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(GAWP 225) They must, finally, love their fellowmen. This they must not do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as the second ray person loves—with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear sighted perception of the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [Page 225] do this is one of the factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant to transfer off the minor sixth ray and find his place upon the major second ray, as must all sixth and fourth ray initiates.


(DON 5) I would like to pause here and point out that these forces come into play either cyclically or through demand.  This is an interesting point for students to remember.  The work done through the Great Invocation is not then necessarily [Page 5] invalid.  It might perhaps clarify the subject if I pointed out that there are five energies (and there are usually five dominant ray energies active at any time) coming into play:


1. Those energies which are passing out of manifestation, as the sixth Ray of Devotion is at this time passing out………..


You have, therefore, in the present field of divine expression the following energies manifesting:


The energy of idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention, embodied in the sixth ray………..


(DON 11) It will be of value next if I connect up the three major planetary centres of energy with the five rays which are today working towards the consummation of the Plan for the race at this time.  Three of these streams of energy are working powerfully in the world at this time and two others are struggling for expression.  Of these latter, one is [Page 11] struggling towards domination and the other is struggling to hold on to that which it has so long controlled.  This refers to the incoming seventh ray and the outgoing sixth ray.  They constitute, in their duality, the reactionary and the progressive forces which are seeking to govern human thought, to determine natural and human evolution and to produce widely divergent civilisations and culture — one of which would be the perpetuation and crystallisation of that which now exists and the other would be so entirely new, as an outgrowth of the present world upheaval, that it is difficult for the average student to conceive of its nature.


(DON 29) As you know, there are at this time, two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the destiny [Page 29] of mankind.  These are the sixth Ray of Abstract Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organisation.  The sixth ray began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period of influence, whilst the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order began to come into manifestation in 1675.  There are three points to be remembered in connection with these two rays and their effects upon the race of men.  (I am not here dealing with their effects upon the other kingdoms in nature.)


The sixth ray is as you know, the most powerful in manifestation in this time and a very large number of people are responsive to its influence.  It is still the line of least resistance for the majority, particularly in the Aryan race, for the reason that when in process of time and through evolution the influence of a ray has become potent, it is groups that are primarily affected and not just individuals.  A rhythm and a momentum is then set up which lasts a long time and which gains power through the very force of organised numbers.  This truth will emerge more clearly as we proceed with our studies.  Suffice it to say that the sixth ray people are the reactionaries, the conservatives, the die-hards and the fanatics, who hold on to all that is of the past and whose influence is potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new age. Their name is legion.  They provide, however, a needed balance and are responsible for a steadying process which is much needed in the world at this time.


3. The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray — which shows itself as a pronounced crystallisation of the standardised and accepted forms of belief, religious, social and philosophic — is to throw the millions of people who do not respond to either of the above influences through egoic or personality relation, into a state of bewilderment.  They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing.


These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth and seventh rays or who are bewildered by the impact of forces generated by those rays, are those who must together, with understanding and clear vision, bring order out of the present chaos.  They must materialise those new and desirable conditions which will conform to the subjective pattern in the minds of the illumined people of the world and to [Page 31] the spiritual plan as it exists in the consciousness of the members of the Hierarchy.  The new age with its peculiar civilisation and culture will be brought into manifestation through the collaboration of the well-intentioned many, responsive increasingly to the good of the whole and not of the individual; they are the idealistic but practical thinkers, influenced by the pattern of things to come and the world disciples, impressed by the plans and under the instruction of the Hierarchy which is directing and controlling all.


It is with these three groups of people and with the work upon which they are engaged that any prevision I may evidence will consistently deal.  All changes in connection with the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, are always dependent upon three factors:


1. Those outer physical events which are definitely "acts of God" and over which no human being has the slightest authority.


2. The activity of human beings themselves, working on all the different rays but in any given time and in any particular period conditioned by:

a. The preponderance of egos to be found on any particular ray.  There are a very large number of second ray egos in incarnation today and their work and their lives will facilitate the coming Great Approach.

b. The nature and the quality of the predominating personality rays of the majority.  At this time there are a vast number of souls in incarnation whose personality rays are either the sixth or the third.  They condition the coming civilisation outstandingly including all educational and financial enterprises, just as the influence of those who have soul contact and can express soul quality condition and determine the current culture.


3. The influence of the outgoing and the incoming rays at any time.  You have often been told that these events — for the emergence or disappearance of a ray influence is an event in time — are a matter of slow development, are psychic in nature, and are governed by law.  The length of time in which a ray appears, manifests and does its work and finally disappears is one of the secrets of initiation, but — as time elapses and the nature of time itself is better understood — the period and the time equation of the minor rays of attribute will be established but that time is not yet, although the intense interest taken today in the phenomena of time indicates a growing awareness of the problem itself and of the need for understanding the relation of time, both to space and to event.  It will be realised before long that time is entirely a brain event; a study of the sense of speed as registered by the brain, plus the capacity or incapacity of a human being to express this speed, will, when properly approached, reveal much that today remains a mystery.


At this time, the whole world is embroiled in the chaos [Page 33] and the turmoil incident upon the clashing of the forces of the sixth and the seventh rays.  As one ray passes out and another comes into manifestation and their impact upon the earth and upon all the forms in all the kingdoms of nature has reached the point where the two influences are equalised, then a definite point of crisis is reached.  This is what has occurred today, and humanity, subjected to two types or forms of energy, is thrown "off centre" and hence the intense difficulty and tension of the present world period.  The cause of this is not only the impact of the two types of energy, beating upon the forms of life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanity itself (which is a combination of the fourth and fifth rays) is swept into the conflict.  To this must also be added the energy of the animal kingdom (again a combination of the energies of the third, fifth and sixth rays) for this governs the animal or physical form of every human being.  You have, therefore, a meeting of many conflicting forces and the world Arjuna is faced with a stupendous battle — one that is recurrent and cyclic but which will, in this particular era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the age old conflict between material domination and spiritual control.  The forces playing upon the planet at this time are of supreme importance.  If you will bear in mind that the sixth ray works through and controls the solar plexus (being closely related to the astral plane, the sixth level of awareness) and that the seventh ray controls the sacral centre, you will see why there is so much emotion, so much idealism and so much desire mixed up in connection with the world conflict and why also — apart from the storms in the political arena and the religious field — that sex and its various problems has reached a point of interest in the human consciousness where a solution of these difficulties, a fresh understanding of the [Page 34] underlying implications and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate.


(DON 37) Let me illustrate these facts for you by means of the two rays which are our immediate consideration.  Both of them — as is ever the law — express themselves through a higher and lower form or forms.  One of the higher expressions of the out-going sixth ray is to be found in Christianity, the spirit and principles of which were embodied for us in the life of the Master Jesus, Who was, in His turn, inspired and over-shadowed and used by His great Ideal, the Christ.  In the word "idealism" you have the keynote of this ray — idealism taking form, providing a living example and indicating to the race of men their own divine potentialities. [Page 38] In the appearance of the Christ, the divine ideal for the race, as a whole, was presented for the first time.  Other and earlier Sons of God presented diverse divine qualities and attributes, but in three of them a certain perfection of presentation was achieved which (as far as this present world period is concerned) can never be surpassed.


These three are:  Hercules, the perfect disciple but not yet the perfected Son of God; the Buddha, the perfect initiate, having reached illumination but not yet having developed to perfection all the attributes of divinity; the Christ, the absolutely perfect expression of divinity for this cycle and, therefore, the Teacher alike of angels and of men.  That ahead of the race may lie a still higher perfection than that attained by any of these Exponents of divinity is inexpressibly true, for we know not yet what divinity really means; in these three, however, we have three instances of a perfection which lies far ahead for the majority of the sons of men.


In all of Them, the sixth and the second rays were controlling factors, with the first ray reaching full expression.  In Them, idealism, love-wisdom and indomitable will stood forth in all their divine power.  It might be of interest to you to know just what rays controlled these Sons of God:


Hercules, the Sun-God, had a first ray soul, a second ray personality and a sixth ray astral body.  These potencies and energies sufficed to carry Him through all the trials and the labours of the disciple.

The Buddha had a second ray soul, a first ray personality and a sixth ray mind — a very rare phenomenon.

The Christ had a second ray soul, a sixth ray personality (which accounted for His close relationship with the Master Jesus), plus a first ray mind. [Page 39] These three all embodied the essences of the spiritual life and all of Them were enabled to set Their seal upon history and upon the hearts of men, largely through the potency of Their sixth ray expression.  All of Them embodied also the new spiritual impulse which Their day and age required and all of Them for centuries — by the strength of Their living love and power — brought the vision and the aspiration of humanity back to those spiritual essentials whereby men must live.  All of Them were part of the directing group of Lives Who are working out the plans of God, founded upon the love of God.  The Buddha and the Christ are still closely connected with, and working in cooperation with, the Hierarchy.  Hercules has gone over into the Shamballa centre, but still works in a basic association with the Buddha Who is one of the Forces linking Shamballa and the Hierarchy.


Pure religion, undefiled and spiritually focussed, is the higher expression of the sixth ray (working as is ever the case under the influence and potency of the second ray) and for us Christianity in its earlier days was the great and inspiring symbol.


In the same connection, among the lower aspects of the sixth ray are to be found all forms of dogmatic, authoritative religion as expressed by the organised and orthodox churches.  All formulated theologies are the lower expression of the higher spiritual truths because they embody the mind reactions of the religious man, his confidence in his own personal mind deductions and the surety that he is obviously right.  They do not embody the spiritual values as they truly exist.  Consequently the dreadful nature of the lower expressions of the sixth ray and the control by the forces of separativeness (which are ever the outstanding characteristic of the lower sixth ray activity) can be seen [Page 40] nowhere more potently than in religious and Church history with its hatreds and bigotry, its pomp and luxurious appeal to the outer ear and eye, and its separativeness from all other forms of faith as well as its internal dissensions, its protesting groups and its cliques and cabals.  The Church has wandered far from the simplicity which is in Christ.  Theologians have lost (if they ever possessed it) the "mind that is in Christ" and the outstanding need of the Church today is to relinquish theology, to let go all doctrine and dogma and to turn upon the world the light that is in Christ, and thus demonstrate the fact of Christ's eternal livingness, and the beauty and the love which it can reflect from its contact with Him, the founder of Christianity but not of Churchianity.


(DON 45) If you have followed intelligently what I have said, two points will emerge with clarity in your minds in relation to the initial and immediate activity of these two rays — the sixth and the seventh.  First, that entire groups of people are increasingly susceptible to their influence and this inevitably leads to these groups (responsive to either the sixth or the seventh ray forces) being in opposition to and antagonistic to each other.  The problem is that, owing to the developed sensitivity of the race, this antagonism is now upon a world-wide scale.  Hence much of the present conflict of ideas, and the opposing ideologies, and hence also the feud between the old inherited traditions and the ancient forms of civilisation, of government, of religion on the one hand and of the newer emerging ideas on the other.  These new concepts should usher in the New Age and will eventually revolutionise our modern life and standards.  They will relegate the old ideas to the same position as the ideas which governed the race one thousand years ago have today assumed in our consciousness.


Second:  The situation is still further complicated by [Page 46] the fact that both these rays influence and express themselves (as is ever the case) in a dual manner and have always a lower and a higher form of manifestation, which is a correspondence in this connection to the personality, and the egoic expression of every human being.  In the case of the out-going ray, the higher form (which is ever the first to manifest in germ) is rapidly disappearing or is being absorbed into the newer idealism, thus contributing all that is best to the new presentation of truth so that the emerging culture will be properly rooted in the old.  The lower forms are, however, tenacious and dominant and because of this they definitely constitute today the major problem of the Hierarchy, so much so that they require the calling in of the first ray (or the Shamballa force) in order to effect their destruction.  Bear this in mind as you study the world situation.  The lower forms of the seventh ray expression are still in an embryonic stage.  This you can see clearly if you consider the one to which I choose to refer — the spiritualistic movement — which began to take shape only during the last century and has achieved its curiously phenomenal growth only because it started upon the American continent.  The United States of America was the centre of old Atlantis and hence inherited a psychic and ancient religious form which was existent and potently alive in that part of the world for many centuries.


In spite of these facts, the higher and more living energy of the seventh ray is the most active at this time and its resultant idealism and consequent New Age concepts are playing upon the sensitive minds of the race and preparing humanity for a great and much needed change.  The work of the Ray of Ceremonial Order is to "ground" or make physically visible the results of bringing spirit and matter [Page 47] together.  Its function is to clothe spirit with matter, producing form.


(DON 52) It is interesting to note that the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict which before long will come into power again, is to be prominent in the destinies of India, Germany, Italy, Austria and Brazil.  It is for this that there is so much preparatory turmoil in four of these countries.  The sixth Ray of Idealism is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain.  It is the fanatical adherence to an ideal which is responsible for the potent changes in these four countries.  In Germany and Italy the harmonising of the fourth ray, working through conflict, is also to be seen.  Hence we have in all these countries a process of "breaking-down" and of destruction of old forms prior to an adequate responsiveness to the influence of the incoming ray.  It should be remembered that as with individuals, so with nations — the reaction to an increasing influence of the soul ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period; this demonstration of destruction is, however, only temporary and preparatory.


(DON 59) Italy has a sixth ray soul and hence her devotion to her past and to the ancient "glory which was Rome" (for this is closely tied up with the memory aspect of the soul) and to the concept of the restoration of the Roman Empire.  But as it is the soul ray which is upon this stream of ray influence, it is interesting to note that Italy carries forward her plans with very little hate and with the minimum of persecution and of resentment; she stands steadily for peace, no matter what the people may believe under the influence of national propaganda and the theories of the newspapers.  Her motto, esoterically stated, is, as you know:  "I carve the Paths."  This will be true eventually in the spiritual as well as in the literal sense.  Rome was the great road builder  (and Italy will host the 3rd ray Esoteric school-the 6th ray soul transferring to the 3rd ray in this case) and road maker of Europe in the far distant past; today the British race (who are largely re-incarnated Romans and hence the friendly feeling which basically exists between the two countries in spite of outward appearance) are the original railroad makers.  This is all upon the material side.  Upon the spiritual side, as I told you in an earlier book, the whole field of religion will be re-inspired and re-orientated from Rome because the Master Jesus (a sixth ray soul) will again take hold of the Christian Church in an effort to re-spiritualise it and to re-organise it.  From the chair of the Pope of Rome, the Master Jesus will attempt to swing that great branch of the religious beliefs of the world again into a position of spiritual power and away from its present authoritative and temporary political potency.


The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixth ray and hence much of its personality difficulties.  Hence also its strong desire life, impelling it to sex [Page 60] expression and to materiality but to a materiality which is very different from that of the French, for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects on his life which it can bring and for what it makes possible.  Hence also the rapid response of the American continent to every form of idealism, to the need of others, even of its enemies, to compassion for all suffering and to a pronounced progress towards a well defined humanitarianism.  This they may call the democratic ideal but it is in truth something which grows out of and eventually supersedes democracy—the ideal of spiritual government—a government by the highest and the most spiritual to be found in the land.  Hence also their unrealised esoteric motto:  "I light the Way."  All the various forms of government, prevalent in the world today, will—after making their great experiment and its resultant contribution—proceed upon the way of enlightened rule by the illumined minds of the age.  This development is certain and inevitable and the indications of this happening can be seen today by those who have eyes to see and a developed inner vision.


Russia is peculiarly interesting at this time from the angle of humanity because she comes under the influence of both rays.  Her egoic ray is the seventh and her personality ray is the sixth.  Hence the tremendous conflict which is going on between the fanatical sixth ray cruelty of her sixth ray regime and the spiritual harmlessness which is the basic principle of the national ideology.  Hence also the materiality of several important sections of her populace and the essential brotherliness which is imposed by the idealism and the mystical aspiration of the Russian genius, expressed through its people as a whole.  Hence also the correctness of their spiritual motto which is as yet unrealised by them but which is working itself out noticeably to those of [Page 61] us who can see upon the inner side of life.  That motto is:  "I link two ways."  Their task, which will develop as they come to truer understanding, is the linking of the East and of the West, and also of the worlds of desire and of spiritual aspiration, of the fanaticism which produces cruelty and the understanding which produces love, of a developed materialism and a perfected holiness, of the selfishness of a materialistic regime and the unselfishness of a mystically and spiritually minded people, and all this in a most pronounced and peculiar manner.  Behind the closed borders of that mysterious and magnificent country, a great and spiritual conflict is proceeding and the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge.  Out of Russia—a symbol of the world Arjuna in a very special sense—will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often told you.  It will be the product of the great and imminent Approach which will take place between humanity and the Hierarchy.  From these two centres of spiritual force, in which the light which ever shineth in and from the East will irradiate the West, the whole world will be flooded with the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness.  I am not here referring (in connection with Russia) to the imposition of any political ideology, but to the appearance of a great and spiritual religion which will justify the crucifixion of a great nation and which will demonstrate itself and be focussed in a great and spiritual Light which will be held aloft by a vital Russian exponent of true religion — that man for whom many Russians have been looking and who will be the justification of a most ancient prophecy.


