Compilation Moon Chain


(CF 392)  …..It is an interesting occult fact that our Earth should now be in her fifth round, and paralleling the Venusian scheme, but the moon chain of our scheme saw a period of temporary retardation of the evolutionary process of our Heavenly Man; it resulted in a temporary slowing down of His activities, and caused "lost time," if such an expression might reverently be permitted.  The Lords of the Dark Face, or the inherent forces of matter for a time achieved success, and only the fifth round of our chain will see their ultimate defeat.  The Venusian scheme also had its battleground, but the planetary Logos of that scheme overcame the antagonistic forces, triumphed over material forms, and was consequently in a position—when the right time came—to apply the needed stimulation or an [Page 393] increased fiery vibration to our Earth scheme.  The fact that outside aid was called in during the third root-race of this chain, and that the evolution of manas brought about the individualisation, in physical form, of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on.  The Divine Manasaputra, the Lord of the World, took form Himself through the driving impulse of manas, inherent in His nature, and in some mysterious way this was aided by another Heavenly Man of another scheme.  His co-operation was required.


(CF 414)  It might here be stated that the relative failure that was the fate of the Moon chain in our scheme has greatly handicapped Their work, and made it imperative for Them to employ drastic measures in order to offset that failure.  Herein lies another clue to the world turmoil.


b. The Moon chain.  It might be of interest here, if, before passing on to other matters, we took up the very difficult subject of the moon chain and answer certain pertinent questions that may have arisen in the minds of students.


Numbers of chains and schemes are from middle 4th round to middle 5th round

The enumeration of the chains and of the schemes as given in the two charts is entirely for the present, and covers a period comparatively recent, carrying forward the history of evolution to the middle of the next round in our chain.  Had we been given the charts embracing pre-Lemurian days, and extending back a distance into the (humanly speaking) unfathomable past, we would have seen the moon chain portrayed with the Neptune chain omitted.  In the chart as given two chains are apparently lacking, the moon chain and the Uranus chain.  The reasons are abstruse, but something may be hinted at as follows:


The Moon chain with the Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative and positive.  The point of merging was reached, and the Earth chain absorbed or synthesised the moon chain in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left.  Therefore the Earth chain is essentially dual in its nature, being the sumtotal of a male and a female chain.  This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it is dealt with in certain occult books, and hinted at by H. P. B.


In due course of time another merging in the scheme will eventuate and then Uranus (the chain of that name in our scheme) will flash into objectivity.  Forget not that the schemes manifest as seven, as ten, as three from the angle of the Eternal Now, or—from the point of view of a Heavenly Man—the manifestation may be written as (3|7) (put a circle around the 3|7—ed.).  In time and space the order might be stated to be 7-3-10, and at certain stages 10-7-3.  As [Page 415] the opposites merge the ten become the seven and the three, and it is during this process that entire chains and globes, and eventually schemes, will apparently vanish from objectivity, and drop out of sight.  They will be simply absorbed.  During the twofold process of evolution, it might be numerically expressed as:

During involution the sequence is seen as three, then seven and finally ten.

During evolution the sequence is ten, then seven and finally three.


The involutionary process is over practically and the evolutionary is approximately midway through.  This will be marked by the disappearance or absorption of certain chains as they find their polar opposites, and a simultaneous appearance of the more subtle chains or globes as the manasic principle enables man to see them.  The moon chain is in process of disappearance, and only a decaying body is left; the life of the second and the first Logos has been withdrawn from it, and only the latent life of matter itself remains.  Simultaneously Neptune arose over the horizon, and took its place as one of the seven manifesting chains of the planetary Logos.  We are here dealing with the Neptune chain of the earth scheme.


The Moon chain has in itself a curious occult history, not yet to be disclosed.  This differentiates it from the other chains in the scheme and even from any other chain in any scheme.  An analogous situation or correspondence will be found in another planetary scheme within the solar system.  All this is hidden in the history of one of the solar systems which is united to ours within a cosmic ring-pass-not.  Hence the impossibility of yet enlarging upon it.  Each Heavenly Man of a scheme is a focal point for the force and power and vibratory life of seven stupendous ENTITIES in exactly the same sense [Page 416] as the seven centres in a human being are the focal points for the influence of a corresponding heavenly Prototype.  Our Heavenly Man, therefore, is esoterically allied to one of the seven solar systems, and in this mysterious alliance is hidden the mystery of the moon chain.


Certain brief hints may be given for the due consideration of students:


The Moon chain was a chain wherein a systemic failure was to be seen.


It is connected with the lower principles, which H.P.B. has stated are now superseded.


The sexual misery of this planet finds its origin in the moon failure.


