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Saturn Compilation
From Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey

See Michael Robbins' Tapestry of the Gods, Volume III

1.       Saturn—the Planet of Choice:
“This is the planet which conditions primarily the point in evolution where choice definitely becomes possible, where rejection of opportunity or its acceptance can consciously be undertaken, and the shouldering of personal responsibility becomes a recognized fact in a planned and ordered life. (EA 19-20)

2.       Saturn and the Fifth Liberated Hierarchy:
Distributes the Energies of Sirius, Cancer and Capricorn, and is Related to the Fifth (Unmanifested) Creative Hierarchy” (cf. EA 50)

3.       Saturn—Discipleship and Initiation: “Sagittarius and Capricorn, through the Earth and Saturn, are related to Ray 3. The one-pointed disciple becomes the initiate. The Initiate.(EA 67)

4.       Saturn (with Mercury) in Relation to the Path of Discipleship:
“Disciples upon the Path of Discipleship are strongly influenced by Mercury and Saturn—one bringing illumination and the other offering opportunity.” (EA 70)

5.       Saturn (with Mercury) at the Fourth Initiation:
“At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn again bring about great changes and unique revelation, but their effect is very different to the earlier experience.” (EA 71)

6.       Saturn (as it is associated with the first decanate of Pisces, according to Sepharial) confers “the opportunity to work off karma”. (EA 132)

7.       Saturn (Felt in Aquarius) Comes from Capricorn:
“Some astrologers assign Saturn as one of the rulers. Alan Leo does so, but I would point out that in this case he is dealing entirely with the progress of the ordinary man upon the wheel of life, and the Saturn which he senses as ruling Aquarius is the Saturnian influence of Capricorn, in which sign Saturn governs in two fields.”
(EA 137-138)

8.       Saturn Exhausts Itself for the True Aquarian on the Reversed Wheel: “On the reversed wheel, the Saturnian influence exhausts itself in Capricorn and the man is then free from karma and needs no presentation of opportunity for he stands a free initiate, a true Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held back by no thought of self or selfish desire.” (EA 138)

9.       Saturn—the Planet of Discipleship and Opportunity:
Saturn is the planet of discipleship and of opportunity; it is exceedingly active today, presenting to the world disciple those difficult situations and crises which will involve free choice, discriminative pioneering, wise response and correct decision, thus bringing about the destruction of that which hinders without relinquishing any of the true values of which humanity may be aware. The individual disciple has always been faced with these conditioning and releasing circumstances, and today humanity is in the same position. ... Saturn having offered opportunity and proffered us a choice to bring about the needed changes and to destroy that which holds back the free expression of the soul ...” (EA 148-149)

10.   Release from Saturn after the Third Initiation (Discussed in Relation to Capricorn):
“When he has taken the third initiation and can consciously mount the Cardinal Cross, he is then released from the ruling of Saturn and comes under the influence of Venus, who is governor or ruler of the Hierarchy which is that of the Crocodiles.”
(EA 163)

11.   Saturn—a Potent Lord of Karma:
Saturn is one of the most potent of the Four Lords of Karma and forces man to face up to the past, and in the present to prepare for the future.” (EA 164) 

12.   Saturn as the Planetary Dweller on the Threshold:
“From certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on the Threshold, for humanity as a whole has to face that Dweller as well as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both the Dweller and the Angel are that complex duality which is the human family.”
(EA 164)

13.   Mount Sinai in Relation to Saturn in Capricorn:
The great experiences upon the various mountain tops as related in the Bible have all to do with Capricorn. Moses, the Lawgiver on Mount Sinai, is Saturn in Capricorn imposing the law of karma upon the people. A clue to the significance of the Jewish people as a karmic clearing house can be found here. Ponder on those words ‘a karmic clearing house’.”
(EA  167)

14.   Saturn Controlling in the First Decanate of Aquarius:
On the ordinary wheel, in all outer affairs, Saturn controls, and we consequently find ourselves today in a state of chaos and trouble …” (EA 172)

15.   Saturn in Relation to the Decanates in Capricorn:
“You will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance …” (EA 173)

16.   Saturn (with Earth) in Relation to the Third Ray:
“Both the Earth and Saturn (one a non-sacred and one a sacred planet) are exponents or expressions of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, and this ray relationship serves to bring the influences of Capricorn into relationship with Sagittarius, thus providing a field of energy wherein the one-pointed disciple can finally become the initiate.”
(EA 189)

