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Venus Compilation
From Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey

See Michael Robbins' Tapestry of the Gods, Volume III

1.       Venus is the Earth’s Complementary Planet:
“The quality of the Earth's complementary planet, which is the Earth's polar opposite, esoterically considered. This planet is Venus.”
(EA 24)

2.       The Presence of Venus at the Second Initiation:
“At the second initiation, the candidate comes under the influence of three planets—Neptune, Venus and Jupiter.  The three centres—solar plexus, heart and throat—are actively involved.” (EA 70)

3.       Venus is in Detriment in Aries:
“The power of Venus is lessened in this sign (Aries).  It is a detrimental sign to Venus. The reason for this is that when the Sun is exalted and blazes forth in all its glory, the other lesser luminaries fade out.  Just as the personality is lost sight of in the light of the soul, the solar Angel, so the soul itself disappears and its power and radiance fade out when the Presence, which it has hitherto veiled, appears and dominates the scene at the end of the greater world cycle.  We are told that the incarnating Minds, human beings, the solar Angels, came originally from Venus, but they in turn give place to the monad, the One.  Mind gives place to intuition and reason to pure perception.” (EA 104-105)

4.       Substituting Venus for Jupiter in the Last Aries Decanate:
“I would remark here that Alan Leo had a glimpse of the inner significance of the decanates when he assigned Mars, the Sun and Venus to the three decanates.  He touched the truth of the inner subjective reversal upon the wheel which brings in other energies and influences when he substituted Venus for Jupiter.  Mind and heart must be co-ordinated and brought into play when the great reversal takes place.” (EA 106)

5.       Venus and the Emergence of the Love Principle:
“… Venus stands for the emergence of the love principle through the directing power of the mind.”
(EA 126-127)

6.       Definition of the Venusian Process:
“Through Venus [the disciple] comes under the power of the mind, transmuted into wisdom through the instrumentality of love.”
(EA 127)

7.       Venus is Exalted in Pisces:
“Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of which Venus is the esoteric ruler, and also in relation to the fact that Venus is the Earth's alter ego and is closely related to the human kingdom.” (EA 129)

8.       The Re-Uniting Function of Venus in Relation to its Exaltation:
“It is the task of Venus to reunite the severed lives [soul and personality] but with no binding thread”
(EA 129)

9.       The Reason for the Exaltation of Venus in Pisces:
“Therefore, Venus is exalted in Pisces and at the end of the greater cycle, the Sons of God who are the Sons of Mind are raised up into glory through experience and crucifixion because they have learned to love and truly reason.” (EA 130)

10.   The Glorification of Venus, Virgo and the Earth:
“Consequently, you have at the end of the age (I refer here to a greater round of the zodiac and to no shorter cycle), the glorification of Venus, of Virgo, the Virgin, and of Mother Earth—two planets and one constellation—and all these are potencies which produce definite changes in the solar system.” (EA 130)

11.   Venus in Relation to the Connection Between Gemini and Sagittarius:
“Gemini and Sagittarius are connected through their ruling planets (because the Earth is more closely related to Venus than to any other planet)…” (EA 131)

12.   Venus—Uniting Heart and Mind in the Third Decanate of Aquarius:
“When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has been accomplished, then during the third decanate, Venus, which is the union of heart and mind, will usher in the long hoped for era of love-wisdom, of brotherhood and of expressed brotherly relationships. Opportunity—Illumination—Brotherhood: these are the gifts that Shamballa is planning to confer upon mankind during the Aquarian Age, if man will but prepare for them, accept them, and use them.”
(EA 149)

13.   Venus Manifests as Sex:
Venus upon the Mutable Cross and in relation to the third (first) decanate of Aquarius, manifests “as sex”.
(EA 149) [also see reference 26 and 47 herein]

14.     Venus in Relation to Capricorn (After the Third Initiation):
“When he has taken the third initiation and can consciously mount the Cardinal Cross, he is then released from the ruling of Saturn and comes under the influence of Venus, who is governor or ruler of the Hierarchy which is that of the Crocodiles.” (EA 163)

15.   Relationship to Venus Unites Four Constellations: Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn:
“Through Saturn and Venus, therefore, Capricorn is connected with Libra and also with Gemini and Taurus, and these four constellations—Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn—constitute a potent quaternary of energies and between them produce those conditions and situations which will enable the initiate to demonstrate his readiness and capacity for initiation. They are called the Guardians of the Four Secrets’.” (EA 163)

16.   Venus is Active on the Path of Discipleship (as Transmitter of the Fifth Ray):
“[Path] Discipleship—[Rays] 3 and 5—[Planets] Venus. Saturn—[Constellations]—Gemini. Sagittarius.” (EA 166)

17.   The Mount of Transfiguration is Venus in Capricorn:
“The Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament is Venus in Capricorn when love and mind and will meet in the person of the Christ, and ‘He was transfigured’ before all men. At the same time, He received the vision of the Father and of what He had to do as He ‘went up to Jerusalem’, the place of death and likewise the city of peace.”
(EA 167)

18.   Venus, the Planet of “Intelligent Brotherhood”:
“Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfilled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus and is the perfect example of the Capricornian initiate who becomes the world Server in Aquarius, and the world Saviour in Pisces, thus completing the round of the zodiac and able to say triumphantly in Pisces ‘It is finished’.”
(EA 168)

19.   Venus—“Brotherly Love”:
The rulers of the three decanates of Aquarius] “… Saturn, Mercury and Venus [are] bringing inevitably difficulty, illumination and brotherly love.” (EA 172)

20.   Venus—Revealing the Nature of the Second Aspect—in the Second Decanate of Capricorn:
“You will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance; Venus reveals the nature of the second aspect, which is consciousness or intelligent love, whilst the Sun—the physical Sun and the heart of the Sun together—reveals the synthesis of these two.” (EA 173)

21.   Venus in Relation to the Emergence of the Individual Self-Conscious Man:
“This intellectual awareness is the result of a slow evolution of the instinctual nature which, when it has reached a certain stage of development, came under the direct influence of the Hierarchy of the planet in a new way, and then—under the stimulation of energies from the planet Venus—a fusion took place which resulted in the emergence of individual self-conscious man.”
(EA 179)

22.   The Sagittarian Subject Influenced by Venus and Other Esoteric Rulers of the Mutable Cross: “The Esoteric Planets.—These bring in renewed or increased planetary energy and ray energy in a more dynamic manner. In the case of Sagittarius these energies are Venus, the Moon, the Earth and Pluto.” (EA 186)

23.   The Sons of Mind are of Venusian Origin:
“These planetary influences are distinctive of the Sons of Mind, of Venusian origin; they are characteristic of the Lords of Sacrifice and Will functioning in time and space as the fourth Creative Hierarchy. The form life is ruled by the Moon, veiling a hidden planet; these Sons of Mind live on the Earth and thus within the body of the planetary Logos, and are of a definitely intelligent nature, making them Lords of Knowledge, achieving their goal through the light of the mind and through the method of conflict, for they are also Lords of Ceaseless and Persevering Devotion. All the above names which are related to the planets governing Sagittarius will be remembered by students of The Secret Doctrine. They are the ‘quality names’ of the Divine Manasaputras, the Agnishvattas who are ourselves.” (EA 188)

24.   Venus is in Detriment in Scorpio—its Power Lessened:
Venus, the intelligent mind, has its power lessened in this sign because the intellect—having been developed and used—must now be subordinated to a higher power of the soul, the spiritual intuition. The Son of Mind, the solar Angel, must now manifest as a Son of God. This solar Angel, when in control, must give place eventually to the Presence. This it has hitherto veiled or hidden. Venus must wane and the Sun—as a symbol of Deity—must wax in influence and finally take its place. Such are the symbolic and esoteric significances.” (EA 225)

25.   Venus is considered by some astrologers to rule the third decanate of Scorpio. (cf. EA 226)

26.   Venus Relates to Sex in the Triplicity of Law, Sex and Money:
“If students will, therefore, make a careful study of these three—law, sex and money—as they express themselves today and as they can express themselves in the future, they will have a picture of physical human achievement and of future spiritual expression which will be instructive and most worthwhile. The whole process is accounted for by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn.” (EA 244) [also see ref 13 and 47 herein]

27.   Venus is the source of the intelligent mind, acting through desire (in the early stages) or love (in the later stages) (EA 244)

28.   Venus Acts as Intelligent Mind in Taurus, Libra and Capricorn:
“In Taurus, this means the mind expressing itself through intelligent desire, for that is the goal of knowledge for ordinary man. In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are brought to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other. In Capricorn, it stands for spiritual love, expressing itself perfectly when the work in Taurus and Libra has been accomplished.” (EA 244-245)

29.   Venus and a Six-Pointed Star of Evolution:
(with Uranus and Capricorn) establish a relationships between Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius. “These five, with Libra at the point of balance, create one of the six-pointed stars of evolution and also bring into relation with them three planets which are peculiarly concerned with the expression of the Christ consciousness in the world.” (EA 247)

30.   Venus in Relation to the Expression of the Christ Consciousness in the World:
Venus.—5th Ray of Mind. God the Son. The Son of Mind. He who includes. Egoic consciousness. Intellect to Intuition. (EA 248)

