Compilation Shamballa  Part1 (first 52 entries)


(DON 12) First: The most obvious and powerful force in the world today is that of the first Ray of Will and Power.  It works out in two ways:


1. As the will of God in world affairs, which is ever the will-to-good.  Steadily — if you study human history intelligently — you will see that there has been a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis in all departments of human affairs.  This unity in multiplicity is the Eternal Plan — a unity in consciousness, a multiplicity in form.


2. As the destructive element in world affairs.  This refers to man's use of this force of will which is seldom as yet the will-to-good in active expression, but something which leads to self-assertion (of the individual or the nation) and to war with its accompaniments — separation, selfish diplomacy, hate and armaments, disease and death.


This is the force which pours into the world from the major world centre, Shamballa.  Little is known of Shamballa.  More will be known as you study this text and note how world affairs are taking shape before your eyes in accordance with my prevision (as presented to your limited [Page 13] vision) and the obvious possibilities.  These are necessarily the equally obvious effects of predisposing causes.


Only twice before in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes which were brought about:


1. When the first great human crisis occurred at the time of the individualisation of man in ancient Lemuria.

2. At the time of the great struggle in Atlantean days between the "Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression."


This little known divine energy now streams out from the Holy Centre.  It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment.  It is the Will of God to produce certain radical and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living.  It is this force which will bring about (in conjunction with second ray force) that tremendous crisis — imminent in the human consciousness — which we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning.


The first crisis, as you have been taught, was the crisis of individualisation wherein man became a living soul.  The second crisis is the immediate one of racial initiation, made possible (if you will but believe it) by the many individual initiations which have lately been undergone by those members of the human family who had vision and a willingness to pay the price.


This particular and somewhat unusual ray energy is expressing [Page 14] itself in two ways.  Perhaps it would be more correct to say in two ways that are recognisable by man, because it should be remembered that these ray forces express themselves as potently in other kingdoms in nature as they do in the human.  For instance, one phase of the destructive aspects of first ray force has been the organised and scientific destruction of forms in the animal kingdom.  This is the destroying force, as manipulated by man.  Another phase of the same force (which can be noted in relation to the unfoldment of consciousness in subtle and powerful ways) can be seen in the effect which human beings have upon the domestic animals, hastening their evolution, and stimulating them into forms of advanced instinctual activity.  I mention these two phases as illustration of the effect of first ray energy in the animal kingdom, as expressed through human activity.


The ways in which humanity itself is affected by this ray energy, as it expresses itself in a twofold manner, producing a twofold result, are as follows:


1. There is, at this time, an emergence of certain powerful and dominating first ray personalities into the theatre of world activity.  These people are in direct contact with this Shamballa force and are sensitive to the impact of the will energy of Deity.  According to their type of personality and their point in evolution will be their reaction to this force and their consequent usefulness to the Lord of the World as He works out His plans of world unfoldment.  The energy of the will of God works through them, though stepped down and often misused and misapplied, by their differing and limited personalities, and interpreted unsatisfactorily by their undeveloped consciousness.  These people are found in every [Page 15] field of human affairs.  They are the dominant persons, and the dictators in every aspect of human living — political, social, religious and educational.  Who shall say (until at least a century has gone by) whether their influence and their efforts have been good or bad.  Where they flagrantly infringe the Law of Love, their influence may be powerful, but it is passing and undesirable, at least where that phase of their activities is concerned.  Where they meet human emergency and need, and work along lines of basic restoration and the preservation of "units of synthesis," their influence is good and constructive.


I would here point out that real group love never demonstrates as hatred of the individual.  It may work out as the arresting of the individual's activities or enterprises where that is deemed desirable in the interests of the whole and if what he is doing is estimated as harmful to the good of the group.  But the arresting will not be destructive.  It will be educational and developing in its results.


The true first ray personality who works in response to this Shamballa influence will have the ultimate good of the group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart; he will think in terms of the whole and not in terms of the part.  That is the thing which he will endeavour to impress upon the racial consciousness.  This may lead at times to ruthlessness and cruelty if the personality of the individual is not yet controlled by soul impulse.  Such cases can frequently be seen.  An instance of this can be noted in the history of the Jews as found in the Old Testament.  When the first ray was in control and passing through one of its rare cycles of activity we read that they butchered and slaughtered all their enemies — men, women and children, [Page 16] putting them to the sword.  The sword is ever the symbol of the first ray force just as the pen is of the second ray influence.


I wish to remind you that I use the word "energy" in reference to the spiritual expression of any ray and the word "force" to denote the use to which men make of spiritual energy as they seek to employ it and usually, as yet, misapply it.  I would point out that Ataturk, the Turkish dictator, within certain personality limitations of relatively negligible moment, made good use of first ray energy, and only the testimony of future historical records will indicate fully how wisely, sanely and disinterestedly he used this type of force for the attainment of first ray objectives.  It might be apposite here to point out that such first ray exponents of force are often misunderstood and hated.  They may and often do misuse the energy available but they also use it constructively within the desired limits of the immediate plan.  I would also like to state that the lot of a first ray disciple is hard and difficult.  There are disciples of Shamballa just as there are disciples of the Hierarchy and this is a fact hitherto not recognised and never as yet referred to in the current writings on occult subjects.  It is wise and valuable to remember this.  They are powerful, these disciples of Shamballa, headstrong and often cruel; they impose their will and dictate their desires; they make mistakes but they are nevertheless true disciples of Shamballa and are working out the Will of God as much as the disciples and Masters of the Hierarchy are working out the Love of God.


This is a hard saying for some of you but your failure to recognise this truth and to respond to it does not affect the issue.  It simply makes your individual lot and difficulties harder.


I would also remind you that the use of first ray energy inevitably means destruction in the early stages but fusion and blending in the later and final results.  If you study the nations of the world today from this angle, you will see this Shamballa energy of will working out potently through the agency of certain great outstanding personalities.  The Lord of Shamballa in this time of urgency, from love of the life aspect and from understanding of the Plan as well as from love of humanity, is sending forth this dynamic energy.  It is form destroying and brings death to those material forms and organised bodies which hinder the free expression of the life of God, for they negate the new culture and render inactive the seeds of the coming civilisation.


From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws back in fear and likes it not.  When full of personality hate and self-will, human beings seek often to turn this energy to their own selfish ends.  If human beings (even the best of them) were not so undeveloped and so superficial in their judgments and their vision, they would be able to penetrate behind what is going on in the key countries in the world and see the gradual emergence of new and better conditions, and the passing away of the loved, but slowly decaying forms.  The energy of Shamballa is, however, so new and so strange that it is hard for human beings to know it for what it is — the demonstration of the Will of God in new and potent livingness.


2. The second way in which this dominant will impulse makes itself felt is through the voice of the masses of the people throughout the world.  This will express itself through sound, as consciousness or love does through light.  The sound of the nations has been heard as a mass sound for the first time.  That voice today is unmistakably [Page 18] expressive of the values which embody human betterment; it demands peace and understanding between men and it refuses — and will steadily refuse — to permit certain drastic things to happen.  This "voice of the people," which is in reality the voice of public opinion is, for the first time and with no recognition of the fact, being determined by the Will of God.


Second:  The next great energy which is making its potent contribution to the present world situation is that of the second Ray of Love Wisdom, Christ's ray.  This energy is poured into the world through the second great planetary centre which we call The Hierarchy.  The energy which is concentrated in this centre and which is manipulated by the initiates and the Masters is making one of its cyclic impacts upon the Earth and — as I explained in Volume II of A Treatise on the Seven Rays — is also making one of its major cyclic Approaches to humanity.


The energy flowing through the Hierarchy at this time — the energy of love — is seeking to blend with that which is flowing out of Shamballa and is needed in order to make the desired application of it.  The problem of the Hierarchy at this time is to produce a wise and adequate fusion of the Shamballa and the hierarchial energies and thus temper destruction and bring to the fore the spirit of construction, setting in motion the building and rehabilitating forces of the second ray energy.  The Shamballa energy prepares the way for the energy of the Hierarchy.  Thus it has been from the beginning of time, but the cycles of the Hierarchy, though relatively frequent, have not coincided with those of Shamballa, which are rare and infrequent.  As time progresses, the impact of the Shamballa force will be more frequent because men will develop the power to stand and [Page 19] withstand it.  Hitherto it has been too dangerous an energy to apply to mankind, for the results have worked out destructively, except in the first great Lemurian crisis.  Its work has, therefore, been confined almost entirely to the Hierarchy Whose Members are equipped to handle it and to assimilate it correctly and also to use it for the benefit of humanity.  Now the experiment is being attempted of permitting man to receive it and its impact, free from the mediation of the Hierarchy.  It may prove a premature and abortive effort but the issues are not yet determined and the Lord of Shamballa, with His assistants and with the aid of the watching Members of the Hierarchy, are not discouraged over the initial results.  Humanity is responding unexpectedly well.  There has been much success along this line but the results do not appear with clarity to intelligent human beings because they refuse to see anything except the destructive aspect and the disappearance of the forms to which they have hitherto anchored their emotions, their desire, and their mental perceptions.  They fail, as yet, to see the irrefutable evidence of constructive activity and of true creative work.  The temple of humanity in the New Age is rising rapidly but its outlines cannot be seen because men are occupied entirely with their individual or national selfish point of view and with their personal or national instincts and impulses.  I would here like to call your attention to the fact that the instinctual life of nations is something which remains to be studied scientifically and is a phase which leads inevitably to the individualistic life of nations — a matter of more immediate interest.


The new forms are, however, being built and the Shamballa potencies, plus hierarchical guidance, are working towards ends which are definitely planned and which are working out favourably.  The potency of love-wisdom, transmitted [Page 20] by the Hierarchy, is playing upon modern humanity in a more intimate and close manner than ever before.  The Directors of the Hierarchy are seeking to evoke an intelligent response from men and an indication that they are conscious of what is happening.  Most of the response to the Shamballa activity is characterised by fear and terror, by sensitivity and distressingly developed reactions to the forces of hate and separation.  Only a few, here and there, really grasp the vision of the future and realise what is going on, seeing truly the beauty of the emerging plan.  It is with these few that the Members of the Hierarchy can work because they (even when lacking understanding) bear no ill-will or hatred to others.  Love is a great unifier and interpreter.


This energy of love is primarily concentrated (for purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of World Servers.  This group has been chosen by the Hierarchy as its main channel of expression.  This group, composed as it is of all world disciples and all working initiates, finds its representatives in every group of idealists and servers and in every body of people who express human thought, particularly in the realm of human betterment and uplift.  Through them, the potency of love-wisdom can express itself.  These people are frequently misunderstood, for the love which they express differs widely from the sentimental, affectionate personal interest of the average worker.  They are occupied mainly with the interests and the good of the whole group with which they may be associated; they are not primarily concerned with the petty interests of the individual — occupied with his little problems and concerns.  This brings such a server under the criticism of the individual and with this criticism they must learn to live and to it they must pay no attention.  True group love is of more importance [Page 21] than personal relationships, though those are met as need (note, I say, need) arises.  Disciples learn to grasp the need of group love and to amend their ways in conformity with group good, but it is not easy for the self-interested individual to grasp the difference.  Through the medium of those disciples who have learned the distinction between the petty concerns of the individual plus his interest in himself and the necessities and urgencies of group work and love, the Hierarchy can work and so bring about the needed world changes, which are primarily changes in consciousness.  I have dealt somewhat in detail with these matters; the gist of them has, however, been embodied in the pamphlets sent out in the past few years.


Third:  the major energy upon which we shall touch here is that of intelligent activity — the potency of the third ray.  This finds its expression through the third major centre on the planet; this centre, we call Humanity.  The evocation of a loving intelligent response to the Shamballa impulse, stepped down by the Hierarchy, is that to which this world centre should respond.  This is rapidly and, as I have told you, satisfactorily, happening.  A definite world effect is being produced and the New Group of World Servers has given much aid in this.  They have interpreted, explained and assisted the processes of evoking the latent love in human beings which, in its initial and unformed stages, exists in the form of an inchoate goodwill.


I call this to your attention as the underlying, motivating idea behind all the work which you are called upon to do.  I suggest, therefore that you endeavour to see the three major ideologies with which you have perforce to deal in terms of the three efforts which are emanating from the three major planetary centres at this time:  Shamballa, The Hierarchy and Humanity.  You will thus gain a more synthetic [Page 22] viewpoint, and a deeper understanding of the slowly emerging world picture.


Is it not possible that the ideologies which we have been discussing are the response — distorted and yet a definite and determined, sensitive reaction — to the energies playing upon humanity from the two higher major centres?  I would like to suggest that the ideology which is embodied in the vision of the totalitarian states is an erroneous but clear-cut response to the Shamballa influence of will; that the ideology behind the democratic ideal constitutes a similar response to the universality which the love of the Hierarchy prompts it to express, and that communism is of human origin, embodying that ideology which humanity has formulated in its own right.  Thus the three aspects of God's nature are beginning to take form as three major ideas and what we see upon the planet at this time are the distorted human reactions to spiritual impulses, emanating from three different centres, but all equally divine in their essential natures, and in their essences.  Ponder on this.


I have brought this to your attention and discussed these basic modern schools of thought because the potency of their idealism is affecting every person, capable of thought, upon the planet.  Not one of you is immune from their effects; not one of you but is inclined to range yourself upon one side or another, fighting furiously and under the cloak of so-called "adherence to principle" for what appeals to you.  Most of you are, nevertheless, far more affected by the methods employed to materialise the ideas and by the quality of their exponents than you are by the ideas themselves.  These you could hardly define if asked to do so.  You are affected by their impact upon your emotional bodies (not your minds) after these divine impulses have filtered through from the Shamballa and the hierarchical centres [Page 23] into and through the human centre and have then been seized upon and applied to specific national, racial and political conditions.  You are hardly at all affected by the pure idealism which gave them birth and which lies behind them as the motivating (though unrecognised) impulse.  You cannot grasp or view these great mental trends as does the Hierarchy.  Hence much of your confusion and your difficulty.


If we consider these three great planetary centres and their relationships in tabular form we can get the general idea more clearly in mind:


I.              Shamballa      Will or Power        Planetary head centre,

                The Holy City       Purpose . . Plan     spiritual pineal gland.

                                                                                Life Aspect.

                                                                Ruler:-    Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.

                                                                                The Ancient of Days.



II.            The Hierarchy       Love-Wisdom       Planetary heart centre.

                The new Jerusalem              Consciousness.

                                                                                Group Unity.

                                                                Ruler:-    The Christ.

                                                                                The World Saviour.


III.           Humanity               Active Intelligence              Planetary throat centre.

                The city, standing foursquare           Self-Consciousness.


                                                                Ruler:-    Lucifer.

                                                                                Son of the Morning.

                                                                                The Prodigal Son.


These three centres are closely interrelated and must be thought of in their entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in the unfoldment of God's plan and as constituting the three major centres in the body of the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being."  Students who have studied as you have can relate if they so choose, these three centres to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire —


1. In the first solar system, the centre which is Humanity [Page 24] was prepared, and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation.

2. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance and must eventually come into full manifestation upon the physical plane, thereby enabling the Love of God to be seen.

3. In the next solar system, the centre which we today call Shamballa will manifest (intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity.  It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centres, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness.  It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings that these centres can ever come into true functioning activity.


The beings at Shamballa know what the immediate Purpose is

Little is known of Shamballa except by Members of the Hierarchy to Whom that centre is the goal in the same way that the Hierarchy is, at this time, the goal for humanity.  Shamballa is the directing centre for the Hierarchy.  Little is really known of the will of God except by Those Whose function it is to interpret and express that will through love, intelligently applied.  They know what the immediate purpose is and Their major occupation is the working out of that will into manifestation.


We have, therefore, three great centres and from them emanate three types of energy which are taking form as the three governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race.  Old ideologies still persist; subsidiary schools of thought are everywhere to be found; distorted interpretations and travesties of reality abound on every hand; on all sides the dead level of the people (the ignorant masses) is played upon by these energies and men become victims of the exponents of the ideologies — past, present and future.


[Page 25]

Forget not that behind all of them stands He Whom we call the Lord of the World.  When all these temporary experiments have been tried and when humanity has been led on in its consciousness from one stage of understanding to another and of recognised interrelation, the kingdom of God will be established upon Earth and the Ruler of the Earth will then work through the Hierarchy to produce that synthetic living creative response from nature (of which humanity is a part) which will enable each kingdom fully to reveal the glory of God.  Shamballa will work through the Hierarchy and the Hierarchy, in its turn, will reach the various kingdoms in nature through the medium of Humanity, which will then enter into its pre-ordained and destined function.  It is for this that all is taking place.  The time of fruition lies relatively far ahead but in the meantime humanity is experimenting or is the subject of experiment; it is exploiting or being exploited; it is learning the lessons of enforced obedience or the dangers of selfish license; it is victimised by powerful personalities in every land and this without exception, or it is being guided in right directions (and this again without exception) by the emissaries and disciples of either Shamballa or the Hierarchy.  All vaunted freedom or vaunted control is but the temporary reaction of a humanity which is swept by ideas, controlled by ideals, impulsed by selfishness, impregnated by hates and yet all the time is struggling to express the higher and better qualities and to free itself from the thralldom of ancient evil, the slavery of ancient codes and the curse of ancient habits of thought and living.  It is what is happening behind the scenes to mankind as a whole which is of moment; it is the unfoldment of the human consciousness which counts with the Hierarchy, and that unfolds in response to the presented conditions in any country or countries.  Let me assure [Page 26] you that under the pressure of modern life, under the strain of the imposed present conditions and civilisation, plus the mental concern, the terror of marching armies, the thunder of the many voices and the stress of the worldwide economic stringency, the human consciousness is rapidly awakening from its long sleep.  That great and fundamental reality which you call the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself upon the things which matter and to express itself in a living fashion.  That is the factor of moment and not the happenings in any particular country.


(DON 39) These three are:  Hercules, the perfect disciple but not yet the perfected Son of God; the Buddha, the perfect initiate, having reached illumination but not yet having developed to perfection all the attributes of divinity; the Christ, the absolutely perfect expression of divinity for this cycle and, therefore, the Teacher alike of angels and of men.  That ahead of the race may lie a still higher perfection than that attained by any of these Exponents of divinity is inexpressibly true, for we know not yet what divinity really means; in these three, however, we have three instances of a perfection which lies far ahead for the majority of the sons of men.


In all of Them, the sixth and the second rays were controlling factors, with the first ray reaching full expression.  In Them, idealism, love-wisdom and indomitable will stood forth in all their divine power.  It might be of interest to you to know just what rays controlled these Sons of God:


Hercules, the Sun-God, had a first ray soul, a second ray personality and a sixth ray astral body.  These potencies and energies sufficed to carry Him through all the trials and the labours of the disciple.

The Buddha had a second ray soul, a first ray personality and a sixth ray mind — a very rare phenomenon.

The Christ had a second ray soul, a sixth ray personality (which accounted for His close relationship with the Master Jesus), plus a first ray mind. [Page 39] These three all embodied the essences of the spiritual life and all of Them were enabled to set Their seal upon history and upon the hearts of men, largely through the potency of Their sixth ray expression.  All of Them embodied also the new spiritual impulse which Their day and age required and all of Them for centuries — by the strength of Their living love and power — brought the vision and the aspiration of humanity back to those spiritual essentials whereby men must live.  All of Them were part of the directing group of Lives Who are working out the plans of God, founded upon the love of God.  The Buddha and the Christ are still closely connected with, and working in cooperation with, the Hierarchy.  Hercules has gone over into the Shamballa centre, but still works in a basic association with the Buddha Who is one of the Forces linking Shamballa and the Hierarchy.


(DON 46) Second:  The situation is still further complicated by [Page 46] the fact that both these rays influence and express themselves (as is ever the case) in a dual manner and have always a lower and a higher form of manifestation, which is a correspondence in this connection to the personality, and the egoic expression of every human being.  In the case of the out-going ray, the higher form (which is ever the first to manifest in germ) is rapidly disappearing or is being absorbed into the newer idealism, thus contributing all that is best to the new presentation of truth so that the emerging culture will be properly rooted in the old.  The lower forms are, however, tenacious and dominant and because of this they definitely constitute today the major problem of the Hierarchy, so much so that they require the calling in of the first ray (or the Shamballa force) in order to effect their destruction.  Bear this in mind as you study the world situation.  The lower forms of the seventh ray expression are still in an embryonic stage.  This you can see clearly if you consider the one to which I choose to refer — the spiritualistic movement — which began to take shape only during the last century and has achieved its curiously phenomenal growth only because it started upon the American continent.  The United States of America was the centre of old Atlantis and hence inherited a psychic and ancient religious form which was existent and potently alive in that part of the world for many centuries.


(DON 97) The force which is centred in London is that of the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect.  It is the service of the whole which is being attempted and at great cost, and the effort is to express the Law of Synthesis which is the new emphasis pouring through from Shamballa.  Hence the fact that the governments of many nations found asylum in Great Britain during the war.  Also, if the Forces of Light triumph because of the cooperation of mankind, the energy expressing itself through this powerful empire will be potent in establishing a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economic distribution.  The keynote of this force is "I serve."


(DON 98) The force pouring through Darjeeling at this time is that of the first Ray of Will or Power.  The soul ray of India is the first ray and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is to stimulate the will-to-power of all dictators, whether they are the would-be world dictators such as Hitler and his group of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any part of the world, or those minor dictators, the tyrants in the home.  It is interesting to note that the keynote of India is "I hide the light," and this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East and that the gift of India to the world is the light of the Ageless Wisdom.  This is true in a sense, but there is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true.  When the intent and purpose of the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is in process of expression, a light will be revealed which has never yet been [Page 99] seen or known.  There is a word in the Christian Scriptures which says "In that light shall we see light;" this means that through the medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through the Ageless Wisdom, we shall eventually see the Light of Life itself — something meaningless and inexplicable to humanity at present but which will be later revealed when the present point of crisis is surmounted.  Of its nature and its effect I have naught to say to you at present.


The Shamballa energy Darjeeling and London, India and Great Britain, as both are channels for 1st ray energy

(DON 99) I would like here to interpolate some remarks.  It is of deep moment to realise that Great Britain and the United States are closely related; that this relation makes certain realities and activities inevitable once the soul of each nation is functioning potently.  India and Great Britain are also related through this first Ray personality of Great Britain and the soul ray of India.  The implications are clear and interesting and also encouraging.  The consciousness aspect of the British people is steadily shifting into an expression of their second ray soul and hence their seizing upon the opportunity at this time to serve humanity at immense cost.  The same thing is happening to the American people.  The problem of shifting idealism is great, as I have said, and the temptation is to hide behind the glamour of fighting for an ideal rather than react to world need, and omit to react to the ray of the soul which is the second ray of love.


(DON 102) Therefore, through the five major centres in the planet today, spiritual energy is streaming forth, and according to the vehicle of expression which receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity, and so will be the type of consciousness interpreting and using it.  The ancient occult truism remains accurate:  "Consciousness is dependent upon its vehicle for expression and both are dependent upon life and energy for existence."  This remains an immutable law.


The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric centre of force and through which the Hierarchy and Shamballa are seeking to work are the correspondence in the planetary body to the four centres up the spine and the ajna centre in the body of humanity and of individual man.  In all three cases, they are "living vital focal points of dynamic force" to a greater or less extent.  Some predominantly express soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy.  The head centre of the Occident is beginning to react to second ray energy and the ajna centre to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men.


At this time in the 5th root race Shamballa and Hierarchy seek to work through five major cities on the planet-There are also three great fusing energies or vital centres on the planet

(DON 104) Similarly, in connection with the British Empire, a study will be made of London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Toronto and Vancouver with subsidiary studies of Calcutta, Delhi, Singapore, Jamaica and Madras which are all subjectively related in a manner unforeseen by students at present.  Under the plan, and contingent upon the energies pouring through the five planetary centres according to plan, there are three great fusing energies or vital centres present upon our planet:

a. Russia, fusing and blending eastern Europe and western and northern Asia.

b. The United States (and later South America), fusing and blending central and western Europe and the entire western hemisphere.

c. The British Empire, fusing and blending races and men throughout the entire world.


In the hands of these nations lies the destiny of the planet.  These are the three major world blocs, from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis.  Other and lesser nations will participate in the process with full independence and cooperation, voluntarily and through the perfecting of their national life in the interests of the whole of humanity and through the desire to express and preserve their soul integrity and their purified national purpose (which purification is now going on).  The keynote, however, of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States — not because of their power, their historical past and their material resources or [Page 105] territorial extent, but because they are in a position to fuse and blend the many types, because they are far-visioned in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people.  Their basic Constitution, Magna Charta and Bill of Rights are human.  Other nations will be gradually swept into line with these fundamental spiritual requirements, or — if they are already based on these human principles and not on the rule of a powerful minority, exploiting an unhappy majority — they will cooperate freely with these greater nations in a federation of purposes and of interests until such time as all the nations of the world see the vision clear, forego their selfish aims and agree in the unity of the work to be done for the whole.  Humanity will then emerge into the light of freedom with a revealed beauty and a spiritual purpose, hitherto unknown.


(DON 120) We are, therefore, at a most interesting and crucial period in racial and planetary history — a period unlike any which has preceded it and for the reason that the evolutionary process has been definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, and delays; of these latter there have been many owing to the refusal (curious and difficult to understand in your eyes) of the Energies, concentrated at Shamballa, to impose the force of will on matter and on form until such time as this can be done with the cooperation of the human family.  This has never been possible hitherto, owing to the unpreparedness of man for the task [Page 120] and his ignorance as to the Plan.  The Lord of Shamballa and His Helpers have had to wait until at least the dim outlines of the Plan had penetrated through into the consciousness of the race; this is beginning to happen with increasing frequency, and from day to day more and more intelligent men and women are coming (or are being brought) into touch with the emerging ideas of the Hierarchy.  We can look, therefore, for the steady appearance, gradually and cautiously applied, of the will energy of the highest centre (Shamballa) which is to be found upon our planet.  This centre corresponds to the monadic centre which makes its power felt in the consciousness of the disciple who is ready for the third initiation.  Once the second initiation has been taken, the watching Hierarchy can begin to note the constant reorientation of the soul towards the monad, and the attractive power of that highest aspect over the initiate.  Today, so many members of the human family — in incarnation or out of incarnation — have taken the first two initiations that the attention of Shamballa is being increasingly turned to humanity, via the Hierarchy, whilst simultaneously the thoughts of men are being turned to the Plan, to the use of the will in direction and guidance, and to the nature of dynamic force.  The quality, for instance, of the explosive and dynamic nature of war in this century is indicative of this, for the will energy in one of its aspects is an expression of death and destruction; the first ray is the ray of the destroyer.  What can, therefore, be seen occurring is the effect of the Shamballa force upon the forms in nature, due to the misuse of the incoming energy by man.  War in the past, speaking generally and esoterically, has been based consistently upon the attractive power of possessions and this has led to the aggressive and grasping character of the motives which have led to war.  Gradually [Page 121] there has been a change coming about and war has lately been founded upon somewhat higher motives and the acquisition of more land and territorial possessions has not been the true and the main motive.  War has been prompted by economic necessity, or it has been in the nature of the imposition of the will of some nation or group of nations and their desire to impose some ideology or other upon some nation or to rid itself of a worn out system of thought, of government, of religious dogma which is holding back racial development.  This is being now consciously done and is an expression of the Shamballa or will force and is not so definitely the desire force of the past.


(DON 137) The intensification of the life of the human centre will proceed apace and this is the reason why so many people (as I have earlier hinted) will take the first initiation.  Students are apt to forget that the first initiation can be described, in reality as:


a. The grounding or externalisation of the Christ principle in humanity as a whole and upon the physical plane.

b. The flowering of the intelligence so that the initiate can work powerfully upon the mental plane and humanity itself be lifted up and aided throughout every part thereby.

c. The coming into activity of the throat centre and (because the third ray is closely connected with the first ray) the first faint orientation of spiritual man towards Shamballa can take place, becoming more and more intensified and pronounced at the time of the third initiation.  I would like here to point out the numerical correspondences:


(DON 140) In this world cycle it might be said that the emphasis of all spiritual power is placed in the Hierarchy which is, at present, the divine intermediary, interpreting the will of God, which is the purpose of Shamballa.  It transmits or steps down the divine energy so that safe application to Humanity becomes possible.  It will be apparent, therefore, why in the second decanate of Aquarius the Hierarchy can, as the representative of Shamballa and with the aid of Mercury, bring into physical manifestation the coming Avatar.  This becomes possible when the work of the first decanate is accomplished and when Shamballa has released and definitely re-oriented the energies of the third great centre, that of Humanity.  This release and readjustment leads to creative expression and renewed spiritual life.  Planetary alignment can take place and this is a planned objective for which the Hierarchy is preparing and for which the Avatar Himself is preparing at Shamballa.


The third initiation is connected with Shamballa as a planetary centre and to the activity of the first ray.  It should be borne in mind that this is the first initiation in which personality and soul are united and fused so that the two aspects form one unit.  When this initiation has taken place, it happens that for the first time some of its broader group implications become a reality and henceforth constitute the motivating impulse of the initiate's life.  Aspiration ends and the intensest conviction takes its place.  It is interesting also to note that Venus now comes into control in the third decanate of the Aquarian Age.  Venus is esoterically recognised as that mysterious force which is a blend of love and knowledge, of intelligence and synthesis, and of understanding and brotherhood.  Within the Hierarchy [Page 141] itself, the two great Messengers who have embodied the dual Venusian energy were the Buddha and the Christ.  The Messenger Who will later come and express the Shamballa urge to synthesis, the hierarchial aspiration towards love and the desire of humanity for intelligent activity with combined power will gather all into Himself.  All these qualities will focus in Him, plus another quality or divine principle of which the race of men as yet knows nothing and for which there is, as yet, no name.  He will be a great and potent Avatar and is not along the line of our humanity at all.


The numerical correspondences might be noted as follows, remembering that the third initiation is, in reality, the first initiation of the soul, after complete identification with the personality within the life and consciousness of the Monad, the One and the First.


1. The first planetary centre — Shamballa.

2. The activity of the first ray — will or power.

3. The third initiation which is the first soul initiation, relating the base of the spine to the head centre, and the soul to the Monad.

4. The first major centre — the head.

5. The first truly divine race — the final race.

6. The third plane, which is in reality the first plane of soul consciousness, the reflection of the highest plane, the Logoic.

7. The first periodical vehicle — the monadic.

8. The first divine aspect — will or power.

9. The first or highest type of Mediator — the coming Avatar.

10. The sustaining Life, the spiritual sun — the central spiritual sun.


(DON 142) We will now consider the trend of the times and seasons as far as the rays are concerned:


RAY I — This ray is still out of physical manifestation but is beginning to have a definite effect upon the mental plane; there it influences the minds of disciples everywhere and lays the stage for the appearance of a certain group of disciples from Shamballa.  Two thousand years from today, the influence of this ray will be felt powerfully on the physical plane.  One hundred years hence its potency will be noted upon the astral plane.


(DON 144) RAY VII — This ray is coming into effective expression now; there is little need for me to add here anything further to the mass of information which I have given you in this treatise and in my other books.


One small point of interest but one of no especial moment to you is that the Lords of the Rays, through Their planetary Representatives, constitute a body of directing Forces in collaboration with the Lord of the World at Shamballa.  Their capacity is advisory and directive but not authoritative.  This may be regarded by some of you as the most interesting piece of information in this book.  If this is your attitude, then it only indicates your unpreparedness for true esoteric teaching.  Students need a greater sense of the real governing values and a sense of spiritual proportion.  Planetary facts and solar facts (under which heading the above item of information might well be placed) can stimulate your imagination and widen your horizon; for aspirants and disciples, that is the major value.  All information and happenings which are connected with Shamballa are always exciting to the neophyte who is apt to forget that he must make his contact with the more familiar Hierarchy before true and related perception is his.


(DINAI 24) It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the purpose of these groups is to unfold in time the three major powers of all illumined minds:


[Page 24]

First: the power to work in and with all thought substance. The Hierarchy of Illumined Minds is a group Whose telepathic powers enable Them to be sensitive to the mind currents and to register the thoughts of Those Who personify the Mind of God, the Universal Mind, and to register the thoughtforms of Those Who are as far beyond the Hierarchy of Masters as They, in Their turn, are beyond the disciples of the world.


Those Lives Who carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind, exist in Their graded orders, and with the detail of Their groupings we are not concerned, except with the fact that the planetary Brotherhood is in telepathic rapport with Those Who are responsible for the planetary conditions in the solar system, with the Great Council, therefore, at Shamballa. They are also in immediate telepathic rapport with each other. The slowly manifesting powers of the radio and the sensitive workings of the perfecting radio mechanisms and of television are but the response in physical matter of the perfected telepathic powers and television of the minds of the Masters of the Wisdom. Forget not, that such powers are inherent in all men.


(DINAI 172) The fusion must, therefore, be made between the mind and the brain, each of which expresses one of the two major energies. That fusion already partially exists. When it is consummated, the mental goal of harmony through conflict will be superseded by the inflow of love, working with power through the brain and (incidentally) your general physical health will speedily improve. How shall this be brought about, my brother? The first stage is one of real difficulty, particularly to first ray people. It comes through the power of visualisation. That is why ritual is of value to such as you and Masonry—being on the first ray and emanating, consequently, from Shamballa—aids the process of visualisation. It gives colour and performance [Page 172] of a tangible kind to inner, subjective activity. Visualisation is a powerful agent in the evocation of the creative imagination. Let me here give you a hint. If you use this idea in the planning of the work which you seek to do for the Hierarchy and for which we are seeking to hold you responsible, and if you carry into all that work the ideal of ritual, of rhythm and of energy distribution, you will evoke a synthetic pattern, a unified procedure and a harmonious working out of the Plan.


Therefore, I would ask you to give ten minutes each day to the pictorial visualisation of your entire work and programme. See each phase of it as a lotus of living beauty, connected with all the other phases by lines of fiery energy, thus bringing all parts of it into one whole. All the different phases will form a great unity of light and love, expressing itself through the will-to-good. Be not side-tracked when doing this. Use the building energy of your second ray personality and the seventh ray energy of your brain, because through your brain, your first ray soul energy is expressing itself. You do not here consciously work as a soul. You work with as much soul energy as can express itself at any given time through your brain. If you worked with pure soul energy and from soul levels, you would bring in too much of the Shamballa force for the delicate structure with which you are dealing.


(DINAI 215) March 1935




(For such you have been for many lives, e'en if your present physical brain registers not the fact.) The past year has been a hard one for you, as it has necessarily been for all who are sensitive and whose physical bodies are ill-equipped to stand the modern pressure or to carry the inner, spiritual force available. It has been particularly hard for you also to establish the inner link with your fellow disciples and this you have realised and it has troubled you. The difficulty is due to the fact that your polarisation is essentially that of the man devoted to the Hierarchy and whose link is established with that Hierarchy. Your orientation—esoterically speaking—is towards Shamballa. I use that phrase because it connotes something definitely intelligible to you. I seek not to be more explicit, for you will comprehend the significance of what I say. You serve and love your fellowmen because we, the teachers on the inner side also serve and love them; your approach to humanity and to your co-disciples is via Those Whom you serve upon "the Lighted Way of the Lord of Life."



The Christ’s Master is the Lord of Shamballa

(DINAI 439) May 1937




Our relation has been close for many lives and is particularly close today. Unknown perhaps to you, I have guarded and shielded you from many unhappy world impacts, for you are sensitive in nature and frail in body and are already handling as much of the world's misery and suspense as you can and perhaps more than is good for you—physically and emotionally. You are like so many disciples upon the second ray who are in training for future world salvaging. Like our Great Master, the Christ, you must and do shoulder your share of the world [page 439] suffering, thereby forming one of the great group of His companions who are pledged to the "fellowship of His sufferings and His patience," as He is pledged to His great Master, the Lord of Shamballa. He, as you know, will not leave His post until the "last weary pilgrim has found his way home." You see, therefore, do you not, the true significance of the three keywords which I gave you when you entered this group —endless patience, with yourself, with others and with erring humanity; dynamic thought, giving you power and usefulness upon the mental plane and teaching you to work there as does the Christ, as does K.H. and all who are serving in connection with the Hierarchy; wisdom, enabling you to reap the fruitage of many lives, spent in acquiring spiritual knowledge.


(DINAI 685) The group of a Master is a focus of power, built up by the Master in three ways:


1. By the potency of His Own thought life, evoked by His response to the united hierarchical purpose and a growing ability to respond to Shamballa.


2. By His ability to integrate the centre of power (His group for which He has made Himself responsible) into the immediate activity of the Hierarchy.


3. By His wisdom in His choice of collaborators. His group of disciples will be effective in world service and useful to His Superiors just in so far as He employs judgment in gathering together the men and women whom He is preparing for initiation.


I use the word "initiation" here because I want all disciples who read my words to realise that initiation is not something which they undergo as a result of any training which they may receive from a Master or because they have reached a certain [page 685] stage of advanced evolution. It is a process of continuing integration into centres of force, i.e., into a Master's group, into the Hierarchy as a whole and consciously, and—as disciples attain adeptship—into Shamballa. You can see, therefore, that a Master can be greatly hindered or aided in His work for humanity by His choice of disciples. They should ponder on this fact because in so doing the process of decentralisation will proceed more rapidly and their love and service will consequently increase with a paralleling certainty and surety.


(DINAI 693) What is that work? To provide a working intelligent and consecrated group of servers through whom hierarchical plans can be carried forward and to demonstrate, upon the physical plane, a focal point of spiritual energy. This can then be employed by the Hierarchy to help humanity everywhere, particularly in this time of crisis. The plans of the Hierarchy, as they embody the will of Shamballa, can be and are carried out; the process, however, is either a conscious one or an unconscious mass response to impression. Among the disciples of the world, the response and subsequent activity is a conscious one and leads to intelligent undertakings.


(DINAI 695) The third point which I would like to bring out is that disciples when they form part of an Ashram are subjecting themselves to a greatly increased pressure and are in a position to participate in much wider distribution of energy than heretofore. Today, as the Coming One nears the earth and draws closer to humanity, and as the inflow of spiritual energy from Shamballa into the hierarchical Centre becomes greater, there is a great keying up of human receptivity and a greatly augmented stimulation is taking place with varying effects. This involves an intensified aspiration and spiritual determination. It also signifies an opportunity of an unprecedented nature.


You have been told that when the Buddha came and worked on earth, many aspirants entered the ranks of accepted disciples and many disciples took one or other of the major initiations. There was, therefore, a definite shift of the personnel of the Hierarchy and a great expansion towards Shamballa and, at the same time, towards humanity. When the Christ made His appearance on earth, there was a similar and still greater climaxing effort which culminated in the inclusion of disciples in the Masters' inner Ashrams. Hitherto, these Ashrams had been kept for those who had taken the first initiation. Before the time of Christ only those who had taken the first initiation and were initiate formed the Ashram. Owing, however, to the growing sensitivity of humanity, it was then decided that disciples could be admitted into the Ashrams and so be mentally and astrally en rapport with the inner group and begin to form part of the Master's sphere of directed influence.


(DINAI 710) It will not be possible for me to indicate the work in detail. I intend only to show you as far as is possible how a Master prepares the probationer to step from off the Probationary Path on to the Path of Discipleship. At this point, I would like to point out that I shall be dealing with a period covering the stages of discipleship from the first stage to that of adept. At the fourth stage, the disciple emerges out of his Master's group and becomes what is esoterically called "a fixed aspect of the Hierarchy." This is a phrase which is necessarily quite meaningless to you. He comes then under the influence of Shamballa and the mode of preparing people for association with that first major centre is very different to that of preparing them for participation in the work of the centre which we call the Hierarchy. The one involves the development of love and of group consciousness; the other involves the unfoldment of the will and the attainment of the stage to which Patanjali gives the name of "isolated unity." This is a phrase which is quite meaningless to any one below the degree of the third initiation. In this discussion, I shall not be dealing with preparation for the various initiations and their specific differences. I shall be dealing with the growth of what is called "ashramic intimacy," with the approach of the disciple to the world of souls and to the unfoldment of his consciousness in relation to the Hierarchy. I shall be concerned with his growth in sensitivity and his subsequent and consequent growth in creativity—not the creativity of form as much as the creativity of vibration, its impact upon the world of men and the consequent later appearance of responsive organisms, in contra-distinction to created forms. I would ask you to reflect upon this thought.


(DINAI 719) On the buddhic plane, the plane of the divine intuition, these lower three expressions and their higher prototypes are harmonised and the expansive work of the three initiations (second, third and fourth) produces an absorption, a fusion and a blending process between the disciple and the soul (and eventually between humanity and the Hierarchy) which prepares for a major contact between man and the Monad. When this takes place, the soul, creator of reflection and shadow, is discarded because that point of consciousness has served its purpose. The shattering of the causal body takes place and nought is then left but fully conscious form and spirit. Until, however, man has taken the higher initiations, he cannot comprehend the significance of the above comments.

In connection with this, I would remind you that though I am seeking to train many at this time for further expansions of consciousness, I am writing primarily for the future and for those disciples who, in years to come, will read my words and find their way into the Ashrams of the Masters. The Hierarchy builds for the future; it is not occupied with the present. All that it does is done with the intent to open the way into a wider and more expansive world. Humanity is preoccupied with the things of the present; the Hierarchy is working and laying plans for the future; Shamballa is engrossed with the Eternal Now  and with the dynamic life which has created the past, which controls the present (the centre of illusion) and [page 719] with the future. You may perhaps gain some idea or picture of the conditioning life of Shamballa if you will study the present era of human living. In it, people with the Lemurian consciousness, focussed on the past and concerned with the physical plane, are present; people with the Atlantean consciousness, emotional in content and focussed on the present, are everywhere to be found; and people who are definitely Aryan in their state of awareness, mentally focussed and occupied with the future, are likewise found. The three constitute one race of men and embody the whole of mankind.


(DINAI 720) As far as these aspirants are concerned, the one thing which the Masters are endeavouring to bring about is the stimulation of the flame of the spirit in them so that they may set the world on fire. The fires of judgment and of substance, of karma and its vehicle, matter, are raging in the world at this time. Fire must be countered by fire, as well you know, and to stop the raging inferno of fire which is today devastating the world, the fire of spirit must be opposed, distributed and effectively used by the disciples of the Masters. The task of Shamballa, in relation to the Hierarchy, is similar in nature but expresses itself upon a higher level. They dispense the ultimate fire of the Will. The fire which must, in the final analysis, be used by the disciples in the world is the fire of the will-to-love.


(DINAI 730) Each Master has reached the point where the vision is clear to Him; this is part of the reward accorded to the initiate. He identifies Himself with it, colouring it necessarily, richly and helpfully with His ray "apprehension," and interpreting it in terms of His contribution to the whole. Therein lies the secret of the inevitable and the unhinderable (is there such a word, brother of mine?) success of the vision as it is materialised through the combined efforts of the Hierarchy, conditioned in time and space by some Master or group of Masters, working on some one ray or rays. In the early days of the present cycle of hierarchical effort (between 1925 and 1936), the ray at work upon humanity was the first ray. The activity of this ray culminated in the declaration of war by Great Britain in 1939, when the destructive force of that ray—misapplied and misdirected—led Germany to invade Poland. In 1932, the influence of the second ray began to assert itself and will continue to do so until 1945 when the seventh ray will swing slowly into activity. You will then have three rays producing simultaneous effects upon mankind:


1. The first Ray of Will or Power, expending its force.


2. The second Ray of Love-wisdom, reaching its meridian and holding the centre of the stage until 1957.


3. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order, coming into activity in combination with the other two—the will-to-love and the will-to-order—producing beauty out of the present chaos.


The disciples, therefore, of the Master Morya, of the Master Koot Hoomi and of the Master Rakoczi are reaching out towards a period of the intensest activity. The destiny of the world lies in the hands of Their three groups of initiated disciples; with Them, the accepted disciples of the three groups are asked to cooperate and this offers opportunity to many everywhere. As they seek to vision the Plan, to cooperate with the three Masters and Their initiate groups, their opportunity will emerge. This triangle of energy is held responsible by the great Leaders in Shamballa for the regularising of world affairs. More than this it is not necessary for humanity to know.


Forget not, an Ashram is a vortex of force and a centre of energy—a centre through which both force and energy flow in [page 731] order that the vision may be materialised. This force and energy is, in the last analysis, directed by a Master, by a group of three senior initiates and by another group of lesser initiates, thus representing (in each Ashram) a miniature of the planetary government. These step down the inflowing energy so that accepted disciples can handle it safely and act as distributing agents. The energy with which the Masters work comes from Shamballa; the forces with which They work are provided from within the Hierarchy itself, and just in so far as the accepted disciples react to the combined forces will it be possible for them to be used in service. In other words: the initiated disciples in a Master's group focus the inflowing energies; the accepted disciples, through the medium of their souls, focus the force which the Master directs outward into the world of men in conformity with the Plan of the Hierarchy, working in accordance with the revelation, coming from Shamballa.


(DINAI 732) The Master of an Ashram and the senior initiates in His group are responsible for the relation between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. Accepted disciples and the lesser initiates are responsible for the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Thus the great chain of the Hierarchy of Being is preserved inviolate.


An example of what Shamballa energy is not, using the will-to-love as an example

(DINAI 736) The will-to-love involves the recognition of limitation, of desire, of the forcing of an issue and of the intense aspiration really to love. It does not indicate the inflow of Shamballa energy through the medium of the soul whose intrinsic nature is spontaneous love. Where there is a determination to be [page 736] loving, certain attitudes—either natural and belonging to a developed personality or forced through attention to soul behest—emerge. The disciple knows that he lacks love, because he is constantly finding himself isolated from and not identified with others; he is irritated by others: he is critical of his brothers, either feeling superior to them or looking at them and saying: "Here they are wrong and I am right; here they do not understand and I do; I know them but they don't know me; I must be patient with them," etc., etc. Throughout this phase, the attitude is definitely that of the will-to-love, coupled to a deep realisation of the handicaps to the expression of love presented by those others and presented also by one's own habits of thought. This is all a form of self-centredness. The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply and constantly upon the significance and the meaning of love, its origin, its expression through the soul, its qualities, goals and objectives. Most of the reflection carried on by the aspirant is based upon his innate realisation that he does not really love in the spontaneous, free way of the spirit. The disciple is, therefore, thrown back on a self-centred position in which he feels: "Now I am loving; now I am not loving; now I must try and love." Yet all the time none of these attitudes is really true love nor is their result a loving expression because the disciple is identified with himself and focussed in the personality. Love is never worked up, if I might put it so, in the lower nature; it is a free unimpeded inflow from the higher.


Love is spontaneous and carries ever the free spirit of Christ. I would suggest that there has never been a better description of the nature of love than that given by the initiate Paul, even though the translation of his words is faulty at times. Study those passages in the New Testament in which he defines love. Give up emphasising the will-to-love and emphasise in your own consciousness the need of others for understanding, compassion, interest and help. The usual loneliness of all disciples is frequently incidental to the fact of the self-centredness of all those whom they  contact and the intense preoccupation of the neophyte with his own growth. The cry of the neophyte is: "Tell me. Tell me. Then I will change. I will accept anything that is said but tell me." The cry of the disciple is: "Aid [page 737] the work. Forget yourself. The world needs you." So many disciples are still shut up within themselves, hidden behind the wall of the personal self and little true out-going love is present. Until they break through and truly love, their usefulness is impaired.


(DINAI 745) These two related points are not in reality two separated activities, except as they emerge in the consciousness of the disciple upon the physical plane and express his objective and his subjective life. They are incident to his having to work in time and space and through the medium of a physical brain. The second point of focus should be in reality an externalisation of the inner point of tension. In these words, you have the key to the true science of discipleship, to the developing relation of the human centre and the hierarchical. It concerns also the work of the Buddha and the Christ, as They represent the point of tension at Shamballa and in the Hierarchy.

Most disciples are not working from a point of spiritual tension, but from a point of personality focus—a step forward indeed from that of the average unthinking person but one to which they cling unduly long. As long as a man is focussed in his personality, the point of spiritual tension will evade him. He will be driven by personality aspiration and not by ashramic force and this focus in form will lead to trouble both to the individual aspirant and to his group. Spiritual tension, as a result of complete dedication of the personality to the service of humanity, stimulates and empowers but does not evoke the lower life of the personal self.


(DINAI 748) Chelas on the thread employ a peculiar technique, according to their ray; they work always through the head centre. By means of this centre, they sound out the call (an inaudible call, from the physical plane angle) which (vibrating along the thread) reaches the Master. These techniques are, however, taught directly to the disciple by the Master when He recognises His chela's right to the privilege. I cannot give these techniques direct to you. When you are "on the thread," you will inevitably have the information given to you.


This thread is not the antahkarana but a linking thread of living light. This the Master projects as the disciple's service evokes a response from Him. This evocation, however, increases its potency as the disciple builds the antahkarana between the personality and the Spiritual Triad. The chela on the thread eventually has the life thread (one aspect of the antahkarana) connected with this ashramic thread and hence the establishment of monadic control of the individual which (in its group form) signifies the control of the Hierarchy by Shamballa. The lesser and the greater relationship must ever be borne in mind.


The energy of Shamballa is not a quality, but that of which quality is an emanation

(DINAI 754) You can see, therefore, that the Hierarchy itself is only a great Ashram with a triangle at the centre, composed of the Christ, the Mahachohan and the Manu. Symbolically speaking, this triangle constitutes one radiant centre, for the radiatory activity of each of these Great Lords is such that They are swept into each other's auras in such a way that there is a complete blending and fusing. Every Ashram radiates some one major quality according to the ray of the Master at the centre; in the same way the Hierarchy radiates the quality of the second divine aspect, just as the all-inclusive Ashram (to which we give the name Shamballa) has the  outstanding characteristic of the first aspect, life itself. This is not a quality, but that of which quality is an emanation.


The first aspect of the triad of a Master is responsive to Shamballa energy

(DINAI 756) 3. The radiation which comes from the atmic level or the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad. This is the emanatory expression of the capacity of the Master to enter into the Council at Shamballa, to register the purpose of God and to work with the Plan, which is the expression, in any given cycle, of the working out of the divine Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatory activity is of so high a nature that only the advanced initiate-chela can register it. It is transmitted into the physical consciousness of the disciple along the following lines:


a. The atmic permanent atom or the focus of the spiritual will, the first aspect of the Spiritual Triad.

b. The sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus.

c. The etheric vehicle in its highest aspects.

d. The head centre.

e. The centre at the base of the spine, which is aroused into activity in response to the vibratory radiation of the other four points of transmission.


