Situated in the constellation popularly known as the Little Dipper, this important star appears to perch at the very end of the dipper’s handle, in a position very near to which the Earth’s north pole presently points.  Known to the public as the North Star and to astronomers as Alpha Ursa Minor, Polaris is the brightest star found in the constellation of the Lesser (or Little) Bear.  Astronomy recognizes Polaris as a double or binary star,[1] and at approximately 44 light years distant from Earth, it is counted one of the stars most remote from the position of our solar system in the Milky Way galaxy.[2]


The name Polaris itself comes from Latin, meaning “of the pole,” and is related to the Greek word, polos, which means pivot or axis, and to the Greek verb meaning “to turn.”[3]  Alpha Ursa Minor was of course given a name reflective of a polar position or pivot point because it sits so near the point in the northern sky toward which the north pole of our planet points, and therefore appears from earthly perspective to be the point around which the whole celestial sphere circles.  Polaris thus holds a place of honor in the great celestial sphere as seen from Earth, though actually, this star is located about one degree of celestial longitude distant from the precise point toward which the north pole of our planet points.[4] Polaris has nonetheless been perceived as the north pole star since approximately the 15th century,[5] simply because it is the nearest easily perceived star in the immediate vicinity of the celestial north point.


As the orientation of the Earth’s axis continues to migrate very slowly within the nutation cycle, the north pole point will come as close to the exact location for Polaris as ever it will in the year 2095 A.D. (or CE), when the pole point will be just one half degree of celestial longitude away from the exact position of Polaris.[6]  Eventually, the nutation cycle will bring the Earth’s axis to point at yet another star.  Over the entire period of the nutation cycle, which comprises nearly 26,000 years,[7] various stars serve as markers for the north celestial point,[8] a cyclic fact definitely referred to by the Tibetan.[9]  The amount of time during which each such star functions as the north celestial point varies greatly, as the circuit of stars through which the pole point must move is distributed quite unevenly throughout space.  However, astronomers are able to predict on the basis of the direction and speed of nutation that the star next to function as the pole star (following Polaris) will be Gamma Cepheus,[10] which star the pole point will be nearest in approximately 4500 A.D. (or CE).  Thus, Polaris will remain the pole star for many centuries yet to come.





Esoteric Characterization of Polaris


Just as Polaris currently provides a point of physical orientation in the sky, it is also said to generate similar spiritual themes in its esoteric characterization.  According to the Tibetan, Polaris “…is at this time a major ‘star of direction.’”[11]  The exact sense in which Polaris provides direction can be garnered from the Tibetan’s equation of the term “direction” with the will, purpose, and plan of our Solar Logos and its evolutionary undertakings.[12]  Thus, it would appear that Polaris imparts to our entire solar sphere an energy which feeds directly into the sense of purpose driving our Solar Logos.  Specifically, this energy is First Ray in nature, as the Tibetan specified.[13]  This statement would strongly suggest that Polaris emits a Ray One influence.  In fact, the connection of Ray One with Polaris is certain, for this star is said to govern Shamballa,[14] the unquestioned repository of Ray One as planetary purpose on our globe.  Thus, Polaris is a “star of direction” in the esoteric sense because it distributes those energies in creation which impart purposive intention and therefore a definite objective or course of action.  These Polaris passes on to our Solar Logos, and in lesser degree, to all units of life contained within the solar periphery.


There is a second sense in which Polaris imparts a sense of direction to units falling under its influence.  As the Tibetan phrased it, “Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the ‘star of reorientation’ whereby the art of ‘refacing and recovering that which is lost’ is developed.  This eventually brings a man back to his originating source.”[15]  This “reorientation” brought about by Polaris (the present Pole Star) would appear to concern the necessary shift which takes place on the Path of Return, when the individual ceases its identification with the outer form nature and replaces that infatuation with a fundamental interest in the soul (or the monad at a later stage).  This change of focus allows the individual to recover the soul consciousness (or monadic being) which was temporarily “lost” upon taking re-incarnation.  Thus, to simplify the matter, it could be stated that it is the energy of Polaris which helps the spiritual seeker remember the real source of her or his existence.  This remembrance or recollection of origin begins and sustains the process of return to source, which is to say a return to the soul (or monad) and the greater Lives Logoic from which the lesser unit has been spawned.


Thus, whether it is establishment of purpose for life in form or the remembrance of source for the gradual release from same, Polaris it is which helps to gain the proper orientation.  Whether this orientation is called right direction or re-facing and recovering, it represents the identification and maintaining of a proper target, as opposed to an aimless wandering in the sea of phenomenal living.  Polaris it is, according to the esoteric astrological doctrine, which reaches right into the consciousness of the individual and reminds the knower toward what point he or she should be striving.  Of course, such an effect is relatively negligible in the case of seekers not yet of the Third Degree in initiatory status, as it is only at that point which any of the non-zodiacal stars have any real, specific, or immediate effect on the individual.  The Third Initiation is the truly the gateway to the non-zodiacal stars, which in themselves represent the region of universals and monadic being.  Hence, Polaris may speak to seekers of a degree earlier than the Third, but it undoubtedly does so with far more eloquence to those who are either fast approaching or yet beyond the Transfiguration Gate.


All this would be quite enough for one star to accomplish, but it is hardly the full gamut of effects attributed to Polaris by the esoteric astrological doctrine.  Part of that doctrine in regard to Polaris is to be found in Bailey’s Light of the Soul, which is a modern rendering of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient Sanskrit work translated and interpreted variously throughout the many centuries since it was originally compiled.  According to Bailey, the Tibetan Master re-translated and paraphrased the Yoga Sutras, and then dictated them to her as a modern version for contemporary students of the Ageless Wisdom.[16]  Bailey added commentary, which commentary was in turn revised by the Tibetan.[17]  Thus, in The Light of the Soul resides an updated version of ancient wisdom, for as Bailey stated, “The Yoga Sutras are the basic teaching of the Trans-Himalayan School to which many of the Masters of the Wisdom belong….”[18]  What the Sutras have to say is therefore of immediate interest to all students and affiliates of Planetary Hierarchy.