31.   Venus is not considered one of the decanate rulers of Libra. (cf. EA 251)

32.   Venus is “pure love-wisdom”. Mercury is mind-wisdom. (EA 281)

33.   Venus Falls in Virgo:
Venus, pure love-wisdom, falls into generation in this sign and occultly ‘descends to earth’ and stands (as The Secret Doctrine has so carefully pointed out) for the gift of mind and of divinity, embodied in the Son of Mind and thus for the descent of the Christ principle into generation or into matter. Virgo and Venus are together two aspects of intelligence. The symbolism of the descent of Spirit into the womb of the virgin mother is preserved for us in the astrological fact that Venus falls in this sign; esoterically, she disappears from view and vanishes into the darkness.” (EA 281-282)

34.   Venus—as Brotherly Love, Wisdom (in Relation to the Three Decanates of Aquarius):
“The three decanates of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is in this sequence that they affect him and carry him forward on his desired way, thus giving opportunity through conflict, the illumination of the mind and eventually the achievement of brotherly love which is wisdom.” (EA 283)

35.   Venus (as “Brotherly Love in Embryo”) Rules the First Decanate of Aquarius for Ordinary Man:
“Ordinarily speaking, the mass of men would pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo; by the slow unfoldment of the mind through the activity of Mercury; finally, as the result of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity to suffer and, through suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyse correctly and to decide upon the higher values.” (EA 283)

36.   Venus as the Ruler of the Third Decanate of Virgo:
Mercury, Saturn and Venus are the decanate rulers of Virgo.
(cf. EA 284)

37.   Understanding Venus and the Readiness for Initiation:
“When [for the disciple] Venus is the source of wisdom and the expression of the transmutation of the mind into intuition and of intellect into wisdom, then he is ready for initiation. He is rapidly achieving liberation.”
(EA 284)

38.   Venus (with the Sun and Jupiter) in a Triangle Important for the Individualization Process:
“Several major triangles of force were active when individualisation took place and the ‘Lions, the divine and tawny orange Flames’ came into being and thus humanity arrived upon the planet. I would touch here briefly upon one triangle: The Sun (second ray), Jupiter (second ray) and Venus (fifth ray). It will be apparent to you that we here have another sphere of influence of major importance, governed by Leo. It is a triangle to which H.P.B. refers in The Secret Doctrine, the influence of which she was endeavouring to elucidate. So potent was the influence of this triangle that its effect upon the Moon was to denude her of life by drawing out all the ‘seeds of life’, thus destroying her influence, for it was undesirable where humanity was concerned.” (EA 301) [Note: these three planets are those which are most expressive of the Solar Angels and of the causal body.]

39.   Venus is One of the Indirect Influences in the Expression of Leo:
‘Because of its position upon the Fixed Cross, Leo comes under the influence, direct or indirect, of six planets: The Sun; Neptune; Uranus; Jupiter; Venus; Mars. All of these are potent in expression in this sign, achieving a determined point of revelation and producing, through their united activity and interplay, the six-pointed star of humanity. They condition the man's consciousness but not events, except in so far as his consciousness assumes control at a certain point in his evolution.” (EA  304)

40.   Venus is an Indirect Influence in the Life of the Cancerian Subject:
“Indirectly, and via the influences of the Cardinal Cross (of which Cancer is a part), the Cancerian subject is affected by or influenced by five other planets, which are Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. The Cancerian subject becomes responsive to the uses of conflict (Mars), to the functioning of the light of intuition (Mercury), and to the cosmic pull of Uranus, plus the intellect of Venus and the presentation of opportunity (Saturn). These, however, play subjectively upon the dweller in the form and are not consciously registered as potencies by the individual for many aeons of time and not until the life of the form and the reaction to sensitive emotion-feeling has played an active and an educational part in the awakening of the mind.”
(EA 323)

41.   The Function of Venus in Relation to the Sign Cancer:
“The power of Venus in this sign tends to make the mind the servant of the personality and this is aided by the forces of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for the appearance of the soul in form.”
(EA 340)

42.   Venus, the Organ of Illumination, in the First Decanate of Cancer:
“Curiously it is Sepharial who places the rulers of the decanates more accurately than does Leo. Usually this is reversed and Leo is the more correct of the two astrologers. Sepharial gives us Venus, Mercury and the Moon whereas Leo apportions the Moon, Mars and Jupiter to these decanates. The mind, the uses of conflict and form life are the contributing factors, leading the soul along the way of incarnation. The instrument of release is, in the last analysis, the right use and control of the organ of illumination which is the mind. Hence the necessary emphasis ever laid upon meditation when the aspirant awakens to spiritual opportunity.”
(EA 342)

43.   Venus in Gemini in Relation to Understanding Causes, Resultant Conditions and the Divine Plan: “It is for this reason that you have the exoteric ruler given as Mercury and the esoteric ruler as Venus, for they embody between them the energies of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science which is embryonic understanding of causes and conditions resulting therefrom and also of the Plan.” (EA 354)

44.   Venus (Under the Influence of Gemini) Produced Individualization:
“It was the activity of Venus—under the influence of Gemini—which produced the great crisis of the individualisation when the two kingdoms ‘approached’ each other. Venus, Mercury and the Earth then set up a magnetic field which made the intervention of the Great Lodge on Sirius and the dual stimulation of Gemini effective in producing significant results of which the fourth kingdom in nature is the expression.”
(EA 355)

45.   Venus, Gemini and Capricorn in Relation to Individualization and Initiation:
“You will note that Venus is also the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, thus showing the power of the mind and its place and purpose in connection with both the major human crises: Individualisation and Initiation. It relates humanity in an unique way to Gemini.”
(EA 355)

46.   The Importance of Venus in the Gemini Festival of the New World Religion:
“In the coming world religion this fact will be noted and in the month of June, which is essentially the month in which the influences of Gemini are peculiarly strong, due advantage will be taken in order to bring man nearer to the spiritual realities. Just as Venus was potent in producing the relation of such pairs of opposites as the fifth kingdom of souls and the third kingdom (the synthesis of the sub-human kingdoms) leading to a Great Approach between soul and form, so in the new world religion this fact will be recognised. Appeal will be made to the Forces which can utilise this planetary potency in order to work out the divine plan upon the Earth.” (EA 355)

47.   Venus Erroneously Connected with Sex:
“It is because Venus thus relates certain pairs of opposites that she has been erroneously connected in the minds of men with sex and with the sex life and with the relation of the physical opposites ‑ male and female.”
(EA 355) [also see ref 13 and 26 herein]

48.   The Fifth Ray, Capricorn and Venus in Relation to Initiation:
“Ray 5.—Concrete Knowledge or Science, under the influence of Capricorn, focussed through Venus, which will enable the man to take initiation.”
(EA 357)

49.   Venus in Relation to the “Consciousness of Universality” and Gemini:
“All this activity [under the influence of Gemini in the expression of the USA and the UK] is intensified by two facts: one is that the Earth is the hierarchical ruler of Gemini and the other that Venus is the esoteric ruler. This intensifies all that goes on and leads to the unfoldment upon our planet of the consciousness of universality—to which the word ‘Hierarchy’ is the key.”
(EA 361)

50.   Venus is the Earth’s Alter Ego—their Relationship to the ‘Two’ Main Stars of Gemini (note Castor is Composed of Six Stars): Venus is also the Earth's alter ego, as it is called in the occult literature, and its true supplementary and complementary planet. You have thus established a double dual relationship: that of Gemini itself, the two brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus. The Earth is peculiarly related to the ‘brother whose light is waning’, for it is not a sacred planet, as you know, and to that aspect of divinity which is material or substantial; Venus is closely related to the ‘brother whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle’ and thus to the soul whose nature is love.” (EA 361)

51.   The Roles of Venus (and Mercury) in Relation to the Sorrow and Pain Experienced on Earth: “It is this Gemini-Venus situation which lies behind the fact that our Earth is uniquely the ‘planet of releasing sorrow and of purifying pain’, the energy producing these releasing factors being focussed through Mercury and Venus upon our Earth.” (EA 361)

52.   Venus as “Kama-Manas” in the Earth-Venus-Mercury Triangle:
“You will see, therefore, the significance of that triangle of planets (at which I hinted in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire): the Earth-Venus-Mercury. From certain angles, these are related to the Personality of our planetary Logos: 1. The Earth—planetary vital body; 2. Venus—planetary astral vehicle, or Kama-manas; 3. Mercury—planetary mind.” (EA 361-362)

53.   Venus (and Mercury) Aiding the Earth in Relating Gemini and Sagittarius:
“The Earth itself is, on a small scale, also an intermediary or a relating planet, because it is found ruling both Gemini and Sagittarius and is potent, therefore, only within the line of this dual relationship, existing between this particular pair of opposites. In the Earth a great balancing process is going forward between two great streams of cosmic energy, emanating the one from Sagittarius and the other from Gemini. This condition, aided and influenced by Mercury and Venus, produces the somewhat unusual situation in our planet.” (EA 363)

54.   Venus—and an Interplay which Produces a “Desperate Conflict” upon the Astral Plane:
Venus also establishes an interplay between Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn, which again (because the Earth is one of the rulers of Gemini) produces the "desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon the astral plane" which characterises our planetary life. These four-fold influences and relationships produce the minor initiations of the astral plane which ever precede the major initiations in Capricorn, in their turn prepared for in Scorpio.” (EA 362)

55.   The Function of Venus as an Intermediary for Four Constellations which it Relates by Rulership: “Taurus pours the energy stimulating desire, via Venus, onto our Earth; Gemini, via Venus, awakens in humanity (the focal point of our planetary effort) the sense of duality which is the basic factor in the conflict between desire and spiritual will; in Libra this reaches a point of balance wherein the one who struggles sees the issues clearly and achieves a desirable point of equilibrium through the wise use of the Mercury-Venus mind, ensuring the success of its final efforts in Capricorn. You will note, therefore, how necessary it is to realise accurately the point in evolution of the soul.” (EA 362-363)

