Compilation Gold (began 4th July 2:25am 2003)


(OM 339)  d. By work done on the emotional body at night under the direction of more advanced egos, working under the guidance of a Master.  Stimulation of vibration or the deadening of vibration follows on the application of certain colours and sounds.  At this particular time two colours are being applied to many people for the specific purpose of keying up the throat and foremost head centre, namely, violet and gold.


(CF)  1. Solar prana.


This is that vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the sun, and which is transmitted to man's etheric body through the agency of certain deva entities of a very high order, and of a golden hue.  It is passed through their bodies and emitted as powerful radiations, which are applied direct through certain plexi in the uppermost part of the etheric body, the head and shoulders, and passed down to the etheric correspondence of the physical organ, the spleen, and from thence forcibly transmitted into the spleen itself.  These golden hued pranic entities are in the air above us, and are specially active in such parts of the world as California, in those tropical countries where the air is pure and dry, and the rays of the sun are recognised as being specially beneficial.  Relations between man and this group of devas are very close, but fraught as yet with much danger to man.  These devas are of a very powerful order, and, along their own line, are further evolved than man himself.  Unprotected man lies at their mercy, and in this lack of protection, and man's failure to understand the laws of magnetic resistance, or of solar repulsion comes, for instance, the menace of sunstroke.  When the etheric body and its assimilative processes are comprehended scientifically, man will then be immune from dangers due to solar radiation.  He will protect himself by the application of the laws governing [Page 91] magnetic repulsion and attraction, and not so much by clothing and shelter.  It is largely a question of polarisation.  One hint might here be given:  When men understand the deva evolution somewhat more correctly and recognise their work along certain lines in connection with the Sun and realise that they represent the feminine pole as they themselves represent the masculine (the fourth Creative Hierarchy being male)39 they will comprehend the mutual relationship, and govern that relationship by law.


These solar devas take the radiatory rays of the sun which reach from its centre to the periphery along one of the three channels of approach, pass them through their organism and focalise them there.  They act almost as a burning glass acts.  These rays are then reflected or transmitted to man's etheric body, and caught up by him and again assimilated.  When the etheric body is in good order and functioning correctly, enough of this prana is absorbed to keep the form organised.  This is the whole object of the etheric body's functioning, and is a point which cannot be sufficiently emphasised.  The remainder is cast off in the form of animal radiation, or physical magnetism—all terms expressing the same idea.  Man therefore repeats on a lesser scale the work of the great solar devas, and in his turn adds his quota of repolarised or remagnetised emanation to the sumtotal of the planetary aura.


2. Planetary prana.


This is the vital fluid emanated from any planet, which constitutes its basic coloring or quality, and is produced by a repetition within the planet of the same process [Page 92] which is undergone in connection with man and solar prana.  The planet (the Earth, or any other planet) absorbs solar prana, assimilates what is required, and radiates off that which is not essential to its well-being in the form of planetary radiation.  Planetary prana, therefore, is solar prana which has passed throughout the planet, has circulated through the planetary etheric body, has been transmitted to the dense physical planet, and has been cast off thence in the form of a radiation of the same essential character as solar prana, plus the individual and distinctive quality of the particular planet concerned.  This again repeats the process undergone in the human body.  The physical radiations of men differ according to the quality of their physical bodies.  So it is with a planet.


Planetary emanative prana (as in the case of solar prana) is caught up and transmitted via a particular group of devas, called the "devas of the shadows," who are ethereal devas of a slightly violet hue.  Their bodies are composed of the matter of one or other of the four ethers, and they focalise and concentrate the emanations of the planet, and of all forms upon the planet.  They have a specially close connection with human beings owing to the fact of the essential resemblance of their bodily substance to man's etheric substance, and because they transmit to him the magnetism of "Mother Earth" as it is called.  Therefore we see that there are two groups of devas working in connection with man:


a. Solar devas, who transmit the vital fluid which circulates in the etheric body.

b. Planetary devas of a violet color, who are allied to man's etheric body, and who transmit earth's prana, or the prana of whichever planet man may be functioning upon during a physical incarnation.


(OM 78)  3— The heart centre.  Twelve petals.  Colour glowing golden.


b—The top of the head.  There are twelve major petals of white and gold, and 960 secondary petals are arranged around the central twelve.  This makes a total of 1068 petals in the two head centres, or 356 triplicities.  All these figures have an occult significance.


This description is taken from "The Inner Life."  This description applies to the etheric centres, which are themselves the working out into physical plane manifestation of corresponding vortices on the emotional plane, with emotional vitality playing through.  They have their mental counterparts, and in their awakening as aforesaid, and in their growth and development, comes the final vivification, and the resultant liberation.



