Subplanes - general



On the third subplane of the mental plane egos are separated into groups—individual separation exists not, but group separation can be felt, incidental to ray and point in evolution.


On the second subplane the groups become merged and blend, and from their forty-nine groups are formed (by merging) forty-two.  The process of synthesis might be tabulated as follows:


                        (1st subplane     35 groups, 7 x 5

Mental plane      (2nd subplane    42 groups, 7 x 6

            (3rd subplane     49 groups, 7 x 7


            (3rd subplane     28 groups, 7 x 4

Buddhic plane    (1st subplane     21 groups, 7 x 3


Atmic plane       Atomic sub        14 groups, 7 x 2


Monadic plane   7 great groups



I have given a few hints here.  It is so little, compared with what will later be known when those of you now studying expand the consciousness still further, but it is all I can as yet impart, and only this has been given with the intent of showing how much has to be considered, when meditation forms are duly set by a Master.   Lom p36


Therefore, it should be noted here that the first three planes of the cosmic physical plane—the logoic, monadic, and atmic planes—are of prime importance and are the basic planes from whence emanate the secondary four; in other words, the first three cosmic ethers embody in a literal sense those three Entities whom we know as Mahadeva, Vishnu, and Brahma.  In a similar sense these Three find Their densest objectivity in the three physical ethers.  The lower four manifest during evolution, but are eventually synthesised into the higher [Page 314] three.  It should be also remembered that on all the seven subplanes of a solar plane a process, in connection with electrical phenomena in etheric matter, will parallel all the processes on the major planes.  This is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance, in connection with Man.  Theoretically, the absorption of all faculty by the causal body, and the discontinuance of all enforced objectivity in the three worlds at the close of the synthesising period is conceded.  On the other planes it is not so obvious. On the buddhic plane, the Builders on the evolutionary arc, or a large part of the deva evolution, undergo a paralleling synthesis.  On the physical plane a mysterious synthesis in connection with the "spirit of the Earth" is undergone, and the first three ethers are related to him in a way as yet little understood.

TCF 314


The human race came into the chain at a point where it naturally took bodies of the fifth astral and physical subplanes TCF 576


Each of these great lives (embodying deva energy of the first degree) is an emanation from the central spiritual sun in the first instance and from one of the three major constellations in the second instance.  Systemically they fall into three groups:  Group 1 includes those transmitters of the Word who are found on the three lower subplanes of the plane Adi, or the logoic plane.  Group 2 comprises those great builders who transmit the Word on the three next systemic planes, the monadic, the atmic and the buddhic.  Group 3 is formed of those who carry on a similar function in the three worlds of human endeavour.  Fundamentally they are also emanations from one of the seven stars of the Great Bear in the third instance. TCF 921


The Logoic Plane.  The first, the second, and the third subplanes of the first cosmic ether respond specifically to the vibration of one of the three aspects, or to those cosmic Entities Whose influence reaches the matter of the planes from without the system altogether.  On the fourth subplane comes a primary blending of the three fiery Lives, producing archetypally that force manifestation of electricity which eventually causes the blazing forth of the Sons of Light on the next plane.  In this electrical connotation we have the three higher planes ever embodying the threefold Spirit aspect, the lower [Page 521] three embodying the threefold substance aspect, and then a plane of at-one-ment whereon an approximation is made which, on the path of return, marks the moment of achievement, and the point of triumph.  This is succeeded by obscuration.  Hence on every plane in the solar system we have a fourth plane whereon the struggle for perfect illumination, and subsequent liberation takes place, the battle ground, the Kurukshetra.  Though for man the fourth plane, the buddhic, is the place of triumph, and the goal of his endeavour, for the Heavenly Man it is the battle-ground, while for the solar Logos it is the burning-ground.


