Compilation (Correspondence @ Analogy)
May 2006

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(EA 603) 2. The seven rays express themselves, each through three of the zodiacal constellations. The analogy (but not the correspondence) is that these three constellations are to the life of one of these ray Beings what the three aspects of monad-soul-body are to a man. Again, it is only analogy. Forget not that analogy and correspondence are not the same. In the first case there is resemblance but not in detail. In the second, there is practically identical expression, usually on a lower level.

(WM 99) So it is with the human kingdom.  As its illumination increases, as its light waxes more potent, its effect upon [Page 99] the sub-human kingdoms is analogous to that of the individual soul, its reflection, upon man in physical incarnation.  I say analogous as a causative force, though not a correspondence in effects.  Note this difference.  Humanity is macrocosmic in relation to the sub-human states of consciousness, and this H. P. B. has well pointed out.  The effect upon these lesser and more material states is primarily four-fold.

(DINAII 404) Another angle of this process, revealed by the point of revelation attained in the fourth initiation, is that there is then indicated the very highest point of the process of redemption,  [Page 404] because the energies released within the Council Chamber of Shamballa are "the living substance which is substitutory in nature and which is made available to the progressing point of light." That point in the divine consciousness which can be called (for our purposes) the Unit, Man, redeems sequentially the substance of which all forms are made and brings into manifestation the higher counterpart of that substance, released—for man's use—at Shamballa. This is a deep mystery and I fear it is not possible for me to express these ideas with greater clarity. However, under the Law of Correspondence or Analogy, the initiate can gradually come to a true perception of the significances involved. These points of revelation emanate from the world of significances, and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and in due time, upon that world of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberating the forms in the world of appearances.

(EOH 95) This is the personality and individual correspondence to the broader picture and the world factors and the wider undertakings with which humanity is at this time faced. Just as in the life of the individual a man is confronted with the opportunity to function as a disciple in training with a view to initiation, so today humanity is faced in the same way with a similar situation and possibilities. The higher correspondence with which the Hierarchy is occupied at this time, and of which the outline just given is an inadequate analogy, is as follows:

(EOH 681) This is not, I realise, an easy thing to understand when divorced from the usual Christian concept of the relation of Christ to the individual aspirant. The idea may perhaps be clarified for you by reminding yourselves that some of you who read these words know me and have found your way into my Ashram, under the guidance of your own soul and my ready recognition. Others all over the world, through their spiritual intuition and their desire to serve and to know, have brought into their recognised area of consciousness the teaching which is given in my books. Their relation to me is symbolic of the type of relation which disciples and aspirants can and do establish with the Christ. Though the analogy is far from perfect, it is possible to recognise the correspondence in its many gradations of reciprocal sensitivity.

(HIS 7) We must resign ourselves to the fact that the only way in which we can find the clue to the mystery of the rays, systems, and hierarchies, lies in the study of the law of correspondences or analogy.  It is the one thread by which we can find our way through the labyrinth, and the one [Page 7] ray of light that shines through the darkness of the surrounding ignorance.  H. P. Blavatsky, in "The Secret Doctrine," has told us so, but as yet very little has been done by students to avail themselves of that clue.  In the study of this Law we need to remember that the correspondence lies in its essence, and not in the exoteric working out of detail as we think we see it from our present standpoint.  The factor of time leads us astray for one thing; we err when we attempt to fix stated times or limits; all in evolution progresses through merging, with a constant process of overlapping and mingling.  Only broad generalities and a recognition of fundamental points of analogy are possible to the average student.  The moment he attempts to reduce to chart form and to tabulate in detail, he enters realms where he is bound to err, and staggers through a fog that will ultimately overwhelm him.

(OM 7) Wherein, therefore, lies the macrocosmic correspondence?  Where is the analogy in the Solar System?  An indication I give here.  In the direct alignment of certain planets in the process of systemic evolution, with each other and with the Sun comes Logoic or divine alignment.  Think this out, but one word of warning I give.  Seek not to work out hypotheses of alignment based on the physical planets.  The truth lies not there.  Only three of the physical planets (and those three in etheric matter) enter into the final alignment that marks the attainment [Page 7] by the Logos of the cosmic egoic consciousness, which is His goal of attainment.  Of these three, the earth is not one, but Venus has her place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom.