(EINA 147) Though these three energies are woven into one thread finally, yet they remain distinct.  It should be borne in mind that the soul body is constructed of pure white light, whilst the light out of which the etheric body is made is golden.


Light of Monadic Ray and Gold of etheric body must at some time merge?

(EPII 294)  It is interesting to remember that the etheric body is uniquely constituted; it is the instrument of life, predominantly, more so than the instrument of quality.  It is the factor which produces and sustains the instrument of appearance, the physical body.  It will be recalled that in Volume One of this Treatise, the human being was differentiated into the [Page 294] three divine aspects:  Life, Quality, and Appearance.  Through the seven centres in the etheric body, the seven ray energies make their appearance and produce their effects, but at the very heart of each chakra or lotus, there is a vortex of force to be found which is composed of pure manasic energy, and, therefore, is purely energy of the first three rays.  This energy is quiescent until an advanced stage of discipleship is reached.  It only sweeps into its divine rhythm and activity when the three tiers of petals, found in the egoic lotus (the higher correspondence), are beginning to unfold, and the centre of the egoic lotus is becoming vibrant.  Though the etheric body of man is an expression of the seven ray qualities in varying degrees of force, the etheric body of a Master is an expression of monadic energy, and comes into full activity after the third initiation.


(WM 347) You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light.  This method is only for use when the need is dire and the necessity great.  The reason for caution lies in the etheric vehicle, which responds most violently to the colour violet.


(EPII 243)  The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known.  Through the use of the creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thoughtforms on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astral plane.  It proceeds then to externalise its thought and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of the etheric or vital vehicle.  Yet because the soul is intelligence, motivated by love, it can (within the realised synthesis which governs its activities) analyse, discriminate and divide.  The soul likewise aspires to that which is greater than itself, and reaches out to the world of divine ideas, and thus itself occupies a midway position between the world of ideation and the world of forms.  This is its difficulty and its opportunity.


PDW was given an exercise involving golden or light orange light

(DINAI 439)  Your field of service is real. Be not discouraged, my brother. Your physical problem (e'en when you give it a technical name) is far more concerned with the pouring in of vital forces, which make a violent impact upon a frail body than it is with disease, per se. Remember that inner acquiescence with physical limitations is the key to much release for you. When that form of divine indifference is active in your life and consciousness then you are free for a fuller mental service and to that service you are called.


I want, my brother, to give you a visualisation exercise which may help you somewhat. Breathing exercises are not advisable in your case nor are they particularly necessary.  I would ask you for a few minutes each morning (prior to doing the group meditation) to rest quietly back in your chair or bed and, closing your eyes, link up with your soul and with me, your friend. You will thus create a triangle of light between your soul, your head centre and myself. Fix and hold this triangle firmly in your consciousness through the power of the creative imagination. Then see it next as a solid triangle of light and not just as an outline. The base of the triangle is on the [page 440] mental plane where I work and where dwells and works your soul; the lower point or apex touches the top of your head. Then see, pouring down, via the triangle, a stream of light, golden in colour and not white. It is more light orange than white. See this flooding your whole body. When you have visualised this as perfectly as possible, then rest back in that light and bathe in it as you would bathe in the waters of the sea. See it permeating every part of your physical equipment and let it do its work without your having any definite ideas as to what should be accomplished. The rest of the activity is in my hands and you can safely leave it to me. This exercise will aid you in handling your life problem and your service, until such time as you enter into that light wherein consciousness awakens, free from the bonds of flesh. But that time is not immediate.


(DINAI 483) 3. What colour or colours predominated in my life today? Upon the physical plane—a blaze of sunshine, the grey of a rainy day, the blue of the sky, the riot of colour in [page 483] the flowers in a garden or a shop? Upon the astral plane—the rose of affection and of friendly feeling, the blue of an inspiring contact, the gold of physical well being, the interplay of colours which your emotional nature can be trained to recognise?


(EOH 505)  The Master Morya is at this time acting as the inspirer of the great national executives throughout the world. E'en those whose ideals coincide not with yours are being welded into the world plan, and much of their immediate work is organising the individual nations and welding them into an homogeneous whole, preparatory to their entrance into the great international thoughtform. All who work with far vision and all who hold before any seething and bewildered nation an ideal for the whole are under His wide inspiration. Internationalism is the aim of His endeavour. With Him works the great Angel or Deva of the spiritual plane, referred to in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire as the Lord Agni; He seeks to touch with the hidden spiritual fire the head centres of all intuitive statesmen. Three great groups of angels—the gold, the flame coloured and the white and gold—work on mental levels with those lesser angels or devas who vitalise thoughtforms and who keep alive the thoughts of the Guides of the race for the benefit of humanity.