This differentiation of the subplanes of the systemic planes into a higher three, a lower three, and a central plane of harmony is only so from the standpoint of electrical phenomena, and not from the standpoint of either pure Spirit, or pure substance, viewed apart from each other.  It concerns the mystery of electricity, and the production of light.  The three higher planes concern the central Forces or Lives, the three lower concern the lesser Forces or Lives.  We must bear this carefully in mind, remembering that to the occultist there is no such thing as substance, but only Force in varying degrees, only Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating from different sources, each distinctive and apart, and only Consciousness producing intelligent effect through the medium of space.


I would point out that the Lord Agni shows forth His fiery life on the atomic subplane of each plane; He shows forth as solar fire on the second, third and fourth, and as 'fire by friction' on the fifth, sixth and seventh.  From the point of view of the microcosm, the Spark in the Flame, man demonstrates as electric fire on the second plane, or the second cosmic ether; as solar fire on the third, fourth and the three higher subplanes of the fifth [Page 522] plane, and as fire by friction on the lower subplanes of the fifth, on the sixth, and seventh planes.


Three higher subplanes - general


First, the balancing of electrical phenomena, or the achievement of synthesis in connection with Man, transpires on the three higher levels of the mental plane.

Second, a similar process in connection with a Heavenly Man transpires on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane.  Viewed in a larger sense it takes place on the three major planes—the atmic, buddhic. and manasic—just as in the three worlds of human evolution—the physical, astral, and mental—the synthesising process proceeds on the higher of the three involved.

Third, in connection with a solar Logos (within the system and not considering His cosmic synthesis) the three higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction, and the three planes of the three Logoi are similarly concerned.

TCF, 314

1. Logoic Plane


1.5, 1.6, 1.7

Group 1 includes those transmitters of the Word who are found on the three lower subplanes of the plane Adi, or the logoic plane.  Group 2 comprises those great builders who transmit the Word on the three next systemic planes, the monadic, the atmic and the buddhic.  Group 3 is formed of those who carry on a similar function in the three worlds of human endeavour.  Fundamentally they are also emanations from one of the seven stars of the Great Bear in the third instance.

TCF, 920

2. Monadic subplanes


2.2 (2.1, 2.3, 5.2)

            This second law of the system governs specially the second plane, and the second subplane on each plane. It might be interesting to work this out and trace the underlying correspondence, bearing in mind always that all that can be done is to point out certain things, and indicate lines of thought that may lead, if pursued, to illumination.

            Ray Two and Law Two are closely allied, and it is interesting to realise that it is on the second subplane of the monadic plane that the majority of the Monads have their habitat; there are a few Monads of power or will on the atomic subplane, but their numbers are not many, and they simply form a nucleus in evolutionary preparation for System III, the power system. The majority of the Monads are on the second subplane and they are the Monads of love; on the third subplane can be found quite a number of the Monads of activity, but numerically not as many as the Monads of love. They are the failures of System I.

            There is a direct channel, as we know, between the atomic subplane on each plane. This is more or less true of each subplane and its corresponding higher subplane numerically, and there is, therefore, a direct and quite expansive channel between the second subplane on all planes, enabling the Monads of love to link up with peculiar facility with all their vehicles when composed of second subplane matter. After initiation, the causal body is found on the second subplane of the mental plane, and monadic control then commences.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  579



The fourth subplane of the monadic plane is in a very real sense the place of transition from off the egoic ray (whichever that ray may be) on to the monadic ray; these three major rays are organised on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane in the same way that the three abstract subplanes of the mental are the group of transference from off the personality ray on to the egoic.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  119


3. Atmic subplanes


There are, as we know, the thirty-five subplanes, or in reality the thirty-two minor vibrations and the three which dominate.  Just as the three planes of the Ego on the mental plane dominate the remaining planes in the three worlds, so in the five worlds of the Hierarchy the three higher subplanes of the atmic plane hold an analogous place. TCF 1223

3.3  This correspondence, and this disintegration, can be traced on each plane, till finally on the atmic level on its third subplane comes the final disintegration, which results in a merging with the monadic consciousness.TCF 583