The progress of evolution on the moon was abruptly disturbed and arrested by the timely interference of the solar Logos.  The secret of the suffering in the Earth chain, which makes it merit the name of the Sphere of Suffering, and the mystery of the long and painful watch kept by the SILENT WATCHER, has its origin in the events which brought the moon chain to a terrific culmination.  Conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme.


The misuse of the vibratory power of a certain centre, and the perversion, or distortion of force to certain erroneous ends, not along the line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery.


Certain results, such as the finding of its polar opposite, were hastened unduly on the moon chain, and the consequence was an uneven development and a retardation of the evolution of a certain number of deva and human groups.


The origin of the feud between the Lords of the Dark Face and the Brotherhood of Light, which found scope for activity in Atlantean days, and during the present root race, can be traced back to the moon chain.


We have here all that it is possible to give out at this time, and much that has hitherto not been permitted publication.  It is necessary again to emphasise the need of attaching no importance to the names of the chains and globes, and the necessity of a numerical enumeration; at the same time should the student decide to number the chains, and globes, he must carefully bear in mind that the sequence of numbers has no reference or relation to place or time, nor to sequence of appearance, or order of manifestation.


(CF 459)  In this chain, individualisation took place during the third rootrace and in the fourth round, speaking in this connection of a round through a chain of globes, and not the life force of a planetary Logos circulating through the seven chains in a scheme.  It is of peculiar interest at this time that we are in the fourth round in a chain as well as in the fourth round as regards the scheme of seven chains.  It has led to evolutionary possibilities of great import.  On the moon chain individualisation took place during the fifth race of the third round,  (through chain of globes) and in the next chain to ours on the evolutionary arc individualisation will take place during the sixth race of the second round,  (through the chain of globes)—in each case this refers to a planetary round through a chain of globes.


(CF 460)  The source of these enormities must be sought for elsewhere.  It is hidden in the karma of that Being, Who for a period—during the moon chain—held office as the Entity Who is the informing evolutionary Life of the animal kingdom.  This is a point of view needing careful pondering.  Each of the kingdoms of nature is the expression of a Life or Being; man, for instance, being the expression of one or other of the Heavenly Men; the sumtotal of humanity (the fourth Hierarchy) being found, with the deva evolution, as the centres of the solar Logos.  The animal kingdom likewise is the expression of the life of a Being Who is a part of the body of the Logos or of the planetary Logos, but not a centre of conscious energy.  (A correspondence is found in the human body, which has its seven centres of force or energy, but also other organs upon which objective manifestation depends in lesser degree.)  Such an Entity finds expression through the animal kingdom, of which He is the informing Soul, and He has definite place in the planetary or logoic body.  This is a hint which has hitherto not been exoteric and is to be commended to the consideration of students.  I would add that some of the tragedies underlying existence at this time are karmically incident upon temporarily faulty relations between an entity who dominated at one period of the third or moon-chain, and the one holding analogous position in this the fourth or earth chain.  This latter is the sumtotal of the [Page 461] lowest human principle, if we count the dense physical or animal body of man as a principle.  In their lack of agreement lies the clue to the cruelties practised on animals by man.


(CF 559)  Such is the case too with a chain and its informing Life, viewing a chain as simply a centre in the body of the planetary Logos, yet having its own central factor.  This can be seen in the Moon in a most interesting way.  The desire of its Occupant was no longer for physical manifestation; He therefore withdrew His life.  All that is left is the devitalised shell; the two other aspects have gone and only the third aspect, the inherent life of matter itself, remains gradually to dissipate also as the centuries elapse.  In connection with man, a similar condition [Page 559] is seen in the gradual disintegration of the physical body after death; the two other aspects are removed, and the form decays.


(CF 579)   A hint has been given us as to the approximate figures governing the Monads:


35 Thousand million Monads of love

20 Thousand million Monads of activity

5 Thousand million Monads of power


making a total of sixty thousand million human Monads.  The Monads of power, though in manifestation, are as yet very rare in incarnation.  They came in, in large numbers, at the close of the moon chain, and will come in again in full numerical strength in the last two rounds of the present chain.


(CF 583)  The third Ray, that of adaptability or activity, has a close connection with this law.  It is through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comes into being; through activity it is employed, and through that very adaptation it becomes a perfect form, [Page 583] and at the moment of perfection loses its usefulness; it crystallises, breaks, and the evolving life escapes to find for itself new forms of greater capacity and adequacy.  It is so in the life of the reincarnating Ego; it is so in the rounds and races of humanity; it is so in the solar system; it is so in all cosmic processes.


In the third chain, the moon chain, we have an interesting related fact.  On the moon chain the point of attainment for the individual was the arhat or fourth Initiation,—the initiation which marks the final breaking with the three worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body.


