Letters Of Helena Roerich II,
Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 19 March 1936. Likewise, note that in the diagram attached to my earlier letter, "Unlike the others, the Fourth [Globe-sphere] has no 'sister' Globe on the same plane as itself, and it thus forms the fulcrum of the 'balance' represented by the whole chain. It is the sphere of final evolutionary adjustments, the world of Karmic scales, the Hall of Justice, where the balance is struck which determines the future course of the Monad during the remainder of its incarnation in the Cycle. And therefore it is, that, after this central turning-point has been passed in the Great Cycle, - i.e., after the middle point of the Fourth Race in the Fourth Round on our Globe - no more Monads can enter the human kingdom. The door is closed for this Cycle and the balance struck." Therefore, we should expect no more migrants from the Moon.