The scientific formula of Karma: The Absolute and Eternal law.

Newton… on own line of force, light bringers of equal rank with H. P. B.

Newton. A revolutionary scientific discovery… Law of Gravitation. TCF 1037.

The Law of Karma is not the Law of Retribution, as one would surmise as one reads the current books upon the subject; that is but one aspect of the working of the Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is not to be understood as we now interpret it. There is, to illustrate, a law called the Law of Gravitation, which has long imposed itself upon the minds of men; such a law exists, but it is only an aspect of a greater law. EH 21.

The law of gravitation or attraction, (the basic law of this, the second solar system) IHS 66.

The law of gravitation (or attraction and repulsion) that governs all the functions of the second aspect logoic. LOM 263.

Only as the door is unlocked by the law of demand is another and higher door unlocked permitting supply. The law of gravitation holds hid the secret. Think this out. LOM 205.

At the beginning and at the end of a cycle everything becomes Akasha, and all the forces that are in the universe resolve back into the Prana.

It is everything that we call energy.

It is everything that we call force.

It is the Prana that is manifesting as motion.

It is the Prana that is manifesting as gravitation.

It is Prana that is manifesting as magnetism.

It is the Prana that is manifesting as the actions of the body, as the nerve currents, as thought force.

From thought, down to the lowest physical force, everything is but the manifestation of Prana.

The sum total of all force in the universe, mental or physical when resolved back to its original state, is called Prana... Vivekananda, Swami, Raja Yoga, pp. 29, 30. Soul and its Mechanism pg 97.

Every act, good or bad, perpetrated by man, produces a correspondingly great result, as its released energy pours out and into the ocean of Prana-life force. And as the image of an object or individual at the centre of operations reflects a certain distorted image of itself on every wave of the startled pool, so a certain reflection of itself is cast on the waves of Prana. TT1 134. Hilarion.

We cannot raise an arm, pick up a pin from the ground, or perform any other movement of the body, without displacing some amount of air and ether from the position it previously held. No matter in what direction the motion points, we have thus created a vortex in space, and the air, ether or star-dust so displaced will demand satisfaction from the law of Karma. Every time the compressed energy of that vortex increases its rate of vibration on its pathway inward we will feel an impulse to perform the same act, and finally by repetition of the act, it will have become a settled habit, unless the impulse to overcome is made by a stronger act of will and mind. If the movement made by us had been the result of an act of conscious Will and Mind, we have set up a physical, mental and spiritual cause the final result of which is beyond our power of computation. The forces of action and reaction–Karma–have been set up in the act, and to whatever degree we have helped or hindered the evolution of the substance and force displaced by that act, we will receive our deserts in the end.

It is very difficult for the average man to accept the fact that the cosmos is a unit and that every motion or act of mind or matter has some effect on every other unit of the mass. Karmic Law is even now bringing into our lives some of the Fruits of every action we have ever committed. TT2 25.

The basic laws of relativistic mechanics and of electricity can be reduced to one formula, and that the power of electro-magnetism can influence and completely control gravitation,' said Professor Sheldon. According to Einstein's latest mathematical theory there is only one substance and one universal law containing electric and gravitational components, both of which are united into a single formula, and each of which influences the other. SM 150.

Let us begin our explanation of how Newton changed our understanding of the Universe by enumerating his Three Laws of Motion.

Newton's First Law of Motion:

I. An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a net force.

Newton's Second Law of Motion:

II. The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector. Or, Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration.

Newton's Third Law of Motion:

III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation:

Every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force directed along the line of centres for the two objects that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the separation between n the two objects. www.

Action-at-a-distance forces are types of forces in which the two interacting objects are not in physical contact with each other, but are able to exert a push or pull despite the physical separation. Examples of action-at-a-distance forces include gravitational forces (e.g., the sun and planets exert a gravitational pull on each other despite their large spatial separation; even when your feet leave the earth and you are no longer in contact with the earth, there is a gravitational pull between you and the Earth), electric forces (e.g., the protons in the nucleus of an atom and the electrons outside the nucleus experience an electrical pull towards each other despite their small spatial separation), and magnetic forces (e.g., two magnets can exert a magnetic pull on each other even when separated by a distance of a few centimeters).

