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Studies of Individual Instructions
C. D. P.
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

November 1931




To you, my brother, I have but little to say — not because you do not merit much but because you know the work that must be done and I have but to look on in silence to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill out suspicion and those vile children of fear — nervousness, foreboding, worry and that instant jumping to conclusions which are dire and full of disaster. Achieve that inner poise which faces all that comes in the light of the Eternal. You are immersed so oft in the terror of the moment (yes, terror is the word I wish to use) that the astral turmoil permits not the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in. Both are yours. You are wise and experienced in many ways. Sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavour (plus selfless thought) are yours and these qualities are recognised. How else your inclusion in this group of mine? But much hindrance comes through fear.

1.                  The letters in this disciple’s name, CDP, stand for “Courage”, “Detachment”, and “Pure-Love”. She was very much a second ray disciple, and so we can see the appositeness of these qualities.

2.                  The Tibetan begins with a kind of “vote of confidence”. This disciple knows what must be done and the Tibetan tells her that the direction she is taking will lead to eventual success.

3.                  The ray formula of CDP is unusual: 26-566. It will be discussed much more fully later, but must be mentioned now for the sake of added insight.

4.                  The proposed horoscope for CDP (rectified by ED) gives early Cancer on the Ascendant, with Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio. The date of birth is April 10, 1876, on the East Coast. Greenville, Delaware is chosen as the birth place but it could be closer to New York City or New York City itself.

5.                  Interestingly, AAB’s nodal axis (South Node in the seventh degree of Cancer and North Node in the seventh degree of Capricorn), is quite close to the proposed Ascendant/Descendant Axis for CDP. Apparently they were old friends from former incarnations.

6.                  While this commentary is not specifically astrological, a certain amount of astrology must be referenced to gain a reasonable understanding of CDP as a disciple. A complete astrological analysis is offered in a specifically astrological commentary by ED.

7.                  The Tibetan immediately points to a necessary area of improvement. Fear and suspicion are problems in the astral nature. The sign Cancer is often fearful, and her Moon is placed in the fourth navamsa of Scorpio correlating (in the opinion of one of my coworkers, ZR) with fear. Cancer and Scorpio, we will realize, are also connected with suspicion — one of the leading causes of glamor (along with self-pity and criticism).

8.                  A fearful condition within the astral nature also causes “nervousness, foreboding, worry and that instant jumping to conclusions which are dire and full of disaster”. We can see that the condition of the astral nature is distressed and that a strongly glamorous condition exists, despite the excellent qualities and essential trustworthiness of this disciple.

9.                  The tremendous emphasis upon the sixth ray (two personality vehicles and the personality, itself) surely add to this intense, emotional condition. The agitation and restlessness of Aries are also part of the picture. There is a decided lack of serenity.

10.              DK tries to lift CDP’s thought life into a consideration of the “Eternal”, above the agitation of the moment. Focussing in the “light of the Eternal” would be a soul focus, freeing her from the turbulence of the powerful astral body.

11.              The Tibetan turns graphic: He tells her that often she is immersed in the “terror of the moment”. He reemphasizes the word, “terror” as He is trying to have her face her troubled astral condition from the perspective of soul consciousness. The glamorous condition of the astral body (its turmoil) prevents the “clear light of truth and knowledge” from shining in.

12.              We find DK facing His disciple with a clear contrast. He emphasizes her positive qualities: wisdom, experience, sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause (R6) of occult truth, steadfast endeavor, selfless thought — a formidable array of virtues. We can correlate quite a few of these virtues with the second and sixth rays, and the fifth ray mind (influenced by the second ray soul) gives an appreciation of “occult truth”.

13.              Within the first paragraph of her very first instruction, CDP is faced with her situation as the Master perceives it. It is a dramatic contrast.

14.              He explains that it is her many virtues which have warranted her inclusion in the Master’s group. Yet the major hindrance is named at the outset — fear.

15.              CDP was facing a time of distinct opportunity. Master DK was very much Jupiter to her (the “fortunate” second ray planet), and at the time this letter was written transiting Jupiter (from Leo) was harmoniously trining her Aries Sun, and her progressing Moon was closely conjuncting her progressing Jupiter. The progressing MC (dharmic point) was also conjuncting Neptune — the planet of all that is transcendental.


Etheric weakness also exists and I suggest to you that in your meditation work you imagine to yourself the pouring in of divine energy (which is a creative function, my brother) and that you send it on a mission to the etheric counterpart of the spleen. Find out from a diagram where the spleen is located; visualise not the physiological organ but the etheric area surrounding it and picture it as bathed in pure golden prana. This should prove an exercise of value to you. Long experience in meditation should enable you to do this with facility....

1.                  DK is really beginning with an analysis of CDP’s present condition. The etheric weakness may relate to such an outstanding presence of the sixth ray inducing towards a devitalizing astralism. Additionally the sign Cancer contributes to lowered vitality, especially with its ruler, the Moon, in astral-inclined Scorpio.

2.                  CDP needs vitalizing, and DK immediately has her employ the creative imagination to aid the process. He appeals to her fifth ray mind to discover the location of the spleen. He seeks to develop her creativity, as is later evidenced by His encouragement to create a “Garden” on the subtle planes through the use of the creative imagination. With Chiron natally conjunct the Aries Sun and conjunct imaginative Neptune, as well, she can use the imagination (Neptune) for the purposes of healing (Chiron).

3.                  Transference of energy from the sub-diaphragmatic chakras (especially from the solar plexus) to the centers above the diaphragm is an important process for CDP. Thus DK mentions the creative faculty early in the process. The quite close opposition between Jupiter (heart center), and Mars (solar plexus center) shows the need of energy transference from the solar plexus to the heart. Mars is also the sacral center and is opposing Venus in Gemini (ajna center, and throat center) showing DK’s thought that her emotional energy should be lifted into creative processes.

Be the sannyasin for the remainder of your life and in detachment seek to serve the Plan. Ponder on this last sentence, because for you it holds the secret of release.

1.                  A “sannyasin” is one is detached from mundane duties (having fulfilled them) and dedicates himself/herself to the spiritual quest and spiritual service. At the time of this writing, CDP was some fifty-five years old, and approaching her second Saturn-return. We can see that the Tibetan’s advice is well-timed, for the third Saturn-related segment of the life, is the one to be given to spiritual abstraction and service

2.                  Here DK mentions one of the identifying qualities to be found in CDP’s ‘Developmental Formula’ — Detachment.

3.                  DK is offering very direct advice which will necessitate the cultivation of Detachment. Interestingly, He offered the same advice to FCD (Roberto Assagioli) who was also a ray two disciple with Cancer rising.

4.                  The operative word is “release”. The sixth ray functioning through the personality, astral and physical bodies, is gripping CDP’s consciousness, and binding it to the lower worlds. Freedom from such forces is an important objective in this particular incarnation.


June 1933



I have for you today a word of cheer. Part of your life trouble has been that not only have the physical and the etheric bodies been too loosely combined, tending, therefore, to a devitalised condition; the integration between your mental body and your emotional or astral body has also been very poor. Lately, you have changed that condition and your mind and your astral body are now integrated. Reflect on what this means, my brother. It means that no longer will your astral body (which walks in the veil of illusion) be the dominant and deciding factor in your experience — as has hitherto been the case — but that your mind nature will come increasingly into control and become the transmitter of illumination as you hold steadily upon your way. You have to make the realisation of an hour, the habit of a lifetime. As you know, nothing matters but the soul. Nothing counts in the long run but service. Take your mind away from all your personality problems and the problems of those with whom you have chosen to walk, in this [page 506] incarnation, the path of life. Trust their souls. Make and keep contact with them, via their souls, refusing to be glamoured by their personalities. Note, as the months slip by, what will happen as you hold this attitude of soul attentiveness.

1.                  DK is closely observing the energy and force dynamics of His chelas. We see from the Master’s statements that CDP’s energy system has been far from integrated. In two areas there has been a notable lack of integration — between the etheric and physical body, causing devitalization, and between the mental and emotional body, causing, it can be presumed, a lack of emotional control (for the mind is the regulatory instrument of the will). The Tibetan must have regarded the situation as serious because He uses the words, “very poor” to describe both pairs of vehicular relationships.

2.                  The Teacher knows the liabilities of the chela; the chela is often largely ignorant of them. It is the Teacher’s subtle task to assist in the transformation of liability into achievement.

3.                  CDP’s astral body has walked in the veil of illusion. To a certain extent this can be said of all astral bodies until they are transformed by buddhic energy.

4.                  We judge from DK’s words that prior to the point now reached, the astral body has been in control. We can understand by this that CDP had not yet achieved the second initiation.

5.                  The astrological analysis by ED will reveal a number of reasons why increasing integration should be occurring at the period of this instruction, but it is noteworthy to see Venus, the planet of mental illumination (and of the soul), conjuncted by secondary progression to the solar-arc directed position of Mars, the planet ruling the astral body and the personality as a whole. Mars and Venus in union are not simply about male and female; conjuncted they indicate the union (or in this case, integration) of important pairs of opposites, mind and emotions, and on a higher turn of the spiral, soul and personality. We do remember that CDP has a fifth ray mind, and Venus is a leading planet of the fifth ray. Speaking of emerging mind, solar-arc directed Venus has been crossing the progressing Equatorial Ascendant — one of three Ascendants which can be considered in any astrological chart. The normal Ascendant and the Anti-Vertex are the others. We note that for many years solar arc directed Venus has been moving conjunct to the progressing Equatorial Ascendant emphasizing the continuing importance of Venus to the spiritual progress of CDP’s life.

6.                  Illumination is a steadying factor (just as the fifth ray is); the emotional body (especially in her case) needs this steadying.

7.                  Apparently realization has come during meditation or during some brief moment of significant impression. DK gives us a formula, telling us how to treat such realizations: “You have to make the realisation of an hour, the habit of a lifetime.” This is a remarkable injunction. It tells us that soul-realization must become the seed of a life-long demonstration of that which has been realized. Really, He is asking us to live up to our best realizations — to plant them in our life, cultivate them, and allow them to ‘grow’ into every-day expression. No doubt CDP knew of the realization of which DK spoke.

8.                  We see the Master attempting to instill in CDP a truer sense of values, divorced from the usual personality values and preoccupations. He is sounding the note of “service” and the “soul” — the only things that really count.

9.                  CDP has a great need of detachment, not only from her own personality problems, but from the personality problems of those close to her — probably her children.

10.              DK inserts another necessary ‘Quality of Cultivation’ — Trust. This virtue is hard to achieve for those with powerful Cancerian and Scorpionic energies. As well, Aries (her Sun-sign) inclines those ruled by it to take matters into their own hands and not trust that others can succeed if left alone. Often, Aries, unwisely, does for others what they should do for themselves. This tendency can only be aggravated by the presence of the sign Cancer with its strong (and often inappropriate) ‘grip’ of others and their lives.

11.              The Teacher offers much wisdom to His chela. Others are to be left to the wisdom of their own souls. She is to trust their souls and not, primarily, in her own methods for helping her “near ones” do what they should probably do for themselves.

12.              A method of truly occult work is offered: relate to others as souls and not as personalities. Contact with others must be soul-contact; the personality states and glamors of others are to be ignored and emphasis placed only upon the soul. DK suggests that this spiritual orientation towards the real identity of another will bring about improvement in the personality expression of that other.

13.              Clearly, however, the suggested method is not the method usually used by a Chela with so much sixth ray and so many water signs — signs of attachment and sensitivity.

14.              We find, do we not, that although our problem may not be as extreme as that of CDP, the advice concerning how to relate to the personality of others is sound. We are to avoid reacting to the personality and, instead, hold a soul-illumined vision of the soul of another — thus inducing a stronger emergence of that soul.

15.              Let us ponder, then, on “soul attentiveness”, realizing that if we “react” to the personalities of others, we are actually, ourselves, being “glamoured” by those personalities.

16.              The Tibetan’s advice is very occult and very effective.


Know you not that as you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the form aspect) that you can galvanise those souls into increased spiritual activity? But, my brother, as you note these happenings, be not tempted to aid. Leave the personalities to their own wise, pure and loving souls. Rest back in the simplicity of this thought and for the next few months cease from wrestling and be content with the path that your soul has chosen you should follow.

1.                  The advice continues and becomes more explicit. We are to add soul force to the force to be found in the souls of others (despite the fact that, essentially, we are not to use the thought, “My soul and Thine”).

2.                  DK is tremendously intelligent about the counsel He is offering. He knows His chela has an almost desperate desire to help her “near ones”, but He knows, as well, that the method of ‘helping’ she has used in the past is damaging both to her and to those she tries to help.

3.                  So He offers her a method of helping and serving which, occult in its nature, will also promote the detachment He seeks to see developed in her character.

4.                  The sixth ray is often attached to the form, and CDP has so much of this ray. The second ray sees often behind the form.

5.                  In a way, DK wants CDP to ‘keep her hands off’ (Cancer — and its “claws”) those she is assisting spiritually. If she attempts to “aid” them her customary manner, again her personality, with all its overly-attached and clinging attributes, will be activated, and the purpose defeated.

6.                  Success will be dependent upon trust. She is to “trust their souls”. She is to “leave the personalities to their own wise, pure and loving souls”. We see how DK emphasizes the second ray qualities to be found in all souls.

7.                  We also notice that the note of “Pure-Love” is introduced — one of the three qualities used in CDP’s ‘Developmental Formula’. By leaving others to their souls — their wise and loving souls — CDP, herself, will be expressing a purer form of love than the emotional ‘mothering’ which has been masquerading as love.

8.                  DK is offering her a method to achieve serenity and tranquility. Her circumstances, it seems, are somewhat confining. A solar eclipse is occurring almost exactly on her natal Saturn — a combination from which one cannot expect too much latitude.

9.                  The Master offers His chela a satisfying way of helping and serving. He asks her to give it a try rather than be tempted to return to her former, very personal methods.


Refrain from breathing exercises for they ever give you discomfort, and a haunting sense of failure. Each morning for five or ten minutes work with the art of visualisation — a creative art. Visualise to yourself a garden in disorder that you are restoring to order and beauty. Rearrange that garden and fill it with flowers, with the song of birds and with what you have visioned to yourself as the garden of your dreams. See two things happen: there must be restoration of the garden and its growth in beauty. Let your imagination guide you day by day into the steady work of restoration, remembering the goal of this exercise is to focus your attention in the region of the ajna centre, of the pituitary body. There learn the power to organise. When your problems descend upon you, when you are swept by an ancient habit of thought that you know to be wrong but which has as yet a rhythmic power over you, then retire into your garden and work there for a short while. In time, make your retreat into the secret garden an instantaneous reaction when distressed and stay not there for a long time. It will aid you to break the power of ancient thoughtforms.

1.                  DK had given members of His group certain breathing exercises. He recognizes that, although they are valuable for most, they will not be suitable for all. There is no one approach which all chelas must follow. A Master is adaptable and resourceful with His students.

2.                  One of the things which DK seeks ever to lift from His chelas is any prolonged sense of failure. The use of the word “haunted” is interesting; DK uses also uses it elsewhere in relation to failure. One thinks of CDP’s astral condition and of Neptune (esoteric ruler of the proposed Cancer Ascendant, and also the planet of “haunting”). All is to be drawn into the light of day.

3.                  We see, as in the first letter, that DK is attempting to bring CDP into a state of greater creativity. This time He becomes very specific and offers CDP the project for which she will be remembered when the lives of the DINA disciples are studied.

4.                  The Master has offered her a most occult project involving the creative imagination and the exercise of the ajna center. Using the creative imagination, she is to create an inner “garden”, bringing it from an initially imagined disorder into order and beauty. She is to “restore” the garden. Interestingly, the Forces of Restoration work in relation to the sign Aries, and CDP’s Sun-sign is Aries.

5.                  This paragraph is one of the most important the Tibetan wrote to her, for it launches her on a most significant, restorative and transformative project.

6.                  CDP is to let her imagination guide her in the restoration of the garden. This advice may suggest that the buddhic intuition is involved, and that she is being somewhat guided, in fact, by the processes of “pure reason”, by means of which all things in cosmos are ordered harmoniously. The right use of the imagination can be a link to pure reason.

7.                  We note that CDP has no seventh ray in her ray formula. She is to use a predominantly fifth ray center (the ajna center) to “learn the power to organise”. Significantly, the fifth ray (as well as the seventh) is associated with organization. This we realize because the “glamor of organization” is connected with the fifth ray. (cf. GWP 122) This

8.                  Attention is to be focussed daily in the region of the ajna center, involving the pituitary body. Significantly, the ajna center is a key chakra involved in personality integration (in relation to which Venus plays so significant a role, being the planet representing the integrating factor, the soul). We remember that her personality was in a rather disintegrated condition with two quite major cleavages existing between the mind and emotions, as well as the etheric and physical bodies.

9.                  It is fascinating to realize that Venus is a planet particularly connected with the vegetable kingdom, and that Venus (the planet of the soul and of the illumined mind) is conjunct Mars, the planet of the personality and all its vehicles. Through this Venusian, imaginative project focussed in the ajna center, the process of personality integration is being furthered. Venus, one of the major planets of creative art, is being used in relation to the creation of an inner garden filled with flowers. Flowers are ruled by Venus.

10.              Another look at CDP’s chart (for the proposed rectification) shows Venus closely parallel the Ascendant, the energy of which (used properly) leads to increasing integration with the soul. Further, Venus is found in the sign Gemini, which it esoterically rules (just as in the chart of AAB), accenting its power and importance.

11.              Three planets, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, all in aspect with each other, create an important alignment with the solar plexus, heart and ajna center. Student will recognize these as the three centers emphasized by the Tibetan in His first two meditations found in DINA II for the New Seed Group.

12.              DK is offering his chela a piece of creative work which will create an imaginative antidote to ancient, rhythmically impressive habits of thought which are destructive to her integration. His purpose is to help CDP break the power of ancient thoughtforms as they control her psychological life. She is to retreat into her “garden” when the old forces descend upon her. The energies built into the garden (ordered and beautiful) will correct the ancient tendencies and repattern her psychological life.