4. Buddhic subplanes



4.2 (2.2, 3.1)

i. Another synthesis takes place on the synthetic second ray on the second subplane of the buddhic plane and the monadic plane, while the comparatively few Monads of will or power are synthesised on the atomic subplane of the atmic. All three groups of Monads work in triple form on the mental plane under the Mahachohan, the Manu, and the Bodhisattva, or the Christ; on the second or monadic plane they work as a unit, only demonstrating their dual work on the atmic plane, and their essential triplicity on the buddhic plane A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  119



5. Mental subplanes



This process of forming the egoic lotus has gone on silently from the moment that the lower animal man, or the lower four principles, had reached a point where the energy (generated by him) could begin to make itself felt on mental levels.  When the fire of the lower prepared sheaths (the threefold fire of substance itself) becomes radioactive, this nebulous appearance on the third subplane of the mental plane begins to be organised, as the result of the downward pull of the higher by the lower, and as the response of the Spirit aspect to the radiations, or attraction, of matter.  But individualisation as we understand it is not yet effected.

TCF, 768



the personality ring-pass-not, on the fourth subplane of the mental

TCF, p. 114



The devas of the permanent atoms.  This particular group of devas are the aggregate of the lives who form the mental unit and the two permanent atoms.  They, as we know, have their place within the causal periphery, and are focal points of egoic energy.  They are the very highest type of building devas, and form a group of lives which are closely allied to the solar Angels.  They exist in seven groups connected with three of the spirillae of [Page 940] the logoic physical permanent atom.  These three spirillae are to these seven groups of lives what the three major rays are to the seven groups of rays on the egoic subplanes of the mental plane.  This phrase will bear meditating upon, and may convey much information to the intuitional thinker. TCF 949


n connection with man on the mental plane, we have a similar condition:  the three higher subplanes concern the Spirit aspect in the causal body, the three lower subplanes concern primarily the mental sheath, or fire by friction; the fourth subplane is that on which the force centres of the mental body are to be found.  So it is on the physical plane for man—his etheric centres being located in matter of the fourth ether.TCF 523

6. Astral subplanes

6.2/3/4  for the desire bodies of all human beings are composed of matter of the second, third and fourth subplanes of the astral plane.  This is a point which should be closely considered, and the analogy between the etheric body, the vehicle of prana vitalising the dense physical, and [Page 659] man's astral body, and the method of its vitalisation will be found illuminating.


On the fourth subplane of the astral plane, a similar activity will be noted as in process. The inflowing force will cause an astral stimulation in the bodies of many of the human family who are still on that subplane, and will bring about an awakening of the desire for harmony in a new manner. This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  630


6.5 (3.5, 2.5?)

When it is realised that the physical body is not a principle but that the kama-manasic principle (or desire-mind principle) is one of the most vital to man then the period or cycle in which a man functions on the fifth subplane of the astral (the fundamentally kama-manasic plane) will assume its rightful place. It is so again with the mental cycles and so with the causal.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  303

.  There are energies, for instance, pouring into the spleen from planetary sources as well as into two small centres situated close to the kidneys, one on either side, besides several others and these forces must all be understood, transmuted, transformed and transferred. It is interesting to note that the two little centres close to the kidneys are related to the lower levels of the astral plane and let loose into the system much of the fear, etc., which is the distinguishing factor in those subplanes.  Ep1 529
7. Etheric/physical subplanes

The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest three subplanes reflect the abstract subplanes, and the four etheric subplanes reflect the four mental concrete planes.  

R&I  481

The majority of men only function consciously on the three lower levels of the physical—the gaseous, the liquid, and the dense—and the etheric levels are as sealed to them as are the astral.  In the coming centuries, man's normal habitat will be the entire physical plane up to, though not including, the second subplane.  The fourth and third etheric levels will be as familiar to him as the usual physical landscape to which he is now accustomed.

TCF 475



These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender. TCF 912


7.2/3   When a man has reached the point where he can sense and see the fourth ether, he is ready for the burning away of the etheric web, which has its location midway between the third and second subplane matter which composes his physical body TCF 583