego or
the stage of a perfected son of God. It is an account of the
Soul may find itself upon still a third type of ray, thus
apprehension, by man, of the creative ideas which have
responding to another type of ray energy. The question of
molded the race and are establishing its destiny. It gives us
the monadic ray brings in still another factor in many cases,
a dramatic picture of the progress of those Souls who are
but this can only be implied and not really elucidated. As I
carried in or out of manifestation by the appearance or dis-
have oft told you, it is only the initiate of the third initiation
appearance of a ray.
who can come in touch with his monadic ray, or his highest
These rays are in constant movement and circulation,
life aspect; the humble aspirant cannot as yet ascertain
and demonstrate an activity which is progressive, cyclic,
whether he is a Monad of Power [Ray 1], Love [Ray 2], or
and evidences increasing momentum. They are dominant
Intelligent Activity [Ray 3].--EP I, xxiv.
at one time and quiescent at another, and according to the
particular ray which is making its presence felt at any par-
One of the first things we need to grasp, as we study
ticular time, so will be the quality of the civilization, the
man and the rays, is the large number of these ray influ-
type of forms which will make their appearance in the king-
ences which play upon, form, and "enliven" him, and make
doms of nature, and the consequent stage of awareness (the
him the complexity he is. It would be wise for us to enum-
state of consciousness) of the human beings who are car-
erate them one by one and consider them for a while. There
ried into form life in that particular era. These embodied
is no real reason for bewilderment in this connection. As
lives (again in all four kingdoms) will be responsive to the
time progresses and the rays are more widely studied,
peculiar vibration, quality, coloring, and nature of the ray
man's relation to them will be subjected to careful analysis;
in question. The ray in manifestation will affect potently
there will then be possible a wide checking up of informa-
the three bodies which constitute the personality of man,
tion and of facts. Later will come a tabulation and an under-
and the influence of the ray will produce changes in the
standing of the ray forces. This will lead to a science of
mind content and the emotional nature of the man and
psychology of a more sure and accurate nature, instead of
determine the caliber of the physical body.--EP I, 3.
the speculative science it now is. At present modern psy-
chology concerns itself with the more apparent aspects of
[Another] effect of the study of these rays should be
incarnated man and with a discussion of certain speculative
twofold. Not only shall we understand somewhat the inner
subjective possibilities.
side of history, ...but we shall have a practical method of
[T]he following rays and influences must be considered
analysis whereby we can arrive at a right understanding of
in the case of every individual man, for they make him
ourselves as ensouling entities and a wiser comprehension
what he is and determine his problem:
of our fellow men. When, through our study, we ascertain
1. The ray of the solar system itself.
for instance that the tendency of our Soul ray is that of Will
2. The ray of our planet's planetary Logos.
or Power [Ray I], but that the ray governing the personality
3. The ray of the human kingdom itself.
is that of devotion [Ray VI], we can more truly gauge our
4. Our particular racial ray, the ray that determines the
opportunity, our capacity and limitations; we can more
Aryan race.
justly determine our vocation and service, our assets and
5. The rays that govern any particular cycle.
our debits, our true value and strength. When we can add
6. The national ray, or that ray influence which is peculiar-
to that knowledge...that the physical body is reacting pre-
ly influencing a particular nation.
eminently to the Soul ray, whilst the emotional body is
7. The ray of the Soul or Ego.
under the influence of the personality ray which is histori-
8. The ray of the personality.
cally in manifestation at the time, we are then in a position
9. The rays governing:
to gauge our particular problem with judgment. We can
a. The mental body.
then deal more intelligently with ourselves, our children,

and our friends and associates. We shall find ourselves able
wisdom, trace more easily the causes of difficulty, and
to cooperate more wisely with the Plan as it is seeking
study more intelligently the effect you may have...on those
expression at any particular time.--EP I, 8.
you contact in daily life.
The rays govern the three bodies in the following order:
It is of course to the human interest that a study of the
1. The mental body is governed by rays 1, 4, & 5.
rays makes its main appeal. It is this study that will vivify
2. The astral body is governed by rays 2 & 6.
and awaken psychologists to the true understanding of
3. The physical body is governed by rays 3 & 7.
man. Every human being finds himself upon one of the sev-
This is an infallible rule, except in the case of accepted dis-
en rays. His personality is found, in every life, upon one of
ciples.--GWP, 92.
them, in varying rotation, according to the ray of the Ego or
Soul. After the third initiation he locates his Soul (if one
[D]isciples upon the different rays will all have the
may use such an inappropriate word) on one of the three
same goal, make the same experiments, go through the
major rays, though until that time It may be found in one of
same experience, and arrive equally at divine expression.
the seven ray groups. From that exalted attitude he strives
However, their qualities, their modes of approach, their
towards the essential unity of the Monad. The fact of there
reactions, and their distinctive natures will differ according
being seven ray types carries great implications, and the
to their ray type.--RI, 338.
intricacy of the subject is baffling to the neophyte.
Through its energy a ray confers peculiar physical con-
The ray on which a man's causal body is found, the
ditions and determines the quality of the astral-emotional
Egoic ray, should determine the type of meditation. Each
nature; it colors the mind body; it controls the distribution
ray necessitates a different method of approach.--LOM,
of energy, for the rays are of differing rates of vibration,
and govern a particular center in the body (differing with
each ray) through which that distribution is made. Each ray
[T]he ascertaining (by the aspirant) of his ray influence
works through one center primarily, and through the
is one of the first steps towards understanding the nature of
remaining six in a specific order.
his problem and the method of release. The psychology of
The ray predisposes a man to certain strengths and
the future will direct attention to the discovery of the two
weaknesses and constitutes his principle of limitation, as
rays which govern the Soul and personality. Having done
well as endowing him with capacity. It governs the method
this through a study of the physical type, emotional react-
of his relations to other human types and is responsible for
ions, and mental tendencies, [it will then seek to discover]
his reactions in form to other forms. It gives him his color-
the rays governing the specialized vehicles.
ing and quality, his general tone on the three planes of the
When the ideas contained in the teaching on the seven
personality, and it molds his physical appearance. Certain
rays are of general recognition, we shall find the growth of
attitudes of mind are easy for one ray type and difficult for
psychological understanding, and the nations and the world
another, and hence the changing personality shifts from ray
religions will arrive at mutual understanding.--GWP, 119.
to ray, from life to life, until all the qualities are developed
and expressed. Certain Souls, by their ray destiny, are
When the true nature of the seven rays is grasped, and
found in certain fields of activity, and a particular field of
when their effect on humanity in expressing the seven types
endeavor remains relatively the same for many life expres-
of men is also understood, we shall then approach the sub-
sions. A governor or statesman has learnt facility in his
ject of man's duality with greater intelligence. We shall
craft through much experience in that field. A World
comprehend better the nature of the forces which constitute
Teacher has been teaching for age-long cycles. A World
one or another of these dualities. This is the true esoteric
Savior has been, for many lives, at the task of salvaging.
science. The science of the seven qualities or rays, and their
When a man is two-thirds of the way along the evolution-
effect on the myriad forms which they mould and energize,
ary path his Soul ray type begins to dominate the personal-
is the coming new approach to the correct method of train-
ity ray type and will therefore govern the trend of his
ing and developing the human family. Modern exoteric sci-
expression on earth, not in the spiritual sense (so-called)
ence knows much about the outer form, or matter aspect,
but in the sense of predisposing the personality towards
and its electrical nature. Esoteric science knows much
certain activities.
about the nature of the subjective energies and qualities
A knowledge therefore of the rays and their qualities
which color and conditions the form. When these two
and activities is, from the standpoint of psychology, of pro-
knowledges are brought intelligently together, we shall
found importance, and hence this treatise.--EP I, 129.
evolve a truer and more accurate psychology and a new sci-
ence of human culture.--EP I, 120.
It will be of service to you if I indicate to each of you
the rays which govern your threefold personality. You will
There is much of practical usefulness to the reader in a
then be in a position to handle yourselves with greater

study of these [ray] qualities. When he believes himself to
eager that all who read this treatise should make appli-
be upon a particular ray, they will indicate to him some of
cation of this teaching to their daily lives. I am not inter-
the characteristics for which he may look, and perhaps
ested in imparting weird or unusual items of information
demonstrate to him what he has to do, what he has to
anent these matters for the delectation of an unhealthy
express, and what he has to overcome. These qualities
mental appetite. The stocking of the memory with occult
should be studied from two angles: their divine aspect and
detail which serves no useful purpose only strains the brain
their reverse aspect, or the form side. I am exceedingly
cells and feeds the pride.--EP II, 78.

handling men and measures.
Power; Will; Courage; Leadership; Self-reliance.
Vices of Ray:
Soldier; Explorer; Ruler; Statesman; Leader.
Pride, ambition, wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire
Greatest Good/Evil:
to control others, obstinacy, anger.
Virtues to be acquired:
Quest and Driving Impulse:
Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience.
To conquer. To attain. To find ultimate reality. Often
seen at best in adversity.
This has been spoken of as the ray of power, and is cor-
Highest Attainment:
rectly so called, but if it were power alone, without wisdom
Outer­Victory. Inner­Omnipotence. Exhilaration of
and love, a destructive and disintegrating force would re-
power. Kingship. Dominion over Nature and outer self.
sult. When, however, the three characteristics are united, it
Will--not in the sense of strain, but selfless, effortless,
becomes a creative and governing ray. Those on this ray
frictionless expression of the One Will.
have strong willpower, for either good or evil, for the for-
Teaching Method:
mer when the will is directed by wisdom and made selfless
Drive truth home. Exile. Leave pupil to stand alone.
by love. The first ray man will always "come to the front"
Method of Achievement:
in his own line. He may be the burglar or the judge who
Concentration of will force. Overpower. Destroy. Pro-
condemns him, but in either case he will be at the head of
nouncement of own will as of highest authority, own
his profession. He is the born leader in any and every pub-
way as the way. Discipline of subordinates.
lic career, one to trust and lean on, one to defend the weak
and put down oppression, fearless of consequences and
utterly indifferent to comment. On the other hand, an un-
modified first ray can produce a man of unrelenting cruelty
Tyranny; Self-will; Pride; Domination; Contempt;
and hardness of nature.
Selfish-ness; Thirst for power; Extravagance; In-
The first ray man often has strong feeling and affection,
dividualism; Rigidity.
but he does not readily express it. He will love strong con-
Sources of Suffering:
trasts and masses of color, but will rarely be an artist. He
Defeat; Degradation; Displacement; Humiliation;
will delight in great orchestral effects and crashing chor-
Subordination; Exile.
uses and, if modified by the fourth, sixth or seventh rays,
may be a great composer; but not otherwise. There is a type
of this ray which is tone-deaf, and another which is color-
blind to the more delicate colors. Such a man will distin-
White-fire; Electric blue; Vermilion.
guish red and yellow, but will hopelessly confuse blue,
green, and violet.
Dancing; The creator of dances.
The literary work of a first ray person will be strong and
trenchant, but he will care little for style or finish in his
writings. Perhaps examples of this type would be Luther,
--Hodson, Geoffrey, The Seven Human Types,
Carlyle, and Walt Whitman. It is said that in attempting the
foldout chart
cure of disease the best method for the first ray man would
be to draw health and strength from the great fount of uni-
versal life by his will power, and then pour it through the
patient. This, of course, presupposes knowledge on his part
Special Virtues:
of occult methods.
Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising
The characteristic method of approaching the great
from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to
Quest on this ray would be by sheer force of will. Such a
grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of
man would, as it were, take the kingdom of heaven "by

violence." We have seen that the born leader belongs to
on the 1st Ray, a destructive tendency is unavoidable. Such
this ray, wholly or in part. It makes the able commander-in-
is not the case. ... Destroyers have to learn to build, acting
chief, such as Napoleon or Kitchener. Napoleon was first
ever under the impulse of group love and utilizing the
and fourth rays; Kitchener was first and seventh, the sev-
power of attachment in a detached manner.--GWP, 6.
enth ray giving him his remarkable power of organization.
--EP I, 201.
The Law of Repulse is one which primarily begins to
impress the divine purpose upon the consciousness of the
aspirant, and dictates to him those higher impulses and
Excerpts From Letters to Disciples in
spiritual decisions which mark his progress upon the Path.
Discipleship in The New Age, Vol. I & II 3
It is the demonstration of the 1st Ray quality (a subray
influence of the 2nd Ray), for it should be remembered that
Ambition & Pride
to repulse a form, a situation, or a condition may be the
evidence of spiritual love in the agent of repulsion.--EP II,
Ray of Will or Power; ambition and pride.--DINA I,
Ray I governs the Path of Initiation, producing
[A]mbition and love of power, backed by frantic desire
detachment from form and the destruction of all that hin-
and unscrupulousness, form the "Dweller" for 1st Ray
ders, and fostering that dynamic will in the initiate which
types.--TWM, 239.
will enable him to take the needed steps toward the Initi-
ator.--EP I, 351.
The ambition and pride of the 1st Ray.--DINA I, 254.
It is easy for the 1st Ray disciple to withdraw into his
Abstraction & Withdrawal from Form
Soul consciousness, far easier than for any other ray types
The lst Ray Lord (at the end of the age) absorbs all
--DINA II, 505.
things into Himself and brings about the final and needed
destruction of the form nature. First ray personalities also
...the tendency of the lst Ray to withdraw from
do this, but with destructive results.--DINA I, 378.
contact.... the aloofness of the lst Ray--DINA II, 640.
[T]he power of recession or the capacity to withdraw
Your aim must be to avoid all static conditions. Many
from one's age-long identification with form life.... [T]his
1st ray people become static or crystallized, as that is the
withdrawal is comparatively easy for those who have much
method whereby the 1st ray destroyers work--and it is all
of the first ray quality in them. The problem is to withdraw
part of the divine work.--DINA I, 621.
in the esoteric sense, but to avoid at the same time the sense
of separateness, isolation, and superiority. It is easy for first
Centralization & Decentralization
ray people to resist the tendency to identify themselves with
The centralization of the dramatic "I."--DINA I, 501.
others. To have true understanding involves an increased
ability to love all beings and yet, at the same time, to
1st Ray personality = dynamically one-pointed and
preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be
automatically self-centered, and with a lst Ray mental
so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish con-
body, produces an intense centralization (I did not say a
cern for one's own comfort--physical, mental, spiritual,
selfish one, my brother) and an active assurance, a full-
and (above all) emotional. First ray people dread emotion
fledged ambition, and a power to analyze and oft to
and despise it, but sometimes they have to swing into an
criticize others.--DINA I, 580.
emotional condition before they can use emotional sensi-
tivity in the right manner.--GWP, 4.
[B]eing at the center of the stage in your life is a lst Ray
characteristic. --DINA I, 501.
lst Ray people belong to what is called the "Destroyer
Ray," and the power of the first aspect, which is the power
[The] attitude of "the one in the center" is indicative of
to bring to an end, flows through them. They will have a
the 1st Ray Soul.--DINA I, 244.
tendency to destroy as they build--through a wrong direc-
tion of energy, overemphasis of energy in some particular
My brother, for long you have occupied the center of
direction, or misuse of energy in work with themselves or
the stage in your own thought. You are not jealous in the
others. Many 1st Ray people have the tendency to pride
ordinary sense of the word, for your pride refuses to permit
themselves on this [fact] and hide behind a plea that, being
the usual form of jealousy. But you are ever conscious of
being in the center of human contacts and have a feeling of
3 A few of the passages are from other books.

resentment--oft unrealized when this is not the case. This
must be repudiated. The man who stands alone and who
was one of the main factors for your humiliation last
has determined that condition of isolation for himself has
year....My word to you is decentralization. You must strug-
a different problem from the man who is disciplined by the
gle to shift your mind away from yourself; you must culti-
constant ceaseless impact of others on his consciousness.
vate that understanding heart which will make you more
You must offset the unavoidable difficulties (of isolation)
aware of others than of yourself.--DINA I, 242.
through a self-imposed discipline. You have to make your
own way, then, of learning and cultivating self-forgetful-
Dissipate not your powers. Centralize your activities
ness.--DINA I, 498.
and work increasingly with individuals. Thus does the lst
Ray type achieve understanding; thus does he grow in love.
The more highly evolved the group leader, the greater
--DINA I, 623.
the pain and suffering. First ray people who have naturally
a "technique of isolation" suffer less than many, for they
Isolation, Separateness, Aloneness
know how to shut off directed streams of force and to de-
flect them. When they are not deeply spiritual people, they
lst Ray tendency feeds the sense of separateness and
can return them to their originators and thus wreak havoc
therefore isolates.--DINA I, 370.
in their lives.--EP II, 618.
[The 1st ray confers a] sense of centralization, of
Detachment & Attachment;
uniqueness, and aloneness; it makes the man conditioned
Exclusion & Inclusion
by it "isolated"; his attitude to work is one of unconscious
separateness.--DINA I, 378.
It is not easy for the 1st ray disciple to learn attachment
(spiritually defined). The lst ray type loves himself, his
Tower of isolation; ...your much cherished and deeply
power, and his isolation too much. He errs in not giving
rooted sense of isolation.--DINA I, 628.
enough thought to the reactions of others to what he says
and does; he prides himself on his detached attitudes and
The lst ray disciple loves isolation. It is for him the line
on his immunity from attachment; he likes to have his
of least resistance. He is, as you know, normally the one
strength and isolation appreciated. He suffers from pride.
who stands alone. This is his strength and also his weak-
... Inner isolation.... Instead of so much "will to love" why
ness. He glories in detachment....--DINA I, 625.
not just love more simply?... You sit on the summit of your
tower, whilst all the time the call of the heart sounds
...[The] attitude of "the one who stands alone" is indica-
throughout your being and in your ears. Yet you fear to
tive of the 1st Ray Soul.--DINA I, 244.
descend and walk among your fellow men in loving identi-
fication with them. It is only through walking the dusty
lst Ray tendency fosters one's fear of attachment, lone-
street life with our brothers that we find ourselves even-
liness, and isolation.--DINA I, 370.
tually passing through the portal of initiation.--DINA I,
Your lst Ray mind leads to a sense of separateness.--
DINA I, 587.
See to it that your ivory tower disappears and that you
are down among men, sharing with them all that concerns
Isolation or cold, detached separateness.--DINA I, 430.
humanity, my "Warrior Brother." You need to love with in-
clusion and not exclusion.--DINA I, 634.
...[your] loneliness which is based on a sense of
isolation, as the lst Ray is essentially the Ray of Detach-
The 1st ray type easily finds the way of detachment; he
ment.--DINA I, 222.
creates with facility a protective shell and he cherishes,
with high idealism, his isolation. He must learn now to be
...the 1st Ray qualities of loneliness, isolation, the
personal with complete impersonality.--DINA I, 621.
ability to stand alone and unmoved.--DINA I, 315.
Learn to work with your equals harmoniously and self-
This developed sensitivity is ever difficult for a 1st Ray
lessly. You are afraid of your equals and you want to be
person. He prefers to stand alone and to generate within
alone as your lst ray personality inclines you. Thus it is not
himself the plans which he considers fitted for the type of
easy for you to be one among many.--DINA I, 379.
service which he seeks to render--DINA II, 498.
The 1st Ray is the first sub-ray of the 2nd Ray of Love-
The lst Ray personality, with its quick response to
Wisdom; you must, therefore, round out your development
criticism and its dislike of outer control or interference,
with love to all beings.--DINA I, 621.

The lst Ray personality isolates you in your own mind
...the 1st Ray ability to demonstrate detachment--DINA II,
from your associates, and you need to learn the necessity
for identification with those who are your co-workers....
Let there be no sense of being apart, no critical reaction and
The 1st ray must learn to be impersonally personal.--
no superior observations.--DINA I, 587.
DINA I, 210.
Comradeship is not an easy lesson for lst Ray Souls to
Critical Spirit
master and express. The littleness of the personalities and
the pettiness of individual points of view are irksome to the
Where there is so much 1st Ray energy to be found,
server of the Plan who stands, serene and detached, upon
there will be a strong conviction of destiny, a pronounced
a 1st Ray pinnacle of vision and resultant comprehension.
sense of power, and the feeling that one can see through
--DINA I, 169.
people--from a superior position--so that their faults and
failures and their little human failings loom large in one's
... inculcate in your outer expression on the physical
consciousness--DINA II, 525.
plane that gracious loving kindness which 1st Ray disciples
ever need to cultivate.--DINA I, 326.
lst Ray mind leads to a tendency to criticize.--DINA I,
The lst Ray disciple has to remain detached and at the
same time to learn attachment and to admit entry into his
Power & Influence on Others
aura of the entire world in a series of progressive
attachments--DINA II, 575.
Servers on [the 1st Ray], if they are trained disciples,
work through what might be called the imposition of the
... a detached attachment is the goal of the 1st Ray
Will of God upon the minds of men. This they do through
working disciple--DINA II, 505.
the powerful impact of ideas upon the minds of men, and
the emphasis of the governing principles which must be
Every time that lst Ray energy pours through you it
assimilated by humanity. These ideas, when grasped by the
leads to a trifling or true crisis in your relationships with
aspirant, bring about two developments:
others. You need to acquire a more general and genuine
1. They initiate a period of destruction and of a breaking
liking (as a means to understanding) of your fellow man ....
up of that which is old and hindering;
Be not ruthless or dissatisfied with their attempts to make
2. This is later followed by the clear staining forth of the
good. It is not easy for you or any 1st Ray disciple to get
new idea and its subsequent grasping by the minds of
close enough, or want to get close enough, to a person to
intelligent humanity.
really know him. It lies in the natural isolation of the 1st
These ideas embody great principles and constitute the
Ray type--DINA II, 594.
New Age ideas. These servers, therefore, work as God's
destroying angels, destroying the old forms; nevertheless,
Loneliness, isolation, a sense of being deserted, and a
behind it all lies the impetus of love.
separateness (based on sensitivity in most cases)
With the average [1st ray] aspirant, however, the activ-
distinguish the lst Ray disciple, until he learns to preserve
ity is not so intelligent. He grasps the idea that is needed by
his divine sense of "isolated unity" whilst simultaneously
the race, but he will seek to impose it primarily as his idea,
merging with others--DINA II, 497.
something which he has seen and grasped and which he
impatiently seeks to impose upon his fellow men for their
It is ever easier for a 1st Ray worker to proceed alone
good, as he sees it. He inevitably destroys as fast as he
on the way of his decision, but I would suggest that you
builds, and finally destroys himself. Many worthy aspirants
work in closer cooperation with your fellow disciples--
and disciples in training for service at this time work in this
DINA II, 592.
sad way.--DINA I, 140.
...the initial difficulty of the "isolated Independence."
The following would indicate the right or wrong use of
It is not easy for lst ray types to cooperate, to fall into line
1st Ray force: Let the student inquire of himself whether
with group suggestions, group rhythm, group discipline, or
the position he held mentally, and whether the words which
united synchronized activity which is the goal of all
lie spoke on any particular occasion were prompted by a
disciples.--DINA I, 136.
desire to impose his will upon his hearers. This imposition
of his will could be either right or wrong.
A 1st Ray personality can cause the Soul much
When right, it would mean that he was speaking under
difficulty when not subordinated in all humility to group
the impulse of his spiritual will, and that his words would
service.--DINA I, 280.

be in line with Soul purpose and intent, would be governed
ically. Perhaps the word that would best express its mode
by love, and would therefore be constructive, helpful, and
of work is inspiration. The Father inspires response from
healing. His attitude would be one of detachment, and he
the material aspect (or from the mother, if you like that
would have no desire to take prisoner the mind of his
symbolism), but it accomplishes this by remaining
immovably itself. From the point where he is, the Builder
But if his words were prompted by self-will and the
(human or divine) works, not by the Law of Attraction, as
desire to impose his ideas upon other people and so to
does the 2nd Ray, but by the Law of Synthesis, by a fiat of
shine in their presence, or to force them to agree with his
the will, based on a clearly formulated purpose and
conclusions, then his method would be destructive, domi-
program.--RI, 500.
nating, aggressive, argumentative, forceful, rude, or irrita-
ble, according to his personality trends and inclinations.--
The divine prerogative of assertion is the established
TWM, 574.
right and privilege of all 1st Ray Souls. [paraphrased]--RI,
...[your first ray energy is the source of] the powerful
influence you can call into play. Thus do you affect other
The lst Ray penetrates, pierces, and produces the line
people's lives and evoke powerful reactions from them.--
along which the Light comes....--EP II, 359.
DINA I, 222.
When the Egoic ray is what is termed the Power Ray
Your lst ray personality makes it easily possible for you
[1st ray], the method of approach has to be by the
to dominate those you meet. It is not dangerous if you hold
application of the will in a dynamic form to the lower vehi-
onto love and avoid the outer forms and techniques of
cles; it is largely what we term achievement by an intense
authority and control, thus developing wisdom and practi-
focusing, a terrific one-pointedness, that inhibits all hin-
cing impersonality.--DINA I, 222.
drances and literally forces a channel, thus driving itself
into the Triad.--LOM, 15.
The lst ray force must deal with circumstance and must
not make its impact upon personalities. It is needed to force
It is not easy for the disciple in training to associate the
issues and determine results (note that phrase) but not to
sense of synthesis and the use of the will together and to
shatter and to hurt. True impersonality must be borne in
realize that a cultivation of this 1st Ray perception is a
mind and your personality must note its impact on other
potent mode by which the highest aspects of the spiritual
personalities and offset its innate and most often destruc-
will can be unfolded--DINA II, 294.
tive work.--DINA I, 170.
There is the dynamic will, as it is expressed by lst Ray
Your lst ray personality gives you power with men.--
Egos--DINA II, 445.
DINA I, 210.
1st ray dynamic one-pointedness....--DINA I, 210.
Your lst Ray mind gives you undoubted mental
influence.--DINA I, 151.
[T]he simplicity of the 1st Ray type of person is a
terrific potency.--DINA I1, 592.
[Your 1st ray personality] evokes in you a love for
power and a desire for that pleasurable sensation which
[Y]our 1st Ray power oft shatters that particular inner
comes from speech which evokes acquiescence. This
body which is for [others] their weakest point; you are then
serves to place you "in the seat of superior person." You
left as ever "the one who stands alone." This is character-
will find that it is easy to gather around you many little
istic of the beginner in the conscious life of a first ray Soul.
people, of relatively futile accomplishment (from the angle
It is that you are too dynamic in your approach and that
of world service) but that the finer minds have no time for
force which flows through you destroys as quickly as it
such acquiescence.--DINA I, 587.
builds and drives away by its "blast of out-going power"
You are learning to leave others free--a hard task for a
that which you sought to attract.--DINA I, 244.
1st Ray disciple.--DINA I, 219.
[Influence of powerful lst ray personality]: (1) to storm
Dynamism, Will, Intensity, One-Pointedness
the Kingdom of Heaven and take it by violence and conse-
quently to force certain issues and bring certain Soul objec-
To understand the lst Ray technique, one must grasp the
tives to fruition. (2) One of the ways in which you can
basic quality of the ray: It is dynamic. The point at the
rightly use 1st ray energy is by forcing mental issues and by
center is the lst Ray of Power, and its technique is never to
making yourself do what the Soul or Hierarchy asks of
move from the center but from that point to work dynam-
you.--DINA I, 223.

[T]he revelation of power is obviously part of the
!st Ray Qualities
expression of the 1st Ray type.--EP II, 613.
Dynamic one-pointedness.
Destructive energy.
[First ray energy confers] a one-pointed approach to
Power realized selfishly.
problems, conditions, and situations which in many cases
constitutes a one-pointed attack.--DINA I, 377.
A longing for power and authority.
A disciple with a lst Ray personality is apt to be unduly
Desire to dominate.
one-pointed in his service or in his particular line of
Expressed strength and self-will
thought, or else he is entirely engrossed with some indiv-
idual or group. This dynamic and intense preoccupation
Expression of Qualities
can oft hinder the expansion of consciousness and the
A dynamic use of energy for the furtherance of the plan.
unfoldment of that inclusiveness which is essential before
The use of destructive forces in order to prepare the
any of the major initiations can take place .... Oft this di-
way for the Builders.
rected power is not being adequately diffused, and minor or
The will to power in order to cooperate.
near objectives being too closely seen can destroy that
Power realized as the major weapon of love.
which it builds or seeks or loves, through the very intensity
Identification with the rhythm of the Whole.
of the focused energy.--DINA I, 490.
The cessation of isolation..
--EP II, 39.
Ray I mental body provides:
The 1st Ray person is conscious of ordered life, of the
majesty of ordered forces; the glory of the intelligent
"arrangement" of the powers which lie behind the mani-
In unevolved man
fested world is his rightful field of service.--DINA I, 625.
1. The will to live or to manifest upon the physical plane.
2. The impulse which works out, therefore, as the instinct
1st ray people can overcome glamour with relative case
to self-preservation.
once they become aware of it as a personality limitation.--
3. The capacity to endure, no matter what the difficulties.
GWP, 222.
4. Individual isolation, the "One who stands alone."
The use of the creative imagination ...presents a real
In the advanced man
difficulty for 1st and 7th ray aspirants. Neither type can
1. The will to liberation or to manifest consciously upon
with facility organize the material energy, orient energy
the plane of the Soul.
currents, and see their objective clearly and pictorially in
2. The capacity to react to the Plan, or to respond to the
the mind's eye.--RI, 501.
will of God.
3. The principle of immortality.
... the 1st ray capacity to take a stand on a principle.--
4. Perseverance or endurance upon the Way.
DINA I, 630.
.--EP II, 291.
Ray I Glamours
Ray One: Inclusion.
The glamour of physical strength.
The glamour of personal magnetism.
"The love of power must dominate. There must also be
The glamour of self-containment and personal potency.
repudiation of those forms which wield no power.
The glamour of "the one at the center."
"The word goes forth from Soul to form; `Stand up.
Press outward into life. Achieve a goal. For you, there must
The glamour of selfish personal ambition.
be not a circle, but a line. Prepare the form. Let the eyes look
The glamour of rulership, dictatorship, and wide control.
forward, not on either side. Let the ears be closed to all the
The glamour of the messiah complex in the field of
outer voices, and the hands clenched, the body braced, and
mind alert. Emotion is not used in furthering of the Plan.
The glamour of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings
Love takes its place.'
personally exacted.
"The symbol of a moving point of light appears above
the brow. The keynote of the life though uttered not, yet still
The glamour of destruction.
is clearly heard: `I move to power. I am the One. We are a
The glamour of isolation, isolation, aloofness.
Unity in power. And all is for the power and glory of the
The glamour of the superimposed will--upon others and
One.' "
upon groups.--GWP, 120.
Such is the pattern of the thought and the process of the

life of the man upon the first ray who is seeking first of all
within himself for responsiveness to his environment, he
to control his personality, and then to dominate his environ-
thus loses sight of self and the light breaks in. It is as if a
ment. His progress is that of "achieved control; that of be-
curtain were raised. In that light, the first thing which is
ing controlled, and then again controlling." At first, his
revealed to him is the devastating sight of that which he has
motive is that of selfish, separative achievement. Then
destroyed. He is subjected to what has esoterically been
comes failure to be satisfied. A higher achievement then
called "the light which shocks." Slowly and laboriously,
takes place as a result of the service of the Plan, until the
using every power of his aligned personality and, in his
time eventually comes when the first ray man can be
realized desperation, calling in the power of his Soul, he
trusted to be God's Destroying Angel--the Angel who
proceeds one-pointedly to rebuild that which he has des-
brings life through the destruction of the form. Such
troyed. In rebuilding, lie lifts the entire structure on to a
integrated personalities are frequently ruthless at first, self-
higher level than any he has hitherto touched. This is the
ish, ambitious, self-centered, cruel, one-pointed, implac-
task of the destroyers and of those who work with civiliza-
able, undeviating, aware of implications, of significances,
tions and who can be trusted to act as agents of destruction
and of the results of action; but, at the same time, unalter-
under the Plan.
able and undeviating, moving forward to their purposes.
It is interesting to note that when this stage is reached
They destroy and tear down in order to rise to greater
(the stage of rebuilding as the first ray man understands it),
heights upon the ruin they have wrought. They do thus rise.
he will usually pass through four incarnations in which lie
They trample on other men and upon the destinies of the
is first of all "the man at the center," a focal point of immo-
little person. They integrate their surroundings into an
bile power. He is conscious of his power, gained whilst
instrument for their will and move relentlessly forward
functioning as a selfish destroyer, but he is also conscious
upon their own occasions. This type of man will be found
of frustration and futility. Next he passes through a life in
expressing these qualities in all walks of life and spheres of
which he begins to reorganize himself for a different type
action, and is a destroying force in his home, business, or
of activity, and it will be found that in these cases he will
in the nation.
have a third or a seventh ray personality. In the third incar-
All this is made possible because the first ray has at this
nation he definitely begins rebuilding and works through a
stage integrated the personality vehicles and has achieved
second ray personality until, in the fourth life, he can
their simultaneous control. The man functions as a whole.
function safely through a first ray personality without los-
This process and method of work brings him eventually
ing his spiritual balance, if we might use such a phrase.
to a point of crisis--a crisis based upon the unalterable fact
Through this type of personality, his first ray Soul can dem-
of his essentially divine nature or being, which cannot
onstrate, because the disciple has "recovered feeling,
remain satisfied with the gaining of power in a personality
gained divine emotion, and filled his waiting heart with
sense and in a material world. Power selfishly used ex-
love." In such cases as this, the astral body is usually on the
hausts its user and evokes a display of power antagonistic
second ray, the mental body upon the fourth ray, and the
to him; he is thereby destroyed, because he has destroyed.
physical body upon the sixth ray. This naturally tends to
He is separated off from his fellow men because he has
balance or offset the intensity of the first ray vibrations of
been isolated and separative in his nature. He walks alone
the personality and Soul. It is in the third life of reorienta-
because he has cried forth to the world: "I will brook no
tion that he gains the reward for the arresting of his selfish
companion; I am the one alone."
efforts, and aspects of the Plan are then revealed to him.--
This crisis of evocation brings him to an inner point of
EP II, 351.
change which involves an alteration in his direction, a
change of method, and a different attitude. These three
Where humanity is concerned, the first ray makes its
changes are described in the Old Commentary (in which
presence felt, and its potency dominates, when the stage of
these techniques are to be found) in the following terms:
accepted discipleship is reached.--EP I, 50.
The one who travels on a line returns upon his way. Back to
the centre of his life he goes, and there he waits. He reaches
First Ray Method of Approach:
out his arms and cries: "I cannot stand and walk alone." And
Sanctified Service
standing thus, a cross is formed and on that cross he takes his
place-with others.
This is the method of the man who wields the law, the
The change of direction takes him back to the centre of his
method of the occultist; and the rudiments of the method
being, the heart. A change of method takes place, for in-
are laid down in raja-yoga.... The word sanctification, as
stead of moving straight forward, he waits in patience and
you know, in the basic sense signifies the complete surren-
seeks to feel. A change of attitude can be noted, for he
der of the whole being to one object, the Lord or Ruler; the
reaches out his arms to his fellow men--to the greater
giving wholly to the one the devotee aspires to; the conse-
whole--and thus becomes inclusive.
cration of the whole three-fold man to the work in hand. It
Standing thus in quietness at the center and searching
entails, therefore, the application of the entire time and self

to the bringing of each body under the subjugation of the
higher in the mirror of the emotional body, and then the
Ego, and the complete mastery of each plane and subplane.
intellect forced to act as the servant of the Ego through one-
It involves the comprehension of each evolution and form
pointed effort animated by love and wisdom. The result
of divine life as found on those planes and sub-planes, with
will be the true Yogi.
one aim in view and only one--the furthering of the plan of
I would point out here that the true Yogi is he who, after
the Hierarchy of Light. The method followed is that of the
due carrying out of the set forms and times of meditation,
intensest application to the work of rounding out the bodies
merges that meditation in the everyday living, and will
and of making them fit instruments for service. It is perhaps
eventually be in the attitude of meditation all the day.
the hardest way that a man can tread. It leaves no depart-
Meditation is the means whereby the higher consciousness
ment of the life untouched. All is brought under law.4 In
is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous, medi-
meditation, therefore, the form of that meditation will be a
tation (as you understand it) is superseded. In this first [ray]
three-fold structure:
method the occult student works from the periphery to the
center, from the objective to the subjective, from the form
1. The laws governing the physical body will be studied
to the life withing the form. Therefore through the empha-
and brooded over. This brooding will find expression in
sis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wise con-
a rigid disciplining of the physical body. It will be set
trol the occultist realizes the essential importance of the
apart wholly for service and subjected consequently to
physical, and the uselessness of all his knowledge apart
a process that will attune and develop it more quickly.
from a physical body whereby he can express himself and
2. The body of the emotions will be scientifically studied
serve the race. It is the line of the first ray and its affiliated
and the laws of water (occultly understood) will be
or complementary ray.--LOM, 283.
comprehended. The significance of the term "there shall
be no more sea" will be known, and the sea of storm
First Ray Technique of Fusion:
and passion will be superseded by the sea of glass,
Isolated Unity.
which directly reflects the higher intuition and mirrors
it with perfect accuracy, being unruffled and immov-
Isolated Unity is that state of consciousness which sees
able. The emotional body will be set apart wholly for
the whole as one and regards itself, not theoretically but as
service and its place in the three-fold microcosm will be
a realized fact, as identified with that whole. It is a whole
regarded as corresponding to that in the macrocosm,
which is "isolated" in the consciousness of the man, and
while the occult significance of its being the only
not the man himself who regards himself as isolated. The
complete unit in the three-fold lower nature will be
word isolated refers to that complete organized organism
apprehended, and this fact made use of to effect certain
of which the man can feel and know himself to be a part.
results. Ponder on this.
The word unity expresses his relationship to the whole. It
3. The place of lower mind in the scheme of things will be
will be apparent therefore that this whole is something
studied, and the quality of discrimination developed.
progressively realized. For the bringing about of this pro-
Discrimination and fire are occultly allied, and just as
gressed realization the great expansions of consciousness,
the Logos by fire tries every man's work of what sort it
called initiations, have been temporarily arranged as a has-
is, so the microcosm on a lesser scale has to do the
tening or forcing process. This progression of realized
same. Just as the Logos likewise does this paramountly
"isolations in unity" may begin with the disciple's group,
in the fifth round of judgment and of separation, so the
environment, or nation and, through right use of the under-
microcosm on his lesser scale does the same in the last
standing, will end by enabling him to isolate the whole
and fifth period of his evolution--touched upon and
divine scheme or living structure, and to identify himself
described earlier in these letters. Every power of the
with it in an active capable manner.
mind will be utilized to the uttermost for the furtherance
The result of meditation upon this theme will be [the
of the plans of evolution; first in the man's own devel-
opment, then in the special field of work wherein he
1. A definite illumination of the mind, for it will then be
expresses himself, and lastly in his relationship with
at-one with the Universal Mind and all the ways and the
other units of the race, as be constitutes himself their
plans of God will stand revealed to him.
guide and servant.
2. The creative imagination will be powerfully evoked in
See you therefore the synthesis of it? First the strenuous
response to this revelation, and modes and methods of
one-pointedness that is the sign of the occultist blended
cooperation will be sentiently developed. The disciple
with the wisdom and love which are reflected f rom the
will become a creative cooperator and not just an obedi-
ent servant of the Plan.
3. His life will be then inspired by the desire to serve
humanity and to cooperate with the Custodians of the
Refer to The Gateway of Liberation, by Mary Gray, for a des-
cription of this technique.

Plan. This will bring in the full tide of Soul life, produc-
cannot be heard within the confines of our solar sphere.
ing temporarily a violent conflict between tile personal-
His robe of blue veils his eternal purpose, but in the rising and
setting sun his orb of red is seen.
ity ray and the Soul ray, but also producing a steady
His word is power. His light, electric. The lightning is his
subordination of the lower to the higher, of the minor to
symbol. His will is hidden in the counsel of his thought. Naught is
the major.
I cannot too strongly call to your attention that I am not
His power is felt. The sons of men, reacting to his power, send to
the utmost bounds of light a question:
here dealing with the normal service and the self-enforced
"Why this blind power? Why death? Why this decay of forms?
cooperation of the aspirant--a cooperation based upon the-
Why the negation of the power to hold? Why death, O Mighty Son
ory and a determination to prove theory, plan, and service
of God?"
to be evolutionary facts--but [instead with] that spontane-
Faintly the answer comes: "I hold the keys of life and death. I
ous illumination, creativity, and inspiration which is the
bind and loose again. I, the Destroyer, am."
result of the use of the Technique of Fusion by the Soul--
This ray Lord is not yet in full expression, except as He
by the Soul, and not by the aspiring, struggling disciple.
causes destruction and brings cycles to an end. The
Here lies the clue to meaning. We are dealing consequently
Monads of power are much fewer in number than any
with that stage of development wherein, in deep contem-
others. Egos upon the power ray are relatively not so few.
plation, the man is consciously merged with the Soul, and
They are characterized by a dynamic will, and their power
that Soul, in meditation, decides, plans and works. He func-
within the human family works out as the force of destruc-
tions as the Soul and has achieved a definite measure of
tion. But in the last analysis it is a destruction that will pro-
success in living as a Soul consciously upon the physical
duce liberation. We shall see as we continue to study first
ray Egos and personalities that death and destruction are
This particular technique of meditation involves the use
always to be found in their work, and hence the apparent
of the head center. It demands the ability to focus the con-
cruelty and impersonality of their reactions. Form does not
sciousness in the Soul form, the spiritual body, and at the
count with first ray types; their energy produces death to
same time to preserve Soul consciousness, mind conscious-
form, but ushers in great periods of cyclic pralaya; the first
ness, and brain consciousness--no easy task for the neo-
ray is the controller of the death drama in all kingdoms--a
phyte and something which lies far ahead for tile majority
destruction of forms which brings about release of power
of students who read these words. This condition has been
and permits "entrance into Light through the gateway of
described as "the intensest reflection of the man, isolated in
Death." The intent of the Lord of the first ray is to stand
God Who is the negation of isolation and is nevertheless
behind His six Brothers, and when They have achieved
the Whole which is set apart from other Wholes." When
Their purpose, to shatter the forms which They have built.
the disciple has achieved this state of awareness (and
This He does by passing His power through Their bodies,
Patanjali hints at it in the last book of the Sutras5), he be-
and Their united effort leads to abstraction and a return to
comes invincible upon the physical plane, for he is com-
the center whence the initial impulse came. The first ray
pletely unified and linked up with all aspects of himself in
purpose therefore is to produce death, and some idea of that
the greater Whole of which he is a part, is fusing all attri-
purpose may be gleaned if we study some of the names by
butes, and is at-one with the Whole, not simply subjectively
which the ray Lord is called:
and unconsciously (as are all human beings) but in full,
The Lord of Death
waking, understanding awareness.--GWP, 392.
The Opener of the Door
The Liberator from Form
The First Purpose of Deity: Will or Power
The Great Abstractor
The Fiery Element, producing shattering
Behind the central sacred sun, hidden within its rays, a form is
The Crystallizer of the Form
found. Within that form there glows a point of power which vibrates
The Power that touches and withdraws
not as yet but shines as light electric.
The Lord of the Burning Ground
Fierce are its rays. It burns all forms, yet touches not the life of
The Will that breaks into the Garden
God incarnate.
The Ravisher of Souls
From the One who is the seven goes forth a Word. That word
The Finger of God
reverberates along the line of fiery essence, and when it sounds
The Breath that blasts
within the circle of the human lives it takes the form of affirmation,
The Lightning which annihilates
an uttered fiat or word of power. Thus there is impressed upon the
The Most High
living mold the thought of ---- (the hidden, inexpressible ray name).
The qualities and characteristics of this Lord Who brings
Let dynamic power, electric light, reveal the past, destroy the
form that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the way
release may be gathered from the following six aphorisms
which leads towards the center where dwells the one whose name
which, an ancient legend says, His six Brothers gave to
Him, as They begged Him to hold His hand till They had
had time to work out Their purposes:
See The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by
Alice Bailey.

