Sirius and the Blue Lodge Institutions:

JPC: Note that HPB speaks of "Blue Ether" when describing the Vril force, or energy of Agni as corresponding to the release of atomic energy of the Buddhic plane. Correspondingly, we recall that the fourth plane of the system, is the buddhic plane and that this system is "a system of the fourth order" with our solar lord known as the "blue logos (literally indigo) the indigo vibration of this love system". We might ponder on the nature of atomic fusion of our Solar Logos for a moment.

This Blue is stated by DK to be Indigo which itself is also stated elsewhere as "indigo blue, a deep electric blue", again, "The Synthetic Ray which blends them all is the great Love-Wisdom Ray, for verily and indeed "God is Love." This Ray is the indigo Ray, and is the blending Ray." We note that the "vibration" and note of our Logos is on the buddhic plane and that his fusion/magnitude is of the fourth order and of the nature of "Vril", the "blue ether" the rock destroying force of J.W.Keely. We might recall that Master Hilarion refers to the Sun viewed outside our atmosphere as a "black hole" perhaps we might, for a time, consider it as a "dark indigo blue - midnight blue".

Our solar system is what is called a system of the fourth order; that is, it has its location on the fourth cosmic etheric plane, counting, as always, from above downwards. TCF 119.

Is the coloring of the fourth cosmic ether (the buddhic plane), blue, or is it violet to correspond with our fourth physical ether? TCF 354.

Blue in color, esoteric orange and green. TCF 1086.

The Solar Logos is spoken of as the "Blue Logos" (literally indigo) LOM 207.

JPC: DK poses the question on Blue/Violet and I ponder on the distinction between the Blue Lodge and the White Lodge. Lets take into consideration that the six kumaras wield six colour rays with Sanat Kumara, the Blue logos, synthesising all rays with the seventh violet/white ray. May we infer that the Great White Lodge on Earth is referred to as "White" due to its true nature of being the synthetic colour, the 7th violet ray, esoterically, relating under "magnetic control" the true "blue lodge" in Sirius of Buddhic Initiates 3rd degree onward, to the earth lodge white/violet ray and fourth violet ether.

Humanity, the future planetary [White] light bearer, esoterically the synthesising violet ray light. The fourth ether being used by the violet ray as a medium, while the fourth buddhic plane on which our solar system is located is used by the 2nd ray and is known as the Blue, buddhic plane.

Hypothetically, I am considering that just as the perfected man has a predominatly auric egg/envelope of Blue, as sited by DK, just as does Sanat Kumara, and the Solar logos, reflect Blue, so will humanity as a planetary light bearer shine forth in due time as the synthisis of the seven rays White/Violet and bear the light of wisdom and in this synthisis shine/radiate the syntheisising ray of love/wisdom, together with the corresponding fire of the Buddhic plane thus making manifest a direct "reflection" of the "blue lodge" of Sirius on Earth, transforming the White Lodge into the Blue Lodge on Earth as a reflection of and "within the sunshine of the major Sun."   

Sanat Kumara is the Blue [indigo] Kumara and a direct reflection of the 2nd ray and dwells within the reflective blue aura of the "Blue Logos" the Solar Logos of this system and of the true blue lodge on Sirius. The relation between these are apparent being one of a Indigo, Buddhi being the "arc" and the 2nd ray aspect.

It is naturally brought to out thoughts that this directly refers to the "perfect seventh type" or synthesising "blue" as wielded by our "Lord of Blue" within the "arc of Buddhi". Clearly this blue is the "primary" referred to as embodied within his aura and is therefore our "planetary type" the `synthetic perfect seventh' or full planetary colour, as DK hints. We result therefore with "the ultimate is the vibration of the seventh adjusted as the Primary" with six colours as subsidiary in this system.

The Lord of the World is a direct reflection of the second Aspect. Blue, because of its alliance with indigo and its relationship to the auric egg; just as the Solar Logos is spoken of as the "Blue Logos" (literally indigo), so the color of the perfected man, and of the auric envelope through which he manifests, will be predominantly blue. . LOM 208.

The Lord of Blue, Who gathereth all within the arc of Buddhi, soundeth His note. To Their source return the other six, blending Their color diverse within Their Primary.

Blue to the green is added and completion quick is seen. The vibration of the third is added to the one. Blue to the orange blends, and in their wise admixture is seen the stable scheme. To the yellow and the red, to the purple and the ultimate is the vibration of the seventh adjusted as the Primary. TCF 24.

Through each of them passes the life force of one of the six rays, and in considering them one might sum up their work and position as follows:

They each embody one of the six types of energy, with the Lord of the World as the synthesizer and the embodier of the perfect seventh type, our planetary type.

They are each distinguished by one of the six colors, with the Lord of the World showing forth the full planetary color, these six being subsidiary.