17.   Saturn and Initiation into Hierarchy:
Saturn is extremely potent in connection with initiation into the Hierarchy.” (EA 199)

18.   Saturn in Relation to the Third Manifested Creative Hierarchy:
Saturn is the ruler in this sign of that stupendous Creative Hierarchy which is one of the three major groups of Builders, forming part of the third aspect of divinity; Their goal is the giving of form to the Sons of Mind and thereby offering opportunity for sacrifice and service.” (EA  243)

19.   Saturn in Relation to Libra is Associated with both “Law” and “Money”. (cf. EA 244 …)

20.   Saturn Related to the Third Aspect of Divinity (in Libra):
Saturn.—3rd Ray of Intelligence. God the Holy Spirit. He who knows. Mind. Human Consciousness. Instinct to Intellect.” (EA 248)

21.   Saturn in Relation to Choice:
“In this sign, Saturn is exalted for—at the point of balance—opportunity comes and a situation is staged which makes a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choice which has to be made intelligently and upon the physical plane, in the waking brain consciousness.”
(EA 249)

22.   Saturn’s Work Now at a Point of Group Usefulness:
“It is only now that the full purpose of the work of Saturn for humanity can reach a point of group usefulness, for it is only now that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing responsibility.” (EA 249)

23.   Saturn Controls the Probationary Path:
“Prior to the present time, only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point of balance" the way that they intend ‘to tip the scales’. Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius and hence the same activity because humanity itself now stands upon the probationary path. This, Libra governs and controls, therefore the path of choices, of deliberately applied purificatory measures and the turning point before Scorpio, which governs the path of discipleship, can properly play its part.” (EA 249-250)

24.   Saturn’s Gifts in Relation to the (First/Last) Decanates of Aquarius:
On the reversed wheel—“… thus giving opportunity through conflict.” (EA  283) On the ordinary wheel, the influence of Saturn follows upon the influence of Mercury which awakens the mind: “as the result of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity to suffer and, through suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyse correctly and to decide upon the higher values.” (EA 283)

25.   When Saturn is Omitted, the “door is not open”. (EA  284)

26.   Saturn—the God of Opportunity:
“When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity who brings disaster, then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically.” (EA 285)

27.   Saturn and the Sign of Initiation:
“In connection with the horoscope of the Leo subject and the theme of initiation, I would point out that when the Sun, the Moon (hiding a planet) and Saturn are all combined in a certain house in the horoscope you have what is called the "sign" of the man who is to take initiation.”
(EA 298)

28.   Saturn in Relation to the Sirius-Leo-Mercury-Saturn Quaternary:
SaturnBrain—Appearance—Interlude.” (EA 299)

29.   Saturn in Association with the Base of the Spine:
The Base of the Spine—the physical sun—Saturn—Neptune.”
(EA 301)

30.   The Role of Saturn in Relation to the Fixed Cross:
The Fixed Cross—brings about, as a sequence, to these inner changes, certain great points of crisis which are unavoidable and present definite opportunity. Saturn is dominant in bringing this about.” (EA 350)

31.   Saturn is Associated with both the Head Center the Base of the Spine:
“Great Bear—Leo—Saturn—Planetary Head Center—Disciple’s Head Center—the Base of the Spine.” (EA 421)

32.   Saturn (as “Father Time”) in Cooperation with the Great Bear and Leo (from The Old Commentary):
“The Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans in conformity with the plan and with the purpose of their controlling Lord. They called on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.) for aid and strength and he responded to their triple call. To this call likewise the Eternal Youth responded (Sanat Kumara, Lord of Shamballa); He set Himself anew to learn the plan, aided by Father Time yet unaffected by the Lord of Time for He Himself was timeless, though not the Lives which He enfolded in His thought and Plan. ...” (EA 430-431)

33.   Saturn in Relation to the Informing of Shamballa (from The Old Commentary):
“Then the triple light which came from the Bear in His high place, from Leo in his lesser place and from Saturn in his little place poured into the planetary place of power. Shamballa was informed. The Lord of Life and of the World took action ...” (EA 431)

34.   Saturn in Relation to the Uniting of the Head Center and the Base of Spine (from The Old Commentary):
“The little one within the greater Whole (the individual human disciple. A.A.B.) likewise responded to the triple light but not until the cycles passed and passed again. Late in the day of time, Shamballa sent a call, relayed from voice to voice and rolling forward on the O.M. The disciple, hearing that sound, lifted his head; an impulse from the base mounted in time and space. Leo within the heart and head shouted aloud and stood whilst Saturn did his work ... and thus the twain were one.”
(EA 431)

