Compilation on Comments on Telepathy

exclusive of the references in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
and the work of the Telepathic Communicators

Also needing compiled (or found) references to the Science of Impression and Evocation
 VSK 2004

You will note, therefore, why I have so consistently emphasised, during the past thirty years of teaching, the necessity for the development of a truly spiritual and psychic sensitivity, plus the unfoldment of the faculty of a scientific telepathic rapport. I have thereby laid the foundation of the Science of Impression, with the illumined and rightly oriented mind as the interpreter, the analyser and the transmitter. [ExtH 681]

Through the increasing sensitivity of men and through the steady thinning of the separating veil, more and more during the coming years will the telepathic faculties of men and their power to respond to inner inspiration be developed and demonstrated. By the growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of colour and sound will the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones be contacted and understood, and the peoples released from the thraldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom of God.  [ExtH 509]

The Science of Impression, which governs the technique of Shamballa, functions through the three different centres in three different ways:

a. Shamballa...dynamic impression

b. The Hierarchy...magnetic telepathy

c. Humanity...radiatory sensitivity

[RI 371]

The aspirants thus trained are in reality the nucleus of the future world servers, and are consequently of real importance. The task of those thus engaged falls into three categories; as the senior disciples and initiates are thus occupied, they are themselves learning much.

These three categories of work are:

1. The establishing of magnetic influence.

2. The setting-up of telepathic rapport.

3. The making of basic karmic readjustments.   [DINA I 724]

You have undertaken voluntarily to work together when proffered the opportunity by me. You are aiming towards a group solidarity which will be based upon the fact of your being souls. This should eventually manifest itself subjectively and essentially in the form of a group telepathic inter-communication, as group understanding also of each other's problems and difficulties and, therefore, as a group opportunity to aid and help one another. [DINA I 12]

You would find it useful to keep what might be called a spiritual diary. … you should record the following:


3. Any telepathic happenings between you and your fellow disciples. This telepathic interplay should be cultivated but it must be most carefully checked and counterchecked and the strictest accuracy preserved. Thus we shall have the fostering of the spirit of Truth, which is the governing principle of all true telepathic communication. An Ashram functions telepathically when fully and rightly organised. [DINA I 14]

Another question might here be asked: What should disciples in a Master's group look for as evidence of successful group work? First and foremost, as you well know, group integrity and cohesion. Nothing can be done without this. The subjective linking of the disciples with each other in their own group, and the linking of the group with other groups occupied with special work within the Ashram and the emergence (as a result of this) of a group and an ashramic consciousness are vital objectives. It is hoped that this will also eventuate in a telepathic interplay which will bring potent results and successful outer work. From these activities will emerge a group circulation of energy which will be of service in world salvage. …

… If you can hold together down the years and throughout this life cycle, then the group can carry forward into the future and work together on other planes, thus conserving energy. Can you persist and carry on? Can such a telepathic interplay be set up that the barrier of death will eventually prove no barrier at all and continuity of communication persist? [DINA I 15-16]

These are the three major faculties which the spiritual man can unfold; other faculties and developing capacities are only expansions of these three—telepathic thought, receiving and transmitting; intuitive recognition of truth and its formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the later process of materialising that which has been intuited, the highest form of creative work; healing, with its understanding of energy and forces which will lead later to the rebirth of humanity.

Little by little, the picture of the possibilities and of the Plan will unfold before you as your minds increase in sensitivity and your brains become more responsive to mental impulses. Little by little, the disciples of the world will work at the reproduction—on the physical plane—of that which exists subjectively. [DINA I 28-29]

Groups of disciples today are being trained in telepathic work and are rendering telepathic service to the world—a tiny replica of the work which the Hierarchy is ever doing with the minds of men. Thus, when you start to do this, you can work to change conditions and to affect certain lives. This work will not be truly possible where criticism, self-pity or wrong speech exist, for one person could block the outflow of the group thought. Therefore, I am asking my group of disciples this year to prepare for expanding service and to brood deeply upon the work of thought transmission in world service. [DINA I 369]

Develop telepathic sensitivity to my voice—as I have developed it to yours. [DINA II 473]

