About the Relation of D.K. and the Masters M. and K.H.:

I am a brother of yours, who has traveled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost. I am not an old man, as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not young or inexperienced. My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response, and I have been doing this for many years. I seek also to help the Master M. and the Master K.H. whenever opportunity offers, for I have been long connected with Them and with Their work. In all the above, I have told you much; yet at the same time I have told you nothing which would lead you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master Whom he is as yet unable to contact. Nor will he make that desired contact until he has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity—not to the Master (Extract from a Statement from the Tibetan).


D.K. speaks to One of His Disciple about Different Types of Second Ray Vibration:

I am glad that you regard yourself as sensitive to my vibration, for so you are. But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the second ray vibration—as it expresses itself through a second ray group such as my group of disciples—with my individual vibration. Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish:


1. The vibration of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.


2. The vibration of the Master M. or the Master K.H. should They happen to use the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group.


3. My vibration, which is naturally strongly colored by the second ray.


4. The vibration of a second ray group, which is an aggregate of all the notes and tones of the disciples in the group.


5. The vibration of advanced second ray disciples. This can at times be confused with mine.


6. The vibration of sixth ray groups which respond to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and is contacted relatively easily.

A consideration of the above may indicate to you something of value (DINA I, 117).


Master M. is the Head of all Esoteric Schools in the World at this Time, and about the Capacity to learn to Differentiate Energies:

You have come a long distance quite rapidly upon the Path lately, and have definitely increased both your vibratory capacity and your influence. Some years of potent service are possible to you and again another explanation is in order. He Whom you will some day know as your Master when admitted in full consciousness into His group of disciples (the Master M.) is the head of all esoteric schools in the world at this time. Hence you can see why you found your way into my group of disciples and why also you are working actively and fruitfully in its executive and organizational end. It is in line with your inner group force and this, rightly understood and used, can make of you a useful focal point for the Master's energy in the place where you have chosen to serve. You must learn to differentiate, therefore, as time goes on and your sensitivity increases, between:


1. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of your own soul.

2. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of this particular group of disciples.

3. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the esoteric schools.

4. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the head of all esoteric groups, the Master Morya (DINA I, 226).




About the Great Invocation and the Ashrams of D.K., Master K.H. and Master M.:

I seek to have this Invocation go forth on the power generated by my Ashram and by all of you affiliated with my Ashram: the Ashrams of the Master K.H. and the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work (DINA II, 151).


Why some of D.K. Senior Disciples are Previous Disciples from Master M, or K.H.:

I would like to deal with a question, which is bound to arise in the minds of those of you who are senior in this group.


The question might be voiced thus: "If I am in preparation for the second or the third initiation, I must have been in a group of disciples—presumably the Tibetan's—for some lives at least. Why then the need for an integrating formula?" Because, my chela, though you have been in a group of disciples prior to this, it was not my group but [Page 246] the group of either the Master M. or the Master K.H. Owing to the fact of world urgency and the immensity of the work to be done by Them and owing also to the fact that They are preparing to pass through one of the highest initiations, these two Masters have handed all but a few of Their senior disciples to me and to two other of Their initiate disciples, themselves Adepts or Masters. They have also retained in Their groups of disciples those who have started specific work under Their direction in some previous life, and a few disciples who came into incarnation in this world period having the brain and the mind awakened to their relationship to these Masters. These conditions do not exist in this group in relation to me—the Master chosen to lead you forward. Yet (though you remember it not) all of you knew me well when working with the two Chohans, and hence the decision for you to work under my instruction and guidance. It has worked happily and with no delay so far DINA II, 245-6).


About the Relation between D.K. Ashram and Master M. Ashram:

As I told J.W.K-P. Some years ago, a "detached attachment" (paradoxical as it sounds) is the goal of the first ray-working disciple. This is equally true of you. You and he have the same egoic, personality and mental rays. Hence the close link with him, which you have ever realized. He is a disciple of the Master M., temporarily working in my Ashram. You have been admitted into the ranks of accepted disciples in my Ashram and by me, but you will eventually be transferred into the Ashram of the Master M. The free interplay thus established between my Ashram and that of the Master M. is due to the fact that He is the inner Head of all esoteric groups, and in the interest of the coming new world order, the teaching Ashrams are being strengthened by the inflow of first ray disciples. This should be a point of real interest to you (DINA II, 505).


