Commentary 9: DINA I
Studies of Individual Instructions
B. S. D.
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

1.                  Disciple BSD: ‘Developmental Formula’: Being, Stillness, Detachment

2.                  Ray Formula: 36-563. With LTS-K, BSD is the only other third ray soul in the Tibetan’s groups-of-nine.

3.                  No astrological chart for BSD has yet been ascertained. A chart is proposed in error (we believe) as it is the given for the same date, place and time as the first ray disciple IBS. A clerical error of some sort is probably involved.

4.                  Since BSD’s name is followed by the initials, Esq. (meaning Esquire), it is likely that he was born in England, since titles of that nature were more far more commonly found in England than in America (especially, in Kansas where IBS was born and the probable error stated BSD to be born).

5.                  We will have to do our research here, supplying astrological suppositions where they seem indicated. Perhaps, our research (though difficult) will locate at least the year in which BSD was born.

November 1931


I would say to you the following words: Waste not time in the realisation of the years spent in occult work, nor in feverish anticipation of a few more years of directed occult effort under my tuition. The time equation has counted mayhap too largely in your thoughts, my brother, and in the work of the present moment must the future possible developments be forgotten. For you should come the forgetting of the form side in meditation, for your intuition needs awakening. Working without attachment to results is a hard lesson for all disciples to learn but one well worth while. My special instructions for you, therefore, may cause you temporary surprise but later you will see the reason.

1.                  The Tibetan’s opening words to His disciples are always important, as they often sound a note which He finds Himself repeating throughout their tuition.

2.                  BSD is apparently one of the older disciples and perhaps only a few more years remain to him.

3.                  The backward-looking realization of years spend in occult work suggests the retroflective sign Cancer.

4.                  “Feverish anticipation” suggests the influence of the sixth ray and the importance of Mars, the planet of “fever”.

5.                  As well, the third ray is the “Dispenser of Time”, and those upon the third ray are unusually time-conscious. They must learn to live more in the present moment.

6.                  BSD has apparently been involved in occult work for a long time and is attentive to the form side of the meditation process. This correlates well with his fifth ray mind. Of course, at the time this letter was written, he had not yet been told that his mental vehicle was upon the fifth ray.

7.                  In addition, the fifth ray in the mental vehicle indicates a condition in which the intuition needs stimulation.

8.                  Those upon the third ray are very keen to see results manifested upon the physical plane. The Tibetan counsels detachment from too much attentiveness to results.

9.                  BSD is perhaps rather set in his ways, and so the Tibetan seeks what may be a surprising approach, to break the pattern.

They are as follows:

First, drop all form out of your meditation work and sit in perfect silence with your attention focussed upon the Lord of Love — which is the soul. Steady your thought processes (which for you is not hard) and then drop the use of the seed thought. Listen and aspire. Close each meditation by pouring out love to all beings. This outflowing thought is a great releaser and each of you in the group of disciples whom I am seeking to train needs release from something. For you, it is release from form in your work of service. You will know to what I am referring.

1.                  An approach of great simplicity is offered.

2.                  The combination of the third and fifth rays can bring a strong emphasis upon form, especially mental form.

3.                  Instead of any usual approach, DK counsels sitting in perfect silence. We also remember how difficult it is for the third ray type to achieve silence. They must achieve the silence of the “mill pond”.

4.                  There is no second ray in BSD’s ray chart as given, but we do not know about his monadic ray.

5.                  The soul, no matter what its ray, is always the “Lord of Love”.

6.                  The steadying of the thought process is of relative ease for those who have a trained mind upon the fifth ray.

7.                  To drop the use of seed thoughts is to use a form of meditation sometimes called “meditation without seed”. If successful, it tends to promote the intuition.

8.                  It seems desirable to stimulate BSD’s outgoing love nature.

9.                  DK states an important principle when He tells us that “outflowing thought (filled with love) is a great releaser”. Each disciple (and, therefore, each of us) is to be released from something, perhaps from a number of things. Do we know the main type of release which would be desirable.

10.              It appears that BSD is to be released from too strict an attention to form in service. The Tibetan is not more specific, but is confident that BSD will know what He means.

11.              Three of the BSD’s five rays are rays of form (i.e., on the “hard line”). The other two vehicles are qualified by the sixth ray energy with its tendency towards repetition and fixation.

Secondly, until the time of the Full Moon of May, cease from all breathing exercises. You have followed them for years and need a respite. Nature grows and progresses through cyclic activity and cyclic rest, and, before I can carry you forward to the next unfoldment, I seek to have you rest from mental pressure and e’en from that devotion which has governed much of your life experience. Till May, centre your thought, your meditation [Page 106] and your service on being and see if the reward is not great. Question not this suggestion but — in the thought of being — find your way into the centre of life from which all occult work is done. To be enjoined to be is an honour, brother of mine; it will carry you at this time further than intellection, pranayama, and that potent longing for spiritual fulfilment which is your outstanding divine quality and in some ways your main hindrance.

1.                  It is clear that BSD needs a rest. There is a relentless quality in the sixth ray which never lets up. Further, those upon the third ray are often full of activity.

2.                  The Master finds His disciple in a state of unrecognized fatigue. Like many of those upon the sixth ray, he is not accustomed to observing cycles, including, presumably, the cyclic needs of the body and brain. The third ray, if trained, could help in this, but the third ray, untrained, will be a detriment to such observation.

3.                  Mental pressure could arise from the combination of third, fifth and sixth rays.

4.                  The importance of Mercury may here be suggested and possibly Aries, which submits all things to pressure. Mars again may be implicated.

5.                  There is a dichotomy between doing and being. The third ray is accustomed to doing, but DK seeks for BSD a release from his doing, This release is to be found for BSD if he will center his thought, meditation and service on being. There is no charted way to do this.

6.                  As usual, we find DK suggesting a course of action which builds up to the month of May, presumably the time of the Wesak Festival. In fact the Full Moon in May of that year took place at the very beginning of the month, perhaps May 2nd in England


7.                  The way of being may seem difficult for a third ray disciple. DK asks him not to question the advice but simply to attempt it.

8.                  We have noticed in all these instructions to disciples that the Master offers advice of a balancing nature. This is very evident in His instructions to BSD.