35.   A Triangle Involving Saturn and Influential in Hierarchy:
“Triangle One is produced by the inter-relation of energies from Leo, Saturn and Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity. These three energies are sometimes called (in an effort to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension) the "triple energy of WILL":…”
(EA 439)

36.   Saturn—Powerful for Disciples and Members of Hierarchy:
Saturn—this energy is primarily concerned with presenting opportunity to the Hierarchy and its affiliated disciples. The phrase that ‘Saturn is the planet of discipleship’ is basically true because ordinary average man, except in group formation, does not come so potently under its influence. For the Hierarchy—as a group—is facing a great crisis of approach to Shamballa, analogous to that confronting Humanity today, as it seeks approach and contact with the Hierarchy. ... Both these ‘approaches’ (which are in the nature of magnetic attractive ‘pulls’) are conditioned by Saturn; in the case of Humanity this pull comes via the Hierarchy and—apart from that Hierarchy—mankind cannot today surmount or properly handle the crisis.” (EA 440)

37.   Saturn and Destruction:
Saturn, through which energy flows from Leo, via Shamballa, to Humanity, governs two decanates in Capricorn. Hence its extreme potency today in the triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditions by the force of its energy impact, thus enabling the influence of Mercury to be more fully expressed. The vision can then be intuitively perceived when obstructions have been removed.” (EA 442)

38.   The Role of Saturn (with Leo, Capricorn and Mercury) in Uniting Shamballa and Hierarchy: “Leo is one of the birth signs of the zodiac; it connotes the birth of self-consciousness, as you know. Capricorn is also a birth sign, because it is also an aspect or one of the arms of the Cardinal Cross—the Cross of that which initiates or brings into being. This has a peculiar relation to Humanity. It is the birth of the two types of consciousness—self-consciousness and Christ consciousness—which are brought to the attention of humanity by the fact of this Leo force, pouring through Saturn to Humanity and thus bringing Shamballa and Humanity into a closer relation, via Capricorn, active through Mercury.” (EA 442)

39.   Saturn—Involved in the Response of First Ray Disciples:
“Disciples who respond to the influences above mentioned will necessarily be largely conditioned by their rays, egoic and personal. First ray disciples will, for instance, respond to the Shamballa influence, transmitted from Leo and Saturn, more easily than will second ray disciples. These will in their turn react more rapidly and consistently to the Hierarchy, transmitting energies from Pisces and Uranus.” (EA 450)

40.   Saturn (with Cancer and Capricorn) in Relation to the Path of Purification:
“Cancer—Capricorn—Saturn (which are an expression of Sirian energy) enable the aspirant to tread the Path of Purification, of Probation. These energies focus and qualify the energy of the Great Lodge of the Most High in that distant Sun. They pour through the Hierarchy upon the mass of men and enable the unit in that mass to ‘isolate himself and turn his back upon the past and find his way on to that section of the Path wherein he learns to feel’.” (EA 466)

41.   Saturn is Listed as the 5th Sacred Planet, and is in a Triangle with Jupiter and Neptune: (cf. EA 506 and EA 513) What hint is here concealed, as the planets are not in their proper order from the Sun?

42.   Saturn is Associated with the Throat Center of the Disciple (EA 517)

43.   Saturn in Relation to Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Earth:
Saturn. This planet applies the tests and is so chosen or invoked because the third ray is not only its particular ray but is also the ray of our planet, the Earth. The two notes synchronise. Saturn is also the hierarchical ruler of Libra and, therefore, it brings to the manifestation of mankind and to the various hierarchies involved, a point of crisis to which the clue and the outcome lies in the recognition of balance. As Saturn also controls Capricorn in two of its three expressions or fields of influence, it is powerful in the three fields—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical—and if you will relate what I here say to what I have said in an earlier part of this treatise re Capricorn, you will see how the sign of initiation hovers over our planet as well as over the destiny of the individual disciple.” (EA 549-550)

44.   Saturn as a Means of Transmission of the First Ray:
The first ray, “working through the medium of the four planets: Mars, Mercury, Sun, Saturn(EA 613)

45.   Saturn Pouring the First Ray upon the Earth:
“You will remember that there is a close connection between the Earth and Capricorn. The reason for this is that the Earth provides ideal conditions for this particular type of achievement because it is in process of transforming from the stage of a ‘non-sacred planet’ into that of a ‘sacred planet’. This is why Saturn is so powerful a ruler and transmitter to the Earth of the dynamic quality of the first ray of power. This inpouring of first ray energy will be greatly accelerated from now on.” (EA 620-621)