In the Tibetan’s recension of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra 28 in Book III concerns the star Polaris, or perhaps whatever star may hold the Pole Star position at any given time.  There, the text states in what would appear to be an extraordinary claim, “Concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars.”[19] Since Polaris is currently the Pole Star, it would seem to be this very star to which this claim refers.


This statement alone would be sufficient for amazement, but Bailey’s commentary (revised by the Tibetan, and therefore representative of his point of view) goes even farther.  The commentary states, “…this sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation…” and will eventually bring forth an understanding of the relationship between our solar system and the six other systems with which it is allied in the body of a greater Logos.[20]  Moreover, the commentary maintains, this sutra contains revelations as to:


1.  the purpose of the “seven and twelve”  (rays and signs, or perhaps rays and Creative Hierarchies)

2.  the meaning of the twelve labors of Hercules

3.  and the purpose of our planet and its role in a cosmic triangle composed of Polaris, the Great Bear, and our globe.[21]


          Prospects such as this contingent simply upon some type of stellar contemplation simply leave the mind reeling.  What all this actually means must certainly remain an open question, but perhaps certain clarifying statements may be made which will bring the matter into manageable perspective.


The first question which must be addressed is whether or not the Tibetan meant to imply by the word “concentration” that simple viewing of the Pole Star would confer mastery of all the technical revelations promised in this sutra.  Though at the outset such a suggestion might seem outlandish, it may not stretch the bounds of credulity as much as might be imagined.  Vedic tradition certainly includes a practice of Sun gazing, said to bring all manner of physical, emotional, and mental healing, as well as ultimate spiritual enlightenment.  Since the Sun is but another star in the galactic community of Solar Logoi, it should not be terribly different from Polaris, its distant brother in the family of suns.  Thus, if great boon may be had by proper Sun gazing or contemplation, why not the same for a proper visual concentration upon Polaris?


          Thus, if an habitual gaze trained on Polaris could indeed spontaneously illumine the mind in these matters, all esoteric astrological seekers ought to head directly to the nearest available dark sky and set right to work, for the general turf outlined here covers a generous portion of the entire field of esoteric astrological study.  Could but these questions be mastered, the seeker would be well on her or his way to esoteric astrological adeptship! 


Again, the total list of insights credited in the Yoga Sutras to contemplation of Polaris is as follows.


1.  knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars

2.  understanding of the relationship between our solar system and the six other systems with which it is allied in the body of a greater Logos

3.  revelation as to the purpose of the “seven and the twelve”

4.  revelation as to the meaning of the twelve Labors of Hercules

5.  revelation as to the function of our planet in its role as one point of the cosmic triangle, Polaris-Great Bear-Earth.


These five knowledges and revelations concern the following classes of information:


1.  the technical, astronomical, and even esoteric arrangement of space and the points around which various bodies orbit,


2.  the dynamics of the annual solar cycle as seen from our planet, to which the Labors of Hercules correspond,


3.  at least parts of the Science of Triangles, and


4.  the objectives for which the Seven Ray Lords and either the Twelve Creative Hierarchies or the intelligences of the twelve zodiacal constellations strive.


          As said, the comprehension of all this would constitute much.  But again, the question is whether or not the simple act of looking upon starlight can confer such momentous realizations.  Though it is possible that the light from Polaris contains such information and that it can be decoded by the human eye, this has yet to be demonstrated dependably by western students of esoteric occultism.  Yogic adepts of eastern traditions may indeed embrace just such a tradition, for many are the wonders of India and the Himalayas.


          The practical implication may be otherwise for today’s seekers, who are largely city dwellers lacking access to skies sufficiently dark for genuine visual concentration on Polaris.  What can be managed in such circumstances is a definite concentration upon the principles of spatial arrangement embodied in the position of Polaris, together with a vital quest into the nature of Divine Purpose at it is embodied in this star, and which is consequently brought forward into our solar system via its astrological intermediaries.  In a word, then, the term concentration might also be taken to mean study; simply a study of all that can be gathered about Polaris, letting this be the sustained attention or concentration which will confer seeming miracles of mystic and occult insight.


          If that is the case, then one must ask what is so unique about the spatial positioning of Polaris that such revelations may come of its contemplation.  The answer is, of course, its position as the pivot of the sky, the point in the heavens around which the entire nightly pageant seems to revolve.  Of course, it isn’t really true that all the stars circle around Polaris; it only seems so on account of our planet’s axial rotation, which movement carries us in a circle endlessly, displaying to us all the parts of the sky in a twenty four hour period.  The one point that stays put from our perspective is that north point, so very close to which is the star Polaris.  Thus, Polaris might be said to teach the lesson that all is a matter of perspective, created by combinations of axial rotation and orbital arrangements.  This in itself is a type of enlightenment.


          By extension, this principle would also explain the annual solar cycle, which is caused by the orbit of Earth around the Sun, and the consequently and constantly changing backdrop against which the Sun is positioned. 


Thus, the facts of rotation and orbital motion are both implied in our view of Polaris, the first in our nightly experience of the sky, the second in our seasonal experience of the stars in its immediate vicinity.  It could therefore be said that the position of Polaris points up both the effects of axial rotation and orbital motion.  This may be one of the reasons that commentary on Sutra 28 (which specifies the Pole Star as a source of revelation concerning technical matters of astronomical value) alleges that the information contained in this Sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation.  Perhaps it does so because it embodies and stands for certain key principles that must be held in mind if a proper understanding of spatial relationships is to be had.  Lacking such, the student goes off the proverbial deep end, lost in an impenetrable haze of illusions and appearances, such as the illusion that the Pole star actually is the center of the sky.  It isn’t, though it seems so to us.  That’s the key point.  Neither is our Sun the center of the universe, though it seems so within the confines of our system.  Again, all is a matter of perspective in the world of astronomical fundamentals upon which esoteric astrological considerations are based. 