(DINAI 757) Some day, it will be all "realised Hierarchy" for the Hierarchy is but a state of consciousness with the life aspect, Shamballa, at the centre, and the circle of humanity constituting the emanating factor, the radiatory influence or the aura, whereby the other kingdoms in nature are evoked into responsive activity.




Compilation Shamballa part2 (hits 52-100)


(DINAI 766) In the same way, a constant consideration of the permanent atoms and of the spirillae would lead to an intensification of [page 766] the form life and to the tyranny of force as it flows through them. There are undoubtedly analogies and correspondences that could be worked out in connection with the spirillae in the microcosmic life and the planes and subplanes of the macrocosm with a possible subsequent relation of both to the seven centres, microcosmically understood, and the seven planetary schemes, macrocosmically understood. But the goal for the majority of aspirants is not to limit their consciousness by a concentration upon the minutiae, such as the permanent atoms and the details connected with the individual form nature. The objective of each aspirant is to expand his consciousness to include that which lies beyond himself, to attain to the more elevated states of consciousness in the life of the group and of humanity, and to integrate himself consciously into the Hierarchy, eventually into Shamballa, and occultly to "know" God in His many phases of all-inclusive extension and perfection.


(DINAI 768) The significance of the word "heart" is the significance of life itself, as it beats eternally at the very heart of the universe. Within that life, the initiate now consciously stands, realising himself not so much as being a recipient of life, but as a distributor of life. This is a very different thing and holds the key to this stage of discipleship.


The "Master's Heart" is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogous interpretations. There is at this stage and after a certain major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life—sensed, recognised, active and utilised—between the conscious disciple and


1. The disciple's heart centre.

2. The heart centre in the head.

[page 768]

3. The egoic lotus, which (until the fourth initiation) is the heart centre of the monadic life.

4. The Master at the centre of His group.

5. The Christ, the heart centre of the Hierarchy.

6. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation.

7. The Lord of Life Himself, the heart centre of Shamballa.


The will aspect of the Monad is Shamballa

(DINAII 7) A group of disciples must be distinguished, as I already told you, by pure reason which will steadily supersede motive, merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect. It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with Humanity. What, therefore, is the group will in any ashram or Master's group? Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite all into a band of brothers—moving forward into the light? Is the spiritual will of the individual personalities of such strength that it negates the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritual relation? It is only in consideration of these fundamental [Page 7] effects of standing as a group in the "head's clear light" that it is permissible for a disciple to bring into the picture personal sensitivities of thought, and this only because of a group temporary limitation.


(DINAII 60) In this deciding judgment Sanat Kumara is being aided by certain Members of the Great Council at Shamballa, by the Christ and by the seven Masters Who are responsible for the seven groups of Ashrams. He is also reaching certain conclusions as to the groups of disciples who have hitherto been under training during the final stages of the Path of Discipleship. This decision has to take under advisement the rapidity with which the entrance of men and women into the Ashrams can take place; it is also dependent upon the members of the Ashram moving forward according to their degree, and upon the power of the Ashrams to absorb and assimilate the much larger numbers, without upsetting ashramic stability. He has also to consider the ability of the neophyte under training to take and hold the far greater tension necessarily incident to true ashramic life in the New Age.


[Page 61]

These points are all being most carefully considered, because a major expansion of the Hierarchy as a whole, and the consequent reaction upon humanity, again as a whole, is not a thing lightly to be undertaken. Expansion—if it is to be safely undertaken—must proceed hand in hand with consolidation. The expansion now contemplated in the highest quarters will greatly alter the potency of the relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity, and therefore of the second divine aspect to the third. Can Humanity take this increased potency correctly and safely? Will the aspirants of the world—if given opportunity to pass off the Probationary Path on to the Path of Discipleship—be stable enough to stand steady under the impact of hitherto undiscerned spiritual energy? Can the Masters, under the pressure of Their enormous task of world reconstruction, find the needed time to increase Their training of Their disciples? For They are still governed by the time equation where Their disciples are concerned. Can the senior members in any Ashram relieve to some extent the pressures upon the Masters as well as upon the incoming and junior, and therefore inexperienced, disciples? If, however, the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity is thus strengthened and there is freer access in both directions, there will clearly emerge the invocational pull or the magnetic potency of these blending centres: the pull will be upon Shamballa, which is the highest centre of all.


(DINAII 63) Though Sanat Kumara is naturally unaware of the individual disciple or aspirant, He is not unaware of their massed effect, quality or status. Contact and relationship are based upon vibratory reaction, and the potency of the united vibration of the disciples and aspirants of the world is today—for the first time in human history—strong enough to reach Shamballa. This is a new and very interesting fact.


(DINAII 65) The difference between such disciples as you and the more advanced initiates is that your basic orientation is different to that of the Masters. They are oriented to Shamballa; They are relatively unaffected by affairs and happenings in the three worlds, even though that is the sphere wherein Their work lies; there is nothing within Them to react to these phases of planetary livingness. Disciples and all initiates below the third initiation are oriented to the Hierarchy. Not the Council Chamber at Shamballa or the Way to the Higher Evolution engrosses their attention, but the life of the Ashram with which they are affiliated and the Way of Initiation. This is a useful point to bear in mind. There is much in them which can and will react to qualities and events within the three worlds, and—from the angle of the human consciousness—life for them is very difficult because the dualism of existence is apt to produce violent strain.


(DINAII 104) It would be of benefit to you also to consider the Masters' Ashrams as expressions of the highest type of constructively functioning groups. There exists amongst its personnel a complete unity of purpose and an utter dedication (without any reservations, as far as the disciple involved is concerned) to the furthering of the immediate ashramic enterprise. The [Page 104] position of the Master at the centre of the group has no relation to that of a teacher at the centre of a group of learners and devotees, such as we have learned to recognise in this Piscean Age. He is the centre simply because through the quality of His vibration, through karmic ancient relationship and through the invocative demand of disciples, initiates and some aspirants, He has gathered them together in order to further the ends of His ashramic enterprise; He has not gathered them together in order to teach them or to prepare them for initiation as has hitherto been taught. Aspirants and disciples prepare themselves for the processes of initiation by becoming initiated into the mysteries of divinity through discipline, meditation and service. You need to bear in mind that a Master of an Ashram may, for instance, attract to Him other Masters of equal rank as His Own. I have five Masters working with me in my Ashram. It would be of value to you if you considered the factors which hold an Ashram together and which establish its unity. The major ones, and those which you can understand, are as follows:


A Master of an Ashram has earned the right to communicate directly with the Council at Shamballa

1. The most important capacity of a Master of an Ashram is that He has earned the right to communicate directly with the Council at Shamballa and thus to ascertain at first hand the immediate evolutionary task which the Hierarchy is undertaking. He is not called Master by the initiates in His Ashram; He is regarded as the Custodian of the Plan, and this is based on His ability to "face the greater Light which shines in Shamballa." It is the Plan which gives the keynote to the activities of any Ashram at any particular time, during any particular cycle.


2. This unanimity of purpose produces a very close subjective relationship, and each member of the Ashram is occupied with making his fullest possible contribution to the task in hand. Personalities do not enter in. You will remember how some years ago I told you that the personality vehicles are ever left outside the Ashram—speaking symbolically. This means that the subtler bodies of the personality have perforce to follow the same rules as the physical body—they are left outside. Remember also that [Page 105] the Ashrams exist upon the plane of buddhi or of the intuition. The joint undertaking and the united adhering to the desired and arranged cyclic technique binds all members of the Ashram into one synthetic whole; there is therefore no possible controversy or any emphasis upon individual ideas, because no personality vibratory quality can penetrate in the periphery or the aura of an Ashram.


3. The planning and the assignment of tasks connected with the enterprise in hand is carried forward through the medium of an ashramic, reflective meditation, initiated by the Custodian of the Plan. The Master of an Ashram does not say: "Do this" or "Do that." Together, in unison and in deep reflection the plans unfold, and each disciple and initiate sees occultly where he is needed and where—at any given moment—he must place his cooperative energy. Note my wording here. The members of an Ashram, however, do not sit down for a joint meditation. One of the qualities, developed through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within the field of intuitive perception—a field which has been created, or a sphere of energy which has been generated, by the united purpose, the combined planning and the concentrated energy of the Hierarchy. An analogy (but only an analogy, however) would be to regard this field of reflecting, reflective and reflected energies as resembling the brain of a human being; this brain reflects the impacts of telepathic activity, the sensory perceptions and the knowledges gained in the three worlds; reflection then sets in in relation to the mental processes which are synchronised with the brain, and then follows the impartation of these reflections to the outside world. The ashramic reflective meditation is an integral part of the constantly developing perception of the disciple-initiate, and it (in its turn) is a part of the whole hierarchical reflective meditation. This latter is based upon inspiration (in the occult sense) from Shamballa. The moment a disciple can share in this constant unremitting meditation or reflection without its interfering with his service and his other lines of thought, he becomes what is called "a disciple who shall no more go out."


4. Another factor productive of group unity and synchronous precision in working is the complete freedom of the Ashram from any spirit of criticism. There is no tendency among its personnel to be critical and no interest whatsoever in the outer, personal lives of the members, should they be amongst those functioning in the three worlds. Criticism, as seen among men, simply is a mode of emphasising the lower self and deflects the attitude to the material aspects of a person's life. There is necessarily clear vision among the members of an Ashram; they know each other's capacities and limitations and they know, therefore, where they can complement each other and together create and present a perfect team in world service.


5. One other factor I will mention among the many possible: The members of an Ashram are all in the process of demonstrating love and pure reason, and they are—at the same time—focussing themselves in the Will aspect of divinity. This statement may mean little to you at present but it is fundamentally the factor which creates the higher antahkarana, uniting the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This makes the planetary purpose of so much importance.


These are the major factors which produce group unity; they have, as results, telepathic rapport and intuitive perception; but these are effects and not causes and are the product of the measure of the attained group unity.


You can see, therefore, the scientific reason I had when I urged you in past years to have a group enterprise, for it is a major unifying factor, and the inner Ashram with which you are affiliated stands to you (at your particular point of development) as Shamballa stands to the Hierarchy—from the angle of dynamic inspiration. Had you done this (which you did not) the group would not have fallen apart—as it has done. Had you eliminated criticism, the essential unity would have been strengthened. One of the reasons I had for the complete frankness and so-called exposure of your individual weakness and limitations to the group as a whole was to train you in the light of pure perception which knows the reason [Page 107] why and sees with clarity the ends in view. Where true perception exists, criticism is automatically eliminated.


(DINAII 135) This threefold spiritual reality (which is the "impressing agent") is the goal of the presented meditation work. It is not in this case the soul, whose impression upon the mind is that of love, its manifestation and its place in the Plan of the Hierarchy. The source of the impression to which you now seek to be sensitive is the Spiritual Triad, and the quality of the impression is the will, as it implements divine purpose. I am therefore indicating a far more advanced stage, and I do so for two reasons: One is that for years the effort of all of you has been towards the registering of soul contact and the expression of loving understanding; you are familiar with what the Hierarchy (of which my Ashram is a part) seeks to accomplish, and there is nothing to be gained by a constant reiteration of the familiar. I am, secondly, [Page 135] outlining procedures, meditations and objectives which will be of use to those who come after you and who will be the hierarchy of workers at the close of this century and during the first quarter of the coming century.


I stated that one significance of this symbol is that it stands for the triplicity of


1. The Ashram,

2. The soul on its own plane,

3. The disciple upon the physical plane,


whilst the square represents humanity; that this is frequently spoken of as the "city which stands foursquare," and is familiarly referred to in modern literature and discussions as the "city of man."


In considering the higher point of the triangle, which is the Ashram, I would remind you that radiation from Shamballa enters the triangle at that point and that, through the Ashram, will, purpose and strength can pour. This is a relatively new achievement within the Ashrams of the Masters. In the major group Ashram (which is the Hierarchy itself) this reaction to impression from Shamballa is arrived at as the energy pours in, via the two Great Lords, the Manu and the Christ. It is also registered by Their senior disciples, the Chohans and initiates of the sixth initiation, such as the Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi. Lately the Master R. has taken the position of Mahachohan, and that achievement has carried the entering force down into the ranks of those Masters Who have taken the fifth initiation thus enabling Them to step down this Shamballa force to Their individual Ashrams. This happening has produced a tremendous stimulation with all the attendant opportunities, manifestations, and dangers. Masters such as myself have had to learn to handle this great potency, and at the same time to make as much of it as we can (safely and wisely) available to our senior disciples.


It might be said symbolically that "the point of the triangle is based in the courts of Heaven (Shamballa) and from that point two streams of power pour forth into the [Page 136] realm of soul and into the heart of the disciple. Thus is the Triad formed; then are the energies related unto the world of men; thus can the will of God appear, and thus can the Great Lord Who guards the Council Chamber of this sphere of solar Life carry His purpose to the holy groups (the Ashrams. A.A.B.), and thence into the minds of men, and this because their hearts are safeguarded by the fire of love." Ponder upon this ancient writing: It refers to the cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work I am at this time seeking to do is but a tiny living part.


Therefore, as you prepare for the meditation process which you will undertake during this coming year, start by a consideration of the Ashram of the Hierarchy itself, of its relation to Shamballa, of its constitution, formed as it is of many Ashrams. Some of these are working under the Chohans; others are working under the Masters, and some are embryonic as yet, being gathered slowly together by Adepts of the fourth initiation. Will you endeavour to realise the factual nature of this great, living, spiritual organism? It constantly "substands" or underlies the world organisation. See it as a growing, vital reality, of such life and potency that it can break through or break up all limiting outer organisations and, by the very force of its interior life, eventually externalise itself.


This coming externalisation of the groups which constitute the Ashrams of the Masters (not yet of the Chohans, because they are still basically too potent) will be a gradual process, but it will in time restore the Mysteries, bring the first two initiations into a relative prominence as integral parts of the coming world religion, familiarise the whole of mankind with the fact of the subjective world, and finally bring the most developed of the sons of men into a faint glimmer of understanding of the essential Reality underlying all phenomena, and give some grasp of the purpose of Shamballa and the will of the Lord of the World. Humanity has now reached a point of development where there is a definite grasp of the Plan of the Hierarchy—call it brotherhood, sharing, internationalism, unity or what you will. This is a growing and factual apprehension and is a general recognition [Page 137] by the thinkers and esotericists of the world, by the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen, and even today by the man in the street; divine purpose, however, implemented or engineered by the divine will, eludes as yet the most advanced.


The work of the next few centuries will bring about changes in this respect, and these changes will be brought about by the work done in the Ashrams of the Masters, guided by the Ashrams of the Chohans, welded together in the great Ashram of the Hierarchy itself, and moving ever into closer relation with the great Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, in Shamballa. This has to be brought about on Earth by disciples, acting under instructions such as I now give you and by their prompt collaboration with their Masters. The doing of this will invoke the creative imagination of the disciple, and this, in its turn, will be conditioned and controlled by the illumined mind.


A second stage comes when the disciple, having considered the Ashram as outlined above, and having thereby imaginatively "fixed" the fact of Shamballa in his consciousness, turns his thoughts to the Hierarchy or to the soul. Remember always that the Hierarchy is simply the world of souls, that it is consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose, and creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of this your soul—in its pure nature—is a part. You will therefore think of the Hierarchy; you will attempt to vision its work, and you will endeavour to relate yourself to my Ashram by an act of faith and of will which is, in this case, the sublimation of the personal self-will; you will also take your position as a conscious, integral part of my Ashram, and consequently of the Hierarchy. Such is the duty of all disciples. You have had much instruction as to the Ashram and I need not further enlarge.


The third point of the triangle (as far as your work in this meditation is concerned) comes into the light of your reflective consideration. You will now turn your attention to yourself, the soul, the conscious disciple in preparation for that expansion of consciousness which is the next step in [Page 138] your spiritual unfoldment, leading eventually to initiation. This reflective consideration you do, not from the angle of the consciousness of your imperfections, qualifications or capacities, your failures or your successes, but entirely from the angle of cooperation with the Plan, with the divine Will and Purpose. It is with these highest aspects that the disciple is asked to cooperate.


It is not possible for the individual disciple in any Ashram to cooperate in all phases of the Master's work, and it is not possible for you, for instance, to cooperate in every phase of the work in my Ashram which I have outlined in my pamphlets (and which has been summarised in the one entitled My Work). But it is possible for you to choose some phase of that plan and give it your paramount attention.... These activities can—if adequately and strongly carried forward—aid in the esoteric work of the world and the exoteric rehabilitation of right human relations....


The fourth stage of the meditation work is concerned with the square which—for the purposes of our work—we will simply regard as the field of service and of experience—experience in work and not individual life experience.


You will note that this description of the meditation work, which I am asking you to carry forward for a year at least, is based upon the three previous meditations; these sought to bring the etheric body with its various force centres into such a condition that it could become receptive to impression, and cooperate thereafter actively; through the alignment exercise you endeavoured to bring that organised instrument of service into contact with the source of inspiration and the source of impression, i.e., the Ashram and the soul. Now we are in a position (theoretically at least and dependent individually upon the successful action of all work previously done) to begin the task of bringing through the inspiration and impression consciously, by determined contact with their sources. I will therefore briefly outline the work, asking you to do it after close study of all that I have written above:


[Page 139]

I. The Stage of Recognition.


1. Recognition of your pledged discipleship.

2. Recognition of your equipment, gratefully rendered.

3. Recognition of your achieved alignment.

4. Recognition of the soul, the source of love-wisdom.

5. Recognition of the Hierarchy.


All this should be done very rapidly, holding the consciousness steadily in the mind, and not in the head. It presupposes an immediate mental focussing of the disciple at the very beginning of his meditation work.


II. The Stage of Consideration.


1. Of the Ashram as a whole, i.e., of the Hierarchy as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. You will see, through the use of the creative imagination, all the Ashrams in close contact with Shamballa as:


a. Responsive to the Purpose, implemented by the Ashrams of the Chohans.


b. Impressed by the energy of Will as the great Ashram energises its component parts—the various Ashrams within its periphery of influence.


c. Vitalising the initiates and disciples who are affiliated with the Masters and working in Their Ashrams.


d. Reaching out, through the accepted and pledged disciples, into the world of men.


Then you will say with purpose and determination:


"I strive towards comprehension. Thy will, not mine, be done."


All the above section of your meditation work concerns purpose, will and the "destiny" of Shamballa, to use an old occult phrase.


2. Of the world of souls which is the Hierarchy in relation to this world of men, and of in relation [Page 140] to Shamballa as in the first part. This involves:


a. A study of the nature of the hierarchical effort, as it is expressed through love.


b. A conscious identification with the Plan.


c. Dedication to the work originating in the Ashram with which you know yourself to be in touch, seeing it all as an integral part of the hierarchical work.


Then you will say with love and aspiration:


"I strive towards understanding. Let wisdom take the place of knowledge in my life."


3. Of yourself as a unit in my Ashram. This will involve:


a. Recognising which aspect of my planned work you are equipped to do.


b. Determining how to do it.


c. Considering the factor of preparation for eventual initiation, as a means of increasing your capacity for hierarchical cooperation.


d. Energising by light, faith, love and power, the spiritual centre within which you serve and the ashramic projects for which you accept responsibility. In this instance it can be the Arcane School and the Service Activities. You will then say:


"I strive towards cooperation. Let the Master of my life, the soul, and likewise the One I seek to serve, throw light through me on others."


III. The Stage of Fixed Determination.


1. A reflection upon the distinction between Purpose, Will and Intention.


2. A period of complete focussed silence as you seek to present an unobstructed channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from the Hierarchy.


A statement made by you, the soul, the disciple, to the personality:


[Page 141]

"In the centre of the will of God I stand.

Naught shall deflect my will from His.

I implement that will by love.

I turn towards the field of service.

I, the Triangle divine, work out that will

Within the square and serve my fellowmen."


If you can do this work correctly, you will not only greatly increase your own realisation, service and understanding, but you will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalising the Ashram and furthering the work of the Hierarchy (from the foundation angle in relation to the New Age), and so aid in bringing in the new civilisation, the new world attitudes and the new world religion.


(DINAII 157) The final stanza of the "Invocation for Power and Light," as it is called in the Archives of the Masters, is apparently simple. It has, in these Archives, an indicatory symbol beside it which indicates the era or period in human history during which it can and should be used. It is interesting to us to note that the evolution of humanity is in line with the indicated timing. This Invocation will have a potent appeal to mankind. My considered advice is that in its presentation to a definitely Christian public (as for instance to the ecclesiastics of all denominations) the third verse in the stanza be changed and that its last line should read: "The Purpose which the Master knows and serves," or perhaps "which disciples know and serve." The word "disciple" is an inclusive word, in the hierarchical sense; it is, at the same time, one easily recognised by the orthodox but offers no limitation to the esotericist. It covers every grade of human aspirant from the newly accepted disciple up to and inclusive of the Christ Himself. Let me here quote the Invocation:


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.


From the Centre where the Will of God is known

[Page 158]

Let Purpose guide the little wills of men—

The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.


From the Centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Each of the four stanzas refers to one or other of the three aspects of divine energy, plus a reference to humanity itself in which the three meet, are potentiality in latency, and finally develop into the full flower of divinity, with all three lines perfectly expressed. Hence, my brothers, the intensity of the human conflict—a conflict unparalleled in any other differentiation of the divine Life. In humanity all lines and aspects meet. This is a fundamental of the occult teaching. The subhuman kingdoms find their consummation in humanity, and the superhuman kingdoms their opportunity, and through the human kingdom all superhuman lives have at some time passed. This you well know.


In the first three lines you have reference to the Mind of God as a focal point for the divine light. This refers to the soul of all things. The term "soul," with its major attribute of enlightenment, includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the human soul, and that consummating point of light which we regard as the "overshadowing" soul of humanity. It is an aspect of the divine manifestation to which that great Son of God refers when (as Shri Krishna) He remarks, "Having pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." That fragment is the soul of all things. That soul brings light and spreads enlightenment.


In the second three lines, the Heart of God is evoked and the focal point of love is considered. This "heart" of the manifested world is the Hierarchy—that great transmitting agency of love to every form in the divine manifestation. Upon the essentially "loving nature" of the Hierarchy I need not dwell; too much has been written about it; too little understood; too much has been talked about love and not enough has been realised as to the task confronting the Hierarchy [Page 159] as it transmits love. Love is an energy which must reach the hearts of men and which must fecundate humanity with the duality of loving-understanding—that is what is expressed when love and intelligence are brought together.


In the third three lines, we find reference to Shamballa—"the Centre where the Will of God is known"—the centre from whence the Hierarchy draws its life, as it draws its impulse towards service from humanity. You well know that there is indication in these lines that humanity itself cannot as yet grasp the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Only advanced Members of the Hierarchy and initiates of at least the third degree (the first degree of the Lodge on Sirius) have any idea as to the nature of the purpose which underlies the Plan. Ponder on that phrasing.


Having invoked the three aspects or potencies of Mind, Love, and Will, in the fourth three lines we have indication of the anchoring of all these powers in humanity itself, in "the centre which we call the race of men." Here and here alone lies the promise of the future and its hope and opportunity. Here and here alone can all the divine qualities—in time and space—express themselves and find fulfilment: here and here alone can love be truly born, intelligence correctly function, and the Will of God demonstrate its effective goodwill. Through humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being), can the "door where evil dwells be sealed." It is not Sanat Kumara who seals that door; it is not the Hierarchy which forces evil back into the place from whence it comes. It is struggling, aspiring and suffering humanity to whom the task is committed and, my brother, humanity is adequate to the task.


This statement is borne ever in mind by Those most potent in using the Invocation; it serves to focus and anchor the invoked energies in the human kingdom. That is Their task. From that point, humanity takes over the undertaking.


This Invocation is also unique in the sense that it invokes all the three divine aspects. It is synthetic in its approach. This is the first time in human history that this has been done. Hitherto the development of mankind did not warrant such an utterance.


[Page 160]

In Lemurian times, the third divine aspect, that of Intelligence, was invoked by the mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what that almost inchoate appeal would invoke. Light appeared on Earth and true progressive enlightenment became possible. I am not here referring to physical light, but to the light of the intellect.


In Atlantean days, as a result of the strife between the Lords of Light or of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in the ancient Scriptures and in The Secret Doctrine) another "era of invocation" occurred and the second divine aspect of Love became a possible unfoldment, though still only an embryonic quality of mankind. The mass appeal was then more intelligently voiced, though the instinctual appeal still persisted. It was not intelligence, however, as we understand the term.


In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuing forth. It is this time a threefold cry. It is the cry for light upon our way and for light to flow into the dark places of the Earth; it is also a cry for more love in the world as voiced by the men of goodwill and of humanitarian attitudes: it is, finally, the intuitive appeal of the aspirants and the disciples of the world for the full expression in time and space of the will-to-good—the Will of God. Average instinctual humanity, the men and women of goodwill, and the disciples of the world are all concerned in this invocation, bringing in the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition. All three are blended in this great Invocation. Have also constantly in mind this basic fusion, now finding voiced expression, and take courage from the massed approach to the Source of all Life, Love and Light. Nothing can withstand the united demand of men everywhere in their graded and their serried ranks.


This entire Invocation refers esoterically to the "raincloud of knowable things" to which Patanjali refers. It is that impending, overshadowing and revelatory storehouse of energy which is the immediate cause of all events on Earth and which indicates the emergence of that which is new and better and progressively right. The events and happenings thus precipitated demonstrate the moving onward into [Page 161] greater light of the human consciousness. These "knowable things" are the sources of all revelation and of all human realisations—cultural and leading to what we call civilisation. Their "condensation" (if I may use such a word) is brought about by the massed invocative appeal of the entire human family at any one period. This appeal has been, on the whole, projected unconsciously, but more and more it will be consciously voiced. Results, therefore, can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. This raincloud is formed through the joint action of the Central Spiritual Sun, working through Shamballa, and humanity itself, working hitherto through appeal to the Hierarchy, but increasingly making its own direct appeal.


(DINAII 162) 3. By the steady progress of humanity, en masse, towards the light. This in time produces in humanity itself a quality and a vibration which make themselves felt. This quality and this vibration are essentially evocative.


Today this "raincloud of knowable things" has condensed or brought together energies which have been made available by the Spirits of Restoration, Reconstruction and Resurrection. These now available energies are—on a larger scale and of a higher nature—similar to those which the individual soul (paradoxical term) makes available to the personality when that personality is ready for the Path of Probation or of Discipleship. These energies are far more potent because they are, in their turn, a precipitation of energies which have been placed at the disposal of Shamballa, plus energies and forces generated by the Hierarchy. Extra-planetary forces can now be utilised on Earth, owing to the forward progress of our planet and its relation to the solar system as a whole.


There has never been a period in our planetary history in which opportunity has loomed so large or when so much spiritual light and force could be contacted and utilised by humanity.


(DINAII 163) The first indication of this massed and available energy produced coordination of the New Group of World Servers upon the physical plane.


[Page 163]

The second indication produced a pronounced cleavage between the forces of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavage resulted in the world war (1914-1945) and initiated the seething emotional and psychic turmoil in which humanity today finds itself.


The third indication was the release of atomic energy and the discovery of how to transmute energy into matter and matter into energy.


(DINAII 169) You will already have noted—as you have studied the Invocation—that the three major centres in our planet are linked up: Shamballa, "where the Will of God is known," the Hierarchy, where Christ rules and from whence He seeks closer contact among men, and the centre which we call Humanity. There is a close relation between the first stanza and the final one; humanity's destiny is, as you know, to be the exponent of the mind of God, thus expressing active intelligence, motivated by love and implemented by will. That time has not yet come, but if human timing is correct and right desire is potent enough, for the first time in human history this destiny can be publicly recognised and people can be swept increasingly and voluntarily into an activity which is particularly their own destiny. That again is one of the primary objectives of the Invocation; its steady use will bring about an inclusive view of spiritual development and impart a synthesis to human thinking which has hitherto been lacking. As "light streams forth into the minds of men" the divine plan will be more widely sensed and the will-to-good will be more widely desired and invoked.


(DINAII 172) Those of you who are disciples will easily see the significance of the third stanza. Its meaning is that the Invocation as used by the Hierarchy (note this) will help to bring about the evocation of the spiritual will in humanity and the recognition of the divine will by the Hierarchy. There is little that can be said to the general public anent this third stanza. They will interpret it in all simplicity as a prayer that the human will can be brought into conformity with the divine will, even though that may not be understood. Even from the angle of the Hierarchy, the divine will as it is essentially remains the great mystery, but in spite of that They can and do "know and serve" the purpose; the purpose is that aspect of the divine will which seeks immediate expression on Earth. The Hierarchy is the distributor of energy—the energy of love. Therefore, as the purpose of the will of God (known and understood in the Council Chamber of Shamballa) seeks to influence human will, it is an expression in hierarchical terms as the will-to-good and in human terms as [Page 173] goodwill, as loving determination or as a fixed intention to bring about right human relations.


(DINAII 184) Nine is, as you know, my brother, the number of initiation. It presupposes the alignment of three different triplicities;


1. The threefold Personality.

2. The three aspects of the Soul.

3. The Spiritual Triad.


When these have been correctly aligned and the resultant integrity has been stabilised and fully accepted, the disciple then becomes a Master; He is now ready to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution. There is then a direct channel of contact—whenever needed and desired for service—with the physical brain and also an alignment or unimpeded relation between:


1. The disciple and Humanity . . . . . . The throat or creative centre in the planetary sense.

2. The disciple and the Hierarchy . . . The heart centre of the planetary Logos.

3. The disciple and Shamballa . . . . . .The head centre of the planetary Logos.


These are great and abstruse esoteric facts. The use of the Invocation will likewise relate human beings within the ring-pass-not of humanity itself; it will bring the human centre en rapport with the Hierarchy, creating a free interplay between the two of them and thus making possible the appearance of the Kingdom of God on Earth.


(DINAII 190) The Horizontal Life


1. Unity. As a result of his successful vertical life, the disciple feels himself at-one with all life in all forms and with humanity in particular.


2. This works out naturally in understanding. Because there are absolutely no barriers present, and there is also no realisation of difference, the disciple can "tune in" on the life in all forms, and therefore enter into a full measure of inclusiveness, with all that that word implies.


3. His motivation is that of goodwill, which is a growing potency as the will-to-good (which he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins to affect him. Ponder on this statement. The goodwill of the masses is based on innate divine tendency; that of the disciple is based on knowledge and receptivity to certain energies from Shamballa.


4. This goodwill—as it is released—produces a normal expression upon the physical plane.


(DINAII 195) In the total evolution of the spiritual man through physical incarnation during untold hundreds of lives, the entire process is simply one of expanding consciousness and of attaining—sequentially and stage by stage—an ever more inclusive awareness. This is good to bear in mind, for eventually all this symbolic picturing will give place to reality. The task—and it is a real one—of building the antahkarana and creating that which will bridge the gap is in truth the planned and conscious effort to project the focussed thought of the spiritual man from the lower mental plane into areas of awareness which have been sensed but not contacted; it entails using the totality of the awareness already developed and already "enlightened" by the soul, and (with deliberation) making it increasingly sensitive to the focussed activity of the world of the higher spiritual realities; it is directing the stream of conscious thought towards the sensed and theoretically recognised world of the Masters, of the Spiritual Triad and, finally, of Shamballa. Disciples should remember [Page 195] that the Higher Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way, and that therefore the teaching on the significance and the meaning of the antahkarana—which is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being—is far simpler than that relating to the personality in the three worlds of human evolution.



“the concentrated clear and dynamic invocation of the spiritual Beings Who have created—or more accurately—have formed Shamballa, is the highest form of meditation possible upon our planet”


(DINAII 197) In this paragraph you have indicated the spiritual, meditative way of life of the individual disciple in relation to his own soul, and later to the Ashram; you have the group way of life, as it penetrates into the Hierarchy, and you have also the hierarchical technique which enables that great Group to penetrate into a still higher spiritual centre and bring down from Shamballa that understanding of divine Purpose [Page 197] which will precipitate as the hierarchical Plan; this will enable the Hierarchy to form a great serving group. No matter how high you may go in the scale of being, you will find—from the fourth kingdom of nature onward—that the technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, all registration of Plan or Purpose and, in fact, the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment. It is a technique of spiritual apprehension, of focussing attention on some level of consciousness or other, and also of originating modes of contact.


The entire Science of Invocation and Evocation is contained in the word "meditation"; this science ranges from the subjective, unconscious appeal of the inchoate, voiceless masses, through many phases, until it attains that high mode of scientific invocation which governs the contact made in the Council Chamber of Shamballa with extra-planetary sources of spiritual inflow. It is through meditation in some form or another that contact is made; this again is progressive in nature. The formulated idea of the unspiritual man to make a contact with that which will later condition his life and lead to a betterment of his daily life in a material sense, or which will make living possible, is perhaps the lowest aspect; the brooding, experimental thinking of the scientist or artist is another form of meditation and higher in purpose and in intention, and this meditative process is better formulated and has (if you think correctly) definite group implications. The mode whereby the Members of Hierarchy and the personnel of Their Ashrams arrive at an intense spiritual perception, and arrive also at a selfless formulation of the divine Plan which will implement divine Purpose in the world, is likewise an expansion of all previous meditations; whilst the concentrated clear and dynamic invocation of the spiritual Beings Who have created—or more accurately—have formed Shamballa, is the highest form of meditation possible upon our planet.


In the Hierarchy, meditation takes two major forms-and is also the technique whereby the Masters prepare for the sixth initiation

(DINAII 199) In the Hierarchy, meditation takes two major forms, and [Page 199] (you must remember) in that great spiritual Centre meditation is an instinctual habit and needs no forced process:


1. Meditation is that which sets in motion hierarchical response to the invocative appeal rising from the three worlds, and mainly to the invocative appeal carried forward consciously by all who pray, all who make mystical appeal and all who employ the method of occult meditation and direct invocation.


2. Meditation is the instinctual mode whereby the Hierarchy—in response to the invocation from the three worlds—approaches the higher Centre, Shamballa; then the Hierarchy evokes the energies, the Beings and the spiritual inflow which hierarchical service in the immediate future requires. It is also—in a unique sense—the technique whereby the Masters Themselves prepare for the sixth initiation, thus conditioning the Path of Life upon which They will eventually find Themselves and pass thence to higher cosmic undertakings.


(DINAII 201) 5. The higher correspondence of the Nirmanakayas Who find Their place in relation to Shamballa; this is analogous to that of the Nirmanakayas to the Hierarchy.


The personnel of these groups is supplied from the larger groups to which they are intermediate:


1. The New Group of World Servers gathers its personnel out of the great planetary centre called Humanity.


a. The more advanced members of the group are affiliated with some Ashram within the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy.


b. The greater Ashram, composed of many Ashrams, is the fulfilled production of the New Group of World Servers, down the ages. This is a statement full of important implications.


2. The Nirmanakayas gather Their personnel out of the Hierarchy, the second great planetary centre. Their relation to Shamballa is not one of affiliation, nor is it the same as that of the New Group of World Servers to the Hierarchy. Their major relationship is with the Triangle of the Buddhas of Activity, and it is under Their creative inspiration that They work. This stream of inspiration or of "energy flooded with creative light" is made available to the Hierarchy at all [Page 202] times and when needed for Their creative work; it is a part of that dynamic, galvanising energy which feeds the enthusiasm of the New Group of World Servers, binds them together in the One Work, and enables them to work intelligently and with creative ability.


A mysterious body affiliated with Shamballa called the “Reflecting Lights”-they implement the Purpose of the Lord of the World

3. A mysterious body of what have been called "Reflecting Lights"; the Members of this group are to a certain extent extra-planetary. They are affiliated with Shamballa and focus cosmic creative energy, thus making it available (on demand) to the Members of the Council Chamber at Shamballa. There is little that we need consider about Them; They are the "Helpers of the Lord of the World," and implement His purposes as they are formulated by Him on the cosmic mental plane.


The point which I seek to emphasise, and which I hope will remain in your minds, is that this technique of meditation is the outstanding creative agent on our planet. When you, as an individual, are endeavouring to "build the new man in Christ" which will be an expression of your true spiritual self, meditation is, as you well know, your best agent; but the meditation process must be accompanied by creative work, or else it is purely mystical, and though not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results.


(DINAII 206) The effect of that reflective vibration is both vertical and horizontal, and this wide diffusion has led to the formation of that major group of contemplatives, the Nirmanakayas; They focus the hierarchical invocative appeal and (to quote the Old Commentary) "put it into the musical form which will please the ear of the One Who dwells in the highest plane." They then transfer the focussed received energies—after due reflection and contemplation—to Shamballa. One of Their functions is to relate the invocative appeal of the Hierarchy to karmic law, and thus determine "in the deep silence of Their united work" what can be possible because it does not infringe upon karmic intention, and what is not yet possible in time and space—those two major factors which are governed by karmic law. They have to bear in mind that the time has not yet come and "the karmic era cannot yet demand that demanded good become accomplished good."



so Shamballa is carrying out its intentions (as far as humanity is concerned) through this group of Nirmanakayas

The members of this group are also transmitters to the Hierarchy of the response evoked from Shamballa. They are constantly in touch with the Council Chamber at Shamballa. Just as the Hierarchy—in this present cycle of world endeavour—is working through the New Group of World Servers, so Shamballa is carrying out its intentions (as far as humanity is concerned) through this group of Nirmanakayas. This all connotes a great centralisation of the work in connection with the reappearance of the Christ.


You can see, therefore, that a gigantic group meditation is going on in many differing phases upon our planet. All the meditating units and the reflective groups are related to each other through unity of spiritual motive; they are seeking closer cooperation and endeavouring to bring their meditation work—consciously or unconsciously—in to a state of positive universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritual desire can be carried successfully forward, and the reception of spiritual energy can be a united reception.


Therefore, brother of mine, a great effort towards alignment is going on, and when the individual aspirant can so [Page 207] meditate that his voice can reach the New Group of World Servers, that group can then impress the individual; through him humanity can be reached. It can also impress the Hierarchy; then the Contemplatives Who are in touch with Shamballa can contact the Hierarchy, and through the Hierarchy can impress the New Group of World Servers; then, and only then, the moment will arrive when the Christ will come.


(DINAII 209) There are, as you may surmise (if you have read my instructions intelligently), seven phases of the creative meditative process; all of them are productive of the required results. All that at present exists in the three worlds and in the higher spheres is the result of some form of meditative activity. These seven sources are:


1. The planetary Logos Himself, Who formed and informed the world by His thought, and Who holds all together within His Mind for the many, many aeons of manifested existence. As I have before said, the occult truism that "God thought, God visualised, God spoke and the world was made and is sustained" remains eternally true.


2. The Group which is the higher correspondences of the Nirmanakayas. This group sustains and cooperates with the planetary Logos in His concentrated creative thought; its Members are the agents for attracting—through the potency of Their meditation—those extra-planetary energies [Page 209] which He needs to carry forward His vehicle of expression, the planet, and thus to bind all together into one great created Whole, tending ceaselessly to the greater glory of God. They wield the Law of Synthesis and hold steadfastly (in the universal Mind of the Logos) the ultimate result of the divine Will-to-Good.


Council Members think and meditate only in terms of the Whole

3. Shamballa, with its life and intention focussed in the Council Chamber of the great Lord, Sanat Kumara. Here is known and embodied the Purpose of the planetary Logos under the meditative impression of the group which knows His will and which wields the Law of Synthesis. In the hands of this august Council, the Law of Karma finds adequate planetary guidance; this does not refer to the law as it affects the individual human being because of such individuals the Council Members have no knowledge, for the reason that They think and meditate only in terms of the Whole; but They know the nature of planetary karma and of its delayed or rapid application, according to transient planetary indications. The great Wheel of Life, with its passing manifestations and its recurring civilisations, is directed by Them; the manifesting kingdoms in nature, great cyclic expressions of life, are controlled by Them, and all this is produced through the potency of Their creative meditation which impresses the needed inspiration (another phrase for the breath of life itself) upon the Nirmanakayas and through Them upon the spiritual Hierarchy. Their link with all these planetary groups (and it is real and vital) can be grasped in the key statement that "all Lives upon or within the aura of the planetary Logos and of His manifested Body, the Earth, have been, are or will be in the future human being, thereby establishing and demonstrating their past, present or future identity with humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature." This kingdom is the planetary group or centre which expresses in time and space all the divine aspects—sometimes in latency and sometimes in potency. Here lies the clue to the entire mystery of divine guidance, and here is also to be found the guarantee of the divine Will-to-Good.


The Nirmanakayas receives impression from Shamballa as to planetary creative purpose

4. The Nirmanakayas, the divine Contemplatives. This is the receptive group which receives impression from Shamballa in relation to the planetary creative purpose. Then They, on Their own level of atmic activity, build—through contemplative meditation—a vast reservoir of potent energies which are impregnated with the qualities of the seven energies of the seven planetary Rays. They are the Custodians of life, under the direct inspiration of the Buddhas of Activity, and They spend the aeons of Their planetary service:


a. In active contemplation of the divine Purpose.


b. In a developed receptivity to that aspect of the Purpose which must be expressed through the medium of the divine Plan, and thus presented to the Hierarchy.


c. In developing that spirit of sevenfold receptivity which will make Them a channel for the inflow of ray energies from Shamballa into the Hierarchy. Their united aura or area of influence and the extent of Their magnetic and dynamic radiation correspond roughly to the aura of the planet itself; They contain (within Their ranks) Members Who are identified with the Lords of the seven Rays.


They are, in a peculiar sense, the creative agents of life as it streams forth from Shamballa into all the aspects, areas, kingdoms and fields of manifestation. This They are enabled to do through sustained, concentrated, intensive and dynamic meditation. They are necessarily a second ray group (as the second ray is the ray at present of the planetary Logos) but They focus Their meditation largely along first ray lines (which is a subray of the second ray in this solar system, as you know) because They are the creative agents of life itself and the knowers and the custodians of the will of the planetary Logos, as it works itself out in manifestation. They are the source in reality [Page 211] of planetary invocation and evocation. Again, ponder on this.


The Masters are subject to impression from Shamballa via the Nirmanakayas

5. The Hierarchy of Masters, the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. This group, which stands midway between Shamballa and Humanity, is subject to impression from Shamballa, via the Nirmanakayas, and its Members are Themselves the agents for the impression of Humanity. They embody and express the love aspect of the divine purpose; They wield, direct and control the Law of Attraction—the motivating energy which swings the Law of Evolution into activity in the three worlds. Much is known by you anent this group of divine and spiritual Workers, and I will not enlarge upon it here. Basically, They work through directed meditation and each Ashram is a centre of meditation to which every disciple, initiate and Master contributes. I would have you bear this in mind and endeavour to realise, as disciples, that your meditation—both individual and group meditation—if it is of an adequate nature and quality—will be absorbed into and become part of the ashramic meditation. The theme of the hierarchical meditation is the Plan, as it embodies the divine Purpose.


Each individual Ashram as a group can approach the Nirmanakayas, and does so at the new and full moons of the year

The Hierarchy as a whole is required to approach Shamballa-and they do this as a group three times a year-at the april, May and June Festivals/full moons-all these contacts are particularly potent if there is a solar or lunar eclipse

(DINAII 217) 7. Ashramic Meditation. This is based upon the evocation of human response to the higher spiritual values; it concerns itself with the creation of those conditions wherein these new values can, under the divine Plan, flourish; it is focussed on that immediate aspect of the Path which humanity needs to tread, and its intent is to swing into creative activity the desires, aspirations, [Page 217] reflections and concentrated meditation of men, at whatever may be their particular point in evolution, so that a mighty, coherent and invincible movement will be instituted which must and will result in the creation of the new heavens and the new earth. This is one way of expressing the significance of the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the creation of a new order and way of life.


There are crisis points at times of superlative tension in the meditative work of all hierarchical Ashrams. At the times of the new moon and of the full moon, all members of all the Ashrams meditate deeply in an invocative and evocative manner; their meditation, therefore, falls into two parts: the first part is evocative of inspiration from the Nirmanakayas with Whom they deliberately get in touch; the second part is invocative of the New Group of World Servers and enables them responsively to come under hierarchical impression. Three times a year—at the April, May and June Festivals* —there is a united hierarchical meditation led by the Christ; these Festivals are invocative of Shamballa or of that which lies beyond the Nirmanakayas and can only be safely carried forward in united meditation, under directed guidance and the highest possible inspiration. Each Ashram can approach the Nirmanakayas as a group at stated periods for which due preparation is made; only the entire group of Ashrams, the Hierarchy as a whole, can approach Shamballa. The New Group is invocative to the Hierarchy for purposes of impression and can be impressed by any Ashram through its disciples in that group; thus the great chain of contact and the great channel for the inflow of spiritual energy reaches from Shamballa to humanity and then, through humanity, to the three subhuman kingdoms; in this way, these lower kingdoms are "enlightened and raised." All this is accomplished through meditation, through invocation [Page 218] and evocation, carried forward in the spirit of worship, which is the fundamental method of spiritual recognition. Thus, creatively, the glory which is hidden in every form is evoked and slowly brought to exoteric manifestation.


(DINAII 223) The Lord of the World, through meditation, is carrying forward processes which He instituted in His original, creative meditation—back in the darkest night of the time when [Page 223] He decided to create this planet of ours for strictly redemptive purposes. The whole creation is the result of His directed and controlled thought—a process of sustained thinking which sweeps all the creative energies into evolutionary and cyclic activity, in conformity to the pattern which He eternally visualises. He has organised a group which is responsive to His meditative intention; these Beings aid Him by Their concentrated and realised Purpose to bring into our planetary livingness certain extra-planetary energies which are needed to carry forward the planned work of the planetary Logos. Shamballa itself is also permeated with His thought and conscious (if I may speak symbolically) of that which the Logos has visualised. They are the Custodians of His Purpose, as it is revealed to Them, cycle by cycle. The length of these cycles is one of the mysteries which is strictly guarded in the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; these cycles have reference only to manifestation in the three worlds wherein the concepts of time and space control.


The Hierarchy is the Custodian of that aspect of the cyclic, planetary Purpose which is called the Plan-therefore it is important to discriminate (if such a thing is legal in the 21st century) between the planetary purpose managed by Hierarchy and the Plan managed by Shamballa

The Hierarchy is the Custodian of that aspect of the cyclic, planetary Purpose which is called the Plan; this covers such relatively brief periods as civilisations—where humanity is concerned. In relation to Shamballa, the intermediate group of meditating, creative Workers is called into activity in order to receive impression of the immediate, desired hierarchical activity, to transmit the needed energies from Shamballa to the united Ashrams and thus, esoterically, "inform" the Hierarchy of that which merits immediate attention.


(DINAII 233) I have been for some time seeking to impress upon you the eternal fact that the entire universe has been created and its evolution processed through the power of thought, which is only another word for controlled meditation. This covers the combined meditation of numerous subjective, spiritual and mental groups; the laws of this meditative work are the result of certain mental determinations, which embody the will of the planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groups of lives by Those Whose task it is to wield the divine laws and enforce them. Freedom of the will is here to be noted in relation to the Time concept but not in relation to the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immense world period. The major thoughtform of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by joint ashramic meditation, is called by us the Plan. The basic purpose of Sanat Kumara is revealed from cycle to cycle by His Agents in Shamballa, and is by Them impressed upon the minds of the senior Members of the Hierarchy. They, in Their turn, make this impression the subject of Their ashramic meditation, adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan, presenting—as far as humanity is concerned—seven aspects or phases of evolutionary development and endeavour, according to the work desired of any Ray Ashram implicated at any particular time. Each Ashram thus undertakes meditation upon the general Plan and thus (if you could but realise it) each initiate and disciple finds his place and sphere of activity and service—from the very highest initiate to the least important disciple.


(DINAII 256) An illustration of this is the fact that to the esotericist of the past little was known of the seven Rays and the seven ray types, and naught had been given out anent Shamballa. Now the world of instructed disciples is slowly awakening to these newer values and truths and to the sevenfold source of life expression; the Will of God is going to take shape consciously in the minds of men in the future in such a manner that the old truths will condition and control as never before, but will drop automatically below the threshold of consciousness and the new emerging values and recognitions will take their place in the surface consciousness of all disciples—and their name will be Legion.


(DINAII 258) I have stated that initiation is essentially a process of revelation. For the disciple who is being prepared to take an initiation the emphasis is necessarily laid upon recognition—the intelligent recognition of what is to be revealed. This requires on his part a definite emergence from the world of glamour so that there can be a clear perception of the new vision; a new light is thrown upon old and well-known truths so that their significance is extraordinarily [Page 258] changed, and in that changing the plan or purpose of Deity takes on an entirely fresh meaning. The inexperienced neophyte is constantly receiving revelations and recording what he regards as most unusual intuitions. All that is really happening, however, is that he is becoming aware of soul knowledge, whereas for the initiate the intuition is ever the revelation of the purpose of Shamballa and the working out, both from the short range and the long range angle, of the divine Plan. The revelation which is accorded at initiation is given to the soul, recorded by the "mind held steady in the light" and then later—with greater or less rapidity—transferred to the brain. You can see, therefore, the true intention of the system of Raja Yoga as it trains the mind to be receptive eventually to the Spiritual Triad. You can also see why for centuries the emphasis of the Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom has been upon the necessity for discrimination, particularly where the probationary disciple is concerned.