Spain has a sixth ray ego and a seventh ray personality — thus reversing the forces which are expressing themselves [Page 62] through the Russian spirit.  Spain, too, acts as a link in world adjustment but this time the link is between Europe and Africa, and in this capacity Spain has earlier served.  It will be apparent to you also how inevitable has been the relationship between Spain and Russia and how the ideology of the latter country has influenced the national government.  It will also be apparent why the battleground of the two great ideologies — the Fascist and the Communistic — has been found inevitably in Spain.  The triumph of the Fascist part has been equally inevitable from the start because of the egoic relation existing between Spain and Italy and also to the proximity of the two countries which has enabled the telepathic impress of Fascist idealism to be easily impressed upon the prepared and sensitive Spanish consciousness.  As to the fanaticism, the natural cruelty, the fervent idealism, the arrogant pride and the religious and mystical quality of the Spanish character, they are obviously of sixth ray origin and are highly crystallised.  The intense individualism of the people can be noted also as a definite part of their seventh ray personality equipment.  Their spiritual motto:  "I disperse the clouds," is indicative of the magical work for which Spain will eventually be responsible and sooner than is perhaps anticipated, thus balancing in that highly intelligent and individualistic country the field of scientific magic and the magical work of the Church of the future.  This is a prophecy which lies at present too far ahead to be capable of verification, either in this generation or the next, but it is rooted in national characteristics and the law of probability.


In connection with Germany

(DON 78) a. Ray 6. — Idealism or Devotion, via Mars which rules Aries and is the double ruler of Scorpio.  This produces the fanaticism and unreasoning devotion and blind acceptance of conditions, so distinctive of the country at this time.  It is virtue misdirected.


(DON 79) Everything tends to show that the German people, not being an integrated race, are very largely victims and should be just as easily guided into right ways as they have been, at present, guided into their present activities.  They did, however, provide a good medium through which the ancient Atlantean conflict could be precipitated and brought to the surface, and the ancient feud between materialism and the Forces of Light be finally resolved for this particular world cycle.  Germany is mediumistic, as was its dictator, as I have earlier indicated; it is the Aries-Leo influences which produced the dictator.  The Piscean personality of Germany (which is the sign governing mediumship) accounts for the apparently fluid grasp of essentials and the inability of its people and ruling government to stand by pledges.  The influence of the sixth ray, coming via Mars, martially applied, and the lack of true spiritual love as it is diverted into sentimental personality devotions, account temporarily for the mass negligence to assert itself on behalf of the oppressed and in the interests of the higher principles.  The need for this assertion is realised by many in Germany but the negative Piscean personality attitude provides a great obstacle and accounts for what has puzzled all who know and love the German people.  At present, the [Page 80] influence of Mars, of Leo and of Pisces in their lower octave or connotations, are dominant.  That which can offset this unhappy situation is the influence of Scorpio, the sign of discipleship and one of the death signs in the Zodiac.


(DON 87) c. Ray 6. — Devotion and Idealism, via Mars.  I would remind you that the soul ray of Italy is also the sixth ray.  You have, therefore, the influence of Mars dominating Italian and Roman history, and it is this martian tendency which lay at the base of the German Italian axis.  It, however, is not today the controlling factor.


(DON 88) We will just look at the controlling factors in one other country, the United States of America, and indicate the influences working at this time which are in process of bringing to an end the adolescent stage in that country and enabling it to come forth in full maturity.


This vast land is ruled by Gemini, linking it therefore closely with Great Britain and also by Aquarius as the ruler of its soul ray.  This combination of a sixth ray personality, ruled by Gemini, and a second ray soul (as has Great Britain), ruled by Aquarius, is potent for future power and usefulness.  The capital city, Washington, is ruled by Cancer and Sagittarius, and it is this fact which leads the United States to act like the Crab (Cancer) and be pre-occupied with its own house which it carries on its back and [Page 89] to vanish into hiding at the first signs of trouble.  Because also the Sagittarian influence is strong, there is a potent determination to stick one-pointedly to any decision made.  This its sixth ray personality enforces at times almost to the point of a fanatical blindness and to the detriment of the long range vision which is needed at such times as these.


(DON 91) g. Ray 6. — Idealism or Devotion, via Mars.  This greatly augments the sixth ray personality of the States, thus presenting very real problems in a young people who are apt always to be fanatical and exclusive.  Exclusiveness is one of the major weaknesses of the sixth ray type.


(DON 97) The force expressing itself through the centre, New York, is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.  Hence the conflicts everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies, and the major conflict between those who stand for the great ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort of all the democratic nations, and the separative materialistic attitude of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming responsibilities and her rightful place in world affairs.  This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavour, will deny the United States her share in the "gifts of the Gods in the coming age of peace which will succeed this point of critical suspension," as The Old Commentary phrases it.  The sixth Ray is either [Page 98] militant and active, or mystical, pacific and futile, and these two aspects at present condition the United States.  The keynote of this world centre is "I light the WAY;" this is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian, self-sacrifice (self-initiated) and a firm decision to stand by righteousness to govern their present attitudes and policies.  This is slowly coming to pass and the selfish voices of blind idealists, the fearful and the separative are dying out.  All this is happening under the inspiration of service, motivated by love.  Thus the two major democracies can eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new order of world understanding, world sharing and world peace.  Peace will be the result of understanding and sharing, and not the origin of them, as the pacifists so often imply.


(DON 99) The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect.  Japan is governed by the soul ray in the consciousness of its leaders.  Its sixth ray personality is responding to the call of the first ray energy and hence all the present unhappy attitudes and activities, and hence also its link with Germany through the soul ray of both nations and with Italy through the personality rays.  Hence, therefore, the Axis.


(DON 109) To understand a little the problem involved and the differing modes of work which characterise those who worked in the past under the influence of the sixth ray and those who are learning to work under the influence of the incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if we compared very briefly the two systems of activity.  I would ask you to remember that both systems and modes of work are equally right in their time and place, but that the modern disciple should be discarding the old methods and steadily learning to employ the new and more modern and effective modes of work.  This he must learn to do optimistically and with assurance, knowing that the benefits and the experience gained under the sixth ray system of discipline is still his most precious possession because it has been transmuted from method and mode into characteristics and established habits.  It is the new ways of working and the new forces and objectives which the disciple of this present era has to master; he [Page 110] must do this relying upon the lessons learnt in the past and must base his new structure of truth upon the foundations and the stabilised orientations, which must now be established.


The first step for the sincere aspirant is at this point to stop for a moment to enquire and discover whether he is working primarily under the sixth ray impulse or the seventh ray influence.  I use these words "impulse and influence" deliberately because they describe the general effect of the two functioning energies.  Upon one thing all disciples and aspirants can rely and this is the basic and enduring effect of all the sixth ray potencies which have been established during the past two thousand years.  These must be counted upon, offset and understood and the newer influence must then be studied, the newer methods investigated and mastered, and the new ideas and idealisms must be brought through into objectivity and so expressed in a new way.  Only thus can the new civilisation and culture be wisely and sanely produced and the foundations laid for the development of the human family along right lines during the coming era.  It will be of value, therefore, to compare the old and the new ways of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and of method and objectives.


Let us take the sixth ray methods of activity and its major characteristics first of all.  They are, for us, the most familiar and can be rapidly considered, enabling us to pass on to the new ways of demonstrating and discovering the ancient wisdom, and to the comprehension of the fresh modes of working which will give new vitality to the work of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane.


The outstanding characteristic of the disciple and the aspirant under the old regime was devotion.  The race had, of necessity, to achieve a different and right orientation to [Page 111] the world of spiritual values, and hence the effort of the Hierarchy during the past twenty centuries was to lay the emphasis upon the realm of religious values.  The world religions have held the centre of the stage for several thousand years in an effort to make humanity seek one-pointedly for the soul and thus prepare itself for the emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature.  This is slated (if I might use such a specialised word) to come into manifestation during the imminent Aquarian age; this age will be predominantly the age of worldwide discipleship, leading later to the age of universal initiation in Capricornian times.  Therefore the great world religions have held authoritative sway for a very long time; their peculiar tenets, adapted to specific nation, race or time, embodied some truth through the medium of some particular teacher who attracted to himself individuals throughout the world who were spiritually minded, because he expressed for them the highest goal towards which they could possibly strive.  All the world religions have been thus built around an embodied Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed the immediate ideal of the time and age.  He demonstrated certain divine attributes and concepts which it was necessary to present to the vision of the sons of men as their possible and immediate goal.  In these manifestations — as I have earlier pointed out — the sixth ray influence can easily be seen.  When, however, an individual sixth ray influence can be noted in an era wherein the sixth ray is uniquely active, then the reason for the potency of the religious idea, as expressed in theological dogma and doctrine and the universal authority of the Churches can be seen.


This orientation of man to the world of higher values has been the main objective of the Piscean age which is ending now and of the sixth ray influence which is so [Page 112] rapidly passing out.  Though there has never been a time when this basic orientation has not been going steadily forward, it is of value to bear in mind that during the past two thousand years a much higher, rarer and more difficult process of orientation has been held before the race and for the following reason.  The fourth kingdom in nature has been definitely attracted upwards towards the emerging fifth kingdom and this has made necessary also the shift of attention away from the three worlds of human endeavour and expression into the higher world of soul consciousness.  It has necessitated likewise the refocussing of the instinctual and intellectual attention which are the main factors in the unfoldment of divine awareness.  This awareness can be instinctual, intellectual and therefore human, and also spiritual.  But all three are equally divine, which is a point oft forgotten.


The second objective of the sixth ray disciple or of the man who is emerging out of the sixth ray influence but is still conditioned by it (being a representative human being from the current evolutionary angle) has been the unfolding of the "capacity for abstraction," as it has been called.  The outstanding quality of our day and period, as a result of transmuting human quality and character in and through its disciples, has been the expression of the idealistic nature of man, or of his instinctual response to the higher intuitional values.  In the past, highly developed but rare people have here and there demonstrated this power to abstract the consciousness from the material or form side of life and to focus it upon the ideal and upon the formless expression of living truth.  Today, whole masses of people and entire nations are regimented to certain forms of idealism and can and do appreciate ideas, formulated into ideals.  Thus again the success of the evolutionary process can be seen [Page 113] and the work of the Hierarchy, as it endeavours to expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to be effective.


Because of the potency of the sixth ray activity, owing to the long period wherein it has been expressing itself, the reaction of the average human being is one of intense devotion to his particular ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentially is) upon his fellowmen and to do so in such a form that unfortunately the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupied by the method of applying his ideal than by the ideal itself.  Thus the idea is lost in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn, in the method of its application.  The man becomes the devotee of an ideal which may or may not be embodied in an individual expression; this controls his thoughts, fore-ordains his activities and leads him frequently to merciless excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea.


Under the immediate expression of the sixth ray, the divine principle of desire has shifted potently away from the desire for material form into the realm of higher desire.  Though materialism is still rampant, there are few people who are not animated by certain definite idealistic aspirations for which they are ready, when needed, to make sacrifices.  This is a relatively new phenomenon and one that should be carefully noted.  Down the ages, great sons of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so, whether it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or some response to a major world need, or some potent adherence to some current ideology.  This indicates phenomenal racial achievement and the pronounced success of [Page 114] the Hierarchy to shift human attention into the world from whence ideas emerge and on to the higher and the less material values.


The instinct which has characterised this passing sixth ray period and which has been noticeably fostered under its influence is that of taste — taste in food, in human intercourse, in colour, in form, in art and architecture and in all branches of human knowledge.  This discriminating taste has reached a relatively high stage of development during the past two thousand years and "good taste" is a highly cherished mass virtue and objective today.  This is a totally new thing and one which has been hitherto the prerogative of the highly cultured few.  Ponder on this.  It connotes evolutionary achievement.  For the disciples of the world, this sense of taste has to be transmuted into its higher correspondence — a discriminating sense of values.  Hence the clear emphasis laid in all textbooks on discipleship upon the need to develop discrimination.  Desire — taste — discrimination; these are the values, under the sixth ray, for all evolutionary unfoldment and peculiarly the goal of all disciples.


The methods whereby the activity of the sixth ray and its objectives have been imposed upon the race are three in number:


1. The development of instinct.  This is followed by intelligently recognised desire and thus there is a steady expansion of requirements, of realisation and then of reorientation.

2. The consequent stimulation of the human consciousness towards expansion, leading finally to spiritual aspiration.

3. The reflection of reality in the mind consciousness follows next and this is sensed, demanded and sought through the medium of group work.


The apparatus of the human being, which is the mechanism whereby the soul contacts the three worlds which would be otherwise (under the present plan) sealed and hidden to the experience and experiment of the soul, has been more acutely sensitised and developed during the past two thousand years than in any previous period of ten thousand years.  The reason for this is that the mind of man has been consciously aiding in the process of coordinating the instincts and transmuting instinctual reaction, translating it into intelligent perception.  In the case of the world disciples, this process has been carried forward into the next stage of unfoldment to which we give the name of intuitional knowledge.  The counterparts of the five senses and their higher correspondences upon the subtler planes are being rapidly unfolded, organised and recognised and it is by means of these inner senses that spiritual discovery becomes possible as well as the more familiar psychic discoveries.  In the three phases:


a. Instinct to aspiration

b. Stimulation of divine desire

c. The reflection of reality


you have the history of the activity of the sixth ray and of its relation during the past few centuries to its major field of expression, the astral plane.


We can now proceed to consider the seventh ray in its relation to the present situation in just the same way as we considered the sixth ray.  Through doing this, there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the developing process and of the emerging events and of the imminent happenings which may logically be expected.  There are, as you may realise, two ways in which any particular ray may [Page 116] be considered.  It can be studied, first of all, from the angle of energy which is ever coming into relation with other energies and forces, producing through their meeting and frequent conflict a situation entirely different and changed from that which existed prior to the contact.  The stages of this import might be covered briefly by the following words:  Contact, conflict, adjustment, equilibrium (a form of stalemate or static condition such as was arrived at during the 19th century), absorption and the final disappearance of the weaker outgoing energy.  The conclusion is always inevitable for it is not the rays themselves which are in conflict but the substance and the forms which are implicated during the period.  Secondly:  the quality of the ray can be considered.  This is in reality the expression of its soul and intrinsic nature, which — impinging upon the condition existing when the ray comes into manifestation — definitely does three things:


(DON 117) 3. Changes in the type of egos or souls which will take incarnation during any particular ray period.  By this I mean that just as during the age which is now coming to an end, the bulk of the incarnating souls were predominantly sixth ray in quality, so we can look for an increasing number of seventh ray egos now to appear.  The furtherance of the coming seventh ray civilisation of synthesis, fusion, and of increased soul expression, and the development of the new stage into which the white magic of the Hierarchy is entering is, therefore, inevitable and for this stage there should be definite preparation and training.


(DON 121) When we studied the sixth ray, we considered first of all the effect of the ray upon the work and training, the life and the plans of the disciple, conditioning as it inevitably must his activities and life output.  Then we considered the motivating principle of desire in this connection and finally touched upon the three modes of the prevalent ray activity.  Let us follow the same procedure now, thus gaining some idea of the relationship between the sixth and the seventh rays and the manner in which the potency of the sixth ray has prepared humanity for the imminent happenings with which it is faced.


What I have now to say will not be followed with ease [Page 122] or with due appreciation by the sixth ray disciple, because the methods employed by Those Who are handling and directing the new energies are not comprehensible by him, grounded as he is in the methods of the past; hence the appearance of the fundamentalist schools, found in every field of thought — religious, political and even scientific.  Again, when the sixth ray disciple attempts to use the new incoming energies, they express themselves for him upon the astral plane and the result is astral magic, deepened glamour and pronounced deception.  To this fact must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claiming to teach magic, to bring about certain magical results, to work with rays of differing colours and to utilise Words of Power, to pronounce decrees and to be repositories of the hitherto unrevealed wishes and secrets of the Masters of the Wisdom.  It is all a form of astral glamour, and the contacting upon the astral plane of that which will later precipitate upon earth.  But the time is not yet and the hour for such usages has not arrived.  The sense of time and the understanding of the correct hour for the carrying out of the Plan in its future detail has not been learnt by these sincere, but deluded, people and — focussed as they are upon the astral plane and undeveloped as they are mentally — they misinterpret to themselves and for others that which they there psychically sense.  They know far too little and yet believe that they know much.  They speak with authority, but it is the authority of the unexpanded mind.  The expression of old magical patterns, the digging up of hints and indications of crystallised and worn-out methods from the ancient past is all too prevalent at this time and it is responsible for much deception of the masses and consequent mass delusion.


White magic — as I would have you remember — is concerned [Page 123] with the unfoldment of the soul in form and its gaining needed experience thereby.  It is not concerned with direct work upon the form but with the indirect influence of the soul, functioning in any form in every kingdom in nature as it brings the form under its control, thereby effecting needed and developing changes in the apparatus of contact.  The white magician knows that when the proper and correct ray stimulation is applied to the centre which we call the soul in any form but not to the form itself, that then the soul, thus stimulated, will do its own work of destruction, of attraction, of rebuilding and of a consequent renewed life manifestation.  This is true of the soul of man, of the soul of a nation and of the soul of humanity itself.  Bear this in mind, for I have here stated a basic and fundamental rule by which all white magic is agelessly governed.