          As to how the study of Polaris reveals at least a portion of the Science of Triangles, the following might be borne in mind.  Specifically, the portion said to be revealed concerns a triangle composed of Polaris, the Great Bear, and planet Earth.[22]  Through knowledge of this triangle, the purpose of our planet is said to be revealed.  That both Polaris and the Great Bear distribute a mighty dose of Ray One and hence all things to do with purpose is already known.  It must be that when these two powerhouses gang up and direct their beams at any given planet, the truth of its raison d’etre shines forth.  Students who are brave enough to seek personal confirmation on this matter might visualize and meditate upon a triangle of energies circulating between these points in the celestial sphere.  Sustained “concentration” in this direction may bring much, perhaps more than can be reasonably digested at this point in evolution.  Prudence should guide, as in all things occult. 


          The esoteric characterization of Polaris thus embraces a sizeable territory, ranging from right spiritual orientation to matters of technical occultism.  Polaris seems to be particularly rich in this second category concerning matters of technical occultism.  A case in point concerns the determination of long time cycles.  Polaris is, according to the Tibetan Master, in some way to be taken into consideration as a factor in the calculation of such intervals, especially in regard to our planet.[23]  This statement may be nothing other than a veiled reference to the nutation cycle, which is of course directly linked to the precessional cycle, the nutation cycle being the basic mechanism which causes the Earth’s axis of rotation to align with various stars during an approximately 26,000 year period.  At any rate, it is certain that Polaris in some way figures prominently in calculations of vast time periods which bear upon and partially determine certain evolutionary periods on our planet.


          Blavatsky referred to the Pole Star in just this fashion.  Speaking of the root races and their earliest appearances, she wrote, “…the occult sciences show that the founders…of the Root Races have all been connected with the Pole Star.”[24]  She also connected the Pole Star (called Dhruva by the sacred astronomy of India) with the determination of evolutionary cycles, quoting from an occult source the following.  “He who understands the age of Dhruva who measures 9090 mortal years, will understand the times of the pralayas, [and] the final destiny of nations….”[25] 


In these utterances from the sibylline pen are to be found many implications.  First, it might be gathered that in some way cycles linked to the Pole Star mark out the time periods during which the various major races hold sway.  Second, cycles connected with the Pole Star are plainly associated by Blavatsky’s sources with periods of either planetary or solar obscuration, though the number 9090 is unlikely to be a literal measure but rather an occult cypher standing for something other than a mere 9,090 earth years. 


Though other stars than Polaris have been and will be again the marker of the Pole, it is presently Polaris which now holds this place, and thus Polaris with which these matters are currently associated.  Again, these matters have to do with the length of major race periods and the times of planetary and solar obscuration.  The precise figures for the duration of such cyclic happenings were not specified by the Tibetan, who stated instead that even though the effect of the Pole Star (in this case, Polaris) and that of other celestial factors must be taken into consideration in the calculation of long cycles, “...the true esoteric knowledge is not to be gained by the study of figures by the lower mind…” but rather that it “…comes as the result of the intuition and is stimulated at initiation.”[26]  Thus, the exact nature and effect of Polaris remains a somewhat elusive matter, trailing clouds of mystery as it eludes easy capture.




The  Fifth Cosmic Path:

A Further Clue to the Esoteric Nature of Polaris


          The mystery concerning the nature of Polaris began with the Tibetan’s first apparent reference to this star in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.  There, in speaking of the Fifth Cosmic Path, also called the Ray Path, the Tibetan Master stated that the source of energy enlivening the adepts of this path “…may be regarded as the Pole Star.”[27]  However, he went on to say, “It should nevertheless be pointed out that this star serves only as a blind for a constellation which lies behind, - a constellation which exists only in etheric matter.”[28]  From this statement might reasonably be drawn the conclusion that indeed it is Polaris (fronting for an “etheric constellation”) which functions as the source for the Fifth Cosmic Path, the Ray Path.  It is this star’s probable position as the visible source for this particular Way of Higher Evolution which provides yet another view of its esoteric nature.


          The linkage of Polaris with the Fifth Cosmic or Ray Path was restated in Bailey’s The Rays and the Initiations,[29] the dictation of which volume followed the Tibetan’s first mention of the Pole Star and the Ray Path in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by some twenty-five years.  Taking both the earlier and later discussions of the Ray Path into consideration, a reasonable profile of its workings and objectives emerges, thus providing a clue to the nature of Polaris, now the Pole Star and hence intimately involved with this Path, even if only as a front-man for the actual deeper source of energies involved.


          As it turns out, the name given to the Fifth Cosmic Path reveals one of three essential issues with which this path is concerned.  Called the Ray Path, this way of Higher Evolution schools the adept in recognition of the intentions and life purposes of the very Ray Lords themselves.[30]  Adepts of the Ray Path are not yet Lords of Rays themselves, as that is a much later stage.  Yet, they are deeply immersed in an effort to cognize the objectives and purposes hidden in the great Ray Lives.[31]  This they are somewhat equipped to do, being initiates of the Sixth Degree, for they shall have passed the Decision (or Sixth) Initiation prior to passing onto this Cosmic Path.  Upon having done so, one major portion of their training concerns the ability to understand the Lives which express themselves as the Seven Rays; hence, this Path is denominated the “Ray Path.”


