This compilation has been drawn from the writings of Alice A. Bailey. 

The abbreviations of her book titles are as follows.

TEV………………………………………Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
EP I AND II……………………………Esoteric Psychology I and II
EOH………………………………………Externalisation of the Hierarchy
DINA I AND II…………………………Discipleship in the New Age I and II
TWM………………………………………A Treatise on White Magic
EA…………………………………………Esoteric Astrology
ROC…………………………………….The Reappearance of the Christ
R & I………………………………………The Rays and the Initiations
LOM……………………………………….Letters on Occult Meditation
TCF…………………………………………A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
IHS…………………………………………Initiation, Human and Solar

Entries followed by the initials “MTR” are interpretations by the compiler.


The Plan is the orderly, patterned unfolding of Divine Potential in time and space.  MTR

The Plan is that portion of Divine Purpose that has immediate relevance at any given point in time and space. TEV 121

...the completed Plan will reveal the Purpose on the seven planes of evolution. TEV 120

This Plan is based upon knowledge of divine guidance in the past, the recognition of progress out of that Past into the Present, plus the effort to become sensitive to the right emergence of that Plan embodying ever an aspect of the Purpose in the immediate Future. TEV 121

Because the Plan is so vast in scope, it ...can only be...known in truth by the Hierarchy, and then only in group formation, and by those Masters who can function in full monadic consciousness.  EP II, 241

To the spiritual Hierarchy, the Plan involves those arrangements of circumstances which will raise and expand the consciousness of mankind and enable men, therefore, to discover the spiritual values for themselves and to make the needed changes of their own free will and thus produce the demanded betterment of the environment…. EOH 670

The Plan is as much of the Hierarchical intent as an entire and whole picture as the initiate can grasp, plus an understanding of the part which he, as an individual server, must play.   DINA II, 667

The plan as at present sensed and for which the masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows: It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time.  It will make available to every man all past achievements and knowledges it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain, and make him the master of that equipment, and will make him therefore onmipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience.  This next development of the Plan will produce in man an understanding - intelligent and co-operative - of the divine purpose for which the One in Whom we live and move and have our being, has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation.   TWM 403 - 404

The Plan for man has three great goals - the revelation of love the illumination of the mind and the evocation of the will.   DINA I, 411

The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows:

1 the raising of the level of human consciousness so that intelligent men and women will be consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm of intuitive perception

2 the clarification of the international situation through the beautification of national life, the production of order, and the securing of freedom in every country, and through the realisation by each nation of its responsibility to all other nations and

3 the growth of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon group good, group understanding, group interrelation, and group goodwill.  The very effort to think in terms of goodwill to the whole is part of the technique required to expand the present human consciousness. EP II, 649 - 657

The present objective under the Plan for the Human family is:
1 the manifestation of the nature of the soul,
2 the transfer of energy from emphasis upon physicalreproduction to the nurturing of the creative faculty upon the mental plane, and
3 the ushering in of a period of unfoldment in every kingdom.   DINA I, 19

The Plan is based upon the ideal of brotherhood, on the will-to-good, and on the freedom of the whole.   EA 542

The Plan works for the establishment of brotherhood, sharing, internationalism, and unity.  DINA II, 136

The plan includes the effort to educate the world in the ideas of a true world unity. DINA I, 161

The main objective and the immediate task of the Christ is to bring to an end the separateness which exists between man and man, family and family, community and community, and nation and nation.   EOH 648

The Plan seeks: 
1 to elevate the consciousness of Humanity to the mental plane and to render the minds of men widely and generally active, so that the entire level of human intelligence will be raised, and
2 to break down the barriers of separateness, isolation, and prejudice. TWM 405

The creative work to be accomplished by the Seven Ashrams of Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers generally is:
1 the work of bringing order out of chaos, and
2 the task of preparing the way for the Reappearance of the Christ. DINA II, 218

The Reappearance of the Christ is equivalent to the manifestation of the planetary Hierarchy or the Appearance of the Masters of the Wisdom.  EP II, 657