It is for this reason that the seventh ray is spoken of as governing the mineral kingdom and also as manifesting through its mediumship that significant soul characteristic and quality which we call radiation.  That word effectively describes the result of soul stimulation upon and within every form.  The life of the soul eventually radiates beyond the form and this radiation produces definite and calculated effects.  The sixth ray is, as you know, very closely related to the animal kingdom and its effect there is to produce in the higher forms of animal life the quality and expression of domesticity, and the adaptability of the animal to human contact.  The rays controlling the animal kingdom are the seventh, the third and the sixth.  Hence you can easily see that the relation which exists between the higher animals and man is a ray relation and, therefore, useful under the evolutionary law and inevitable in its results.  The rays governing the vegetable kingdom are the sixth, the second and the fourth and here again there is an interlocking [Page 124] relation through the medium of the sixth ray.  The human kingdom is governed by the fourth, the fifth and again the fourth and this again indicates relationship.  Some day these relations and inter-connected lines of force will be better understood and scientifically studied and the lines of related energies investigated.  This interlocking directorate of energies will engage the attention of some of the best minds and when that takes place much will be learnt.  This information is, however, of negligible use at this time and will remain so until such time as men are sensitive to the vibration of the different rays and can isolate a ray rhythm in their consciousness.  When this sensitivity is developed, then many rapid, significant and revolutionary discoveries will be made.


(DON 126) In this comparative, even if inadequate, study of the old and of the new types of discipleship, one of the problems [Page 126] facing the Hierarchy is how to bring about the necessary changes in technique and method of development which the seventh ray type will require and yet at the same time so condition these changes that there can be smooth process of adjustment and interplay between the Hierarchy and the world aspirants.  This adjustment must include the two groups (one at present large and the other still small) of sixth and seventh ray disciples.  The problems of the Hierarchy are, of course, no real concern of those who have not achieved liberation and cannot, therefore, look at life through the eyes of those who are no longer held by the forces of the three worlds, but it might serve a useful purpose if disciples occasionally gave some thought to the relation as it exists upon the Master's side and gave less thought to their own individual and peculiar difficulties.


One of the major characteristics of the seventh ray disciple is his intense practicality.  He works upon the physical plane with a constant and steady objective in order to bring about results which will be effective in determining the forms of the coming culture and civilisation; towards the end of the seventh ray cycle he will work equally hard to perpetuate what he has brought about.  He wields force in order to build the forms which will meet his requirements and does this more scientifically than do disciples on other rays.  The sixth ray devotee is far more abstract and mystical in his work and thought, and seldom has any real understanding of the right relation between form and energy.  He thinks almost entirely in terms of quality and pays little attention to the material side of life and the true significance of substance as it produces phenomena.  He is apt to regard matter as evil in nature and form as a limitation, and only lays the emphasis upon soul consciousness as of true importance.  It is this failure to work intelligently, and I would [Page 127] like to add, lovingly with substance and so bring it into right relation with the dense outer form that has made the last two thousand years produce so disastrously a mismanaged world and which has brought the population of the planet into its present serious condition.  The unintelligent work upon the physical plane, carried forward by those influenced by the sixth ray force, has led to a world which is suffering from cleavage in as true a sense as an individual person can suffer from a "split personality."  The lines of demarcation between science and religion are a striking instance of this and have been clearly and forcefully drawn.  The cleavage to which I refer has been drawn by the churchmen of the past and by no one else; the lines have been determined by the mystics, impractical and visionary, and by the fanatical devotees of some idea who were, nevertheless, unable to see the broad implications and the universal nature of these recognised ideas.  I am generalising.  There have been many devoted and holy sons of God who have never been guilty of the above stupidities and separative tendencies.  At the same time as we recognise this, we must also recognise that orthodox religion has temporarily separated the two great concepts of spirit and matter in their thought and teaching, thereby pushing apart religion and science.


(DON 127) The task of the new age workers is to bring these two apparent opposites together, to demonstrate that spirit and matter are not antagonistic to each other and that throughout the universe there is only spiritual substance, working on and producing the outer tangible forms.


When a form and an activity is what you call evil, it is only so because the motivating energy behind the form and responsible for the activity is wrongly oriented, selfishly impulsed and incorrectly used.  Here again the two basic truisms of modern occultism (there are others which will [Page 128] be imparted when these two are mastered and rightly applied) are of importance:


1. Energy follows thought.

2. Right motive creates right action and right forms.


These two statements are of very ancient origin but are as yet but little understood.  Hence the first thing which every disciple has to learn is the nature, control and direction of energy; he does this by working with initiating causes, by learning the nature of the realm of causes and by developing the capacity to get behind the effect to the cause which generated or produced it.  In the case of the individual disciple and in the preliminary stage of his training, this involves the constant investigation of his motives until he has discovered what they are and has so directed his thought that those motives can, in every case, be depended upon to work automatically and dynamically under soul direction.


The sixth ray disciple, in the majority of cases, carries his work down as far as the astral plane and there lies the focus of his attention, his life and his thought.  Automatically and of necessity, his physical nature responds to the impulse sent from the astral plane, motivated from the mental and — at times — directed by the soul.  But the potency of this desire and his determination to see the fruit of his labour has produced much difficulty in the past by arresting the true expression of the originating impulse.  It is arrested upon the astral plane.  This has been balanced by the cyclic intervention of other ray forces or otherwise the situation would be much worse than it is.  The seventh ray disciple will bring the energy which he is wielding right down on to the physical plane, thereby producing integration; and the dualism which characterises it will be that of a centre of energy upon the mental plane and one upon the [Page 129] physical plane.  The dualism of the sixth ray worker is that of the pairs of opposites upon the astral plane.


It will be apparent, therefore, that, having established the two points of energy (mental and physical), the next task of the worker in magic will be to produce a synthesis upon the physical plane of the available energies, to concretise them, and invest that which has been constructed with the potency of activity and persistence.  The energy thus employed will, in the majority of cases, be of three kinds:


1. The energy of the mind.  This will be the dominant controlling energy used during the period of accepted discipleship and until the second initiation.

2. The energy of the soul.  This will be wielded, used and creatively employed from the second until the third initiation.

3. The energy of soul and mind, blended and synthesised.  This combination is of tremendous potency.  After the fourth initiation, this will be augmented by energy coming from the Monad.


I would have you bear in mind that, though all is energy yet at the same time in correct esoteric teaching the higher impulsive activity is called energy and that which is conditioned by and swept into activity through its agency is called force.  The terms are therefore relative and movable.  For the bulk of humanity, for instance, astral impulse is the highest energy to which they normally aspire and the forces upon which astral energy plays will then be the etheric and physical forces.  Higher energies may intermittently control, but as a general rule the life incentive or impulse is astral, and this can either be called desire or aspiration, according to the objective.  The latter may simply [Page 130] be mental ambition or desire for power and the term "aspiration" should not be confined only to so-called religious impulses, mystical longings and the demand for liberation.


(DON 130) The sixth ray disciple, working with the laws of nature and of the soul, will qualify his results and produce his creative forms upon the astral plane; he has consequently to learn frequently to work through a seventh ray personality for several lives (either before or after achieving discipleship) before he will be able to bring through on to the physical plane his dream and his vision. 


(DON 130) The seventh ray disciple works consciously by means of certain laws, which are the laws governing form and its relation to spirit or life.  In A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, I gave you the three major laws of the solar system and the seven subsidiary laws through which these three express themselves; I gave you also indications as to the laws which govern group work.  You must remember that disciples upon different rays will wield these laws according to the quality of their ray impulses (I am handicapped here for words which are appropriate), interpreting them in terms of their specific life obligation or dharma and producing the desired results through the medium of differing ray techniques, conforming always, however, to the inevitability of the results wrought by the energies which they have released to play upon forces under the laws of their being.  The sixth ray disciple, working with the laws of nature and of the soul, will qualify his results and produce his creative forms upon the astral plane; he has consequently to learn frequently to work through a seventh ray personality for several lives (either before or after achieving discipleship) before he will be able to bring through on to the physical plane his dream and his vision.  The seventh ray disciple has no such problem.  By his knowledge of ritual (which is the ancient codified means whereby the attractive and expressive nature of the energies to be employed are organised and related), by his understanding of the "Words of Power" (which he discovers by experiment) and by using the potency of sound, the disciple of the future will work and build the new world with its culture and civilisation.  A curious [Page 131] indication of the effect of the seventh ray magical work upon the mass consciousness is the growing use of slogans and of "catch phrases" (is that not the term used?) which are employed to bring about results and to sweep human beings into certain forms of mass action.  This is the embryonic use of the Words of Power, and from a study of their tonal values, their numerological indications and their inherent potency, men will eventually arrive at vast magical achievements and creations, producing group activity and the appearance of certain forms of expression upon the outer plane.  After all, scientific formulas have reduced the most intricate and abstruse discoveries to a few signs and symbols.  The next step is to embody these signs and symbols into a word or words, thus imparting to them what is esoterically called "the power of embodiment."  If I might express it this way, the ancient statement that "God spoke and the world were made" simply means that God's formula for creation was reduced to a great Word which He sounded forth and the inevitable results followed.  Something of this process on a tiny human scale will be seen happening in the coming age.  At present, what I have said above may sound fanciful and fantastic to the average student.



It will be obvious to you that seventh ray disciples wield much power and for this reason the emphasis in all teaching given is laid upon purity of motive.  In the past, the emphasis has been laid upon purity of body in the case of the sixth ray disciples.  As was inevitable, they have carried the idea to a fanatical extent, and have stressed celibacy, asceticism and stringent rules of physical life, oft making sinful that which is natural.  This has been a necessary stage in their development for it was essential that the physical plane should become a greater factor in their consciousness and that their attention should be turned from the realm of [Page 132] abstraction (which is their line of least resistance) and focussed upon physical living, for, again, energy follows thought.  Thus their attitude to life could become more practical  (6th ray people are very impractical) and the necessary integration take place.  Disciples in the new age will lay the emphasis upon the mental principle, because it conditions thought and speech.  All magical work is based upon the energy of thought and of the spoken word (the expression of the two magical centres referred to above) and purity in the realm of the mind and motive is regarded consequently as a basic essential.


(DON 132) The seventh ray influence is that which will produce in a peculiar and unexpected sense the Western School of Occultism just as the sixth ray impulse has produced the Eastern School of Occultism — the latter bringing the light down on to the astral plane and the new incoming influence carrying it down on to the physical.  The Eastern teaching affected Christianity and indicated and determined the lines of its development and Christianity is definitely a bridging religion.  The roles will eventually be reversed and the shift of the "light in the East" will be over Europe and America.  This will inevitably bring about the needed and desired synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path.  It will lead later to the formulation of the higher way; of this it is useless to speak at this time for you would not comprehend.  None of the foundational and ancient Rules of the Road will ever be abrogated or discarded.  Just as men used to travel on the ancient highways on foot, conforming to the requirement of their time and age, and today travel by rail or automobile (arriving at the same destination) so the same road will be followed, the same goal achieved but there may be different procedures, varying safeguards and changed protective measure.  The rules may vary from time to time in order to provide easier indication [Page 133] and adequate protection.  The training of the disciple in the future will differ in detail from that of the past but the basic rules remain authoritative.


The keynote, governing the development of the sixth ray disciple, was expressed for him in the words of Christ when He said:  "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men."  The emphasis of all sixth ray work is Attraction and Repulsion — hence division and cleavage, producing eventually a realisation of the necessity for a consciously undertaken synthesis and integration, mentally motivated and produced.  The history of Christianity (which is the history of Europe) will stand illumined if the Law of Attraction and Repulsion is studied in connection with its eventful past.  The use and misuse of this law and its constant interpretations in terms of material desire, personal ambitions, and territorial control produced the many schisms and cleavages and will account for much that happened.  Under the seventh ray influence, these cleavages will end and synthesis will eventually take place.


The keynote of the seventh ray disciple is "Radiatory Activity."  Hence the emergence in world thought of certain new ideas — mental radiation or telepathy, the radiatory use of heat, the discovery of radium.  All this connotes seventh ray activity.


(DON 135) I would have you bear in mind in connection with the five rays which we have seen are influencing or beginning to influence humanity at this time (the first, second, third, sixth and seventh rays) that their effect varies according to the ray type or ray quality of the individual concerned and according to his position upon the ladder of evolution.  Such points are often forgotten.  If a man is, for instance, upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, it may be expected that the influence of that ray and of the sixth (which is along the second ray line of power) will be easily effective and will necessarily constitute the line of least resistance.  This situation may, therefore, produce undue sensitivity and an unbalanced unfoldment of characteristics.  It is our characteristics which influence our conduct and our reactions to circumstance.  It will mean also that the influence of the first, third and seventh rays will be fundamentally unsettling and will call out resistance or — at the very least — an attitude of non-receptivity.  In the world today, the rays which are along the line of energy which is that of the first Ray of Will or Power (including the third and the seventh) are in the ratio of three to two (as regards present manifestation) and, [Page 136] therefore, we can look for a fuller expression of the first ray attributes and happenings than would otherwise be the case.  This will be particularly so because the sixth ray is fast going out of manifestation.  All the above constitutes a piece of information which is of small value at this time.  Its implications will become increasingly apparent as time goes on and I am, therefore, including them in my teaching.


(DINAI FOREWORD) 6. The sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. Many Christian people. Fanatics. Numbers of earnest Churchmen of all the world religions.


(DINAI 85) There are, of course, other requirements but if you can understand the above and seek—to the best of your ability—to meet them, that is all that I ask at present. One of the great needs of all disciples and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, discipleship and the Plan; the preserving of that open mind which is ever ready for the unexpected presentation and able (when the spiritual vision is strong enough) to achieve a quick reversal of all preconceived ideals. This must be done when it is deemed spiritually wise and it involves also that waiting attitude which expects the new vision to appear, the newer truths to emerge into formulated clarity and the new potencies to become increasingly effective. Such attitudes are peculiarly difficult for those disciples who have the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism dominant in their energy equipment, for the ideals of a sixth ray aspirant crystallise most rapidly and are quickly distorted thereby. The temporary ideal (intended to guide the undeveloped aspirant) can become a barrier, separating him from truth and from the realisation of a truer vision.



(DINAI 107) "I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument for love until I know myself to be Love itself. I am that Love. With pure intent I serve. This love and zeal in me must feed the aspiration of my fellowmen. To this—in knowledge full—I pledge myself."


Your gift to this group of co-disciples is that fiery, dynamic, zealous aspiration which is the spiritual quality of the sixth ray, which governs your personality.


(DINAI 117) 6. The vibration of sixth ray groups which respond to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and is contacted relatively easily.

A consideration of the above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough you and your fellow disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process of theoretical recognition. You both recognise a certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W. is more sensitive to my vibration than you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality to it; you lose much by being too sure at times.


In connection with this matter of sensing vibration,  (this is a good example of one of the functions of Neptune in relation to the astral body) it is of value to remember that all sensing is naturally and normally an astral or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by the effort of some of you—and of you, in particular—to repudiate emotional or astral sensitivity. Some of you admit it but regard it as undesirable; others consider it as something to be inhibited or to be unexpressed and ignored. Few of you, if any, look upon the astral body as a divine expression of reality with its definite and specific uses.


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(DINAI 121) The astral or emotional body is conditioned by the sixth ray of devotion or of idealism, but this can be most easily transferred and transformed under the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Your task this life is to make this possible so that, in your next life, you can have an astral body conditioned by the second ray. Your ability to go forward in the face of obstacles in order to attain your ideal is your outstanding asset, and one that will land you eventually at your goal. Your major [Page 121] difficulty, at this time, is your fifth ray mind. Is this not true, my brother?


You have a third ray (the Ray of Intelligent Activity) physical body. This is largely controlled, interiorly, by your fifth ray mind. Again you see the dominance of this type of energy in your equipment of expression. Your rays are, therefore:


1. The soul ray—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind—the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Activity.


This analysis should throw much light upon your problem for you will note the dominance of the third major ray and the sixth minor ray of devotion.


(DINAI 126) I ask myself anew: How can I convey to this disciple the nature of his problem? I will put it in this form. Your egoic energy, focussed in your mind,  (3rd ray soul focused in the 5th ray mind)  is at the service of your personality and of the work which you are endeavouring to do in the particular field wherein you are forcing yourself to remain. It should be the other way round and the personality—with all its unified powers—should be at the service of the soul. All the forces of your lower nature should be at the disposal of the higher Self, working through an illumined mind and sensitive brain. Ponder on this. The energy of the intelligence and two intelligent forces—the soul, the mind and the physical nature—serve your devoted personality. You should reverse this, my brother, and let the intelligent soul control your devoted personality. There lies your problem.


The need of every disciple is ever to develop a closer and more direct alignment between soul and personality and that is, therefore, your problem, even if it seems to you an elementary problem. What you need to do is to focus the energy of your soul (via Saturn) in your sixth ray astral body (Neptune) instead of in your mind, so that intelligent love may be your outstanding characteristic. This shift will do certain things for you and in you:


1. It will create a temporary upheaval in your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solar plexus, producing a period of real difficulty.


2. It will transfer the energy of the soul and the force of the mind into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response, thereby greatly increasing your usefulness but also increasing for you the "dire pain of life itself"; this is a pain with which all disciples must learn to live and from which all disciples must inevitably suffer.


3. It will stimulate your brain cells and swing into activity many hitherto dormant cells, thus making you capable of increased service of a different nature to that with which you are now occupied. It will lead you to enquire if your present field of service is, for you, a legitimate one or—if it is—what must you do to "change the nature of the seed which must therein be sown." You will know to what I refer without my further elaborating.


(DINAI 179) Your astral or emotional body is on the sixth ray, so that again you have a line of force direct from the soul. In your case, this sixth ray energy shows itself predominantly as devotion to duty as realised,  (What does this mean?) and to responsibility as recognised, (what?)  and not so much in devotion to persons or even ideals. This has constituted a paramount balancing factor in your life.


Your problem will appear more clearly to you when I tell you that the ray of your physical body is the second.


