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using the CDR “Twenty-Four Books of Esoteric Philosophy by ALICE A. BAILEY.


This secret of electricity, which is essentially triple in its nature, deals with the Brahma or third aspect, and is called sometimes by the following names:—

1. The Secret of Brahma.

2. The Revelation of the Mother.

3. The Secret of Fohatic Force.

4. The Mystery of the Creator.

5. The Secret of the Three Who issued from the First (solar system) IHS 171


The occult statement that "Nature abhors a vacuum" is entirely true. When through the correct intoning of certain sounds, this vacuum or empty funnel between the higher and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energy pours into the funnel under the inevitable working of the law, and, via that funnel, reaches its objective. LM 192


"AUM," said the Mighty One, He breathed forth to the fifth, the plane which is the burning-ground, the meeting place for fire. This time a cosmic note is heard beneath the sound systemic. The fire within, the fire without, meet with the fire ascending. The guardians of the cosmic fire, the devas of fohatic heat, watched o'er the forms that formless stood, waiting a point in time. TCF 12


This greatest Rod is in the care of the first great group of karmic Lords. It might be described as the Rod which carries a voltage of pure fohatic force from cosmic levels. The two lesser Rods carry differentiated fohatic force. This logoic Rod of Power is kept within the Sun, and is only re-charged at the beginning of every one hundred years of Brahma. TCF 212


g. A solar Logos is distinguished by His responsiveness to outer stimulation. This concerns itself with:

Electrical stimulation or His response to electrical fohatic force emanating from other stellar centres, and controlling largely the action of our system and its movements in space in relation to other constellations.

Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective Life, and emanating from certain cosmic centres hinted at in the Secret Doctrine. These find their source on cosmic buddhic levels.

It is their united effect which induces steady development. TCF 258


We are now to touch upon the profoundest mystery of the whole manifested solar system—the mystery spoken of by H. P. B. as the mystery of electricity.5 It is intimately connected with the life of God as demonstrated through His seven Centres, the seven Heavenly Men, the Divine Manasaputras. This problem is not soluble as yet exoterically and but little can be revealed to the general public. This is for three reasons:

First, the stage reached by man does not permit of his correct apprehension of these abstractions.

Second, the greater part of the possible explanation is only revealed to initiates who have passed the third Initiation, and even to them in a carefully guarded manner.

Third, the revelation of the close connection between mind and fohat or energy, or between thought power and electrical phenomena—the effect of fohatic impulse on matter—is fraught with peril, and the missing link (if so it might be termed) in the chain of reasoning from phenomena to its initiatory impulse, can only be safely imparted when the bridge between higher and lower mind, is adequately constructed. When the lower is under the control of the higher, or when the quaternary is merging into the triad, then man can be trusted with the remaining [Page 260] four fundamentals. TCF 259-260


These three electrical manifestations—vitality, magnetism, and fohatic impulse—are to be seen at work in a solar Logos, a Heavenly Man and a human being. They are the objective manifestations of the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance) we speak of in terms of quality, and call will, wisdom, activity. TCF 313


Third, one of the mysteries revealed at initiation is that of the logoic centre which our scheme represents, and the type of electrical fire which is flowing through it. The "Seven Brothers," or the seven types of fohatic force, express Themselves through the seven centres, and the One Who is animating our scheme stands revealed at the third Initiation. It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of our centre, and by realisation of the place our centre holds in the body logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims of evolution.

TCF 358


The sumtotal of manas is pure deva essence, and it is only as union is made between this fivefold third aspect and the other two aspects that what we understand as MAN—whether Heavenly Man or human—comes into being. The devas are united with these other two factors and the result is:

a. A solar Logos.

b. A Heavenly Man.

c. A human being.

This is a great mystery and is allied to the mystery of electricity (or of fohatic life) which H. P. B.42 refers to. The Messengers, the Builders, the devas, are flaming fire, radiant electric matter, and only in time and space, only during manifestation and only through the cycles of objectivity, is such an entity as man possible, or can a Heavenly Man come into existence.