13.              In studying this paragraph, we learn of the power of rhythm — especially of ancient rhythms. They must be counteracted with new rhythms. CDP, however, has no seventh ray in her energy system during the incarnation in question. Somehow, however, a new rhythm must be imposed. It can be gathered that the rhythms of Nature are to be found in the “garden” and that they are entirely more wholesome than the rhythms which have characterized the fear-ridden and chaotic astral reactions which periodically sweep over her.

14.              She is to “retreat” into her self-made garden, but not stay there for very long. Why? Perhaps the Tibetan does not want her to run away from the world. With so much sixth ray, and with Cancer as the proposed Ascendant, this retreat for shelter could become an escape.

15.              In any case, the “garden” will be a powerful and magical place, and can work its miracles quite rapidly. Under distress, she is to retreat to the garden instantaneously, simply by imagining herself within it. The energy there gathered will do the rest.

16.              In these instructions to CDP we are being given some important occult techniques using the creative imagination. Perhaps we can understand how a similar process might be useful for any one of us. What would be build using the creative imagination, and why?


You ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift can be yours — the driving urge to give selflessly with no motive but that of a pure and loving spirit. For you, I have these words which are your own to use:

1.                  Here, again, we find a variation of one of the words/qualities in CDP’s Developmental Formula — “Pure Love”. She has a pure and unselfish spirit. Thus we see that she has come a long way towards mastering one of the major requirements of the second degree — the conquest of selfishness.

2.                  Her rare capacity to give evidenced itself in many ways. When we read AAB’s Unfinished Autobiography, we find CDP (Alice Ortiz) as one of AAB’s closest friends and a major source of financial support. It seems she was always ready to assist AAB in moments of need.

3.                  We see, then, that despite the astral condition, CDP is a spiritually advanced individual, for she has “the driving urge to give with no motive but that of a pure and loving spirit”. The Tibetan has now use the word “spirit” twice, and one wonder if He is hinting at the presence of a second monad as well as a second ray soul.

4.                  We understand that the Tibetan holds CDP’s gifts in high regard. We can question ourselves in this respect: to what extent does this selfless, generous spirit of pure love exist in our natures?


"Let the pure light of reason and understanding dispel the fogs in which I long have walked. Let the mists disappear [page 507] and let the clouds of care disperse within the radiant light of the sun which shineth ever in the fog. That sun is found within my mind. Within that sun, I stand."

1.                  Through the use of this mantram, Master DK is helping CDP align with the buddhic plane — the planet of “pure reason”.

2.                  The buddhi plane is also the plane from which emanates the energy of “loving understanding” (a quality of the second ray).

3.                  The hint is given that the condition of astral fog is of very long standing.

4.                  The mists (created by fire and water — her two most prominent astrological elements) are to disappear, and “clouds of care” (Cancer) are to be dispersed by the radiant sun of the soul. DK is asking her to identify with the soul.

5.                  The soul-illumined mind (Venus and the fifth ray under the impress of the second ray soul) can be used to disperse the clouds. It is interesting to compare the intent of this mantram with the motto of Spain (ruled by Sagittarius in its soul nature). CDP’s married name was Ortiz (connecting to the Spanish language). The motto is: “I disperse the clouds”. Jupiter, the planet of CDP’s second ray soul, is fittingly, found in Sagittarius.

6.                  DK emphasizes mental-illumination — one of the qualities of the second initiation for which CDP may prepare (we later learn). Spiritual intelligence, as well, is a quality to be cultivated before that initiation is possible. When He says, “That sun is found within my mind”, He is speaking of the soul-illumined mind. CDP is to align with the soul as it illumines the mind, and take her place as an increasingly mentally polarized disciple, controlling and dispersing the astral miasmas through the power of lighted thought.

7.                  The mantram is powerful and, given CDP’s astral polarization (now lessening) exactly fitting for the psycho-spiritual task to be accomplished.


June 1934



You are facing up to your crisis and to your final test of fitness for accepted discipleship. There is little that I can say to you except that, with understanding, I watch and wait. This is not the time for further words, for it is the time in which you must take action. You say to yourself time and time again: "If there were some one thing I could do to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, how easy it would be and how quickly I would do it." But, my brother, there is just such a simple thing and yet, until you do it you cannot walk in the light. Also, until you do it (as this is a group endeavour) you hold back this group of co-disciples from fuller revelation and service. The simple rule is: Talk less and love more.

1.                  Again, as in His first instruction, DK is watching and waiting. CDP is passing through a crisis and important one, because if she passes it, she will become an “accepted disciple” technically understood.

2.                  There is a “prison of thought” to be broken, and the desire to break the prison walls is there. But an understanding of the method is missing.

3.                  DK suggests the method in all simplicity: “Talk less and love more”. We are dealing with the relation between the heart and throat centers. DK is emphasizing the value of the heart center. Yet there should be no real problem, as pure and unselfish love is already in CDP’s possession.

4.                  The Master offers a strong incentive to accomplishment. Until there is accomplishment not only can CDP not “walk in the light”, but she holds her “group of co-disciples back from fuller revelation and service”.

5.                  It would seem an act of will is required — more than good intentions or wishing.

6.                  During this period of preparation for accepted discipleship, the progressing Moon has been moving through the sign of the one-pointed disciple, Sagittarius, and the progressing Vertex of the proposed chart is entering the sign of achievement and discipline — Capricorn. As well there is an eclipse on the natal and progressed Uranus (planet of freedom and of occultism), and the progressing Ascendant in Leo is conjunct both these Uranus positions (with the eclipse falling also on it).

7.                  If the proposed rectification is correct, CDP is possessed of a potentially occult mind signaled by Uranus in the third house of mind. The coming of the progressing soul-point (Ascendant) to the Uranus position and the eclipse falling on that position, should indicate the activation of the mind and the will in a new way which can control, clarify and regulate the astral body.

8.                  The necessary love is also available through the position of transiting Neptune (the buddhic planet of love) conjuncting the IC (which it esoterically rules) and with which it has archetypal affiliation.


I have no special exercise to give you. I have told D.R.A. to stand by you with deepened love but to talk no more to you about your problem. The reason for his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage of the solution of your problem wherein you must stand exoterically alone and fight the battle on the outer plane to its conclusion by yourself. But on the inner plane, there is a drawing closer to you of those who care and can help.

1.                  Among the DINA disciples there is no DRA. There is a DRS (Alice Bailey). Unless DRA is a blind for DRS we will not know who it was that was supporting CDP in this crisis.

2.                  We are in a time of waiting and watching. CDP knows enough to make progress. One can feel that the Tibetan does not want to make her problem more complex by assigning any special exercises.

3.                  There come moments in the life of the disciple when the ‘Supervisors’ must leave the disciple to his/her own resources. Such a time is upon CDP. Any offered help on the outer plane would be, in fact, a hindrance, robbing CDP of the opportunity to win through on her own.

4.                  As always, however, we note the balancing thought, for DK speaks of the inner plane support of “those who care and can help”.

5.                  We note that this whole critical process is occurring in a period within approximately one year before CDP’s second Saturn-return. Hence the critical point in her life, a decisive point, after which she may become an accepted disciple if she manages to take the proper inner and outer steps.


Will you understand me when I say that symbolically and psychologically your fight must be fought out in your garden? Will you comprehend me when I tell you that only love can free you? Not love of yourself or a freeing of yourself through desperation over your own unhappiness; not love of those you so easily love but the very love of your soul must be called in and, therefore, soul contact is your solution, persisted in steadily throughout each day.

1.                  The garden is growing in importance. The Master does not suggest an extensive piece of creative work to any chela unless that work fits with important, long-term plans — almost certainly unforeseen by the disciple.

2.                  There is a fight in process. We do note progressing Mars square to natal Mercury.

3.                  Two sets of energies are opposed — those symbolized by the garden (consisting of very real and actually gathered subtle energies), and those related to past emotional conditioning.

4.                  Fear has been CDP’s big problem. This DK enunciated from the outset. Here He tells her that “only love can free you”. We are reminded of the Christ’s statement that “perfect love casteth out all fear”.

5.                  But it must be real love, not love of self. No solar plexus reaction such as desperation must enter in. It must not be the habitual love of those near ones whom it is easy to love. Rather it is to be soul love which is of the heart and impersonal.

6.                  The solution is “soul contact”, and there must be continuity and persistence in this contact. We remember that CDP is to “make the realisation of an hour, the habit of a lifetime”. The moments of realized good must be expanded and the energy they represent must overtake and overcome the habitual, glamorously-bound energies which condition the powerful astral body.

7.                  We can understand, however, that the fight will not be Martian battle, but one in which the Venusian powers present in the garden are steadily entered and radiated — allowing them to pervade the spheres of customary turmoil.


Meditate therefore upon love. Say to yourself each hour — if you can develop that time consciousness — I must love. Only one request do I make to you, my brother, and that is one that may puzzle you. Sit still every day without fail for one hour, [page 508] refusing to interrupt that hour's silence and stillness. Simply relax, rest, read and think happily but let nothing, except real emergency (no wild and unconditioned fear, no suspicion or urge to investigate) permit you to break into the rhythm of that period. Sit still, not tense, but quiet and relaxed. It is but a small thing to request but if you conform to this requirement, the results may be more potent than you think. It is an hour for thinking love; for pondering upon the source of disinterested, detached soul love. Study along these lines, if you like, but sit still. Love and quietness, not resentment and restlessness, are your immediate task and in the achieving of these two things you will solve your problem and liberate yourself.

1.                  The sixth ray is not the second ray. The sixth ray type is told, “Love more your fellowmen”. (EP II 372)

2.                  DK has advised that the way to love is to “meditate upon love”. St. Paul was doing this in his “Letters to the Corinthians” — one of humanity’s greatest descriptions of the nature of love.

3.                  DK asks a task of temporal organization. Each hour, CDP is to say to herself, “I must love”. The rhythmic seventh ray is being built into her daily process.

4.                  He also makes a simple and almost surprising request. CDP is to “sit still” for an hour every day and think about love. She is not to indulge in the old emotionally compulsive behaviors which DK portrays quite graphically. Fear, suspicion and the urge to investigate seem to drive her. They are lower Scorpionic and Cancerian qualities and their rhythm must be broken. She is to refuse to give in to them, and is to break her hour of quite rest and relaxation (thinking about love) only in the case of a real emergency.

5.                  DK uses the word “request” twice. It is an important word. If nothing else, CDP will honor His request because of her loyalty to Him. Somehow she must do this in order to break the hold which the ancient neurotic rhythm has upon her consciousness.

6.                  “Disinterested, detached love” is to be her theme. She is to ponder. She may even study if she wishes (but, above all, she is to “sit still”). We note that she has no ray three in her ray formula, but more than enough Aries to contribute to restlessness. As well, the sixth ray is the ray of the ‘activist’ and has a restlessness and urgency of its own. DK, however, is trying to break her of the tendency towards ‘irrational urgency’.

7.                  He poses the problem clearly. “Love and quietness” are qualities of the second ray soul and are heart-centred qualities. Resentment (coming from Scorpio and Cancer) and restlessness (from Aries and the sixth ray) oppose these heart-centered qualities. They are rooted in a disturbed solar plexus. No forceful opposition will overcome them. But the use of the planet of harmony, Venus, and the ease and relaxation with which this planet is associated, can be used in the battle. It is a battle which will require the will-to-refrain, but no violence.


Silence, serenity and loving service to all, without exception and without thought of self — these should be the keynotes of your life during the coming months. Restlessness and resentment, self-pity and suspicion are your present problems. Substitute love for these and all will be well. You evoke love in many. This means that you have the gift of love. Use that power to love and break your chains in order to serve with freedom and to go forward in my group of disciples to greater usefulness. I stand by.

1.                  We can see that CDP is asked to undergo a real purgation of ancient patterns.

2.                  Keynotes for the coming months are offered: “silence, serenity, and loving service to all, without exception and without thought of self”. Not the Scorpio Moon as orthodox ruler of the proposed Cancer Ascendant, but rather Neptune, a planet of “Pure-Love”, and esoteric ruler of the proposed Ascendant — a planet, at this time of the writing, conjuncting the foundation, the I.C., of the chart (an in the sign Virgo, representing the inner growth of the Christ energy — love).

3.                  DK presents the problem so clearly. A vision of the high road is offered. It will require the full expression of CDP’s second ray soul centered in her heart. The solar plexus qualities of restlessness, resentment, self-pity and suspicion are held in sharp contrast. The sources of glamor are particularly, criticism, self-pity and suspicion. At one time or another in His instructions, DK points to all these three as prominent in CDP’s nature.

4.                  The battle is on. Love is the needed weapon. Only love will break the psychological chains.

5.                  We note that it must be a selfless love — for all without exception. This will help break the exclusivity of sixth ray love, so often directed to one’s “near ones” alone.

6.                  DK’s method is often to disclose to a disciple certain fine qualities and abilities, and then insist that they be used to counter or overcome less desirable qualities. At this moment of crisis, He seems to be using this technique.

7.                  Again He emphasizes that He stands by. Clearly, He is trying to produce self-reliance in His chela, rather than any form of dependency towards which so many vehicles on the sixth ray and an Ascendant in Cancer might lead.


January 1935



My message to you this year is the one with which I ended my last communication to you: I stand by.

1.                  This letter is written about six months after the previous one. DK emphasizes, for the sake of continuity and need, that He stands by. Apparently He is still waiting to see what His disciple will do.

2.                  We note in this period that there is coming a solar eclipse in Cancer which falls exactly on CDP’s progressing Mars in Cancer. Indeed the battle (Mars) is on. One could wonder whether the proposed Ascendant should be moved into the vicinity of eight degrees instead of very early in Cancer, but then other convincing alignments would be lost.


When I last said it to you, I was under no illusion as to the extent of your problem or of the weakness of the agonised equipment which you brought to its solution. The outcome of your struggle a year ago was very problematical. It is not so now. The ancient habits of thought and the quick submerging by the old rhythms are still possible; you are oft profoundly discouraged by the cropping up of the hydra of resentment and of suspicion with its many heads. Yet much progress has been made and your astral body is really quieter. This you know yourself. You are finding it easier to swing into other interests. The periods of submergence in the old lines of thought do not last so long and your understanding is growing.

1.                  CDP’s equipment is far from strong. DK calls it “weak and agonized”. Despite the very real odds against progress, there has been progress. The struggle has been to a degree successful.

2.                  The hydra of “resentment and suspicion” (Scorpio) is still there, and discouragement occurs, but the astral condition is better and the old submersions do not last as long. A greater dispassion is evidenced and she can release herself from astral preoccupation for the sake of “other interests”.

3.                  A battle to eliminate old states has been raging for some time. Transiting Pluto has for a few years been squaring the Sun, bringing the possibility of elimination. Is has also been squaring Chiron, bringing the possibility of healing — but with pain.

4.                  Pluto has provided a burning ground on the eve of the second Saturn-return.

5.                  In this instruction, we find the light increasing. This incarnation was to see the taming and control of the astral body. Saturn in Pisces squares Mars in late Taurus. The astral vehicle is being disciplined, and the discipline is selflessness aided by progressive detachment. It is a drastic disciplining.


The fight is not yet over but by May, 1936, you should have reached a point where the sense of inner freedom will be so strong that you will realise that the things which affect the personality and which come from the point of development and from the lack of control of the personalities with which you are associated will fail to exert any real power over you. You will be fast attaining the attitude of the Observer, of the one who looks on — knowing himself to be the controlling soul.

1.                  DK predicts the continuation of the fight, but looks ahead, probably to the time of the Wesak Festival in 1936, for the emergence of greater freedom over the personality and its aspects. We realize that the Master is suggesting the possibility of significant achievement.

2.                  We note that May of 1936 was extremely important for the New Group of World Servers. It was also the time when the First Stanza of the Great Invocation was released. A tremendous push by Hierarchy attempted to offset the gathering storm of evil, and that push was concentrated in the year 1936.

3.                  CDP’s second Saturn-return had occurred, the progressing Ascendant was reaching liberating Uranus and transcendental Neptune (the esoteric ruler of the proposed Cancer Ascendant) was crossing that Ascendant by solar-arc direction bringing greater tranquility (or greater glamor — depending on CDP’s response)

4.                  DK is speaking in Uranian terms. The early Cancer-rising chart is the one in which Uranus is most powerful at Wesak 1936. Pluto will have done its cleansing work. The Vertex will have conjuncted the seventh house cusp (making fuller cooperation with the Great Ones possible) and another solar eclipse in Capricorn will be conjuncting the seventh house cusp. CDP (if all goes well) should be more fit for real spiritual cooperation. Moreover, she should have become an accepted disciple, technically understood.


Will you, my brother, take the various personal instructions I have given you during the past years and — on some quiet day — read them through uninterruptedly and at one sitting? You will, in this way, get a picture of your spiritual problem (and of my effort to help you solve it) that will be constructively useful. You will discover also that there has been real growth on your part. Your problem is not this or that circumstance in your life. It is not concerned with the activity of this or that person. It is not tied up with your family life, your financial circumstances or your health. These are but the staging around which you struggle for liberation. These are but the opportunities offered by your soul which, when rightly used, will set you upon the Path of Initiation. Yes, that is what I said, my brother — upon the Path of Initiation and not upon the Path of Discipleship. You are already upon the latter path. You know well within yourself that if you could achieve detachment and if you could arrive at a stable, focussed mind that the whole of life would simplify for you. Initiation is simplification.

1.                  DK is seeking to instill quietude in the life of His chela. He frequently asks his disciples to re-read what He has written to them, but in the case of CDP, He emphasizes a quiet re-reading.

2.                  He is trying to induce a sense of perspective and of progress.

3.                  DK wants CDP to dissociate herself from circumstance, to cease blaming circumstance for her problems.

4.                  He offers her a very great incentive. If she can handle the circumstantial issues of her life correctly, she will be set upon the “Path of Initiation”. This He emphasizes, distinguishing it from the Path of Discipleship. Presumably, this means that CDP can pass the second degree if her astral problems are solved, and thence, begin treading the Path towards the Mountain Top — i.e., the Path of Initiation — at least the Path to Initiation (for the third degree is considered the first real initiation).