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.

3. The ray of the mind—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

5. The ray of the physical body—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.


(DINAI 197) Your astral body is on the sixth ray. This gives you a one-pointed attitude to life and primarily, in your case, to the things of the spiritual world. You are definitely "on your way" and with a quite satisfactory simplicity are going forward. This ray also enables you to make a fairly facile soul contact, should you so desire. Your rays, therefore, are:


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

3. The ray of the mind—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.


What, therefore, constitutes your major difficulty, for you are not satisfied yourself with your progress, and rightly so?


The main reason lies in your fifth ray personality, wherein the emphasis is laid upon the critical, analytical mind. This leads you to watch and criticise and to argue with yourself and with circumstances. It also lies in your third ray physical body which, again upon the mental line, increases the activity of your critical personality. It is yourself, however, whom you mainly criticise, but this can be as wrong and as unnecessary as criticising others. If you will let your soul influence your personality more definitely, working through your fourth ray mind and your sixth ray astral body, studying and utilising these lines of least resistance, you will make rapid progress towards that goal you have set yourself in this life—the integration of soul and personality.


(DINAI 205) Your astral body is, as I dare say you have suspected, upon the sixth Ray of Devotion. This gives you idealism, devotion to causes, your power to sacrifice and your determination always to produce good out of seeming evil. This latter characteristic is outstandingly yours. I would like here to call to your attention that there is a lack found in your equipment of the modifications of the first ray line of energy. You have none of the forces of the third, fifth, or seventh rays in you at all. Balance is preserved through your first ray aspects. Therefore we have:


1. Your soul ray—first Ray of Will or Power.

2. Your personality ray—second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

3. Ray of the mind—fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. Ray of the astral body—sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. Ray of the physical body—first Ray of Will or Power.


To ISGL-Soul transferring from 6th to 2nd ray Soul

(DINAI 215) You work with human beings and you seek to integrate into this group of mine because I, whom you know and love, have asked you so to do. This is of assistance to you but there must be for you a still greater achievement. As you realise the status of your soul, you must come to the understanding that you serve with us and not simply because you are asked to serve. Give to your group brothers of that great gift of love which is so fundamentally yours but which is as yet only in process of finding full expression. Your problem is summed up in the word which I earlier gave you. I told you that you were shifting egoically from the sixth Ray of Devotion on to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom—the ray whereon I myself am found. Your first ray personality gives you power with men and this power you know you possess, and you have endeavoured to use it wisely. Your sixth ray soul-polarisation has served to enhance [Page 216] the dynamic one-pointedness of your first ray force. Now that condition is beginning to change and during this transition period you suffer much. But you have the task of making this transition and of embodying the love-wisdom force before the close of this life and, my brother, it is one requirement that you can fulfil. You can also guard yourself from too much suffering over others and over general life conditions and in this wise detachment your first ray energy can aid.


From the angle of the mind, this soul activity and change of focus will force your idealistic tendencies to find expression in teaching. Idealism is the major gift of the sixth ray force. Teaching is an expression of second ray energy. This combination of idealism and of teaching is for you the way.


From the angle of the emotional body, this transition marks a vital change from personal to impersonal work. This capacity to be impersonal has been greatly developed in you by your first ray lower nature which renders you easily impersonal—if you so choose. But for you the lesson of all disciples must be learned which is to be impersonally personal. That is not easy of attainment. An attached detachment is for you the goal. It is in order to aid you in learning this lesson that you have been placed in my group of disciples, which can (for the time at least) provide the "playground" for your soul. To love your co-disciples, impersonally to identify yourself with the subjective life of the group and to work in rhythm with them is somewhat difficult for you, but most valuable. I ask you to attempt it, my brother, and to pursue this objective in spite of all personality objections. In a few years' time, you will better understand my plans for you.


(DINAI 219) There are two major factors of paramount interest to all aspirants and—in your case—the task is made somewhat difficult because you have to add to these two tasks the work of shifting your soul ray from the sixth Ray of Devotion to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This is not an easy thing to do without an interlude of intense difficulty and of energy disruption, accompanied oft with loss of personality balance. You have, however, nearly completed the task and the worst part of the process is over. It had primarily a physiological effect upon you which showed itself in the difficulty you had a couple of years ago. At that time, as you know, I endeavoured to help you. That condition is now definitely ameliorated. The psychological implications are to be found in the transference of the psychical energy you wield from the solar plexus centre to the heart centre.  (this strongly suggests a 6th ray soul will function largely through the solar plexus chakra until the shift onto either the 3rd or 2nd rays)  In terms of living expression, this means that you can transmute devotion into love, and idealism into proven wisdom.  (this transmutation is worth deep meditation) Is not this your immediate aim, my brother?


As you know, your soul ray is the second ray, for your basic nature is essentially love-wisdom. Your personality ray is the first, the Ray of Will or Power. That has been for a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul, that of devotion to the soul, to the Hierarchy, to humanity as well as to yourself. Your problem of personality emphasis has changed from that of the continuous impressing of your personality attitudes, ideas and desires upon your environment (as was the case in your last life) to an occasional cyclic and almost violent emphasis upon some individual.  (perhaps he means the 6th ray soul devotion to some individual-this would seriously conflict with the 1st ray personality forces)  This is now only occasional (relatively speaking). You are learning to leave others free—a hard lesson for a first ray personality, animated as yours is by knowledge and goodwill.


As your emotional body is, however, on the sixth ray (as was your soul when you came into incarnation) it is there that the emphasis of the soul has been and there has been for you the line of least resistance. Now the line of least resistance should be the mind, and your major objective in life and in meditation should be the mind, and increased illumination—this in order to render increased service to your fellowmen. Hence the meditation which I have outlined for you and which I would ask you to follow. It is brief and powerful.


…….Therefore, your rays are as follows:  (ISGL)


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the first Ray of Power or Will.

3. The ray of the mind—the first Ray of Power.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the first Ray of Power.


(DINAI 233) Your astral or emotional body is on the sixth Ray of Devotion. This brings in the conflicts of idealism, and constitutes for you the crux of your life problem. It enables you also to bring certain offsetting tendencies to your personality and mind rays which are most valuable.


As your physical body is also upon the sixth ray, your brain is consequently most responsive to your astral impulses, particularly along the lines of idealism. The combination of these two sixth ray forces in your equipment are your only points of contact (in this incarnation) with the great second ray lines of force. You should bear this most carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or group idealism assiduously and earnestly, for it is through this idealism that your entire personality life expression can arrive at the needed balance and recognitions.


(DINAI 236) The result of this tendency is an excessive intensity of vibration which wrecks and shatters the mechanism. Your sixth ray personality produces an intense adherence to your ideals and to the truth, as you see it; it produces also a one-pointedness which has led to a focussing of energy in the head. (this is suggestive of Martian 6th ray energy ruled by Aries-check the horoscope-or of 1st ray soul force meeting the 6th ray personality force at the ajna centre) This has been intensified also, owing to our western civilisation being immersed in the thoughtforms of the Piscean Age—the age of the sixth ray which is still with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself with the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and the personality carries more force than it can handle. That energy is also unevenly distributed and goes primarily to the throat and to the solar plexus, causing a disturbance and an upsetting of the balance of the forces in the body. This, in its turn, produces a disturbance in the alimentary tract and when this disturbance becomes an established habit, a very real problem is presented.


(DINAI 242) My brother, for long you have occupied the centre of the stage in your own thought. You are not jealous in the ordinary sense of the word because your pride refuses to permit the usual form of jealousy. But you are ever conscious of being in the centre of your circle of human contacts and have a feeling of resentment—oft unrecognised—when this is not the case. This was one of the main factors in your humiliation last year. Such an attitude is easy of achievement and simple to hold; it is the line of least resistance for your personality. My word to you today is decentralisation. You must struggle to shift your mind away from yourself as teacher, friend, wife, worker, or disciple of the Tibetan; you must cultivate that understanding heart which will make you more aware of others than of yourself. A hard saying and one not easy to express in thought and life! In the last analysis, your problem is the subjection of your sixth ray personality to your first ray soul impulse. A study of the sixth ray characteristics will help you here, particularly if you remember that (being a disciple) it will be your sixth ray vibration [Page 243] which will cause you the most trouble and along which glamour will easily enter. It is, for instance, your personality fanaticism and your personality devotions (both to people and to ideas) which need tempering if your first ray power is to manifest. Your fanatical devotee will must be superseded by the purpose, ordered and steadfast, of your first ray soul. In this last sentence is for you the key to your future unfoldment. The steely, brittle, determined, dynamic will of the devoted aspirant must change into the steadfast, powerful, calm purpose of the soul, working through the disciple. The soul is fluid in adjustment but undeviating in aim. Likewise, the brilliant fanatical devotion to this, that or the other person or ideal must give place to the gentle unchanging love of the soul—the love of your soul for the soul of others. In this lies for you a hint and your future success. I think you will realise whereof I speak. In conformity to soul impulse mould your life and shift out of the realm of high desire and aspiration into that of settled purpose and an undeviating attachment to reality.


(DINAI 244) The reason is to be found in the difficult combination caused by your two rays in expression—the sixth ray and the first. When your sixth ray personality can work, free from the influence of your soul ray and be one-pointedly directed towards some determined programme, there is no hindrance in your physical plane expression. When your first ray ego can likewise so work, then much will be accomplished by you. But, at the present time, your first ray expression in conjunction with your sixth ray personality produces more destructive work than a manifestation of the divine purpose of your soul. In your efforts, for instance, to help people, your sixth ray devotion is apt to frighten them away from you and your first ray power oft shatters that particular inner body which is for them their weakest point; you are then left as ever the "one who stands alone." This is characteristic of the beginner in the conscious life of a first ray soul. Is this not oft the case with you, my brother? It is not that people do not love you, for they do; it is not that you do not love them, for you do. It is that you are too dynamic in your approach and the force that flows through you destroys as quickly as it builds and drives away by its "blast of out-going power" that which you sought to attract and which has been temporarily attracted. You lose so many people out of your range of influence, and this you well know and it bewilders you. The fault lies primarily in you and not in them.


You see, my brother, I am seeking to begin your training as a worker; hence my emphasis upon this first ray characteristic of your soul (as it vitalises your sixth ray nature). You must begin to handle it wisely if you are ever to be of use.


In an earlier teaching, I endeavoured to awaken you to the risk of constantly assuming the position of the "one in the centre." That attitude, as well as the one to which I today refer, is also distinctive of a first ray soul and the presence of these two attitudes (of the one in the centre and the one who stands alone) are indicative of the fact that your first ray soul is beginning to assume some control over your personality. Is this not a real encouragement? You are on the verge of seeing the results [Page 245] of your work with your own nature. If you can accept that which I have to say in connection with the destructive aspects of your soul contact, you can save yourself much difficulty and trouble and save other people too. You might rightly ask me how and in what manner you can offset these tendencies. I can but reply to you with simple and ordinary truths—so simple and so ordinary that their scientific value is easily overlooked. I say to you: Lose interest in your personality life, in its contacts and affairs by substituting a dynamic interest in world work. Do not arrive at this detachment through an intensification of your sixth ray personality attitudes; we do not desire to have

fanatics in association with us. Arrive at it through a deepening of your love nature as it includes others and excludes your own lower nature. I say to you: Work with detachment and, because you are demanding nothing for the separated self, all things will, therefore, come to you. You will not then stand alone but will function as an attractive magnetic unit in group service. Here, therefore, lies your immediate problem. You have to learn to be decentralised and to step out of the centre of your own picture. You have to learn to be magnetic and to build and not destroy. (clarify the issue as to whether 6th ray personalities can be magnetic or not) Ponder on these suggestions and work simply, quietly and happily at your problem.


(DINAI 247) [Page 247] These are questions which you alone can answer and they still hold for you indication of a needed task. Liberation for you lies in submergence in your group of fellow disciples and in the elimination—as I have earlier told you—of your sixth ray fanaticism. Along this latter line you have made much progress and are much to be commended. Now the life of the first Ray of Will or Power must sweep increasingly into prominence. For you, it is not so much the imposition of the will aspect which is needed but the understanding of the Plan and your consequent intelligent cooperation with that Plan. But it is the plan for humanity and not the plan for you as a partner and cooperator with the greater Plan. In your personal reading and study for the coming months, I suggest that you search out all references to the Plan in my books, noting the aspects which are of immediate import and dealing not with the plan for the coming race and for the distant future. Then list briefly and concisely the salient points in the Plan; be not prolix and train yourself to a brevity which in no way negates lucidity.


(DINAI 249) The sixth ray expression of love is usually idealistic and fanatically applied; frequently, true love itself is lacking and there is the imposition upon others of what the person himself thinks is love. It was the second ray energy [Page 249] of love which, in the case of Christ, dominated His sixth ray Personality. Slowly and gradually, this domination must begin to take place in you.


(DINAI 252) If you will with faithfulness carry forward this work, you will free yourself from the grip of personality and there will not then exist in you those barriers to group integration which are now found. Having pointed this out to you, my brother, let me add that you have no real cause for discouragement for you have made real progress. You have much, as a soul, to give. Once you have freed the channel from that which today clogs and hinders, you can greatly enrich the group life and give much to your fellow disciples. Go forward, therefore, with joy into a richer service and a more true self-forgetfulness. The breaking of the influence of sixth ray energy, as it expresses itself in your personality life, is not an easy task but it is one to which you are equal. Earlier I definitely laid the foundation for what I have here said to you for you will remember that I referred to the sublimination of your personality.


(DINAI 254) You have for many years reflected upon the relationship existing between your first ray soul and your sixth ray personality. You have realised that for you (in this incarnation) only love and service must govern your life expression, if the ambition and pride of the first ray, and the fanaticism of the sixth ray with its glamour-producing characteristics are to be offset and balance achieved. This relationship is your major problem. Let us further complicate that problem by the recognition of the ray qualities of the three bodies! Perhaps, however, complication will be simplified and a study of the more detailed personality tendencies may reveal to you sources of strength and produce clarification. It is of value to know the lines of least resistance.


Your mental body is on the fourth ray and this can definitely be a help to you if the energy involved is rightly used, because—though it means the achievement of harmony through conflict—it also swings into action another second ray attribute, thus aiding in the work of "sweetening" your nature, if I may use such a banal word. As this ray controls your mental body, it places you, symbolically speaking, in the warrior caste and [Page 255] leads you to fight, e'en if it be purely idealistically, or at times under the influence of glamour.


A good example of how the 6th ray works differently in the astral body to how it works in the personality

Your astral body is a real problem because it emphasises the ray of the personality; it too is on the sixth ray. It should be remembered that the rays themselves have their secondary attributes and just as the sixth ray—expressed in your personality—can lead to the fanatical following of the ideal (whatever that may connote to you) so the same ray in the astral body produces the expression of devotion. In your case, this devotion constitutes for you the seed of selflessness. This devotion where you are concerned is not devotion to your own selfish interests but it is for you a great extroverting factor.  (6th ray astral body as a great extroverting factor) It leads you along the way of service. When, however, two instruments or vehicles and the soul are on the same ray, then the problems of the right balancing of forces emerges and this has been very real in your case, has it not?


3rd ray physical body very useful for grounding 6th ray types

You have a third ray physical body. This gives you contact and brings you down to earth, a thing that a sixth ray person predominantly needs, particularly when highly developed. It aids you in expression upon the physical plane; it makes a focal point for the manifestation of the soul, for it is peculiarly the ray through which the third aspect of divinity sweeps into expression; it can produce the potency of personality expression but it can also prove a definite hindrance.


In summing up, therefore, it might be stated that your rays are as follows:


1. The ray of the soul—the first Ray of Will or Power.

2. The ray of the personality—the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

3. The ray of the mind—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.


6th ray people can offset some of their fanatical and violent activity by mastery of the Law of Cycles

The coming year will see you facing two basic decisions. What they will be is not for me to indicate. Through recognition of the decisive crises in life, the disciple gains the strength to stand alone and detached, and, through the ability to stand detached, comes the power which the divine Observer can wield if he does not identify himself with circumstance. One of the things which will emerge during the coming century will be a better understanding of the Law of Cycles. There will then eventuate a comprehension of the life rhythm with its high moments, its dark and depressed hours (I speak not in terms of emotional reaction but of the alternates to the moments of altitude) and its difficult interludes wherein understanding is wrought out through the action of applied reason. It is particularly wise for sixth ray people to master the Law of Cycles and of rhythmic growth, for their predisposition to fanatical and violent activity can be offset by wise handling of the life rhythm.


(DINAI 257) I seek today to deal with the mental problems of the disciples in this group. I told you earlier that your mental body was conditioned by the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This ray has been a factor which has resolved many of the difficulties set in motion by your sixth ray personality, focussed and made more powerful by a sixth ray astral body. The personality is always predominantly allied with or focussed in one of its three aspects. I will endeavour to show you now the vehicles through which the soul ray also outstandingly expresses itself:


1. Soul energy, in your case, seeks expression through the vital or etheric body.

2. Personality force is focussed in the astral body.


(DINAI 258) However, as you seek to bring about this emphasis, remember always, my brother of old, that it must be the will-to-love which is essential to you; it is to this end that I suggest the assigned meditation. I would suggest that you concentrate upon this fourth ray, with its keynote of the will-to-love, expressed in harmony whilst in the midst of conflict. In your next incarnation, you should function through a second ray personality but this will depend upon the success of your present effort and upon your ability to grasp the outlines of your task. You have, therefore, to transmute your sixth ray devotional and fanatical tendencies into spiritual love and strength; your one-pointedness must be based on an inclusive orientation. It has, hitherto, been based on sixth ray aspiration. In the future, it must be founded on intelligent conviction—a very different thing, my brother, and mental in nature.


