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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries or Mars in Relation to Aries

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Mars in Relation to Aries is Involved in a Needed Purification
“Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to the individual through the influence of the planetary ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place.” (EA 95-96)

2. Mars Embodying Sixth Ray Force
[Mars in relation to Aries] Mars embodies sixth ray force which leads to idealism, destructive fanaticism frequently, struggle, strife, war, effort and evolution. (EA 99)

3. Mars rules last decanate of Aries (on the Reversed Wheel). (cf. EA 106)

4. Mars rules the first decanate of Aries if Aries is partitioned among the members of the Fire Triplicity. Aries, exoterically ruled by Mars, would then correspond to the first decanate.

5. Mars and the Dynamics of Aries:
“Mars appears first of all as the orthodox ruler in Aries, the sign in which the first move is made towards bringing about objective manifestation, or physical incarnation.” (EA 210)

6. Mars in Aries Related to the War Between the Dualities:
[The man] “started in Aries with Mars ruling, and the great war between the dualities which constitute the man began. The pairs of opposites were thus brought into relation with each other.” (EA 210)

7. Mars in Relation to Aries—Producing Great Revelation:
“The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading to great revelation. In Aries, it is the final revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of incarnation.” (EA 210-211)

Specific Expression of Mars in Aries

1. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle:
The physical nature tends to be highly energized and strong (especially for short applications of energy). Acute physical conditions appear without warning; sudden fevers which burn away impurities are common.

2. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle:
The etheric body experiences bursts of energy leading to action. Etheric flows are irregular.

3. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
The astral nature is fiery, restless and turbulent—rajasic rather than tamasic or sattvic. Reactivity is sudden and strong; there is little emotional restraint. There is a tendency towards emotional outbursts, sudden “flare-ups” which rapidly subside. The “blood boils” easily. Blood (symbolized by Mars) rushes to the head (ruled by Aries). There is strong impulsiveness—acting “on the spur of the moment”—prompted by keen and insistent desires. Thus, initiatives are rapidly undertaken; there is a rapid and unrestrained response to the impulsions of desire.

4. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Concrete Mind:
Mars in Aries sharpens the concrete mind (depending upon the level of evolution), making its expressions incisive and oriented towards rapid action. The mind becomes the servant of the personal will creating thoughtforms which both direct and impose.

5. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
The entire personality is highly energized, mobilized and inclined towards great efforts, whether these efforts are impulsed by desire or more directed by will. The personality confronts life, insisting upon its own way, and forcing the environment to conform to its thoughts.

6. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Glamors and Necessary Transmutation and Transformations:
Glamors derive from impatience, impulsiveness, a too-eager, too-emphatic response, and an excessively combative attitude. Idealism may be over-emphasized to the point of fanaticism. A condition of too much heat and too little light, leads astray. Disproportion estimation blinds the eye to true values. The instinctual, desire-driven animal nature is accentuated, and prevents a more refined response to the soul. This ill-regulated animal nature requires subduing, taming and training, and, then, culturing.

7. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Sex:
Sexual energy is spontaneous and easily aroused, with a tendency to be unregulated or, at least, insufficiently regulated by thought. The urge to fecundation, to the scattering of the seed is pronounced in Aries—the sign of all beginnings.

8. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy:
There is a tendency to towards the excessive Management and Expenditure of energy. Through over-estimation, more energy is often applied than needed; thus there is waste.

9. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Courage:
The personality tends to be courageous and willing to fight for what it thinks and believes. There is a ready will to confront obstacles (even if that confrontation is hasty, impulsive and insufficiently thought through).

10. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Aspiration:
The aspirational life is fiery, potent and easily ignited

11. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Idealism:
Mars in Aries greatly stimulates the idealism of the personality and its tendencies towards fiery devotion. Such individuals to commit themselves fully (if at times inconsistently) to their beliefs, visions, causes—in short, to their ideals.

12. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Readiness and Willingness to Fight:
Mars in Aries gives, above all, the ready willingness to fight—be it for one’s desires, one’s personal will, or one’s ideals. Four directives are given in relation to Aries. One of them is most related to this combination: “Enter into battle for the Lord.” (EA 93) Resistance (whether from persons, places or things) is the ‘enemy’ and must be overcome. Such persons force their way through life engaging in many necessary (and very many unnecessary) conflicts.

13. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul:
In general, during the early period in which there is an interplay between the soul and its personality, the desire-driven personality is in frequent and energetic combat with soul tendency. The rebellion of the personality is accentuated, aggravated by rampant, unrestrained forces expressing through the various personality vehicles.

14. Mars (in Aries) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul:
After some experience upon the reversed wheel, Mars in Aries can stimulate the personality into becoming an energetic ally of the soul—a ready fighter for the promotion of soul-inspired ideals. “Good soldier”.

Individuals with Mars in Aries

Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Cyrano de Bergerac
Simon Bolivar
Tycho Brahe
Frederick Chopin
Oliver Cromwell
Claude Debussy
Charles Dickens
Albrecht Durer
Hermann Goering
Francisco Goya
Stephen Hawking
Alduous Huxley
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Nicolai Lenin
Claudio Monteverdi
John Muir
Norman Vincent Peale
Girolamo Savonarola
Franz Schubert
Richard Strauss
Andreas Vesalius
Queen Victoria
Swami Vivekananda
Walt Whitman
Paramahansa Yogananda


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