46.   Saturn as a Means of Transmission of the Third Ray:
The third ray, “working through five planets: the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.”
(EA 628)

47.   Saturn as one of the Seven Sons of Light:
“The seven Sons of Light—called after their planets and often even identified with them—namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus and presumably the Sun and the Moon.” (S.D. I. 628; EA 642)

48.   Saturn in Relation to Two Triads:
“The seven Gods were divided into two triads and the sun. a. Lower Triad—Mars, Mercury and Venus. b. Higher Triad—Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. (the Moon standing for a hidden planet.)
(S.D. II. 484, 5.; EA 643)

49.   Saturn—and Devotion:
Saturn—governs the devotional faculties.” (S.D. III 463; EA  646)

50.   Saturn—from a Tabulation in the Secret Doctrine:
“4. Saturn—Kama-Manas  Green—Saturday” (SD III 455; EA 649)

51.   Saturn is Listed with the Sun (Substituted for Vulcan) and Jupiter, as the Three Major Planets: (cf. EA 650)

52.   Saturn Listed as the 6th Planet, Centre or Scheme:
“The Seven Planets, Centres or Schemes: 1. Vulcan—the sun exoterically considered; 2. Venus; 3. Mars; 4. The Earth; 5. Mercury; 6. Saturn; 7. Jupiter.”
(EA 652)

53.   Saturn as the “Dragon of Life”:
“"In Egypt, the Great Bear was the constellation ... called the Mother of the Revolutions, and the Dragon with seven heads was assigned to Saturn, who was called the Dragon of Life."
(S.D. III. 195; EA 656)

54.   Saturn and the Mysteries:
“The Mysteries ... were presided over by Jupiter and Saturn.” (SD III 279; EA 661)

55.   Jupiter the Son of Saturn:
“Occultism makes Jupiter blue because he is the son of Saturn.”
(SD III 279; EA 661)

56.   Saturn and the Messiah’s Coming:
“The sign of the Messiah's coming is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces.”
(SD III. 152; EA 661)

57.   Saturn as Father of the Gods:
Saturn, the father of the Gods, has been transformed from Eternal Duration into the limited period.” (S.D. I. 451; EA 667)

58.   Saturn in Relation to Jehovah:
“Jehovah was identified with Saturn and Vulcan.” (S.D. I. 632; EA 667)

59.   The Revilement of Saturn:
“In time the planet Saturn became reviled by those who worshipped other Gods.” (S.D. I. 631; EA 667)

60.   Saturn and Lemuria:
Saturn was connected with Lemuria.” (S.D. II. 812; EA  667)

61.   Saturn and Jehovah as an Angel:
“One of the most powerful among the seven creating Angels of the third order being Saturn, the presiding genius of the planet and the God of the Hebrews ... namely Jehovah ... to whom is dedicated the seventh day or Sabbath, Saturday or Saturn's day.”
(S.D. III. 115; EA  668)   

62.   Saturn as the “Dragon of Life”:
Saturn was called the Dragon of Life.”
(S.D. III. 195; EA 668)

63.   Saturn, Shiva and Jehovah:
Saturn, Shiva and Jehovah are one.”
(S.D. III. 195; EA 668)

64.   Saturn in a Triangle with Venus and the Earth:
“Venus, the Earth and Saturn form at the present time a triangle of great interest: a. It is undergoing vivification; b. It is increasing the vibratory capacity of the planetary and individual centres.” (TCF 181; EA 668)

65.   Saturn—its Progress:
Saturn—3rd Chain—4th Globe” (EA 693)

66.   The School on Saturn—Not Given:
“The Schools on Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and on Pluto are not given but complete the twelve planets.” (EA 695)

67.   Saturn—an Increase in its Testing Activity:
“This planet is the planet of opportunity, of discipleship and of testing and the race can look for an increasing expression of Saturnian activity as that great divine Life continues His beneficent task.” (DN 138)

68.   Saturn in Relation to the Throat Center:
Saturn corresponds to the throat centre, or to the creative activity of the third aspect.” (TCF 182)

69.   Saturn Presently one of the Super Principles:
“We might consider—from the standpoint of the present—that Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered as the vehicles of the three super-principles at this time.  Mercury, the Earth and Mars are closely allied to these three, but a hidden mystery lies here.” (TCF 299)