(CF 700)  In considering the Entities33 who gave the manasic principle to man, we must remember that they are the beings who, in earlier manvantaras have achieved, and who—in this round—waited for a specific moment at [Page 700] which to enter, and so continue their work.  A parallel case can be seen at the entry—in Atlantean days—of Egos from the moon-chain.  The parallel is not exact, as a peculiar condition prevailed on the moon, and a peculiar karmic purpose brought them all in at that time.


The moon chain represented the stage of the mind as slayer of the real

(CF 705)  This should be pondered on, and His close connection therefore, as a transmitter of force within the Moon chain, the third chain, in connection with the third kingdom, the animal, and with the third round, must be borne in mind.  One symbol that may be found in the archaic records in lieu of His Name or description is an inverted five-pointed star, with the luminous Triangle at the centre.  It will be noted that the points involved in this symbol number eight—a picture of that peculiar state of consciousness brought about when the mind is seen to be the slayer of the Real.  The secret of planetary avitchi is hidden here, just as the third major scheme can be viewed as systemic avitchi, and the moon at one time held an analogous position in connection with our scheme.  This must be interpreted in terms of consciousness, and not of locality.


(CF 720)  Thus, in the mahamanvantara, the three methods of individualisation in connection with our planetary scheme are to be seen


a. In the Moon chain, the gradual evolution of self-consciousness under natural law.

b. In the Earth chain that of achieved self-consciousness through the aid of extraneous agencies.  It is the distinctive method of this system.

c. In the next round and chain the method will be abstraction through will power, but this in an embryonic manner.


I have dealt with these three from the standpoint of our own scheme.  In all the schemes whereon man is found at some period or another, these three methods will be contacted.  They mark the gradual control by the Logos on cosmic levels of His threefold lower nature.  In the first, the correspondence lies in the latent consciousness of matter, and works under the Law of Economy.  It concerns primarily the Self-consciousness of the Logos [Page 721] in His dense physical body, and His polarisation therein.  It is likewise the same for a Heavenly Man, and a part of the mystery of evil is to be found in the readiness of certain of these cosmic entities (particularly our planetary Logos in the moon chain) to remain polarised in

the physical etheric body after having supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained the control of the third Fire in an earlier system.  A hint lies here for the wise student anent present evil on this planet.


The second correspondence concerns the latent "consciousness of desire," and works under the Law of Attraction; it is the law for this system, and deals with the ability of the Logos to "love wisely," in the occult sense of the term.  It has relation to the polarisation of the Logos in His astral body, and produces the phenomenon called "sex activity" on all planes in the system.  In the earlier system, emancipation was effected through the faculty of discrimination, though that word as used to-day is but a faint indication of the systemic process in those days.  Through the force engendered during the process that vibration was set up which persists to-day in matter.  It is evidenced by the active intelligence and the discriminative selective capacity of the atom of substance.  In this system emancipation will be brought about through the line of occult dispassion; this likewise will leave its mark upon matter, tinging it in such a way that in the third system, primordial substance will demonstrate a second quality.  In the next system "non-attachment through abstraction" is as near as we can get to the method of the liberating process but it is useless for man to speculate upon this as his mind cannot conceive of the condition.


(CF 781)  There are also in connection with our peculiar Earth scheme, those lunar Pitris who reached their present stage of activity in the moon chain.  They are deva groups but (unlike the Agnishvattas) they have not passed through the human stage; for them it has yet to be achieved, and their present experience in connection with the human Hierarchy has that end in view.  It should be remembered that it is a fundamental law in occult development that any life can only give out that [Page 781] which it has possessed, and possession of the varying attributes of consciousness from that of the atom up to the consciousness of a solar Logos, is the result of long cycles of acquirement.  The solar Pitris, therefore, could give to man his consciousness; the lunar Pitris could give to him the instinctual consciousness of his vehicles.  In their aggregate in all the kingdoms of nature, on this planet and elsewhere, they give to the planetary Logos and to the solar Logos the sumtotal of the form consciousness of Their respective bodies.  This is the case in every scheme in the system, but in the Earth chain a peculiar condition of affairs was brought about through the planetary failure coincident with the moon chain; this is the cause of the present balancing of forces on this chain.  The fourth chain in every scheme sees the work of the solar Pitris in connection with man begun.  It sees also the Pitris of his sheaths in activity through the impulse given by the solar Angels.  The matter of those sheaths has passed through three chains and three rounds  (the latter here are three rounds through the seven chains)  and is vibrant to a note which is tuned to the....To word it otherwise, the third can be clearly sounded, and is followed naturally by the fifth, or the dominant.  The simultaneous sounding of the third and the fifth, basing it upon the planetary keynote, produces the effect of a threefold chord, or a fourth tone, a complex sound.  I am here dealing with the chord of the human hierarchy as a whole.  Within the hierarchy there is again diversity, based upon the hierarchical chord, and this produces the many egoic chords and notes; these produce in their turn objective manifestation.