          The second essential issue confronted by the adepts of the Ray Path concerns the nature of the Will Aspect, which is ever at back of the Ray Lives and their reasons for existence.  In fact, the entire Ray Path is conditioned by the confrontation with First Aspect realities, for adepts on this Cosmic Path learn to deal with “sublime purposes and divine intentions.”[32]  In other words, they learn to pass beyond the appearances of the Seven Ray Lords or Lives and to discern the objectives for which these Lives exist.  However, this is only the very most elementary facet of the training gained on the Fifth Cosmic Path, according to the Tibetan Master, who stated that knowledge of the seven types of the Will[33] forms the basis for the experience gained on the Ray Path.[34]  Perhaps not surprisingly, then, adepts following this Path ultimately arrive at the equivalent of Shamballa upon another globe,[35] which is to say that they find the First Aspect head center of another planetary manifestation within which to continue their service in the Spiritual Hierarchy of the solar system.  In sum, then, it can be said with confidence that the second issue of concern on the Fifth Cosmic Path is the perception of the Will Aspect.


          The third major theme with which the adepts of the Fifth or Ray Path are concerned is probably the true occult basis for the Tibetan’s claim in Esoteric Astrology  that Polaris is a star of direction.  If Polaris even partly inspires the mechanics of this Path, then reasons for its association with the theme of direction will be apparent soon enough.


          The Tibetan’s characterization of the Fifth Cosmic Path contains concepts and principles of a decidedly obscure nature, which is only proper given the fact that all of the Seven Cosmic Paths pertain to evolution following the Sixth Initiation, a stage which is sure to be in advance of most who will read these words.  Because of this, consideration of the issues connected with any of them will stretch the reader’s mind.  These issues must be considered, even if only rudimentarily so, in an effort to grasp the nature of the stellar sources from which such energy pathways arise. 


Hence, in any attempt to understand Polaris, it is necessary to grapple with the nature of the Cosmic Path of which it is at least the partial source.  In so doing, there emerges the third critical theme associated with this Path, a theme which while clearly connected with the theme of direction, also entails mysteries of energy management which can only be properly and fully understood by advanced initiates.  


According to the Tibetan Master, the Fifth Cosmic Path involves a work or labor which plays a fundamental role in keeping our entire solar system properly oriented to surrounding space and other Solar Logoi.  This work or labor is carried out by the adepts of the Fifth or Ray Path, who themselves “…are the constituent factor which occultly holds our solar system steadily equilibrised in one specific direction.”[36]  This one specific direction may be the path taken by our Sun as it orbits the galactic center, which motion is called “proper motion” by astronomy.  Proper motion is the general movement of all stars in the galaxy around the galactic center.  It may be the accurate following of this motion which is facilitated by the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path, the work of which the Tibetan Master said “might be compared to that of a compass on a ship.”[37]   These adepts, he stated, are distinguished by their powerful ability to sense and detect cosmic direction.  Such an ability may also refer to an ability to accurately register the angle at which the invariable plane of our solar system is inclined to the invariable plane of the galaxy.  Even if neither proper motion nor the angle of inclination is that to which this description refers, it is still true that the work of the Fifth Cosmic Path concerns right orientation.  Adepts of this Path are charged with  preserving  a steady and unwavering sense of the precise direction which must be pursued by the solar system as a whole within greater cosmic space, whether that concept is construed literally or interpreted more subjectively.  


The way in which the Ray Path adepts accomplish this sensing of  cosmic direction is of the essence, for it reveals something of the Pole Star, to which stellar source they respond.  Again according to the Tibetan, the manner of working followed by the adepts of the Ray Path is as follows: they organize their energy fields in such a way that they respond only to one basic vibration.  They identify solely with this vibration; others they ignore.  Specifically, adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path are taught “…how to insulate themselves so that no vibration save the one which reaches them from the cosmic source of the synthetic ray can touch them.”[38]  And what might that cosmic source be?  Perhaps none other than Polaris, the present Pole Star, known to distribute the vibrations of Ray One, which itself is associated with the First Aspect and therefore with the Law of Synthesis.  Thus, perhaps it is accurate to say that the adepts of the Ray Path are simply taught to pay no attention to any vibratory signal except that which comes forth from Polaris. 


In short, the adepts of the Ray Path appear to get their fix on right direction by heeding only the voice of the trusty North Star, mighty Ray One Polaris, the seeming pivot of the sky, linked with the Law of Synthesis and therefore perhaps spoken of in occult parlance as a cosmic source of the synthetic ray.


The key ability demonstrated on this path is a capacity to insulate the perceiving mechanism that it may remain undisturbed by extraneous input.  Exactly how this is accomplished is of course a mystery revealed only to those with a legitimate right to know.  However, the Tibetan did reveal certain facets of the process.  He stated that the method whereby the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic path develop the power needed for work on this Path is a “process of electrical insulation and the imprisonment of polar magnetism.”[39] 


Though it may not be immediately apparent to just exactly what these terms refer, so important is the formula as given that it is reproduced in the esoteric symbol for the Fifth Cosmic Path.  Seen clairvoyantly, the esoteric symbol for the Ray Path contains a mantram written in the initiatic Senzar language, the use of which, it is said, insulates the adept of this path from “the magnetic flow of all currents save that for which he is responsible.”[40]  This mantram is inscribed on the image of a serpent biting its tail, which forms the periphery of a sphere containing five balls of blue fire,[41] the last element being an obvious allusion to Cosmic Path number five.  The number five corresponding to all things related to the fifth element in the occult septenary, an immediate connection with the work of our Planetary Fifth Ashram might be suspected, as it is this Ashram from which the formulae concerning the nature of electricity have emanated.[42]


At any rate, it is apparent that “electrical insulation” and “imprisonment of polar magnetism” form the key skills in energy management required by the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path.  The twin abilities to electrically insulate and to imprison polar magnetism, according to the Tibetan Master, have the effect of barring out, canceling, neutralizing, and deflecting any magnetic currents except for one.  Obviously, these skills enable the Ray Path adept to reject and repel most of the numerous energy impacts impinging from the life of space and, on top of that, to extract one particular type of energy and trap or contain it in some way, that it may be held in absolutely unadulterated purity.