(WM 354)  Back of them stand the still more advanced—the aspirants, probationers and disciples of the world.  They work singly or in twos or threes and never in groups exceeding nine—the occult significance of these numbers being necessary to the success of their work.  Great white and gold devas attend their labours.


(EOH 666)  The Ashram of this Master is therefore occupied with worldwide economic problems, and also with a direct attack upon the basic materialism to be found in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significance of money, the value of gold (a basic symbol of the third Ray of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of right distribution are among the many problems dealt with in this Ashram; the work done is enormous and of great importance in preparing men's mind for the return of the Christ and for the New Age which He will inaugurate.


(DINAI 385)  b. Then picture yourself as watching the slow opening of the buds, until little by little, the field changes from green to gold, and all that can be seen is a mass of golden flowers, wide open in the sun.


(DINAI 421)  1. Withdraw your outgoing consciousness from the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where the "gold and the blue meet, blend and merge."


(DINAI 480)  3rd month—Purification.

Let the fires of divinity burn out all dross. Let the pure gold emerge. Give me the gold of  living love to shower upon the sons of men.


(DINAI 535)  d. As you see the light grow, you become aware of other boats that are all slowly making their way towards the gleaming gold at the eastern end of the lake.


(DINAI 584) 5. Each Pilgrim on the Road must carry with him what he needs: a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; a lamp, to cast its rays upon his heart and show his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which he scatters not upon the Road, but shares with others; a sealed vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet of Him Who waits to greet him at the gate—a sealed vase.


(DINAI 621)  To you, my brother, I would say (and you will understand): Strength is yours, because you have steadily trodden the lonely path of the disciple. Wisdom is yours and this you use in the helping of the little ones. Beauty must be now the object of your attention. In meditation, I would have you meditate upon the twelve-petalled lotus of the heart, visualising it as a deep rose in colour with a heart of gold. I choose the colour rose, for it will vitalise the astral counterpart of the heart centre, both in the spine and in its higher aspect in the head centre. My brother need not infer from this that he loves not, but the pronounced first ray type needs what is occultly called "the rose of attachment." They find easily the way of detachment; they create with facility a protecting shell and they cherish—with high idealism—their isolation. But when the lesson of isolation is learnt and detachment is the line of least resistance, then the Rose of the soul should be nurtured and shine forth. Impersonality is easy for you. You must now learn to be personal with complete impersonality—a paradoxical acquirement but one of great value.


(DINAI 652)  3rd month—Refinement—"The fires of God, electric and dynamic, burn out alloy. They leave the pure gold untouched."


4th month—"The burning fire blazes forth in all three worlds and all three bodies pass into the flame. Divinity remains."


(DINAII 532)  1. From where you stand I see a point of light, a shimmering thread of gold. It passes from your heart to mine and strengthens day by day, each year. Pass onward on this bridge of light.


(DINAII 536)  The thread of gold which "passes from your heart to mine" is now an unshatterable chain of golden links, and there is work for you in my Ashram.


(EOH 83)  I have already written anent the fivefold stream of energy which is today in conflict with world forces or with the forces of light or darkness, so called. (I would remind you that there would be no darkness without the light and no light without the dark. Ponder on this.) I would ask you to realise that the organised efforts of the Great White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organised forces of materialism to a higher and spiritual plane. Today, gold and separativeness, materialism and selfishness are in conflict with spiritual energy and with the spirit of cooperation or understanding fusion. The law which will determine the results can be expressed in the words that have been often used: by holding, man loses; by relinquishing, he gains; by seeking to grasp that which he has, it must and will inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law.


(EOH 184)  The totalitarian powers have turned the world into one armed camp—for offence or defence. Motivating all these conquerors was lust for gold, lust for land, lust for power, lust for personal triumph. The modern dictators are no exception. They bring nothing new.


(GAWP 51)  V. Each Pilgrim on the Road must carry with him what he needs: a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; a lamp, to cast its rays upon his heart and show his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which he scatters not upon the Road but shares with others; a sealed vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet of Him Who waits to greet him at the gate—a sealed vase.


(GAWP 76)  The glamour of sentiment holds the good people of the world in thrall, and in a dense fog of emotional reactions. The race has reached a point wherein the men of good intention, of some real understanding and owning a measure of freedom from the love of gold (symbolic way of speaking of the glamour of materiality) are turning their desire to their duty, their responsibilities, their effects upon others, and to their sentimental understanding of the nature of love. Love, for many people, for the majority indeed, is not really love but a mixture of the desire to love and the desire to be loved, plus a willingness to do anything to show and evoke this sentiment, and consequently to be more comfortable in one's own interior life. The selfishness of the people who are desirous of being unselfish is great. So many contributing sentiments gather around the sentiment or desire to show those amiable and pleasant characteristics which will evoke a corresponding reciprocation towards the would-be lover [Page 77] or server who is still completely surrounded by the glamour of sentiment.