Newton's concept

The law expressed as an equation:

F = G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2}


The Gravitational equation that is given above is similar to that of Coulomb's Law which deals with the electrostaitc force between two charged particles.

All forces occur in pairs, and these two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Newton.

Substance will be affected in proportion to the degree of force put in operation against it. Hilarion.

To every action force there is an equal, but opposite, reaction force. Newton.

The Law of Karma is not the Law of Retribution, as one would surmise as one reads the current books upon the subject; that is but one aspect of the working of the Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is not to be understood as we now interpret it. There is, to illustrate, a law called the Law of Gravitation, which has long imposed itself upon the minds of men; such a law exists, but it is only an aspect of a greater law. EH 21.

The law of gravitation or attraction, (the basic law of this, the second solar system) IHS 66.

The law of gravitation (or attraction and repulsion) that governs all the functions of the second aspect logoic. LOM 263.

The second law is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Fundamentally, the law describes the compelling force of attraction that holds our solar system to the Sirian; that holds our planets revolving around our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet; and that holds the matter of all physical plane bodies, and that of the subtle bodies coordinated around their microcosmic center. TCF 568.

Only as the door is unlocked by the law of demand is another and higher door unlocked permitting supply. The law of gravitation holds hid the secret. Think this out. LOM 205.

According to Einstein's latest mathematical theory there is only one substance and one universal law containing electric and gravitational components, both of which are united into a single formula, and each of which influences the other. SM 150.

Thus an ether is necessary for the purpose of transmitting what is called gravitational force between one piece of matter and another, and for the still more important and universal purpose of transmitting waves of radiation between one piece of matter and another however small and distant they be... SM 61.

The ONE LIFE is closely related to the one law which governs the World of Being -- KARMA. Exoterically, this is simply and literally "action," or rather an "effect-producing cause." SD1 634.

This cosmic law, demonstrating thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the Law of Being. TCF 332.

KARMA is an Absolute and Eternal law in the World of manifestation.

One Absolute, as One eternal ever present Cause. SD2 305.

The karma of matter itself is an abstruse subject and has as yet scarcely been hinted at. It is nevertheless indissoluble mixed up with the karma of the individual. It involves a control of the evolution of the monadic essence, the elemental essence and of the atomic matter of the plane; it is concerned with the development of the four spirillae, with their activity, with their attachment to forms when atomic, and with the development of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase until we have within the atom a repetition of what is seen within the causal body: the destruction of the periphery of the atom by the means of burning. It deals with the subject of the building of matter into form by the interaction of the two rays, the Divine and the Primordial, producing thereby that fire by friction which tends to life and fusing.

The karma of form is likewise a vast subject, too involved for average    comprehension but a factor of real importance which should not be overlooked in connection with the evolution of a world, a synthesis of worlds, or of a system when viewed from higher levels. Every thing is, in its totality, the result of action taken by cosmic Essences and Entities in earlier solar systems which is working out through the individual atoms, and through those congeries of atoms which we call forms. TCF 76.

It is difficult to free oneself from a Cosmic vortex, therefore it is needful to direct the human consciousness to the inexorable laws. Mastery of Karma and of the laws of life requires true understanding of the Cosmic Vortex. Space consists of these vibrations, eternally moving in the spiral of the vortex. FW3 151.

Each vital attraction or repulsion creates its own spiral. FW3 283.

Gravitation collects those particles of the creation of Cosmos which in turn reflect the cosmic magnetism… The cosmic magnetism gathers nations, gathers races, gathers parts of the world, gathers aspects of evolution, gathers arcs of consciousness, gathers manifestations of all attractions. At the root of all vital manifestations may be discovered cosmic magnetism, and even behind the karmic law stands the Cosmic Magnet. INF 120.

The principle of attraction is based upon the Cosmic Magnet. The cohesion of parts and their separation are subject to the very same law of attraction and to the principle of cosmic magnetism. INF 124.

A proposition regarding the `Unified field theory'.