Clearly, this is not a set of skills the cultivation of which would normally be urged upon the average striving seeker within the ranks of disciples on our planet, where inclusion is urged above almost all things.  No, the Ray Path adepts are in a different world, held to different standards, because they are no longer plagued by the same demons of separatism as are their juniors on the path. The ability of the Ray Path adepts to refuse entry to certain energies is not the same thing as the building of a hardened shell of rigid attitude, a problematic condition so often to be seen in the ranks of Humanity.  Thus, though the mode of working followed by the Ray Path adepts may seem to fly in the face of certain discipleship guidelines, it is because these adepts long ago passed the tests of earthly discipleship and have now gone on to evolve under different criteria.  There where they are, exclusivity of reception (of a certain type) is a virtue.


In an oblique hint concerning the quality developed by the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path, the Tibetan quoted the characteristically cryptic Old Commentary, thus:  “The depression at the northern point permits entrance of that which stabilises, and acts as the factor of resistance to that which seeketh to deter or to distract.”[43]  No clarification was offered; just this.


Any reader with less than an intimate familiarity with the entirety of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire might legitimately be expected to throw up his or her hands in exasperation upon reading this.  What, it might be asked, has a “depression at the northern point” to do with the workings of the Fifth Cosmic Path?  An answer to this very understandable question shall be adduced, but only after the exploration of considerations which at first glance  may seem only tangential.


As it turns out, this allusion to a “depressed north point” forms part of a discussion picked up now and again by the Tibetan throughout A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.  It concerns the shape and internal dynamics of any spherical entity, which is to say, all forms, for according to the esoteric occult doctrine, all forms are spheroids in rotation when seen clairvoyantly.[44]  Particularly, any solar sphere (or body of a star) is said to be a sphere slightly flattened at its north pole region.[45]  The same might logically be expected to be true of a basically spherical planetary body, or globe, a concept certainly supported by modern geophysics.  Thus, this seemingly out of place assertion concerning a “depression at the northern point” moves consideration of the Fifth Cosmic Path to the energy dynamics surrounding and inhering within any spherical form, which concept would therefore apply to equally to Earth, the Sun, and the star Polaris.


The key element in all this is the function of the “depression at the northern point.”  This excerpt from the Old Commentary states that the northern depression “permits entrance of that which stabilises, and acts as the factor of resistance to that which seeketh to deter or to distract.”  Stabilizing and resisting distraction are exactly the labors to which the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path are given.  Thus, this apparently oblique excerpt from the Old Commentary is but a restatement of principles guiding the work accomplished by those upon the Fifth Cosmic Path, with an added bit of information.  The added bit of information is this: a certain “depressed north point” is critically involved in that which is accomplished by the Ray Path workers. 


But exactly what depressed north point on exactly what sphere?  The answer is as follows.  Since Ray Path workers are charged with maintaining the proper orientation of the entire solar system to deep space and surrounding star life and are therefore primarily engaged at the level of the solar system, it would then follow that the depressed north point referred to in this excerpt from the Old Commentary must indeed be the depressed north polar region of our very own Sun. 


Thus, it is the slightly flattened north pole region of our local star at which certain critical functions occur.  There, a certain energy flow is allowed to enter, but only that energy flow, and none other.  Ray Path workers make sure of that.  Yet, of what is that privileged energy flow composed?  Surprise: not emanations from Polaris, but those from the Prototypical Triangle – the Great Bear, Sirius, and the Pleiades.  It is this unified triple stream of energy which is the only seeker allowed to pass that gate.[46]  Everything else is thrown off. 


However, it is undoubtedly the power of Polaris which allows the workers engaged in maintaining this dynamic to stay relentlessly focused on the matter at hand.  Theirs is the job of “electrical insulation” and “imprisonment of polar magnetism.”  Suddenly, these odd phrases no longer seem quite so bizarre.  Now that the context in which all this occurs has been revealed as the north polar region of the solar sphere, much comes to light.  The adepts on the Fifth Cosmic Path do just what the depressed north pole region does: stabilize the orientation of the solar atom by resisting any input which would confuse the situation.  In other words, they practice insulation and imprisonment of polar magnetism, respectively, by refusing entrance to any other than one stream of energy and by making sure that conditions at the depressed north pole of the Sun do not fluctuate.  They learn their skills from great Polaris, the energy source of the Fifth Cosmic Path, but they apply them at the slightly flattened north pole region of our very own Sun. 


Thus, it might be said that the adepts of the Fifth Cosmic Path practice the maintaining of singleminded purpose under the tutelage of the North Pole Star, and then demonstrate the power of that purpose at the north polar region of our own solar sphere.  Again, “There is more real occultism hidden in the names given to the various stars by astronomers down the ages than has yet been realised….”[47]  The correspondence is more than uncanny.


What does all this reveal, then, about Polaris, today’s North Pole Star?  It suggests that the influence of Polaris, as revealed through the workings of the Fifth Cosmic Path, confers the ability to zero in on one particular objective or vibration and to hold steady upon the course thus indicated.  Here is a message entirely consistent with the characterization of Polaris as a “major star of direction.” In fact, it is likely the real basis for the esoteric characterization of the influence emanating from this star.


          Thus, as has been shown, the influence of Polaris concerns matters both psychospiritual and technical in nature, spanning from right spiritual direction to precise time measurements, to general principles bearing on the arrangement of celestial bodies in space, to the occult mechanics of the solar sphere.  Let it now be seen whether or not any of these themes are reflected in popular notions of Polaris.