Their work is therefore concerned, not only with force distribution, but with the passing into our scheme from other planetary schemes, of Egos seeking earth experience.

Each of them is in direct communication with one or another of the sacred planets.

According to astrological conditions, and according to the turning of the planetary wheel of life, so one or another of these Kumaras will be active. The three Buddhas of Activity change from time to time, and become in turn exoteric or esoteric as the case may be.

Only the King persists steadily and watchfully in active physical incarnation. IHS 40.

JPC: Regarding path IV, it is of note to me as to why so many sons of men go to Sirius to become "blissful dancing points of fanatical devotion" and yet these men referred to are the "Masters of Compassion" and "lords of love" which are referred to Sirius in their greater numbers to become "Masters of the Wisdom" through "tremendous manasic stimulation" owing to Sirius being the emanating source of manasic energy.

Having become a master of the wisdom upon Sirius is the Master still known as a "blissful dancing point of fanatical devotion" owing to having achieves via "devotion and activity combined" and that he was a mystic. Once he has become an occultist and "a spark of mahatic electricity" why is he still known as a "dancing point of fanatical devotion"? Are all the great Lords who are "sparks of mahatic electricity" on Sirius still known as such?

This is a great mystery indeed. "Four-fifths of the adepts of suffering pass on to Path IV". It seems adepts of suffering require path IV and it is this attribute of suffering which leads a Master to Sirius, although one-fifth still go elsewhere. Possibly they are known by this term for some period after until such time as they move forward and manasically "become" and prove their positions.

We note as a group that the Master of the "sacred heart" is a master of compassion and suffering who treads the path to the "great manasic orb" from mind to mind he makes his way indicating manasic stimulation of a successive nature until the "points of Blue" which are buddhi, having aided his manasic development, finally lead him to a profound and higher manasic/buddhic faculty to become a true Master of the Wisdom. We note the buddhic blue of one of the Pleiades is intimately related to the "true blue lodge on Sirius" a mahatic/buddhic lodge.

The Pleiades (Ple.ia.des |'ple?dez) - also known as M45 or the Seven Sisters - is the name of an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. The cluster is dominated by hot blue stars. Wikipedia.

"The Master of the Sacred Heart is He who builds a Path between the sphere whereon His lot is cast and the great manasic orb. He builds it knowingly, calling in the aid of points of blue.

These emerge from the heart of one of the seven. (The PLEIADES.)   

These He bloweth upon and they find their place as stones in the one Way He constructeth for the treading of the many as they wend their way through mind to mind and thence to understanding. (Manas to mahat and thence to buddhi.)

"TheEgyptian Master and the Master Jesus are preparing Themselves to tread it" TCF 1276.

This leaves Path IV to be accounted for. Upon this Path pass all those who, through    devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack as yet the full development of the manasic principle. This being the solar system of love-wisdom, or of astral buddhic development, the fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men. In the hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom." The former must therefore all pass to the sun Sirius there to undergo a tremendous manasic stimulation, for Sirius is the emanating source of manas. There the mystic must go and become what is called "a spark of mahatic electricity." TCF 1243.

It was under instructions from the Great White Lodge on Sirius that the door remains closed the third time to the dark brothers. Evil, as we understand it, has absolutely no place on Sirius. RI 351.

There is a relationship of very ancient date between our Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, and the Lord of Sirius, and this exists in spite of the fact that our planet is not a sacred planet.

It might be added that our planet is, in the immediate cycle, owing to the factors I have lately considered with you, rapidly passing out of this category, and on the inner    planes and subjectively considered is a sacred planet; the effects of this transition from non-sacred to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively.

1. The majority of liberated humanity, and therefore a large number of the initiates who have to make decision, choose this way to the cosmic center.

2. The relationship as it expresses itself is between the Hierarchy and Sirius, and not    between Shamballa and that stupendous Sun. The energy evoked in response to this    relationship enters the Hierarchy via the Heart of the Sun, creating as a consequence a triangle of spiritual energy of enormous potency. You have, therefore:   


Heart of the Sun   *   The Hierarchy.  RI 414.

The entire work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius; the Ashrams are subjected to its cyclic inflow; the higher initiations are taken under its stimulation, for the principle of buddhi, of pure love (i.e., love-wisdom) must be active in the heart of every initiate prior to the initiation of the great decision. RI 415.

A stream of energy coming from the sun, Sirius; this enters directly into the Hierarchy

and carries with it the principle of buddhi, of cosmic love. This, in a mysterious way, is the principle found at the heart of every atom.

The buddhic flow follows the line of 2.4.6. Thus atma-buddhi becomes the blended reality which is brought to full unfoldment as evolution proceeds. The energy of Sirius by-passes (to use a modern word) Shamballa and is focused in the Hierarchy.