About some of the Reasons to belong Temporarily to Master M. Ashram:

My relation to you is slightly different to that which I face when approaching the bulk of the members of my Ashram; you belong, as does F.B., to the Ashram of the Master Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram on account of the nature of the vibratory activity of your astral body, and because—owing to your own definite soul choice—you are shifting on to the second ray of love-wisdom. You might well ask, therefore, how it happens that your orientation has been towards the Master M. and that you have been affiliated with His Ashram. The reason is to be found in the fact that your personality, your mental nature and your physical body are all upon the first ray, and that consequently the power of your intelligent and focused mind has driven you into the aura of the leading first ray Ashram, and has held you there. Closer participation was not possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural and predetermined destiny was to fuse its secondary energy with the energy of the second ray, thus opening the door for you into a second ray Ashram. It was felt, therefore, that I (through the medium of my Ashram) could provide those conditions which would facilitate this transition and at the same time prepare you for the next great spiritual expansion of consciousness—the initiation of which you know. This will mark the consummation of this major life cycle (DINA II, 516).


D.K. is Preparing some Disciples to shift from His Ashram to the Ones of K.H. or M.

The objective of this life of interlude and of a somewhat drastic, hampering experience, plus repeated frustration, is to fit you in a later life (next life, if you profit by the presented opportunity) for transfer into the Ashram of the Master K.H. As you know, one of the tasks I undertook in this time of world crisis was to relieve several of the Masters from the task of instructing and watching over Their junior disciples. The senior disciples and those that are called world disciples have retained their position in the older and more potent Ashrams. One of these senior disciples, A.A.B., as you well know, has aided me in this task. I also undertook to prepare certain disciples who had never been in the Ashram of either the Master K.H. or the Master M. so that they could transfer out of my Ashram into Theirs; among these you will find yourself. In your case you have here the chief reason for your present circumstances (DINA II, 563).


About the Natural Isolation of the First Ray Type, even of Master M.:

It is not easy for you or for any first ray disciple to get close enough, or want to get close enough, to a person to really know him. You may remember the episode when the Master M. was at one time asked to handle the pupils of the Master K.H. so as to release Him for some brief job, and found himself unable to understand them or to do anything with them. It lies in the natural isolation of the first ray type. Have this in mind (DINA II, 594).


Role of Master M. in the Specific Overshadowing of the Avatar of Synthesis:

1. Overshadowing. Where there is kinship in quality, in objective and in nature, it is possible for the Avatar to overshadow some Member of the Hierarchy (as in the case of the Avatar of Synthesis) or some disciple or aspirant where humanity is concerned (in the case of a lesser Avatar). This is done through meditation, through a directed stream of thought energy, the presentation of a thoughtform and the evocation of the focused will of the one who is overshadowed. All this proceeds rapidly where there is close cooperation between the latter (the sensitive responding disciple) and the Avatar. The Christ is today in very close rapport with the Avatar of Synthesis, and this rapport will continue, becoming closer and closer until the Full Moon of June; He is giving all possible aid, as is His Brother, the Buddha. It is this, which makes the coming Full Moon of May of such supreme importance.


A group of Masters and initiates Who are specially related to the Christ's department, as well as a group working under the Master M., are endeavoring to respond to this overshadowing which is only possible—even to Them—when transmitted to Them by the Christ. (I talk here of mysteries.) It will therefore be apparent to you that, as They succeed and become increasingly sensitive to and aware of this overshadowing energy of the great Avatar, Their disciples on earth can also—in a dim and faint way—become responsive to the ideas that are formulated in the mind of their particular Master in response to avataric impression. Ponder on this EXH 306-7).


Three Ashrams actively engaged in the Externalization of Hierarchy:

Among the seven major Ashrams and their subsidiary and affiliated Ashrams only a few have undertaken to send their disciples and their initiates at this time to carry out this initiatory task. The three major Ashrams so engaged are:

1. The Ashram of the Master K.H. This is the second ray Ashram and—with that of the Master M. —the most powerful in the Hierarchy; it controls the building forces.


2. The first ray Ashram, that of the Master M. He is the custodian of the principle of synthesis, the work of which is that of organic fusion, and this is ever needed to supplement that of the building agents.


3. The Ashram of a Master on the fifth ray, the custodian, among other things, of science and of that which relates and brings into expression the duality of spirit-matter. This Ashram has an important part to play in the work of preparation, for it is through the scientific use of energy that the world will be rebuilt and the factual nature of the Hierarchy be proved.


Through the pressure of education (second ray energy), through the growth of the concept of synthesis (first ray energy), and through the correct use of energy (fifth ray energy), this world can be brought into a condition of preparedness for the externalization of the Hierarchy.


The efforts of the disciples coming from the Ashram of K.H. will be largely directed towards the general public, but they will work primarily through educators in all countries and through those concerned with the teaching of religion. Educators touch those preparing for all types of activity…


—will develop the new world religion.


Paralleling these activities (and disciples on this ray are already taking the needed steps) will come that of the disciples and initiates who are working under the direction of the Master M. Their work lies in the field of right human relations and in the production of that synthesis of effort which will create a new intuitional consciousness and—consequently—a changing political consciousness and situation in which the family of nations will stand together for certain basic values. These are fundamentally three in number:


1. The freedom of the individual. These freedoms have been voiced for us in the words of that great first ray disciple, Franklin D. Roosevelt. They are the four essential freedoms.