9.                  BSD’s usual approach is intellection, pranayama and a potent longing for spiritual fulfillment (the latter of which is seen, in some ways, as an obstacle).

10.              But DK invites him toward the “honour” of being.  Why is it an honour to be enjoined to “be”? Does it represent a certain stage of attainment, or a certain stage of eldership? It certainly represents a release from many preoccupations. Perhaps, as one approaches being, one can learn something of the spirit aspect. In some ways, Master DK is signaling BSD’s degree of attainment by inviting him to be.

I am here for a cycle to teach you to the best of my ability and I prepare those who respond for the service of the next life cycle. Ask of me, therefore, questions if you understand not the above injunctions and I will answer. You will find this line of more quiescent activity hard at first, for well-organised is your mind and life but, until May, simply live and stand in spiritual Being and love all beings. Later I will outline for you that training and that breathing exercise which seems to me to be for you the way. Understand that an interlude is being given to you wherein you cease from the active exercises of more than thirty years of aspiration and endeavour, so that a calmness of rhythm may be achieved. Later, upon that accumulated knowledge of years, a fresh structure of knowledge may be erected and a new and higher rhythm be imposed. The brain cells need rest, for a certain amount of mental fatigue exists.

1.                  We see that patience may be a problem for BSD. DK looks realistically toward the “next life cycle”, trying to release BSD from any sense of rush or hurry (with which he is initially inclined to respond).

2.                  DK’s whole work with these chelas was something of a rehearsal for a more serious (and fruitful) attempt in later years (i.e., in future incarnational cycles). Even at this early stage, He seems to be saying so.

3.                  DK notes that BSD’s mind and life are well organized. We do not note any seventh ray in the equipment. Perhaps the seventh ray was a legacy ray. Or, perhaps, there was an astrological sign which conferred order.

4.                  The Master recommends simply living  (i.e., proceeding in relation to the first or life aspect; standing in spiritual Being, also relating to the first aspect; and loving all beings — obviously, an injunction relating to the second aspect). The third aspect, of which there is an apparent sufficiency, is not recommended.

5.                  BSD may have developed some facility with breathing exercises, but they are not serving at the moment. A different type of more suitable breathing exercise will be suggested in the future.

6.                  Through His advice, DK is preparing for His disciple an interlude. We learn that the disciple has been following active exercises for more than thirty years. This means that his efforts in this respect began no later than 1901.

7.                  Given all the emphasis upon “practice” and “exercises” we may imagine that Virgo may have been prominent in this chart. This sign could also account for BSD’s developed sense of organization.

8.                  DK acknowledges the “accumulated knowledge of years” but is ordering a fresh approach preceded by rest. New knowledge and a new rhythm are to come, though after the results of the relentless sixth ray aspiration and the constant activity of the third ray have been balanced by a different kind of emphasis.

9.                  The last sentence is interesting: “The brain cells need rest, for a certain amount of mental fatigue exists”. The Master speaks of both mind and brain. The fatigue is mental, and this may have resulted also in brain-fatigue, for the brain cells also need a rest. It is clear from what has been previously said that DK has prescribed a course of action which will give the mind a rest.

June 1933

You have acceded to my request, my brother, and I believe see now the reason for my method of training you. The love aspect of your soul has been released somewhat, though some of the inner fret for the outward achievement still remains and hinders you on the way of realisation. One thing I would remind you and this perhaps will answer some of your questions. I view the achievement of my group of disciples from the point of the average of the group effect and not so much from the success or the non-success of its units. That result and success must, also, demonstrate sequentially as it comes into manifestation. The first sphere of focus was on mental levels. There you are unable to judge for yourself of its success or non-success, for you have not, as yet, developed mental vision. I tell you that the group already exists as a working factor on those levels and that [Page 107] perhaps is much. Its note is sounding and its influence is being organised. It will in the next few years organise itself also on astral levels, on the emotional plane, and you must bear in mind that here all forms are in danger of succumbing to the Great Illusion. These years will, therefore, be critical in the group life and this must be borne carefully in mind. No one in the group must permit himself to be glamoured.

1.                  About a year and a half have passed since the first instruction. The disciple BSD has done as his Master suggested.

2.                  DK sought to release soul love in BSD’s nature and, to an extent, it has occurred.

3.                  Inner fret still remains and is the result of the sixth ray (implicating as well, Mars and possibly Aries). Because his life is focussed primarily on the third and sixth rays, BSD is eager for outer evidence of progress. He is chaffing for outer confirmation. Looking for results is typical of those upon the third ray.

4.                  DK shares His manner of group assessment: it is based upon “the average of the group effect”. The individual units, of course, are of some importance as they contribute to the success or non-success of the whole. In time all individuals also will achieve.

5.                  A group is organized on several levels — mental, emotional and etheric-physical.

6.                  The Master, possessed of mental vision, can see what his disciples cannot. Herein lies the wisdom of trusting His judgment.

7.                  Just as in the magical process, precipitation occurs from the mind to the emotions and, thence, to the etheric-physical levels.

8.                  It seems to take a few years for the group to organize itself on any level. The mental phase appears to have been the fastest. It appears that the emotional organization will be slower.

9.                  Over and again DK warns of the danger of glamor (which, in this context, he calls the “Great Illusion”).

10.              BSD and all are told that “no one in the group must permit himself to be glamored”. How is this to be prevented? By a certain self-watchfulness which is alert to undue emotional reactivity, and the over and under emphasis which indicate distortion. As well, the Master will alert the chela to the onset of glamor, and His words must be heeded.

All this you are sensing, my brother, and this should indicate to you your progress in subjective sensitivity. Later, a group relationship will be established and a group accomplishment stabilised which will warrant attention from the world of men. Waste not time in anxiety as to the phenomenal achievement. That must inevitably come if the fiery aspiration of each of you and the power to persist is steadfastly nurtured.

1.                  In BSD, DK is dealing with a strongly mental disciple.

2.                  One objective for BSD is to increase his subjective sensitivity. The Master remarks that such sensitivity is, indeed, increasing.

3.                  The group effort will eventually precipitate upon the physical plane and the world of men will take notice if all has been done correctly.