Further still the alignment may be progressed:—in the alignment of our entire solar system with the system of Sirius lies a still more remote goal.  It is a point far ahead in time, but holds hid the secret of the greater cycle.

(OM 225) I would here like to point out certain other considerations which can be best dealt with by a brief consideration of the law of analogy and correspondence.  We might therefore consider the following points:—

a. Wherein the microcosm and the macrocosm correspond.

b. The basic correspondences.

c. Colour in the microcosm and in the macrocosm.

Let us briefly take up each point, for in the right apprehension of the law lies the ability to think esoterically, and wrest the inner meaning out of the external happenings.

Microcosmic and macrocosmic correspondence.

The relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm is accurate, and exists not only broadly but likewise in detail.  This is a fact to be grasped and worked out.  As knowledge increases and progress is made, and as the ability to meditate results in the faculty of transmitting from the higher Triad to the Personality, via the causal, then these facts will be ever more clearly demonstrated in detail, and perfect comprehension will ensue.  "As above, so below" is a truism glibly repeated but little realised.  What is found above and what will consequently be developing below?

Above will be found Will, Love and Activity, or Power, Wisdom and Intelligence, the terms that we apply to the three aspects of divine manifestation.  Below will be found these three in process of appearing:—

(LOS 308) 4. In the solar plexus, the animal soul becomes merged in the soul of man, and the Christ consciousness is seen in germ.  Taking the analogy of the antenatal state and the germinating of the Christ in each human being, students who have their intuition developed will see the correspondence between the activity of the solar plexus and its function, and the first three and one-half months of the antenatal period.  Then comes what is called the "quickening" and life makes itself felt.  A rising up takes place, and the correspondence can then be seen between the natural physiological process and the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart.  Herein lies the deep mystery of initiation, and it is only revealed to those who tread the Path of Discipleship to the end.

(CF 64) The blending of the three fires, the merging of the three Rays, and the co-operation of the three Logoi have in view (at this time and within this solar system) the development of the Essence of the cosmic Lord of Love, the second Person in the logoic trinity.  Earlier it was not so, later it will not be, but now it is.  When viewed from the cosmic mental plane these Three constitute the PERSONALITY OF THE LOGOS, and are seen functioning as one.  Hence the secret (well recognised as fact, though not understood) of the excessive heat, occultly expressed, of the astral or central body of the triple personality.  It animates and controls the physical body, and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it demonstrates in time and space the correspondence of the temporary union of spirit and matter, the fires of cosmic love and the fires of matter blended.  A similar analogy is found in the heat apparent in this second solar system.

(CF 79) Finally, in the study of the etheric body and prana comes comprehension of the method of logoic manifestation, and therefore much of interest to the metaphysician, and all abstract thinkers.  The etheric body of man holds hid the secret of his objectivity.  It has its correspondence on the archetypal plane,—the plane we call that of the divine manifestation, the first plane of our solar system, the plane Adi.  The matter of that highest plane is called often the "sea of fire" and it is the root of the akasha, the term applied to the substance of the second plane of manifestation.  Let us trace the analogy a little more in detail, for in its just apprehension will be found much of illumination and much that will serve to elucidate problems both macrocosmic and microcosmic.  We will begin with man and his etheric body.

(CF 80) As we continue the study we will work out the correspondence in the cosmos, the system, and in the three worlds, for we need to remember that the analogy must be perfect.

1. Man, the Microcosm, the manifesting Monad, or One.

2. The Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, or the manifesting group.

3. The Grand Man of the Heavens, the Macrocosm, the solar Logos, the manifestation of all groups and of all evolutions within His Body, the solar system.

(CF 86) There is a close connection between the spleen and the top of the head in connection with the etheric body.  The organ of the spleen has an interesting correspondence to the umbilical cord which attaches an infant to the mother for purposes of nourishment, and which is separated at birth.  When a man starts to live his own life of conscious desire, when a man is born into a new world of a subtler form of life, that interlaced cord of etheric matter (which had united him to his physical body) is broken; the "silver cord is loosed" and the man severs his connection with the dense physical body and passes out through the highest center of the body instead of the lowest to life in a higher world and of another dimension.  So it will be found in all the bodies and sheaths of the microcosm, for the analogy will persist on all planes during manifestation.  When more scientific knowledge has been gained it will be found that the same procedure on a larger scale, takes place in planetary manifestation.  A planet is but the body of a planetary Logos, that body being etheric, and the Logos expressing Himself through it and building upon the etheric scaffolding a vehicle of manifestation.  The MOON once was the body of expression for one of the Logoi; the Earth now is, and the cycles change continuously.  The centre of escape for the etheric body is found likewise in a physical planet, and the planetary silver cord is loosed at the time appointed; but the times and cycles, their commencement and termination are hid in the mysteries of Initiation, and do not concern us.