Compilation Shamballa Part3 (up to hit 159 of 803)


(DINAII 259) I am at this time carrying the current teaching upon initiation a step forward and am seeking to show that it is not essentially a process of soul-personality fusion (though that has to be a preliminary step) but of monad-personality integration, carried forward because of an attained alignment with the soul. Initiation is in fact the essential and inevitable process of transferring the primary triplicity of manifestation into the basic duality of spirit-matter. It is the "dissolution of the intermediary," and to this the crucifixion and death of the Christ was dedicated and intended to be the revelation, to the initiates of the past 2000 years, of the transmutation of the trinity of manifestation into the duality of purpose. I cannot word this in any other way but the enlightened will comprehend my meaning. The interpreters of the Gospel and many disciples of the Christian dispensation have singularly failed to grasp this revelation; they have laid the emphasis upon the death of the personality, whereas when Christ experienced the "great void of darkness" and chanted aloud the occult mantram "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me," he was recognising simultaneously the distinction between His "robe of glory" (symbolised by the [Page 259] partition of His garment by the Roman soldiery) and also calling the attention of all future disciples and initiates to the disappearance of the "middle principle," the soul; He was projecting (into the world consciousness) the recognition which must come of relation to the Father or the Monad. This great dissolution is culminated for us at the time of the third initiation when the Light of the Monad obliterates the light of the soul and the material atomic light of the threefold personality. But—and here is the point—the recognition of this death and its effects is only symbolically enacted and recognised at the time of the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. All lesser dissolutions, deaths, renunciations and disappearances of that to which the lower nature holds and is held are enacted in relation to the accustomed aspects of form-life, and of conscious sensitivity and awareness; they are simply preparatory to and symbolic of the final great dissolution of the causal body, consummated at the Crucifixion. This leads to the resurrection or uprising of the personality-soul consciousness (duly fused and blended) into that of the monad. This is finally carried to the point of solar perfection at the Ascension initiation.


I have given you this teaching in terms of the Christian presentation as it may be simpler for you to grasp, but there are many other formulations and approaches to these truths and the newer they are the more difficult necessarily are they to present. Only those who are on the immediate verge of initiation will understand; the others will prefer to interpret these truths to themselves in the easier and well-known formulas of the preparatory stage of the at-one-ing of soul and personality.


The stage of recognising the revelation which is accorded to the initiate of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases. These might be described as three in number though much is dependent upon the initiation to be taken and the ray of the prepared disciple. These are:


1. The Stage of Penetration. This refers to the piercing through the world glamour and thereby effecting two objectives:


[Page 260]

a. The Light of the Spiritual Triad streams into the consciousness of the initiate, via the antahkarana, so that the Plan for humanity and the divine Purpose in relation to the planet become increasingly clear. This initiates relation to Shamballa.


b. Part of the world glamour is thus dissipated and thus a clarifying of the astral plane takes place and humanity is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of the initiate-revelation releases light and dissipates a part of the glamour which blinds the mass of men. The sixth ray disciple takes far longer over this stage of penetration than do disciples on the other rays but only in this world cycle.


2. The Stage of Polarisation. This is the stage wherein the initiate, having let in the light and penetrated through the dense fogs and mists of the world of glamour, suddenly realises just what he has done and takes a firm stand, correctly oriented towards the vision (or to word it otherwise towards Shamballa). One of the things which must be grasped is that as the initiate is a point of hierarchical life (either on the periphery of the Hierarchy, or within the circle or at the centre) he is a definite part of the hierarchical effort. That effort is directed towards an orientation to the greater centre of life—Shamballa. Students are apt to believe that the orientation of the Hierarchy is towards humanity. That is not so. They respond to human need when the demand is effective, and are custodians of the Plan; but the orientation of the entire hierarchical group is towards the first aspect, as it expresses the Will of the Logos and manifests through Shamballa. Just as the disciple has to do two things: polarise his position by establishing right human relations and at the same time become a conscious, practising member of the Kingdom of God, the Hierarchy, so the initiate—upon a higher turn of the spiral—has to establish right relations with the Hierarchy and become simultaneously conscious of Shamballa.


All I can impart here is the desired point of attainment [Page 261] but the phraseology is relatively meaningless, except to those who are experienced in the processes of initiation to a greater or less degree, according to the initiations already taken. This polarisation, this point of focussed effort and this attained orientation is the basic idea lying behind the phrase "the Mountain of Initiation." The initiate "plants his feet upon the mountain top and from that point of altitude perceives the thought of God, visions the dream within the Mind of God, follows God's eye from central point to outer goal and sees himself as all that is and yet within the whole."


The Will of God is the key to Shamballa

3. The Stage of Precipitation. Having thus identified himself through penetration and polarisation with the Plan and with the Will of God (which is the key to Shamballa), he then proceeds—as a result of this triple recognition—to do his share in materialising the Plan and in bringing through into outer manifestation and expression as much of that Plan as he can. He thus becomes first of all an outpost of the Hierarchy (which of necessity means sensitivity to the Shamballa energy), and then increasingly an Agent of Light—the Light universal, or the Light of the Monad.


I have no more to say today anent initiation. Ponder upon that which I have given and grasp as far as you imaginatively can the magnificence of the initiatory process—so vastly more inclusive than has been indicated by any of the teaching given hitherto. After the war is over and the new world, with its coming civilisation and culture begins to take shape, an increasing emphasis will be laid upon the purpose of the Controlling Deity or basic Life or Energy as it is working out through humanity. This will be done by those who are trained esotericists. Much that is now being said by world leaders and serving workers in every nation is an indication of an unconscious response to the Shamballa energy. Towards the end of the century and during the first few decades of the twenty-first century, teaching anent Shamballa will be given forth. The effort of the abstract mind of man will be towards the comprehension of this, just as the [Page 262] goal of hierarchical contact marks the present effort of the disciple. Glamour is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; the stage of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase of effort and of attainment is rapidly being promulgated. This is being done in spite of all the horror and agony and will be one of the first results of respite from war. The war itself is shattering illusions, revealing the need for change and producing a demand for a future new world and a coming beauty in living which will be revolutionary and a material response to an intensive initiation process in which all disciples can share and for which advanced aspirants can prepare themselves.


(DINAII 268) Formula Five . . . Deals with the Will aspect. It is concerned with the revelation of divine Purpose, and is therefore related to Shamballa.


(DINAII 273) I have used the exoteric symbol of the flag to convey to you a hint as to the esoteric meaning of this very simple but most potent form. Four words, or rather phrases, are found written, deep in the metal, around each side of the square:


These words convey the highly inadequate and even unsuitable translation of certain phrases in the ancient Sensa which are intended to convey the essential union, the related synthesis and the cooperative understanding which will some day distinguish a humanity, composed of many aspects which are nevertheless expressions of the One Life. They are, however, related to or expressions of monadic groupings or universal recognitions, and not of soul consciousness. My difficulty in explaining the higher meaning of the external simplicity of these phrases is great; you can only arrive at them yourself as you ponder the only three interpretations possible to you at this time: the individual application of the symbol, its national application, and its human application, remembering always that the clue to comprehension lies in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existence of the "higher evolution," of the light which is distinctive of Shamballa, and of the use of the antahkarana, as it by-passes (if I may use such a term) the soul and so carries the human, yet spiritualised consciousness into the realms of hierarchical experience in relation to Shamballa.




This almost brings us automatically to the third aspect of preparation for initiation which I called in an earlier instruction the "presentation of points of revelation." These formulas, when rightly studied and eventually somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to the point where that which is new, hitherto unrealised and for which no words exist, is suddenly contacted. St. Paul had reached such a point when he referred to "the third heaven as it veiled the seventh" (which was the original wording, deleted by the recipients of his message at that time as utterly meaningless). Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the inexpressible revelation which comes to the initiate who can penetrate into certain high places where the nature of the divine Will suddenly assumes a different and amazing significance, where the purposes being worked out in the Council Chamber of Shamballa are visioned—not in detail but as [Page 275] a suddenly contacted inspiration; then for the first time the initiate becomes consciously receptive to the energy pouring into the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius.


It is at this point of revelation and in relation to this symbol that the initiate eventually stands. Then the "many lines of force within the square become the seven paths of light which claim His choice, leading Him on to the sevenfold Path of initiate evolution." This is the Way of the Higher Evolution of which man knows nothing. The words refer to the seven paths which the Master has to consider and from which He has to choose His future Way. Then the symbol takes on the following form:


(DINAII 278) The third hint I gave you was intended to suggest that it was the duty and the responsibility of the disciple, working under the inspiration of the Ashram, to "modify, qualify and adapt" the proposed plan of Shamballa (for which the Ashrams are responsible) in connection with the coming civilisation and culture. There is an "art of spiritual compromise" which must be learnt and which it is difficult to master, because it negates fanaticism, requires a trained and intelligent understanding of applied measures and truth, and also negates evasion of responsibility; it involves also a comprehension of the time equation, of differing points in evolution, plus experience in the process of discarding the outgrown and unnecessary—no matter how good it may appear to be.


(DINAII 288) c. Under this Law of Sacrifice, Sanat Kumara (to express the idea in occult terms) "must turn His back upon the Central Spiritual Sun, and with the light of His Countenance irradiate the path of the prisoners of the planet." He sentences Himself to stay for as long as may be needed, "acting as the Sun and light of the planet until the Day be with us and the night of pralaya descends upon His finished task." Thus and only thus can the light of the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places of the Earth; when this happens all "shadows disappear"—an occult reference to the all-embracing radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection, the soul, and its shadow, the personality.


Here DK actually describes how the world of Shamballa

The initiate, on his tiny scale, achieves a paralleling [Page 288] expression of the Law of Sacrifice; he eventually turns his back upon the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains his contact with the Earth and works as a Member of the Hierarchy for the extension of the will-to-good among men, and therefore among all the lesser evolutions.


(DINAII 293) Then later, upon the Path of Initiation, the initiate develops his tiny correspondence to the planetary "All-seeing Eye." He unfolds the powers of the Monad. These are related to divine purpose and to the world in which Sanat Kumara moves and which we call Shamballa. I have impressed upon you elsewhere that the state of being of the Monad has naught to do with what we call consciousness; in the same way, there is naught in the world of Shamballa which is of the same nature as the phenomenal world of man in the [Page 293] three worlds, or even of the soul world. It is a world of pure energy, of light and of directed force; it can be seen as streams and centres of force, all forming a pattern of consummate beauty, all potently invocative of the world of the soul and of the world of phenomena; it therefore constitutes in a very real sense the world of causes and of initiation.


(DINAII 301) 1. That the great changes being brought about in the Hierarchy, and in order to make the work of the New Age adequate and to establish a closer rapport with Shamballa, have been the result of the work done by the working disciples of the world. Why the working disciples, brother of mine, and not by the Masters? A hint ever evokes a question, and it is in the answering of these questions that the disciples learn and eventually become Masters.


The relationship between the Universal Mind and the Purpose as understood by Shamballa

(DINAII 307)  Little as you may realise it, these words "Points of Revelation" summarise a most definite technique in the training of disciples for initiation. All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings. Progress, movement, awakening, expansion, enlightenment, evolution, growth—these words are but a few of those applied to the effects, both within and without, of the creative process. What is this creative process but the working out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is a fully comprehended scheme in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when considering the grasp by Shamballa of the synthesis of this comprehensive intention, [Page 307] and we call it the Plan when considering the work of the Hierarchy in bringing this Purpose as fully as possible into expression.


(DINAII 314) In my last instruction to you I dealt with some aspects of the new approach to discipleship and to initiation; it is essential that the old concepts—profoundly useful in their day—should be forgotten and the newer methods and techniques should be substituted. This is now necessary on account of the surprising unfoldment of the human consciousness during the past twenty-five years. The steps taken at the Conclave in Shamballa in 1925 (based on tentative conclusion at the previous centennial Conclave) and the pressures exerted by the Hierarchy have proved most successful, and out of the chaos of the world war (precipitated by humanity itself) there is developing a structure of truth and a paralleling responsiveness of the human mechanism which guarantees the perpetuation and the rapid unfoldment of the next stage of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom.


(DINAII 326) c. Again: Initiation can now be taken in group form; this is something entirely new in the work of the Hierarchy. Not one by one do candidates stand before the Initiator, but many so stand simultaneously. Together they can think in complete accord; together they are [Page 326] tested, and together they reach the "point of triumph" which supersedes the "point of tension"; together they see the "Star shine forth," and together the energy emanating from the Rod of Initiation fits them for the reception of specialised energy, to be later used in their future world service. This group approach, this group intention, this "group silent reticence and vocal recognition," and this group dedication and vision are no longer in the experimental stage. This group achievement (I refer not here to your particular group which has not been outstandingly successful) marks the point where there can be the inauguration of a new phase of activity in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord of the World to become the Ruler of a Sacred Planet which, up to date, has not been the case. Our Earth can now become a Sacred Planet, if all right conditions are fulfilled. A new divine quality (as yet unrevealed and which we would not at this time recognise if presented with it) is slowly crystallising into expression, through the medium of this hastened initiation process. Disciples are today witnessing the emergence of a solar characteristic, through the medium of their planetary Logos, just as the "Lives of similar Intention"—as it is esoterically called—witnessed it many aeons ago. It is to this unknown and mysterious quality that the "shining forth" of the Star refers.


(DINAII 335) If you consider the many apparent failures in my experiment in forming an external group affiliated with my Ashram, and as demonstrated in the book Discipleship in the New Age, you may well wonder why on earth I chose such a group of people or why I chose to make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures. I will tell you.


From a survey of one thousand years which I have been enabled to make (as are all the Masters), everyone of these people shows a definite soul intention, all are definitely oriented in their personality life to the spiritual world, and react to soul control correctly—if at times quite feebly. The soul has them in a true grip, and that grip has become a stable and persistent hold. Therefore, in spite of serious faults, and in spite of pronounced personality qualities of undesirable nature, and in spite of wrong emphases, these people were and are ready for training. Their failings and faults will disappear more rapidly than you imagine under the influence of the soul—as the dew disappears under the morning sun. The enterprise of the Masters to substitute group initiation in place of the laborious process of individual initiation is proving successful, even though it is still in the experimental stage.


The "cycles of interest," or those periods in which the Masters pay close attention to the quality aspect of mankind, are also being speeded up; the "gauging" process will take place now every three hundred years, instead of every one thousand years, as has been the case until 1575 A.D. This change can be attributed to the greater sensitivity of man's response to spiritual stimulation and to the rapidity with which he deals with his personality. This is, of course, not [Page 336] apparent to you, on account of your day by day consideration of each other; it is, however, apparent to Those Who view humanity with greater disinterestedness, deeper understanding and over much more extended cycles of time.


The result of this more frequent watchfulness on the part of the Hierarchy has been shown in the confidence with which the Masters have undertaken to prepare people for initiation.


This decision to do so, and permission having been granted from Shamballa, certain matters came up for consideration. Most of them would naturally be too abstruse for your comprehension—which is seated in the mind and brain instead of in the soul and heart. It is obvious that if initiation is a physical plane affair, requiring recognition in the brain consciousness, the disciples must be in physical incarnation together, and by this I mean within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds which are the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane) for a sufficiently long period of time to test their reactions, as a group, to the concept of group initiation and to each other as participants. For a great part of this time there must also be a physical plane life, shared by all in the group; this need not involve similarity or identity of location, but must involve similarity of world affairs and civilisation. This physical plane necessity is—as you will perceive—a test of individual integration, with a view to group integration later on.


The sixth initiation is taken alone

(DINAII 337) Before the end of this century, thousands will stand before the Initiator and take initiation in group form; they will pass through the door of initiation together and together take their vows. This statement applies to the second and the third initiations. The higher initiations will still be taken individually or in groups of three, but not more. When the Masters take the sixth initiation, They perforce take it alone at the "midway point" between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, apparently deserted by both attentive groups. There, in complete silence and in a condition of "isolated unity," They will make Their great decision. Then and only then will They become aware of the vast attentive spiritual audience which has awaited Their will.


(DINAII 345) Formula V . . . Deals with the first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose. Shamballa.


(DINAII 347) You can see, therefore, how definitely all the above processes involve a planned creative activity. These ideas are not those, however, which can be used by the uninitiated aspirant. The use, through understanding, of these techniques is confined entirely to creative work, carried on in accordance with the Purpose of Shamballa and not in accordance with the hierarchical Plan. The above various stages of the fourfold process mark eventually the recognition by the Master of divine Purpose; it is also shown how that purpose is revealed in five stages, requiring in addition two final revelations of major importance.


(DINAII 352) Approaching this subject from another angle, the mental polarisation of the disciple seeking entry into the hierarchical sphere of work is producing a unification of initiatory effort which is new in the spiritual history of the planet and which is the first step being taken at this time upon inner and subtle planes to bring about certain great "Crises of Initiation," involving simultaneously all the three major planetary centres—a thing hitherto unknown. Up to 1875, initiation was a sequential process as well as largely an individual process. This is slowly being changed; groups are being admitted [Page 352] to initiation because of a recognised and sensed relationship which is not that of disciple and Master (as heretofore), but which is based on initiate-relationship in group form, and which is present between Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It is this spiritual and subtly sensed relationship which is today finding physical plane expression in the worldwide effort to establish right human relations.


Initiation is no longer regarded essentially as the moving of a human being who has accepted certain disciplines and made certain self-determined progressive advancement in consciousness into closer contact with the Hierarchy and a group within the Hierarchy; that angle of it will rapidly become a thing of the past. It is the moving forward of an entire group of spiritually-minded disciples and initiates into new areas of the divine consciousness and into a closer rapport with the Mind of the Lord of the World. This the disciples and initiates will do together, according to their degree and their point in spiritual evolution. I refer not here to the evolution of the form. Three things will thereby be brought about:


  1. A closer linking of the three divine centres (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) so that the flow of divine energy will be increasingly unimpeded, and Purpose, Plan and their Precipitation upon the physical plane will be facilitated.


(DINAII 358) 2. The new energies pouring through Shamballa into the Hierarchy; these are of an extra-planetary nature [Page 358] and have their source largely in the Aquarian quality of the present cycle; these energies are steadily eliminating the energies of the Piscean Age.


(DINAII 360) But in reality he is at fault, and the case as he visions it [Page 360] is not so. He must learn to function entirely differently. This hint is not concerned with a part which an aspirant must play as an individual, nor does it include the factor of mental appreciation of the qualities of his own nature. Where the true disciple is concerned, three things are involved and condition his whole approach to this problem of human planning:


1. Its relation to the Plan, as it has been communicated to him within the precincts of the Ashram.


2. His ability to use a measure of the true divine Will as it pours through the Ashram from Shamballa for the implementation of the Plan, and as constituting its directing agent.


3. The sequence of the planning as it materialises on Earth in relation to the time factor. Three things emerge in his thinking at this time:


a. The immediate steps to be taken in order to carry the Plan forward, logically, practically and with the least expenditure of the destroying aspect of the will.


b. The probable duration of the cycle in which the Plan can progress from its inception until its fulfilment.


c. An appreciation of the unfolding pattern of which the material planning is an expression. He needs to discover how far human planning conforms to that pattern. He must sense where nonconformity originates and what steps—as far as his particular point in evolution permits—the Ashram should take to offset the distortion of the Plan. Only in this way will he learn himself to plan.


You can see from the above what a different approach is here involved when a disciple deals with a hint, how wide are the vistas which are opened up, how subjective his predominating attitude must be, and how inevitably the group relationship to the planning becomes apparent and important to him as an individual as well as to the group as a whole.


[Page 361]

It is for this reason that disciples in an Ashram are of no political persuasion and own to no nationalistic bias. This is not an easy thing for them to achieve at once, but the group consciousness gradually assumes control, and with it the disciple's ability to think and work with the group in terms of the Plan. He grasps eventually that in relation to humanity, the planning of the Hierarchy falls into certain definite phases of activity—all of them related and all of them tending towards the externalisation of the Plan in any particular century, cycle or world period. These phases are:


1. The phase of Purpose, originating in Shamballa and registered by the senior Members of the Hierarchy.


  1. The stage of hierarchical Planning. This is the formulation of the Purpose in terms of possibility, immediacy, appropriateness and the availability of the disciples, plus the energies to implement the Plan.


3. Next comes Programme, wherein the Plan is taken up by the particular ashram involved in its implementation and is then reduced to the formative stages of human impression and direction, the conditions necessary to bring about its emergence, and the two phases of this conditioning. These are usually in two parts; i.e., the destruction of all hindrances and the presentation of the Plan.


4. The emergence of the hierarchical Pattern (based upon the recognition of purpose, careful planning and a detailed and carefully thought-out programme), both in the minds of the disciples in the Ashram who are involved in the implementation of the Plan, and among the intelligentsia on Earth. These two groups have the task—the first group consciously and the other unconsciously—of bringing the pattern of things to be into the mass consciousness, by no means an easy task, as the present state of world affairs demonstrates.


5. Then comes the final phase of Precipitation, when all the subjective work has been done on the basis of possibility, and when the pattern and a part of the programme are recognised by the world thinkers in every nation, either [Page 362] favourably or with antagonism. The planning, having reached this final stage, then proceeds under its own momentum.


These are some of the ideas which lie behind the particular hint which I have given to you, as far as the disciple is concerned. According to his development and his point in evolution, so will be his emphasis; some disciples can aid the Master in the planning process because they are becoming sensitive to impression by Shamballa; others are engrossed in the formulation of the programme and in imparting some of its features to more limited disciples, thus setting them to work. A group of carefully chosen disciples are always held in the Hierarchy to work solely with the pattern; this is a most important phase of the work, requiring a spirit of synthesis and an ability to hold streams of hierarchical energy under control. Disciples who are not so advanced, and who are therefore closer to human thinking at the particular moment in history, undertake to supervise the precipitation of the Plan. Their work is necessarily far more exoteric, but is most responsible, because it is when the Plan has reached the stage of human implementation that error is apt to arise and mistakes can occur.


In every ashram are to be found those disciples whose task it is to make the needed readjustments of the pattern and the demanded changes in the programme as the process of precipitation goes forward. It is a law that human freedom may not be infringed. The staging of the Plan and its working out is, in the last analysis, an entirely human affair, once it has reached the stage of precipitation. It is dependent upon the responsiveness of human brains, and their recognition of need and its sources. This is a point which should be remembered.


The above short explanation of the implications of a hint, and particularly of Hint Two should show you how rich is the area or the atmosphere of a hint—if I may use such peculiar phrasing; it will show you also how hints are largely concerned with ashramic duty.


The subtler correspondences to the tangible senses of taste and smell are related to the unfolding consciousness of those who function in the Council Chamber of Shamballa

(DINAII 368) It is at the sixth Initiation of Decision that Perception and Recognition of the revelation reach their heights for the initiate. After this, the subtler correspondences to the tangible senses of taste and smell begin definitely to demonstrate, but with them we shall not deal, for they are effects of revelation so far removed from the possible achievement of the majority of the Masters that they concern us not; they are more properly related to the unfolding consciousness of Those Who function in the Council Chamber of Shamballa. Human evolution or the human evolutionary process is entirely concentrated around the sense of sight, with its consequent effects and results of vision, recognition and perception—all of them constituting what we mean when we speak of revelation.


The five exits are not the planetary centres-The planetary centres are directed from Shamballa

(DINAII 371) I will endeavour (as we consider these points of revelation) to express as far as may be this relationship of the smaller to the great, of the part to the whole, and of the five points of spiritual contact upon the physical plane (outlets for the energy generated in the planetary centres) with the sum total of the means of expression. These centres are brought into expression—as far as the points of revelation are concerned—at their respective initiations:


1. The ajna centre.

2. The heart centre.

3. The head centre.

4. The throat centre.

5. The alta major centre.


I say not that these five exits for planetary energy are the planetary centres, for they are not; I say that they are the points through which the energy of a planetary centre is directed in the service of humanity at this particular time. The centres of the planetary Logos are necessarily directed in their inflow and outflow from Shamballa; they are expressions of the Purpose underlying the creative evolutionary process. The five corresponding exits are those which, in this cycle, disperse the energy—generated by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of the Plan.


(DINAII 374) From the angle of our studies, the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical plane and to the implementation of the will of Shamballa, through the medium of disciples and aspirants and of advanced humanity, working—consciously or unconsciously—in our modern world.


Down upon the level of daily living, disciples are today learning three things: the Technique of Impression, the generating of energy, and the use of the ajna centre. Many are responsive to impression, but fail to recognise or use the energy of which the impression is simply the forerunner; others respond to the energy, but fail to register the Plan which it is intended to implement, and the energy then leads to great but fruitless activity. Still others are learning to use the centre between the eyebrows, standing as silent and poised recipients controlling the third eye, the directing agent of the received energy. It must be carefully borne in mind that the energy to be used is not the energy which the disciple himself generates or his own life force, but is something different, something which he has received from the Hierarchy and of which he is simply the agent or channel. He has therefore to learn to distinguish between the various energies he contacts. The initiate has to master the techniques of differentiating between:


1. His own energy or energies, which have been generated [Page 375] as the result of his life experiences down the ages or centuries.


2. His ray energy which, rightly used, conditions his work with and for the Hierarchy.


3. The energy of the ashram of which he may avail himself in the process of carrying out activities—initiated by impression. In the early stages he calls this the energy of his Master, but learns later that it is—in reality—the energy generated by his Master's group, the ashram.


4. Hierarchical energy or the energy of certain associated ashrams or of the entire group of Ashrams, the Hierarchy itself. The use of this highly qualified and most potent energy can only be employed when the disciple has earned the right to certain privileges and can be trusted to use the potencies correctly.


The Christ force energy is mixed with Shamaballic energy

(DINAII 375) 5. The energy of the Head of the Hierarchy, or the Christ force, as it is sometimes called. This force imports into the usually available energies certain conditioning qualities which emanate from Shamballa, and are therefore related to the will aspect. This type of force has not hitherto been available to working disciples but is now available, having been released at the Wesak Festival of this year (1948). Even now it can be used only by highly trusted disciples, and usually by those only whose rays are the first Ray of Power or Will or the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. These will be the rays of one or other of the two major vehicles—that of the soul and that of the personality. There are naturally exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions will be increasingly numerous as time speeds by; but in the present time, first and second ray vehicles provide the line of least resistance.



The Master transmits Shamballa energy to the disciple to begin with

(DINAII 376) The Second Point of Revelation: The Will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice.


The second Point of Revelation is of peculiar interest. It concerns the first contact of the initiated disciple with the energy emanating from Shamballa and transmitted to him via the Master of the Ashram with which he is at this time associated. He has not yet reached the stage wherein direct contact is permitted, but still needs the ashramic protection which the Master provides. At the indicated second initiation he receives a quality of stimulation which enables him to "see" the astral plane as it essentially is; with this revelation comes also the recognition of the basic human necessity to "make it holy" or to "render whole" that which provides the most disturbing element in the existence of mankind.


After the 3rd initiation the initiate is tested for his fitness to work in the Will of God/with Shamballa energy

(DINAII 384) Still another question could well be asked: What is the [Page 384] attitude of the group during initiation if the individual members are undergoing different initiations? Is the group integrity imperiled? During the period of initiation, their attitude is one of focussed, concentrated and deep meditation in which the inner attitude is given solely to the concept of Hierarchy. The disciple is not, at this time, occupied with the Ashram of which he is a part or with any questionings as to the nature of the Ashram into which he is now entering as an initiate—either as an initiate of the Earth initiations or, in the senior grades, as an initiate of the Sirian regime. He is—during the first four initiations—entirely centred in consciousness upon the larger Whole wherein the Ashram to which he belongs is a part; he is attentive to the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy, because He is the Initiator of the first two initiations which always seem to the neophyte of major importance. After the third initiation he is attentive to that "veiled Presence of awful Power Who tests his fitness for working in the will of God." I would ask you to note the peculiar phrasing "working in the will of God," and to remember that that Will, centred or focussed in Shamballa, is one of the great basic energies; the initiate has to learn to work in and through that Will. If, therefore, each initiate in the group is conscious of the initiation next to be taken, then subconsciously he eliminates all awareness of outer contacts and stands alone, and yet in group formation, before one or other of the two Initiators. The inflow of dynamic energy which comes to him through the application of the Rod of Initiation becomes a group inheritance and serves to galvanise, integrate and fuse the group into renewed activity and a deeper subjective union.


(DINAII 387) The "area of promise" wherein the divine thought is projected, directed and held true to the originating impulse of the planetary Logos is to be found on cosmic levels and remains there unchangeably. It is that which holds Sanat Kumara, in His Council Chamber at Shamballa, standing steadfastly by all those lives which are undergoing redemption and by all those who are the agents of the redemptive process until "the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." These agents are the sons of men who will—each and all—demonstrate eventually "within the courts of Heaven" and at the place of initiation, the nature of their high calling; they will prove to all who can grasp the significance of the demonstration that they have only "become again in full expression what they have always been." Now the removal of the veils of matter permits the inner glory to shine forth and—the redemptive work now being finished—"they can walk with glory in creative undertakings." I am quoting some words which the Christ used (at an initiation held not so long ago) when addressing a group of new initiates.



4th initiation-the building aspect of the Spiritual Will, and the Law of Assembly

(DINAII 402) "Purpose itself is only an energy, released within the Council Chamber at Shamballa. There it must take shape."


This point of revelation carries the initiate to one of the highest points of contemplation; we are here concerned with his sudden apprehension—at the fourth Initiation of Renunciation—of another phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognise and to interpret—even though in [Page 402] an elementary fashion compared to what he will recognise at the ninth initiation—the destroying aspect of the Will as it expresses itself through the Law of Sacrifice. Now, for the first time (as a result of destruction), he can begin to grasp the essential building aspect of this same Will and to appreciate his future function as a creative Builder. The building here to be carried forward, I would remind you, is not the building which is distinctive of the second divine aspect—that of Love-Wisdom. It is strictly connected with that of the first aspect of Purpose, Power or Will; it deals with the processes which precede the actual creative building, the drawing up of the blueprints (if I may use such a term) "within the confines of Shamballa," where high spiritual Beings must lay Their plans. This is a different process to the creative building process, and is related to a mysterious undertaking which is carried forward under the "Law of Assembly."


(DINAII 403) The process in which the initiate is now permitted to share during and after the fourth Initiation of Renunciation (which is presented to him in a successive series of points of revelation) is made possible by his submission to the Law of Sacrifice. This, in its turn, brings his consciousness under the influence—in developing stages—of the Law of Assembly. This is a law to which I have not yet made reference in any of my previous instructions. The initiate can now—through appreciated and comprehended revelation—add to his work with the Plan and its building technique, a capacity to work with divine Purpose and with those substances (etheric in nature) and those energies which permeate the cosmic etheric body (the four higher planes of our cosmic physical plane) under a law which is set in motion by the Father, but which makes the building activity of the Son possible, so that it is utterly in line with divine Purpose.


Another angle of this process, revealed by the point of revelation attained in the fourth initiation, is that there is then indicated the very highest point of the process of redemption,  [Page 404] because the energies released within the Council Chamber of Shamballa are "the living substance which is substitutory in nature and which is made available to the progressing point of light." That point in the divine consciousness which can be called (for our purposes) the Unit, Man, redeems sequentially the substance of which all forms are made and brings into manifestation the higher counterpart of that substance, released—for man's use—at Shamballa. This is a deep mystery and I fear it is not possible for me to express these ideas with greater clarity. However, under the Law of Correspondence or Analogy, the initiate can gradually come to a true perception of the significances involved. These points of revelation emanate from the world of significances, and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and in due time, upon that world of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberating the forms in the world of appearances.


You have therefore, in this suggested point of revelation, the same three sequential methods of apprehension of truth as is to be found in all such revelations. What are these methods?


There is, first of all, the recognition of a great procedure which must, under the Law of Assembly, be responsible for the bringing in of extra-planetary energies as the redemption of the worlds of being and of form is carried forward by the second divine aspect. Of this procedure I can tell you naught. The place or the location of the procedure of assembly is made clear. It is in the Council Chamber of Shamballa. I would, however, brother of mine, call your attention to the fact that Shamballa is simply a word conveying the idea of a vast focal point of energies which are assembled and brought together by the planetary Logos in order to create a manifestation adequate to His unfolding intention and planetary service. The objective is equally clear; it is the assembly of that which has in it energies of redemption. Just as the Science of Redemption, under the hierarchical Plan, is the technique employed to redeem the world of appearances, so—on a much higher level—the Law of Assembly [Page 405] produces the Science of Energy which is the redemptive process (in a sense which you cannot possibly understand) influencing the work of those who labour for redemption in the world of meaning.


Again you see how all this comes under the three stages of Penetration, Polarisation and Precipitation, for it is related to the assembling of the redemptive energies brought into our ring-pass-not through the activity of Beings at Shamballa Who can penetrate into extra-planetary spheres and then focus (within the Council Chamber at Shamballa) the energies thus assembled. They can then precipitate them into the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy, and consequently hasten the redemptive work and carry the energies from the highest levels of the cosmic physical plane down to the lowest level of outer, dense physical manifestation.


(DINAII 413) 3. The light of the Triad, which is an aspect of the spiritual Will, and which streams from Shamballa.


(DINAII 427) There are, therefore, three stages in the penetrating process at this particular time:


  1. The initial act of penetration which takes place "within the area guarded by the Spirits of the seven Rays." This connotes extreme activity in Shamballa and also necessitates the cooperation of the Lord of the World and of the entire Council over which He presides.


DK is here telling one of his disciples that he belongs to Morya’s Ashram

(DINAII 516) My relation to you is slightly different to that which I face when approaching the bulk of the members of my Ashram; you belong, as does F.B., to the Ashram of the Master Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram on account of the nature of the vibratory activity of your astral body, and because—owing to your own definite soul choice—you are shifting on to the second ray of love-wisdom. You might well ask, therefore, how it happens that your orientation has been towards the Master M. and that you have been affiliated with His Ashram. The reason is to be found in the fact that your personality, your mental nature and your physical body are all upon the first ray, and that consequently the power of your intelligent and focussed mind has driven you into the aura of the leading first ray Ashram, and has held you there. Closer participation was not possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural and predetermined destiny was to fuse its secondary energy with the energy of the second ray, thus opening the door for you into a second ray Ashram. It was felt, therefore, that I (through the medium of my Ashram) could provide those conditions which would facilitate this transition and at the same time prepare you for the next great spiritual expansion of consciousness—the initiation of which you know. This will mark the consummation of this major life cycle.


As you know, and as I have before pointed out, you have a profound task of balancing to carry out, owing to the ray [Page 517] energies which at this time condition your life. Three aspects of the first ray and two aspects of the sixth intensify each other. Were you not the advanced disciple which you are, they would be liable to produce a life and karmic expression of a fanatical self-will. To this difficult situation of balancing must be added the difficulties always entailed in a transitional life wherein a major transfer must be effected. To all this again must be added the present world condition, wherein the Shamballa force is abroad and potently affecting those natures which have a preponderance of first ray aptitudes. You have thus no easy time, my brother. This you realise, and I too know it, and stand by.


It was for this reason that I have urged you for some years to concentrate upon the book "The Way into Shamballa," knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of the problem would do much to bring your first ray personality nature into line with the purposes of your second ray soul, and thus facilitate the transfer of your egoic consciousness off the sixth ray of devotion on to the second ray of love-wisdom. The first and the second rays work closely together; love and will are closely identified on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute one great expression of divine planning and purpose.


It is in this connection too that your relation to F.B. and A.A.B. is no idle or temporary matter, but one of real import to all of you. This A.A.B. has recognised. Several forces— inherent in your own nature or engineered and manipulated by the ignorant or the less advanced upon the Path—have endeavoured to interfere and prevent the desired relationship. The matter is, however, entirely in your own hands and the amount of contact between the three of you is your personal matter, for there is no impediment upon the side of the other two. The three of you together could do potent work, and the need of the Ashram at this time for workers is great—workers who are, as H.P.B. has put it, "as the fingers of one hand."


I would remind you that the potency of disciples and initiates is out of all proportion greater than that of a similar [Page 518] number of aspirants. The interplay of loving understanding and of fused wills produces an exceedingly potent reservoir of energy. This is a point which all disciples should study and upon which they can count as they work together in united effort in any Ashram.


Souls on the Wisdom aspect of the second Ray go to Shamballa and join the great Council

(DINAII 518) As I study you, my brother and my friend, and as I look ahead at your life of service and of right intention, one word stands out in my consciousness for you. To it, I referred in the six statements which I earlier gave you. That word is: simplicity. I stated in that earlier writing that the simplicity of the soul opens the way into Shamballa. That was and is an essential key statement for you. Those upon the second ray fall (as you know) into two groups, generally speaking; there are, naturally, numerous exceptions. Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second ray go to Shamballa and join the great Council in some capacity or another. Such a one was the Buddha. Those on the love aspect of the second ray tread one or other of the various paths, primarily that of the World Saviours; They become the divine Psychologists and World Teachers. The Christ combined in Himself all these three great traits.


Those in this second group of souls upon the second ray likewise fall into two groups: They follow the way of specialised detail and of a comprehensive inclusiveness, and are the outstanding occultists; the other group is distinguished by pure love. Of the group which finds its way into Shamballa a developed simplicity will be found to govern all relations.


Simplicity and unity are related; simplicity is one-pointedness of outlook, free from glamour and the intricacies of the thoughtform-making mind; simplicity is clarity of purpose and steadfastness in intention and in effort, untrammelled by questioning and devious introspection; simplicity leads to simple loving, asking nothing in return; simplicity leads to silence—not silence as an escape mechanism, but as an "occult retention of speech."


For you, simplicity is a major essential practice in this next cycle of your life, but you will have to decide for yourself [Page 519] what it means for you, and I shall be interested to note your reaction to this word and practice and the changes it may make in your life and thinking. Simplicity connotes the blueprint which "substands" the outer structure of creation, of living, of loving and of service, and this is true of a solar system, a planet, humanity or the individual. It consequently has its immediate application to your own requirements and your mode of approach to life and to people. This loving simplicity—free from complicated thinking, from mystery and from selfish introspection—should provide the theme for your meditation work until I next communicate with you. To this I would add an increased concentration upon the preparation of the book which I seek to have you write and to complete.


You see, my brother, it is a book which will take much intuition and spiritual perception to write, and it can only be written by someone who has been trained in an Ashram. The theme of Shamballa is new, and little is yet known about it, its way of life and its governing laws. Only initiate-disciples can get a glimpse of some of the more exoteric significances, whilst the inner meaning must be drawn forth by you in deep and concentrated meditation and by the determined use of the will. There is no one who can aid you in preparing this book except some group brother or someone working consciously in an Ashram. You will look in vain for cooperation and help among those you seek to aid and among the orthodox and theological esotericist. Some key thoughts I can here give to you, and if you use them as the theme of your meditation, light upon the subject may break forth:


1. Shamballa is the place of purpose. It is a purpose which cannot be understood until the Plan is followed. Herein lies a clue.


2. Shamballa is not a Way, but a major centre of related states and a relatively static energy—energy held ready for creative purposes by the focussed intention of the Great Council, acting under the directing eye of the Lord of the World.


[Page 520]

3. Shamballa is the major point of tension upon the planet. It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent will, free from all self-will or mental bias.


4. Shamballa is the major receptive agent upon the planet, from the angle of solar inflow, but at the same time it is the main distributing point of energy, from the angle of the kingdoms in nature, including the fifth kingdom. From the point of tension the life pattern of the planetary Logos and His will become embodied and finally matured through the processes of evolution.


5. Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solar Entities or centres of emphatic and energetic life; i.e., from Venus, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellation through which our sun may be passing, from the Great Bear and other cosmic centres. Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual life of the planet, brings its energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normally enter our planetary life via Shamballa.


6. Shamballa is the head centre, speaking symbolically, of our planetary Life, focussing will, love and intelligence in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that focussed point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses itself through the medium of the Plan.


These statements may be somewhat familiar to you, but they could provide the six seed thoughts for your meditative work during the coming year. Will you thus consider them? Out of the work which you will accomplish thus in meditation (using the heart centre as a balance for the head) you will greatly enrich the proposed book.


This coming period of deep reflection upon Shamballa, entailing as it will the entire problem of the Will (in its various aspects), of purpose as it works out in the planet, and of will as it conditions the human being, will bring to the fore in your consciousness the various relations existing between the differing aspects of the will: the relation of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, of that will to [Page 521] the divine Will, of your spiritual will to the group will, of the group will to the Hierarchy, and of the hierarchical will to that of Shamballa. Such are some of the ideas which can govern your spiritual thinking, reflection and meditation until you again hear from me. You will find all these to be intensely practical considerations. The question of motive will immediately enter in, for motive underlies will in a most curious manner, and motive "substands" purpose. Therefore, your personality motives in life and service will have to come under review, and their relation to soul motive. The result of this entire process of thinking will be the subjugation of your motives to soul motive, and again, therefore, we shall have the simplification of your life and the opening up of a wider vision into Shamballa. Shamballa and simplicity, will and motive, will become the directing currents of thought which will sweep you on your way, closer to my Ashram, nearer to my heart (and here I am speaking both lovingly and technically), and nearer and closer to humanity.



November 1944




What I have to say to you today hinges upon one single question: Are you ready to pay the price which the taking of the next initiation entails? All accepted disciples are preparing for initiation. All are therefore under test. You know that you are preparing for initiation; you know which initiation it is. It is because of this preparatory period that the past three years have seen you seriously tested, and tested in every aspect of your nature. There is, nevertheless, little that I have been able to do for you because loneliness is one of the assets and also aspects of this work of preparation. Disciples ever take initiations alone, even when preparing for and taking group initiation. This is one of the paradoxes of the occult teaching which is not at all easily understood. It sounds entirely contradictory but is not so at all. It has not been easy to reach you either, because you have taken refuge from the tests in the work of your own group, rather than in the Ashram. In your own group you have sought forgetfulness [Page 522] and have not sought the protection and the love of your ashramic group. That is your privilege and your inalienable right. I would like, however, to point out to you that it is safer and wiser to take refuge in both the higher and the lower places of service, and to do this simultaneously. One place safeguards you as a soul and the other as a personality.


The call of Shamballa, the call of my Ashram, and the call of your own exoteric group (mark those words, my brother) have sounded forth in your ears and you have been bewildered; you have forgotten perhaps that if you stand at the midway point (which is my Ashram) you have immediate access to both "points of call." I have here given you an important hint and want you to endeavour to grasp its significance.


(DINAII 523) So, brother of mine, we come back to the question of the reason for all this harshness in life and to the initiation for which you are preparing. In connection with this I would say: Get back to the "midway point" and to the protecting love of the Ashram. Then the strength of Shamballa to which you so easily respond can safely pour in; then, too, will come the wisdom which will enable you to render better service to the world. See therefore how simple is the message which I have for you at this time, and remember that I told you last year that simplicity held for you the key to all success. You are not truly successful just at present. Simplicity does not rule.


This disciple had a lot of trouble managing the Shamballa force

(DINAII 527) The book you have lately published I have psychometrised and find it to be sixth ray in nature; it will prove most helpful to probationary disciples, and they need such help; it will not help disciples, for it deals with that which they know well. The call went out to you from the Ashram to write upon the theme of Shamballa, the centre where the will of God is known and from whence the love of God flows forth. This you rejected, owing to the emotional turmoil in which you found yourself. Yet I had a purpose and a reason in suggesting this theme. It was not just to have a book which would be of service to disciples, but because it was essential—as part of the pre-initiation tests for you—to bring in some of the Shamballa force to your consciousness. It was the impact of this Shamballa force (which you can touch and to which you can intelligently respond) which was the main factor in bringing to the surface all the latent emotion and all the glamour which are today enveloping you. As you considered the theme of Shamballa (and later rejected my suggestion to write upon it) you brought yourself [Page 528] in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa. Yet, my brother, had you occupied yourself with my suggestion and dealt with the theme The Way into Shamballa much of that Shamballa force would have been transmuted along constructive lines and creative endeavour, and your condition would not be what it is today.


Shamballa is to the Master what the Ashram is to the Disciple

(DINAII 563) You might ask: To what specific end? You know that such a mode of daily life should not and must not last for several lives, because the goal thus expressed becomes increasingly active in its outer service and form. You will remember however, my brother, that there are times when the Master, speaking technically, goes into a state of consciousness which we call samadhi. This means that for a stated and qualified time, He quits His created threefold lower vehicle and "travels in consciousness" to those levels whereon the spirit aspect can commune with Him, wherein the force of the Spiritual Triad can re-stimulate and revitalise Him. On these levels, His vision is renewed and He draws from the force of Shamballa—according to His degree—the inspiration (again speaking technically) for a new cycle of service. This requires on His part absence or a state of withdrawal, [Page 563] for the space of several hours as we count them on Earth, from His body of manifestation. In the case of a disciple in training, true samadhi is not possible. The cycles of enforced quiet and of conscious withdrawal from the pressure of daily life out in the world of business and of men have to be of great length, though—as progress is made—these periods get shorter and shorter. On the lower turn of the spiral, the Ashram is to the disciple what the courts of Shamballa are to the Master. That is why, my brother, I gave you that special meditation last year upon the theme of the Ashram. I trust you have followed it with care.



Masters of DK’s rank can only make contact with Shamballa at certain stated periods

(DINAII 564) One thing, however, you will have to watch with care. As you know, and as I pointed out to you some years ago, you have an undue number of rays along one particular line; your equipment of energies is therefore somewhat unbalanced, and this will require the process of obtaining equilibrium before you can move on to the more potent Ashram of K.H. The potency of an Ashram is necessarily dependent upon the status, the degree and the experience of the Master at its centre or heart. The more advanced the Master, the more of the energy of Shamballa which will pour into the Ashram. The Master K.H., being a Chohan and one of the senior Masters (ranking next to the Christ Himself), can "walk into the courts of Shamballa" at will. Masters of my degree can only make contact with Shamballa at certain stated periods, and one of the goals of our training is to move steadily forward into a closer relationship with the Christ, and through Him with the Lord of the World. The Ashrams for which Masters of my degree are responsible are not, therefore, so potent.


It will be necessary for you to bring into your outer experience more force, and that of the first ray; it is necessary, also, that you should develop those conditions which will enable you to assume and work through a first ray personality when you next come into incarnation. To do this I would suggest that you study the instructions of I.S.G-L., given by me to him last year.


There I gave him six statements anent [Page 565] this mysterious and holy centre which we call Shamballa. For this year's meditation, I would ask you to take the third statement and ponder it deeply, relating it to the sixth statement and endeavouring to arrive at an understanding of both of them. This you can do through the key which you will find in the first sentence of the meditation which I gave you in that same series. In these three statements and in their true comprehension you have the mode whereby you can put yourself en rapport with the Shamballa force. No disciple can do this without establishing a tenuous thread along which he can some day travel towards those sublime levels where the planetary Logos and His Council function. The first step is to respond to first ray energy; later you will come to use it consciously and constructively—not employing its destructive aspect—and thus learn to use first ray energy as a channel of approach; that, however, constitutes a much later stage.



The Ashram of a Chohan has a strong Shamballa pressure- These Ashrams concern the “will in action through the ray qualities”

(DINAII 566) You have profited much from the attention you paid to the last instruction I gave you; you have also done a good and creative task, aiding A.A.B. Even though it did not involve your own rays, I suggested your working temporarily along first ray lines because it would strengthen you greatly and bring the Will aspect more definitely into expression. You will have realised that it has been necessary for you to develop more will and fiery determination and powerful understanding, prior to transfer into the Ashram of K.H. This transfer will eventually take place, but you are not yet ready [Page 566] to stand the strong Shamballa pressure which is ever to be experienced in the Ashram of a Chohan. Mine, as you know, is an Ashram subsidiary to His.


Why, therefore, did I direct you towards the will aspect when both Ashrams are on the second ray and you are predominantly a second ray disciple? Because the subsidiary Ashrams deal with the ray qualities in action and in service, whilst the major or senior Ashrams concern in all cases the will in action through the ray qualities. This is possible because the major Ashrams are presided over by those who have achieved the sixth initiation; Ashrams such as mine are under the guidance of a Master or Initiate of the fifth degree.


You have needed much to study the nature of the will. A disciple's ideas on this subject are apt to be far removed from the reality; the understanding of the will is a progressive matter and disciples on all rays have to arrive at comprehension of Will activity as they move forward.


Up to hit 159

Compilation Shamball part4


(DINAII 578) It seems to me that so oft I have to say this year to hard-pressed chelas: The way has been difficult. But so it is, and your way in life has been no exception. Great waves of karmic impact have beaten upon our Earth—that little ship adrift in time and space and sailing the great ocean of the cosmos. The Lords of Karma have looked towards our planet. Energy follows thought and that, my brother, is all that karma is—the impact of directed energy upon the Earth, upon the kingdoms in nature, upon man and upon the individual disciple. Much of this karma, especially now, is not individual in purpose, nor is it generated in any way by the individuals affected by it, be it an individual disciple, or an ordinary human being. It is largely incident at this time to the karma of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. It is primarily also in the sphere of Shamballa, and has small relation in the first instance to humanity at all. This means but little to you, I realise. This karma working out in Shamballa has, however, led to the vitalising of the activities of certain "will-full" men; they have loosed great evil upon the Earth. But this karma will also produce the stimulation of goodwill, and thus lasting good will offset temporary evil. This must not be forgotten.


(DINAII 596) There are five Masters and five Ashrams involved in this preparatory work. First of all, there is the Ashram of the Master K.H.; this is the presiding Ashram in this work owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram and, therefore, upon the same line of energy as that of the Christ Himself; another reason is that the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. Next comes the Ashram of the Master Morya; the reason for this is that the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa and the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with that dynamic centre. The Master R.—as the Lord of Civilisation—is also closely involved; He is also—and this is of major importance—Regent of Europe.


(DINAII 598) There is little else that I can say to you, brother of mine, save to tell you that you are trusted and that you will increasingly demonstrate the strength which comes to you from Shamballa, via your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B. is quite correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowly she withdraws into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that she undertook—alone and without my help—to found and organise the Arcane School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality of the teaching and that esoteric psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the second ray Ashram.


(DINAII 609) There are many Ashrams upon the various rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, is naturally closely related to that of K.H., which is the central or the most important Ashram upon the second ray line of energy as it penetrates the hierarchical centre. K.H. is at this time, under the Christ, the working Representative of the second ray in the Hierarchy. The Christ is the link between the second ray as it expresses itself in the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Initiates of high degree and Masters on all the rays have Their Own Ashrams, but not all are teaching centres; this is a point to be remembered, as well as the fact that all of them are not concerned primarily with the unfoldment of the human consciousness and with the needs of the human kingdom. There are other types of consciousness of deep and real importance in the great chain of Hierarchy stretching from below to far above the human kingdom. This is a point apt to be forgotten.


(DINAII 610) It will be obvious to you also how the symbolism of an eclipse will come into your mind, for when the merging is complete, humanity and the Hierarchy will be one; there will be no outer or inner and no middle chamber, but only complete unity. Later in our planetary history, this design will also depict the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy. It can also be applied most usefully to the relationship between soul and personality, wherein the "encroaching light of the soul obliterates the dim light of the personality, and within that lighted area the disciple learns to stand."