56.   The Role of Venus (with Mercury and the Earth) in Producing a Divine Triplicity Releasing Soul from Form: “The three planets ruling and conditioning Gemini (through out-drawn activity, though not through their own influence) are in this third sign effective in constituting this dual sign a working triplicity; it is the aid they give to our Earth which produces the appearance in form of the dual energies of soul and the subjective psychic personality. Ponder on this. It is the energies of the fifth, fourth and third rays, pouring through Venus, Mercury and the Earth, which are productive of the eternally recurring, divine triplicity and its work of releasing the soul from the influence of form.” (EA 363)

57.   Venus rules the second decanate upon the exoteric wheel. (cf. EA 369)

58.   Venus Holds a Unique Relation to our Earth:
“We touch upon one of the mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom. Venus [Page 383] holds a unique relation to the Earth, different to that of any other planet and this, therefore, brings about a much closer relation between Taurus and the Earth than perhaps exists in any other zodiacal relation where our planet is concerned.” (EA 383)

59.   The Close Karmic Relation Between Venus, Taurus and the Earth:
“Today, however, Taurus, Venus and the Earth have a very close karmic relation and a very definite dharma to work out together. Just what that karma and relationship may prove eventually to be lies beyond ordinary human understanding but some idea of it may be gained by relating in your mind the words: Will, Desire, Light and Plan.” (EA 383)

60.   True Mystery of the Relationship Between Venus and the Earth Revealed at the Third Initiation: “To understand the relation of Venus and the Earth, I would have you ponder on what I earlier gave in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. …The entire relationship has been summed up in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the higher Self is to the Personality. Remember that the planet Venus is one of the seven sacred planets whereas the Earth is not. This statement involves, as you can see, a deep mystery of relativity, of interplay and of eventual revelation. This revelation as to the relation of the Earth's alter ego to the world of human life will only be revealed at the third initiation, at which time all glamour and illusion is dissipated and ‘the light which shines through the eye of the Bull will be unimpeded’ and carry light into the darkness.” (EA 383-384)

61.   Venus connotes to our minds, even if we have only a glimmer of occult truth, that which is mental, that which concerns final sublimation, that which deals with sex and that which must work out into symbolic expression upon the physical plane. These are the major concepts which enter our minds when Venus and Taurus are considered in unison.” (EA 384)

62.   The Role of Venus (and Vulcan) in the Second World War:
“In the present war, Vulcan is concerned along with Venus in the relation of man to man, and of man to the mineral kingdom. Venus, the mental energy of humanity, establishes relation between man and man, between nation and nation whilst Vulcan establishes relation between the fourth kingdom in nature and the first.”
(EA 386)

63.   Venus Links Taurus to Gemini and Libra and Capricorn:
“As we resume our initial theme, I would call your attention to the fact that through the exoteric or orthodox planet, Venus, this sign Taurus is related to Gemini, Libra and Capricorn. It is of interest to note that Taurus is, therefore, related to the Mutable Cross by a linking stream of energy, via Venus, but is at the same time linked in a dual sense with two arms of the Cardinal Cross, by a Venusian connection with Libra and Capricorn. There is therefore to the true Taurian who reaches illumination one link with the body and soul aspects of expression and two links with soul and spirit—the higher octave of manifestation.”
(EA 391)

64.   The Function of Venus in Libra, Gemini and Capricorn:
“Looking at the matter from another angle: Venus, the mind or the soul in Libra reveals to man the exoteric significance and results of desire. In Gemini, Venus reveals the desire of the pairs of opposites for each other for this is the underlying theme of the entire creative and evolutionary process—the interplay of the opposites. In Capricorn, Venus reveals to man that desire for the whole, for the universal, which is the hallmark of the initiate and the true expression of the spiritual life.”
(EA 391-392)

65.  Venus and Vulcan (in Relation to the Earth)—a Difficult Combination of Rays:
“We have somewhat considered the rays and their effect and relationship as they, through Taurus and its rulers, pour their force and energy into individual man, or into humanity as a whole. The two rays which directly affect the sign are, as we have seen, the fifth (through Venus) and the first (through Vulcan). These two when viewed in combination with the Earth (which is an expression of the third ray) demonstrate a most difficult combination of rays, for all are along the line of the first Ray of Energy …” (EA 393)

66.  The Taurian Needs to Demonstrate the Spiritual Side of Venus:
“He needs to grasp the spiritual side of Venus which emphasises that the Son of God who is the Son of mind is the instrument of God's love; he must learn, therefore, to transmute knowledge into wisdom.” (EA 394)

67.  Venus is Involved in the “Astrology of the Form”:
“The exaltation of the form, ruled by the Moon, can be traced throughout the entire zodiac and provides in itself an interesting and progressive story with which I have not at this time the intention to deal. It is told by the various women who figure in the different constellations and around them some day the astrology of the form will be built. There is Cassiopea, Venus, Coma Berenice, Andromeda and one or two others, as well as Virgo, the Virgin, the most important of them all. I can only indicate here a field of thought and of astrological investigation hitherto untouched but I have not time for the interpretation of this vast and profitable field of knowledge.”
(EA 400)

68.  Venus and the Moon in Relation to the Decanates of Taurus:
“Sepharial gives the Moon as governing the second decan whilst Leo gives Venus as ruling the first decan. However, Venus and the Moon are often used interchangeably and both express or emanate the same basic energy of active intelligence in its higher and lower aspects. One expresses intelligent love and the other the intelligence of matter; this dual emphasis is concerned with the dominance of the form nature in the Taurian subject and his release through the Venusian Son of Mind.” (EA 402)

69.  Venus (with Moon) Rules the First Decanate in Taurus:
“Moon or Venus, Mercury and Saturn control the decanates and our consideration of these planets in the other signs will have indicated to you their right interpretation, both here and elsewhere. Form life, intelligent activity, and intense struggle summarises the Taurian problem, whilst Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, reminds the struggling man that he must become ever what he essentially is, thus escaping from illusion and entering into light.”
(EA 402)

70.  The Great Architect of the Universe Utilizes Venus and Vulcan:
“This capacity is indestructible and is itself a divine focus of energy which must and will without fail carry forward the good undertaken under the inspiration of The Great Architect of the Universe. He fashions all things to a divinely foreseen end and in this sign—through His agents, Venus and Vulcan, typifying the form and the soul—will lead man from the unreal to the real.”
(EA 404)  [In this instance, Venus probably represents the soul and Vulcan, the form.]

71.   Venus in a Triangle with the Pleiades and Cancer:
“Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is a triple inter-relation of great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations, one of the zodiacal signs and one of the sacred planets within our solar system. … First Triangle: The Pleiades, Cancer, Venus. Humanity.” (EA 416)

72.    The Powerful Role of Venus in the Aquarian Age:
“In the Aquarian Age, the power of the planet Venus becomes a dominant factor in the last decanate. This I have already told you when we were studying that sign. Upon the reversed wheel in the case of the spiritually oriented man and the disciple, it is the first decanate under whose influence he comes which is governed by Venus; this should be remembered. Venus was the planet which we are told was responsible for the appearance of the individualised consciousness in man—this in combination with other influences and forces. In the Aquarian Age, Venus will again have an analogous influence only with this difference that the emergence into manifestation of an increased individualism and self-conscious realisation will be subordinate to the appearance of the first stages of an expanded consciousness throughout all mankind—the consciousness of group responsibility. It will be perhaps better expressed as a form of group individualism.” (EA 448)

73.   Venus is involved in a triangle with Uranus and the Earth: (cf. EA 448)

74.   Venus Acts as a Transmitter of the Fifth Ray which Leo Transmits Constellationally:
“Leo, as we have seen, is for instance a most important transmitting agency in the present world crisis. This means, therefore, that Rays I and V are exceedingly active; it means, secondly, that the Sun's influence is potent, both exoterically and esoterically. It means also that the planets which are related to these two rays will be very active and, therefore, that Pluto and Venus are dominant in producing world results. I cite this as an instance of the interrelation of planets, constellations and rays; a close study of the world crisis will indicate the plausibility of the premise as to the activity of Leo as a major force in the triangle at present responsible for producing the world situation.” (EA 488-489)

75.   Venus (with Mercury) and the Development of the Mind in Gemini:
“Gemini—expresses the relation of the pairs of opposites as they swing the man into activity and evoke his mental perception. With the aid of the ruling planets (Mercury and Venus) the mind begins to function and when the esoteric planet comes into expression and transmitting potency ‘the Messenger and the Angel exchange their understanding’.” (Venus and the divine Manasaputras are closely connected. A.A.B.) (EA 494)

76.   Venus’ Relationship to Earth Similar to Mars’ Relationship to Pluto:
“You will note that Pluto and not Mars is here mentioned by me as a non-sacred Planet, ruling Scorpio. The reason for this is that there is a relation between Mars and Pluto analogous to that between Venus and the Earth. Esoterically speaking, Mars is the alter ego of Pluto; the activity of Pluto at this time and in this lesser world cycle is very important on account of its esoteric approach to the Earth, impelled thereto by the vivification of its life by a display of Martian energy.” (EA 507)

77.   The Role of Venus in Relation to the Mars-Pluto-Earth Triangle:
“The Earth, Mars and Pluto form an interesting triangle with Venus behind the scene acting as the impelling soul acts towards a rapidly integrating personality. This triangle should not be forgotten when casting the horoscope, because it indicates a relation and a possibility which can be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to the Probationary Path.” (EA 507-508)