Polaris Around the World


          The career of Polaris in worldly matters took a decidedly upward turn when maritime navigation became a main feature of human endeavor.  Since that time, many stars and star groupings have served as basic orientation points for sailing peoples at sea, but Polaris has certainly been key among such markers in the night.  Long before the compass was invented, Polaris in the Little Bear served as an absolutely key navigational aid, surpassing even the Great Bear for its usefulness in this regard,[48] as it was in all situations (provided visible) a reliable indicator showing in which direction lay north.


Thus, in a very literal sense, Polaris has persistently been regarded as a star indicating direction – hence, exoterically a “star of direction,” just as it is a star of direction esoterically considered. As a result of its critical sky position, various names used for Polaris throughout time have been derived from its importance as a steady light pointing north.[49]  One such is “Lodestar,” a name given this star by western sea-going peoples.[50] 


Middle Eastern peoples used this star to establish north and hence east, the direction in which lay Mecca and toward which they were required to face while in Islamic prayer.[51]  Again, it fell to Polaris to indicate right direction.


          Right spiritual direction has also been popularly associated with this star, even beyond its obvious role in establishing a basic sense of direction on the surface of the earth.  North has traditionally been linked with the sacred source of life, and thus Polaris as the light of the north shared in that significance.  For this reason, many indigenous peoples throughout the world (including the Omaha tribe of North America) have established customs designed to emphasize the northerly direction and to draw from its realm those powers and energies they saw as essential to the cohesion and survival of their cultures.[52]  They did this in a simple yet ritualistic way.  A tall pole would be inserted in the ground at such an angle as to point directly at the North Star.  In this way, both the direction of north and the rotational axis of the earth were implied.  The objective of such an arrangement was to draw down heavenly order and to conduct it right into the earth, from thence to guide or “give right direction to” earthly affairs.


          Further along this same line of thinking, the sacred medicine workers and shamans of various ethnic groups traditionally begin their journeys to the higher dimensions by aiming their intended astral flight line right at the North Star, or Polaris, through which star gate they are understood to gain entrance to the sacred lands whence their healing knowledge and prophetic understanding are garnered.[53]


          According to Blavatsky, the Pole Star ever indicates a hallowed direction because it represents Mount Meru, or the sacred dwelling place of the gods.[54]  This is so, she claimed, because at one time in the very distant history of our planet, the orientation of the planet’s axis of rotation was perpendicular to its present position, thus making the ecliptic appear to pass right in front of the North Star (something it never does at present).  This alignment, Blavatsky claimed, made it possible for the once earthly gods to rise up in the sky right unto the North Star, where they stayed for a time, thus making the North Star the Mount Meru of the night sky.  Clearly, this is a clever and pictorial way of describing the very different conditions which once prevailed on our planet, while at the same time hinting at the key role played by the North Star of the time.


          More in the way of a special role for the Pole Star can be found in Hindu sacred ceremony, particularly that for marriage.  Hindu wedding ceremonies include invocations to both Ursa Major (or the Seven Rishis) and the Pole Star, or Dhruva, which is one of the Vedic deities along with the Sun, Moon, and planets.[55] Popular legend has it that the newly wed couple of India calls upon Dhruva (or Polaris) to bless the marital home before even the threshhold is crossed.  Surely this custom expresses a confidence in the benefic power of Polaris.  


Arabic desert peoples likewise held the influence of Polaris in high esteem, believing that visual contemplation of this star would cure the itching of the eyelids, a common malady in arid desert areas where sand blows about frequently.[56]  Quite by contrast, ancient western astrology attributed to this star the power to cause “much sickness, trouble, loss of fortune, disgrace and great affliction,” though it might bestow legacies and inheritances,[57] a contradictory bunch of pronouncements if ever there were such.  If the Tibetan Master’s recension of the Yoga Sutras is an accurate indication, it is the Arabic belief in the curative powers of Polaris which comes nearer the truth, for as Sutra 28 in Book III might be read to suggest, Polaris has a particularly beneficial effect when visual attention is directed to its place in the heavens.  Whether such claims were ever meant to be taken literally or not, there remains a ring of similarity between the Arabic and yogic views of Polaris, which hints that perhaps its rays do in fact exert a particularly beneficial effect.


Thus, from maritime navigation, to the cultural and religious rituals of indigenous peoples, to purported healing powers, the effect of Polaris has been oftentimes viewed as essentially providential.  It has been perceived as the heavenly factor saving the sailor from the peril of disorientation at sea, the indicator of holy direction, and the bestower of spiritual guidance. 


Is it fair to say these are themes reflective of the esoteric characterization of Polaris as a “star of direction?”  Eminently so. Once again, here is validation for the Tibetan’s Master’s assertion[58] that there is more real occultism to be found in association with the popular notions concerning the stars than previously thought.



The Astrological Intermediaries of Polaris


As has been shown, the esoteric characterization and popular notions of Polaris converge and concur upon the fact that this star not only points the way, but also rests like a steadily guiding hand on the course of those who sense its vibrations.  For the esoteric seeker, Polaris functions as a profound reminder concerning right direction in a spiritual sense.  It even “brings a man back to his originating source,” whether that source be construed as soul, monad, or Greater Logoic center.  Certainly this is an important stellar influence, the effects of which are much to be desired on the path of discipleship and initiation.


The influence of Polaris reaches individuals in various ways.  Of course, its essential vibration is only rightly perceived by those who are either nearing or past the Third or Transfiguration Initiation, as is the case for any of the non-zodiacal stars and constellations.  Even so, the influence of Polaris is disseminated broadly by three signs which act as its intermediaries.  They transmit the orienting power of Polaris to all, whether that signal is received clearly or not.


