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Sunday Meditation

Shamballa version, October 2001


  1. Align soul to personality, unify the groups, … then Earth-as-one to the Sun …

as energetic systems, not so much in terms of their physical forms 


  1. … with invoke via the Gayatri, and its emphasis on one’s duty.


  1. Contemplate “one’s whole duty” – in light of the current world events …


  1. Consider your karma: … familial and racially …nationally … and philosophically … and ‘in these times’ … what is your duty? What role do you play?


  1. Spend some time in clear thinking, asking the questions most meaningful to us (choose those most relevant to the individual or group, or develop new):

·         We know that with increasing knowledge we incur greater responsibility. How are you using the information you are being exposed to, on behalf of humanity?

·         Within your own sphere of influence, here and now, in what ways are you helping to clarify the issues that confront humanity at this time?

·         Evaluate your behaviour, and resolve to change it where it falls short of your goal: Are you using your mind to think through the issues as clearly as possible? Do you help others see underlying causes without blame or judgment? Or, do you withdraw from the crises, indulging in futility or inertia? Do you lend a critical tongue to the flames of the conflict? …  Do you offer well-meaning but ineffective platitudes?  Or, do you take time to sharpen your resolve and clarity on each issue? 

·         Do you invoke Faith and Hope scientifically, thereby creating a platform for new ideas?

·         Do you know the soul as a fact in your life, knowing its immortality, and thereby releasing yourself and others from the fear of the illusion of death?


  1. Now, let’s think as on the world situation in terms of the energies, as Hierarchy may see it.

·         See the Piscean energies outgoing … the 2nd and 6th rays being abstracted in this cycle.

o        The Piscean energies day is now past, giving much that was necessary and good, and now its forms must be allowed to die ... to prepare for the new order …

o        In the world, one expression of these energies is the fundamentalist religious factions who are fighting to hold onto an old way of behaviour.

o        Let’s visualize the grateful release of these old forms and attitudes …

·         We see Aquarian energies incoming … qualified by the 5th ray, and the 7th ray as the other incoming ray at this time.

o        They emphasize the expression of science and thought, and use of money and resources. 

o        These two rays, the 5th and the 7th, are hard line rays, and materially- and action-oriented.

o        Let’s visualize the highest and best use of these energies …


We realize mankind can turn any situation to good, or ill. We acknowledge there will be problems with the use of new energies … and especially movement from ‘soft’to ‘hard’ ray lines. Let’s clearly see the beneficial uses of the incoming Aquarian, and 7th and 5th ray energies … as they are imposed over the outgoing Piscean forms of 2nd and 6th ray energies.


  1. With this distinction of these energies in the world, see for ourselves how this dynamic plays out in our own lives.


Close with, G.I., or Second Stanza, or Mantram of Unification