(DINAII 669) The work which it is planned for them later to undertake will eventually prove so difficult that it is essential that they start with a strong bias towards wisdom. Contact with the "Ashrams of loving intent" (as certain Ashrams close to the aura or periphery of Shamballa are called) suffices later to evoke the love aspect in greater fullness, enabling the disciples, therefore, to present a balanced instrument to the Divine Organiser of their future work. Just what this work will be is not for me to say. It is connected with the training to be given neophytes and aspirants in the next race, where the [Page 669] average aspirant to discipleship will be expected to be as intuitive and motivated by pure reason as the aspirant today has to be mental. Technically speaking, that means that the buddhic plane will be the focus or place of growth, and those who train disciples will work from the plane of atma or pure spiritual will, just as today they work from the plane of buddhi or of rational unity. Ponder on that last phrase.


(EINA 140) This all sounds to you necessarily peculiar and too abstract and farfetched to make much sense.  I would have you remember that much which is familiar to you today and which constitutes a definite part of the recognised facts of daily life would, a few hundred years ago, have been regarded as equally peculiar, incomprehensible and impossible.  What is really taking place is the hastening of the processes of light manifestation, and this has become possible because of the point of attainment of humanity and the increased stimulation which is being applied to the race by the Hierarchy, assisted by forces emanating from Shamballa.





January 1939


Another angle from which the world situation can be viewed with profit is to look for the hidden source of the outer turmoil. This is seldom what men think it is, for the source lies in the realm of energies and forces. As I explained elsewhere (The Destiny of the Nations, pages 3-47), there are three great streams of energy working powerfully in the world at this time and two others are also struggling for expression, making the five that—together—will determine the trend of world affairs. To repeat briefly:


Only twice in our planetary [Page 72] history has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly-first time in Lemuria a the time of individualisation-second time

In Atlantean days during the battle between the Lord of Light and the Lords of Material Form

(EOH 72) 1. The first and the most powerful force is that pouring into the world from Shamballa, the planetary centre where the Will of God is known. Only twice in our planetary [Page 72] history has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly: the first time, when the great human crisis occurred at the individualisation of man in ancient Lemuria; the second time, in Atlantean days in the great struggle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. Today, this force streams out from the Holy Centre; it embodies the Will aspect of the present world crisis and its two subsidiary effects or qualities are:


a. The destruction of that which is undesirable and hindering in the present world forms (in government, religion and society).


b. The synthesising force which binds together that which has hitherto been separated.


The Shamballa force is so new and so unrecognised that it is hard for humanity to know it for what it is—the demonstration of the beneficent Will of God in new and potent livingness.


2. The second major force which is potently making itself felt today is that of the spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary centre where the Love of God holds sway, as it swings into one of its major cyclic approaches to the earth. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control all five of the powerful energies that the Divine Plan can materialise, and the close of this century see the Purpose of God for humanity assuming right direction and proportion.


3. Humanity itself is the third major planetary centre through which one of the three divine aspects, Intelligence, is expressing itself, producing its world effects.


Shamballa will be fully manifest in the next solar system

These three centres are closely interrelated and must be thought of as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in the unfoldment of God's Plan, and as constituting the three major centres—Head, Heart, Throat—in the body of the One in Whom we live and move and [Page 73] have our being. Students can relate these three centres to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In the first solar system, the centre which is Humanity was prepared and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of Love made its appearance and must come into full manifestation, thereby enabling the love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the centre which we today call Shamballa, will manifest the Will aspect of Deity intelligently through love. It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings, that these three centres ever come into true functioning activity; and likewise that the three major ideologies (the totalitarian, the democratic, the communistic) may be the response—distorted and yet responsive—to the forces playing from the two higher centres on to the human. This we discussed earlier (The Destiny of the Nations, page 22).


(EOH 73) Those of you who are seeking to serve humanity and to join in the Hierarchical effort to bring healing to a world in pain, must learn to penetrate behind appearances, behind the methods and schemes, the results and effects on the physical plane and endeavour to contact the forces of Shamballa or of the Hierarchy, plus the human need which has produced these modes of expression and thus see them for what they are—not worn out systems and childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby, eventually, may come release and the culture and civilisation of the New Age. If you are seeking to bring illumination into the dark places of the earth (which means into the minds of men), then you must yourselves see clearly and relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that, in your own lives, a working idealism may be seen; only so can a working idealism of a national, racial and human nature also be seen. The head as well as the heart must be used, and this many earnest people are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension in this endeavour—a tension produced by the interrelation of the head and the heart, working out creatively through the [Page 74] throat centre, esoterically understood? In this last sentence I have expressed for disciples the nature of the effort they need to make.


(EOH 75) There is little that I can tell you about the Dark Forces. They are not the problems of humanity but that of the Hierarchy. The task of these Forces is the preservation of the form life and the working out of methods and aims which are inherent in the processes of manifestation. The Black Lodge, so-called, is occupied with the form aspect of [Page 75] manifestation; the White Lodge, with the consciousness aspect. It might, therefore, be stated that:


1. Shamballa is occupied with the life aspect in its graded impulses.


2. The Hierarchy is occupied with the consciousness aspect in its graded series of expansions.


3. The Black Lodge is occupied with the matter aspect in its multiplicity of forms.


(EOH 76) The Forces of Darkness are powerful energies, working to preserve that which is ancient and material; hence they are pre-eminently the forces of crystallisation, of form preservation, of the attractiveness of matter, and of the lure of that which is existent in the form life of the three worlds. They consequently block deliberately the inflow of that which is new and life-giving; they work to prevent the understanding of that which is of the New Age; they endeavour to preserve that which is familiar and old, to counteract the effects of the oncoming culture and civilisation, to bring blindness to the peoples and to feed steadily the existing fires of hate, of separateness, of criticism and of cruelty. These forces, as far as the intelligent peoples of the world are concerned, work insidiously and cloak their effort in fair words, leading even disciples to express hatred of persons and ideologies, fostering the hidden seeds of hatred found in many human beings. They fan to fury the fear and hate of the world in an effort to preserve that which is old and make the unknown appear undesirable, and they hold back the forces of evolution and of progress for their own ends. These [Page 76] ends are as inscrutable to you as are the plans of the Ruler of Shamballa.


(EOH 78) Why our planet and this solar system should have been constituted the nursery for the seeds of separativeness and why this remnant of humanity, far more advanced than ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hid in the knowledge of the Lord of Shamballa, and is unattainable knowledge for you and, indeed, for many [Page 78] in the Hierarchy. It is simply a fact to be accepted by you. The solution will come, as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but also when the Jew does his share of understanding, love and right action. This he does not yet do, speaking racially. He must let go of his own separative tendencies and of his deep sense of persecution. He will do this latter with great facility, when he grasps, as a race, the significance and inevitability of the Law of Karma, and from a close study of the Old Testament and of the acts and deeds there claimed by him as his racial acts and deeds (conquest, terrorism and cruelty), realises that the law is working out and incidentally releasing him for a greater future. There must, at the same time, be a realisation by the Jew and Gentile of equal responsibility and equal liability for the present world difficulty.


The two forces to which I have been referring must, therefore, be taken into account by all disciples as they seek to serve in this critical cycle; these two forces must also be taken into your calculations as you start this new group work or your wrong idealisms and thoughts may hinder the group work. You must recognise theoretically the five forces (three major and two minor) which meet and clash in the human family at this time. It has been necessary for me to bring these facts to your attention. If disciples are to do group work together on mental levels, they must clear their minds of prejudice, hatreds and any tendency to superiority and criticism. You cannot work, as a group, if these ideas and thoughts are present, and I am preparing now to teach you some of the first stages of group work and usefulness. It would not have been necessary for me to deal with these world problems if you had been immune from emotional reactions to them, but very few of you have your minds clear from prejudice and free from hatred. Those few make the work possible and it is also possible for the rest of you to detach your minds from undue influence and wrong ideas.


I ask you, in this work, to concentrate upon the Shamballa and the Hierarchical forces. I ask you to regard yourselves [Page 79] as pure and unclogged channels and to seek only to be linked with the soul of each and all, whose nature is pure love, realised synthesis and divine potency.


(EOH 86) According, therefore, to the condition of the sensitive bodies of the planet, of nations and of individuals, so will be their reaction to the five kinds of inflowing forces. The Shamballa force, for instance, in making its impact upon first ray types, and upon the other ray types on that line of major energy—the third, fifth and seventh ray types—evokes widely differing results than when it makes an impact upon the second ray line of energy; the results of the impact of Shamballa energy upon the first ray individuals and nations can be potent in the extreme. This impact, being relatively a new one to humanity, evokes in the world today all the political and organisational changes which are so prevalent and so disturbing. There is little that humanity can do about this except endeavour to balance this first ray display of energy with second ray or hierarchical force. This latter energy—working through the world religions and the men and women who respond to the love influence—can change methods (though not the purpose or the direction) by pouring in the love force.


Again, that force which we regard as emanating from the strictly human centre, the third ray type of energy, is of the third or creative order; and in these three energies you have, in reality, the expression of the three major centres of the planetary Logos. The first or will energy is, as you know, focussed in Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (as He is called in the Christian Bible), the Lord of Shamballa, Who is the embodiment of the Personality of the planetary Logos. The love force is focussed through the two great spiritual Lords of the Hierarchy, the Buddha and the [Page 87] Christ, Who are both embodiments of the heart centre of the planetary Logos, for the Buddha represents the twelve-petalled lotus in the head, of which the Christ represents the counterpart, the twelve-petalled lotus of the heart centre. This is a fact seldom grasped or even mentioned. The petals of the throat centre are represented at this time by certain of the leading world rulers, whose activity is responsible for the rapid creation of the new world with its rapidly altering civilisations and culture. These thoughts will provide much that you would do well to consider.


(EOH 89) I wonder whether you can grasp the implications of this paragraph. When the mind aspect (the third aspect of the personality) is more fully developed, then the focus of the effort of the Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews will disappear. Mankind is not yet handling its problems intelligently. Thus the forces and energies of the creative process are exceedingly active at this time in preparing what I might call the "material of the world" and the substance of all the four kingdoms in nature for the coming changes. As the ploughman turns the soil of his field and harrows it, and so brings that which is underneath to eventual fruition, so a similar process is taking place in the world today, and all is preparatory for the sowing and its resultant effects. These effects will constitute the new Aquarian culture and civilisation. In this process the Hierarchy is taking a definite and influential part and is working more uniquely and specifically than ever before in the history of the world, under instruction and vital aid from Shamballa.


(word processor would not include the table for some reason)


(EOH 91) I have referred above to the five streams of energy and have related them to the five centres. Let me extend the idea somewhat by pointing out that these five energies are related to the centres or the lotuses to which I referred in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, or to the dynamic point within the lotus, through which the central life of the lotus flows; in the case of the first three energies (of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) you have the permanent point of life, light and activity in the lotus; in the case of that potent energy connected with the Jews, you have a very temporary inflow of energy, and in the case of the Forces of Materialism, you have a relatively temporary—though apparently permanent—focal point of reactionary energy.



(Table on page 92 EOH)


(EOH 107) The third was the inflow of the force of will or power from the Shamballa centre. This, as previously explained, is the most powerful force in the world today, and only twice before in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes which were brought about. Let us recapitulate briefly.


The first time was during the great human crisis which occurred at the time of the individualisation of men in ancient Lemuria.


[Page 107]

The second time was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean days between the "Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression."


This little known divine energy now streams out from Shamballa. It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God to produce certain racial and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this force which will bring about (in conjunction with the energy of love) that tremendous crisis—imminent in the human consciousness—which we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning.



(Table page 107 EOH)


(EOH 108) This Shamballa energy now for the first time is making its impact upon humanity directly and is not stepped down, as [Page 108] has hitherto been the case, through transmission via the Hierarchy of Masters. This change of direction constituted a somewhat dangerous experiment as it necessarily stimulated the personalities of men, particularly those whose personalities were along the line of will or power and in whom the love aspect of divinity was not sufficiently expressing itself; it was, however, permitted because it was realised that it would not affect the man in the street or the masses who would remain unresponsive to it, though it might greatly stimulate and intensify the mental and more potent type of man.


The effects of this widespread stimulation have been all that was anticipated and the so-called "evil results" of the Shamballa force upon ambitious and powerful personalities in all countries and all schools of thought have, nevertheless, been offset to some extent by the growth of the sense of relationship everywhere and by the spread of the Christ energy which generates at-one-ment, loving understanding and goodwill.


You might here rightly enquire how this can be so when humanity is overwhelmed by a ghastly world war at this time. I would remind you that the Hierarchy is guided in its conclusions by the mass light and by the inner subjective oft unexpressed reactions of the multitude and never by the outer happenings upon the physical plane. The fate of the form life and of outer organisations is deemed of small importance compared with the sensed inner spiritual development. That development must necessarily outrun the outer manifestation. Humanity is today further advanced spiritually and mentally than might appear from external happenings. The first result of such development is eventually the destruction of the outer form because it is proving inadequate to the pulsing, inner, spiritual life; then, secondly, comes the building of the new and more adequate outer expression. This accounts for the world crisis at this time. The cause is based upon four major factors upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge:


(EOH 111) To the above two reasons another might perhaps be added which will have significance and meaning to esotericists and to all who have in any way grasped the teaching I have attempted to give you in my books anent the three world centres—Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This world crisis is related to the approach or the relation [Page 111] of the Hierarchy to Humanity. That great spiritual centre of force, the Human Kingdom, has now reached a point of such potency and of such a high vibratory activity that it is shaken to its very depths; all its evolutionary grades and groups are responding to the stimulation, generated within the centre itself and also stimulated by Forces emanating from the hierarchical centre and from Shamballa.


(EOH 118) Today, all that is taking place is due, first of all, to the essential duality of man; in the second place, it is due to certain major lines of cleavage which were brought about by this essential dualism in an early stage of human history, and thirdly, to the growing tendency towards synthesis which the inflow of the Shamballa force is producing at this time. This is the simplest statement I find it possible to make anent this complex problem. With broad generalities I cover the past, indicate the effects which are now being experienced in the present, and forecast the future.


The karma of the conflict in Atlantis is so real that the same leaders of the Atlantean conflict were active during the 20th century one too

(EOH 126) Intelligent appreciation of the situation and a general capacity to present to the mind the underlying conditions has now been achieved by the bulk of the intelligent people upon the planet and, though the point of view is necessarily coloured by national traditions, inherited ideas and policies as well as by environmental control and bias, the race has gone a long way towards its final emancipation. There is, therefore, a certain measure of free will displayed, and this constitutes an entirely new factor and a most satisfactory development. But I would remind you of a most important point and that is that the masses of the people—the middle classes, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat (I use these words in their general sense and simply because of their significance and meaning)—are still victims of authority, of control, and remain relatively unthinking and childlike. This means that the true conflict is between a small minority to whom the issues are illuminatingly clear and who have definitely ranged themselves on one side or other of the embattled forces. A mere handful of men, the direct descendants or rather the reincarnations of the leaders in the ancient Atlantean conflict, are now on earth, directing the forces of light or of darkness and bringing into being a direct line-up of millions of men whose will is that of their leaders.


The lines of cleavage have grown steadily until now they can be expressed in terms of a humanity which is oriented towards the higher spiritual and altruistic values and whose keynotes are sacrifice, group good and world understanding, and those whose focus is predominantly material and whose aims are selfish, animated by ambition and the spirit of acquisition.


(EOH 127) It was the acuteness of this situation, and the wide extent of the cleavage, which induced the watching Hierarchy to permit a direct inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendant risks) to pour into the world. The objective was to stimulate the free will of the masses; the result upon them has been relatively good as it has led to the formulation and expression of the great world ideologies—Fascism, [Page 127] Democracy and Communism as well as that peculiarly distorted blend of Fascism and Communism which goes by the name of Hitlerism or Nazism. All these ideologies are fostered by the desire of the masses for the betterment of the condition in which the populace in any country lives and it has become focussed, expressive and creative by the force of the Shamballa influence. But another result of this inflow of the will-to-power has been to stimulate a certain group of outstanding personalities in many lands so that they have assumed control of the masses and can thus determine the policies and methods—religious, political and social—of the different nations. In every nation a relatively small group of people decide all important issues and determine all major national activities. This they do either by force, terror and deception or by persuasion, fair words and the application of ideological motives. Of this situation in the world the Lords of Destiny are availing themselves in order to bring the ancient conflict to an end and so enable humanity to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free and with a clearer understanding of right human aims, right relationships and man's predestined future.


(EOH 129) As for the other group, they are those who through inclination or ancient karma are the descendants of the Lords of darkness; their actions and ideals make possible the activity of the forces of materialism. I would have you note that phrasing. Even the most dangerous of them are nevertheless conscious of some form or another of idealism, but they are misguided and full of response to the will-to-power (power upon the physical plane and through the medium of form activity). This is stimulated by the inflow of the Shamballa energy. Because of these reactions and tendencies, they constitute focal points for those Lives and [Page 129] Energies which are inherent in matter itself and whose influence and work are dedicated to the preservation of form, and of that which is. They endeavour constantly to negate the new and to hold back the evolution and development of the human consciousness. Forget not that the real issue is in the field of consciousness and that the struggle is between form and the life within the form, and between progress, leading to the liberation of the human spirit, and reactionary activity, leading to the imprisonment of the human consciousness and the restriction of its free expression.


(EOH 131) It will be apparent to you that three major methods or modes of producing these fusions can be noted. Great Britain, the United States of America and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (the U.S.S.R.) are working out the principle of federation, of relation and of the fusion of bodies into concentrated wholes, responding to the same inspiration but employing their own specialised methods to bring about the desired ends. Be not surprised by my [Page 131] including Russia in this triplicity. Their ideology is fundamentally as sound as that in the other groups, but the difference lies in the factors of personality and the mode of applying the ideology. The control of powerful and dangerous personalities, and the use of the methods of force and cruelty have been avoided in the first two groups of nations, and the reason is based upon the different source of the inspiration producing the effects. Another reason is to be found in the placing of power in the hands of those who are historically unprepared to rule and of those whose past unfoldment has as yet brought them only to the nursery stage of evolution.


Nevertheless in these three groups there is much of interest to be noted. One of them, Great Britain, represents a fusion, the foundations of which have been laid in a long historical past of preparation for government; another, that of the U.S.A. represents a fusion which is unfolding and developing in the present which is new in its experiments, though employing factors from every nation in Europe; the U.S.S.R. in its turn represents a coming fusion or future synthesis. In these three, you have an interesting and immediate expression of the three divine aspects, each of which inspires and colours the embryonic civilisation. Great Britain expresses the will-to-power but on account of age and experience, dearly bought, this is today mellowed by justice and a growing understanding of human need. This, in its turn, is the result of the control for many centuries in the past by the aristocracy, with its paternalism, conservatism and its method of slow adjustment. The U.S.A. expresses the will-to-love, which shows itself in an ability to absorb vastly divergent elements and yet to present equal opportunity to all. This is brought about very largely because the control is, in this federation of states, in the hands of the bourgeoisie, with its financial goals, its power to determine living conditions, and its quick and sympathetic touch upon life. Its method is not that of slow adjustment but of quick assimilation. It is in that country also that people are most sensitive [Page 132] to the influence of the Hierarchy. The U.S.S.R. expresses the will-to-create and to produce new conditions and a new order—planned and determined and foreseen. This has been brought about through cruelty very often, by a willingness to compromise and to change or lower the original ideal. This, in its turn, is brought about by the activity of the proletariat with its inability to govern, its desire to retaliate, and its ignorance of tradition and of inherited procedures.


A most interesting experiment is, therefore, working out in these three groups of interrelated elements and differing national ideals. The U.S.S.R. will eventually place its emphasis and direct its major interest upon Asia, bringing about great changes on that continent, as far as the Pacific The other, Great Britain, through its successful demonstration of the principle of federation, can affect major changes in Europe if there is an awakened insight, a true and sympathetic justice and wise patience. The U.S.A. has a similar task to perform for the Americas, calling for statesmanship of a high order and a spirit of understanding.


Will-towards-Synthesis-British Empire-Shamballa

Force of Hierarchy-USA-Hierarchy

The Will-to-be of Humanity-USSR-Humanity

It will also be apparent to you if you have rightly understood the above suggestions that the Shamballa force is working through that community of federated nations called the British Empire and is expressing the will-towards-synthesis and the will to just and legal procedure. It is the force of the Hierarchy which can express itself increasingly through the United States of America, for an intuitive recognition of subjective realities and a real sense of the higher values can and frequently do control the impulses governing this group of federated states. The will-to-be of Humanity with its almost extravagant emphasis upon human values and the will-to-rule creatively is the contribution of the U.S.S.R., that great federation of republics. Thus the influence of the three great world centres about which I have earlier written can be seen expressing itself through these three groups of nations. At the same time, the Shamballa force is active in all of them, for it produces federation and synthesis. Its first great expression or demonstration [Page 133] of the spirit of fusion took place in the 18th and 19th centuries, and led to the formation of such countries as Italy and Germany which were created out of many smaller states, duchies and kingdoms.   (EOH 133)  A history of the trend towards fusion in the modern world would prove a most illuminating study. It would be found that the first faint indications were felt around 1575 A.D.

The Shamballa force was demanded at the 1425 Centennial conference of the Masters

This was due to the fact that permission for the inflow of this force was given when demanded at the Centennial Conference of the Hierarchy, held in 1425. I referred to this conference in my earlier writings.* (WM 401-433) & (EPI 170-189)


In the second group of changing ideologies and of reaction to mass need, you will find France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of whom have altered their ancient policies, changed their forms of government and reacted gradually and slowly to the Shamballa force. They have, however, reacted to that force through the medium of certain great and outstanding personalities who were peculiarly sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-change and who (during the past 150 years) have altered the character of their national life, and emphasised increasingly the wider human values. The men who inspired the initiating French revolution; the great conqueror, Napoleon; Bismarck, the creator of a nation; Mussolini, the regenerator of his people; Hitler who lifted a distressed people upon his shoulders; Lenin, the idealist, Stalin and Franco are all expressions of the Shamballa force and of certain little understood energies. These have wrought significant changes in their day and generation and altered the face of Europe, incidentally affecting Asia and conditioning attitudes and policies in America.


Shamballa force has led to two vital characteristics

The results even when dangerous and terrible, have developed two vital characteristics in humanity. One has been the widespread development of the discriminating faculty, and secondly, a tendency to dispersion with its [Page 134] consequences of diffusing civilised and cultural values and the diverse gifts of the many people to the world soul. The drift of people to the colonies from Great Britain, the drift of the people from every nation in Europe to America, North and South, the dispersal of people within national boundaries as the result of war and expediency such as the evacuation of cities has brought about today, the removal of people out of Italy and of groups of people within Russia, and the constant moving onwards of the wandering Jews indicate a breaking down, upon a world-wide scale, of all outer boundaries and the institution of a process of blending and amalgamation such as the world has never seen before. It constitutes an educational system of untold value, leading as it does to the constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to change modes of living, to intermarriage and so-called illicit relations. The outer change is producing an inner synthesis and outer dispersion, and cleavages are working out interiorly in closer relations and a more tolerant spirit of understanding. The power to consider, to choose, to think and to discriminate is rapidly developing among all classes everywhere as a result of the many cataclysmic happenings, the presentation of many changing circumstances and the many points of view and theories of government and of religion; these grow naturally out of new contacts and the rapid presentation of events through the medium of the press and the radio.


(EOH 150) The invocation, evocation and resultant activity of the Hierarchy and of those Forces, Energies and Beings Who are not controlled by matter in any way, or by substance (the lower pole of manifestation) but Who are related to the positive spiritual pole is a new activity, and as yet relatively an untried experiment on the part of humanity and the formulas unknown. Of what use was it to impart the formulas to humanity when it was as yet controlled by the lower values and unable to lay hold upon the soul aspect and to function on that level of consciousness whereon the soul is found. Only those can use the formulas effectively who live, work, think and feel as souls, which means ever in group terms.

Today, however, there are those in every land who are rapidly becoming aware of the soul as a controlling factor in consciousness, who respond to world affairs and conditions increasingly as souls, and who can, therefore, be trained to work upon the physical plane. When this is so, it becomes possible to impart certain of these Words of Power and mantrams and to institute that new and potent activity which will bring the Hierarchy and Humanity into conscious and direct cooperation, as well as Shamballa and certain great [Page 150] Forces which are interplanetary or solar, and also great cosmic Energies. It is now possible to discover those who—being free within themselves and who are learning rapidly to be detached and selfless—can institute and carry forward the task of invoking these higher spiritual forces, thus reinforcing the efforts of the Great White Lodge. It is this process of spiritual invocation which will motivate the new and coming world religion. This is not magical invocation, as man understands it, and which is concerned with the invocation and control of the substantial and elemental forces of the manifested world, but the invocation which will evoke contact with the spiritual Lives and the divine embodied Energies as well as with the Hierarchy (which is Their intermediary) in order to bring about the manifestation on earth of the soul of humanity and the qualities of the subjective and inner divine life which all outer forms veil. This is now for the first time possible in the life of the planet.


(EOH 152) The evocation of the Hierarchy through right invocation is proceeding also rapidly, producing much activity and response from the Hierarchy of Light.


2. To set up a closer relation with the third, major divine centre on our planet, Shamballa. From that centre, the will of God goes forth and the power of God becomes the messenger of His will. Hitherto that highest form of spiritual energy has only reached humanity (as I have before told you) via the Hierarchy. Today, it is deemed desirable that it should be ascertained whether there are enough selfless and group-conscious people upon the planet to warrant a direct inflow of that higher energy to humanity, thus producing upon the physical plane a hastening of the divine plan and a more rapid working out of that which is to be. This direct contact can be produced if the Great Invocation [Page 152] is used by the world aspirants and disciples in collaboration with the Hierarchy. Hence the emphasis I have laid upon all of you using this Great Invocation as souls and as those who are in touch in some small measure with the Hierarchy. When the note of humanity and the note of the Hierarchy are synchronised by the use of the Great Invocation, there will come a dynamic and immediate response from Shamballa, and that will rapidly take place which the Hierarchy and the world disciples desire to see.


(EOH 153) b. The second effect will be the forming or constitution of a planetary triangle or recognisable triad which will be the correspondence between the three planetary centres to the spiritual triad of Monad, Soul and Personality (the atma-buddhi-manas of the theosophical literature). Hitherto the word alignment has best described the planetary situation; there has been a straight line along which energy has poured from Shamballa to the [Page 154] Hierarchy and from the Hierarchy to Humanity, but this has meant no direct interplay between Humanity and Shamballa. If the Great Invocation can be rendered effective, humanity can then set up a direct relationship with Shamballa. The resultant triangle of force-relationship will promote the circulation of spiritual energies between the three centres from point to point so that there will be a triple relation. A planetary process of give and take between all three will then be established, and the emphasis upon giving will be far more pronounced.


(EOH 155) A clue also to the significance of pain and of suffering will gradually emerge in the world consciousness as study is made of the above statements. Suffering is the most effective and most rapid way of evoking world understanding and of burning away the barriers which human beings have set up to the expression of the will-to-good. One of the most beneficent results of the inflow of the Shamballa force through [Page 155] the focussed demand of the aspirants and world disciples will be the intelligent recognition of the uses of pain and suffering. It is this truth—distorted and selfishly misapplied and interpreted—which has led certain types of people and certain types of governing bodies among the nations to take the position that the greater the suffering inflicted (as, for instance, in war time) and the greater the process of terrorism, the quicker the end which is desirable and right; they hold often that the more dire the effects of planned conditions, the more rapidly will the correct consummation be achieved. It is not, however, the duty or right of man to turn first ray force to selfish ends or material objectives; responsibility cannot be veiled behind specious and distorted half truths and evil cannot be done in order that good may come. What is applied by the Lord of the World in Shamballa under the motivation of love, wisdom and selflessness with a sure touch and a judgment as to times and seasons cannot be so used by those motivated by personality objectives, either on an individual or a personality scale (for nations as well as individuals have personalities). Ponder on this and seek enlightenment from the soul.


3. When the Great Invocation is thus rightly used and the world centres are consequently consciously interrelated, then certain extra-planetary Energies can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballa to aid in the re-adjustments required for the New Age and its coming civilisation. These Forces—spiritual and potent in nature—exist in two categories: solar Forces which are inter-planetary and cosmic Forces which enter into our solar system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius which Jupiter esoterically governs. Virgo is esoterically the mother of the Christ child and is, therefore, the emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness; Aquarius is the coming expression of the group consciousness which is the first and immediate revelation of the ever present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity. Jupiter also, exoterically and from the angle of orthodox [Page 156] astrology, rules Sagittarius, the sign of discipleship, and also Pisces, the sign of the world saviours. The implications will, therefore, be obvious to real students.


In considering these great Energies, there is little you can do beyond accepting—if you care to do so—my statements anent them, regarding them as interesting and simply explanatory hypotheses. There is little that you can do (or I either) to arrive at first hand knowledge of the facts along this line. Few even of the Members of the Hierarchy are conscious of the impact of force from extra-solar centres or reservoirs of spiritual force. Only the group of Contemplatives in the Hierarchy which are given the exoteric name of Nirmanakayas are responsive to Their influence in any conscious manner and then only when that influence has been stepped down by certain powerful agencies in Shamballa. It is not necessary for me or for you to say more anent Them though I shall touch upon Them again later in this article.


(EOH 156) Prior to taking up the Great Invocation sentence by sentence, I would like briefly to touch upon the needed procedure as you attempt to say it correctly and effectively:


Forget not, first of all, the necessary process of alignment wherein you do two things:


1. Endeavour consciously (which for most of you at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain so that there is a direct and free inflow from the higher Self to the lower.


2. Endeavour to realise or register your relation to the Hierarchy, via your own group of disciples (if you know which it is) or in relation to whichever one of the Great Ones or Masters appeals the most to your heart and mind. If neither makes any appeal to your consciousness, the same results will be achieved if you seek to link up with the Christ.


Initiates and Masters use the Great Invocation in a manner totally differently-Masters link directly with Shamballa

I might here point out that the difference between the linking up that you can effectively do and that which is done by a Member of the Hierarchy itself is that you link up [Page 157] via the Hierarchy and then through the medium of the Great Invocation reach forth to Shamballa whereas the initiates and the Masters link Themselves directly with Shamballa and use the Great Invocation in a manner totally different to that in which you use it. There is for you and the average aspirant no direct contact, and that is definitely fortunate for you. I may not further elucidate.


(EOH 160) When the world aspirants and disciples use this Invocation, the first phrase takes the consciousness to the Hierarchy of Light, which is the intermediate centre between Humanity and Shamballa. It serves then to emphasise and establish a close rapport, blending and fusing the human and the hierarchical centres. When this has taken place, the Hierarchy can then use this Great Invocation with greater potency and can carry the relation to a higher state still and produce a blending with the Shamballa centre, where the Forces of Light are found as embodied Presences and where Their focussed energy serves to provide great reservoirs of light and love. These have hitherto not been made available for planetary distribution, owing to the lack of established relation between the three centres: Humanity, Hierarchy and [Page 160] Shamballa.  That relation is now becoming somewhat established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is now possible if the disciples and aspirants of the world can be led to make the needed effort to stand in spiritual being and, from that poised attentive attitude, to invoke these great Entities. It was to this possibility that the story in the New Testament refers where reference is made to the pool which was stirred at times by the Angel and thus a condition was produced which led to the healing of the sick. The Angel of the Presence, the soul of humanity, as embodied in the Hierarchy and those who are consciously endeavouring to function as souls can now stir these reservoirs of force and light upon etheric levels in Shamballa so that a definite "healing of the nations" can take place.


When the thought behind the Great Invocation can be carried high enough in the consciousness of those using it through a joint effort of the world disciples and the Hierarchy of Light—as well as being reinforced by the Forces of Light—then the Spirit of Peace can be invoked.


The three planetary centres can be linked with the Great Invocation (this applies to the last Invocation DK gave too)

On a lower turn of the spiral, you will note that the Wesak Festival enacts a similar invocation and process. It is a re-enacting and training process. There and at that time, the three Representatives of Shamballa within the Hierarchy—the Manu, the Christ and the Mahachohan—invoke the Buddha, Who in His turn is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram and transmits the appeal to the One Whose agent He is. If this Great Invocation which we are studying can be rightly said, the three great planetary centres can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilisation, the Master R., representing humanity, the Christ representing the Hierarchy and the Lord of the World, linked through the Manu and representing Shamballa can be brought into a close relation so that the result will be the setting up of such a potent vibration and note that the Spirit of Peace will be invoked and contacted. By the voiced appeal His attention will be forced to turn itself towards our planet. The consequences will be significant and potent but as to the form which they [Page 161] will take it is impossible for me to say. Perhaps it will lead to some peculiar and powerful demonstration of the meaning of peace as the expression of universal and planetary love; perhaps it will produce the sending of an Avatar or Messenger of Peace to lead the nations to right action; perhaps some happening will take place of such significance that its import will be immediately recognised by humanity as a whole, leading them to take all the needed steps to restore right human relations. The nature of the activities which the Spirit of Peace will institute is not our responsibility. Our duty is to learn rightly to contact the Hierarchy, via our own souls; rightly to use the Great Invocation as souls, and rightly to render ourselves responsive to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on the above.


It might, therefore, be noted that the Forces of Light express Themselves through the Hierarchy of Light and Their major effect is the illumination of the minds of men with love and light. This precipitates upon the mental plane. The personality or the form aspect of humanity is thereby pervaded and illumined. Thus the third great planetary centre, Humanity, becomes creative and magnetic, and two divine aspects—intelligence and love—will reach fruition upon the physical plane, making it possible for the first aspect and the will of God (understood by humanity as the Plan) to be consciously carried forward on earth in conformity with the activity instituted at Shamballa. The will of God is purpose and this is, for the first time, to be recognised consciously by man.


(EOH 162) The Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalise the responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peace on earth. What is peace? It is essentially the establishing of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplay between the three planetary centres and an illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is for this reason that the Christ, Who established for the first time in planetary history a [Page 162] contact between the Hierarchy, Humanity, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in His Own high place, in His first recorded utterance said that He must be about His Father's business and then at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in the words: "Father, not my will but Thine be done," thus carrying the thought up to the highest plane for He addressed the Father, the first Aspect of Divinity. He then focussed in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects—will and love (atma-buddhi)—and because of this, His consciousness became extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certain solar Agencies which had never before been contacted by man. This achievement enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the Spirit of Peace. He thus Himself became the Light of the World and the Prince of Peace.


In this manner, Shamballa and the Hierarchy were brought into a close relationship and two great streams of force were blended and a definite interplay set up between them. The Buddha, through His achievement of illumination, established the first major link with the Forces of Light. The Christ, through His ability to express the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the first major link with the Spirit of Peace.


If you will study the above information with care, you will find that the importance of the Wesak Festival at the time of the full moon of May will assume increasing importance in your minds. It is the festival at which three factors of importance to humanity are brought into relation:


1. The Buddha, the embodiment or agent of the Forces of Light can then be contacted and that which They seek to transmit to humanity can be consciously appropriated.


2. The Christ, the embodiment of the love and the will of God and the agent of the Spirit of Peace, can also be contacted and humanity can be trained to appropriate this extra-planetary type of energy.


[Page 163]

3. Through the Christ and the Buddha, humanity can now establish a close relationship with Shamballa and then make its own contribution—as a world centre—to the planetary life. Pervaded by light and controlled by the Spirit of Peace, the expression of humanity's will-to-good can emanate powerfully from this third planetary centre. Humanity will then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness, the super-human states and the sub-human kingdoms. Thus humanity will become eventually the planetary saviour.


If you will have these thoughts in mind, the first three phrases of the Great Invocation will assume great significance. Let me put some of these significances in tabular form:


(Table page 163 EOH)


(EOH 165) The three aspects of divinity in man achieve practical expression through the influence of the Great Invocation, both in living usefulness and true comprehension—true at least in so far as man's present point in evolution permits of his correct apprehension of significance. Goodwill, as the practical and possible expression of love demonstrates on earth, evoking right relationship; light, as the expression of the Hierarchy pours into the human consciousness, irradiating all dark places and evoking a response from all [Page 165] forms of life in the three worlds of manifestation, and in the three subhuman kingdoms through the medium of the human; peace, as the expression of the will of Shamballa produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis and understanding, plus a spirit of invocation which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God.

We come now to the last two phrases which summarise the effects—synthetic and eternal (and consequently lasting) which the establishment of direct relationship with Shamballa will produce in the two other planetary centres, the Hierarchy and Humanity. I refer to effects which will express themselves as a group activity, motivated by the essential values of selflessness and persistent effort (which is sustained concentration, in the last analysis) and thereby producing conditions for which the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has long waited. The patience and sustaining love of Shamballa is infinite.


The fourth phrase runs: May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time. As you know, the word "forgiveness" is a curious and unusual one and signifies (according to the best derivative sources) simply "to give for." Forgiveness is not therefore, a synonym for pardon though the word has been distorted in theological circles to mean this, so little has the Church understood the basic, motivating power behind divine expression in our solar system. Theologians ever think in terms of the human mind and not in terms of the divine mind. Forgiveness is sacrifice, and is the giving up of one's self, even of one's very life, for the sake of others and for the good of the whole group. This spirit of sacrifice is ever found when the Shamballa force is rightly contacted, even in the smallest degree, and the underlying impulse behind the loving will of God is sensed and understood, accompanied as this always is with the desire to participate in that will and its spirit of divine sacrifice. Manifestation is itself the Great Forgiveness. The [Page 166] stupendous Lives—outside manifested existence—entered into manifestation in order to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards a goal which is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high places of spiritual expression. Achievement is ever followed by sacrifice and the giving of the greater for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution. Such is the note and theme of the entire creative process and is the basic meaning of the phrase, "God is Love," for love signifies giving and sacrifice, at least in this solar system.


It is for this reason that the esoteric teaching emphasises the fact that the soul of man is a Lord of Sacrifice and of loving persistent Devotion—the two outstanding qualities of the Shamballa Lives, sustaining life and giving. This is lasting devotion to the good of the whole or the expression of the spirit of synthesis and sacrifice in order again that all lesser lives (such as those embodied in the personality of man) may rise to the "resurrection which is in Christ," through the crucifixion or sacrifice of the soul upon the Cross of Matter.


(EOH 169) I would point out that just as the energies released by use of the first three phrases of the Invocation relate to the Head, Shamballa; to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat centre, Humanity; so the right use of this fourth phrase will bring into conscious, functioning activity the centre between the eyebrows, the ajna centre in individual man and in humanity as whole. This centre begins to become active and to function dynamically, governing and directing the individual energies, once any real measure of personality integration has been achieved. It is, as you know, the fourth centre found above the diaphragm [Page 169] in the human body and the phrase which awakens it (both individually and in the group) is this fourth phrase. There is, therefore, a numerical relationship. When used wisely and intelligently by human beings, many of the blended potencies which the first three phrases have made available are invoked and so made available to the individual as well as to the group. They can then be focussed for his use in the ajna centre. In many ways, therefore, this fourth phrase of the Great Invocation is of paramount importance to the individual as well as to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice) and purpose, plus the identification of the unit and the group with the basic intent of manifestation.


(EOH 170) In the esoteric teaching, this takes place in the life of the individual when—by an act of the will—the centre at the base of the spine is aroused and the fire and the light of the personal threefold life (one aspect of which is often called the kundalini fire) is carried upwards and merged with the power and the light of the soul. The major approach of the two basic energies of form and soul (as an expression of spirit) are thereby related within the human being; the "marriage in the heavens" takes place and the task of the creative process of incarnation or individual manifestation is on the way to completion. Within the planetary life, the same process goes on. The life of humanity as a whole (which is intelligent form life) and the life of the Hierarchy (which is the life of the soul), under impulse from the Spirit or will aspect as symbolised in Shamballa, are fused and blended and then a new departure in the evolutionary process becomes possible. The kingdom of God, which is the kingdom of souls, and the human kingdom as mutually expressive and interrelated, are perfectly synthesised and anchored on earth. The glory of the One can then be faintly seen, which is the glory of Shamballa. The Dweller upon the threshold of divinity and the Angel of the Presence then stand face to face.


(EOH 225) I would here face you with these alternatives and would ask you to consider your own position in these matters. Does the story of Easter and of the living Christ carry no truth, and is it not possible for that Risen Christ to express His power on Earth through His chosen instruments? Is there no foundation for the myth of the annual return of the Buddha, holding the door open between Shamballa and the Hierarchy so that, at need, intervention may be possible through that open door? Is it only a silly dream and a fantasy that at the time of the June Full Moon, Christ—in the closest cooperation with the Buddha—links the Hierarchy with Humanity? Is it quite impossible that when humanity awakens to the fact of this mediatorship and can then avail itself of the straight line of ascent and descent through the doors held open by the Buddha and the Christ, some stupendous appearing may be imminent and suddenly take place? May it not be possible that through the ascent of man's aspiration and spiritual desire, and through the descent of the waiting Potencies, certain great changes may take place, for which all the past has been only preparatory and through which the Aquarian Age of brotherhood and understanding may make itself felt by virtue of these great Potencies?



Wesak full moon of May is the key to the open door between Shamballa and the Hierarchy

(EOH 227) Many people the world over have for years been trained to recognise two things. First, the importance of the Wesak Festival at the time of the Full Moon of May, because it not only objectively links the major Eastern religion with the major Western faith, but because it esoterically provides the key to the open door between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, between the purpose of God (still unidentified by man, owing to his relatively low stage of evolution which makes it beyond human comprehension at present) and the method of God, which is love; it provides also the link between the Buddha, temporarily embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focussed in consciousness through the Christ, and the Hierarchy, focussed in consciousness through the Buddha. Owing to the stress of humanity today and the urgency of the response which that distress evokes in the Hierarchy, the synthesis of these two reactions to the world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outside assistance which could end the conflict along right lines and bring not only relief, but illumination to the human consciousness. But again—speaking here to a representative body of aspirants and disciples—I would state that the focus and the emphasis is not yet adequate to guarantee this extra-planetary response.


Nevertheless, it could be if, in your own life of meditation [Page 228] and of discipline, in your speech with others and in the general tone of your intercourse with your environment, you can eliminate the negative and more selfish reactions and (for the sake of human welfare) temporarily, at least, live at your highest point of aspiration.


Secondly, you have been trained in the belief that all the information which I have given out anent the relation of the Buddha and the Christ, and of the Hierarchy, Humanity and Shamballa, will form part of the coming new world religion and that the theme of the Great Approaches will constitute the basic fundamentals of the future spiritual teaching. This too you must have in mind, for the work you are asked to do at the coming two Full Moons, and during the less important full moons of the year, is not only related to the present emergency, but is also constructively related to the future faith of humanity. Bear this also in mind.


(EOH 229) That the will of Shamballa may be enabled to express itself through love and through the meditation of the Hierarchy, working through all disciples, aspirants and men and women of goodwill, is the earnest prayer of your fellow disciple and co-worker.


(EOH 270) When this invocation is rightly used and voiced by an adequate number of people, those who can in some measure employ the enlightened will may succeed in reaching the Lords of Liberation and produce, as a result, a phenomenal intervention of some kind. Those who work more emotionally will reach the Rider from the secret place and may bring Him forth to save and lead the masses of people. Are there enough focussed minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centres where wait Those Who can aid at this time? That is the question. It will happen when the three centres—humanity, the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and the "place where the will of God lies hidden" (called in the ancient scriptures Shamballa)—are aligned and en rapport with each other. There will then be established a direct relation between all three, and a direct channel for the inflow of liberating force. This has happened only once before in the history of the race.


(EOH 271) Owing to the fact that mankind is so weakened by pain, strain and suffering, the probability is that it will not be deemed wise for the Lords of Liberation directly to contact humanity. They will more probably do three things:


1. Stand behind and strengthen the Rider on the white horse as He responds to the demand of the people everywhere, pouring through Him that dynamic energy which embodies the first divine aspect, the will aspect, the power expression. Thus They will enable Him to carry out the will of God in such a manner that humanity can grasp [Page 271] what is being done. Mankind will then see the Love which animates the Will and Power of God. The true significance of liberty will then be revealed. It is not yet understood.


2. Pour Their strengthening will-to-good into the New Group of World Servers in all lands, so that there may be potent, simultaneous action in line with the purposes of the Rider from the secret place.


3. Stimulate and integrate into the minds of certain advanced disciples a number of new ideals which must govern the liberating process and find expression in the New Age. This was done in a small way at the time of the French Revolution when the three major concepts of freedom were expressed in the three words, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and were intellectually presented to the race. These have now been temporarily relinquished, and this in itself constitutes an important symbolic happening. It had to occur, because these three words stood for no factual truth but simply for a hope and for an academic concept; the events of the last few months reduced them to a farce. So they were deliberately withdrawn in order to enhance their importance, and will later be restored and will then assume a new and potent significance in the minds of all men. They are the three words which must govern the New Age.


Certain racial interpretations of ideals will also have to disappear in order to be succeeded by new and better ones. This applies even to man's understanding of the three words which we have been considering. "Liberty," as the Lords of Liberation may endorse it, is in reality the recognition of right human relations, freely adjusted, willingly undertaken and motivated by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protective wall; this will take place, not through coercive measures, but through correct interpretation and quick appreciation by the masses, who are apt to confound licence (personality freedom to do as the lower nature chooses) and liberty of soul and conscience. Yet this liberty is the easiest aspect of the divine will for humanity to grasp. [Page 272] It is in reality the first revelation given to man of the nature of the Will of God and of the quality of Shamballa. "Equality" is that peculiar understanding which the Coming One will reveal and which is based on a right sense of proportion, correct Self-respect, and understanding of the spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect, and which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul's experience and gained development, and not at all on the loud emphatic affirmation that "all men are equal." "Fraternity" is something that humanity itself will contribute as an expression of the third aspect of divinity, basing it on right contact and right reaction to contact. Thus there will be developed gradually the true life-theme of humanity, which is brotherhood, founded on divine origin (equality) and leading to a free and true expression of divinity (liberty).


(EOH 274) Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: the end of woe has come.


The ending of the present evil situation is, therefore, a cooperative measure; and here, in this connection, we have the appearance of the Lord of Civilisation Who voices and engineers upon the physical plane the fiat of the Lord of Liberation and of the Rider from the secret place. He aids and makes possible, owing to His control, the precipitating upon the Earth and in the arena of combat, of the power generated by the Lords of Liberation, expressed by the Coming One and focussed through Him as the hierarchical Representative in Europe. The work of the Master R. has always been recognised as of a peculiar nature and as concerned with the problems of civilisation, just as the work of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is concerned with the spiritual development of humanity, and the work of the Manu is occupied with the science of divine government, with politics and law. Thus the incoming focussed energy, called forth in response to right invocation, is stepped down still nearer to humanity, and the masses can then respond to the new impulses. You have, therefore:

1. The Lords of Liberation, reached by the advanced spiritual thinkers of the world whose minds are rightly focussed.


2. The Rider on the white horse or from the secret place, (Shamballa) reached by those whose hearts are rightly touched.


3. The Lord of Civilisation, the Master R., reached by all who, with the first two groups, can stand with "massed intent."


On the united work of these Three, if humanity can succeed in calling Them forth, will come the alignment and the correct relation of three great spiritual centres of the planet, a thing which has never occurred before. Then:


[Page 275]

1. The Lords of Liberation will receive and transmit to the Hierarchy energy from the centre where God's Will is known and furthered.


2. The Rider will receive this energy and take such action as will express it, plus the motivating energy from the centre where God's Love is expressed.


3. The Lord of Civilisation will stimulate and prepare the centre which we call humanity for right reception of this re-vitalising, stimulating and releasing force.


Thus Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity will stand consciously related and dynamically in touch with each other. The Will of God, the Love of God and the Intelligence of God will thus fuse and blend on Earth and in relation to human problems. Conditions will consequently be brought about and energies will be set in motion which will end the rule of evil and bring war to an end through the victory of the Forces of Light, recognised and aided by Humanity.


Racial Avatars emerge along the line of the 1st ray and are very sensitive to Shamballa force

(EOH 298) 1. Racial Avatars. These Appearances are evoked by the genius and destiny of a race. The typical man (in quality and consciousness, not necessarily physically) foreshadows [Page 298] the nature of some race. Such a man was Abraham Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmitting racial quality—a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds. Coming forth correspondingly from the realm of cosmic evil, and responsible for the focus of materialism upon the planet today was Bismarck. Both men came forth within the same one hundred years, thus demonstrating the balance in nature and the constant interplay of the pairs of opposites. They are both types of the most powerful Avatars which humanity itself has as yet produced. They emerge along the lines of government, of the first ray and in the department of the Manu, and are very sensitive to Shamballa force. Such Avatars frequently emerge at the founding of a nation. This is true of both Bismarck and Lincoln.



Compilation Shamball part5


The fifth, and highest type of Avatar are called Divine Embodiments-and issue forth

Via Shamballa

(EOH 300)  I have considered some of these Avatars in my earlier writings under different names and categories. I deal with Them here simply in an effort to reach a wider public with the teaching on the doctrine of Avatars or of divine Appearances. The Bible is full of such Appearances, but little is really understood about Them. The above are the more familiar groupings.


In September 1940 I gave an interpretation of a new Stanza of the Great Invocation, and in that communication I spoke of Divine Embodiments as the highest type of Avatar for which humanity could look at this point in its evolution. I spoke of the activity of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa, should these two divine Agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysm (engulfing all peoples) was necessary, and I referred to the emergence of inspired leadership as another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation.


[Page 301]

Such inspired leadership is now being given to humanity by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, in contra-distinction to the focussed leadership of the forces of materialism through Hitler and another man in his group. But it is not with this form of leadership as expressive of the avataric principle that I deal here. Such leadership is called forth by elements present in humanity itself. I deal now with a fifth type of Avatar, greater than the other four. These Avatars have not, in this world cycle, experienced human life.


Divine Embodiments come via Shamballa and the Lord of the World, and embody divine purpose

5. Divine Embodiments. These Avatars appear rarely; and when They do, the effectiveness and results of Their work are very great. They issue forth into manifestation via the centre at Shamballa, because They are an expression of the will nature of Deity; They embody divine purpose; the energy pouring through Them and transmitted by Them is focussed through the Lord of the World; They can only be reached by the united voices of the Hierarchy and of humanity speaking in unison; Their service is evoked only by realised need, and only after those who call Them forth have added to their faith strenuous action and have done their utmost, alone and unaided, to overcome evil.