The first in the zodiac amongst this group of three is the constellation and representative sign of Aries.  Aries, according to the Tibetan, is involved in a triangle composed of Polaris, Aries, and Leo.[59]  This triangle of course relates the constellation and sign of Leo to Polaris as well.  The connection between Leo and Polaris arises, the Tibetan implied, because it is under the influence of Leo that the consciousness of individuality is developed, utilized, and then finally consecrated to Divine Purpose.[60]  Polaris is known to distribute the Ray of Will and Purpose; so also are Aries and Leo.[61]  Clearly, the connection establishing the existence of the Polaris-Aries-Leo triangle is this similarity in ray quality.  Note that the Tibetan singled out in the discussion of this triangle the eventual consecration of the individuality to Divine Purpose, a hint that this must be the point toward which all Ray One activation leads.  Thus, the Polaris-Aries-Leo triangle must be understood to play a part in bringing all units of evolution to the realization that there is a Divine Will with a specific numinous quality, and that its inherent nature inspires consecration of self to its objectives.  Aries plays a vital part in the dissemination of this influence, awakening the individual unit to its unique potential.  Aries brings forward the power of Polaris and instills it in the prepared individual, who then is stimulated to detect the direction in consciousness in which Divine Purpose may be sensed.


Leo works similarly, also conducting the influence of Polaris into the region of consciousness in our solar system.[62]  Thus, Aries and Leo by virtue of their roles in a triangle with Polaris can be said to distribute its energies.  Leo does so as well on its own, outside of the triangle function.[63]  Leo brings the influence of Polaris into our system and planetary life, conducting it right into the processes which drive individualization and ultimately those of initiation, for the latter is the final fruit of the former.  Many are the stages of individualization and initiation, but some degree of influence of Polaris figures throughout the long path, functioning as a silent yet constant reminder that a higher integrating center exists.  Such input undoubtedly provides an ongoing motivation to seek greater levels of individual integration, which motivation is certainly evident under activation from the both the signs Aries and Leo. 


Aries and Leo are also signs that encourage the individual to seek leadership roles, a reflection of Ray One and its connection with the ability to lead.  In all this, Polaris constantly speaks in the background through the working of these two signs, sounding its theme concerning a specific direction in consciousness and outer endeavor which ought to be taken.  Of course, the right interpretation of that signal indicating proper direction is an art and likely a science as well, requiring practice in many a lifetime for perfection.  Any incarnations in which the chart of the individual is much influenced by either Aries or Leo (or both) will proffer opportunity for such practice, as the individual tries out various causes to champion and various modes of setting direction for self and others, thus to determine the true and highest inner sounding note.  Because of this, it is well for counseling esoteric astrologers to remember that the influence of Polaris, however deeply veiled and imperfectly comprehended, may well stand behind the incentive to lead the crowd or group so often seen as a consequence of influence from either or both of the two signs, Aries and Leo. 


The same may be said of Aquarius, the third constellation and representative sign said by the Tibetan to distribute the powers of Polaris, if it is accepted that Aquarius by virtue of its association with this Ray One star (and the Ray One Great Bear) contains a Ray One component, and hence concerns these same issues of right leadership.


Consider now this third constellation and representative sign said by the Tibetan to distribute the powers of Polaris – Aquarius, Water-Bearer.  The Tibetan’s characterization of the dynamic existing between Polaris and Aquarius in this regard is of great moment at this time in the history of the planet, as will be shown.  Here is how the Tibetan stated the matter.


“The influence which emanates from the Pole Star…reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius,” which sign “…is a force centre from which the adept draws the ‘water of life’ and carries it to the multitude.  This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power at this time and the day of opportunity is therefore great.  It is one of the agencies which make the coming of the Great Lord a possibility.  He is Himself upon the fifth path just as the manu is upon the third.”[64] 


Much information is packed into this one passage, though a good bit of its message is veiled in occult obscurity.  Nonetheless, in an attempt to appreciate the jewels of occult significance embedded within it, it shall be  analyzed point by point.


As is clear, this passage begins with an allusion to the basic nature of the sign Aquarius, which is symbolized by a figure carrying an urn or jug of water, the figure often depicted in the act of pouring forth the contents of the vessel.  What comes forth from that “vessel,” or sign, is nothing other than “the waters of life,” plus the influence of Polaris, well mixed in.  Perhaps it might even rightly be said that the influence of Polaris constitutes a portion of the waters of life, life being one of the keywords associated by the Tibetan with the First Aspect, which aspect is known to work through this star.


The “waters of life” might well be understood as a vital power or energy, crucial to the forward momentum of evolution.  These waters are garnered by the adept, that he or she may then carry them to the multitude.  The multitude is of course constituted of mass humanity plus any and all of the sub-human kingdoms, carrying inspiration to which is one of the many responsibilities of the enlightened human unit.  It is from the constellation and sign of Aquarius, carrying influence from Polaris, that this great work is to be done.


The combined Polaris - Aquarian influence, the passage states, is of particular importance at this juncture in evolution on our planet, for it is one of the “agencies” by which “the coming of the Great Lord” is made possible. Who or what is this Great Lord?  According to this passage, this Great Lord  is “on the Fifth Path,” which wording undoubtedly refers to the Fifth Cosmic Path, the Ray Path, the very path which leads to the star Polaris and the etheric constellation which it veils.  Further, the passage states that this Great Lord is on the Fifth Cosmic Path in just the same way that the Manu is on the Third Cosmic Path, a statement which would appear to suggest that the unnamed Great Lord is of a stature parallel to that of the Manu. 