4.                  Again we find DK referencing BSD’s anxieties with respect to “phenomenal achievement”. Its appearance is inevitable if the group members maintain their fiery aspiration and persistence.

5.                  We see that the Master has been explaining a natural and sequential process of magical precipitation according to law. This type of explanation is of value for a disciple like BSD who feels a sense of urgency about manifest spiritual accomplishment.

You can now resume more active meditation and a breathing exercise which I will give to you. In your meditation seek to keep the whole process in the head and remember that for you the problem is to become an “extrovert of the heart type” instead of being, as you are, an “introvert of the head type.” Therefore, for you the way of release is the way of Love and the note of love should colour all your meditation. Proceed therefore carefully to follow all instructions, remembering that, for you, I seek to avoid all emphasis on the form side. The subject of your meditation could be summed up in the following phrases:

1.                  The effects of fatigue have abated and DK can again assign more active meditation and an appropriate breathing exercise. Such breathing exercises are not usually given exoterically in the books.

2.                  Occult meditation takes place largely in the head. DK has specific reasons for asking that BSD maintain his focus there. There are certain centers there to be awakened. Later the Tibetan becomes even more specific about that.

3.                  The Tibetan envisions a transformation for BSD — really a kind of reversal. Instead of being an introvert of the head type as he now is, he is to become an extrovert of the heart type. The outgoing energies of Jupiter may be required.

4.                  Again, it is love that the Tibetan seeks to evoke in BSD. Will this mean that his personality in the next incarnation is to be on the second ray? Does this insistence somehow suggest a second ray monad? We remember that those working with DK are likely to have either the soul or monad upon the second ray. There has been, thus far, no obvious hint as to the monadic ray as there was in the case of two first ray disciples, JWK-P and BSW.

5.                  Emphasis upon the form side is ever a danger for BSD, given his strong third ray and the literalizing tendency of the sixth ray (accompanied by the fifth ray). It may be that Saturn (Lord of Form and distributor of the third ray) is of consequence in his astrological chart.

“I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument for love until I know myself to be Love itself. I am that Love. With pure intent I serve. This love and zeal in me must feed the aspiration of my fellowmen. To this — in knowledge full — I pledge myself.”

Your gift to this group of co-disciples is that fiery, dynamic, zealous aspiration which is the spiritual quality of the sixth ray, which governs your personality.

1.                  The mantram, seemingly from the Old Commentary, sounds the note of love. BSD, despite his ray structure, is to tread the “Path of Love” and become a “channel for compassion and an instrument of love”. In short, he is to identify with Love.

2.                  Really, the mantram blends an emphasis upon the second and sixth rays, with which BSD is equipped. The word “zeal” always implicates the sixth ray.

3.                  BSD is already equipped to fulfill some of the mantram’s requirements for he has a powerful aspiration which can help feed the aspiration of his fellowmen.

4.                  The mantram is really a kind of pledge. Certainly, BSD is already a pledged disciple, for later he is welcomed as an accepted disciple. DK wants him to be conscious and deliberate about the process of aligning with love and expressing it. The note of purity is also sounding in this mantram.

5.                  DK speaks of BSD’s gift to the group — a “fiery, dynamic, zealous aspiration”. We can be quite confident that BSD is possessed of one or more fire signs. The possibility of Aries was already suggested. This description suggests the possibility of Sagittarius as well.

6.                  Thus far, astrologically, we see the possibility of a strong Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius. Virgo and Sagittarius are two sixth ray signs, and Aries is ruled by sixth ray Mars.

7.                  The sixth ray has a number of qualities, spiritual and not so spiritual. The qualities here listed are called the “spiritual qualities of the sixth ray”. The Martian side of the sixth ray is emphasized.

June 1934


It is a year since I gave you any definite instructions and the time has now come when certain changes can be made. The [Page 108] progress towards heart development has proceeded well and the heart centre is more alive than heretofore. You are awakening to the consciousness of your brothers’ reactions and can more readily identify yourself with them. Do you not see, my brother, how earlier you lived so much in the consciousness which is focussed in the mind that your brother’s problems were to you more important than he himself? Do you not now realise that your mental ability to grasp his situation interested you more than his troubled soul? Do you not also realise that your deep desire to find the Master and to have with Him a definite contact has its basis in an intellectual doubt? The satisfaction of your mental longing to verify the existence of the Masters and to ascertain your own position upon the ladder of evolution was — in those days — stronger than your love of humanity and of service. This condition is now largely remedied and any thinking along the old lines is more in the nature of a relapse of thought than a step backward on the path of progress.

1.                  DK is careful about suggesting changes of form for BSD. It seems that set forms have preoccupied him for many years.

2.                  DK has been trying to assist with the opening of BSD’s heart center and the proposed methods are succeeding. Now the Master is in a position to contrast BSD’s present attitude with his excessively mental attitude of former years. We remember that, thus far, DK has said nothing to BSD about being a third ray soul.

3.                  DK points out the somewhat ‘heartless’ mental approach which previously animated BSD. He was more interested in his brother problems than his brother. He enjoyed his mental ability to grasp the situation of his brother and this was of more interest to him than his brother’s troubled soul.

4.                  Also, he had mental doubts, as is often the case with the fifth ray mind. His doubts concerned whether the Master’s really existed. Such doubts prompted a mental longing to verify the existence of the Masters.

5.                  BSD’s attempt for long has been an actual contact with the Master and the ascertainment of his place upon the ladder of evolution. These motivations (prompted by the sixth ray) were then stronger than his love for humanity and his love of service. Now this condition is largely remedied.

6.                  It is frequently said to those upon the sixth ray: “love more your fellowmen”.

7.                  If there was a degree of skepticism in BSD’s approach, it could be related to the material aspect of the sign Virgo, ruled by mental Mercury.

8.                  We can judge that, thus far, DK’s work with BSD has been successful and has established a new orientation and a new rhythm. The very strong combination of third and sixth rays has been balanced by an increase of the second.

9.                  There may be an important reason why DK has not yet offered BSD an assessment of his rays. The Master seeks first to see certain developmental trends towards love successfully established before running the risk that BSD will be biased towards the third ray by considering the Master’s assessment of his chart.