(CF 804)  This has been at no time better illustrated than in the event of the late war and in present world conditions; these are effects of causes having their origin in the renewed activity of a certain planetary triangle, and in the vibration set up by our planetary Logos on the moon-chain, [Page 804] and which had a faint beginning in an earlier solar system.  This vibration impinged primarily upon certain atoms and groups of atoms in His body, principally those composing the human and animal kingdoms, and produced the apparently dire results which we have been witnessing.  So great was the effect of His energy, that the vegetable kingdom was somewhat (though not so much) affected, and the mineral kingdom felt the effect in a startling manner, far more than the vegetable kingdom and almost as much as the animal.  Here we have a setting of circumstances outside human and even group control, which illustrates the helplessness of man in certain conditions, and which serves to bring in factors apparently apart from the individual vibration of the fourth kingdom.


Monads refused to incarnate at beginning of Manvantara

(CF 826)  First.  The 700 incarnations.  These concern the unfoldment of the outer circle.  This is the longest period.  The initial vibration is slow and heavy, and millenia of lives have to elapse before the interchange of energy between the Ego and its reflection, the personal self (the lower threefold man) is such that the consciousness of the man occultly "awakens" in the Hall of Learning.  For advanced man at this time these incarnations took place upon the moon chain and in some cases upon certain planets connected with the inner round.  This is the circumstance which necessitated his "coming-in" during the Atlantean root-race.  Men of this type refused to incarnate earlier, as the bodies were too coarse; this was the cyclic reflection (on the lowest plane) of the refusal of the Monads to incarnate at the dawn of manvantaric opportunity.  No real "sin" was committed; it was their privilege to discriminate, and this refusal has its [Page 826] bearing upon conditions upon Earth, being the basis of the great class distinctions which—in every land—have been so fruitful of trouble and the esoteric foundation of the "caste" system, so abused now in India.  The problem of labor and capital has its roots in the subjective distinction between "equipped and unequipped" Egos, between those units of the human family on earth who have passed out of the Hall of Ignorance, and those who are yet groping in its dark and gloomy corridors; between those Egos who are only "bud" Egos, and those who have organised the outer circle of petals, and whose petals are ready to open up.


(CF 843)  Lotuses of passion or desire.  They are so called because their fundamental nature is embodied love in some one or other form.  The bulk of the Monads of Love are among this large group and they are to be seen incarnating in the bulk of the well-to-do, kindly people of the world.  They are divided into five groups, of whom three individualised upon this planet, and two were the very latest to individualise upon the moon chain.  They have two petals unfolded and the third is for them at this time the object of their attention.  Many may succeed in unfolding it before the seventh rootrace of this round but the bulk of them will unfold it in the second rootrace of the next round, and will stand ready before the close of the round to pass on to the probationary path, having unfolded one tier of petals, and organised the second.  All these lotuses of the first circle are divided into groups but interplay goes on between them; energy in any centre [Page 843] produces reflex energy in another.  It must be remembered that in closing the door in Atlantean times to the animal kingdom, and the consequent temporary cessation of the forming of any more "bud lotuses" the effect was dual, in directions other than the human or the animal.  It was the result of the internal decision on the part of the planetary Logos to turn His attention away from the act of creation on the systemic mental plane to the work of progressive evolution.  This caused a cessation of certain types of activity, producing a quiescence in certain of His centres, and an increased activity in others.  It also had an effect upon the solar Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of the solar system from  whence they are drawn.  Floods of energy or streams of force from the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested and directed elsewhere, while the Pitris already active began to centre their attention upon the work begun, and temporarily new beginnings were out of order.  It must not be forgotten here that the work of the solar Pitris from their point of view, is not primarily the evolution of man, but is the process of their own development within the plan of the solar Logos.  The evolution of the human race is, for them, but a method.


(CF 846)  The mystery of the moon or of the "divine lunatic" is connected somewhat with the revelation (through the premature compassion of our planetary Logos) of the life of this nature, informing the dense globe of the moon chain.  On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetary Logos for certain involutionary existences within the moon chain, and (like the Buddha on a lesser scale and at a much later date) compassionate zeal brought the karmic results with which we are still concerned.  The "beast" must be driven back [Page 847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safe limits until the dawning of a new system brings him conscious opportunity.