Part of the immediate Plan includes the simultaneous externalization of the Hierarchy, reappearance of the Christ, and restoration of the mysteries of initiation to Humanity.   DINA I, 12, 33 DINA II, 136 EOH 570 ROC 71

The triple development described above must be preceded by the rehabilitation of the peoples of the Earth.   R & I, 135

One part of the Plan calls for the externalization of the Ashrams, which will restore the mysteries, make familiar the first two initiations, make known the subjective world, reveal the essential underlying reality, and reveal the purpose of Shamballa and Sanat Kumara.  DINA II, 136

The Plan is dynamic substance impregnated with the energy of Will. TEV 118

The Plan constitutes a reservoir of energised substance, held in solution by the WILL of Sanat Kumara and embodying His intangible purpose intangible to us but not  intangible to Him. TEV 119

The Plan is the dynamic substance providing the content or reservoir of thought upon which the consciousness of the serving disciple can draw. TEV 94

One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be used by the Master, is solitude. TWM 132

As the disciple begins to demonstrate soul quality, and the second divine aspect takes possession of him and controls and colours his entire life, automatically the higher sensitivity is developed he becomes a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts he attracts into his field of consciousness the outline, and later the details, of the hierarchical Plan he becomes aware eventually of the planetary purpose.... TEV 95

The higher forms of mental telepathy, involving the soul and the abstract mind are concerned solely with the divine Plan - as the Hierarchy works it out in the three worlds. TEV 113

Tendencies towards materialism and towards personality achievements must, under the larger plan and the will - to - good, be offset by a counter move of spiritual living and this must be the objective of all working disciples.  DINA I, 20

A vision of the Plan confers a sense of proportion and also of stability, leads to a much needed readjustment of values, and indicates that purpose and objective exist behind the vicissitudes of life.     EP II, 218

All should strive toward awakening the inner light which will reveal somewhat the Plan, and particularly that aspect of the Plan to which the illumined knower can respond and usefully serve.    TWM 404

…the task of the Hierarchy is to formulate the Plan for all forms of life in the three worlds and the four kingdoms in nature.  This Plan, in time and space, is not in any way concerned with individual man or with the life of any microcosmic entity in any of the kingdoms of nature, but with the wholes, the cycles of time, with those vast plans of livingness which man calls history, with nations and races, with world religions and great political ideologies and with social organisations which produce permanent changes in types, constitutions, planetary areas and cyclic manifestations. R & I 307

The prevision of the Hierarchy in regard to the specifics of the Plan extends 2000 years into the future at any given point in time.  The Destiny of the Nations, p. 28

It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of our centre, and by realisation of the place our centre holds in the body logoic, that the hierarchy achieves the aims of  evolution.   TCF, p.  358

The occult Hierarchy of our planet is primarily concerned with the development of self-consciousness in man, and with the intelligent interpretation of the happenings of nature it is concerned with a wise cooperation with the building forces of nature and the object of its main endeavor is the vitalisation and activity of the centres in the Heavenly Man of our planet, and in the individual units of the human family. TCF, p. 642

The unfolding of the Plan may be recognized through:

        1. a study of the evolution of the human family
        2. a close consideration of historical processes
        3. a comparative analysis of ancient and modern civilizations and cultures
        4. a study of world history which includes philosophy, art, architecture, and science.  EOH 589

    Hierarchy prepares disciples for initiation by offering them opportunities to serve in relation to the emerging Plan. EOH 520

      In order to facilitate the unfolding of the Plan on Earth, the following steps should be taken by disciples of the Masters.