Divine Embodiments never descend lower than the mental plane-express the energy of Shamballa, the destroyer aspect of the 1st Ray (Plutonian energy), and bring about death

They never descend lower than the mental plane, and the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directed to the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy is Their transmitting agency; They occasionally reach those thinking people, focussed on the mental plane, who have clear vision, potent resolve, directed will and open minds, plus of course, essential purity of form. These Avatars express the Will of God, the energy of Shamballa, and the impulse lying behind divine purpose. When They do come forth, it will be the destroyer aspect of the first ray of power which They will express; They bring about death—the death of all old and limiting forms and of that which houses evil. Their work will, therefore, fall into two categories:


  1. They will destroy the forces of evil, using the agency of the Forces of Light.


b. They will reveal as much of the divine purpose as humanity is able to grasp through its best minds and most dedicated aspirants; They will clarify the vision of the world disciples and of all who have the disciplined will-to-know and who are dedicated to and expressive of the will-to-good. This knowledge and this will are needed in the coming period of readjustment.


How They will bring the present evil conditions to an end and how They will destroy the present evil state of materialistic aggression I may not reveal. It is not yet certain that human development and understanding and the massed intent of humanity will be adequate to the needed demand and strong enough to call Them forth. Time alone can determine that. God grant that the aspirants and disciples of the world will awaken to the opportunity and the imminent and waiting possibility. The plight of vast groups of people upon the planet today lies heavy upon the heart of the Hierarchy. But to bring release and the Appearance of the Power that can liberate, human cooperation is needed. Nowhere is this more desperately needed than among the German people in their unhappy land. God grant, therefore, that those Germans who have vision may join the forces of those who are seeking to free Germany and the German people from the imposed tyranny of the evil Lodge, working through their seven representatives in Germany. Once the Germans who are living free lives in other lands can think in terms of humanity as a whole and not in terms of national glamours, revenge or self-pity, then their voices will be added to those of the other free peoples and to those of the aspirants and disciples in all other nations.


When the Avatar comes He will convey to humanity something for which we have as yet no true name. It is neither love nor will as we understand them. Only a phrase of several words can convey something of the significance and then only feebly. This phrase is "the principle of directed purpose." This principle involves three factors:


[Page 303]

a. Understanding (intuitive and instinctual, but intelligently interpreted) of the plan as it can be worked out in the immediate future.


b. Focussed intention, based on the above and emphasising an aspect of the will, hitherto undeveloped in man.


c. Capacity to direct energy (through understanding and intent) towards a recognised and desired end, overcoming all obstacles and destroying all that stands in the way. This is not destruction of forms by force such as is now being imposed on the world, but a destruction brought about by the greatly strengthened life within the form. Only the next one hundred years will reveal the significance of this statement and then only if the massed intent of the people evokes this Avatar of Synthesis during the next twelve months.

The Avatar of Synthesis must be invoked during the next twelve months


I have called this Being by this name because it expresses the quality and the objective of the force He brings and wields.

Another and lesser Avatar is also awaiting a call from humanity. He is esoterically related to the Avatar of Synthesis, being overshadowed by Him. This Avatar can descend on to the physical plane into outer expression and can thus step down and transmit the stimulation and quality of the force of the greater Avatar Who can come no nearer than the mental plane.

The Avatar of synthesis will work through a lesser Avatar-who may be the Christ, or it may be someone chosen by him

 Who this Coming One may be is not yet revealed. It may be the Christ, if His other work permits; it may be One chosen by Him to issue forth, overshadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and directed in His activities by the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this way, the energies of both Shamballa and the Hierarchy will be focussed through the chosen Coming One. Thus a triangle of loving, purposeful energy will be created which may prove a more effective way of releasing energy and a safer way, than the focussed impact of one selected force might be.


I realise the difficulty of this subject and perhaps may simplify the matter by a brief summation:


1. A great cosmic Avatar can come if the Hierarchy and humanity can stand together with massed intent.


[Page 304]

a. He will descend into the three worlds of human endeavour, but no nearer than the mental plane.


b. He will transmit a cosmic energy whose quality is Synthesis. This will express itself through harmony and unity, producing necessarily understanding, promoting goodwill, and eventually ending the separative, isolating tendencies of mankind.


c. His note and vibration can only be sensed by those whose individual note is also synthesis and whose life objective is the will-to-good. These are consequently the Members of the Hierarchy, the disciples and aspirants of the world and a few of the men of goodwill.


2. A Messenger or Avatar of equal rank to the Christ in the Hierarchy (or possibly Christ Himself) may come forth as the Representative of the Avatar of Synthesis and as His transmitting Agent.


The Lesser Avatar, who may be the Christ, will coordinate between the Hierarchy and Shamballa

a. This lesser Avatar works today as one of the senior Members of the Great White Lodge and is in close touch with the Christ, with the Manu and with the Lord of Civilisation, the Master R.; He will act as the Coordinator between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. He will fuse and blend in Himself, through the quality of His Own life, the three great energies:


The will-to-spiritual power.

The will-to-love in its spiritual connotation.

The will-to-manifest spiritually.


b. The antiquity of the achievement of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to Him, which is found in so many of the world Scriptures: The Rider on the White Horse. This refers to the time prior to the phrase so well-known in the Christian fields: "The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." In the earlier cycle, the then initiates spoke of the "sacrificial horse, slain to all eternity." It conveys the same basic idea.


c. This Avatar can descend to the physical plane and there appear, to lead His people—as the Prince Who leads through war to peace.


[Page 305]

d. The whole problem before the Hierarchy and humanity today, in connection with the coming Avatar, can be summed up in the following four questions:


Can He bring the energy of synthesis with Him, thereby bringing about rapid changes?


The Avatar of Synthesis will only come through the massed intent of humanity

This depends upon His being overshadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and upon that Avatar being evoked through the demand and the massed intent of humanity, aided by the Hierarchy.


Will the demand of the people be strong enough to evoke the higher potency, or will it be too feeble because of the failure of the world disciples and aspirants to focus this massed intent throughout the planet?


Will the higher overshadowing not take place and only the lesser Avatar come to institute a slower method of gradual reform?


This slower method will be necessitated only if and because humanity will have demonstrated its inability to call forth and receive the higher measure and more potent vibration of divine energy. It is entirely for the decision of the world disciples and aspirants; not the decision of poor bewildered, deluded humanity. Will the world disciples and aspirants appreciate the crisis and opportunity? They have not yet, as a whole, done so.


3. The Hierarchy today stands with massed intent. The cry of the masses is rising up to the very gates of Shamballa. It is stronger by far than the demand of the spiritually oriented people—the disciples, the aspirants, the men of goodwill. They seem—from the viewpoint of the Hierarchy—to be overcome by inertia, to be engrossed by their theories and idealisms, and to be blind to the issues at stake. Can they be aroused? Can they stand with focussed intent, strenuous [Page 306] physical service and activity, and determined effort to struggle, even unto death, for the defeat of evil? Can they preserve the inner attitude of love and non-separateness? Can they relinquish all for love of humanity? Can they sacrifice every thing for the cause of freedom and of righteousness? This is the problem confronting Those Who are working for the appearance of the Greater and the Lesser Avatars Who can at this time save humanity if humanity desires salvation and will take the needed steps.



The Needed Steps


These steps are various in kind though one in intent. The first step is to realise clearly what are the methods whereby the Avatar can come and so reach humanity. These are the same methods, whether it is the Avatar of Synthesis, working through the Hierarchy, or the Avatar of Coordination (as I might call Him), working through humanity and representing the greater Avatar upon the physical plane.


The methods whereby Avatars reach and influence Their agents or those who respond to Their note, vibration and message are three in number.


  1. Overshadowing. Where there is kinship in quality, in objective and in nature, it is possible for the Avatar to overshadow some Member of the Hierarchy (as in the case of the Avatar of Synthesis) or some disciple or aspirant where humanity is concerned (in the case of a lesser Avatar). This is done through meditation, through a directed stream of thought energy, the presentation of a thoughtform and the evocation of the focussed will of the one who is overshadowed. All this proceeds rapidly where there is close cooperation between the latter (the sensitive responding disciple) and the Avatar. The Christ is today in very close rapport with the Avatar of Synthesis, and this rapport will continue, becoming closer and closer until the Full Moon of June; He is giving all possible aid, as is His Brother, the Buddha. It is this which makes the coming Full Moon of May of such supreme importance.


A group of Masters and initiates Who are specially related to the Christ's department, as well as a group working under the Master M., are endeavouring to respond to this overshadowing which is only possible—even to Them—when transmitted to Them by the Christ. (I talk here of mysteries.) It will therefore be apparent to you that, as They succeed and become increasingly sensitive to and aware of this overshadowing energy of the great Avatar, Their disciples on earth can also—in a dim and faint way—become responsive to the ideas that are formulated in the mind of their particular Master in response to avataric impression. Ponder on this.


2. Inspiration. This is more direct than overshadowing and more potent in results. Certain Members of the Hierarchy and, above all, the lesser Avatars, are inspired from "on high" by the cosmic Avatar and become at times direct expressions of His mind, His energy and His plans. This is the spiritual correspondence to obsession. In the case of obsession, a man is taken possession of and inspired by some evil entity; in inspiration, there is no possession but only what is called "identical response"—a very different thing. In the one case, the free will and intelligent understanding of the Master or the disciple is enlisted on the side of the spiritual Agent; the spiritual man, functioning as a soul, becomes the channel for forces, ideas and activities other than his own but to which he gives full intuitive assent. It is all carried forward with full understanding and consciousness of method, process and results. It is an act of free spiritual cooperation, for the good of humanity, in the work of a great spiritual Force or Being. The cooperation of the Master Jesus with the Christ is a case in point. In connection with the coming Avatar, it may involve the cooperation of the Christ or of a "kindred, equal soul" with a cosmic Being or Presence, taking place on still higher spiritual levels of consciousness and producing an incredibly focussed potency.


In the case of obsession, the evil force enslaves the personality which, in the majority of cases, is but a shell. Of this, Hitler is a case in point.  This produces greater potency [Page 308] on the physical plane and on the astral plane; it is quicker and more immediate in results, but the lasting power is less and the effects are relatively temporary.


In the processes of inspiration, the lesser Avatar—through His life and contacts in the three worlds—will necessarily influence sensitive, spiritually oriented disciples and aspirants, and thus the inspiration coming from the cosmic Avatar becomes in time a group inspiration, and therefore can be more safely handled. This group inspiration can happen today. If it does, there will then be a simultaneous appearing of the cosmic Avatar, the World Saviour in the Person of the lesser Avatar, and—at the same time—a group saviour, composed of responsive disciples and world servers. Ponder again on this.


In this way, if you will note carefully, there is established a direct linked chain from humanity, via the Hierarchy, to Shamballa. The Hierarchy is working at the establishing of this chain, aided by Their disciples. The demand for the cooperation of all aspirants is now going forth, because the times are urgent. If this relationship can be established (and it will be a sad day for humanity if it cannot), then the third method of avataric expression becomes possible.


  1. Appearance or Manifestation. Every possible step has been taken by the Hierarchy to enable the Avatar, the Coming One, to appear. What these steps are cannot be declared here. Only some questions, suggesting possibility, are permissible. Think you that His body of manifestation is already on Earth, waiting to be overshadowed, inspired and used at the right time, as was the vehicle of the Master Jesus by the Christ? There are those who say that it is waiting and has been waiting for 22 years. Is it possible that there will be a sudden descent of the Prince of Light and Peace to change present conditions by the effectiveness of His radiance and His message? There are those who look for Him to suddenly appear, and they number millions of expectant people. Some say He is already on His way. Is it possible that this Wesak Festival will see Him approach [Page 309] nearer to the Hierarchy and make a contact with Them? Some say it will take place. Can the "massed intent" of humanity evoke response and lead to the appearance on Earth of the lesser Avatar? Some say nothing can stop it. Prophecy, expectation and the present time cycle testify to the opportunity. This possible dual event—the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis to the Hierarchy and of the lesser Avatar, His Representative, to humanity—can be a probable happening if the world disciples and aspirants measure up to the opportunity.


(EOH 343) But all this determination is in most cases simply the expression of a fixed and united desire. It is not the organised use of the will. The secret of the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man. Only this can evoke the true expression of the will. It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind and controls the [Page 343] personality. The secret of the will is also closely tied in with the recognition of the unconquerable nature of goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. This is not determination; it is not whipping up and stimulating desire so that it can be transmuted into will; it is not an implacable, unshakable, immovable focussing of all energies in the need to triumph (the enemies of the Forces of Light are adept at that). Victory for the United Nations does not lie in the effort to produce this focussing with better effect than the enemy. The use of the will is not expressed by an iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focussing of energy and the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victory are only (where the United Nations are concerned) the expression of a one-pointed desire for peace and for an ending of the trouble. This type of effort is something which the masses can give, and which they do give on both sides in this conflict.


Shamballa force is a unifying synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting, standardising force.

There is, however, a plus, a something else, which will swing the tide of victory on to the side of the United Nations. This will come through the effort to understand and express the quality of spiritual Will; it will be the manifestation of that energy which makes the first divine aspect of Will or Power what it is; it is that which is the distinctive feature of the Shamballa force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is so different that even Christ Himself was unable to express it with facility and understanding. Hence we have the episode in Gethsemane. It is not easy for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since Gethsemane and since Christ made His initial contact with the Shamballa force, and by this means and on behalf of humanity established a relationship which even after two thousand years is but a thin, frail line of connecting energy.

This Will force is nevertheless available for right usage, but the power to express it lies in its understanding (as far as may be possible at this midway point in human evolution), and in its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as a regimenting, standardising force. May [Page 344] I repeat those two key words to the use of this Shamballa energy: Group Use and Understanding.


Mankind has had much difficulty in comprehending the significance of Love. If that is so, the problem in relation to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, true love is still only a theory. Love (as we usually interpret it) works out as kindness, but it is kindness to the form side of life, to the personalities of those around us, and fulfils itself usually in a desire to carry out our obligations and not to obstruct in any way those activities and relationships which tend to the well-being of our fellowmen. It expresses itself in a desire to end abuses and to bring about happier, material world conditions; it shows itself in mother love, in love among friends, but seldom as yet in love among groups and nations. It is the theme of the Christian teaching, just as Will, divinely expressed, will be the theme of the coming world religion, and has been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy and human welfare, but factually, true love has never yet been expressed—except by the Christ.


You might ask why, if this is so, do you emphasise this highest aspect? Why not wait until we know more about Love and how to manifest it in our environment? Because, in its true expression, the Will today is needed as a propelling, expulsive force, and also as a clarifying, purifying agent.


Some definitions of Shamballa force

The Shamballa energy is therefore that which is related to the livingness (through consciousness and form) of humanity; we need not consider its relation to the rest of the manifested world; it concerns the establishing of right human relations and is that condition of being which eventually negates the power of death. It is therefore incentive and not impulse; it is realised purpose and not the expression of desire. Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bending form consciously to divine purpose. The one is invocative and the other is evocative. Desire, when massed and focussed, can invoke will; will, when evoked, ends desire [Page 345] and becomes an immanent, propulsive, driving force, stabilising, clarifying, and finally destroying. It is much more than this, but this is all that man can grasp at this time and all for which he has, as yet, the mechanism of comprehension. It is this Will—aroused by invocation—which must be focussed in the light of the soul and dedicated to the purposes of light, and for the purpose of establishing right human relations; it must be used (in love) to destroy all that is hindering the free flow of human life and


which is bringing death (spiritual and real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked.


There are two great handicaps to the free expression of the Will force in its true nature. One is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact, and its consequent prostitution to selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the Axis nations for material objectives. The second is the blocking, hindering, muddled but massed opposition of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely and beautifully about love but refuse to consider the techniques of the Will of God in operation. According to them, that Will is something with which they will personally have naught to do; they refuse to recognise that God works out His Will through men, just as He is ever seeking to express His Love through men; they will not believe that that Will could possibly express itself through the destruction of evil with all the material consequences of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy the forms which are obstructing the free play of the divine Spirit; that Will must not infringe upon their interpretation of Love. Such people are individually of small moment and of no importance, but their massed negativity is a real detriment to the ending of this war, just as the massed negativity of the German people, and their inability to take right action when Hitler's purposes were disclosed, made possible the great inflow of ancient and focussed evil which has brought the present catastrophe to man. Such people are like a millstone around the neck of humanity, crippling true effort, murmuring, [Page 346] "Let us love God and each other," but doing nothing but murmur prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying.


You can easily appreciate the fact that the evocation of the energy of the Will and its effect upon the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. It would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name we give to realised and determined desire. It could then create such a driving force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In the history of the race, one or two advanced personalities have done this with dire results, both to themselves and to the people of their time. One such figure in ancient times was Nero; the modern example is Hitler. What, however, has made the latter so dangerously an enemy of the human family is that during the last two thousand years mankind has advanced to a point where it can also be responsive to certain aspects of this first ray force. Hitler therefore found associates and cooperators who added their receptivity to his so that an entire group became the responsive agents of the destructive energy, expressing itself in its lowest aspect. This is what has enabled them to work ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly, cruelly, and successfully, at the destruction of all that attempted to impede their projects and desires.


There is only one way in which this focussed evil will which is responsive to the Shamballa force can be overcome, and that is by the opposition of an equally focussed spiritual Will, displayed by responsive men and women of goodwill who can train themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy and can learn how to invoke and evoke it.


The focussed will –to-good can invoke the shamballa energy

You can consequently see why there was more than the casual use of a current word in my mind when I talked to all of you in terms of goodwill and of the will-to-good. All the time I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focussed will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy, and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil.


(EOH 349) I would ask you to ponder on these two functions which the Buddha has performed. There is a third which, in collaboration with the Christ, He has made possible; this is the establishment of a more easily achieved relation between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, thus facilitating the impress of the Will of God upon the minds of men, through the medium of the Hierarchy. This impress we interpret as yet in terms of the divine Plan. This is expressing itself at present in the [Page 349] keen recognition by men everywhere of the need to establish right human relations, culminating in the objectives for which the United Nations are fighting. These have been voiced for humanity by two great world disciples in terms of The Four Freedoms and The Atlantic Pact. These Four Freedoms relate basically to the four aspects of the lower self, the quaternary. Enough light has been permitted to penetrate by the efforts of the Buddha, to lead to a world-wide recognition of the desirability of these formulas; and there is enough love already in the world, released by the Christ, to make possible the working out of the formulas. Rest back on that assurance and—in full practice upon the physical plane—demonstrate its truth. I said "to make possible," for the working out lies in the hands of the New Group of World Servers and the men and women of goodwill. Will they prove adequate for the task? Will they brace themselves for the needed strenuous effort?


What now is the task which the Buddha has set Himself this coming Full Moon? As far as your comprehension is concerned, it is to evoke in humanity the spirit of demand, whilst holding open for them the channel whereby that demand can reach straight through to Shamballa. This is the point to have in mind as you prepare for the Wesak Festival and attempt to participate in the Full Moon blessing—blessing for the world and not for yourself. The Buddha comes this year, embodying the force which can stimulate men everywhere to focus their "massed intent" and thus reach symbolically "the ear and the heart" of the Avatar, wresting thus from the secret place of the Most High the aid, help, and directed recognition which will bring about a phenomenal event in due and proper time. Whilst He is attempting to do this, the Christ will join in the effort by focussing in Himself the spirit of appeal as it is evoked by the stimulation being applied by the Buddha. He will embody that appeal in a great Invocation, one which cannot be given to you, but which He is prepared to use if the appeal comes forth in sufficient strength from the people of the world. Will humanity respond to the evocation of the [Page 350] Buddha? Will their massed intent be vital enough to enable the Christ to become Himself, in a mysterious way, the very Spirit of Invocation on their behalf? These are the possibilities with which we are confronted this Full Moon of May.


(EOH 350) One thing I would request. Set no dates for the appearing of the Coming One, the Avatar, or for any spectacular aid. If the work is rightly done, He will come at the set and appointed time and the needed aid will be forthcoming. Modes and methods are none of your concern. Regard the ancient prophecies as intrinsically right, true and correct, but recognise that their phraseology is symbolic and not to be taken literally. How the Lords of Liberation will work can only be known to the Hierarchy. Their aid will be focussed [Page 351] upon evoking in the Hierarchy those attitudes and capacities which will make possible the inflow of energy from Shamballa. Their work is with the Hierarchy, and the reaction of humanity to Their activity will come only from the New Group of World Servers, and may even then only be registered consciously by the senior disciples and initiates.


The work of the Avatar, the Rider from the Secret Place, will be primarily with humanity and will be for their relief and salvation.


The first half of this work, focussed through the Buddha, will begin in May 1942. The second half will be started by the Christ in June 1942, but only if the invocation of the New Group of World Servers and the massed intent of the men and women of goodwill is adequately strong and adequately focussed. It will consequently be a reciprocal process of invocation and evocation, facilitated by the extreme readiness to act and to respond on the part of Those invoked by humanity, but handicapped by the lack of sensitivity and the weakness of the will of those seeking aid. It is this inadequacy which the Buddha hopes to remove when He comes to His people in May. It is the strengthening and focussing of the will which the Christ is endeavouring to foster with a special effort in June.


These two Full Moons are therefore of paramount importance and should have a definite effect subconsciously upon the minds of the New Group of World Servers and upon the hearts of the men and women of goodwill in every land, nation and group. Let your meetings, your meditation and your individual thinking be steadily focussed upon these points, and endeavour to enter into the Full Moon exercises—both of May and June—with as clear an understanding of what is taking place as you can and a clear picture of the possibilities which can come as the result of right action. Both the Full Moons should be times of effective service. The Buddha does not require invoking. He will come. But the spirit of invocation needs evoking from the masses and it is this work that aspirants everywhere can aid the Buddha in bringing out, standing thus with Him and with the [Page 352] Hierarchy. At the time of the Full Moon of June, and in preparation for the opportunity during the entire month of May, the point of focus for all servers must be the Christ and every effort must be directed to aiding His work as Representative for the people. He will endeavour to gather into Himself all that they have of appeal, prayer and demand—voiced or unvoiced—transmitting it in an act of spiritual intent to Shamballa.


(EOH 362) This is necessarily no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity. The process has been slowly gathering momentum as these two great Beings have gathered around Them Their disciples and initiates during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication between Shamballa and the Hierarchy has been opened and enlarged, and as the contact between these two great Centres and Humanity has been more firmly established.


At the June Full Moon, 1942, will come the first test as to the directness of the communication between the Centre where the Will of God holds sway, the Centre where the Love of God rules and the Centre where there is intelligent expectancy. The medium of the test will be the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha and of those who respond to [Page 362] Their blended influence. This test has to be carried out in the midst of the terrific onslaught of the powers of evil and will be extended over the two weeks beginning on the day of the Full Moon (May 30th, 1942) and ending on June 15th, 1942. There is a great concentration of the Spiritual Forces at this time and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself may not use), but the success or failure of the test, in the last analysis, will be determined by mankind itself.


You may feel, though wrongly, that not enough people know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring. But the success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively very few, to whom the facts and the information have been partially imparted. It is dependent also upon the tendency of the many who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole and whose longing and desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relations and of spiritual enterprise among men. Their name is legion and they are to be found in every nation.


When the Will of God, expressed in Shamballa and focussed in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focussed through the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focussed through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all brought into line—either consciously or unconsciously—then a great reorientation can and will take place. This event is something that can happen.



DK describes the May full moon of 1943 as the greatest spiritual approach of all time-one that the Masters had been preparing for, for centuries

(EOH 388) March 1943

We are nearing the climax of the spiritual year. The greatest Approach of all time is imminent and possible. Much depends now upon the aspirants and disciples of the world, particularly those in physical incarnation today. A major contact between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, for which initiates and Masters have, for centuries, been preparing is in process of consummation. I shall very shortly be giving you some further information on the subject in an attempt to anchor on the earth that seed of the new world religion which an earlier instruction upon the Great Approaches* indicated might be founded, and lead to a true start of a universal faith which will serve the need of [Page 388] humanity for a long time to come. All I ask of you today is to begin now a most careful preparation for the event which is impending at the time of the Full Moon of May, so that the energies then set in motion may be aided by your directed thought and you yourselves may come more fully into the current of the downpouring life.


(EOH 398) I gave you later another Stanza of the Invocation, of great power which was suited to the conditions of war—a war which proved inevitable and unavoidable. This last Invocation was not so popular and not nearly so easily understood and for this there was very good reason. It was an invocation intended to evoke the Forces of Life just as the previous one invoked the Forces of Light and Love. It could only be successfully used by disciples, advanced thinkers and the Hierarchy itself. It was, however, given out to the public so as to familiarise them as far as possible with the concepts of liberation and life and in an effort to anchor upon Earth [Page 398] a new point of focus through which life could be made to flow. This effort has not been totally unsuccessful.

At the time of the Full Moon of May and of June, it will be advisable to use both these Invocations and thus to fuse and blend into one united invocation the massed intent of humanity as a whole and the enlightened purpose of the disciples and the Hierarchy. This fusion of the two groups—Humanity and the Hierarchy—may then suffice to sound out such a potent call that life may be released on Earth instead of death and the love of God play its active part in the reconstruction of world affairs. If this can be successfully accomplished, two great revelations may then be speeded on their way:


1. A revelation of light and understanding to humanity as a whole, leading them to knowledge and enabling men to see the cause of the present catastrophe, for "in that light shall we see Light." In that light, humanity will know what to do and how to rectify past errors.


2. A revelation of life and of "life more abundantly" as Christ promised when on earth. This revelation will give to the thinkers, idealists, true leaders and disciples working in the world today, that spiritual energy which leads to right activity, sound leadership and inspired and inspiring living.


Such is another of the goals confronting the Hierarchy at this time. Such is the will of God for humanity and such is the intent and purpose of Shamballa. When the massed purpose of the Custodians of the Will of God and the massed intent of the souls of men can be synchronised, then the Great Approach will become inevitable and the Great Release will automatically follow.


(EOH 407) Behind this spiritual centre of Love and Light another centre is to be found, for which the West has no name but which is called in the East by the name Shamballa. Perhaps the Western name is Shangri-Lha—a name which is finding recognition everywhere and which stands for a centre of happiness and purpose. Shamballa or Shangri-Lha is the place where the Will of God is focussed and from which His divine purposes are directed. From it the great political movements and the destiny of races and nations and their progress are determined, just as the religious movements, the cultural unfoldments and spiritual ideas are sent forth from the hierarchical centre of Love and Light. Political and social ideologies and world religions, the Will of God and the Love of God, the Purpose of divinity and the plans whereby that purpose is brought into activity all focus through that centre of which we are each consciously a part, Humanity itself. There are, therefore, three great spiritual centres on the planet: Shamballa, the spiritual Hierarchy, and Humanity.


There is definite Biblical testimony to this highest of all centres, Shamballa. At moments of crisis in the earthly life of Christ we read that a Voice spoke to Him, the Voice of the Father was heard by Him, affirming His Sonship and setting the seal of approval upon His acts and work. At that [Page 408] moment a great fusion of the two spiritual centres—the Hierarchy and Shamballa, the Kingdom of God and the world of Spirit—was brought about, and thus spiritual energy was released on Earth. We need to remember that the work of all World Saviours and Teachers is to act primarily as distributors of divine energy and as channels for spiritual force. This outpouring manifests either as the impulse behind a world religion, the incentive behind some new political ideology, or the principle of some scientific discovery of importance to the growth of the human spirit. Thus do religions, governments and civilisations find their motivation. History has demonstrated that again and again these developments are the results of the appearance and the activity of some great man at an advanced stage of development. Those who come forth as Teachers, Saviours or Founders of a new religion come forth from the Hierarchy and are of the highest order of spiritual perfection. Those who convey to man the purposes of God through new ideological concepts are not as yet of so high an order, because man is not yet ready for the highest presentation. Much has yet to be learnt and mastered by man, and spiritual unfoldment always outpaces the outer expression of human relationships and the social order; hence the world religions come first and produce the conditions which make the work of the rulers possible. Those who come forth from the spiritual centre, Shamballa, are of great power, however, and the thread of Their influence can be traced throughout history in great declarations and pronouncements such as the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence and the Atlantic Charter. Those who come forth from Shamballa or the Hierarchy for the release and the guidance of humanity are evoked by human desire and demand, for there is a spiritual interplay existing between Humanity and the Hierarchy, and between both and Shamballa.


(EOH 416) 2. The development of the Science of Invocation and Evocation as a means and method of approach to divinity. This will grow out of the ancient habits of prayer as used by the masses, and the practice of meditation as developed by the mystics and occultists. Prayer and meditation are the preliminary steps to this emerging science, and what is vaguely called "worship" is the group effort to establish some form of united approach to the spiritual Hierarchy, functioning under the guidance and control of the Christ and related to the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, through its most advanced individuals, just as humanity is related to the Hierarchy by its spiritually minded people.


(EOH 421) Let me indicate the possibilities of such spiritual events, and prophesy the nature of the coming world-wide Festivals. There will be three such major Festivals each year, concentrated in three consecutive months, and leading therefore to a prolonged spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year. These will be:


1. The Festival of Easter. This is the festival of the risen, living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the Expression of the Love of God. On this day the Spiritual Hierarchy which He guides and directs will be recognised, and the nature of God's love will be emphasised. This festival is determined always by the date of the first Full Moon of spring, and is the great Western and Christian festival.


Wesak, or the full moon of May, is the festival of the Buddha, who is the intermediary between Shamballa and Hierarchy

2. The Festival of Wesak. This is the festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest [Page 421] spiritual centre, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the Expression of the Wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light, and the Indicator of the divine Purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern festival.


3. The Festival of Goodwill. This will be the festival of the spirit of humanity—aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the Will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relation. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognised. On this festival, for two thousand years, the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of His people and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII:29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha before the assembled Hierarchy. This will therefore be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ.


These three festivals are already being kept throughout the world, though they are not as yet related to each other, and as part of the unified spiritual Approach of humanity. The time is coming when all three festivals will be kept simultaneously throughout the world, and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the effects of the great Approach so close to us at this time will be stabilised by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet.


The remaining full moons will constitute lesser festivals, but will be recognised to be also of vital importance. They will establish the divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just as the major festivals establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determined by a close study of the nature of a particular [Page 422] constellation or constellations influencing those months. For instance, Capricorn (December) will call attention to the first initiation, the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart, and indicate the training needed to bring about that great spiritual event in the life of the individual man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate the possibilities for spiritual unfoldment that could be given through an understanding of these influences, and in order to revivify the ancient faiths by expanding them into their larger undying relationships.



We have, therefore, the following:

Shamballa……..the Will aspect of God….Wesak…….May Full Moon (Taurus)

Hierarchy…..the Love aspect of God…..Easter…..April Full Moon (Aries)

Humanity…..divine Intelligence….Goodwill…..June Full Moon (Gemini)


The remaining nine Full Moons will be concerned with the divine characteristics and their development in mankind.


Thus the twelve festivals will constitute a revelation of divinity. They will present a means of bringing about relationship, first of all during three months with the three great spiritual centres, the three expressions of the divine Trinity. The minor festivals will emphasise the inter-relation of the Whole, thus lifting the divine presentation out of the individual and the personal into that of the universal divine Purpose; the relationship of the Whole to the part and of the part to that Whole will be thereby fully expressed.


Humanity will therefore invoke the spiritual power of the Kingdom of God, the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out on Earth. The Hierarchy, on a higher turn of the spiral, will invoke the centre of God's Will, Shamballa or Shangri-Lha, thus invoking the Purpose of God. Thus will the Will of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for this the Earth waits.


(EOH 425) The Forces of Evil sought for those leaders and groups who are the materialistic correspondence to the spiritual leaders and those who seek to guide humanity along right lines. They took possession (and I use this word with deliberation) of the evil men who led the Axis Powers—Hitler, Tojo, Goebbels, Ribbentrop, Himmler and—to a much lesser degree—Mussolini, Hess, Goering and others. They completely overpowered the minds of these men, already distorted with ambition and sadistic inclinations. Who, you ask, do I mean by "they"? I mean those intelligent evil, unloving, hateful Individualities who are to the world of selfish and material focus what the Hierarchy of Masters, working under the Christ, are to struggling human aspirants. The power of these evil forces is enormous, for they recognise no restrictions or ordinary decent, human limitations; they work through violence, coercion, cruelty, hate, terror and lies; they aim to subjugate the human consciousness through the complete control of men's minds, through the withholding of good and the promulgation of evil. They stimulate the brains of men through the extent of their evil and magical knowledge; I mean this literally and physically. The Great White Lodge, working under the inspiration of the Christ and of Shamballa, functions necessarily under certain spiritual restrictions. Coercion is not permitted; the minds of men must be and are left free; the stimulation of the souls of men is permitted, because it results in the stimulation of the expression of love and of understanding, leading to right human relations. These spiritual restrictions greatly slow down the progress of the Forces of Light; it should interest you to remember that the length of the war was partly dependent upon the inability of the Armies of the Lord to commit the crimes for which the Axis Powers have been responsible. The physical activities of the Forces of Light do recognise certain limitations, and of this the Forces of Evil take constant advantage. The bombing of massed populations was started by Hitler and could have been ended by him immediately if he so chose.



The Christ had to deflect Shamballa energy from the Axis powers to those who opposed them

(EOH 436) Our Master, the Christ, is also at this time carrying forward three major activities. I can tell you briefly what they are, but only the disciples of the world will grasp the true implications.


He is, first of all, occupied with the process of deflecting the will-energy, emanating from Shamballa, in such a way that it will not be seized upon and misused by the Axis Powers in order to stiffen their peoples into increased opposition to the Forces of Light. It must be rechannelled and used to stiffen the purpose of the United Nations to carry the war to a finish of victory and of triumph, to increase the will-to-unity of all the allied peoples and to make firm the intention of the post-war planners that freedom, educational facilities, truth and right living shall be [Page 436] the lot of the incoming generation. This necessitates on the part of the Christ a concentration for which we have no equivalent word and a purely spiritual endeavour (a monadic effort) of which we have no faintest idea.


(EOH 438) Today the Hierarchy is facing a climaxing activity. From the Full Moon of May, 1944, until the Full Moon of May, 1945, the Members of the Hierarchy will unitedly be putting forth Their maximum effort to close the door upon the Forces of Evil, to direct the Shamballa energy (now let loose upon the world) so that its destructive aspect may be transmuted or directed towards the stimulation which will result in the rebuilding of the world. This will then affect not only the Members of the Hierarchy, but all on Earth who respond to hierarchical impression. Have the following statement in mind:


"The focussed and concentrated work of the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of May, 1944 is—by Their united effort, Their blended thought and Their illumined will power, under the trained guidance of [Page 438] the Buddha and the Christ—to withdraw the energy of the will-to-separation and aggression (a distortion of first ray energy) away from the Forces of Evil and channel it again, via the Hierarchy; it will then demonstrate as the Will-to-Good, and this will express itself via the men of goodwill on Earth. This requires a great Act of Absorption by the Hierarchy."


The Black Lodge had let loose the Shamballa force into the Axis nations

The Buddha will start the process at the time of His appearance, through the use of a great first ray mantram. This can be used only by someone of His initiate standing and in collaboration with the Lord of the World. He will thereby deflect the Shamballa force which the Adepts of the Black Lodge have turned loose into the Axis nations; this has been made possible by their receptivity to the will-to-power. He will "corral" it (if I may use such a colloquial and inappropriate term) and will place it at the disposal of the Christ. The reception and the acceptance of this first ray energy will require a tremendous effort upon the part of the Christ, the Custodian of the energy of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. It is for this "reception" that He started to prepare at the time of the April Full Moon.


Only three times in history has the Shamballa force been directed unimpeded and untransmuteed, towards humanity

(EOH 438) I have told you elsewhere that this direct impact of the Shamballa energy upon humanity very seldom occurs. It has been loosed only three times during the entire history of the human kingdom. At other times, it makes its impact directly upon the Hierarchy, and is then transmuted or stepped down so that humanity can take it. The three times it has been directed, unimpeded and untransmuted, towards humanity are:


1. At the time of the individualisation of animal-man when the mind principle was implanted. This was the birth hour of the human soul.


2. In Atlantean days when the power of the Black Lodge was so great that defeat faced the Hierarchy and the destruction of the human soul. Shamballa then interfered, and the world of that time was [Page 439] destroyed. This period is recognised in modern history as the time of the Great Flood.


3. Today, once again, the Powers of Darkness are attempting to destroy humanity and the spiritual values. The power of Shamballa was let loose, destroying old forms—political, social and religious—but at the same time this power was seized upon by the evil forces to destroy the souls of men, to precipitate war and to destroy the cities and all our centres of civilisation and culture. The first phase or form of destruction was directed by the disciples, the aspirants and the clear thinking people of the world, and this was needed and very good. The old social, political and religious forms were stultifying the human soul and handicapping all progress. The second phase or form of destruction was directed by evil, and was focussed through those nations who had succumbed to the glamour of superiority, to the temptation of material aggression and to intolerant racial hatreds, implemented by cruelty and barbarism.


Shamballa force must express itself through the will-to-good

The time has now come when this divine energy must express itself through the second aspect of the will-to-good, and not through the first aspect, the will-to-power. Mankind has had to be shown that it is not yet ready for power, because the will-to-good is not adequately strong to balance this first aspect of the will.


This then is the task of the Christ and of the Buddha at the time of the May Full Moon—to channel and redirect the Shamballa force. If They can do this, the result will be a new realisation and accomplishment of the will-to-good by the New Group of World Servers, under the receptive guidance of the world disciples and a responsive activity of the men and women of goodwill.


(EOH 447) A powerful first ray activity—the activity of will or purpose—is swinging into action. The Christ, as the Leader of the Forces of Light, has empowered the Ashrams of the Masters upon this first Ray of Power to strengthen the hands of all disciples in the field of government and of political arrangement in every nation; to enlighten, if possible, the various national legislatures by whatever means may be needed, so that the potency of their words, the wisdom of their planning, and the breadth of their thinking may prove so effective that the "Cycle of Conferences and of Councils," now being initiated by the statesmen of the world, may be under the direct guidance (again if possible) of Those in the Council Chamber at Shamballa Who know what is the Will of God. The selfishness of the little minds in the various legislatures of the world must in some way be offset. That is the problem. I wonder if you can grasp the significance [Page 447] of this happening? Down the ages, individual statesmen and rulers have from time to time been responsive to the influence of that spiritually supreme Council; but it has been the responsiveness of the individual disciple who has worked alone and unaided and who has faced, (or experienced) defeat as often, if not oftener, than he has experienced victory. Today, in the planning now going forward in connection with the various international conferences and councils of which you all know, the spiritual effort (for the first time in human history) is to bring all of them, as functioning groups, under the direct impact of the energy which motivates and actuates that place where the Will of God is known and the purposes of divinity are defined and projected. This means that each of the coming world conferences (and there will necessarily be many) will have a greater and far more extensive effect than would otherwise be the case; it means, however, that the risks involved and the clash of minds will also be far greater. This is a point which you should bear in mind as you study and read reports of these various conferences.


(EOH 455) Let us consider for a minute what the Hierarchy stands ready to do and what its Members will plan and formulate during the Easter Festival this month, during the Wesak Festival in April, and during the Festival of the Christ at the end of May. It might be said that the Hierarchy, in conjunction with the great Council of the Will of God at Shamballa, will divide Their work into three parts, each governing three phases of the coming restoration of humanity to civilised and cultured living on a new and higher turn of the spiral. They will deal with the problem of spiritual freedom, as it embodies itself in the Four Freedoms, and with the problem of right human relations, as it will express itself through international relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not for me to tell you what humanity, through its statesmen and leaders, will plan to do at the coming conferences. It is my task to mobilise the New Group of World Servers and the men and women of goodwill so that they may stand as a great "army of implacable spiritual will" behind the participants in these conferences and councils, enabling them to think with clarity about the issues involved and thus (through this clear thinking) affect telepathically the minds of men; this involves the use of a power seldom employed as yet on the side of righteous endeavour, though already widely used by the materialistic leaders of the forces of evil.


(EOH 458) But the work of the Angel of Death, awful as it may seem as it demonstrates today on a planetary scale—but beneficent as we know it to be in intent and in purpose—will give place to that of the Spirit of Resurrection.


It is the planning of this restoration and this resurrection activity which is now under consideration by the Hierarchy, having been handed over to Them because They are closer to man than are Those Who function in the Council Chamber at Shamballa. It must be remembered that this Spirit of Resurrection is a Member of that Council and Their chosen Emissary. He (if one may be permitted to personalise the impersonal) is in truth the "Sun of Righteousness" Who can now arise "with healing in His wings"; Who can carry this life-giving energy which counteracts death, this vision which gives incentive to life, and this hope which can restore all nations. At the Full Moon of March, let the demand go out for the appearance of this life-giving Spirit. Let it go forth with such intensity that the Hierarchy will be called into active response and will [Page 459] immediately release the potency of this Spirit into the hearts of men everywhere.





August 9, 1945


I would like at this time to touch upon the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom, appeared. I refer to the release of atomic energy, as related in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing of Japan.


Some years ago I told you that the new era would be ushered in by the scientists of the world and that the inauguration of the kingdom of God on Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this first step in the releasing of the energy of the atom this has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified during this momentous year of our Lord 1945. Let me make one or two statements anent this discovery, leaving you to make your own application and deductions. Little as to the true nature of this happening is as yet known, and still less is understood. Certain ideas and suggested thoughts may be of real value here and enable you to see this stupendous event in better perspective.


1. It was the imminence of this "release" of energy which was one of the major subjective factors in the precipitation of this last phase of the war. This world war started in 1914, but its last and most important phase began in 1939. [Page 492] Up till then it was a world war. After that date, and because the forces of evil took advantage of the state of war and belligerency existing on the planet, the real war began, involving the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy. Man's attention is normally focussed on the externalities of living. Nevertheless, all great discoveries, such as those made in connection with astronomy or in relation to the laws of nature or involving such a revelation as that of radio-activity or the epoch-making event announced this week concerning the first steps taken in the harnessing of cosmic energy, are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places. Such inner pressures themselves function under the laws of the Spirit and not just under what you call natural laws; they are the result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working in connection with the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, and are concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation. Such activities are motivated from Shamballa. This activity is set in motion by these Lives, working on Their high plane, and it gradually causes a reaction in the various departments of the Hierarchy, particularly those working under third, fifth and seventh ray Masters. Eventually, disciples upon the physical levels of activity become aware of the inner ferment, and this happens either consciously or unconsciously. They become "impressed," and the scientific work is then started and carried through into the stages of experimentation and final success.


One point should here be remembered, and that is that this phase applies to both the great White Lodge and the Black Lodge—the one dedicated to the beneficent task of purifying and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution and to the release of the soul in form, and the other to the retardation of the evolutionary process and to the continuous crystallising of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in this matter of the release of energy from the atom and the liberation of its [Page 493] inner aspect, but their motives and objectives were widely different.


2. The imminence of this release—inevitable and under direction—produced an enormous tension in hierarchical circles because (to express the idea colloquially) a race was on between the Dark Forces and the Forces of Light to acquire possession of the techniques necessary to bring about this liberation of needed energy. Had the Dark Forces triumphed, and had the Axis Powers obtained possession of the needed scientific formulas, it would have led to a major planetary disaster. The released energy would have been used first of all to bring about the complete destruction of all opposing the forces of evil, and then it would have been prostituted to the preservation of an increasingly materialistic and non-idealistic civilisation. Germany could not be trusted with this power, for all her motives were compelling wrong.


You might here fall back on the trite religious platitude that the innate good in humanity and mankind's inherent divinity would eventually have triumphed, because naught can finally overcome the universal trend to good. You are prone to forget that if the evil forces possess potencies which can destroy form in the three worlds on such a wide scale that the souls of advanced aspirants and disciples, and those of initiates seeking incarnation, cannot come into outer expression during a particular world crisis, then you have direfully affected the time-schedule of the evolutionary process; you will have greatly delayed (perhaps for millennia of years) the manifestation of the kingdom of God. The time had come for that manifestation, and hence the powerful activity of the dark forces.


The Nazis were close to success in 1942

This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted a definite menace and indicated a supreme danger and problem. The evil forces were closer to success than any of you have ever dreamed. They were so close to success in 1942 that there were four months when the members of the spiritual Hierarchy had made every possible arrangement to withdraw from human contact for an indefinite [Page 494] and unforeseen period of time; the plans for a closer contact with the evolutionary process in the three worlds and the effort to blend and fuse the two divine centres, the Hierarchy and Humanity, into one working, collaborating whole seemed doomed to destruction. Their fusion would have meant the appearance of the Kingdom of God on earth; the obstacles to this fusion, owing to the active tension of the dark forces, seemed at that time insuperable; we believed that man would go down to defeat, owing to his selfishness and his misuse of the principle of free will. We made all preparations to withdraw, and yet at the same time we struggled to get humanity to choose rightly and to see the issues clearly.


The necessity to withdraw was averted. I may not say in what manner, beyond telling you that the Lords of Liberation took certain unexpected steps. This They were led to do owing to the invocative powers of humanity, used consciously by all those upon the side of the will-to-good and unconsciously by all men of goodwill. Owing to these steps, the efforts of those fighting in the realm of science for the establishing of true knowledge and right human relations were aided. The trend of the power to know and to discover (a definite form of energy) was deflected away from the demanding evocative minds of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mental paralysis. Those seeking to emphasise the right values and to save humanity were simultaneously stimulated to the point of success.


In these very few words I have disposed of a stupendous world event, and in this brief paragraph I have summed up the working out of a specialised divine activity.


3. When the sun moved northward that year (1942), the great White Lodge knew that the battle had been won. Their preparations were halted and the Masters then organised for renewed effort (through Their disciples) to bring about those conditions wherein that which was new and that which was in line with loving divine purpose could freely move forward. The war was not won by the surrender of [Page 495] Germany.  That was only the outer result of inner happenings. The war was won by the Forces of Light when the mental potency of the forces of evil was overcome and the "energy of the future" was directed or impelled by Those Who were seeking the higher human values and the spiritual good of mankind. Four factors lie behind the momentous happening of the release of this form of atomic energy, through the medium of what is erroneously and unscientifically called the "splitting of the atom." There are other factors, but you may find the following four of real interest:


  1. There was a clearly directed inflow of extra-planetary energy released by the Lords of Liberation, to Whom invocation had been successfully made; through the impact of this energy upon the atomic substance being dealt with by the investigating scientists, changes were brought about which enabled them to achieve success. The experiments being carried forward were therefore both subjective and objective.


b. A concerted effort was made by a number of disciples who were working in fifth and seventh ray ashrams, and this enabled them to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field and helped them to surmount the well-nigh insuperable difficulties with which they were confronted.

c. There was also a weakening of the tension which had hitherto successfully held the forces of evil together, and a growing inability of the evil group at the head of the Axis Powers to surmount the incidental war fatigue. This brought about, first of all, a steady deterioration of their minds, and then of their brains and nervous systems. None of the men involved in the direction of the Axis effort in Europe is today normal psychologically; they are all suffering from some form of physical deterioration, and this has been a real factor in their defeat, though one that may be difficult for you to realise. It is not so in the case of the Japanese, whose psychological make-up is totally different, [Page 496] as are their nervous systems, which are of fourth rootrace quality. They will be and are being defeated by physical war measures and by the destruction physically of their war potential and the death of the form aspect. This destruction ... and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening; it is the justification of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population. The first use of this released energy has been destructive, but I would remind you that it has been the destruction of forms and not the destruction of spiritual values and the death of the human spirit—as was the goal of the Axis effort.


Forget not that all success (both good and bad) is dependent upon the sustaining of the point of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic focussing of all mental, emotional and physical energies at a central point of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective of all true meditation work. It is in this act of tension that the German people failed. This cost them the war; their tension broke because the group of evil forces who were impressing the negative German people were unable to attain the point of tension which the Hierarchy could reach when it was reinforced through the action of the Lords of Liberation.


d. Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and the prayers (articulate and inarticulate) of humanity itself. Men, impelled largely by fear and the innate mobilising of the human spirit against slavery, reached such a pitch of demanding energy that a channel was created which greatly facilitated the work of the Hierarchy, under the direct influence of the Lords of Liberation.


The many different types of atoms will release different kinds of atomic force

4. The release of the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extent or the nature of the energies which have been tapped and released. There are many types of atoms, constituting [Page 497] the "world substance"; each can release its own type of force; this is one of the secrets which the new age will in time reveal, but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would call your attention to the words, "the liberation of energy." It is liberation which is the keynote of the new era, just as it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter and the freeing of some of the soul forces within the atom. This has been, for matter itself, a great and potent initiation, paralleling those initiations which liberate or release the souls of men.


In this process of planetary initiation humanity has carried its work as the world saviour down into the world of substance, and has affected those primary units of life of which all forms are made.


5. You will now understand the meaning of the words used by so many of you in the second of the Great Invocations: The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived. This "saving force" is the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction, first of all, of those who continue (if they do) to defy the Forces of Light working through the United Nations. Then—as time goes on—this liberated energy will usher in the new civilisation, the new and better world and the finer, more spiritual conditions. The highest dreams of those who love their fellowmen can become practical possibilities through the right use of this liberated energy, if the real values are taught, emphasised and applied to daily living. This "saving force" has now been made available by science, and my earlier prophecy substantiated.*


As I said above, the first use of this energy has been material destruction; this was inevitable and desirable; old forms (obstructing the good) have had to be destroyed; the wrecking and disappearance of that which is bad and undesirable must ever precede the building of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that which is new and better.


The constructive use of this energy and its harnessing for the betterment of humanity is its real purpose; this living energy of substance itself, hitherto shut up within the atom and imprisoned in these ultimate forms of life, can be turned wholly into that which is good and can bring about such a revolutionising of the modes of human experience that (from one angle alone) it will necessitate and bring about an entirely new economic world structure.