(DINAI 261) I would ask you also to follow a very brief meditation so that there may come about a more easy fusion between your soul and personality, between these two ray energies—one of which conditions you in space and the other determines you in time. The problem is not an easy one, because your first ray energy—combining with and subduing your sixth ray forces—will produce a great stimulation unless you adhere closely to my instructions. The effect will be felt in your astral body. This [Page 261] stimulation is not desirable and must be avoided by you at all costs. If, therefore, you find that the use of this meditation produces an increased expression of sixth ray force and that you are becoming increasingly potent astrally, increasingly "devoted" to what you are doing, increasingly critical and irritable and increasingly fanatical—then promptly discontinue its use. Work only in the heart centre when using this suggested form and be sure no thought shifts down to the solar plexus—that open door to the astral plane. Make a short, quick alignment with the soul. Know yourself to be, in truth, the One Whose nature is spiritual detachment and isolation (not separativeness or division), then pause and stabilise yourself in that consciousness. In the secret place within the heart, let the personal self meet the real Self face to face and let it there dedicate itself to the service of the soul with deep consecration, devoted love and fluidic intent. By fluidic, I mean the willingness to do what the soul requires, when registered and recognised by you as the next duty.


To LDN-C (I-6)

(DINAI 262) And what shall I say to you, fiery warrior in our work? Just this: In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength and in an all-inclusive love lies your opportunity. This, I think you know. You have made real progress in swinging free from the limitations of a sixth ray personality during the past three years.  I have watched you now for seven years and you have broken loose in great measure from certain very definite handicaps. That which hinders you now is mostly old habits of thought and speech and these too must go. They must go, not through a drastically imposed inhibition, but swept away through the inflowing tide of love.


You have a difficult combination of rays, my brother, and these have powerfully conditioned your life. Your egoic ray is the first ray and your personality ray is the sixth Ray of Devotion. Power, will, devotion, idealism, fanaticism—such is the combination. Fortunately for you, in your last life, your personality ray was the second ray of love and so it had been for several previous lives. This has greatly aided in off-setting the dynamic destructive effects of your sixth ray force. Of this you should be very glad.


(DINAI 299) It is difficult for me to know just what to say to you at this difficult half year period. The past few months have been times of difficulty to you, but they have nevertheless been times of real growth, even if you yourself sense it not. Yet, regarding yourself as a member of your group you have offered but little to the united group life of your brothers. This may perhaps be somewhat due to a misconception as to the true significance of my purpose. It is so difficult for a person who has [Page 299] sixth ray qualities predominantly present (either as the result of this life's direction, or as carried over as predisposing influences from another life, as is your case), to realise the one-pointed intention (using this word in the sense in which the Catholic uses it) of a group. One's own point of view, one's own dharma, one's own problems and one's own unfoldment are followed so one-pointedly and—complicating the difficulty—with such truly right and high motives. When to this is added an intensely critical mind, the problem is doubly hard. But, brother of old, your intense inner loyalty to truth, your truly developed selflessness, your strong link with the Hierarchy as a pledged disciple, and your clearsightedness are contributions to the group life of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrate yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner.


(DINAI 315) Your astral body is on the sixth ray but, as in the case of I.B.S., its major quality is devotion and devoted persistence, and not fanaticism. This energy is of immense value to you because it is, curiously enough, your only link with the great second ray of love in this particular incarnation. But it is a strong and powerful link.


Your physical body is controlled by the seventh ray, and this, as you will note, is also along the line of 1, 3, 5, 7. This is a point upon which you should ponder and reflect, for the aggregate of your ray tendencies constitutes for you a problem, and your sixth ray energy contributes the only balancing factor. And yet, my brother, you are in many respects well balanced. One hint I would here give to you in this connection and to all of you who study these instructions. The ray of the personality in a previous life leaves definite habits of thought and of activity; it has built into the life rhythm certain unalterable tendencies for which much gratitude can sometimes be felt. This is so in your own life. In a previous incarnation, your personality was on the second ray, thus leaving you with a deeply loving and understanding nature and a power to include, which is a major asset; it serves to offset the first ray tendencies which are so dominant in this particular life. It is hard for the disciple who sees not the picture whole, and who only knows the quality of the present life and its natural tendencies (due to ray influence) to think truly about himself.


Your rays therefore are:


1. The egoic ray—the first Ray of Will or Power.

2. The personality ray—the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge

3. The ray of the mental body—the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic.


(DINAI 320) You yourself have a ray combination very similar to that of R.S.U., but owing to your sixth ray astral body, the personality situation is saved. There is, as you know, a preponderance of the will-mind-activity in you but a powerful and well developed astral body has enabled you to express the love nature which you brought to a fairly high point of development in a previous life. This life has been for you a balancing one and [Page 320] when you return again it should be with a second ray personality because the shift of this life expression, in combination with the last life, should bring about the evocation of a second ray personality, intelligently equilibrised.


(DINAI 322) I would say to you, my brother, that the instructions which I last gave to you still carry for you the needed teaching—a teaching which, if followed, will lead to realisation. I have today but little to add. Will you again and with a lighted heart read what I there have said? Your progress on the Way and your power to take the kingdom of Heaven by violence is very real and the keys of the entrance lie within your grasp. But this power itself carries with it its own problem and its own solution. Only one vital thing stands in the way of a life of utter usefulness and that is the sixth ray quality of your personality. It is, as you know, the ray of devotion, of a fanatical idealism, of [Page 323] undue emphasis and this ray, when conditioning the personality, is apt to cause much trouble. The lesser light of that minor ray (in itself, divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul. Study all you can find out about the nature of the sixth ray. Your point in evolution necessitates a dominant personality which must be understood by you if your full usefulness in my work is to be reached. Follow instructions, brother of mine. You can be used and when the lesser light is dimmed, the first ray quality of your soul will be turned increasingly to the work of illumined building with the aid of other souls. There is much to be accomplished if the work of the Hierarchy is to go forward as desired....


(DINAI 336) Your emotional body is on the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism; hence your devotion to those you love, to truth and (unknown and unrealised by you) to me, your Tibetan brother and teacher. Hence also your devotion to the Hierarchy which I serve. Hence also the interplay between your sixth ray personality and your sixth ray astral body which provides both spiritual opportunity but also a definite problem.


1. The soul ray—the first Ray of Will or Power.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the first Ray of Power.


(DINAI 344) There are also to be found three sixth ray lines of force. These produce that definite drive which tends towards ultimate success, but also a drift towards fanaticism. This must be guarded against; for disciples in training, fanaticism is not desirable. In this brief analysis of the ray forces present in this group, it is apparent that you should find points of contact. The problem of two of your fellow disciples, though not definitely similar, has many resemblances from the angle of the soul. May I add here, that the point of evolution of the disciples and their status upon the Path of Discipleship lies [Page 345] entirely between them, their own souls and myself, and need not engage the attention of any other person. It is an entirely futile speculation on the part of personalities. I have only called your attention to these points of rapport, because of their value in group integration……..


(DINAI 350) Your astral body is on the sixth ray and this is one of the factors which links you so closely to several of your fellow disciples. Both your major rays, as you will have noted are the same as R.S.W. You can see how potent a part you can play in this life if the force or influence which flows through you, via your emotional nature, is rightly directed by your soul. Being on the same line of energy as the soul—2, 4, 6—a line of least resistance for soul force is found.


1. The egoic ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.

3. The ray of the mental body—the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

[Page 351]

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.


(DINAI 352) The seventh ray in your personality and physical body gives you the desire to use your hands and it determines your life work, because the hands are the agents of the magician and you are most definitely upon the Path of the White Magician. Your sixth ray astral body has given you your idealism, and the one-pointedness of your fifth ray mind has determined the nature of your mental approach to problems and to people; but you lack certain qualities which would supplement your life expression and which would round out your nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmly focussed will to understand; thus you will bring more of your brain cells into activity through the exercise of the third ray qualities. Ponder on this, but become not over-serious about it.


(DINAI 407) For you, there must now be a period of steadfast stabilising of that which has been acquired, and a gentle outgoing to your world of friends. Let them reveal themselves to you. They will, when patient loving gentleness meets them all the time. Inclusiveness must take the place of your sixth ray one-pointedness, for that one-pointedness has in it the quality of piercing, and this focussed work you have carried forward long enough. Your sixth ray has also given you a sensitive emotional nature which means a solar plexus too active in its functioning. This you know well. Upon this, the heart quality must supervene. More I will give you later, but the above hints will give you that which you need, if you ponder duly upon my words, and resent not what I say. My problem is to train each of you so that you serve the group without personality hindrances and separativeness....


 (DINAI 413) 1. The soul ray—the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mental body—the first Ray of Power or Will. Hence the facility with which you can bring in energy.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.


A first ray mind can offset the failure of the 6th ray astral body to understand the larger issues

(DINAI 415) Another source of your trouble is to be found in your sixth ray astral body (the ray of idealistic, fanatical devotion) for it produces a real lack of balance, an undue attention to details of process, and of devotion to those details from the emotional satisfaction which comes from this attention; this brings about a failure to understand the larger issues and an inability to move gently on the Way. This your first ray mental nature can offset if you will give it a chance and live more in your mind and less in your feelings and emotional reactions. Your third ray physical body inclines you to great physical activity (such as rapid movement and rapid speech); it keeps you working at something all the time and often at something quite unproductive of good results, and not proportionate to the labour expended.


(DINAI 427) Let me tell you the rays of your threefold lower nature. It is needless for me to remind you that your soul ray is the second and your personality ray is the sixth.


Your mental body is on the first ray, and I think if you will study this with care, much of your present problem will become clear to you.


Your astral body is also governed by the first ray. This is an exception to the general rule that the second and sixth rays govern the astral bodies of all humanity. This rule varies occasionally in the case of disciples. This combination of a first ray mental body and a first ray astral body is interesting and provides you with a definitely difficult problem, for the necessity to balance and to achieve equilibrium, is enhanced in your case. However, it also makes possible an easier control of the astral body by the mind, if you so choose—and you do.


The ray of your physical body is the seventh. This I presume you have already guessed. Your rays therefore are:


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion. Idealism.

3. The mental body—the first Ray of Will or Power.

[page 428]

4. The astral body—the first Ray of Will or Power.

5. The physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic.


One of the interesting things to be noted (as one studies your ray tendencies) is that all your three bodies are on the line of 1-3-5-7, yet your personality ray is on the 6th, on the line of 2-4-6. Why is this? The reason is that the control of your soul is, in this incarnation, of sufficient power to evoke a reaction in all the three vehicles of the personality, and the sixth subray of each of the governing rays of the three bodies is so active that it becomes a dominating factor. Hence you have a sixth ray personality.


(DINAI 437) The only other thing I seek to do today is to tell you the nature of your personality rays and thereby bring you to a clearer understanding of yourself. As you know, your egoic or soul ray is the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, and your personality ray is the sixth Ray of Devotion. There is no need for me to do more than indicate to you that the following contacts are easy for you to make, owing to this combination.


1. A contact with your soul. This is already made and established.


2. A contact with the Hierarchy, through the medium of your soul.


3. Contact with the astral plane, through your sixth ray personality which functions easily, therefore, on the sixth plane, the astral.


4. Contact with ideas, through an active intuition.

These are definitely assets and are the hallmark of the advanced disciple. This I think you know without my telling you. But all these contacts involve the handling of force and present their own unique problems.


Your astral body is on the sixth ray, as is your personality, and this greatly aids you in your life task, provided that you [page 438] use the astral body as the medium of soul expression and not as an agent, per se, on the astral plane. This ray force gives you devotion, idealism, a dynamic will to pierce through all glamours and misconceptions and thus achieve truth and freedom, both for yourself and for your group and those you serve. It could give you also, if you permitted it, a tendency to be yourself glamoured and overcome by illusion.


(DINAI 447) Your astral body is on the sixth ray. This, I think, you have yourself suspected. This gives you intensity in aspiration and the dynamic will to push forward which has sufficed hitherto to carry you over all obstacles. You have succeeded in avoiding the usual difficulties of personality development where the sixth ray is concerned, and fanatical adherences to people or schools of thought. That is good. The transmuted, reoriented, higher attributes of those qualities should be your goal.


5th ray personality with 6th ray astral  body makes it hard to grasp the larger issues

(DINAI 452) The process of expanding your consciousness to grasp the larger issue is never easy, particularly with a fifth ray personality and a sixth ray astral body. That is why you have a mental body which is conditioned by the fourth ray; your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought out in the mind and on realised mental levels; that is for you definitely a mental issue. Your task is to link the emotional and the intuitional nature and so evoke spiritual sensitivity to revelation. To that, you must add the conscious bringing through of the unfolding light into the area of the physical brain, thus making what [page 453] you know and see available to others. This must be done in three ways:


(DINAI 466) To aid in the process of balancing and off-setting the danger, your soul chose a seventh ray physical body. This is of real assistance to you and helps in the synthesis of the two lines of energy. Your rays therefore are:


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

3. The ray of the mental body—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the first Ray of Will or Power.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.


(DINAI 486) Your astral body is on the sixth ray and this intensifies your Taurian tendencies for, as the Bull rushes straight forward seeing only that which lies directly ahead, so does the sixth ray fanatic. When, however, this aptitude is applied to the path of service, much progress can be made. Herein lies a hint to you.


The personality ray can colour the ray type of physical body

Your physical body is upon the third ray but so strong is your personality ray, the first (for you are an integrated personality), that it colours the nature, type and quality of your physical body which is definitely not a third ray type. Your rays, therefore, are:


1. The soul ray—second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The ray of the personality—first Ray of Will or Power.

3. The ray of the mind—fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

5. The ray of the physical body—third Ray of Active Intelligence.


The 6th ray astral body is subservient to either the personality or soul ray

(DINAI 520) Your astral body is governed by the sixth ray and is as yet largely subservient to the will of the personality. This leads you to devote yourself to your personality surroundings and to the conditions which karmically you have evoked.


Your physical body is also on the sixth ray which makes it—and, therefore, your brain—predominantly the servant of your astral body but it also makes you intuitive or astral-buddhic. Therefore, I would have you note that, in your case, there is an exception to the usual rule controlling the physical body, for very few physical bodies are on the sixth ray, as is yours.


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind—the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

[page 521]

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.


It will be clear to you, therefore, that much of your problem can be summed up by the recognition of the relation existing between the personality, the astral body and the physical body. The physical body and the astral body are, therefore, automatically the servants of the personality. Yet the relation between the sixth and the second rays is so close that the problem of your soul is not insuperable in this life.


(DINAI 524) You have made real progress. That is the first thing I wish to say to you. A little more clear thinking and acceptance of the facts which you know about yourself will set you free. Your problem is difficult. It is not based upon the difficulties of your life, for your life problem is not at all unusual—though you have given unusual attention to it. It is based upon the fact that you have a sixth ray personality, a sixth ray astral body and a sixth ray physical body. This constitutes a terrific combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces in order to break the sixth ray hold which that type of energy has had on you for three lives in sequence. You have reached the age of sixty (or is it a little more, my brother?) and have not yet broken it. Therefore, your soul purpose has not yet been fulfilled. The differences between your attitude now and your attitude thirty years ago is that then you did not realise what it was all about and now you do. Then you had, in reality, no responsibility for you did not know the nature of the task to be done. But, through soul contact, you do know now what the problem is and your responsibility to do something definite is, consequently, heavy. The glamour of ties and relationships has held you for years. The personality umbilical cord still links you to your children and it should have been severed (and rightly severed) several years ago. It would have been of real benefit both to you and to them. This, you know well when the glamour of the responsibilities of motherhood is not upon you. You have to realise now that you have no such responsibility.


6th ray astral body can give a measure of narrowness

(DINAI 540) Your astral body is upon the sixth ray. This gives you the one-pointedness which is such an asset to any disciple, but it also gives a measure of narrowness which at times handicaps you.

Up to 130



(DINAI 540) Your rays are, therefore:


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

3. The ray of the mental body—the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.


(DINAI 550) Your astral body is on the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. This accounts for much in your life interests, which provides opportunity for service and indicates certain lines of impressionability. These require watching and necessitate correct interpretation. Upon this suggestion, I would ask you to ponder, remembering that when the astral body is upon the sixth ray there is necessarily established a line of least resistance between it and the sixth plane, for you have the sixth vehicle, the sixth plane, and the sixth ray all closely related. Students would do well to bear these relationships in mind, for the lines of least resistance are seldom the lines to be followed. Yet, at times, they are. Hence the need for discriminating consideration.


(DINAI 556) 1. What exactly is the vision, as I see it, in connection with my immediate unfoldment?


2. What will be the practical outcome in my daily, outer life of the materialising of this vision?


3. What will be the quality of the experience when I have made it fact in my mind and brain consciousness?


You see, my brother, you are essentially the occultist, being a first ray soul and working through a fifth ray personality. This is a combination of great value but it carries with it its limitations because it is entirely along one major line of energy, [page 556] 1-3-5-7, and this is intensified by the fact that your mental body is on the third ray and your physical body is on the first. This last force type utilised by you in the physical body runs counter to the usual rule but with disciples the rule is not unchangeable. You will see, therefore, how the line of the will or power energy, intelligently applied, dominates your equipment in this life. Your astral body is on the sixth ray; this constitutes your "door of entrance" to the major ray of the solar system, and to the Heart of God and of your fellowmen. In your next incarnation, you will need to balance this condition, and the balancing will only take place as is desired, if the impetus for it originates through the potency of the love which your astral body can succeed in expressing in this incarnation. Therefore, for the remainder of your present life, the right unfoldment and the achieved control of the love nature, as your sentient astral body can express it, is of paramount importance. It is essential for your rapid integration into the hierarchy of souls and servers.