70.   Saturn in an Alliance of Two Triangles:
“Mercury, Mars and the Earth are closely allied with these three (Venus, Jupiter and Saturn).” (TCF 299)

71.   Logoic Attention Turned Towards Saturn:
“For some time the Logos has turned His attention to the Earth Scheme and to Saturn, whilst Uranus is receiving stimulation.  Much is therefore accentuated, and increased evolutionary development is the consequence of this divine attention.” (TCF 357-358)

72.   Saturn is listed as the seventh scheme and the third synthesizing scheme. (cf. TCF 369)

73.   Saturn as a Synthesizing Scheme in Relation to Manas:
Saturn is the synthesising scheme for the four planets which embody manas purely and simply, or is the major resolution of the minor four, and eventually for all the seven.” (TCF 370)

74.   Saturn and the Transmission of Cosmic Manas:
“Our solar system is negatively polarised as regards the sun Sirius, which influences our entire system psychically via the three synthesising schemes—Uranus, Neptune, Saturn—the latter, Saturn, being the focal point for the transmission of cosmic manas to the entire seven schemes.” (TCF 378)

75.   Saturn is listed as the third chain of the Earth’s seven chains. (cf. TCF 389)

76.   Saturn as a Synthesizing Planet does not Receive Mercury:
“Mercurian life will begin to synthesise, and to be transferred to its synthesising planet.  In the case of Mercury this synthesising planet is not Saturn, but one of the other two higher major centres.” (TCF 391; TCF 406)

77.   Saturn is still developing manas. (cf. TCF 403)

78.   The Logoic Quaternary if Absorbed into Saturn:
“The four schemes which form the logoic Quaternary will merge into their synthesising scheme, that of Saturn, while Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune.  No importance need be attached to the sequence of these names.  The dual fact is all that is necessary to grasp.” (TCF 405-406)

79.   Saturn—the Correspondence to the Logoic Permanent Atom:
“Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn will, therefore, have absorbed the essence of manifestation and (in connection with the solar Logos) they correspond to the three permanent atoms in the causal body of a man.  We say ‘correspond’ for the analogy is not in detail.  Uranus and Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral and mental permanent atoms. Saturn is in fact the correspondence to the logoic physical permanent atom.  This is an occult mystery and must not be separated from its allied truth in the cosmic scheme.” (TCF 406)

80.   Reference to “Esoteric” Saturn and “Exoteric” Saturn:
“Those who are working in the Uranus, the Neptune, and the Saturn scheme work somewhat differently to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth and the exoteric Saturn scheme, and so do the Manasadevas of the inner round.”
(TCF 777)

81.   Saturn—a “Reaping” Planet:
“In connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesising planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advanced stages.  They are the ‘reaping’ planets.” (TCF 777)

82.   Saturn has not Reached its Full Stimulation:
“The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn) have not, as yet, received their fullest stimulation, and will not do so until the "energy of the sacred seven" has been transferred to Them.  Figures, therefore, as regards their duration and persistence are not in order.” (TCF 793)

83.   Saturn’s Relationship to our Cosmic Moon:
“… ‘the cosmic moon’ or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain.  This ‘cosmic moon’ transmits its energy to the manasic atomic subplane, via the planet Saturn.  It is a triple energy and there is an esoteric connection between this triple energy, and Saturn's rings.” (TCF 1112-1113)

84.   Saturn—the Bridge-Builder:
“These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother.  They chose to pass into dissolution with her, but a younger son (Saturn) sought to rescue his brothers, and to this end he built a triple bridge between the old and new.  This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible.” (TCF 1113)

85.   Saturn in Analogy Involving the Manasic Permanent Atom and the Mental Unit:
“The energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atom of each incarnating jiva, its union with its reflection, the energy of the mental unit, and the triple stream of force thus created on the mental plane, has its planetary reflection in the relation of Saturn to another planetary scheme, and the three rings which are energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity.”
(TCF 1113)

86.   Saturn—the Mineral Kingdom and the Elementals:
“Elemental group—mineral kingdom—Tamasic—Plane devas—Saturn. Mother, Brahma aspect.”
(TCF  1138)

87.   Saturn and the Frictional Fires:
“The Saturn scheme is esoterically regarded as having absorbed the ‘frictional fires of systemic space’”
(TCF 1154)

88.   Saturn as the Logoic Throat Center:
Saturn is of interest to us here because the Logos of Saturn holds a position in the body logoic similar to that held by the throat centre in the microcosm.”
(TCF 1163)