(CF 853)  To continue with our consideration of egoic groups:  It might be briefly stated that the egoic groups in connection with our planet may be roughly grouped according to the stage of lotus organisation, as follows:


a. Egos who were produced through the individualisation process in Lemurian days.  They are the true Earth humanity, along with the second group.

b. Egos who have individualised during the Atlantean root-race until the door was shut.

c. Egos who have "come-in" from the moon chain and who are much more evolved than the earth humanity.

d. Egos who have been swept in since Atlantean days to take the place of those Egos who have achieved liberation, and whose causal bodies have disappeared, or whose lotuses have "died out" leaving a vacuum in force substance which must be supplied and filled.  They usually come in from one of two schemes:

1. From the scheme embodied by the polar opposite of our planetary Logos.

2. From that scheme which is allied with these two in forming a systemic triangle.


(CF 1092)  There is first, the Wheel of the chain, or the cycling of the Monad around an entire chain, and its passage through all the globes and kingdoms.  The consideration of this is complicated by the fact that in any particular chain, the Monads seldom begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge, pass through their cycle and achieve their objective.  It is not possible to dissociate a chain from its preceding or succeeding chain.  Many Monads who achieved self-consciousness in the moon chain only entered into renewed activity in the middle of the fourth root race; others, who have individualised on this earth, will not succeed in reaching their goal upon this planet.  There is here a correspondence to systemic evolution, and there is an analogy between the Monads who refused to [Page 1093] incarnate and the Egos who were unable to take bodies in the Lemurian or third root race.


(CF 1113)   There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petals from the manasic permanent atom.  The permanent atoms of the Spiritual Triad, as well as the bodies which are built around them, bring in certain groups of deva lives which have not as yet been much considered.  They are not the lunar pitris, as that term is commonly understood, but have a direct connection with what is called "the cosmic moon" or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain.  This "cosmic moon" transmits its energy to the manasic atomic subplane, via the planet Saturn.  It is a triple energy and there is an esoteric connection between this triple energy, and Saturn's rings.


This story probably refers to the original Jews/3rd ray Monads left over from previous Solar System

The old Commentary expresses this truth about an interesting group of sons of manas as follows:


"These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother.  They chose to pass into dissolution with her, but a younger son (Saturn) sought to rescue his brothers, and to this end he built a triple bridge between the old and new.  This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible.

Some escaped and came to the help of the incarnating Sons of Mind who had left the Mother for the Father.  The greater gulf was bridged.  The lesser gulf persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons of Mind themselves."

(This latter clause, refers to the building of the antaskarana.)


The energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atom of each incarnating jiva, its union with its reflection, the energy of the mental unit, and the triple stream of force thus created on the mental plane, has its planetary reflection in the relation of Saturn to another planetary scheme, and the three rings which are energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity.


(CF 1145)   Enter the Hall of Records and there read a peculiar group of documents dealing with planetary manifestation in a fourfold manner.  It concerns the planetary Logos, and deals with the transference of energy from the moon chain.  It concerns the transmission of energy to another planetary scheme, and concerns the interaction between the human Hierarchy (the fourth Kingdom) and the great informing Life of the animal kingdom.


(CF 1146)  Secondly, it must be borne in mind that the human units now upon this planet fall naturally into two great groups—those who reached individualisation, or became "units of self-directing energy," upon the moon, and those who attained self-consciousness upon the earth.  There are important distinctions between these two groups, for the units of the moon chain are distinguished, not only by a more advanced development, owing to the longer period of their evolution, but also by the quality of great and intelligent activity, for (as might be expected) on the third or moon chain, the third Ray was a dominant factor.  In this fourth chain, the quaternary dominates, or the synthesis of the three so as to produce a fourth, and this is one reason for the intensely material nature of those who entered the human kingdom on this planet.  The distinctions between the two groups are very great, and one of the mysteries lying behind the main divisions of humanity—rulers and the ruled, capitalists and labourers, the governed and those who govern—is found right here.  No system of sociological reform will be successfully worked out without a due consideration of this important fact.  Other distinguishing features might be enumerated but would only serve at this stage to complicate the matter.


A third factor differentiating the groups of human units who reached self-consciousness on our planet is hidden in the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame at that time.  They, we are told, employed three methods.


First, They themselves took bodies and thus energised certain of the higher forms of the animal kingdom, so that they appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group.  Their descendants can be seen in the highest [Page 1147] specimens of the earth humanity now on earth.  They are not even now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days.  Their heredity is peculiar.


They implanted a germ of mind in the secondary group of animal-men who were ready for individualisation.  This group, for a long time, was unable to express itself, and was most carefully nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearly proving a failure.  By the time, however, that the last subrace of the Lemurian root race was at its height it suddenly came into the forefront of the then civilisation, and justified hierarchical effort.