TCF 404


The influence of this fifth Logos will be felt very considerably now on the fifth subplane of all the planes, specially in the three worlds of human endeavour, and as we are here dealing with man we can count from what is erroneously termed "the bottom up." Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receive increased stimulation, enabling man to vibrate on the fifth subplane which literally is the third subplane on the abstract level of the mental plane, on which the causal body is found. The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and the electrical force, or the fohatic current, will pour through it, and enable those men who are at the right stage to utilise this force in order to take the first initiation. TCF 435


It is this Ray [the Ray in power] activity which governs the obscuration or manifestation of a system, and a scheme with all that is included in these manifestations. Hence the emphasis laid in all occult books on the study of cycles, and on the differentiation of the one hundred years of Brahma into its component parts. In this knowledge lies hid the mystery of Being itself, of electrical force, and of fohatic synthesis. TCF 440


When this is borne in mind it will be seen that each of the planetary Logoi, equally with a solar Logos, and with Their reflections, human beings, demonstrate through the aspects.

In their totality all these are the expression of the incarnating Logos; in the one case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms of nature, giving them Body; in the other He gives them their psychical value, and finally through them all He demonstrates as Existence or Being. TCF 443


Wherever man is in incarnation, the Builders of his bodies are to be found but they will differ in:

a. Their rate of vibration.

b. Their stage of development.

[Page 671]

c. Consciousness.

d. Fohatic, magnetic and dynamic force. TCF 670-671


the great Destroying Angels on all the planes, who will eventually—through the manipulation of the three forms of energy—bring to an end all that is. These angels are a mysterious group of fohatic Lives Who sound forth the [Page 883] trumpets of destruction, and by means of the notes sounded produce that shattering which will set loose the energy of forms. TCF 882-883


All these forces form the aggregate of what is called "fohatic life." TCF 1117

[For “All these forces” please read the whole chapter, or see Table VII p 1187]


The first group of alignments, when not balanced by the second group, is the line of the black magician; it will lead him eventually out of the stream of fivefold energy we call manasic on to the cosmic path of fohatic energy, the strictly mahatic. When on that Path two directions are possible to him; one will keep him in touch with the natural substance aspect concerned with the cosmic incarnations of our solar Logos; the other will sweep him on to that centre in the universe which is the emanating source of the mahatic principle; it is the focal point where is generated that type of energy which makes possible the dense physical manifestation of Gods and men. TCF 1125


All these various streams of energy are passed through certain groups or centres, becoming more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far as man is concerned at present, this energy all converges, and seeks to energise his physical body, and direct his action via the seven etheric centres. These centres receive the force in a threefold manner:

a. Force from the Heavenly Man and, therefore, from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear via the Monad.

b. Force from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego.

c. Force from the planes, from the Raja Devas of a plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom.

It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of a man. TCF 1158




(Full table at TCF 1187)



MAN: [……]


1. Plane Raja A Deva Hierarchy. Atomic Sub-plane. Fohatic Central Fire. Initiatory. Lord.

2. Plane Devas. Centres Prana Solar Energy Form building Fire.

3. Elementals. Elemental Essence. Molecular Lunar Force The Mother’s Heat.


ATOMS: [……]

TCF 1187


Three types of magnetic work have been mastered by the adept who treads this second Path. He has mastered (in the three worlds) the magical work of form construction through the manipulation of magnetic energy and the utilisation of fohatic attractive energy in order to "bind the builders." This he does through the medium of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter. TCF 1248


Let us for a moment, therefore, consider just where the aspirant stands when he starts consciously to build the antahkarana. Behind him lie a long series of existences, the experience of which has brought him to the point where he is able consciously to assess his condition and arrive at some understanding of his point in evolution. He can consequently undertake—in cooperation with his steadily awakening and focussing consciousness—to take the next step, which is that of accepted discipleship. In the present, he is oriented towards the soul; he, through meditation and the mystical experience, does have occasional contact with the soul, and this happens with increasing frequency; he is becoming somewhat creative upon the physical plane, both in his thinking and in his actions; at times, even if rarely, he has a genuine intuitive experience. This intuitive experience serves to anchor the "first tenuous thread spun by the Weaver in fohatic enterprise," as the Old Commentary puts it. It is the first cable, projected from the Spiritual Triad in response to the emanation of the personality, and this is the result of the growing magnetic potency of both these aspects of the Monad in manifestation. RI 457