89.   Saturn in Relation to the “Absorbing Triangles”:
“5.  The absorbing Triangles.  This term is applied to the evolutionary schools found located in the three major planets of our system—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn—and to those found in the three major chains, and three major globes in a planetary scheme.  The Rulers of these planets, chains and globes are called the ‘Divine Examiners,’ and Their work concerns the human kingdom specifically and entirely.” (TCF 1176-1177)

90.   Saturn in Relation to the Path of Earth Service:
“The man who seeks this path is then impaled upon the spear and thrust within the fiery light which veils the balance.  The mystic process then proceeds and ... Thus is the work of Saturn seen, and thus the consummation is effected. Through Saturn's fateful force the victor then is swiftly projected to the summit of the crest, and thence to that vibrating disk which guards the fourfold door of luminosity.” (TCF 1268)

91.   Saturn—the Body of Expression for the Lord of Active Intelligence:
“The Lord of Active Intelligence.  His work is more closely linked to matter and He works in cooperation with the Lord of the second ray.  He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation.  The planet Saturn is His body of expression within the solar system, and through the medium of matter (which beneficently obstructs and hinders) He provides humanity with a vast field of experiment and experience.” (EP I 25)

92.   Saturnian Disruption in Aquarius:
“In less than a hundred years this Lord of harmonising power will have more influence and will offset some of the Saturn disruption of the first decanate of Aquarius.” (EP I 71)

93.   Saturn conflict, colour, and Hatha Yoga (from Annie Besant)
Conflict—Intensity of struggle—Saturn—Green
Birth of Horus; Hatha Yoga; the most dangerous method of psychic growth.”
(EP I 163)

94.   Saturn with Mercury is Associated with the Human Kingdom: (cf. EP I 245)

95.   Saturn with Mercury on the Path:
“For instance, a disciple who is upon the path is strongly influenced by Mercury and by Saturn, but when he begins his training for the first initiation he has to contend with the influences of Pluto and Vulcan…”
(EP I 246)

96.   Saturn with Mercury at the Fourth Initiation:
“At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn act as the great translators, and bring the disciple to the door of realisation.”
(EP I 246)

97.   Saturn and Mars in Relation to the Vegetable Kingdom:
“In the emergence of colour in the vegetable kingdom another vast influence is seen, and the problem of the ray influences becomes still more complicated.  In the basic colour, green, we have the indication of the potency of Saturn.  Esoterically speaking, the vegetable kingdom is upon an advanced stage of the path of discipleship, and hence Saturn and Mars are active. The influence of the latter planet is to be seen in the prevalence of the colours red, rose, yellow and orange in the flowers at this time.” (EP I 246)

98.   Saturn in Relation to the First Decanate of Aquarius:
“First, we shall have the activity of Saturn, producing a dividing of the ways and a proffering of opportunity to those who can avail themselves of it.  We shall have, therefore, a period of discipline and a cycle wherein choices will be made, and through these discriminating decisions humanity will enter into its birthright.  This influence is now being strongly felt.” (EP I 292)

99.   Saturn—Esoterically Connected with Ray Three (EP I 420)

100.       Saturn—the Stabilizer:
“A study of this will make it apparent why Saturn is ever the stabiliser.  In this present cycle, the two rays of Power and Love are directing their energies to Vulcan and Jupiter, whilst Saturn's attention is turned towards our planet, the Earth.” (EP I 421)

101.       Saturn in Relation to the “Law of Sacrifice”:
“The same conditions which blend the Law of Sacrifice with pain and sorrow and difficulty are found also on the planet Mars and on the planet Saturn.  They are not found on the other planets.” (EP II 98)

102.       Saturn in the Personality of a Stupendous Ray Life:
“However, Saturn, Mars and our Earth constitute, in a curious esoteric manner, the personality of a stupendous ray Life, Whose energy is that of the third Ray. … The mental body expresses itself through the medium of the planet Saturn.”
(EP II 98-99)

103.       Earth, Saturn, Mars State of Consciousness:
“There is, finally, the active application and the complete sacrifice of the lower separated self through the power to "stand in spiritual being" which necessarily infers that one has reached that state of consciousness which transcends what may be called, symbolically the "Earth, Saturn and Mars" state of consciousness.” (EP II 100)

104.       On Saturn (Earth and Mars) the Law of Sacrifice Cannot be Eliminated:
“The Law of Sacrifice, therefore, can never be eliminated in our Earth scheme, as far as the human and subhuman reactions to sorrow and pain are concerned, nor can it be eliminated on the planets Saturn and Mars.  It is relatively unknown in the other schemes.  Bliss and Sacrifice are synonymous terms as far as our solar Logos is concerned, and also for the majority of the planetary Logoi.  This must be remembered.” (EP II 102)