It lies in the hands of the United Nations to protect this released energy from misuse and to see that its power is not prostituted to selfish ends and purely material purposes. It is a "saving force" and has in it the potency of rebuilding, of rehabilitation and of reconstruction. Its right use can abolish destitution, bring civilised comfort (and not useless luxury) to all upon our planet; its expression in forms of right living, if motivated by right human relations, will produce beauty, warmth, colour, the abolition of the present forms of disease, the withdrawal of mankind from all activities which involve living or working underground, and will bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things, and will render possible a state of life which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of the Spirit. The prostituting of life to the task of providing the bare necessities or to [Page 499] making it possible for a few rich and privileged people to have too much when others have too little, will come to an end; men everywhere can now be released into a state of life which will give them leisure and time to follow spiritual objectives, to realise richer cultural life, and to attain a broader mental perspective.


But, my brothers, men will fight to prevent this; the reactionary groups in every country will neither recognise the need for, nor desire this new world order which the liberation of cosmic energy (even on this initial tiny scale) can make possible; the vested interests, the big cartels, trusts and monopolies that controlled the past few decades, preceding this world war, will mobilise their resources and fight to the death to prevent the extinction of their sources of income; they will not permit, if they can help it, the passing of the control of this illimitable power into the hands of the masses, to whom it rightly belongs. The selfish interests among the big stockholders, the banking firms and the wealthy organised churches will oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them and bring more financial gain to their coffers.


Signs of this opposition can already be seen in the utterances of certain powerful men who are today encouraging a gloomy outlook in London and in Washington and elsewhere; the Vatican, that wealthy and reactionary ecclesiastical organisation, has already expressed its disfavour, because that Church knows—as do all the vested and monied interests—that their days are numbered, provided humanity governs its decisions during the next fifty years by the idea of the greatest good to the greatest number. World decisions must therefore, in the future, be based upon a steady determination to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control, financial or ecclesiastical, by any group of men, anywhere, in any country. We believe the determination of Great Britain, the United States, and Canada, who are in possession of the secrets, is along these lines.


These few suggestions will give you much food for thought and real ground for happy, confident, forward thinking. [Page 500] Organise now for the goodwill work. The future of the world lies in the hands of the men of goodwill and in those who have unselfish purpose everywhere. This release of energy will eventually make money, as we know it, of no moment whatsoever; money has proved itself (owing to man's limitations) a producer of evil and the sower of dissension and discontent in the world. This new released energy can prove itself a "saving force" for all mankind, releasing from poverty, ugliness, degradation, slavery and despair; it will destroy the great monopolies, take the curse out of labour, and open the door into that golden age for which all men wait. It will level all the artificial layers of modern society and liberate men from the constant anxiety and gruelling toil which have been responsible for so much disease and death. When these new and better conditions are established, then men will be free to live and move in beauty and to seek the "Lighted Way."

This concludes the section where DK explains how and why atomic energy was released from the atom


(EOH 519) In these words I refer to an aspect of the amazing enterprise upon which the Hierarchy is embarked within this cycle: Its appearance, expression and activity upon the physical plane for the first time since it withdrew into the subjective side of life and focussed itself on the mental plane (instead of the physical) during the days of ancient Atlantis and after the war between the Lords of the Shining Countenance and Lords of the Dark Face, as The Secret Doctrine calls it. For millions of years, as a result of the triumph of evil in those days, the Hierarchy has stood in silence behind world events, occupied with the following work—a work which will eventually be carried on exoterically instead of esoterically:


  1. The Hierarchy stands as a wall between humanity and excessive evil. Forget not that as humanity is thus protected that protection extends to all the subhuman kingdoms, of which the fourth kingdom, the human, is the Macrocosm. The excessive evil, emanating from cosmic sources, requires the trained skill of the Hierarchy and the fiat of Shamballa to prevent it flooding over disastrously.


(EOH 520) 5. The Hierarchy receives and transmits energies and consequent forces from Shamballa, with resultant effects within the Hierarchy itself, and also with effects upon humanity and upon the soul of all things to be found in all kingdoms.


(EOH 522) These groups, indicated for externalisation, exist on the inner side as part of one inner Group; they must be externalised for service purposes. The fact that this externalisation is possible indicates certain developments which are the result of the past, of the unfoldment of humanity's developing powers to recognise Reality, of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere, plus the directed invocation of the spiritual people of the world, and the effect of the world war (1914-1945). All these factors have wrought a great destruction in the materialistic world and have produced a very real expansion in the human consciousness; also, as one [Page 522] of the Masters, unknown to you, remarked at a meeting of Members of the Hierarchy a few weeks ago, "One of the gates is open; those who are ready can come in, but we now can go through it also, and can go to them in a new sense and more directly. May Shamballa help us."


It is realised by all in the Hierarchy that the major test connected with a higher initiation confronts Them. Disciples should attempt to realise the tremendous sacrifice involved in this outward move of the Hierarchy into secular existence. The higher the state of initiation, the harder it will be for the initiate concerned. It is, for instance, less of an effort for me to contact you than it would be for some of the Chohans, such as the Masters M. and K.H. I am nearer to you, because I am still utilising the same physical body in which I took the fifth initiation, nearly ninety years ago. Chohans have taken a still higher initiation and are focal points of powerful Ashrams; Their task of adjustment is very much harder. Their invocative appeal to the Lord of the World in His Council Chamber at Shamballa has been mounting for some time. It has been called "The Appeal for Alignment" because the Members of the Hierarchy feel and know that this great return to Earth which has been arranged for the Hierarchy after so long an absence, will call for a fuller expression of the spiritual will than even They realise; They know that it will require the cooperation of Shamballa as well as the cooperation of humanity.


(EOH 525) For aeons and for cycles, the Members of the Hierarchy have been submitting Themselves to the needed training in order to react correctly when fuller contact has been established by Shamballa with the Hierarchy. I would have you note the phrasing here. That contact has now been established as a result of the inflow of certain extra-planetary forces and by an "act of determined direction," emanating from the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World. Misunderstand me not. The Hierarchy has always been in touch with the "Place of Purpose" (as it has been called) through the medium of its Chohans and its senior Directors, such as the Christ, the Manu and the Lord of Civilisation. These great Beings have steadily revealed this purpose to the Members of the Hierarchy so that They have been able to grasp and work out the emerging Plan. But even to the Masters the Shamballa force has had to be stepped down, just as the force of the Hierarchy requires modifying for the average disciple and aspirant, if they are to respond constructively to it.


Shamballa energy is being absorbed by the mineral kingdom-it causes volcanic episodes and basic earthquakes

Today, however, things are somewhat changed. New inflowing energies and the partial "sealing" of evil in its own place (a sealing which will be progressively effective) have made a closer relationship possible. The Masters are somewhat freer from certain of the arduous labours of the past cycles. Some of the available inflowing Shamballa forces are being absorbed directly by humanity and by certain of the subhuman kingdoms, particularly the mineral kingdom. This latter absorption will lead eventually, when complete, to those volcanic episodes and those basic earthquakes which will change the face of the earth by the time the sixth rootrace comes into manifestation. It is this direct inflow to the kingdoms functioning exoterically in the three worlds which has relieved and will to some extent relieve the otherwise overpowering pressure upon the Hierarchy, and will also act as a great aligning antahkarana between the three planetary centres. It is to this alignment I refer in this instruction—[Page 526] the alignment of the three centres upon this planet and the adjustments that this necessitates and inevitably enforces.


(EOH 527) The seven major centres or Ashrams within the Hierarchy are each presided over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centres or Ashrams are presided over by Masters and Adepts (of the fifth and fourth initiations), aided by initiates of the third degree and certain picked and senior disciples. Several of the seven affiliated Ashrams are, as yet, incomplete as regards personnel, but vacancies are rapidly being filled as the spiritual effects of the world war (1914-1945) make themselves felt. These effects are very real and have been a source of great encouragement to hierarchical workers.


Before the Hierarchy can emerge (as is the intention), the relation between a major Ashram and its subsidiary Ashrams must be firmly established, whilst that between a major Ashram and other major Ashrams has to be brought more definitely and unquestionably closer to Shamballa, and under the influence of that great first ray centre. The energy which will align and adjust the subsidiary forty-nine Ashrams is that of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. That, however, which will bring about a similar adjusting and aligning impetus in the seven major Ashrams is the energy of the first Ray of Will or Power. I have here given you a most important item of occult information, but one which is of no importance to you individually; it serves, however, to present proof of the significant occult relation between the three planetary centres. Just as the third planetary centre, Humanity, has now reached a point of intelligent development [Page 528] so that a closer rapport can be set up between it and the Hierarchy, so the Hierarchy also has moved forward as a unit so that a closer corresponding rapport can also be set up between It and Shamballa. Just as the rapport between the Hierarchy and Humanity is established via aspirants, disciples and initiates in physical existence who are responding to the love-wisdom of the universe in some measure and who work via the intelligent people in incarnation primarily, so rapport between Shamballa and the Hierarchy is being more closely established via the senior Ashrams, and not via the secondary ones. You have, therefore, a situation which might be depicted somewhat as follows:


I.First Planetary Centre………. Shamballa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            working through

1. The seven Rays or the seven Spirits before the Throne.

2. Certain great Intermediaries.

3. The Council Chamber of the Lord of the World.


Masters who choose the Path of Earth Service, constitute part of the Council Chamber

(EOH 532) As this subject concerns one of the seven goals towards which the Masters aim after They have attained the fifth initiation, it will be obvious to you that there is little that I can say about it. One of the seven Paths for which the Way of the Higher Evolution prepares the senior initiates is the Path of Earth Service. This Path, as you know, keeps the Masters attached to service in the three worlds for a period much longer than the average. It involves tremendous sacrifice. [Page 532] Just as the disciple has to live a dual life, with one part of his reflective nature and awareness centred in the life of the Hierarchy and the other part of his mental responsiveness equally centred on life in the three worlds, and this simultaneously, so the Master, when He chooses this Path, forms a constituent part of the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World and at the same time works consciously in the three worlds, via the Hierarchy (of which He remains also a part), and with the human and subhuman kingdoms in nature. As evolution proceeds, He will work increasingly via humanity because humanity will be shouldering its responsibilities as the Macrocosm of the lesser microcosm. This dual activity entails much specialised training, and as the initiatory process becomes exoteric and men everywhere recognise it and participate in it, the training which Members of the Hierarchy also undergo will not be so secret and mysterious as it is today. But the time has not yet come to publicise it.


Only certain further generalisations are here possible, some of which are already known to you because they are so broad that their inclusions and implications are obvious. This, for instance, concerns the "centre where the Will of God is known". Here at Shamballa work Those Who have unified Their personality will and Their spiritual will with the universal will, and such a unification inevitably brings knowledge. It is, however, not knowledge as you understand it. It is a blend of wisdom based on knowledge, understanding based on intuitive perception, and identification based on alignment, esoterically comprehended. For this peculiar condition or awareness we have no word in any language, and only the utilisation (the trained utilisation) of the abstract mind can possibly convey to you even an embryonic factual conception. But that type of imaginative conception will become more common during the next two centuries, and my words here will therefore serve an ultimate purpose.

Those Who form the Council Chamber of the Great Lord are under no misapprehension as to His will because They see it whole

Those Who form the Council Chamber of the Great Lord are under no misapprehension as to His will because They [Page 533] see it whole. Paul, the initiate, hints at this when writing one of the Epistles; he is in touch then with certain Members of the Hierarchy and is concerned with the theme of Love, which is the fundamental hierarchical theme and motive. He says to Them: "Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face; now we know in part, but then shall we know even as we are known." He there points towards the future progress of the Hierarchy—a progress which remains as yet only a vague promise, lacking form and shape. But he wrote for initiates to whom love was a growing, vital concern, and to whom love and its practice meant light and the basic motif of all living, divine activity. It is not possible to reveal the will of God and the motivating Purpose of His manifesting Self, except to Those Who have demonstrated perfected love and Who register no sense of disunion or the faintest reaction to separateness.


The Eternal AUM is a symbol of the eternal now and the Will of God at Shamballa-

composed of one major Sound, three minor sounds, and seven subsidiary vibratory tones.

At Shamballa, the Great Lives Who function there not only see manifestation whole and apart from all the limitations of time, but They feel all the major evolutionary impulses which are bringing the developing world into line with the divine Will. They embody those impulses not in terms of progressive movement, but in terms of one great divine and spiritual reaction. This idea can perhaps be best understood by you in terms of the Eternal AUM which is the symbol of the Eternal NOW. You have been told, and it has been demonstrated, that the AUM is composed of one major Sound, three minor sounds, and seven subsidiary vibratory tones. So it is with the Will of God which is embodied and held in synthesis by the Members of the Council Chamber. To Them, as They "hold the Will of God in solution, it is one clear note; as They see that Will in motion, it is three abiding chords, carrying outwards into all the worlds the Purpose of the ONE Who for aeons will abide; as They impel that Will to demonstrate, it is seven vibratory tones, drawing out into the reflected worlds the structure of the Plan. And thus the note, the chords and tone produce the Plan, reveal the Purpose and indicate God's Will." This [Page 534] is a quotation from certain of the ancient Archives which constitute the study of the Masters; they relate to the nature of Shamballa, its work and emanating energies.



Shamballa, as it constitutes the synthesis of understanding where our Earth is concerned, is also the centre where the highest Will of the Solar Logos is imposed upon the Will of our planetary Logos, Who is, as you know, only a centre in His greater body of manifestation. With this item of information you can have no possible concern; the Masters Themselves are only learning the Will of the planetary Logos; the objective of effort in Shamballa is, however, the apprehension of solar Purpose, the Plan of which is working out on the highest levels of our planetary system, just as the Will, Purpose and Plan of Shamballa work out on the three lowest levels of our planetary system. Again, this item of information serves only to indicate hierarchical objectives, and those objectives extend away from time and space into the Mind of God Himself.


There are certain synonyms which here may serve to develop your synthetic thinking and so bring in a definite measure of enlightenment.




Synthesis                        Unity                   Separation

Will                               Purpose                   Plan                                                                                                                                           

Life                                  Soul                    Appearance                                                                                                                                 

Spirit                      Consciousness              Substance

Livingness                Organism                 Organisation                                                                                                                              

Apprehension         Polarisation           Focus of Activity                                                                                                                         

Power                      Momentum                 Action                                                                                                                                        

Energy                      Distribution               Forces                                                                                                                                        

Direction                Transmission            Reception                                                                                                                                     

Head                             Heart                   Throat



synthesis is, whilst unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort.

It will be apparent to you how little you can understand of the Shamballa intention when you realise that it is not easy for you to see any true distinction between unity and synthesis and, at the same time, how impossible it is for me [Page 535] to make the distinction clear. All I can say is that synthesis is, whilst unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort. As you progress upon the Path of Initiation the meaning of unity clarifies. As you direct yourself towards the Way of the Higher Evolution synthesis emerges. More than that it would be useless for me to say.


This problem of the apparently impenetrable darkness of intention as grasped by Shamballa, of meaning, of inscrutability, of a spiritual imperviousness which holds, in spite of all fluctuations in the three worlds of human evolution and the remaining two of superhuman unfoldment, provides a situation to which the Hierarchy has to make adjustment through alignment. You are, in your small way, making your adjustment to the Hierarchy through a steady construction of the antahkarana, and in so doing are aiding in the construction of the antahkarana which unites Humanity and the Hierarchy—the first few strands of which were established through the sacrifices of certain of the Sons of God when the Hierarchy was founded on Earth. Today, the Hierarchy is working at the establishing of the linking strands between Itself and Shamballa, and good progress has already been made. It might be said here that for the past seven hundred years the chain of Hierarchy has been complete; by this I mean that the planetary rainbow bridge uniting the three major centres has existed. The task ahead of all these three major centres, working in alignment through adjustment, is to strengthen and beautify (if I may so express it), to electrify this bridge, thus producing full planetary intercommunication between the three centres and the four minor centres, so that "the weight of the Will of God, the momentum of the Purpose of Sanat Kumara and the Plan of His Representatives may progress unimpeded from point to point, from sphere to sphere and from glory to glory."


Shamballa reaching Hierarchy directly is equivalent to the head chakra reaching the throat centre directly-or Vulcan and Uranus reaching Saturn directly-Usually Saturn is said to rule the throat chakra, but at some stage it has a dual rulership of Uranus and Saturn

(EOH 536) It is this complete establishment of relationship between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity which brought about the planetary crisis through which the world has just passed and, from some standpoints, is still passing. [Page 536] Shamballa, as I have told you, can now reach Humanity, the third major centre, directly, and therefore has two points of planetary contact: the first, via the Hierarchy, as has been for long the case, and secondly, in a straight line, carrying energy direct to Humanity, without any transmission and consequent modifying of impact, as has also been the case hitherto.

Shamballa made its first direct impact on Humanity after the Great centennial Council held in 1825, although this energy was demanded at the Council of 1425-

When this direct line of spiritual, dynamic, electrical energy made its first impact on earth (after the Great Council held in 1825), it first of all awakened men's thinking in a new and comprehensive way, producing the great ideologies; it aroused their massed desire, and registered obstruction on the physical plane. It found its course impeded and discovered it was faced with barriers. This energy from Shamballa, being an aspect of the ray of the destroyer,

This Shamballa energy was the cause of the world war

proceeded to "burn up" in the fires of destruction, all such hindrances upon the planes in the three worlds. This was the deeply esoteric and unrecognised cause of the war—the beneficent bringing to an end of the impediments to the free flow of spiritual energy down into the third centre; this was the factor which called "evil from its hidden place" and brought the opposing forces to the surface of existence, prior to their "sealing". To the extent that this was so, mankind in the World War (1914-1945) was the unhappy victim of spiritual circumstance; however, from the angle of man's historical past, humanity was the engineer of its own fate; but it took both the esoteric activity of Shamballa and the exoteric activity of humanity over a millennia of years to precipitate the conditions which made this new alignment possible and brought about the sealing (still being carried slowly forward), and plunged mankind into the vortex of war. This impelling downpouring energy from the highest centre penetrated not only to the heart of humanity, but into the very depths of the mineral kingdom, implicating also the animal and the vegetable expressions of divine life.


Because of this direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity, by-passing the Hierarchy, the Hierarchy was left free for the work of rehabilitation and salvaging, for reconstruction and for the application of the regenerative forces of [Page 537] resurrection.  The Hierarchy needed and welcomed this interlude and recognised it as an essential aspect of the Plan.


The Shamballa impact is now over

The "cycle of Shamballa impact" is now over; the appeal of humanity to the Christ and His Hierarchy has again refocussed the energy of Shamballa via the Hierarchy, and the direct work of the Hierarchy with Humanity can again take on fresh meaning, can be re-established on new and somewhat different lines, and thus definitely bring in that "new heaven and new earth" for which men have so long waited. This will take time, but the new energies and their emerging qualities are adequate to the task, and will alleviate much and bring about great changes in due course of time. You will note, therefore, that the Hierarchy has been faced with three adjustments as the result of being deliberately "put out of alignment," though only temporarily, with both Shamballa and Humanity. This was symbolised for us at the Crucifixion when the Saviour hung pendant between heaven and earth. These adjustments are:


1. Adjustment to those extra-planetary energies which were released into the highest centre. This was made possible by two factors:


a. The direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity or between will and intelligence. This is an important point to recognise.


b. The temporary quiescence of the love principle, as the Hierarchy waited for the results and effects of this direct impact upon the earth.


This was effectively carried out with much destruction in the world of forms.


2. Adjustment to certain basic changes within the Hierarchy Itself in preparation for the process of externalisation which was begun this century.


3. Adjustment to a disciplined and reoriented humanity, [Page 538] working today in the dark, it is needless to say, groping along unknown ways, appealing to the Hierarchy for more light and understanding, but awakened and alert for changes.


These adjustments are proceeding with rapidity; the technique being employed is realignment, through a definite action of the Will, as far as Shamballa is concerned, and by an outpouring of Love, as far as humanity is concerned. This Act of the Will is carried out by the three Heads of Departments in the Hierarchy, under the guidance of the Christ and by the Chohans of the seven major Ashrams. They constitute a group of ten to Whom this task has been committed, for the reason that They are the only Members of the Hierarchy Who possess the needed qualifications and in Whom the Will aspect is adequately developed. The task of pouring out the Love principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carried out by all the Masters and by all initiates who have taken the third initiation. This stream of love will focus itself each coming Full Moon in a special act or demonstration of love.


You will note also how fully occupied the Hierarchy is with work, preparatory to emergence, and with those plans and activities which will lead to renewed interior activity, based not on lack of previous unity and integrity, but on the absorption of new energies, made available via Shamballa, of these extra-planetary forces to which I have earlier referred. This task of reorganisation prior to moving outward, will be completed by May, 1946. Then the task of the new alignment with humanity will be started and the great work undertaken which will proceed for several hundred years.



In Relation with Humanity


I shall not deal here with the work to be done in centuries to come in and through humanity, which is the goal of all these adjustments—at least as far as your present interest is concerned. I shall touch only upon the activities of the Hierarchy as it establishes—on a more powerful [Page 539] basis—a more direct contact with mankind. Since 1925 the Hierarchy has directed Its thoughts to men, but It has not vitalised, as It will eventually do, the religious movements or churches in all lands, or the educational work in all countries, or any of the activities which are concerned with the aiding of humanity through welfare movements. It was felt that it was necessary for mankind to show the Hierarchy, as well as themselves, the nature of the impulses towards love and selflessness which may have been already established, and to do this free of hierarchical prompting and influence, and in this way demonstrating that they possessed that which might be depended upon as innate and as present in a living, creative manner. The demonstration has been good; humanity has shown creative love, of which goodwill and humanitarian efforts are the lowest aspects. The showing has been better than was anticipated, and this new and vital re-alignment between the Hierarchy and Humanity becomes now beautifully possible and can be carried forward without danger. The Hierarchy is now the Custodian of far greater power than heretofore, on account of Its adjustment to Shamballa.


This hierarchical readjustment to humanity is being carried out at this time in the Ashrams by the setting up of magnetic centres which, through their directed activity, will influence humanity in the coming large scale process of reorientation. In studying this, you must remember that these are not centres or concentrations of forces, but groups of disciples whose quality is oriented towards mankind and whose potency of thought will act magnetically upon aspirants and humanitarians and, through them and their goodwill activities, will reach and impress men everywhere. The adjustment being at this time undertaken, therefore, is between hierarchical groups and groups of men and women upon earth; it is intended, as you have been told, that Humanity itself will be the world-saviour, working with the aid of the Hierarchy—as yet invisibly behind the scenes. When this interim work of salvage is accomplished, then the Hierarchy will externalise Itself.


[Page 540]

You can imagine the adjustments, therefore, going on in all the Ashrams in preparation for all this and—though I touch not upon it—you can imagine the general effect of these inter-hierarchical adjustments and alignments upon disciples and aspirants upon the earth; they are the first, needless to say, who will respond to this activity. As all this is taking place in the present difficult period of world rehabilitation, the immensity of the problem involved and the quality of the tension are abnormal. It is not easy for disciples today; of this the Hierarchy is well aware. This fact also involves for Them still another aspect of hierarchical adjustment. They have—for the sake of the work to be done—to establish a closer alignment between the inner Ashrams and the outer groups, between Themselves and Their senior disciples carrying the burden of the outer world service; this alignment has also to be extended between senior disciples and initiates and the workers on earth.


The pureness of the motives animating the Hierarchy will constantly emerge with greater clarity in your minds, as you attempt to understand, even in a small measure, Their problems. There are other problems of which you can know nothing—problems related to the new energies pouring into our planet, impersonally and dynamically; problems of fresh tensions, incident to stronger and new alignments; problems concerned with human enlightenments and reactions in the face of the darkness which evil initiated; problems of increased personnel, disturbing the rhythm but necessitated by the demand for workers; problems connected with the growth and training of the Members of the Hierarchy upon the Way of the Higher Evolution; other problems incident to the planetary crisis, to the Initiation of the Lord of the World Himself, and to the amazing demonstration of the success of the evolutionary process up to the present time. This success has been proven by the alignment for direct interplay of the three major planetary centres—Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.


Up to hit 280

Compilation Shamball part6





April-May 1946


I have delayed writing my usual Wesak message until this late date because of a certain event in the Hierarchy which was maturing and which necessitated my entire attention. This event was connected with the Wesak Festival and involved among other matters the formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspect would be of particular importance and not the Love aspect; this Ashram would also be related in a peculiar manner to the Buddha. It had to be formed at this time in order to be the recipient, and then the custodian, of certain "endowments" which the Buddha will bring at the time of the May Full Moon. The endowments concern the will-to-good of the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, though they do not concern goodwill as you understand that phrase. This Ashram, when duly formed and established, will enable the Members of the Hierarchy to respond to this aspect of the divine Purpose—the Purpose which as you know lies behind and implements the Plan; this Ashram, related to the Buddha, will be specifically under the close supervision of the Christ, and also of the Lord of Civilisation—at this time the Master R. They are the only two Members of the Hierarchy able to register the divine Purpose (in regard to its immediate objectives) in such a manner that the entire Hierarchy can be informed and can then work unitedly and intelligently at its implementation. More than this I may not tell you about this particular hierarchical move, affecting as it does both Shamballa and the Hierarchy.


This Wesak Festival is of supreme importance because it is the first Festival since the war ended, because it takes place at a time when a definite orientation of the Hierarchy will take place, and because a fresh tide of spiritual impulse and directed second ray energy will flood the entire Hierarchy; the work, therefore, to be done by the Hierarchy will be far more effective. This you may anticipate and upon this you can count.


[Page 542]

But—as you may well have surmised—it is the Full Moon of June which is (this year) the season of prime and outstanding importance; it is in many ways easier for Western believers and esotericists to tune in and participate in the activities of the Hierarchy when closely connected with the Christ than it is in those related to the Buddha. The main intention in these early stages of keeping the Eastern Festival of Wesak is to familiarise the Western world with the fact of the presence of the Buddha and with His activities in connection with humanity. Such great progress has, however, taken place in the spiritual development of humanity that the Buddha need no longer continue with His task unless He so desires—and then only for a period of years, known to Him and the Lord of the World. He could cease His annual contact with the Hierarchy at this time, if He so chose, owing to the direct contact now established between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This, however, He does not immediately choose to do. For a few decades longer He will cooperate with the Christ in widening the channel of contact between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. After that, He will "proceed to His Own place" in the solar Hierarchy and will no longer visit the Himalayas annually, as has been His custom for so many centuries. The Eastern Festival of Wesak (Vaisaka) and the Christian day of remembrance, Good Friday, will fade out of the consciousness of humanity in due time; they are both festivals related to aspects of the first Ray of Power or Will. The abolition of the fear of death and the establishment of a close relation of the Hierarchy with Shamballa will render obsolete these ancient ceremonial rites.


(EOH 544) For this new revelation the Christ is preparing as are all the members of the Hierarchy, from the highest Chohan down to the humblest accepted disciple; it is for this that all the ashrams are getting ready; it is for this also that (in a weak and feeble manner) Christian people, those of the other world faiths, and spiritually minded people are likewise preparing.


Therefore, we have isolated (if I may use such a word) three activities to which the Christ is at this time dedicated:


1. The reorganisation of the world religions—if in any way possible—so that their out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief that they know what is in the Mind of God may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration.


2. The gradual dissolution—again if in any way possible—of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognise the Christ. In saying this I do not fail to recognise those Jews throughout the world who acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking; they belong to the aristocracy of spiritual belief to which the Hierarchy itself belongs.


[Page 545]

3. Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion.


To these three efforts of the Hierarchy, superintended by the Christ, another two must be added, of perhaps even greater importance. The first one is the reaction of the Hierarchy itself to the new relationship established between It and Shamballa and to that new, direct and potent channel which has lately been induced by the efforts of the Hierarchy and human invocativeness. The second activity is one leading towards a much closer relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity; this will lead eventually to the externalisation of certain of the Ashrams, and later to the appearance of the Hierarchy on earth, bringing the new revelation.


(EOH 549)  Analysed, these words simply mean that goodwill will result in right human relations in that centre which we call Humanity; this will produce the possibility of that peace which characterises the Hierarchy appearing on earth, and leading to the glory of God, which animates the activity of Shamballa, the centre where the Will of God is known. Therefore, intelligent relationship, practical love and the full expression of the divine will are bound to occur, if the correct sequence of activities is followed. At present, even the first of them remains a hope. The factors of the failure of the religious and political groups and the apathy of the mass of men have greatly complicated the task of the Hierarchy.


(EOH 551) The Hierarchy is a great fighting body today, fighting for the souls of men, fighting all that blocks the expansion of the human consciousness, fighting all that limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting to remove those factors and barriers which militate against the return of [Page 551] the Christ and the emergence of the Hierarchy as a fully functioning body on earth. There is nothing weak, vacillating, sentimental or neutral in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must be grasped by humanity, and the strength and insight as well as the love of the Hierarchy must be counted upon.


I have in the above remarks enumerated for you certain of the objectives facing the Hierarchy at this time and involving the personal attention of the Christ; they all have a potent and beneficent effect upon humanity. Let me enumerate them in concise form, because it is essential that there be clear perception of the emerging values on the part of workers of all grades and kinds in the world, for otherwise perception is not possible. To each point enumerated I will append in a few brief words the reason why it is regarded as important:


1. The Reorganisation of the World Religions.


a. To make way for the World Religion, universal religion.


b. To return humanity to the simplicity which is in Christ.


c. To rid the world of theology and ecclesiasticism.


2. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism.


a. Because of its presentation of a wrathful Jehovah, caring only for his chosen people. This is a basic evil. The Lord of the World, the God in whom we live and move and have our being, is totally otherwise.


b. Because of its separativeness.


c. Because it is so ancient that its teachings are largely obsolete.


d. Because when the Jews become spiritual they will greatly benefit mankind, for they are found in every land.


3. Preparation for a New Revelation.


a. Because where there is no vision the people perish.


b. Because human expectancy indicates its emerging presence.


c. Because the new Invocation will inevitably bring it to us.

4. The Reaction of the Hierarchy to Shamballa.


a. Produces a direct channel.


b. Conditions the inflow of power energy.


c. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill.


d. Creates new constructive tensions and new ashrams.


The next war would annihilate the greater part of the human race

5. A Closer Relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity.


a. Produces (in the near future) the externalisation of certain ashrams.


b. Leads to the reappearance of the Hierarchy on earth.


c. Recognises that man's point of development warrants this.


d. Presents a nearing opportunity for revelation.


6. An Effort to avert War.


a. Because the next war would annihilate the greater part of the human race.


b. Because, having a religious basis, the hate involved would be greater far than anything hitherto known.


c. Because Shamballa would be involved, and this has never been the case.


(EOH 553) You can see therefore how critical, spiritually, are these times, and how urgent is the task which confronts the Hierarchy and its workers on earth. The war may be over in the physical sense, but great issues are still involved and undetermined and can lead either to peace or to a renewal of those conditions in which wars are generated and which, once generated, cannot be avoided.


It is with all these foregoing factors in mind that we [Page 553] approach the next two great Festivals: the Wesak Festival and Christ's Unique Occasion. One point I must make here, and I make it with great joy: this year 1946 marks the beginning of a cycle in which humanity is more closely involved in the Festivals than ever before and in which they can take a much more important part than ever before. The Wesak Festival has long been kept in many countries and—as time goes on and the instruction of the masses proceeds—the meeting held at the time of the May Full Moon will assume great importance, but its keynote will be changed. What the new keynote will be has not yet been announced, and will not be for 35 years. As I earlier pointed out, its significance, and that of Good Friday, belong to the past and their usefulness is nearly finished. It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there should eventually be someone who will act as Their Representative at the time of the two Festivals, so that the distribution of spiritual energy from the first great Aspect or Ray will be direct from the Buddha (and later Shamballa) to the Christ, and then from the Christ to those disciples in every country who can be overshadowed, and so act as channels for the direct current of energy.


The same procedure will be followed at the time of the Full Moon of June, except that Shamballa will not be so involved, and with the difference that at the May Festival it will be a first ray disciple who will be overshadowed, and at the June Festival a second ray disciple will represent the Christ in every land. This can mean either the soul or the personality ray of the disciple.


It has not been possible to organise this development this year, but next year a beginning can be made, even if only three or four countries can work under this inspiration. The effects of this development will be far-reaching, though not immediately apparent to the onlooker.


This year, at the great Festival in the Himalayas at which the Buddha will appear as usual, He has let it be known that His main duty is to bring the initial inflow of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes and will [Page 554] continue to invoke for many decades. From the Mind of God, Light will flow through Him to the waiting world of men—that human centre whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. From the Heart of God, He will bring to the Hierarchy, via the Christ, that deep unending inflow of Love which will make it possible for the Hierarchy to perform its hard task and externalise itself. It is not possible for human beings to realise the sacrifice and the hardship which this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divine love can make it possible.


Shamballa will be related to the New Group of World Servers

An effort also will be made to relate Shamballa, "the Centre where the Will of God is known," directly to the New Group of World Servers, via those Ashrams which are working along the lines of outer, practical goodwill. The reception of this energising will-to-good should produce a definite "stepping-up" or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement to proceed with greater momentum this coming autumn and winter; it will take the entire summer for the needed assimilation by those engineering this movement all over the world.


(EOH 557)  I have here told you the things which the Christ has planned for the immediate future. I have told you also some of the things which He and the Masters must do as preparatory steps to the new world which can and will supersede the old unhappy world that lies immediately behind us. I have chosen to speak to you of these activities in which it is now possible for you to share, with the exception of those which affect the relation between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. However, those who are initiates of the third degree (and there are quite a few working on the earth among men at this time) can share in all of them.


This is an intensely practical message and calls for your renewed pledge to serve humanity and to find your way into an Ashram where that service may be directed. It calls for sacrifice until it hurts, and where it touches you the most; it calls for a joyous sense of unity with that station of power and light which we call the Hierarchy and which stands ready—as never before—to share with humanity that power and that light to the limit of human capacity to use it.


I beg you, in closing, to aid in two matters which are of importance to Him Whom all disciples, initiates and spiritual men have loved and followed for nearly three thousand years, the Christ. (I am referring here to His appearance as Shri Krishna and as one other who was little known [Page 558] but who did a great work in still earlier centuries.) It is work in preparation for His coming.


I beg you to shoulder the responsibility of distributing the Invocation on as large a scale as possible and in every country. It is of great potency, and when used by men of all faiths can aid in the process of averting war. I ask you also to make possible the wide distribution of the book The Problems of Humanity which I have written, for they strengthen the hands of those who are already seeking to deal with these problems and they bring the need to the attention of the unawakened. This will require sacrifice, for it calls for the expenditure of money; even the Hierarchy works through normal channels and needs money, and even the Christ has need of financial resources in order to reach the needy sons of men. I ask your aid and I await your decision.


That He Whom we serve may be nearer to all of us than ever before, that the work of establishing right human relations may proceed apace, and that light and love may stream forth from Shamballa and the Hierarchy over all of you who love your fellowmen is the earnest wish, accompanied by my blessing, for you at this season of the will-to-good.*


Mode of Approach Toward Externalisation (August 1946)


(EOH 559) One of the most important things emerging from the theme of this amazing and imminent event (the reappearance of the Hierarchy on the physical plane) is the factor of the developments and the adjustments going on within [Page 559] the Hierarchy Itself in preparation for this happening. Incidentally, I would here point out that what will take place, and what is already tentatively taking place, is the externalisation of the Ashrams. The great official departments, such as the teaching department or that of emerging civilisations, will not at this time reappear. Their activities will still, for a long time, be retained within the Hierarchy upon Its own plane. The first step is the appearance of certain Ashrams, controlled by certain Masters, upon the physical plane, evoking general recognition and guaranteeing to the public the fact of the Hierarchy and the restoration of the Mysteries. Later, if these steps prove successful, other and more important reappearances will be possible, beginning with the return of the Christ.


But in the meantime, great and momentous happenings are taking place within the Hierarchy and in relation to Its Membership. Disciples upon the periphery of any Ashram are apt to be unobservant of the training and attitudes of Those Who are senior to them in an Ashram; They frequently overlook the fact that They too—from the Christ down to the humblest initiate—are in process of steady and increasing hierarchical discipline, training and instruction. Because the senior disciples and initiates have reached a goal which has seemed for long quite unattainable to the average aspirant, it is assumed that they have attained; the fact that they have only passed a milestone upon the endless Way of Bliss is entirely forgotten. But, owing to the impulsion of life itself, progress ever continues; knowledge must ever be transmuted into wisdom; love must ever be accompanied by divine will; planning must ever give way to divine purpose; light must ever be succeeded by life; from the Hierarchy, the initiate must pass to Shamballa, and from Shamballa he will follow one or other of the seven Paths; the Path of Evolution gives place to the Way of the Higher Evolution; planetary recognitions eventually expand into solar contacts; the Christ-consciousness eventually unfolds into something so all-inclusive that we have as yet no word [Page 560] for it or any need of words; recognition of the Father and of monadic being causes all lesser recognitions to fade out, and soul-consciousness and progressive life in form are no longer goals but are left far behind.


In spite of all this, it is necessary to remember that the gain of all experience for ever persists, nothing is ever lost; that which life in form has conferred is still in the possession of the immortal spiritual entity; that which the soul-consciousness has enfolded and included is still the rich endowment of Being, centred now in the Monad; hierarchical experience is merged into the purposes of the Council Chamber at Shamballa, but ability to work in the Hierarchy ever lasts because the hierarchical constitution and institution condition all manifestation—for what reason this is so, no one knows, but so is the divine Will.

In synthesis and in the all-inclusive awareness of the great Life which enfolds all that is, everything (except what we know as evil) is persistent and for ever endures.


You will have noted (if you are true students of what I have given out to the world) that information anent the Hierarchy has fallen into three major categories:


1. The work of the Hierarchy in relation to man and to the three worlds of human evolution.

2. The interior constitution of the Hierarchy and its internal activity.

3. Its superior relation to Shamballa and to extra-planetary livingness.


A great deal that has been conveyed to you in the two final categories has been merged by you into an interested but totally impractical realisation that the Hierarchy apparently has a life of its own which proceeds independently of humanity and that it also has its own goals and objectives which are no concern of yours. These deductions are dependent upon your domination by the separative mind, for in reality the work and the activity proceeding in all three centres—Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity—are [Page 561] merged, fused and interdependent; they are all mutually evocative and invocative.


The fact, for instance, that the Hierarchy is approaching closer to humanity and will eventually make an appearance upon the physical plane is due, not only to hierarchical intent, but to the demand of mankind and to the strong vibration and note which humanity has set up. To that extent, humanity controls some of the activities of the Hierarchy and thus precipitates action. At the same time, all that is happening can be traced to Shamballa, is inherent in divine purpose and is impulsed and impelled by Shamballa energy, distributed throughout the planet, via the Hierarchy in the majority of cases. Both the Hierarchy and Humanity are brought under the influence of extra-planetary forces which make their impact upon the planet, via Shamballa. Therefore, a great interdependence emerges, of which the head, heart and solar plexus centres in the individual man's etheric body are symbols; their unified relation keeps the man functioning and demonstrating as a coherent whole at a particular level of consciousness. It is essential that students endeavour to grasp this, and so develop within themselves at least the rudiments of this synthetic unified grasp of living conditions and of a vital situation.


These instructions can aid all earnest aspirants and disciples to develop this type of understanding with as much speed and accuracy as possible. It is distinctive of the hierarchical type of mind: concerned with itself as a divine group, conscious of the pull and evocative power of the highest centre, Shamballa, responsive to the demands of humanity, and sensitive to the "call" of that third major centre through which the life of the planetary Logos expresses itself. The consciousness of the Master is therefore preoccupied with three main lines of responsibility, but only one of them is innate within the living organism of which He is a part; that aspect of His life is invocative in two directions: towards Shamballa and towards Humanity; to Him, the other two centres are evocative.


Today, human beings as a whole are so loudly invocative [Page 562] that the entire trend of the life of the Hierarchy and Its plans to date have been subjected to change, to postponement as far as certain interior and purely hierarchical determinations are concerned, and to a hastening of certain plans which were slated (if I may use such a word) to take place several centuries later than this but which—owing to the unexpected preparedness of humanity—can take place, not prematurely really, but securely and in the fullness of time; this fullness of time, as regards the particular planning with which we are dealing, is from now until the year 2025 A.D.—a brief period of time indeed in which to see the consummation of the larger purpose of the planetary Logos, working through the three major centres within His body of manifestation. This purpose was threefold in nature:


1. It involved the ability of Those in the Council Chamber at Shamballa to react to and absorb certain extra-planetary energies and to use them in an intra-planetary sense. It had not been anticipated by the Directing Agents of these forces that our planetary Logos would achieve a certain goal so early in time and space as He has.


2. It involved a great expansion, numerically and in the consciousness of the Hierarchy. This predicates a great influx of initiates and disciples and a tremendous inflow of what is esoterically called "angelic essence" from the deva kingdom, under the direction of certain great Devas who have affiliated during the past two hundred years with the Hierarchy. This again had not been expected so early. The result of this happening has been that the door of initiation through which mankind passes stands wider open (symbolically speaking) than ever before, and at the same time, the Masters are passing with greater rapidity on to the Way of the Higher Evolution; this is due to the fact that initiates are fitting themselves so rapidly to take Their places, and disciples are moving on into initiate position so fast, that a great pressing forward has become legitimate.


Humanity is ahead of itself by 2300 years

3. It involved, finally, a great awakening in the human family and a major spiritual reorientation. This again had [Page 563] been believed possible of accomplishment when the sun passed into Capricorn about 2300 years hence. But—it has already taken place and necessarily has brought about a basic adjustment in the plans of the Hierarchy and a renewed emphasis upon the purpose, as registered in Shamballa.


This, being factual, and the time ripe for decision, has caused an intra-planetary ferment and great activity in the three major centres. In the last analysis (and this is the factor of supreme importance) this development—this unexpected right absorption of spiritual energy, and this seizing of spiritual opportunity—is due to humanity itself; above everything else, it is the readiness of mankind for that which is new, and humanity's determination to create a new and better world, adapted more adequately to their "renewed" spiritual nature, that is responsible for all the activity.


In this section of our training themes (if I may call them so) we shall deal primarily with the response and the subsequent activity of the Hierarchy in relation to humanity. This will take the form of a new Approach and a reappearance exoterically.


It would be wise, therefore, to keep the following ideas constantly in mind; I will enumerate them sequentially and for the sake of clarity:


1. The work of the Hierarchy, throughout the ages, has been fundamentally threefold in nature:


a. A constant effort to set up a closer and more understanding relation with Shamballa. This involves:


An unfoldment of the will aspect in conjunction with a full use of intelligent love.

A constant adaptation of the developing Plan to the emerging, energising Purpose.

An increasing ability to transmit energy from Shamballa to the three worlds, from the cosmic etheric levels to the cosmic dense physical planes.


[Page 564]

b. To unfold—within the periphery of the hierarchical centre—a life, a plan and a technique which will train all who find their way into an Ashram, which is in itself an aspect of the life of the Hierarchy. This ancient and intelligent effort has created and conditioned what you know as the Hierarchy. However, it is constantly subject to change in response to new situations and developments.


c. To represent, finally, within the Hierarchy, the qualities of all the seven Rays, through the medium of the seven major Ashrams and their allied and subsidiary Ashrams.


There are many other aspects of the hierarchical constitution and objectives, but these three are the ones with which we are at this time the most concerned.


2. Today, the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy is closer than at any previous time, owing to the following factors:


a. The one-pointed work and plan—pursued by the three great departments in the Hierarchy (the department of the Manu, that of the Christ, and that of the Lord of Civilisation)—in which the three Leaders have unitedly acted as a Triangle of transmission between the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World and the Hierarchy. They are, all three, Members of the Council, though none of Them is yet working at the very centre of affairs; in order to be of greater service in Their own sphere, They have taken Their stand upon the periphery of the Council's influence.


b. The invocative work carried out both consciously and unconsciously by humanity itself, which has been of such a potency that it has penetrated beyond the ring-pass-not (symbolically understood) of the Hierarchy to Shamballa itself, and has evoked response. This invocative [Page 565] work reached a high point of potency as a result of the world war (1914-1945) and its note and appeal are still persistent.


c. The rapid development of integration among advanced people, which has forced many on to the Path of Discipleship, and therefore into certain of the Ashrams, and has likewise enabled many disciples to take initiation.


3. The recognition by a very much larger number of the general public of the fact of the Hierarchy; this has established a new type of relation between the Hierarchy and humanity. Hitherto the relation was dependent upon recognition, by advanced aspirants, of the nature of their position in relation to the Hierarchy; today, the recognition of thousands who are not in any way advanced aspirants or in any sense prepared for affiliation with the Hierarchy has created a new type of problem; it connotes to the Hierarchy a promising development, though at the same time an embarrassing one, requiring as it does a different mode of adjustment to human demands than that entailed by the admittance of disciples to Their Ashrams; it requires the attention of certain disciples and initiates in all the Ashrams and the ability of the Hierarchy to penetrate and dissipate the thick cloud of inchoate thoughtforms which the bewildered, interested and curious public have created anent Them.

4. The use by the Hierarchy of the destroyer aspect of divinity, the first Ray, in such a manner that it is in fact a creative factor and one which, in the last analysis, not only releases the life from its previous limitations, but also calls in—under the Law of Balance—the building activity of the second Ray. The work of destruction is now practically accomplished and over, and the work of the Builders is beginning.


5. The New Group of World Servers has been created as an [Page 566] intermediate body between the Hierarchy and the general public. This group is divided into two lesser groups:


a. Those disciples and workers who are already integrated into some one of the Ashrams.


b. Intelligent and humanitarian aspirants and workers in world affairs and in all departments.


These two groups unitedly form a transmitting agency through which the Hierarchy can reach the mass of men with the new concepts, the techniques of the new civilisation and the basic propositions under which humanity will move forward into greater light.


6. The recognition by humanity of its major problems, and the increasing ability of the general public to view these problems in terms of One Humanity, of the whole. This ability indicates to the Hierarchy the position of Humanity upon the Path at this time and the readiness of mankind for the new revelation—to be followed later by the restoration of the Mysteries.


7. The new orientation of the human family within itself to the concept of the One Humanity and the intensely alert spiritual demand which is today distinctive of mankind everywhere, and which has forced the Hierarchy to come to certain basic decisions and to readjust Itself to a much closer cooperation with the human centre of life and purpose.


Only Shamballa and Humanity will remain

It is interesting to note (though it is of no immediate moment) that the work of destruction initiated by the Hierarchy during the past one hundred and seventy-five years (therefore since the year 1775) has in it the seeds—as yet a very long way from any germination—of the final act of destruction which will take place when the Hierarchy will be so completely fused and blended with Humanity that the hierarchical form will no longer be required. The three [Page 567] major centres will then become the two, and the Hierarchy will disappear and only Shamballa and Humanity will remain, only spirit or life, and substance as an expression of intelligent love will be left. This corresponds to the experience of the individual initiate at the fourth initiation, when the causal body, the soul body, disappears and only the monad and its expression, the personality (a fusion of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will take place only at the close of our planetary existence, when the door to individualisation is finally closed for a pralayic period and the Way of the Higher Evolution will be more closely trodden than the Path of Initiation.


Therefore, my brothers, the closer relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, the stimulation of its own interior life, and the readiness of humanity for revelation and for certain unexpected development, will condition the cycle into which we are now entering. This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added to this, it must be borne in mind that we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years and is also the sign into which the sun is now moving for a period of 2300 years—a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history; it is a coincidence of which our planetary Logos is well aware and of which He is making full and intelligent use. It is a cycle also wherein, for the first time, the three major planetary centres—Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity—are in direct and unimpeded relation, for today the alignment is correct and adjusted for the first time in planetary history. Even if this be only temporarily so, something has been initiated, the effects of which will never be lost. It is a cycle also in which the planetary Logos, having successfully taken initiation and thus affected His entire planetary life, has also established certain extra-planetary relationships which are necessarily incomprehensible to you and of no moment whatsoever to the individual human being, but which will eventually create a situation in which our planet will become [Page 568] a sacred planet. This process, as it unfolds and develops, will have a potent subjective and deeply spiritual effect upon every kingdom in nature and in the realm also of supernature.


Let us now proceed with our consideration of our theme, after our study of these basic premises.


The Externalisation has been planned since 1425

Steps in the Externalisation Process


For some time, ever since 1425 A.D., ( a date to which I referred earlier) the Hierarchy has been aware that the time would come when this projected move would take place. Preparations have gone steadily forward. A point to be remembered is that this impulsed intention (emanating in the first place from Shamballa) came as a major disturbance to the rhythm of many tens of thousands of years; it has been a basic conditioning factor. The Masters, however, Who will make the move outwards into contact with the world are not the Ones Who registered the initial impulse from Shamballa, nor are the three Heads of the great departments the same. The earlier Masters initiated the needed steps of preparation, and the work has gone steadily forward since.


You might well ask what were these steps and along what lines has the preparation gone? The first steps concerned internal preparation. Though the Masters of the Wisdom have all passed through the human experience and are simply men who have achieved a relative measure of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact which They have completely transcended and utterly negated. There is nothing in the three worlds with which They have any affinity, except the affinity of life and the impulse of love for all beings. Recovery of certain facilities of activity has been deemed necessary. For instance, the five senses, where a Master is concerned, exist and are used at need, but the contact established and maintained with disciples and senior aspirants in the world (through whom They primarily work) is largely telepathic; hearing and sight, as you understand [Page 569] their uses, are not involved. The science of impression, with its greatly increased effectiveness over individual contact through the senses, has entirely superseded the more strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working on the physical plane and in a physical body, the outer physical senses are in abeyance; for the majority of Masters Who still use these senses, the use is strictly limited; Their work is still almost entirely subjective and the mode of telepathic interplay and of impression is practically all the means which They employ to reach Their working agents. Therefore, the recovery of past usages of a more physical nature has been one of the preparatory moves.

