Dark Light and the Monad:

JPC: It is quite so, that we should not confuse the brilliant and blazing light of the Monad, to be associated at all or in any conceivable way with darkness or that which is Black. The inner central spiritual Sun is the light of all lights and truth of all truths and is impossible to recognise as darkness unless we do not "see" the clear electric light, ray less as the Sun in Sagittarius yet incomparably brighter. According to the Master Hilarion, the physical Sun, if it were possible to view it un-aided outside the Earth's atmosphere, would appear as a "Black Hole" in the heavens, a "great magnet" without the added friction of atmosphere. Indeed, we are told that the "true" colour of the Sun is "Blue".

Dear Fellows of Cosmic Fohat, in considering Light, let us consider Dark Matter/Energy:

The realm of dark light. RI 440.

The diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter, referred to in The Secret Doctrine. It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light. EA 329.

"Whoso wishes to have an insight into the sacred unity, let him consider a flame rising from a burning coal or a burning lamp. He will see first a two-fold light -- a bright white, and a black or blue light; the white light is above, and ascends in a direct light, while the blue, or dark light, is below, and seems as the chair of the former, yet both are so intimately connected together that they constitute only one flame. The seat, however, formed by the blue or dark light, is again connected with the burning matter which is under it again. The white light never changes its color, it always remains white; but various shades are observed in the lower light, whilst the lowest light, moreover, takes two directions; above, it is connected with the white light, and below with the burning matter. Now, this is constantly consuming itself, and perpetually ascends to the upper light, and thus everything merges into a single unity." IU2 222.

wikipedia. In astrophysics and cosmology, dark matter is matter, not directly observed and of unknown composition, that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be detected directly, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. According to the Standard Model, dark matter accounts for the vast majority of mass in the observable universe... Dark matter also plays a central role in structure formation and Big Bang nucleosynthesis, and has measurable effects on the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background. All these lines of evidence suggest that galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the universe as a whole contain far more matter than is directly observable, indicating that the remainder is dark... The dark matter component has vastly more mass than the "visible" component of the universe. At present, the density of ordinary baryons and radiation in the universe is estimated to be equivalent to about one hydrogen atom per cubic metre of space. Only about 4% of the total energy density in the universe (as inferred from gravitational effects) can be seen directly. About 22% is thought to be composed of dark matter. The remaining 74% is thought to consist of dark energy, an even stranger component, distributed diffusely in space... Determining the nature of this missing mass is one of the most important problems in modern cosmology and particle physics. It has been noted that the names "dark matter" and "dark energy" serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with terra incognita... Measuring the equation of state of dark energy is one of the biggest efforts in observational cosmology today... The exact nature of this dark energy is a matter of speculation. It is known to be very homogeneous, not very dense and is not known to interact through any of the fundamental forces other than gravity...

The simplest explanation for dark energy is that it is simply the "cost of having space": that is, a volume of space has some intrinsic, fundamental energy. This is the cosmological constant, sometimes called Lambda (hence Lambda-CDM model) after the Greek letter ?, the symbol used to mathematically represent this quantity. Since energy and mass are related by E = mc2, Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts that it will have a gravitational effect. It is sometimes called a vacuum energy because it is the energy density of empty vacuum. In fact, most theories of particle physics predict vacuum fluctuations that would give the vacuum exactly this sort of energy... A major outstanding problem is that most quantum field theories predict a huge cosmological constant from the energy of the quantum vacuum, up to 120 orders of magnitude too large. This would need to be cancelled almost, but not exactly, by an equally large term of the opposite sign. Some supersymmetric theories require a cosmological constant that is exactly zero, which does not help.wikipedia.

"He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere." EA 594.

JPC: We are aware that spirit is matter and matter is spirit in its densest form. Correspondingly we note that the light of matter, the material atom, is esoterically understood to be "dark light", the inherent light of the material sheath. On a higher level, to those who recognise not the blazing light of Shamballa, this spiritual light is occultly referred to as "the dark light of Shamballa". Therefore we have to opposite references to "dark light" or energy, provided for by occultism. Science calls dark matter the "vacuum energy" as its energy radiation is equivalent to that of an empty vacuum.

This as we might think is very low to nothing, and we may refer to it as nothingness or "no thing" remembering that it does however produce effects of gravitational pull on denser materialisations of matter i.e. effecting structure formation of galaxies, stars and planets not to mention the manifested universe. Science does an excellent job of describing dark matter in that it does "serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with terra incognita".

Therefore it recognises that it appears dark to its current un-fathom ability of science to "see" or understand the gradations of subtle light energy which lies behind the matter which it at present does see. "Nature abhors a vacuum", this occultism fully recognises and it is explained as the medium or mode of transmission of one state of energy/light, spirit/matter from one state and plane to another thus resulting in some transmutation of some description or other. It is also the composite, if I may use such an opposite term of description, which seals or separates one state of being, occultly speaking. The vacuum of space, is that which is the transmission funnel for the formation of the visible spheres, clusters and gasses which make up the matter science does account for, is the occultly created "funnel" by which the great designer produces its karmic vehicles of expression.