All growth is cyclic and one progresses from step to step in spiral fashion and this ever involves a retracing (apparently) of one’s steps. This is, however, an illusion.

I wish today to give you a breathing exercise which will blend and fuse the energies of the centres above the diaphragm. No thought of the centres below the diaphragm need enter your mind. In order, brother of old, that I may know that you understand this work and in order that your brothers in my group may profit from your experience, I would ask you to write a paper upon this triple breathing exercise…. I wish you to explain the purpose and the intent of this exercise and note its effect upon the animation of your vital and psychic bodies….

1.                  DK has spoken of small moments of relapse in BSD’s case but not of a “step backwards upon the path of progress”.

2.                  From the very first instruction we have seen that BSD was not functioning with due observance of cycles. DK explains spiral cyclic motion and how it involves an apparent retracing of steps. But the retracing is always done on a higher turn of the spiral and, so, is not a literal retracing at all. If retracing seems to be mere repetition, it is an illusion.

3.                  We can see that BSD is in a hurry to grow and advance. DK has constantly to moderate these fiery tendencies related to the sixth ray.

4.                  The Master is interested in integrating BSD’s energy system, especially the centers above the diaphragm. BSD’s ability with breathing exercises will thus, again, be called into use, but the exercise given will be far more appropriate for him than any he could have utilized before working with the Tibetan.

5.                  In calling him “brother of old”, the Tibetan gives the hint that He has known BSD for many lives.

6.                  The breathing exercise is specific to BSD and is deleted. DK is employing BSD’s mind profitably — both for his own sake and for the illumination of his group brothers.

7.                  We gather as we read BSD’s instructions that the Tibetan is seeking for him a more animated life, but not necessarily a more zealous or enthusiastic one. BSD has been such a mental type (as one would expect with so much third ray) that part of the counterbalancing proposed by DK will involve the animation of his vital and psychic bodies.

8.                  Again, there is another deletion from the instruction.

January 1935


I would have you note my form of address. I can now use it, because you yourself have reached a point — long desired in your experience — wherein you now know yourself to be on the Path of Accepted Discipleship. I could not earlier call you this as the outer recognition of the inner status (as well as of inner [Page 109] states of consciousness which is another name for the same thing) must come ever from within the disciple’s own nature; we, the teachers, are only permitted to put the seal of recognition upon the fact afterwards. You have for years worked actively upon the mental plane both with and in yourself and also with the many whose lives you are allowed to touch and whose guide upon the probationary path you are. Yet always there has been an ache and a longing for a more emotional and sensitive contact and for an increased heart activity. This you are now acquiring and as a result of the past two years’ work (for you only began to shift your focus at the close of 1932), you have begun to link up head and heart. When this is done through the activity of the will and when it expresses itself practically in service, then a man passes on to the Path of Discipleship. He can then find his way also into the group of one of the Great Ones, provided there is a vacancy. This has happened in your case and this you also know for yourself, and hence I can hail you as my accepted brother.

1.                  Another six months have passed and Master DK hails his disciple by a new form of address: “my accepted brother”.

2.                  What is interesting here is that BSD has recognized his own status as accepted disciple before being told by the Master. In fact the Master cannot tell him of this status until he recognizes it. This bears pondering.

3.                  We are told that the teacher can only “put the seal of recognition upon the fact afterwards”. First must come the disciple’s recognition.

4.                  We learn that BSD is a long time mental worker and has worked for many upon the probationary path. It would seem that he is some sort of teacher even though the second ray is not in his fivefold ray equipment. Perhaps, it is active in his sixfold equipment (including the monadic ray).

5.                  DK knows the ache in his chela’s heart for a more emotional and sensitive contact and an increased heart activity. That time is now arriving. It took about a year following the first instruction in November of 1931 before the desirable shift towards the heart began.

6.                  The linking of heart and head is now occurring, so the influence of Venus and/or Jupiter should be prominent in the astrological chart.

7.                  A description of how to enter the Path of Discipleship is given. Head and heart are to be linked through the activity of the will, and that will is to express itself in service. We see that the stage of “accepted discipleship” can only be entered from the Path of Discipleship, and, then, only if there is a vacancy in the Master’s group. This also bears pondering.

8.                  With this requirement (the activation of the head, heart and the will in service) is accomplished, the disciple may enter the group of one of the Great Ones. We note that DK did not say “Ashram” (though that may be implied). An “accepted disciple” stands upon the periphery of the Ashram of the accepting Master. At least BSD is in the outer group of one of the Masters (although DK did not yet reveal Himself to BSD, or to the other disciples, as a Master). Still from His statements here, His status of Master can be inferred, for only a Master can accept a disciple as an accepted disciple (unless we are dealing with some of the scientific and mental Ashrams which may be organized upon the higher mental plane by an initiate of the fourth degree).

9.                  We note that it is not a foregone conclusion that even a disciple capable of being an accepted disciple will necessarily find his way into the group of one of the Masters. There has to be a vacancy in such a group. It appears that such a vacancy existed, and thus BSD gained entry into the Master’s group as an “accepted disciple”.

10.              We note that Master DK “hails” him as an accepted disciple. This hailing is like a seal of affirmation. It is a form of occult recognition.

11.              DK again emphasizes that something has happened in BSD’s consciousness which allows him to know for himself his stage of acceptance. The Master knows when this recognition has dawned upon His chela and is then permitted to acknowledge it by hailing His disciple as that which the disciple knows himself to be.

I seek to make a change in your breathing exercise and also in your meditation work and I would ask you in connection with both these to keep a register of results and, at the close of six months, note the general average of the results, any phenomenal effects and any growth in consciousness which you feel can be definitely traced to these exercises. These effects should be looked for, in your case, in the psychic consciousness. It is in this department of your being that there is a measure of arrested growth. The mental tension for thirty years has been such that the free play of the psychic forces has been inhibited.

1.                  We judge that breathing exercises are important for BSD and the Master gives considerable attention to them. With others He does not focus so much upon such exercises.

2.                  Mercury is important, we have gathered, in BSD’s astrological chart. Will Gemini, associated with the breath also be important?