      1. First, teach the law of evolution and its inevitable corollary, perfected members of the human kingdom.  The public must be taught that such Great Souls as the Masters of the Planetary Hierarchy  exist, and do so entirely to serve their fellow human beings.  The public should be familiarized with the names of the Masters, their attributes, their work and purpose, and with the fact that they are due to come forth or externalize.
      2. Second, demonstrate by example the life of love.
      3. Third, promote the unity of all esoteric organizations.
      4. Engage in spiritual healing, in exorcising and healing mental and astral diseases.
      5. Those involved in church and Masonic rituals should discover the inner significances of the various rites, ceremonies, colors used, and rituals.
      6. Classes should be held by the occultists of the world in which the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom is made comprehensible to all. EOH 515 – 517


    An Ashram is a subjective fusion of individuals and not of personalities, gathered together for service purposes. DINA I, 702

    The Ashrams exist upon the plane of buddhi or of the intuition. DINA II, 105

    An ashram is composed of souls both in and out of incarnation and is a synthesis of initiates of various degrees.  DINA I, 728

    Every Ashram or inner group is essentially a reservoir of thought and that reservoir has for its spring or source, the ideas, dreams, vision and aspiration of the Master. DINA I, 697

    An Ashram is a center for the clarification of the vision, not of physical plane methods of work. DINA I, 707

    The seven major ashramic divisions of Hierarchy were instituted eons ago by the Ray Lords as incipient points of light.  R & I 386

    Each Ashram…expresses ray quality in its purest and most essential form. R & I 387

    ...disciples in an Ashram are primarily concerned with world affairs. DINA I, 705

    An Ashram is ...a magnetic point of tension, a fusion of energies directed towards a common centre....  DINA I, 702 - 703

    No one is admitted through the process of initiation into the Ashram of the Christ the Hierarchy until such time as he is beginning to think and live in terms of group relationships and group activities. R & I 344

    Each Ashram has its part to play in materialising the Plan and some project to carry through connected with the Plan.  DINA II, 679


    The Ray One Ashram is instrumental in the destruction of old and outworn conditions and the ending of the old civilization in order that the new may be established.   DINA II, 219

    The Ray One Ashram is occupied with the destruction of evil.   EOH 692

    The Ray One Ashram works toward the expression of synthesis in the world of politics and of government. EOH 663

    The Ray One Ashram has as its task the inspiring of the great national leaders throughout the world.     EOH 505

    Disciples and initiates working under the direction of the First Ray Master Master Morya work in ...the field of right human relations and in the production of that synthesis of effort which will create a new intuitional consciousness and - consequently - a changing political consciousness in which the family of nations will stand together for...
    1 the freedom of the individual...
    2 right international interplay...
    3 clean political regimes....   EOH 578

    The Ray One Ashram works closely with the Ray Two Ashram, whose job is to educate the general public in truer values.  EOH 579

    The Ray One Ashram exists within the department of the Manu, and thus is in the line of energies which deal with the force, strength, and power to rule. LOM 169

    ...the work of the Manu is occupied with the science of divine government, with politics and law.  EOH 274

    The Ashram of the First Ray Master seeks to influence, and direct the activities of workers in the political field throughout the planet.   R & I, 586

    The Manu manipulates matter and is occupied with the evolution of form, whether it is the dense physical form of animal, mineral, flower, human being or planet, or the form of races, nations, devas or other evolutions.  LOM 167

    The Ray One Ashram has as part of its objective the forming of groups of disciples on the physical plane within the context of which the next evolutional advances may be made manifest and aspects of the Plan previously unrevealed may be made known.  This is done together with the Ray Two Ashram. DINA I, 53 – 54

    The Ray One Ashram engages in the scientific stepping down of the energy from the Avatar of Synthesis, that His energy may be distributed to all of Hierarchy.  EOH 662

    The Ray One Ashram stays in close touch with Shamballa.  DINA II, 595

    Ray One reveals the purpose of creation.  R & I 411

    First Ray workers provide the substance with which the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify and modify. DINA II, 595

    First Ray workers ...inspire substance with the energy and purpose and with the life necessary to render it responsive to the plan.... DINA II, 595

    The Ray One Ashram is involved directly in preparations for the Return of the Christ.   DINA II, 643 - 644

    Master Morya, the focal point of the First Ray Ashram, is the head of all esoteric schools which truly prepare an aspirant for ashramic contact and work.     R & I, 380