Subsidery Gravitational pull is the lower law which emanates from the greater law of attraction and repulsion which ultimately originates from the "cosmic magnet" the inner central spiritual Sun. Science recognises that dark matter operates under this law of gravitation and therefore influences the denser bodies around it; the scientific problem is that it has recognised a cosmic gravitational influence coming from something other, which has no great mass as we understand it. In effect, it has recognised the magnetic attraction of a far more subtle influence than it had ever previously known. The "dark light of Shamballa", the hidden subtle brilliance operates under the cosmic law of attraction, the great law which draws all eventually to its being.

This is the law of the cosmic magnetic and central spiritual Sun. Dark matter or "dark energy" is the scientific recognition of a higher magnetic repulsion and attraction, behind the accounted for matter or physical universe which produces the separation and coherence of the atoms of the universe. Occultism speaks of "zero points" created by the fire of Akasha, the central sun, and explains that this fire is brilliant creative light, a "light of all lights" which sub stands and creates all that is.

The mentioned "zero points" are the laya centres of blackness, indeed "black holes" in space or the energetic centres or vortices of energy, which to the eye of the seer appear as brilliant fohatic light, yet remain black to the observational point of view of contemporary science. These zero points when the outer work of the sun has taken its course draw all outer mass back to its higher source or esoteric point of pralaya or place of dark unmanifest energy. God bless.

The above mentioned creative energy of Akasha is also the fire - the Light of the Central Spiritual Sun - from which the creative light, the life principle, is emitted or radiated and absorbed by the Suns during their periods of passivity.  With the opening of a period of activity, it gives rise to a ceaseless stream of energy which increases in volume and power and imparts a definite mode of motion to the laya centres within its spear of action.  Within and without these laya centres the stream of energy play until, in the course of ages, what were originally zero points in space have become visible, self-luminous Suns. The Shining face is such a Sun, in this case the sun in our solar system. Hilarion. Theogenesis.

"Chaos ceases, through the effulgence of the Ray of Primordial light dissipating total darkness by the help of the great magic power of the WORD of the (Central) Sun."   SDI. HPB.

The first, or the purely Formless and invisible Fire concealed in the Central Spiritual Sun, is spoken of as "triple" (metaphysically); SDI. HPB.

That there is no gravitation in the Newtonian sense, but only magnetic attraction and repulsion; and that it is by their magnetism that the planets of the solar system have their motions regulated in their respective orbits by the still more powerful magnetism of the sun, not by their weight or gravitation. 



Understand that everything is held together by the Magnet of Cosmos! Inf1 130.

The higher the sphere, the greater the power of attraction.  Thus one can realize the power of Cosmic Reason. The power increases according to the spheres. Inf1 132.

As material bodies act through the forces of attraction, so the entire spiritual world exists by the same law. Inf2 27.

Intelligent activity. All atoms show ability to select, to discriminate intelligently under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. - S. D., I, 295.

All molecules move in conformity with the attraction; all spatial fires move in conformity with the attraction.  It is the cosmic seed which attracts all atoms to itself.  In truth, each atom is a seed, but there are cosmic seeds. Inf 328.

This law acts upon all planes, in spirit and in matter. Inf2 130.

The inner working of the law of gravitation (or attraction and repulsion.) LOM 262.

The Law of Attraction is the demonstration of the powers of Spirit, whilst the Law of Repulsion governs the form.

The tendency of Spirit is to merge and blend with Spirit. Form repulses form, and thus brings about separation. TCF 276.

So strong is the guiding principle of the Magnet that the forces which do not respond to the law of attraction are yet subservient to it. Inf1 183.

Attraction and Repulsion, of the magnetic interplay between all forms, great and small, of group relationships, of the galvanizing power of the unifying life, and the attractive power of one unit upon another, be it atom, man, or solar system. TCF 881.

All principles are based on attraction and are impelled by the power of the Cosmic Magnet. Inf1 128.

The principle of attraction is based upon the Cosmic Magnet. The cohesion of parts and their separation are subject to the very same law of attraction and to the principle of cosmic magnetism. Inf1 124.

In the widest sense of the idea the Laws of Economy and of Synthesis are only divisions of that same cosmic law of which Attraction and Repulsion are also manifestations. This cosmic law, demonstrating thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the Law of Being, and is of a nature so incomprehensible to the finite mind of man that he can only sense it partially through the aforesaid three branches.  TCF 332.

A vacuum in force substance which must be supplied and filled. TCF 853.