3.                  The Master is calling for close observation of the results of the exercises assigned. BSD’s fifth ray mind will help him keep an accurate record.

4.                  DK continues with work intended to bring balance to BSD’s life. Psychic development is needed because of the extreme mental tension under which BSD has labored for some thirty years. Again the combination of rays three, five and six can account for this mental tension.

5.                  Since the psychic (emotional) forces have been inhibited in BSD’s case, we may judge that the more psychic signs (perhaps the water signs) are not so prominent in his case. Perhaps the receptivity of the Moon is also challenged.

6.                  All disciples are subject to the process of “rounding out”. Very often we notice Master DK contributing to this process by suggesting meditations, thoughts and activities which bring a most needed balance to the condition in which He finds His chelas.

You are of an age and a mental stability that will make it safe and beneficial if you seek — under my supervision — for a measure of psychic unfoldment. But along that line we will proceed slowly, my brother; for the next six months we will simply follow the method of a general psychic “washing” or purging by the means of the seven dynamic or electric breaths (anent which I will instruct you) sent forth by an act of the will. These will sweep through your whole being and produce a general stimulation that will eventuate in a more general sensitivity. Note, therefore, your response to that inner consciousness [Page 110] and, during the coming half year, keep a most careful spiritual diary, noting every psychic happening, recording each time you may tune in telepathically on the need or with the thought of those around you, putting down every seeming extension of the ordinary sense consciousness and writing down even those things which seem to you speculative and of no real moment. Discriminative recognition is for you the immediate goal. Reveal yourself to yourself on paper, not as regards your longings and aspirations but as regards your growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in more consciously with the consciousness of your group brothers. Your diary will interest others and be the guarantee to you of your own development.

1.                  Psychic development is not usually a path proposed by the Master. BSD’s rays, maturity and mental experience make the suggestion of this path advisable. Physical age does seem to play a role in psychic development. Perhaps at a mature age the disciple is less likely to be carried away by that which may arise during such a training process.

2.                  Psychic unfoldment, however, is always a risky business, so the Master’s supervision is needed.

3.                  Preparation will be slow and part of this preparation will be a “general psychic ‘washing’ or purging by means of seven dynamic or electric breaths…sent forth by an act of the will”. If there is to be involvement with psychic phenomena, the mechanism of reception must be clean.

4.                  DK is asking His chela to approach this new curriculum as a scientist would, keenly observing all extensions of the ordinary sense consciousness. The ‘censor’ is not to reject any possible impression.

5.                  The main discrimination is to be between the ordinary and the unusual. Later the relative value of those things which seemed unusual can be assessed.

6.                  BSD is to experiment with new modes of “tuning in” — on his brothers and on the need and thoughts of those around him.

7.                  The work is not to be along the sixth ray line, to which he has such a facile response. Rather, the second ray (the ray of the “true psychic”) is to be involved, for it is “sensitivity” which is to be developed and not “longings and aspirations”.

8.                  From the first we have seen DK inculcating in BSD the presence of the second ray.

9.                  BSD, we remember, doubts. The spiritual diary and the evidence it will afford will be to him a guarantee of his own development. The evidence will convince him and he will move forward with greater assurance.

You have made real progress, brother of mine, but have only, however, broken ground. For the remainder of your life prepare for the future. Work at the development of a greater psychic response to life itself and to that inner awareness which will make you react to need from the angle of a rounded out equipment; it will be of a psychical nature which can identify itself with the reactions of others and a mental stability which will enable you to work as a soul. Thus you will learn to avail yourself of the knowledge, gained psychically, and to serve with increased effectiveness.

Later, I will (if you progress in sensitivity) train you in the art of psychometry, but the time is not yet.

That the light of your soul and the light emanating from the Master’s group may flood your heart and energise your life is the thought which lies in my heart for you.

1.                  The training offered to BSD is unusual; but so is his ray structure when compared to that of his brothers.

2.                  The Tibetan encourages His chela, but reminds that real progress has just begun. The future is to be more sensitive and for this BSD is in preparation.

3.                  As stated, DK is assisting in the rounding out of His chela. Reaction to need must arise from a rounded out equipment, and not rather mentally and, thus, one-sidedly as in the past.

4.                  The two inner goals are, first, a psychic development which will allow BSD to identify himself with the reactions of others.

5.                  In the midst of his growing sensitivity, BSD will have that mental stability which will allow him to work as a soul. Ray five already contributes to his mental stability. It is largely achieved.

6.                  BSD’s acquisition of knowledge may, thus far, have been predominantly academic rather than experiential. DK points to a future in which BSD will have access to knowledge gained psychically and will be able to use such knowledge in service.

7.                  A hint is given in DK’s suggestion that He will (in the future) train BSD in psychometry. Psychometry relates to the fourth subplane of the astral plane and the sixth subplane of the mental plane. It is an extension of the sense of touch and is related, thus, to the “soft line” energies, though it is usually used in relation to matter and form — determining the soul within matter and form.

8.                  The Master blesses His chela with light — from the Master’s group. That light is to flood BSD’s heart and energize his life. It is apparent that Master DK is stimulating BSD from His own heart center for He holds in His heart a thought for BSD.

9.                  The type of knowledge which BSD had been pursuing was one-sided. The psychic faculties were suppressed and under-developed. To continue acquiring knowledge in the old way was a prescription for failure. Master DK is opening His chela, therefore, to new forms of knowledge — to be self-derived.

June 1935


I seek today to make a somewhat careful analysis of the condition of your psychic centres — from the solar plexus upwards. You are passing through a dual process of psychic detachment and, at the same time, of psychic unfoldment. You need to remember that the phases of detachment are many and varied. Some of them imply a detachment from the world of outer sensuous attachment or they may imply (as in your own case) a temporary and relative detachment from the world of intellectual contacts. This is a detachment based on an inner [Page 111] attitude and not on any outer condition or state of affairs. This is taking place in order to round out and enrich your psychic and emotional life. There is a real danger to the earnest student in the widespread attitude of mind which regards the world of the emotions and of sensitive response to subtle psychic phenomena as necessarily retrogressive in effect. It can (and often does) mark a pathway fraught with psychic disaster. At the same time, it can indicate a newly awakening response and sensitive awareness to other aspects of the divine life which are — in their place and rightful use — as divine and as needed and as expressive of divinity as any of the aspirational objectives of the devotee.

