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FM before door

            ... Two days before the time of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude of poised re-collectedness which will lay the right foundation for further work and which will help to shift the focus of the attention from the objective to the subjective work.  It is an attitude more than an activity.  Ponder on this phrase.  It is a state of consciousness which can be carried forward, no matter what may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, or cessation of normal behaviour.  It is part of the training which has for its goal the living (by the disciple) of a dual life‑‑a life of active participation in world affairs and a life of intense mental and spiritual preoccupation.

            Make a most definite effort during these two days to step up in your consciousness a little higher at each of the three spiritual points in each day: at the early morning meditation, at the noonday recollection, and at the sunset hour of contact.  This means‑‑if youfollow instructions correctly‑‑that you subject your subtle bodies to six equal points of spiritual stimu­lation and that you do it consciously.  Then at some hour in the day of the full moon, but prior to the exact hour if that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlined below:

1.     Centre the consciousness in the head.

2.     Imagine yourself as retreating even more consciously within towards that point of contact where personality-soul and the teacher in the world of souls can meet and become one.

3.     Then hold yourself as poised and steady as possible, preserving that detached poise as fully as may be during the following process which is carried forward silently by the creative activity of the imagination.

a.    Imagine or visualise yourself as standing before a golden or ivory door.

b.    See that door slowly open, revealing a long low room with three windows‑‑one looking east, one looking west and one looking north.  Seated before the eastern window on a low carved chair (but looking towards you, and therefore sitting with his back to the window) you may visualise your Tibetan brother, in deep meditation, seeking to contact you and all for whom he is, as a teacher, responsible.

c.    Then picture yourself as advancing slowly up the long room (which is his study and work room) and then standing before him.  See also your group brothers standing with you.  Then each of you can constitute himself, in imagination, as spokesman for his group and offer the group in service and deep consecration to the service of the Plan.

d.    When you have accomplished this, imagine that you see me rising from my chair.  Then as a group we face the East and say together the Great Invocation.  Endeavour consciously to follow my lead as we say the words, and listen with care, using the imagination.  This will involve intense concentration.

            ... [this] is a preparatory exercise in order to train you all in esoteric participation.

            Make a careful analysis each month of your success or failure to carry out this discipline, and note with exactitude all reactions, results and phenomena.  Success will depend upon your ability to achieve a strong mental reorientation and focus, to keep detached from brain activity, and yet at the same time to preserve the waking brain attentiveness.  The resultant effects, reactions, and registering of any realisation must be noted for the two day succeeding the time of the full moon, for the seeping through of information and knowledge is often a slow process ...