(CF 1185)  Under this attractive pull the informing existences of the various kingdoms of nature are engaged in mutual interaction, and thus swing into lesser but similar activity all the lives of these various bodies of manifestation.  These lines of attraction are veiled in mystery, and all that it is possible to indicate is the karma of the Lord of the second or vegetable kingdom with the Lord of the fifth kingdom, and a close line of linking energy between the Lord of the mineral kingdom and the human.  These points are only for reference to our own planetary scheme.  The Lord of the Moon chain and the Lord of our present animal kingdom are "blood brothers" and in their relationship and the esoteric interference of the "Man of Men" (the human family personified) is hidden the mystery of present animal karma and the slaughter of animal forms, the terror of wild beasts and the work of vivisectionists.


(EPII 26)  This corresponds to the period of adolescence and to the state of consciousness called Atlantean.  It is the condition of the masses at this present time.  The bulk of human beings are still Atlantean, still purely emotional in their reactions and in their approach to life.  They are still governed predominantly by selfish desires and by the calls of the instinctual life.  Our earth humanity is still [Page 26] in the Atlantean stage, whereas the intelligentsia of the world, and the disciples and aspirants, are passing rapidly out of this stage, for they reached individualisation on the moon chain, and were the Atlanteans of past history.


(EPII 201)  III. The Five Groups of Souls


We now begin our study of the five groups of souls.  For purposes of classification and comparison, we shall divide our earth humanity into the following groups:


1. Lemurian Egos                       our true Earth Humanity.

2. Egos which came in              on Atlantis.

3. Moon chain Egos  from the moon.

4. Egos                                     from other planets.

5. Rare and advanced Egos      awaiting incarnation.


(EPII 210)   In connection with individualisation the following points should be remembered:—


1. Individualisation upon the moon chain took place in the fifth race of the third round.


2. In Lemurian days, individualisation took place because it was the third root race and the fourth round.


It is well to remember that the soul who came into incarnation in old Atlantis individualised upon that chain which is called the moon chain.  This was a period of unfoldment so much earlier than that of our earth that we know nothing about it.  These egos, therefore, did not individualise on our [Page 210] earth at all but came into our cycle of evolution as human beings,—of a low order as far as the lowest of our present humanity is concerned, but somewhat higher than the egos which individualised upon ancient Lemuria.


It might be of interest here to note that Christ was the first of our earth humanity to achieve the goal, whereas the Buddha was the last of the moon chain humanity to do so.  As far as the development of these two sons of God was concerned, so rapid was the development of the Christ that in Atlantean days He found Himself upon the Path of Probation as did also the Buddha.  He, coming into incarnation from the moon chain (having been held in what the occult teaching calls "pralaya" till that time), entered upon the probationary Path a very short time ahead of His Brother, the Christ.  From the angle of evolution the rapid unfoldment of the evolution of Christ was, and has been, totally unparallelled.  It has never been duplicated, though there are people living today upon the planet who are beginning to develop now with equal rapidity (but not earlier, so that they have a background of slow individual development, which is only now being accelerated).  This rapidity is, however, a different matter altogether, for many of the disciples today came into this earth evolution from the moon chain where already much had been unfolded.  They have not worked up to their present point from Lemurian times as the Christ has done.  He, therefore, stands uniquely alone.


Just how and why egos come into our planetary evolution from earlier cycles and from other planetary systems is a subject of the greatest interest, but it is of no real importance to the students of this Treatise.  We shall not therefore consider it or deal with it.  It is of a speculative nature and utterly past their possible corroboration or capacity to check.  There is no standard of comparison nor can they judge by inference [Page 211] what is important.  All that can be said is that the three major monadic types came into being, either from the moon chain or during the Lemurian stage of individualisation, and that these three determine much that is transpiring today.  All that it is here possible to do is to give some information which may throw a light on the subject, and colour our general thought, but which it is impossible either to check or accept except as being inferential or possible.  All this can later be determined by the student when his knowledge and powers are greater than they are at present and adequate for that purpose.


The three major types are, as is well known, those of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence.  The following facts must, therefore, be remembered:—


1. That egos of all types individualised upon the moon chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of the total, the remaining 25% being divided between the other two.


2. That in Lemurian times, the egos of love-wisdom preponderated, and in their turn constituted 75%, with the remaining 25% being the egos of active intelligence.  Very few indeed, practically a negligible number, individualised along the line of power or will at that time.


What does he  mean by individualising-had they not individualised already on the moon chain?

3. There was a very large influx of individualising egos in early Atlantean days and they were practically all of the power-will type.  It might be stated that 80% of those who entered human evolution at that time were egos who were expressing the will aspect of deity, and that the remaining 20% were along the line of love-wisdom.