2. Right international interplay, necessitating finally the abolition of war.


3. Clean political regimes, free from graft, selfish ambition and dirty political maneuvering.


In the achievement of these ends (and only major issues will be considered, leaving the lesser and unimportant effects [Page 579] to be dealt with later) the disciples of synthesis and the instigators of right political relationships will work in close cooperation with disciples upon the second ray whose task it is to educate the general public in the truer values. A trained and enlightened public, shouldering right responsibility, will elect only those men whose vision is in line with the new ethics, the new science of right human relations, and who recognize as a basic political tenet the equality of all men—an equality founded on a universal and basic divinity.


Allied to the efforts of these two groups of disciples and initiates will be those disciples on the fifth ray, whose task it will be to lead mankind into the benefits of the atomic age.  The occultist has ever proclaimed that the field wherein the Hierarchy works is that of energy; they have taught that there is nothing in existence but energy in some form or other, and that all we see, all with which we daily work (including our own material natures, mental, emotional and physical), and all that produces phenomena is energy in relation to forces, or forces as they are directed by energy.  This the emerging group of disciples will incontrovertibly prove…  (EXH, 576-9).


Who is Master M. and about His Function:

Under the first great group of which the Manu is the Head, can be found two Masters, the Master Jupiter, and the Master Morya.  Both of them have taken more than the fifth initiation….  The Master Morya, Who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and Who numbers amongst His pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans, is a Rajput Prince, and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs.


He works in close co-operation with the Manu, and will Himself eventually hold office as the Manu of the sixth root-race.  He dwells, as does His Brother, the Master K. H., at Shigatse in the Himalayas, and is a well-known figure to the inhabitants of that far-away village.  He is a man of tall and commanding presence, dark hair and beard and dark eyes, and might be considered stern were it not for the expression that lies in His eyes.  He and His Brother, the Master K.  H., work almost as a unit, and have done so for many centuries and will, on into the future, for the Master K. H. is in line for the office of World Teacher when the present holder of that office vacates it for higher work, and the sixth root-race comes into being.  The houses in which They both dwell are close together, and much of Their time is spent in the closest association.  As the Master M. is upon the first Ray, that of Will or Power, His work largely concerns itself with the carrying out of the plans of the present Manu.  He acts as the Inspirer of the statesmen of the world; He manipulates forces, through the Mahachohan, that will bring about the conditions desired for the furthering of racial evolution.  On the physical plane those great national executives [Page 55] who have far vision and the international ideal are influenced by Him, and with Him co-operate certain of the great devas of the mental plane, and three great groups of angels work with Him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalize thoughtforms, and thus keep alive the thoughtforms of the Guides of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity.


The Master M. has a large body of pupils under His instruction, and works in connection with many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statemen of the world.

At this particular time the Master M., the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus are interesting Themselves [Page 56] closely with the work of unifying, as far as may be, eastern and western thought, so that the great religions of the East, with the later development of the Christian faith in all its many branches, may mutually benefit each other.  Thus eventually it is hoped one great universal Church may come into being (HIS, 54-5).


About the Line along which Light comes, and Master M.:

At a certain stage upon the Path all the rays governing the mental body shift their focus onto rays one and two, doing this via the third ray.  This ray holds the same position to the other rays that the solar plexus center does to the other six centers, for it constitutes a great clearing house.  The first ray penetrates, pierces and produces the line along which Light comes; the second ray is the "light-carrier," and supplements the work of the first ray.  A study of the activities and the cooperative endeavors of the Master M. and the Master K.H. may serve to make this clearer.  Their work is indispensable to each other; just as life and consciousness are mutually indispensable, and without them form is rendered valueless (EP II, 359).


Ashrams on Atmic Levels are under the Control of the Master M.:

On atmic levels, the levels of the spiritual will, are to be found the Ashrams of those Masters Who are interpreting the will of Shamballa and to Whom is committed the task of transmitting the purpose and organizing the plans whereby that purpose can be fulfilled.  As on manasic levels the Ashrams as a whole are presided over by the Master R., the Lord of Civilization, so on buddhic levels all Ashrams are supervised by the Master K.H., with the aid of myself (the Master D.K.) and three senior and initiated [Page 170] disciples; the objective is the unfoldment of group awareness and of loving understanding, in order that the forms prepared and conditioned under the supervision of the Master R. may be sensitized and become increasingly conscious of reality through the development of an inner mechanism of light which—in its turn—will condition and develop the outer mechanism of contact.  Ashrams on atmic levels are under the control of the Master M., Who fosters the will aspect within the developed forms and Who (as the Old Commentary expresses it) "adds darkness unto light so that the stars appear, for in the light the stars shine not, but in the darkness light diffused is not, but only focused points of radiance."  The symbolism will be obvious to you though not the full significance (RI, 169-70).