Its effect is not felt until after the third initiation, though the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and the sixth initiations. RI 415.

JPC: It is therefore evident as to why the 3rd degree initiate is a "lowly aspirant" as a candidate upon Sirius. He is in training within the 'blue sunshine of the major sun' for development of the "mahatic/buddhic" aspect of development. The "lowly aspirant" has gained admittance to the white lodge on Sirius and passed a turning point which the dark brother cannot or will not take.

The brother of love has sworn to develop the manasic/mahatic principle as has the dark brother; he has also sworn to develop the Mahatic/buddhic aspect and that of love/wisdom. Here the dark brother has taken leave and will not progress along the way to the "great manasic orb" Sirius or have any association with the Pleiades, due to his aversion to the buddhic pure love nature.

We might note that the Master uses the buddhic energy in training of second degree initiates and we might suppose that the dark brother may still pass this initiation and satisfy both master and the Christ as to his intention of manasic/buddhic development though in such a relatively undeveloped way (compassion/devotion) as to prove the possibility of turning away from his indicated intentions and thus become firmly barred from the Sirian Blue Lodge only to turn toward the Black Lodge of imperfection and pure Mahatic development. We note that White Lodge symbolises perfection/purity and the symbolical reference to Blue Lodge upon Sirius indicates Mahatic/Buddhic development and that faculty of monadic Identification, pure reason, which may only be developed under the esteemed guidance of the Sirian adepts/chohans, the great Sirian lords.

The "culture of freedom" is the Law developed and worked out upon Sirius and it is this Law that Earth is subject to, therefore the Dark brotherhood does not recognise this law and subsequently rejects and works in every possible way to counter and destroy all effort of the Sirian and earthly hierarchy towards the implementation of this principle as the BL are the lodge of enslavement and materialism. "Evil, as we understand it, has absolutely no place on Sirius." The "sweet influence" of the Pleiades refers to the manasic/buddhic inflow of energy from the "hot blue stars" with "points of blue". God Bless.

The seven stars of the Pleiades are the goal for the seven types, and this is hinted at in the Book of job, in the words, "Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?" In the mystery of this influence, and in the secret of the sun Sirius, are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and incidentally, therefore, of our solar system. IHS 188.

JC: Fellows of Cosmic Fire, continuing thoughts on Sirius and Initiation. The initiate of the 3rd degree is regarded as having undergone the first "major initiation" within the White Lodge and it is yet but the entering requirement of the great White Lodge on Sirius. Hence he is a "lowly aspirant" on becoming a candidate for admittance.

The first two initiations (the Sirian initiations of the threshold) DINA2 401.

The first two initiations - initiations of the threshold, from the angle of the Lodge on Sirius. DINA2 406.

The true "Blue Lodge," and to become a candidate in that Lodge, the initiate of the    third degree has to become a lowly aspirant, with all the true and full initiations    awaiting him "within the sunshine of the major Sun." RI 416.

The fourth initiation is the synthesis of the Initiations of the threshold in the Sirian Lodge. IHS 182.

The first four initiations of the solar system correspond to the four "initiations of the Threshold," prior to the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation, that of "entered apprentice" in Masonry; and makes a Master an "entered apprentice" of the Lodge on Sirius.

The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood on Sirius.

A Master, therefore, is one who has taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth    solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation. IHS 18.

Masonry, as originally instituted far back in the very night of time and long antedating the Jewish dispensation, was organized under direct Sirian influence and modeled as far as possible on certain Sirian institutions and bearing a slight resemblance also to our hierarchical life - as seen in the light of the Eternal Now. Its "Blue Lodge" with its three degrees is related to the three major groups of Lives on Sirius, for there are there no kingdoms of nature, such as we possess; these groups receive all Those Who choose the fourth Path, and train Them in the mode of existence and the type of livingness which is found on Sirius. This will make it plain to you that the least developed of the Sirian Lives are - from our standpoint - all of Them initiates of very high degree. RI 418.

Lives on Sirius: The Sirian Institutions.

JPC: There are three "major groups of lives" on Sirius which relate to the "three degrees" of the Masonic Blue Lodge. Therefore each degree is an expression of one group "of lives". As DK states, there are no other kingdoms of nature with only these three groups, which are "major" groups. I would like the group to consider for a moment, as a theoretical proposition, and with direct relation to the "three groups" that these relate to "atma-buddhi-manas", remembering that these groups receive and train all who "choose" the fourth path and that these three, atma-buddhi-manas, relate to man, the Monad and to planetary logi. Initially, we might begin with the Master of compassion who receives "tremendous manasic stimulation" in order to become a Master of the Wisdom.

