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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Vulcan in Virgo

I decided to take a ‘non-systematic’ approach to speculating on some possible meanings of Vulcan in the remaining eleven signs of the zodiac. I hope before long to give these positions the kind of attention I focused upon Vulcan in Aries, but I find that the time to do so lacks at the moment.

So I will simply share in a rather sketchy manner some possible esoteric interpretations. The list of questions below is still of value, but I will not refer to this list point by point. The points shared are more a smattering related thoughts rather than a sequential development of the subject. They can be used as seed thoughts for a more systematic development of the subject. Surely, it will also be obvious that there is nothing sacrosanct or even necessarily true about these speculations; they are meant to be indicative only.

  • What is the nature of the “divine design” being inwardly forged in the life?
  • To what extent (and, if so, how) is the “Jewel in the Lotus” active in the life?
  • Is there the capacity to hold an adamantine point of tension?
  • To what extent are the seven head centers [which I infer to be ruled by Vulcan] a prominent factor in the disciple’s energy system?
  • To what extent do they dominate the normal, ‘lesser’ centers?
  • What is the manner in which the soul (Solar Angel) grips the personality, and bends the personality to its will and enforces that will?
  • From a soul perspective, in what manner and with what quality does the soul’s will impact the personality?
  • In what ways does the personality experience the pressure of the spiritual will?
  • Has the life been one in which circumstances and things have been periodically shattered?
  • To what extent and in what fields is the life of the individual impactful?
  • Is the dynamic of the “hammer” noticeable in any of the energy fields or in relation to the environment?
  • When the individual uses the energy of destruction in the life, how does the individual exercise this energy and upon what or whom?
  • How is will (whether personal will or spiritual will) generally evidenced in the life?
  • What qualities of will are demonstrated?
  • To what extent is the individual capable of steadfastness and endurance?
  • What, if anything, does the individual seek to fashion and how does he or she go about this fashioning?
  • To what extent and in what manner is the light value of matter manifested in the individual’s energy system, especially through what we normally call the “matter aspect”?
  • To what extent and how is the individual engaged in the process of the “uplift of matter”?
  • How does the individual go about dominating or controlling the astral body, the body of desire?
  • What is the nature of the interplay between sacral center and throat center, and is the will brought into this interplay in any potent or noticeable manner?
  • In what manner and to what extent does the physical form prove obdurate, resistant and even obtuse to the will of the soul?
  • To what extent is the individual given to self-will and stubbornness?
  • How are ‘crystallizations developed within the personality. What role does ‘hardness’ play in the life?
  • What are the nature and quality of the individual’s initiative?
  • To what extent and how, does the individual “get things going”?
  • To what extent is the individual concerned with the strength of the physical body?
  • To what extent and how is the individual related to the mineral kingdom?
  • In what ways, if any, does the individual will to construct?
  • To what extent is such constructive activity utilitarian or artistic?
  • To what extent is the individual deeply concerned with matters concerning the structure of form?
  • How does the factor of isolation manifest in the life?
  • For what reason is isolation pursued, if it is pursued?
  • To what extent is the “Will-to-Love” active in the life, and in what manner is it active. (This question is in relation to Vulcan’s connection to the “Heart of the Sun”.)
  • How will Vulcan (when it is in a particular sign) operate with respect to the various initiations in which it is said to play a part?

Vulcan In Virgo

The “Will-to-Persist” until the “Birth of the Christ” is achieved. The patience of the “Mother”. According to Morya, patience is a quality of the highly developed will. The willful intelligence of matter. The power to produce the “ascension of matter” The Solar Angel as craftsman The intelligent yet forceful handling of matter. The ‘Will to perfect the form’. The strengthening of the substance aspect; strengthening especially through the application of occult heat, but also through the heat generated by exercise.

The latent heat of matter; the “heat” of the Mother; the heat responsible for germination. Refinement of the form/matter through willfully applied solar fire. The persistent will which makes the first initiation possible. The ‘Will-to-Purify’ characteristic of the second initiation. The Will of the “Christ Aspect”. The “Will-to-Serve”. The Will to submit the personal will to the Divine Will. The ‘practical will’ in matter. It is clear that if the Sun is in one sign and Vulcan in a neighboring sign (just as Mercury can be) there will be important modifications of the sun sign energy.

So may people display behavior uncharacteristic of their sun sign. The planets within the orbit of earth can to a significant degree account for this, as well as of course, the position of the sun sign ruler, etc. Perhaps these thoughts will be of use to us. We may well question: “Am I responsive to the spiritual will?” If I am responsive, what is the quality of the spiritual will in my life? Am I in any respect, an exponent of the Vulcanian energy.

For a long time I did not know how to relate to Vulcan. This was a planet, in my estimation, so associated with matter, and I had very little relation to matter (except in one or two stubborn areas). Then I began to recognize the vibration of Vulcan in relation to the planet Mercury in my chart, and both of them, in Aries (the Sun is 10+ degrees in Aries). This was a vibration I could identify; I could recognize it in how the will operated for me. Many of the descriptions I included in my document on Vulcan in Aries were taken from self-study.

By looking for Vulcan in relation to the head and the mind and the voice, I began to recognize its role in my life, and its Aretian quality. Perhaps a number of you have methods of identifying Vulcan for yourselves. It would be interesting to read how various group members see the functioning of Vulcan in their lives, and moreover, the zodiacal quality of Vulcan in their lives. Perhaps such qualitative study could assist other members who are doing aspectual study of Vulcan, and also, orbital study.

Individuals with Vulcan Necessarily in Virgo
(Sun will be from 9 Virgo to 21 Virgo)

Jane Addams
Ivan the Terrible
Louis XIV
Grandma Moses
Leo Tolstoy

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