1. Kill out desire when desire has fulfilled its work. Thou
employed. There is a measure of violence in their tech-
are the one who indicates fulfillment.
nique. They eventually "take the kingdom of heaven by
Quality--clear vision
force."--EP II, 80.
2. Seek out the gentle way, O Lord of Power. Wait for thy
brother on the path of Love. He builds the forms that can
withstand thy power.
Reaction of First Ray Types to the Process of
Quality--dynamic power
Individualization (identification with form)
3. Withhold thy hand until the time has come. Then give
the gift of death, O Opener of the Door.
These statements, if properly understood, give the key-
Quality--sense of time
note of the new psychology. They state the major impulse,
4. Stand not alone, but with the many join thyself. Thou art
the native quality, and the technique of unfoldment:
the One, the Isolated. Come forth unto thine own.
The Blessed One flies like an arrow into matter. He destroys (or
5. Lead thine own forth, but learn to know thine own. Hate
ruptures) the way by which he might return. He grounds himself
not attachment, but see its plan and purpose.
deeply in the depths of form.
He asserts: "I will return. My power is great. I will destroy all
6. Through thee the life pulsates, the rhythm is imposed.
obstacles. Nothing can stop my progress to my goal. Around me lies
The life is all. Love life in all its forms.
that which I have destroyed. What must I do?"
Quality--singleness of purpose
The answer comes: "Order from chaos, O Pilgrim on the way of
The six qualities enumerated above express the force of
death, this is the way for you. Love you must learn. Dynamic will you
this ray as it makes its presence felt in the fourth [i.e.,
have. The right use of destruction for the furtherance of the Plan must
be the way for you. Adherence to the rhythm of the planet will release
human] kingdom in nature. The effects in other kingdoms
the hidden Blessed One and order bring."--EP II, 36.
differ, but we shall confine our attention to the standpoint
of humanity. The purpose and main work of the first ray is
I should like here to give a suggestion, for it is neces-
to produce cessation and the death of all forms in all king-
sary that some of the methods of the Hierarchy should
doms in nature and on all planes. The energy of this ray
begin to be understood. The work of what in the West is
Lord brings about the death of an ant or a solar system, and
called "the Christ Principle" is to build the forms for the
organization, a religion, a government, a race type, or a
expression of quality and life. That is the characteristic
planet. His will or purpose works out through the law of
work of the second aspect of divinity. The work of the
periodicity.--EP I, 63.
Antichrist is to destroy forms, and this is essentially the
work of the first expression of divinity. But the work of the
Key to the Ray Methods: Ray I
destroyer is not the work of black magic, and when ignor-
ant humanity regards Antichrist as working on the black
Let the forces come together. Let them mount to the
side, their error is great. His work is as beneficent as that of
High Place, and from that lofty eminence, let the Soul look
the building aspect, and it is but man's hatred of the death
out on a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: "I
of forms which makes him regard the work of the destroyer
still persist!"--EP I, 416.
as "black," as being against the divine Will, and as subver-
sive of the divine program. The work of the representatives
First Ray Method of Incarnation
of that mysterious power which we call cosmic evil, and
Souls on this ray are spoken of occultly as "crashing
their responding representatives, is indeed worthy of the
their way into incarnation." They appropriate dynamically
word black; but it is not applicable to the work of Anti-
that which they require. They brook no hindrance in the
christ. It might be added that the work of the black forces
satisfactions of their desires. They stand alone in a proud
wells up from below, while the work of the destroyers is
isolation, glorying in their strength and their ruthlessness.
impelled from above. The symbols of these two ways are
These qualities have to be transmuted into that intelligent
the sword and the cross.--EP I, 7 4
use of power which makes them powerful factors in the
Plan, and magnetic centers of force, gathering workers and
Humanity is affected by [first] ray energy in the follow-
forces around them. An illustration of this can be seen in
ing way: There is, at this time [1930's--Ed.], an emergence
the work of the Master Morya, Who is the center, the mag-
of certain powerful and dominating first ray personalities
netic attractive center, of all esoteric groups conferring on
into the theater of world activity. These people are in direct
them, by His power, the capacity to destroy that which is
contact with this Shamballa force and are sensitive to the
undesirable in the life of the disciples. Forget not that the
impact of the will energy of Deity. According to their type
work of stimulating that which is needed is one of the
of personality and their point in evolution will be their
major tasks of a Master, and the power of a disciple to
reaction to this force and their consequent usefulness to the
destroy that which limits him is greatly needed. Souls of
Lord of the World as He works out His plans of world
this ray, as they come into incarnation through desire,
unfoldment. The energy of the will of God works through
grasp. This expresses the nature of the force demonstration
them, though stepped down and often misused and

misapplied, by their differing and limited personalities, and
apposite here to point out that such first ray exponents of
interpreted unsatisfactorily by their undeveloped con-
force are often misunderstood and hated. They may and
sciousnesses. These people are found in every field of hum-
often do misuse the energy available, but they also use it
an affairs. They are the dominant persons and the dictators
constructively within the desired limits of the immediate
in every aspect of human living--political, social, religi-
plan. I would also like to state that the lot of a first ray
ous, and educational. Who shall say (until at least a century
disciple is hard and difficult. There are disciples of Sham-
has gone by) whether their influence and their efforts have
balla just as there are disciples of the Hierarchy, and this is
been good or bad? Where they flagrantly infringe the Law
a fact hitherto not recognized and never as yet referred to
of Love, their influence may be powerful, but it is passing
in the current writings on occult subjects. It is wise and val-
and undesirable, at least where that phase of their activities
uable to remember this. They are powerful, these disciples
is concerned. Where they meet human emergency and
of Shamballa, headstrong and often cruel; they impose their
need, and work along lines of basic restoration and the
will and dictate their desires; they make mistakes. They are,
preservation of units of synthesis, their influence is good
nevertheless, true disciples of Shamballa and are working
and constructive.
out the Will of God as much as the disciples and Masters of
I would here point out that real group love never de-
the Hierarchy are working out the Love of God.
monstrates as hatred of the individual. It may work out as
This is a hard saying for some of you but your failure to
the arresting of the individual's activities or enterprises
recognize this truth and to respond to it does not affect the
where that is deemed desirable in the interests of the whole
issue. It simply makes your individual lot and difficulties
and if what he is doing is estimated as harmful to the good
of the group. But the arresting will not be destructive. It
I would also remind you that the use of first ray energy
will be educational and developing in its results.
inevitably means destruction in the early stages but fusion
The true first ray personality who works in response to
and blending in the later and final results. If you study the
this Shamballa influence will have the ultimate good of the
nations of the world today from this angle, you will see this
group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart; he
Shamballa energy of will working out potently through the
will think in terms of the whole and not in terms of the part.
agency of certain great outstanding personalities. The Lord
That is the thing which he will endeavour to impress upon
of Shamballa in this time of urgency, from love of the life
the racial consciousness. This may lead at times to ruthless-
aspect and from understanding of the Plan as well as from
ness and cruelty if the personality of the individual is not
love of humanity, is sending forth this dynamic energy. It
yet controlled by Soul impulse. Such cases can frequently
is form-destroying and brings death to those material forms
be seen. An instance of this can be noted in the history of
and organized bodies which hinder the free expression of
the Jews as found in the Old Testament. When the first ray
the life of God, for they negate the new culture and render
was in control and passing through one of its rare cycles of
inactive the seeds of the coming civilization.
activity we read that they butchered and slaughtered all
From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws
their enemies--men, women, and children, putting them to
back in fear and likes it not. When full of personality hate
the sword. The sword is ever the symbol of the first ray
and self-will, human beings seek often to turn this energy
force, just as the pen is of the second ray influence.
to their own selfish ends. If human beings (even the best of
I wish to remind you that I use the word energy in refer-
them) were not so undeveloped and so superficial in their
ence to the spiritual expression of any ray and the word
judgments and their vision, they would be able to penetrate
force to denote the use which men make of spiritual energy
behind what is going on in the key countries in the world
as they seek to employ it and usually, as yet, misapply it. I
and see the gradual emergence of new and better condi-
would point out that Ataturk, the Turkish dictator, within
tions, and the passing away of the loved, but slowly decay-
certain personality limitations of relatively negligible
ing forms. The energy of Shamballa is, however, so new
moment, made good use of first ray energy, and only the
and so strange that it is hard for human beings to know it
testimony of future historical records will indicate fully
for what it is--the demonstration of the Will of God in new
how wisely, sanely, and disinterestedly he used this type of
and potent livingness.--DN, 15.
force for the attainment of first ray objectives. It might be

--Hodson, Geoffrey, The Seven Human Tempera-
Universal love; Wisdom; Insight; Intuition; Philan-
ments, (fold-out chart)
thropy; Sense of oneness; Spiritual sympathy; Co-
Special Virtues:
Sage; Healer; Teacher; Reformer; Lover of fellowmen.
Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth,
faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene
Greatest Good/Evil:
Wisdom and Love. Hate.
Vices of Ray:
Quest and Driving Impulse:
Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to
To save. To illumine. To teach. To share. To serve. To
others, contempt of mental limitations in others.
Virtues to be acquired:
Highest Attainment:
Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy.
Outer--Full and unbroken realization of unity. Suc-
cessful imparting of wisdom. Inner--Omniscience.
This is called the ray of wisdom from its characteristic
Continual expansion of the experience of unity.
desire for pure knowledge and for absolute truth--cold and
Teaching Method:
selfish, if without love, and inactive without power. When
Share knowledge. Illumine from within. Bestow happi-
both power and love are present, then you have the ray of
the Buddhas and of all great teachers of humanity--those
who, having attained wisdom for the sake of others, spend
Method of Achievement:
themselves in giving it forth. The student on this ray is ever
Self-illumination. Intuitive insight and perception. To
unsatisfied with his highest attainments; no matter how
win over. Negotiate. Non-resistance. Turn other cheek.
great his knowledge, his mind is still fixed on the unknown,
the beyond, the heights unscaled.
Wrestling hold.
The second ray man will have tact and foresight; he will
make an excellent ambassador, and a first-rate teacher or
head of a college; as a man of affairs, he will have clear in-
Sentimentality; Sensuality; Impracticality; Unwise self-
telligence and wisdom in dealing with matters which come
sacrifice for others, undermining their self-reliance and
before him, and he will have the capacity of impressing
increasing their selfishness. Accentuate life and neglect
true views of things on others and of making them see
form. Above all, self-pity.
things as he does. He will make a good business man, if
Sources of Suffering:
modified by the fourth, fifth, and seventh rays. The soldier
Heartbreak; Loneliness; Isolation; Exclusion; Neglect
on this ray would plan wisely and foresee possibilities; he
and broken faith arid trust; Coldness; Misjudgment;
would have an intuition as to the best course to pursue, and
he would never lead his men into danger through rashness.
He might be deficient in rapidity of action and energy. The
artist on this ray would always seek to teach through his art,
and his pictures would have a meaning. His literary work
would always be instructive.
Golden Yellow; Azure Blue
The second ray method of healing would be to learn
thoroughly the temperament of the patient as well as to be
thoroughly conversant with the nature of the disease, so as
Music, the harmonizing, preserving Art.
to use his power on the case to the best advantage.
The characteristic method of approaching the Path
would be by close, earnest study of the teachings till they

become so much a part of the man's consciousness as no
stood or not adequately loved, and cares too much what
longer to be merely intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual
others think and say of him.--DINA I, 626.
rule of living, thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom.
A bad type of the second ray would be bent on ac-
From the lower angle, you will sacrifice much to be
quiring knowledge for himself alone, absolutely indifferent
loved by people.--DINA I, 336.
to the human needs of others. The foresight of such a man
would degenerate into suspicion, his calmness into
[This] condition (2nd Ray mental body) can lead you to
coldness and hardness of nature.--EP I, 202.
be too kind, too appreciative, too nice, but not in reality.--
DINA I, 378.
Servers on this ray ponder, meditate upon and assimi-
late the new ideas associated with the Plan, and by the
Sensitivity to & Identification with Others
power of their attractive love, they gather together those
Relinquish that close attention to the lives of those
who are at that point in their evolution where they can
around you, which is the easy way of working for all who
respond to the measure and rhythm of that Plan. They can
are 2nd Ray disciples. Their sense of responsibility is so
select and train those who can "carry" the idea deeper into
great and their desire to shelter and guard so strong that
the mass of humanity. We should not forget that the work
they unduly cherish those who are linked to them by karmic
of the Hierarchy at this time, and the task of the New
obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every
Group of World Servers is primarily associated with ideas.
day.--DINA I, 541.
The disciples and servers on the second Ray are "busy
building habitations for those dynamic entities whose func-
[Your] problem has been that of the 2nd Ray disciple.
tion it has ever been to charge the thoughts of men and so
This involves the ability to identify yourself with others,
to usher in that new and better age which will permit the
their ideas and reactions, and thereby limit and hinder your
fostering of the Souls of men." So runs the Old Commen-
own activity from the indecision which arises from too
tary, if I thus modernize its ancient wording. By magnetic,
much understanding and too great a sympathy with the per-
attractive, sympathetic understanding, and the wise use of
sonality problems and the form side of expression.--DINA
slow action, based on love, do the servers on this ray work.
I, 153.
Today their power is becoming dominant..--EP II, 142.
[The] 2nd Ray ability to react to others sensitively.--
Excerpts from Letters in
DINA I, 271.
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I & II 6
[You have] the vices of your 2nd Ray virtues. You suf-
Attachment & Detachment, Inclusion & Exclusion
fer from attachment and from a too-rapid identification
[It] is not easy for the 2nd Ray disciple to learn detach-
with other people. You need to bear in mind that your
ment; the 2nd Ray type errs through attachment to others
relation is with Souls and not with temporary forms and so
and through a fluid inclusiveness which is expressed before
you must live detached from personalities, serving them but
the disciple learns the true nature of inclusiveness.--DINA
ever living in the consciousness of the Soul.--DINA I, 139.
I, 626.
[The] 2nd Ray type embodies the power to suffer. This
[The] 2nd Ray power of attachment and inclusiveness.
is of course in itself the principle of manifestation and
--DINA I, 216.
holds the key to existence. Hence, therefore, the ability of
the person upon this ray to "agonize toward the goal, carry-
[The] quality of attachment [is] so distinctive of the 2nd
ing the burden of the world, learning--through identifi-
Ray nature.--DINA II, 505.
cation with others--a detachment which, as time proceeds,
negates all pain." Note the paradox here involved and learn
The 2nd Ray disciple has to learn detachment while at
its meaning....--Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, 149.
the same time he remains "attached and inclusive"
esoterically, and this must be consciously achieved and the
2nd Ray persons ...are naturally absorbers, and they
attitude preserved.--DINA II, 575.
magnetically attract all that is in their environment which
is directed at them.--EP II, 619.
Need to be Love & Understood
[You are] a versatile 2nd Ray type. You have the ability
The 2nd Ray type errs through fear of not being under-
to do many things well and a decided aptitude to under-
stand people, their motives, and their impulses. You are
prone (because of your 2nd Ray inclusiveness) to overesti-
6 A few of the passages are from other books.

mate people, and subjectively you have a strong inferiority
...the 2nd Ray is the ray of intuitive love.--DINA I,
complex. You need to learn to see people as they really are
and, appreciating, as heretofore, the divine in them, to
stand aside from them in your endeavor to help them and
...2nd ray methods of love, contact, attraction,
work with and for them.--DINA I, 129.
understanding, sympathy, and compassion.--DINA I, 374.
The registering of the mystical vision with its attendant
difficulties is facilitated when the 2nd Ray is controlling
It is the use of the will aspect that 2nd Ray disciples
and powerful, because the 2nd Ray is connected peculiarly
have to acquire .... The will of persistence you have. The
with vision and light.--EP II, 613.
dynamic will which breaks down barriers and carries all
before it is your next unfoldment.--DINA I, 541.
...understanding and harmlessness.--DINA I,168.
There is the inclusive radiatory will of 2nd Ray
Souls.--DINA II, 445.
Very seldom is the 2nd Ray disciple a good executive,
Builders, such as second ray people always are, have to
unless the secondary ray makes him so.--DINA I, 144.
learn to destroy, when prompted by group love and acting
under the Will or first ray aspect.--GWP, 6.
...2nd Ray people are not prone to this [first ray]
dramatic ego-centric attitude (being the center of the stage).
[You have] the persistence and the will (like tempered
--DINA I, 657.
steel) of the 2nd Ray and [I] can dismiss all fears as to your
capacity to weather the storms and difficulty to win
Second ray aspirants are usually fully aware of any
through.--DINA I, 140.
glamour which may be seeking to hold them because they
have an innate faculty of clear perception. Their problem is
to kill out in themselves their rapid response to the mag-
netic pull of the astral plane and its many and widespread
The power of fear is increased potently through the
glamours. They are not so frequently responsive to a glam-
power of the mind and through memory of past pain and
our as to all glamours in a relatively temporary manner, but
grievance and through anticipation of those we foresee, the
one which is nevertheless exceedingly delaying to their
power of fear is enormously aggravated by the thought-
progress. Because of their clear-sightedness, they add to
form we ourselves have built of our own individual fears
this sensitivity to glamour an ability to suffer about it and
and phobias. This thought-form grows in power as we pay
to register their responsiveness as a sin and failure and thus
attention to it, for "energy follows thought," till we become
delay their liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferi-
dominated by it. Second ray people are peculiarly prone to
ority and distress.--GWP, 223.
this. For the majority, it constitutes the Dweller on the
Threshold.--TWM, 239.
Should the type of force he wields be that of the 2nd
Ray, he will then find it to be based on group love, service,
Love & Understanding
and compassion; or upon a selfish longing to be liked, or
2nd Ray energy will make you so magnetic that you will
sentiment, and on attachment.--TWM, 574.
become a focal point of inspiration and loving service to all
Use the building energy of your 2nd Ray personality.--
around you.--DINA I, 541.
DINA I,169.
Your 2nd Ray inclusive loving Soul.--DINA I, 373.
The work of what in the West is called the "Christ
Principle" is to build the forms for the expression of quality
They must, finally, love their fellow man as the second
and life. That is the characteristic work of the second as-
ray person loves--with an all-round appreciation of
pect of divinity.--EP I, 74.
humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind,
which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear
The [2nd Ray mode], which is applied from without the
sighted perception of the assets and the debits of an indiv-
three worlds and from Soul levels, works through radiation,
idual or a race.--GWP, 224.
magnetic appeal, and coherent energy.--DINA II, 582.
See to it that your 2nd Ray personality can rightly deal
Teaching & Wisdom
with that force (1st Ray Soul), blending it with love and
Teaching is an expression of 2nd Ray energy.--DINA
tempering its power with understanding.--DINA I, -169)
I, 216.

...the 2nd Ray is preeminently the teaching-ray, the ray
that is sometimes called that of "light-giving influence," or
A longing for wisdom and truth. Sensitivity to the Whole.
the "ray of the illuminator."--DINA I, 177.
Renunciation of the great heresy of separateness.
True illumination.
Ray 2 governs the Path of Discipleship and transmutes
Right speech through generated wisdom.--EP II, 39.
knowledge into wisdom, feeding likewise the Christ life in
each disciple.--EP I, 351.
Ray Two: Centralization.
Again I stand; a point within a circle and yet myself. The love of
love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power to draw unto
Those healers who are on the 2nd Ray, or who are
oneself must dominate, but into the worlds of form that power must
some day fail to penetrate. This is the first step towards a deeper
equipped with a powerful 2nd Ray vehicle, are usually
great healers. The Christ, being the truest exponent of the
The word goes forth from Soul to form: "Release thyself from all
2nd Ray ever known on earth, was the greatest of all the
that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the
healing sons of God. --EH, 696.
One who builds, sustains, and draws thee on and up. Look unto me
with eyes of love, and seek the path which leads from the outer circle
[The] healing ray is, above all others, the 2nd Ray.--
to the point.
"I, at the point, sustain. I, at the point, attract. I, at the point,
DINA I, 641.
direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing
them to the center and moving forward with the traveling points
[The second ray has] a predominant capacity to heal and
towards that great Center where the One Point stands." What mean
teach.--DINA I, 344.
you by that Word?
In reference to this second ray, it is advisable to recol-
There are two major healing rays among the seven.
lect that all the rays are but the subrays of the second Ray
These are the 2nd and 7th Rays.--DINA I, 641.
of Love-Wisdom. The One in the center, Who is the "point
within the circle" of manifestation, has three major quali-
ties: life or activity in form, love, and the power of abstrac-
Ray 2 Glamours
tion. It is these last two qualities of Deity with which we
are concerned in these formulas, and (in connection with
the second ray) the dualities of attraction and abstraction
Personal wisdom.
emerge, both latent and both capable of perfected activity
Selfish service.
in their own field.
There comes ever the moment in the life of the aspirant
when he begins to consider with wonder the significance of
Selfish unselfishness.
that familiar reaction of finding no satisfaction in the
Selfish responsibility.
familiar things; the old life of desire for well-known forms
The love of being loved.
of existence and expression ceases to attract his interest.
Self-pity, a basic glamor of this ray.
The pull or attractive power of the One at the center (Who
Fear, based on undue sensitivity.
is his true Self) also fails. It is not yet a familiar "call." The
Too complete an understanding, which negates right
aspirant is left unsatisfied and with a deepening sense of
futility and emptiness, "pendent upon the periphery" of the
The Messiah complex in the world of religion and world
divine "ring-pass-not" which he has himself established. It
need.--GWP, 120.
is at this point and in this situation that he must reflect upon
and use this formula.
2nd Ray Qualities
The question might here be interjected: What should
now be the procedure and right use? Upon this it is not
The power to build for selfish ends.
possible here to enlarge, beyond pointing out that all the
Capacity to sense the Whole and remain apart..
meditation processes connected with the Raja-Yoga system
The cultivation of a separative spirit.
are intended to bring the aspirant to a point of such intense
The hidden light.
inner focusing and alert mental detachment that he will be
The realization of selfish desire. Longing for material well-
in a position to use these formulas with understanding,
according to his ray type, and to use them with efficacy and
Selfishness: subordination of all Soul powers to this end.
power. His meditation has produced the needed alignment.
There is therefore a direct way or line (speaking symboli-
Expression of Qualities
cally) between the thinking, meditative, reflective man
Building wisely, in relation to the Plan.
upon the periphery of the Soul's influence and the Soul

itself, the One Who is at the center. The crisis of evocation
and causes:
succeeds, once this line of contact, this antahkarana, has
a. In the early stages and whilst under illusion
been established and recognized, and a crisis of intense
and glamour, that which is contacted is a
activity ensues, wherein the man occultly "detaches himself
vision of the astral, illusory, form upon the
from the furthest point upon the outer rim of life, and
planes of glamour and illusion. This is not,
sweeps with purpose towards the central Point." Thus
therefore, a glimpse of the Master Himself
speaks the Old Commentary, which is so oft quoted in
but of His astral symbol, or of the form built
these pages.
by His devoted disciples and followers.
It is not possible to do more than put these ideas into
b. The Master Himself is contacted. This can
symbolic form, leaving these mysteries of the Soul to be
take place when the disciple has effected the
grasped by those whose Soul's influence reaches to that
needed integrations of the threefold lower
periphery, and is there recognized for what it is. This crisis
nature.--EP II, 755.
usually persists for a long time, a far longer one than is the
case with the aspirant upon the first ray line of activity.
When the Egoic ray is the second or the Love-Wisdom
However, when the second ray aspirant has understood and
Ray, the path of least resistance lies along the line of
has availed himself of the opportunity and can see ahead
expansion, of a gradual inclusion. It is not so much a
the line between himself and the center, then the "light
driving forward, as it is a gradual expanding from an inner
breaks in."
center to include the entourage, the environment, the allied
It is this period of crisis which presents the major prob-
Souls, and the affiliated groups of pupils under some one
lem to the advanced aspirants of today and evokes conse-
Master, until all are included in the consciousness. Carried
quently the concern of the psychiatrist and psychologist.
to the point of achievement, this expansion results in the
Instead of treating the difficulty as a sign of progress and as
final shattering of the causal body at the fourth initiation.--
indicating a relatively high point in the evolutionary scale
LOM, 15.
and therefore a reason for a sense of encouragement, it is
treated as a disease of the mind and of the personality. In-
Love-Wisdom... is essentially the unfolding of the con-
stead of regarding the condition as one warranting explana-
sciousness of the Whole. We call it group consciousness.
tion and understanding but no real concern [i.e., it's not
Its first development is self-consciousness, which is the
serious], the attempt is made to arrest the difficulty by
realization by the Soul that (in the three worlds of human
elimination and not by solution, and though the personality
evolution) man is the Three in One and One in Three. He
may be temporarily relieved, the work of the Soul is for
can therefore react to the associated groups of lives which
that particular life cycle arrested, and delay ensues. With
constitute his own little phenomenal appearance; self-
this problem we will later deal.
consciousness is, therefore, a stage on the way to group
Light reveals, and the stage of revelation now follows.
consciousness and is the consciousness of the Immediate.
This light upon the way produces vision and the vision
Through education, this self-consciousness must be un-
shows itself as [the following]:
folded until the man recognizes that his consciousness is a
1. A vision, first of all, of defects. The light reveals
corporate part of a greater whole. He blends then with the
the man to himself, as he is, or as the Soul sees
group interests, activities, and objectives. They are eventu-
the personality.
ally his and he becomes group conscious. This is love. It
2. A vision of the next step ahead, which, when
leads to wisdom, which is love in manifested activity. Self--
taken, indicates the procedure next to be fol-
interest becomes group interest. Such should be the major
objective of all true educational endeavor. Love of self
3. A vision of those traveling the same way.
(self-consciousness) and love of those around us (group-
4. A glimpse of the "Guardian Angel," who is the
consciousness) become eventually love of the whole (God
dim reflection of the Angel of the Presence, the
consciousness). Such are the steps.--ENA, 19.
Solar Angel, which walks with each human
being from the moment of birth until death, em-
Second Ray Technique of Fusion:
bodying as much of the available light as the
Inclusive Reason
man--at any given moment upon the path of
Inclusive Reason, which is the theme for the initiatory
evolution--can use and express.
meditation of the second ray disciple, produces that
5. A fleeting glimpse (at high and rare moments) of
inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of the
the Angel of the Presence itself.
sensed Whole to be grasped in meticulous entirety. This
6. At certain times and when deemed necessary, a
wide yet detailed scope or universal recognition is
glimpse of the Master of a man's ray group. This
extremely difficult for me to explain or for you to under-
falls usually into two categories of experience
stand. The second ray has been called the Ray of Detailed

Knowledge and where this term has been employed, the
recognizes those that need help and those that need not its
beginner has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the word
attention. It hears with precision, sees the thought of the
detail. It might rather be called the Ray of Detailed Unity
heart, and seeks ever to blend into one whole the workers
or the Ray of the Divine Pattern, or of beauty in relation-
in the field of the world. This it achieves not by blindness,
ship. It involves on the part of the disciple a very high point
but by discrimination and wisdom, separating contrary
of synthetic comprehension.
vibrations and placing them in position diverse. Too much
The results of using this meditation on the synthetic
emphasis has been laid on that called love (interpreted by
detail of the manifested Life be [the following]:
man, according to his present place in evolution), and not
1. The realization of the true significance of Light
enough has been placed on wisdom, which is love expres-
and the revelation of the meaning of what has
sing itself in service, such a service that recognizes the
been called in esoteric books "the heart of the
occult law, the significance of time, and the point achieved.
Sun," which is the inner point of life in all mani-
This is the line of the second ray and its affiliated and
fested forms. Illumination of the mind will be
complementary rays. Later it is the all-inclusive one, and
seen to be direct and infallible and will usurp the
the solvent and absorber. Being synthetic, it can be fol-
place of the present theoretical knowledge and
lowed on either the Raja Yoga line or the Christian Gnostic
line....--LOM, 286.
2. The creative imagination will be occupied with
those measures which will "throw the light" into
The Second Purpose of Deity: Love-Wisdom
the dark and unrelieved places in the (as yet)
incomplete creative process. The man then
The Word is issuing from the heart of God, emerging from a
works consciously in the light, as a Light bearer.
central point of love. That Word is love itself. Divine desire colors all
that life of love. Within the human hierarchy, the affirmation gathers
Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearly to
power and sound.
some of you when I point out to you that the dis-
The Word in the beginning was. The Word hath dwelt and dwells
ciple usually sees himself as a point of intensi-
with God. In Him was light. In Him was life. Within His light we
fied light within the light of the world and then
seeks to use that light (which is in him atomic,
His symbol is the thunder, the Word that cycles down the ages.
etheric, and that acquired as a Soul) for the fur-
therance of the Plan.
Some of the names of this ray Lord which convey his pur-
3. This necessarily produces an intensified service
pose are as follows:
to "those in dark places." The disciple seek to
The Displayer of Glory
bring the light of knowledge to them first of all,
The Lord of Eternal Love
The Cosmic Magnet
and then the light of Life. Ponder deeply on this
The Giver Of Wisdom
distinction.--EP II, 293.
The Radiance in the Form
The Master Builder
Second Ray Method of Approach:
The Conferrer of Names
Love and Wisdom
The Great Geometrician
The One Who hides the Life
This method is the line of least resistance for the sons of
The Cosmic Mystery
The Light Bringer
men. It is the subray of the synthetic ray of an analogous
The Son of God Incarnate
vibration, of which our solar system is the objective mani-
The Cosmic Christ
festation. But I would seek to point out that the love
The legend tells us that tile six Brothers summarize His
achieved by the student of meditation who follows this line
qualities in the following aphorisms:
is not the sentimental conception that is so often discussed.
1. Send forth the Word and speak the radiant love of God.
It is not the non-discriminating love that sees no limitation
Make all men hear.
nor concedes a fault. It is not the love that seeks not to
Quality--love divine.
correct and that expresses itself in an ill-advised attitude to
2. Let the glory of the Lord shine forth. Let there be radiant
all who live. It is not the love that sweeps all into service,
light as well as radiant love.
suitable or unsuitable, and that recognizes no difference in
3. Draw to thyself the object of thy search. Pull forth into the
point of development. Much that is called love--if logi-
light of day from out the night of time the one thou lovest.
cally followed out--would apparently dispense with the
ladder of evolution and rank all as of equal value. So poten-
4. When light and love are shining forth, then let the power
tially all are, but in present terms of service all are not.
within produce the perfect flower. Let the word that heals the
True love or wisdom sees with perfect clarity the de-
form go forth. That secret word that then must be revealed.
Quality--the Power to save.
ficiencies of any form, and bends every effort to aid the
5. Salvation, light, and love, with the magnetic power of God,
indwelling life to liberate itself from trammels. It wisely
produce the word of wisdom. Send forth that word, and lead

the sons of men from off the path of knowledge on to the
can reveal the light, O Builder of the ark. And by that light
path of understanding.
you shall reveal the lighted way. The power to build anew,
the right use of the Word, and the using of the light--these
6. Within the radius of the love of God, within the circle of the
solar system, all forms, all Souls, all lives revolve. Let each
will release the Blessed One, deep hidden in the ark."--EP
son of God enter into this wisdom. Reveal to each the
II, 36.
oneness of the many lives.
Quality--expansion or inclusiveness.--EP I, 65.
Second Ray Method of Incarnation
Key to the Ray Methods: Ray II
Souls on this ray use the method of "gathering in" or
"drawing into." The Soul sets up a vibration (little as we
Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus
may yet grasp the real significance of that word) and that
into the heart of Love-Divine. Then from that point of
vibration affects its environment, and atoms of substance
sentient Life, let the Soul realize the consciousness of God.
on all three planes are attracted to the central point of
Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence:
energy. The method is relatively gentle, when compared to
"Naught is but Me!"--EP I, 417.
the method of the first ray; and the process is somewhat
longer whilst the overshadowing (carried forward prior to
Reaction of Second Ray Types to the Process of
entering into the three worlds for purposes of appearance)
Individualization (identification with form)
is very much longer. This refers to that overshadowing of
the substance to be built into form, and not to the overshad-
These statements, if properly understood, give the key-
owing of the completed form, i.e., the child in the mother's
note of the new psychology. They state the major impulse,
womb. In the first case, it might be said that Souls on the
the native quality, and the technique of unfoldment:
first ray are sudden and rapid in their desire to incarnate
and in the methods employed. Souls on the second ray are
The Blessed One built him an ark. Stage by stage he
slower in coming to that "impulsive" action (in the sense of
built it, and floated upon the bosom of the waters. Deeply
impulse to action and not impulse in time) which leads to
he hid himself, and his light was no more seen--only his
the occult manufacture of an appearance with which to
floating ark.
His voice was heard: "I have built and strongly built,
Souls on this ray, as they come into incarnation through
but am a prisoner within my building. All light is hidden.
desire, attract. They are magnetic more than they are dy-
Only my word goes forth. Around me lie the waters. Can I
namic; they are constructive, and they work along the line
return from whence I came? Is the word strong enough to
which is, for all lives and forms, the line of least resistance
open wide the door? What shall I do?"
within our universe.--EP II, 81.
The answer came: "Build now an ark translucent, which

Active Intelligence or Adaptability
--Hodson, The Seven Human Temperaments, chart.
Creative Ideation; Comprehension; Understanding;
Penetrative and interpretive mental power; Adapt-
ability; Tact; Dignity; Impartiality.
Special Virtues:
Wide views on all abstract questions, sincerity of pur-
Philosopher; Scholar; Ambassador; Diplomat; Organ-
pose, clear intellect, capacity for concentration on phil-
izer; Strategist; Chess Player; Astrologer; Director;
osophic studies, patience, caution, absence of the ten-
Economist; Banker; Judge.
dency to worry himself or others over trifles.
Greatest Good/Evil:
Vices of Ray:
Understanding. / Mental blindness.
Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in
details, absent-mindedness, obstinacy, selfishness, over-
Quest and Driving Impulse:
much criticism of others.
Creative activity. To understand.
Virtues to be acquired:
Highest Attainment:
Sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy, energy, and
Outer--Truth. Genius as a result of the overflow of
contemplation. Inner--Omnipresence. Comprehension
of truth .
This is the ray of the abstract thinker, philosopher, and
metaphysician, of the man who delights in the higher
Teaching Method:
mathematics but who, unless modified by some practical
Explain principle. Impersonality. Adaptation of method
ray, would hardly be troubled to keep his accounts accur-
to individual need.
ately. His imaginative faculty will be highly developed, i.e.,
Method of Achievement:
he can by the power of his imagination grasp the essence of
Prolonged sequential thinking. Right understanding
a truth; his idealism will often be strong; he is a dreamer
brings right activity. Expediency.
and a theorist, and from his wide views and great caution
he sees every side of a question equally clearly. This
sometimes paralyses his action. He will make a good busi-
Strategy. Net. Trap.
nessman; as a soldier he will work out a problem in tactics
at his desk but is seldom great in the field. As an artist his
Indecision; Seeing too many sides; Coldness; Intrigue;
technique is not fine, but his subjects will be full of thought
Aloofness; Cruelty; Failure to support in a crisis;
and interest. He will love music, but unless influenced by
Dilettante; Deliberate deceit; Unscrupulousness; Cun-
the fourth ray he will not produce it. In all walks of life he
ning; Over-activity.
is full of ideas, but is too impractical to carry them out.
One type of this ray is unconventional to a degree, slov-
Sources of Suffering:
enly, unpunctual, idle, and regardless of appearances. If
Indignity; Proven incompetence; Darkness.
influenced by the fifth ray as the secondary ray, this char-
acter is entirely changed. The third and the fifth rays make
Chaldean. Egyptian.
the perfectly balanced historian, who grasps his subject in
a large way and verifies every detail with patient accuracy,.
Again the third and the fifth rays together make the truly
Emerald Green.
great mathematician who soars into heights of abstract
thought and calculation, and who can also bring his results
Literature. Poetry (Mental Music). Oratory.
down to practical scientific use. The literary style of the
third ray man is too often vague and involved, but if influ-
enced by the first, fourth, fifth, or seventh rays, this is
changed, and under the fifth he will be a master of the pen.

The curing of disease by the third ray man would be by
proportionate to the labor expended.--DINA I, 415.
the use of drugs made of herbs or minerals belonging to the
same ray as the patient whom he desires to relieve.
[The 3rd Ray physical body] gives you an active, intelli-
The method of approaching the great Quest for this ray
gent grip upon life and a coordinated physical vehicle.--
type is by deep thinking on philosophic or metaphysical
DINA I, 541.
lines till he is led to the realization of the great Beyond and
of the paramount importance of treading the Path that leads
[Y]our 3rd Ray physical body...demands change and
thither.--EP I, 204.
requires variety; it dislikes quietness and stability.--DINA
I, 541.
The servers on this [third] ray have a special function at
this time in stimulating the intellect of humanity, sharpen-
There is the magnetic will of the 3rd Ray Ego which
ing it and inspiring it. They work, manipulating ideas so as
draws, attracts, manipulates, and arranges in accordance
to make them easier of comprehension by the mass of
with divine purpose. This is not the same kind of mag-
intelligent men and women found in the world at this time
netism as that of love.--DINA II, 445.
whose intuition is not yet awakened. It is to be noted how
the work of the true servers is largely with the new ideas
and not with the business of organization and criticism (for
these two go hand in hand). Ideas are taken by the third ray
It is always difficult for the 3rd Ray person to cultivate
aspirant, as they emerge from the elevated consciousness of
the intuition. The apparently profound wisdom of the man-
Those for whom the first ray works and are rendered attrac-
ipulative and devious science of the intelligence inherent in
tive by the second ray worker (attractive in the esoteric
matter prevents oft the entrance of the true wisdom of the
sense) and adapted to the immediate need and rendered
illumined mind.--GWP, 37.
vocal by the force of the intellectual third ray types. In this
lies a hint for many of the third ray personalities to be
It is not easy for the disciple on [the 3rd] ray to achieve
found working in various fields of service at this time.--EP
the necessary focal point of silence; his intense fluidity
II, 142.
leads to many words or to great mental activity, frequently
carried forward under the impulse of glamour. This lessons
Excerpts from Letters in
the potency of what he seeks to do. But once he has suc-
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I & II 7
ceeded in achieving "mental silence" and is simply a point
of intelligent concentration, then he can use the Word of
Power with great effectiveness.--RI, 517.
... 3rd Ray energy (the energy of the ray of the intellect).--
DINA I, 155.
The crystallized thought-form of intellectual achieve-
ment for selfish ends, and the use of knowledge for person-
... the "Organization spirit" and the "manipulative fac-
ality objectives, stand before the portal of the path in the
ulty" of the 3rd Ray executive.--DINA I, 610.
case of the 3rd ray person, and unless broken up and des-
troyed will dominate him and turn him into a black magi-
[Y]our usual aptitude to select ....--DINA I, 611.
cian.--TWM, 239.
...3rd Ray of Intelligence, which is apt to bring you a
[If] using 3rd Ray force in a personal manner, [a per-
sense of pride of intellect ....3rd Ray faculties of your
son] will be devious in his propositions, subtle and elusive
personality--critical, analytical, separative, prideful and
in his arguments, using manipulation in his relations with
full of self-interest .--DINA I, 233.
his fellow men. Or he will be an interfering busybody,
actively engaged in running the world, in managing other
...3rd Ray physical body. This has given you your
people's lives for them, or in grasping so firmly the reins of
capacity to work upon the physical plane, handle money,
government in his own self-interest that he will sacrifice
and has tied you in closely with the material life of your
everything and everybody in the work of furthering his own
environment.--DINA I, 402.
busy ends.
If he is, however, a true disciple and aspirant, he will
Your 3rd Ray physical body inclines you to great physi-
work with the Plan and will wield 3rd Ray force to bring
cal activity (such as rapid movement and rapid speech); it
about the loving purposes of the spiritual Reality. He will
keeps you working at something all the time and often at
be busy and active, and his word will carry truth and will
something quite unproductive of good results, and not
lead to the helping of others, for those words will be
detached and true.--TWM, 574.
7 A few of the passages are from other books.