5.                  The Master is attempting, through encouraging a widened perspective, detachment and stability, to assist in bringing about a stage of simplification in CDP’s life. He then offers another of His potent statements: “Initiation is simplification”.

6.                  CDP’s normal psychological condition is complex and engrossing. Detachment and a stable mind would disentangle the consciousness from its engrossments.

7.                  We note that although CDP’s mind is on the fifth ray, it is not yet a stable mind. The mind will become more stable once the second degree is passed.

8.                  CDP seems to be one of those disciples with rich inner attainments. Outer liabilities prevent these attainments from being expressed as they could be. RSU was another such disciple.

9.                  The Solar Angel staged the present incarnation of CDP in such a way that her major emotional and psychological liabilities would be raised in force so she could deal with them courageously (“Courage” being a quality found in her Developmental Formula). It seems that before the second degree is passed, a major emotional confrontation is to be expected. It was so in the life of ISG-L, and also in the case of RVB (generated by the spiritually-disruptive relationship through which he passed, and because of which he left the Tibetan’s Work for perhaps five years).


You are rich in the real love of many people. Your physical plane circumstances, viewed in the light of the present world problem, are good. Your health problem is rooted in your astral condition. By overcoming the glamour in which you walk, you would find yourself so free and so useful that you would look back with amazement upon your past life of illusion and self-induced misery. Your personal problem is far from unique. What has constituted the main difficulty has been based on the fact that you are a disciple. The glamour and the illusion which a disciple can evoke is far more potent than that of the average person. Your mind, as a result of the glamour, may be ever restless and shifting, but the glamour is the result of potent emotional thinking and of a prolonged attentiveness [page 510] to the circumstances of your physical plane life. The same attentiveness and potency of thought, directed away from your circumstances and to the things of the soul, will free you.

1.                  DK summarizes CDP’s condition. She has great wealth, for she is rich in the love of many people — the “real” love of many people. Obviously, she deserves this because of her essentially loving nature.

2.                  She has nothing to complain about her physical plane circumstances. In fact, she has been a wealthy woman.

3.                  DK rarely specifies His chelas’ health problems, as He seeks to keep the minds of fellow chelas off the problems of any one of them.

4.                  We can assume however, that the organs associated with the solar plexus would be those most affected.

5.                  We get the sense that CDP is much closer to her next liberation than she suspects, if only she could rid herself of self-induced imprisoning habits of thought and feeling.

6.                  There must be, it would seem, a very great contrast between her inward attainment and that which she is demonstrating, or DK would not use a word like “amazement” to describe her attitude, could she but rid herself of glamor.

7.                  DK reaffirms CDP’s status as a disciple (not just an aspirant). He thereby explains the strength and resistance of her difficulties, for disciples are more potent than average individuals and their liabilities are, accordingly, more difficult.

8.                  CDP’s mind is not stable. Glamor reinforces the instability. It is not the usually stable fifth ray which contributes to the instability. Probably Mercury in restless Aries is a factor.

9.                  The real problem, however, is not the restless mind but, rather, a “potent emotional thinking and … prolonged attentiveness to the circumstances of your physical plane life”. Again, we see justifications for the Cancerian Rising-sign. It is a sign associated with kama-manas, a type of thinking in which thought and emotion are inextricably intertwined. As well, Cancer, with its potent third and seventh rays, makes focus upon the physical plane a strong likelihood.

10.              CDP’s thought is potent — potent for good or ill. It has for too long been downward focussed, as a result of the powerful sixth ray forces in her equipment and the materializing tendencies of the proposed Cancer Ascendant.

11.              DK seems to offer her so much, if only….

12.              This is the sad case with a number of disciples. They were so close to their next liberation, but the relatively small fault which lay in the way seemed to them almost insuperable.


Do you still work in your garden, my brother? Would you be willing to work in it another year? May I (who have looked on for years at your struggle and who today feel certain of your victory) make another suggestion to you? Build in your garden an ivory tower and from the summit of that tower survey your life each day. Build it until the time of the Full Moon of May and then at the time of the Wesak Festival and for the three days of that Festival live in your tower and there abide. In moments also of distress or of imminent failure mount to your tower and steadfast stand. The tower is only symbolic but, if you grasp the essential underlying meaning, you will literally slip out of the glamour as you mount your tower and pass into the clear light of day. There is oft a mist in your garden, but on the top of the tower there is sunlight, space and air. There I can meet with you, if you rightly build and learn the method of ascent. (A description of this garden will be found at the end of this disciple's instructions. A.A.B.)

1.                  The Tibetan’s suggestions have long-term usefulness. CDP’s “garden” is a major ‘energy center’ for the healing of her life. The Tibetan surveys the condition of His chela and determines that exposure to the serenity of the garden is still needed. As well, we note His encouraging words; when the Master feels certain of the chela’s victory, who is the chela to suppose that it will not eventuate?

2.                  DK asks CDP to build an “ivory tower” in the garden. We can only imagine that this inner, imaginative structure will assist with the process of detachment and encourage a more serene attitude.

3.                  For all disciples, Wesak is intended to be a period of deep contemplation, of great and high interiority. DK directs CDP’s attention towards the next Wesak Festival several months ahead. During the three major days of the Wesak Festival she is to abide in her tower. Presumably, from this summit, profound spiritual contacts will be possible.

4.                  The ivory tower also has every-day utility, and is to be used in moments of distress and sensed “imminent failure” (an interesting term which presumably means, moments when the fear of failure or remorse about imagined failure are about to descend upon the psyche).

5.                  The purpose of the tower is to raise CDP out of glamor, for there is “mist” in her garden. At the top of the tower however, the sun is visible and all is seen in the clear light of day.

6.                  It is amazing that an imaginative process of this nature can be used to rise above glamor. It also serves as a means of contacting the Tibetan. But the tower must be built properly and the “right means of ascent” must be learned. Presumably this mode of ascent relates to the discipline of abstraction. As well, the building process, it would seem, must be free of the usual type of emotional, kama-manasic thinking.

7.                  DK often sought for His chelas to reach Him or contact Him, but was rarely explicit concerning the modes to do so. While the method here proposed may not be applicable to all chelas, a hint concerning the way to meet the Master is surely given. We are reminded that the Master is not met on the plane of emotion, but on the plane of mind. The image of the ivory tower suggests the plane of higher mind. The whiteness of “ivory” suggests purity, and the “tower” suggests the necessary ‘altitude in consciousness’.


Be more strict in the keeping of your quiet hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may the light of your soul pour upon you and flood your life; may you realise the uses of joy and of caring nothing about the separated self and may the blessing of your Master rest upon you.

1.                  DK knew from the first that maintaining a “quiet hour” would not be easy for CDP. The impulsive emotional body (aggravated by the energies of Aries) would work against the desirable rhythm.

2.                  DK closes this letter with a blessing, asking that various desirable happenings occur. CDP is to be flooded by soul light; she is to learn the uses of joy; she is to care nothing for the separated self; and the blessing of her Master is to rest upon her.

3.                  DK is always offering CDP sharp contrasts between the personality life, full of astral disquiet, and the serenity of soul life. As she studies her instructions, she cannot escape from the presented contrasts. From the very first she has known rather well what needed to be done.

4.                  What are the “uses of joy”? For one thing, a freer flow of energy from soul to personality. Joy promotes the circulation of spiritual energies. Joy helps to put things in proportion. Joy releases from unnecessary preoccupation with the perceived miseries of the personality. Many are the uses of joy, and each of us should meditate upon them, discovering uses which may be suitable to our own development and service.

5.                  DK always contrasts CDP as a “separated self” with CDP as a soul. The “Detachment” she is to cultivate is very much a detachment from herself as a separated self, and from all to which that separated self is bound.

6.                  Perhaps we notice a hint is the phrase, “may the blessing of your Master rest upon you”. If DK were her Master, He would not have to phrase the statement in this way. He would more normally say, “The blessing of your Master rests upon you”. Perhaps, however, He is hinting that CDP’s real Master is Master KH. Perhaps, He is suggesting that when condition of glamor is overcome, the relationship between CDP and Master KH will become more evident.


July 1935



If I were to ask you to measure your success or failure during the past twelve months, do you know for yourself what your measurement would be? Would you say: Real success with occasional brief relapses through old habits of thought not yet completely transcended? Your success is real and there is much more light in your aura.

1.                  There has been progress. The issue of success and failure always looms large before this disciple, and so DK must address the subject.

2.                  Interestingly, He speaks to her in terms of “measurement” — a fifth ray approach appealing to her fifth ray mind.

3.                  The Master acknowledges success. There has been an increase of light in the aura. CDP is passing through her Saturn-return and, apparently, achieving a more spiritualized condition of the personality — a necessary achievement at such a time (if future years are to be spiritually useful).

4.                  No spiritual progress is at once sudden and complete. All of us are to expect relapses, but our progress will be shown if these relapses are of shorter duration and less intense.

5.                  We can see that DK is trying to help CDP bring light into the astral body and the mind.

6.                  How interesting the blend of encouragement and admonition with which the Master must present His chela!


One of the things which I seek to take up with you in this instruction is the subject of glamour. Glamour is the powerful enemy of all who tread the Path of Discipleship. The whole world is subject to glamour, as well you know, but when a man becomes a disciple, he contacts so much force (especially in the [page 511] early stages when he does not know how to handle it) that he attracts, consolidates and precipitates upon himself far more of the world illusion than would otherwise be the case. To this experience of the disciple, you are no exception, being a disciple in definite training. Disciples who live on mental levels are freer from glamour than are those whose polarisation is more purely emotional. Therefore, one of the first things we seek to teach all of you is to work, live and think in freedom from the astral plane. Perhaps the best way to help you, my brother, and any of your co-disciples who may be interested in the teaching which I give you personally, is to cite to you the conditions in daily life which lead to a state of glamour. Then you can make your own application and see where those conditions are to be found in daily life. When found, then glamour is an inevitable result. When recognised, however, they can be handled and the glamour will then disappear.

1.                  It is interesting that CDP was not a member of the “Trained Observers” — the second group-of-nine whose purpose was to deal with glamor in the process of clarifying consciousness.  When CDP began her training with the Tibetan, the group of Trained Observers had not yet been gathered, and perhaps it was necessary to incorporate her into a group-of-nine immediately, as the relatively short term of life remaining to her was probably foreseen by the Tibetan.  Certainly, however, He addresses important statements about glamor to her. With so many water signs (and fire signs) and with so much sixth ray we can see how very prone to glamor she would be.

2.                  As the Tibetan focuses on glamor, it is interesting to see transiting Saturn (the planet of realism and realization) opposing Neptune, the planet of glamor and CDP’s proposed esoteric ruler. Transiting Neptune has been figuring importantly in the fourth house of the chart where the condition of the four lunar elementals is to be found reflected.

3.                  A straight and potent statement is made: “Glamour is a powerful enemy of all who tread the Path of Discipleship”. It is not a nuisance, an annoyance; it is an enemy. We can rely upon the Tibetan to avoid exaggeration. If a term seems strong, it is intended to be.

4.                  A reason for the difficulties of the Path of Discipleship is offered. A disciple is more potent than the average individual (who is always subject to glamor). In the early days of discipleship, much force is contacted but the disciple does not know how to handle it. The result is the precipitation of a great deal of glamor and illusion into the life of the disciple. The potent energies related to discipleship (contacted before they can be properly and skillfully handled) result in the intensification of glamor in the disciple’s life. This is CDP’s situation.

5.                  She is in “definite training” — one can assume, training for initiation. As stated, before the second initiation, intense disturbance in the astral body is frequently to be found (especially for those upon the soft line rays, who are, by inclination, more emotional). We remember that the second initiation requires a kind of victory over the normal tendencies of the astral body.

6.                  Two types of disciples are discriminated — those who live on mental levels and those who focus emotionally. Naturally, the latter are more prone to glamor. CDP, despite her fifth ray mind, is one of the latter.

7.                  Disciples are to be taught to work and think free of the astral plane. Certainly, there can be no mental polarization (and hence, no real reliability) unless this becomes possible.

8.                  These instructions are addressed to CDP, yes, but many can benefit from them. DK is suggesting a general principle; particular instructions may be useful to a far greater number of people than the person for whom they were written.

9.                  DK undertakes an analysis of glamor, citing those conditions which, when found, indicate that glamor must be present. If the following conditions are recognized and properly handled, then glamor will disappear.


Glamour is, of course, such a subtle thing that it ever masquerades as truth. It is powerful because it finds its point of entry into a disciple's consciousness through those states of mind and those habits of thought which are so familiar that their appearance is automatic and constitutes an almost unconscious manifestation. There are (for the average disciple) three main attitudes of mind and of feeling which predispose him to being glamoured:

1.                  The first sentence above should arrest our attention. Why do we not easily recognize glamors and deal with them more successfully and swiftly? Simply, because glamor masquerades as truth. Thus its grip on well-intended people.

2.                  Though our ‘automaticisms’, our familiar habits, glamor enters. That which is familiar is related to the lunar lords (and to the sign which relate to them most closely, Cancer — the sign of the glamor-ridden “mass consciousness”).

3.                  Glamor, then, does not relate to unusual states within our life demonstration, but precisely to those states and patterns of behavior which we “take for granted” and which we consider to be so much a part of ourselves as to hardly deserve consideration. Because of the very familiarity of the personal-patterns which are glamorous or which lead to glamor, others see them far more readily than we do. Our familiarity with these habitual patterns blinds us to their menace.


1. Self-pity. To this all disciples are prone. Their lives are necessarily difficult and they are more sensitive than the average. They are also being constantly tried and tested in this particular direction. Self-pity is a powerful and deluding force; it exaggerates every condition and isolates a person in the centre of his own life and the dramatic situations evoked in his own thoughts. It permits two kinds of glamour to enter: First of all, the glamour of special training wherein the disciple over-estimates his importance in ratio to the testing applied and his reaction to it. This is not one of your failings. Your sane humility is a great asset, provided you do not give way to self-depreciation. The second is the glamour produced by such a deep self-interest that the disciple is isolated in a cloud of his own thoughts so that the light of his soul is shut out; he sees things in wrong proportion and the glamour of his isolation [page 512] in his trouble, and sometimes a fixed idea of persecution descends upon him. Here again you are not guilty. Others in my group of disciples are more prone to this failing than you are.

1.                  All disciples, even those who are not on the second ray (the ray most prone to self-pity) are prone to this glamor. Self-pity arises due to the disciple’s usually difficult life, to his/her sensitivity and because of the constant testing to which the disciplic life is being subjected.

2.                  The deep disadvantages of self-pity are revealed. Powerfully deluding, it isolates the individual subject to it.

3.                  Two glamorous responses arise from self-pity: the glamor of special training (and of over-estimation, hence conceit); and the glamor of self-preoccupation (whereby one is isolated in his/her troubles).

4.                  CDP is not prone to either of these glamorous results, but is prone to self-depreciation (as was AAB).

5.                  CDP has a “sane humility”. Astrologically, we might not expect to find this when the Sun-sign is Aries, but the Cancer Ascendant surely helps, as does an elevated Saturn in Pisces (revealing how every much there is to do if one is truly to discipline oneself spiritually).

6.                  A principle emerges: self-pity is isolative, one way or another. A disciple is to take his/her eyes off the separated self and self-pity does just the opposite. It is based upon an inadequate sense of proportion, an insufficient grasp of the larger picture. It is also rooted in the inability to see the good — especially in oneself.


2. A spirit of criticism. This induces more states of glamour than any other one factor; and here, who shall say he is immune? When harmlessness and kindness in thought and word are practised and automatically become a part of a disciple's daily life expression, then glamour will end. My brother, this one factor lets in more glamour into a disciple's life and into your life than you can realise. Consequently, you frequently fail to see people as they really are, for you see them through the illusion induced by criticism of them. That which is voiced in words becomes a thoughtform, attached to its invoking agent and then the person is never seen except through the veil of this glamour. Consequently again, the weaknesses which are looked for are found and the real self is hidden from your eyes. You can check the accuracy of the above statement in a couple of days by a careful noting of the theme of all your conversations in the circle of your daily life. Are you discussing reality or a temporary failure in a divine expression? Is your reaction to people in general kindly or critical? Are you prone to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Is there an immediate interest evoked in you by the relation of some wrong action or mistake, or do you lock up your knowledge of peoples' faults in the secret of your heart, loving your brother more because of his frailty and refusing to pass comment or to criticise him even to yourself? I commend these questions to you and to all in my group of disciples. Right here for you — as for so many — lies the usual point of entry for glamour and until this opening is sealed, you will not be free from personal glamour.

1.                  DK emphasizes the ubiquity of criticism by saying, “Who shall say that he is immune?” The antidote is “harmlessness and kindness in thought” — in thought far more than word, for kind, harmless words will follow kind, harmless thoughts.

2.                  When right unity is perceived glamor ends. Glamor feeds on the sense of the isolated ego. In the realization of soul-unity, one can “no longer use the thought, ‘my soul and thine’.”

3.                  It is obvious that criticism destroys unity, thus encouraging the distortions and inharmonies which ever arise when separated selves attempt to relate to each other.

4.                  Glamor ends when truth is seen, when another is revealed as the soul he/she is. Criticism, however, clouds the perception of the soul. One sees others not as they are, but as the criticism reveals them to be — a very partial (and thus, untruthful) picture.

5.                  We have all had the experience of being (unjustly, so we think) misinterpreted. We wonder why a person sees us as he/she does. Why does he/she perceive us so inadequately, so partially? The reason, we are told, is that a thoughtform of us has been created and has attached itself to us. The generator of that thoughtform cannot help but see us (distortedly) through it.

6.                  Thus we do no service to others when we criticize, and we do no service to our truthful perception of “things (and people) as they are”.

