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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo or Jupiter in Relation to Virgo

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo:

“Jupiter, in spite of its latent power, is also ‘lessened’ in influence at this time because of the second principle or second aspect of divinity, the Son or the germ of the Christ Who will come, the Son of Mind, descends into the depths and is temporarily veiled or hidden.” (EA 282)

2. Jupiter’s Power is Lessened in Virgo:

“...the power of [Jupiter] is lessened in Virgo, wherein the first signs of the Christ consciousness are felt.” (EA 171)

3. Jupiter in Virgo—Opening the Door of the Womb:

“…the result of the Jupiterian influence is to ‘open the door of the womb’ in Virgo…” (EA 251)

4. Jupiter in Relation to Virgo—the “Hidden Christ”:

“Virgo...Earth....Hidden Christ. Jupiter-ruler and conveyor of EXPANSION” (EA 281)

5. Jupiter in Relation to the Second Manifested Creative Hierarchy:

“Jupiter This is the hierarchical ruler and rules the second Creative Hierarchy, that of the Divine Builders of our planetary manifestation. (See the tabulation re the Hierarchies). This is the seventh Creative Hierarchy as well as the second, if the five unmanifesting Hierarchies are counted; in the significance of two and seven much of the mystery underlying these Hierarchies will be revealed.”(EA 263)

6. Jupiter (ruler of the Second Creative Hierarchy) in Relation to the Human Hierarchy:

“When the human Hierarchy is fully awakened to spiritual and not simply material possibilities, then the work of Jupiter will immediately intensify and this beneficent ruler will lead the human family into the ways of peace and progress.” (EA 264)

Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Virgo

1. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles:
Jupiter in Virgo will enhance the assimilative powers of the physical body, and contribute to the overall coordination of the concentrations of etheric energy and their flows. Virgo represents the third aspect of divinity (EA 280) and, hence, has a direct connection with the dense physical mechanism. All things being equal, Jupiter confers a sense of well-being in this area, and may facilitate wide understanding of just which herbs and minerals support this well-being. One can expect (though it would have to be tested) that where gestation and birth are concerned, Jupiter would help the processes go well.

This combination brings, at length, the Christ influence strongly but quietly into the astral body, for Jupiter distributes the second ray and so does Virgo, constellationally. Once the subject has reached the evolutionary stage where Jupiter can be effective subjectively, the tendency (from this influence) is towards emotional clarity and calm, as well as temperance within the field of desire—for Jupiter (functioning properly) is a planet of wisdom and temperance and Virgo tends towards cool control. All this facilitates the purification of the astral nature and its receptivity to the beneficent love of the soul.

In the lower mind, this combination is somewhat like the union of Jupiter with Mercury. The power of the concrete mind is enhanced, for Virgo is a practical sign. Jupiter in Virgo confers the facility to handle many details in a well coordinated way; the mind can think with ease of many things, and understand how they can all work together for the best. This influence enhances what might be called the ‘administrative mind’, and make the mind a useful ally in ministering to life’s numerous small but cumulatively important requirements.

2. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
At first, the exoteric detriment of Jupiter in Virgo is evident, and the processes of love-wisdom are buried by material concerns. The satisfactions sought are material (“Let matter reign”), and life is so full of material detail (the business of life—and this is a good business combination) that the higher meaning behind it all is lost. Later, however, Jupiter in Virgo makes the personality the ally of the soul in facilitating the emergence of the Christ consciousness (which is soul consciousness and entails soul-inspired behavior within the personality sphere). The former effective manager of many worldly concerns, now manages the application of soul vision to the practicalities of life within the three worlds. Under this combination, the personality “grows (Jupiter) in Christ (Virgo)”.

3. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality:
The merging of soul and personality is a slow process, covering many lives. Jupiter in Virgo understands that good things (Jupiter) appear only in the “fullness of time” (Virgo), and is willing to wait confidently and with positive expectation as the beneficent growth proceeds. This combination is also ready to work (Virgo) towards a satisfying result (Jupiter). The fusion of these opposites (soul and personality) is built of many little transmutations, of many little opportunities for the improved life—handled wisely and well. “Christ in matter” and in the “immediately present” is seen and understood, and slowly and confidently lifted to a preferred position. The recommended program for soul-personality fusion is undertaken, and administered. The temperate and constructive personality cooperates with the soul, and a gradual fusion of the second aspect of divinity with the third supervenes.

4. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities—Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom:
Virgo is the “guardian” of the “light of wisdom” (EA 260). Virgo is associated with both the intelligence aspect and (now, in this solar system) the love aspect. As a triple sign, Virgo is associated with every factor in the three lesser dualities (for Virgo is “God”, “Mother” and “Child”). Virgo also represents labor, and labor brings fulfillment (Jupiter). Practice within the sphere of daily life is required if these dualities (already fused upon the higher planes) are to fuse demonstrably upon the lower. Jupiter in Virgo is eager to practice these fusions and hopeful of good results.

5. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought:
By including all mundane factors and latent subjective factors of life in a synthesis of understanding, Jupiter in Virgo helps the individual avoid creating cleavages between the “spiritual” and “material” worlds. This is one of the combinations which contributes to the emergence of “heaven on Earth”. The individual influenced by this position, realizes that the material world is just as divine as the subtler worlds, and he seeks for the fusion of the two. His consciousness is open to the many ways that small things are symbolic of great things, and because he does not reject these small things (but, rather, seeks to understand their connection to the whole) his consciousness expands. Consciousness does not expand for those who willfully refuse to see.

6. Jupiter (in Virgo) in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand:
—1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then . 2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the whole—a fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love. When “matter reigns” under the early Virgo influence, many are the satisfactions and compliances expected from the three lower worlds. The consciousness is preoccupied with the so-called “good things of life” which that world can offer. We have the fulfillment of a number of relatively petty desires—many small satisfactions. Later, under this combination, the individual upon the reversed wheel ministers to the world, performing cheerfully all manner of little duties and observances for the sake of improving the expression of soul through form and of spirit through matter. All obstacles need not be big ones. A number of small obstacles become, cumulatively, as effectively obstructive as great obstacles. But Jupiter in Virgo “takes care” of the many little difficulties, bringing improvement into each little unsolved situation. Thus, the road to satisfied desire (this time, unselfish desire) is patiently cleared, and, in compensation, the small events of life karmically conspire to clear the way for such an individual, complying with his wishes. The many “little things” no longer get in the way, and he achieves (in every detail) the satisfaction for which he hopes.

7. Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Virgo:

a. Jupiter in Virgo (in relation to the second manifested Creative Hierarchy) signifies the successful growth of the Christ consciousness within the “womb of time and space” and its successful emergence into manifestation “in the fullness of time”.

b. Jupiter in Virgo represents the fullness of that which emerges when once the form has been purified. This means, the full expression of the Christ-consciousness.

c. Jupiter in Virgo represents that aspect of the Guru’s teaching which is of a more practical nature.

d. Jupiter in Virgo has a special relation to the cultivation of internal wisdom. “The light of knowledge of which Taurus is the custodian gives place to the light of wisdom of which Virgo is the guardian, and yields finally to the light of initiation in Capricorn.” (EA 260)

e. Jupiter in Virgo represents the rewards of wisdom and consciousness which follow the disciplines and purifications of discipleship.

f. Jupiter in Virgo can produce the practical benefactor of humanity—one who seeks to provide for human welfare by supplying the means to fulfill practical, material needs.

g. Under the influence of Jupiter in Virgo, consciousness is expanded through the “service of the immediately present”—the doing of that which must immediately be done (the small, practical, mundane every-day matters).

h. Jupiter in Virgo represents the capacity to see the great within the small.

i. Under the influence of Jupiter in Virgo, one learns that the “great soul” must take care of “little things”.

j. Jupiter in Virgo expresses one version of the adage that, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”—that “the proud shall be humbled and the humble shall be lifted up.” Jupiter in Pisces does so equally.

k. In relation to Jupiter in Virgo, growth and understanding come simply from doing that which must be done—from doing that which is not glamorous in any respect.

l. Jupiter in Virgo expands the interest in commercial and material affairs. It is a good position for success (Jupiter) in business (Virgo).

m. Jupiter in Virgo can expand materialistic preoccupation.

n. Jupiter in Virgo can represent the stifling of the Christ-consciousness by material process.


Individuals with Jupiter in Virgo

Alexander the Great
Karl Barth
Vincenzo Bellini
Niels Bohr
Claude Debussy
Albrecht Durer
Amelia Earhart
William Faulkner
Stephen Foster
Henry V
Thomas Jefferson
Herbet Horatio Kitchener
Timothy Leary
Cosima Liszt
Guglielmo Marconi
John Muir
George Patton
Peter the Great
Wilhelm Reich
Giuseppe Verdi

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