78.   Venus in Relation to the Second House of the Horoscope:
“The other ten houses you can work out for yourselves. It is interesting to note, for instance, in connection with the second house (and the same idea can be applied to all of them) that Taurus, the mother of illumination, and Venus, the endower of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active in this house. The light of matter and the light of the soul are both involved in the use of energy and in the problem of what is desired, what is regarded as loss, and what shall be the gained objective. It is, therefore, the house of values—material or spiritual.” (EA 511)

79.   Venus Governs the Ajna Center for both Ordinary Man and for the Disciple/Initiate:
“Ajna Centre—fifth ray—Venus.” (EA 517)

80.   Venus in Relation to the Second and Seventh Houses:
“Capricorn.—Ruler: Venus, governing the second House, which is concerned with economics, the distribution of money and metals and which rules Taurus, the ‘seed house’ of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognised and unions and friendships achieved.” (EA 538)

81.   Venus (as Hierarchical Ruler) Associates Capricorn with the Fifth Ray and Second and Seventh Houses: “Capricorn—Venus—Fifth [Ray]—Second and Seventh [Houses]” (EA 539)

82.   Venusian Influence—Mind the Reflector of Soul Purpose:
“Capricorn is related, as you have been told, to initiation; it is also the sign of the coming world Saviour and these higher aspects of the Capricornian influences can be potently demonstrated if humanity so wills it and will take advantage of the Venusian influence to use the mind as the reflector of soul purpose.”
(EA 542-543)

83.   The Venusian Influence in Relation to the Balancing Process in Libra:
“The Venusian influence—as you will have noted—brings in likewise the influences of Libra. You find today a cycle wherein an appropriate balance or point of equilibrium has been brought about which is a correspondence to the great point of balance on the Path of Involution when spirit and matter balanced each other, making the upward arc of evolution the next possible step. This time the balancing is on mental levels; in the earlier crisis, it was on the physical plane. This point of equilibrium is to humanity, to the Sons of Mind, what the earlier point of crisis was to the planetary Logos.” (EA 544-545)

84.   Venus—a Part of a Holy Triangle, and Related to Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius:
“He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holy triangle (Venus, Mercury, the Earth, A.A.B.). There is to be found the point of radiant fire which shines within the eye (Taurus), which burns upon the mountain-top (Capricorn) and which the water cannot quench (Aquarius). These are the holiest three.” (EA 594)

85.   Venus (as Mind) in Relation to Mercury (as Intuition)—both as Rulers of Gemini:
“GEMINI. This is the great symbolic constellation of the Two Brothers, expressing the interplay between the dualities. Because it is governed by Mercury and Venus, you have the light of the intuition and of the mind blended together into one illuminated whole, typical of the fusion of spirit-matter and the demonstration of their essential oneness.” (EA 626)

86.   Venus—One of the Seven “Sons of Light”:
“The seven Sons of Light—called after their planets and often even identified with them—namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus and presumably the Sun and the Moon.” (SD I 628; EA 642)

87.   Venus—a Member of the Lower Triad of Planets:
“The seven Gods were divided into two triads and the sun: a. Lower Triad—Mars, Mercury and Venus; b. Higher Triad—Moon, Jupiter and Saturn; (the Moon standing for a hidden planet.) (SD II 484, 5; EA 643)

88.   Venus—One of Four Exoteric Planets Profoundly Affecting Life of Earth:
“Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are the four exoteric planets and three others which must remain nameless (Pluto and the two hidden planets. A.A.B.) were the heavenly bodies in direct astral and psychic communication—morally and physically—with the Earth, its Guides and Watchers. The visible orbs furnish our humanity with its outward and inward characteristics and their Regents or Rectors with our Monads and spiritual faculties." (SD I 628; EA 643)

89.   Venus—Associated with the Holy Spirit:
“The Trinity was represented by the Sun (the Father), Mercury (the Son), and Venus (the Holy Spirit).” (SD II 569; EA 643)

90.   Venus (with Mercury) Associated with the Second Aspect and Sirius:
“God the Son—2nd Logos—Solar Fire—Sirius. Venus and Mercury.”
(TCF 96; EA 644)

91.   The Work of Manasadevas on Various Planets—Including Venus:
“Those who are working in the Uranus, the Neptune and the Saturn scheme work somewhat differently to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth and the exoteric Saturn scheme, and so do the Manasadevas (the solar Angels) of the inner round.” (EA 645)

92.   Venus—One of the Four Guardian Angels:
“Mercury and Venus, the Sun and the Moon constitute the ‘Guardian angels of the four corners of the Earth’.” NOTE: a. (The sun and moon veil hidden planets); b. These are the four Maharajahs, connected with karma, humanity, cosmos and man; c. They are the Sun or its substitute—Michael; They are the Moon or its substitute—Gabriel; They are Mercury or its substitute—Raphael; They are Venus or its substitute—Uriel.” (SD III 459; EA 645-646)

93.   Venus governs the tenacious faculties.” (SD III 463; EA 646)

94.   Venus has the Following Associations According to Besant:
“[Ray] III.—Higher Mind—Higher Mathematics, Philosophy—Venus—Indigo. Blue. Bronze” (EA 648)

95.   Correspondences Concerning Venus (from the Secret Doctrine):
“[Planet] Venus—[Human Principle] Manas. Higher mind—[Colour] Indigo—[Weekday] Friday.” (EA 649)

96.   The Placement of Venus Among Twelve Planets:
“Seven great psychological Lives, qualified by seven types of life force, are manifesting through the medium of seven planets. Five other Lives express themselves through five planets, of which two remain to he discovered. 1. The Sun (Substituted for Vulcan); 2. Jupiter; 3. Saturn; 4. Mercury; 5. Venus; 6. Mars; 7. The Moon (Substituted for Uranus); 8. Pluto. … This is the Exoteric division.”
(EA 650)

97.   Venus (with Jupiter) in Relation to the Vegetable Kingdom:
“The vegetable kingdom—Venus and Jupiter” (EA 650)

98.   Venus is Listed as the Second Planetary Scheme:
The Seven Planets, Centres or Schemes:
1. Vulcan—the sun exoterically considered; 2. Venus; 3. Mars; 4. The Earth; 5. Mercury; 6. Saturn; 7. Jupiter.
(EA 652)

99.   Venus Less Occult and Mysterious than Mercury:
“Mercury is still more occult and mysterious than Venus.” (SD II 31; EA 663)

100.       Mercury Considered One with the Sun and Venus:
“Mercury is sometimes represented as three-headed, because one with the Sun and Venus.”
(SD II 572; EA 663)

101.       Venus Corresponds with Manas; Venus and Lucifer:
“Buddhi and Mercury correspond with each other and both are yellow and radiant golden-coloured. In the human system the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and the left eye with Manas and Venus or Lucifer.”
(SD III 447-448; EA 663)

102.       Venus and Mercury in Relation to “Hermaphrodite”:
“Mercury is called Hermes; and Venus, Aphrodite and their conjunction in man on the psycho-physical plane gives him the name Hermaphrodite.” (SD III 458)

103.       Venus Far Older than the Earth:
Venus ... has no satellite ... and is far older than the Earth.”
(SD I 180; SD II 35; EA 672)

104.       Venus is ‘the little sun in which the solar orb stores his lights’.” (SD II 27; EA 673)

105.       The Relationship Between Venus and the Earth in Terms of Light:
“Light comes through Venus who receives a triple supply and gives one-third to the Earth; a. Therefore the two are called ‘twin sisters’; b. The spirit of the Earth is subservient to Venus.” (SD II 33; EA 673)

106.       Venus—Occult and Mysterious; its Various Qualities:
Venus is the most occult, powerful and mysterious of all the planets; a. Its relation with the Earth is the most prominent; b. It presides over the natural generation of men; c. It is called the ‘other sun’; d. It is the Earth's primary or spiritual prototype.” (SD II 33-35; EA 673)

107.       Venus in Relation to our Planetary Logos:
“The planetary Logos of Venus loved the Earth so well that He incarnated and gave it perfect laws which were disregarded and rejected.” (SD II 38; EA 673)

108.       The Reciprocal Relationship Between Venus and the Earth:
“Every sin committed on Earth is felt in Venus. Every change in Venus is reflected on Earth.” (SD II 35; EA 673)

109.       Venus—the “Light Bearer”:
Venus ... is the light-bearer of our Earth, in both the physical and mystic sense.” (SD II 36; EA 673)

110.       Occultism Deals with the Regent of Venus:
“It is with the Regent of Venus (the planetary Logos) that occult mysticism has to deal.” (SD II 36; EA 673)

111.       Humanity—Under Venus:
“Humanity (which appeared in Lemurian days) ... is said to be under the direct influence of Venus.” (SD II 27; EA 673)

112.       Venus Rules the Left Eye:
“In the human system, the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and Mercury and the left eye with manas and Venus." (SD III 447, 458; EA 675)

113.       The Development of Venus as One of the Dense Physical Planets:
Venus—5th Chain—5th Globe” (EA 693)

114.       The Planetary School on Venus:
Venus (5th)—The School with five strict Grades. This again is a planetary scheme closely related to ours. Its planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of cosmic students than is ours. Most of its hierarchical instructors come from the 5th cosmic plane.” (EA 694)

115.       Venus in Cooperation with the Fifth Ray Soul of France:
“Ray 5. — Concrete Science or knowledge, via Venus.  In this a realised cooperation with the soul ray, which is also the fifth ray, can bring about, through the French nation, a consummation of the Piscean influence or genius.” (DN 74-75)