7.                  If, when looking at others, we see only weaknesses, we are missing the main point — the glorious soul within, which is the truth of one’s being

8.                  CDP is asked (as we are) to contrast the “reality” (of another) with “a temporary failure in a divine expression”. What an illuminating way of thinking about what we usually call failure! The one who fails is divine — a divine expression — and the perceived failure is temporary. This is an altogether kinder and more humane way of viewing the shortcomings of others and ourselves.

9.                  Obviously, while still remaining realistic about our brothers (or ourselves) we are to see and emphasize the good rather than the inadequacy. When liability is seen, we are to take these liabilities to our hearts (as a secret of the heart) and love even more because of the perceived frailty. This deserves much pondering, since it is very point at which most disciples allow glamor into their lives.

10.              In the presence of a brother’s frailty, we are to refuse to criticize him, even to ourselves

11.              DK is asking for a “kind” reaction to others — internally and externally. The word “kind” suggests that we recognize that we are like another. Others are “kin” to us, and we are, in a sense, “kindred” souls. The frailties we recognize are recognized as shared frailties; we have them too. Hence we do not isolate our brother — setting him at a distance — through criticism, because we share or have shared in the undesirable qualities we recognize.

12.              We note that CDP’s Mercury in aggressive Aries is in semi-square (an inharmonious aspect based on the number “eight”) to the planet Pluto. Given that she has a fifth ray mind and high ideals, some reinforcements of her critical attitude can be detected. The Scorpio Moon is also keen to detect the flaw.


3. Suspicion. The most poisonous of all weaknesses is this glamour; it is usually the most false and — even when well founded — is still capable of poisoning the very roots of being, of distorting all attitudes to life and of bringing into activity the creative imagination as its potent servant. Suspicion ever lies, but lies with such apparent truth that it seems only correct [page 513] and reasonable. This tendency you have fought for long, and a good measure of success is attending your efforts. Give not way to suspicion; but be careful not to cast it away from you into the hidden depths of yourself, whence again it must inevitably raise its head. End its power in your life by doing three things:

1.                 Here we deal with the poison of suspicion. In CDP’s case, this poison relates most to her Scorpio Moon. From A Treatise on White Magic, the following counsel is related to the theme of this paragraph:

“14. The idle thought, time selfish thought, the cruel hateful thought if rendered into word produce a prison, poison all the springs of life, lead to disease, and cause disaster and delay.  Therefore, be sweet and kind and good as far as in thee lies.  Keep silence and the light will enter in.” (TWM 474)

Suspicion is a form of auto-intoxication (self-poisoning). It is a gravitation towards evil, selecting and focussing on only those aspects in the life-demonstration of another which seem to confirm the evil sensed. DK tells us that “suspicion ever lies”. We have been told that glamor is such a subtle thing that it ever masquerades as truth. Similarly, suspicion seems entirely justifiable to the suspicious one — entirely correct and reasonable.

2.                  DK informs us that CDP has long fought with suspicion, as it is so contrary to her loving nature. However, He asks her not to “repress” it (not to “cast it away from you into the hidden depths of yourself”). To do so would only ‘feed the Hydra’, strengthening it for a later rearing! Simply trying to forget about one’s suspicions without understanding their basis plants seeds of later trouble. Nothing repressed is thereby depotentized.

3.                  Succinct methods of ridding oneself of Suspicion are offered.


a. By assuming more definitely the attitude of the Onlooker, who sees all people and happenings through the light of love and from the angle of the eternal values.

1.                  Assuming the “attitude of the Onlooker” is one of the prime imaginative methods of “identifying as a soul”.

2.                  The soul/Solar Angel is not subject to the customary distortions of perception, and when the human soul is identified with this higher source or spiritual vantage point, the usual distortions of perception disappear.

3.                  There are various modes of interpreting any life circumstances. Suspicion inclines towards one mode of interpretation, where evil motives are always first to be seen, and one is blinded to the inherent good of that which is suspected.

4.                  But one can see “through the light of love” and “from the angle of the eternal values”. An entirely different interpretation would arise when this higher perspective is used. Perhaps, from her “ivory tower”, CDP can slip into the “attitude of the Onlooker”. Surely, from such a vantage point, the good in others will be seen and strengthened. This technique was advised (in another mode) from the very first letter of instruction. Love reveals and life circumstances interpreted in terms of the eternal values reveals the relation of a soul to its destiny.


b. By leaving everybody free to live their own lives and to shoulder their own responsibilities, knowing that they are souls and are being led towards the light. Simply give them love and understanding.

1.                  We learn from this piece of advice that suspicion is a form of interference. It is certainly based upon a lack of trust and is determined to ferret out evil (probably, before that evil can harm the one who suspects).

2.                  Would it not be a great thing to trust in the souls of others (although, of course, all souls are one soul)? Would it not be comforting to realize that others are being surely guided by an eventually infallible power within their own nature?

3.                  DK is suggesting that it is not our business to know all the evil of others. Their own soul knows the evil and is doing something about it.

4.                  Our task is simple: to give them love and understanding — thus promoting and energizing the emergent good.


c. By the fullness of your own life of service which leaves you no time for the moments and hours of suspicion which blight so many lives.

1.                  Here we have a counsel which asks for prioritization. Suspicion is mostly a waste of time and robs the suspecting one of time for service. Suspicion strengthens the evil in others and preoccupies the suspecting one so that less service is rendered due to time ill-spent.

2.                  When one’s life is filled with the good, and the expression of the good, how will one stoop to ‘mucking around’ in the imagined evil of others — most of which is probably exaggerated by one’s own projected distortions.

3.                  From the perspective of a high initiate like Master DK, the solution to many psychological problems is beautiful in its simplicity.


These three things, if persisted in and practised, will do more to release you from glamour than any other one thing.

1.                  The Master’s advice is always practical, sane, wise and simple.

2.                  Probably there are clear formulations of certain undertakings which we should institute in our own lives. Can we formulate these for ourselves and do them?

3.                  Simplicity accomplishes.


The fact, brother of mine, that I can thus write to you indicates the measure of your achievement. Two years ago, you might have recognised theoretically the truth of what I say. Now you not only recognise it but have in the past and will in the future deal with the problem in a practical manner. For a while it will be an hour by hour and day by day fight; but the power of your soul is adequate to bring release, and the love of this group of disciples is sufficient to carry you through....

1.                  CDP has taken herself in hand. Under Saturn, she has disciplined herself. Under Neptune, she has been ‘softened’.

2.                  DK commends her for moving from theory to practice. Theoretical understanding is good as far as it goes. Unless, however, it is succeeded by practice, there will be no success!

3.                  DK does not under-estimate the lengthy duration of the fight or the persistence demanded of His disciple if she is to succeed. He seeks to strengthen her and alert her to the constancy which will be required of her as she seeks to assume and apply new attitudes.

4.                  Two factors — soul power and the group love of associated disciples — will bear her through. Thus it is for any of our own battles. The soul is our source of strength; the resolve of the personality is not, in itself, adequate. And then there is the supportive love of our group(s) which it behooves us to sense and utilize.

5.                  There is no question in my mind but that the two volumes of Discipleship in the New Age are a treasury of wise counsel.


As to your garden, my brother, I would ask you to enter into it early each Sunday morning. See your garden sleeping in the darkness of the dawn — no real light, no sound or movement and no life apparent. It remains just dreaming and colourless. Enter your tower and climb to the summit and then release the light which is in you; this will be to the garden of your soul what the sun is to the gardens of the world. Watch the rays of light pouring out over the garden, awakening it to colour and beauty, arousing it to movement and life, and calling forth the song of the birds and the hum of the bees and evoking it to a responsive loveliness. There I may meet you when the clouds of glamour roll away. Ponder on the symbolism [page 514] hidden in this garden and work steadily for the next few months from this centre of love and light.

1.                  DK continues to utilize CDP’s “garden” to enhance her spiritual progress. Always there is a new approach. First came the recognition and restoration of the garden; then the building of an “ivory tower”; now, a new visualization emphasizing the process of transformative enlivening.

2.                  The advised approach is a dynamic exercise in light transmission and release. As the garden is called to life by the rays of the rising Sun, so CDP’s psychological live is irradiated and enlivened by the light which she has discovered within her soul and which she can use more potently and skillfully.

3.                  We see that DK is helping her become inwardly creative, helping her learn to work with color and sound to enhance the potency and beauty of life within her energy system.

4.                  Everything is discussed in picturesque language. One would suspect the presence of former or incipient ray four, given the Master’s use of evocative imagery.

5.                  It is interesting that the day recommended for entering the garden is Sunday. CDP is to discover herself as a ‘Sun of illumination’, and ‘Sun-day’ is the perfect day for this.

6.                  The exercise is for a number of purposes, but significant among them is the opportunity to meet the Master, once the “clouds of glamour roll away”. We can see that Master DK is certainly meeting CDP at least “half-way”.

7.                  One wonders whether CDP has been in a Tibetan lamasery, practicing the kinds of visualization exercises pursued by monks. Such exercises are often intricate in their detail. So is CDP’s garden.


January 1936



The same instructions, the same objective and the same necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating love will suffice to occupy you during the next few months.

1.                  We note the form of address: CDP is addressed by the Master not only as a “brother” but a “friend”. This indicates, perhaps, a closer degree of ashramic intimacy.

2.                  The Master does not offer new assignments simply for the sake of novelty. He knows what has been accomplished and retains previous assignments if the work to be accomplished has not yet been completed.

3.                  The words “liberating love” should ring in our ears. “Pure-Love” is one of CDP’s ‘Developmental Qualities’. The Master has repeatedly emphasized to her the liberating nature of Pure-Love.


You are now entering a period of crisis. Forget not that I have told you this and warned you to meet all circumstances in the light of that knowledge. The crisis (which may focus itself in some aspect of your personality) must be regarded by you as an indication of a strenuous effort on the part of your soul to bring about a large measure of liberation before the May Full Moon. Your soul is mobilising its forces in order to effect this release and so enable you to profit by the precipitating spiritual inflow. When such a determination exists on the plane of soul experience, there is an inevitable reaction on the plane of daily life. For this you must be prepared and so be ready to profit from it. Your strength is far greater than you realise because you have never yet drawn fully upon the resources of your soul. This you will have to do to gain the release for which you long.

1.                  The period before the Wesak Full Moon is approximately five months from the time this instruction was written. Prior to that event, CDP may expect crisis in her life, and accordingly, transiting Saturn is conjuncting her Midheaven — her ‘dharmic point’, and point representing ‘soul authority’. There is also a solar eclipse in Capricorn at her seventh house point. We are in the general period of the second Saturn-return.

2.                  DK discusses the cause of the crisis. It is not a personality crisis, per se, although it may focus in some aspect of the personality. He does not specify which aspect, as perhaps He seeks to keep the ‘eye of anticipation’ off the personality.

3.                  We gather that the Solar Angel is strongly at work, sensing its opportunity, to bring about personality release so that the Wesak inflow may be most profitably registered and assimilated.

4.                  This mobilization (engineered not only by the Solar Angel, but by the disciple as-a-soul) cannot be without personality repercussions. They may not be mild, but profit must be had of them.

5.                  The personality will be challenged. CDP as a soul-in-incarnation will have to draw upon the resources of the soul on its own plane (i.e., from herself — as-a-soul — and from the inspiring Solar Angel).

6.                  DK is warning her, actually, and she will have to ‘look up’, and mobilize herself personally to respond properly to the inward mobilization of the soul.

7.                  We note that transiting Pluto is not finished with its square to healing Chiron and that transiting Uranus is in a position to deglamorize Neptune (progressed Neptune). The conjunction of the soul-unfolding Ascendant continues with Uranus (progressing Uranus in this case). The astrological set up is potent for a break through, if right response can be mobilized.


I tell you also assuredly that — for you — the cultivation of harmlessness is the guarantee of a constructive outcome to your crisis this coming spring. In my last instruction I urged you to eliminate self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination of criticism will render you harmless where others are concerned and the refusal to be suspicious will dispel your particular glamour, which amounts almost to hallucination. So you see, my brother, that I am only re-emphasising my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression of your need, I am only voicing your own deepest wish.

1.                  This is a potent paragraph, in which the Tibetan reemphasizes the content of His previous instructions.

2.                  We see that the crisis will have definitely psychological aspects as well as probable physical plane tests. CDP will, apparently be called to face some psychologically difficult physical plane happenings, and the Tibetan is advising her of the best way to do so — harmlessly. Given that Saturn is the ruler of the seventh house of relationships, and that it is transiting the Midheaven, it may be that major detachments from significant “near ones” will be necessary. These forced separations could be a fruitful source of ancient reaction, and thus the Tibetan is warning against this. Above all the Tibetan seeks to see that she does not relapse.

3.                  CDP’s glamor of suspicion is severe, as it “amounts almost to hallucination”. Unless she can dispel that particular glamor she will certainly remain in an unbalanced state and be no fit candidate for initiation.

4.                  The Master presents Himself, not as an external authority, but, as one who is embodying CDP’s deepest will — her deepest wish. A great Teacher will realize what His students (in their deepest nature and in their highest moments) really wish for themselves.


From May 1934 to May 1935 you made very real progress and your inner spiritual strength was notably augmented. The past six months have marked an interlude wherein there has been a great deal of fluctuation. You have been more subject [page 515] to external impression and less focussed as a soul on the subtler planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; there is no cause for depression, provided they do not continue, once you are aware of their existence. Now the sun is again moving northward and there comes for you renewed opportunity and the possibility of a powerful period of release from your lower nature and from the claims which hold you so potently. My prime message to you is (and I give it with the earnest wish that you will understand to what specific factor I refer): Let go. Drop that which you hold. Stand free at any cost, relinquishing that which holds you back.

1.                  May 1934 to May 1935 saw the progressed Ascendant conjuncting natal Uranus, bringing restructuring and transformation. The end of this period saw disciplining Saturn transiting at the Midheaven. As well, transcendental Neptune (giving buddhic qualities) was active at the lower angle.

2.                  From May, 1935, until January 1936, there was a testing period characterized by much fluctuation. There was more externality to the life and less soul impression. The power of transiting Saturn may have accounted for this, in part.

3.                  DK is supervising CDP closely so that she may take advantage of her possibilities. She is moving towards the higher interlude of 1936 and she must be prepared for the Wesak opportunity.

4.                  For aspirants, disciples and initiates, Wesak represents the high point of the spiritual year, and due preparation must be made. The opportunities are too great for the disciple to remain unprepared as they pass.

5.                  A powerful period of release is again possible. We note that the progressing Ascendant will be very close to the natal Uranus at that time. Uranus means release. Further, solar arc Saturn is continuing to make a deglamorizing transit over natal Neptune (planet of glamor) during that time.

6.                  The Tibetan delivers a potent message but He is not being explicit in this letter. He relies upon CDP to realize what He means. It has the ring of a need to relinquish ties to a specific relationship. This is simply a probability, but the movement of transiting Saturn across the North Node and towards a square of the ‘Relationship Axis of Ascendant/Descendent’ points in that direction.

7.                  There are numerous physical plane tests which we must learn to handle from the perspective of the soul. For someone as emotionally reactive as CDP, such tests could entirely upset the psychological balance. The Tibetan, it would seem foresees this possibility and seeks to arm her for the best possible performance.


During the next six months take the following words and thoughts as seed thoughts in meditation:

1st month — Detachment from that which holds the Self in chains.

2nd month — Release of the imprisoned Self for service.

3rd month — The burning ground whereon pure gold is seen.

4th month — Liberation of the inner light, and then the treading of the Lighted Way.

5th month — Radiance which evokes the light in others.

6th month — Sacrifice which reveals the glory of the Self.

1.                  1st Month: It will be necessary for CDP to understand the nature of her chains and how detachment could help break them. The self here mentioned is the Self with a capital “S”. Soul expression is thwarted by some factors which she has to determine and from which she must release herself.

2.                  2nd Month: Why release the imprisoned Self? For service, of course. This seed thought invites the contemplation of what might be accomplished for the good if the Self were released from its self-chosen bonds.

3.                  3rd Month: In the sentence for the third month, the rewards of the burning ground are to be envisioned. “All the dross” is to be burnt and the “pure gold” of soul life and consciousness is to result. The “seeing” of pure gold is a vision of the soul in its true nature. The ‘sun which is the soul’ is so often hidden by the glamor in which CDP has habitually walked.

4.                  4th Month: Following seed thought four CDP will release the light of the higher mind onto the mental plane and also throughout the astral body. Soul light will then become her guide and she, herself, will see how to tread the Lighted Way. She will not longer have to be shown by others. Upon that Lighted Way, one needs to be one’s own guide. This is possible if the light of one’s own soul is released within the personal consciousness.

5.                  5th Month: The fifth seed thought is addressed to those beings who are becoming “Radiant Lotuses”. They have sufficient light to overcome their own glamors and some of their illusions. Now their light shines in a dark place and they can assist others to do the same. When we see a greater light, the light within us responds and increases its intensity. Light answers to light; this is lighted service.

6.                  6th Month: The sixth statement is about sacrifice, and surely relates to the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus which, when opened at the third initiation, reveals the hidden glory of the Self — the inner lotus petals of synthesis and the radiant Jewel in the Lotus.

7.                  This sequence of seed thoughts leads her, speculatively at least, towards the third initiation, which is an initiation involving the revelation of unity.

8.                  Glamor is dark and misty; the soul is like sunny radiance. We can see how Master DK, during His instructions, has been attempting to lead CDP slowly and surely into the lighted life, away from consciousness-obscuring, clinging attachments.


Be of good courage, my brother, and fear not. Fear itself creates a glamour and the glamour hides the light. Love freely those you love.

1.                  The Master is attempting to help CDP cast out all fear. With the casting out of fear will come the reduction of glamor and the increase of the light. It is obviously quite likely that CDP will fear the loss of those she has been attached to as a personality. It would be tremendously important for her to pass through such an apparent loss as if she were the soul and not the personality. The Master is preparing her.

2.                  In the statement, “love freely those you love”, the power of Uranus is invoked and also the second ray. It is the sixth ray that so often binds those who are loved (or shall we say, desired?). DK seeks to have DK realize the value of ‘releasing love’. By loving in this way, CDP will also release herself.