(OM 78)  We will now enumerate the centres again, this time considering their psychic correspondences and will note the colours and the number of the petals.


1—The base of the spine.  Four petals.  These petals are in the shape of a cross, and radiate with orange fire.


[Page 78]

2—The solar plexus.  Ten petals.  The colour rosy, with an admixture of green.


3— The heart centre.  Twelve petals.  Colour glowing golden.


4—The throat centre.  Sixteen petals.  Colour silvery blue, the blue predominating.


5—The head centres.  These are in a twofold division;—


a—Between the eyebrows.  Ninety-six petals.  Colour, one-half of the lotus is rose and yellow, and the other half is blue and purple.


b—The top of the head.  There are twelve major petals of white and gold, and 960 secondary petals are arranged around the central twelve.  This makes a total of 1068 petals in the two head centres, or 356 triplicities.  All these figures have an occult significance.


This description is taken from "The Inner Life."  This description applies to the etheric centres, which are themselves the working out into physical plane manifestation of corresponding vortices on the emotional plane, with emotional vitality playing through.  They have their mental counterparts, and in their awakening as aforesaid, and in their growth and development, comes the final vivification, and the resultant liberation.


(CF 475) a. The transmutative process.  Transmutation is a subject that from the earliest ages has occupied the attention of students, scientists and alchemists.  The power to change, through the application of heat, is of course universally recognised, but the key to the mystery, or the secret of the systemic formula is advisedly guarded from all searchers, and is only gradually revealed after the second Initiation.  The subject is so tremendous that it is only possible to indicate in broad general outlines how it may be approached.  The mind of the public turns naturally to the transmutation of metals into gold with the aim in view of the alleviation of poverty.  The mind of the scientist seeks the universal solvent which will reduce matter to its primordial substance, release energy, and thus reveal the processes of evolution, and enable the seeker to build for himself (from the primordial base) the desired forms.


(CF 485)  This conscious manipulation of the fires is the prerogative of man when he has reached a certain point in his evolution; the unconscious realisation of this has led naturally to the attempts of the alchemist to transmute in the mineral kingdom.  A few of the older students right through the ages have comprehended the vastness of the endeavour of which the transmutation of the baser metals into gold was but preliminary and a symbol, a pictorial, allegorical, concrete step.  The whole subject of transmutation is covered by the work of the Hierarchy in all its three departments on this planet, and we might get some idea of the matters involved if we studied this vast hierarchical standpoint, getting thereby a concept of the work done in aiding the evolutionary process.  It is the work of transferring the life from one stage of atomic existence to another, and it involves three distinct steps, which can be seen and traced by means of the higher clairvoyance, and from the higher planes.  These steps or stages are:


[Page 484]

The fiery stage—the blending, fusing, burning period, through which all atoms pass during the disintegration of form.


The solvent stage, in which the form is dissipated and substance is held in solution, the atom being resolved into its essential duality.


The volatile stage, which concerns primarily the essential quality of the atom, and the escape of this essence, later to take a new form.


Radioactivity, pralayic solution, and essential volatility might express the thought.  In every transmuting process without exception these three steps are followed.  Occultly expressed in the old Commentary they are thus stated:


"The fiery lives burn within the bosom of Mother.

"The fiery centre extends to the periphery of the circle and dissipation supervenes and pralayic peace.

"The Son returns to the bosom of Father, and Mother rests quiescent."


(CF 494)  We have dealt in broad and general manner with this question of electricity and have seen that fire essence or substance is resolved through internal activity and external heat in such a manner that the electric fire at the centre of the atom is liberated and seeks a new form.  This is the aim of the transmutative process and the fact that hitherto alchemists working in the mineral kingdom have failed to achieve their objective has been due to three things:


First.  Inability to contact the central electric spark.  This is due to ignorance of certain of the laws of electricity, and above all, ignorance of the set formula which covers the range of the electrical influence of that spark.


Second.  Inability to create the necessary channel or "path" along which the escaping life may travel into its new form.  Many have succeeded in breaking the form so that the life has escaped but they have not known how to harness or guide it and all their labour has consequently been lost.


Third.  Inability to control the fire elementals who are the external fire which affects that central spark through the medium of its environment.  This inability is especially distinctive of the alchemists of the fifth root race who have been practically incapable of this control, having lost the Words, the formulas, and the sounds.  This is the consequence of undue success in Atlantean days, when the alchemists of the time, through colour and sound so entirely controlled the elementals that they utilised them for their own selfish ends and along lines of endeavours outside their legitimate province.  This knowledge of formulas and sounds can be comparatively [Page 495] easily acquired when man has developed the inner spiritual ear.  When this is the case, the transmutative processes of the grosser kind (such as are involved in the manufacture of pure gold) will interest him not at all and only those subtler forms of activity which are connected with the transference of life from graded form to form will occupy his attention.