116.       Venus and the Fifth Ray Linking England and France:
“Ray 5. — Concrete Knowledge or Science, via Venus.  It is interesting to note that it is this ray which links Great Britain so closely with France and appears nowhere among the influences which affect the German nation.  Venus rules Taurus and Libra as well as Gemini and hence the well developed lower concrete mind of the British nation.  The intuitive mind however needs development.” (DN 83-84)

117.       Venus and the Fifth Ray Influencing Italy:
“Ray 5. — Concrete Knowledge or Science, via Venus.  This influence is also dominant in Great Britain and again closely relates the two countries.  Of this there is one curious little instance, which demonstrates an almost uniform working of this scientific bent for the good of the entire world (Venus in relation with Jupiter).  That is the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell and the development of the radio by Marconi.” (DN 87-88)

118.       Venus and the Fifth Ray Influencing the American People:
“Ray 5. — Concrete Knowledge and Science, via Venus.  This confers the intelligence which is so marked in the American people and will eventually determine the lines along which their education will run and their religious organisations.” (DN 91)

119.       Venus—Uniting Various Important Dualities:
It is interesting also to note that Venus now comes into control in the third decanate of the Aquarian Age.  Venus is esoterically recognised as that mysterious force which is a blend of love and knowledge, of intelligence and synthesis, and of understanding and brotherhood.  Within the Hierarchy itself, the two great Messengers who have embodied the dual Venusian energy were the Buddha and the Christ.” (DN 140-141)

120.       An Extensive Heart Alignment Involving Venus:
“The ‘Master's Heart’ is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogous interpretations. There is at this stage and after a certain major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life—sensed, recognised, active and utilised—between the conscious disciple and
1. The disciple's heart centre.
2. The heart centre in the head.
3. The egoic lotus, which (until the fourth initiation) is the heart centre of the monadic life.
4. The Master at the centre of His group.
5. The Christ, the heart centre of the Hierarchy.
6. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation.
7. The Lord of Life Himself, the heart centre of Shamballa.

The line of relationship then extends from these onward and outward, and upward (spherically considered) to the Life at the very centre of our Earth's ‘alter ego’, the planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to the solar Lord Himself and on to a point in the Sun, Sirius.”
(DINA I 767-768)

121.       The Buddhas of Activity Instrumental in Implementing the Mental Principle:
“It is these three Buddhas Who were instrumental in the amazing and occult process of implementing the mental principle upon our planet, and Who—through Their creative meditation—brought our planet, the Earth, and the planet Venus into direct alignment. This made possible the comings of the Sons of Mind and the formation of the fourth kingdom in nature, Humanity. They are Embodiments of the intuition, and control the inflow of intuitional energy into the minds of men.”
(DINA I 200)

122.       Venus Contributes Energies to Shamballa:
“Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solar Entities or centres of emphatic and energetic life; i.e., from Venus, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellation through which our sun may be passing, from the Great Bear and other cosmic centres. Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual life of the planet, brings its energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normally enter our planetary life via Shamballa.” (DINA II 520)

123.       Venus, Earth and One Other Scheme Related through Experiment of Initiation:
“The three planetary schemes wherein the great experiment of initiation is being tried are the Earth, Venus, and one other.  Venus was the first sphere of experiment, and the success of the endeavour and the force generated was the cause of a similar effort being made on our planet.  No planet increases its store of force, and consequently its sphere of influence, without incurring obligations and affecting other schemes; the interchange of force and energy between these two planets, Earth and Venus, is continuous.  A similar process has but lately been instituted on another planetary scheme, and when, in the next round, our Earth attains a point in evolution analogous to that of the Venusian scheme at the time its influence was felt by us, then we shall aid in the stimulation of still another group of planetary Egos; we shall assist in the institution of a similar procedure among the sons of men in another scheme.” (IHS 96)

124.       Pleiadian Energy Passes through Venus Scheme to Stimulate the Causal Body:
“Another type of energy reaches man from the Pleiades, passing through the Venusian scheme to us, just as the Sirian energy passes through the Saturnian.  It has a definite effect upon the causal body, and serves to stimulate the heart centre.” (IHS 98)

125.       The Relation of the “Flaming Diamond” to Venus:
“The Rod of Initiation known as the "Flaming Diamond," is used by Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator.  This Rod lies hidden "in the East," and holds the fire hidden that irradiates the Wisdom Religion.  This Rod was brought by the Lord of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar process to that of the lesser Rod, only this time it is recharged by the direct action of the Logos Himself, the Logos of the solar system.” (IHS 129)

126.       Sanat Kumara is the Lord of Venusian Love:
“He with the Name we mention not, save in utter adoration; the Youth of Endless Summers, the Light of Life itself, the Wondrous One, the Ancient One, Lord of Venusian Love, the great Kumara with the Flaming Sword, the peace of all the Earth.”
(IHS 211)

127.       Within the Logoic System, Venus Corresponds to the Emotional Permanent Atom:
“Only three of the physical planets (and those three in etheric matter) enter into the final alignment that marks the attainment by the Logos of the cosmic egoic consciousness, which is His goal of attainment.  Of these three, the earth is not one, but Venus has her place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom.” (LOM 6-7)

128.       Venus Participates in Impression from Shamballa:
“From the planet Venus, the Earth's alter ego. This makes its entrance via the Lord of the World and three of His Council Who are chosen by Him at any specific time to act as recipients.”
(TEV  43)

129.       The Creation of the Hierarchy Coincided with the Arrival of the Lords of Flame:
“This process of expansion set up another focal point of energy, and the heart centre of the planet, the Hierarchy came into being; thus two centres were created and en rapport, which constitutes a major event upon the involutionary arc; to this, little attention has hitherto been paid. It coincided with" the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created the nucleus of the Hierarchy which—in that far, very distant time—consisted of only forty-nine members; these were advanced human beings and not souls awaiting incarnation in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majority of these visiting Solar Angels.”
(TEV 132)

130.       Venus in Relation to the Vishnu Aspect; there is a Pleiadian-Venusian Connection:
“When this first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara) the work of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and the supreme influence of Sirius will be comprehended; in this present manifestation of the Son, or of the Vishnu aspect, we are concerned more closely with the Pleiades and their influence via the Sun, and, in relation to our planet, via Venus.”
(TCF 146)

131.       Venus Forms a Triangle with Saturn and the Earth:
“At the present stage of evolution in the systemic centres (the planets) Venus, the Earth and Saturn form a triangle of great interest. a. It is undergoing vivification; b. It is increasing the vibratory capacity of the planetary and individual centres.”
(TCF 181; EA 668)

132.       Venus Corresponds to the Heart Center in the Body Logoic:
Venus corresponds to the heart centre in the body logoic, and has an inter-relationship therefore with all the other centres in the solar system wherein the heart aspect is the one of greater prominence.”
(TCF 182)

133.       The Unequal Development of Venus and our Planetary Logos:
“It might here be pointed out that the evolution of the Heavenly Men is unequal, and that our planetary Logos has not the control, for instance, that the Heavenly Man of the Venus chain has achieved.  In each round one subplane of the cosmic astral plane is brought under control, and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man expands to include one subplane more.  The planetary Lord of Venus has dominated and controlled the five subplanes and is working on the sixth.  Our planetary Logos is engaged in a similar work on the fourth and fifth.” (TCF 291)

134.       Venus—Earth’s Primary:
“A clue tending towards the correct understanding lies hid in the words: “Venus is the Earth's primary.” (TCF 298)

135.       An Antaskarana Built by Collective Man to Venus:
“The coming of the Lords of Flame to the Earth was all under law and not just an accidental and fortunate happening; it was a planetary matter which finds its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom.  Again, as the antaskarana is built by individual man between these two points, so—again in a planetary sense—is a channel being built by collective man on this planet to its primary, Venus.” (TCF 298)

136.       Venus—Earth’s “Alter Ego” and Analogous to the Higher Self:
“It is not permissible to say much about this mystery, that ‘Venus is the Earth's alter ego’, nor is it advisable, but certain ideas may be suggested which—if brooded on—may result in a wider grasp of the beauty of nature's synthesis, and of the wonderful correlation of all that is in process of evolution. Perhaps some idea may be gained if we remember that, in an occult sense, Venus is to the Earth what the higher Self is to man.”
(TCF 298)

137.       Venus is Home to a Logoic Principle:
“In connection with these two planets, it must be remembered that Venus is a sacred planet and the Earth is not.  This means that certain of the planets are to the Logos what the permanent atoms are to man.  They embody principles.  Certain planets afford only temporary homes to these principles.  Others persist throughout the mahamanvantara.  Of these Venus is one.” (EA 298-299)

138.       Venus—One of the Logoic Super-Principles:
Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered from the standpoint of the present time, as the vehicles of the three super or major principles. Mercury, the Earth and Mars are closely allied to these three but a hidden mystery lies here.”
(TCF 299; EA 661)

139.       Key to Relationship Between Venus and Earth, Hidden in Number:
“The connection between Venus and the Earth lies hid in number, and it took a moment of mysterious alignment between a globe, its corresponding chain and the scheme of allied number to effect the momentous occurrence known as the coming of the Lords of Flame.  It occurred in the third rootrace in the fourth round.  Here we have an analogy between the quaternary and the Triad, carrying the interpretation up to a Heavenly Man.  The chain was the fourth chain and the globe, the fourth.  The fourth chain in the Venus scheme and the fourth globe in that chain were closely involved in the transaction.” (TCF 299-300)