105.       Taking the Emphasis off Saturn and Mars:
“Venusian forces of great potency are also playing upon our planet.  In this connection, I would suggest that astrologers would be well advised to pay more attention to the activity and the influence of Venus.  Much emphasis has been laid upon Saturn and Mars in the charts now considered.  In the future, equal emphasis will have to be paid to the planet Venus, which in the Aquarian age will supersede Mars as a basic influence.” (EP II 721) 

106.       Endocrine System Governed by Saturn:
“The endocrine system is governed by Saturn.” (EH 143)

107.       Saturn (with Uranus and Mercury) and the Three Higher Centers:
“The throat centre is ruled by Saturn just as the two head centres are ruled respectively by Uranus (ruling the head centre) and Mercury (ruling the ajna centre).  This is only where the disciple is concerned; the rulership changes after the third initiation or before the first.” (EH 151)

108.       Saturn in Relation to the Personality:
“The Personality relates the initiate to the Mind of God, to the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, to humanity as a whole, to Saturn and Mars, and to the physical Sun through its pranic aspect.” (R&I 96-97)

109.       Saturn in Relation to the Three Buddhas of Activity:
“That existing in the interplay of the energies of the three Buddhas of Activity Who create a triangle, closely related to the planet Saturn.”
(EH 269)



A Summary of the Qualities and Processes which Saturn Represents

1. Saturn in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles: Saturn is closely allied to the “unprincipled” matter of the first solar system, from which the dense physical vehicle of the human being is constructed. “Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance;…” (EA 173) Further, “Saturn is in fact the correspondence to the logoic physical permanent atom.” That being the case, Saturn will have a connection to the physical permanent atom of man. In many ways, Saturn is related to the outer physical form, just as are Mars and the Earth, itself. Saturn’s position by sign, house and aspect will reveal something of the structure of the physical form, and points of weakness within that form, just as Mars revealed points of friction and irritation which can lead to trouble.

Saturn withholds, or forces. Saturn breaks up structures which are not well built, but also blocks, obstructs, and prevents. With respect to the etheric body, Saturn will indicate those areas of the system where vitality does not flow as it should—under-vitalized areas of the etheric network. These, of course, will be responsible for health difficulties in the outer form. Thus, Mars represents an unhealthy over-intensification; Jupiter an unhealthy excess; and Saturn an unhealthy dearth. Saturn, however, can also bring regulation and balance to any system it influences, and thus can act as a preserver instead of a destroyer.

Saturn is not a planet with any real affinity for the astral nature, where it represents control and discipline, or inhibition and blockage. Of course, Saturn is just what many astral natures need, for, initially, before transmutation and transformation, emotional restraint is required. Saturn is applied to the desire nature on the path of discipleship, whereon mental polarization must be achieved. Negatively, Saturn in relation to the astral body can cause the crystallization of patterns of emotional response, which become obstructive emotional habits. A flow of transformed feeling under the influence of love is desirable, but Saturn so often blocks this very flow. In short, Saturn in relation to the astral nature is often problematic and emotionally uncomfortable, but highly useful in discipleship training.