    Master Morya is the inner head of all esoteric groups and organizations throughout the world. DINA I, 226, 622     DINA II, 505

    Master Morya was a Sixth Degree Initiate at the time the Tibetan dictated his works to Alice Bailey.  DINA II, 135  EP I, 108


    The work of the Second Ray Ashram is the directing of love energy toward Humanity. EOH 660

    The Second Ray Ashram transforms the Will to Good into goodwill.  EOH 669

    The Second Ray Ashram stands behind all the world's philanthropic and welfare movements. EOH 507 

    The Second Ray Ashram falls within the department of the Bodhisattva or World Teacher, and hence with the evolving life within the form, with the implanting of religious ideas and with the development of philosophical concepts both in individuals and races. LOM 167

    The line of the Bodhisattva is magnetism, attraction, healing.   LOM 170

    The work of the Second Ray Ashram is intimately involved with healing.  EOH 506 - 507

    The work of the Second Ray Ashram is that of establishing right human relations.  EOH 669

    The Ray Two Ashram has as its purview the education of the general public in the truer values. EOH 579

    Ray Two workers stimulate the minds of Humanity through the vivification of ideas, ultimately producing mental illumination in Humanity. DINA II, 219

    The Second Ray Ashram oversees the fields of education and the training of aspirants for initiation. R & I 586

    At the current time, the Second Ray Ashram works at the transmutation of religious dogma. EOH 505

    The Second Ray Ashram is making preparations for the externalization of the Hierarchy. DINA II, 643 - 644   EOH 660

    The Second Ray Ashram is involved in preparing all the Hierarchical

    Ashrams for the externalization process. EOH 660 - 661

    The Second Ray Ashram is occupied with the mental and spiritual registration of the plans of the Christ. EOH 661

    The mission of the Second Ray Ashram is produce the energy which will make possible and definite the reappearance of the Christ. EOH 660

    Master Kuthumi, the focal point of the Ray Two Ashram, is in close association with the Christ. EOH 661

    Kuthumi or Koot Humi, K.H. was a sixth degree initiate at the time the Tibetan dictated his works with Alice Bailey.  DINA II, 135 EP I, 108

    The work of training the Masters' disciples falls to the Second Ray Ashram.   EOH 507

    Master Djwhal Khul, a Second Ray Master of the fifth degree, works with altruistic healers, philanthropic world movements such as the Red Cross, and welfare organizations.  He also trains the disciples of the world and works with healing angels.  EOH 506 - 507

    The Ashrams of Djwhal Khul and Kuthumi are attempting to bring to Humanity’s attention the normality of death and its place in the natural scheme of things.  EH  390


    The work of Ray Three is the adaptation of matter to need. CF 582

    The Third Ray Ashram is within the department of the Mahachohan and hence carries on the work of that department in dealing with the mind or intelligence, and in collaboration with the other rays, controls the evolution of mind, which is the agency whereby the Spirit or Self utilises the form or Not-Self.  LOM 167

    The line of the Mahachohan is electricity, synthesis, organization.   LOM 170

    The Third Ray Ashram has the essential task of establishing on our planet the right attitudes toward materiality.  EOH 667

    To the disciples of the Third Ray Ashram falls the task of contending with rank materialism and the false values engendered by it.   EOH 666 - 667

    The work of the Third Ray Ashram is the conveying to Humanity the importance of right economic sharing. EOH 665

    Right distribution of economic resources occupies the thought of Third Ray workers.  EOH 666

    The Third Ray Ashram has as part of its work the management of worldwide economic problems and issues. EOH 666

    Third Ray workers are charged with solving the problems of industry and of the economy. EOH 664 - 665

    The establishment of right principles of barter and exchange is one of the goals of the Third Ray Ashram. EOH 666

    The Third Ray Ashram stood behind the establishment of the worldwide labor movement. EOH 664

    The Third Ray works to spiritualize the concepts promoted by the worldwide labor movement.  EOH 664 - 665

    It was the work of the Third Ray Ashram which resulted in the rise of the educated middle class.  EOH 664