Another has been the achievement of a wide culture and understanding of the current civilisation which will be coming into activity and control when the intended project is carried out. You have been told—and told correctly—that the Masters do not trouble Themselves to attain proficiency in all educational subjects—in modern history, for instance, or the newest scientific procedures, or in the use of foreign languages. In all Their Ashrams there are those who can supply Them with any specified knowledge which They may need at any given time or for any specific purpose. This will still remain true of Those Who have attained the rank of Master, but it is not true of all the senior initiates, many of whom, as they passed into higher grades and under instruction from a Master, have retained their worldly knowledge, besides specialising in certain strictly mundane approaches to worldly affairs. For instance, there are adepts who are authorities upon modern financial matters, and these initiates of the fourth degree are competently preparing to institute later those newer techniques and modes of financial interplay which will supersede the present disastrous methods; they will inaugurate a system of barter and exchange, of which modern money is the travestied symbol. This newer method of financial relationships will be comprehensively human and it will supersede big business and private enterprise. It will at the same time, however, retain those phases of modern enterprise which will draw out the initiative and [Page 570] the resourcefulness of the individual. Other initiates have specialised in the various languages, and two of them are authorities in basic English; this is the form of the English language which will eventually take the place of other languages in all forms of international and business intercourse without in any way obliterating the individual national languages in daily use in any country.


(EOH 582) The ancient activities of the Hierarchy will still persist—the activities of preparing disciples and initiates for initiation and for participating consciously in hierarchical effort; the Schools of the Mysteries (as outlined by me in Letters on Occult Meditation) will come into being and practice, but this will be temporarily a secondary activity; the full expression of ashramic energy will be directed to practical world affairs and to the education of the general public, and not in the early stages to esoteric matters. In the last analysis, there is for the Master and His disciples no such thing as esotericism, except in so far as Shamballa is concerned. There is only definite and planned work with the consciousness of all forms, and—where humanity is involved—this is regarded as a process of education, leading to an expansion of perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an overshadowing and conditioning wisdom. The implementing of human affairs to bring about this unfoldment in consciousness is in the hands of disciples who are undergoing the process themselves, and it is not in the hands of the Masters, Whose consciousness is fully expanded—a consciousness entering a higher and greatly different phase, connected with Being and Life and the purposes of Shamballa.


(EOH 586) The situation, therefore, in relation to the consciousness of disciples in the intensely difficult, though interesting, period with which humanity is faced could be summed up in the following statements:


1. The disciple is not motivated by any desire to externalise the Hierarchy or to see the Ashram with which he is affiliated functioning physically on the outer plane. He may be totally unaware of this hierarchical intention. If he is aware of this underlying purpose, it is entirely secondary in his consciousness. The good of humanity and a stabilised spiritual future for mankind are his major life incentives.


2. The disciple is strictly humanitarian in his outlook. He works for the One Humanity and though aware possibly that he is affiliated with the Hierarchy, his loyalties, his service and his life intention are directed entirely to the cause of human betterment. In this attitude he is coming to resemble the Masters Whose life directive is not hierarchical possibilities but adherence to the purposes of Shamballa, in action, in relationships and to the Plan for all living units in the three worlds.


(EOH 591)  They will prepare and work for conditions in the world in which Christ can move freely among men, in bodily Presence; He need not then remain in His present retreat in Central Asia. They can and will accept with ease the unity of all faiths when the relationship of the Buddha and the Christ is correctly presented; then the picture of a Christ demanding a unique position, to the exclusion of all other sons of God, will fade out in the wonder of the true apostolic succession, in which many sons of God, on different rays, of differing nationalities and with varying missions, are to be seen historically leading humanity along the path of divine unfoldment and nearer to God, the Source.


Temporarily, the fact of God Immanent will engross the attention of all true spiritual teachers, and the fact of that divine immanence making itself felt in perfection through the Christ and other divine Representatives will for a time relegate the teaching on God Transcendent into the background. Undue emphasis has been placed on this major truth, to the exclusion of the nearer and more practical truth of God in every man and in every form in every kingdom in nature; much evil has eventuated by the failure to lay the emphasis upon God Immanent. Later on, when the [Page 591] truth of the Christ indwelling every man and revealed in perfection through the historical Christ and His great Brothers down the ages has been accepted, the teaching of God Transcendent, which is the secret mystery in the custody of Shamballa, will be revealed and emphasised. The two halves of a perfect Whole will then be recognised by humanity.


(EOH 594) The great moment for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" to which He referred when speaking to His small group of disciples—"Lo! I am with you all the days even unto the end of the age"—has come and today He stands and waits, knowing that the hour has come when He will "see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied." May I repeat: Right through the spiritual succession of the Sons of God there is naught to be seen and felt but expectancy and preparation.


From the Father's House (the Shamballa of the esotericist) the fiat has gone forth: "The hour has come." From the kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has been flung back: "Father, Thy will be done"; down in our struggling, bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." Thus in the three great spiritual centres—the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity—there is but one Purpose, one idea and one united expectancy....


(EOH 606) Why this triumph of the Christ consciousness must always be spoken of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphs of the forces of evil. To be a citizen of the Kingdom of God does not mean that one must necessarily be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the human heart can express itself in many different departments of human living—in politics, in the arts, in economic expression and in true social living, in science and in religion. It might be wise here to remember that the only time it is recorded that Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passing from glory to glory and, in the long panorama of history, this is strikingly observable. The glory is today revealed in every department of human activity, and the Transfiguration of those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilisation is very close at hand.

4. Finally, in the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accurately called in the East) the Great Renunciation, Christ, for the first time, anchored on earth a tenuous thread of the divine Will, as it issued from the Father's House (Shamballa), passed into the understanding custody of the Kingdom of God, and through the medium of the Christ was brought to the attention of mankind. Through the instrumentality of certain great Sons of God the three divine aspects or characteristics of the divine Trinity—will, [Page 606] love and intelligence—have become a part of human thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not in those spent upon the Cross, but during those spent in the Garden of Gethsemane, when His will—in agony and almost despair—was submerged in that of the Father. "Father," He said, "not my will but Thine be done." (Luke XXII. 42.)


(EOH 610) What the members of the spiritual Hierarchy are doing is much indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom—or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ—are working day and night in order to establish such confidence, correct attitudes and understanding of the divine spiritual "push" or enterprise that His way will be made easier. They and their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realities stand unitedly behind the Christ and can thus enable Him to accomplish His purpose. Their major realisation is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is one which has been anticipated in the Father's House (Shamballa) for thousands of years. They have registered the fact that, for the first time in human history, all the three spiritual centres or groups through which God works are unitedly focussed on the same objective. Shamballa, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Humanity (the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and the world of men) are all striving in one vast movement for an intensification of the Light of the World. This Light will irradiate in a fashion unknown before, not only the Father's House, which is the source of all our planetary light, but also the spiritual centre from which have come all Those Teachers and World Saviours Who have stood before men and said, as did Hermes, the Buddha and the Christ: "I am the Light of the World." This light will now flood the world of men, bringing illumination to men's minds and light into the dark places of human living.


(EOH 644) Five of the Masters and Their five Ashrams are primarily involved in this preparatory work. There is first of all the Ashram of the Master K.H., which is the presiding Ashram in this work, owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram, and therefore upon the same line of spiritual energy and descent as the Christ Himself. Another reason is that the [Page 644] Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work than dealing with the consciousness of humanity. Next comes the Master Morya and His Ashram, because the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa, and He is in close touch with that dynamic centre. The Master R., as the Lord of Civilisation, is necessarily closely involved in this preparatory work, and also because He is what has been called the Regent of Europe. Another Ashram is also very deeply concerned in this work; I have, at times, referred to the Master Who was responsible for the organisation of Labour. This work He began to do in the latter part of the nineteenth century, but left it to carry forward of its own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid an undue emphasis upon the proletariat during the revolution and in the later years of the first quarter of the twentieth century. I (D.K.) am the fifth Master concerned in this special work and am, as it were, the liaison officer between those active and conscious disciples who are working in the world of outer affairs and those directly responsible to the Christ for the desired work of preparation. Certain disciples from these five Ashrams or groups have been (and will be) especially trained for the work of contacting the public.


The stimulation which can be given will be released at the coming Full Moon. The five specialised energies are as follows:


1. The Energy of Love-Wisdom. This energy always has an effect upon every type of human being in the world. Its effect is to stimulate the tendency towards goodwill and to produce a mental development which can transmute the knowledge—garnered down the ages—into wisdom. It is wisdom which is needed today. Those who are now attempting to foster goodwill in themselves and others will be stimulated into wise action. You can see, therefore, that the outpouring of this energy is the first and greatest need. It can reach mankind because the Founders of all the world religions (I refer not to their many diversifications) are banded together in [Page 645] unison with the Christ, Their Lord and Master; through Their united and directed effort, these energies will flow. Forget not that Christ represents the energy of love and the Buddha that of wisdom.


2. The Energy of Will or Power. The outpouring of this energy, owing to the "little wills" of the majority of men and the developed strenuous wills of certain present world Leaders, will not have as wide or potent an effect or contact as may the others. Its inflow will, however, serve to bring about a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly for true peace and understanding. These people will therefore aid in the task of implementing goodwill. It will, nevertheless, strengthen the will of the selfish, ambitious and obstinate men who are in positions of power and influence, and produce increased trouble—at least temporarily. The salvation of the world and the production of the needed security will be brought about in the long run by the mass of men everywhere, in all lands; it will be the result of an intensified educational process. Humanity, as yet, does not know how to handle wisely the energy of the will-to-power, and it is largely this that has handicapped the manifestation of the will-to-good. The Shamballa force is too strong for those who are naturally wilful. In the case of certain potent men, this energy reaches them directly, and is not stepped down for them through contact with the Hierarchy of Love; it naturally expresses itself in the political fields and in the realm of governments, through rulers, officials, statesmen and politicians. When the "little wills" of the intelligentsia, of those who serve the public in some capacity or other, and those above all who are working in some connection with the United Nations, become strengthened, stimulated and focussed on goodwill, the union of the two energies of Love-Wisdom and of Will can bring about the needed changes in the planetary life. This is not an immediate happening, but it is not a visioning of the impossible.


3. The Energy of Active Intelligence. This third type of energy is the easiest one for modern humanity to receive—which is perhaps a sad commentary upon man's aspirations. [Page 646] The proof of this lies in the fact that much of this type of energy (through the selfish perception and desires of mankind) has been crystallised into money. Human intelligence has served on the side of materialism and not on the side of the spiritual values. Money is the concretised expression of the third type of spiritual energy. This particular expression appeared first in the ancient and equally materialistic system of barter and exchange; then, in later civilisations (predominantly including ours) we have the appearance of money, made first from the products of the mineral kingdom, and then later came paper money, made from the products of the vegetable kingdom. This has culminated in the modern preoccupation with money. There is very deep occult meaning to be found in the statement in the New Testament that "the love of money is the root of all evil". It is largely money and selfishness which lie behind the present disastrous economic situation. Great financiers are in reality those in whom the receipt of money, or of this type of energy, constitutes the line of least resistance, plus the will to make vast fortunes, which cannot be gainsaid. They will to make a fortune; they bring their intelligence to bear upon their goal, and naught can stop them. Many of them are purely selfish; some regard their money as a trust to be used for others and are amazingly generous in a philanthropic and humanitarian sense. These men are receptive to the first type of energy, and frequently all the three types find a channel through them, and the world is greatly benefited; such men are nevertheless very rare. It still remains for the crystallised aspect of this third energy—money—to be used on a large scale for the furtherance of the work of the Hierarchy. It is at this point and in connection with money that the great test of goodwill should demonstrate.


4. The energy which produces order. This is the energy of the seventh ray or power of divinity. At this time, its major expression will come through the relationships and adjustments required between capital and labour, and labour will be primarily involved. This energy is being assimilated in the Ashram of the Master Whom I mentioned above; at the [Page 647] inception of the industrial era He was responsible for the formation of the labour movement—a movement bringing into relation the workers of the world. It is interesting to have in mind that today labour functions internationally; it is a group which learns with rapidity and has in it the seeds of vast good; it is probably the group which will place goodwill in the forefront of human thinking—upon a pinnacle of thought. This Master to Whom I refer belongs to the Ashram of the Master R. He relieves Him of this phase of the work to be done.


5. The energy of right human relations. This energy is a subsidiary expression of the energy of Love-Wisdom—the first of the great outpouring energies. It emanates, therefore, from the subsidiary Ashram for which I am responsible. I have written and taught much about it, and with some success. "Right human relations" is not simply goodwill, as people seem to think; it is a product or result of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities and nations. About it I need not write, for you have enough teaching from me to guide you. Your daily actions will be those of goodwill, directed towards the establishing of right human relations if you are rightly oriented within the race of men and towards the spiritual Hierarchy.


(EOH 658) 6. The energy of the first divine aspect (that of will or power) now being applied with the most scrupulous care by Shamballa. This energy of the will is—as you have been taught—the potency of the life in all beings; it has in the past only been permitted to make contact with "the substance of humanity" via the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impact has been permitted experimentally and of this the world war (1914-1945) was the first evidence, clarifying issues, presenting opportunity, purifying human thinking and destroying the old and worn-out civilisation. It is an exceedingly dangerous energy and cannot be applied in fuller measure until the race of men has learned to respond more adequately to the energy of the second aspect of love-wisdom, and therefore to the rule of the Kingdom of God.


7. There remains another energy which can only be applied very much later on and only if the activity of the six preceding energies fulfil their purpose. With it we cannot here deal, for the future is too uncertain, and in any case, it will only come into activity in the middle of the Aquarian Age.


These energies, along with the five specialised energies referred to in my June (1948) Full Moon Message will swing into great activity as the years slip away. The year 1952 will see the five specialised energies assuming great potency.


(EOH 662) Skill in action, wise and understanding judgment, the adaptation of present affairs to the desired future, the coordination of the work to be done, and the clear enunciation of the platform upon which the new teaching must be founded, plus the survey (if I may so express it) of the foundations upon which the new structure of the coming civilisation must be founded—it is with these things that the Christ is at this time concerned. You can realise, therefore, the tremendous and cooperative activity with which the Master K.H. and His Ashram are concerned. The stimulation of that activity comes from two directions: necessarily from Shamballa, from the Buddha and from the Avatar of Synthesis, and increasingly from the world of men, as expectancy, hope and demand combine to make their united appeal.


the energy coming from the Avatar of Synthesis will make its primary impact upon Morya’s  Ashram,

The Ashram or group centre through which the Master Morya works is also exceedingly busy. It is obvious to you that as this is a first ray Ashram, the energy coming from the Avatar of Synthesis will make its primary impact upon this Ashram, which provides the line of least resistance. There, it is scientifically stepped down or broken down, prior to distribution to the Ashrams of the five Masters engaged in the work of preparation.


The highest aspect possible of assimilation by the Hierarchy is directed by the Masters towards the Christ and is used by Him in His individual and planned preparatory work. Though He demonstrated when here before that His mission or work had a group or brotherhood objective, it is well known in hierarchical circles that first ray synthesis is something higher still than unity, and that even the Christ has somewhat to grasp anent this new potency—coming both from Shamballa or from the Father (as the Christ used to call that emanating source), and also from extra-planetary sources. Above all, He has the difficult task of training or adapting His physical vehicle so that it can assimilate this extra-ordinary high potency and, at the same time, keep it [Page 663] in a condition in which He can move outward on the physical plane among men.


(EOH 674) It was the knowledge that this important development was imminent which made the Hierarchy in the last century widen the area or the scope of its teaching activity and thus bring to the consciousness of modern man the knowledge of what occultism essentially means. The keynotes upon which the occult philosophy is built are:


1. There is naught in manifestation except organised energy

2. Energy follows or conforms itself to thought

3. The occultist works in energy and with energies.


The thought of God brought the universe of energies into organised form upon the highest of the seven planes, or upon the first cosmic etheric level. These energies have for untold aeons been directed from the fourth or lowest of the cosmic etheric planes, the plane which we call the buddhic and regard as the first definitely spiritual plane, in our usually erroneous thought; this direction has been under impression from Shamballa, and the Masters have "manipulated these energies in conformity with the Plan, which is the blueprint of the Purpose."


(EOH 677) In London, in New York, in Geneva and Darjeeling and in Tokyo, a Master will eventually be found, organising a major energy centre; at the same time His Ashram will continue to function upon buddhic levels, for the entire personnel has not been alerted for externalisation. The Ashram will therefore be working on two levels—and yet that is not a correct statement of fact, as there are no levels, as well you know, but only states of consciousness. Ask me not how this can be; ponder on the relation of this dual and simultaneous appearance by attempting to grasp the nature of the manifested form of the planetary Logos in the Person of Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is not the personality of the planetary Logos, for personality as you understand it is not existent in His case. It is not the soul of the planetary Logos, because that soul is the anima mundi and the soul of all forms in all kingdoms. Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, can be seen by Those Who have the right, presiding, for instance, over the Council in Shamballa, yet at the same time He is present as the life and the informing intelligence upon and within our planet.


(EOH 685) Necessarily, the problem is one of a change in the orientation of perception but not necessarily in modes of living or in any definitely physical plane adjustments. Hierarchical orientation has for some centuries been one of a very strict internal consolidation, in order that the magnetic aura of the Hierarchy may unfailingly respond to impression from Shamballa, and also be of so potent a nature that it can form a protective screen around the human family. Forget not the nature of the protective service which the Masters have assumed on behalf of mankind, standing between humanity and the emanations and influences and the magnetic aura of the Black Lodge.


This internal consolidation has been greatly strengthened [Page 685] during the past one hundred years. Because of this, and because of the resultant clarity of impression and of the potent out-going influence, the Plan for humanity—as a Whole—was imparted with emphasis to disciples in the Ashrams, and by them was formulated clearly and presented to humanity.


H.P.B. (one of the first working disciples to go forth on the externalisation impulse and with first ray energy driving him) gave the background of the Plan, under impression from me; the more detailed structure and the sweep of the hierarchical intention have been given by me in the books which A.A.B. has introduced under her own name to the public (in so doing acting under my instructions). For the first time in human history, the purpose of past events—historical and psychological—can be clearly noted as the foundation for all present happenings, thus bringing the mysterious Law of Karma in an easy manner to public attention. The present can also be seen, indicating the way of the future and revealing clearly the Will-to-Good which is animating the entire evolutionary process—a process in which humanity (again for the first time) is intelligently participating and cooperating. It is this cooperative participation, even if unconsciously rendered, which has made it possible for the Hierarchy to grasp the opportunity to bring to an end the long silence which has persisted since Atlantean days; the Masters can now begin to undertake to renew an ancient "sharing of the secrets," and to prepare humanity for a civilisation which will be distinguished by a constant intellectual perception of truth, and which will cooperate with the externalised Ashrams in the various parts of the world.


The internal consolidation is now being somewhat loosened, if I may use such an inadequate expression, and a majority of the Members of the Hierarchy are withdrawing Their close attention from reception of impression from Shamballa and are now orienting Themselves—in an entirely new and directed manner—to the fourth kingdom in nature. At the same time, a very powerful minority of Masters are entering into a much closer association with the Council of Sanat Kumara.

[Page 686] In this way the potent and dynamic influence of Shamballa will be strengthened instead of lessened by the reorientation of the majority of the Masters and initiates. These statements have, of course, implications which will not be understood by you and which will necessarily pass unnoticed; you will respond, however, to the realisation that the minority—in renewed and closer contact with Shamballa—have to master the technique of relationship; this will entail much use of the sacrificial will. The reason is that They are (on a higher turn of the spiral) submitting to a forcing process which will make great demands upon Them, but which will serve to release the majority to a new and more potent form of immediate Earth service. In other words: a few of the Masters and higher initiates are undergoing a special and applied stimulation and are undertaking work for which the united Ashrams, in their higher brackets, have hitherto been responsible. This subjects Them to a great strain and forces Them to use the will aspect of Their divine natures in entirely new and unknown ways. They relinquish much, in order to enable the entire Hierarchy to give far more in radiance, guidance, and magnetic invocative strength than has even before been the case.


(EOH 687) The majority of the Masters and initiates, in Their turn, also relinquish much in order to work exoterically among men. They subject Themselves voluntarily to an active stimulation from the senior "contacting minority" but relinquish the "joy of Shamballic contact". Temporarily, the training which the majority have been receiving in "cosmic orientation," in the use of the will-to-be (a meaningless phrase to you), and in the "bliss of receptivity to the will-to-good of Sanat Kumara" is given up. The entire attitude of the group of Masters, initiates and disciples who are to be responsible for the externalisation of the Hierarchy and for the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ is focussed upon the expert use of the Science of Contact. This time, the science is used upon a wide and telepathic scale, with the souls of men, and upon the technique of expressing spiritually the nature of "isolated unity" in the cities, jungles and the [Page 687] massed inhabited areas of the earth. This involves, as you can well imagine, the use of an expert ability to remain untouched by the evil rampant upon the physical plane, and yet to remain in complete sympathetic and understanding contact with all humanity and with all events that affect humanity. It was prophecy which impelled the Christ to say, when last in public appearance among men, that His disciples were "in the world and yet not of the world"; Christ depicted in simple yet profoundly revealing terms the life of the Members of His Ashrams (the entire Hierarchy) when again He would walk with Them in the plain sight of humanity. He pictured Them as one with the Father (the Council of Life in Shamballa), and yet as one with Him (as the hierarchical Head), and as one also with all that breathes and that inhabits form. I advise all disciples who seek to cooperate with the impending activity of the Hierarchy to study with care the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of St. John; this was written by that disciple of love, under the influence of the energy emanating from the buddhic vehicle of the Christ, which is also—as you have been told—identical with the buddhic vehicle of the Buddha. The identity of the two vehicles is symbolic of the entire teaching anent "isolated unity" and divine participation, which the Masters in Their Ashrams are teaching Their disciples of all grades, these days, as the first step toward the externalisation of Their activities.


An intensive training process, therefore, is being carried out in every ashram and along identical lines, resulting in the "isolation," occultly understood, of certain Masters and initiates. They have been thus isolated in order that They may work more readily and easily with Shamballa; They can thus form a dynamic and galvanic storehouse of energy (the energy of the divine Will) and thus make it available for the use of the other Members of the Hierarchy, as They stand in "isolated unity" upon the highways of Earth, and thus are "in the world and yet not of the world". The learning of this lesson calls into activity the sacrificial will of both the hierarchical groups; this remains the binding cord between Them and that aspect of the antahkarana along which energy can [Page 688] flow in a new and electric fashion from Shamballa, via the hierarchical minority referred to above, and into the large group of Masters and initiates and disciples to whom is committed the task of consolidation. All this constitutes—for the Members of the Hierarchy—a definite process of testing out and of trial, prior to and preparatory to some of the higher initiations.


Again, the Members of the Hierarchy are not only sensitive to impression from the two other planetary centres (Shamballa and Humanity), but They are acutely aware of the Forces of Evil which are fighting furiously against the externalisation of the spiritual work. The energy which cosmic evil generates is active along three main channels:


It was the task of Shamballa to protect humanity from the intention to destroy, of the cosmic forces of Evil

  1. From the centre of cosmic evil upon the cosmic astral plane. Of this centre you can know nothing, and its emanations and its magnetic aura can only be understood and recognised or interpreted by the senior Masters and by initiates of still higher rank. As the potency of the astral plane (which is so familiar to us all) weakens, and glamour and illusion are negated by a rapid spiritualising of humanity, the power of cosmic evil will correspondingly weaken and the Forces of Evil will be unable to reach the planet with their present easy effort. It is against the impact of this emanating evil that the Hierarchy stands in protection of humanity. Hitherto it has been the task of Shamballa, working through the Hierarchy, to protect humanity from the "intention to destroy" of the cosmic Forces of Evil, but—in the coming cycle and as a result of the triumph of the Forces of Light in the world war—the potency of Shamballa can be combined with that of the "protecting Agents of Light."


(EOH 689) 2. From the Black Lodge which is the externalisation of the centre of cosmic evil on Earth. Just as the White Lodge is the representative or correspondence of the cosmic centre of light upon Sirius (the true Great White Lodge), so the Black Lodge is also representative of ancient and cosmic evil. The Black Lodge is also far more advanced in externalisation than is the White Lodge, because materialism and matter are, [Page 689] for it, the line of least resistance. The Black Lodge is therefore far more firmly anchored upon the physical plane than is the Hierarchy. It requires a much greater effort for the White Lodge to "clothe itself in matter and work and walk on material levels" than for the Black Lodge. Owing, however, to the spiritual growth of mankind and to the steady, even if slow, orientation of mankind to the spiritual Hierarchy, the time has come when the Hierarchy can materialise and meet the enemy of good upon an even footing; the Hierarchy need not be further handicapped by working in substance whilst the Forces of Evil work both in substance and in matter. Once the reappearance of the Christ and of the Hierarchy is an accomplished fact, these Forces of Evil face sure defeat. The reason for this is that the trend of human living and thought is turning steadily towards the subjective spiritual values, even if these values are interpreted in terms of material well-being at present and of better living conditions for all—with peace and security also for all. The Black Lodge or the planetary centre of evil works almost entirely upon the astral plane, and is impressed directly and guided in detail from the cosmic astral plane.


3. From the negative or purely material forces of the planet, which are not necessarily either good or bad but which have been used instinctually and oft unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends, and are therefore basically anti-spiritual and subject to the influence of human desire—a desire oriented towards selfishness, and therefore towards separateness. This form of evil is being combated today by the New Group of World Servers. Of this battle you know something because every thinking man and woman is immediately implicated.


I have spoken of the evil present in the planet in very simple terms, and there are phases of it to which I have not referred; the interlocking and inter-penetrating of the grades of evil are far more numerous and intricate than you surmise.


In summing up, I would say that the present reorientation of the Hierarchy, in relation both to Shamballa and to [Page 690] Humanity, ushers in the cycle of complete defeat of cosmic evil upon our planet, leaving only an isolated and weakened Black Lodge to die a slow death; this permits the purification of human desire to such an extent that "matter will be redeemed by the sacrificial will of Those Who know, by the will-to-good of Those Who are, and by the goodwill of those sons of men who have turned their faces to the light and who in turn reflect that light."


(GAWP 136) The major point I would seek to make here is that the intuition is the source or the bestower of revelation. Through the intuition, progressive understanding of the ways of God in the world and on behalf of humanity are [Page 136] revealed; through the intuition, the transcendence and the immanence of God is sequentially grasped and man can enter into that pure knowledge, that inspired reason, which will enable him to comprehend not only the processes of nature in its fivefold divine expression but also the underlying causes of these processes, proving them effects and not initiatory events; through the intuition man arrives at the experience of the kingdom of God, and discovers the nature, the type of lives and of phenomena, and the characteristics of the Sons of God as They come into manifestation. Through the intuition, some of the plans and purposes working out through the manifested created worlds are brought to his attention, and he is shown in what way he and the rest of humanity can cooperate and hasten the divine purpose; through the intuition, the laws of the spiritual life, which are the laws governing God Himself, conditioning Shamballa, and guiding the Hierarchy, are brought to his notice progressively and as he proves capable of appreciating them and working them.


Four types of people are subject to revelation through the awakening of the intuition:


1.Those on the line of the world saviours. These touch and sense the divine plan and are pledged to service, and to work for the salvation of humanity. They are found expressing different and varying degrees of realisation, stretching all the way from the man who seeks to reveal divinity in his own life and to his immediate small circle (through the medium of the changes and effects wrought in his personal life) to those great Intuitives and world Saviours, such as the Christ. The former is motivated in all probability by some one intuitive crisis which entirely remade him and gave him a new sense of values; the latter can, at will, rise into the world of intuitive perception and [Page 137] values and there ascertain the will of God and a wide vision of the Plan. Such great Representatives of Deity have the freedom of the Holy City (Shamballa) and of the New Jerusalem (the Hierarchy). They are thus unique in their contacts and there have been relatively few of Them as yet.


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Compilation Shamballa part7


(GAW[ 159) Humanity today is the Dweller whilst the Hierarchy of Souls is the Angel and behind stands the PRESENCE of Divinity Itself, intuited by the Hierarchy and dimly sensed by humanity but providing in this manner that threefold synthesis which is divine manifestation in form.


All these three have powerful emanations (though the emanation of the PRESENCE via Shamballa has been wisely held in leash since the human race came into being). They all have auras, if you care so to call them, and in the three worlds at present that of the Dweller is still the most powerful, just as in the life of the aspirant, his personality is as yet the dominant predisposing factor. It is this powerful human emanation which constitutes the major glamour in the life of humanity and of the individual disciple. It is a synthesis of glamour, fused and blended by the personality ray but precipitated by the effect of the steadily influencing soul ray. It [Page 160] is the shadow or distortion of reality, now sensed for the first time on a large scale by the race of men and thrown into high relief by the light which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energy from the PRESENCE.


(GAWP 169) This is necessarily no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane [Page 169] by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity. The process has been slowly gathering momentum as these two great Beings have gathered around Them Their disciples and initiates during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication between Shamballa and the Hierarchy has been opened and enlarged, and as the contact between these two great Centres and Humanity has been more firmly established.


At the June Full Moon, 1942, the first test as to the directness of the communication between the Centre where the Will of God holds sway, the Centre where the Love of God rules, and the Centre where there is intelligent expectancy was made. The medium of the test was the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha, and of those who responded to Their blended influence. This test had to be carried out in the midst of the terrific onslaught of the powers of evil and was extended over the two weeks beginning on the day of the Full Moon (May 30th 1942) and ending on June 15th 1942. There was a great concentration of the Spiritual Forces at that time, and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself may not use), but the success or failure of the test was, in the last analysis, determined by mankind itself.


You may feel, though wrongly, that not enough people know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring. But the success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge of the few, the relatively few, to whom the facts and the information have been partially imparted. It is dependent also upon the tendency of the many who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole and whose [Page 170] longing and desire is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relations and of spiritual enterprise among men. Their name is Legion and they are to be found in every nation.


The Will of God expressed in Shamballa and focussed through the Buddha-the Low of God, focussed through the Christ

When the Will of God, expressed in Shamballa and focussed in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focussed through the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focussed through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all brought into line—either consciously or unconsciously—then a great re-orientation can and will take place. This event is something that can happen.


(GAWP 183) This basic technique underlies both primary and secondary revelations. In the case of the first, the time cycle is long; in the second, the time cycle is short. A very good instance of this process is demonstrated by one of the secondary points of revelation in connection with the teaching which emanated from the Hierarchy (the Custodian of secondary revelations, as Shamballa is of primary) fifty years ago and which took the form of The Secret Doctrine. H.P.B. was the "penetrating, sensing, appropriating intuitive." The revelation she conveyed followed the accustomed routine of all secondary revelation from the Source to the outer plane. There the minds of men, veiled by illusion and clouded by glamour, formulated it into an inelastic doctrine, recognising no further revelation and holding steadily—many of the theosophical groups—that The Secret Doctrine was a final [Page 184] revelation and that naught must be recognised but that book and naught deemed correct but their interpretations of that book. If they are correct, then evolutionary revelation is ended and the plight of humanity is hard indeed.


(HIS 32) In Lemurian days, after the great descent of the spiritual Existences to the earth, the work They planned to do was systematised.  Offices were apportioned, and the processes of evolution in all the departments of nature were brought under the conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood.  This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on.  They are all in physical existence, either in dense physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy.  It is of value for men to remember that They are in physical existence, and to bear in mind that They exist upon this planet with us, controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection.


[Page 33]

Shamballa will be revealed when people have etheric vision-it is in the Gobi desert

The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shamballa, a centre in the Gobi desert, called in the ancient books the "White Island."  It exists in etheric matter, and when the race of men on earth have developed etheric vision its location will be recognised and its reality admitted.  The development of this vision is rapidly coming to pass, as may be seen from the newspapers and the current literature of the day, but the location of Shamballa will be one of the latest etheric sacred spots to be revealed as it exists in the matter of the second ether.  Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell in the Himalaya mountains, in a secluded spot called Shigatse, far from the ways of men, but the greater number are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations, unrecognised and unknown, yet forming each in His own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World, and proving to His environment a distributor of the love and wisdom of the Deity.


(HIS 40) 5. According to astrological conditions, and according to the turning of the planetary wheel of life, so one or another of these Kumaras will be active.  The three Buddhas of Activity change from time to time, and become in turn exoteric or esoteric as the case may be.  Only the King persists steadily and watchfully in active physical incarnation.


Besides these main presiding Personalities in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, there is a group of four Beings Who are the representatives upon the planet of the four Maharajas, or the four Lords of Karma in the solar system, who are specifically concerned with the evolution at the present time of the human kingdom.  These four are connected with:—


1. The distribution of karma, or human destiny, as it affects individuals, and through the individuals, the groups.


2. The care and tabulation of the akashic records.  They are concerned with the Halls of Records, or with the "keeping of the book," as it is called in the Christian Bible; They are known in the Christian world as the recording angels.


[Page 41]

3. The participation in solar councils.  They alone have the right during the world cycle to pass beyond the periphery of the planetary scheme, and participate in the councils of the Solar Logos.  Thus They are literally planetary mediators, representing our Planetary Logos and all that concerns Him in the greater scheme of which He is but a part.


Co-operating with these karmic Lords are the large groups of initiates and devas who occupy themselves with the right adjustment of:—


a. World karma,

b. Racial karma,

c. National karma,

d. Group karma,

e. Individual karma,


and who are responsible to the Planetary Logos for the correct manipulation of those forces and building agencies which bring in the right Egos on the different rays at the correct times and seasons.


With all these groups we have little concern, for they are contacted only by initiates of the third initiation, and by those of even more exalted rank.


The remaining personnel of the Hierarchy is divided into three main and four subsidiary groups, each of these groups, as will be seen by reference to the appended chart, being presided over by one of Those Whom we call the three Great Lords.


(HIS 46) Thus you have Will, Love, and Intelligence represented in these three great Lords; you have the self, the not-self, and the relation between synthesised in the unity of manifestation; you have racial government, religion and civilisation forming a coherent whole, and you have physical manifestation, the love or desire aspect, and the mind [Page 46] of the Planetary Logos working out into objectivity.  The closest co-operation and unity exists between these three Personalities, and every move and plan and event exists in Their united foreknowledge.  They are in daily touch with the Lord of the World at Shamballa, and the entire guidance of affairs rests in Their hands, and in those of the Manu of the fourth root-race.  The World Teacher holds office in connection with both the fourth and fifth root-races.


Each of these departmental heads directs a number of subsidiary offices, and the department of the Mahachohan is divided into five divisions, so as to take in the four lesser aspects of Hierarchical rule.


Under the Manu work the regents of the different world divisions, such as, for instance, the Master Jupiter, the oldest of the Masters now working in physical bodies for humanity, Who is the regent for India, and the Master Rakoczi, Who is the regent for Europe and America.  It must be remembered here that though the Master R., for instance, belongs to the seventh ray, and thus comes under the department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet in Hierarchical work He may and does hold office temporarily under the Manu.  These regents hold in Their hands the reins of government for continents and nations, thus guiding, even if unknown, their destinies; They impress and inspire statesmen and rulers; They pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about the desired results wherever co-operation and receptive intuition can be found amongst the thinkers.


(HIS 105) Among Those directly connected with our Lodge of Masters in its various divisions upon the planet, the following might be enumerated:-


The Silent Watcher is to Sanat Kumara, what the Ego is to the personality

The "Silent Watcher," that great Entity Who is the informing life of the planet, and Who holds the same position to the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, as the Ego does to the lower self of man.  Some idea of the high stage of evolution of this Great Being may be gathered from the analogous degree of evolutionary difference existing between a human being and a perfected adept.  From the standpoint of our planetary scheme, this Great Life has no greater, and He is, as far as we are concerned, a correspondence to the personal God of the Christian.  He works through His representative on the physical plane, Sanat Kumara, Who is the focal point for His life and energy.  He holds the world within His aura.  This great Existence is only contacted directly by the adept who has taken the [Page 105] fifth initiation, and is proceeding to take the other two, the sixth and seventh.

At the Wesak festival (Taurus full moon), the Buddha distributes energy from the Silent Watcher and Sanat Kumara to humanity

Once a year, at the Wesak Festival, the Lord Buddha, sanctioned by the Lord of the World, carries to the assembled humanity a dual stream of force, that emanating from the Silent Watcher, supplemented by the more focalised energy of the Lord of the World.  This dual energy He pours out in blessing over the people gathered at the ceremony in the Himalayas, and from them in turn it flows out to all peoples and tongues and races.

During the 1st world war the Silent Watcher was invoked

 It may not perhaps be generally known that at a certain crisis during the Great War[WW I], the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it well nigh necessary to invoke the aid of the Silent Watcher, and—employing the great mantram whereby the Buddha can be reached—called the attention of the latter, and sought his agency with the Planetary Logos.  In consultation between the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, one of the Buddhas of Activity, the Buddha, the Mahachohan, and the Manu (these names are given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watch proceedings a little longer before interfering with the trend of affairs, as the karma of the planet would have been delayed should the strife have been ended too soon.  Their confidence in the ability of men duly to adjust conditions was justified, and interference proved needless.  This conference took place at Shamballa.  This is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairs of men by the various Planetary Existences.  It is literally true, in an occult sense, that "not a sparrow falleth" without its fall being noticed.


The Bodhisattva (The Christ), was not included in the Conference at Shamballa during the 1st world war, because the war was in the department of the Manu-but the next great strife will be in the department of the Christ-and could well indicate the relgious world war that seems to be unfolding right now (written Dec 2006)

It may be asked why the Bodhisattva was not included in the conference.  The reason was that the war was in the department of the Manu, and members of the Hierarchy concern Themselves with that which is strictly Their own business; the Mahachohan, being the embodiment of the [Page 106] intelligent or manasic principle, participates in all conferences.  In the next great strife the department of religions will be involved, and the Bodhisattva intimately concerned.  His Brother, the Manu, will then be relatively exempt, and will proceed with His own affairs.  And yet withal there is the closest co-operation in all departments, with no loss of energy.  Owing to the unity of consciousness of those who are free from the three lower planes, what transpires in one department is known in the others


As the Planetary Logos is only concerned in the two final initiations, which are not compulsory as are the earlier five, it serves no purpose to enlarge upon His work.  These initiations are taken upon the buddhic and atmic planes, whereas the first five are taken upon the mental.


Sanat Kumara and the Chohans, meet at Shamballa (which is in etheric matter in the Gobi desert) four times a year

The Lord of the World, the One Initiator, He Who is called in the Bible "The Ancient of Days," and in the Hindu Scriptures the First Kumara, He, Sanat Kumara it is, Who from His throne at Shamballa in the Gobi desert, presides over the Lodge of Masters, and holds in His hands the reins of government in all the three departments.  Called in some Scriptures "the Great Sacrifice," He has chosen to watch over the evolution of men and devas until all have been occultly "saved."  He it is Who decides upon the "advancements" in the different departments, and Who settles who shall fill the vacant posts; He it is Who, four times a year, meets in conference with all the Chohans and Masters, and authorises what shall be done to further the ends of evolution.


Sanat Kumara meets lesser initiates at other times of the year, but only at times of great crisis

Occasionally, too, He meets with initiates of lesser degree, but only at times of great crises, when some individual is given the opportunity to bring peace out of strife, and to kindle a blaze whereby rapidly crystallising forms are destroyed and the imprisoned life consequently set free.


At the Wesak Festival, the Lodge meets under the jurisdiction of Santat Kumara (head of Shamballa)

At stated periods in the year the Lodge meets, and at [Page 107] the Wesak Festival gathers under His jurisdiction for three purposes:


1. To contact planetary force through the medium of the Buddha.

2. To hold the principal of the quarterly conferences.

3. To admit to the ceremony of initiation those who are ready in all grades.


Three other initiation ceremonies take place during the year:—


1. For the minor initiations administered by the Bodhisattva, all of which are in the department of the Mahachohan, and on one or other of the four lesser rays, the rays of attribute.


2. For the major initiations on one or other of the three major rays, the rays of aspect, which are administered by the Bodhisattva, and are therefore the first two initiations.


Sanat Kumra, Lord of Shamballa, wields the Rod at the 3rd, 4th and 5th initiations

3. For the higher three initiations (3rd, 4th, 5th) at which Sanat Kumara wields the Rod.


At all initiations the Lord of the World is present, but at the first two He holds a position similar to that held by the Silent Watcher, when Sanat Kumara administers the oath at the third, fourth and fifth initiations.  His power streams forth and the flashing forth of the star before the initiate is the signal of His approval, but the initiate does not see Him face to face until the third initiation.


The function of the three Kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity at initiation is interesting.  They are three aspects of the one aspect, and the pupils of Sanat Kumara.  Though Their functions are many and varied, and concern primarily the forces and energies of nature, and the direction [Page 108] of the building agencies, They have a vital connection with the applicant for initiation, inasmuch as They each embody the force or energy of one or other of the three higher subplanes of the mental plane.  Therefore at the third initiation one of these Kumaras transmits to the causal body of the initiate that energy which destroys third subplane matter, and thus brings about part of the destruction of the vehicle; at the fourth initiation another Buddha transmits second plane force, and at the fifth, first subplane force is similarly passed into the remaining atoms of the causal vehicle, producing the final liberation.  The work done by the second Kumara, with second subplane force, is in this solar system the most important in connection with the egoic body, and produces its complete dissipation, whereas the final application causes the atoms themselves (which formed that body) to disperse.


During the initiation ceremony, when the initiate stands before the Lord of the World, these three great Beings form a triangle, within whose lines of force the initiate finds himself.  At the first two initiations, wherein the Bodhisattva functions as the Hierophant, the Mahachohan, the Manu, and a Chohan who temporarily represents the second department perform a similar office.  At the highest two initiations, those three Kumaras who are called "the esoteric Kumaras" form a triangle wherein the initiate stands, when he faces the Planetary Logos.


These facts are imparted to teach two things, first, the unity of the method, second, that the truism "as above so below" is an occult fact in nature.


At the final two initiations (the 6th and 7th?)-Sanat Kuamara and the Planetary Logos (the Silent Watcher) merge-seeing as Sanat Kumara is to the Planetary Logos as the Personality is to the Soul-DK is simply saying that the Personality and Soul of Planet earth are merged in consciousness when initiates of the 5th degree are taking either the 6th or 7th initiations-it would be interesting and useful to consider exactly when in the year these 6th and 7th initiations take place-at the Libra and Aries full moons? SDP has written considerably on this subject

At the final two initiations many members of the Hierarchy who are, if one might so express it, extra-planetary, and who function outside the dense physical and the etheric globe of our planet, take part, but a stricter enumeration is needless.  Sanat Kumara is still the Hierophant, yet in a [Page 109] very esoteric manner it is the Planetary Logos Himself who officiates.  They are merged at that time into one Identity, manifesting different aspects.


Suffice it to say, in concluding this brief statement, that the making of an initiate is an affair with a dual effect, for it involves ever a passing on of some adept or initiate to a higher grade or to other work, and the coming in under the Law of some human being who is in process of attainment.  Therefore it is a thing of great moment, involving group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavour, and much may depend upon the wisdom of admitting a man to high office and to a place in the council chambers of the Hierarchy.






The Rods of Initiation are of four kinds:


1. Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos and of the three major Planetary Logoi.


2. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a Planetary Logos.  With cosmic initiation we have naught to do; it concerns expansions of realisation beyond even the ken of the highest initiate in our solar system.  With systemic initiations we are concerned only in trifling measure, for they are on so vast a scale that the average human mind cannot as yet envisage them.  Man appreciates these initiations only in so far as they produce effects in the planetary scheme with which he may be concerned.  Particularly is this so should the scheme in which he plays his microscopic part be the centre in the Logoic body receiving stimulation.  When that is the case, the initiation of his own Planetary Logos takes place, and consequently he (as a cellular body) receives an added stimulation along with the other sons of men.


3. Planetary, used by a Planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher.  At the planetary initiation the Rod of Power, wielded by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electrical force from Sirius, and was received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands of that great Entity Who is the presiding Lord of the Lords of Karma.  He is the repository of the law during manifestation, and He it is Who is the representative in [Page 127] the solar system of that greater Brotherhood on Sirius Whose Lodges are found functioning as the occult Hierarchies in the different planets.  Again, it is He Who, with the solar Logos to assist Him, invests the various Initiators with power, gives to Them that word in secret which enables Them to draw down the pure electric force with which Their rods of office must be charged, and commits to Their keeping the peculiar secret of Their particular planetary scheme.


4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva.


The first direct impact of Shamballa on Humanity took place in Lemurian times-the second was in Atlantean times and initiated the flood, and the third was in the 20th century and initiated the world war (1st and 2nd)

When man individualised in Lemurian days, it was through the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos of our earth chain, which touched into activity certain centres in His body, with their corresponding groups.  This application produced literally the awakening of the life to intelligent work on the mental plane.  Animal man was conscious on the physical and on the astral planes.  By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental.  Thus the three bodies were co-ordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them.


All Rods of Initiation cause certain effects:—


a. Stimulation of the latent fires till they blaze. 

b. Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings them within the radius of each other.

c. Increase of the vibratory activity of some centre, whether in man, a Heavenly Man, or a solar Logos. 

d. Expansion of all the bodies, but primarily of the causal body.


e. The arousing of the kundalini fire (or the fire at the base of the spine), and the direction of its upward progression.  This fire, and the fire of manas, are directed [Page 128] along certain routes—or triangles—by the following of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner.  There is a definite occult reason, under the laws of electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate presented to the Initiator is accompanied by two of the Masters, Who stand one on either side of the initiate.  The three of Them together form a triangle which makes the work possible.


The force of the Rod is twofold, and its power terrific.  Apart and alone the initiate could not receive the voltage from the Rod without serious hurt, but in triangular transmission comes safety.  We need to remember here that two Masters sponsor all applicants for initiation, and represent two polarities of the electric All.  Part of Their function is to stand with applicants for initiation when they come before the Great Lord.


When the rods are held in the hands of the Initiator in His position of power, and at the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electric force from very high levels, so high indeed that the "Flaming Diamond," at certain of the final initiations, the sixth and seventh, transmits force via the Logos from outside the system altogether.  This major Rod is the one used on this planet, but within the system there are several such Rods of Power, and they are to be found in three grades—if it may be so expressed.


The Lord of The World-Sanat Kumara-re-charges the Rod of the World Teacher (Boddihsatva) at the inaugeration of each World Teacher-at Shamballa-which month?

One Rod of Initiation is used for the first two initiations, and is wielded by the Great Lord.  It is magnetised by the application of the "Flaming Diamond," the magnetisation being repeated for each new World Teacher.  There is a wonderful ceremony performed at the time that a new World Teacher takes office, in which He receives His Rod of Power—the same Rod as used since the foundation of our Planetary Hierarchy-and holds it forth to the Lord of the [Page 129] World, Who touches it with His own mighty Rod, causing a fresh recharging of its electric capacity.  This ceremony takes place at Shamballa.


The Rod of Initiation known as the "Flaming Diamond," is used by Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator.  This Rod lies hidden "in the East," and holds the fire hidden that irradiates the Wisdom Religion.  This Rod was brought by the Lord of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar process to that of the lesser Rod, only this time it is recharged by the direct action of the Logos Himself, the Logos of the solar system.  The exact location of this Rod is known only to the Lord of the World and to the Chohans of the rays, and being the talisman of this evolution the Chohan of the second ray is—under the Lord of the World—its prime guardian, aided by the deva Lord of the second plane.  The Buddhas of Activity are responsible for its custody, and under Them the Chohan of the ray.  It is produced only at stated times, when specific work has to be done.  It is used not only at the initiating of men, but at certain planetary functions of which nothing is at present known.  It has its place and function in certain ceremonies connected with the inner round, and the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars, and Mercury.


(HIS 130) The purpose of the Rods of Power.


In the sceptre of a ruling monarch at this day is hidden the symbolism of these various Rods.  They are duly recognised as symbols of office and of power, but it is not generally appreciated that they are of electrical origin, and that their true significance is concerned with the dynamic stimulation of all the subordinates in office who come under their touch thus inspiring them to increased activity and service for the race.


[Page 130]

The great Rod of Power of the Logos Himself is hidden in the sun.


To recapitulate, the esoteric location of the various rods is as follows:—


The Rod of the Bodhisattva is hidden at Shamballa in the Gobi desert

1. The Rod of the Bodhisattva lies hidden in the "heart of the wisdom," that is, at Shamballa.


2. The Rod of the One Initiator is hidden in "the East," a definite planetary location.


3. The Rod of the solar Logos is hidden in "the heart of the sun," that mysterious subjective sphere which lies back of our physical sun, and of which our physical sun is but the environing shield and envelope.


4. The Rod of the cosmic Logos associated with our solar Logos is secreted in that central spot in the heavens around which our solar system revolves, and which is termed "the central spiritual sun."


The Rod of the Bodhisattva is charged for each new World Teacher-The Rod of Sanat Kumara is charge afresh at each recurring world period (seven times in a planetary scheme)

One Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new World Teacher; the Rod of Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in the history of a planetary scheme.  The Logoic Rod of Power is electrified at the recurrence of each new period of creation, or for each solar system through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physical body life.

Shamballa corresponds to the heart chakra in a human being

 The first two ceremonies take place at Shamballa, the sacred point of planetary manifestation, that central location in our physical planet which corresponds to the heart of a human being.  Many of the places on the earth's surface, for instance, which are famed for their healing properties, are thus noted because they are magnetised spots, and their magnetic properties demonstrate as healing influences.  The recognition of these properties by man is but the preamble of a later and more definite recognition, which will eventuate when his etheric sight is normally developed.


[Page 131]

These magnetic spots are magnetised in three ways:—


The national heart (often the chief city) of every nation is caused through the application of the Flaming diamond to the ethers, by Sanat Kumara

  1. By Sanat Kumara working through the Manu.  This occurs when it is desirable to form a central magnetic point which, by its attractive power, will draw into a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organisation.  Every nation has its "magnetic point," formed in etheric matter by the application of the "Flaming Diamond" to the ethers; it is the national heart and the basis of the national character.  Usually the chief city of a nation is built up around it, but this is not invariably so.


2. By Sanat Kumara working through the Bodhisattva.  In this case, the electric force in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate in the great religions of the world.  The lesser Rod of Power is used here in conjunction with the greater.  By their means the attractive quality or keynote of any religion is struck, and of any organisation with a religious basis.


3. By Sanat Kumara working through the Mahachohan.  By the wielding of the Rod of Power the magnetic focal points of those great organisations which affect the civilisation and the culture of a people are brought into coherent activity.


All physical plane organisation—governmental, religious, or cultural—is the working out of inner forces and causes, and, before they definitely appear in physical manifestation, a focalisation—if it might be so expressed—of these influences and energies, takes place on etheric levels.  The organisation of the Freemasons is a case in point.  It has two magnetic centres, one of which is in Central Europe.  In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was the officiating agent, as is ever the case in the founding of great and important [Page 132] movements.  In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through Their disciples, the aid of the Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed.