JC: The passage below is from the 5th ray Chohan Hilarion as found in the Teaching of the Temple. It is this passage from which I have deduced the actual “mathematical certainty” in the terms which I have laid out. I have formulated it into a scientific, though esoteric formula, which is the reduced or condensed occult information on the constitution of karma, how substance is motivated, its method of accumulated mass/weight through motion and direction. It is a direct result of this passage which has made this possible.

"If he had a perfect understanding of the action of Cyclic Law, the circulatory motion of mass, and could perceive that the degree of the arc of the circle of the cause he had set in motion by his act was entirely dependent upon the degree of Motive Power (Desire) and Will (Direction) he had expressed in that act, he could see that injustice was impossible. The natural effect would be a mathematical certainty. Further exertion might be necessary in order to carry his point. The initial impulse, the cause, would also determine the character of the elemental forces that would be attracted to him by the law of Affinity, and they would work for and with him. Thus the natural effects of the Cause would appear to a certainty, but the dimension of the circle of operation might be so great, owing to the degree of motive power which had been generated by his causal act, that his life might not be long enough to enable him to perceive its final results in that one incarnation. However, he would reap his reward, the effect, in another life, in such an instance. If the cause of an initial act was of mediocre importance, and but little was expended in the act, the cycle would be shorter, the effect of less consequence, and he more certain of satisfaction. Hilarion. Temple Teachings.

JC: The Law of Karma is a "greater law" a "basic law" and the "one law related closely to the "one life", absolute and eternal. Albert Einstein spent the last two decades of his life searching for a Unified Field Theory after his stupendous discovery e = mc2. Hilarion describes the "action of Cyclic Law" as the "circulatory motion of mass. In other words we have a scientific formula presenting the accumulated mass of like atomic mass or structure being equal to and proportionate to the initial impulse or originating first cause or accumulated causes, the "rope" which must be the burden or weight, which must be carried and re-distributed in perfect accordance to the original intention of the Universal Mind or harmonic energy of the universe. The time this will take is in perfect proportion to this the "degree of arc" of the circle of the originating causative desire set in MOTION. This is mathematically in accordance to the DEGREE of motive power or DIRECTION under Will of an individual human Atom. That is then, the effect the human atom has on his surrounding atoms, human and atomically grouped. The atoms so attracted are the elemental lives which bring good or bad karma according to how they are so arranged and grouped in proportion and harmony to the original and intended Universal intention. Until they are so attracted and arranged, will cyclic law require attention and adjustment. This will then indicate the "dimension of the circle of operation" or the breadth of the sweep a mans actions have on his surroundings and other atoms, singular and human ect. I forward the proposed theory of the law of karma (Circulatory motion of mass/substance) as being the basic and great law of the second aspect, of this second solar system, of attraction, encompassing gravitation, magnetism and electrical force (at a distance forces), and fulfils the required "theory of everything" or "unified field theory" which I have reduced to a scientific/mathematical formula containing within, the revelation of ‘cyclic return’ which holds hid all aspects of the spiral/cyclic law of attraction and repulsion and therefore of the Cosmic Magnet/Central Spiritual Sun the ‘great attractor’

Regarding Karmic cause and effect:

Cyclic Law = Circulatory motion of mass/substance.

F= Degree of Motive Power = Desire d

F = Degree of Direction = Will w

= K "dimension of the circle of operation" of cyclic/spiral Law.

Action at a distance forces =

Electrical Force.

Magnetic Force.

Gravitational Force.

Karmic Force.

F = karmic cause/effect force between two objects/persons

m1= mass of first object/person

m2= mass of second object/person

dw2= separation between two persons/forms [deg of arc] Time squared.

K = Universal [mind] constant of Karma 

Karmic mass [accumulation] equals Desire [motion] multiplied by Will [direction] and karmic lives squared.

Km = mdlc2  

The `L' means life/lives and is a conversion factor. The 'C' stands for 'compedis', which is the Latin word meaning compes, compedis: fettered, shackled, chained. Karmic mass or the" girdle" of substance. [JPC].

The force determining karma is determined by the Cosmic Magnet. INF 137.