The following facts might also be pointed out:


First.  That every kingdom of nature has its note or tone, and the mantric sounds, which concern any transmutative process within that kingdom, will have that note as the key or base note.


Second.  That the note of the mineral kingdom is the basic note of substance itself, and it is largely the sounding of the note combinations, based on this key, which produces the great world cataclysms, wrought through volcanic action.  Every volcano is sounding forth this note, and, for those who can see, the sound and colour (occultly understood) of a volcano are a truly marvellous thing.  Every gradation of that note is to be found in the mineral kingdom which is itself divided into three main kingdoms:


a. The baser metals, such as lead and iron, with all allied minerals.

b. The standard metals, such as gold and silver, which play such a vital part in the life of the race, and are the mineral manifestation of the second aspect.


c.             The crystals and precious stones, the first aspect as it works out in the mineral kingdom—the consummation of the work of the mineral devas, and the product of their untiring efforts.


When scientists fully appreciate what it is which causes the difference between the sapphire and the ruby, they will have found out what constitutes one of the stages [Page 496] of the transmutative process, and this they cannot do until the fourth ether is controlled, and its secret discovered.  As time progresses, the transmutation, for instance, of coal into diamonds, of lead into silver, or of certain metals into gold, will hold no appeal for man, for it will be recognised that the outcome of such action would cause deterioration of the standard, and result in poverty instead of the acquirement of riches; man will eventually come to the realisation that in atomic energy, harnessed to his need, or in the inducing of increased radioactivity, lies for him the path to prosperity and riches.  He will, therefore concentrate his attention on this higher form of life transference and


a. Through knowledge of the devas,

b. Through external pressure and vibration,

c. Through internal stimulation,

d. Through colour applied in stimulation and vitalisation,

e. Through mantric sounds


he will find the secret of atomic energy, latent in the mineral kingdom, and will bend that inconceivable power and force to the solution of the problems of existence.  Only when atomic energy is better understood and the nature of the fourth ether somewhat comprehended, shall we see that control of the air which lies inevitably ahead.


(CF 641)  The secret of the transmutation of the baser metals into gold will be revealed when world conditions are such that gold is no longer the standard and hence the free manufacture of gold will not lead to disaster, and [Page 641] when scientists work with the life aspect, or with positive electrical life, and not with the substance or form aspect.




"From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn to fall of night, from the emergence into being of all that is or may be to the passing into peace of all that hath achieved, gleameth the orb of blue and the inner radiant fire.

From the gates of gold down to the pit of earth, out from the flaming fire down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secret Avatar, bearing the sword that pierceth.

Naught can arrest His approach, and none may say Him nay.  To the darkness of our sphere He rideth alone, and on His approach is seen the uttermost disaster, and the chaos of that which seeketh to withstand.


(CF 1225)  The symbols for the five hierarchies which have passed on may be stated as follows:


1. A ball of green fire with three rays of rose.

2. A sphere, divided by a Tau, in colours green and silver.

3. A bird, with plumage dark and with the eye of radiant fire.

4. Two stars of vivid rose linked by a band of violet.

5. An ovoid of colour indigo with five letters or symbolic words within its borders.


These hierarchies are also classed together and viewed as one and are called in esoteric parlance:


"The Lives of that which appeared, rotated and gathered to themselves the fifth aspect of Mahat."


This symbol, which signifies the liberation achieved and the gains attained in System One, takes the form of a blazing altar of pure fire out of which is escaping a bird of green and gold plumage with five wings outspread.  Above this symbol appear certain hieroglyphics in the earliest Sensa script signifying, "Still I seek."


(CF 1257)  The symbol of this Path (and the only one it is possible to make exoteric) is a radiant Cross of coloured light; it [Page 1257] has the long limb formed of the seven colours of the solar spectrum, and the transverse limb is composed of twelve gradations of colours as yet unknown to man.  In the centre of the Cross is to be seen a five-pointed star in a deep indigo shade, and behind it is a blazing sun of a warm dark blue.  Above the whole are certain Sensa characters, depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one or other of the planetary Schools in which this particular line of study is undertaken.  There are, as has been already said, seven such schools and candidates for this Path from our planetary scheme are transferred to the inner round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme.


(CF 1268)  The sons of men (and few their number is) enter that door of luminous fire when they surmount the crest of gold which riseth on the dragon's head above the point where gleams "the eye of fire."


(CF 1276)  PATH V.  The Ray Path.