140.       The Relative Progress of the Venusian Lord:
“It has been said that as Venus is in the fifth round, the Venusian Lord is further progressed than His brothers.  This is not altogether so.  Just as in the development of humanity three main lines may be seen with four lesser lines merging into one of the three main lines, so in connection with the Heavenly Men, there are three main lines of which the Venusian is not one.  The Lord of Venus holds place in the logoic quaternary, as does the Lord of Earth.” (TCF 300)

141.       Venus—Negatively Polarised with Respect to Earth:
Venus is negatively polarised and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force ... the karmic tie between the two planetary Logoi (one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative) caused a planetary alliance. Light flashed forth.” (TCF 323)

142.       The Implications of the Negative Polarisation of Venus:
Venus is negatively polarised, and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force.  Again in this connection the question of sex may serve to elucidate.  The karmic tie between the two Heavenly Men—one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative—caused the working out of an old debt and a planetary alliance.  Light flashed forth in Lemurian days in a number of great groups of the human family when these two opposite poles made electrical connection.  It needed the joint work of the two Heavenly Men, working on buddhic levels (the fourth cosmic ether) to bring about the blazing forth of the light of manas in the causal groups on the fifth cosmic gaseous plane, the mental plane of the solar system.” (TCF 323-324) (also see ref 13, 26, and 47 herein)

143.       Venus Responsible for the Coming of Mind to Earth:
The sun, Sirius, is the source of the Logoic manas in the same sense as the Pleiades are connected with the evolution of mind in the Seven Heavenly Men and Venus is responsible for the coming in of mind in the Earth chain. Each was primary to the other, or was the agent which produced the first flicker of consciousness in the particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to the interposition of force, apparently from an extraneous source.
1. The Logos.—Solar System. Sirius.
2. Seven Heavenly Men—Planetary scheme. Pleiades.
3. Heavenly Man—earth chain. Venus.”  (TCF 347; EA 658, 679-680)

144.       Venus—Source of Mind for the Earth Chain:
“…Venus was responsible for the coming in of mind in the Earth chain.” (TCF 347; EA 679)

145.       Our Planetary Logos, the “First Kumara” Supposedly Came from Venus:
“The planetary Logos of this scheme is called ‘the First Kumara’, the One Initiator, and the statement is made that He came to this planet from Venus, Venus being "the Earth's primary."  This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth.  The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle.  It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak.” (TCF 366)

146.       Venus and its Psychic Link with Our Planetary Logos:
“There is a psychic link between the planetary Logos of Venus and that of our Earth; a. The Venus scheme is more active than ours; b. Its humanity are more advanced than ours; c. Its radiation includes the buddhic plane as far as its humanity are concerned; d. It could therefore open up, through stimulation, the same plane to our Earth humanity.” (TCF 367; EA 674)

147.       The Psychic Link Between Venus and our Planetary Logos:
Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found between the planetary Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme.  This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow, as ebbs and flows all life force.  In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which brought about an incarnation on the physical planet of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, and the One Initiator.  This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in a position to link up closely with ours.” (TCF 367)

148.       The Relationship Between the Venus and Earth Chain:
Venus and the Earth Chain.  This question of the coming of the Lords of Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing between the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme and the Lord of the Venus scheme.  Until more detailed information is permitted publication anent these two great Entities, little more can be done beyond indicating some probabilities, and pointing out certain factors which students should carefully bear in mind.” (TCF 367)

149.       The Venus Scheme, Misinterpretation of the Reasons for the Individualisation:
“The statement has been made that (owing to the Venusian scheme being in its fifth round) its humanity is consequently further advanced than ours, and can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days.  This is an instance of a partial truth and its misinterpretation.  The Venusian scheme is—as stated in the Secret Doctrine—in its fifth and last round; its humanity is very far ahead of ours in certain particulars, but the momentous occurrence in the third root-race was due to the following causes, and not to the factor of the greater advancement of a certain group of human beings:” (TCF 367-368)

150.       A Line of Magnetisation Beginning with the Venus Scheme:
“First, the Venus Scheme, viewed as a logoic centre, is more active than ours, and therefore its radiatory magnetism is far more widely spread.  Its radiation is such that on the buddhic plane it swept within its magnetic radius that chain in our scheme which is composed predominantly of buddhic matter.  Then, via that chain, it magnetised the corresponding globe in our chain, and this resulted in a specific vitalisation in the dense planet itself.” (TCF 368)

151.       Earth, Venus and One Other Planet in Relation to Logoic Kundalini:
“… in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs [i.e., the linking of various centers].  Such an event transpires in this round in relation to the centre which our planetary Logos embodies.  It became geometrically linked with two other centres, of which Venus was one, and logoic Kundalini—circulating with tremendous force through this adjusted Triangle—brought about that intensification of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualisation.” (TCF 368-369)

152.       Venus—Listed as the Second Planetary Center or Scheme: (cf. TCF 369)

153.       Venus is the Second or the Sixth Scheme:
“I would caution you here against attaching any importance to the sequence followed in numbering these seven schemes, either in connection with their order of development or importance, or their position in relation to the central planet, the sun, or to each other.  Only two are to be considered numerically accurate at this stage and in this round, i.e., our Earth, the fourth scheme, and Venus, the second.  Venus is either the second or the sixth scheme, according to whether the schemes are counted mystically or occultly.  Inversely, Jupiter will be either the second or the sixth …” (TCF 369)

154.       Venus in an Esoteric Triangle with Jupiter and the Earth:
“The planets Venus and Jupiter are closely connected with the Earth and form eventually an esoteric triangle.”
(TCF 370; EA 661)

155.       Heavenly Men of Venus and Jupiter Linked with Heavenly Man of Our Scheme:
“… the Heavenly Men of Venus and Jupiter are magnetically linked with the Heavenly Man of our scheme.”
(TCF 370)

156.       Venus (with Mercury and Earth) Forming a Temporary Triangle:
“In the middle of the fifth round, the Lord of Mercury will, with the Logos of the Venus scheme and of our Earth, form a temporary triangle of force. We have here information given that has only been hinted at hitherto but for which, in this fifth subrace and in this fourth round, the world is now ready; it holds the solution of the mystery of this round.”
(TCF 371; EA 664)

157.       The Meaning of the Statement that the Great Kumara came from Venus:
“the statement that the great Kumara or the One Initiator came to this planet from Venus is true in so far as it embodies the fact that He came to this dense planet (the fourth) in the fourth chain from that chain in our scheme which is called the ‘Venus’ chain, and which is the second chain.  He came via the second globe in our chain; His scarcely felt vibration was sensed (occultly) in the second round, but only in the third root-race of the fourth round did conditions permit of His physical incarnation and of His coming as the Avatar.” (TCF 371)

158.       The Interaction Between Earth and Venus is Due to their Positive and Negative Polarity:
“It would be well to enlarge here a little on the connection between Venus and the Earth, which is hinted at in some of the occult books, and is somewhat touched upon in this.  I have stated that the interaction between the two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, and I pointed out that a similar relation underlies the relation of the Pleiades and the seven schemes of our solar system, and also the relation of Sirius and the system itself.” (TCF 375)

159.       Venus’ Progress in her Fifth Round:
“The Venus scheme, being in the fifth round, had the fifth principle of manas co-ordinated and developed, the minor four manasic aspects had been synthesised, and the buddhic aspect was being provided with a means of expression through the medium of the perfected fifth.” (TCF 376; EA 675)

160.       The Progress of Venus in Relation to Manas and Buddhi:
“An interesting correspondence of a very occult nature can be worked out by the advanced student in connection also with the seven schemes.  There are two which may be considered primarily archetypal, causal, or involving abstraction; three in which manas is manifested, and two in which already buddhi is manasically demonstrating.  Of these two, Venus is one and thus we have the three and the two which make the five schemes of the five Kumaras, Who are Brahma.” (TCF 377; EA 675)

161.       Venus Negatively Polarised to the Earth Scheme—Analogy to the Pleiades and Seven Schemes:
“Just as Venus is negatively polarised to our Earth scheme, so the seven stars of the Pleiades are negatively polarised to our seven schemes.” (TCF 377)

162.       The Mystery of Venus’ Negative Polarisation and its Gift to Earth:
” A very pertinent question might here be asked.  We might justly enquire (in connection with the point that Venus is negatively polarised, and also that the Pleiades are equally so) why they should be termed negative if they are the donors and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive.  This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension.  Venus may have had much to do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the Venus chain of our scheme, but our scheme gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, though the gift was not of the same nature.  The coming in of the Venusian influence to our chain, and to our planet, with the subsequent stimulation of certain groups in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, caused a paralleling event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme.  This affected the sixth Hierarchy, one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme.  This stimulation emanated via our sixth chain (or the second according to the angle of vision) and affected a corresponding chain in the Venus scheme.  The magnitude of the difference may be seen in the fact that in our case one globe alone was affected, whereas the influence of our scheme on the Venusian was such that an entire chain was stimulated.  This was brought about through the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme.” (TCF 377-378)

163.       The Descent of Manas in Connection with Our Earth:
“… in connection with our Earth, it [Manas] came: Via the Venus chain of our scheme. As the result of a stimulation, originating in the Venus scheme. Because logoic kundalini had vitalised one of the systemic triangles of force, of which (temporarily) Venus and the Earth formed two points of the triangle. This produced the individualisation of those, particularly in the human Hierarchy, who form a particular centre in the body of the planetary Logos.”
(TCF 379)

164.       One Hundred and Five Kumaras came from ‘Venus; to Earth:
“It has been stated that one hundred and four Kumaras came from Venus to the Earth; literally the figure was one hundred and five, when the synthesising Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, is counted as one. There remain still with Him the three Buddhas of Activity.” (TCF 386)