June 1936



There is little that I need to do or can do. Until "the sun moves northward," your work is difficult and yet of so simple a nature (when put into words) that perhaps you may not regard it as of adequate importance. Yet I tell you with love and not a little concern that upon your achievement much rests — both to yourself and to the group. It might be of value if I touched here upon a question which oft arises in the minds of disciples working together in group formation and in a Master's Ashram. Just how far does the progress or  non-progress of any individual disciple help or hinder the group of disciples? Because of the [page 516] innate sincerity of the true disciple, the next question that arises is: Which do I do — help or hinder? Let me answer this last question in connection with you. You do not hinder. Your gentle nature and your loving unselfish attitude militate powerfully against what you yourself are inwardly recognising — a slowly growing spirit of criticism. You are deeply loved by your fellow disciples and the gentleness of your vibration — with its persistent note of service and of love — have an unconscious "holding" effect even upon those disciples in my group whom you do not personally know. I ask you to remember this. But you could help more definitely and consciously if you could free yourself from ties and begin to function in your home and in all your relationships as a true sannyasin. This I earlier pointed out to you. I called you definitely to the Path of the Sannyasin. But you are still only playing around the fringe of that idea. For you, it is a symbol of a detachment which you erroneously feel you cannot achieve. You under-rate yourself, my brother. You have a persistence which is undaunted and which has guided you from your early days until now. This persistence is the hall mark of the pledged disciple. Will you remember this? You have never wavered in your search for light and for a field in which to serve your soul and to evidence your devotion to humanity and to the Great Ones Who guide the destiny of the race of men — and Whom you truly love.

1.                  CDP seems very responsive to the yearly rhythms. The periods when the “sun moves northwards” are always of significance to her, and the higher interludes are meant to be potent times of accomplishment. She seems to have insufficient power to drive herself forward independently of the times and seasons, and therefore must, as it were, “ride the tide” when the “tide is on”.

2.                  The higher interlude of 1936 has come and gone, and DK is looking on at CDP and her progress with some concern — both for herself and for the welfare of the group with which she is involved.

3.                  DK takes up the important matter of how disciples in a given Ashram affect each other; do they help or hinder each other? The true disciple will always want to know the truth of this matter, because he/she is sincere.

4.                  We learn that CDP, at least, does not hinder.

5.                  DK points out a slowly growing attitude of “criticism” of which CDP is also aware, and which is someone offset by her gentle nature and loving unselfish attitude. (This is perhaps not what we would expect from an Aries individual.)

6.                  DK, it would seem, emphasizes more the traits of CDP’s proposed Rising-sign, Cancer. She sounds a persistent note of love and service, and expresses a gentle vibration. Therefore she is deeply loved. The quality of “holding” which she exerts upon disciples whom she may not even know seems related to the second ray and to the proposed Ascending-sign, Cancer.

7.                  DK calls for CDP to achieve “freedom from ties” most probably in relation to her family. This is interesting because the first letter of Roberto Assagioli’s ‘Developmental Formula” (he was FCD), was “Freedom from ties”. He, too, had Cancer rising; the time of his birth is quite closely known as he was an astrologer among his many other abilities.

8.                  To be a Sannyasin is to enter a final condition of detachment from preoccupying worldly involvement. Perhaps CDP is afraid of what this might mean to the attachments she seems to cherish, for she is only playing around the fringes of the idea. She is not committing to it. She imagines she cannot. Perhaps she underrates herself as DK suggests, or perhaps she is really afraid; or perhaps both are true.

9.                  CDP is a “pledged disciple”, at the very least. She has been on the verge of “accepted discipleship” and is getting ready to tread the Path of Initiation. We can see how her sixth ray has helped her maintain her pledge. She has one-pointedly search for light and for a field of service; she has not wavered in her devotion to humanity and the Great Ones. We remember that those who are in preparation for the second initiation must utilize the sixth ray. With so much sixth ray at her disposal, we can see that CDP is well equipped for this preparation. But the sixth ray also evokes that from which she must release herself if she is to truly pass that degree.

10.              CDP has a tendency towards self-depreciation, so DK is attempting to raise her somewhat in her own estimation so she will marshal the strength to attempt to free herself from a long-standing condition.


You have also an inner recognition of truth and of the Plan which is far greater than you suspect and which we tested out years ago. You have steadily held to the Path and to the work which we sought to have done, and have aided where you could and have stood loyally by those who have sought to do our work. The same undaunted persistence demonstrates thus and will continue to do so. What then lacks? Undoubtedly something lacks and you would be the first to say so.

1.                  Here DK speaks to the combination of rays two and five which also condition CDP’s energy system. An inner recognition of truth and of the Plan is also significantly hers.

2.                  She has been steady upon the path and loyal to the workers who have attempted to promote the Ageless Wisdom — the Work of the Master.

3.                  She has the excellent quality of “undaunted persistence”. A triple sixth ray in combination with Aries and Cancer, with Mars in dogged Taurus, will surely account for this quality.

4.                  DK’s technique continues. He affirms the good before calling attention to the not-so-good. Or if He mentions that which needs correction, He, shortly afterwards, calls attention to the virtues which are present in the character and which will assist with the correction.

5.                  The Master is present to call attention to that which the disciple does not yet see, or does not see with sufficient clarity to handle properly.


What lacks is something most simple to state and most difficult to express. This lack almost constitutes your Waterloo, to use a current phrase. It is simply the failure to be detached. You tie yourself to those you love and oft the clinging hands of love can hinder progress — not only our own but also that of those we love. Do you realise that? As you live and love those in your immediate environment, do you ever ask yourself the [page 517] question: Am I strengthening them as souls to handle life and serve?

1.                  Over and over again, with many disciples, DK is forced to repeat (in various ways) the cause of their difficulties. The habits of a life time (or of many lifetimes) are not easy to break. Reiteration is needed by the Master.

2.                  CDP has a Waterloo in her character — an area in which she is facing defeat if that area remains unaddressed and the qualities there found uncorrected.

3.                  She simply fails to be detached.  Cancer is a sign with great holding power, for good or for ill. It represents the past and the hold of the energies of the Moon-chain (and perhaps of the first solar system) upon the life that is attempting to evolve on this chain (the Earth-chain) and in this second solar system.

4.                  Probably CDP sees her love of her family members as a virtue. Probably it is difficult for her to conceive of this type of love as retarding, both for her and for them.

5.                  Second ray types (especially with Cancer rising) must be careful that they do not weaken those they are attempting to assist. Their ‘service’ is often self-serving. They fear separation from their “near ones’ and thus, through this kind of overly-attentive ‘service’, seek to assure a continuing intimacy with those they hold to them. Such ‘service’ does not really serve; it binds rather than liberates.

6.                  The problem is a focus upon the personalities of the ones supposedly served, and not upon their souls. CDP and others like her, are blinded by the importunate personality nature of those close to them, and fail to see the deeper spiritual identity of their loved ones and the true objectives of that identity.

7.                  Deep down in her psyche, there may be a fear of standing alone, of being alone, of being lonely. The soft line rays and the three water signs active could contribute to this.


Again, you tie yourself to certain people by thoughtforms of depression and of suspicion. Do you not, my brother? More than you think are their number. These are, however, less hindering to your progress than your absorption in those you love, because they are well known to you and you are consistently struggling with them. It is your love, your clinging possessive love for those you have gathered close around you in the karmic process of life, that hinders your loving them in the strong, true way.... I ask you to love more truly. Your strength and detachment have never yet been used. I ask you not to cease from loving but I ask you to love as a soul and less as a personality. As you read this, your inner truthful nature will respond. Your problem, let me repeat, is detachment. You are beginning to learn it. What makes your lesson doubly hard is the lack of a major activity and a dynamic interest which would engross your full attention. This, however, is your problem to be solved in some way, if you, as a soul, can take hold of your personality in a new and vital manner.

1.                  DK points out that CDP is not taking full advantage of the possibilities for liberation presented in her present cycle.

2.                  Thoughtforms of depression and suspicion are also binding. The depressed one is — through the expedient of depression — asking for sympathy, and the reassuring intimacy of those who are expected to care. The suspicious person is always thinking about the form life of others (holding them prisoner in thought through excessive attention to their perceived negativities).

3.                  But her real problem is “clinging possessive love” — a product, especially, of ray six and Cancerian energy. Those loved in this way are not strengthened.  CDP is creating (in modern psychological terminology) “co-dependency”.

4.                  DK wants CDP to change the quality of her love — to love as a soul (freely and non-possessively) and not as a personality (which only binds those she loves to herself and she to them). Release is such an important concept for her.

5.                  We are gathering that CDP really does not have a full time career. She has, perhaps, too much time on her hands and thus fills her somewhat vacant life with ‘family concerns’.

6.                  Her fifth ray mind allows her recognize the truth of what the Tibetan says. She is laboring towards release, but the binding tendencies and the forces which support them are strong indeed.

7.                  We can see how service releases. Service, rightly pursued, militates against self-preoccupation and its resultant futility and depression.

8.                  DK seeks to see CDP develop a true area of service; to do this she will have to function as a soul and take hold of the personality in a new and vital manner. We can sense the need for more spiritual will (as that quality can be presented by Vulcan).


I can but give you a word and one hint: Let not your physical body dictate to you. Physical disability is the refuge sometimes of those who feel that their lives do not provide them with that which they desire, or it is the refuge of those who feel that they have failed upon the Way.

1.                  Cancer and the Moon that rules it, have much to do with the physical nature.

2.                  DK hints at the dissatisfaction in CDP’s life and the undesirable way in which that dissatisfaction may be manifesting — namely in a physical disability (arising in large part for psychological reasons). Apparently CDP’s life has not provided her with what she desires, and she feels that she has failed.

3.                  DK seems to be telling her either that her present physical disability is unnecessary or, certainly, that she need not take refuge in it. We have learned that many disciples can work with full energy despite physical conditions.

4.                  To another disciple, PDW, DK says the following:

“One of the problems which all sincere disciples have to solve is to learn to live as if the physical body did not exist. By that I mean that its limitations and the hindrances which it imposes upon the expression of the free, spiritual consciousness are negated by an inner attitude of mind. It is the cultivation of a detached attitude to life and to circumstances which has constituted your major lesson in this particular incarnation.” (DINA I 433)


You have not failed, my brother. I repeat this to you: You have not failed, and I know whereof I speak. Those of us who function with full vision on the inner side of life see the equipment and the karma, the struggle and the destiny in a way that is not possible to you. But I do say to you that the remaining years of your life can be a gradual drifting into a comparative uselessness — the uselessness of a fruitless old age — or they can climax the career of a free soul, whose wisdom, service and selfless love can be the means of bringing inspiration to many souls throughout the world. You can now — if you so choose — capitalise upon the garnered fruits of a life of constant orientation towards the light and demonstrate the wisdom which comes from having been the onlooker, the student and the servant for so long. Will you not become more actively the participator [page 518] and the active cooperator? One thing only can prevent this — not ill health or circumstances — but a failure to be detached. Will you follow each day (not necessarily at night) a review upon detachment and will you do it conscientiously in the holy and silent place which we call your garden? My love and blessing rest upon you, my brother. This is a thing I say but seldom.

1.                  It seems that one of DK’s major approaches to this chela is encouragement. The sometimes depressive condition of her astral condition seems to require it.

2.                  It is well for us to contemplate the difference between the Masters’ point of view and our own — limited as we are by the physical brain. We have not that “full vision on the inner side of life”. This is one of the reasons that we are constantly told to do what is required of us without attachment to results.

3.                  As well, the Master always presents her with contrasting possibilities, and an amazing contrast is offered here. She may either drift into a “fruitless old age” or her remaining years “can climax the career of a free soul, whose wisdom, service and selfless love can be the means of bringing inspiration to many souls throughout the world.” In the second of these two consequences the second ray soul will have triumphed, and she will be far closer to the second initiation. CDP’s Moon, placed in the sign Scorpio, suggests that some triumph is possible.

4.                  The Master is urging His chela to greater activity, a greater mobilization of her long-garnered spiritual resources. He clarifies what could prevent this — not physical disability, but the failure to be detached. This one liability has indeed been her “Waterloo”.

5.                  Again we see one of the functions of CDP’s “garden” — the creation of a “holy and silent place” from which effective meditation can be performed. The act of creating and imaginatively maintaining her garden as created an energy of a kind entirely different to her frequent personality turmoil. The garden is an outpost of the soul within the world of personality.

6.                  One has to be very alert to how Master DK greets his chelas or signs Himself at the close of His letters. In this case He says, “My love and blessing rest upon you, my brother”. The hint comes when He adds, “This is a thing I say but seldom”.

7.                  Apparently CDP needs His love and blessing, and somehow also deserves them.

8.                  As we study this paragraph, we see again how deeply Master DK sees into His chelas. He surely sees the good, which is often unexpressed behind the more obvious personality liabilities. His ability to do so carries, I think, a hint for us.


January 1937



For you (as for R.S.U.) I have at this time a word of commendation and a word of reproof. It is a reproof of so gentle a nature that you will not mind. You have done much to dissipate glamour in your life this past two years, more than perhaps you realise. We, who look at all of you from the inner side, can symbolically gauge this fact more easily than you because (as we seek out a soul) we are in a position to note what is occultly called "the depth of his immersion." You are now more easily "discovered and disclosed" to the watching eyes of all of us and this is due entirely to your own effort and to the growing potency of this group of disciples. You are not so deeply immersed in the fogs of glamour though you are still held back by fear — not fear for yourself but needless fears for those you love. You do not, therefore, see them, the problems which they face, or their individual paths of destiny with clarity; this, as you may well surmise, prevents your being as spiritually useful to them as you might be. The usefulness of disciples to those who are linked karmically to them and for whom they feel — rightly or wrongly — a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones may and must persist in some measure, though a mother's care for a child cannot persist into adult years. There may be a responsibility which one chooses to shoulder (again rightly or wrongly), but it must not offset or undermine any responsibility which it should be theirs to shoulder. One's mental assistance should be always available but it should not be given when one's mind is bewildered by the fogs of questioning and doubt or when there is a spirit of criticism. One's spiritual responsibility is, curiously enough, usually the last to be recognised; [page 519] and action taken on that recognition is equally slow. Yet, in the last analysis, it is by far the most important, for one's spiritual influence can be lasting and can carry with it releasing power to those we love, whereas the other responsibilities — being those of personality relationships — always carry with them glamour and that which is not of the kingdom of the spirit.

1.                  Offering both commendation and reproof, the Master is balanced in His approach.

2.                  The Master notes that CDP has done much to dissipate glamor in her life. An elevated transiting Saturn, returning to its natal position (second Saturn-return) has no doubt “offered opportunity”. The second Saturn-return is a time of high seriousness.

3.                  DK speaks of an interesting occult idea — the “depth of immersion of a soul” — presumably in form. We might also look at this in another way: the ‘degree of freedom’.

4.                  As a result of her work on her glamors, CDP can now be seen more easily by the searching eye of the Master. The technical terms used are as follows: “discovered and disclosed”. We should not forget that it takes some work for the Master to ‘find’ His chela and sense the condition of that chela. At one point in the work, DK told His disciples that an excessive expenditure of energy in this regard was “unwarranted”.

5.                  We note an important point: it is not just the labors of the individual disciple which make discovery and disclosure easier, but the work of the group of associated disciples. As the group advances, the discovery and disclosure of the individual disciples are facilitated.

6.                  CDP is still somewhat blinded by fear — in this case, fear for those she loves more than fear for herself. This is frequently a second ray glamor. We note how such a fear prevents one from seeing others as they truly are and the role they have to play. Fear, like all glamors, dims the spiritual vision.

7.                  In this paragraph, we see DK trying to help CDP simply let go of her children, who have now grown into adult years. We are discussing the assumption of justifiable and unjustifiable responsibility.

8.                  DK shifts the consideration. Is the assumed responsibility really helping those for whom it is assumed, or it is hindering them, removing form their own shoulders responsibilities which, if shouldered, would help them grow.

9.                  Two kinds of assistance which can be given (once the need for physical care is outgrown) are discussed. There is mental assistance, but CDP may not be in the best condition to give it, for her mind is somewhat befogged by glamor and she is apparently critical of those she would assist.

10.              More important, and usually the last to be recognized, is spiritual assistance growing out of “spiritual responsibility”.

11.              The right execution of spiritual responsibility releases. Other kinds of responsibilities, too long maintained or excessively indulged, bind.

12.              DK is asking CDP if she is really helping her near ones, really treating them with spiritual responsibility as spiritual beings.


For the remaining years of your life lay the emphasis upon your spiritual responsibilities and your spiritual effect upon all you contact, or with whom your lot is cast. Work ever along the line of soul contact, leading to soul release and to the soul activity of those you love, and e'en of those you may not love! Thus you will begin to work on and from spiritual levels and your potency as a worker will silently increase. This will in no way negate your right usefulness on planes other and lower than the spiritual.

1.                  The advice offered is meant to further the most necessary detaching process. The move from personal responsibility to spiritual responsibility is a detachment.

2.                  DK earlier suggested that CDP, as a free soul, could bring inspiration to many throughout the world. Here he is suggesting the method by which the potency to do so may increase.

3.                  The method of work is to be occult and based on soul-relationship.

4.                  We see the advice related to themes frequently found when Cancer is prominent in a horoscope. Shall one bring release to oneself and others, or shall there be a counterproductive ‘holding’.


You are learning fast, my brother, and can break through to a deepened and more realised knowledge if you can train yourself in detachment from personality activity with its unwise speech or silences, its criticisms or its bolstering of that which is undesirable in others and its moments of agonised indecision, based on a fear which — in your case — is ever that of and for the personality aspect. This is apt to sweep you into unwise action or words, and prevent your following of the light and the service which appear so clearly to your vision in your high moments. Is this not so, my brother? But this is all that I have of the nature of reproof and it is tempered by a just need of recognition for true past achievement and for your unfaltering aspiration and steadfast service.