(CF 134) We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogy holds good.  We have a correspondence on a tiny scale in the fact that each human life period sees a man taking a more evolved physical body of a greater responsiveness, tuned to a higher key, of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to a different measure.  In these three thoughts lies much information, if they are carefully studied and logically extended.

(CF 255) A Solar Logos.

a. A solar Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens, is equally spheroidal in shape.  His ring-pass-not comprises the entire circumference of the solar system, and all that is included within the sphere of influence of the Sun.  The Sun holds a position analogous to the nucleus of life at the centre of the atom.  This sphere comprises within its periphery the seven planetary chains with the synthesising three, making the ten of logoic manifestation.  The Sun is the physical body of the solar Logos, His body of manifestation, and His life sweeps cycling through the seven schemes in the same sense as the life of a planetary Logos sweeps seven times around His scheme of seven chains.  Each chain holds a position analogous to a globe in a planetary chain.  Note the beauty of the correspondence, yet withal the lack of detailed analogy.4

(CF 300) The key is hidden in the fact that between the number of a globe in a chain and its corresponding chain lies a method of communication.  The same is true likewise of the correspondence between a chain of globes and a scheme of analogous number.  The connection between Venus and the Earth lies hid in number, and it took a moment of mysterious alignment between a globe, its corresponding chain and the scheme of allied number to effect the momentous occurrence known as the coming of the Lords of Flame.  It occurred in the third rootrace in the fourth round.  Here we have an analogy between the quaternary and the Triad, carrying the interpretation up to a Heavenly Man.  The chain was the fourth chain and the globe, the fourth.  The fourth [Page 300] chain in the Venus scheme and the fourth globe in that chain were closely involved in the transaction.

(CF 327) Much more might be further added to this list, but I have sought only to point out those which can be easily realised as having a correspondence on the buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether.  It should be borne in mind that our physical plane in its subplanes has its analogy likewise to the entire cosmic physical plane.

(CF 406) The four schemes which form the logoic Quaternary [Page 406] will merge into their synthesising scheme, that of Saturn, while Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune.  No importance need be attached to the sequence of these names.  The dual fact is all that is necessary to grasp.

Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn will, therefore, have absorbed the essence of manifestation and (in connection with the solar Logos) they correspond to the three permanent atoms in the causal body of a man.  We say "correspond" for the analogy is not in detail.  Uranus and Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral and mental permanent atoms. Saturn is in fact the correspondence to the logoic physical permanent atom.  This is an occult mystery and must not be separated from its allied truth in the cosmic scheme.

(CF 583) At the end of the third root-race came the first of the great cataclysms that broke the race form, and inaugurated a new one, for it was the first definitely human race as we now know it.  The analogy will be found to hold good no matter from what angle the subject may be studied.  In the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it is not yet apparent to the circumscribed vision which characterises most of us.  Close proximity to an effect often veils a cause.

(CF 588) In regard to the four minor Rays of Harmony, Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Order, their control exists in degrees on all the planes, but they have their particular emphasis in the evolution of the reincarnating ego in the three worlds at this time.  These four Rays control, in a subtle and peculiar manner, the four kingdoms of nature—mineral, vegetable, animal and human—and at their merging into the three Rays of Aspect (the Activity Ray of the Mahachohan being the synthesiser of the lower four in our planetary scheme) have a correspondence with the merging of man (the product of the three kingdoms and the fourth) into the superman kingdom, the spiritual.  The fourth Ray and the fourth Kingdom form a point of harmony for the lower three, and all four then pass into the major or upper three.  This is worthy of our serious thought, and the analogy of the fourth plane will also be apparent.  For this system, the buddhic plane, the human kingdom, and the fourth Ray of Harmony or Beauty or Synthesis, have a point of correspondence, just as the fourth rootrace is the one in which the synthesis is first observed—the door into the fifth kingdom of Spirit being then opened; the fourth rootrace also developed the astral capacity that made contact with the fourth or buddhic level possible.