I would ask you to look for and expect certain reactions—phenomenal and psychological. These may be immediate in appearance, or they may work into your consciousness during the week which succeeds the Full Moon. I refer not here to lower psychic phenomena, but to certain spiritual occurrences and soul intuitions which can be sometimes noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch for these experiences—intuitive, telepathic and spiritual—and note them in your spiritual diary, attempting rightly to interpret them. [DINA 642]

One of the things which will emerge most definitely during the next three or four decades is the work that groups can do on levels other than the physical. Group service and united effort towards group welfare has for two centuries been seen on Earth in all fields of human endeavour—political, philanthropic and educational. Group service on the astral plane has been started also since 1875, but united effort to dispel the world glamour is only now in process of organising and this group can be a part of the corporate effort towards this end, and swell the number of those so engaged. Train yourselves, therefore, and learn how to work. Telepathic sensitivity is necessarily the objective of all groups of disciples, but it is the main objective of that group which we might call the Telepathic Communicators; here they can render potent service. Groups of sensitives of this order can constitute a working, mediating body, and transmit the new knowledge and teaching for the race; they can mould public opinion and change the current of men's thoughts. All small groups of people, naturally and inevitably, arrive at a telepathic relation between themselves, and between the personnel of similar groups, and this is to be desired and fostered and should rightly and steadily increase. But, as your telepathic sensitivity is increased, see to it that you are not deflected from your main group objective, which is to study and understand the significance of glamour and the laws for its dissipation. Record and note all telepathic activity and phenomena and learn to work this way, but regard it as a secondary issue for you at this time. [GWP 18-19]

One of the qualities, developed through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within the field of intuitive perception—a field which has been created, or a sphere of energy which has been generated, by the united purpose, the combined planning and the concentrated energy of the Hierarchy. An analogy (but only an analogy, however) would be to regard this field of reflecting, reflective and reflected energies as resembling the brain of a human being; this brain reflects the impacts of telepathic activity, the sensory perceptions and the knowledges gained in the three worlds; reflection then sets in in relation to the mental processes which are synchronised with the brain, and then follows the impartation of these reflections to the outside world. [DINA II 105]

It is a unified group endeavour, generated in each ashram and fostered by all alike, to bring the entire group—as a band of world servers—into the aura of the thought currents of the Christ, as He formulates His ideas, creates the thoughtform needed prior to manifestation, and makes His arrangements for His reappearing. This is not the same thing as establishing a telepathic rapport between an individual disciple and the Christ, for that is not needed or desirable. The unity of aim, the desire to serve, the recognition of the present focussed intention of the Hierarchy (under the guidance of the Christ), become an invocative, magnetic state of group consciousness; this evokes from the Christ and His informed Masters an identification of Their united thought with the group aspiration. This is the higher spiritual correspondence of what is called in the three worlds kama-manas. [DINA II 681]

When the extension of hearing becomes such that it concerns the psyche, then we call it telepathy or that wordless communication that is the synthesis of hearing on all the three lower planes and which is known by the Ego in the causal body on the formless levels of the mental plane.

On the buddhic plane, hearing (now of the synthetic quality called telepathy) demonstrates as complete comprehension, for it has involved two things:

1. A knowledge and recognition of individual sound,

2. A similar knowledge of group sound,

and their complete unification.  This causes the most perfect comprehension, and is the secret of the Master's power. [TCF 193]

Certain developments also, incidental to the factors of time and space (as understood in the three worlds) are aimed at by the Ego, such as the increase of the causal periphery through the study of divine telepathy,  systemic psychology and the knowledge of the law of fire. [LOM 37]

Another reason which will bring about the cessation of those practises and modes of living and desiring which account for these diseases is one little recognised as yet; it was referred to by the Christ when He spoke of the time when nothing secret would remain hidden and when all secrets would be shouted aloud from the housetops.  The growth of telepathic registration and of the psychic powers such as clairvoyance and clairaudience will eventually tend to strip humanity of the privacy in which to sin.  [EH 236]

One other point I would seek to make clear.  As you know, an Ashram has in it disciples and initiates at all points of evolutionary development and of all grades and degrees; these all work together in perfect unison and yet—within their differentiated ranks, for each degree stands alone yet united with all the others—with their own established rapport, their coded telepathic interplay, and a shared occult secrecy and silence which guard the secrets and knowledges of one grade from another and from the unready.  [RI 346]