    The Third Ray Ashram has as one of its objectives the establishment of mass education throughout the world. EOH 664

    All that the Third Ray Ashram undertakes is closely related to the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ. DINA II, 643 - 644

    The Third Ray Ashram is bringing in the new civilization which all men await. EOH 667

    The Third Ray Ashram is now headed by Seventh Ray Master Rakoczi, for the Seventh Ray is currently becoming the dominant ray and that which will characterise the coming world civilization. EOH 667

    The Third Ray Ashram includes the Fifth and Seventh Ray Ashrams, which are all currently working under the direction of Master Rakoczi. EOH 667

    Master Rakoczi is now the Mahachohan or Lord of Civilization. EOH 607

    Master Rakoczi and the Fifth Ray Master Hilarion are currently working together to establish an occidental branch of the Hierarchy. LOM 305


    The Ray Four Ashram:
    1 works with the deva or angel evolution,        
    2 energizes the great art movements of the world, and
    3 oversees the evolution of music.   IHS 60

    The Ray Four Ashram undoubtedly has to do with the development of the aesthetic sense in civilization and Humanity.   MTR

    The Ray Four Ashram will come into full expression when the intuition or buddhic capacity is a recognized asset in human consciousness. EOH 581

    The Ray Four Ashram is most likely involved in cultivating the intuition in Humanity. MTR

    Ray Four disciples are overseeing the thinking of those who guide and direct the United Nations, doing so from the intuitional or buddhic plane, the plane upon which all Hierarchical activity is to be found in modern times.  DINA II, 220

    It is highly likely that one of the projects of the Fourth Ray Ashram is the promotion of the concept of mediation.   MTR

    A Fourth Ray Master has his headquarters in America and together with his disciples does much to stimulate the psychological schools of thought.  This work proceeds from the mental plane, through the power of thought.  This Master stimulates the minds of leaders in the field of psychology. EP I, 105

    The development of psychotherapy and the counseling process, or the resolution of internal conflict, is likely a result of the Fourth Ray Ashram. MTR

    The Ray Four Master is Serapis.  IHS 60


    The Fifth Ray Ashram works with:
    1 the development of intuition,
    2 the stimulation of psychical research, and
    3 the development of psychics of a high order.  IHS 59

    The Work of the Ray Five Ashram includes:
    1 the stimulation of intuitive perception,
    2 the development of high grade psychics,
    3 the encouragement of psychical research, and
    4 research into the after death state. EOH 506

    Master Hilarion, the Master on the Fifth Ray, stimulates the intuitive perception of Americans. EOH 506

    Hilarion, the Ray Five Master, is to externalize His Ashram and act as a focal point of buddhic energy in the spiritualistic movement. CF 759

    The Ashram of Master Hilarion supervises scientific discoveries and their application.  R & I 586

    The impetus of the Fifth Ray Ashram is definitely behind the development of the field of parapsychology.  This Ashram promotes the scientific recognition of the unseen worlds.   It likely accomplishes this not only through parapsychological and psychical research, but also through the work of cutting edge physicists whose writings demonstrate the fact that all is energy and that the concepts of science and the concepts of spirituality are only divided by vocabulary, not by essential meaning.   MTR

    The work of the Fifth Ray Ashram will eventually externalize as scientific research into the nature of the soul.  This research has already begun to unfold, somewhat, in the context of medicine, for it is in the hospital environment where many near death experiences have occurred, and hence, the study of these events has involved physicians.  Further, many psychiatrists who are M.D.s by training are stumbling onto the realm of the higher self in work with their patients, and some have even embraced hypnotherapy, past life regressions, and the reality of previous incarnations.   Hence, it will be from within the confines of medical science that much evidence for the immortal self existing independently of the physical body may come to light.  This is a reflection of the inspiration of the Ray Five Ashram, which operates under the Ray of Science and Concrete Knowledge, Ray Five.  It is this ray which makes definite and known the qualities of spirit.      MTR