The appearance of the lower psychic powers usually
3rd Ray Qualities
indicates that the man who is their victim (for we are here
Force manipulation through selfish desire.
only dealing with the abnormalities of the psychic science)
Intelligent use of force with wrong motive.
is on the 3rd Ray or that the 3rd Ray is dominant in his per-
Intense material and mental activity.
sonality or a controlling factor in his personality equip-
The realization of energy as an end in itself.
ment. Frequently an astral body controlled by the 3rd Ray
Longing for glory, beauty, and for material objects.
will be found.--EP II, 613.
Submergence in illusion, glamour, and maya,
Those who become strongly extroverted by the desire
to impose the conclusions they have reached (through their
Expression of Qualities
one-pointed mental focus) upon their fellow men. This con-
Manipulation of energy in order to reveal beauty and truth.
stitutes quite often the crux of the difficulty for the 3rd and
Use of forces intelligently to further the Plan.
6th Ray people.--EP II, 462.
Ordered rhythmic activity in cooperation with the Whole.
Desire for right revelation of divinity and light.
A lst Ray physical body, with a brain dominated and
Adherence to right action.
controlled by a 3rd Ray mind. This means capacity for
Revelation of glory and good will.--EP II, 40.
intellectual achievement of a very varied kind.--EP II, 443.
Ray Three: Stillness.
...he can express the fluidity of the 3rd Ray mind which
Pulling the threads of Life, I stand, enmeshed within my self-
will make him a scheming manipulator or a fighter for
created glamour. Surrounded am I by the fabric I have woven. I see
immense schemes which he can never really materialize.--
naught else.
EP II, 444.
The love of truth must dominate, not love of my own thoughts,
or love of my ideas or forms; love of the ordered process must con-
Glamours of Ray 3
trol, not love of my own wild activity.
The word goes forth from soul to form: "Be still. Learn to stand
silent, quiet, and unafraid. I, at the center, Am. Look up along the line
The glamour of being busy.
and not along the many lines which, in the space of aeons, you have
The glamour of cooperation with the Plan in an individual
woven. These hold thee prisoner. Be still. Rush not from point to
and not in a group way.
point, nor be deluded by the outer forms and that which disappears.
The glamour of active scheming.
Behind the forms, the Weaver stands and silently He weaves."
The glamour of creative work--without true motive.
It is this enforced quiet which brings about the true
The glamour of good intentions, which are basically
alignment. This is the quiet not of meditation but of living.
The aspirant upon the third ray is apt to waste much energy
The glamour of "the spider at the center."
in perpetuating the glamourous forms with which he per-
The glamour of "God in the machine."
sistently surrounds himself. How can he achieve his goal
The glamour of devious and continuous manipulation.
when he is ceaselessly running hither and thither--weav-
The glamour of self-importance, from the standpoint of
ing, manipulating, planning, and arranging? He manages to
knowing, of efficiency.--GWP, 121.
get nowhere. Ever he is occupied with the distant objective,
with that which may materialize in some dim and distant
Third Ray people are as susceptible to glamour as those
future, and he fails ever to achieve the immediate objective.
of the 6th Ray, and their devious, twisting, planning minds
He is often the expression and example of waste energy.
and the rapidity with which they can deceive themselves
He weaves for the future, forgetting that his tiny bit of
(and seek often to deceive others) greatly hinder their work
weaving is an intrinsic part of a great Whole and that time
of clearing away glamour. Their pronounced tendency to
may enter in and frustrate--by change of circumstance--
be the victims of glamour is evidenced by the inability of
his carefully laid plans and the dreams of earlier years.
3rd Ray aspirants and disciples to convey their meaning
Therefore futility is the result.
clearly by speech. They have guarded themselves for many
To offset this, he must stand quiet at the center and (for
lives by devious formulations of thought and of ideas and
a time at any rate) cease from weaving; he must no longer
can seldom convey their meaning clearly. This is why 3rd
make opportunities for himself but--meeting the opportu-
and 6th Ray people almost inevitably prove themselves
nities which come his way (a very different thing)--apply
unable to teach. ...they would greatly hasten the process of
himself to the need to be met. This is a very different matter
dissipation if they would force themselves to speak or write
and swings into activity a very different psychology. When
their thoughts clearly, if they would never be ambiguous or
he can do this and be willing to achieve divine idleness
deal in half thoughts, innuendo, or suggestion. They should
(from the angle of a glamoured third ray attitude), he will
clearly enunciate the ideas with which they may be dealing.
discover that he has suddenly achieved alignment. This
--GWP, 222.
alignment naturally produces a crisis which is character-

ized by two qualities:
pression, if so I call them, the shattering is brought about
by the widening of the channel due to the driving power of
1. The quality of deep distress. This is a period of
the will in the first [ray] case; by the expansion of the lower
difficulty and of real concern because it dawns
auric egg, the causal body, in the second [ray] case, due to
upon his consciousness how useless, relatively,
the inclusiveness of the synthetic Ray of Love and Wis-
are his weaving and his manipulations, and how
dom; and by the breaking of the periphery of the causal
much of a problem he presents to the other
body in the third [ray] case, due to the accumulative faculty
and systematic absorption of the Adaptability Ray.--LOM,
2. The quality which might be expressed as the
determination to stand in spiritual being and to
comprehend the significance of the ancient
Reaction of the Third Ray Type to the Process of
aphorism given frequently to third ray aspirants:
Individualization (identification with form)
"Cease from thy doing. Walk not on the Path
until thou hast learnt the art of standing still.
These statements, if properly understood, give the key-
Study the spider, brother, entangled not in its
note of the new psychology. They state the major impulse,
own web, as thou art today entangled in thine
the native quality, and the technique of unfoldment:
This crisis evokes understanding, which is, as many will
The Blessed One gathered force. He hid himself behind a veil. He
rolled himself that veil, and deeply hid His face. Naught could be
recognize, an aspect of light. The aspirant slowly begins to
seen but that which veiled, and active motion. Within the veil was
work with the Plan as it is, and not as he thinks it is. As he
latent thought.
works, revelation comes, and he sees clearly what he has to
The thought reached forth: "Behind this veil of maya I stand, a
do. Usually this entails first of all a disentangling and a
Blessed One, but unrevealed. My energy is great, and through my
release from his own ideas. This process takes much time,
mind I can display the glory of divinity. How can I, therefore, dem-
onstrate this truth? What shall I do? I wander in illusion."
being commensurate with the time wasted in building up
The word went forth: "All is illusion, O Dweller in the shadows.
the age-long glamour. The third ray aspirant is always
Come forth into the light of day. Display the hidden glory of the
slower to learn than the second ray, just as the first ray
Blessed One, the glory of the One and Only. The glory and the truth
aspirant learns more rapidly than the second ray. When,
will rapidly destroy that which has veiled the truth. The prisoner can
however, he has learnt to be quiet and still, he can achieve
go free. The rending of the blinding veil, the clear pronouncing of the
his goal with greater rapidity. The second ray aspirant has
truth, and practice right will render to the Blessed One that golden
thread which will provide release from all the maze of earth
to achieve the quiet which is ever present at the heart of a
existence."--EP II, 37.
storm or the center of a whirlpool. The third ray aspirant
has to achieve the quiet which is like to that of a quiet mill
Third Ray Method of Approach:
pond, which he much dislikes to do. Having, however,
Selective Manipulation
learned to do it, integration then takes place. The man
stands ready to play his part--EP II, 360.
Just as the grasping and attracting are terms applicable to
the methods of the two first rays, so a process of "selective
Key to the Methods: Ray III
manipulation" is characteristic of this third ray. This
method is totally different in its technique from that of
Let the Army of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease
[rays one and two]. It might be said that the note which
their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point
generates the activity set up by souls on this ray, is such
vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather
that atoms of the different planes are moved as if con-
into One. Let the Soul realize the One in Many, and let the
sciously responding to a selective process. The vibratory
word go forth in perfect understanding: "I am the Worker
activity of the Soul makes itself felt, and atoms collect from
and the Work, The One that Is!"--EP I, 417.
widely different points in response to a certain quality in
the vibration. It is far more selective than in the case of the
When the Egoic ray is the third or Activity-Adaptability
second ray.
Ray, the method is somewhat different. Not so much the
Just as Souls in the first [ray] case seem to grasp
driving forward [first ray method], not so much the gradual
indiscriminately what they need, and force the substance
expansion [second ray method], as the systematic adapta-
thus grasped into the form or appearance required, enduing
tion of all knowledge and of all means to the end in view.
it with the quality needed in a dynamic and forceful way;
It is in fact the process of the utilization of the many for the
and just as Souls on the second ray set up a motion which
use of the one; it is more the accumulation of needed
gathers material out of the immediately surrounding envir-
material and quality for the helping of the world, and the
onment, and imposes on it, through magnetic attraction,
amassing of information through love and discrimination
the desired quality; so in the case of Souls on the third ray
that eventually causes the shattering of the causal body. In
the required material is chosen here and there, but that
these "Rays of Aspect" [Rays 1, 2, & 3] or of divine ex-

chosen already has the needed quality (note this difference)
govern all creative work are its goals and objectives. --
and nothing whatever is imposed.--EP II, 82.
ENA, 20.
Ray III Method:
The Third Purpose of Deity:
Intellectual Application
Active Intelligence or Adaptability
Here the order is reversed and the student, being fre-
Let the Warden of the South continue with the building. Let him
quently polarized in his mental body, has to learn through
apply the force which will produce the shining, living stone that fits
that mind to understand the other two [bodies], to dominate
into the temple's plan with right exactitude. Let him prepare the
and control, and to utilize to the uttermost the powers
corner stone and wisely place it in the north, under the eye of God
inherent in the threefold man. The method here is perhaps
Himself, and subject to the balance of the triangle.
not so hard in some ways, but the limitations of the fifth
Let the Researcher of the past uncover the thought of God,
hidden deep within the mind of the Kumaras of Love, and thus let
principle have to be transcended before real progress can
him lead the Agnishvattas, waiting within the place of darkness, into
be made. These limitations are largely crystallization and
the place of light.
that which you call pride. Both have to be broken before
Let the Keeper of the sparks breathe with the breath divine upon
the student who progresses through intellectual application
the points of fire, and let him kindle to a blaze that which is hidden,
can serve his race with love and wisdom as the animating
that which is not seen, and so illumine all the spheres whereon God
He has to learn the value of the emotions, and in so
Some of the names of the Lord of the third ray indicate
learning he has to master the effect of fire on water, oc-
His use of force and His real nature. They are as follows:
cultly understood. He has to learn the secret of that plane,
The Keeper of the Records.
which secret (when known) gives him the key to the
The Lord of Memory
downpour of illumination from the Triad via the causal and
The Unifier of the lower Four
thence to the astral. lt holds the key also of the fourth ether-
The Interpreter of That Which is seen
ic level. You will not as yet comprehend this, but the above
The Lord of Balance
hint holds for the student much of value.
The Divine Separator
This is the line of the third ray and of its four subsidiary
The Discriminating, Essential Life
rays. It is one of great activity, frequent transference, and
The One Who produces Alliance
much mental display in the lower worlds.--LOM, 287.
The Three-sided Triangle
The Illuminator of the Lotus
3. Active Intelligence. This concerns the unfolding of the
The Builder of the Foundation
creative nature of the conscious, spiritual man. It takes
The Forerunner of the Light
place through right use of the mind, with its power to
The One Who veils and yet reveals
intuit ideas, respond to impact, translate, analyze, and
The Dispenser of Time
construct forms for revelation. Thus the Soul of man
The Lord of Space
creates. This creative process can be described, as far as
The Universal Mind
its steps are concerned, as follows:
The Threefold Wick
a. The Soul creates its physical body, its phenomenal
The Great Architect of the Universe
appearance, its outer form.
and many others terms which indicate relation to light,
b. The Soul creates, in time and space, in line with its
time, Space, the manifested Logos, matter, and the "power
desires. Thus the secondary world of phenomenal
which evokes the form."
things comes into being and our modern civilization
If all these names are studied in connection with mod-
is the result of this creative activity of the Soul's
ern developments or modern culture and science, it will
desire nature, limited by form. Ponder on this.
become apparent how potent and influential in our day and
c. The Soul creates through the direct agency of the
time is this particular ray Life, and how His energies
lower mind and hence the appearance of the world
(having produced objective worlds) are turned to the mani-
of symbols which fill our united lives with interest,
festation of our modern civilization, with its material em-
concepts, ideas, and beauty, through the written
phasis, its search as to the nature of time and space, and
word, the spoken word, and the creative arts. These
that mental unfoldment which it is the glory and the destiny
are the products of the thought of the thinkers of the
of our particular race to demonstrate.
The qualities which characterize this ray Lord might be
The right direction of this already developed tendency
enumerated in the following phrases. We must bear in mind
is the aim of all true education. The nature of ideas, the
that the seventh or synthetic characteristic of each of the
modes of intuiting them, and the laws which should
rays is denoted by the ray name and is not specifically

stated in the other six qualities. His six Brothers, Sons of
Quality--mental illumination.
the one Father, chanted these injunctions to Him on tile day
4. God and His form are one. Reveal this fact, O sovereign
Lord of form. God and His form are one. Negate the dual
of His renewed activity (on what we call the day of
concept. Lend color to the form. The life is one; the
harmony complete. Prove thus the two are one.
1. Produce the dual form and veil the life. Let form appear,
Quality--the power to produce synthesis on the physical
and prove itself divine. All is of God.
Quality--the power to manifest.
5. Produce the garment of the Lord; set forth the robe of
2. Conform the shell to that which dwells within. Let the
many colors. Then separate that robe from That Which
world egg appear. Let ages pass; then let the Soul ap-
hides behind its many folds. Take off the veiling sheaths.
pear. Let life emerge within a destined time.
Let God be seen. Take Christ from off the cross.
Quality--the power to evolve.
Quality--scientific investigation.
3. Let mind control. Let the clear shining of the sun of life
6. Let the two paths converge. Balance the pairs of
reveal the mind of God, and set the shining one upon his
opposites and let the path appear between the two. God
way. Then lead him to the central point where all is lost
and the Path and man are one.
within the light supernal.
Quality--balance.--GWP, 68.

Vices of Ray:
Stability; Harmony; Balance; Beauty; Rhythm
Self-centredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral
courage, strong passions, indolence, extravagance.
Artist (the artistic expression and choice of medium are
Virtues to be acquired:
influenced by the sub-ray); Mediator; Link; Interpreter.
Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness,
Greatest Good/evil:
accuracy, mental and moral balance.
Beauty / Ugliness.
This has been called the "ray of struggle" for on this ray
the qualities of rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) are so
Quest and Driving Impulse:
strangely equal in proportion that the nature of the fourth
To beautify.
ray man is torn with their combat, and the outcome, when
Highest Attainment:
satisfactory, is spoken of as the "Birth of Horus," of the
Outer - Harmony; Balance; Perfect portrayal. Inner -
Christ, born from the throes of constant pain and suffering.
Perception of beauty.
Tamas induces love of ease and pleasure, a hatred of
causing pain amounting to moral cowardice, indolence,
Teaching Method:
procrastination, a desire to let things be, to rest, and to take
Dramatize. Illustrate; Elevate by beauty and rhythmic
no thought of the morrow. Rajas is fiery, impatient, ever
urging to action. These contrasting forces in the nature
Method of Achievement:
make life one perpetual warfare and unrest for the fourth
Dramatize. By beauty's appeal, physical perfection and
ray man; the friction and the experience gained thereby
may produce very rapid evolution, but the man may as
easily become a ne'er-do-well as a hero.
It is the ray of the dashing, cavalry leader, reckless of
Enchantment; Allurement.
risks to himself or his followers. It is the ray of the man
who will lead a forlorn hope, for in moments of excitement
Alternation; Moods of exaltation and despair;
the fourth ray man is entirely dominated by rajas; of the
Sensuousness; Posing; Self-conceit; Self-indulgence;
wild speculator and gambler, full of enthusiasm and plans,
easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure, but as quickly
recovering from all reverses and misfortunes.
Sources of Suffering:
It is pre-eminently the ray of colour, of the artist whose
Frustration; Failure to express perfectly.
colour is always great, though his drawing will often be de-
fective. (Watts was fourth and second rays.) The fourth ray
Orphic; Egyptian.
man always loves colour, and can generally produce it. If
untrained as an artist, a colour sense is sure to appear in
other ways, in choice of dress or decorations.
Tawny Bronze.
In music, fourth ray compositions are always full of
melody, and the fourth ray man loves a tune. As a writer or
Opera. Synthesis.
poet, his work will often be brilliant and full of picturesque
word-painting, but inaccurate, full of exaggerations, and
often pessimistic. He will generally talk well and have a
sense of humour, but he varies between brilliant
--Hodson, The Seven Human Temperaments, fold-out
conversations and gloomy silences, according to his mood.
He is a delightful and difficult person to live with.
In healing, the best fourth ray method is massage and
Special Virtues:
Strong affections, sympathy, physical courage, gen-
magnetism, used with knowledge.
erosity, devotion, quickness of intellect and perception.
The method of approaching the Path will be by self-

control, thus gaining equilibrium amongst the warring
flict, of beauty through order, of unity through understand-
forces of the nature.--EP II, 205.
ing.--DINA I, 178.
What, my brother, are the characteristics of a 4th Ray
Ray IV. This ray is not in incarnation at the time and
mental body?
therefore few fourth ray Egos are available in world ser-
vice. There are, however, many fourth ray personalities and
An inner mental battle . . . . . Resolution of the pairs of opposites
they can learn much by the study of the work of the New
Many antagonisms . . . . . . . . Non-partisanship; The Middle Way
Group of World Servers. The major task of the fourth ray
Prejudice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tolerant understanding
aspirant is to harmonize the new ideas with the old, so that
Personality unity and synthesis . . . . . . Group unity and synthesis.
there can be no dangerous gap or break. They are those
Discord, interior and exterior . . . . . Harmony within and without
who bring about a "righteous compromise," and adapt the
Environal problems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Environal peace
Imposition of personal will . . . . . . . Expression of the will to love
new and the old so that the true pattern is preserved. They
--DINA I, 257­58.
are engaged with the bridging process, for they are the true
intuitives and have a capacity for the art of synthesis so that
... skill in action, which is the true significance of the
their work most definitely can help in bringing forward a
subsidiary names of this ray, called frequently the Ray of
true presentation of the divine picture.--EP II, 142.
Beauty or Art. It is the ray of creative living and not cre-
ative art. Creative living produces beauty and harmony in
Excerpts from Letters in
the outer life, so that others can see the achievement To
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I & II 8
produce harmony in spite and because of conflict.--DINA
Harmony through conflict is the characteristic and result
I, 201
of 4th Ray activity. It expresses itself in fullness on the 4th
plane where the major duality of the Spiritual Triad and the
This fourth ray is, in the last analysis, the ray which
three-fold personality meet, blend, and resolve into a unity.
teaches the art of living in order to produce a synthesis of
--DINA I, 403.
beauty. There is no beauty without unity, without embodied
idealism and the resultant symmetrical unfoldment. This
...this 4th Ray, with its keynote of the will-to-love,
ray is not the ray of art, as it is often claimed, but is the
expressed while in the midst of conflict.--DINA I, 258.
energy which brings about the beauty of those living forms
Your mental body is on the 4th Ray, hence the intensity
which embody the ideas and the ideals which are seeking
of your mystical interior life. You have a non-separative
immediate expression. Many people claim to be on the
mind.--DINA I, 632.
fourth ray because they dream of the artistic expressive life.
As I have told you before, creative art expresses itself upon
Mental body is on the 4th Ray, hence your love of the
all the rays.--The Destiny of the Nations, 143.
arts and sciences; it is, however, for basically the ray which
brings--and should bring--conflict into your life and rela-
... harmony appeals to you and the bringing together of
tionships.--DINA I, 640.
the opposites into an intelligent unity.--DINA I, 658.

...4th Ray mental body and this Harmony through Con-
flict makes for understanding, intelligently applied, and for between stands the Ray (4th) which is, par excel-
the emergence of beauty. It is the quality which gives you
lence, that which provides the battleground for disciples in
an ordered sense of color, proportion, and harmony in your
training. ...consequent conflict and proffered opportunity,
planned environment. It also evokes in you at times a vio-
plus an expressed ambition for the achievement of psychic
lent reaction to that which seems incorrect, inharmonious,
harmony between the soul of form and the Soul itself. It is
and out-of-tune.--DINA I, 647.
through the conflict between these two that harmony
becomes possible. This is the Ray of testing, the energy
... 4th Ray mental body; hence your power to harmon-
which brings about trial. People struggle with ideas, with
ise and avert conflict, thus acting as a calm center in the
attaining the goal of their current idealism and are driven
whirlpool of activity with which you are surrounded.--
by longing to find peace, joy, and divine assurance . ...
DINA I, 275.
This ray produces the "harmonising" strain and stress on
any of the planes ... .--DINA II, 735)
...4th Ray mental body and hence your pliability, your
sense of relationship, and your rapid grasp of mental truth.
4th Ray people are peculiarly prone to fall into glamour
--DINA I, 133.
and thus to produce a condition which is one of extreme
... 4th Ray mental body, Ray of Harmony through Con-
difficulty. I might define their problem by saying that they
tend to bring their illusions down to the astral plane and
there clothe them with glamour and have consequently a
8 A few of the passages are from other books.

double problem upon their hands; they are faced with a
The sensing of inharmony, and cooperation with the part
unification of glamour and illusion. they are, however, the
and not the whole.
group of Souls which will eventually reveal the true nature
Identification with humanity, the fourth Creative Hier-
of the intuition and this will be the result of their illusory
glamourous fight in the world of appearances.--GWP, 223.
Undue recognition of that which is produced by speech.
Abnormal sensitivity to that which is the Not-Self.
...disciples on the 4th Ray usually can develop by the
Constant points of crisis,
power of the intuition an understanding of the OM. This
Ray of Harmony through Conflict (the conflict of the pairs
Expression of Qualities
of opposites) is necessarily concerned with the bringing in
Unity and harmony.
of that vibratory activity with will lead to unity, to harmony
The evocation of the intuition.
and to right relations, and to the release of the intuition..--
Right judgment and pure reason.
EP I, 132.
The wisdom which works through the Angel of the Pres-
...4th Ray energies of the personality. This means that
the personality goal is the achievement of harmony, unity,
I would here point out a constant misconception of the
and skill in living, through. an intensity of conflict.--EP II,
part of esotericists. This Fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty
and Art is not the ray, per se, of the creative artist. The cre-
ative artist is found equally on all rays, without exception.
Your fourth ray mind should enable you to observe with
This ray is the ray of the intuition and of the harmonising
detachment the conflict between the Soul and personality.
of all that has been achieved through the activity of form
--Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, 686.
life, as later synthesised and absorbed by the solar angel; it
manifests eventually as all that can be evoked and evolved
... we find the 4th Ray producing eventually in man the
through the power of the One Life (the Monad) working
appearance of the intuition.--EP I, 321.
through form expression. It is the point of meeting for all
the energies flowing through the higher spiritual triad and
It must never be forgotten that this 4th Ray of conflict
the lower triplicity.--EP II, 41.
is the Ray whose energies, rightly applied and understood,
bring about harmony and atonement. The result of this har-
Ray Four
monising activity is beauty, but it is a beauty that is
achieved through struggle. This produces a livingness
through death, a harmony through strife, a Union through
1. Aggressiveness and that needed push towards the
diversity and adversity.--EP II, 92.
sensed goal which distinguishes the evolving human
being. This goal, in the early stages, will be of a mater-
There are however, very few of the 4th Ray Egos on
ial nature.
earth at this time...--EP II, 26.
2. The fighting spirit or that spirit of conflict which finally
brings strength and poise, and which produces eventual
Ray IV Glamours
integration with the first ray aspect of deity.
The glamour of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and
3. That coherent force which makes a man a magnetic
centre, whether as the major force in any group unity,
The glamour of war.
such as a parent or a ruler, or a Master in relation to his
The glamour of conflict, with the objective of imposing
righteousness and peace.
4. The power to create. In the lower types, this is connec-
The glamour of vague artistic perception.
ted with the impulse, or the instinct, to reproduce,
The glamour of psychic perception instead of intuition.
leading consequently to the sex relation; or it may lead
The glamour of musical perception.
to construction of thought-forms or creative forms of
The glamour of the pairs of opposites, in the higher sense.
some kind, even if it is only the hut of a savage.
--GWP, 122.
Fourth Ray Qualities
1. The Arjuna spirit. This is the urge towards
Confused combat.
victory, the holding of a position between the
The realisation of that which is high and that which is low.
pairs of opposites, and the eventual sensing of
The darkness which preceeds form expression.
the middle way.
The veiling of the intuition.
2. The urge to synthesis (again a first ray impulse)

blended with a second ray tendency to love and
lower kingdoms of nature, thus acting as a clearing house
to include.
for divine energy. The service humanity is to render is that
3. The attractive quality of the Soul as it expresses
of producing unity, harmony, and beauty in nature, through
itself in the relation between the lower and
blending into one functioning, related unity the soul in all
higher selves. This eventuates in the "marriage
forms. This is achieved individually at first, then it takes
in the Heavens."
place in group formation, and finally it demonstrates
4. The power to create forms, or the artistic
through an entire kingdom in nature. When this takes place,
the fourth Creative Hierarchy will be controlled predomi-
nantly by the fourth ray (by which I mean that the majority
It will be noted in this connection how accurate was the
of its Egos will have fourth ray personalities, thus facilita-
earlier statement that the artist is found upon all the rays,
ting the task of fusion), and the consciousness of its ad-
and that the so-called Ray of Harmony or Beauty is not the
vanced units will function normally upon the fourth plane
only ray upon which the creative worker is found. The
of buddhic energy or intuitional awareness.
mental body of every human being, at some time or
It is this realisation which will provide adequate incen-
another, is found upon the fourth ray and usually when the
tive for alignment. This alignment or sense of oneness is
man is nearing the probationary path. This means that the
not in any way a mystical realisation, or that of the mystic
mental vehicle is governed by an elemental of fourth ray
who puts himself en rapport with divinity. The mystic still
nature or quality; therefore creative, artistic activity is the
has a sense of duality. Nor is it the sense of identification
line of least resistance. We then have a man with an artistic
which can characterise the occultist; with that there is still
tendency or we have a genius along some line of creative
an awareness of individuality, though it is that of an indiv-
work. When, at the same time, the Soul or the personality
idual who can merge at will with the whole. It is an almost
is also upon the fourth ray, then we will find a Leonardo da
undefinable consciousness of group fusion with a greater
Vinci or a Shakespeare.--EP II, 292.
whole, and not so much individual fusion with the whole.
Until this is experienced, it is well nigh impossible to
Ray Four: Steadfastness
comprehend, through the medium of words, its significance
and meaning. It is the reflection, if I might so express it, of
Midway I stand between the forces which oppose each other.
the Nirvanic consciousness; the reflection I would point
Longing am I for harmony and peace, and for the beauty, which
results from unity. I see the two. I see naught else but forces ranged
out, but not that consciousness itself.
opposing, and I, the one, who stands within the circle at the centre.
When this fourth ray alignment is produced and the
Peace I demand. My mind is bent upon it. Oneness with all I seek, yet
disciple becomes aware of it, a crisis is evoked. The phrase
form divides. War upon every side I find, and separation. Alone I
"the disciple becomes aware of it," is significant, for it indi-
stand and am. I know too much.
cates that states of consciousness can exist and the disciple
The love of unity must dominate, and love of peace and harmony.
Yet not that love, based on a longing for relief, for peace to self, for
remain unaware of them. However, until they are brought
unity because it carries with it that which is pleasantness.
down into the area of the brain and are recognised by the
The word goes forth from Soul to form. "Both sides are one.
disciple in waking, physical consciousness, they remain
There is no war, no difference and no isolation. The warring forces
subjective and are not usable. They are of no practical
seem to war from the point at which you stand. Move on a pace. See
benefit to the man upon the physical plane. The crisis thus
truly with the opened eye of inner vision and you will find, not two
precipitated leads to fresh illumination when it is properly
but one; not war but peace; not isolation but a heart which rests upon
the centre. Thus shall the beauty of the Lord shine forth. The hour is
handled. These crises are produced by the bringing together
(oft the clashing together) of the higher forces of the per-
sonality and Soul energy. They cannot therefore be pro-
It is well to remember that this fourth ray is preemi-
duced at a low stage of evolutionary development, in which
nently the ray of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human
low grade energies are active and the personality is neither
kingdom, and therefore has a peculiar relation to the
integrated nor of a high grade and character. (Is such a
functions, relationships and the service of man, as an inter-
phrase as "low grade energies" permissible? When all are
mediate group, a bridging group, upon our planet. The
divine? It conveys the idea, and that is what is desired.) The
function of this intermediate group is to embody a type of
forces which are involved in such a crisis are the forces of
energy, which is that of at-one-ment. This is essentially a
integration at work in a personality of a very high order,
healing force which brings all forms to an ultimate perfec-
and they are themselves necessarily of a relatively high
tion through the power of the indwelling life, with which it
potency. It is the integrated personality force, brought into
becomes perfectly atoned. This is brought about by the
relation with Soul energy, which ever produces the type of
Soul or consciousness aspect, qualified by the ray in
crisis which is here discussed. These constitute,
question. The relation of the human family to the divine
consequently, a very difficult moment or moments in the
scheme, as it exists, is that of bringing into close rapport
life of the disciple.
the three higher kingdoms upon our planet and the three
This fourth ray crisis, evoked by a right understanding

and a right use of the fourth ray formula, produces the
as a whole, embodying the various aspects of the
following sequential results:
Plan as--from cycle to cycle--the race has grasped
1. A sense of isolation. Putting this into more modern
the smaller aspects and revelations and succeeded
language, a complex is produced of the same nature
even tu ally in b rin g in g th em into concrete
as that which temporarily overcame Elijah. He was
manifestation. It is a revelation of the purposes of
overwhelmed with a sense of his clarity of vision in
Deity--past, present and future purposes--as
relation to the problem with which he was faced, of
grasped by those who have developed the divine
his unique response to it, and also with a sense of
aspects and are, consequently, in a position to
aloneness which devastated him.
2. A sense of despairing futility. The forces arrayed
This series of spiritual happenings or unfoldments of
against the disciple seem so great and his equipment
consciousness in the life of the individual and the group
so inadequate and feeble!
produces a definite integration upon the three levels of
3. A determination to stand in the midst and, if not
personality work (mental, emotional, and physical). It also
victorious, at least to refuse to admit defeat, taking
lays the ground for those processes of fusion which will
with determination the position which St. Paul
blend the rays of the personality and of the Soul. If you will
expressed in the words: "Having done all, to stand."
carry this concept of integration (achieved upon the three
4. A sudden recognition of the Warrior within, Who is
levels of the three worlds of human endeavour) into the
invisible and omnipotent but Who can only now
activities and relationships of groups, you will find much
begin His real work when the personality is aligned,
of interest and of informative value anent the work of the
the crisis recognised, and the will-to-victory is
New Group of World Servers. This group is, if I might so
present. We would do well to ponder on this.
express it, an effort at an externalisation of the group per-
When, therefore, this state of mind is achieved, and the
sonality of the disciples, connected with the Hierarchy. If
disciple and inner Master, the soldier and the Warrior are
we ponder on this, the function and relation will be appar-
known to be at-one, then there takes place what has been
ent.--EP II, 363.
called in some of the ancient books "the breaking forth of
Key to the Ray Methods: Ray IV
the light of victory"--a victory which does not inflict
defeat upon those who are at war, but which results in that
Let the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light
triple victory of the two sides and of the One Who is at the
reveal the One. Let dissonance give place to harmony, and from the
centre of the hidden Light let the Soul speak, let the word roll forth:
centre. All three move forward to perfection. This is typical
"Beauty and Glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I Am!"--EP I, 417.
of a fourth ray consummation, and if this thought is applied
with due reflection to the problem of the fourth kingdom in
Fourth Ray Method of Approach:
nature, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, humanity itself, the
Inner Realization of Beauty & Harmony
beauty of the phrasing and the truth of the statement must
inevitably appear.
When the Egoic ray is the attributive Ray of Harmony,
With this blazing forth of light comes the revelation
the fourth ray, the method will be along the line of the inner
expressed for us so adequately in the closing words of the
realisation of beauty and harmony; it causes the shattering
fourth ray formula. Alan sees and grasps the final purpose
of the causal body by the knowledge of Sound and Colour
for the race and the objective ahead of this fourth kingdom
and the shattering effect of Sound. It is the process that
in the great sweep of the divine manifestation. It is valuable
leads to the realisation of the notes and tones of the solar
also to remember that this revelation comes to the race in
system, the note and tone of individuals, and the endeavor
three stages:
to harmonise the Egoic note with that of others. When the
1. Individually, when the disciple "relinquishes the
Egoic note is sounded in harmony with other Egos, the
fight in order to stand, thereby discovering victory
result is the shattering of the causal body, dissociation from
ahead, achieving oneness with the enemy, the
the lower and the attainment of perfection. Its exponents
Warrior and the One."
develop along the line of music, rhythm, and painting.
2. In group formation. This approach to the revelation
They withdraw within in order to comprehend the life side
is today going on in the world, and is producing a
of the form. The outer manifestation of that life side in the
moment of extreme crisis in connection with the
world is through that which we call art. The great painters
work of the New Group of World Servers. Their
and the superlative musicians are in many cases reaching
moment of crisis lies immediately ahead.
their goal that way.--LOM, 17.
3. In the human family as a whole. This revelation will
come to the race at the end of the age and with it we
The attribute of harmony, produced through conflict.
need not for the moment, therefore, concern
This leads to release and to the eventual power to create.
ourselves. It is essentially the revelation of the Plan
This is one of the attributes which education should deal

with from the angle of the intuition and should hold before
revelation and brilliance. This now becomes the object of
its exponents as personality and group objectives. It is the
his search. He has mastered the uses of duality and has
attribute latent in all forms and is that innate urge or
learnt to at-one soul and body into one instrument for spirit.
discontent which leads man to struggle and progress and
Now he passes on his way to achieve the greater synthesis.
evolve in order finally to make atonement and union with
The Lord of the fourth ray has many names which
his Soul. It is the lowest aspect of that higher spiritual and
warrant careful study and much consideration. In less than
monadic triad which reflects itself in the Soul. It is the
a hundred years this Lord of harmonising power will have
consciousness of harmony and beauty which drives the
more influence and will offset some of the Saturn disrup-
human unit along the path of evolution to an eventual
tion of the first decanate of Aquarius. In the meantime a
return to his emanating Source.
study of His names will produce a simplification of His
Education must work, therefore, with this dissatisfac-
efforts and build up a body of constructive thought which
tion and interpret it to those who are taught, so that they
will facilitate His work when He is again in active manifes-
can understand themselves and work intelligently.--ENA,
tation. He is always, however, more or less in power where
the human family is concerned, for there is a numerical
alliance between the fourth ray, the fourth Creative Hier-
Reaction of Fourth Ray Types to the Process of
archy, or the human monads, and the fourth kingdom in
Individualization (identification with form)
nature. His power is always consequently active.
These statements, properly understood, give the keynote
The Perceiver on the Way
of the new psychology and state the major impulse, native
The Link between the Three and Three
quality, and technique of unfoldment:
The Divine Intermediary
The Hand of God
The Blessed One rushed forth to combat. He saw existence as
The Hidden One
two warring forces, and fought them both. Loaded with the panoply
The Seed, that is the Flower
of war, he stood midway, looking two ways. The clash of battle, the
The Mountain whereon Form dies
many weapons he had learned to use, the longing not to fight, the
The Light within the Light
thrill of finding those he fought were but brothers and himself, the
The Corrector of the Form
anguish of defeat, the paean of his victory,--these held him down.
The One Who marks the parting of the Way
The Blessed One paused and questioned: "Whence come the
The Master
victory and whence defeat? Am I not the Blessed One Himself? I will
The Dweller in the Holy Place
invoke the angels to my aid."
The Lower than the Three, the Highest of the Four
The trumpet sound went forth: "Rise up and fight, and reconcile
The Trumpet of the Lord.
the armies of the Lord. There is no battle. Force the conflict to sub-
The aphorisms connected with this fourth ray are not
side; send for the invocation for the peace of all; form out of two, one
army of the Lord; let victory crown the efforts of the Blessed One by
easy of comprehension. They require an exercise of the
harmonising all. Peace lies behind be warring energies."--EP II, 37.
intuition and are conveyed by six short and excessively
brief commands uttered, curiously enough, late in the cre-
The Fourth Purpose of Deity: Harmony, Beauty, Art
ative period and at the time when the fourth Creative
Hierarchy came into incarnation:
Colour, and yet no colour now is seen. Sound and the soundless
One meet in an infinite point of peace. Time and the timeless One
1. Speak low the Word. Speak low.
negate the thoughts of men. But time is not. Form is there found, and
Quality--power to penetrate the depths of matter.
yet the psychic sense reveals that which the form is powerless to hide
2. Champion desire. Give what is needed to the seeker.
--the inner synthesis, the all-embracing prism, that point of unity
Quality--the dual aspects of desire.
which--when it is duly reached--reveals a further point where all the
3. Lower the thread. Unfold the Way. Link man with God.
three are one, and not the two alone.
Form and its Soul are merged. The inner vision watches o'er the
Quality--power to reveal the path.
fusion, knows the divine relation and sees the two as one. But from
4. All flowers are thine. Settle the roots in mud, the flowers in
that point of high attainment, a higher vision blazes forth before the
sun. Prove mud and sun, and roots and flowers are one.
opened inner eye. The three are one, and not alone the two. Pass on,
Quality--power to express divinity. Growth.
O pilgrim on the Way.
5. Roll and return, and roll again. Cycle around the circle of the
Heavens. Prove all is one.
In reading these words, the student must bear in mind
Quality--the harmony of the spheres.
that the antechamber has been left behind and man stands.
6. Colour the sound. Sound forth the colour. Produce the notes
(when he has allowed the fourth ray to do its work and can
and see them pass into the shades, which in their turn
therefore function on the fourth or buddhic plane) within
produce the sounds. Thus all are seen as one.
the temple of the Lord. He has found a measure of light,
Quality--the synthesis of true beauty.--EP II, 70.
but in that light he now sees light, and visions a greater

Special Virtues:
Analytical and logical mentality; Accuracy; Patience.
Strictly accurate statements, justice (without mercy),
perservance, common-sense, uprightness, indepen-
dence, keen intellect.
Mathematician; Scientist; Lawyer; Alchemist.
Vices of Ray:
Greatest Good/Evil:
Harsh criticism narrowness arrogance, unforgiving
Truth; Knowledge; Fact/Untruth; Ignorance; Mis-
temper, lack of sympathy and reference, prejudice.
Quest and Driving Impulse:
Virtues to be acquired:
To discover. Thirst for knowledge.
Reverence, devotion, sympathy, love, wide-mindedness
Highest Attainment:
This is the ray of science and of research. The man on
Outer Knowledge. Inner Exhilaration of mental
this ray will possess a keen intellect, great accuracy in
detail, and will make unwearied efforts to trace the smallest
fact to its source, and to verify every theory. He will
Teaching Method:
generally be extremely truthful, full of lucid explanation of
Elucidate. Charts. Diagrams. Details. Develop
facts, though sometimes pedantic and wearisome from his
insistence on trivial and unnecessary verbal minutiae. He
Method of Achievement:
will be orderly, punctual, business-like, disliking to receive
Think. Seek. Search. Probe. Experiment. Patient
favours or flattery. It is the ray of the great chemist, the
observation, calculation of facts and accurate deduction
practical electrician, the first-rate engineer, the great
therefrom. Painstaking research.
operating surgeon. As a statesman, the fifth ray man would
be narrow in his views, but he would be an excellent head
o f so me sp ecial tech n ical department, though a
Auger. The Scientific Method.
disagreeable person under whom to work. As a soldier, he
would turn most readily to artillery and engineering. The
Self-centeredness; Smallness of vision; Lack of time
artist on this ray is very rare, unless the fourth or seventh be
sense; Pride; Miserliness; Break ideals. Criticism; Pedantic
the influencing secondary ray; even then his colouring will
mind and manner; One track mind; Cunning; Quibbling;
be dull, his sculptures lifeless, and his music (if he com-
Materialism; Coldness; Curiosity; Inquisitiveness;
poses) will be uninteresting, though technically correct in
Meanness; Separativeness; Demanding quid pro quo;
form. His style in writing or speaking will be clearness
Accentuate form and neglect life.
itself, but it will lack fire and point, and he will often be
long-winded, from his desire to say all that can possibly be
Sources of Suffering:
said on his subject.
Scorn; Fully proven wrong; Mental defeat.
In healing, he is the perfect surgeon, and his best cures
will be through surgery and electricity. For the fifth ray, the
method of approaching the Path is by scientific research,
pushed to ultimate conclusions, and by the acceptance of
the inferences which follow these.--Esoteric Psychology,
Lemon yellow.
Vol, I, 207.
Excerpts from Letters in
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I & II
...your 5th Ray mentality...renders you non-magnetic
--Hodson, Geoffrey, The Seven Human Types,
and gives you a vertical and not a horizontal view of life.--
foldout chart
DINA I, 541.