These all, with the egos which individualised upon the moon chain and which came in steadily, as the planetary conditions fitted them, until the final stages of the Atlantean period, [Page 212] constitute the bulk of our modern humanity, plus some rare egos which drift into our planetary evolution for some reason or  other, and never become properly adapted to or fitted into our planetary life.  They persistently remain abnormalities.


(EPII 230)  The statements found in occult books that dogs and other [Page 213] animals responded to the divine impulse through an activity of the will or of love, may be symbolic in nature, but are not correct literally, as so many devout occult students may think.  Such specific forms of life did not exist in those far off times, particularly upon the moon chain.  The consideration of species and of types may not be permitted; it is futile and a waste of time.  What really occurred was a reaction throughout the entire animal kingdom to the inpouring of the three major types of energy, which expressed themselves through the usual seven types and thus called forth response from those forms of life which were energised through the medium of the three major centres—heart, head and throat—of the Being who is the informing life.  A tremendous surging upward and a going-forth in response ensued, which enabled a new kingdom to emerge.


(EH 63)  One of the major problems today to the psychologist and in a lesser degree to the medical man, is the growth of homosexuality, both female and male.  Specious arguments are brought forth in order to prove that this abnormal development (and the consequent interest in this morbid tendency) is due to the fact that the race is slowly becoming androgynous in its development, and that the future hermaphroditic man or woman is gradually making its appearance.  This, again, is not true.  Homosexuality is what you call a "left-over" from the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like.  Egos who individualised and incarnated in that vast period of time are the ones who today demonstrate homosexual tendencies.  In those days, so urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not satisfy the insatiable desire of the advanced man of the period.  Soul force, flowing in through the processes of individualisation, served to stimulate the lowest centres.  Hence, forbidden methods were practised.  Those who thus practised them are today, in great numbers, in incarnation, and the ancient habits are too strong for them.  They are now far enough advanced upon the evolutionary path so that the cure lies ready at this time—if they choose to employ it.  They can, with relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throat centre, and thus become creative in the higher sense, employing the energy [Page 63] sensed and circulating in right and constructive ways.  Many of them are beginning automatically  to do this.  However, it is well known that, among the so-called artistic types, homosexuality is very prevalent.  I say "so-called" for the truly creative artist is not the victim of these ancient evil predisposing habits.


It might be pointed out here that homosexuality is of three kinds:


1. That which is the result of ancient evil habits.  This is the major cause today and indicates:

a. Individualisation upon this planet; for those who individualised upon the moon chain are not susceptible to these dangerous characteristics.

b. A relatively advanced stage upon the evolutionary path which was achieved by the Lemurian egos who succumbed to this desire-satisfaction.

c. A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constant insatiable physical and sexual urge.


There is a correspondence between the method of individualisation on the various chains (chakras of the planetary logos) and the various initiations

(HIS 87)  At the third initiation, termed sometimes the Transfiguration, the entire personality is flooded with light from above.  It is only after this initiation that the Monad is definitely guiding the Ego, pouring His divine life ever more into the prepared and cleansed channel, just as in the third, or Moon Chain, the Ego individualised the personality [Page 87] through direct contact, a method different to the individualisation as shown in this fourth chain.  The law of correspondences, if applied here, might prove very revealing, and might demonstrate an interesting analogy between the methods of individualising in the various chains, and the expansions of consciousness that occur at the different initiations.


(HIS 45)  Group three has as its Head the Mahachohan.  His rule over the group persists for a longer period than that of His two Brothers, and He may hold office for the term of several root-races.  He is the sumtotal of the intelligence aspect.  The present Mahachohan is not the original one Who held the office at the founding of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days—it was then held by one of the Kumaras, or Lords of the Flame, Who came into incarnation with Sanat Kumara—but He took hold of His position during the second sub-race of the Atlantean root-race.  He had achieved adeptship on the moon-chain, and it was through His instrumentality that a large number of the present more advanced human beings came into incarnation in the middle of the Atlantean root-race.  Karmic affiliation with Him was one of the predisposing causes, thus making this eventuality possible.


(HIS 30)  Those who are now the inner group around the Lord of the World have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain (the cycle of evolution [Page 30] preceding ours) or who have come in on certain streams of solar energy, astrologically determined, from other planetary schemes, yet those who have triumphed in our own humanity are rapidly increasing in number, and hold all the minor offices beneath the central esoteric group of Six, who, with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchial effort.