This disciple had a 6th ray personality  in his last incarnation actuated by the will aspect of devotion which according to DK has resulted in a 1st ray astral body in this incarnation

(DINAI 566) In connection with your rays, my brother, it is of interest to you to know, as I have earlier told you, that your soul ray is the second and your personality ray is the sixth, both these rays being along the one line of 2.4.6. It is necessary that there should be some conscious and definite rounding out. This over-balance is accentuated also by the fact that your mental body is upon the fourth ray, thus completing the direct representation of this line of divine energy. As you will naturally see, this complicates your problem considerably, because the line of least resistance, when it is as powerful as it is in your case, becomes a definite hindrance.

Like a few others in my group, your astral body is not found upon the usual rays. These are normally either the sixth or the second, but you have a first ray astral body and the focus of your personality power is found in your emotional nature. This is a residue of a sixth ray personality in your last incarnation, which was one of great potency and wilfully actuated by what I might call the will aspect of devotion. I know that you will comprehend that to which I refer.


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mental body—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the first Ray of Will or Power.

5. The ray of the physical body—the third Ray of Active Intelligence.


(DINAI 568) Thoughts, brother of mine, are things; they are creative, creating and created entities, and every time anyone sees this thoughtform of me and responds to it, he increases its strength and power. From its magnetic aura, my disciples and followers must free themselves, for it is but man's thought of me, and not I myself. It can side-track and delude you; it can speak good words of mediocre cheer and encouragement, but they are not my words, and this I would have you bear in mind. Your sixth ray personality and your first ray astral body make you prone to this beautiful yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form.


(DINAI 572) First, brother of mine, let me readjust your ideas as to yourself. You are a sixth ray soul, functioning through a first ray personality. In telling you this, I indicate to you your group contribution and likewise your individual problem. Your personality polarisation is predominantly mental. For you, one-pointedness both in soul matters and personality relationships is the line of least resistance; you have a one-pointed approach to problems, conditions, and situations which in many cases constitutes a one-pointed attack. I say this not from a spirit of criticism, for it is the right use of this faculty and its re-orientation which will land you before the Portal of Initiation. This I hold before you with deliberation and not as an inducement to progress or even as an encouragement but as a prophecy of a probability. You are on the Path of Discipleship. Opportunity stands before you and the Way can be trodden by you with assurance. Have no fears, my brother. Take your eyes off your personality with its dominating first ray will and your tendency to mental dominance (as you yourself have termed it) and focus your attention upon your soul problem which is to transfer your consciousness off the sixth [page 573] ray on to the second ray before any major initiation can take place.


My problem is, therefore, to aid you to do this—as easily and as intelligently as possible. The secret of success lies for you, in an effort to shift your focus of attention out of the head and into the heart. This, incidentally, may aid the head condition of which you complain. Your monadic ray is the second ray and hence your soul, being on a minor ray, must transfer to that line. As you know, the sequence of activity is ever the transfer of the fourth and sixth rays on to the second and the third, of the fifth and the seventh rays on to the first ray.


(DINAI 580) Let us have a talk today upon the difficulties of the Way and thus seek to discover what are the hindrances and the problems which you have to face. A great deal of the difficulty, incident upon the intense fluidity of your mind, is based on the fact that you are transferring off the sixth ray on to the second; thus, in this egoic shift, there is a transference of energy. You are passing through an interim period. One or two of my other disciples are also occupied with the same task but they have nearly completed that task. The effect upon some of them is largely physical and also upon the heart centre. With you, the effect has been felt in the mental body and in the throat centre. The physical condition which troubles you has not originated in connection with this shift.


(DINAI 583) Your astral body is upon the sixth ray and here again lies for you a problem. Upon it I need not enlarge, beyond reminding you that a sixth ray astral body (where a disciple is concerned) predicates intense adherence to a line of thought, [page 583] to an idea, a group, a person or an attitude or to a preconceived notion. These may be right or wrong but the tendency to adherence is powerfully present and can be a great asset or a major hindrance. In any case—again for a disciple—any idée fixe (beyond that of a right spiritual orientation) can be a deterrent to progress, if fanatically motivated.


……..Your rays can, therefore, be stated to be:


1. The soul ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray—the first Ray of Power.

3. The ray of the mind—the first Ray of Power.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.


(DINAI 586) Your first ray mind has tended to bring about in you the following conditions:


A sense (sometimes unrealised) of separativeness. Where you have been non-separative, it has been because you have forced yourself to cooperate, and yet you were, all the time, conscious of it. Cooperation and human contacts are easy for you in theory, but difficult in fact, and would have been hitherto impossible had it not been for your sixth ray emotional body and the steady beat of your loving soul—now emerging into control.


(DINAI 588) I would like to point out two things also: First, your sixth ray astral body—sensitive, finely organised and motivated by high aspiration—is swept into dramatic, over-emphasised action very frequently because it reacts to the violent impact of your first ray personality and mind. Let this end. Train your emotions [page 588] to respond to your second ray soul and for a period at least eliminate the mind from astral control. Can you do this? If you can, you will balance and round out your nature, for the dominating factors will then be:


1. The soul, working through the astral body and controlling your heart light.


2. The personality, working through the mind and controlling all group relations, making them intelligent and presenting to the soul and heart the service of a mind and brain, attuned to the loving, intelligent impulses of the group life.


(DINAI 597) The two suggestions which I seek to make and on which I ask you to work for the next twelve months are as follows:


First: Forget your karmic relationship with me and give no time in your thoughts to the Tibetan. This will be hard for you to do, but remember that I am only one who stands by and who offers opportunity, seeking for those who will lose themselves in service. Your sixth ray devotion has turned your effort towards astral recognition more than to unity and at-one-ment in the great work.


(DINAI 609) A fresh cycle of work is opening up before you at this time, and this is the result of the attention which you have paid to my instructions and to the response which you have given to the effort of your soul to release your personality from glamour. May I point out to you that very often, after a certain measure of glamour has been overcome (as is the case with you), that illusion can then step in? I would warn you against two such illusions:


[page 609]

a. The illusion that glamour no longer can hold sway over you. Constant watchfulness will be necessary.


b. The illusion of selection and reward. To this, all sixth ray aspirants are more than usually prone.


(DINAI 609) First of all, I would say to you: Take not yourself so seriously. The world still proceeds upon its way and the planet continues to revolve whether you serve or not. Lower the intensity of your vibration. You can serve and your service is needed. All servers are needed at this time. You have been through a drastic disciplining and should have learnt much; but you will nullify your usefulness and shorten your period of service through your intense earnestness. Remember, you have to offset constantly your sixth ray personality. Will you comprehend me if I say that you never evidence any imagination or excitement except along the lines of discipleship, and that then you evidence too much? I will give you some verses later on in this instruction, upon which I will ask you to ponder and reflect, not in your meditation (for I would have you follow only your group meditation) but during the day. Be balanced, my brother, and remember that work for us embraces many things, e'en hours of relaxation, and it most certainly necessitates the use of the discrimination in ascertaining the essentials and separating them from the non-essentials.


(DINAI 611) I would recall to you certain remarks which I made in my last instruction. With your usual aptitude to select that which your personality prefers, and which intrigues your sense of sin (I say this with a smile, brother, but the dramatic glamour of the sixth ray person, working in the Piscean Christian age, loves public conviction of wrong doing) and, feeding your sense of drama, enables you to say: "Now I know," when you do not. You emphasised that which was obvious, and ignored the real things with which I sought to reach you. What were the points of real importance in my last communication to you? I will list them briefly:


1. The illusion of selection and reward to which, I warned you (as a sixth ray person) you were prone.


(DINAI 618) Spiritual radiation holds the key to your successful service, and the careful watching of your lower sixth and third ray tendencies. You must be prepared for tests and difficulties until you have proved yourself; these seldom come the expected way. One of your major safeguards is ever, as I have already told you, to adhere to and carry forward the next duty and to concentrate upon that which has been undertaken. Avoid that which lies outside the periphery of the work, regarding anything else as a sidetrack for you.


(DINAI 624) Since your entry into my group of disciples there is a growing evidence of the awakening of the heart centre and this should give you encouragement. Let us work more definitely at that. I seek not to interfere at this time with your meditation but you have recognised that, in the press of work and for the period of the next few years, your work can be directed by me, if so you will, and thus, for a brief period, you have voluntarily submitted to the suggestions of a second ray disciple, myself. The pressure of work on the Masters Morya and K.H. is such that some of us are lifting what we can off Their shoulders. In the same way the Master Hilarion is lifting a good deal of the work of training sixth ray disciples off the shoulders of the Master Jesus. A number of inner adjustments are going on in the exigencies of the stress of this cycle. It is one work, my brother, and all forces are expressions of the energy of love and the potencies of wisdom.


(DINAI 633) Your astral body is under the influence of the sixth Ray of Devotion and hence your early interest in things Piscean and [page 633] your strong Christian tendency. Hence, also, your strong emotional nature which is, however, well controlled, largely because in this life you have a masculine body.


As you might well imagine, your physical body is conditioned by the seventh ray. Upon this I need not enlarge. You are, therefore, a composite aggregate of forces, as follows:


1. The soul ray—first Ray of Will or Power.

2. The personality ray—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.

3. The ray of the mind—the fourth Ray of Harmony.

4. The ray of the astral body—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.


(DINAI 637) I am speaking with frankness because I want to see you released from this condition and from the impasse at which you have arrived. I would ask you, therefore, that —whether you accept my conclusion or not is immaterial—you give ten minutes each morning to achieving the attitude and altitude of the soul and from that point (or as high a point as you find it possible to attain at any given time) to think through the arguments for and against your present life attitude and interests. Endeavour to see, as you so do, that soul and brain are brought en rapport—a thing which seldom happens with you. If you can do some clear thinking along this line, you will rapidly free yourself from glamour. Forget not, your sixth ray astral body intensifies your problem for it leads you to be devoted to the superficial phenomena which you regard as realities....


(DINAI 646) Your personality ray is the sixth. This gives you power upon the astral plane and, in consequence, it gives you a powerful and sensitive astral body with all the implications of success and failure which go with that situation.


The close juxtaposition of your soul and personality rays is an asset, not a hindrance. This leads to quick results on the physical plane when both types of energy are simultaneously applied. Ponder on this.


(DINAI 647) Your astral body is upon the sixth ray so that it will be obvious to you that through that vehicle your personality will find the least resistance; there also lies the need for watchful supervision. This I think you know and there is no need for me to elaborate this theme.


You have a first ray physical body. This is the only vehicle or energy of expression in your equipment which is on one of the major rays. Curiously enough, this fact indicates to those of us who watch on the inner side that your monadic ray is the first and that later, in your next life, it will be necessary for you to shift the centre of your egoic or soul attention on to the second ray. The shift of emphasis has in it the main objective of this present incarnation and hence your possession of a sixth ray personality and astral body. This devoted, idealistic one-pointedness is an aid to you in your soul's enterprise. I know that this will give you much food for thought and instigate you to renewed purpose in your life endeavour.


1. The soul ray—seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.

2. The ray of the personality—sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mental body—fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body—first Ray of Will or Power.


The qualities which you should cultivate are persistence, expansion, and strength, applied with love.


(DINAI 659) Your astral body is definitely sixth ray and hence predisposes you to Piscean attitudes, emotional idées fixes, violent astral storms, great devotions which call your emotional reactions into play on matters and subjects which, in this day of world suffering and crisis, do not warrant attention and constitute an easy tuning-in on glamour and illusion.


(DINAI 665) Your personality ray is the sixth ray, as you may have often suspected. This will link you closely by similarity of vibration with your brothers, D.H.B. and D.I.J.


(DINAI 666) Your astral body is closely linked with your soul and governed by the second ray, thus making for you the line of least resistance in this life. For you, the line of feeling-intuition, of astral-buddhic approach has been the way. It is right here that the fourth ray problem of your mind has its major difficulty [page 666] and this for the following reason: In this life your major vibration runs along the line of 2-4-6, producing the intensification of your second ray qualities and indicating the need for some balancing factor. The difficulty is helped, however, and the problem aided towards solution by the fact that your physical body is on the seventh ray, which brings in the vibration of the first ray line of energy, 1-5-7. This is of great assistance to you. Upon the physical plane, therefore, you have the task of balancing this preponderance of second ray attributes, qualities and rhythm.

(Soul, personality, mental, astral 2,6,4,2)


Your rays, therefore, are:


1. The ray of the soul—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The ray of the personality—the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mental body—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.


(DINAI 667) It may be of assistance to you and complete the information given in your first personal instructions, if I were to indicate the points of contact through which your soul and your personality primarily work:


1. In this incarnation, your ego or soul is seeking expression through your astral body. There lies for you the line of least resistance. This established contact will rapidly transmute sixth ray devotion into universal and non-critical love. It will give you what I might call horizontal inclusiveness as well as vertical one-pointedness. Ponder on this.


[page 668]

2. Your personality force is focussed in your seventh ray brain. This gives you the power to plan, to organise, and also the power to give form to ideas. Ponder also on this.


(DINAI 718) b. Isolated unity is connected with the mental plane, is governed by the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science, and is a reflection of the will-to-know. Isolated identity is connected with the astral plane, is governed by the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealistic Sensitivity and is a reflection—distorted and unstable—of the will-to-love. Isolated individuality is connected with expression upon the physical plane, is governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence, and is a reflection—again distorted and unsure—of the will-to-be.


6th ray people do not know how to cooperate

(DINAII 86) Throw yourselves behind those who have made themselves responsible—under F.B.—for the Triangles and Goodwill work. Make their work possible and avoid interference; they will make mistakes, and these you will be prompt to note; your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter if clarity of vision, spiritual persistence and love accompany them. Keep the personnel of the work as far as possible masculine [Page 86] and put no sixth ray people in positions of influence; they know not how to cooperate and are frequently points of dissension and dislike.


(DINAII 221) The sixth ray disciple is active also in organising the mystical aspiration of the masses of men everywhere which is in itself a most potent energy; these aspirational men (no matter what may be their immediate aspiration) are necessarily polarised upon the astral plane but are not yet capable of the clear mental perception of the massed intelligentsia or susceptible to the influence of the accurate, esoteric approach. Their guided, mystical orientation will be one of the most powerful factors in the destruction of the old values and in the massed recognition of the spiritual truth which underlies all life; it is with this reorientation that sixth ray disciples, wielding sixth ray energy, are occupied at this time. You need to remember that the one-pointed attitude of the mystic, functioning in group formation, will be a powerful factor in the creative work being done by the Hierarchy and by the New Group of World Servers, because theirs will be a massed effect, and usually wielded unconsciously.


(DINAII 260) b. Part of the world glamour is thus dissipated and thus a clarifying of the astral plane takes place and humanity is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of the initiate-revelation releases light and dissipates a part of the glamour which blinds the mass of men. The sixth ray disciple takes far longer over this stage of penetration than do disciples on the other rays but only in this world cycle.


(DINAII 337) Group initiation has been forced upon the Hierarchy by the rapid unfoldment of the spiritual consciousness in humanity, an unfoldment which demonstrates—no matter what the ray—as goodwill. This goodwill is not to be interpreted as the sentimental sixth or second ray untrained aspirant is prone to interpret it. It can take many forms: it can show itself as sacrifice on the part of science and a dedication of the fruits of scientific research to human welfare; it may take shape in the third ray aptitude to dedicate great wealth to philanthropic or educational enterprises. In neither of these cases is the disciple apparently distinguished by a so-called loving nature. Yet the results of their application to science or their accumulation of the crystallised prana of the financial world are turned to the helping of mankind. This will be a hard saying for some of you who rate an irritable remark by a co-disciple as something disgraceful and belittle the efforts of the money-maker, and do both with a sense of self-righteous congratulation.


6th ray people find it hard to learn correct timing

(DINAII 395) I wonder, brother of mine, if you can realise that a hint is not a hint as long as it fails to give you direction and the power to move forward. A hint is not a static point of information. Correctly approached, it becomes the dynamic, underlying next step forward upon the Path of Return. It is there that the words "in time and space" come to have significance. One of the first things which a disciple has to learn is correct timing, both as regards his own experimental spiritual life and in relation to the work which he may be doing under hierarchical impression in the world of everyday affairs. It is one of the hardest lessons to learn, particularly during the stage wherein the disciple can be easily swayed by impulsive, emotional enthusiasm; it is a peculiarly hard thing for people upon the sixth Ray of Idealism or Devotion to grasp.


6th ray people can easily form a group around themselves but cannot hold it for very long

(DINAII 477) 2. The Robe of Rose. The symbolism here, my brother, is obvious. Rose is the colour of devotion, and of that quality you have a full supply. It is however to its magnetic attractive quality, as it affects others rather than yourself, that I seek to draw your attention. People of pledged devotion are those who have reached a point where that devotion is in no way a hindrance; it is seemingly a safeguard, [Page 477] simplifying their lives. Because of that fixed devotion, they can walk undeviatingly upon the Way. But they are apt to forget that—equally because of that devotion—they ray forth a quality which stimulates its correspondence in others. That is why sixth ray people can easily form a group around themselves. But they seldom succeed in holding those thus attracted for very long, because they do not understand the reason for this facility and ascribe it ever to wrong causes. Only your astral body is upon the sixth ray of devotion, but that makes it potent indeed and, in your case, produces that sense of inferiority to which I referred above. I would ask you to change your point of view and to regard your sixth ray astral body as a powerful piece of equipment to be used in service.