1.                  The Master is training BSD is sensitivity and psychic development.

2.                  BSD’s strong mentality, with his fifth ray mind, allows DK to approach the subject is an analytical manner. This is the only place in all the books in which a close analysis is made of the various chakras in terms of the percentage of their opening.

3.                  If we read carefully, we will see that the Tibetan is making an analysis of BSD’s psychic centers. This could mean the chakras in the astral or psychic body and not the chakras found in the etheric body. For more on these astral centers, read Esoteric Healing p. 51.

4.                  The dual process which BSD is passing through is interesting. It is one of both psychic detachment and psychic unfoldment. We might say that the only really safe way to pursue psychic unfoldment is from a position of psychic detachment. Certainly BSD has rays which at once promote psychic detachment and, potentially, psychic engagement (the sixth ray).

5.                  DK makes a very good point about the nature of detachment; it certainly is not always detachment from the world of the senses or the world of sentient response. In BSD’s case, because of his over-emphasis on the mind, it is detachment from the “world of intellectual contacts”, however temporary or relative that detachment might be. This detachment is based upon an “inner attitude”. Some detachments, we realize, seem to be forced by circumstance and are very noticeable in the outer world of daily affairs. The detachment through which BSD is passing is much more subtle.

6.                  DK specifies the inner nature of the detachment and its purpose — the rounding out and enriching of BSD’s psychic and emotional life.

7.                  There is an interlude in the lives of disciples (perhaps prior to the second initiation) when the balancing of the forces must occur. This interlude may be ruled by Libra, as all interludes are. It is not safe to add too much spiritual energy to a human energy system if it is a state of imbalance (as was the case for BSD and for some of the other disciples in DK’s groups).

8.                  It becomes clear that BSD has, during his career as a student and teacher of spirituality, repudiated the astral or psychic world. DK points out the possible danger (“a real danger”) in this kind of attitude, for it may close certain doors to necessary inner experience.

9.                  Involvement with the psychic world can lead to disaster. Of this possibility, some intellectually inclined esotericists are perhaps too aware.

10.              New aspects of sensitive awareness can awaken if the doors to the psychic worlds are not kept fast closed. All areas of the divine demonstration have their uses and purposes. The Master is trying to widen BSD’s point of view in this respect. The strong sixth ray can, at times, incline to narrowness or, at least, over-focussing.

11.              Under the Master’s tuition, “other areas of the divine life” are now coming into BSD’s sensitive recognition.

12.              DK has other chelas, however, so vulnerable to the psychic life that He could not speak to them in this way nor suggest a path of widening psychic unfoldment.

The psychic life of a disciple is a definite part of his spiritual expression. It is only when it is uncontrolled, over-emphasised and overestimated that it is undesirable. It is a hindrance when it is misused or regarded as a substitute for other forms of divine expression. Then it produces that which is undesirable and immerses the disciple in the world of glamour and illusion. The psychic powers are valuable aids to service when rightly developed and sanely used; they can be unfolded safely by the man who is mentally polarised and rightly oriented towards service.

1.                  DK speaks for the value of the psychic life in discipleship training. It is a part of the disciple’s spiritual training.

2.                  Its reputation for undesirability comes from the fact that it is frequently “uncontrolled, over-emphasised and overestimated”. To these faults BSD is not likely to succumb. But we do remember the case of BSW (who was also a worker on the mental plane) and he did succumb.

3.                  As long as the psychic life is kept in balance and proportion with other aspects of the energy system its testimony can be of value. If misused or substituted for higher contacts, it immerses the unwary in the world of glamor and illusion.

4.                  DK is undertaking the unfoldment of these powers with BSD and thinks that it is both safe and wise to do so. This unfoldment can only be safely undertaken if the disciple is “mentally polarised and rightly oriented towards service”. From BSD’s ray structure, we can see that mental polarisation would not be difficult for him. He has, in fact, led a life with a strong intellectual emphasis.

5.                  True mental polarisation, however, occurs midway between the second and third initiations, so it must be established if BSD’s spiritual development is at that level or whether the Tibetan is speaking of mental polarisation more generally as, for instance, mental emphasis.

6.                  In any case, BSD has had at least thirty years of mental emphasis in the field of spirituality and, also, has been long and actively engaged in service. The process of psychic unfoldment is, therefore, deemed for him a safe undertaking.

You are no doubt surprised that you are the first that I have chosen out of this particular group of disciples to be prepared for psychic work. My reason is that under your outer reserve and your strong mental polarisation there exists a powerful psychic body at a relatively high state of development. This you have never used in this life but it was brought to its present stage of unfoldment in earlier lives. So strong have been your psychic tendencies that your soul chose in this life to balance and round out your personality by placing the emphasis upon the mind aspect. It was, however, your past psychic links which led you into the organisation whose work you have aided for some years — an organisation whose work is predominantly carried out on psychic and astral levels. This should be proof to you of the accuracy of my diagnosis.

1.                  DK continues in the analytical mode and reveals a surprising assessment.

2.                  BSD, we are told, has “outer reserve” and a “strong mental polarisation”. Astrologically we will search for the prominence of Saturn, the planet of reserve, or of a sign associated with it, Capricorn.

3.                  The astrological chart of a given incarnation cannot fully indicate former conditions (although the Moon, and the Moon’s Nodes can be partial indicators). We are far more than we appear to be or than our present astrological configurations can explain.

4.                  This appears to be so in the case of BSD who developed a powerful psychic body in former incarnations. Perhaps, he did not suspect this to be true of himself, but Master DK has detected this condition and it has guided His choice in making BSD the first of his group-of-nine to be trained for psychic development.

5.                  There is, then, a similarity between BWS (17-467) and BSD (36-563), for both developed the psychic approach in earlier incarnations. It appears that BSW, however, continued to use his psychic/astral tendencies during the present incarnation, and BSD has not.

6.                  Apparently BSD’s psychic tendencies in the past were very strong. His soul, therefore, chose a mental emphasis for the present incarnation in order to balance and round out his personality. While the soul would not be changing its ray focus, it could choose a mental ray (the fifth) and a brain type (the third) which would induce towards mental polarization.

