Glamour Meditation

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The Dissipation of Glamour
1)  Preparatory Stages        
a)     Willingness to cooperate with soul - physically, astrally & mentally to aid the more technical work.
b)     How does this glamour affect daily life/relationships?
2)  Three Stages of Focussing
a)     Focussing dual light of mind/matter in mental body. Lifting up, blending and fusion through creative imagination.
b)     Focussing through meditation this dual light and the light of the soul.
c)      Focussing these three lights as a “searchlight” for the dissipation of glamour.
3)  Recognition of two aspects of preparedness.
a)      Alignment of three-fold personality.
b)      Integration: Soul/personality as one unit. Dedication of personality to soul.
4)  Turning of attention and of ”searchlight” of mind to astral plane.
5)  The Formula: The soul breathes out OM into the waiting personality. The light and power thus generated is held by the positive personality for use.
6)  An intense light is slowly and consciously generated but not yet projecting outwards.
7)  Spiritual will is evoked whilst the mind is held steady in the light.
8)  The glamour to be dissipated and the searchlight of the mind are brought into close relationship.
9)  The “searchlight” is then turned on by an act of the will  and a strong beam of light is projected onto the glamour.
10)  The glamour is named and the aspirant says with tension audibly:
·        The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamour (naming it).
·        The power of the light negates the quality of the glamour from affecting me.
·        The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamour.”
11)  The OM is sounded by the aspirant, producing an Act of Penetration. This produces impact, penetration and disssipation.
12)  The aspirant, having done his work, withdraws himself consciously onto the mental plane and the beam of light fades out.

Guided Meditation in the Dissipation of Glamour
1)  Visualise the negative trait within you (or a group) that constitutes a glamour. See it as a particular shape, size or colour and name it. Put this aside to return to later. Breathe into each of your bodies, cleansing and quietening them.
2)  Sense, as a threefold personality, composed of a mental, astral and physical body, that you are willing to cooperate with the soul.
3)  Focus now the lights of “matter” and “mind” in the mental body. “Matter” is a combination of the physical and astral bodies. “Mind” is the mental body. See them as two horizontal lights.
4)  Lift up, blend and fuse these two lights through the creative imagination. (Doing this brings all three vehicles into play: physical - activity, astral – imagination, mental – mind)
5)  Focus now these two lights of mind and matter with a third light – the light of the soul. The soul light creates the third and highest point of a triangle with the other lights. It is much brighter, and absorbs the two lesser lights.
6)  Now you have an intense focussed spotlight, searchlight or laser beam, for the dissipation of glamour.
7)  Recognise that not only is the personality integrated, but functions as one with the soul. Personality is dedicated to the soul.
8)  Turn your attention now to the astral plane but don’t project anything.
9)  Your soul now breathes out the OM into the waiting personality. The light and power generated is held by the positive personality for later use.
10)  An intense light is slowly and consciously generated but not yet projecting outwards. Visualise an intensity like a welding light or burning magnesium.
11)  Now, whilst holding the mind steady in the light, evoke the spiritual will from beyond the soul level, in the Spiritual Triad.  See this as an incandescent stream of light pouring down and augmenting your soul light.
12)  Now bring the glamour you have selected to be dissipated together with your spotlight – then by an act of will, release the light power that you have built up, and project it onto the glamour. The intensity of the light is important – see it burning up and engulfing the glamour.
13)  Name the glamour, and focussed at your point of spiritual tension say :
The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamour of  …… (name it).
The power of the light negates the quality of the glamour …..  from affecting me.
The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamour  …….”
14)  Sound the OM again inaudibly – see it producing impact, penetration and dissipation upon the glamour. Now, having done your work, withdraw consciously onto the mental plane, seeing the beam of light fade out. 

Ray 1  
Physical strength. Personal potency. Self centeredness. Personal magnetism. "The one at the centre", personal selfish ambition. Rulership, dictatorship, wide control. Messiah complex in politics, selfish destiny, divine right of kings. Destruction, isolation, aloneness, aloofness. Superimposed will upon others and upon groups.
Ray 2   
Love of being loved. Popularity. Too complete an understanding  negating right action. Self pity. Fear based upon undue sensitivity.Personal wisdom. Selfish responsibility. Messiah complex in religion. Self sacrifice. Selfish unselfishness. Self satisfaction, selfish service. Over attachment.
Ray 3   
Being busy. Cooperation with the plan in an individual and not a group way. Good intentions which are basically selfish. "The spider at the centre".   "God in the machine". Devious and continuous manipulation. Creative work without true motive. Self importance from standpoint of knowing, efficiency. Active schemer.
Ray 4   
Harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction. War, conflict, with objective of imposing righteousness and peace. Pairs of opposites in the higher sense. Mood Swings. Strong passions. Psychic perception instead of intuition. Musical perception. Vague artistic perception.
Ray 5   
Materiality or over emphasis on form. Intellect.  Knowledge. Definition. Assurance based upon a narrow point of view The form which hides reality. Organisation. Justice without mercy.  Outer which hides the inner.
Ray 6   
Devotion. Adherence to form and persons. Idealism, loyalty, creeds. Emotional response. Sentimentality. Interference The lower pairs of opposites. World saviours and teachers. Fanaticism. Superstition.
Ray 7   
Magical work. Relation of the opposites. Subterranean powers. That which brings together. The physical body. The mysterious and the secret. Sex magic.  Emerging manifested forces.