Since the Manu is one of three figures guiding the three major departments of Hierarchy,[65] any figure parallel in stature would of necessity be one of the other departmental heads.  Thus, this “Great Lord” must be either the Bodhisattva or the Mahachohan, the executive officers of the Second and Third Departments of Hierarchy, just as the Manu is the executive officer of the First.  Enlightenment as to which it is may come in the Tibetan’s statement that the Fifth Cosmic Path, the one upon which this “Great Lord” is to be found, is primarily traversed by “Masters of the Wisdom,” while “Lords of Compassion” opt for the Fourth Cosmic Path.[66]  The phrase “Masters of the  Wisdom” being undeniably evocative of things associated with the Love-Wisdom or Second Ray, it would appear that this “Great Lord” is likewise associated with things Second Ray.  He is therefore likely the Bodhisattva,  the Christ, or the World Teacher, these terms all referring to the office held by the one who leads the great second department of the Hierarchy, and who is the spiritual figure expected to return to outer plane and general visibility by many spiritual traditions.[67] 


          Thus, it is plain to see that this quiet declamation regarding the star Polaris and the distribution of its energies through the constellation and sign of Aquarius contains a key to the timing of and power behind one of the most anticipated developments in the current evolutionary plan.  In other words, this passage states that force from Polaris, flowing through Aquarius, is one of the influences which make the reappearance of the Christ possible.  Attention to the nature of Polaris and its astrological intermediary, Aquarius, are therefore all the more timely and significant. 


The inescapable conclusion is that the influence of Aquarius plays a key role in bringing about the developments on our planet which will lead to the much awaited reappearance of the Christ, together with the closely linked and parallel externalization of the Hierarchy and restoration of the mysteries.   Aquarian influence bears the rays of Polaris, which pour forth in the waters of life emanated by this constellation and sign.  Known as a sign of humanitarian endeavor and of great impersonal love extended to all alike, Aquarius is a fitting sign to accompany the Great Lord and his Companions on Their way, concerned as He is with the well-being of all humanity throughout the globe.  As the Tibetan said of the Christ, “Daily He pours out his blessing on the world, and daily He stands under the great pine in His garden at the sunset hour with hands uplifted in blessing over all those who truly and earnestly seek to aspire.”[68]  This is the broad dissemination of beneficence so often referred to in connection with Aquarius, which sign is concerned with universal and general distribution,[69] a concept ably symbolized by the urn spilling its contents to slake the thirst of all.  Plainly, Polaris working through Aquarius works toward this kind of orientation.  It is a star directing all to the widest possible distribution of the essential energies of life, the will to good and to infinite evolutionary unfoldment.  Its influence is perhaps to be more potent than ever during the precessional Age of Aquarius, during which time the impact of Aquarius upon our entire planetary life is to be greatly pronounced.


Of note is the fact that of the three zodiacal constellations and their representative signs said to represent Polaris, two are connected with the Fifth Ray.  Aquarius is one of these; Leo the other.[70]  Both represent Polaris and both distribute the Fifth Ray.  This fact would suggest that the Fifth Ray may be characteristic of Polaris, in addition to its known First Ray nature.  Evidence to this effect may be adduced in the fact that the Fifth Ray concerns the development of the mental principle and the cultivation of specific knowledge, capacities undoubtedly central to the work done by Polaris, which as has been shown, draws unto itself those who walk a Cosmic Path concerned with profoundly technical occult matters.  Specifically, the ability of adepts on the Fifth Cosmic Path to insulate themselves from particular vibrations harks back to the Fifth Ray capacity to narrow attention and fix it upon one single factor.


Further application of this Fifth Ray capacity may be seen in the ability to rationally examine data and make impartial observations, which capacity must come to dominate the management of world affairs, replacing the  prejudice and emotionally driven responses characteristic of the Piscean Age, before the Great Lord can make His reappearance in the Aquarian.  This may be one of the psychospiritual developments consequent upon the influence of Polaris, said to be one of the agents which facilitates the reappearance of the Christ.


Thus, there is much which argues in favor of the inherent presence of Ray Five characteristics in the influence of Polaris, represented as it is by two constellations and their representative signs carrying this influence into our solar system.  To this should be added the unquestioned association of Polaris with the First Ray.  Of note is the fact that these are the same rays (Rays One and Five) proposed for the influence of Ursa Minor (the Little Bear), in which constellation Polaris is found.


Whatever the ultimate revelation in this regard, it can certainly be stated with confidence that there exists in the current installment of the Ageless  Wisdom abundant implication that Polaris distributes the energies of Rays One and Five, these being conducted through Aries, Leo, and Aquarius, in just such a manner as to remind the wandering seeker of the precise destination toward which he or she should be striving.  This star motivates the unit to “recover” what has been “lost,” which is to say, to return to the port or place from which it originally came.  Thus, it can be said that Polaris encourages return to soul consciousness, to monadic functioning, or to the Greater Logoic source from which the unit has emanated, depending upon the segment of the path upon which the rays of Polaris find the journeying  unit.  For those at and beyond the Third or Transfiguration Initiation, the rays of Polaris undoubtedly encourage the attainment of monadic functioning, doing so through the aegis of Aries, Leo, and Aquarius.  This fact should be remembered by the counseling esoteric astrologer.


Thus, the Star of Direction points the way to reunion.  In so doing, it completes the message revealed by the starry triplicity of Polaris, Merak, and Dubhe said by the Tibetan to be so important in the charts of disciples and initiates.[71]  It is now clear that Polaris, which governs First Ray Shamballa,[72] and Merak, which embodies the Will to Unify (a Second Ray characteristic) represent monad and soul, respectively.  Dubhe, so unabashedly representing the form or Third Aspect, fills in at the level of personality.  Hence, when esoteric astrologers are advised to examine the effect of this triangle in regard to disciples and initiates, perhaps they are really being asked to examine the status of monadic functioning, soul consciousness, and personality expression in the life of the individual at hand.  This may prove to be a very different matter than what has been assumed.  It may have nothing to do with discrete star positions and everything to do with the general themes for which these three important stars stand.  After all, the astrology of discipleship and initiation cuts a very different swath than does the astrology of measurement and analysis so familiar to the exoteric methodologist.



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