165.       A Summary of Common Knowledge about the Relationship between the Earth Scheme and the Venus Scheme:
“Certain facts have already been grasped and realised by the average occult student who has been pondering this teaching with care.  He is aware that the juncture of Spirit-matter and mind, or manas, was effected during the third root-race, and that the definitely human family became present upon earth from that date.  He knows that this was brought about by the coming, in bodily Presence, of certain great Entities, and he has learned that these Entities came from the Venusian chain, that They achieved the necessary juncture, undertook the government of the planet, founded the occult Hierarchy, and that—though some remain with the chain—the remainder have returned to Their originating source.  This in many ways sums up the totality of the present knowledge.” (TCF 386)

166.       Correcting Erroneous Interpretations anent the Relationship Between the Venus Scheme and the Earth Scheme and the Origin of the Planetary Logos of the Earth:
“a. This advent signalised the taking of a physical vehicle by the planetary Logos, and was literally the coming of the Avatar.
b. That this advent was brought about by a definite systemic alignment which involved:
The Venus scheme of the system.
The Venus chain of the Earth scheme.
The Venus globe of the Earth chain.
c. That the planetary Logos did not come from the Venus scheme but from the Venus chain of His own scheme, the Earth scheme.  Owing to systemic alignment logoic kundalini could flow through a certain triangle of which two points were Venus and the Earth.  This caused an acceleration of vibration, and enabled the Heavenly Man of our scheme to take a minor initiation, and to set about His preparations for a major initiation.” (TCF 386-387; EA 680-681)

167.       The Initiatory Effects of Individualisation in the Earth Scheme and the Venus Scheme:
“Next, it should also be remembered that in considering this matter we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globe and its present humanity, but from the systemic and cosmic point of view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos.  Hence it is a fact that this event was not only the result of the taking of a minor initiation by our Earth Logos, but in the Venus scheme it was signalised by the taking of a major initiation by the Venusian planetary Logos on His fifth chain.  In connection with a solar Logos it followed upon the stimulation of one of His centres and from the geometrical progression of the fire through the earlier mentioned Triangle.” (TCF 387; EA 681)

168.       The One Hundred and Five Kumaras from Venus:
“It has been stated that one hundred and four Kumaras came from Venus to the Earth; literally the figure was one hundred and five, when the synthesising Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, is counted as one. There remain still with Him the three Buddhas of Activity.” (TCF 387; EA 681)

169.       The Advisability of Dropping Chain Names:
“As this subject is more widely studied it will inevitably be found advisable to call the chains by their numbers, and to drop the names as at present used: 1. Neptune; 2. Venus; 3. Saturn; 4. Earth; 5. Mercury; 6. Mars; 7. Jupiter.” (TCF 389)

170.       The State of the Venusian Scheme at the Time of the “Last Judgement” on Earth:
“When that time comes our planetary Logos will have attained the initiation which is His present goal; the fifth round of the Venusian scheme will be closing, and the Venus scheme will begin to pass into obscuration, preparatory to transferring her life to the synthesising planet with which she is connected; Mercury will be reaching the apotheosis of achievement, and with Mars and the Earth, will form a systemic triangle.  We are speaking here of schemes and not of chains.” (TCF 390)

171.       A Triangle Involving the Venus Chain:
“We must recognise another triangle within the Earth scheme, of the chains called ‘the Earth chain,’ the Venus chain, and the Mercurian chain, but this triangle entirely concerns the centres of the planetary Logos of our scheme.”
(TCF 390)

172.       During the Next Round, when the Earth, Mars and Mercury Schemes are Related:
“A certain great logoic centre will be vitalised and the attention of logoic kundalini will pass from the present triangle in process of forming (the Earth, Venus, and a scheme whose name it is advisable to withhold) to the other.”
(TCF 390)

173.       Earth Should Be in its Fifth Round, Paralleling the Venusian Scheme:
“It is an interesting occult fact that our Earth should now be in her fifth round, and paralleling the Venusian scheme, but the moon chain of our scheme saw a period of temporary retardation of the evolutionary process of our Heavenly Man; it resulted in a temporary slowing down of His activities, and caused "lost time," if such an expression might reverently be permitted.  The Lords of the Dark Face, or the inherent forces of matter for a time achieved success, and only the fifth round of our chain will see their ultimate defeat.  The Venusian scheme also had its battleground, but the planetary Logos of that scheme overcame the antagonistic forces, triumphed over material forms, and was consequently in a position—when the right time came—to apply the needed stimulation or an increased fiery vibration to our Earth scheme.  The fact that outside aid was called in during the third root-race of this chain, and that the evolution of manas brought about the individualisation, in physical form, of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on.  The Divine Manasaputra, the Lord of the World, took form Himself through the driving impulse of manas, inherent in His nature, and in some mysterious way this was aided by another Heavenly Man of another scheme.  His co-operation was required.” (TCF 392-393)

174.       Solar Logos Vivified Venus and the Earth:
“It is interesting here to note that when the solar Logos is being manasically impelled to work out some purpose of His greater Source (THE ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID) He may cause a vivification in one or other of His centres according to the purpose in view.  This occurred in the forming of the triangle of which Earth and Venus are two points, and (affecting the Heavenly Men of these two schemes ) stimulated Them to take initiation, and led the planetary Logos of our scheme to form a lesser triangle within His sphere of activity, which triangle eventuated in His taking a lesser initiation, and in the manasic impregnation of animal man.  Thus were swept into objective activity that group of monads who go to the composition of a particular centre.” (TCF 393-394)

175.       Venus (and Mercury)—in Process of Transmutation:
“Mercury and Venus are in process of transmutation, and the manasic principle in both these schemes, having reached a high stage of development, is being transmuted into Love-Wisdom.” (TCF 403)

176.       Venus (hypothetically) will Merge with Neptune:
“The four schemes which form the logoic Quaternary will merge into their synthesising scheme, that of Saturn, while Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune.  No importance need be attached to the sequence of these names.  The dual fact is all that is necessary to grasp.” (TCF 405-406)

177.       The Venus Globe in Relation to the Vegetable Kingdom:
“The transmutative process is effected more easily in the vegetable kingdom than in any other owing to this very factor, and also to the incentive given to this second kingdom and its evolutionary process by the coming of the Lords of the Flame from the second or Venus globe—pre-eminently the globe with which this kingdom has a mysterious connection.  If I might express it in other words:  the cosmic Entity, Who is the life of the second globe and its informing principle, has a close connection with the solar Entity Who is the informing life of the entire vegetable kingdom.” (TCF 497)

178.       A Question Unanswerable at this Time:
“What is the purpose lying back of the relation existing between our Earth and Venus?” (TCF 566)

179.       Venus Produced the Spark of Mind in Animal Man:
“The planet, Venus, in her fifth round, gave the impetus which produced the spark of mind in animal man—a fact well known.  It is also the fifth Ray, and has an interesting connection with the fifth Law of Fixation.” (TCF 590)

180.       Venus Ahead of Us Along Every Line:
“Note here an interesting fact, that Venus is the sixth planet (esoterically the second), and is in her fifth round, and hence is ahead of us along every line.” (TCF 592-593)

181.       Occult or Mystical Ways of Numbering the Venus Scheme:
Venus is the second or the sixth scheme, according to whether the schemes are counted mystically or occultly.” (TCF 595; EA 674)

182.       The Venus Scheme is the Sixth or the Second:
“In the sixth Scheme, that of Venus, this can be seen clearly; it is the scheme of love.  Viewed from one angle, the Venusian Scheme is the second, and from another it is the sixth.  It depends upon whether we reason from the circumference to the centre or the reverse.” (TCF 595)

183.       The Venus Scheme is the Home of the Planetary Logos of the Sixth Ray:
“It is the home of the planetary Logos of the sixth Ray.  This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not so really; we must remember the interlocking, the gradual shifting and changing, that takes place in time on all the Rays.  In the same way the Earth chain is the third if viewed from one aspect and the fifth viewed from another.” (TCF 595-596)

184.       A Triangle Between the Heart of the Sun, Venus and Earth:
“The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body.  In this connection it must be remembered that the force which flows from the heart of the sun, works through a triangle formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and the sun. That another triangle was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under the law, and the triangles vary according to the scheme involved.” (TCF 664)

185.       Venus—Responding Fully to Heart Stimulation:
“The logoic heart is thrilling, and response comes already from all the schemes, as three spirillae are vibrating in all of them, but the Son of God is not yet fully and cosmically self-conscious.  As response comes the centres awaken.  One logoic centre is responding fully to the heart stimulation, and that is Venus, who is passing through the final round.” (TCF 686)

186.       The Relationship of Venus to the Fifth Hierarchy:
“These five Kumaras are the channels for this force and one of Them, the Lord of the planet Venus, embodies in Himself the function of the fifth Hierarchy.  This accounts for the activity of Venus at the moment of individualisation in this round.  In the next round, this fifth Hierarchy will be utilising our Earth scheme in this way, and we shall then see manas in full fruition working out in the human family.” (TCF 703)

187.       The Progress of Venus in Relation to Her Humanity:
“We have attempted to carry the thought of the student beyond his own tiny sphere to the consideration of the work of the Manasadevas in the solar system.  In every scheme They have Their place, but in some—as in the Jupiter scheme—They are just beginning Their work, and in others—as in the Vulcan and Venus schemes—Their work is nearly completed.  Venus is in her last round, and has nearly developed her fourth kingdom to perfection, or as much as it is possible in the system.” (TCF 742; EA 675)