Saturn, however, has great affinity with the concrete mind, for it rules the throat center and is indispensable in the creation of thoughtforms. Saturn plays a significant role in so many mental operations, where it facilitates the processes of clarification, definition, crystallization and choice. Its energy helps to stabilize the aspirant achieve a stable polarization within the lower mind, where it serves as a regulator of personality process.
2. Saturn in Relation to the Personality as a Whole: In a way, Saturn is the personality, just as Jupiter is the soul. Saturn relates to the third divine aspect, as does the personality. Saturn (as representative of the third ray) is a Lord of “Time and Space”. The personality is a time-space structure, concretized for the purpose of eventual soul expression in the three worlds. Saturn, which promotes definite boundaries, is related to the personal ego, with its definitely limited, individual identity. The place and function of this personal ego is ruled by Saturn, for Saturn rules purpose, plan and dharma. Every personality has a definite and, necessarily, limited part to play. The energy of Saturn helps to define that part, and gives the grit and persistence to play the part responsibly.
3. Saturn and the Presentation of Opportunity on the Path of Discipleship: Opportunity, in relation to Saturn, is the opportunity to face and overcome obstacles. From this perspective, an easy life, is not an opportune life. In facing difficult situations and crises, Saturn enables the individual to exercise “free choice, discriminative pioneering, wise response and correct decision, thus bringing about the destruction of that which hinders without relinquishing any of the true values of which humanity may be aware.” (EA 148-149) Saturn in each sign will present a different kind ‘opportunity-as-test’.
4. Saturn and Choices to be Made and Destruction to be Endured in order to Promote a Freer Expression of the Soul: Saturn applies pressure and forces conformity to a high standard. If structures are not sound, they break. During the course of any incarnation, many internal structures and outer creations for which the individual may be responsible, are “put to the test”. If they are not well-built, they cannot form the foundation of the higher life, and it is better that they break, sooner rather than later.
5. As “the sacred planets endeavour to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul and the non-sacred planets influence more specifically the form nature”, how does Saturn, a sacred planet, fuse the personality and make it a responsible instrument of the soul in this particular sign, by enforcing the law(s) of the soul, and assisting in the fulfillment of the Purpose, Plan and Dharma conceived by the soul?: The soul has a purpose and plan for the incarnation of each personality. When the human soul within the personality realizes that purpose or plan, it also realizes its dharma, which it is obliged to carry forward—responsibly.
Additional Thoughts About the Meaning of Saturn
1. Saturn and the Carrying of Burdens:
Saturn enforces the carrying of burdens; where Saturn is found, by sign and house position, there will be definite “weights” in the life. A responsible person within society must take his proper place within the social structure (or establishment) and bear and uphold the difficulties incident to the function assumed. Saturn is the planet of social responsibility
2. Saturn as Work in the World:
Saturn demands that every person shall carry part of the weight of world burden. To carry one’s fair share requires serious concentration, work, sweat, strain, endurance and hard-edged realism. Saturn represents one’s work in the world—work within the matter of the three worlds of human evolution.
3. Saturn in Relation to Two Types of Laws:
Under Saturn, natural law is enforced; as well, when the point of evolution is sufficient, the Laws of the Soul are enforced. Under Saturn, one functions within the law, and squares every action with the law. According to the sign, house placement and aspects of Saturn , one discovers that, beyond which, it is difficult or impossible to move until the law has been fulfilled.
4. Saturn in Relation to Duty:
Similarly, Saturn “blocks” until duty is fulfilled and the residual obligation no longer exists; after the fulfillment of duty indicated by the Saturnian blockage, release comes.
5. Saturn in Relation to Obligation:
Wherever Saturn is placed (by sign or house) an obligation is sense. Work and intelligent action are indicated, and pressure is to be expected. Duty calls. Duty fulfilled builds spiritual strength.
6. Saturn Leads to Union:
Saturn, the planet of Law leads to yoga or union if the Law if fulfilled.
7. Saturn in Relation to Fate, Karma and Accountability:
Saturn is the planet of fate (Karma), and fate is karmic law holding one “to account” for ones internal and external deeds. . If one is to number oneself among the hierarchy of ‘building souls’, one must pay all karmic debts, and thus be free to build and create. Thus it is that Saturn produces ‘crises of accountability’, forcing people to face up to the consequences of their past and present actions in order, upon payment, to liberate them.
8. Saturn in Relation to Insufficiency, Inadequacy and Compensation:
Wherever Saturn is placed (by sign or house), an insufficiency, short-coming or “draw-back” is sensed. That inadequacy can be a negative factor when it comes to the task of uniting soul and personality, or it can act as the spur to compensatory achievement of a high order.
9. Saturn, the Builder:
In general, it could be aid that Saturn enjoins to build well and truly and in conformity to the law.
10. Saturn and the Cross:
Under Saturn, one “bears one’s cross”. To “carry one’s cross” or “bear one’s cross” means that one is earning the right to the Crucifixion. The individual is lifting matter up to the top of Mount Golgotha, so that one day he may “stand” upon matter—it will be mastered, hence “under foot”.
11. Of Saturn in the Signs:
Of Saturn in a sign it could be said, “You have the inclination to, the ability to, the obligation to…”
12. Of Saturn in the Houses:
Of Saturn in a house it could be said, “It is expected of you that you will…”
13. Saturn, the Balance Point Between Personal and Impersonal Indications:
Saturn is the balance point beyond which it is not usually personally meaningful to discuss planets in signs, unless a planet is in high focus, unless a person is upholding a responsibility for all those who are born with the trans-Saturnian planets in the same signs. Such as an intensely public figure representative of the quality of a particular planet in a sign.