In these two symbolic phrases we have related the heart centre to the head centre, and likewise the heart centre to the astral body.


Rays of Catholic Church are (I-3-667)

(DINAII 506) One reason why I have emphasised the need for attachment in this instruction is that right attachment releases the love of the soul, and only love, consciously, intelligently and deliberately applied, can make for successful work, both in Europe and South America—your two recognised fields of service. Only your second ray personality will have the capacity to reawaken contact with your students in Spain or hold steady those already working in South America; it is through individually re-found, re-awakened and re-inspired realisation that the work, planned and intended by me, can be successfully carried forward. Such is your immediate task. Only your second ray personality can have the patience to cover the mass of detail needed and to persist in the face of apparent nonsuccess. Much skill in action will also be required. The Catholic Church is governed by the first ray as its soul ray, and by the third ray as its personality ray. Hence its love of politics and of temporal power; hence also its intensely commercial and financial preoccupations. The mental ray of this Church is sixth ray. Hence its narrow one-pointedness; [Page 507] its emotional body is also sixth ray in quality, whilst the physical ray of the outer organisation is seventh. These are points which should interest you and which you need to bear in mind as you work. A realisation of this peculiar combination of rays will demand of you, and of all workers along esoteric lines, great skill in action.


(DINAII 513) You are as yet a comparatively young man. The crux of your whole problem is to be found in the shift which you [Page 513] are supposed to make this incarnation from the minor ray, the sixth Ray of Devotion, to a major ray, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. When you have accomplished this, you will take initiation. The task is however a stupendous one because as an accepted disciple in the technical sense of the word, the characteristics of the sixth ray—owing to your having a sixth ray astral body—are very pronounced and dominant. This condition is aggravated (if I might so express it) by your having a first ray personality. When, as in your case, the polarisation is in the astral body and so the energy of power pours in, the situation becomes acute, which is to be expected. Fortunately, disciples are driven by intensity and devotion to take the needed steps which will bring release and a consequent moving forward, and the incarnation wherein they do this is always peculiarly circumstanced, subjectively at least, even if the exoteric life is of no major interest. This is not so with you. In your case the following conditions embody your problem and hence your opportunity:


The intense difficulty of shifting from one ray to another ray. The aspiration of your sixth ray astral body must be lifted on to the plane of knowledge. The power of sense realisation must become divine wisdom through surety. Vision must give place to intuitive focussed perception—a very different thing, my friend.


(DINAII 513) 2. You were born in the sign Gemini which again presents its own peculiar problems. You vibrate between the pairs of opposites in a very pronounced and definite manner—as does A.A.B. The point of balance and of equilibrium is ever a difficult one for the disciple to achieve in this sign.


3. Your first ray personality works through a physical body which is on the same ray so that a triple first ray energy again complicates your life theme because all these forces are concentrated in the lower nature. This could lead (in the case of a pledged disciple) to a powerful and distracting spiritual ambition which in a group leader—such as you are—would be a detriment to the group. Where the astral body is on the sixth ray [Page 514] and devotion is dominant, the glamour of devotion can veil the reality of any existent ambition.


(DINAII 516) My relation to you is slightly different to that which I face when approaching the bulk of the members of my Ashram; you belong, as does F.B., to the Ashram of the Master Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram on account of the nature of the vibratory activity of your astral body, and because—owing to your own definite soul choice—you are shifting on to the second ray of love-wisdom. You might well ask, therefore, how it happens that your orientation has been towards the Master M. and that you have been affiliated with His Ashram. The reason is to be found in the fact that your personality, your mental nature and your physical body are all upon the first ray, and that consequently the power of your intelligent and focussed mind has driven you into the aura of the leading first ray Ashram, and has held you there. Closer participation was not possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural and predetermined destiny was to fuse its secondary energy with the energy of the second ray, thus opening the door for you into a second ray Ashram. It was felt, therefore, that I (through the medium of my Ashram) could provide those conditions which would facilitate this transition and at the same time prepare you for the next great spiritual expansion of consciousness—the initiation of which you know. This will mark the consummation of this major life cycle.


As you know, and as I have before pointed out, you have a profound task of balancing to carry out, owing to the ray [Page 517] energies which at this time condition your life. Three aspects of the first ray and two aspects of the sixth intensify each other. Were you not the advanced disciple which you are, they would be liable to produce a life and karmic expression of a fanatical self-will. To this difficult situation of balancing must be added the difficulties always entailed in a transitional life wherein a major transfer must be effected. To all this again must be added the present world condition, wherein the Shamballa force is abroad and potently affecting those natures which have a preponderance of first ray aptitudes. You have thus no easy time, my brother. This you realise, and I too know it, and stand by.


It was for this reason that I have urged you for some years to concentrate upon the book "The Way into Shamballa," knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of the problem would do much to bring your first ray personality nature into line with the purposes of your second ray soul, and thus facilitate the transfer of your egoic consciousness off the sixth ray of devotion on to the second ray of love-wisdom. The first and the second rays work closely together; love and will are closely identified on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute one great expression of divine planning and purpose.


(DINAII 527) The book you have lately published I have psychometrised and find it to be sixth ray in nature; it will prove most helpful to probationary disciples, and they need such help; it will not help disciples, for it deals with that which they know well. The call went out to you from the Ashram to write upon the theme of Shamballa, the centre where the will of God is known and from whence the love of God flows forth. This you rejected, owing to the emotional turmoil in which you found yourself. Yet I had a purpose and a reason in suggesting this theme. It was not just to have a book which would be of service to disciples, but because it was essential—as part of the pre-initiation tests for you—to bring in some of the Shamballa force to your consciousness. It was the impact of this Shamballa force (which you can touch and to which you can intelligently respond) which was the main factor in bringing to the surface all the latent emotion and all the glamour which are today enveloping you. As you considered the theme of Shamballa (and later rejected my suggestion to write upon it) you brought yourself [Page 528] in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa. Yet, my brother, had you occupied yourself with my suggestion and dealt with the theme The Way into Shamballa much of that Shamballa force would have been transmuted along constructive lines and creative endeavour, and your condition would not be what it is today.


(DINAII 530) Earlier—years ago—I gave you three words which were to be the keynotes of your life—Love, Fearlessness and Understanding. The first two have preoccupied you much. You have worked hard to express love and have materially sweetened and broadened your nature. As a result you are aware today, as never before, how lack of love betrayed you and brought untold suffering to three people in your life. This is known only to you. Fearlessness is now a glamour in your mind for your sixth ray brain and astral body have suddenly betrayed you. Your earlier freedom from glamour led to carelessness—and as you well know we are oft betrayed at the point where we judged ourselves the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronounced liberation and true development.


(DINAII 545) When the personality ray is the same as the ray of the astral body (as in your case) a most difficult situation is apt to arise, handicapping the service until such time as right inner adjustments are made. In a curious way, you are isolated from many people by the power and focus of your third ray physical body—a thing which you are the last to desire but which is due to the dominance of the first ray element in your nature, for it conditions your soul quality and that expresses itself through the third ray physical nature. Intense focus is, therefore, the continuous theme of your life expression for—as you know—you have the first ray and the sixth ray continuously interrelated in your nature.


(DINAII 546) I am giving you, therefore, a personal meditation. I too must have this in mind, reminding you that renunciation itself can be a glamour and a sixth ray idealist is prone to over-express. I shall not give you what you would call a real meditation. That which will aid you the most at this time is a visualisation exercise on Light.


(DINAII 574) I wonder whether you have sufficiently realised that for you to bring through the love of your soul is the line of least resistance, owing to the fact that your personality ray is the seventh ray—the ray of consummation, the ray of expressing adequately on the physical plane the form through which the soul—whose nature is love—can express itself. This is particularly easy also in your case because the ray of your physical body is also the seventh. The line of descent, therefore, for the form building energy is direct. To this again you can add the fact that your personality vehicles are on the fifth, the sixth and the seventh rays; these follow each other in sequential order, producing again a direct channel. You should consequently (if you are truly to understand the mechanism through which your soul has to function) make a much closer study of the seventh ray. It is also the incoming ray for the next immediate cycle. A knowledge of the ray influences, techniques, mechanics and objectives will be ascertained by disciples in whom these rays are pronouncedly manifesting.


(DINAII 577) For yourself, my brother, I have but a word. Deepen your understanding and remember that owing to the fact that you have two rays upon the first line of outgoing energy, [Page 577] aloofness must be carefully avoided by you. It is the first step towards isolation. Disciples must ever remember that any over-emphasis of the energies which govern the personality lays the foundation of the form nature in the next incarnation. In your case, for instance, an undue emphasis of your fifth and seventh lines of force in this life might produce a powerfully dangerous form nature in your next incarnation—one which would probably bring about a personality upon the first ray with a third ray mentality, the same sixth ray astral body and a fifth ray physical body. You can see the danger of this combination where a disciple is concerned and the problem with which he would be confronted. I have here given a hint as to the mode of unfoldment in connection with karmic responsibility for the future. Such a hint has not hitherto been made available to the public. In this paragraph I have given you much food for thought.


(DINAII 585) For you, this present life has two factors of prime importance: the working off and termination of karma in relation to some people, and secondly, the attainment of the control of your sixth ray astral body. You entered life as a disciple upon the verge of acceptance and upon the periphery of the Ashram, even though your consciousness registered it not; you will enter your next incarnation having advanced in discipleship, and will rapidly achieve consciousness of the fact. For the remainder of this life there is for you a beautifying of all experience, the conscious rendering of that service to others which obliterates karma, the widening of your point of view, particularly in the realm of healing, where you are as yet still somewhat controlled by your sixth ray idealism, and the increasing admission of your second ray energy so as to control your organising personality. Does this seem what you call a "tall order," my brother? Forgive my use of slang, but it is oft curiously descriptive. If you study carefully what I say you will see that you are already doing all these things and that all that I am asking is an intensification of present action.


(DINAII 586) I have registered and then recorded on your ashramic chart your strong and constant effort to fulfil requirements as I have presented them to you in my last two communications. Particularly have you—in this incarnation—mastered the lesson of occult obedience. Have you ever realised that occult obedience—correctly understood and applied—is the royal route through the astral plane, particularly in connection with glamour and with sixth ray tendencies, to the very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regard obedience as the carrying out of rules and orders, imposed upon them by some authoritative source. This, as you well, know is not the case in any true hierarchical training. Obedience, for the disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the Plan as it emanates from the Hierarchy, rapid and correct sensitive registration of the quality of the Ashram with which he may be affiliated and a consequent and in time almost automatic undertaking (with speed) the required task. It is a task which [Page 587] the disciple assigns to himself and is not one ordered by the Master. The acceptance of the task is simply evidence that the disciple is an ashramic worker, pledged to the welfare of humanity.


You are, as I feel sure you know, in process of shifting your entire polarisation in preparation for your next incarnation. When that comes, you will renew your service with a first ray astral body, provided, of course, you have in this life reduced the usually obdurate sixth ray tendencies and are controlling them. This you are doing with real success and I have no question in my mind as to your ultimate success.


(DINAII 658) 2. That your life problem today involves primarily three factors:


a. The soul                          second ray.

b. The personality   sixth ray.

c. The astral body                first ray.


This constitutes an interesting and somewhat unbalanced triangle of energy, for the sixth ray personality is quick to respond to soul energy but the effects work out in a fanatically oriented and powerful astral body. The consequent interplay produces much of the glamour which besets you and which it is the task of your first ray mind to dissipate.


You are perhaps surprised at my use of the word "fanatical" in connection with you for you in no way regard yourself as a "fanatical devotee." Nor do I so regard you. The fanaticism which you display is in respect to your own judgment where other people are concerned and it involves also an almost proud dependence upon the wisdom which you have undoubtedly developed during many lives. This tends to give you a surety of opinion, in relation to others, which conditions and your decision do not always warrant; it produces [Page 659] also a willingness to impose your own ideas and your judgment upon others when, my brother, it may be neither your duty nor your right so to do. This quality (oft found in disciples who are learning the nature of true spiritual humility) is esoterically called "the fanatic opposition of the wise person to the facts." This statement is most paradoxical but it is one which it would profit you much to consider and study.


Disciples like yourself (and they are fairly numerous and constitute some of the most promising material for training that we possess) are apt to be hard and unyielding—both to themselves and others. They have learnt much and surmounted much in the crucible of suffering and nothing has prevented them from a steadfast pursuit of reality. This capacity leads them to judge with harshness those who do not, apparently, achieve results or possess their own staying power. When such a disciple is naturally upon the teaching line as you are, he then handles opportunity on the basis of his truly enlightened personality but his methods are nevertheless personality ones and when—as in your case—the personality is on the sixth ray, one is apt to have a disciple fanatically identified with his own way of approach and one who expects others to go his way; he will be wedded to his own methods and anxious to impose them upon others. He is convinced that the techniques he employs are the best for all. All disciples have to learn to recognise the many ways, the many methods and the widely differently developed techniques. Their attitude (when they have learnt this lesson) is ever the fostering, the interpreting and the strengthening of the ways and the methods which suit those with whom they are associated and working, or those whom they are endeavouring to help. Remember this, my brother, and aim at decentralisation without diffusion. Think about this statement and seek to understand it and make it practical. If you can learn this lesson, there will open for you a wider field of opportunity. Decentralisation in mind from yourself and identification with the self in all should be your steady and practical objective.


(DINAII 673) You need to bear in mind, my brother, that your second ray emphasis is that of wisdom and not of love. Therefore the love quality is not so potent, and this presents difficulties to you of which you are curiously unaware. It is your task—at any cost—to develop the love quality. The wisdom attitude makes you hard, and you have not yet balanced it—in intensity—by the love quality. This hardness you must transmute on a large and general scale. You can transmute for individuals you love or for whom you feel a sense of responsibility. It is this quality of love which you must develop before you see the Christ—not simply as an initiate taking an initiation, but as a disciple warranting His attention. You see now the purpose of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realise that the Christ has two relationships to them: that of initiation, and another—far rarer—that of One Whom they may consult in connection with their work. This permission to approach is only accorded when love and wisdom are balanced and equal. This is not so in your case as yet, and I would have you bear this point in mind. Your personality ray is a serious handicap to you, not [Page 674] because of its developed aspect but because of its crystallised assurance aspect. A sixth ray personality is ever sure of his recognition of truth, and is consequently very easily glamoured, and when this is coupled (as in your case) with a first ray astral body, the difficulty which confronts you as a disciple is very great.


(DINAII 684) Again, my brother, have you realised that if I evoked from you a personality devotion I should be hindering you and in no way demonstrating to you that soul love which actuates all my reactions to each and all of you. Your sixth ray personality would respond to such an attitude on my part and then—what would that feed and develop in you? Just self-satisfaction and a settling back upon the fact of relationship and not upon the fact of the soul. It would produce an increase of the glamour to which you are prone. In past lives, your progress has been from one devotion to another, from one position of pledged fealty to another. In this life, you are faced with the opportunity to free yourself from such personality reactions and relations and become stabilised in soul behaviour. It is to this end that I help you. Disciples would do well to appreciate somewhat the problem of the Master. He has to watch the effect of all the energy which flows from Him to His disciples and to guard against its stimulating [Page 685] unduly their personalities, and thus tend to the evocation of personality reactions.


Will you therefore rest back on facts and lived experience and waste not time in wishing and in emotional reactions? You have made much progress in this life, my brother. You are not young but that, in your case, need not deter you from further search for liberation, based on a planned relinquishing. Sixth ray aspirants have a particularly hard task at the close of this Piscean age, due to the sixth ray expression of the Christian era. Today the energies are concretising and working through that which is old and honoured, that which is "conditioned by gold" (as the saying is) and that which belongs to a passing age—an age which should pass. This affects also your sixth ray personality and, consequently, from many angles your allegiances and your loyalties are motivated by the sixth ray and based on personality decisions and not on the illumined vision of the soul. The fact, however, that you have broken with orthodoxy where theology is concerned indicates (to us who watch) a great measure of emancipation and of emerging soul control. You will find, if your intuition gets more dynamic and your first ray astral body (the ray of government and politics) does not unduly affect you, that an increasing measure of thought release will be yours.


In this connection and in order to enlarge your perspective, I would add that Christian Science is a fifth ray expression of thought and was one of the effects of the incoming fifth ray life. A very large number of Christian Scientists are either fifth or sixth ray egos, for this particular school of thought was one of the means whereby the fanatical emotional idealism (engendered by the potency of the sixth ray influence dominant for so many centuries) could be offset, and the mental grasp of truth and of life carefully fostered. Under its influence, the stage was set on which many mystics could begin to organise their mental bodies and discover that they had minds which could be used, and thus be prepared for the occult way. It is therefore a masculine or positive influence in its general effect, but its positivity is in relation to the personality—the mind as the factor dominating [Page 686] the human expression. It can, and eventually will, be negative to the soul, revealing the higher mind. It is interesting whilst considering the pairs of opposites (the negative and positive factors) to study the following groupings:


(DINAII 686) I will give you now a personal meditation which will serve, I hope, to lift the life of the astral body out of the solar plexus into the heart centre, thus breaking down some of the limitations which will disappear when the astral body and the sixth ray astral force are transmuted and love of the whole takes the place of love of the part.