The Adjuster holds the balances, and the scales are duly set.  The energies converge, and shake them out of equilibrium.  They descend sometimes upon the right hand side and sometimes upon the left.


The Energies are five in number and their major hue is gold.


Three great Words are spoken by the Adjuster, and each Word is heard by those whose ears have been deaf for seven cycles and whose lips have been sealed for nigh upon fourteen rounded terms.


(CF 1281)  That which is known by every Son of God, who masters step by step the Path of Gold; That which is heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forth as the aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the triple cyclic AUM, reserving yet another sound for higher cosmic planes, That is the One unknown, the Unrevealed, the One Who chants a note within a cosmic chord.


(EPI 50)  Ray   III         Higher Expression:               Means of communication or interaction.  The radio, telephone, telegraph and the power to travel.

                                Lower Expression:                The use and spread of money and gold.


(EPI 229)  In the turning of the great wheel, cycle after cycle, these two rays come into functioning activity, and in between their objective cycles the other rays dominate and participate in the great work.  The result of this interplay of psychic potencies will manifest in the eventual transmutation of the earth substance, and its resolution back again into that of which it is the objective condensation.  Again language fails to find the needed terms.  They are as yet non-existent.  I mention this as an indication of the difficulty of our subject.  Intangible etheric substance has been condensed into the dense tangible objective world.  This—under the evolutionary plan—has to be again transmuted into its original condition, plus the gain of ordered rhythm and the tendencies and qualities wrought into the consciousness of its atoms and elements through the experience of externalisation.  This resolution is noted by us as radiation and the radio-active substances.  We are looking on at the transmutation process.  The resolving agencies are fire, intense heat and pressure.  These three agencies have already succeeded in bringing about the divisions of the mineral kingdom into three parts: the baser metals, as they are called, the standard metals (such as silver and gold and platinum), and the semi-precious stones and crystals.  The precious jewels are a synthesis of all three,—one of the basic syntheses of evolution.  In this connection, some correspondences between the [Page 230] mineral kingdom and the human evolutionary cycles might here be noted:


1. The base metals               physical plane.  Dense Consciousness.  The first initiation.


2. The standard metals astral plane.  Self-consciousness.  The second initiation.


3. The semi-precious stones              mental plane.  Radiant consciousness.  The third initiation.


4. The precious jewels         egoic consciousness and achievement.  The fourth initiation.


The correspondences of fire, heat and pressure in the evolution of the human being are self-evident, and their work can be seen paralleling that in the mineral kingdom.


(EPI 418)    Ray 1...... Will or Power

Planet     Sun, substituting for the veiled planet Vulcan.

Day         Sunday.

Exoteric Colour     Orange. S.D.III. p. 478.

Esoteric Colour     Red.

Human Principle Prana or life-vitality.

Divine Principle    The One Life. Spirit. This is regarded as a principle only when our seven planes are seen as the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane.

Element  The Akasha. "It is written."

Instrument of Sensation     The Light of Kundalini.

Bodily location     Vital airs in the skull.

Plane governed    The logoic plane.  Divine Purpose or Will.

Metal          Gold.

Sense     A synthetic sense, embracing all.


Esoterically. this power is viewed as the life principle seated in the heart.


(EPII 170)  Through the opening on the summit of the pyramid, dropped from the blue of heaven, a key came down.  It landed at the feet of the discouraged worker.  The key was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key a label, and writ in blue, these words:  'Destroy that which thou has built and build anew.  But only build when thou has climbed the upward way, traversed the gallery of tribulation and entered [Page 170] into light within the chamber of the king.  Build from the heights, and thus shew forth the value of the depths.'


(EPII 243)  We have here received much upon which to ponder, to [Page 243] think and to meditate.  Let us search for the thread of gold which will lead us, in waking consciousness, into the treasure house of our own souls, and there let us learn to be at-one with all that breathes, to sense the vision for the whole, as far as we can, and to work in unison with God's plan as far as it has been revealed to us by Those Who know.


(EPII 243)  The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known.  Through the use of the creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thoughtforms on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astral plane.  It proceeds then to externalise its thought and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of the etheric or vital vehicle.  Yet because the soul is intelligence, motivated by love, it can (within the realised synthesis which governs its activities) analyse, discriminate and divide.  The soul likewise aspires to that which is greater than itself, and reaches out to the world of divine ideas, and thus itself occupies a midway position between the world of ideation and the world of forms.  This is its difficulty and its opportunity.


(EPII 721)  3. Influential and potent forces pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius.  To these two influences, the disciples of the world in the senior ranks of the New Group of World Servers definitely react, and they produce a stimulation of the heart centre (Betelgeuse) and the head centre (Sirius).  The secondary effect of these energies is upon the mineral kingdom, particularly upon that peculiar product, gold, and that enigma, money.