7.                  The soul/Solar Angel can also choose an astrological chart which will incline towards mentality rather than towards psychic sensitivity. In attempting to construct an astrological chart for BSD (should we fail to locate his birth data) this would have to be borne in mind.

8.                  Another reference to BSD’s service work appears. Earlier we learned something of his service through the sentence, “the many whose lives you are allowed to touch and whose guide upon the probationary path you are”. BSD is connected with a certain unspecified organization in which he serves the function of guide to those upon the probationary path. In this way he touches many lives. The work of the organization is primarily carried out on psychic or astral level. Such an organization as the Theosophical Society comes to mind (for the Tibetan has commented on the great number of devotees which were associated with that organization), but there is no immediate way to conform that this is correct. It could also be an organization related to the teaching and dissemination of yoga, for breathing exercises were a very prominent part of BSD’s spiritual approach, but such exercises would also be important in the TS.

9.                  The Master continues to speak to BSD in fifth ray terms: “proof” and “accuracy”. We remember that for someone of BSD’s ray type, mental verification is important.

10.              From this paragraph we learn that we must not judge by appearances. The one who appears to exert certain qualities in a prominent, seemingly unbalanced manner, may be balancing formerly established qualities which are quite opposed to those which appear. The soul hold the key to the balance, and the ray chart and horoscope of the present incarnation may be chosen as ‘balancing patterns’

Psychic unfoldment, when not originating in the solar plexus must be brought about by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centres by the spiritual man, [Page 112] seated in the head. The ajna centre is, in your case, very little awakened. It is quiescent and revolving slowly. The pituitary body is, therefore, somewhat subnormal. The solar plexus centre is awakened but you have paid little attention to it as a means of contact and only during the past two years have you begun to bring it into submission to the head centre and this through the cultivation of compassion. The throat centre is lethargic in its movement but could be easily aroused into activity and the heart centre is rapidly awakening. Therefore, brother of old, we have the following situation to consider; this I will try to picture to you in a tabulation:

1.                  DK suggests a higher approach to psychic unfoldment that that which originates solely in the solar plexus. The ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centres are all involved. The spiritual man must be in control of these centers.

2.                  The following analysis is most interesting and reveals a balance to be achieved — especially in relation to the ajna center which is the least awakened. The ajna center, we realize, is involved in the higher psychism. It is also the center which must be brought into strong functioning at the third initiation (for which BSD, apparently, is not a candidate at this time).

3.                  A correspondence to the relatively unawakened ajna center is a pituitary body of subnormal development. The close correspondence between the development of a chakra and its correlated gland is called clearly to our attention.

4.                  The most awakened center has been the solar plexus, but it has not been used extensively in the present incarnation and only under DK’s recent guidance is coming into renewed usefulness in relation to the head center (and presumably the heart center).

5.                  DK says something interesting about compassion. BSD has brought the solar plexus into submission to the head center through the cultivation of compassion. Compassion is also related to the rapidly awakening heart center. Something of the will-to-good must be operative, preventing selfish desire (for spiritual attainment) from exerting the emphasis it did in earlier years. Through the agency of an unfolding love, will is regulating desire.

6.                  The heart center is 50% awakened at the time of the assessment. This probably represents an increase of the degree of its awakening when DK first contacted BSD.

7.                  The throat center is quite awakened but, according to DK, “lethargic”. Certain astrological signs usually correlated with an active throat center, and perhaps such signs are not found prominently in BSD’s chart. One such sign would be Gemini.

The Head Centre . . . . . . . . 40% awakened

The Ajna Centre . . . . . . . .  15% awakened

The Throat Centre . . . . . . .  60% awakened

The Heart Centre . . . . . . . . 50% awakened

The Solar Plexus Centre . . . 75% awakened

1.                  The Tibetan could make a similar analysis for each of us and it would reveal the rounding out through which we should pass. It would probably also reveal our stage of evolutionary development.

2.                  We could attempt our own assessment subjectively, but could not do so with any certainty of accuracy. Yet, some sense of the relative balance might emerge.

3.                  As well, do we think that in our life our present ray structure or astrological chart may be compensatory for earlier energy conditions which needed to be balanced?

4.                  If we are under supervision by members of the Master’s Ashram, such charts probably already exist for us. To the extent that we are aware of our imbalances and attempt to remedy them, we will contribute to an alteration of the chart towards numbers which reflect a more rounded out condition. We do not yet need to know the details. We have but to sense imbalances in our nature and do something about them.

You see, therefore, that for the present the ajna centre is the one which should receive immediate attention. Our problem is to awaken it and set its two major activities into motion. These are, in your case:

1. Its power to project thoughtforms.

2. Its capacity to act as an organ of clairvoyance.

1.                  Attention is to be given to the least developed center. It only makes sense.

2.                  DK describes two major activities of the ajna center: a) the power to project thoughtforms and b) the capacity of the ajna center to act as an organ of clairvoyance.

3.                  The first of these activities correlates generally to the first ray and the second to the second sensitive second ray.

I will ask you to do the following breathing exercise every day prior to doing your meditation work…. You can do this exercise twice a day but no more because it is very powerful. It will soon bring into greater vibratory activity the quiescent ajna centre. Should headache or tension supervene, stop the work for a day or two and then resume. Preserve ever the attitude of the onlooker and watch not for results. They will be there but at first only I will be in a position to note them.

1.                  This breathing exercise was wisely deleted as it is very powerful and as the ajna center and pituitary body have no corresponding organ in the body which can receive any excess of generated energy.

2.                  The Master is cautious with His disciple. We can see why a program of psychic unfoldment should not be unguided. It must be supervised by one who knows the methods thoroughly and the dangers as well.

3.                  Pain is a great monitor. Disciples must learn not to push any developmental process too far.

4.                  In this case, BSD is not to look for results. Elsewhere he was told to keep a spiritual diary in which careful note was to be made of any arising phenomena.

5.                  This ajna development, however, is a subtle matter and only the Master can assess what is really happening.