The 5th Ray mental body is the paramount cause of the
science of sciences. Hence also your keen mind, your
non-magnetic behavior; being non-magnetic means that
untiring search for truth, and your power to achieve light on
you cannot radiate that Soul life to others even though you
many matters. The one point you should remember is that
would like to, for your 5th Ray mental body is insulated,
the 5th Ray is a crystallizing factor and could tend to make
isolated, and has a natural tendency to that discrimination
you dogmatic and consequently separative.--DINA I, 437.
which leads to separativeness. The value of a 5th Ray mind
The 5th Ray is responsible for the development (in
is however very great, for it means a keen and useful mind
humanity) of the intellect.--EP I, 321)
and (ponder on this) an open door to inspiration.--DINA
Glamours of Ray 5
The 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge is, in reality, that
on which a man learns to use all acquired knowledge of the
The glamour of materiality, or over-emphasis of form.
"form divine" in such a way that the inner life is served and
The glamour of the intellect.
the outer form becomes the magnetic expression of the
The glamour of knowledge and definition.
divine life. It is the Ray of intelligent love above all else,
The glamour of the form which hides reality.
just as the 2nd Ray is the Ray of intuitive love.--DINA I,
The glamour of assurance, based on a narrow viewpoint.
The glamour of the outer, which hides the inner.
The glamour of Organization.--GWP, 122.
Isolated unity is connected with the mental plane, is
governed by the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge, and is a
Fifth Ray Qualities
reflection of the will-to-know.--DINA I, 718.
The energy of ignorance.
Your 5th Ray personality makes the reception of illumi-
nation easy, for your intellect and your intuition could be
The power to rationalize and destroy.
put en rapport with facility.--DINA I, 556.
Mental separation.
[Y]our 5th Ray personality [lays] the emphasis upon the
Desire for knowledge. This leads to material activity.
critical, analytical mind. This leads you to watch and argue
Detailed analysis.
with and criticize yourself and circumstances. It is yourself
Intense materialism and temporarily the negation of Deity.
whom you criticize mainly, but this can be as wrong and as
Intensification of the power to isolate.
unnecessary as criticizing others.--DINA I, 198.
The implications of wrong emphasis.
Distorted views of truth.
This 5th Ray mind gives you the enquiring, questioning
Mental devotion to form and form activity.
nature which is one of your outstanding characteristics--a
great asset when rightly used, a major problem and a real
deterrent to the inflow of Soul light when over-empha-
Expression of Qualities
sized.--DINA I, 350.
A knowledge of reality. The realization of the Soul and its
[I]t is the task of the 5th Ray (when dominating the per-
Power to recognize and contact the Angel of the Presence.
sonality) to dissect, analyze, and come to conclusions ...Its
Sensitivity to Deity, to light and to wisdom.
faults are] criticism and undue analysis.--DINA I, 449.
Spiritual and mental devotion.
...5th Ray mental body [gives you] an intensely analy-
The power to take initiation (a point of real importance.)--
tical mind--analytical, but not discriminating. Ponder on
EP II, 42.
this distinction.--DINA I, 520.
Ray 5
Because [5th Ray mental body] is the same ray as your
personality, you will have to guard against mental crystalli-
1. The power to develop thought.
zations, and the undue influence of the critical mind. This
2. The spirit of materialistic enterprise, the divine urge, as
ray gives you ability in the field of knowledge, but it must
it evidences itself in the early stages.
be balanced by the unfoldment of the intuition; it gives you
3. The tendency to enquire, to ask questions and to find
the power to master your chosen field of knowledge, but
out. This is the instinct to search and to progress, which
that power must be balanced by the simultaneous mastering
is, in the last analysis, the urge to evolve.
of the world wherein love and wisdom control.--DINA I,
4. The tendency to crystallise, to harden, or to have an
idée fixe. In this connection, it will usually be discov-
...the overly critical mind.--DINA I, 401.
ered that the man who succumbs to an idée fixe has not
only a fifth ray mental body but either a sixth ray per-
[5th Ray mental body] Hence your interest and useful-
sonality or emotional body.
ness in the science of astrology, which is in many ways the

form. Thou art the mind. Know this."
1. The true thinker, or mental type--awake and alert.
This fifth ray formula is of exceeding potency at this
2. The one who knows the Plan, the purpose and the will
time and should be used often, but with care, by those upon
of God.
this line of divine energy. It has most powerful integrating
3. The one whose intelligence is being transmuted into
properties, but the person who employs it must be mindful
to visualize and hold in his mind's eye the even, balanced,
4. The scientist, the educator, the writer.
equilibrized distribution of the divine energy set in motion
5. The attribute of concrete knowledge whereby man is
by the use of this fifth ray formula so that the three aspects
enabled to concretise his concepts and so build thought-
of the spiritual entity concerned--the mind, the One Who
forms whereby he materialises his visions and his
uses it (the Self) and the form nature--may be equally
dreams and brings his ideas into being. This he does
stimulated. This statement means, for instance, that if all
through the activity of the lower concrete mind. The
the emphasis of the Soul energy available is poured into the
true work of education is to train the lower man in right
lower nature, the natural man, it might result in the shatter-
discrimination and true sensitivity to the vision, so that
ing of the form and the consequent uselessness of the man
he can build true to the purpose of his Soul and produce
in service. If all of it, on the other hand, is poured into the
upon the earth that which will be his contribution to the
receiving chalice of the astral nature, it might only serve to
whole. It is right here that the work of modern educa-
intensify the glamour and to produce fanaticism.
tion has to begin. Not yet can man work with intelli-
1. The lower psychic man--physical and astral--must
gence in the world of ideas and of patterns; not yet is
receive a balanced quota of force.
sensitive to the true spiritual values. This is the goal for
2. The mind must receive its share of illuminating energy.
the disciple, even though the masses cannot yet function
3. A third part of the energy must be retained within the
on these levels. The first thing that must be done is to
Soul nature's periphery to balance thus the other two.
train the child in the correct use of the discriminating
faculty and in the power of choice and of directed pur-
This is a replica of the experience of the Monad when com-
pose. He must be brought to a truer understanding of
ing into manifestation, for the Monad retains a measure of
the underlying purpose of being, and be led to work
energy within itself, it sends energy forth which is
with wisdom in the field of creative activity, which
anchored in that center of energy which we call a Soul. Still
means, in the last analysis, in the right use of the "mind
more energy pours forth also, via the Soul, for the pro-
stuff" (the chitta of Patanjali) . Thus and only thus, can
duction of a human being--an expression of the Soul upon
he be released from the control of his lower nature.--
the physical plane, just as the Soul is an expression of the
EP II, 293.
Monad upon the mental plane, and both are expressions
also of that one Monad.
Ray Five: Detachment
The use of this formula, which produces eventually a
definite relation between the Soul and the various aspects
Towards me I draw the garment of my God. I see and know His
of the form, brings about a needed alignment, and again (as
form. I take that garment, piece by piece. I know its shape and colour,
in the other cases considered previously) also produces and
its form and type, its parts component and its purposes and use. I
stand amazed, I see naught else. I penetrate the mysteries of form, but
evokes a crisis. This crisis must be regarded as producing
not the Mystery. I see the garment of my God. I see naught else.
two lesser crises in the consciousness of the personality:
Love of the form is good but only as the form is known for what
1. That in which there comes the achieving of
it is--the veiling vase of life. Love of the form must never hide the
equilibrium and what might be called a "balanced
Life which has its place behind, the One who brought the form into
the light of day, and preserves it for His use--The One Who lives,
point of view." This balanced vision causes much
and loves and serves the form, the One Who Is.
difficulty and leads to what might be called the
The Word goes forth from Soul to form: "Behind that form, I am.
"ending of the joy-life and of desire." This is not a
Know Me. Cherish and know and understand the nature of the veils
pleasant experience to the disciple; it leads to much
of life, but know as well the One Who lives. Know Me. Let not the
aridness in the life-experience and to a sense of loss;
forms of nature, their processes and powers prevent thy searching for
the Mystery which brought the mysteries to thee. Know well the
it often takes much wise handling, and frequently
form, but leave it joyously and search for Me.
time elapses before the disciple emerges on the
"Detach thy thought from form and find Me waiting underneath
other side of the experience.
the veils, the many-sided shapes, the glamours and the thought-forms
2. This balanced condition in which the not-self and
which hide my real Self. Be not deceived. Find Me. Know Me. Then
the Self, the form-aspect and the life-aspect, are
use the forms which then will neither veil nor hide the Self, but will
seen as they essentially are (through the aid and the
permit the nature of that Self to penetrate the veils of life, revealing
all the radiance of God, His power and magnetism; revealing all there
use of the discriminating faculty of the mind),
is of form, of life, of beauty, and usefulness. The mind reveals the
leading eventually to a crisis of choice, and to the
One. The mind can blend and fuse the form and life. Thou art the
major task of the disciple's life. This is the detach-

ing of himself from the grip of form experience--
They gather into their ranks those whose personalities are
consciously, rapidly, definitely, and with intention
on this ray and train them in the art of scientific investi-
preparing himself for the great expansions of initi-
gation. From the sensed spiritual ideas, lying behind the
form side of manifestation; from the many discoveries in
When this dual crisis is over and that which it has
the ways of God with man and nature; from the inventions
evoked has been rightly handled, then the light streams
(which are but materialised ideas); and from the witness to
forth, leading to the revelation of the relationships of form
the Plan which law portrays, they are preparing that new
to Soul. These two are then seen as one in a sense never
world in which men will work and live a more deeply
before realized and are regarded as possessing a relation
conscious, spiritual life. Disciples working along these
quite different from the theoretical relationships posited in
lines in every country today are more active than at any
ordinary occult and religious work. It will be apparent,
other time in human history. They are, knowingly and
therefore, how a new relationship and a new type of inte-
unknowingly, leading men into the world of meaning.
gration then becomes possible and how the mind quality of
Their discoveries will eventually end the present era of
the fifth ray (critical, analytical, separative, and over-
unemployment; and their inventions and improvements,
discriminating) can become what in the middle ages it used
added to the steadily growing idea of group interdepen-
to be called--the "common sense."
dence (which is the major message of the New Group of
When this takes place, form and life are indeed one
World Servers), will eventually ameliorate human condi-
unity and the disciple uses the form at will as the instru-
tions so that an era of peace and leisure can supervene. You
ment of the Soul for the working out of the plans of God.
will note that I do not say "will supervene," for not even the
These plans are at-one with the intention of the Hier-
Christ Himself can predict exactly the time limit within
archy.--EP II, 368.
which changes can eventuate, nor the reaction of humanity
to any given point of revelation.--EP II, 143.
Fifth Ray Method of Approach:
Let me give you some concise definitions of this [fifth]
Mental Application
ray energy, leaving you to make your own individual
When the fifth ray, the Ray of Concrete Science or
application, and from your study of these concepts about
Knowledge is a person's ray, the method is very interesting.
the mind, learn to gauge your own mental condition.
It takes the form of the intense application of the concrete
The energy of what is so peculiarly called "concrete
mind to some problem for the helping of the race. It is the
science" is the quality or the conditioning nature of
bending of every mental quality and the controlling of the
the fifth ray.
lower nature so that one supreme endeavor is made to
It is pre-eminently the substance of the mental plane.
pierce through that which hinders the downflow of the
This plane corresponds to the third subplane of the
higher knowledge. It involves also the will element (as
physical plane, and is therefore gaseous in nature--if
might be expected) and results in the wresting of the
you care to use its correspondence as a symbol of its
desired information from the source of all knowledge.
nature. It is volatile and easily dispersed, is the recep-
As the process is continued, the piercing of the pe-
tive agent of illumination, and can be poisonous in its
riphery of the causal body becomes so frequent that in the
effect, for there are undoubtedly conditions in which
end, disintegration is produced and a man is set free. It is
"the mind is the slayer of the Real."
mentality driving a man on to perfection and forcing him to
This energy is characterised by three qualities:
utilise all knowledge in the loving service of his race.
a. The quality which is the result of relationship with
--LOM, 17.
the Spiritual Triad. We call this "abstract mind"
and the impact which affects it comes from the
Key to the Methods: Ray V
atmic level of the Spiritual Triad, that of spiritual
Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the
Place of power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all
b. The quality which in this solar system is easily
the nether aspects blend. Then let the Soul look out upon
responsive to the major ray of the planet, that of
the inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant go
love-wisdom. So responsive is it that--in conjunc-
forth: "I mastered energy for I am energy itself. The Master
tion with emanations from the three worlds--it has
and the mastered are but One."--EP I, 417.
produced the one existent form upon the mental
plane. This form (in the planetary sense) is that of
Ray V. The servers on this ray are coming rapidly into
the Kingdom of God and, in the individual sense,
prominence. They are those who investigate the form in
is that of the Ego or Soul.
order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power. To this
c. The quality which is basically related to the ema-
end they work with ideas, proving them either true or false.
nations or vibrations arising from the three worlds.

These creatively result in the myriads of thought-
are concerned.
forms which are found upon the lower levels of the
13. This energy is (from the human standpoint) awakened
mental plane.
and brought into activity through the action of the five
It might therefore be said that these qualities or
senses, which are the conveyors of information from
aspects of the fifth ray produce (a) pure thought, (b)
the three worlds to the mental plane. It might be said
the thinker or Son of Mind, and (c) thought-forms.
This energy (as far as mankind is concerned) is the
a. Five streams of informative energy, therefore,
thought-form-making energy. All impressions from
make their impact upon the concrete mind and
the physical, etheric, and astral planes force it into
emanate from the physico-astral plane.
activity on the level of concrete knowledge, with a
b. Three streams of energy, coming from the Soul,
resultant kaleidoscopic presentation of thought-forms.
also make an impression upon the concrete mind.
It is fundamentally the most potent energy at this time
c. One stream of energy--during the initiatory
in the planet, because it was brought to maturity in the
process--contacts the mind. This comes from the
first solar system, that of active intelligence.
Spiritual Triad and utilises the antahkarana.
It is the energy which admits humanity (and
14. The energy of this fifth ray might be regarded as the
particularly the trained disciple or initiate) into the
commonsense, because it receives all these impacts of
mysteries of the Mind of God Himself. It is the
varying energies, synthesises them, produces order out
"substantial" key to the Universal Mind.
of the many ceaseless impacts and interprets them,
It is profoundly susceptible to the energy of Love-
thus creating the multiplicty of forms to which we
Wisdom, and its fusion with the love aspect is given
give the name of "world thought."
the name of "wisdom" by us, because all wisdom is
15. This energy transforms the divine ideas into human
knowledge gained by experience and implemented by
ideals, relating the knowledges and sciences of
humanity to these ideals, thus making them workable
This energy, in its three aspects, is related in a pecu-
factors in human evolution, its cultures and
liar sense to the three Buddhas of Activity. These
civilisations.--RI, 590.
great Lives reached Their present state of devel-
opment in the previous solar system.
Reaction of Fifth Ray Types to the Process of
This energy, insofar as it is considered as the mental
Individualization (identification with form)
energy of a human being--and this is one of its minor
The Blessed One came forth in ignorance. He wandered in a
limitations though a major one for a human being--is
darkness deep of spirit. He saw no reason for this way of life. He
the higher correspondence of the physical brain. It
sought among the many threads that weave the outer garment of the
might be said that the brain exists because the mind
Lord, and found the many ways there be, leading to the centre of the
exists and needs a brain as its focal point upon the
web eternal. The forms that weave that web hide the divine reality.
physical plane.
He lost himself. Fear entered in.
He asked himself: "Another pattern must be woven; another
10. The quality of this energy of concrete knowledge or
garment formed. What shall I do? Shew me another way to weave."
science is twofold:
The Word for him came forth in triple form. His mind responded
a. It is extraordinarily responsive to impressions com-
to the vision clear evoked:--"The truth lies hidden in the unknown
ing from some source or other.
Way. The Angel of the Presence guards that Way. The mind reveals
b. It is rapidly thrown into forms in response to
the Angel and the door. Stand in the Presence. Life up thine eyes.
Enter through that golden door. Thus will the Angel, who is the
shadow of the Blessed One, reveal the open door. That Angel too
11. The impressions received come from three sources
must disappear. The Blessed One remains and passes through that
and are sequentially revealed to man.
door into the light sublime."--EP I, 37.
a. Impressions from the three worlds; these come,
first of all, from the individual and then, later, from
The Fifth Purpose of Deity:
the levels of planetary consciousness.
Concrete Knowledge or Science
b. Impressions from the Soul, the Son of Mind, upon
the level of mentality itself.
The thunders crash around the mountain top; dark clouds conceal
the form. The mists, arising form the watery sphere, serve to distort
c. Impressions from the Spiritual Triad, via the antah-
the wondrous...found within the secret place. The form is there. Its
karana; these come when the antahkarana is con-
note is sounding forth.
structed or in process of construction.
A beam of light illuminates the form; the hidden now appears.
12. This energy is essentially a light-bearer. It responds--
Knowledge of God and how He veils Himself finds consummation
again sequentially in time and space--to the light of
in the thoughts of man. The energies and forces receive their secret
names, reveal their inner purpose, and all is seen as rhythm, a
the Logos. It is for this reason that the mind is
returning on itself. The great scroll can now be read. God's purpose
regarded both as illumined when higher contacts are
and His plans are fixed, and man can read the form.
present and as an illuminator where the lower planes

The plan takes form. The plan is form. Its purpose is the revela-
The Ruler of the Third Heaven The Guardian of the Door
tion of the mind of God. The past reveals the form, but the present
The Dispenser of Knowledge
The Angel with the Flaming Sword
indicates the flowing in of energy.
The Keeper of the Secret
The Beloved of the Logos
That which is on its way comes as a cloud which veils the sun.
The Brother from Sirius
The Master of the Hierophants
But hid behind this cloud of immanence is love, and on the earth is
This fifth ray has so many names, owing to His close
love and in the heaven is love, and this,--the love which maketh all
connection with man (since man was originally created),
things new--must stand revealed. This is the purpose back of all the
acts of this great Lord of Knowledge.
that it has not been easy to choose those which are of the
most use in enabling the student to form an idea of the fifth
Before enumerating the names of this great Life, I
ray characteristics and mission. But the study of the six
should like to point out that the fifth ray is one of unique
aphorisms [below], and the qualities which they indicate,
and peculiar potency in relation to the human kingdom.
will show how potent and important is this ray Lord. These
The reason is that the fifth plane of mind is the sphere of
six aphorisms were chanted by His six Brothers at that
His major activity and it is on this plane that we find the
momentous crisis wherein the human family came into
triple aspects of mind:
existence and the solar Angels sacrificed themselves.
1. Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of a higher
Esoterically speaking, they "went down into hell and found
their place in prison." On that day Souls were born. A new
2. The concrete or lower mind, the highest aspect of the
kingdom of expression came into being, and the three high-
lower self.
est planes and the three lower were brought into a scintilla-
3. The Ego or Solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, Who
ting interchange.
expresses intelligence, both abstractly and concretely,
1. God and His Angles now arise and see. Let the
and is the point of unification.
mountain-tops emerge from out the dense wet mist.
This Life has also much power today in connection with
Let the sun touch their summits and let them stand
the fifth root-race and with the transference of the
in light. Shine forth.
consciousness of humanity into the fifth or spiritual
Quality--emergence into form and out of form.
kingdom. Students would learn much if they contrasted the
2. God and His Angels now arise and hear. Let a deep
building power of the higher mind with the destroying
murmur rise and let the cry of seeking man enter
power of the lower. Just as the personality has no other
into their ears. Let man listen. Let man call. Speak
function in the divine plan than to be a channel for, and the
medium of expression of, the Soul, so the lower mind is
Quality--power to make the Voice of the
intended to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher
Silence heard.
mind energy.
3. God and His Angels now arise and touch. Bring
This fifth ray is a Being of the intensest spiritual light
forth the rod of power. Extend it outward toward the
and in His manifestation on this fifth plane, which is
sons of men; touch them with fire, then bring them
peculiarly His, He symbolizes the three aspects in a way
near. Bring forth.
achieved by no other ray. Through His quality of higher
Quality--initiating activity.
mind, this ray is a pure channel for the divine will. Through
4. God and His Angels now arise and taste. Let all
the septenary grouping of the solar lives on the mental
experience come. Let all the ways appear. Discern
levels whereon they appear, He brought into functioning
and choose; dissect and analyse. All ways are one.
activity seven corresponding reflections of the seven
Quality--revelation of the way.
centers of Deity, as far as our planet is concerned, a thing
5. God and His Angels now arise and sense the odor
which none of His six brother rays have done. This
rising from the burning-ground of man. Let the fire
statement means little to you, but the tremendous sacrifice
do its work. Draw man within the furnace and let
and effort thus involved are paralleled only by the life of
him drop within the rose-red centre the nature that
the Buddha, and this is one of the reasons that, in this fifth
retards. Let the fire burn.
race, love and mind must eventually and mutually reveal
Quality--purification with fire.
each other.
6. God and His Angels now arise and fuse the many in
Some of the names given to the Lord of this ray are as
the One. Let the blending work proceed. Let that
which causes all to be produce the cause of their
The Revealer of Truth
The great Connector
cessation. Let one temple now emerge. Produce the
The Divine Intermediary
The crystallizer of Forms
crowning glory. So let it be.
The Three-fold Thinker
The Cloud upon the Mountain-top
Quality--the manifestation of the great white
The Precipitator of the Cross
The Dividing Sword
light. (The Shekinah - A.A.B.)
The Winnower of the Chaff
The Fifth great Judge
The Rose of God
The Heavenly One
--EP I, 75.
The Initiating Energy
The Door in to the Mind of God

ition, loyalty, reverence.
One-pointedness. Ardor. Fiery enthusiasm. Devotion.
Vices of Ray:
Sacrificial love. Loyalty.
Selfish and jealous love, over-leaning on others, par-
tiality, self-deception, sectarianism, superstition,
prejudice, over-rapid conclusions, fiery anger.
Saint. Mystic. Devotee. Martyr. Evangelist. Server.
Loyal friend. Crusader.
Virtues to be acquired:
Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance, serenity,
Greatest good/Evil:
balance and common sense.
Unity and the Cause. Loyalty. Fidelity/ Separateness.
Individualism. Disloyalty.
This is called the ray of devotion. The man on this ray
is full of religious instincts and impulses, and intense per-
Quest and Driving Impulse:
sonal feeling. Nothing is taken equably; everything, in his
To serve and adore. To worship the Cause.
eyes, is either perfect or intolerable--his friends are angels,
Highest Attainment:
his enemies are very much the reverse. His view, in both
Outer--Self-sacrifice. Inner--Thrill of adoration.
cases, is formed not on the intrinsic merits of either class,
Martyrdom. Service. Friendship.
but on the way the persons appeal to him, or on the sym-
pathy or lack of sympathy which they show to his favorite
Teaching Method:
idols, whether these be concrete or abstract, for he is full of
Evoke hero-worship. Inspire.
devotion; it may be to a person, or it may be to a cause.
Method of Achievement:
He must always have a "personal God," an incarnation
of Deity to adore. The best type of this ray makes the saint;
the worst type, the bigot or fanatic, the typical martyr or
inquisitor. All religious wars or crusades have originated
Berserk, "an irresistible Spiritual Force."
from sixth ray fanaticism. The man on this ray is often of
gentle nature, but he can always flame into fury and fiery
Over-emotion. Impulsiveness. Narrowness. Intolerance.
wrath. He will lay down his life for the objects of his devo-
Fanaticism. Blind devotion to personalities. Ignoring or
tion or reverence, but he will not lift a finger to help those
despising the intellect. Sensuality.
outside of his immediate sympathies. As a soldier, he hates
fighting but often when roused in battle fights like one pos-
Sources of Suffering:
sessed. He is never a great statesman nor a good business
Crashed Heaven. Disloyalty of those loved and trusted.
man, but he may be a great preacher or orator.
To be misunderstood and misjudged. Melancholy.
The sixth ray man will be the poet of the emotions (such
as Tennyson) and the writer of religious books, either in
poetry or prose. He is devoted to beauty and color and all
things lovely, but his productive skill is not great unless
under the influence of one of the practically artistic rays,
the fourth or seventh. His music will always be melodious,
and he will often be the composer of oratories and of sac-
Architecture (Frozen Music).
red music. The method of healing for this ray would be by
faith and prayer. The way of approaching the Path would
be by prayer and meditation, aiming at union with God.--
--Hodson, The Seven Human Types, foldout chart
EP II, 203.
Ray Six
Special Virtues:
Violence. Fanaticism. Willful adherence to an ideal.
Devotion, single-mindedness, love, tenderness, intu-
Short- sighted blindness.

Militarism and a tendency to make trouble with others and
dynamic will to pierce through all glamours and miscon-
with groups.
ceptions and thus achieve truth and freedom. It could also
The power to see no point except one's own.
give you the tendency, if you permitted it, to be yourself
Suspicion of people's motives.
overcome by glamour and illusion.--DINA I, 438.
Rapid reaction to glamour and illusion.
Emotional devotion and bewildered idealism.
[Your] 6th Ray astral you intensity of
Vibratory activity between the pairs of opposites.
aspiration and the dynamic will to push forward which has
Intense capacity to be personal and emphasize personalities
sufficed hitherto to carry you over all obstacles. You have
succeeded in avoiding the usual fanatical adherences to
leading to
people or schools of thought.--DINA I, 447.
Directed, inclusive idealism.
Sixth Ray one-pointedness...has in it the quality of
Steadiness of perception through the expansion of con-
piercing.--DINA I, 407.
Reaction to and sympathy with the point of view of others.
[You express] the steely, brittle, determined, dynamic
Willingness to see the work of other people progress along
will of the devoted [sixth ray] aspirant.--DINA I, 243.
chosen lines.
[The] 6th Ray is primarily the ray of tension--a tension
The choosing of the middle way.
which can work out in the form of the most evil fanaticism
Peace and not war. The good of the whole and not the part.
or the most altruistic devotion..--EP I, 130.
--GWP, 42.
[The] fanatical idealistic will of the 6th crystal-
Excerpts from Letters in
lized, directed, unwavering, [and] emotional [in] empha-
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I & II
sis--EP II, 623.
Sixth ray aspirants have a particularly hard task at the
[The] dramatic glamour of the 6th Ray person, working
close of this Piscean age, due to the sixth ray expression of
in the Piscean Christian age, loves public conviction of
the Christian era.--Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II,
wrong-doing.--DINA I, 611.
[Your] 6th Ray astral body intensifies your problem, for
Adherence to Lines of Thought
it leads you to be devoted to the superficial phenomena
which you regard as realities.--DINA I, 637.
Your 6th Ray personality produces an intense adher-
ence to your ideals and to the truth, as you see it; it
[Your] 6th Ray astral body (the ray of idealistic, fanati-
produces a one-pointedness which has lead to a focusing of
cal devotion) [produces] a real lack of balance, an undue
energy in the head.--DINA I, 236.
attention to details of process, and devotion to those details
from the emotional satisfaction which comes from this
[A] 6th Ray astral body predicates intense adherence to
attention. This brings about a failure to understand the lar-
a line of thought, an idea, a group, a person, and an atti-
ger issues and an inability to move gently on the Way.--
tude, or a preconceived notion. These may be right or
DINA I, 413.
wrong, but the tendency to adherence is powerfully present
and can be a great asset or a major hindrance. In any case,
Your 6th Ray devotion has turned your efforts toward
any idée fixe (beyond that of right spiritual orientation) can
astral recognition more than to unity and atonement in the
--for a disciple--be a deterrent to progress, if fanatically
great work.--DINA I, 597.
motivated.--DINA I, 582.
Your 6th Ray has also given you a sensitive emotional
[Your] 6th Ray astral body [is responsible for] your
nature, which means a solar plexus too actively function-
early interest in thing Piscean and your strong Christian
ing.--DINA I, 407.
tendencies. Hence also your strong emotional life.--DINA
Lack of Understanding of Timing
I, 623.
It is particularly wise for 6th Ray people to master the
[Your] 6th Ray astral body [predisposes you] to
Law of Cycles and rhythmic growth, for their predisposi-
emotional idées fixes, violent astral storms, and great devo-
tion to fanatical and violent activity can be offset by wise
tions which call your emotional reactions into play on
handling of the life rhythm.--DINA I, 280.
matters and subjects which not warrant attention and
constitute an easy tuning in on glamour and illusion.--
Correct timing is one of the hardest lessons to learn,
DINA I, 659.
particularly during the stage wherein the disciple can be
easily swayed by impulsive, emotional enthusiasm; it is a
Will & Tension
peculiarly hard thing for people upon the 6th Ray of Ideal-
This ray force [6th] gives you devotion, idealism, a
ism or Devotion to grasp.--DINA II, 395.

[You have a] 6th Ray astral body. This intensifies your
cal one-pointedness.--DINA I, 667.
Taurean tendencies, for as the Bull rushes straight forward
[You need to] transmute your 6th Ray devotional and
seeing only that which lies directly ahead, so does the 6th
fanatical tendencies into spiritual love and strength; your
Ray fanatic.--DINA I, 486.
one-pointedness must be based on an inclusive orientation.
--DINA I, 258.
[Your] 6th Ray physical body makes it [the physical
Idealism is the major gift of the 6th Ray force.--DINA
body]--and therefore your brain--predominately the
I, 216.
servant of your astral body; but it also makes you intuitive
and astral-buddhic.--DINA I, 320.
[The] 6th Ray governs the Path of Probation and nour-
ishes the fires of idealism in the aspirant.--EP I, 351.
[Put] no 6th Ray people in positions of influence; they
know not how to cooperate and are frequently points of
An emotional nature...governed by 6th Ray
dissension and dislike.--DINA II, 86.
easily idealistic.--EP II, 443.
It is so difficult for a person who has the 6th Ray quali-
Proneness to Glamour
ties predominately present (either as the result of this life's
In spite of aspiration and good intention, 6th Ray aspir-
direction, or as carried over as predisposing influences
ants are seldom aware of the glamours which control them.
from another life) to realize the one-pointed intention of the
It is exceedingly hard to induce them to admit that they are
group. One's own point of view, one's own dharma, one's
held by a glamour, particularly when it is glamour of spirit-
own problems, and one's own unfoldment are followed so
ual connotation and of a very high order. In their case, the
one-pointedly --DINA I, 299.
glamour is enhanced by the energy of devotion and brings
I warned you (as a 6th Ray person) that you were prone
in a quality which makes it most difficult to penetrate.
to the illusion of selection and reward.--DINA I, 611.
Their complete assurance proves a serious obstacle to
clear-sighted work because that has all to go before the
One of the greatest needs of all disciples and aspirants
work of dissipation can be carried forward successfully.--
is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, disci-
GWP, 221.
pleship, and the Plan; the preserving of that open mind
which is ever ready for the unexpected presentation and
A 6th Ray personality is ever sure of his recognition of
able (when the spiritual vision is strong enough) to achieve
truth, and is consequently easily glamoured--DINA II, 674.
a quick reversal of all preconceived ideals. This must be
[The] fanaticism of the 6th Ray [contains] glamour-
done when it is deemed spiritually wise and it involves also
producing characteristics--DINA I, 254.
that waiting attitude which expects the new vision to
appear, the newer truths to emerge into formulated clarity,
The 6th Ray has a close relation to the solar plexus
and the new potencies to become increasingly effective.
center as the clearing house and the place of reorientation
Such attitudes are peculiarly difficult for those disciples
of the life force in the personality..--EP I, 130.
who have the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism dominant
[Some people] become strongly extroverted by the
in their energy equipment, for the ideals of a 6th Ray aspir-
desire to impose the conclusions they have reached
ant crystallize most rapidly and are quickly distorted there-
(through their one-pointed mental focus) upon their fellow
by. The temporary ideal (intended to guide the undevel-
men. This constitutes quite often the crux of the difficulty
oped aspirant) can become a barrier, separating him from
for the 3rd and 6th Ray people.--EP II, 462.
truth and from the realization of a truer vision.--DINA I,
The 6th Ray expression of love is usually idealistic and
An emotional nature...governed by 6th Ray energy can
fanatiacally applied; frequently, true love itself is lacking
be rapidly swung into fanatical orientations....--EP II,
and there is the imposition upon others of what the person
himself thinks is love. It was the 2nd Ray energy of love
which, in the case of Christ, dominated His 6th Ray person-
Ray 6 produces ...fanaticism and unreasoning devotion
ality.--DINA I, 249.
and blind acceptance of conditions.--DN, 78.
In your efforts to help people...your 6th Ray devotion
[F]anatical emotional idealism [is] engendered by the
is apt to frighten them away--DINA I, 244.
potency of the sixth ray dominance for so many centuries.
--DINA II, 685.
[You must] transmute 6th Ray devotion into universal
and non-critical love (of the 2nd Ray Soul). It will give you
[Because of] 6th Ray are becoming increa-
what I might call horizontal inclusiveness, as well as verti-
singly potent astrally, increasingly "devoted" to what you

are doing, increasingly critical and irritable, and increa-
his ideas, and his activities. He, the devotee, is lost in his
singly fanatical.--DINA I, 261.
devotion. He, the idealist, is driven by his idea. He, the
follower, runs blindly after his Master, his chosen ideal,
[The] 6th Ray people are the reactionaries, conserva-
and loses himself in the chaos of his uncontrolled
tives, diehards, and fanatics who hold on to all that is of the
aspirations and the glamour of his own thoughts.
past. [Their] influence is potent to hinder the progress of
The problem, therefore, of the sixth ray aspirant is to di-
humanity into the new age.--DN, 29.
vorce himself from the thralldom of form (though not from
The 6th Ray is either militant and active, or mystical,
form itself) and to stand quietly at the center, just as the
passive, and futile.--DN, 98.
third ray disciple has to learn to do.9 There he learns
breadth of vision and a right sense of proportion. These
Glamours of Ray 6
two qualities he always lacks until he can take his stand [at
his center] and there align himself with all visions, all
The glamour of devotion.
forms of truth, all dreams of reality; and find behind them
The glamour of adherence to forms and persons.
all--God and his fellow men. Then and only then can he be
The glamour of idealism.
trusted to work with the Plan.
The glamour of loyalties, of creeds.
The alignment evoked by this "peaceful standing-still"
The glamour of emotional response.
naturally produces a crisis and it is, as usual, a most diffi-
The glamour of sentimentality.
cult one for the aspirant to handle. It is a crisis which seems
The glamour of interference.
to leave him destitute of incentive, motive, sensation,
The glamour of the lower pairs of opposites.
appreciation by others, and life purpose. The idea of "my
The glamour of World Saviours and Teachers.
truth, my master, my idea, my way" leaves him, and as yet
The glamour of the narrow vision.
he has nothing to take its place. Being sixth ray, and
The glamour of fanaticism.--GWP, 123.
therefore linked with the world of astral psychic life (the
sixth plane), he is peculiarly sensitive to his own reactions
Ray Six
and to the ideas of others where he and his truths are
concerned. He feels a fool and considers that others are
"I see a vision. It satisfies desire; it feeds and stimulates its
growth. I lay my life upon the altar of desire--the seen, the sensed,
thinking him so. The crisis therefore is severe, for it has to
that which appeals to me, the satisfaction of my need-a need for that
produce a complete readjustment of the Self to the self. His
which is material; for that which feeds emotion; that satisfies the
fanaticism, devotion, furious driving of himself and others,
mind; that answers my demand for truth, service, and my vision of
wasted efforts, and lack of understanding of the point of
the goal. It is the vision which I see, the dream I dream, the truth I
view of others--all have gone, but as yet nothing has taken
hold, the active form which meets my need, that which I grasp and
understand. My truth, my peace, my satisfied desire, my dream, my
their place. He is swept by futility and his world rocks
vision of reality, my limited ideal, my finite thought of God--for
under him. Let him stand still [italics added] at the center,
these I struggle, fight and die."
fixing his eyes on the Soul and ceasing activity [italics
Love of the truth must always be. Desire and aspiration, reaching
added] for a brief period of time until the light breaks in.10
out for that which is material or soaring upward towards the vision
By facing futility and himself and by surrendering him-
of reality, must ever find their satisfaction. For this men work,
self to the life at the center and there holding himself
driving themselves and irking others. They love the truth as they
interpret it. They love the vision and the dream, forgetting that the
poised and still, yet alert, the light will break in and reveal
truth is limited by mind--narrow and set, one-pointed, not inclusive;
to the disciple what he needs to know. He learns to express
forgetting that the vision touches but the outer fringe of mystery, and
that inclusive love is his major requirement and to let go
veils and hides reality.
The word goes out from Soul to form: "Run not so straight. The
path that you are on leads to the outer circle of the life of God; the
Curiously enough, there is a close relation between the third and
line goes forward to the outer rim. Stand at the center. Look on every
the sixth rays, just as there is between the first and the second rays,
side. Die not for outer forms. Forget not God, Who dwells behind the
and the second and the fourth. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh
vision. Love more your fellow men."
rays have no such paralleling relations. 1added to 1 equals 2, 2 added
It will be apparent, therefore, that the sixth ray disciple
to 2 equals 4, 3 added to 3 equals 6. Between these pairs of rays there
is a line of special energy flowing which warrants the attention of
has first of all to achieve the arduous task of dissociating
disciples who are becoming conscious of their relationships. This
himself from his vision, his adored truth, his loved ideals,
relation and interplay becomes active only at a relatively high stage
his painted picture of himself as the devoted follower and
of evolution.
disciple, following his Master unto death, if need be;
10 It is interesting here to note that the Master Jesus, as He hung,
forcing himself (from very love of form) and all his fellow
upon the Cross, experienced (on a much higher turn of the spiral than
men to dedicate themselves to that which he sees.
is possible to the disciple) the acme of this crisis, though in His case
--being attuned to God and to all God's children--there swept over
He lacks the wide love of the second ray disciple which
Him the sum of the dilemma of the world disciples and all the agony
is a reflection of' the love of God. He is all the time
of the astral awareness of this dilemma. This voiced itself in the
occupied with himself, with his work, his sacrifice, his task,
agonizing words, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me."

the narrow, one-pointed attitude which he has hitherto
word sound: `I am the seeker and the sought. I rest.'"--EP
regarded as love. He welcomes then all visions, if they
I, 417.
serve to lift and comfort his brothers; he welcomes all
Ray VI. The effect of the activity of this ray, during the
truths, if they are the agents of revelation to other minds; he
past two thousand years, has been to train humanity in the
welcomes all dreams, if they can act as incentives to his
art of recognizing ideals, which are the blueprints of ideas.
fellow men. He shares in them all, yet retains his poised
The main work of the disciples of this ray is to capitalize on
position at the center [italics added]. Thus we can see that
the developed tendency of humanity to recognize ideas,
the essential integration of this unit into his group can now
and--avoiding the rocks of fanaticism and the dangerous
take place.
shoals of superficial desire--train the world thinkers so
The problem of the disciple upon this ray is greatly in-
ardently to desire the good, the true, and the beautiful, that
creased by the fact that the sixth ray has been the dominant
the idea which should materialize in some form on earth
ray for so many centuries and is only now passing out.
can shift from the plane of the mind and clothe itself in
Therefore the idealistic, fanatical thought-forms built up by
some form on earth. These disciples and servers work con-
devotees upon this ray are powerful and persistent. The
sciously with the desire element in man; they work scientif-
world today is fanatically idealistic, and this is one of the
ically with its correct evocation. Their technique is
causes of the present world situation.11 It is hard for the
scientific because it is based upon a right understanding of
man who is the one-pointed devotee to free himself from
the human material with which they have to work.
the prevailing influence, for the energy thus generated
Some people have to be galvanized into activity by an
feeds that which he seeks to leave behind. If he can,
idea; with these the first ray disciple can be effective.
however, grasp the fact that devotion, expressing itself
Others can be reached more easily by an ideal, and will
through a personality, engenders fanaticism; that fanaticism
then subordinate their personal lives and wishes to that
is separative and frequently cruel; and that though often
ideal; with these the sixth ray disciple works with facility.
motivated by good ideals, it usually overlooks the immedi-
He should thus work: teaching men to recognize the truth;
ate reality by rushing off after a self-engendered vision of
holding steadily before them the ideal; restraining them
truth; then he will go far along the way to solving his prob-
from a too energetic and fanatical display of interest, in the
lem. If he can then realize that devotion, expressing itself
need for the long pull. The sixth ray, when it constitutes the
through the Soul, is love and inclusiveness plus under-
personality ray of a man or a group, can be far more
standing, then he will learn eventually to free himself from
destructive than the first ray, [for two reasons]: (1) there is
his own and others' idealism and will identify himself with
not so much wisdom to be found; (2) because it works
that of the Hierarchy, which is the loving working out of
through desire of some kind, it is following the line of least
God's Plan. It is free from hatred, from intense emphasis
resistance for the masses, and can therefore the more easily
upon an aspect or a part, and is not limited by the sense of
produce physical plane effects. Sixth ray people need
time.--EP II, 371.
handling with care, for they are too one-pointed and too full
of personal desire, and the tide of evolution has been with
The Ray of Devotion is pre-eminently the ray of sac-
this type for a very long time. But the sixth ray method of
rifice. When it is the Egoic ray the method of approach
evoking desire for the materializing of an ideal is indispen-
through meditation takes the form of one-pointed appli-
sable, and, fortunately, there are many aspirants and disci-
cation, through love of some individual or ideal. A man
ples on this ray available today.--EP II, 144.
learns to include through love of person or ideal; he bends
every faculty and every effort to the contemplation of what
6. The attribute of devotion is the next to be considered.
is required, and in sacrifice for that person or ideal lays
Devotion grows out of and is the fruit of dissatisfaction,
even his causal body on the flames of the altar. It is the
plus the use of the faculty of choice. According to the
method of divine fanaticism that counts all lost apart from
depths of a man's discontent and his power to see clearly,
the vision, and that eventually sacrifices joyously the entire
he passes from one point of temporary satisfaction to
personality. The causal body is destroyed, through fire, and
another. Each time he demonstrates his devotion to a
the liberated life streams upward to the Spirit in divine
desire, a personality, an ideal, and a vision. Finally unifies
himself with the ideal which is the highest possible to
man--first of all, the Soul; then the Oversoul or God.
Sixth Ray
"Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is
Educators are therefore faced with the opportunity of deal-
over. Let the Soul realize that it has reached the goal, and
ing intelligently with the innate idealism to be found in any
from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace let the
child, and with the interesting task of leading the youth of
the world on from one realized goal to another. But this
they must do in the future from the angle of the ultimate
Published in 1942 and probably written during the several
preceding years.--Ed.
Soul objective and not, as in the past, from the angle of a

particular standard of national education. This is an impor-
crystallizing of thought, a reaction to imprisoning ideolo-
tant point, for it will mark the shift of attention from the
gies, and a fanatical mental adherence to mass ideals, with
non-essential to the essential.--ENA, 22.
no understanding of their relationship to the need of the
time or to their intended creative aspects. Later, as the dis-
Ray Six
ciple prepares for the second initiation, these tendencies are
The Blessed One caught the vision of the Way, and fol-
transformed into spiritual devotion to human welfare and
lowed the Way, without discretion. Fury characterized his
to a one-pointed adherence to the Plan of the Hierarchy; all
efforts. The way led down into the world of dual life. Be-
emotional reaction to the Hierarchy of Masters fades out,
tween the pairs of opposites he took his stand, and as he
and the disciple can now work without being hindered by
swung pendent between them, fleeting glimpses of the goal
constant astral disturbances.
shone forth. He swung in midheaven. He sought to swing
The effect of sixth ray energy upon the integrated per-
into that radiant place of light, where stood the door upon
sonality of the disciple can only be described as producing
the higher Way. But ever he swung between the pairs of
a condition wherein he is definitely astral-buddhic in his
nature; gradually his one-pointed emotional effort towards
He spoke at last within himself: "I cannot seem to find
orientation to the Soul makes him "an aspiring point of
the Way. I try this way and tread with force that way, and
tension, oblivious of crisis and firmly anchored in the love
always with the keenest wish. I try all ways. What shall I do
which streams forth from the Soul."
to find The Way?"
Let me sum up what I have said anent the effect of sixth
A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep within
ray energy:
his heart: "Tread thou, O Pilgrim on the Way of sensuous
1. The energy of the sixth ray produces two major results:
life, the middle lighted way. It passes straight between the
a. An embryonic realization of the will nature which
dual worlds. Find thou that narrow, middle way. It leads
determines the life of the initiate.
you to your goal. Seek that perceptive steadiness which
b. A pronounced conflict between the lower and the
leads to proved endurance. Adherence to the chosen Way,
higher self. This reveals to the initiate the ancient
and ignoring of the pairs of opposites, will bring this
conflict between the emotional nature and true
Blessed One upon the lighted way into the joy of proved
realization. This brings about a basic reorientation
success."--EP II, 33.
of the life of the initiate and of humanity as a whole.
2. In connection with humanity, the effects of the sixth ray
As regards the individual initiate who is to undergo the
are as follows:
initiation of the Baptism, the effect of sixth ray energy
a. The development of a tendency to clarify the world
upon his nature is easily apparent, owing to the extreme
atmosphere, thus releasing the energy of goodwill.
potency of the second aspect of the personality in the three
b. The production of a condition wherein "the race of
worlds, his astral body or nature. In the early stages of the
men" can take either the first or the second
impact of sixth ray energy upon his emotional nature, a
perfect vortex of force is generated. His emotional reac-
c. The sudden and powerful emergence of the world
tions are violent and compelling; his glamours are intensi-
fied and controlling; and his aspiration steadily mounts, but
d. A basic transformation within the astral plane itself
is at the same time limited and hindered by the strength of
which is producing points of crisis and a point of
his devotion to some sensed ideology. Later, under the
influence of an increasing Soul contact (itself the second
3. In relation to the individual initiate, the sixth ray
aspect of his essential divinity), his emotional, kamic, and
aspirational nature becomes quieter and is more controlled
a. An acute situation wherein a vortex of force is
through the agency of the mind; his alignment becomes
astral-mental-Soul. When this state of consciousness has
b. In this vortex all the emotional and ideological re-
been achieved and the "waters" of the astral body are quiet
actions of the aspirant are intensified.
and can reflect the beautiful and the true, and when his
c. Later, when this subsides, the initiate's alignment
emotions have been purified by intense self-effort, then the
becomes astral-mental-Soul.
disciple can step into the baptismal waters; he is then sub-
d. There takes place, in connection with his mental
jected to an intense purificatory experience which, occulty
vehicle, a crystallization of all thought and a
speaking, enables him "for ever to step out of the waters
fanatical adherence to mass idealism.
and be no longer in danger of drowning or of submer-
e. These tendencies are later transformed into spiritual
gence"; he can now "walk on the surface of the sea and
devotion to human welfare.
with safety proceed onward towards his goal."
f. The personality becomes definitely astral-buddhic in
The effect of sixth ray activity upon the mental nature
nature and expression.--RI, 582.
is, as you may imagine, a tendency--first of all--to the