(EA 244)  This sign is consequently closely connected with the third aspect of the Godhead and hence it is a governing sign and a major conditioning factor where Law, Sex and Money are concerned. Ponder on this. All the three divine aspects [Page 244] in themselves are triune and manifest in three manners or through three lesser aspects and this third aspect is no exception to this rule underlying all the triplicities which condition the processes of evolution and manifestation. It is through a study of Libra that light upon the third aspect will come. The first aspect of will or power expresses itself in this sign as Law, as legislation, legality, justice; the second aspect manifests as the relation between the pairs of opposites (of which the scales are the symbol) and upon the physical plane shows itself as Sex; the third aspect demonstrates as concretised energy and this we call Money. It is literally gold and this is the externalised symbol of that which is created by the bringing together of spirit and matter upon the physical plane. The third aspect is, as you know, the creator aspect and the energy which produces the outer tangible plane of manifestation—the form side of life.


(EA 379)  Again, gold is the symbol which today governs man's desires whether national, economic or religious; it is connected [Page 379] with this sign and this is one of the indications that today the conflict in the world economic situation is based upon the upwelling of desire. In an esoteric way, therefore—quoting from a very ancient book of prophecy:


"The golden eye of Taurus points the way to those who likewise see. That which is gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of men and of nations—A.A.B.). The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold...."


(RI 93)  His work as Preserver and as Head of the Hierarchy had not then begun.  It was at that time dependent upon the experience in the Garden of Gethsemane and upon the Resurrection initiation.  Some day the gold and the silver threads of the Gospel story will be disentangled, and men will know the two interpretations which can be put upon the events and episodes in the career of Jesus the Christ.  The underlying true events give us great steps and developments in the work of the Christ as He "enveloped humanity in the mantle of love, grasped the rod of initiation on behalf of His brothers, and faced the Lord of Life Himself, unattended, unafraid and in His Own right."  The episodes refer to happenings in the life of Jesus.


(WM 76) In this pictorial writing which I have sought to convey in modern English, the sages of old embodied an idea.  The Old Commentary from which these words are taken has no assignable date.  Should I endeavor to tell you its age I have no means of proving the truth of my words and hence would be faced with credulity—a thing aspirants must avoid in their search for the essential and Real.  I have sought in the above few phrases to give the gist of what is expressed in the Commentary, through the means of a few symbols and a cryptic text.  These old Scriptures are not read in the way modern students read books.  They are seen, touched and realized.  The meaning is disclosed in a flash.  Let me illustrate:—The words "the One enunciates the word which drowns the triple sound" are depicted by a shaft of light ending in a symbolic word in gold superimposed over three symbols in black, rose and green.  Thus are the secrets guarded with care.


I felt it might be of interest to students to know this much about this ancient test book of the Adepts.


(WM 263)  3. The Form of the Devotee.  Yes, I mean just that word, for it expresses an abstract idea.  Each person of every degree has his devotion, that for which he lives, that for which—in ignorance, in knowledge or in wisdom—he wields as much of the law as he can grasp.  Purely physical may that devotion be, centred in flesh, in lust for gold, in possessions concrete.  He bends all his energies to the search for the satisfaction of that concrete form and therein learns.  Purely astral may be the aim of the devotee—love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, love of popularity, or lust of some kind—to them he devotes the whole of his energy, using the physical body to fulfil the desire of the astral.


(WM 575)  In one of the old books, available for the instruction of disciples these words are found:


"The armed hand is an empty hand and this protects its possessor from the accusations of his enemies.  It is a hand freed from the taint of the four symbolic evils—gold, lust, the dagger, and the finger of enticement."


These words are most significant, and it might be well to study briefly the type of hands and their quality which are distinctive of disciples.  In all forms of esoteric teaching the hands play a great part and this for four reasons:


1. They are the symbol of acquisitiveness.

2. They are centres of force

3. They are wielders of the sword.

4. They are, when employed unselfishly


(WM 344)  A real problem, as you all realise, lies in the achieving of utter fearlessness.  All fear, doubt, and worry have to be eliminated.  If this can be done the development of the inner point of contact and the knowledge of how to tap the sources of inspiration will increase in a wonderful manner.  So many close the sources of information through an uncontrolled emotional nature.  The astral body can be controlled.  How?


1. By direct inhibition.  This method can be used to advantage by beginners, but it is not the best method to follow.  It reacts on the physical body, leads to congestion in the astral body, and to a similar condition in the etheric vehicle.  It often produces headache, congestion of the liver and other disorders.