(CF 635) The Agnishvattas are the builders on the fifth or gaseous subplane of the cosmic physical, and—from the human standpoint—are the most profoundly important, for they are the builders of the body of consciousness per se.  From the psychic standpoint of occult physiology, they have a close connection with the physical brain, the seat or empire of the Thinker, and as at this stage all that we can know must be viewed kama-manasically, it will be apparent that between the sympathetic nervous system and the brain is such a close interaction as to make one organised whole.  This microcosmic correspondence is of interest, but in studying these groups of devas at present we will view them principally in their work as systemic and planetary builders, leaving the student to trace out for himself the human analogy.  He will learn thereby.  Having indicated certain lines of thought, we will now take up these groups one at a time and consider them.

(CF 647) It might be of interest here to note that this centre is literally a fourfold radiation, and the "Cross of the Holy Spirit," the equal armed Cross, is its symbol.  This four-petalled lotus is the result of evolution.  In the first kingdom of nature, the mineral, through which a specific Entity is manifesting, this centre is a unity on etheric levels, for only one petal is to be seen.  In the vegetable kingdom, viewing it as the expression of a great Existence, two petals are becoming active.  In the third kingdom, the animal, the centre at the base of the spine will be found to have three petals, whereas in man, the lotus is vibrating in a fourfold manner.  At each initiation of the great Being Who is manifesting through our planet, one of these petals becomes unfolded on etheric levels, so that at individualisation, the four became active, and His selfconscious activity was brought right down on to the physical plane.  The analogy can be seen typified at His great Initiation which took place in the fourth round and the third rootrace; the correspondence between the third kingdom and the fourth, and their production of the esoteric seven is one of the lines of study for the occultist.

(CF 659) Fourth, as the animating lives of that involutionary matter of the astral plane which we call the elemental essence, and as the vitality energising the desire elementals of all that is sentient.  Viewed in this aspect in connection especially with man, they are the correspondence on the astral plane to the "devas of the shadows," for the desire bodies of all human beings are composed of matter of the second, third and fourth subplanes of the astral plane.  This is a point which should be closely considered, and the analogy between the etheric body, the vehicle of prana vitalising the dense physical, and [Page 659] man's astral body, and the method of its vitalisation will be found illuminating.

(CF 746) To those who are endeavouring to grasp somewhat the mystery of rebirth and its laws and purpose, and who are confused when considering the mystery of the Buddha, and the secret purpose of that mysterious Entity, the Silent Watcher; to those who find the problem of understanding the position of the Kumaras and Their relation to the planetary Logos almost an insuperable one, it might be wise to say:  Study and meditate upon the difference existing between the lower principles and the higher three; study and meditate upon the place and position of these lower principles in the body of the planetary Logos and ponder upon the correspondence between:

a. The devachan of the reincarnating jiva.

b. The nirvana of the Adept.

[Page 746]

c. The pralaya of a cosmic Entity, such as the Lord of a chain, the Lord of a scheme, and the Lord of a Ray.

I say correspondence in its esoteric significance, and do not seek to infer analogy in detail, but only in purpose and in experience.  It may be said of all three states that they are periods of development, long cycles of meditation, and interludes between stages of activity.  Hence the emphasis laid in the East and in all occult schools of development upon meditation, for it is the means of bringing to the unit under development the capacity which will produce:

(CF 1033) The activity of the second aspect has been called spiral-cyclic, which in itself involves the concept of duality.  This activity is the cause of all cyclic evolution, and has been called in the occult phraseology "the activity of Brahma's year." It is that which brings about the [Page 1033] periodical appearing and disappearing of all existences, great or small.  It is intimately linked with the will aspect of Divinity, and with the Lipika Lords of the highest degree and its origin is, therefore, difficult for us to comprehend.  Perhaps all that can be said about it is that it is largely due to certain impulses which (as far as our solar system is concerned) can be traced to the sun Sirius.  These impulses find their analogy in the impulses emanating in cyclic fashion from the causal body of man, which impulses bring about his appearance upon the plane of maya for a temporary period.  A hint may here be given to the earnest student; in the threefold Ego (the lives who form the central bud, the lives of the petals, and the triple group of lives who form the three permanent atoms) is seen a correspondence to the three groups of Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause of solar manifestation, and who control its periodic manifestation.  These three groups are related to Their guiding Intelligences on Sirius.

