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The Nature of The Soul

by Lucille Cedercrans


The Nature of The Soul

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This FreeWare edition of The Nature of the Soul is the same as the print edition with these exceptions:
  1. There is no index
  2. The glossary is not included.
  3. A Study Guide has been added
  4. A catalog of other publications is available.
  5. The Table of Contents and the Directory of Techniques have been
    hyperlinked to help facilitate easier movement throughout the text.


Wisdom Impressions is a group of students and practitioners of The Wisdom. Our purpose is to create the appearance, support the teaching and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom. Wisdom Impressions is not a non-profit organization. However, no one connected with Wisdom Impressions receives any money for services rendered. Everyone is a volunteer and all income from book sales is returned to our general fund for operating expenses and future publications.

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