2. By a direct realisation of the issues at stake and the consciousness that, for a pupil of the Master, nothing comes to pass but what can lead to increased knowledge and development, and greater usefulness in service.  Fear with many is not based on timidity (a paradoxical statement!) but is often based on a mental condition, such as pride.  Those who are becoming polarised in the mental body, find their fears allied to the intellect.  They are therefore harder to overcome than the fears of a person polarised in the astral body.  The latter can bring the [Page 345] intellect to bear on the elimination  of fear in the astral body.  The mental types have to call directly on the Ego, for always the higher must be called in to deal with the lower.  Hence the necessity for always keeping the channel clear.  Do not crush out fear.  Force it out by the dynamic power of substitution.  This leads to my third suggestion that students in the group should cure the fear habit by—


3. A direct method of relaxation, concentration, stillness and flushing the entire personality with pure white light.  Proceed in the following manner:


You are, we will say, in a state of panic; suggestions of great unpleasantness are crowding in; your imagination is running riot, and your mind enforces the riot.  Forget not that the fears of an emotional person are not so potent as yours.  Having a strong mental body, you clothe your fear reactions with mental matter, highly vitalised, which causes a powerful thoughtform to be created.  This circulates between you and the feared event.  Realising this you will proceed to seek quietness.  You will relax your physical body, endeavour to quiet your astral body as far as may be, and to steady the mind.  Then visualizing yourself (the personality), the soul and the Master—He, as the apex of the triangle,—you will with  deliberation call down a stream of pure white light, and, pouring it through your lower vehicles, you will cleanse away all that hinders.  Continue this process until you realise that the needed work is accomplished.  At first you may have to do it many times.  Later just once will suffice, and later still the whole process may be needless, for you will have achieved conquest.


This applies to the fears connected with the personality.  You use the love aspect, flooding yourself with love and light.  The legitimate fears which arise [Page 346] from things connected with the circumstances of the work to be done, and from the knowledge of materialised obstructions to the work must be treated somewhat differently.  Here again a definite method must be followed:


Still the physical body.

Quiet by temporary inhibition the astral body.

Link up with the Ego, and definitely reason out the proper method of procedure in meeting the difficulty.  Having exhausted all the higher rational methods and having clearly seen your course of action, you then— Raise your vibration as high as may be and call down, from intuitional levels, added light on the difficulty.  If your intuition and reasoning faculty produce harmony and thus show the way out, then proceed.  As an occult fact past all controversy, you know that naught can now happen but what is for the best.  You are sure of guidance, and he who sees thus the end from the beginning makes no error.


A third class of fears—which aspirants contact more and more as they grow in strength and usefulness in service—is based on the realisation of the forces that are working against the Plan and hindering the work to be done.  Occult attacks and occult powers, warring militantly against the aspirant will occur; they may make their power felt in one or other of the vehicles and—in rare cases—where the aspirant is important enough, on all at once.  Sometimes they will be attacks directed against the individual worker, sometimes against groups of workers.  To counter them you employ the first method with the following additions and changes.  You link yourself up either as an individual or forming one of a group with your own soul and with the Lodge of Masters, [Page 347] not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you are working.  Then when stillness has been achieved, you visualise those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up, if possible, with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, with which you may be working, and along which the attack will come.  (WM 347) You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light.  This method is only for use when the need is dire and the necessity great.  The reason for caution lies in the etheric vehicle, which responds most violently to the colour violet.


(WM 550)  I could enlarge on many other quaternaries, but the few just quoted suffice to show some of the recognitions towards which the aspirant strives.  The only other one which I will note is that referred to as the violet four, or the four types of energy which constitute the vital or etheric body of all forms in the natural world…. which constitute the four levels of the etheric body of both God and man, viewing them from what we call the energy or physical angle.  These four are reflected in the four levels of the etheric division of the physical plane as regards the physical body of all forms.  These four etheric levels, or these four  grades of vital substance constitute what is called the "true form" of all material objects or phenomena, and they are responsive to the four higher types of spiritual energy which we usually call divine…..One of the secrets not yet revealed, fortunately, is concerned with the question as to whether light violet is the color of the highest or the lowest of the four and this will not be revealed for some time to come.


DIJ is given an exercise involving golden-orange prana  and told to strengthen physical body

(DINAI 455)  Follow the breathing exercises with care and with attention. Seek also to strengthen the physical body. For you I suggest also the following exercise, to be performed at some time convenient to you, though not at the morning meditation.


1. Take seven long deep breaths, though hold not the nostril.


2. At each breath, as you inhale, say the following words: "Power and strength is mine."  During the interlude, gather in as much of the golden-orange prana as you can; then, as you exhale, send it by an act of the will to the throat centre at the back of the neck.


3. In the interlude, between exhalation and the next inhalation (whilst the throat centre is subjected to golden-orange prana) say: "Let the Word sound forth through me."


4. Then sound the O.M., very softly.