It will be obvious to you that when humanity attains this outlook upon the fact of death or the art of dying, the entire attitude of the race of men will undergo beneficent change.  This will be paralleled, as time elapses, by a rapport between men upon telepathic levels; men will be steadily growing in intelligence, and humanity will be increasingly focussed upon mental levels.  This telepathic rapport will be a common and ordinary phenomenon of which modern spiritualism is the guarantee, though the distortion (and a very serious distortion) is largely based on humanity's wishful thinking, with very little true telepathy to be found in it.  The telepathy which is present today between the medium (in or out of trance) and the bereaved relative or friend is not between the one who has experienced the release of death and the one who is still in form.  This should be remembered.  In the interim where mind is not normally telepathic, there may be (though there very seldom is) the interposition of a mediumship based upon clairvoyance and clairaudience, but not upon trance.  This will still necessitate a contact via a third party, and will be entirely astral; it will therefore be full of glamour and error.  It will, however, be a step forward from the present mediumistic performances which simply ignore the man who is dead and give to the enquirer only what the medium reads in his aura—his recollection of the personal appearance, significant remembrances stored in the enquirer's consciousness, and wishful thinking anent advice demanded because the enquirer believes that because a man is dead he must be more wise than heretofore.  When the medium at times succeeds in establishing true communication, it is because the enquirer and the dead person are mental types, and there is therefore a true telepathic rapport between them which the medium intercepts. [EH 396]

Through this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology will eventually arrive at a recognition of the soul. …

3. Scientific investigation of the powers in man, with particular attention to telepathy.  It will be found that telepathic work is from mind to mind, or from soul to mind, and does not necessarily imply brain to brain communication and contact. This is one of the most promising fields of investigation, though it still presents much difficulty.  The fact of the existence of the soul will not be proved through the medium of telepathy until after the year 1945.  By that time an event will have happened in the world and a particular new teaching will have been given which will put the entire subject of telepathic phenomena in a new light. [EP I 100]

Those Lives Who carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind, exist in Their graded orders, and with the detail of Their groupings we are not concerned, except with the fact that the planetary Brotherhood is in telepathic rapport with Those Who are responsible for the planetary conditions in the solar system, with the Great Council, therefore, at Shamballa. They are also in immediate telepathic rapport with each other. The slowly manifesting powers of the radio and the sensitive workings of the perfecting radio mechanisms and of television are but the response in physical matter of the perfected telepathic powers and television of the minds of the Masters of the Wisdom. Forget not, that such powers are inherent in all men.

The inner group of Masters with Whom I am associated work telepathically also with Their disciples and the disciples with each other in lesser degree. The power to "see" the Master —which has been the misguided impulse of the devotees of the world who substitute this desire for aspiration towards soul contact—is but their response to the "television" of Those Who seek to guide them into the light of their own souls. They are only reacting to one of the demonstrated divine powers of the Master but not to soul action.

Your response to such stimulation as I can give you and an earnest endeavour on your part to love with unselfishness will gradually perfect in you a similar relation to other workers. This will work out in three directions:

  1. In a demonstrated ability to be in telepathic rapport with me and with Those with Whom I am associated.

  2. In power to communicate with each other at any time.

  3. In sensitivity to the thoughts of humanity as a whole. [DINA II 24]

The disciple in the past sought to establish harmonious relations with his environment—harmony being one of the liberating forces which must precede the release of energy for use after initiation. He practised patience and forbearance and helpfulness and rendered service and this was worked out through the process of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But under the new system (made necessary by achieved racial progress) this process of right external adjustments must be paralleled in the New Age by right inner relations, consciously established and consciously held and recognised for what they are by the conscious mind and brain of the disciple. This, therefore, involves true knowledge of the disciple's inner group relation, spiritual penetration to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequent fusion in the heart-mind-brain of the disciple, simultaneously, of all that is known on both the outer and the inner planes. This has not hitherto been the case. It is one of the major reasons for the forming of these groups as far as the individual group members are concerned. It will be brought about gradually and safely by the daily use of the group meditations which I may assign you, by a renewed interest in the subject of telepathic work and by a closer and deeper love, cultivated by all of you. [DINA I 58-59]

