Foundational Meditation Formulas: DINA series

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VSK version
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Meditation III
Shamballa Version


Start with an orientation towards soul …

  1. Raise the consciousness into the head, visualize and feel the LIGHT in the etheric head centre, and let it resonate its sound:  (silent OM)

  2. Carry the LIGHT of consciousness from etheric to astral body …

  3. Carry the LIGHT of consciousness from the astral to mental body

  4. Unify the threefold personality … and see the personality enlightened by soul LIGHT … … realise and affirm that soul and personality are one. (Pause) As a group, we confirm:  OM



Assume the attitude of the Observer – the Soul as the infuser and director of personality. Locate this attitude in the crown, above the head: OM

1.      In the Soul’s LIGHT, observe the personality … as it expressed through the etheric body(pause) Recognize the Soul LIGHT is anchored in the head: (silent OM)

2.      From the Soul’s location in the Crown … throw Soul energy down into the centre at the base of the spine – and hold it there: (silent OM… )

3.      Seeing the Soul’s LIGHT in the base, as a group raise the LIGHT slowly, via the 5 centres along the spine and the 2 head centres, back into the soul’s causal body, one centre at a time. Pause after each lift to visualize the full infusion of soul energy into each centre, stimulating each in the right way:

            move the LIGHT … from base to sacral = (silent OM)

                        move the LIGHT … from sacral to solar plexus = (silent OM)

                        move the LIGHT … from solar plexus to heart = (silent OM)

                        move the LIGHT … from heart to throat = (silent OM)

                        move the LIGHT … from throat to ajna = (silent OM)

                        move the LIGHT … from ajna to crown = (silent OM) (pause)

4.      Now, with our attention at the top of the head.



Throw soul-infused personality energy upwards towards the Spiritual Triad:  OM

In the silence, reflect upon the Antahkarana – and its relation to soul-personality and the Monad.           

         Pause …


From DINA II, p. 194


The symbology of the antahkarana tends badly to complicate the grasp of its real nature.

May I remind you that, just as the soul is not a twelve-petalled lotus floating around in mental substance, but is in reality a vortex of force or twelve energies held together by the will of the spiritual entity (the Monad on its own plane), so the antahkarana is not a series of energy threads, slowly woven by the soul-infused personality, and met by corresponding threads projected by the Spiritual Triad, but is in reality a state of awareness.

These symbols are true and living forms, created through the power of thought by the disciple, but—in time and space—they have no true existence. The only true existence is the Monad on its own plane, active, expressive Will in emergence, and in turn, active Love in establishing relationships and equally active Intelligence in the use of the two higher energies. It must not be forgotten that the energy of intelligence, focussed in the mind, is the instrument or implementing agency of the other two monadic energies.

H.P.B. taught that the antahkarana was primarily the channel of energy relating forms and their forces to their originating sources and that across the mental plane (with its three aspects of mind) the life thread necessarily passed, linking Monad, soul and personality into one living whole.

Technically speaking, therefore, there is no need for the so-called bridge, except for one important factor: there is, on the part of the soul-infused personality, a definite break in consciousness between the lower mind and the abstract mind. The higher mind (being the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad) can be regarded as a door admitting the consciousness of the soul-infused personality into a higher realm of contact and awareness.

But again—as you can well see—there is nothing here but symbolism; there is no door, but simply a symbol indicating means of access.