188.       On Venus—the Setting in of the Period of Obscuration:
“The work of the Manasadevas is carried on throughout the entire system, and a constant circulation transpires, and a constant transmission of energy, and of force units embodying that energy, goes on throughout the entire system.  This transmission becomes possible in any scheme when the fourth or human kingdom becomes radioactive; it really marks the setting in of the period of obscuration.  Venus is a case in point.  Metaphysically stated, it marks the point when the Logoi begin to dissociate Themselves from Their dense physical bodies, or from the three worlds of human endeavour.” (TCF 778-779)

189.       Venus in Relation to the “Lotuses of Brahman”:
“The lotuses of Brahman, in which the second petal is showing signs of opening and the second aspect in its lowest manifestation is showing signs of demonstration.  They stand as representing certain groups of Egos from certain planetary schemes, notably Jupiter and Venus, who are a grade higher than the class above, but which have as yet a long way to go.  They are called "second class creators," for though they demonstrate on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, yet they are more swayed by love than by animal instinct as in the first case.” (TCF 842)

190.       The Study of Venus, Mars and Earth to Shed Light on Certain Dark Problems:
“[Light on these problems] will come through a close study of the effect of one planetary scheme upon another, and the place of the moon in our own planetary life.  This will lead to a close investigation of polar conditions in the earth, of the planetary magnetic currents, and of the electrical intercourse between our earth, and the Venusian and Martian planetary schemes.  When this has been accomplished, astronomy and esoteric astrology will be revolutionised, and the nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity of the fourth rank will be appreciated.” (TCF 1070)

191.       Venus and the “Initiatory Cultural Process”:
“The initiatory cultural process which has in view the stimulation of magnetic radiation or transmutation is but an experiment.  It was tried first on Venus, and on the whole proved successful, resulting in the consummation of the planetary purpose in five rounds instead of seven.  This was what made it possible to utilise Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe of our scheme and thus cause the phenomenon of forced individualisation in Lemurian days.  It was the intensive stimulation of the third kingdom of nature during the third root race which artificially unified the three aspects.  The process of stimulating through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when the triangle of force was completed, and ready to function.  It is this factor which occultly makes the third Initiation of such tremendous importance.  In it the human triangle is linked, the Monad, the Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied.” (TCF 1076-1077)

192.       Venusian Entities Passed on to Higher Work at the End of the Fourth Root Race:
“At the close of the fourth root race there was a period of distinctive radioactivity, and many hundreds of men passed out of the fourth Creative Hierarchy into another and a higher one.  Many posts held hitherto by Venusian Entities were vacated in order that our humanity might occupy them, and a vast interchain radiation went on as many of the Kumaras and certain lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and entered upon subtler, and more advanced work.  Then the activity gradually ebbed until a recurring cycle brought in influences which produced a new radiation, though not of such a strength as in the preceding period.” (TCF 1078-1079)

193.       The Planetary School on Venus:
Venus—The School with five strict Grades.  This again is a planetary scheme closely related to ours, but its planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of students in the cosmic sense than is our planetary Logos.  Most of its hierarchical instructors come from the fifth cosmic plane, and are a peculiar group of Manasadevas of very exalted rank.  They are each depicted in the archives of our Hierarchy as holding a trident of fire surmounted by five green emeralds.” (TCF 1179)

194.       Venus-Earth-the Venus Chain are Analogous to Sirius-the Pleiades-the Sun:
“Sirius is the seat of higher mind and mahat (as it is called, or universal mind) sweeps into manifestation in our solar system through the channel of the Pleiades.  It is almost as if a great triangle of mahatic energy was thus formed.  Sirius transmits energy to our solar system via that
‘... sevenfold brooding Mother, the silver constellation, whose voice is as a tinkling bell, and whose feet pass lightly o'er the radiant path between our worlds and hers.’ Within the solar system there is an interesting correspondence to this cosmic interplay in the relation between the Venus scheme, our Earth scheme and the Venus chain in our scheme.(TCF 1258)

195.       Venus Influence Predominant in the Vegetable Kingdom:
“In the vegetable kingdom the influence of Venus is predominant, amazing as this may seem to some occult students. Venus and Jupiter together powerfully influence this world of forms.” (EP I 245)

196.       Venus—Controlling by Intelligent Love:
“During the third decanate we shall see the rule of Brotherhood inaugurated, and Venus controlling by intelligent love; the group and not the individual will be the important unit, and unselfishness and cooperation will steadily take the place of separativeness and competition.” (EP I 293)

197.       Venus in Relation to Fifth Ray Correspondences in the Secret Doctrine:
“Ray V ... Concrete Knowledge of Science. Planet—Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus; Day—Friday; Exoteric Colour—Yellow; Esoteric Colour—Indigo; Human Principle—Higher mind; Divine Principle—Higher knowledge. ‘God saw that it was good’.” (EP I 419)

198.       Venus in a Table of Correspondences from the Secret Doctrine:
“Ray V ... Concrete Knowledge of Science
Planet                              Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus.
Day                                 Friday.
Esoteric Colour                Yellow.
Esoteric Colour                Indigo.
Human Principle               Higher mind.
Divine Principle                Higher knowledge. ‘God saw that it was good.’
Element                           Instrument of Sensation Astral body.
Plane                               Lower mental plane.
Sense                              Consciousness as response to knowledge.
Bodily location                  Brain.

Esoterically, this principle of sentiency is seated in the solar plexus.” (EP I 419-420)

199.       Venus (with Jupiter and Uranus) Expressing a Great Life (Probably on the Second Ray):
“The potency of this Life is such that He requires three complete schemes—all three closely allied and interdependent—through which to express Himself.  Uranus, Jupiter and Venus are similarly allied in order to manifest or express a great Life.” (EP II 99)

200.       Touch—the Keynote of the Evolution Proceeding on Venus:
“Touch ... is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on Venus.  It is sensitivity to spiritual impression. These facts constitute a tremendous mystery, and in no way negate the truth that Venus has a peculiar and intimate relation to the Earth.” (EP II 585)

201.       Astrologers Should Pay More Attention to the Activity and Influence of Venus:
Venusian forces of great potency are also playing upon our planet.  In this connection, I would suggest that astrologers would be well advised to pay more attention to the activity and the influence of Venus.  Much emphasis has been laid upon Saturn and Mars in the charts now considered.  In the future, equal emphasis will have to be paid to the planet Venus, which in the Aquarian age will supersede Mars as a basic influence.” (EP II 721)

202.       Venus and the Nervous System:
“The nervous system is ruled by Venus.” (EH 143)

203.       The Registrants of the Purpose and the Open Channel to Venus:
“The function of the Registrants of the Purpose is to keep the channel open between our Earth, the planet Venus and the Central Spiritual Sun.  The function of the Custodians of the Will is to relate the Council, the Hierarchy and Humanity, thus creating a basic triangle of force between the three major centres of the planetary Life.” (R&I 69)

204.       The Relationship of the Soul to Venus, Mercury and Sirius:
“The Soul relates the initiate to the Love of God, to the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the Ashram of the Master Who has aided him to take initiation, to the planets Venus and Mercury, to the Sun Sirius, and to the Heart of the Sun.” (R&I 96)

205.       A Representative from Venus is a Member of the Council at Shamballa:
“Few of the great Lives Who form the inner group of the Council Chamber at Shamballa are now of greater advancement than he; the ‘Supernal Three,’ the ‘Radiant Seven,’ the ‘Lives embodying the forty-nine Fires,’ the ‘Buddhas of Activity,’ and certain ‘Eternal Spirits’ from such centres of dynamic spiritual life as Sirius, or from the constellation which at any one time forms a triangle with our Sun and Sirius and a Representative from Venus are of greater—far greater—advancement.”
(R&I 141-142)

206.       “Supreme Workers” from our Sister Planet:
“The progressive experience of the greater Lives Who work in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara form no part of our studies.  Many of these supreme Workers, as you have read in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, found Their way to our planet from our sister planet, Venus, thereby in Their turn establishing relationship.” (R&I 397)

207.       Those Upon the Path of the Planetary Logoi Pass to Venus for Further Training:
“Having learnt the technique and having passed certain tests, They move into the planetary life of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They complete Their training, as far as our solar system can give it, finding Their way eventually on to the cosmic mental plane.”
(R&I 405)

208.       An Antahkarana Connects our Planet to Venus:
“Forget not that relating our planet to the planet Venus is a planetary antahkarana, passing from thence to the Heart of the Sun and later to the cosmic mental plane.  There are ‘rainbow bridges’ carrying the sevenfold energies of the seven rays from planet to planet, from system to system, and from plane to plane on cosmic levels.” (R&I 406)

209.       Mind—a “Pure Gift” from Venus:
“… in this way Venus was the custodian of what we call the principle of Mind and brought it as a pure gift to embryonic humanity.” (R&I 422)

210.       Higher Nirmanakayas Connecting our Earth and Venus:
“Just as there is a group of Contemplative Initiates, called in the Eastern phraseology ‘Nirmanakayas’, Who function in deep meditation at a point midway between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, so this much higher group of Ray Lords function in the deepest cosmic meditation between our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus.”
(R&I 734)

211.       The Initiatory Status of the Nirmanakayas Connecting the Earth and Venus:
“Most of the Nirmanakayas have taken the sixth and the seventh initiations, whilst the group which functions midway between the Earth and Venus have all taken the eighth and ninth initiations.  Some of Them, as I mentioned earlier, aid the initiate of the seventh degree; a still larger group of them participate in the activities of the two final initiations.” (R&I 735)