The Sixth Purpose of Deity
1. Why is desire red? Why red as blood? Tell us, O Son of
Ray VI. Devotion or Idealism
God, Why thy way is red with blood?
This ray, which is just going out of manifestation, is of
Quality--power to kill out desire.
vital interest to us, for it has set its mark upon our western
2. Why do you turn your back upon the sphere of earth? Is
civilization in a more definite way than any of the others.
it too small, too poor? Why kick it as a ball upon a
It is for us the most familiar and best-known of the rays.
playing field?
The mantram which defines its purpose is unlike the others
Quality--spurning that which is not desired.
and might be expressed somewhat as follows:
3. Why set the cross from earth to heaven? But earth can
be a heaven. Why mount the cross and die?
The Crusade is on. The warriors march upon their way. They
crush and kill all that impedes their way, and aught that rises on their
onward path is trampled under foot. March towards the light.
4. Why battle thus with all that is around? Seek you not
The work goes forward. The workers veil their eyes from pity as
peace? Why stand between the forces of the night and
from fear. The work is all that counts. The form must disappear so
day? Why thus unmoved and calm, untired and
that the loving spirit may enter into rest. Naught must arrest the
progress of the workers with the plan. They enter upon the work
assigned with paean and with song.
Quality--endurance and fearlessness.
The cross is reared on high; the form is laid thereon, and on that
5. See you not God in all, the life in all, and love in all?
cross must render up its life. Each builds a cross which forms the
Why separate yourself and leave behind the loved and
cross. They mount upon the cross.
the well-known?
Through war, through work, through pain and toil, the purpose
Quality--power to detach oneself.
is achieved. Thus saith the symbol.
6. Can you arrest the waters of the sixth great sphere? Can
Note well: When this purpose is applied by a man to
you stem the flood? Can you recover both the raven and
himself, it works his release. When it is applied by him to
the dove? Can you, the Fish, swim free?
other men, it has produced the corrupt and awful story of
Quality--overcoming the waters of the emotional
man's cruelty to man.
In the above mantram you will find the clue to the sixth
ray purpose as it appears in the human kingdom, and a
This out-going [Sixth] Ray of Devotion to the Ideal, and
close expansive study (note that paradoxical phrase) of the
the incoming [Seventh] ray of Magical Order or Organiza-
underlying ideas will reveal a little of the larger purpose.
tion are largely responsible for the type of man's con-
The Soul is and should be pitiless to its form and its prob-
sciousness today. Man is essentially devoted (to the point
lem. The Soul can, however, comprehend the need for pain
of fanaticism) to whatever may be the goal of his life's
and difficulty in the world, for he can extend a knowledge
attention. This goal may be to achieve discipleship, raise a
of his own technique with himself to the technique of God
family, get money, achieve popularity, or any other objec-
with His world; but he does nothing knowingly that could
tive to which he consecrates his time and energy. But
possibly increase the world's pain or sorrow.
whatever it may be, to it he devotes all that he is or has.
Some of the names for this beneficent yet somewhat
Man also is essentially and inherently a producer of law
violently energized Lord of a ray are as follows:
and order, though this quality is only just beginning to
make its presence felt. This is because mankind is, at last,
The Negator of Desire
The One Who sees the Right
becoming mentally centered. Hence we have in the world
The Visioner of Reality
The Divine Robber
at this time the many and varied attempts to straighten out
The Devotee of Life
The Hater of Forms
The Warrior on the March
The Sword Bearer of the Logos
affairs along business, national, economic, social, and other
The Upholder of the Truth
The Crucifier and the Crucified
lines; to produce some system and order; and to bring about
The Breaker of Stones
The Imperishable Flaming One
the re-arranging of all energies with the objective (unreal-
The One Whom Naught can turn
The Implacable Ruler
ized consciously as yet) of inaugurating the New Age.
The General on the Perfect Way
The One Who leads the Twelve
Owing, however, to defective mental control and to an
Curiously enough, this sixth ray Lord has always been
almost universal ignorance as to the laws of thought, and in
a loved enigma to His six Brethren. This comes out in the
addition, to a profound lack of knowledge as to man's own
questions which They addressed to Him on one occasion
nature, man works blindly. The ideals sensed are not cor-
when They met "under the eye of the Lord" to interchange
rectly interpreted by the mind and not applied generally and
Their plans for united, divine, harmonious action. They
appropriately. Hence the confusion and the chaotic
asked these questions in a spirit of heavenly joy and love,
experimentation going on, and hence also the imposition of
but with the intent to throw some light upon the somewhat
personal authority to enforce an individual's idea of the
obscure quality of Their loved Brother.
ideal.--EP II, 79.

Grace; Precision; Ordered beauty and activity;
Special Virtues:
Chivalry; Skill; Dignity; Noble bearing; Careful atten-
Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care
tion to detail, order, method; Military method;
in details, self-reliance.
Vices of Ray:
Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial
Priest; Ceremonialist; Ritualist; Magician; Pageant-
judgements, self-opinion over-indulged
maker; Knight; Politician; Producer.
Virtues to be acquired:
Greatest Good/Evil:
Realization of unity, wide-mindedness, tolerance,
Order. / Disorder.
humility, gentleness and love.
Quest and Driving Impulse:
This is the ceremonial ray, the ray which makes a man
To harness. To synthesize. To make manifest.
delight in "all things done decently and in order," and
according to rule and precedent. It is the ray of the high
Highest Attainment:
priest and the court chamberlain, of the soldier who is a
Outer--Ordered splendor. Inner--Exhilaration of
born genius in organization, of the ideal commissary gen-
perfect focus from Atmic to Physical Plane.
eral who will dress and feed the troops in the best possible
Teaching Method:
way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick, careful in
Dramatize. Sacred Language.
the smallest detail, though sometimes too much inclined to
disregard the patients' idiosyncrasies and to try and grind
Method of Achievement:
them in the iron mill of routine.
Ordered Synthesis.
It is the ray of form, of the perfect sculptor, who sees
and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful
forms and patterns of any sort; but such a man would not be
successful as a painter unless his influencing ray were the
fourth. The combination of four with seven would make the
Formalism; Love of power and office; Playing politics;
very highest type of artist, form and color being both in
Using people as tools; Bureaucracy; Extravagance;
excelsis. The literary work of the seventh ray man would be
Meticulous and mechanical ceremony; Regimentation.
remarkable for its ultra-polished style, and such a writer
Sources of Suffering:
would think far more of the manner than of the matter in
Humiliation; Loss of outer power; Frustration; Adverse
his work, but would always be fluent both in writing and
criticism by one of lesser degree. Discourtesy;
speech. The seventh ray man will often be sectarian. He
will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances, in great
processions and shows, in reviews of troops and warships,
in genealogical trees, and in rules of precedence.
Masonry. Ritualistic aspects of all religions.
The bad type of seventh ray man is superstitious, and
such a man will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in
all occult practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The
good type of the ray is absolutely determined to do the right
thing, and say the right word at the right moment; hence
great social success.
In healing, the seventh ray man would rely on extreme
exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On
--Hodson, Geoffrey, The Seven Human Types,
him the practices of yoga would have no physical bad
foldout chart
He will approach the Path through observance of rules

of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control
DINA I, 640.
the elemental forces.--EP I, 210.
...7th Ray physical body and this makes for integration
Excerpts from Letter in
and efficiency.--DINA I, 583.
Discipleship in the New Age, Vols. I & II
...the 7th Ray . the one that relates the new and in-
Your Soul ray is 7th, which would enable you to work with
coming spiritual energies and the substance or matter
facility in the new world which is emerging. It will aid you
aspect which will respond to it, utilize it, and eventually
also in producing order and rhythm in your environment
give it due form.--DINA I1, 457.
....--DINA I, 646.
...your personality ray is the 7th Ray--the ray of
...7th Ray Soul and 1st Ray personality. A mystic of wide
consummation, the ray of expressing adequately on the
consciousness with a powerful personality ray and with a
physical plane the form through which the Soul--whose
Soul vibration in line with the New Age, seeking to impose
nature is love--can express itself.--DINA II, 574.
upon the personality the rhythm of ""ceremonial order and
organization."--DINA I, 290.
...7th Ray ability to link the world of form with the
world of spiritual reality.--DINA II, 586.
...your 7th Ray power of organized creativeness...--DINA
I, 284.
The 7th Ray person is faced with the difficulty of being
able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-forms and the
7th Ray personality. This gives you, if you can but
glamours, therefore, which control him are precise and
understand it and choose to use it rightly, the power to take
definite and, to him, all compelling. They rapidly crystal-
the light which is in you and in the pupil, and apply it to the
lize, however, and die their own death.--GWP, 222.
enlightening of physical plane living; for the 7th Ray is the
ray controlling spirit-matter relationships.--DINA I, 178.
The use of the creative imagination presents a real diffi-
culty for the 1st and 7th Ray aspirant. Neither type can with
This 7th Ray personality enables you to work actively
facility organize the material energy, orient energy
in many ways upon the physical plane, bringing together
currents, and see his objective clearly in the mind's eye
the subjective reality -and the outer form.--DINA I, 344.
pictorially.--RI, 502.
There are two major healing rays among the seven.
...the work of magical reformation starts, and it is here
These are the 2nd and 7th Rays.--DINA I, 641.
that the influence of the 7th Ray (which governs the first
initiation) enters in; one of the functions of this ray is to
...your capacity to organize (which is of the 7th Ray).--
bring together Soul and body, the higher and the lower, life
DINA I, 498.
and form, spirit and matter.--RI, 672.
...7th Ray physical body gives you a sense of the rela-
[T]he seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order ...plays [a]
tionship between spirit and matter, between soul and body,
potent and mysterious part in the phase of discipleship
and enables you, if you so will, to be a constructive agent
called initiation ....--RI, 384.
in magical work.--DINA I, 133.
...7th Ray physical body, and hence your interest in
The seventh ray is, par excellence, the medium of re-
spiritualism, and also the facility with which you could
lationship. It brings together the two fundamental aspects
hold a steady contact among Soul-mind-brain.--DINA I,
of spirit and matter. It relates Soul and form and, where
humanity is concerned, it relates Soul and personality. In
the first initiation, it makes the initiate aware of that rela-
...7th Ray physical body. Hence your Masonic
tion; it enables him to take advantage of this "approaching,
opportunity and your ability to organize and rule.--DINA
duality" and-by the perfecting of the contact-to produce
I, 168.
upon the physical plane the emergence into manifestation
of the "new man." At the first initiation, through the
...7th Ray physical body and this will account for your
stimulation brought about by seventh ray energy, the per-
interest in music, ritual, psycho-analysis. The goal of all
sonality of the initiate and the hovering, over-shadowing
these three methods of expression is to bring together and
Soul are consciously brought together; the initiate then
relate harmoniously the Soul and the form, which the major
knows that he is--for the first time--a Soul-infused per-
task of the 7th Ray upon the seventh or physical plane.--
sonality. His task is now to grow into the likeness of what

lie essentially is. This development is demonstrated at the
which is within and see the Plan take form.' "
third initiation, that of the Transfiguration. --RI, 571.
It is not possible to be more explicit than this. This great
and powerful ray is now coming into manifestation and it
Seventh Ray Qualities
brings new energies to man of so potent a nature that the
Black magic, or the use of magical powers for selfish ends.
disciples of today must move and work with care. They are
"The power to sit upon the fence" till the selfish values
literally handling fire. It is the children who are now com-
ing into incarnation who will eventually work more safely
Disorder and chaos through misunderstanding of the Plan.
and more correctly with these new potencies. There is
The wrong use of speech to bring about chosen objectives.
much, however, to be done in the meantime, and the disci-
ples upon this seventh ray can ponder on this formula and
Sex Magic. The selfish perversion of Soul powers
seek their own interpretation of it, endeavoring first of all
to stand in the East, within the protection of the pentagram.
As he realizes the task to be carried out and the nature of
White Magic, the use of Soul powers for spiritual ends.
the work to be done by the seventh ray worker, and
The identification of oneself with reality.
appreciates the fact that it is the magical work of producing
Right order through right magic.
those forms on earth which embody the spirit of God (and
Power to cooperate with the Whole.
in our particular time, this necessitates the building of new
Understanding of the plan.
forms), each seventh ray disciple will see himself as a rela-
The magical work of interpretation.
ting agent, as the one who stands in the midst of the build-
Manifestation of divinity.
ing processes, attending to his portion of the task. This, if
--EP II, 43.
really grasped and deeply considered will have the effect of
producing alignment. The moment that this alignment is
Glamours of Ray VII
achieved, then let the disciple remember that it will mean
The glamour of magical work.
a tremendous inflow of power, of energy from both the
The glamour of the relation of the opposites.
aligned points, from both directions, converging upon him,
The glamour of the subterranean powers.
as he stands in the midway place. Ponder deeply upon this
The glamour of that which brings together.
truth, tor it is this fact which always evokes a seventh ray
The glamour of the physical body.
crisis. It will be obvious what this crisis is. If the man
The glamour of the mysterious and the secret.
concerned is materially-rninded, selfishly ambitious and
The glamour of sex magic.
unloving, the inpouring energy will stimulate the person-
The glamour of the emerging manifested forces.
ality nature and he will immediately be warring furiously
--GWP, 123.
with all that we mean by the instinctual, psychic, intellec-
tual nature. When all these three are stimulated, the disciple
Ray Seven.
is often for a time swung off the center into a maelstrom of
<I seek to bring the two together. The plan is in my
magical work of the lower kind--sex magic and many
hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far
forms of black magic. He is glamoured by the beauty of his
distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form,
motive, and deceived by the acquired potency of his per-
activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion
thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my
power the word that I can speak?
If, however, lie is warned of the danger and aware of
`I , at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic.
the possibility, he will stand steady at the center within the
I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of
mystical pentagram, and there suffer until the light in the
Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do?
East rises upon his darkness, discovering him still at the
Danger there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy
midway point. Then comes the revelation of the Plan, for
of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms
this has ever to be the motivating power of the seventh ray
emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfill the
plan and disappear. I can create. The rituals of the Temple of
disciple. He works on earth, upon the outer plane of mani-
the Lord are known to me. How shall I work?
festation, with the construction of those forms through
<Love not the work. Let love of God's eternal Plan
which the divine will can express itself. In the field of reli-
control your life, your mind, your hand, your eye. Work
gion, he works in collaboration with the second and sixth
towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its
ray disciples. In the field of government he labors, building
lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your
share in that great work.'
those forms which will enable the first ray activity to be
The word goes forth from Soul to form: <Stand in the
expressed. In the field of business, he cooperates with third
center of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the
ray energies and the executives of the Plan. In the field of
East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined
science, he aids and assists the fifth ray workers. He is the
center work. Leave not the pentagram. Stand steady- in the
expression of the builder, and the creator, bringing into
midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that

outer manifestation God's Plan. He begins, however, with
and the reaction of a group to an idea, producing group
himself, and seeks to bring into expression the plan of his
idealism and focalizing it into definite form, carrying
Soul in his own setting and worldly situation. Until he can
forward the emergence of the idea without the dominance
do this, he is unable to stand in the East within the penta-
of any one individual. This is the major task today of the
seventh ray disciple, and to this end he must bend every
It is occultly said that "the pentagram is open and a
energy. He must speak those Words of Power which are a
place of danger when the disciple knows not order within
group word, and embody the group aspiration in an organ-
his own life, and when the ritual of the Soul is not imposed
ized movement, which, it will be noted is quite distinct
and its rhythm not obeyed. The pentagram is closed when
from an Organization. A striking instance of the use of
order is restored and the ritual of the Master is imposed."
such a Word of Power being enunciated by a group has
The writing goes on to say that "if the disciple enters
lately been given in the Great Invocation which has been
through the open pentagram, he dies. If he passes over into
used with marked effect. It should continue to be used, for
the closed pentagram, he lives. If he transmutes the penta-
it is the inaugurating mantram of the incoming seventh ray.
gram into a ring of fire, he serves the Plan."--EP II, 375.
This is the first time such a mantram has been brought to
the attention of humanity.--EP II, 145.
When the Egoic ray is the seventh or Ray of Ceremonial
Law or Magic, the method is that of the glorification and
It might be wise here to elucidate somewhat the idea un-
comprehension of form in approach. As said earlier, the
derlying ceremonial and ritual. There is so much revolt at
goal of all the meditation practices is approach to the divine
this time against ceremonial, and so many good and well-
within each one, and, through that, approach to the Deity
meaning people regard themselves as having outgrown and
transcended ritual. They pride themselves on having
The method, therefore, is the bringing under law, order
attained that so-called "liberation," forgetting that it is only
and rule, of every act of the life in all the three bodies, and
the sense of individuality that permits this attitude, and that
the building within the causal body of an. expanding form
no group work is ever possible without some form of ritual.
that results in the shattering of that body. It is the building
The refusal therefore to participate in uniformity of action
of the Shrine under certain rules into a dwelling place for
is no sign of a liberated Soul.
the Shekinah, and when the spiritual light flames forth, the
The Great White Brotherhood has its rituals, but they
Temple of Solomon rocks, reels and disintegrates. It is the
are rituals which have for their objective the inauguration
study of the law and the consequent comprehension by the
and the assistance of various aspects of the Plan, and of the
man of how that law is wielded and why; it is then the
varying cyclic activities of that Plan. Where these rituals
definite application of that law to the body of causes so as
exist, but where the meaning (inherently present) remains
to render it needless and thus effect its shattering. Emanci-
hidden and unrealized, there must as a consequence be
pation is the result, and the man frees himself from the
demonstrated a spirit of deadness, of uselessness, and of
three worlds. Many occultists are coming in on this ray at
weariness of interest over forms and ceremonies. But
this time to continue the liberating process. It is the method
where it is demonstrated that ritual and organized cere-
that leads a man to liberation through the understanding
monies are but the evidence of a custody of forces and
and the intelligent application of the law to his own life,
energies, then the idea is constructive in its working out,
and to the ameliorating of conditions in the body of human-
cooperation with the Plan becomes possible, and the aim of
ity, thus making the man a server of his race.--LOM, 18.
all the divine service begins to demonstrate. All service is
governed by ritual.--EP I, 363.
Ray VII.
This ray provides at this time an active and necessary
One of the first lessons that humanity will learn under
grouping of disciples who are eager to aid the Plan. Their
the potent influence of the seventh ray is that the Soul
work lies naturally on the physical plane. They can organ-
controls its instrument, the personality, through ritual, or
ize the evoked ideal which will embody as much of the idea
through the imposition of a regular rhythm, for rhythm is
of God as the period and humanity can evidence and pro-
what really designates a ritual. When aspirants to disciple-
duce in form upon the earth. Their work is potent and
ship impose a rhythm on their lives they call it a discipline,
necessary and calls for much skill in action. This is the ray
and they feel happy about it. What groups do who are
that is coming into power. None of these ray participants in
gathered together for the performance of any ritual or
the hierarchical crusade today can really work without each
ceremony whatsoever (Church ritual, the Masonic work,
other, and no group can carry on alone. The difference be-
the drill of the army or navy, business organizations, the
tween the methods of the old age and that of the new can be
proper functioning of a home, of a hospital, or of an enter-
seen expressed in the idea of leadership by one and leader-
tainment, etc.) is of an analogous nature, for it imposes on
ship by a group. It is the difference between the imposition
the participants a simultaneous performance, an identical
of an individual's response to an idea upon his fellow men
undertaking, or a ritual. No one on this earth can evade

ritual or ceremonial, for the rising and the setting of the sun
The doors were closed. The light shone dim. The temple walls
imposes a ritual, the cyclic passing of the years, the potent
could not be seen. The seven were silent and their forms were veiled.
The time had not arrived for the breaking forth of light. The Word
movements of the great centers of population, the coming
could not be uttered. Only between the seven Forms the work went
and the going of trains, of ocean liners and of mails, and
on. A silent call went forth from each to each. Yet still the temple
the regular broadcasting of the radio organizations,-all of
door stand shut.
these impose a rhythm upon humanity, whether this is
As time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was
recognized or not. Of these rhythms the present great ex-
opened, and the door was shut. Each time it opened, the power
periments in national standardization and regimentation are
Within the temple grew; each time the light waxed stronger, for one
by one the sons of men entered the temple, passed from north to
also an expression, as they demonstrate through the masses
south, from west to east and in the center of the heart found light,
in any nation.
found understanding and the power to work. They entered through
There is no evading the process of ceremonial living. It
the door; they passed before the Seven; they raised the temple's veil
unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and consti-
and entered into life.
tutes the great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life
The temple grew in beauty. Its lines, its walls, its decorations,
and its height and depth and breadth slowly emerged and entered into
itself. The Deity works with ritual and is subjected to the
ceremonials of the universe. The seven rays come into act-
Out from the east, the Word went forth: Open the door to all the
ivity and pass out again under the rhythmic and ritualistic
sons of men ,who come from all the darkened valleys of the land and
impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord
seek the temple of the Lord. Give them the light. Unveil the inner
built by the ceremonial of the Builders. Every kingdom in
shrine, and through the work of all the craftsmen of the Lord extend
nature is subjected to ritualistic experience-and to the cere-
the temple's walls and thus irradiate the world. Sound forth the Word
creative and raise the dead to life.
monials of cyclic expression. These only the initiate can
Thus shall the temple of the light be carried from heaven to earth.
comprehend. Every ant hill and every beehive is equally
Thus shall its walls be reared upon the great plains of the world of
impelled by instinctive rituals and by rhythmic impulses.
men. Thus shall the light reveal and nurture all the dreams of men.
The new science of psychology could well be described as
Then shall the Master in the east awaken those who are asleep.
the science of the rituals and rhythms of the body, of the
Then shall the warden in the west test and try all the true seekers after
light. Then shall the warden in the south instruct and aid the blind.
emotional nature and of the mental processes, or of those
Then shall the gate into the north remain wide open, for there the
ceremonials (inherent, innate, or imposed by the self, by
unseen Master stands with welcoming hand and understanding heart,
circumstances and by environment) which affect the
to lead the pilgrims to the east where the true light shines forth.
mechanism through which the Soul functions.--EP I, 365.
Why this opening of the temple:' demand the greater Seven.
"Because the work is ready; the craftsmen are prepared. God has
Finally the attribute of order, and the imposition of an
created in the light. His sons can now create. What can else be
established rhythm through the development of innate
"Naught!" came the answer from the greater Seven. "Let the
faculty to function under directed purpose and ritual. This
work proceed. Let the sons of God create."
particular attribute of divinity is now highly developed in
one aspect, so that we have today much standardization of
These words will be noted by many as of deep signifi-
humanity, and the autocratic imposition of a ritualistic
cance and as indicating a wide intention (during the coming
rhythm upon public life in a large number of countries. it
cycle) to open the door wide into the temple of the hidden
can be seen to perfection in the life in our public schools-
mystery to man. One by one we shall undergo the esoteric
but it is an undesirable perfection. This is partly due to the
and spiritual counterpart of the psychological factor which
recognition that the unit or individual is only a part of a
is called "a mental test." That test will demonstrate a man's
greater whole (a recognition which is much needed) and a
usefulness in mental work and power, it will show his
part of the evolutionary unfoldment of the race. Owing,
capacity to build thought-forms and to vitalize them. This
however, to our faulty application of any new truth it
I dealt with in TWM, and the relation of that treatise to the
means as yet the submergence of that unit in the group,
magical work of the seventh ray and its cycle of activity
leaving him little opportunity for the free play of the indiv-
will become increasingly apparent. TWM is an attempt to
idual will, intelligence, purpose and Soul technique. Edu-
lay down the rules for training and for work which will
cators will have to work with this principle of innate
make it possible for the candidate to the mysteries to enter
attribute and this instinct to ordered rhythm, making, it
the temple and to take his place as a creative worker and
more creatively constructive and so providing, through it,
thus aid in the magical work of the Lord of the Temple.
a field for the unfoldment of Soul powers.--EP I, 365.
The names whereby this ray Lord is known are many,
and their meaning is of prime significance today. The work
The Seventh Purpose of Deity
of the future can be seen from a study of these names.
The Unveiled Magician
"Let the Temple of the Lord be built," the seventh great Angel
The Worker in the Magical Art
cried. Then to their places in the north, the south, the west and east,
The Creator of the Form
seven great sons of God moved with measured pace and took their
The Bestower of Light from the Second Lord
seats. The work of building thus began.

The Manipulator of the Wand
Quality--power to think.
The Watcher in the East
4. See all parts enter into the purpose. Build towards beauty,
The Custodian of the Seventh Plan
brother Lord. Make all colors bright and clear. See to the inner
The Invoker of Wrath
glory. Build the shrine well. Use care.
The Keeper of the Magical Word
Quality-- revelation of the beauty of God.
The Temple Guardian
5. Watch well thy thought. Enter at will into the mind of God. Pluck
The Representative of God
thence the power, the plan, the part to play. Reveal the mind of
The One Who lifts to Life
The Lord of Death
Quality--mental power.
The One Who feeds the Sacred Fire
6. Stay in the east. The five have given thee a friendly Word. I, the
The Whirling Sphere
sixth, tell thee to use it on the dead. Revive the dead. Build forms
The Sword of the Initiator
anew. Guard well that Word. Make all men seek it for
The Divine Alchemical Worker
The Builder of the Square
Quality--power to vivify.
The Orienting Force
--EP I, 83.
The Fiery Unifier
The Key to the Mystery
Ray Seven
The Expression of the Will
The Revealer of Beauty
"The Blessed One sought the pathway into form, but
held with firmness to the hand of the Magician. He sought
This ray Lord has a peculiar power on earth and on the
to reconcile the Pilgrim, who was himself, to life in form.
physical plane of divine manifestation. His usefulness to
He sought to bring the world of disorder in which he found
His six Brothers is therefore apparent. He makes Their
himself into some kind of order. He wandered far into the
work appear. He is the most active of all the rays in this
deepest depths and became immersed in chaos and dis-
world period, and is never out of manifestation for more
order. He could not understand, yet still held to the hand of
than fifteen hundred years. It is almost as if He whirled in
the Magician. He sought to bring about that order that his
and out of active work under a very rapid cycle, and His
Soul craved. He talked with all he met, but his bewilder-
closest relation, symbolically, is to His Brethren of the
ment increased.
second and fifth rays in this world period.
"To the Magician thus he spoke: `The ways of the Cre-
He builds (using second ray cooperation) through the
ator must be good. Behind all that which seems to be, must
power of thought (thus cooperating with the Lord of the
be a Plan. Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work,
fifth ray and on the physical plane, which is His own essen-
immersed in deepest matter? Tell me the thing that I must
tial and peculiar sphere). In another world period His rela-
do?' The Magician said: `Listen, O Worker in the furthest
tion with the other ray Lords may undergo change, but at
world, to the rhythm of the times. Note the pulsation in the
this time His work will be more easily understood when He
heart of that which is divine. Retire into the silence and
is recognized as aiding the building Lord of the second ray
attune yourself unto the whole. Then venture forth. Estab-
and utilizing the energies of the Lord of concrete thought.
lish the right rhythm; bring order to the forms of life which
The aphorisms embodying His qualities run as follows,
must express the Plan of Deity.'
and were esoterically whispered into His ears when He
For this Blessed One release is found in work. He must
"left the most high place and descended into the seventh
display his knowledge of the Plan by the sounding of those
sphere to carry out the work assigned."
words which will evoke the Builders of the forms and thus
1. Take, thy tools with thee, brother of the building light. Carve
create the new."--EP II, 38.
deep. Construct and shape the living stone.
Quality--power to create.
Let the builders cease their work. The Temple is com-
2. Choose well thy workers. Love them all. Pick six to do thy will.
pleted. Let the Soul enter into its heritage and from the
Remain the seventh in the east. Yet call the world to enter into
Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence
that which thou shalt build. Blend all together in the will of God.
Quality--power to cooperate.
subsequent let him chant forth the word: <The creative work
3. Sit in the center and the east as well. Move not from there. Send
is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me.'--
out thy force to do thy will and gather back thy forces. Use well
EP I, 417.
the power of thought. Sit still.

In starting our study of the ray of the Ego or Soul,
Here you have, if you note carefully, a summation of
certain major premises might be briefly stated and incor-
the rays which govern and differentiate the life of the per-
porated into a series of propositions, fourteen in number.
sonality forms, and therefore bring in other factors which
They are as follows:
psychologists will have to consider as time goes on. You
will see therefore that:
1. The Egos of all human beings are to be found upon one
The human Soul or Ego is found on one or other of
or another of the seven rays.
the seven rays, in one or other of the seven ray
2. All Egos found upon the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh
The mind nature and mental body are governed by
rays must eventually, after the third initiation, blend with
the Rays of Purpose (I), of Harmony or Synthesis
the three major rays, or monadic rays.
(IV), and of Knowledge (V).
The emotional nature and form are governed by the
3. The monadic ray of every Ego is one of the three rays of
Rays of Love-Wisdom (II) and of idealistic Devo-
aspect: the sons of men are either monads of power (I),
tion (VI).
monads of love (II), or monads of intelligence (III).
The vital life and physical body are governed by the
Rays of Intelligence in matter (III) and of Organiz-
4. For our specific purposes, we shall confine our attention
ing Power (VII).--EP I, 350­51.
to the seven groups of Souls found upon one or other of the
seven rays or streams of divine energy.
[The list from the left column now resumes.--Ed.]
5. For the major part of our racial and life experience we
5. (cont.) Later, on the physical plane, the Soul ray begins
are governed sequentially, and later simultaneously by:
to work in and with the sum total of the three bodies, which
The physical body, which is dominated by the ray
constitute--when aligned and functioning in unison--the
governing the sum total of the atoms of that body.
personality. The effect of that general integration is actively
The emotional desire nature, which is to be found
to produce an incarnation and incarnations wherein the
influenced and controlled by the ray which colors
personality ray emerges clearly, and the three bodies or
the totality of astral atoms.
selves constitute the three aspects or rays of the lower
The mind body or mental nature, and the caliber and
personal self.
quality of the ray determining its atomic value.--EP
I, 401­03.
6. When the personality ray becomes pronounced and
dominant, and the three body rays are subordinated to it,
[This list is interrupted here to insert the
then the great fight takes place between the Egoic ray or
following supplementary information.--Ed.]
Soul and the personality ray. The differentiation becomes
clearly marked, and the sense of duality becomes more
It would here be useful to bear in mind the following:
definitely established. The experiences detailed in the Bha-
The mental body is governed by Rays 1, 4, & 5.
gavad Gita become the experiences [403] of the path of
The astral body is governed by Rays 2 & 6.
discipleship; Arjuna stands "at the midway point" on the
The physical body is governed by Rays 3 & 7.--EP
field of Kurukshetra, between the two opposing forces,
II, 288.
and, owing to the smoke of the battle, finds himself unable
to see clearly.
Rays I, IV and V predominate in the life of humanity
and govern with increasing power man's mental life and
7. Eventually, the Soul ray or influence becomes the dom-
determine his mental body. Rays II and VI govern potently
inating factor, and the rays of the lower bodies become the
his emotional life and determine the type of his astral body.
subrays of this controlling ray. This last sentence is of basic
Rays III and VII govern the vital physical life and the phys-
importance, for it indicates the true relation of the per-
ical body.
sonality to the Ego or Soul. The disciple who understands

this relation and conforms to it is ready to tread the path of
The Eogic ray has direct and specific action upon the
astral body. Hence the battlefield of the life is ever on the
plane of illusion; as the Soul seeks to dispel the ancient
8. The work of each individual aspirant is therefore to
glamor, the aspirant is enabled to walk in the light.
arrive at an understanding of:
The Monadic ray influences the mental body, after
His Egoic ray.
integration of the personality has been brought about. It
His personality ray.
causes the mind nature to achieve that clear vision which
The ray governing his mind.
finds its consummation at the fourth initiation, and releases
That governing his astral body.
the man from the limitations of form.
The ray influencing his physical body.
When he has achieved this fivefold knowledge, he has
13. The Eogic or Soul ray begins to make its presence
fulfilled the Delphic injunction "Know thyself," and can
actively felt, via the astral body, as soon as alignment has
consequently take Initiation.
been achieved. The process is as follows:
It plays on the astral body externally.
9. Every human is also governed by certain group rays:
It stimulates it internally to greater size, color and
Those of the fourth kingdom in nature. This will
have different effects, according to the ray of the
It brings it and all parts of the physical life into
personality or Soul. The fourth kingdom has the
activity and under control.
fourth ray as its Egoic ray, the fifth ray as its person-
ality ray.
All the above propositions could be summed up in [these
The racial rays, at this time, are the third and fifth,
for our Aryan race, and this powerfully affects every
The personality ray induces a separative attitude and
human being.
causes a detachment from the group of Souls of
The cyclic ray.
[407] which the personality is an externalization,
The national ray.
and a consequent attachment to the form side of
All of these control the personality life of each man. The
Egoic ray of the individual, plus the Eogic ray of the fourth
The Eogic ray induces group consciousness and
kingdom, gradually negate the rays governing the
detachment from external forms, causing attachment
personality as the man nears the path of probation and
to the life side of manifestation and to the subjective
The monadic ray has an effect which can be under-
10. Man therefore is an aggregate of forces which dominate
stood only after man has taken the third initiation.--
him serially and together; these color his nature, produce
EP I, 401­07.
his quality, and determine his "appearance," using this
word in its occult sense of exteriorization. For ages he is
As the three rays which govern the lower triplicity
wielded by one or other of these forces, and is simply what
blend and synthesize and produce the vital personality, and
they make him. As he arrives at a clearer understanding,
as they in their turn dominate the ray of the dense physical
and can begin to discriminate, he definitely chooses which
body, the lower man enters into a prolonged condition of
of them shall dominate, until he eventually becomes
conflict. Gradually and increasingly, the Soul ray, "the ray
controlled by the Soul ray, with all the other rays subordi-
of persistent and magnetic grasp," as it is occultly called,
nated to that ray and used by him at will.
begins to become more active; in the brain of the man who
is a developed personality, an increased awareness of
11. In studying the Eogic ray of man we have to grasp:
vibration is set up. There are many degrees and stages in
The process followed--externalization.
this experience, and they cover many lives. The personality
The secret to be found--manifestation.
ray and the Eogic ray at first seem to clash, and then later
The purpose to be known--realization.
a steady warfare is set up with the disciple as the onlooker
We have also to understand the dominant ray influences of
and dramatic participator. Arjuna emerges into the arena of
the kingdom of Souls, the fifth kingdom. These are:
the battlefield. Midway between the two forces he stands,
Ray five--working through the personality. [406]
a conscious tiny point of sentient awareness and of light.
Ray two-- working through the intuition.
Around him and in him and through him the energies of the
two rays pour and conflict. Gradually, as the battle contin-
12. The Personality ray finds its major field of activity and
ues to rage, he becomes a more active factor, and drops the
expression in the physical body. It determines its life trend
attitude of the detached and uninterested onlooker. When
and purpose, its appearance and occupation. It is selective
he is definitely aware of the issues involved, and definitely
of quality, when influenced by the Eogic ray.
throws the weight of his influence, desires, and mind on to

the side of the Soul, he can take the first initiation. When
ray aspects. The quality of the form aspect, as embodied in
the ray of the Soul focuses itself fully through him, and all
the personality and expressed by the phrase, "the ray of the
his centers are controlled by that focused Soul ray, then he
personality," becomes subject to the quality of the Eogic
becomes the transfigured Initiate, and takes the third initi-
ray. Those two great influences play upon and affect each
ation. The ray of the personality is occultly "extinguished"
other, interacting all the time, producing modifications and
or absorbed by the ray of the Soul, and all the potencies and
changes until, slowly and gradually, the ray of the per-
attributes of the lower rays become subsidiary to and col-
sonality becomes less dominant, and the ray of the Soul
ored by the Soul ray. The disciple becomes a "man of
steadily assumes prominence. Eventually it will be the Soul
God,"--a person whose powers are controlled by the
ray that will be expressed, and not the form ray. This
dominant vibration of the Soul ray and whose inner, sensi-
personality or form ray then becomes simply the medium
tive mechanism is vibrating to the measure of that Soul ray
of expression through which the quality of the Soul can
which, in its turn, is being itself [18] reoriented to, and
make its presence felt in full power. Something of this idea
controlled by, the monadic ray. The process then repeats
is conveyed in the ancient occult phrase "the lesser fire
must be put out by the greater light." A symbol of this can
The many rays which constitute the lower separative
be seen in the power of the sun apparently to put out a little
man are fused and blended into the three personality
fire when it can pour its heat right into it.--EP II, 21.
These are, in their turn, fused and blended into a
At the stage of Individualization, the rays governing the
synthetic expression of the dominant self-assertive
physical and emotional bodies are dominant. The Soul ray
man, the personal self.
is scarcely felt and only flickers with a dim light at the heart
The personality rays then become one ray and in
of each lotus.
their turn become subservient to the dual ray of the
At the stage of Intellection, the ray of the mental body
Soul. Again, therefore, three rays are blended and
[308] comes into activity. This second process is itself
divided into two stages:
The Soul rays dominate the personality and the three
That in which the lower concrete mind is
become again the one, as the dual ray of the Soul
and the blended ray of the personality vibrate to the
That in which the man becomes an integrated,
measure of the highest of the Soul rays--the ray of
coordinated person.
the Soul's group, which is ever regarded as the true
At each of these latter two stages, the rays of the lower
Eogic ray.
nature become increasingly powerful. Self-consciousness
Then, in time, the Soul ray begins (at the third
is developed, and then the personality becomes clearer and
initiation) to blend with the ray of the Monad, the
clearer, and the three elementals of the lower nature, the
life ray. The higher initiate is therefore a dual and
force of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (the triple ener-
not a triple expression.
gies of the integrated personality) come steadily under the
In time, however, this realized duality gives place to
control of the ray of the personality. At this stage, there-
the mysterious, indescribable process called
fore, four rays are active in the man, four streams of energy
identification which is the final stage of Soul
make him what he is and the ray of the Soul is beginning,
unfoldment. It is useless to say more for what might
though very faintly, to make its presence felt, producing the
be said could only be comprehended by those pre-
conflict which all thinkers recognize.
paring for the fourth initiation, and this treatise is
At the stage of Discipleship, the Soul ray comes into
written for disciples and initiates of the first degree.
increased conflict with the personality ray and the great
--EP II, 17­18.
battle of the pairs of opposites begins. The Soul ray or
energy slowly dominates the personality ray, as it in its turn
In individualization, the life of God which has been
has dominated the rays of the three lower bodies.
subjected to the processes of growth, stimulation and
At the stage of Initiation, the domination continues, and
development in the three lower kingdoms, becomes
at the third initiation the highest kind of energy which a
focused in the fourth kingdom in nature, the human,
man can express in this solar system--that of the monad--
through the agency of a "cycle of crisis," and becomes sub-
begins to control.--EP II, 307­08.
jected to the influence of Soul energy in one of the seven