1.                  Almost from the time of the first instructions, we have seen the planet Uranus playing an important role, attempting to offer liberation. This planet has an inherently detaching influence and has been playing its role in CDP’s ability to learn fast. The thought that she can “break through” is Uranian in nature.

2.                  We can see that her actions have often been subject to the fluctuation of the pairs of opposites to be found upon the astral plane. They have often been unwise and disproportionate — in short, reactive.

3.                  So the reproof has been offered, but in so gentle a manner, that it has been, in a way, uplifting. We can see that Master DK handles this disciple very gently, and surely, she feels deeply understood.

4.                  The same sixth ray that contributes to CDP’s astral fears manifests virtuously as “unfaltering aspiration and steadfast service”.

5.                  The task of the Master is to offer His analysis in such a way that He evokes the best from His chelas, encouraging them to live always at levels sometimes realized in “high moments’. We can see that DK is a ‘master’ at doing so.


For you the group meditation is peculiarly suited and useful; it brings the strength to you that is needed and serves to clear both your vision and your path. Adhere, therefore, to it with closeness and attention.... And, my brother, follow the occult exercises indicated and return again to your garden which still can be found — serene and fair — within the world of thought. The summit of its tower pierces the world of souls and, when you mount the steps which lead there, you will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love.

1.                  The disciples in DK’s groups had individual meditations and group meditations.

2.                  We can see that group meditations would have been useful for CDP because they would tend to remove the disciples’ eyes from the individual problems and focus them more impersonally.

3.                  The Master offers not only new teaching to His chelas, but constant reminders. He constantly reminds CDP of the need to use her garden correctly.

4.                  We learn that the tower within the garden has been built to pierce the world of souls. To suggest its building was one of DK’s method of help CDP achieve ‘soul altitude’. What she is to find at the top of the tower is clearly of the soul: “clear vision, wide vision and universal love”.


Stand with steadfastness during this coming year and stand detached. Let not the lesser voices crowd out the voice of your [page 520] soul or my voice. Keep the channel clear. This is my final word to you: Keep the channel clear. If you will do this, then the decisions of moment which may come your way will be faced in the light of the soul and clear, prompt action supervene with good results. The advice which you may be called upon to give will not then be based on fear or any weakness of personality love but will carry the triumphant note of the soul who knows. Break through, my brother, from the trammels of the past and be the true sannyasin, desiring nothing for the separated self, and carrying that true selflessness — which you have ever evidenced — to the heights of full surrender.

1.                  “Keep the channel clear”. This is Master DK’s “final” and impressive “word” to CDP.

2.                  The Master is working for the strengthening of His disciple. He encourages her towards the state of the “true sannyasin” (an important concept for her to bear in mind and one which enunciates the ideal).

3.                  He is calling for renunciation — not just “true selflessness” but “the heights of full surrender”. We note that solar arc Neptune (a major planet of sacrifice) is in process of crossing her proposed Ascendant conferring both the possibilities of heightened selflessness and fuller surrender.

4.                  DK is able to suggest the possibility of high attainment to this chela because she has achieved “true selflessness”. This is a rare and difficult achievement and one which forms a firm foundation real spiritual progress.

5.                  The ‘break-through’ energy of Uranus is very much present, in relation to the progressing Ascendant and also the progressing Midheaven (which Uranus is transiting). We can feel that the Master is exhorting and exerting pressure because He senses the possibility of achievement.

6.                  A solar eclipse on the progressing Sun in Gemini is also imminent. CDP is in a position to be empowered.


July 1937



How can I put your problem to you so clearly that you will accept the stated facts and live by them? In no way, except by giving you information, suggesting to you that you act upon it and wait for the results, acting with the intelligence which outstandingly is yours and the persistence you have shown throughout this life.

1.                  Master DK seeks to approach CDP with clarity, appealing to her fifth ray mind.

2.                  From the first instruction we found the Master ‘waiting’ for His chela’s correct response, and again we find that He will present information and wait.

3.                  CDP has an Aries Sun and should be able to take spiritual initiatives.

4.                  DK points to two of her virtues and we see them correlated to aspects of her ray formula: intelligence with the fifth ray, and persistence with the sixth (and second). Mental persistence is also furthered by the fifth ray.


Your mental body is on the fifth ray and, therefore, you have an intensely analytical mind. I would, however, remind you that you are analytical but not discriminating. Ponder on this distinction.

1.                  One of the major descriptors of the fifth ray is offered: “intensely analytical”.

2.                  CDP will certainly have to ponder, however, for DK differentiates between analysis and discrimination.

3.                  Discrimination is based upon a well-established sense of values. It always involves choice — something with which those weak in detachment have difficulty. Not all factors (however well analyzed) are of equal value and rank in the hierarchy of priorities. Is CDP able to “put first things first”?


Your astral body is governed by the sixth ray and is as yet largely subservient to the will of the personality. This leads you to devote yourself to your personality surroundings and to the conditions which karmically you have evoked.

1.                  The personal/astral connection (based on the sixth ray) is explained. One can then willfully focus one’s devotions (in this case, unfortunately, according to personality desires).

2.                  The obvious suggestion in what is here said is that the astral body should be subservient to the will of the soul — not the will of the personality (still conditioned by glamor).


Your physical body is also on the sixth ray which makes it — and, therefore, your brain — predominantly the servant of your astral body but it also makes you intuitive or astral-buddhic. Therefore, I would have you note that, in your case, there is an exception to the usual rule controlling the physical body, for very few physical bodies are on the sixth ray, as is yours.

1.                  The physical body and brain serve the astral body. What does this suggest about a desirable soul-mind-brain alignment?

2.                  The body and brain, therefore, will be driven by desire and their activities may not be sufficiently responsive to soul purpose. A great deal of impulsivity is also suggested, especially since the Sun and Mercury are in Aries.

3.                  Only one other chela in DK’s groups had a sixth ray physical body, LFU. Dr. Douglas Baker suggests that HPB had a sixth ray astral body (though we are in no position to ascertain the correctness of his assertion).

4.                  The advantage to this line-up of sixth ray energies is the ability to contact the buddhic plane via the astral plane. An alignment between the buddhic and astral vehicles is desirable for the kind of transformation which the astral vehicle must undergo at the second initiation.

5.                  There exists, therefore, the possibility of a strong intuition which, linked to an analytical fifth ray mind, should be potent for illumination.


1. The soul ray — the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind — the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

4. The ray of the astral body — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

1.                  This is an impressive collection of forces.

2.                  It is rare to find any disciple in DK’s groups with three vehicles on the same ray line. It was the case for ISG-L, whose formula was 61-161. His problems, too, were not easily solve.

3.                  When three vehicles are on the same ray, the soul is purposing some very definite self-confrontation leading to release and progress.


It will be clear to you, therefore, that much of your problem can be summed up by the recognition of the relation existing between the personality, the astral body and the physical body. The physical body and the astral body are, therefore, automatically the servants of the personality. Yet the relation between the sixth and the second rays is so close that the problem of your soul is not insuperable in this life.

1.                  DK presents an idea which, by now, is not surprising. CDP’s major problem stems from the alignment of the three vehicles on the sixth ray.

2.                  An important hint is given about relationships between vehicles. Because they are qualified by the same ray, the physical and astral bodies “automatically” are servants of the personality. The line of resonance is so clear, that there is no question about whether these two personality vehicles will resonate to the personality or to the soul. Of course, they must be made to resonate to the soul, however much they “automatically” serve the personality.

3.                  The second ray, however, exerts a most beneficial and potentially powerful influence. It can control the sixth ray (because these two rays are so closely related), and hence change the normal sixth ray tendencies of the sixth ray vehicles.

4.                  DK is suggesting that release lies along the lines of second ray qualities — soul qualities: “clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love”.


January 1938



The past few months have seen the working out of much inner tension. This has materialised upon the physical plane as a sense of real fatigue and has climaxed in a period of illness. But — when inner causes have spent themselves in physical effects — there then follows a period of liberation and of adjustment. My word for you is, therefore: Let not the inner tension resume its sway. You might at this point rightly ask: How shall I prevent this happening? By remembering, my brother, that though the environing conditions may remain relatively the same, you yourself are not the same. You have arrived at a new measure of detached freedom and to this freedom you now must hold. The dominant note which should rule your life during the next few months is to stand steadily in spiritual realisation. This will necessarily involve a close watchfulness over the personality. You will have to see that old thoughtforms of fear and of worry do not resume their ancient sway and that old emotional reactions are not permitted to take form. Note how I have worded this injunction.

1.                  The kind of tension arising in CDP’s life has not been the tension related to what DK calls a “point of tension”. It has been tension within the personality.

2.                  Saturn has been potent during this time — both aligning by conjunction and opposition with the karmic nodal axis, and squaring the Ascendant, a point which has much to do with health.

3.                  CDP is not to give in to environmental tensions. Environmental circumstances may remain what they are, but she need not remain the same, or have the same attitude towards them.

4.                  Uranus has done its work, as has Saturn, and the “detached freedom” achieved must hold. The Master seeks to help her hold the ground gained, and not to relapse.

5.                  A detached attitude is required: watchfulness over the personality and a standing “steadily in spiritual realization”.


Stand as the soul and (as a constant habit of life) develop the attitude of recognising your own divinity in daily expression. A close watchfulness over the first faint tendency to swing into the old rhythm will be necessary, coupled with a sane and immediate handling of old forms of weakness. For you the word, "substitution," may prove of real help, enabling you to substitute a fresh and vital interest in the place of the old emerging ideas; and to substitute a definite physical plane [page 522] activity in the place of emotional crisis; and to discipline your lower life into ways of joy and of happy activity. Joy would prove for you a major healing factor.

1.                  The Master’s words seek to reinforce the sense of being a soul — a divine being.

2.                  Vigilance is required because old habits of thought are not dead.

3.                  DK’s calls for a “sane and immediate handling of old forms of weakness”. He offers practical suggestions.

4.                  “Substitution” is to be used; not a fighting back of “old emerging ideas”, but the substitution of activity for indulgence in emotional crisis. His suggestions are along the line of the third ray, seeking to bring CDP’s attention towards the physical plane rather than allowing it to remain focussed on kamic or kama-manasic levels.

5.                  How can one “discipline one’s lower life into the ways of joy and happy activity”? Joy and discipline can, at first, seem such opposing concepts. Perhaps joy can be achieved through a realization of life’s beauty and promise, and a refusal to allow the mind to become preoccupied with thoughts which cloud the sensed beauty.


For years, my brother, I have referred frequently to your garden of beauty. First of all, I had to lead you to create it; later I taught you to perfect it and then to use it. I taught you also how to dedicate it and to turn it into a shrine of consecration and connect it in your mind with the thought of service. That which is thus created and used, exists. Today I would like to tell you that on the inner planes your garden is of service to my group of disciples and to others — in larger numbers than you think. It is a place of gathering for many and a place of refuge for a few. Ponder on this and continue your task of beautifying it. Remember ever, that those who seek its loveliness come not only for the garden but also come in order to contact you who, upon the inner side, appears other than you fancy yourself to be in physical incarnation.

1.                  This is a beautiful paragraph. The Master reviews His purpose and methods in having CDP create an inner garden. We see the long-term objectives of the Master and His patience in carrying out such objectives. The terms we should notice are “create”, “perfect” and “use”. Now this task has been accomplished.

2.                  The garden has become a “shrine of consecration”, a truly “sacred spot” on the inner planes.

3.                  Then we learn that the garden is not only very real subjectively but serves many. Some gather there and others seek refuge. Thus DK, in having CDP create, perfect and use her garden, has involved her in an act of service of wider scope than she could possibly imagine. So resourceful is the Master.

4.                  DK closes with a most occult idea: that CDP, as she really is, dwells within her garden and serves those who come there. DK hints at the beauty and usefulness of CDP’s inner nature contrasting it with what she believes herself to be (judging, it seems, too much by outer appearances). The word “fancy” hints at the inaccuracy of CDP’s usual perception of herself.

5.                  The point is that the Master judges us far more by what we are on the inner planes than what we appear to be and how we manifest as strictly personal beings. We need to develop a truer sense of values concerning ourselves and others; inner reality may be and usually is very different from that which seems to be.

6.                  Although the garden is both beautiful and useful, He asks that she continue beautifying it. We gather that this will be helpful not only to CDP but to the others who are drawn there.


Now there remains for you to make for others a garden of your life upon the physical plane. Much you have learned during the past years and though old rhythms and thought habits often draw you back outside your garden of peace, you find your way there again with greater speed. You do not wander quite so often into the mazes of worry and into the foggy lowlands of glamour.

1.                  DK continues with his plan. Cancer, the proposed Ascendant, is a sign of manifestation transmitting the third and seventh rays. The Aries Sun-sign also transmits the seventh ray. DK calls for an act of manifestation; “make for others a garden of your life upon the physical plane”.

2.                  We see that the occult method has been wisely followed: first the inner creation, then its precipitation.

3.                  The Master has helped to create a kind of ‘counter-pole’ to CDP’s habitual, personal consciousness. Now she can go to a soul-pervaded place, and detach herself personal-psychological turmoil, which (as a result of her training and through the use of her garden) is diminishing.

4.                  We note that DK uses evocative imagery with CDP: “the mazes of worry” the “foggy lowlands of glamor”. Surely it has become clear to her that she has a choice with respect to where she will focus her attention and with what she will identify.

5.                  Although the fourth ray is not part of CDP’s present ray chart, it is astrologically present (through Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio) and seems to have played a big role in the fluctuations of her psychological nature.


See to it that during the next nine months you preserve an attitude of spiritual indifference or of divine carelessness and emotional detachment. Upon these three words — particularly the first two — I would beg you earnestly to ponder. Stand in your garden but when there comes the urge to venture forth upon an errand of concern, of anxiety or to satisfy suspicion, treat it with indifference and care not what may eventuate. Naught can occur that can really shatter your achieved balance. Know this.

1.                  Slowly, DK is offering His chela methods, techniques and words which assist with detachment. The terms “spiritual indifference” and “divine carelessness” are to be watchwords for her. These terms suggest attitudes which are very different from the attitudes in which she has habitually lived.

2.                  Instituting these new attitudes will protect against the old urges. There is almost something gently humorous about DK’s descriptions of the manner in which CDP is led from her center, and that humor, I think, would reach her with its teaching value.

3.                  It is interesting that DK asks her to “stand” in her garden. To “stand” is to exert the will. It is amore active and vigilant ‘stance’ than to sit!

4.                  We learn that all DK’s efforts with CDP have been for the purpose of creating balance in a formerly unbalanced psychological situation. He seeks now to instill faith in the stability of the achieved balance.

5.                  We see, do we not, what a slow task it is to rehabilitate a person. Probably all of us are in need of some kind of rehabilitation or another, and, with us also, the Master would have to be patient. The transmutation and transformation of our nature can never be immediately achieved. Probably we little suspect how much our ancient patterns resist the new patterns which need to be constructed and instituted.


Stand as a centre of strength to all you meet and cast not my suggestion aside because your personality rejects the possibility of achievement. Upon the inner planes you have achieved; upon the outer plane today see that that achievement is also demonstrated. From the place wherein your physical plane life is lived, let there go forth that which can heal and bless. Nothing can stop this blessing; it speeds forth upon the wings of detachment and from a heart that has no care for itself; it goes upon its mission because you have learned to trust the souls of those with whom your lot is cast....

1.                  Do we not see how Master DK is strengthening the will of His disciple? He is moving forcefully against her tendency toward self-depreciation, because if she indulges it, she will not achieve.

2.                  He bolsters her confidence, assuring her of the factuality of her inner achievement. Now He almost demands that she achieve outwardly. Her astrologically mediated seventh ray (through Aries and proposed Cancer) should assist her.

3.                  The Master offers a vision of possible service: healing and blessing. We note that Chiron the planet of healing, and Neptune, the a of blessing, are part of a wide conjunction involving the Sun. CDP, given her inner beauty and selflessness, and supported by certain astrological energies, is equipped to succeed in this request.

4.                  The Master seeks to have CDP believe in herself, and in the effectiveness of her radiation. By His words, He seems to remove the objections which her personal psyche might throw up as resistance.

5.                  One can feel the positive impulsion of the Master’s words. He assumes (for the sake of blessing) the reality of that which for many years He has labored to build in CDP’s consciousness.


I will give you the following eight sentences as seed thoughts for your meditation and would ask you to ponder them with care during the next eight months:

1st month — Upon my tower I stand and naught can reach me here. Thus to the work which comes my way I dedicate myself.

1.                  The long-accumulated energies of the personal psyche cannot reach her when she ‘stands in the energies of her tower’.

2.                  She acts as a magnet, not going forth to seek service, but recognizing those whom she may serve as they come to her — entering her garden.


2nd month — Only my soul can reach the point of strength whereon I stand and to my soul that way is always open. To the task my soul assigns, I dedicate myself.

1.                  The tower has nothing to do with elevated personality attitudes. The tower is a place for soul identification and soul impression, and there the soul can reach her. In fact, there she can know herself as a soul.

2.                  The tower is a “tower of strength”. We note how DK is building the first ray into His chela. She needs both the first ray and the seventh.

3.                  Her sixth ray will now serve soul purposes and not personality desires and conditioning.

4.                  The line of inspiration and salvation is assured. The way to the soul is “always open”. The use of this seed-thought will continue to build her confidence.


3rd month — From the high point I oft come down and walk the ways of life and beauty with my brothers. To the task of helping them I dedicate myself.

1.                  She may “come down” but, as she descends, she is to preserve the quality of energy and the perspective which she experiences when in her tower.

2.                  She is not to isolate herself in her “ivory tower” but to be strengthened by it so she can serve her brothers below.

3.                  We remember that Cancer (in a sense, her soul-indicator) is the sign of “mass consciousness”, so surely she must descend and walk among those she must serve. She walks the ways of beauty with her brothers. By creating and perfecting her garden she has learned to do so.


4th month — The radiance of love I seek to shower on all I meet and to this life of radiant love, I dedicate myself.