When disciples initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale, the Master with Whom they work can similarly assist them, and though He wields no Rod of Power, He has methods whereby He can stimulate and cause to cohere the little endeavour of the faithful followers.  Thus in all departments of human life the Rods of Initiation and the Words of Power are used.  The entire world government functions under law and order, and the whole scheme is interdependent.


(HIS 146) The earlier three stages of the initiation ceremony are the same for all initiations.  In the final two stages those who are not of equal rank with the newly made initiate (such as first degree initiates at the initiation of a third degree member drop back to the rear of the Hall of Initiation at Shamballa, and a "wall of silence" is built up through mantric energy between the two groups; a vacuum, so to speak, is formed, and nothing can then be transmitted from the [Page 146] inner group to the outer.  The latter confine themselves to deep meditation and the chanting of certain formulas, and in the inner group around the Hierophant a dual performance is taking place:—


a. The newly made initiate is taking the oath. 

b. Certain Words and Secrets are being handed over to him.


(HIS 189) 5. The Ray Path.


It is difficult to know by what other name to call this Path, as so little is known about it.  In treading it, a man stays on his own ray, and works thereon in the various kingdoms on all the planes, carrying out the behests of the Lord of the World, and working under His direction.  It carries a man to every part of the solar system, yet links him definitely with the synthetic ray.  It is a very complex path, for it necessitates a capacity for the most intricate mathematics, and an ability to geometrise in a manner incomprehensible to our three-dimensional brains.  This path is taken by the man to whom the law of vibration is of profound importance.  He works first in the council chamber of the Lord of the World at Shamballa, manipulating the law of vibration on his own ray.  Later he will have his habitat on the planet corresponding to his own ray, and [Page 189] not on the earth unless he is on the ray of the Planetary Logos holding sway upon the earth.  Later again as his evolution progresses, he will pass to the sun; then having mastered all connected with vibration in this system he will pass to the cosmic system, going off his own ray (which is but a subsidiary ray of one cosmic ray), on to the corresponding cosmic ray.


Just as the evolution of man in this system is fivefold, so in the above we have enumerated the principal five Paths from which a Master has to choose.  The remaining two can only be touched upon still more briefly, for they hold but a very few of the evolving sons of men, owing to the high point of attainment necessitated for their entrance, and the fact that those who enter upon them pass out of the system altogether.  They do not lead to Sirius, as do some of the other Paths.  It will be noted that four groups remain in the system, passing eventually, in dim and distant aeons, to the cosmic planes.  One group passes directly to Sirius, and the remaining two groups pass directly after initiation to the cosmic planes, with no period of intermediate work on earth, in the system, or on Sirius.  These two Paths are:—


Shamballa is home to the Secret Doctrine

(HIS 225) Shamballa. The City of the Gods, which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others.  It is the sacred island in the Gobi Desert.  It is the home of mysticism and the Secret Doctrine.


(OM 302) 1. The one fundamental School.


Sanat Kumara, located at Shamballa, is the highest expression of the Teaching Ray upon Earth

It is therefore very essential that the emphasis is laid on the fact that no matter what the offshoots, the basic school of occultism is that one which has its root in the sacred centre of the planet, Shamballa.  At that place, directly under the eyes of the One Initiator Himself, Who is—as is seldom realised—the highest expression of the Teaching Ray upon the earth, is found what might be termed the central office for the educational disciplinary training work of the Hierarchy.  There will be found the Chohan Who is directly responsible for the various endeavours, and to Whom the Masters Who take pupils, and the Heads of the various occult schools are directly responsible.  All proceeds under law and order.


One point that it will here be necessary to emphasise is that the Brotherhood of Light, as represented by the Himalayan Masters, has its other representatives elsewhere who all carry out specific work under proper and adequate supervision.  Too apt are the Theosophists to think that they alone are the repositories of the wisdom religion.  Not so is the fact.  At this particular moment (with the aim in view of the development and tendering of opportunity to the fifth subrace) the Himalayan Brotherhood is the main channel of effort, power and light.  But the work with other races proceeds simultaneously and numerous other projects, all emanating from the central office at Shamballa, are paralleling the Himalayan work.  Get this clearly in mind, for the point is important.  The Himalayan School and Lodge is the one that principally concerns the Occident and the only school without any exception that should control the work and output of the occult students in the West.  It brooks no rival nor contemporary work with its pupils, not for the [Page 303] sake of its own teachers but to ensure the safety of its pupils.  Danger lurks in the path of the occult student and the Himalayan adepts know adequately how to protect their pupils, provided those pupils stay within the periphery of Their united auras, and wander not out to other schools.  All true occult schools demand this of their pupils, and all true Masters expect Their pupils to refrain from taking other occult instructions at the same time as they are receiving it from Them.  They say not:  "Our method is the only right and true method."  They say:  "When receiving instructions from Us it is the part of wisdom and the line of safety to refrain from occult training in another school or under another Master."  Should a pupil desire so to do he is perfectly free to seek out other schools and teachers, but he must first break his connection with the old.


The one fundamental school may be recognised by certain outstanding characteristics:—


By the basic character of the truths taught as embodied in the following postulates:—


a. The unity of all life.

b. The graded steps of development as recognised in man, and by the graded steps of its curriculum, which lead a man from one expansion of consciousness to another until he has reached that which we call perfection.

c. The relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm and its sevenfold application.

d. The method of this development and the place of the microcosm within the macrocosm as revealed through the study of the periodicity of all manifestation and the basic law of cause and effect.


By the emphasis laid on character building and spiritual development as a foundation for the development of [Page 304] all the faculties inherent in the microcosm.  By the requirement, demanded of all affiliated pupils without exception, that the life of inner unfoldment and development should be paralleled by a life of exoteric service.


By the graded expansions of consciousness that are the result of the imparted training; these lead a man on from step to step till he contacts his higher self, his Master, his egoic group, the First Initiator, the One Paramount Initiator, until he has contacted the Lord of his Ray and has entered into the bosom of his "Father Which is in Heaven".


These are the outstanding features that are descriptive of the one true fundamental School.


This fundamental school has three main branches and a fourth that is in process of forming and which will make the four branches of this fourth round.  These branches are as follows:—


1. The trans-Himalayan Branch.

2. The southern India Branch.  (these are Aryan Branches)

3. A Branch that works with the fourth root-race and has two fourth root-race adepts at its head.

4. A Branch in process of forming that will have its headquarters in the Occident at some place not yet disclosed.  It has for its main object the instructing of those connected with the coming sixth root-race.


These branches are and will be closely inter-allied and will work in the closest co-operation, being all focused and under the control of the Chohan at Shamballa.  The heads of each of the four branches communicate with each other frequently and are really like the faculty of one stupendous university, the four schools being like the [Page 305] various major departments of the foundations—like subsidiary colleges.  The aim of all is the evolution of the race, the object of all is to lead all to the point of standing before the One Initiator, the methods employed are fundamentally the same, though varying in detail, due to the racial characteristics of the races and types dealt with, and the fact that certain schools work paramountly with one ray and others with another.


The trans-Himalayan school has its adepts as known to you, and others Whose Names are not known.


The southern Indian school has special work with the deva evolution, and with the second and third sub-races of the Aryan race.


The Himalayan school works with the first, fourth and fifth sub-races.


The fourth root-race branch works under the Manu of that race and his brother of the Teaching Ray.  Their headquarters are in China.


The Master R.— and one of the English Masters are concerning Themselves with the gradual founding of the fourth branch of the school, with the assistance of the Master Hilarion.  Ponder on these imparted facts, for the significance is of profound importance.


Tomorrow we will deal with the future.  Today I have but imparted facts in present manifestation.


(ROP 32) From the Father's House (the "centre where the will of God is known" or Shamballa of the esotericist) the fiat has gone forth: The hour has come. From the Kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has been flung back: "Father, Thy will be done." Down in our struggling, bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." For the three great spiritual centres: the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity, there is but one purpose, one idea and one united expectancy.


(ROP 53) 4. Finally, in the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accurately called in the East) the Great Renunciation, [Page 53] Christ, for the first time, anchored on Earth a tenuous thread of the divine Will as it issued from the Father's House (Shamballa), passed into the understanding custody of the kingdom of God and, through the medium of the Christ, was brought to the attention of mankind. Through the instrumentality of certain great Sons of God, the three divine aspects or characteristics of the divine Trinity—will, love and intelligence—have become a part of human thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not that spent upon the Cross, but those spent in the Garden of Gethsemane. Then His will—in agony and almost despair—was submerged in that of the Father. "Father," He said, "not My will but Thine be done." (Luke XXII.42.)


(ROC 58) The question now arises: In what way can we be of service?  How can we aid during this preparatory stage?


What the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing is much indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom—or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ—are working day and night in order to establish such confidence, correct attitudes and an understanding of the divine spiritual "push" or enterprise that His way will be made easier. They and their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realities stand unitedly behind the Christ and can thus enable Him to accomplish His purpose. Their major realisation is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is one which [Page 58] has been anticipated in the Father's House (Shamballa) for thousands of years. They have registered the fact that, for the first time in human history, all the three spiritual centres or groups through which God works are unitedly focussed on the same objective. Shamballa, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity (the Father's House, the Kingdom of God and the World of Men) are all striving in one vast movement for an intensification of the Light of the World. This Light will irradiate (in a fashion unknown before) not only the Father's House, which is the source of all our planetary light but also the spiritual centre from which have come all those Teachers and World Saviours Who have stood before men and said, as did Hermes, the Buddha and the Christ: "I am the Light of the World." This light will now flood the world of men, bringing illumination to men's minds and light into the dark places of human living.


(ROC 85) As Dispenser of the Water of Life, His work is most mysterious and not at all easy to comprehend. In His public work, two thousand years ago, He said: "I am come [Page 85]  that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." (John X.10.) The Life Aspect—from the angle of the vision of Christ—expresses itself in three ways:


1. As physical life, nourishing the cells of the body. This life is found within each atom of substance as the central point of living light.


2. As livingness, seen as love and light within the heart. When this livingness is present and expressing itself, the human atom becomes a part of the spiritual Hierarchy.


  1. As Life more abundantly. This life can be known as light, love and power within and above the head of the disciple of the Christ. This abundant life enables him to cooperate, not only with humanity and with the spiritual Hierarchy, but also with Shamballa itself—the centre of life in its purest essence.


(ROC 97)  In order to make this possible and thus release His spiritual Brother from the arduous task of relating humanity to the "centre where the will of God is known" (Shamballa), Christ is subjecting Himself at this time to an unique process of training. Of this training, His thirty years of work in the carpenter's shop in Palestine has ever been the hitherto unrecognised symbol. The word "carpenter" is significant of building, of construction, and means (in its derivation) someone who is an artificer in timber or a builder of wooden houses. This is the true meaning of the Biblical story of Christ's being crucified upon the cross of wood or the tree. It is related in reality to the decision made by Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane to take over the building or reconstruction [Page 98] work in Aquarius, and thus complete the task which He attempted to do in the Piscean Age. He and His disciples and the New Group of World Servers are the pledged builders of the new civilisation, the new "house of humanity." The preparatory work He is now doing will fit Him to demonstrate in wisdom (and not only through love) the nature of the hierarchical Plans, wise constructive measures, wise choice of builders and correct methods of construction.


(ROC 154) t will be apparent to you that it is only possible to indicate the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousness which will take place as a result of the coming Great Approach will enable humanity to grasp not only its relation to the spiritual life of our planet, the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being," but will also give a glimpse of the relation of our planet to the circle of planetary lives, moving within the orbit of the Sun and the still greater circle of spiritual influences which contact our system as it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship and the influences exerted but there is still speculation and much foolish claiming and interpretation. Yet the churches have ever recognized this and the Bible has testified to it. "The stars in their courses fought against Sisera" (Judges V.20). "Who can withstand the sweet influences of the Pleiades?" (Job XXXVIII.31). Many other passages bear out this contention of the Knowers. Many church festivals are fixed by reference to the moon or a zodiacal constellation. Investigation will prove this to be the case and when the ritual of the new world religion is universally [Page 154] established, this will be one of the important factors considered.


The establishing of certain major festivals in relation to the Moon and in a lesser degree to the zodiac will bring about a strengthening of the spirit of invocation and the resultant inflow of evoked influences. The truth lying behind all invocation is based upon the power of thought, particularly in its telepathic nature, rapport and aspect. The unified, invocative thought of the masses and the focussed, directed thought of the New Group of World Servers constitute an outgoing stream of energy. This will reach telepathically those spiritual Beings Who are sensitive and responsive to such impacts. Their evoked response, sent out as spiritual energy, will in turn reach humanity after having been stepped down into thought energy and in that form will make its due impact upon the minds of men, convincing them and carrying inspiration and revelation. Thus has it ever been in the history of the spiritual unfoldment of the world and the procedure followed in writing the world Scriptures.


Ideally, people the world over should keep the same holy days-based on various full moons

Secondly, the establishing of a certain uniformity in the world religious rituals will aid men everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to the waiting spiritual Lives. At present, the Christian religion has its great festivals, the Buddhist keeps his different set spiritual events, and the Hindu has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organised, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days. This will bring about a pooling of spiritual resources, and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this will be apparent.


Let me indicate the possibilities of such spiritual events, and attempt to prophesy the nature of the coming worldwide [Page 155] Festivals. There will be three such major Festivals each year, concentrated in three consecutive months and leading, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year. These will be:


The three festivals and full moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini (using the tropical zodiac)-are the primary full moons of the new world religion

1. The Festival of Easter. This is the Festival of the risen, living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the Expression of the love of God. On this day the spiritual Hierarchy, which He guides and directs, will be recognised and the nature of God's love will be emphasised. This Festival is determined always by the date of the first Full Moon of spring and is the great Western and Christian Festival.


The May full moon will link Shamballa and the Hierarchy

2. The Festival of Wesak. This is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divine purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern Festival.


The June full moon festival of the spirit of humanity

  1. The Festival of Goodwill. This will be the Festival of the spirit of humanity—aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relation. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognised. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has [Page 156] stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the leader of His people and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII.29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembled Hierarchy. This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ.


These three Festivals are already being kept throughout the world, though they are not as yet related to each other and are a part of the unified spiritual Approach of humanity. The time is coming when all three Festivals will be kept throughout the world and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the effects of the Great Approach, so close to us at this time, will be stabilised by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet.


The remaining full moons will constitute lesser festivals but will be recognised to be also of vital importance. They will establish the divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just as the major festivals establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determined by a close study of the nature of a particular constellation or constellations influencing those months. For instance,  Capricorn will call attention to the first initiation, the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart, and indicate the training needed to bring about that great spiritual event in the life of the individual man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate the possibilities for spiritual unfoldment that [Page 157] could be given through an understanding of these influences and in order to revivify the ancient faiths by expanding them into their larger undying relationships.


Thus, the twelve annual festivals will constitute a revelation of divinity. They will present a means of bringing about relationship, first of all, during three months with the three great spiritual Centres, the three expressions of the divine Trinity. The minor festivals will emphasise the interrelation of the Whole, thus lifting the divine presentation out of the individual and the personal, into that of the universal divine Purpose; the relationship of the Whole to the part and of the part to that Whole will be thereby fully expressed.


Humanity will, therefore, invoke the spiritual power of the Kingdom of God, the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out on earth. The Hierarchy, on a higher turn of the spiral will invoke the "Centre where the Will of God is known," thus invoking the Purpose of God. Thus will the Will of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for this the Earth waits.


To sum up therefore: on the basis of the fundamental truth already recognised the new world religion will be built.


The definition of religion which will in the future prove of greater accuracy than any yet formulated by the theologians might be expressed as follows:


Religion is the name given to the invocative appeal of humanity and the evocative response of the greater Life to that cry.


It is, in fact, the recognition by the part of its relationship [Page 158] to the Whole, plus a constantly growing demand for increased awareness of that relation; it draws forth the recognition of the Whole that the demand has been made. It is the impact of the vibration of humanity—oriented specifically to the Great Life of which it feels itself a part—upon that Life and the responsive impact of that "All-surrounding Love" upon the lesser vibration. It is only now that the impact of the human vibration can dimly be sensed in Shamballa; hitherto its most potent activity has only reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science of invocation and evocation as far as humanity is concerned, is the approach (in the coming New Age) of a mentally polarised humanity. In the past, religion has had an entirely emotional appeal. It concerned the relation of the individual to the world of reality, of the seeking aspirant to the sought-for divinity. Its technique was the process of fitting oneself for the revelation of that divinity, of achieving a perfection which would warrant that revelation, and of developing a sensitivity and a loving response to the ideal Man, summarised, for present day humanity, in the Christ. Christ came to end the cycle of this emotional approach which had existed since Atlantean days; He demonstrated in Himself the visioned perfection and then presented to humanity an example—in full manifestation—of every possibility latent in man up to that time. The achieving of the perfection of the Christ-consciousness became the emphasised goal of humanity.


Today, slowly, the concept of a world religion and the need for its emergence are widely desired and worked for. The fusion of faiths is now a field for discussion. Workers in the field of religion will formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and will emphasise the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is, in a pronounced sense, a [Page 159] channel for the activities of the Christ, the world Teacher. The platform of the new world religion will be built by many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ.


Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit is greater than all the churches and greater than their teaching. In the long run, that human spirit will defeat them and proceed triumphantly into the Kingdom of God, leaving them far behind unless they enter as a humble part of the mass of men. Nothing under heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its long pilgrimage from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality and from ignorance to wisdom. If the great organised religious groups of churches in every land, and composing all faiths do not offer spiritual guidance and help, humanity will find another way. Nothing can keep the spirit of man from God.


The churches in the West need also to realise that basically there is only one Church, but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution. God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; this is one reason for the elimination of non-essential doctrines. By the emphasising of the essential doctrines and in their union will the fullness of truth be revealed. This, the new world religion will do and its implementation will proceed apace, after the reappearance of the Christ.





The entire subject of telepathic communication can be approached under a more subjective designation or name, but one which is interpretive of the more universal and prior stage than that of direct telepathic reception. The occultist ever approaches the subject connected with the evolutionary process from the angle of the whole and then the part, from the periphery to the centre, from the universal to the particular. Among Themselves, the Masters do not deal with telepathy as a science warranting consideration, endeavour and impartation; They are concerned primarily with the Science of Impression. The term most often employed by Them is the esoteric equivalent of what the average person means when he says, "I have an impression." Impression is the subtlest reaction (more or less accurate) to the vibratory mental activity of some other mind or group of minds, of some whole, as its radiatory influence affects the unit or aggregate of units.


The first stage of correct telepathic reception is ever the registering of an impression; it is generally vague at the beginning, but as a thought, idea, purpose or intention of the sending agent concretises, it slips into the second stage which appears as a definite thoughtform; finally, that thoughtform makes its impact upon the consciousness of the brain in the location lying just behind the ajna centre and consequently in the area of the pituitary body. It can appear also in the region of the solar plexus centre. But for those Lives Who have surmounted life in the three worlds and Who are not conditioned by the triple mechanism of the personality, the impression is the factor of importance; Their consciousness is impressed, and so sensitive is Their response to the higher impression, that They [Page 42] absorb or appropriate the impression so that it becomes a part of Their own "impulsive energy."


This is by no means an easy subject for me to elucidate, and the reasons are two:


1. The members of the Hierarchy (among Whom I have the status of Master)* are Themselves in process of learning this Science of Impression. This They do on the levels of the abstract mind, of the intuition, or of manas and buddhi.


2. The science is as yet without a vocabulary. It is not limited at any stage by thoughtforms but it is limited by word forms; and it is therefore a difficult problem for me to pass on any information anent this subtle mode of communication of which telepathy is in fact but an exoteric externalisation.


Sources of Impression to the Three Planetary Centres


Impression, as an art to be mastered both from the angle of the impressing agent and of the impressed recipient, is definitely related to the world of ideas. As far as our planetary Life is concerned, there are certain great sources of impression and one or two of them might here be noted; you will thus gain some idea of the subtlety of the whole subject, of its close relation to energy impacts and of its group reception as differentiated from individual reception, as is the case in any telepathic rapport.


1. The impression of Shamballa by:


  1. Members of the Great White Lodge on Sirius. The recipients of this impression are the highest Members of the Great Council, presided over by the Lord of the World. So subtle is this impression [Page 43] that these Great Lives can only receive it with accuracy when in full joint conference of the entire Council, and also after due preparation.


b. From one or other of the constellations which are at any particular time astrologically en rapport with our planet. This impression can only be received by the Great Council when sitting in conclave with a majority of its Members present. This, I would have you note, does not entail the attendance of the entire Council.


c. From a triangle of circulating energy, emanating from the two planets which—with our planet, the Earth—form a triangle in any particular cycle. This impression is received by the three Buddhas of Activity for distribution to the Hierarchy.


d. From the planet Venus, the Earth's alter ego. This makes its entrance via the Lord of the World and three of His Council Who are chosen by Him at any specific time to act as recipients.


These are the major entering impressions, recorded by what is glibly called "the Universal Mind," the mind of God, our planetary Logos. There are other entering impressions, but to them I do not refer, as any reference would be meaningless to you.


2. The impression of the Hierarchy by:


a. Shamballa itself through the medium of groups within the Great Council; these step down the impression which they register so that the Hierarchy—as a whole—may cooperate with the purposes intended by those who are forming the needed Plan.


[Page 44]

b. Certain great Lives Who, at specific times and according to cyclic rhythm, or in times of emergency, are swung into this type of activity. For instance, one such time would be the Full Moon period, which is a time of reception by the Hierarchy as well as by Humanity; an instance of the second type of activity would be the Wesak Festival, or those acute crises when intervention is required from sources far higher than those with which the recipient is usually en rapport. Such a crisis is fast approaching.


The first type of impression is rhythmic, recurrent and therefore cumulative in its intended effects. The second type of impression is the result of invocation and evocation and is dependent upon both the recipient and the agent.


c. That great group of divine Contemplatives who are trained to act as an intermediate receptive group between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. They receive impression from Shamballa and transmit it to the Hierarchy, thus enabling the Members of the Hierarchy to receive it as "a sharpened impression" and to register it accurately because the emanating impression has passed through an area within the divine Mind where it is enhanced by the trained perception and the determined receptivity of this group. They are called, in the East, the divine Nirmanakayas. I only mention Their occult name so that you may learn to recognise Them when you meet reference to Them.


d. The Buddha at the time when the Wesak Festival is celebrated. He then acts as a focal point or as the "distributor of the impression"; He then has [Page 45] behind Him (little as you may realise it) the entire impressing force of the Buddhas of Activity Who are to Shamballa what the Nirmanakayas are to the Hierarchy.


Let me here interpolate a remark which may prove helpful and illuminating. We are dealing (as you will undoubtedly have noted) with the reception of impression by groups or by aggregations of groups composed of living Beings Who have Their own agents of distribution or impression. The entire evolutionary history of our planet is one of reception and of distribution, of a taking in and of a giving out. The key to humanity's trouble (focussing, as it has, in the economic troubles of the past two hundred years, and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to take and not to give, to accept and not to share, to grasp and not to distribute. This is the breaking of the Law which has placed humanity in the position of guilt. The war is the dire penalty which humanity has had to pay for this great sin of separateness. Impressions from the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted, and the task of the New Group of World Servers is to offset this evil. These Servers are to humanity what the Buddhas of Activity are to Shamballa, and the group of divine Contemplatives (the Nirmanakayas) are to the Hierarchy. It might be stated therefore that:


1. The Buddhas of Activity are Themselves impressed by the WILL of God as it energises the entire planetary life.


2. The Nirmanakayas are impressed by the LOVE of God as it demonstrates itself as the attractive force which impulses the Plan inspired by the Purpose. In other words, it is the Hierarchy, impelled to action [Page 46] by Shamballa, or the Will-to-Good, externalising itself as goodwill.


3. The New Group of World Servers are impressed by the active INTELLIGENCE of God; they translate this divine impression and step it down in two great stages, therefore, bringing it into concrete manifestation.


We now carry this conception of divine impression down to the level of the human consciousness.

3. The impression of Humanity by:


a. The Hierarchy, through the stimulating of ideas. These demonstrate through a steadily growing and enlightened public opinion.


b. The influence of the Ashrams of the Masters as they affect the aspirants of the world, the humanitarians and the idealists. These impressing agencies, being seven in number, constitute seven different streams of impressing energy which affect the seven ray types. The united Ashrams, forming the great Ashram of the Christ, affect humanity as a whole; this great united Ashram works solely through the New Group of World Servers whose members are on all rays, of all grades of development, and who work in all the various departments of human living and enterprise.


  1. The activity of the New Group of World Servers about which I have already written in my various pamphlets; therefore repetition is not necessary.*


(TEV 51)   In the above I have given you an interesting and brief elucidation of the technique to be applied to the energising of the centres in the human body. I would remind you that what is true of the individual disciple must be and is true of that great disciple—Humanity, the entire human family. It is also true, as an outgrowth of this idea, of all the three planetary centres: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. The name Science of Impression is that given to the process whereby the establishment of the required relationship in all these units of life takes place. The Technique of Invocation and Evocation is the name given to the mode or method whereby the desired relationship is brought about. [Page 51] The Creative Work is the name given to the manifestation of the results of the two above processes. The three aspects of the Technique of Invocation and Evocation with which the average disciple should concern himself are those of the building of the antahkarana, the correct use of the lower mind in its two higher functions (the holding of the mind steady in the light and the creation of the desired thoughtforms), and the process of precipitation whereby the impression is enabled eventually to take tangible form.


In the above exegesis I have given you much food for thought in connection with telepathic possibilities; it all fits into the theme of world service as it is to be applied in the expansion of the human consciousness on a large scale. This is one of the major tasks of the New Group of World Servers.





It would be useful if you attempted to master and to assimilate what I have to impart anent the three great sciences which form the three modes of expression of what we might term the SUPREME SCIENCE OF CONTACT. These three sciences are all equally interdependent and all related to the art of responsiveness. They are:


Its Three Inter-Dependaent Modes of Expression


1. The Science of Impression . . . The will-to-be.

Relation to the Spiritual Triad.

Source of emanation . . . Shamballa.

Connected with the abstract mind.


2. The Science of Invocation and Evocation . . . Love or attraction.

Relation to the soul in all forms.

Source of emanation (at this time) . . . The Hierarchy.

Connected with the lower mind, as the agent of the soul.


3. The Science of Telepathy . . . Mind. Human intelligence.

Relation to the personality.

Source of emanation . . . Humanity itself.

Connected with the head centre.


You will see how all these pairs of opposites play their part, exemplifying the dualistic nature of our planetary Life:


[Page 53]

1. The abstract mind and the lower mind.

2. The soul and the lower mind.

3. The lower mind and the head centre.


Each of them acts as an invocative agent and produces evocation. All act as recipients and as transmitters, and all of them together establish the group inter-relation and the circulation of the energies which are the distinctive characteristic of the entire world of force.


(TEV 66) This Supreme Science of Contact governs all reactions to impact. This statement includes the cosmic reactions of Sanat Kumara down to the scarcely discernible reactions (invisible almost even to the eye of the seer) of the infinitesimal atom. For the sake of clarity, I divided this science into three major divisions, basing them upon the reactions of the three major planetary centres to their environment. This is a point which I would have you carefully bear in mind. I could write a treatise longer than this one purely on the creation of the response apparatus which each of these three centres of divine life-reason had to form in order to make the needed contact and to interpret correctly. There are many paradoxes in what I am here giving you, and apparently some contradictions where orthodox occultism is concerned, but that is ever the case as the teaching expands in content and the earlier all- inclusive facts are seen to be minor aspects of still greater facts. You can see, therefore, the significance and the importance of the dictum in The Secret Doctrine that the Hierarchy and all in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara (or Shamballa) have invariably passed through the human stage of evolution, for only human beings can perfectly blend and express life-reason, and only human intellect can consciously create what is needed in order to bring the needed stages of manifested life into being.


[Page 67]

Here again emerges another reason for the importance of the "centre which we call the race of men"; upon the shoulders of humanity rests unbelievable responsibility. Therefore, whether we are dealing with simple telepathy, or with invocation and evocation, or with impression, we are in reality considering the effect of life-reason as it manifests in relation to the available and suitable environment. Note this phrase. All this takes place through men in process of being made perfect, through men who have attained a relative perfection, and through men who—in the majority of cases—arrived at perfection elsewhere than in this present manifesting cycle. This should indicate to you the potentiality hidden in the very lowest of the human family, and the future of wonder and of usefulness which lies ahead for each and all in due time and after due effort.


Technically speaking, it is the Hierarchy which is "impressed" from Shamballa, and Humanity which is reached by the Hierarchy via the method of invocation and evocation. Within the human family two things occur as the result of this received and recognised activity of a phase of the Science of Contact.


(TEV 68) Linking Groups Within the Planetary Life


1. Telepathic relationship is set up. This, my brother, has ever existed between members of the human family and, as previously explained, is of two kinds: Solar plexus telepathy, instinctual, uncontrolled, widely prevalent and allied to many of the surprising activities of forms of life other than the human, i. e., the instinct of the homing pigeon or the method whereby cats and dogs and horses will find their homes over immense distances. The telepathic interplay between a mother and her children is instinctual and seated in the animal nature. Mental telepathy is now being recognised and studied. This is the activity and rapport established from mind to mind; it also includes the telepathic response to current [Page 68] thoughtforms and thought conditions in the world today. Interest in this is already very great.


2. Intuitional telepathy begins to manifest increasingly among advanced human beings in all lands and all races. This indicates soul contact and the consequent awakening of group consciousness, for sensitivity to intuitional impressions has to do only with group concerns.


This Science of Contact governs relations within our entire planetary life and includes, for instance, the rapport being established between humanity and the domesticated animals. These animals are to their own kingdom what the New Group of World Servers is to humanity. The New Group of World Servers is the linking bridge and the mode of communication between the Hierarchy (the fifth kingdom) and Humanity (the fourth kingdom) under the present divine Plan; the domesticated animals fulfil, therefore, an analogous function between Humanity (the fourth kingdom) and the animal kingdom (the third). These analogies are often fertile fields of illumination.


Sanat Kumara is in close contact with other Planetary Logoi

As regards Shamballa, the impression there received is not the result of invocation which in due course evokes extra-planetary response, as is the case between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, and the Hierarchy and Humanity, with certain changes during the process of stepping down or of descent. That which impresses Shamballa and is received by the Grand Council of the Lord of the World, comes via Sanat Kumara because HE is in close contact with other planetary Logoi or groups of planetary Logoi, wielding a united, focussed, intelligent Will.

It is Sanat Kumara Whose task it is to impress the Lives Who meet periodically in the Council Chamber with the next phase of unfolding Purpose

(TEV 69)  It is Sanat Kumara Whose task it is to impress the Lives Who meet periodically in the Council Chamber with the next phase of unfolding Purpose. This Purpose is later "occultly reduced" or stepped down until it emerges as the hierarchical Plan. This Plan is contingent upon imminence, atmic realisation [Page 69] and pure reason, as the Hierarchy has termed these three "aspects of reaction" to impression from Shamballa. Let me make myself clear. The Hierarchy is no group of mystical workers; only those aspects of divine Purpose which can be immediately grasped and developed and which are patently valuable to humanity—when presented in right form by the Hierarchy—are registered by Them. They know what consciously to "repudiate" as it is occultly called, and They act ever in response to a Law of Imminence or of occult prevision which is almost unrecognisable and indefinable by advanced humanity. The words, "atmic realisation" are most interesting, for they refer to the quality and the mass of will energy which could be made available by the pledged and unified Hierarchy to carry out the imminent Plan. Never forget that in considering Shamballa and the Plan, we are thinking entirely within the limits of the expression of the WILL aspect of the Lord of the World, and this—except for advanced initiates—is well-nigh impossible. This factor has to be accepted theoretically, even if not yet understood.


To these two unalterable requirements the Hierarchy contributes the faculty of pure reason, which is the governing faculty of the Hierarchy and which brings into activity the quality to which man has erroneously given the name of "love". This emphasises the sentimental aspect and signifies to the majority, very largely, simply the sentimental and emotional aspect, which is entirely of an astral nature. Pure reason, which is the supreme characteristic of the Members of the Hierarchy, will ever express itself in right action and right human relations, and that will manifest—when present—what love in reality is. Pure love is a quality or effect of pure reason.


The pure reason of the hierarchical response is needed for the grasping and the comprehension of the Purpose as [Page 70] it works out through the Plan sponsored at any one time by the Hierarchy, and the quality of pure love is needed and demanded (even if unrealised) by a waiting humanity.


This "impression" emanating from Shamballa takes the form of a focussed emanation which employs the higher aspect of the antahkarana as its channel of contact. I refer not here to the thread as built by the disciple between the mental unit and the abstract mind. I refer to its continuation through the buddhic and atmic levels of consciousness into the area of magnetised consciousness (I use this word as we have not yet the necessary word to express the exact nature of this higher awareness, and the term "identification" seems somewhat unsuitable) which surrounds and protects the true Shamballa centre. It is essential that you here bear in mind that just as the mass of men do not know, recognise or respond to the Hierarchy, so—within the Hierarchy itself—you have a group analogous to this mass of men. There are many lesser members of the Hierarchy and many, very many, disciples who do not know, recognise or as yet respond to the influence or the potency of Shamballa.


Within the Hierarchy, the Science of Impression conditions the relation between senior and junior members in the various Ashrams. All do not respond in the same way, for in its higher aspects it is a science in process of mastering. It might be said, in order that you may understand more easily, that "impression" governs and conditions all those within the Hierarchy whose abstract mind is highly developed. It is not fully developed in the case of many disciples in the Ashram, and hence only certain Members of the Hierarchy (the Masters, the Adepts and Initiates of the third degree) are permitted to know the details of the Plan; these are protected by means of this very Science [Page 71] of Impression. The remaining members of the Hierarchy take their orders from their seniors.


Mind the Focus of Planetary Development


I would ask you to remember that, in our planetary development, the emphasis of the entire evolutionary process is on the MIND and on the various aspects of the mind—intelligence, mental perception, the Son of Mind, the lower mind, the abstract mind, the mind as will, the Universal Mind. The three which are of major importance and which form an esoteric triangle requiring to be brought into a vital inter-relation are the Son of Mind, the abstract mind, and the Universal Mind. They are, when fully related and active, the factors which engineer divine purpose and step it down into such form that we call it the hierarchical Plan and can act upon it. Only when the initiate has attained, through monadic contact, a touch of the Universal Mind can the Purpose be sensed by him; this involves also the development of the abstract mind, plus the residue of mental perception which the Son of Mind (the soul) has bequeathed to him; through all this unfoldment he can join the group who are the Formulators of the Plan. We are dealing here with most difficult and complex matters, inherent in the initiate consciousness and for which we have as yet no correct terminology. Also, the average aspirant has no idea what is the nature of the awareness or the reactions to contact of Those Who have passed beyond the third initiation; these limitations of the average student must constantly be borne in mind.


The Science of Invocation and Evocation—which embodies the technique of interplay within the Hierarchy itself, to a certain degree between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, and to an increasing extent between Humanity and the Hierarchy—is based entirely on a sense of relation. Therefore only a certain level of conscious Lives can invoke Shamballa and evoke response, and this because They [Page 72] have Themselves developed some of the aspects of that type of mental understanding which is the hierarchical expression of the Universal Mind. The light and futile talk of certain writers and thinkers anent the cosmic consciousness, and their flippant use of such phrases as "tuning in with the Infinite" or "tapping the Universal Mind" serve only to show how very little is known in reality about the responses and the reactions of those of high initiate rank or of those on the highest levels of hierarchical life.


The pure reason of the hierarchical response is needed for the grasping and the comprehension of the Purpose as [Page 70] it works out through the Plan sponsored at any one time by the Hierarchy, and the quality of pure love is needed and demanded (even if unrealised) by a waiting humanity.


This "impression" emanating from Shamballa takes the form of a focussed emanation which employs the higher aspect of the antahkarana as its channel of contact. I refer not here to the thread as built by the disciple between the mental unit and the abstract mind. I refer to its continuation through the buddhic and atmic levels of consciousness into the area of magnetised consciousness (I use this word as we have not yet the necessary word to express the exact nature of this higher awareness, and the term "identification" seems somewhat unsuitable) which surrounds and protects the true Shamballa centre. It is essential that you here bear in mind that just as the mass of men do not know, recognise or respond to the Hierarchy, so—within the Hierarchy itself—you have a group analogous to this mass of men. There are many lesser members of the Hierarchy and many, very many, disciples who do not know, recognise or as yet respond to the influence or the potency of Shamballa.


Within the Hierarchy, the Science of Impression conditions the relation between senior and junior members in the various Ashrams. All do not respond in the same way, for in its higher aspects it is a science in process of mastering. It might be said, in order that you may understand more easily, that "impression" governs and conditions all those within the Hierarchy whose abstract mind is highly developed. It is not fully developed in the case of many disciples in the Ashram, and hence only certain Members of the Hierarchy (the Masters, the Adepts and Initiates of the third degree) are permitted to know the details of the Plan; these are protected by means of this very Science [Page 71] of Impression. The remaining members of the Hierarchy take their orders from their seniors.


Mind the Focus of Planetary Development


I would ask you to remember that, in our planetary development, the emphasis of the entire evolutionary process is on the MIND and on the various aspects of the mind—intelligence, mental perception, the Son of Mind, the lower mind, the abstract mind, the mind as will, the Universal Mind. The three which are of major importance and which form an esoteric triangle requiring to be brought into a vital inter-relation are the Son of Mind, the abstract mind, and the Universal Mind. They are, when fully related and active, the factors which engineer divine purpose and step it down into such form that we call it the hierarchical Plan and can act upon it. Only when the initiate has attained, through monadic contact, a touch of the Universal Mind can the Purpose be sensed by him; this involves also the development of the abstract mind, plus the residue of mental perception which the Son of Mind (the soul) has bequeathed to him; through all this unfoldment he can join the group who are the Formulators of the Plan. We are dealing here with most difficult and complex matters, inherent in the initiate consciousness and for which we have as yet no correct terminology. Also, the average aspirant has no idea what is the nature of the awareness or the reactions to contact of Those Who have passed beyond the third initiation; these limitations of the average student must constantly be borne in mind.


(TEV 72) The Science of Invocation and Evocation—which embodies the technique of interplay within the Hierarchy itself, to a certain degree between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, and to an increasing extent between Humanity and the Hierarchy—is based entirely on a sense of relation. Therefore only a certain level of conscious Lives can invoke Shamballa and evoke response, and this because They [Page 72] have Themselves developed some of the aspects of that type of mental understanding which is the hierarchical expression of the Universal Mind. The light and futile talk of certain writers and thinkers anent the cosmic consciousness, and their flippant use of such phrases as "tuning in with the Infinite" or "tapping the Universal Mind" serve only to show how very little is known in reality about the responses and the reactions of those of high initiate rank or of those on the highest levels of hierarchical life.


(TEV 80) Planetary Sequence of Impression


You will note, therefore, the amazing planetary sequence of impression—all of it emanating from the highest possible sources, though stepped down and regulated to the receiving factors; all of it concerned to a greater or less degree (according to the quality of the mechanism of reception) with the will and purpose of Sanat Kumara; all of it, during the aeons, achieving a group potency and a responding sensitivity.


The main factor preventing a completely unimpeded sequence of impression from Shamballa straight down into the mineral kingdom, via all the other kingdoms, is the factor of freewill, resulting in karmic responsibility. This can be either good or bad. It is interesting to note here that both the good and the bad karma produce conditions which not only have to be worked out, but that they lead to conditions which delay what we—from our limited point of view—might look upon as the liberation of the planet. The generating of good karma necessitates the "living through" of conditions where everything (for the man responsible or for any other form within its limitations) is good, happy, beneficent and useful. The evil karma generated in any kingdom in relation to the "realm where dwelleth the planetary Dweller on the Threshold" stands between the cosmic Door of Initiation and our planetary Logos. This Dweller represents all the mistakes and errors due to wrong reactions, unrecognised contacts, deliberate choices made in defiance of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which are temporarily not progressive in time and space. I realise that where these facts apply to the subhuman kingdoms in nature you are not aware of what I mean, but that does not alter the law or movements which are in no way related to human evolution. In connection with the planetary Logos I would like to add that in that great planetary struggle and His subsequent [Page 81] initiation, we are all implicated—from the atom of substance up to and including all the Lives which form the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; it is this titanic effort which is made by the sum total of all the living processes and entities that compose the manifestation of Sanat Kumara which is responsible for the creative evolutionary processes; it is also responsible for what we call time, with all that that concept involves of events, opportunity, the past, the present and the future, the good and the evil.


The dynamic impression which emanates from Shamballa reaches forth in great cycles and cyclic waves; these are impulsed from extra-planetary sources, as demanded or invoked by the Lord of the World and His Associates; they emanate in response to the "acclaimed will" of Sanat Kumara in the Council Chamber.


The seven rays qualified and coloured by Shamballic impression

This high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outward along the seven rays, viewing them as seven streams of spiritual energy, qualified and coloured by the Shamballic impression; this process repeats itself when hierarchical invocation is effective and successfully established.


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Neither the Hierarchy or Shamballa anticipated the sudden response of groups and nations to mass ideologies and to the group impression of ideas

(TEV 84)  We are to consider, therefore, the relation of the human centre to the hierarchical centre and the growing responsiveness of humanity to the "Centre where the Will of God is known". As I said before, it is not my intention to give here the rules governing telepathic intercourse. Such intercourse is found between man and man and groups and groups. The relationship is slowly and normally developed and requires no hastening. It is developing as the other senses of man and his apparatus of perception have developed. Humanity is, however, outstripping telepathic development in the rapid responsiveness of entire groups, and of human beings en masse, to group impression and to group impartation of ideas. The sudden response of groups and nations to mass ideologies has been both unexpected and difficult to handle wisely and constructively. It was not anticipated by either Shamballa or the Hierarchy that mass impression would develop more quickly than that of individual sensitivity, but it has happened that way. The individual within a group and working within a group is far [Page 85] more correctly sensitive than is the man struggling alone to render himself sensitive to impression.



One of the factors militating against personal telepathic development lies in the fact that the strong, potent and modern ascension of the spirit in man—as a whole—frequently offsets personality reactions, and telepathy is a personality matter depending upon contact between mind and mind. The moment, however, that man tries to be telepathic, he is immediately swept into a vortex of abstract energies which condition him for spiritual impression far more than they fit him for personal relationships telepathically established.


This surprising development freed the supervising Masters for some of Their plans and led Them to abandon the training of individual disciples in telepathic rapport and to recognise the opportunity to train and develop invocative groups. Instead of working in lower mental substance with picked aspirants, They changed the medium of contact to that of the soul and launched the relatively new Science of Invocation and Evocation. The lower mind then became simply an interpreter of impressions with the emphasis upon the group mind, the group purpose and the group will. This developing system of trained invocatives made the mind a positive acting factor and tuned out all tendency to negativity.


This hierarchical decision then necessarily led to the instituting of the processes of group initiation, thus shifting the area of training and the whole of the teaching process and of preparation for initiation on to higher levels. The experiment of giving mankind the Great Invocation was tried and is proving successful, though much yet remains to be done.


The disciple is not permitted to practise the art of impressing unit he himself is among those who receive impression from Shamballa (after the 3rd initiation)

(TEV 87)  Sources of Impression for the Disciple


For the aspirant and particularly for the conscious disciple, the impression to be considered comes from four sources:


1. From the disciple's own soul.

2. From the Ashram with which he is to be affiliated.

3. Directly from the Master.

4. From the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana.


[Page 87]

The first two stages cover the period of the first two initiations; the third precedes the third initiation and persists until the disciple is himself a Master; the fourth type of informative impression can be registered after the third initiation and reach the disciple in the Ashram; he then has the task himself of impressing his mind with what he has been told and known within the Ashram; eventually, as a Master of an Ashram, he starts upon one of the major hierarchical tasks of mastering the Science of Impression. There are therefore, two aspects to this work of impression: one deals with the capacity to be impressed; the other with the ability to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted to practise the art of impressing until he himself is among those who receive Triadal impression and therefore impression from Shamballa, within the protective area or aura of the Ashram with which he is affiliated. It must be remembered that this Science of Impression is in reality the science of thoughtform-making, thoughtform vitalisation and thoughtform direction; and only a disciple who has passed through the processes of Transfiguration and is no longer the victim of his own personality can be entrusted with so dangerous a cycle of powers. As long as there exists any desire for selfish power, for unspiritual control and for influence over the minds of other human beings or over groups, the disciple cannot be trusted, under the hierarchical rules, with the deliberate creation of thoughtforms designed to produce specific effects, and with their dispersal to men and groups. After he has passed the tests of the Transfiguration Initiation he may do so.


(TEV 90) When the disciple has mastered to some degree the significant difference between messages from his own subconscious or the subconscious of other people with whom he may be en rapport, and the messages coming from his own soul, his life then becomes more self-directed and organised, more fruitful from the angle of service, and therefore of definite use to the Hierarchy. He learns to distinguish the messages coming from his own soul from those which are hierarchical; his life becomes more clearly directed; he next distinguishes definitely and accurately the communications which come to him from the Ashram and which are sent out to make impression upon the minds of aspirants and disciples of all degrees and of all ray types. When he can distinguish between these various communications, then and only then does the third type of communication become possible—direct messages which are due to contact with the Master of his Ashram in person. He, by that time, possesses what has been called "the freedom of the Ashram" and "the keys to the Kingdom of God"; he can then be trusted with some of the directive potency of the Ashram itself. His thinking will then affect and reach others. This developing effectiveness grows with rapidity when the fourth type of impression is familiar to the disciple: [Page 90] that coming from the Spiritual Triad, and therefore from the Monad and Shamballa. There are consequently (to this final stage of impression) three lesser though definite states, each marking an expansion in the realm of service and each related to the last three initiations of the total possible nine initiations which confront developing humanity. The sixth initiation, in which only Masters can participate, marks a transition from the first three stages of impressibility required by the disciples as preludes to the fifth initiation—or in reality to the third, fourth and fifth—and are related to the three stages of Triadal communication, each of which is related to the seventh, the eighth and the ninth initiations.


(TEV 91) You can see, therefore, how the theme of revelation runs throughout the entire evolutionary process; it must never be forgotten that step by step, stage by stage, expansion after expansion, initiation after initiation, the divine WHOLE is realised by man. The method is impressed from a hitherto unrecognised environment; this only becomes possible in this particular form when "the Sons of Mind who are the Sons of God and whose nature is at-one with His began to move on Earth". The Science of Impression is in reality the technique whereby Humanity has been taught by the Spiritual Hierarchy from the moment of its first appearance upon Earth; it is the technique which all disciples have to learn (no matter which of the Seven Paths they may eventually choose) and it is also the sublime art which every Master practises on inspiration from Shamballa; it is a technique which is implemented by the Will, and its consummation is the complete assimilation of the "little wills of men" into the divine Purpose; it is the acceptance on their part of the promotion of that Purpose through right impression on all forms of life at any particular point of evolution. Disciples then become agents of the divine will and are entrusted with the direction of energies, with the plan and with the secrets and the inspiration which are hidden in the Mind of God.





You will have noticed that I have given no instructions as to the art of developing telepathic sensitivity. The reason is, as I told you before, that this sensitivity should be, and always is, a normal unfoldment when the disciple is correctly oriented, completely dedicated and learning decentralisation. If it is a forced process, then the sensitivity developed is not normal and carries with it much difficulty and future danger. Where the disciple is concerned, release from the constant consideration of personal circumstances and problems leads inevitably to a clear mental release; this then provides those areas of free mental perception which make the higher sensitivity possible. Gradually, as the disciple acquires true freedom of thought and the power to be receptive to the impression of the abstract mind, he creates for himself a reservoir of thought which becomes available at need for the helping of other people and for the necessities of his growing world service. Later, he becomes sensitive to impression from the Hierarchy. This is at first purely ashramic, but is later transformed into total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master; the Plan is then the dynamic substance providing the content of the reservoir of thought upon which he can draw. This is a statement of unique and unusual importance. Later still, he becomes sensitive to impression from Shamballa, and the quality of the Will which implements planetary Purpose is added to the content of his available knowledge. The point which I seek to make here, however, is the fact of the existence of a growing reservoir of thought which the disciple has created in response to the many [Page 95] varying impressions to which he is becoming increasingly sensitive; the ideas, concepts and spiritual objectives of which he is becoming aware are steadily being formulated by him into thoughts with their appropriated thoughtforms, and upon these he learns to draw as he seeks to serve his fellowmen. He finds himself in possession of a reservoir or pool of thought-substance which is the result of his own mental activity, of his innate receptivity, and which provides the material for teaching and the "fount of knowledge" upon which he can draw when he seeks to aid other people.


The essential point to be grasped is that sensitivity to impression is a normal and natural unfoldment, paralleling spiritual development. I gave you a clue to the entire process when I said that


"Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play."


(TEV 96) Paralleling Spiritual Development


It is this aura which is in reality the reservoir of thought-substance upon which he can spiritually rely. His point of focus is upon the mental plane. He is no longer controlled by the astral nature; he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflow but to accumulate within the aura (with which he has surrounded himself) the knowledge and the wisdom which he realises his service to his fellowmen requires. A disciple is a magnetic centre of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state of receptivity. It is then constantly invocative of the higher range of impressions; it can be evoked and set into "distributing activity" by that which is lower and which is demanding aid. The disciple therefore, in due time, becomes a tiny or minute correspondence of the Hierarchy—invocative as it is to Shamballa and easily evoked by human demand. These are points warranting careful consideration. They involve a primary recognition of points of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and evocation.


These areas of sensitivity pass through three stages, upon which it is not my intention to enlarge:


1. Sensitivity to impression from other human beings. This sensitivity becomes of use in service when the needed magnetic aura has been engendered and is brought under scientific control.


2. Sensitivity to group impression—the passage of ideas from group to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within any group of which he is a part, and this ability indicates progress in his part.


[Page 97]

3. Sensitivity to hierarchical impressions, reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and—later—from the Hierarchy as a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to register impression from Shamballa.


It would be of value if we now considered three points which are concerned with sensitivity to impression, with the construction of the resultant reservoir of thought, and with responsiveness to subsequent invocative appeals. These three points are:


1. Processes of Registration.