It might therefore be noted that the following rays and
tion of love, expressed in wisdom. Love is not a sentiment.
influences must be considered in the case of every indiv-
Love is the great principle of attraction, of desire, of mag-
idual man, for they make him what he is and determine his
netic pull, and (within our solar system) that principle dem-
problem.--EP I, 333.
onstrates as the attraction and the interplay between the
pairs of opposites. This interplay provides every needed
I. The Ray of the Solar System
grade or type of unfoldment for consciousness. Conscious
These seven ray energies are the seven forces which
response is first made to the most potent and to the densest
unitedly compose the primary Ray of Love-Wisdom. This
kind of attraction in matter, that of the mineral kingdom.
is the second ray of our solar system and the dominating
Dense as it is, and heavy as is that type of vibration, it is
ray in every planetary expression within the solar system.
nevertheless an expression of embryonic love. Response
The seven rays are, all of them, subsidiary rays of this great
again comes, with greater facility and more true awareness
cosmic ray.--EH, 695.
and sensitivity, in the next kingdom, and the consciousness
of the vegetable world emerges. But this too is love. It
...Deity itself is on the second ray; because this is a
responds more freely and reacts to a far wider range of
second ray solar system, and therefore all rays and the
contacts in the animal kingdom, and the basic instinctual
varying states or groupings of consciousness, and all forms,
desires emerge and can be recognised. They, in due time,
in or out of physical [Page 111] manifestation, are coloured
become the motivation of the [Page 337] life, yet still it is
and dominated by this ray....--EP II, 110.
only the love of God which is manifested. It is love
It must be remembered that the dominating ray, the out-
between conscious life and conscious form; it is love
standing influence in our solar system, is the great cosmic
between the pairs of opposites, leading to an eventual syn-
second Ray of Love-Wisdom, a dual ray,--that is, a ray
thesis or marriage; it is relationship between the basic dual-
combining two great cosmic principles and energies. It is
ities; it is not sentiment but a fact in a great natural process.
the ray which governs the "personality" of our solar Logos,
Always there is the emerging glory and radiance of a grow-
if such an expression may be used, and (because it is dual)
ing love, until we come to the human kingdom wherein
it indicates both His personality and Soul rays, which in
love enters another plane. Then responsiveness and sensi-
Him are now so balanced and blended that, from the angle
tivity and human sentimental reaction develop into a rudi-
of humanity, they constitute the major ray, the one ray. This
mentary mind. The consciousness of loving and being
major ray determines both His quality and His purpose.
loved, of attracting and of being attracted, enters through
Every unit of life and every form in manifestation is
the door of the intelligence and expands into the human
governed by this second ray. Basically speaking, the energy
state of awareness. Pleasure and pain become definite fac-
of love, expressed with wisdom, is the line of least resist-
tors in unfoldment, and the long agony of humanity com-
ance for the manifested lives in our solar system. This ray
mences. Love then is seen in its naked selfishness, but also
qualifies the life of all the planets, and the attractive
its potential glory can be sensed. Love or attractive desire
magnetic love of God pours through His created universe;
then attracts to itself that which it feels it needs, but later,
it emerges in the consciousness and determines the objec-
that is changed into what it thinks it should have, and this,
tive of all evolving forms. Each human being, as a whole,
in time, is transmuted into that which it knows is the divine
therefore, lives in a universe and on a planet which is con-
non-material heritage of a son of God. Ponder on these last
stantly the objective of God's love and desire, and which
few words, for in the true understanding of love as feeling,
constantly (as a result of this love) is itself attracted and
love as thinking, and love as aspiration will come a clarifi-
attractive. For this we do not make adequate allowance.
cation of man's problem and his liberation from the thrall-
Teachers, parents and educators would do well to recognise
dom of the lower loves into the liberty of love itself, and
the potency of this ray force, and trust to the Law to make
into the freedom of the one who possesses all things, and
all things good.--EP I, 333.
yet desires nothing for the separated self.--EP I, 337­38.
You will note therefore how peculiarly this Earth on
II. The Ray of the Planetary Logos
which we live is suited to the development of the incarna-
ting sons of God. Man comes forth, as do all lives within
Each of the seven groups of Souls is responsive to one
the radius of influence of a solar system, upon the inspira-
of the seven types of force, and all of them are responsive

to the ray of the planetary Logos of our planet, which is the
rapidity of response and contact is to be found in the sub-
third Ray of Active Intelligence. All are therefore upon a
jective fact that humanity is with great speed integrating the
sub-ray of this ray, but it must never be forgotten that the
three aspects of human nature into a unity, called person-
planetary Logos is also upon a ray, which is a sub-ray of
ality. Men are steadily becoming personalities, and unify-
the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.--EP I, 403.
ing into one expression their physical, emotional and men-
tal aspects; hence they are more able to respond to the ray
The magnetic pull of that which is desired is modified
of the integrated personality of the One in Whom they live,
on our planet by the personality ray of our particular plane-
and move, and have their being.
tary Logos. This is the Ray of Active Intelligence, and of
Speaking therefore in terms of man's life problem, we
selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atom in the
might state that it is affected potently by the two major
human body is modified and conditioned by the Eogic ray
influences which beat upon the human kingdom, the cos-
and the ray of each of the inner bodies, so every cell and
mic ray of the solar system, the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and
atom in the body of the planetary Logos is conditioned and
the cosmic ray of the planet, which is the personality ray of
modified [Page 338] by His outstanding ray influence, in
the planetary Logos, the Ray of Active Intelligence or
this case, His personality ray. In this conditioning influence
Adaptability. Man might be defined as a unit of conscious
is found a clue to the distress and agony and pain in the
life, swept into tangible expression through the discrim-
world today. The planetary Logos of our Earth is primarily
inating love of God. Through his life experiences he is pre-
conditioned by a cosmic ray, to be sure, but not by His
sented with innumerable choices which gradually shift
Eogic ray. Perhaps in this condition may be found the rea-
from the realm of the tangible into that of the intangible. As
son (or one of the reasons) why our Earth is not one of the
he attracts, or is attracted by, the life of his environment, he
seven sacred planets. On this I need not enlarge, but it was
becomes increasingly conscious of a series of shifting val-
necessary to call attention to this great determining factor,
ues, until he reaches that point in his development when the
the third ray, which is the personality ray of our planetary
pull or the magnetic attraction of the subjective world and
the intangible mental and spiritual realities are more potent
This ray brings in the factor of discrimination through
than the factors which have hitherto enticed him on. His
mental activity, and this, in its turn, balances the so-called
sense of values is no longer determined by:
love nature, and it is in truth the cause of our evolutionary
growth. The life in forms passes through discriminative and
The satisfaction of his instinctual animal nature.
selective activity from one experience to another in an ever
The desires of a more emotional and sentimental
widening scale of contacts. It is this Ray of Intelligent
kind which his astral body demands.
Activity which dominates man at this time. Human beings
The pull and pleasures of the mind nature, and of
are largely centred in their personalities; they are "egocen-
intellectual appetites.
tric," in the terminology of the psychologist, which recog-
He becomes potently attracted by his Soul, and this pro-
nises the integrating principle of the Ego (in many cases)
duces a tremendous revolution in his entire life, regarding
but does not yet recognise the overshadowing Ego or Soul,
the word "revolution" in its true sense, as a complete turn-
except under such a vague term as "the superconscious."
ing around. This revolution is happening now, on such a
We have therefore a humanity engrossed by a tremendous
universal scale in the lives of individuals in the world, that
activity and demonstrating everywhere a vital discrimina-
it is one of the main factors producing the present potency
ting and intellectual interest in all types of phenomena.
of experimental ideas in the world of modern times. The
This tendency to be active will go on increasing and inten-
attractive power of the Soul grows steadily, and the pull of
sifying until the Aryan race will merge into the coming
the personality weakens as steadily. All this has been
major root-race, for which we have as yet no name, though
brought about by the process of experiment, leading to
we recognise that in that race the intellect will serve the
experience; by experience, leading to a wiser use of the
intuition. Human activity is now regarded as having
powers of the personality; by a growing appreciation of a
reached an incredible speed and intensity of vibration, yet
truer world of values and of reality, and by an effort on
from the angle of the world Knowers it is only just begin-
man's part to identify himself with the world of spiritual
ning to express itself, and is relatively feeble as yet. The
values and not with a world of material values. The world
growth of the tendency to vital speed can [Page 339] be
of meaning and of causes becomes gradually the world in
noted if history is studied, and the pace at which man now
which he finds happiness, and his selection of his major
lives, and the complexity and the many dynamic interests
interests and the use to which he decides to put his time and
of his life, may be compared with those of the average man
powers are finally conditioned by the truer spiritual values.
two hundred years ago. The last twenty-five years of man's
He then is on the path of illumination. I have sought to
history have shown a tremendous speeding up as compared
express the effects of these two major ray influences in
with conditions fifty years ago.
terms of mysticism and of philosophy, but in very truth all
The reason for this increase of intelligent activity and
that I have here said could be expressed scientifically and

in terms of scientific formulas, if man were mentally
IV. The Ray of the Race
equipped to appreciate them. But this is not yet possible.
The third ray, which is one that has a very long cycle,
All these ray vibrations, no matter which they may be, can
having been in manifestation since A.D. 1425, has a direct
eventually be reduced to formulas and to symbols.--EP I,
effect upon the fifth root race, the Aryan....--EP I, 67.
337­40. connection with the Aryan race...two
III. The Ray of the Human Kingdom
ern and control its destiny. The third Ray of Intelligent
The ray which governs the sum total of the human king-
Activity or Adaptability governs the entire career of the
dom is the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It
race, and through this dominance we can see working out
might be symbolically stated that
the plan of God, which is the definite fusion of spirit and
the Eogic ray of the Life which informs the human
matter, through the evolution of the Soul of man. The result
family is this fourth ray
of this fusion may be briefly summed up in the following
the personality ray is the fifth ray of knowledge
three statements:
through discrimination--the Ray of Concrete
A widespread interest in, leading finally to a
Knowledge or Science.
recognition of, the Soul as a result of this fusion and
Harmony through conflict, and the power to achieve
knowledge through discriminating choice--these are the
The appreciation of the divinity of substance, and
two rays or major influences which sweep through human-
the recognition of the fact that matter is the outer
ity as a whole, and drive it forward towards its divine des-
garment of God. This will characterise the intellec-
tiny. They are the predisposing factors upon which a man
tual achievement of the Aryan race.
may count and infallibly depend. They are the guarantee of
The plan of God that humanity should control mat-
attainment, but also of turmoil and temporary duality. Har-
ter on the physical plane reaches a high point of
mony, expressing itself in beauty and creative power, is
perfection in the Aryan race. Of this, man's control
gained through battle, through stress and strain. Knowl-
of the electrical forces of the physical plane is an
edge, expressing itself eventually through wisdom, is
outstanding instance.--EP I, 353.
attained only through the agony of successively presented
The secondary influence which is leading the Aryan
choices. These, submitted to the discriminating intelligence
race forward is that of the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge
during the process of the life experience, produce at last the
or Science. ...its effect is to stimulate the acquisition of
sense of true values, the vision of the ideal, and the capa-
knowledge and the growth of the human intellect, which is
city to distinguish reality behind the intervening glamour.
an instrument of exceeding sensitivity, producing increased
--EP I, 343.
awareness of God.--EP I, 356.
The fourth ray is the ray par excellence which governs
humanity. There is a numerical relation to be noted here,
V. The Rays Governing Any Particular Cycle
for the fourth creative Hierarchy of human monads, the
Ray One--Not in manifestation.
fourth ray, in this fourth round, on the fourth globe, the
Ray Two--In manifestation since 1575 A.D.
Earth, are extremely active. It is their close interrelation
Ray Three--In manifestation since 1425 A.D.
and interplay which is responsible for the emergence into
Ray Four--To come slowly into manifestation after
prominence of humanity. In other rounds, humanity has not
2025 A.D.
been the dominant evolution or the most important. In this
Ray Five--In manifestation since 1775 A.D.
round it is. In the next round, the dominant evolution will
Ray Six--Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It
be that of Souls on the astral level, and the deva kingdom.
began to pass out in 1625 A.D.
Humanity now walks in the light of day, symbolically
Ray Seven--In manifestation since 1675 A.D.
speaking, on Earth, and these two rays were responsible for
--EP I, 26.
the process of initiating the human evolution in this major
cycle. Our objective is the harmonising of the higher and
[See also the last section of this compilation, "The out-
the lower aspects, or principles, both in the individual and
going Sixth Ray and the incoming Seventh Ray.­Ed.]
in the whole. This involves conflict and struggle, but pro-
duces eventually beauty, creative power in art, and syn-
VI. The Ray of Nations
thesis. This result would not have been possible had it not
Groups of people, organisations, nations, and groups of
been for the potent work of the fifth Ray of Concrete Sci-
nations are all the result of ray activity and magnetism.
ence which--in conjunction with the fourth ray--produced
Hence an understanding of the forces which stream forth
that reflection of divinity we call a man.--EP I, 320.
from the divine creative centre, and which we call the rays,
is of value in understanding the quality, nature, and destiny

of vast human masses....Countries (viewed independently
This Soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning
of their nationals) are likewise the result of ray activity, and
activity by the New Group of World Servers, for this is one
thus the importance of the subject cannot be overestimated.
of their main objectives and tasks.... Much could be writ-
--EP I, 120.
ten about the historical influence of the rays during the past
two thousand years, and of the way in which great events
Over the lapse of centuries, nations are reborn several
have been influenced or brought about by the periodic ray
times or come into incarnation in a new form which we
influence. ... all that I can now do is to point out the rays
may call a period, if unimportant, or a civilisation if signifi-
governing each nation, and leave you to study and note
cant and dramatic enough. Therefore, the personality ray
their effect at your leisure, and to comprehend their relation
and the governing influences change with frequency. This
to the present condition of the world. One thing I would
is oft forgotten, because the cycles are so much vaster than
point out: those rays which govern a particular nation, and
those of human incarnation.--DN, 67.
which are at this time in incarnation, are very potent, either
All nations are controlled by a personality ray (if so we
materially or Egoically; whilst some of the problems may
can call it), which is dominant and potent and the main
be due to the fact that certain rays, governing certain na-
controlling factor at this time, and by a Soul ray which is
tions, are at this time out of incarnation.--EP I, 382­83.
sensed only by the disciples and aspirants of any nation.
[Chart below]
Personality Ray
Eogic (Soul) Ray
4th ray of art
1st ray of government
I hide the Light.
3rd ray of intellect
1st ray of government
I indicate the Way.
1st ray of power
4th ray of art
I preserve.
3rd ray of intellect
5th ray of knowledge
I release the light.
Great Britain
1sr ray of power
2nd ray of love
I serve.
4th ray of art
6th ray of idealism
I carve the Paths.
6th ray of idealism
2nd ray of love
I light the Way.
6th ray of idealism
7th ray of magic/order
I link the two Ways.
5th ray of knowledge
4th ray of art
I serve the Lighted Way.
7th ray of order
6th ray of idealism
I disperse the Clouds.
2nd ray of love
4th ray of art
I hide the seed.
VII. Rays of Certain Cities
be forgotten that the personality rays change from period to
period in connection with countries and cities just as with
These energies which we have been considering are
individual human beings:
released into our planetary life through the medium of
certain great inlets. At this time there are five such inlets,
scattered over the world. Wherever one of these inlets for
spiritual force is found, there will also be present a city of
spiritual importance in the same location. These five points
5th ray
7th ray
of spiritual influx are:
New York
2nd ray
3rd ray
1. London--for the British Empire.
2. New York--for the Western Hemisphere.
6th ray
3rd ray
3. Geneva--for Europe, including the U.S.S.R.
1sr ray
2nd ray
4. Tokyo--for the Far East.
5. Darjeeling--for India and the greater part of Asia.
2nd ray
5th ray
It may interest you also to know the governing rays and
--DN, 93.
the astrological signs of these five centres, but it must not

The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating
Sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven
Ray 1: Force--Energy--Action--The Occultist.
Rishis (as They are called) of the Great Bear express
Ray 2: Consciousness--Expansion--Initiation--The true
Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary
Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They
Ray 3: Adaptation--Development--Evolution--The
stand as prototypes. The seven Planetary Spirits manifest
through the medium of the seven sacred planets.
Ray 4: Vibration--Response--Expression--The Artist.
Each of these seven Rays, coming from the Great Bear,
Ray 5: Mentation--Knowledge--Science--The Scientist.
are transmitted into our solar system through the medium
Ray 6I: Devotion--Abstraction--Idealism--The Devotee.
of three constellations and their ruling planets. The follow-
Ray 7: Incantation--Magic--Ritual--The Ritualist.
ing tabulation makes this clear but must be interpreted only
--DN, 143.
in terms of this present turn of the Great Zodiacal Wheel
(25,000 years):
The Catholic Church is governed by the first ray as its
Ray 1--Aries, Leo, Capricorn
Soul ray, and by the third ray as its personality ray. Hence
Ray 2--Gemini, Virgo, Pisces
its love of politics and of temporal power; hence also its
Ray 3--Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
intensely commercial and financial preoccupations. The
Ray 4--Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius
mental ray of this Church is sixth ray. Hence its narrow
Ray 5--Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
one-pointedness; its emotional body is also sixth ray in
Ray 6--Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
quality, whilst the physical ray of the outer organisation is
Ray 7--Aries, Cancer, Capricorn--EA, 589­90.
seventh. These are points which should interest you and
which you need to bear in mind as you work. A realisation
[The planets express the following ray energies:]
of this peculiar combination of rays will demand of you,
and of all workers along esoteric lines, great skill in action.
Ray 1--Pluto and Vulcan
--DINA II, 506.
Ray 2--Sun and Jupiter
Ray 3--Earth and Saturn
The personality ray, the material form ray of the Jewish
Ray 4--Moon and Mercury
people, is the third ray. Their Egoic ray is the first. Their
Ray 5--Venus
astrological sign is Capricorn, with Virgo rising. Mercury
Ray 6--Mars and Neptune
and Virgo play a prominent part in their destiny. These
Ray 7--Uranus
--EA, 68.
clues should suffice to give to the advanced student and
astrologer those salient points which will give him light
upon their strange history. Because of this third ray influ-
ence, you have the tendency of the Jew to manipulate for-
1. Head Centre--Ray I ( Will or Power)
ces and energies, and to "pull strings" in order to bring
2. Ajna Centre--Ray V (Concrete Knowledge)
about desired ends. As a race, they are natural law makers,
3. Throat Centre--Ray III (Active Intelligence)
and hence their tendency to dominate and govern, because
4. Heart Centre--Ray II (Love-Wisdom)
their Egoic ray is the first. Hence also the constant appear-
5. Solar Plexus--Ray VI (Devotion)
ance of the goat in their history, and their teaching about
6. Sacral Centre--Ray VII (Ceremonial Magic)
the virgin mother who should give birth to the Messiah.--
7. Base of Spine--Ray IV (Harmony)--EP I, 428.
EP I, 394.

The Outgoing 6th Ray--Incoming 7th Ray
I. Introduction & Background
At this particular time in world history, seventh ray
which existed prior to the contact. The stages of this import
energy is of a growing potency because it is the new and
might be covered briefly by the following words:
incoming ray, superseding the sixth ray which has for so
Contact--Conflict--Adjustment--Equilibrium (a form
long held sway. When we speak of ray energy we are in
of stalemate or static condition such as was arrived at
reality considering the quality and the will-purpose aspect
during the 19th century)--Absorption--Final dis-
of a certain great Life to Whom we give the name "Lord of
appearance of the weaker outgoing energy
a Ray." You will find much about these Ray Lords in the
The conclusion is always inevitable for it is not the rays
earlier volumes of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. These
themselves which are in conflict but the substance and the
Lords of the Rays are the creating and sustaining energies
forms which are implicated during the period.
which implement the Will of the planetary Logos. They
Second: the quality of the ray can be considered. This
cooperate with Him in the defining and the expression of
is in reality the expression of its soul and intrinsic nature,
His supreme purpose. His divine intention, will, purpose,
which--impinging upon the condition existing when the
or the determined projection of His mind, creates a radia-
ray comes into manifestation--definitely does three things:
tion or stream of energy which, according to type and qual-
ity, plays upon all forms of manifested life within our plan-
1. Changes the nature of the civilization and the cul-
etary ring-pass-not. The radiating emanations [of the Ray
ture of humanity in any given period. It is this force
Beings] are cyclically objectified and cyclically withdrawn.
which the Hierarchy utilizes when any meeting of
As they radiate forth into the three worlds, the impact-
the ray energies takes place. The culture is first
ing energies produce changes, disturbances, progress, and
changed, because all basic quality changes work
unfoldment; they create the needed new forms and vitalize
ever from above downwards, and it is the intelli-
and qualify that through which the immediate divine
gentsia who are at first sensitive to the incoming dif-
intention is expressing itself; they intensify both the quality
ferences. Form changes then automatically reverse
and the receptivity of consciousness.
the process. It is thus that points of juncture inevi-
During the process of being withdrawn "to their own
tably occur throughout the evolutionary process.
place," they cause the fading out or the dying of form as-
When the scientists concerned with the theory and
pects, of institutions, and the "organizing [Page 569]
processes of evolution accept and study the ray
organisms" (to use a peculiar phrase); they therefore pro-
procedure, definite changes in attitude and a closer
duce cycles of destruction and cessation and thus make
approach to the truth will at once appear. This con-
room for those new forms and life expressions which an
cept also lies behind the teaching which I have
incoming ray will produce.
given about the Great Approaches which must take
It has been the gradual withdrawing of the sixth Ray of
place (and can take place [Page 117] very shortly)
Idealism and of one-pointed Devotion which has been
between the fourth and the fifth kingdoms in nature.
responsible for the ferment, crystallization, destruction,
Of the fifth kingdom, the Hierarchy is the dynamic
death and cleavages of the past century; old things are
and living nucleus.
passing away as the Lord of the sixth Ray withdraws His
2. Changes in the other kingdoms in nature, producing
attention, and therefore His energy; His radiation is today
a different quality in the manifestation of the soul of
no longer centered or focused in the life of the three
any kingdom (for they all differ in soul quality) and
worlds. Simultaneously, the energy and radiation of the
consequently changes in the form aspect as well.
Lord of the seventh Ray are becoming steadily more pow-
3. Changes in the type of egos or souls which will take
erful in the three worlds.--RI
incarnation during any particular ray period. By this
I mean that just as during the age which is now
Any particular ray may be considered in two ways:
coming to an end, the bulk of the incarnating souls
First: it can be studied from the angle of energy. This
were predominantly sixth ray in quality, so we can
energy is ever coming into relation with other energies and
look for an increasing number of seventh ray egos
forces, producing through their meeting and frequent
now to appear. The furtherance of the coming sev-
conflict a situation entirely different and changed from that
enth ray civilization of synthesis, fusion, and of

increased soul expression, and the development of
molding their ideas, and incidentally altering the face of the
the new stage into which the white magic of the
earth and the policies of nations.
Hierarchy is entering is, therefore, inevitable and for
As you know, there are at this time, two minor rays
this stage there should be definite preparation and
(which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the des-
tiny [Page 29] of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of
Abstract Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray of Cer-
I would have you bear in mind in connection with the
emonial Magic or Organization. The sixth ray began to
five rays which we have seen are influencing or beginning
pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period of
to influence humanity at this time (the first, second, third,
influence, whilst the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order
sixth and seventh rays) that their effect varies according to
began to come into manifestation in 1675. There are three
the ray type or ray quality of the individual concerned and
points to be remembered in connection with these two rays
according to his position upon the ladder of evolution.
and their effects upon the race of men. (I am not here deal-
Such points are often forgotten. If a man is, for instance,
ing with their effects upon the other kingdoms in nature.)
upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, it may be expected
1. The sixth ray is, as you know, the most powerful in
that the influence of that ray and of the sixth (which is
manifestation in this time; a very large number of peo-
along the second ray line of power) will be easily effective
ple are responsive to its influence. It is still the line of
and will necessarily constitute the line of least resistance.
least resistance for the majority, particularly in the Ary-
This situation may, therefore, produce undue sensitivity
an race, for the reason that when in process of time and
and an unbalanced unfoldment of characteristics. It is our
through evolution the influence of a ray has become po-
characteristics which influence our conduct and our reac-
tent, it is groups that are primarily affected and not just
tions to circumstance. It will mean also that the influence
individuals. A rhythm and a momentum is then set up
of the first, third and seventh rays will be fundamentally
which lasts a long time and which gains power through
unsettling and will call out resistance or--at the very least
the very force of organized numbers. This truth will
--an attitude of non-receptivity. In the world today, the
emerge more clearly as we proceed with our studies.
rays which are along the line of energy which is that of the
Suffice it to say that the sixth ray people are the reac-
first Ray of Will or Power (including the third and the sev-
tionaries, conservatives, die-hards and fanatics, who
enth) are in the ratio of three to two (as regards present
hold on to all that is of the past and whose influence is
manifestation) and, [Page 136] therefore, we can look for
potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new
a fuller expression of the first ray attributes and happenings
age. Their name is legion. They provide, however, a
than would otherwise be the case. This will be particularly
needed balance and are responsible for a steadying pro-
so because the sixth ray is fast going out of manifestation.
cess which is much needed in the world at this time.
All the above constitutes a piece of information which is of
2. The seventh ray is steadily gaining momentum and has
small value at this time. Its implications will become in-
for a long time been stimulating and enhancing the
creasingly apparent as time goes on and I am, therefore,
activity of all fifth ray nations. If you bear in mind that
including them in my teaching.--DN
one of the major objectives of seventh ray energy is to
bring [Page 30] together and to relate spirit and matter
As to the prevision with which I shall deal, unorthodox
and also substance and form (note this distinction) you
as it may appear to be to some of you, it will be based upon
can see for yourself that the work of science is closely
two factors: First of all, the logical indications to be gath-
connected with this endeavor and that the creation of
ered from the past and present events which condition the
the new forms will definitely be the result of a working
immediate future and which must inevitably lead to definite
interaction between the rulers of the fifth, second, and
and tangible happenings. Any deep student of human
seventh rays, aided by the help--on demand--of the
affairs could follow the same line of reasoning and come to
ruler of the first ray. A large number of seventh ray
approximately the same conclusions, provided he loved his
egos or souls and also of men and women with seventh
fellow men enough to see them truly as they were and
ray personalities are coming into incarnation now, and
allow, consequently, for the appearance of the unexpected.
to them is committed the task of organizing the
And, secondly, what I may say to you is based on a knowl-
activities of the new era and of ending the old methods
edge of the ray influences which are at this time so power-
of life and the old crystallized attitudes to life, to death,
fully and effectively affecting humanity and its coming
to leisure and to the population.
civilization and culture.
3. The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy
I would ask you, therefore, to read what I have to say
plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray--which
with an open mind; I would beg you to relate my words to
shows itself as a pronounced crystallization of the stan-
present world conditions and to see, emerging from the
dardized and accepted forms of belief, religious, social
realms of subjectivity, those forces and potencies which are
and philosophic--is to throw the millions of people
directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which are

who do not respond to either of the above influences
the directors and the leaders of humanity. Today,
through Egoic or personality relation, into a state of be-
the horizontal activity of the mind, embracing
wilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the
huge masses of the populace and sometimes
idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that
entire nations and races, can everywhere be seen
they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly
and this must lead inevitably to events and
effects hitherto unvisioned and impossible.
These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth
3. The influence of the outgoing and the incoming rays
and seventh rays or who are bewildered by the impact of
at any time. You have often been told that these
forces generated by those rays, are those who must to-
events--for the emergence or disappearance of a ray
gether, with understanding and clear vision, bring order out
influence is an event in time--are a matter of slow
of the present chaos. They must materialize those new and
development, are psychic in nature, and are gov-
desirable conditions which will conform to the subjective
erned by law. The length of time in which a ray ap-
pattern in the minds of the illumined people of the world
pears, manifests and does its work and finally disap-
and to [Page 31] the spiritual plan as it exists in the con-
pears is one of the secrets of initiation, but--as time
sciousness of the members of the Hierarchy. The new age
elapses and the nature of time itself is better under-
with its peculiar civilization and culture will be brought
stood--the period and the time equation of the
into manifestation through the collaboration of the well-
minor rays of attribute will be established but that
intentioned many, responsive increasingly to the good of
time is not yet, although the intense interest taken
the whole and not of the individual; they are the idealistic
today in the phenomena of time indicates a growing
but practical thinkers, influenced by the pattern of things to
awareness of the problem itself and of the need for
come and the world disciples, impressed by the plans and
understanding the relation of time, both to space and
under the instruction of the Hierarchy which is directing
to event. It will be realized before long that time is
and controlling all.
entirely a brain event; a study of the sense of speed
It is with these three groups of people and with the work
as registered by the brain, plus the capacity or inca-
upon which they are engaged that any prevision I may
pacity of a human being to express this speed, will,
evidence will consistently deal. All changes in connection
when properly approached, reveal much that today
with the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, are
remains a mystery.
always dependent upon three factors:
At this time [1940's], the whole world is embroiled in
1. Those outer physical events which are definitely
the chaos [Page 33] and the turmoil incident upon the
"acts of God" and over which no human being has
clashing of the forces of the sixth and the seventh rays. As
the slightest authority.
one ray passes out and another comes into manifestation
2. The activity of human beings themselves, working
and their impact upon the earth and upon all the forms in
on all the different rays but in any given time and in
all the kingdoms of nature has reached the point where the
any particular period conditioned by:
two influences are equalized, then a definite point of crisis
a. The preponderance of egos to be found on any
is reached. This is what has occurred today, and humanity,
particular ray. There are a very large number of
subjected to two types or forms of energy, is thrown "off
second ray egos in incarnation today and their
center" and hence the intense difficulty and tension of the
work and their lives will facilitate the coming
present world period. The cause of this is not only the im-
Great Approach.
pact of the two types of energy, beating upon the forms of
b. The nature and quality of the predominating per-
life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanity
sonality rays of the majority. At this time a vast
itself (which is a combination of the fourth and fifth rays)
number of souls are in incarnation whose per-
is swept into the conflict. To this must also be added the
sonality rays are either six or three.They
energy of the animal kingdom (again a combination of the
condition the coming civilization outstandingly,
energies of the third, fifth, and sixth rays) for this governs
in clu d ing all educatio n al an d fin an cial
the animal or physical form of every human being. You
enterprises, just as the influence of those who
have, therefore, a meeting of many conflicting forces and
have soul contact and can express soul quality
the world Arjuna is faced with a stupendous battle--one
condition and determine the current culture.
that is recurrent and cyclic but which will, in this particular
c. The activity of the fifth principle, that of the
era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the age old
mind. This mind principle is peculiarly active
conflict between material domination and spiritual control.
today in a broad and general sense. If I might put
The forces playing upon the planet at this time are of su-
it symbolically the vertical activity of the mind
preme importance. If you will bear in mind that the sixth
which has affected individuals everywhere down
ray works through and controls the solar plexus (being
the ages has always produced the mental guides,
closely related to the astral plane, the sixth level of aware-

ness) and that the seventh ray controls the sacral [sex] cen-
When the nature of the present struggle is better under-
ter, you will see why there is so much emotion, so much
stood and its subjective causes are considered instead of the
idealism and so much desire mixed up in connection with
superficial objective reasons, then real progress will be
the world conflict and why also--apart from the storms in
made in the process of releasing humanity from the thral-
the political arena and the religious field--that sex and its
dom and the narrowness of the present civilization and
various problems has reached a point of interest in the hu-
from the influence of the forces and energies which are
man consciousness where a solution of these difficulties, a
responsible for the situation. These will be understood,
fresh understanding of the [Page 34] underlying implica-
correctly handled and rightly directed towards constructive
tions and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and
and desirable ends. In the realm of this conflict, the great
and fundamental law that "energy follows thought" always
Four problems will be solved in the next two centuries:
holds good, and one of the conditions which is inducing the
1. The problem of territorial possessions, which is the
present stress and strain is due to the fact that so many
group correspondence within the family of nations
millions of people are beginning to think. This means that
to the materiality of the individual.
the ancient simplicity which has held good up to five
2. The problem of sex, which will involve a truer
hundred years ago is no longer controlling and the situation
understanding of the law of attraction.
is much more complex. In ancient days the forces were
3. The problem of death, which is in reality the prob-
largely controlled by the Lords of Materiality (those whom
lem of the relation between the subjective and the
the ignorant and the prejudiced esotericist call "the black
objective, between the tangible and the intangible,
forces"); the forces of spirituality plus the thought of a
and between life and form. This problem will be
handful of advanced men in the different nations were not
solved in the realm of psychology by scientific
so potent as they are today. The situation was then rela-
recognition of the true nature of the individual or
tively simple. It was part of the [Page 36] evolutionary plan
soul and of the persona.
that matter and substance should temporarily control and
4. The problem of the Jews, which is symbolically the
that spirit should learn to "mount on the shoulders of mat-
problem of humanity as a whole. It is today for the
ter" as the Ancient Wisdom puts it. Now, however, owing
first time definitely a humanitarian problem and one
to the widespread education of the masses and the many
which is closely tied up with the fourth kingdom in
means of worldwide propaganda, these masses are them-
nature because that kingdom is the meeting-place of
selves either thinking independently or are thinking as
the three divine aspects. The Jew, with his emphasis
directed by the powerful minds everywhere to be found and
upon his position as one of the "chosen people," has
which are seeking to control world events. Hence the
stood symbolically throughout the centuries as the
increasing difficulty of the problem and one that is equally
representative of the wandering, incarnating soul,
difficult for the Lords of the Left Hand Way as it is for the
but the Jewish people have never recognized the
Great White Lodge. This is a point which you should con-
symbolic mission with which their race was en-
sider and discover the implications.
trusted, and they have taken to themselves the glory
Humanity itself is rapidly arriving at the point where its
and the honor of the Lord's elect. The Jew made this
united will will be the determining factor in world affairs
mistake and, as an Oriental race, the Jews have
and this will be due to the unfoldment of the mind through
failed to hold before the Orient the divine nature of
the success of the evolutionary process. It is right here that
mankind as a whole, for all are equally divine and
many experiments will be made (and are being made today)
all are the Lord's elect. Calvin and all who followed
and many mistakes must inevitably take place. The major
his lead made the same mistake and instead of hold-
requirement therefore at this time is the rapid educating of
ing before the people of the Occident the realization
the people in the Plan and in the nature of the forces which
that those [Page 35] who recognized their essential
are controlling evolution and their directing agencies. The
divinity did so symbolically on behalf of all the
fact of the Hierarchy must be announced in no uncertain
developing, incarnating sons of God, they regarded
terms, thereby arousing public interest, public investigation
themselves as the Chosen People and all who did
and public recognition. In the process of so doing much
not think as they did are regarded as lost. When the
will be learnt of the balancing group of initiates and adepts
Jew and the narrow-minded religious devotees
who work entirely with the material side of life and in
recognize their identity with all other people and
whom (for this major cycle) the love aspect of the soul
express this identity through right relationship, we
remains totally undeveloped, whereas the mind nature is
shall see a very different world. The world problem
potently expressing itself. If you will study what I have
is essentially a religious problem and behind all
earlier given anent certain of the higher and lower expres-
strife in every department of world thought today is
sions of the rays you will see how these two fields of
found the religious element.
endeavor--that of the Hierarchy, animated by love and that

of the opposite pole, the Black Lodge, working entirely
tionship both to form and soul and at the same time
[Page 37] through mind and substance--are engaged and
wondering where his duty lies. His point in evo-
their close relationship will emerge. You will realize then
lution determines his problem. Thus the two groups
that the margin of difference is very slight and is to be
are working in opposition upon the plane of desire.
found solely in intention, in the underlying purpose and the
3. The materializing of the plans of these two groups
concrete objectives which this group of material workers
of illumined minds proceeds steadily under the
have set themselves. The major instrument of the Black
differing laws of their being--the laws of form life
Lodge is the organizing power of the mind and not the
and the laws of spiritual living. In this initial stage
coherent influence of love, as is the case with the Masters
and while the battle is being fought out in the realm
of the Wisdom. Yet in the natural process of form evo-
of desire (for that is where the major conflict is be-
lution, these workers on the darker side of life have their
ing waged, and all that is happening upon the phys-
useful function. Because they are working predominantly
ical plane is only a reflection of an inner conflict)
through the mental principle, we find the susceptibility of
the forces of these two groups, working with the
the untrained masses to this mental imposition and the
energies of the sixth and seventh rays, have brought
facility with which they can be regimented and stan-
about in the field of physical living, a state of com-
dardized. They have no power to think with clarity for
plete cataclysm. The economic situation and the
themselves and their minds are consequently plastic and
religious hatreds are the two major instruments. You
receptive to the powerful forces directed by the two con-
would do well to ponder upon this subject.
tributing groups--the spiritual workers of the planet and
Consequently, you have two groups, two objectives,
the material workers. Because the bulk of human beings are
two great formulated ideals, two streams of active energy
still materially focused, the forces which work on the side
and two rays predominantly in conflict, thus producing the
of matter find a line of least resistance which is not avail-
differing ideologies. The result of this dualism is the exter-
able to the Masters of the Great White Lodge. This danger
nal chaos, the differentiation of the two group ideals into
is, however, lessening decade by decade.--DN
the many human experiments, and the resultant ranging of
the entire human family under many banners, which testify
One point I would like here to bring to your attention:
to the various viewpoints in the many fields of thought--
the two great groups of divine agents--the Great White
political, religious, economic, social, educational and phil-
Brotherhood and the Lodge of Materialistic Forces--are
osophical. The result of all this conflict is, I would tell you,
both of them seeking to divert these energies into channels
definitely good, and it demonstrates the steady achievement
which will further the ends for which they work and for
of the Great White Lodge. The consciousness of humanity
which they were formed and exist. Therefore, I would ask
has been definitely expanded and the whole world of men
you to remember that behind all the outer events are these
at this time is thinking. This is a totally new phenomenon
two directing agencies. You have, as a consequence:
[Page 109] and a fresh experience in the life of the human
1. Two groups of advanced Minds, both equally illu-
soul. The first result of all the turmoil has been to shift the
mined by the light of the intellect, and both of them
focus of human attention on to the mental plane and
formulating clearly their objectives, but differing in
thereby nearer to the sources of light and love.
their direction and their emphasis. One group, under
It is right here and in connection with this eventful
the divine plan, works with the form aspect entirely;
change of focus that the world disciples can shoulder
in this group the light of love and of selflessness is
responsibility and proceed to active work. When I here
absent. The other group is working entirely with the
speak of disciples, I am using the term in connection with
soul or the consciousness aspect; in this group the
all who aspire to true humanity, to brotherhood, and to the
doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. In
living expression of the higher and spiritual values. I am
this connection, the two groups are working in
not using it altogether in the technical sense, which
opposition, therefore, upon the mental plane.
involves a recognized relation to the Hierarchy through the
2. The plans, which embody these two differing ideals
grades of probationary or accepted discipleship, though
and objectives, are carried down on to the astral
these are included in my thought. I refer to all aspirants and
plane, and thus into the world of desire. The lines of
to all who have any sense of true values and an urge to
demarcation remain ever entirely clear as far as the
meet the world's need.--DN, 108­09.
workers in these two groups are concerned, but are
not so clear where ordinary human beings and the
In this comparative, even if inadequate, study of the old
world disciples and initiates are concerned. There is
and of the new types of discipleship, one of the problems
much chaos on the plane of desire, and the world
[Page 126] facing the Hierarchy is how to bring about the
Arjuna is today sitting in bewilderment between the
necessary changes in technique and method of develop-
two opposing forces or camps, recognizing his rela-
ment which the seventh ray type will require and yet at the

same time so condition these changes that there can be
and other lines; to produce some system and order; and to
smooth process of adjustment and interplay between the
bring about the re-arranging of all energies with the objec-
Hierarchy and the world aspirants. This adjustment must
tive (unrealized consciously as yet) of inaugurating the
include the two groups (one at present large and the other
New Age. Owing, however, to defective mental control and
still small) of sixth and seventh ray disciples. The problems
to an almost universal ignorance as to the laws of thought,
of the Hierarchy are, of course, no real concern of those
and in addition, to a profound lack of knowledge as to
who have not achieved liberation and cannot, therefore,
man's own nature, man works blindly. The ideals sensed
look at life through the eyes of those who are no longer
are not correctly interpreted by the mind nor applied in
held by the forces of the three worlds, but it might serve a
such a way that they are of general and appropriate applica-
useful purpose if disciples occasionally gave some thought
tion. Hence the confusion and the chaotic experimentation
to the relation as it exists upon the Master's side and gave
going on, and hence also the imposition of personal
less thought to their own individual and peculiar difficul-
authority to enforce an individual's idea of the ideal.--
ties.--DN, 125­26.
EP I, 81­82.
We come now to a consideration of the forces which are
To understand a little the problem involved and the
prevailing at the present time. [Page 358] ...[T]he main
differing modes of work which characterize those who
problem of today is brought about by the fact that two rays
worked in the past under the influence of the sixth ray and
of great potency are functioning simultaneously. As yet
those who are learning to work under the influence of the
their effects are so equally balanced that a situation is
incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if we compared
brought about which is described in the ancient archives in
very briefly the two systems of activity. I would ask you to
the following terms: "A time of rending, when the moun-
remember that both systems and modes of work are equally
tains, which have sheltered, fall from their high places, and
right in their time and place, but that the modern disciple
the voices of men are lost in the crash and thunder of the
should be discarding the old methods and steadily learning
fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals,
to employ the new and more modern and effective modes
and each time they come a peculiarly significant period of
of work. This he must learn to do optimistically and with
divine activity is ushered in; old things pass entirely away,
assurance, knowing that the benefits and the experience
yet the ancient landmarks are restored. The seventh Ray of
gained under the sixth ray system of discipline is still his
Ceremonial Order or Ritual is coming into manifestation.
most precious possession because it has been transmuted
The sixth Ray of Idealism or of Abstract Visioning is
from method and mode into characteristics and established
slowly passing out. The seventh ray will bring into expres-
habits. It is the new ways of working and the new forces
sion that which was visioned and that which constituted the
and objectives which the disciple of this present era has to
ideals of the preceding cycle of sixth ray activity. One ray
master; he [Page 110] must do this relying upon the lessons
prepares the way for another ray, and the reason for the
learnt in the past and must base his new structure of truth
manifestation of one ray or another is dependent upon the
upon the foundations and the stabilized orientations, which
Plan and divine Purpose. It is not often that two rays follow
must now be established.
each other in a regular numerical sequence, such as is now
The first step for the sincere aspirant is at this point to
happening. When this does happen, there eventuates a
stop for a moment to enquire and discover whether he is
rapid following of effect upon cause, and this today can
working primarily under the sixth ray impulse or the sev-
provide the basis for an assured hope.--EP I, 357­68.
enth ray influence. I use these words "impulse and influ-
ence" deliberately because they describe the general effect
This out-going [sixth] ray of devotion to the ideal, and
of the two functioning energies. Upon one thing all disci-
the incoming [seventh] ray of magical order or organization
ples and aspirants can rely and this is the basic and endur-
are largely responsible for the type of man's consciousness
ing effect of all the sixth ray potencies which have been
today. Man is essentially devoted (to the point of
established during the past two thousand years. These must
fanaticism) to whatever may be the goal of his life's atten-
be counted upon, offset and understood and the newer
tion. This goal may be to achieve discipleship, or to raise a
influence must then be studied, the newer methods investi-
family, or to get money, or to achieve [Page 82] popularity,
gated and mastered, and the new ideas and idealisms must
or any other objective to which he consecrates his time and
be brought through into objectivity and so expressed in a
energy; but whatever it may be, to it he devotes all that he
new way. Only thus can the new civilization and culture be
is or has. Man also is essentially and inherently a producer
wisely and sanely produced and the foundations laid for the
of law and order, though this quality is only just beginning
development of the human family along right lines during
to make its presence felt. This is because mankind is, at
the coming era. It will be of value, therefore, to compare
last, becoming mentally centered, and hence we have in the
the old and new ways of discipline and of training, of
world at this time the many and varied attempts to straight-
attribute and quality, and of method and objectives.-- DN,
en out affairs along business, national, economic, social