(EOH 76)  ….You have often been told how, at the close of this solar system, a certain percentage of the human family will fail to make the grade and will then be held in pralaya, or in solution, until the time for the manifestation of the next and third solar system comes around. Then they will constitute the advanced guard and the symbol of the coming humanity of that system. The same thing occurred in the system before this one and those whom we now call the Jews (a purely modern name and distinction, as I tried to show in the last few pages of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I, Esoteric Psychology), are the descendants of that earlier group which was held in pralaya between the first and second solar systems. If you will remember that the third ray governed that system and also governs the Jewish race, if you bear in mind that that system was occupied with [Page 77] the divine aspects of matter only and with external conditions, and that the Jews were the highest product of that system ……….he brought over from the previous system the knowledge (necessary then but obsolete now) that his race was the "chosen people." The "Wandering Jew" has wandered from System One to this where he must learn the lesson of absorption and cease his wandering. He has insisted upon racial purity, for that was his major problem in early Lemurian times when the race came into a world that had in it no human beings, for it was before the coming of the Lords of Flame……Our earth humanity and the group of human beings who are far more ancient in their origin than we are, will form one humanity and then there will be peace on earth.


Why our planet and this solar system should have been constituted the nursery for the seeds of separativeness and why this remnant of humanity, far more advanced than ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hid in the knowledge of the Lord of Shamballa, and is unattainable knowledge for you and, indeed, for many [Page 78] in the Hierarchy….


There a three basic methods of individualisation

(CF 346)  As regards the origin of the fire of mind something [Page 346] more may be learned through studying the various methods of individualisation.  In connection with man these methods are three in number as far as we can tell, though the probability of there being several other methods which are inconceivable to man's finite comprehension, is quite possible.  These methods are:


First, the method pursued on the moon-chain (the planetary manifestation previous to ours), when, through innate force and energy, the conjunction of the three fires was brought about and the fire of matter contacted the fire of Spirit through the latent presence of the fiery spark of mind.  This spark of mind, working through the instinct, drove the material form or substance, into such activity that it was enabled to reach up to heights where its opposite pole could be contacted.  Animal-man aspired; Spirit answered; the vibration of the germ of mentality had permeated the substance like yeast.  Thus was consciousness awakened.  In the previous solar system, in connection with the Heavenly Men, this was the method pursued by Them, and These advanced cosmic Beings entered into consciousness and mastered the three lower planes of the cosmic physical,—the planes which man is endeavouring to master now.  They individualised as the result of work accomplished during incomprehensible aeons of endeavour.28  The earlier solar system was much longer in duration than this one will be, and force in matter was generated by the progression of the ages.  It was the period of the vitalisation of the spirillae in the physical permanent atom of the Logos.


In this method of individualisation, the emphasis is laid on the fact that the principle of manas is a part of the logoic character, and is part of His very nature.  It, therefore, has its origin in His Being or Self; it is [Page 347] part of the content of the logoic Causal Body, and therefore permeates all manifestation which originates with Him.  Hence the accuracy of the statement that cosmic manas originates on the cosmic mental plane, and is a portion of the fire that animates that plane.


Second, in the second solar system, and in connection with the method employed therein, another point merits attention.  This fire of mind has its source in a constellation until recently unrecognized by exoteric science as having any relation of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendous distance away.  The sun "Sirius" is the source of logoic manas in the same sense as the Pleiades are connected with the evolution of manas in the seven Heavenly Men, and Venus was responsible for the coming in of mind in the Earth chain.  Each was primary to the other, or was the agent which produced the first flicker of consciousness in the particular groups involved.  In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to the interposition of force, apparently from an extraneous source,


1. The Logos                        Solar System          Sirius

2. Seven Heavenly Men      Planetary scheme Pleiades

3. Heavenly Man                Earth chain              Venus


This second method therefore is that which is brought about by the hastening of the evolutionary process through influences from outside; these tend to awaken consciousness, and to bring about the merging of the poles.  The first method touched upon was that of the earlier solar system.  The method we are now considering is the distinctive one of this solar system and will persist till the end of the mahamanvantara. (solar system)


That the earlier method was seen in the moon-chain is only evidence of the steadfastness of the Law of Repetition by which every large cycle includes, in its earlier [Page 348] stages, all the lesser, and repeats the earlier procedure.  This is a recognised fact, for instance, in the building of man's physical body, for the foetus reproduces all earlier stages and forms till the human is achieved; again, as we know, the fourth round reproduces briefly the earlier three but has its own distinctive quality.


b. The Method of Initiation.  In this second method the "Rods of Initiation" are used to effect certain results.  These rods are of four kinds:


1. Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos, and of the three major planetary Logoi.

2. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos.

3. Planetary, used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, the fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher.

4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor Initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva.


When man individualised in Lemurian days (about eighteen million years ago), it was the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos of our Earth chain which brought about the event and touched into activity certain centres in His body with their corresponding groups.  This application, bringing about consciousness on some plane, may be regarded as literally the awakening of the lives concerned to participate in intelligent work on the mental plane.  Animal man was conscious on the physical, and on the astral planes.  By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental.  Thus the three bodies were co-ordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them.