1.                  DK has often spoken of the beauty of CDP’s inner nature, of her selflessness and love.

2.                  He seeks to affirm her in these beautiful qualities and to empower them until they become radiant.

3.                  He has sought to have her be more dynamic in service. It is not enough that she love. Her love must become radiant. He seeks that she shall live a “life of radiant love”.

4.                  She is becoming a ‘distributing center’. It is significant to note that, during this period, the progressing Moon is moving through distributive and radiatory Aquarius and that Jupiter (the planet which emits her soul ray, the second) has moved by progression into the group sign Aquarius, which it esoterically rules.

5.                  We note that this seed thought contains qualities of both the second and sixth rays. Radiant love is a quality of the second ray; He calls for her to dedicate herself (a sixth ray act) to that radiant love. The sixth ray severs the second — as it should, given her ray formula.


5th month — With carelessness divine, I face my daily life, knowing that all is well. To the aid of those I serve, the Masters of the Way, I dedicate myself.

1.                  For so earnest a disciple, it must have been an unusual and productive experience to meditate upon “carelessness divine”.

2.                  For one so much given to worry and the sense of imminent disaster, the reassuring thought at “all is well” serves as a great corrective.

3.                  DK’s planned reconditioning of CDP’s psyche continues. This seed-thought will inspire her.

4.                  Frequently the term “dedicate” is used. This is important for it enlists the potencies of the sixth ray and directs them to higher objectives. The sixth ray influence in her life is being lifted away from a focus upon the personality.


6th month — With true divine indifference I shoulder every load that comes my way, for naught can touch my soul. To manifest this confidence, I dedicate myself.

1.                  A link is made between the fruits of “divine indifference” and disciplic strength.

2.                  DK strengthens His disciple by giving her thoughts which militate against devitalizing thoughtforms and feelings. He finds resourceful ways to separate her from all that hitherto has weakened her.

3.                  He seeks to see her as a confident, radiant center of service.


7th month — Those who are given to me to love, upon the ways of life, I love and serve. I gaze upon them free from fear. To strengthen them within their souls, I dedicate myself.

1.                  DK asks her to be alert to those who are “given” to her “to love”.

2.                  She is asked to see with the clarity of the soul — free from fear.

3.                  She is asked to strengthen not their personalities, but their souls.

4.                  She has built a “tower” and is to become, increasingly, a “tower of strength” — primarily through the instrumentality of love.

5.                  If CDP finds ways to strengthen others, she will surely overcome her own weaknesses.


8th month — Upon my tower, in the high place of vision, now I stand and from that point I live and love and work. To this high destiny I dedicate myself.

1.                  The images are ones of strength and achievement.

2.                  The three aspects of divinity are integrated (life, love and work).

3.                  She is being called to acknowledge the monad which is the source of destiny.

4.                  We can see how far the use of this seed-thought will abstract CDP from her personality and lift her towards the realm of the spirit.


If you can grasp the reality of the service and the usefulness of the service that you can render, you will have made much progress when next I instruct you.

1.                  We gather that CDP had not really found an absorbing direction of service during her life.

2.                  But one can feel that Master DK has been helping her build her mode of service. That service now exists for her and the Master has been strengthening her to perform it.

3.                  In what is her progress to consist? In the recognition of the reality of her service and its usefulness. The Master is establishing her in a service orientation which will be satisfying, liberating and useful to others. Further, it is clear that her service has been more of an esoteric nature than objective, but no less powerful for being subtle.


January 1939



You have made real progress. That is the first thing I wish to say to you. A little more clear thinking and acceptance of the facts which you know about yourself will set you free. Your problem is difficult. It is not based upon the difficulties of your life, for your life problem is not at all unusual — though you have given unusual attention to it. It is based upon the fact that you have a sixth ray personality, a sixth ray astral body and a sixth ray physical body. This constitutes a terrific combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces in order to break the sixth ray hold which that type of energy has had on you for three lives in sequence. You have reached the age of sixty (or is it a little more, my brother?) and have not yet broken it. Therefore, your soul purpose has not yet been fulfilled. The differences between your attitude now and your attitude thirty years ago is that then you did not realise what it was all about and now you do. Then you had, in reality, no responsibility for you did not know the nature of the task to be done. But, through soul contact, you do know now what the problem is and your responsibility to do something definite is, consequently, heavy. The glamour of ties and relationships has held you for years. The personality umbilical cord still links you to your children and it should have been severed (and rightly severed) several years ago. It would have been of real benefit both to you and to them. This, you know well when the glamour of the responsibilities of motherhood is not upon you. You have to realise now that you have no such responsibility.

1.                  The Master acknowledges progress towards freedom, but the state of freedom which the Master envisions for CDP has not yet been achieved.

2.                  The incarnational intention of the soul/Solar Angel is now suggested. The three sixth ray vehicles are not ‘accidentally’ assembled. CDP assumed the responsibility of handling this “terrific combination of forces” in order to break the hold which sixth ray energy has had upon her for three lives in sequence.

3.                  This probably means that she has had a sixth ray personality for the three previous lives.

4.                    The years from fifty-six to sixty-three are decisive for the soul. CDP is almost sixty-three. Of this DK says the following to other disciples in a similar position:

“You are nearly sixty years old, my brother. The sixty-third year of your life, as in the life of all disciples, will be one of crisis and of supreme opportunity, and towards that point you should look and for it you should make preparation.” (DINA II 636)

“For the remaining years of life, there should be an increasingly strong relationship between the soul and its vehicles, leading to another crisis between the fifty-sixth or the sixty-third years.  According to that crisis will depend the future usefulness of the person and whether the ego continues to use the vehicles on into old age, or whether there is a gradual withdrawal of the indwelling entity.” (EP II 53)

5.                  DK has been encouraging her to freedom, but she has not yet broken the hold of the sixth ray upon her personality. Towards the later part of an incarnation, if there is to be a different personality ray in the next life, that personality ray should be in evidence. Apparently, for CDP, this is not the case.

6.                  DK speaks of her “heavy” responsibility, for now she knows about her problem and the consequences of failing to manage it; earlier in life she did not and, therefore, had no such responsibility.

7.                  The Master becomes very specific, using images like “the personality umbilical cord”. CDP is definitely tied to her children. This glamorous tie should have ended (“several years ago”), but has not.

8.                  DK seeks to disabuse His chela of the so-called “responsibilities of motherhood”. In fact, He says, “you have no such responsibilities”.

9.                  We can understand how (proposed) Cancer and a tremendous sixth ray potency have led to this form of psychological bondage.


Forgive me for my plain speaking, my brother, but I seek to see you free before the time of passing over into the "clear cold light" comes to you. I know whereof you are capable. You are not using the power of your second ray soul which can love and sever at the same time; which can convey the deepest love, subjectively and protectingly, and yet — on the outer plane — can set people free. Let me repeat again: You have no responsibility for your children and never have had since they reached maturity and the right to live their own lives. You have earned the right to your own soul's freedom and expression. [page 525] Will you take it now and free yourself, or will you muddle through the remainder of this incarnation and, in another life, have to face the identical problem of family relationships and financial responsibility? As yet, you have solved nothing but you have made progress and your eyes are open. Only fear, plus the deliberate refusal to take the strong and right steps, holds you back from a full participation in the service of humanity and in my work....

1.                  It is clear that DK, Who has been so gentle with CDP, now feels that He must speak more directly. We note that this happens when His disciples do not respond to His gentler promptings.

2.                  DK now speaks directly of CDP’s impending passing. The “clear cold light” encountered after death is something He would have her experience more directly here and now.

3.                  DK focuses on the power of the second ray soul which can “love and sever at the same time”, which can love deeply and protectingly and yet set people free. It is surely the responsibility of the Master to encourage the use of the soul ray (the ‘ray of contribution’) rather than the continuing focus upon the personality ray — long after it has outlived its usefulness.

4.                  This is indeed plain speaking. Finally and directly, DK seeks to help CDP let go of her children.

5.                  Further, He points the finger at the impediments of fear and “a deliberate refusal to take the strong and right steps needed”. Because of these conditions, CDP is not serving humanity to her full capacity nor aiding in the Master’s work as she could.

6.                  The Master is definitely asking for a choice. Either be free, or muddle on through the remainder of the incarnation and face the very same circumstances in the next.

7.                  While understanding has grown, no solution to the problem has been forthcoming.

8.                  All this is said in a year of crisis, with a solar eclipse on natal Jupiter and one, a little later than the date of this instruction, on natal Chiron and, hence, connected to the natal Sun.


You have so much to give. I refer not here to money though that too must be included in the life offering of a disciple, at this time of world stress, I refer to greater and deeper gifts which you possess and are apt to refuse to recognise — a loving heart, a mind enriched by years of study and lives of service, and by a loyalty and a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find.

1.                  DK exhorts His disciple. He plainly identified the fault and now affirms the gifts which could be given, if CDP willed to do so.

2.                  She has given money, in support of the work and of Alice Bailey personally. DK does not discount the value of this contribution.

3.                  But He has other and subtler gifts in mind. CDP, glamorized by the ‘humble’ second and sixth rays, often, it seems, refuses to recognize her gifts. The word “refuse” is strong.

4.                  She possesses “a loving heart, a mind enriched by years of study and lives of service, and by a loyalty and a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find.” As DK recounts her potential gifts, we see CDP’s prominent rays emerge: the second, the sixth and the fifth.

5.                  The soul is, shall we say, ‘desperate to give’. Its ‘instinct’, if we can call it that, is service. DK is representing CDP’s soul and seeks to see the soul-contribution fully given. One can sense some degree of urgency in His words.


Your soul contact is established and this is a fact upon which you can count. Devitalisation of your physical life is due to the cramping to which you have subjected yourself and your pronounced, inner, subjective withdrawal to the mental and astral worlds. You do not express the reality which you are, upon the physical plane. The thoughtforms which surround you drain you of vital force and yet, physically speaking, you have no organic trouble or disease. These thoughtforms sap your vitality and are definitely destructive — to yourself and to others. Of these thoughtforms there are three....

1.                  Soul contact is real and can be relied upon.

2.                  But the personality life is not in good shape. DK uses the word “cramping” to describe a condition which CDP has inflicted upon herself. She has refused to expand and radiate as she might. In fact, she has withdrawn.

3.                  DK addresses the causes of the devitalization which militates against full service. Unfortunately, the three thoughtforms which are largely responsible for sapping CDP’s vitality are edited out of the manuscript.

4.                  We do remember CDP’s glamorous liabilities and can imagine that these thoughtforms have to do with children, with feelings of inadequacy and self-depreciation, and, in general, with the three causes of glamor which DK earlier detailed: self-pity, criticism, suspicion.

5.                  The Master wants this chela to “come through” — to manifest outwardly what she is inwardly. The signs Aries and Cancer are most suitable for this kind of expression, but something is holding back the process.

6.                  We can see that no progress attained is easily immune from relapse.

7.                  We are also reminded that the sign Cancer is related to the third ray and to “rotary motion”, repetitious motion. DK seeks progressive movement — the mode of motion of the first ray, which CDP seems not to apply to herself and the problems which she, by now, rather clearly perceives.


I am giving you a special exercise. Go into your garden twice a week and meet me there. Discover first of all the point within the garden which I have magnetised. At that spot within your garden, talk your problems aloud to me, pausing at intervals and listening for my replies or the replies of your soul. We shall speak when the silence of the outer life and of the personality has been achieved. Keep nothing back but talk aloud to me. Do this with a listening and attentive ear and, by the May Full Moon, you may find that we may have talked the matter out, the glamour may have dissipated, the thoughtforms be destroyed and the path shine clear before your eyes.

1.                  DK continues to deepen His occult approach to His chela. The garden is now to become a place where she deliberately meets the master, talking her problems aloud to him and listening for His replies.

2.                  There is to be found a “magnetized spot” in the garden, specially dedicated to the task which DK now assigns. Perhaps, DK, Himself, has magnetized such a spot within the garden-thoughtform.

3.                  CDP is strongly in need of the Master’s advice and, equally, of the opportunity to reveal to herself what she really thinks about a number of problems in her life.

4.                  In this case (and it is an interesting possibility) dialogue with the Master is to aid in the destruction of the devitalizing, hindering thoughtforms.

5.                  Soul contact will be required for the success of this exercise (but that, at least, CDP has achieved). Since the Master is to be ‘found’ upon the buddhic plane, some use of the antahkarana may also be involved.

6.                  We see how strenuously DK labors to see His chela set free by the time of her passing. It is always interesting to see when, and under what circumstances, the Master seems to take unusually strong measures. It seems that it is usually when an imminent break-through is possible but is in danger of not occurring through some liability from which the disciple cannot seem to free himself/herself. We see a similar urgency occurring in relation to ISG-L in the DINA II instructions.


May the rest and peace of consecration be yours, and my blessing rests upon you. It is not in appreciation of you that I take this time with you. Ancient karmic ties with me, your [page 526] Elder Brother, and the deep love which D.R.S. unchangingly bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides — my love is yours. We are on the same soul ray.

1.                  The Master approaches this disciple in an attitude of blessing more often than He does so for others — at least the instructions lead to this conclusion.

2.                  “Consecration” is an important term for CDP. Her garden has become a “shrine of consecration”. In this instruction, DK wishes that the peace of consecration may be hers. The realization that she is completely consecrated may bring both peace and rest.

3.                  The Master speaks of ancient karmic ties to CDP. Why does He do this? Surely it is a teaching-point both for her and for the other disciples. Indeed the Master has taken much time writing CDP in great detail. He explains why He has done so, revealing to us that, when He works, a Master is cognizant of the nature of His former karmic ties (though, at His stage of development, we could not say that He was “bound” by karma to CDP).

4.                  As well, the love of Alice Bailey (DRS) for CDP is a motivating factor in DK’s choice to give her what seems like unusually close attention. DK honors the love of AAB for CDP and expends, it seems, extra effort on CDP’s behalf, partially because of that reason.

5.                  As well, the note of impersonality (a necessary note for CDP) enters, as DK explains that the love He bears her comes to her (also) because they share the same soul ray — the second. “Appreciation” of CDP (as that orientation might be interpreted by the personality) is not the reason.

6.                  On can, can one not, sense the kind of ‘extra effort’ which DK seems to be making on CDP’s behalf and the rather close personal attention He offers. It is important for students of this these instructions to know the reasons for the Master’s approach. Such reasons, in sum, are: special need, karmic ties, and soul love.


January 1940



You have no particular glamour, for you live in a perfect sea of glamour. Hence the difficulty of your problem, for had you (for instance) one major glamour, as has D.E.I., it would be (for one of your devotion and mental capacity) a relatively easy thing to break down, and so walk in the light. But you have surrounded yourself with a myriad glamours of no great importance but, in their aggregate, they tend to make you walk continuously in a fog. You have the capacity to walk constantly in the light. Your glamours come to you from two sources. Your reactions to all life's happenings and to your environment are those of a superficial fluidity; it is not basic or fundamental, for your life purpose is undeflectable (is there such a word, my brother?) and your life tendency is firmly and unchangeably oriented. But in dealing with circumstance and people, you are pre-occupied with the effect this may have upon you and with your failure to handle them as should a disciple. Your inferiority complex keeps you in a state of glamour and is purely a personality reaction. As a soul, you are strong in knowledge; as a soul, you love all beings; as a soul, there are no circumstances which you cannot handle; as a soul, you can dominate dynamically your environment. But the glamour of inferiority (which is the result of numerous little glamours) controls your life expression on the physical plane, plus the second glamour of physical disability. Upon that, I will not enlarge beyond pointing out that pre-occupation with the work you could do for us, carried down from the mental level of awareness (where you always truly live in spite of many excursions on to the astral plane!) to the physical plane would release you physically.

1.                  CDP is in an astrologically difficult period. In October of 1939 there was a solar eclipse quite closely opposite her Aries Sun-sign, and in April of 1940, a solar eclipse within a few degree of her Sun. Such eclipses (in one who is debilitated or has passed the second Saturn-return) can signal the end of the incarnation.

2.                  Accentuating these difficulties, we find transiting Saturn conjuncting the natal Aries Sun.

3.                  The Master is expanding on His theme and describing with considerable honesty the glamored condition in which CDP finds herself. She lives in a “perfect sea of glamour”. Neptune and Cancer can indicate the ‘ocean of glamor’ as well as the higher light (the “Sea of Light”) of the buddhic plane.

4.                  She has devotion (ray six) and mental capacity (aided by ray five), and were there simply a major glamor, it could be more easily broken.

5.                  It is clear, however, that she has not broken through. The Tibetan says she walks “continuously in a fog”.

6.                  Yet as ever, He asserts her soul-strengths and still enjoins her to live as soul.

“As a soul, you are strong in knowledge; as a soul, you love all beings; as a soul, there are no circumstances which you cannot handle; as a soul, you can dominate dynamically your environment.”

Master DK sees her in this far more spiritually-favorable light and hopes that she can see herself likewise, and then take action based upon the confidence which would be hers could she so see.

7.                  In the earlier instructions, DK mentioned CDP’s tendency towards self-depreciation. Now, He openly calls it an “inferiority complex” (always a tendency in the second ray type). The sign Cancer contributes to it and so does the sixth ray.

8.                  Is it not surprising that one so rich in soul attainments should be afflicted by such personality glamors (in this case, an inferiority complex and the glamor of physical disability)? Yet, this is often the case. Inner attainments will not necessarily (or immediately) rid one of glamors of an often incapacitating nature.

9.                  DK gives CDP a hint for revitalization; it is applicable to us all. He states,

“that pre-occupation with the work you could do for us, carried down from the mental level of awareness . . .to the physical plane would release you physically.”

10.              Hierarchical work carries with it tremendous inspiration and illumination for the mind. This would offset the devitalization caused by a wrongly directed sixth ray.

11.              It would seem that there is something yet to be achieved in the area of personality integration. The united soul and mind are in a potentially luminous condition, but the alignment of personality, astral and physical bodies creates a cleavage from the more luminous aspects her nature. The eight “dedications” (eight seed-thoughts) seem intended to align the sixth ray elements of the personality and commit them to the soul — thus ending the cleavage.