    The Ray Five Ashram stimulates the thinking of all kinds of scientists including social and economic scientists, chemists, biologists, physicists, and the like that through their organised impact on the mental plane, the structure of the new civilization may be brought about.   DINA II, 220 - 221

    This Ashram has an important part to play in the work of preparation, for it is through the scientific use of energy that the world will be rebuilt and the factual nature of the Hierarchy be proved. EOH 577

    Workers from the Fifth Ray Ashram will lead mankind into the benefits of the atomic age.  EOH 579

    A formula concerning electrical phenomena was prepared by initiates of the Fifth Ray at the close of the 19th century.  It has taken form as the achievements of Edison and similar researchers, as well as through the work of those who dealt originally with radium and radioactivity.  However, only two-fifths of the formula has been manifested.  CF 456

    Master Hilarion the Fifth Ray Master is working with Master Rakoczi the Seventh Ray Master but who is presently the Mahachohan as well to establish an occidental branch of the Hierarchy.  LOM 305  


    The work of the Sixth Ray Ashram is the stimulation of idealism and the desire to strive toward a higher value or objective in the consciousness of Humanity.  The workers of this Ashram strive to communicate the perception of a higher ideal into human consciousness.  The Ray Six Ashram has as its responsibility the fanning of the flames of idealism in all its branches, for idealism is one of the most important forces leading Humanity forward to its divine potential. MTR

    The Ray Six Ashram works for the gaining of mass recognition of the spiritual truth which underlies all life. DINA II, 221

    The work of this Ashram is the organization and mobilization of the mystical aspiration of the masses everywhere. DINA II, 221

    Master Jesus is the focal point of the Ray Six Ashram, and his work involves the influencing of the Christian churches in a direction which is in line with the objectives of the Christ, the head of the entire Hierarchy. EOH 506

    Master Jesus, the Ray Six Master, and his Ashram are involved with preparing the way in Europe and America for the appearance of the World Teacher. IHS 56

    The Sixth Ray Ashram is likely involved with the rise of the New World Religion.   [MTR]

    Certain Ray Six disciples are currently under the tutelage of Master Hilarion, the Ray Five Master. DINA II, 624


    The Ray Seven Ashram, operating under the supervision of Master Rakoczi, coordinates all aspects of the Plan, producing an organized, orchestrated, coherent synthesis of all its parts on the physical plane.  EOH 507

    The Ray Seven Ashram works for the establishment of ordered beauty in living and the arresting of chaos and ugliness. EOH 668

    The Ray Seven Ashram works toward the ending of lawlessness and the undeserved persecution of the world's people. EOH 668 

    The establishment of right relations between capital and labor is one of the objectives of the Seventh Ray Ashram.  EOH 646

    The workers in the Ray Seven Ashram apply themselves to the impressing of all minds with the principle of the divine use of money.   DINA II, 221 - 222

    Master Rakoczi’s Seventh Ray Ashram oversees the structuring of the world economy. R & I 586

    Seventh Ray Ashram workers lead the minds of thoughtful financiers and wealthy humanitarians from simple philanthropy to an esoteric recognition of the legitimate claims of the World Teacher upon the resources of the planet.  DINA II, 221

    Certain workers from the Ray Seven Ashram are involved in offsetting the negative effect of psychic powers used for selfish purposes.  CF 455

    The Seventh Ray Ashram oversees the correct development of spiritualism. The Destiny of the Nations, p. 43

    The Seventh and Fifth Ray Masters are working toward the establishment of an occidental branch of the Hierarchy.  LOM 305

    This Ashram has as its responsibility the overseeing of the ceremonials of various organizations, such as those of fraternities, Freemasonry, and the churches.   IHS 58-59

    The seventh ray...aids and inaugurates the appearing of a new world order, based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration, mental freedom, loving understanding and a physical plane rhythm which provides opportunity for full creative expression.  To bring this about, energy from Shamballa embodying the will - to - good is fused and blended with the organising energy of the seventh ray and then carried to humanity along the stream of love which emanates from the Hierarchy itself. EA 445