II. Sixth Ray Energy
The Sixth Ray Methods of Activity
process of orientation has been held before the race and for
the following reason. The fourth kingdom in nature has
Let us take the sixth ray methods of activity and its ma-
been definitely attracted upwards towards the emerging
jor characteristics first of all. They are, for us, the most
fifth kingdom and this has made necessary also the shift of
familiar and can be rapidly considered, enabling us to pass
attention away from the three worlds of human endeavor
on to the new ways of demonstrating and discovering the
and expression into the higher world of soul consciousness.
ancient wisdom, and to the comprehension of the fresh
It has necessitated likewise the refocusing of the instinctual
modes of working which will give new vitality to the work
and intellectual attention which are the main factors in the
of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane.
unfoldment of divine awareness. This awareness can be
Devotion & Right Orientation to Spiritual Values
instinctual, intellectual and therefore human, and also
The outstanding characteristic of the disciple and the
spiritual. But all three are equally divine, which is a point
aspirant under the old regime was devotion. The race had,
oft forgotten.
of necessity, to achieve a different and right orientation to
Capacity for Abstraction & Idealism
[Page 111] the world of spiritual values, and hence the ef-
The second objective of the sixth ray disciple or of the
fort of the Hierarchy during the past twenty centuries was
man who is emerging out of the sixth ray influence but is
to lay the emphasis upon the realm of religious values. The
still conditioned by it (being a representative human being
world religions have held the center of the stage for several
from the current evolutionary angle) has been the unfolding
thousand years in an effort to make humanity seek one-
of the "capacity for abstraction," as it has been called. The
pointedly for the soul and thus prepare itself for the
outstanding quality of our day and period, as a result of
emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature. This is slated (if
transmuting human quality and character in and through its
I might use such a specialized word) to come into manifes-
disciples, has been the expression of the idealistic nature of
tation during the imminent Aquarian age; this age will be
man, or of his instinctual response to the higher intuitional
predominantly the age of worldwide discipleship, leading
values. In the past, highly developed but rare people have
later to the age of universal initiation in Capricornian times.
here and there demonstrated this power to abstract the
Therefore the great world religions have held authoritative
consciousness from the material or form side of life and to
sway for a very long time; their peculiar tenets, adapted to
focus it upon the ideal and upon the formless expression of
specific nation, race or time, embodied some truth through
living truth. Today, whole masses of people and entire
the medium of some particular teacher who attracted to
nations are regimented to certain forms of idealism and can
himself individuals throughout the world who were
and do appreciate ideas, formulated into ideals. Thus again
spiritually minded, because he expressed for them the
the success of the evolutionary process can be seen [Page
highest goal towards which they could possibly strive. All
113] and the work of the Hierarchy, as it endeavors to
the world religions have been thus built around an
expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to be
embodied Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed the
immediate ideal of the time and age. He demonstrated
Because of the potency of the sixth ray activity, owing
certain divine attributes and concepts which it was neces-
to the long period wherein it has been expressing itself, the
sary to present to the vision of the sons of men as their
reaction of the average human being is one of intense devo-
possible and immediate goal. In these manifestations--as
tion to his particular ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to
I have earlier pointed out--the sixth ray influence is easily
impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentially is)
seen. When, however, an individual sixth ray influence can
upon his fellow men and to do so in such a form that
be noted in an era wherein the sixth ray is uniquely active,
unfortunately the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is
then the reason for the potency of the religious idea, as ex-
destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupied
pressed in theological dogma and doctrine and the uni-
by the method of applying his ideal than by the ideal itself.
versal authority of the Churches can be seen.
Thus the idea is lost in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn, in
This orientation of man to the world of higher values
the method of its application. The man becomes the devo-
has been the main objective of the Piscean age which is
tee of an ideal which may or may not be embodied in an
ending now and of the sixth ray influence which is so [Page
individual expression; this controls his thoughts, fore-or-
112] rapidly passing out. Though there has never been a
dains his activities and leads him frequently to merciless
time when this basic orientation has not been going steadily
excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea.
forward, it is of value to bear in mind that during the past
Under the immediate expression of the sixth ray, the
two thousand years a much higher, rarer and more difficult
divine principle of desire has shifted potently away from

the desire for material form into the realm of higher desire.
more acutely sensitized and developed during the past two
Though materialism is still rampant, there are few people
thousand years than in any previous period of ten thousand
who are not animated by certain definite idealistic aspira-
years. The reason for this is that the mind of man has been
tions for which they are ready, when needed, to make
consciously aiding in the process of coordinating the
sacrifices. This is a relatively new phenomenon and one
instincts and transmuting instinctual reaction, translating it
that should be carefully noted. Down the ages, great sons
into intelligent perception. In the case of the world
of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today,
disciples, this process has been carried forward into the
whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so,
next stage of unfoldment to which we give the name of
whether it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or
intuitional knowledge. The counterparts of the five senses
nation, or some response to a major world need, or some
and their higher correspondences upon the subtler planes
potent adherence to some current ideology. This indicates
are being rapidly unfolded, organized and recognized and
phenomenal racial achievement and the pronounced suc-
it is by means of these inner senses that spiritual discovery
cess of [Page 114] the Hierarchy to shift human attention
becomes possible as well as the more familiar psychic
into the world from whence ideas emerge and on to the
discoveries. In the three phases:
higher and the less material values.
a. Instinct to aspiration
The Instinct of Taste
b. Stimulation of divine desire
c. The reflection of reality
The instinct which has characterized this passing sixth
you have the history of the activity of the sixth ray and of
ray period and which has been noticeably fostered under its
its relation during the past few centuries to its major field
influence is that of taste--taste in food, in human
of expression, the astral plane.--DN, 110­16
intercourse, in color, in form, in art and architecture and in
all branches of human knowledge. This discriminating taste
has reached a relatively high stage of development during
the past two thousand years and "good taste" is a highly
As regards humanity as a whole, polarized as it is in the
cherished mass virtue and objective today. This is a totally
emotional nature, the effect of this sixth ray is potent in the
new thing and one which has been hitherto the prerogative
extreme. Its energy has been playing upon men ever since
of the highly cultured few. Ponder on this. It connotes
it came into incarnation, and the last one hundred fifty
evolutionary achievement. For the disciples of the world,
years have seen that potency become extremely effective.
this sense of taste has to be transmuted into its higher
Two factors have enhanced this effect:
correspondence--a discriminating sense of values. Hence
1. The sixth Ray of Idealism or of Devotion is the
the clear emphasis laid in all textbooks on discipleship
ray which normally governs the astral plane,
upon the need to develop discrimination. Desire--taste--
controlling its phenomena and coloring its
discrimination; these are the values, under the sixth ray, for
all evolutionary unfoldment and peculiarly the goal of all
2. The stream of energy, coming into our planetary
life from the constellation Pisces, has for two
Sixth Ray Methods
thousand years conditioned human experience
and is peculiarly fitted to blend with and com-
The methods whereby the activity of the sixth ray and
plement this sixth ray energy and to produce
its objectives have been imposed upon the race are three in
exactly the situation which is today governing
world affairs.
1. The development of instinct. This is followed by
[Page 579]
intelligently recognized desire and thus there is
The united activity of these two great streams of cosmic
a steady expansion of requirements, of realiza-
energy, playing upon and through the third planetary cen-
tion and then of reorientation.
ter, Humanity, has created the unique condition in which
2. The consequent stimulation of the human con-
"the race of men" can stand before the planetary Initiator,
sciousness towards expansion, leading finally to
the Christ, and under the focused stimulation of the Hier-
spiritual aspiration.
archy, pass through the appropriate initiation.
3. The reflection of reality in the mind conscious-
It should here be remembered that the masses of men
ness follows next and this is sensed, demanded
can and will take the first initiation, but that a very large
and sought through the medium of group work.
group of aspirants (far larger than is realized) will pass
[Page 115]
through the experience of the second initiation, that of the
The apparatus of the human being, which is the mech-
purifying Baptism. These are the people who express the
anism whereby the soul contacts the three worlds which
essential qualities of ideological recognition, devoted ad-
would be otherwise (under the present plan) sealed and hid-
herence to truth as sensed, profound reaction to the physi-
den to the experience and experiment of the soul, has been
cal disciplines (imposed since they participated in the first

initiation many lives earlier) and a growing responsiveness
ligent observers, this ideological situation is clear; it is a
to the aspirational aspect of the astral body; this aspiration
needed and preliminary stage to the creation of the new
is occupied with reaching out towards contact with and
world order; it provides a point of crisis and the required
expression of the mental principle. This particular group in
point of tension which will enable those aspirants who are
the human family are "kama-manasic" initiates, just as
ready today, in their thousands, to pass through the experi-
those taking the first initiation are "physico-etheric"
ence of the second initiation and to undergo the purification
of the fluid emotional nature in the Baptism Initiation.
It is the activity of this sixth ray which has brought out
Through this experience the kama-manasic aspirant will be
into the light of day the growing ideological tendencies of
in a positive and spiritual condition to bring about (on the
mankind. These world ideologies (of which there are many
astral plane) those fundamental changes, rearrangements
present in the world today) are created by a triple reaction
and readjustments which will [Page 581] bring that level of
to the two streams of energy mentioned above:
planetary consciousness into line with the immediate divine
1. The unfoldment of the mental principle in mankind
purpose: the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.
during this Aryan Age has forced desire into the
The work of sixth ray energy, the result of the long
form of great mass concepts; these unitedly are gov-
cycle of Piscean energy, and the impact of the incoming
erning the mass tendency toward mental unfold-
Aquarian energy will bring a potent transformation in the
"watery realm" of the astral plane. The symbol of that
2. The steadily growing soul influence, working like a
plane has ever been water--fluid, stormy, reflecting all
leaven on the astral plane, has lifted kama or desire
impressions, the source of mist and fog, and yet ever
out of its purely self-centered focus and brought in
essential to human living. The Piscean Age, now in process
a new and hitherto unexpressed group emotional
of passing away, is also closely related to this plane and to
consciousness; this leads the fused emotional nature
the symbol of water; it fixed in the human consciousness
of men into great ideological mass expression, still
the realization that "men are as fishes, immersed in the sea
selfish; expressed and impulsed as yet by emotional
of emotions." Aquarius is also known by the symbol of
excesses, but indicating new and better goals. These
water, for Aquarius is the "water-carrier." The sixth ray
goals will assume clearer and more desirable [Page
will bring together all these energies in time and space: ray
580] outlines when the second initiation is
energy, Piscean energy, Aquarian energy and the energy of
undergone by the world aspirant.
the astral plane itself; this again produces a vortex of force
3. The influence generated by the Shamballa energy
which is invocative of mental energy; it is a controlling
which has, for the first time, made direct contact
factor, which has plunged humanity into a tumultuous
with Humanity, is producing an emotional vortex in
awareness of clashing ideologies, which has precipitated a
which old ideals and institutions are seen divorced
reflected vortex in the world war, and which is responsible
from their hitherto controlling glamours. This
for the present crisis and point of tension. This critical
permits the new and better ideologies to emerge in
point of tension will enable groups of aspirants who--
the consciousness of the race.
having passed through the first initiation--can undergo the
Baptism experience, again a word identified with water.
All these factors are responsible for the world situation
Simultaneously, large masses of men will take the first
at this time; great ideologies, potent groupings of workers
initiation and "in the house of bread" stand before the
and thinkers dedicated to the changing of the old order, and
massed efforts to end separativeness are all present simul-
The coming Christ will therefore initiate two groups of
taneously. The essential etheric world unity (of which the
aspirants within the near future and in preparation for His
telephone, the radio, and the airplane are the tangible
coming; it is the closer approach of the Christ and of the
expression) is swinging vast groups of men everywhere
Hierarchy of Masters to humanity which is implementing
into united emotional activity, thus creating those pre-
the initiatory energies, which is crystallizing the ideologies
liminary testings which ever precede initiation, and by
present today in the human consciousness, and fostering--
means of which those capable of taking the second initia-
if I may so express it--the latent ideology of the Kingdom
tion are today passing.
of God....
I cannot here enlarge upon the various ideologies which
are presenting themselves to the world of men--impulsed
by the Hierarchy, precipitated into the human conscious-
Let me sum up what I have said anent the effect of sixth
ness from the mental plane by the new group of world
ray energy [in connection with humanity]:
servers, implemented by the energy of the sixth ray, by the
a. The development of a tendency to clarify the
dominant Piscean energy and by the organizing energy of
world atmosphere, thus releasing the energy of
the incoming seventh ray, and responded to emotionally by
the masses of men focused on the astral plane. To all intel-
b. The production of a condition wherein "the race

of men" can take either the first or the second
livingness, and the beauty and the love which it can reflect
from its contact with Him, the founder of Christianity but
c. The sudden and powerful emergence of the
not of Churchianity.--DN, 39­40
world ideologies.
d. A basic transformation within the astral plane
Six Ray Blindness & Narrowness
itself which is producing points of crisis and a
point of tension.--RI
Under the influence of the Piscean cycle which is now
in process of termination, the sixth Ray of Idealism or
Devotion was predominantly active. This is the ray of one-
pointed determination and--from one angle--it is the ray
The Sixth Ray & Religion
of blind procedure. The individual, the group or humanity,
Pure religion, undefiled and spiritually focused, is the
sees only one aspect of reality at any one time, and (be-
higher expression of the sixth ray (working as is ever the
cause of man's present point in the evolutionary process)
case under the influence and potency of the second ray) and
usually the least desirable aspect. All else is sealed to them;
for us Christianity in its earlier days was the great and
they vision only one picture; their horizon is limited to only
inspiring symbol.
one point of the compass (speaking esoterically). To the
In the same connection, among the lower aspects of the
mass of humanity, the aspect of reality which was visioned
sixth ray are to be found all forms of dogmatic, authorita-
and for which men lived and died was the material world,
tive religion as expressed by the organized and orthodox
material comfort, material possessions and material enter-
churches. All formulated theologies are the lower expres-
prises; to this the labor movement today and the tendencies
sion of the higher spiritual truths because they embody the
already apparent in the United Nations bear incontro-
mind reactions of the religious man, his confidence in his
vertible testimony. To a much smaller group of human
own personal mind deductions and the surety that he is
beings the world of the intelligence appears paramount, and
obviously right. They do not embody the spiritual values as
the concrete mind is the desired ruler or controlling factor.
they truly exist. Consequently the dreadful nature of the
All, therefore, remains within the area of material control
lower expressions of the sixth ray and the control by the
and interest.
forces of separativeness (which are ever the outstanding
The solar plexus center is consequently the dominant
characteristic of the lower sixth ray activity) can be seen
factor, because--even in the case of the intelligentsia--it
[Page 40] nowhere more potently than in religious and
is desire for material well-being, for territorial possessions
Church history with its hatreds and bigotry, its pomp and
and for planned governmental and economic material deci-
luxurious appeal to the outer ear and eye, and its separa-
sions which control and motivate the individual, the group
tiveness from all other forms of faith as well as its internal
or the nation. These are not necessarily wrong, but (under
dissensions, its protesting groups and its cliques and cabals.
the present emotional-desire concept) they are placed in the
The Church has wandered far from the simplicity which is
foremost position and are regarded as causal in their nature;
in Christ. Theologians have lost (if they ever possessed it)
nevertheless they are fundamentally secondary [Page 677]
the "mind that is in Christ" and the outstanding need of the
in their nature, and are effectual in their essential nature,
Church today is to relinquish theology, to let go all doctrine
placing the emphasis upon the word "effect." Humanity,
and dogma and to turn upon the world the light that is in
even in its advanced brackets, is not yet able to think on
Christ, and thus demonstrate the fact of Christ's eternal
causal levels.--RI, 676­77.
III. Seventh Ray Energy
the sixth ray has prepared humanity for the imminent
happenings with which it is faced. Through doing this,
We can now consider the seventh ray in its relation to
there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the
the present situation in the same way as we considered the
developing process and of the emerging events and of the
sixth ray. When we studied the sixth ray, we considered
imminent happenings which may logically be expected.
first the effect of the ray upon the work and training, the
What I have now to say will not be followed with ease
life and the plans of the disciple, conditioning as it inevi-
[Page 122] or with due appreciation by the sixth ray disci-
tably must his activities and life output. Then we consid-
ple, because the methods employed by Those Who are
ered the motivating principle of desire in this connection.
handling and directing the new energies are not compre-
Finally we touched upon the three modes of the prevalent
hensible by him, grounded as he is in the methods of the
ray activity. Let us follow the same procedure now, thus
past; hence the appearance of the fundamentalist schools,
gaining some idea of the relationship between the sixth and
found in every field of thought--religious, political, and
the seventh rays and the manner in which the potency of

even scientific. Again, when the sixth ray disciple attempts
intensification of the forces functioning through the etheric
to use the new incoming energies, they express themselves
body, through the coordination of the seven major centers,
for him upon the astral plane and the result is astral magic,
and the establishing of their rhythmic relationship. The
deepened glamour, and pronounced deception. To this fact
seventh ray governs predominantly upon the etheric levels
must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claim-
of [Page 118] the physical plane. It does not govern the
ing to teach magic, to bring about certain magical results,
dense physical form which is under the control of the third
to work with rays of differing colors and to utilize Words
ray. It is the vital or the etheric body which is responsive to
of Power, to pronounce decrees and to be repositories of
and developed by the incoming seventh ray influences.
the hitherto unrevealed wishes and secrets of the Masters
In considering the methods whereby the seventh ray
of the Wisdom. It is all a form of astral glamour, and the
purposes are achieved, I would like to point out that it is in
contacting upon the astral plane of that which will later
this part of our discussion that I am limited and handicap-
precipitate upon earth. But the time is not yet and the hour
ped by language, because we are dealing with that which is
for such usages has not arrived. The sense of time and the
new and, therefore, not as yet to be truly comprehended,
understanding of the correct hour for the carrying out of the
and with those developments which will be eventually
Plan in its future detail has not been learnt by these sincere,
brought about by means of a true and scientific magic. This
but deluded, people and--focused as they are upon the
new magic will have no more relation to the crude attempts
astral plane and undeveloped as they are mentally--they
and oft ridiculous undertakings of the magicians, alchem-
misinterpret to themselves and for others that which they
ists and performers of the past than c-a-t, cat, has to an al-
there psychically sense. They know far too little and yet
gebraical formula. I would remind you also that in that
believe that they know much. They speak with authority,
home of ancient magic which you call Egypt, the magical
but it is the authority of the unexpanded mind. The
work there performed was definitely concentrated upon the
expression of old magical patterns, the digging up of hints
producing of physical effects and material results, and that
and indications of crystallized and worn-out methods from
the focus of the attention of the magician of the day can be
the ancient past is all too prevalent at this time and it is
seen in the stupendous production of those ancient and
responsible for much deception of the masses and conse-
gigantic forms, standing silent and still in their pristine
quent mass delusion.
magnificence, which today call for the attention of archae-
ologists and travelers; the forms of lesser magic which they
True White Magic
produced were dedicated to the magical protection of the
White magic--as I would have you remember--is con-
physical form and allied matters. In later days, we have the
cerned [Page 123] with the unfoldment of the soul in form
appearance of alchemy in its many forms plus its search for
and its gaining needed experience thereby. It is not con-
the Philosopher's Stone and the teaching as to the three
cerned with direct work upon the form but with the indirect
basic mineral elements. They were driven esoterically and
influence of the soul, functioning in any form in every
from the subjective side of life to search for that which
kingdom in nature as it brings the form under its control,
could unify the three lower physical levels and this is in its
thereby effecting needed and developing changes in the
nature deeply symbolic of racial unfoldment. These levels
apparatus of contact. The white magician knows that when
symbolize the integrated man--physical, astral and mental.
the proper and correct ray stimulation is applied to the
When to these elements the Philosopher's [Page 119] Stone
center which we call the soul in any form but not to the
is added and has done its magical work, then you have the
form itself, that then the soul, thus stimulated, will do its
symbolic representation of the control by the soul of the
own work of destruction, of attraction, of rebuilding and of
four higher levels of the physical plane, the etheric or
a consequent renewed life manifestation. This is true of the
energy levels. Of this desirable consummation, the
soul of man, of the soul of a nation and of the soul of
Philosopher's Stone is the emblem. I said "emblem," and
humanity itself. Bear this in mind, for I have here stated a
I did not say "symbol." A symbol is an outer and visible
basic and fundamental rule by which all white magic is
sign of an inner and spiritual reality, carried out into ex-
agelessly governed.
pression upon the physical plane by the force of the inner
The powers of the magical age are many and one of the
embodied life. An emblem is man's formulation of a con-
reasons the seventh ray is now making its appearance is
cept, created by man and embodying for him the truth as he
that, owing to the rapid perfecting and integration of the
sees it and understands it. A symbol is ever greater in its
human personality, the higher integration between soul and
implications than is an emblem.
personality is today more possible and more easily accom-
The etheric levels are also the field of expression for the
plished than ever before. The new forms, through which
soul, whether it is the human soul or the soul as an
that much desired consummation can be affected, must be
expression of the higher triad, the monadic life. I wonder
consequently gradually and scientifically developed. This,
whether any of you have the faintest idea what will happen
as you may well conceive, will be achieved through the
to humanity when the inner subjective reality, functioning
through the etheric and pouring its forces unimpeded

through the centers in that body, will have made its major
balla force upon the forms in nature, due to the misuse of
controlling integration with the dense physical apparatus,
the incoming energy by man. War in the past, speaking
reducing it to complete submission as a result of the higher
generally and esoterically, has been based consistently
integration, consummated between the soul and the
upon the attractive power of possessions and this has led to
the aggressive and grasping character of the motives which
have led to war. Gradually [Page 121] there has been a
Seventh & First Ray Relationships
change coming about and war has lately been founded
The seventh ray is one of the direct lines along which
upon somewhat higher motives and the acquisition of more
this first ray energy can travel and here again is another
land and territorial possessions has not been the true and
reason for its appearance at this time, because, in the
the main motive. War has been prompted by economic
releasing of the life into the new and improved forms, the
necessity, or it has been in the nature of the imposition of
old ways of living, of culture and of civilization have to be
the will of some nation or group of nations and their desire
destroyed or modified. This is, all of it, the work of the first
to impose some ideology or other upon some nation or to
Ray of Will expressing itself predominantly at this present
rid itself of a worn out system of thought, of government,
time through the seventh Ray of Organization and Rela-
of religious dogma which is holding back racial
development. This is being now consciously done and is an
We are, therefore, at a most interesting and crucial peri-
expression of the Shamballa or will force and is not so
od in racial and planetary history--a period unlike any
definitely the desire force of the past.
which has preceded it and for the reason that the evolution-
ary process has been definitely successful in spite of all
Unification of the Four Lower Kingdoms
failures, mistakes, and delays; of these latter there have
It is for this reason that the seventh ray is spoken of as
been many owing to the refusal (curious and difficult to
governing the mineral kingdom and also as manifesting
understand in your eyes) of the Energies, concentrated at
through its mediumship that significant soul characteristic
Shamballa, to impose the force of will on matter and on
and quality which we call radiation. That word effectively
form until such time as this can be done with the coopera-
describes the result of soul stimulation upon and within
tion of the human family. This has never been possible
every form. The life of the soul eventually radiates beyond
hitherto, owing to the unpreparedness of man for the task
the form and this radiation produces definite and calculated
[Page 120] and his ignorance as to the Plan. The Lord of
effects. The sixth ray is, as you know, very closely related
Shamballa and His Helpers have had to wait until at least
to the animal kingdom and its effect there is to produce in
the dim outlines of the Plan had penetrated through into the
the higher forms of animal life the quality and expression
consciousness of the race; this is beginning to happen with
of domesticity, and the adaptability of the animal to human
increasing frequency, and from day to day more and more
contact. The rays controlling the animal kingdom are the
intelligent men and women are coming (or are being
seventh, the third and the sixth. Hence you can easily see
brought) into touch with the emerging ideas of the Hier-
that the relation which exists between the higher animals
archy. We can look, therefore, for the steady appearance,
and man is a ray relation and, therefore, useful under the
gradually and cautiously applied, of the will energy of the
evolutionary law and inevitable in its results. The rays
highest center (Shamballa) which is to be found upon our
governing the vegetable kingdom are the sixth, the second
planet. This center corresponds to the monadic center
and the fourth and here again there is an interlocking [Page
which makes its power felt in the consciousness of the
124] relation through the medium of the sixth ray. The
disciple who is ready for the third initiation. Once the
human kingdom is governed by the fourth, the fifth and
second initiation has been taken, the watching Hierarchy
again the fourth and this again indicates relationship. Some
can begin to note the constant reorientation of the soul
day these relations and inter-connected lines of force will
towards the monad, and the attractive power of that highest
be better understood and scientifically studied and the lines
aspect over the initiate. Today, so many members of the
of related energies investigated. This interlocking
human family--in incarnation or out of incarnation--have
directorate of energies will engage the attention of some of
taken the first two initiations that the attention of Sham-
the best minds and when that takes place much will be
balla is being increasingly turned to humanity, via the
learnt. This information is, however, of negligible use at
Hierarchy, whilst simultaneously the thoughts of men are
this time and will remain so until such time as men are
being turned to the Plan, to the use of the will in direction
sensitive to the vibration of the different rays and can
and guidance, and to the nature of dynamic force. The
isolate a ray rhythm in their consciousness. When this
quality, for instance, of the explosive and dynamic nature
sensitivity is developed, then many rapid, significant and
of war in this century is indicative of this, for the will
revolutionary discoveries will be made.
energy in one of its aspects is an expression of death and
One of the inevitable effects of seventh ray energy will
destruction; the first ray is the ray of the destroyer. What
be to relate and weld into a closer synthesis the four
can, therefore, be seen occurring is the effect of the Sham-
kingdoms in nature. This must be done as preparatory to

the long fore-ordained work of humanity which is to be the
forms of the coming culture and civilization; towards the
distributing agency for spiritual energy to the three sub-
end of the seventh ray cycle he will work equally hard to
human kingdoms. This is the major task of service which
perpetuate what he has brought about. He wields force in
the fourth kingdom, through its incarnating souls, has
order to build the forms which will meet his requirements
undertaken. The radiation from the fourth kingdom will
and does this more scientifically than do disciples on other
some day be so potent and far-reaching that its effects will
rays. The sixth ray devotee is far more abstract and mysti-
permeate down into the very depths of the created
cal in his work and thought, and seldom has any real under-
phenomenal world, even into the mineral kingdom. Then
standing of the right relation between form and energy. He
we shall see the results to which the great initiate, Paul,
thinks almost entirely in terms of quality and pays little
refers when he speaks of the whole creation waiting for the
attention to the material side of life and the true signif-
manifestation of the Sons of God. That manifestation is that
icance of substance as it produces phenomena. He is apt to
of radiating glory and power and love.
regard matter as evil in nature and form as a limitation, and
only lays the emphasis upon soul consciousness as of true
Effects on Animals and Animal Bodies
importance. It is this failure to work intelligently, and I
Incidentally I might point out here that the seventh ray
would [Page 127] like to add, lovingly with substance and
influence will have three definite effects upon the fourth
so bring it into right relation with the dense outer form that
and third kingdoms in nature. These are as follows:
has made the last two thousand years produce so disas-
1. All animal bodies will be steadily refined and in the
trously a mismanaged world and which has brought the
case of humanity consciously refined, and so
population of the planet into its present serious condition.
brought to a higher and more specialized state of
The unintelligent work upon the physical plane, carried
development. This is today proceeding with rapid-
forward by those influenced by the sixth ray force, has led
ity. Diet and athletics, open air and sunshine are
to a world which is suffering from cleavage in as true a
doing much for the race and in the next two genera-
sense as an individual person can suffer from a "split per-
tions fine bodies and sensitive natures will make
sonality." The lines of demarcation between science and
their appearance and the soul will have far better
religion are a striking instance of this and have been clearly
instruments through which to work.
and forcefully drawn. The cleavage to which I refer has
2. The relation between the human and the animal
been drawn by the churchmen of the past and by no one
kingdoms will become increasingly close. The
else; the lines have been determined by the mystics,
service of the animal to man is well recognized and
impractical and visionary, and by the fanatical devotees of
of ceaseless expression. The service of man to the
some idea who were, nevertheless, unable to see the broad
animals is not yet understood though some steps in
implications and the universal nature of these recognized
the right direction are being taken. There must
ideas. I am generalizing. There have been many devoted
eventually be a close synthesis and sympathetic co-
and holy sons of God who have never been guilty of the
ordination between them and when this is the case
above stupidities and separative tendencies. At the same
some very extraordinary occurrences of animal
time as we recognize this, we must also recognize that or-
mediumship under human inspiration will take
thodox religion has temporarily separated the two great
place. By means of this, the intelligent factor in the
concepts of spirit and matter in their thought and teaching,
animal (of which instinct is the embryonic mani-
thereby pushing apart religion and science.
festation) will be rapidly developed and this is one
The task of the new age workers is to bring these two
of the outstanding results of the intended human-
apparent opposites together, to demonstrate that spirit and
animal relationship.
matter are not antagonistic to each other and that through-
3. There will be, as a consequence of this quickened
out the universe there is only spiritual substance, working
evolution, the rapid destruction of certain types of
on and producing the outer tangible forms.
animal bodies. Very low grade human bodies will
When a form and an activity is what you call evil, it is
disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types
only so because the motivating energy behind the form and
towards a higher standard. Many species of animals
responsible for the activity is wrongly oriented, selfishly
will also die out and are today disappearing, and
impulsed and incorrectly used. Here again the two basic
hence the increasing emphasis upon the preservation
truisms of modern occultism (there are others which will
of animals and the establishing of game preserves.
[Page 128] be imparted when these two are mastered and
rightly applied) are of importance:
Practicality & Physical Plane Focus
1. Energy follows thought.
One of the major characteristics of the seventh ray dis-
2. Right motive creates right action and right forms.
ciple is his intense practicality. He works upon the physical
plane with a constant and steady objective in order to bring
These two statements are of very ancient origin but are as
about results which will be effective in determining the
yet but little understood. Hence the first thing which every

disciple has to learn is the nature, control and direction of
but as a general rule the life incentive or impulse is astral,
energy; he does this by working with initiating causes, by
and this can either be called desire or aspiration, according
learning the nature of the realm of causes and by develop-
to the objective. The latter may simply [Page 130] be
ing the capacity to get behind the effect to the cause which
mental ambition or desire for power and the term "aspira-
generated or produced it. In the case of the individual disci-
tion" should not be confined only to so-called religious
ple and in the preliminary stage of his training, this in-
impulses, mystical longings and the demand for liberation.
volves the constant investigation of his motives until he has
The seventh ray disciple works consciously by means of
discovered what they are and has so directed his thought
certain laws, the laws governing form and its relation to
that those motives can, in every case, be depended upon to
spirit or life. In A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, I gave you the
work automatically and dynamically under soul direction.
three major laws of the solar system and the seven subsidi-
The sixth ray disciple, in the majority of cases, carries
ary laws through which these three express themselves; I
his work down as far as the astral plane and there lies the
gave you also indications as to the laws which govern
focus of his attention, his life and his thought. Auto-
group work. You must remember that disciples upon dif-
matically and of necessity, his physical nature responds to
ferent rays will wield these laws according to the quality of
the impulse sent from the astral plane, motivated from the
their ray impulses (I am handicapped here for words which
mental and--at times--directed by the soul. But the poten-
are appropriate), interpreting them in terms of their specific
cy of this desire and his determination to see the fruit of his
life obligation or dharma and producing the desired results
labor has produced much difficulty in the past by arresting
through the medium of differing ray techniques, con-
the true expression of the originating impulse. It is arrested
forming always, however, to the inevitability of the results
upon the astral plane. This has been balanced by the cyclic
wrought by the energies which they have released to play
intervention of other ray forces or otherwise the situation
upon forces under the laws of their being. The sixth ray
would be much worse than it is. The seventh ray disciple
disciple, working with the laws of nature and of the soul,
will bring the energy which he is wielding right down on to
will qualify his results and produce his creative forms upon
the physical plane, thereby producing integration; and the
the astral plane; he has consequently to learn frequently to
dualism which characterizes it will be that of a center of
work through a seventh ray personality for several lives
energy upon the mental plane and one upon the [Page 129]
(either before or after achieving discipleship) before he will
physical plane. The dualism of the sixth ray worker is that
be able to bring through on to the physical plane his dream
of the pairs of opposites upon the astral plane.
and his vision. The seventh ray disciple has no such
It will be apparent, therefore, that, having established
problem. By his knowledge of ritual (which is the ancient
the two points of energy (mental and physical), the next
codified means whereby the attractive and expressive na-
task of the worker in magic will be to produce a synthesis
ture of the energies to be employed are organized and re-
upon the physical plane of the available energies, to con-
lated), by his understanding of the "Words of Power"
cretize them, and invest that which has been constructed
(which he discovers by experiment) and by using the po-
with the potency of activity and persistence. Three kinds of
tency of sound, the disciple of the future will work and
energy, in the majority of cases, will be employed:
build the new world with its culture and civilization. A
1. The energy of the mind. This will be the dominant
curious [Page 131] indication of the effect of the seventh
controlling energy used during the period of
ray magical work upon the mass consciousness is the
accepted discipleship and until the second initiation.
growing use of slogans and of "catch phrases" (is that not
2. The energy of the soul. This will be wielded, used
the term used?) which are employed to bring about results
and creatively employed from the second until the
and to sweep human beings into certain forms of mass
third initiation.
action. This is the embryonic use of the Words of Power,
3. The energy of soul and mind, blended and syn-
and from a study of their tonal values, their numerological
thesized. This combination is of tremendous poten-
indications and their inherent potency, men will eventually
cy. After the fourth initiation, this will be aug-
arrive at vast magical achievements and creations,
mented by energy coming from the Monad.
producing group activity and the appearance of certain
forms of expression upon the outer plane. After all, scien-
I would have you bear in mind that, though all is energy yet
tific formulas have reduced the most intricate and abstruse
at the same time in correct esoteric teaching the higher im-
discoveries to a few signs and symbols. The next step is to
pulsive activity is called energy and that which is condi-
embody these signs and symbols into a word or words, thus
tioned by and swept into activity through its agency is
imparting to them what is esoterically called "the power of
called force. The terms are therefore relative and movable.
embodiment." If I might express it this way, the ancient
For the bulk of humanity, for instance, astral impulse is the
statement that "God spoke and the world were made"
highest energy to which they normally aspire and the forces
simply means that God's formula for creation was reduced
upon which astral energy plays will then be the etheric and
to a great Word which He sounded forth and the inevitable
physical forces. Higher energies may intermittently control,
results followed. Something of this process on a tiny

human scale will be seen happening in the coming age. At
when He said: "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men." The
present, what I have said above may sound fanciful and
emphasis of all sixth ray work is Attraction and Repulsion
fantastic to the average student.
--hence division and cleavage, producing eventually a
It will be obvious to you that seventh ray disciples wield
realization of the necessity for a consciously undertaken
much power and for this reason all teachings emphasize
synthesis and integration, mentally motivated and pro-
purity of motive. In the past, the emphasis has been laid
duced. The history of Christianity (which is the history of
upon purity of body in the case of the sixth ray disciples.
Europe) will stand illumined if the Law of Attraction and
As was inevitable, they have carried the idea to a fanatical
Repulsion is studied in connection with its eventful past.
extent, and have stressed celibacy, asceticism, and stringent
The use and misuse of this law and its constant inter-
rules of physical life, oft making sinful what is natural. This
pretations in terms of material desire, personal ambitions,
has been a necessary stage in their development, for it was
and territorial control produced the many schisms and
essential that the physical plane should become a greater
cleavages and will account for much that happened. Under
factor in their consciousness and that their attention should
the seventh ray influence, these cleavages will end and
be turned from the realm of abstraction (which is their line
synthesis will eventually take place.
of least resistance) and focused upon physical living, for,
The keynote of the seventh ray disciple is "Radiatory
again, energy follows thought. Thus their attitude to life
Activity." Hence the emergence in world thought of certain
could become more practical and the necessary integration
new ideas--mental radiation or telepathy, the radiatory use
take place. New age disciples emphasize the mental prin-
of heat, the discovery of radium. All this connotes seventh
ciple, because it conditions thought and speech. All magi-
ray activity.
cal work is based upon the energy of thought and of the
The divine principle with which the seventh ray human-
spoken word (the expression of the two magical centers
ity will be mainly concerned is that of life as it expresses
referred to above) and purity in the realm of the mind and
itself through the medium of the etheric body. It is for this
motive is regarded consequently as a basic essential.
reason that we find a growing interest in the nature of
vitality; the function of the glands is being studied and
The Western School of Occultism
before long their major function as vitality generators will
The seventh ray influence is that which will produce in
be noted. Esoterically, they are regarded as externalizations
a peculiar and unexpected sense the Western School of
upon the physical plane of force centers in the etheric body
Occultism just as the sixth ray impulse has produced the
and their aliveness or their lack of activity are indicative of
Eastern School of Occultism--the latter bringing the light
the [Page 134] condition of those centers. The shift of the
down on to the astral plane and the new incoming influence
world interest is also into the realm of economics which is
carrying it down on to the physical. The Eastern teaching
definitely the realm of life sustenance. Much is, therefore,
affected Christianity and indicated and determined the lines
bound to happen in all these spheres of interest, and once
of its development and Christianity is definitely a bridging
the etheric body becomes an established scientific fact and
religion. The roles will eventually be reversed and the shift
the centers--major and minor--are recognized as the foci
of the "light in the East" will be over Europe and America.
of all energy as it expresses itself through the human body
This will inevitably bring about the needed and desired
upon the physical plane, we shall see a great revolution
synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path. It will
take place in medicine, in diet and in the handling of daily
lead later to the formulation of the higher way; of this it is
life activity. This will produce great changes in the mode of
useless to speak at this time for you would not comprehend.
work and labor and above everything else in the leisure
None of the foundational and ancient Rules of the Road
activities of the race.
will ever be abrogated or discarded. Just as men used to
Seventh Ray Methods
travel on the ancient highways on foot, conforming to the
This thought brings to our attention the three methods
requirement of their time and age, and today travel by rail
of activity as employed by all the ray workers and which
or automobile (arriving at the same destination) so the same
differ for each ray. Those which will eventually control the
road will be followed, the same goal achieved but there
seventh ray types will gradually bring about changed
may be different procedures, varying safeguards and
attitudes to life and very different methods of daily living:
changed protective measure. The rules may vary from time
to time in order to provide easier indication [Page 133] and
1. Group activity for the scientific relation of sub-
adequate protection. The training of the disciple in the
stance and energy.
future will differ in detail from that of the past but the basic
2. The stimulation of etheric forms through rightly
rules remain authoritative.
directed force.
3. The correct distribution, through scientific study, of
vital energy.
The keynote, governing the development of the sixth
We are entering a scientific age, but it will be a science
ray disciple, was expressed for him in the words of Christ