2. The future objective of these ashramic groups.

It is fundamentally necessary that the new groups which are inaugurating the new discipleship should eventually establish a telepathic rapport with each other. Later, when there is a closer individual inter-relation, it will be possible to give definite teaching which will make this increasingly possible, but in the meantime a hint will have to suffice. It is foundational in nature and will have to be accepted and somewhat understood prior to successful work in all these pioneering groups. Think outwardly towards each other in love. Just simply that, my brothers—simply and humbly that and no more than that at present. Can you accept such a simple rule—apparently simple? In this way the etheric body of this group of disciples will be animated by the golden energy and the light of love and thus a network of light will be established which will form a focal point of energy in the etheric body of humanity itself and eventually in the planetary etheric body also. [DINA I 80]

Seed Groups

The founding upon the inner planes of a school of telepathy to which humanity can become sensitive, even if unconsciously so, is part of the task which the first group, the Telepathic Communicators, has undertaken. They are the custodians of the group purpose, and work on mental levels. [ExtH  31]

Three great events are immanent in the world consciousness today:

1. The growth and understanding of telepathic work.

2. A comprehension and scientific investigation of illusion and world glamour.

3. An increase in the right methods of healing. [GWP 18]

It is in this dual sign [Pisces] that the imprisoned soul and the personality enter upon that process which will transmute …

1. The lower nature into the higher manifestation.

2. The lower psychical powers into the higher spiritual faculties, i.e.

d. Clairaudience into mental telepathy and finally inspiration.

 [EA 123-124]

A second effect on the mind is responsiveness to telepathic communication and a sensitiveness to other minds which have achieved an ability to function on soul levels.  I do not here refer to so-called telepathic communication on psychic levels, or to that between brain and brain in the ordinary intercourse of daily life, with which we are all familiar.  I refer to the interplay that can be set up between souls, divinely attuned, and which has resulted in the past in the transmission of the inspired utterances of the world, in the world Scriptures, and in those divine pronouncements which have emanated from certain great Sons of God, such as the Christ and the Buddha.  Intuition and telepathy in its purest form are, therefore, two results of illumination upon the mind. [II 159-160]

Location on the planes


1. Higher clairaudience              7th       FORM

2. Planetary psychometry                      6th       FORM

3. Higher clairvoyance              5th       FORM

4. Discrimination                                   4th       FORM

5. Spiritual discernment             3rd       FORMLESS

   Response to group vibration   2nd      FORMLESS

   Spiritual telepathy                           1st       FORMLESS

[TCF 188]

Location in the Curriculum of PSOM
The Macrocosm.

a. Study of the laws of electricity, of fohat, of prana, and of the astral light.

b. Study of astronomy and of astrology.

c. Study of occult cosmogony.

d. Study of the human hierarchy.

e. Study of the deva evolution.

f. Study of the laws of the solar system.

g. Study of telepathy, mental creation, psychometry.

[LOM 328-329]

The work to be done by us in joint cooperation (as regards your training) was organised by me into seven teaching units:

I. Definite planned Meditation.

II. Teaching upon the subject of Initiation.

III. Training in Telepathy.

IV. Consideration of the Problems of Humanity.

V. Teaching anent the Etheric Body.

VI. Added to the above, I seek to give each of you a measure of Individual Help and Instruction.

VII. As time goes on, I will convey information anent the work of the Masters' Ashrams and their planned Externalisation. [DINA II 7]

The teaching—along special lines—of the New Age presentation of esoteric truth, necessary in preparation for initiation, will continue; it is essential that the second volume of Discipleship in the New Age should reach the public. This new teaching (or rather this new sequence of teaching) in its timed presentation consists, as you already know, of six themes or subjects:

Ř      Instruction on Meditation.

Ř      Teaching on Initiation.

Ř      Training in Telepathy.

Ř      Teaching anent the Etheric Body.

Ř      The Problems of Humanity.

Ř      The Externalisation of the Ashrams.

You will continue to receive these papers, not as an affiliated member of my Ashram, but only as an intelligent, trained aspirant who is privileged to be used in building up the needed thoughtforms anent the correct aspects of the teaching so that the seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousness and thus truly grow and influence the coming age. Forget this not. [DINA II 77-78]