Naturally as we might conjecture, this is possibly the department of the `third major group' being `Manasic', [remembering that buddhi is used in training for 2nd initiation also so all is relative and no hard and fast distinctions or limitations are here inferred], which DK might possibly be referring to as the "least developed of the Sirian Lives" for quite naturally we presume and intuit that there are much more advanced lives not least because the "three degrees" indicate such and we think of the great Sirian Lords for instance.

The formula is presented; therefore secondly we consider the group of "buddhic" lives which will no doubt receive "training" from and for certain high levels of expansion and identification, which will lead the Master or higher chohans onwards in Initiation and service due to their conditioned contact with and more highly potent handling of energy, on to higher "modes of existence". Lastly the group of "atmic, destroying power" oriented lives which, in all, constitute the "mode of existence and the type of livingness which is found on Sirius" Atmic-Budhic-Manasic and the direct inference to three groups "the Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius" which model and fashion such energetic livingness and being such as this, to which we all may aspire.

1st and 2nd Initiation = minor initiations. Sirian initiations of the "threshold".
3rd Initiation = `Candidate and Lowly Aspirant' awaiting true and full Sirian initiations.
4th Initiation = `Synthetic Initiation of the threshold' to the Blue Lodge.
5th Initiation = 1st Cosmic Initiation. "Entered Apprentice" of the Lodge on Sirius.
6th Initiation = 2nd `Masonic degree' on Sirius.

7th Initiation = 3rd degree and "Master Mason of the Brotherhood on Sirius". AUM.


3 Major Groups of lives on Sirius. The "Sirian institutions."

Third Institution: Major Group 3, Manasic. 5th degree "masters of wisdom" train 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th degree Initiates, enabling crossing of the Sirian "threshold".  Also training of 5th degree Masters of Compassion for "tremendous manasic stimulation" to become Masters of the Wisdom and full "Entered Apprentice".

Second Institution: Major Group 2, Buddhic. 6th degree and above Chohans train "Entered Apprentice" for 2nd Masonic degree.

First Institution: Major Group 1, Atmic. 7th degree and above Lords train Chohans of the 2nd Masonic degree to become full Master Masons of the 3rd degree. All requirements involve the handling of energy or "livingness" and deeply involves awareness of and abstraction from the three monadic sheaths, manasic, buddhic and atmic. "AUM, in its true character". God bless.

These three groups of solar bodies (The Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius) are of paramount influence where the spiral cyclic activity of our system is concerned... these three groups are related to the Logoic Spiritual Triad - atma-buddhi-manas - and their influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution and with solar progress." (C.F. 1058) EA 642. 

The Central Sun of spiritual livingness. EH 706.

The livingness of the inner divine entity. RI 365.

I prefer the word "livingness" to that of "vibration," so widely used in modern occultism. RI 370.

Initiation for which They - in Their incomparable and incomprehensible livingness. EA 503.

The fact of Christ's eternal livingness. DN 40.

Atma-buddhi-manas, the expression of the Monad. TCF 71.

On higher planes the Heavenly Men (through atma-buddhi-manas) aim at a similar progression. TCF 244.

Will and love (atma-buddhi) - and because of this, His consciousness became extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certain solar Agencies. EXT 162.

Spirit the monad Abstract mind.




Electric Fire. DK.

The buddhic flow follows the line of 2.4.6. Thus atma-buddhi becomes the blended reality which is brought to full unfoldment as evolution proceeds. The energy of Sirius by-passes (to use a modern word) Shamballa and is focused in the Hierarchy. Its effect is not felt until after the third initiation, though the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and the sixth initiations.   

The entire work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius; the Ashrams are subjected to its cyclic inflow; the higher initiations are taken under its stimulation, for the principle of buddhi, of pure love (i.e., love-wisdom) must be active in the heart of every initiate prior to the initiation of the great decision; it is therefore only initiates of the fifth, sixth and higher initiations who can work consciously with the potent buddhic "livingness" which permeates all Ashrams, though unrecognized by the average disciple.

This Sirian influence was not recognized, and little of it was definitely focused in the Hierarchy, until Christ came and revealed the love of God to humanity. He is the expression, par excellence, of a Sirian initiation, and it is to that high place He will eventually go - no matter what duties or hierarchical obligations may take Him elsewhere between that time and now.

The Sirian Lodge. This is the true "Blue Lodge," and to become a candidate in that Lodge, the initiate of the third degree has to become a lowly aspirant, with all the true and full initiations awaiting him "within the sunshine of the major Sun."

The above somewhat uncorrelated items of information will give you a general idea of the significant connection between our unimportant little planet and that vast expression of divinity, the Life which is manifesting through Sirius; it is an expression which is organized and vital beyond anything man can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, again beyond the power of man to comprehend. The principle of freedom is a leavening energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on our solar system and particularly on our planet. RI 415/6.