(CF 1093) There is first, the Wheel of the chain, or the cycling of the Monad around an entire chain, and its passage through all the globes and kingdoms.  The consideration of this is complicated by the fact that in any particular chain, the Monads seldom begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge, pass through their cycle and achieve their objective.  It is not possible to dissociate a chain from its preceding or succeeding chain.  Many Monads who achieved self-consciousness in the moon chain only entered into renewed activity in the middle of the fourth root race; others, who have individualised on this earth, will not succeed in reaching their goal upon this planet.  There is here a correspondence to systemic evolution, and there is an analogy between the Monads who refused to [Page 1093] incarnate and the Egos who were unable to take bodies in the Lemurian or third root race.

(CF 1206) a. The four superior groups are the hierarchies expressing themselves through the three cosmic ethers, the second, third and fourth.

b. The two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning as the involutionary matter (organised and unorganised) of the logoic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, with the living substance of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body.

c. The fifth Hierarchy has an interesting position as the "mediating" body between the higher four and those which are found on the lower three subplanes.  There is a vital and significant correspondence to be found between the seven head centres and the seven groups of Egos on the mental plane, and there is an occult analogy between the three head centres (pineal gland, pituitary body, and the alta major centres) and the expression of these seven groups of Egos in the three worlds.  This is a most important esoteric fact, and all students of meditation upon the laws of at-one-ment must take this analogy into consideration.

(EPI 9) Some of the points which I may seek to make clear will not be capable of substantiation and cannot be proved by you. These it would be wise to accept as working hypotheses, in order to understand that whereof I seek to speak.  Some of the points I may make you may find yourself capable of checking up in your own life experience, and they will call forth from you a recognition coming from your concrete mind; or they may produce in you a reaction of the intensest conviction, emanating from your intuitively aware Self.  In any case, read slowly; apply the laws of analogy and of correspondence; study yourself and your brethren; seek to link what I say to any knowledge you may possess of the modern theories, and remember that the more truly you live as a soul the more surely you will comprehend that which may be imparted.

(EPII 274) It would be well, before we proceed with our consideration of the Ray of the Personality, to add a word more to the information given above anent the three great Approaches of the soul or the three Touches which are transforming or initiating agencies in the life of the personality.  Students would do well to remember that there must ever be an analogy or a correspondence carried out in the life of the little self—a reflection of the activities of the greater Self.  Just as the soul makes three approaches towards its instrument or reflection, a human being, so the integrated personality approaches also towards union with the soul by three similar or related touches.  It might be of interest if we were to enlarge somewhat upon this matter.

(EA 603) 2. The seven rays express themselves, each through three of the zodiacal constellations. The analogy (but not the correspondence) is that these three constellations are to the life of one of these ray Beings what the three aspects of monad-soul-body are to a man. Again, it is only analogy. Forget not that analogy and correspondence are not the same. In the first case there is resemblance but not in detail. In the second, there is practically identical expression, usually on a lower level.

(EH 144) The analogy of the basic dualism of all manifestation is also preserved, thus making the nine of initiation—the three, the four and the two.  This correspondence to the initiatory process is, however, in the reverse direction, for it is initiation into the creative third aspect, the matter aspect and the world of intelligent activity.  It is not initiation into the second or soul aspect, as is the case with the hierarchical initiations for which the disciple is preparing.  It is the initiation of the soul into the experience of physical incarnation, into physical plane existence, and into the art of functioning as a human being.  The door into this experience is the "Gate of Cancer."  Initiation into the kingdom of God is entered through the "Gate of Capricorn."  These four attributes and the three aspects of matter, plus their dual activity, are the correspondence to the four aspects of the personality and the Spiritual Triad and their dual active relationship.  In this statement is hidden the key to liberation.

(EH 166) 14. In the upper body we have an analogy to the triple soul nature.

a. The throat, corresponding to the third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul.

b. The heart, the love-wisdom of the soul, the buddhi or Christ principle.

[Page 166]

c. The lungs, the analogy for the breath of life, is the correspondence to spirit.

(EH 421) We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogy holds good.  We have a correspondence on a tiny scale in the fact that each human life period sees a man taking a more evolved physical body of a greater responsiveness, tuned to a higher key, of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to a different measure.  In these three thoughts lies much information, if they are carefully studied and logically extended.