which passes out of the impasse which it has now reached
men will create necessarily a ferment in the daily life of
and which--having penetrated as it has into the realm of
peoples everywhere; the life of the personality, oriented
the intangible--will begin to work far more subjectively
hitherto to the attaining of material and purely selfish ends,
than heretofore. It will recognize the existence of senses
will be at war with the new and inner realization; the "car-
which are super-sensory and which are extensions of the
nal" man (to use the words of Paul, the initiate) will be bat-
five physical senses, and this will be forced upon science
tling the spiritual man, each seeking to achieve control. In
because of the multitude of reliable people who will poss-
the early stages, after the "birth" and during the "infancy of
ess them and who [Page 135] can work and live in the
the Christ-Child" (again speaking in symbols), the material
worlds of the tangible and the intangible simultaneously.
aspect is triumphant. Later, the Christ life triumphs. This
The mass of reputable testimony will be incontrovertible.
you well know. Each initiation indicates a stage in the
The moment that the subjective world of causes is proven
growth and the development of this new factor in the hu-
to exist (and this will come through the indisputable
man consciousness and expression, continuing until the
evidence of man's extended senses) science will enter a
third initiation, when there emerges the "full-grown man in
new era; its focus of attention will change; the possibilities
Christ." The initiate is then ready, at the fifth initiation, to
of discovery will be immense and materialism (as that word
register, realize and record the long awaited revelation.
is now understood) will vanish. Even the word "materi-
In connection with the individual and the first initiation,
alism" will become obsolete and men in the future will be
the seventh ray is always active and the man is enabled
amused at the limited vision of our modern world and won-
consciously to register the fact of initiation because either
der why we thought and felt as we did.--DN
the brain or the mind (and frequently both) are controlled
by the seventh ray. It is this fact which is of importance
The Seventh Ray & Initiation
today in connection with humanity, for it will enable
This incoming of a ray always produces an intensified
mankind to pass through the door admitting them to the
period of initiatory activity, and this is the case today. The
first initiatory process. It will be apparent to you why the
major effect, as far as humanity is concerned, is to make
present period in which human beings (in large groups) can
possible the presentation of thousands of aspirants and
take the first initiation corresponds to a situation in which
applicants for the first initiation; men on a large scale and
bread is the major interest of men everywhere. Humanity
in mass formation can today pass through the experience of
will pass through this "birth" initiation and manifest the
the Birth Initiation. Thousands of human beings can
Christ life on a large scale for the first time during a period
experience the birth of the Christ within themselves and
of economic adjustment of [Page 571] which the word
can realize that the Christ life, the Christ nature and the
"bread" is but a symbol. This period started in the year
Christ consciousness are theirs. This "new birth" initiation
1825 and will continue until the end of this century. The
of the human family will take place in Bethlehem, sym-
unfoldment of the Christ life--as a result of the presence
bolically understood, for Bethlehem is the "house of bread"
and activities of the second divine aspect of love--will
--an occult term signifying physical plane experience.
result in the ending of economic fear, and the "house of
These great initiations, implemented by the ray energies,
bread" will become the "house of plenty." Bread--as the
must be registered in the physical brain and recorded by the
symbol of material human need--will eventually be
waking consciousness of the initiate, and this must be the
controlled by a vast group of initiates of the first initiation
case in this amazing period wherein--for the first time
--by those whose lives are beginning to be controlled by
since humanity appeared on Earth--there can take place a
the Christ-consciousness, which is the consciousness of
mass initiation. The experience need not be expressed in
responsibility and service. These initiates exist in their
occult terms, and in the majority of cases will not be; the
thousands today; they will be present in their millions by
individual initiate who takes this initiation is aware of great
the time the year 2025 arrives. All this re-orientation and
changes in his attitude to himself, to his fellow men, to
unfoldment will be the result of the activity of the seventh
circumstances, and to his interpretation of life events.
ray and of the impact of its radiation upon humanity.
These are peculiarly the reactions which attend the first
The seventh ray is, par excellence, the medium of rela-
initiation; a new orientation to life and a new [Page 570]
tionship. It brings together the two fundamental aspects of
world of thought are registered by the initiate. This will be
spirit and matter. It relates soul and form and, where
equally true on a large scale where modern man, the world
humanity is concerned, it relates soul and personality. In
initiate of the first degree, is concerned. Men will recognize
the first initiation, it makes the initiate aware of that rela-
the evidences in many lives of the emergence of the
tion; it enables him to take advantage of this "approaching
Christ-consciousness, and the standard of living will
duality" and--by the perfecting of the contact--to produce
increasingly be adjusted to the truth as it exists in the
upon the physical plane the emergence into manifestation
teachings of the Christ.
of the "new man." At the first initiation, through the stimu-
This developing Christ-consciousness in the masses of
lation brought about by seventh ray energy, the personality
of the initiate and the hovering overshadowing soul are

consciously brought together; the initiate then knows that
security, is being implemented through the incoming Ray
he is--for the first time--a soul-infused personality. His
of Order or Ceremonial Magic. The white magic of right
task is now to grow into the likeness of what he essentially
human relations cannot be stopped; it must inevitably dem-
is. This development is demonstrated at the third initiation,
onstrate effectively, because the energy of this seventh ray
that of the Transfiguration.
is present, and the Lord of the Ray is cooperating with the
The major function of this seventh ray is to bring
Lord of the World to bring about the needed "reforming."
together the negative and positive aspects of the natural
Soul-infused personalities, acting under this ray influence,
processes. It consequently governs the sex relationship of
will create the new world, express the new qualities and
all forms; it is the potency underlying the marriage relation,
institute those new regimes and organized modes of crea-
and hence as this ray comes into manifestation in this world
tive activity which will demonstrate the new livingness and
cycle, we have the appearance of fundamental sex [Page
the new techniques of living. It is the distortion of these
572] problems--license, disturbance in the marriage rela-
seventh ray ideals and the prostitution of this incoming
tion, divorce and the setting in motion of those forces
energy to serve the unenlightened and selfish ambitions of
which will eventually produce a new attitude to sex and the
greedy men which has produced those totalitarian systems
establishing of those practices, attitudes and moral
which today so terribly imprison the free spirit of men.
perceptions which will govern the relation between the
To sum up what I have said:
sexes during the coming New Age.
1. The energy of the seventh ray is the potent agent of
The first initiation is therefore closely related to this
initiation when taken on the physical plane, that is,
problem. The seventh ray governs the sacral center and the
during the process of the first initiation.
sublimation of its energy into the throat or into the higher
2. Its effect upon humanity will be:
creative center; this ray is therefore setting in motion a
a. To bring about the birth of the Christ-conscious-
period of tremendous creative activity, both on the material
ness among the masses of intelligently aspiring
plane through the stimulation of the sex life of all peoples
human beings.
and in the three worlds through the stimulation brought
b. To set in motion certain relatively new evolu-
about when soul and form are consciously related. The first
tionary processes which will transform humanity
major proof that humanity (through the medium of the
(the world disciple) into humanity (the world
majority of its advanced people) has undergone the first
initiation will be the appearance of a cycle of entirely new
c. To establish in a new and intelligible manner the
creative art. This creative urge will take forms which will
ever-existent sense of relationship and thus bring
express the new incoming energies. Just as the period
about upon the physical plane right human
governed by the sixth ray has culminated in a world where-
relations. The agent of this is goodwill, a
in men work in great workshops and factories to produce
reflection [Page 574] of the will-to-good of the
the plethora of objects men deem needful for their
first divine aspect. Of this first Ray of Will or
happiness and well-being, so in the seventh ray cycle we
Purpose, goodwill is the reflection.
shall see men engaged on an even larger scale in the field
d. To readjust negative and positive relationships,
of creative art. Devotion to objects will eventually be
and--today--this will be carried forward
superseded by the creation of that which will more truly
primarily in connection with the sex relation and
express the Real; ugliness and materiality will give place to
beauty and reality. On a large scale, humanity has already
e. To intensify human creativity and thus bring in
been "led from darkness to light" and the light of
the new art as a basis for the new culture and as
knowledge fills the land. In the period which lies ahead and
a conditioning factor in the new civilization.
under the influencing radiation of the seventh ray,
f. To reorganize world affairs and so initiate the
humanity will be "led from the unreal to the Real." This the
new world order. This is definitely in the realm
first initiation makes possible for the individual and will
of ceremonial magic.--RI
make possible for the mass of men.
Ceremonial & Ritual
Seventh ray energy is the energy needed to bring order
out of chaos and rhythm to replace disorder. It is this
It might be wise here to elucidate somewhat the idea
energy which will bring in the new world order for which
underlying ceremonial and ritual. There is so much revolt
all men wait; it will restore the ancient landmarks, indicate
at this time against ceremonial, and so many good and
[Page 573] the new institutions and forms of civilization
well-meaning people regard themselves as having out-
and culture which human progress demands, and nurture
grown and transcended ritual. They pride themselves on
the new life and the new states of consciousness which
having attained so-called "liberation", forgetting that it is
advanced humanity will increasingly register. Nothing can
only the sense of individuality that permit this attitude, and
arrest this activity; all that is happening today as men
that no group work is ever possible without some form of
search for the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful
ritual. The refusal therefore to participate in uniformity of

action is no sign of a liberated soul.
released during the incoming Aquarian Age.
The Great White Brotherhood has its rituals, but they
The new and esoteric psychology will be steadily devel-
are rituals whose purpose is the inauguration and assistance
oped. It will be apparent therefore that A Treatise on White
of various aspects of the Plan and its varying cyclic
Magic [Page 365] has a definitely seventh ray import, and
activities. Where these rituals exist, but where the meaning
this Treatise on the Seven Rays has also been sent forth in
(inherently present) remains hidden and unrealized, there
an effort to clarify the incoming spiritual influences. One
must as a consequence be demonstrated a spirit of dead-
of the first lessons that humanity will learn under the potent
ness, of uselessness, and of weariness of interest over
influence of the seventh ray is that the soul controls its
forms and ceremonies. But where it is demonstrated that
instrument, the personality, through ritual, or through the
ritual and organized ceremonies are but the evidence of a
imposition of a regular rhythm, for rhythm is what really
custody of forces and energies, then the idea is constructive
designates a ritual. When aspirants to discipleship impose
in its working out, cooperation with the Plan becomes
a rhythm on their lives they call it a discipline, and they feel
possible, and the aim of all the divine service begins to
happy about it. What groups do who are gathered together
demonstrate. All service is governed by ritual.
for the performance of any ritual or ceremony whatsoever
The coming in of the seventh ray will lead to this
--Church ritual, the Masonic work, the drill of the army or
desired consummation, and the mystics who are training
navy, business organizations, the proper functioning of a
themselves in the technique of occult motive and in the
home, of a hospital, or of an entertainment, etc.--is of an
methods of the trained magician will increasingly find
analogous nature, for it imposes on the participants a simul-
themselves cooperating intelligently with the Plan, and
taneous performance, an identical undertaking, or a ritual.
participating in those basic rituals which are distinguished
No one on this earth can evade ritual or ceremonial, for the
by their power to: [Page 364]
rising and the setting of the sun imposes a ritual, the cyclic
a. Harness the forces of the planet to the service of
passing of the years, the potent movements of the great
the race.
centers of population, the coming and the going of trains,
b. Send forth those energies which will produce in
of ocean liners and of mails, and the regular broadcasting
some one or other of the kingdoms of nature
of the radio organizations--all of these impose a rhythm
effects of a desirable and beneficent aspect.
upon humanity, whether this is recognized or not. Of these
c. Call in and re-distribute the energies present in
rhythms the present great experiments in national
all the forms in the various subhuman kingdoms.
standardization and regimentation are also an expression,
d. Heal through a scientific method of bringing
as they demonstrate through the masses in any nation.
together soul and body.
There is no evading the process of ceremonial living. It
e. Produce illumination through right under-
is unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and consti-
standing of the energy of Light.
tutes the great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life
f. Evolve that coming ritual which will eventually
itself. The Deity works with ritual and is subjected to the
reveal the true significance of water, which will
ceremonials of the universe. The seven rays come into ac-
revolutionize its uses and open to man the free
tivity and pass out again under the rhythmic and ritualistic
passage to the astral plane. This plane is that of
impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord
the emotional-desire nature, and its symbol is
built by the [Page 366] ceremonial of the Builders. Every
water. The coming Aquarian Age will reveal to
kingdom in nature is subjected to ritualistic experience and
man (and hence also facilitate the work of the
to the ceremonials of cyclic expression. These only the
seventh ray) that that plane is his natural home at
initiate can comprehend. Every ant hill and every beehive
this state of development. The masses today are
is equally impelled by instinctive rituals and by rhythmic
entirely, but unconsciously, polarized on that
impulses. The new science of psychology could well be
plane. They must become consciously aware of
described as the science of the rituals and rhythms of the
their activity. Man is on the verge of becoming
body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes,
normally awake on the astral plane, and it will
or of those ceremonials (inherent, innate, or imposed by the
be through scientific rituals that this new
self, by circumstances and by environment) which affect
development will be brought about.
the mechanism through which the soul functions.
The sixth ray influence produced the appearance of the
It is interesting to note how the sixth ray, which pro-
modern science of psychology, and that science has been
duced in human beings the sense of separativeness and of
its consummating glory. The seventh ray influence will
pronounced individualism, has prepared the way for the
carry forward that infant science to maturity. Belief in the
organizing power of the seventh ray. It is almost as if (to
soul has become widespread during the sixth ray period.
speak symbolically) the executives who were to undertake
Knowledge of the soul will be the result of the incoming
the reorganizing of the world in preparation for the New
ray activity, plus the aid contributed by the energies
Age were trained and prepared for their task by the influ-
ence now going out. Today a process of house-cleaning is

going forward in practically every great nation, preparatory
line of least resistance. Failure, therefore, will rest upon the
to the coming revelation, and the executives and dictators
shoulders of the world aspirants and disciples, and will not
who are sponsoring this realignment and readjustment are
indicate inaccurate prophecy or misinterpreted astrological
the experts whom the genius of each nation has brought
conditions. In any case, the prophesied end is inevitable,
forth to deal with the unique problems with which it is
but the time of that end rests in the hands of awakened
beset. They are predominantly seventh ray executives,
humanity. The margin of difference will also be only
whose task it is to reorganize the world as a whole upon the
between one hundred and three hundred years. The impulse
newer lines. They are in the nature of material efficiency
towards synthesis is now too strong to be long delayed.
experts who have been sent in to deal with internal affairs
and to institute that activity which will eliminate those
Under this seventh ray influence the Masonic Fraternity
factors which prevent the nation concerned from
will come into a new and pronounced spiritual activity and
functioning as a whole, as a unit, integrated and coherent.
begin to approximate its true function and to fulfill its
It is from the lack of internal harmony and synthesis that
long-seen destiny. One point it might be of interest here to
those internal difficulties and disorders emerge which (if of
note. During the period of the activity of the sixth ray the
long continuance) prevent a nation having aught to contrib-
Fraternity fell into a crystallized and sectarian attitude,
ute to the world of nations and lead to that nation's being so
along with the many other grouped circles. It fell also into
intensely disordered that the wrong people come into
the snare of materialism, and the outer form has for cen-
power and the wrong aspects of truth become emphasized.
turies been of more importance in the eyes of Masons than
A disordered inharmonious national unit is a menace to the
the inner spiritual meaning. The symbols and the system of
co mity o f n atio n s, and th erefo re th e sep arative
allegories have been emphasized, whilst that which they
house-cleanings and rearrangements must go forward be-
were intended to convey and to reveal to the initiated has
fore the Federation of Nations can be an accomplished fact.
been quite forgotten. Also, the trend of the attention of a
The new era is however upon its way, and nothing can
lodge of Masons, and the main emphasis, has been potently
prevent that which the stars decree and which the
placed on the function and place of the W.M., and not upon
Hierarchy of guiding Minds consequently foresee. The new
the inner significance of the work upon the floor of the
executives who will succeed the present dictators and
Temple. The lodge has not been regarded as an integrated
powers will take over the control towards the year 1955,
functioning entity. This must and will be changed, and the
and they will be seventh ray aspirants and disciples in the
potency and the effectiveness of the lodge work and
majority of cases; their capacity towards integration and
ceremonial will be demonstrated. [Page 369] It will be seen
towards fusion along right lines will then rapidly bring
that in the regularity of the rituals and the sanctified formal-
about the needed international understanding.
ity of the ordained ceremonials lies the true meaning of the
The question emerges in your mind as to whether such
work and the use of the Word. The coming era of group
a prophecy will indeed be fulfilled; and if unfulfilled, will
work and power and of organized synthetic ritualistic activ-
not that fact militate against much that I have said and
ity will profoundly affect Masonry, as the importance of a
prove me unreliable? Let me answer this question by point-
central dominating figure passes out with the sixth ray
ing out that those of us who foresee that which may and
influence and the true spiritual work and function of the
ought to be are nevertheless well aware that though the
lodge itself is understood.
fulfillment of the prophecy is inevitable, yet the time factor
may not work out as indicated. This will be because the
distressed human mechanisms of those to whom the work
The prime cosmic function of the seventh ray is to per-
is given will fail to react either correctly or at the right time.
form the magical work of blending spirit and matter in
These incoming seventh ray aspirants and disciples may
order to produce the manifested form through which the
make mistakes and may perform their undertakings in such
life will reveal the glory of God. Students would be well
a manner that delay may eventuate. They are permitted to
advised to pause here and re-read the section of this treatise
have the general outline of their task committed to them by
in which I dealt with the seventh ray Lord, His names, and
their own souls, working under the inspiration of those
His purpose. When this has been done, it will be apparent
great and liberated souls we call the Masters of the
that one of the results of the intensified new influence will
Wisdom, but there is no coercion under the Plan and no
be the recognition by science of certain effects and char-
forced and dictated service. [Page 368] Much of the suc-
acteristics of the work being accomplished. This can
cess in the coming momentous years is dependent upon the
already be seen in the work done by scientists in connec-
work done by all who may be affiliated (even slightly) with
tion with the mineral world. As we have seen in an earlier
the New Group of World Servers. If public opinion is
part of this book, the mineral kingdom is governed by the
educated in the new ideals, the momentum of that growing
seventh ray, and to the potency of this incoming ray can be
tide will greatly facilitate the work of these seventh ray
attributed the discovery of the radio-activity of matter. The
executives, and in some cases will constitute for them the

seventh ray expresses itself in the mineral kingdom through
will respond to soul stimulation and discover that their
the production of radiation, and we shall find that
rightful place is on the human side of the dividing door.
increasingly these radiations (many of which still remain to
Part of the reorganization which will go on as a result of
be discovered) will be noted, their effects understood and
the seventh ray activity will concern the relation of human-
their potencies grasped. One point remains as yet unreal-
ity to the animal kingdom and the establishing of better and
ised by science--that these radiations are cyclic in their
of closer relations. This will lead men to take advantage of
appearance. Under the influence of the seventh ray it has
another effect of the seventh ray, which is its power to
been possible for man to discover and work with radium.
refine the matter out of which the forms are built. The ani-
Radium has always been present, but not always active in
mal body of man has received much scientific attention
such a manner that we were able to detect it. It is under the
during the past one hundred years, and medicine and sur-
influence of the incoming [Page 370] seventh ray that its
gery have reached great heights of achievement. The
appearance has been made possible, and it is through this
framework of man, his body, and its internal systems (with
same influence that we shall discover new cosmic rays.
their diverse rituals) are now understood as never before,
They too are always present in our universe, but they use
and this has been the result of the incoming ray force with
the substance of the incoming ray energy as the path along
its power to apply knowledge to the magical work. When
which they can travel to our planet and thus be revealed. It
this knowledge is applied intensively to the animal world
is many thousands of years since what are now studied as
much new and interesting data will be discovered; when
the Cosmic Rays (discovered by Millikan) played definitely
the differences between the physical bodies of the animals
upon our planet, and at that time the fifth ray was not active
and those of humanity have been more closely investigated
as it now is. Therefore scientific knowledge of their activity
there will appear a new and very fruitful field of study.
was not possible.
These differences are largely in the realm of the nervous
Other cosmic rays will play upon our earth as this sev-
systems; not enough attention has been paid for instance to
enth ray activity becomes increasingly active, and the result
the fact that the brain of the animal is really in the region of
of their influence will be to facilitate the emergence of the
the solar plexus, whilst the human brain, the controlling
new racial types, and above all else, to destroy the veil or
agent, is in the head, and works through the medium of the
web which separates the world of the seen and tangible
spinal column. When scientists know exactly why the ani-
from the world of the unseen and the intangible, the astral
mal [Page 372] does not use the brain in the head as does
world. Just as there is a veil called "the etheric web" divid-
man, they will arrive at a fuller knowledge of the law gov-
ing off the various force centers in the human body, and
erning cycles.
protecting the head centers from the astral world, so there
Much could be said, but little of it would be compre-
is a separating web between the world of physical life and
hended as yet. Until the incoming ray force and all that
the astral world. This will be destroyed, slowly and cer-
attends its entry has produced the adequate changes in the
tainly, by the play of the cosmic rays upon our planet. The
nervous system, it will not be possible for more to be made
etheric web which is found between the centers in the
clear. Brain cells, hitherto dormant in even the most ad-
spine, and which is found at the top of the head (protecting
vanced thinkers, must be brought into functioning activity;
the head center) is destroyed in man's mechanism by the
with this consummated, more teaching and further elucida-
activity of certain forces found in that mysterious fire
tion will be possible--but not till then. Some time must yet
which we call the kundalini fire. The cosmic rays of which
elapse before the present human mechanisms are adapted
the modern scientist is aware constitute aspects of the
to register what is new and as yet unknown.--EP I
planetary kundalini, and their effect will be the same in the
body of the planetary Logos, the Earth, as it is in the human
... [I]t may be possible to sugggest in broad outline the
body; the etheric web between the physical and astral
coming developments [due to the incoming seventh ray]
planes is in process of destruction, and it is of this event
and to tabulate the results to be expected.
which the sensitives of the world and the spiritualists
Development of etheric vision universally
prophesy as an imminent happening.
This will be due to two causes:
The Animal Kingdom & Animal Bodies
1. The scientific recognition of the existence of the
[Page 371) Much of profound interest is on its way as
etheric levels, thereby freeing people from the onus
a result of this seventh ray activity. For one thing, though
of adverse public opinion, and enabling them to
the animal kingdom reacts but little to this type of influ-
reveal what they have individually long realized.
ence, yet there are going to be very definite results within
Etheric vision is comparatively common even now.
the soul of the animal form. The door of individualization
But comment concerning it is rare, owing to the fear
or of entrance into the human kingdom has been closed
of criticism.
since Atlantean times, but under the new influence it will
2. The increased activity of the devas of the ethers,
be partially opened; it will be set ajar, so that a few animals
which throws the matter of the etheric levels into

more active vibration, with consequent reflex action
[Page 455] The true occultist is a scientist and a devo-
on the eye of man.
tee, and where these two are not merged, we have the
mystic and the man in danger of black magic, being gov-
Increased mental activity and the spread of education
erned by the intellect and not by selflessness; there are dan-
This will result in:
gers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution and
Increased competition between units and between
the knowledge of the powers and forces made available
through their agency.
The organization of business on lines hitherto
undreamt of.
Growth of Psychic Powers
The foundation of groups and aggregations of
[Numbers of old magicians and occultists will come
groups whose sole purpose will be to synthesize all
into incarnation, and therefore recognized psychic powers
the lines of human endeavor, and thus bring about
will grow rapidly among the people.] This psychism, being
unification of effort and economy of force in the
tinged with mentality and not being of a purely astral qual-
scientific, business, philosophic, educational, and
ity, will be even more dangerous than in Atlantean days, for
religious worlds.
back of it will be some degree of will, conscious purpose,
The foundation of schools of medicine along new
and intellectual apprehension, and unless this is paralleled
lines, whose purpose will be to study the etheric
by the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady grip
body, its relation to the dense physical body, and its
of the Ego upon the lower personality, a period of real
function [Page 454] as the receiver, storer, and
danger may ensue. Hence the need of pointing out and of
transmitter of the vital fluids of the system.
realizing the menace, so that the truth of the inner life and
The foundation of the new church, which will be no
the need of serving the race as an essential to advancement
longer along devotional and idealistic lines but
may be proclaimed far and wide.
which will be an outgrowth of the old idealism,
Paralleling the incoming of this large band of seventh
demonstrating through mental forms. It will have for
Ray magicians (some linked to the Brotherhood and some
its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen
to the purely manasic groups) is the proposed advent of
world and its due appreciation and apprehension by
certain members of the Hierarchy (initiates below the
means of accurate scientific ceremonial. This cere-
fourth Initiation) and of certain disciples and probationers,
monial of the universal church--being founded on
all on this Ray and all true psychics, who hope through
the mental unity of all peoples--will not be cere-
their endeavors to offset the vibrations, and ward off the
monial as it is now understood, as it will be the
menace incident to the advent of the other group. The
guarded, guided, scientific utilization of sound and
arranging of this and the preparing of the way for them in
color to bring about certain desired ends, such as
the different countries, specially in Europe and North
The aligning of the Ego,
America, is occupying the attention at this time of the
The influencing of groups,
Master R---- and the Master H----.
The making of contact with the Occult
The Incarnation of Certain Scientists
A group of scientists will come into physical incarna-
The co-operation with the devas in order to
tion [Page 456] during the next seventy-five years who will
further the constructive ends of evolution,
be the medium for the revelation of the next three truths
and many other objects which will grow out of the
concerning electrical phenomena. A formula of truth con-
scientific comprehension of the constitution of man, the
cerning this aspect of manifestation was prepared by initi-
nature of vibration or radioactivity, and the demon-
ates on the fifth Ray at the close of the last century, being
strated reality of the hitherto metaphysical hypothesis
part of the usual attempt of the Hierarchy to promote evo-
and religious dogma of the unseen world of thought and
lutionary development at the close of every cycle of one
of spiritual existence.
hundred years. Certain parts (two-fifths) of that formula
Increased facility in approaching the Path
have worked out through the achievements of such men as
Edison and those who participate in his type of endeavor,
This will be based on the fact that so many of the then
and through the work of those who have dealt with the
existent humanity will have personal knowledge of the rul-
subject of radium and radioactivity. Three more parts of the
ing powers and forces, will perhaps be on the Probationary
same formula are still to come, and will embody all that it
Path, or will be initiates of the first degree. Thus the pres-
is possible or safe for man to know anent the physical plane
ent scepticism will become non-existent. The dangers then
manifestation of electricity during the fifth subrace.
will be along other lines--those incident to the very influ-
ence of this ray itself: the dangers of crystallization into
The Coming Sixth Subrace
form so that the true spiritual devotee may become rare,
and the scientific aspirant will take his place.
All that we have here considered covers the time till the

coming in of the new subrace. This race will summarize
synthesis in business, in religion and in politics. It produces
and carry to a temporary conclusion the manasic effort of
an urge towards union, and among other unions, towards
the fifth rootrace of mental growth, and will cause results
religious understanding and tolerance. But these influences,
of stupendous import. During the sixth subrace, the empha-
playing upon the sensitive bodies of the undeveloped and
sis will not be so much on the development of mind, as it
the over-psychic, lead to a morbid tendency towards
will be on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its
unions, legitimate and illegitimate; they produce an
acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of
extreme aptitude to sexual intercourse in many directions,
abstract thought. Perhaps too much importance has been
and to relations and fusions which are not along the
attached to the statement of some occult writers that the
intended or the evolutionary line, and which outrage oft the
sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awa-
very laws of nature itself. Energy is an impersonal thing,
kening, and will be more prominent than now, but the
and is dual in its effect--the effect varying according to the
outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of
type of substance upon which it plays.
the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use the
The incoming seventh ray expresses the power to or-
abstract mind. Their function will be to perfect (as far as
ganize, the ability to integrate and to bring into synthetic
may be in this round) [Page 457] the group antaskarana, or
relation the great pairs of opposites, and thus produce the
the link between the mental and the buddhic. This bridge
new forms of spiritual manifestation. But it will also pro-
will be of a usable nature during the sixth rootrace in which
duce the new forms of what, from the standpoint of spirit,
the intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In
may be regarded as material evil. It is the great impulse
this rootrace, units only show signs here and there of real
which will bring into the light of day all that is to be found
intuition, having built the necessary bridge in their
clothed [Page 281] with matter, and will thus eventually
individual selves. In the sixth rootrace small groups will be
lead to the revelation of spirit and of the hidden glory,
intuitive.--TCF, 453­57.
when that which has been revealed of the material form has
been purified and sanctified. This it was to which Christ
We live today in a period of world history wherein three
referred when He prophesied that, at the end of the age, the
events of major importance are taking place, mostly
hidden things would be made plain, and secrets be shouted
unrealized and unobserved by the majority of people:
from the housetops.
1. The seventh Ray of Law and Order is coming
Through this process of revelation, within the human
into manifestation
family as well as elsewhere in nature, we shall have the
2. We are transiting into a new sign of the zodiac
development of the power of thought. This will come about
3. The "coming of Christ" is imminent
through the development of the faculty of discrimination,
which offers choices to man and thus develops a truer sense
These three great happenings are the cause of much of
of values. False and true standards will emerge in man's
the present upheaval and chaos; at the same time they are
consciousness and he will make those choices which will
responsible for the universal turning to spiritual realities
lay the foundation of the new order; inaugurate the new
which all true workers at this time recognize, and for the
race, with its new laws and novel approaches; and so usher
growth of understanding, of welfare movements and of the
in the new religion of love and brotherhood, and that period
tendency to cooperation, of religious unity and of interna-
wherein the group and group-good will be the dominant
tionalism. Types of energy which have hitherto been latent
note. Then separateness and hatreds will fade out and men
are now becoming potent. The consequent world reaction
will be merged in a true unity.
is, in the initial stages, material in its manifestation; in its
The third factor under consideration, the coming of the
final stages, divine qualities [Page 280] will manifest and
Christ as it is called, must also be noted. Everywhere we
change history and civilization.
find the spirit of expectancy, and the demand for a manifes-
The interest being shown today in the so-called cosmic
tation and a symbolic happening which we call by various
rays indicates scientific recognition of the new incoming
names but which is usually referred to as the advent of
seventh ray energies. These rays, pouring through the sac-
Christ. This, as you know, may be an actual physical
ral center of the planetary etheric body, necessarily affect
coming, as before in Palestine, or it may connote a definite
the sacral centers of humanity, and hence the sex life of
overshadowing of His disciples and lovers by the Great
mankind is temporarily over-stimulated, and hence also the
Lord of Life. This overshadowing will call forth a response
present over-emphasis upon sex. But hence also (and this
from all those who are in any way spiritually awakened. Or
must be remembered) the keen impetus now being mentally
again, the coming may take the form of a tremendous
expressed which will eventually result in man's thinking
inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love,
through to a solution of this problem of sex.
working out through the human family. Perhaps all three
The coming in of the Aquarian age also stimulates in
possibilities may be found simultaneously on our planet
man a spirit of universality and a tendency towards fusion.
very shortly. It is [Page 282] not for us to say. It is for us to
This can be seen working out in the present trend towards
be ready, and for us to work at preparing the world for that

significant series of events. The immediate future will
the vegetation and the animal life will be modified and
show. The point I seek to make, however, is that this inflow
developed, and much that is latent in the forms of both
of the Christ spirit of love (whether it comes through a
kingdoms will be brought into expression through the freer
Person in bodily form or through His felt and realized Pres-
flow and the more intelligent manipulation of the energies
ence) will again be two-fold in its effect.
which create and constitute all forms. The world has been
This is a hard saying for the unthinking and the illog-
changed beyond belief during the past five hundred years,
ical. Both the good and the evil man will be stimulated;
and during the next two hundred years the changes will be
both material desire and spiritual aspiration will be awa-
still more rapid and deep-seated, for the growth of the
kened and fostered. Facts prove the truth of the saying that
intellectual powers of man is gathering momentum, and
a heavily fertilized garden and a carefully tended and
Man, the Creator, is coming into possession of His powers.
watered plot of ground will produce its crop of weeds as
--EP I, 82­83/
well as flowers. Yet in this fact you have two reactions to
The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization
the same sun, the same water, the same fertilizing agency,
is felt in the house of relationships, of organizations and of
and the same care. The difference exists in the seeds found
mutual effort and of aspiration (either towards good or
in the ground upon which these factors play. The inflow of
evil). The forces of this ray work out on the seventh or
love therefore will stimulate earthly love, earthly desire,
physical plane--the plane whereon major changes in all
and animal lust; it will foster the urge to possess in the
forms are made and on which the disciple must firmly stand
material sense, with all the evil consequent upon this atti-
as he takes initiation.
tude, and the resulting growth of sexual reactions, and the
This seventh ray sweeps into organized and directed
many expressions of an ill-regulated mechanism, re-
activity the world of forces upon the outer sphere of mani-
sponding to an impersonal force. But it will also produce
festation, and produces the precipitation of Karma, which,
the growth of brotherly love and foster the development
in this case leads to:
and the expression of group consciousness, of universal
1. The working out into expression of all the subjec-
understanding; it will produce a new and powerful tenden-
tive evil of the life of humanity, thus producing the
cy to fusion, at-one-ment, and synthesis. All this will be
world war.
brought about through the medium of humanity and the
2. The initiation of the planetary Logos and--with
Christ spirit. Steadily the love of Christ will be shed abroad
Him--of all who take their stand upon the side of
in the earth, and its influence will grow stronger during the
the Forces of Light. This takes various forms as far
coming centuries, until at the end of the Aquarian age, and
as humanity is concerned:
through the work of the seventh ray (bringing the pairs of
a. The initiation of the consciousness of the masses
opposites into closer cooperation), we can look for the
of men into the Aquarian Age, bringing them
"raising of Lazarus from the dead," and the [Page 283]
under the new influences and potencies, and
emergence of humanity out of the tomb of matter. The
enabling them to make a response of which they
hidden divinity will be revealed. Steadily all forms will be
would not otherwise be capable.
brought under the influence of the Christ spirit, producing
b. T he initiation of the aspirants of the world on to
the consummation of love.--EP I, 279­83.
the Path of Accepted Discipleship.
c. The bringing about of certain major initiations in
the case of those world disciples who are ready
It was the realisation of the present world need for
enough and strong enough to take them.
illumined [Page 83] thinkers and subjective workers which
In spite of the vast destruction everywhere, the work of
prompted Those Who guide so to direct the incoming spir-
the seventh ray is being increasingly felt; the destruction of
itual energies that the formation of the esoteric groups
the forces of evil is going on even though at great cost to
everywhere came about; it led also to the publication of the
the Forces of Light; simultaneously there is a regrouping
mass of mystical and Oriental literature on meditation and
and a rearrangement of human attitudes and thought; this
allied topics which has flooded the world today. Hence also
is brought about as a result of the tremendous demand upon
the effort that I, a worker on the inner side of life, am
the world thinkers for direction and guidance. Thus the
making to teach the newer psychology in this treatise, and
nebulous structure and the dim outlines of the New Age
so show to man what is his equipment and how well suited
civilization can already be seen.
he is to the work for which he has been created, and which
The underlying spirit of freedom will triumph as it is
he has as yet failed to comprehend. The force and the effect
organized into revolt against slavery. To this end, the sev-
of the seventh ray influence will, however, reveal to him
enth ray will increasingly make contribution.--EA, 540.
the magical work, and the next twenty five hundred years
will bring about so much change and make possible the
Today, as the seventh ray comes into manifestation, we
working of so many so-called "miracles" that even the
shall see the approaches between the two higher kingdoms
outer appearance of the world will be profoundly altered;
of men and of souls greatly facilitated, as the magical work

in the producing and bringing about of relationship begins
monial Order is to "ground" or make physically visible the
to go forward as desired. It is the work of the Ray of Magi-
results of bringing spirit and matter [Page 47] together. Its
cal Order which will bring about sensitivity to one of the
function is to clothe spirit with matter, producing form.--
Major Approaches which is being now attempted. Only as
DN, 46­47.
history is made and we learn later the amazing nature of the
epoch through which the race is passing, will humanity
appreciate the significance of the work of the present Hier-
The seventh ray has sometimes been called a peculiar
archy, and the magnitude and the success of its achieve-
name by Knowers. It is regarded as the "Ray of Ritualistic
ment since 1925, as a result of the initial impulse instituted
Decency." It aids and inaugurates the appearing of a new
in 1875.--EP II
world order, based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration,
mental freedom, loving understanding and a physical plane
rhythm which provides opportunity for full creative
... the higher and more living energy of the seventh ray
expression. To bring this about, energy from Shamballa
is the most active at this time and its resultant idealism and
(embodying the will-to-good) is fused and blended with the
consequent New Age concepts are playing upon the sensi-
organizing energy of the seventh ray and then carried to
tive minds of the race and preparing humanity for a great
humanity along the stream of love which emanates from
and much needed change. The work of the Ray of Cere-
the Hierarchy itself.--EA, 445.
III. Summary
The sixth ray influence served to attract men's minds
future, and see in this relation the working out of God's
towards an ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or
Plan and the coming salvation of the race:
service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of
a. The sixth ray fostered the vision. The seventh ray
the period; the numerous guiding mystics of the Occident
will materialise that which was visioned.
and the Orient have appeared. The seventh ray influence
b. The sixth ray produced the mystic as its culminating
will in time produce the magician, but in this age the magi-
type of aspirant. The seventh ray will develop the
cian will be predominantly in the class of white magic (not
magician who works in the field of white magic.
as in Atlantean days, when the predominance was on the
[Page 360]
side of selfish [Page 359] or black magic). The white magi-
c. The sixth ray, as part of the evolutionary plan, led to
cian works with the forces of nature and swings them back
separations, nationalism, and sectarianism, due to
into control of advanced humanity. This can already be
the selective nature of the mind and its tendency to
seen working out through the activity of the scientists
divide and separate. The seventh ray will lead to
which the latter end of the last century and this twentieth
fusion and synthesis, for its energy is of the type
century have produced. That much of their magical work
which blends spirit and matter.
has been turned into selfish channels by the tendency of
d. The sixth ray activity led to the formation of bands
this materialistic age, and that many of their wise and true
of disciples, working in groups but not in close
discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends
relation, and subject to internal dissension, based on
which serve man's hatred or love of self, is equally true.
personality reactions. The seventh ray will train and
But this in no way militates against the wonder of their
send forth groups of initiates, working in close
achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure
unison with the Plan and with each other.
scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, and when
e. The sixth ray brought the sense of duality to a
service to the race is the determining force, then we shall
humanity which regarded itself as a physical unity.
see the true white magic. Hence therefore the need to turn
Of this attitude the academic materialistic psychol-
the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modern
ogists are the exponents. The seventh ray will in-
aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love,
augurate the sense of a higher unity--that of the
all of which must and will express themselves through
integrated personality for the masses and that of the
harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is
fusion of soul and body for the world aspirants.
harmlessness. I speak not of non-resistance, but of that
f. The sixth ray differentiates that aspect of the uni-
positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who
versal electrical energy which we know as modern
thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God's world.
electricity, produced to serve man's material needs.
The following relations between the sixth and seventh
The seventh ray period will familiarize man with
rays should be held clearly in mind, and students should
that type of electrical phenomena which produce the
grasp the relation of the immediate past to the immediate
coordination of all forms.

g. The sixth ray influence produced the emergence in
ter the coming religious synthesis.
men's minds of the following knowledges:
l. The effect of the sixth ray influence has been to fos-
1. Knowledge of physical plane light and elec-
ter the separative instincts--dogmatic religion,
tricity. [Page 361]
scientific factual accuracy, schools of thought with
2. Among the world esotericists and spiritualists,
their doctrinal barriers and exclusiveness, and the
knowledge of the existence of the astral light.
cult of patriotism. The seventh ray will prepare the
3. An interest in illumination, physical and mental.
way for the recognition of the wider issues--the
4. Astro-physics and the newer astronomical dis-
new world religion which will emphasise unity but
bar out uniformity; scientific technique...will
The seventh ray will change the theories of the
demonstrate the universal light that every form veils
advanced thinkers of the race into the facts of the future
and hides; an internationalism which will express
educational systems. Education and the growth of the
itself as practical brotherhood and as peace and
understanding of illumination in all fields will even-
goodwill between the peoples.
tually be regarded as synonymous ideals.
I could continue emphasizing these relations, but I have
h. The sixth ray taught the meaning of sacrifice. To the
enumerated enough to show the beauty of the preparation
initiates, the crucifixion was the outstanding em-
[Page 363] made by the sixth great Lord of Idealism for the
blem of this teaching; to advanced humanity, philan-
work of the seventh Lord of Ceremonial.--EP I
thropy was the expression of the same teaching; to
the unthinking masses, the nebulous ideal of simply
"being kind" is the same motivation. The seventh
You will see, therefore, how immediate and important
ray will bring to the consciousness of the coming
is the opportunity confronting humanity today. Vast num-
initiates the concept of group service and sacrifice.
bers of men will take the first step towards the unfolding of
This will inaugurate the age of the "divine service".
the Christ consciousness and thus pass through the first
The vision of the giving of the individual in sacri-
initiation. This often (I might well say usually) takes place
fice and service, within the group and to the group
without the conscious realization of the physical brain. This
ideal, will be the goal of the masses of advanced
first initiation is--and always has been--mass initiation,
thinkers in the New Age, whilst for the rest of
even when individually registered and recorded. Thousands
humanity, brotherhood will be the keynote of their
of aspirants in every country (as a result of conscious effort
endeavour. These words have a wider connotation
to understand) will stand before the initiator and undergo
and significance than the thinkers of today can
the Baptism Initiation; bread and water are the symbols of
know and understand.
these first two initiations; both are basic essentials for life
i. The sixth ray promoted the growth of the spirit of
in the physical sense, and are equally basic in their
individualism. Groups exist, but they are groups of
implications spiritually; this the initiate knows. These two
individuals gathered around an individual. The sev-
initiations are the only two of significant importance at this
enth ray will foster the group spirit, and the rhythm
time, owing to their relative immediacy.
of the group, the objectives of the group, and the
It is the return of the Christ which has brought these
ritual-working of the group will be the basic phen-
subjective spiritual tendencies of mankind to the surface
omena.[Page 362]
and made these two initiations possible; it is the activity of
j. The sixth ray influence conveyed to men the ability
the seventh Ray of Order and of the sixth Ray of Idealism
to recognise the historical Christ and to evolve the
which has generated the tendency in humanity towards the
structure of the Christian faith, colored by a vision
white magic of right human relations. They have fostered
of a great Son of Love, but qualified by an excessive
the trend to ideological control of the human conscious-
militancy and separativeness, based on a narrow
ness. It is the passing out of the Piscean Age with its type
idealism. The seventh ray will convey to man the
of energy, and the coming into power of the Aquarian Age
power to recognise the cosmic Christ, and to pro-
(with its potent purificatory energies and its quality of
duce that future scientific religion of Light which
synthesis and universality) which will make the new world
will enable man to fulfill the command of the histor-
order possible. It is therefore apparent that the opportunity
ical Christ to permit his light to shine forth.
confronting humanity has never been so promising and that
k. The sixth ray produced the great idealistic religions
the corporate relation and fusion of all these energies
with their vision and their necessary narrowness--a
makes the manifestation of the Sons of God and the appear-
narrowness that is needed to safeguard infant souls.
ance of the Kingdom of God an inevitable happening in our
The seventh ray will release the developed souls
planetary life.--RI
from the nursery stage and inaugurate that scientific
understanding of the divine purpose which will fos-

The Seven Rays
A Compilation of
Practical Material