12.              Disciples have to realize the reality of the thought, “Those who wait upon the Lord shall run and shall not faint”. The potency of the higher planes is much greater than that of the lower, and when the energy of those higher worlds is carried into the lunar spheres, empowerment is the result. The initiate of the third degree (quite usually) has all the energy needed, if he can just continually access the soul (which he can do with much more facility than the probationary initiate).

13.              AAB was very reasonably an initiate of the third degree. Despite her very real health problems, she worked with tremendous vitality throughout her career.


I ask you not to work as does A.A.B. who chooses with deliberation to work in our "suicide band" (as it has been laughingly called by one of M.'s group of disciples) but I would ask you to cease from the glamour of inferiority and [page 527] pre-occupation with details which keep you always devitalised. Enter into the joy and strength of non-frustrated service. I will know better what to say to you when I note what conclusions you come to in this connection, prior to May.

1.                  That humorous disciple of Master M. must almost certainly be Foster Bailey (JWK-P).

2.                  Some may be horrified by the thought that advanced discipleship may necessitate that one joins a “suicide band” or “suicide squad”. BY the time the consciousness reaches initiate status, however, few other options are seen. The driving potency of the spiritual will becomes so irresistible that the initiate cannot and will not release himself/herself from its grip.

3.                  DK is perhaps revealing to CDP, that although she is physically distressed and fatigued, she is carrying nowhere near the burden of those who are not showing signs of incapacitating distress and fatigue.

4.                  DK names causes for devitalization: the glamor of inferiority and preoccupation with detail. The glamor of inferiority holds down energies which should rise and invigorate. Preoccupation with detail also suppresses the rising fire, which has constantly to be restrained while the demands of pettiness are fulfilled.

5.                  DK offers tremendously inspiring advice, almost as a command: “Enter into the joy and strength of non-frustrated service”. It is clear that for various self-induced reasons, CDP lives in a condition of continual frustration. Her radiation is blocked by this frustration. The frustration, itself, has become an obstacle.

6.                  DK wants her to serve as if frustration did not exist. If she could work internally, lovingly and radiantly without attachment to results, the frustration would necessarily disappear. She would feel effective and unthwarted. He almost commands her to get rid of the sense of frustration.

7.                  We do note, however, that Saturn has been conjuncting her Sun in Aries, hence the proclivity towards frustration.

8.                  A principle emerges: realization of our internal freedom strengthens that freedom and extends its influence to the outer planes as well.


August 1940

I have for you the briefest message, my brother. You are today in a condition of physical distress and you, at the same time, are emerging out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge and usefulness. You have naught to do now but relinquish all anxiety and rest back upon those realities which life has convinced you exist. Of certain things you are unalterably sure — of love, courage and the soul. Use not the mind just now but simply be and let the love of all who know you, which, my brother, includes mine, flow through you; permit the courage of your soul to strengthen you. This courage is not a fighting courage or any sort of struggle to be what is called "brave." It is the courage of sure knowledge, held steadily and unquestioning in the midst of difficulty and discomfort.

1.                  This is a period following a solar eclipse on CDP’s natal sun. In two months following there will be a lunar eclipse very close to the Sun.

2.                  DK is brief because He seeks not to burden CDP’s distressed condition.

3.                  As always, the positive side is shown. Despite the severe distress, CDP is emerging out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge and usefulness — perhaps an emergence leading to life the other side of the veil.

4.                  The Master is teaching His chela release. He affirms all that is good — the realities of which she may be sure — and draws the attention away from all anxieties.

5.                  There are three divine aspects — being, love and intelligence. The Master emphasizes only the first two, enjoining his disciple to “simply be” and allow into her nature the love flowing towards her (including the love of the Master).

6.                  A strengthening is possible — not through brave resistance, but through the “courage of sure knowledge, held steadily and unquestioning in the midst of difficulty and discomfort”.

7.                  It seems there is nothing further that DK can do but offer comfort and assurance. There has been a gradual expansion of consciousness and an improvement in the ability to dissipate glamor, but the soul-intended breakthrough (so it seems) has not occurred. The hold of the sixth ray upon the incarnating soul has apparently not been broken, and, it would seem, the experience will, in some measure, have to be repeated in the next incarnation — though with the probability of a relatively early break-through based upon the lessons learned through the struggles of this incarnation.


One thought only will I give you to repeat whene'er you are discouraged, tired or weak: "At the centre of all love I stand and naught can touch me here and from that centre I shall go forth to love and serve."

1.                  Insufficient strength remains to anything but hold the ground gained — if possible.

2.                  This mantram is a modification of the Mantram of Love. If offers assurance within the field of love, and seeks to establish CDP solidly within soul consciousness.

3.                  We see that there is a hint contained in this mantram. Whoever wrote the final “Note” to CDP’s instructions was aware of this hint, seeing its applicability to CDP’s transfer to the inner planes.


NOTE: Four months later this disciple went forth "to love and serve" on the inner side of life. Though out of the physical body, she is active in the Tibetan's Ashram.

In the following section we learn of CDP’s beautiful work on the inner planes.


C.D.P. is working continuously with the children of the world (including those who died victims of the horrors of war), preserving inviolate her affiliation with my Ashram but working in a group composed of disciples upon all the rays and whose personalities — in their last incarnation — were upon all the many nationalities; they are doing what they can and must be done to salvage the consciousness of the children and to preserve them from complete disintegration. (DINA II 33)

1.                  We note the dedication of her work on the inner planes. The Tibetan reports that she is “working continuously with the children of the world” — apparently both the living and the dead. Her loyal and devoted second and sixth rays were being put to good use.

2.                  It is a work of salvage and saviorship, requiring her great maternal instinct, her loving heart and her tremendous persistence.

3.                  We noted that the planet of healing, Chiron, was during the incarnation conjunct the Sun. The effects of that horoscope may well persist in the post-incarnational period.

4.                  For four incarnations then, CDP has most probably had a sixth ray personality (counting the most recent incarnation as the fourth). Since the hold of the sixth ray had not been broken in that last life, the possibility exists that again, in the following incarnation, the personality ray will be the sixth.

5.                  We do not yet know exactly when, in December of 1940, she died, but if it were in the first two-thirds of the month, the Sun would be in Sagittarius paving the way for a Sagittarius birth in the next incarnation. We must note (as one of my colleagues has suggested with respect to CDP) that Sagittarius is the sign through which the sixth ray is transmitted in greatest strength.

6.                  There is always, however, the possibility that she died in Capricorn, which would present entirely other possibilities. It is still, of course, possible to have a sixth ray personality when born in Capricorn (as in the case of LTS-K).

7.                  If CDP’s passing occurred in December, in Sagittarius, it would be, coincidentally, in the same month and sign as AAB’s passing in 1949. AAB and CDP were, as we know from reading AAB’s Unfinished Autobiography, very close friends.


Other References to CDP

The problems of the etheric body will yield to treatment if the suggestions made to C.D.P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefully controlled and regulated.... It is not my intention to indicate to those who work in my group the methods they should follow as regards diet. Such things differ for each individual. (DINA I 139)

This paragraph harkens back to the advice given to CDP regarding the vitalization of the etheric spleen. Water signs are often involved in devitalization, especially the sign Cancer which does not easily specialize prana.

Have you ever noticed that I am training you to come out of your tower of isolation, and yet at the same time I am training C.D.P. to stay up on the summit of her tower? But yours has been a tower of isolated personality, and she has had to learn (and is still learning) to create a tower of strength and of resistance to calls of a lower kind. Her tower has naught to do with the personality. Forget not, my brother, that when you have learned to leave your tower it does not mean that you must range the levels of personality life with no true direction. (DINA I 634)

DK recommended that CDP build an “ivory tower”, but noted that BSW had already built one, for entirely different reasons. CDP’s tower was erected to facilitate an escape from glamor and promote contact with the soul (as well as with the Master). BSW had built his tower for personality reasons. It reinforced (through his personality) the isolative first ray attitudes natural to his soul.

P.D.W., though the latest to pass over, was held by the handicap of the astral body for an exceedingly brief time; he is now focussed and working in connection with my Ashram, upon the mental plane. C.D.P. is now in process of freeing herself from astral limitations, and by the time the sun moves northward she too will be working entirely mentally. They are both of them of real service to me at this time of world need, one owing to her understanding heart and utter selflessness, the other because of his outstanding wisdom. (DINA II 28)

1.                  A very interesting hint is contained in the paragraph above. The group instruction from which this excerpt was taken was written in August of 1942. CDP had died probably in December of 1940. Not quite two years had elapsed. She had apparently been working for that time to free herself from “astral limitations” and would be free to work “entirely mentally” by the time the Sun would be moving northward. This would just about two years after her death.

2.                  It may not be possible to generalize about the time spent on the astral plane after death, but DK’s comments allow us to see the approximate duration in this particular instance.

3.                  It is also interesting to note that DINA I was first published in 1944. That would have been at least a bit more than a year after the Sun moved northward in 1942, and probably longer. This means that when CDP was doing all that work with the consciousness of children, she would have been working from the mental plane — presumably not exclusively upon the higher mental plane.

4.                  If, therefore, we wish to know the plane upon which those who have ‘transitioned’ may continue their work in affiliation with the Ashram (as CDP and PDW) were doing after their deaths, it is very probably the mental plane, after a greater or lesser time spent freeing themselves from astral limitations. Probably CDP — because of her proposedly Cancerian nature and her tremendous sixth ray (itself correlated with the astral plane) — spent longer in the astral worlds than other types of disciples might. “Forty-days” of “wandering in the wilderness” is the time symbolically assigned for working one’s way through the astral plane, though that number is largely symbolic.

5.                  From the more psychological perspective,, we note DK speaking of CDP in glowing terms for her “understanding heart and utter selflessness”. One has the impression that this utter selflessness will be responsible for her very rapid progress once she has freed herself from personality ties to near ones.


So, my brothers, we face a new cycle of work and one in which C.D.P. and P.D.W. — working on the inner side of life — are definitely sharing. (DINA II 33)

This paragraph confirms that the continuity of group participation is not broken by death.

It is valuable to note a most significant point of interest: All those who passed through the gates of death passed to a [Page 93] definitely closer relationship; they had earned this reward and have availed themselves of that which I had taught them. They are, as you know, C.D.P., K.E.S., D.P.R. (DINA II 92-93)

In fact, we see that those group members who have passed over are involved in a “definitely closer relationship”. The post-incarnational state is, if anything, more potent for service and more rewarding.

To D.I.J. DK says: Two there are upon the inward way whom you must carry in your heart and seek to reach. C.D.P. is one; the other is more easily attained. (DINA II 688)

This little sentence is important as it emphasizes that DK often asked his certain disciples to help certain other disciples — psychologically and spiritually.


A Few Points re “My Garden”

1.                  The whole description of the garden has the quality of purity induced by a high sixth ray attitude. It is a “high and fair plateau”.

2.                  There is great precision and concretion of description, especially of the various kinds of flowers. The exactitude of the fifth ray mind is evident.

3.                  We also note the use of exact numbers: fourteen feet, fifteen feet, twenty-five feet. Such descriptions are also evidences of the fifth ray at work.

4.                  The keynotes of the garden seem to be “Peace, Rest and Service” — a bend of second and sixth ray qualities.

5.                  While CDP has no fourth ray in her actual ray formula, her sixth ray is “devoted to beauty and colour and all things lovely” (EP I 209) and obviously contributes to her descriptions of the garden’s beauty.

6.                  One senses coolness, clarity, purity — qualities which lift above the heated turmoil of the astral plane. One senses that this refuge is not far from the “clear cold light”.

7.                  In the last paragraph we read that she has planted certain kinds of flowers for “childhood memory”. Then still more flowers, again for memory. This seems to reinforce the importance of the sign Cancer. Perhaps her Venus (planet of flowers) in Cancer is finding expression through the creation of her garden.



By C. D. P.

In the Himalayan Mountains, I seemed to see a high and fair plateau. A winding road leads up to it from the valley beneath. Mountains look down upon the plateau from the east and west, lower mountains to the north, and a steep slope to the south, with the path to the valley.

This beautiful land in the high, bright air, has been made into a garden with walls — oriental walls — fourteen feet high, with, in each corner, a Chinese-looking little minaret. A stream runs the entire length of this garden, from east to west; it comes in and goes out of the garden through arches in the walls, where there are iron grilles. Above these grilled arches, supported upon short stone beams projecting from the wall, are two narrow, stone-and-wood Chinese-curved bridges, backing on the wall, and with a latticed hand-rail on the side towards the stream. The gate to this garden is in the middle of the north wall — one of the long sides — the garden being more long than square. When one approaches the gate from outside, one sees written over it the words Peace, Rest, Service. It is an arched gate set into the thickness of the wall. A bell-rope leads to a bell hung in the arch. There is also a light, which shines at dusk, on the three words.

On being admitted, one steps inside, onto a path in the green lawn which slopes a very little towards the stream. Twenty feet down this path, on either side of it, is a flowering apple tree, the branches touching. A border of red peonies extends east and west from the apple tree, for about fifteen feet, ending, each in a red rose bush, a most fragrant rose. The path continues down the slightly sloping green lawn to the stream, which is about fifteen feet wide, and has rocks and ferns, depths and shallows. Butterflies and birds fly over it, and stepping-stones cross it at this place.

The stepping-stones over the stream lead to a path which wanders towards a pagoda of Chinese design, large, and with open sides. A circular table of some Indian wood is in the centre of the pagoda — and upon it a statue of Buddha faces the entrance. Before the Buddha is a carved wooden bowl lined with silver and containing water, on which floats a single white lotus.

There are brackets in the open sides of the pagoda, containing sweet-smelling flowers, mignonette and heliotrope. There is a circular seat around the wall, and rugs of some eastern grass on the floor. On either side of the entrance there are panels with  shelves, containing scrolls and occult manuscripts for reference. Just outside are four beautiful spruce trees, two on each side of the doorway, and firs and pines continue to the back of the pagoda, and go down the entire length of the long south walk, forming a plantation about twenty-five feet wide, including native mountain trees, and our dogwood and small oaks. There is a path through this plantation, which is full of ferns, rocks and wood flowers. Between two rocks is a spring. It is a place of repose and peace for those who love the woods. Although one cannot see the lawn, one can come out on it when one wishes, over the pine-needles and moss, leaving behind the cool shade, and the birds and shy, small creatures — who sometimes follow — and then one sees, a few feet away, midway between the woods and the stream, a long flower border set right in the lawn, and containing every flower one ever loved! They are of every colour and every fragrance, except that red is not predominant, because of the red peonies and rose bushes across the stream.

Towards the western end of the lawn, a little beyond where the flower border ends, a lone oak tree seems to have marched out on the grass for a Druidic purpose of its own, a shapely young tree, taller than those in the wood. There is a bench beneath it.

Not far off, between the oak tree and the stream, there is a lotus pool, embedded in boulders and large flat rocks, like some of the rocks along the stream's edge and in the woods.

The lotus pool is kept replenished by water piped from the spring in the woods. Seated on these rocks one looks over and down about a foot or two, and sees these beautiful lotuses of different colours.

But the two ends of the garden are the real beauty spots — the eastern end, on both banks of the stream, being a mass of roses, beds branching out from the stream in the form of wings, going as far up as the narrow, hidden path along the eastern wall, so that one, standing on the curved stone bridge (at either end of which are feathery clumps of waving pampas grasses), looks down on seraphs' wings of glorious roses, shaded from faintest rose to golden yellow. At the western end of the garden the seraphs' wings are of lilies, from the purple of the iris to the radiant white of the Madonna lily. The shrubbery at the ends of the western bridge are "yellow bush" and lilacs. A fine [page 530] green vine runs all over the wall here, where, at the other end, it is rambling roses. These seraph-wing rose and lily beds, though large, do not extend into the corners of the two ends of the garden; trees are there, spruce, pine and Japanese yews; more plentiful in the southwest corner, as they form the beginning of the woods. In the northwest corner there are three tall yews, only — and the same in the corner to the northeast. The southeast corner is filled by the pagoda, with the woods behind it and the spruce trees to right and left, in front. Across the stream from the pagoda, in the middle of the lawn (the eastern line of the peonies and the red rose bush not being very far away), is a circular stone seat, called the Disciples' Seat. It has a small willow tree and two short copper beeches behind it, and has an English box bush at either end. In front of it is a natural rock, of chair shape and height, where the Master sits to talk to the Disciples.

When one stands on the path and looks towards the entrance gate, one sees fruit trees, en espalier on the wall to the right, peaches and nectarines — and on the wall to the left, vines of white and of purple grapes. A narrow path runs the length of the wall. To the left on the lawn is a rustic, moss-covered well-house, enclosed by bushes of sweet shrub and white lilac, behind and at the sides, certain small, shade-loving flowers, a very few lilies-of-the-valley, here and there a fern.

There is a small, gravelled space in the front of the well — it contains a rustic table, where the grapes and fruit are brought to be arranged in flat baskets, to be sent down the mountain, by donkeys, in care of those who have the right to be admitted to the garden, to the ill and weary in the town below. (Old Aleck, a saintly old gardener, these many years dead, may be one who helps with this work. I do not know!) The well water is very cold — a bucket is always ready for the descent. I believe this water has the property of giving one greater vision. It is pure joy to offer it to the thirsty and weary, and each day, among the souls arriving, there is a different well-keeper, always one who has had a glimpse of the vision.

I believe this is the picture of my garden!

As you can see, it is a magical garden, for all the flowers bloom all the time, and of course there are many in that long [page 531] flower border that I have not mentioned, only to say that all the flowers one ever loved were there — but I have planted dahlias, for childhood memory, canterbury bells, pinks, phlox, small chrysanthemums, platycondon, evening primrose — still memory! — sweet geranium, lavender, lemon verbena, sweet alyssum, old-fashioned roses, day lilies, tiger lilies (in spite of my rose and lily beds to the east and west!) and in the stream is growing mint, near the western exit, and other water-loving herbs. But I think every brother who enters this garden sees his own favourite flowers — I want to think so.

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