(DINAII 728) 3. Accept the fact that you are not young enough to make many basic personality changes, for the sixth ray crystallises too rapidly.


(DINAII 730) You have for long asked me to tell you the rays upon which your three personality bodies are to be found. I do so now, for you can profit from the information.


You have, as you know, a third ray soul and a sixth ray personality. Your task as regards the latter is to transit on to [Page 731] the first ray, so that next life you will come into incarnation with the difficult combination of three and one. For this the training, discipline and discoveries of the present incarnation should have prepared you, and you can therefore face the future with caution but with surety.


(DINAII 754) 4. Then see the rays of the soul (the sun of your life) extending and embracing your astral nature and irradiating the astral plane with which you are in contact, thus bringing an outpouring of love. This again should be relatively easy of accomplishment as your astral ray is the sixth ray of devotion and idealism.


This ref re DK saying aspects of his nature are 1st ray and that they come from the Triad could be a major hint re his personal make up or he could be referring simply to the fact that all triads embody first ray energies-the first aspect of the Triad for example

(DINAII 760) I would ask you, therefore, each month and for the rest of your life to follow for three days a definite procedure.... I ask this because I believe you have that persistent staying power which is characteristic of all those whose personalities are on the ray which is yours. The procedure will involve putting yourself en rapport with my Ashram and to register it in your physical brain consciousness. You may not and probably will not succeed in this endeavour immediately, but in due course of time and with persistent effort you [Page 761] inevitably will. Think of me as you know me to be; let not your sixth ray devotional nature play any part in this process or contact. Bear in mind that first ray disciples are in my Ashram, and that there are aspects of my nature which are of first ray origin, but when you remember this, bear also in mind that the aspect to which I refer is Triadal.


The Masters have no personalities as you understand personality. Their conditioning factors are the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad, and these aspects, being creative, build the phenomenal apparatus or mechanism by means of which a Master makes contact with the three worlds.


(EOH 581) Later, disciples and initiates of the seventh ray and of the sixth ray will come into physical incarnation. The only Ashram which will be then unrepresented—and this for a long time—will be the fourth. As the fourth ray is, however, the constant ray of the human family, its influence is consistently present, and this Ashram is equally constantly aware of and influential in human affairs; it will come into full expression when the intuition of the human being, emanating as an energy from the fourth or buddhic plane, has been evoked by the human soul and is a recognised asset in human consciousness. The fourth ray will come into manifestation before many generations have passed, but only from the angle of its incarnating Monad, and not from the angle of its active Ashram.


(GAWP 78) The glamour of devotion causes many probationary disciples to wander circuitously around in the world of desire. This is primarily a glamour which affects sixth ray persons and is particularly potent at this time owing to the age-long activity of the sixth Ray of Devotion during the rapidly passing Piscean Age. It is today one of the potent glamours of the really devoted aspirant. They are devoted to a cause, to a teacher, to a creed, to a person, to a duty, or to a responsibility. Ponder on this. This harmless desire along some line of idealism which confronts them becomes definitely [Page 78] harmful both to themselves and to others, because through this glamour of devotion they swing into the rhythm of the world glamour which is essentially the fog of desire. Potent desire along any line, when it obliterates the wider vision and shuts a man within a tiny circle of his own desire to satisfy his sentiment of devotion, is just as hampering as any of the other glamours, and is even more dangerous because of the beautiful colouring which the resultant fog takes on. A man gets lost in a rapturous mist of his own making, which emanates from his astral body and which is composed of the sentimentalising of his own nature about his own desire and devotion to the object of his attracted attention.


(GAWP 199) This particular work of dissipation is our immediate theme. It is of vital importance that those who recognise [Page 199] the open door to the future through which all men must pass should begin to carry forward this work. Only thus can humanity be helped to leave behind the errors, the glamours and the failures of the past. It is this technique which brings freedom from glamour and which can transform human living, and so bring in the new civilisation and culture. This dissipation can be carried forward by disciples in all parts of the planet, aided by the world aspirants; it will, however, be primarily the work of those whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who have learnt or are learning to dominate it by the power of thought and mental light. These are the sixth ray people in the first instance, aided by aspirants and disciples upon the second and fourth rays.


In time and space, this task will be first of all instituted and controlled in group formation only by aspirants whose soul or personality rays are the sixth or by those whose astral bodies are conditioned by the sixth ray. When they have grasped the nature of the work to be done and "fanatically adopted the technique of light in the service of the race," their work will be completed by second ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters Who take disciples. The work done by these two groups will be finally revealed (and at a much later date) by those aspirants and disciples who will swing into astral activity when the fourth ray again begins to manifest. Therefore, the work of dissipating glamour is carried forward by those who come out into manifestation along the lines of energy which embody the second, fourth and sixth rays. I emphasise this as disciples frequently undertake tasks for which they are not particularly fitted and whose rays do not aid them in accomplishment and sometimes prevent that accomplishment.


(GAWP 201) It will be apparent to you, therefore, that groups working consciously at the service of dissipating glamour will have the following characteristics:


1. They will be composed of sixth ray aspirants and disciples, aided by second ray spiritual workers.


2. They will be formed of those who:


a. Are learning or have learnt to dissipate their own individual glamours and can bring understanding to the task.


b. Are focussed upon the mental plane and have, therefore, some measure of mental illumination. They are mastering the Technique of Light.


c. Are aware of the nature of the glamours which they are attempting to dissipate and can use the illumined mind as a searchlight.


(GAWP 222) b. The Dissipation of Group Glamour and of World Glamour


Group work in dissipating world glamour must be handled (as will be obvious to you) by those who are working at the dissipation of glamour in their own lives and have learnt to use the formula just given. The majority of those so working are sixth ray aspirants—those who have sixth ray personalities or whose soul ray is the sixth, plus those on all rays who have powerful sixth ray astral vehicles. These make the most effective workers in the group but are subject to one major difficulty. In spite of aspiration and good intention, they are seldom aware of the glamours which control them. It is exceedingly hard to induce the sixth ray aspirant to admit that he is held [Page 222] by a glamour, particularly when it is glamour of spiritual connotation and of a very high order. In their case, the glamour is enhanced by the energy of devotion which stiffens it and brings in a quality which makes it most difficult to penetrate. Their complete assurance proves a serious obstacle to clear-sighted work because that has all to go before the work of dissipation can be carried forward successfully. First ray people can overcome glamour with relative ease once they become aware of it as a personality limitation. Third ray people are as susceptible to it as are those of the sixth ray and their devious, twisting, planning minds and the rapidity with which they can deceive themselves (and seek often to deceive others) greatly hinders their work of clearing away glamour. Their pronounced tendency to be the victims of glamour is evidenced by the inability of the third ray aspirant and disciple to convey his meaning clearly by speech. He has guarded himself for many lives by devious formulations of thought and of ideas and can seldom convey his meaning clearly. This is why sixth ray people and third ray people almost inevitably prove themselves unable to teach. Both these groups must, therefore, learn to use this formula and they would greatly hasten the process of dissipation if they would force themselves to speak or write their thoughts clearly, if they would never be ambiguous or deal in half thoughts, innuendo or suggestion. They should clearly enunciate the ideas with which they may be dealing.


(GAWP 225) They must, finally, love their fellowmen. This they must not do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as the second ray person loves—with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear sighted perception of the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [Page 225] do this is one of the factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant to transfer off the minor sixth ray and find his place upon the major second ray, as must all sixth and fourth ray initiates.


(HIS 47) The World Teacher presides over the destiny of the great religions through the medium of a group of Masters and initiates Who direct the activities of these different schools of thought.  In illustration:—The Master Jesus, the inspirer and director of the Christian Churches everywhere, [Page 47] though an adept on the sixth ray under the department of the Mahachohan, works at present under the Christ for the welfare of Christianity; other Masters hold similar posts in relation to the great oriental faiths, and the various occidental schools of thought.


In the department of the Mahachohan a large number of Masters, in fivefold division, work in connection with the deva evolution, and with the intelligence aspect in man.  Their divisions follow those of the four minor rays of attribute:—


1. The ray of harmony or beauty. 

2. The ray of concrete science or knowledge.  

3. The ray of devotion or abstract idealism.

4. The ray of ceremonial law or magic,

just as the three departmental heads represent the three major rays of:—


(HIS 56) The Master Jesus, Who is the focal point of the energy that flows through the various Christian churches, is at present living in a Syrian body, and dwells in a certain part of the Holy Land.  He travels much and passes considerable time in various parts of Europe.  He works specially with masses more than with individuals, though He has gathered around Him quite a numerous body of pupils.  He is upon the sixth Ray of Devotion, or Abstract Idealism, and His pupils are frequently distinguished by that fanaticism and devotion which manifested in earlier Christian times amongst the martyrs.  He Himself is rather a martial figure, a disciplinarian, and a man of iron rule and will.  He is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes.  His work at this time is exceedingly responsible, for to Him is given the problem of steering the thought of the occident out of its present state of unrest into the peaceful waters of certitude and knowledge, and of preparing the way in Europe and America for the eventual coming of the World Teacher.  He is well known in the Bible history, coming before us first as Joshua the Son of Nun, appearing again in the time of Ezra as Jeshua, taking the third initiation, as related in the book of Zechariah, as Joshua, and in the Gospel story He is known for two great sacrifices, that in which He handed over His body for the use of the Christ, and for the great renunciation which is the characteristic of the fourth initiation.  As Appollonius of Tyana, He took the [Page 57] fifth initiation and became a Master of the Wisdom.  From that time on He has stayed and worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual life which is to be found amongst members of all sects and divisions, and neutralizing as far as possible the mistakes and errors of the churchmen and the theologians.  He is distinctively the Great Leader, the General, and the wise Executive, and in Church matters He co-operates closely with the Christ, thus saving Him much and acting as His intermediary wherever possible.  No one so wisely knows as He the problems of the West, no one is so closely in touch with the people who stand for all that is best in Christian teachings, and no one is so well aware of the need of the present moment.  Certain great prelates of the Anglican and Catholic Churches are wise agents of His.


(HIS 182) ………….Above all, its interest lies for us in the fact that it is the ray (7th) which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and through the medium of this life force of executive organisation, of government by rule and order, by rhythm and by ritual, will come the time wherein the occidental races (with their active, concrete mind, and their vast business capacity) can take initiation,—an initiation, we must remember, upon a ray which is temporarily recognised as a major ray.  A large number of the initiates and [Page 183] those who have obtained adeptship in the last cycle, have been orientals and those in Hindu bodies.  This cycle has been dominated by the sixth ray, which is just passing out, and the two preceding.  In the preservation of equilibrium the time now comes when a period of attainment by occidentals will be seen, and this upon a ray suited to their type of mind.  It is interesting to note that the oriental type attains its objective through meditation, with a modicum of executive organisation and ritual, and that the occidental will achieve largely through the organisation which lower mind produces, and a type of meditation of which intense business concentration might be considered an illustration.  The one-pointed application of the mind by a European or American business man might be regarded as a type of meditation.  In the purification of motive lying back of this application will come, for the occidental, his day of opportunity.


(OM 41) At no time in the history of the race has this been better shown than in the present half century.  The sixth Ray of Devotion passes away and the Ray of Ceremonial Law enters and with that entering comes a swinging into prominence of the outstanding features and faculties of the department of force and activity, the synthesis, forget not, of the four minor rays.  Therefore you have the fighting for ideals and the devoted adherence to a cause, as demonstrated under the ray of the Master Jesus; therefore the clashing in every field of endeavor of the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare.  What was the world war but the culmination of two opposing ideals, fighting it out on the physical plane?—it was an instance of the force of the sixth ray.  Now will come, as the sixth ray passes out, a gradual cessation of the clashing, and the gradual domination of organisation, rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, that of the ray of the Master R—.  Out of the present turbulence will arise the ordered and organised form of the new world.  Gradually the new rhythm will impose itself on the disorganised communities of men, and instead of social chaos as now you will have social order and rule; instead of the religious differences and the differentiated sects of the many so-called religions, you will have religious expression itself regulated into form and all ordered by law; instead of economic and political strain and stress will be seen the harmonious working of the system under certain fundamental forms; all will be dominated by ceremonial with the inner results aimed at by the Hierarchy gradually taking shape.  Forget not that in the apotheosis of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies, towards the close (I choose my words with deliberation), a [Page 42] fresh period of chaos, and the escape of the imprisoned life from even those limitations, bearing with it the imparted faculty and the essence of the development aimed at by the Logos of the seventh ray.


(OM 43) The minor Rays of Harmony and Science respond quickly to this seventh influence; by that statement I mean that their monads are easily influenced in this direction.  The monads of the sixth Ray of Devotion find conformity more difficult, until nearing the point of synthesis.  The monads of the first and second rays find in this ray a field of expression.  First ray monads have a direct link with this ray and seek to wield the law through power, whilst second ray monads, being the synthetic type, guide and rule through love.


(OM 148) The mystic works through the Rays of Love, Harmony and Devotion, or by the path of the second, the fourth and the sixth rays.  The occultist works through the Rays of Power, Activity, and Ceremonial Law, or the first, the third and the seventh.  Both meet and blend through the development of mind, or through the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge (a fragment of cosmic intelligence), and on this fifth ray the mystic is resolved into the occultist and works then with all the rays.


(OM 318) The first point I seek to make here is that these advanced schools will be numerically small, and this for a very long time to come, and the personnel will be correspondingly [Page 318] small....At the head of the school will always be found an Initiate of the first or second degree, the aim of the school being to prepare pupils for the first initiation.  This necessarily requires an Initiate head.  This Initiate head will be definitely appointed by the Master Who has the school in charge, and he will be—within the confines of the school—sole judge and autocrat.  The risks of occult training are too great to permit of trifling, and what the Head demands must be obeyed.  But this obedience will not be compulsory but voluntary, for each pupil will realise the necessity and will render obedience from spiritual recognition.  As aforesaid, these different occult schools will be practically ray schools, and will have for their personnel teachers on some one ray or its complementary ray, with pupils on the same ray or complementary ray.  For instance, if the school is a second ray school—such as the one in Ireland is purposed to be—teachers and pupils on the second, fourth and sixth rays will be found in it.  At least one fifth ray teacher will be found in every school of occultism.  If a first ray school, the personnel and pupils will be first, third and seventh ray, with again a fifth ray teacher among the others.


(TEV 5) An illustration of this is to be found in the history of the League of Nations. Before He took up special work, the Master Serapis sought to bring through some constructive idea for the helping of humanity. He conceived of a world unity in the realm of politics which would work out as an intelligent banding of the nations for the preservation of international peace. He presented it to the adepts in conclave and it was felt that something could be done. [Page 5] The Master Jesus undertook to present it to His group of disciples as He was working in the occident. One of these disciples on the inner planes, seized upon the suggestion and passed it on (or rather stepped it down) until it registered in the brain of Colonel House. He, not recording the source (of which he was totally unaware), passed it on in turn to that sixth ray aspirant, called Woodrow Wilson. Then, fed by the wealth of analogous ideas in the minds of many, it was presented to the world. It should be borne in mind that the function of a disciple is to focus a stream of energy of some special kind upon the physical plane where it can become an attractive centre of force and draw to itself similar types of ideas and thought currents which are not strong enough to live by themselves or to make a sufficiently strong impact upon the human consciousness.


(TEV 89) This stage, which embraces the second type of impression in its earliest forms, can be quite a long one, for it [Page 89] covers a very definite period of transition from the astral plane to the mental plane. The time equation varies according to ray and the age of the soul. Sixth ray people, for instance, are very slow in making this transition, owing to the pronounced factor of glamour; first and second ray people are relatively quick. Third ray people are also slow, for they are lost in the threads of their own glamorous manipulations and their devious thinking, and hardly know where truth begins and delusion ends; illusion, which is the problem of the mental types on all rays, is far more temporary in its effects than is delusion.


(TEV 160) b. All who come into incarnation upon one of the Rays of Attribute—the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays—find their way finally on to one of the three major Rays of Aspect. The changes of shifts in ray focus are made when the etheric body has in it an adequate measure of the substance of the lowest of the cosmic ethers, the buddhic substance; this is basic for all, on all the rays, for at the end of the age, when cosmic etheric substance [Page 161] composes the etheric vehicles of the initiate, the three rays become the two rays, and later another absorption takes place into the second Ray of Love-Wisdom which is the ray of our present solar system.


(CF 436) We have now to deal with the influence of a force that is waning and passing out of dominance, that of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.  It will not be possible to predicate much anent it, beyond pointing out certain general ideas which may be of value in the contemplation of Ray cycles in general.


(CF 439) This is what is beginning to happen in relation to this sixth Ray of Devotion.  Egos who are on that particular Ray will take form elsewhere on other globes, and in other chains, and not so much on our planet.  The vibrations of that Ray will quiet down as far as we are concerned, and find increased activity elsewhere.  To phrase it otherwise, our planet and all thereon will become positive and non-receptive, and will temporarily repulse this particular type of force.  A psychical manifestation of this can be seen in the dying down of what is called Christian enthusiasm.  This Ray, on which the Chohan Jesus may be found, will no longer pour its force to the same extent into the form He built, and it will necessarily slowly but surely disintegrate, having served its purpose [Page 440] for close on two thousand years.  Later again the same force will be felt returning, and a new form will be found slowly coming into being, but along more adequate lines.


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