A vacuum, so to speak, is formed, and nothing can then be transmitted from the inner group to the outer. IHS 146.

The result is that a vacuum is formed (if I may so express it) and the liberated man with his informing soul, - the threefold spirit, plus mind and experience - the Three completed by the Quaternary and the Fifth, escapes upward to the Monad. LOM 57.

The whole process is purely scientific and is based on vibration, and on a knowledge of dynamics. It is dependent upon the accurate formation, through occult knowledge, of a vacuum. The occult statement that "Nature abhors a vacuum" is entirely true. When through the correct intoning of certain sounds, this vacuum or empty funnel between the higher and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energy pours into the funnel under the inevitable working of the law, and, via that funnel, reaches its objective. LOM 192.

The causal body is that sheath of mental substance which is formed at the moment of individualization by the contact of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higher planes (the breath of the Monad, if you care so to term it) produces a vacuum, or something analogous to a bubble in koilon, and the sheath of the causal body - the ring-pass-not of the central Life is formed. Within this sheath are to be found three atoms, which have been termed the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom; they correspond individually to the seventh principle of each of the three persons of the microcosmic triad, a reflection (in the three worlds of the microcosm) of the three Persons of the logoic Trinity. H.P.B. hints at this in connection with the Logos when she speaks of the visible sun being the seventh principle of the Brahma aspect, the physical permanent atom of the Logos. (S. D., III, 143. S. D., I, 574.)  TCF 507.

JPC: Brothers, regarding our enquiry of the "dark light of Shamballa" as the "light of all lights" and "truth of all truths"  "ray less as the Sun in Sagittarius yet incomparably brighter" let us as the group, consider the "significance" of the words of the Tibetan.

The next lesson which the group unitedly apprehends is the significance of the words that "darkness is pure spirit." This recognition, realization, apprehensive, comprehensive (call it what you will) is so overwhelming and all-embracing that distinctions and differences disappear. The disciple realizes that they are only the result of the activity of substance in its form-making capacity and are consequently illusion and non-existent, from the angle of the spirit at rest in its own center. The only realization left is that of pure Being Itself.

This realization necessarily comes to the disciple through the means of graded revelation and in balanced sequence; each contact with the Initiator leads the initiate closer to the center of pure darkness - a darkness which is the very antithesis of darkness as the non-initiate and the unenlightened understand. It is a center or point of such intense brilliance that everything fades out and at the place of tension, and at that darkest point, let the group see a point of clear cold fire. It is a tension and a point of attainment that is only possible in group formation. Even in the earlier initiations, and when the initiate has proved his right to be initiated, the process is still a group proceeding; it is undergone in the protective presence of initiates of the same standing and unfoldment. It is their united focus that enables the candidate for initiation to see the point of clear cold light. RI 174.

JC: The "dark light" is not space as we understand space to be that which lies outside our earth atmosphere or that which the stars and planets abide within. We note that the light of matter, the material atom, is esoterically understood to be "dark light", the inherent light of the material sheath. On a higher level, to those who recognise not the blazing light of Shamballa, this spiritual light is occultly referred to as "the dark light of Shamballa.

Therefore we have to opposite references to "dark light" or energy, provided for by occultism." Students may well be asking why the light of Shamballa is referred to as “dark” is. If I may attempt to decipher the words of the Tibetan Master I will start with "distinctions and differences" RI 174.

All Illusion is the result of "activity of substance in its form-making capacity" therefore within this substance of illusion we have, as the result of the meeting of spirit and matter a consequent light radiation or light emmitance of some level. The soul we recall is still form and therefore regarding the Monad, illusion and is shattered eventually. Then there is the light of the mind, the light of the emotional nature or astral light, and the light of the physical sheath and the atom, a dark light indeed comparatively.  

These lights are the result of consciousness and of substance, and are, once again, therefore illusive and unreal, yet the man recognises them as "light" respectively and increasingly, yet these are "consequently illusion and non-existent" from the angle of spirit.

Therefore, occultly speaking, from the angle of the human recognition which perceives illusion as light, spirit is darkness, as it is not the result of consciousness and produces not a light which is the result of consciousness and therefore illusion. One cannot for instance compare the light of the soul with the light of the Monad, one is illusive and comparatively unreal and ephemeral, while the other eternal "truth" and "blazing". "The Light of the Monad obliterates the light of the soul". The word "darkness" therefore is a term used to denote the opposite pole to that "light" which is unreal and the result of "substance in its form-making capacity".

It however is, as DK clearly informs,,, a darkness which is the very antithesis of darkness as the non-initiate and the unenlightened understand. It is a center or point of such intense brilliance that everything fades out and at the place of tension, and at that darkest point, let the group see a point of clear cold fire. RI 174.

One of course recalls the mantram, Frome the unreal to the real and from darkness to reality.

Your brother