Space is the result of Expansion. Time is the result of the action of the laws of attraction and of repulsion, motion per se, and must be taken into account. Hilarion.

Attraction multiplies force. AY 319.

The magnet of the heart consists of the accumulations of thousands of years; in it is expressed Karma and attraction. FW3 372.

The cosmic force moves in a spiral. With basic might, the Magnet propels forward in the spiral of the creative potential of energy. The circular motion is highly strained during attraction to the generative source. Inf1 205.

The attractive potency of the Central Spiritual Sun. RI 391.

The Law of KARMA is inextricably interwoven with that of Re-incarnation. Sd2 303.

Energy simply, and a Force -- where is that Force or that Energy which can be thought of without thinking of matter? SD1 112.

The prisoner is held in bondage by Karma. SD1 120.

For the only decree of Karma -- an eternal and immutable decree -- is absolute Harmony in the world of matter as it is in the world of Spirit. SD1 643.

Karma is a word of many meanings, and has a special term for almost every one of its aspects. It means, as a synonym of sin, the performance of some action for the attainment of an object of worldly, hence selfish, desire, which cannot fail to be hurtful to somebody else. Karman is action, the Cause; and Karma again is "the law of ethical causation"; the effect of an act produced egotistically, when the great law of harmony depends on altruism. SD2 302.

In considering the problem of the prisoners of the planet and their eventual release, it must be remembered that one of the forces which lie back of the entire evolutionary scheme is that of the Principle of Limitation. This is the primary impulse which brings about the act of creation, and is intimately linked with that of will and its lower reflection, desire. Will is desire, formulated so clearly and carried so powerfully to an intelligent climax that the mode of its materialization is grasped with such accuracy and energized with such intent that the result is inescapable. But pure will is only possible to a coordinated thinker, to truly self-conscious entities. Desire is instinctual or rather inherent in all forms, for all forms and organisms constitute part of some primary thinker and are influenced by the powerful intent of that primary force.

The Principle of Limitation therefore is the outcome of the purposeful will and formulated desire of some thinking Being, and governs consequently the form-taking process of all incarnated lives. This Principle of Limitation controls the scope of an incarnation, sets its measure and rhythm, determines the radius of its influence, and brings about that illusory appearance of reality which we call manifestation. TWM 529.

Accumulation and Weight of Karma.

Each action may in itself be as slight as can be conceived, like the minutest filaments of cotton,—such that hundreds of them may be blown away by a single breath; and yet, as similar filaments when closely packed and twisted together form a rope, so heavy and strong that it can be used to pull elephants and even huge ships with, so the articles of man's karma, however trivial each of them may be in itself, would yet by the natural process of accretion, combine themselves closely and form a formidable Pasa (rope) to pull the man with, i.e. to influence his conduct for good or evil."—The Theosophist, Vol. VII, p. 60.

JC: Both, the above from the Theosophist and the below from Hilarion describe lucidly for us the accumulative processes of karma. We are made aware that each thought action and physical action even if inconsequential on its own have the facility of accumulation thus combining under the "law of affinity" to amount to a much greater `burden'. Thus is demonstrated the accumulated `weight' of karma which may formulate in mass, a much greater `arc' or sweep of time that had been firstly acquired in each individual and original cause. Accumulated mass equals greater weight than each singular cause. Equally, a "rope" of karma may be discarded by each sweeping away, or untying of a single strand or "filament of cotton" thus under law the assertion of the will over the line of "least resistance" will rapidly pay off and lessen a heavy burden of such karma.

56: Karma.  "It must be remembered that in every action of man the influence of his prior karma constitutes an important element.

JC: The accumulated weight of karma is amounted over past lives and may not necessarily be `worked out' in a present lifetime. This is the burden allotted by the karmic scribes amounting to a debt not easily worked off in a single lifetime. This amounts to the action of cyclic law, an aspect of the law of "Affinity" and the law of karma and magnetic attraction so closely related to the 2nd ray. DK gives us an example of this law in relation to "ancient relationship" between planets and constellations. We will recall that this law applies equally to and individual un-individualised atom, a man, a planet, a solar logos, a constellation and so on. The karmic inter-relation between all these, as we have seen in TCF is enormous and complex beyond our computation. However, we are able to acquire a firm grasp of the whole concept through analogy, intelligence and intuition.

"The energies of the various signs are attracted by the different planets according to their stage of development and by what is esoterically called "ancient relationship" between the informing entities of the planets and of the constellations. This relation exists between beings and is founded on a Law of Affinity. It is this law of affinity which produces the magnetic pull and the dynamic response between constellations and planets within the solar system and between some particular planet and the forms of life upon another planet and the "impending energies," as they are called, which are being received from some major source." EA 267.

Karma and the Atom.

We should bear in mind that KARMA is imposed upon the ensouling entity through the medium of matter or of substance itself (which is coloured by it) and that this matter or substance is intelligent material composed of deva essence.

f. Individual karma.

All these different types of karma are intermingled and bound up in a manner inconceivable and inextricable [Page 472] to man; TCF/

JC: Karma may be viewed as working out on the physical/etheric atom of substance. A human atom, man which is a single atom having reached the stage of consciousness of a man, interacts with his environment acting and re-acting, making some form of impression for good or bad therein, leaving impression on the atoms of himself and others according to the impact he/she makes on them either advancing or retarding their evolution. This may be accorded and recorded to a single atom, a man, a planet, or a Sun, so on and so forth. Karma is recorded in each individual atom and its group being inscribed into the records of the great scribes. Each atom has pathway to the central spiritual sun and thus is recorded in Shamballa in the "Halls of Records", or in the "keeping of the book."

"When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist. If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colours, the whorl belonging to that colour glows out brilliantly...Occult Chemistry" This brings before us a superb description of the physical/etheric atom and also a keen observation as to how our acts are recorded in the physical/etheric impression we make on matter, for good or bad and how the law of karma operates and is recorded. The computation and infallible recording of all thoughts and act will then be as apparent as is the recording of information onto the atoms of matter in a compact disc. God bless.

The tiny atom is linked with the great central Life of the solar system. EA 47.

The first or atomic stage developed by means of selfishness, or the self-centered life of the atom (whether the atom of substance or the human atom); the second stage grows to perfection by the sacrifice of the unit to the good of the many, and of the atom to the group in which it has place. CA 26.

These very minute masses possess - as centers of force - a persistent soul, that every atom has sensation and power of movement." CA 42.

We can view each unit of the human family as a human atom, for in man you have simply a larger atom. He is a center of positive force, holding within the periphery of his sphere of influence the cells of his body; he shows discrimination, intelligence, and energy. The difference lies but in degree. He is possessed of a wider consciousness, and vibrates to a larger measure than the little atom of the chemist. We might extend the idea still further and consider a planet as an atom… This thought can again be carried still further, till it includes the atom of the solar system. CA 43.

The atom, as represented in the ordinary scientific hypothesis, is not a particle of something, animated by a psychic something, destined after aeons to blossom as a man. But it is a concrete manifestation of the Universal Energy which itself has not yet become individualized. SD1 178.

Every form on earth, and every speck (atom) in Space strives in its efforts towards self-formation to follow the model placed for it in the ' HEAVENLY MAN.' . . . Its (the atom's) involution and evolution, its external and internal growth and development, have all one and the same object -- man; man, as the highest physical and ultimate form on this earth; the MONAD, in its absolute totality and awakened condition -- as the culmination of the divine incarnations on Earth." SD1 183.

"Every form on earth, and every speck (atom) in space, strives in its efforts      towards self-formation, and to follow the model placed for it in the Heavenly Man. The involution and the evolution of the atom... have all one and the same object: man."

Do you note what a large hope this concept opens out before us? Not one atom of matter, showing latent intelligence, discrimination, and selective power, but will, in the course of aeons, reach that more advanced stage of consciousness which we call human. Surely, then, the human atom may equally be supposed to progress to something still more widely conscious, and eventually reach the stage of development of those great Entities whose bodies are planetary atoms; and for Them, as well, what is there? Attainment of that all-including state of consciousness which we call God, or the solar Logos. CA 45.

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Jeremy Condick.