6.                  Occult obedience is needed and a simple willingness to follow instructions.

7.                  We learn that the Master knows the techniques for awakening any center to fuller activity. Such awakening is normally best left to a natural unfoldment over time. In the case of disciples in training, however, special techniques may be given to promote more rapid unfoldment. There is always some danger in this, but the danger is much reduced if a Master is supervising the process as in this case.

My brother, the next two years hold in them for you much of inner testing and the achievement of the subtle sensitivity to the voice of the Teacher which will enable you to work with greater ease on the subjective side of life. I have proved your sincerity of purpose and for many years you have diligently set your face towards the light. But, brother of old, you have walked the Path with rigidity and not with that supple ease [Page 113] which negates fatigue and which is the hallmark of the trained athlete — for that is what the disciple should be. You have seen the need to serve and have realised the field of service which is for you the rightful place of effort, but you have rendered that service in set and crystallised fashion and have been too often unduly objective and not sufficiently moved by opportunity. You have served from a rigid sense of duty but you must now learn to serve with the loving spontaneity which carries all before it. The fluidity of the true disciple must be your goal and that out-going spirit which produces the magnetic server. Your magnetism and your radiation need enhancing; that will take place as you transit out of the effort to unfold and to manifest divinity into that more advanced condition which is expressed by the words to “stand in spiritual Being.” There may also come into your life (as it does into the life of all true servers) an interlude or cycle of experience which may temporarily negate your present cycle of influence but this should only be preparatory to a greater power in service.

1.                  If inner testing is to be experienced, the activity of Saturn should be noted. Perhaps Neptune is also involved in the “subtle sensitivity to the voice of the Teacher”.

2.                  BSD has “sincerity of purpose” and it has been tested by DK. This quality is strongly correlated to the sixth ray as is facing towards the light. Sagittarius, again, may be suggested in this one pointed orientation.

3.                  DK becomes direct. BSD has “walked the Path with rigidity”. The sixth ray (with its tendency towards rapid crystallization) again is implicated. Also, there is much crystallization in Capricorn (correlating also with the previously mentioned “outer reserve”).

4.                  DK uses the analogy of the athlete: “that is what a disciple should be”. BSD’s rigid approach to the Path has resulted in fatigue. From the very first letter he received from DK, we saw that this was the case.

5.                  A hint is given to all of us; in what manner are we ‘walking the Path’? In what respects, in the pursuit of our spiritual objectives, are we like a “trained athlete”?

6.                  The third ray, per se, does not contribute to rigidity, but the combination of the sixth and fifth can.

7.                  BSD has found his proper sphere of service, but has rendered that service “in a set and crystallised fashion”. The sixth ray must account for this. One would also expect to see some misuse of the seventh ray when crystallization occurs, but it is not in her present energy system. As stated, Saturn and Capricorn seem implicated.

8.                  BSD’s undue objectivity is the result of his fifth ray mind, which also contributes to his non-spontaneous approach (for he has not been able to respond readily to opportunity).

9.                  BSD’s “rigid sense of duty” is the result of his strong sixth ray. We have seen Master DK trying to move him into greater responsiveness to the second ray which would bring that “loving spontaneity which carries all before it”. The desirability of a transition from six to two is very clear.

10.              Fluidity, an out-going spirit and magnetism — these are the desirable states which must develop. DK seeks to promote BSD’s magnetism and radiation. He says something very interesting in this regard, and it refers to BSD’s ‘Developmental Formula’. BSD has been preoccupied with the “effort to unfold and to manifest divinity”. DK calls him to a more “advanced” condition which is described by the words, “stand in spiritual Being”. Being we remember is the first and most important term in BSD’s Formula.

11.              We can understand, can we not, how the ability to “stand in spiritual Being” would enhance radiation and magnetism. The influx of spiritual energy would be much greater and, with an emphasis on being rather than doing, set (and, perhaps, rigid) forms of activity would not capture the out-flowing radiance nor neutralize the more rapidly extending magnetism resulting from the inflow of the life aspect.

12.              Strenuous effort and much doing (for “Stillness” is also a word in the Formula) will only take BSD so far. A more “advanced” approach is needed. We remember that the term “honour” is related to assuming this more advanced stance of being.

13.              DK seems to forewarn of an impending cycle which may temporarily negate BSD’s present mode of influence through service. DK assures him that this will be preparatory to “greater power in service”. In our life of service we have observed these cycles of ebb and flow, have we not?

As to your meditation, my brother, after you have finished the breathing exercise, proceed then to meditation, beginning your work at as high a point as possible. Choose for yourself a seed thought each month, keeping a record of those chosen…. Think deeply upon the embodied idea and carry your thoughts forward and onward and upward (choose whichever word conveys to you the deepest meaning) until you reach as abstract a point as you can achieve. When you can go no further and have entered the world of abstraction, then stay poised in thought and hold the mind steady in the light for as long a period as you can. Watch your thought processes as you do this and note anything new or especially intuitive which you may register during this time of waiting. Keep a strict record of the ideas which may come into your mind and note them down each day for your spiritual diary.

1.                  DK continues to advise the vigilant, attentive approach.

2.                  We find the Master promoting a high and abstract focussing. We realize that the fifth ray emphasizes the concrete mind, but that the third ray (with which BSD is amply endowed) can give facility with abstraction.

3.                  The method suggested is part of intuitive training. It is assumed that BSD can carry his deepening thought into the “world of abstraction”, but this will be only preparatory to a further influx of light.

4.                  Really, the Master is giving Him antahkarana work. He is to be alert to the “new” and “intuitive”.

5.                  The need for the “strict record” continues. The spiritual diary is to become a useful document to others and self-revelatory to BSD.

6.                  We note that BSD is to be alert to “ideas”, not just thoughts. Access to ideas is related to contact with the world of intuition on the buddhic plane.

In closing this instruction, brother of mine, will you remember that the lonely way is also the lighted way. Loneliness is an illusion which seeks to thwart the efforts of the server; it is a glamour which can seriously impair true vision. That you may walk the Way in peace and light and that power in service may be yours is the desire of my heart for you.

1.                  BSD, it seems, does not have many immediate outer plane contacts with people and, perhaps, has no partner. Though, from other references, he does seem to have material responsibilities (which he may not rightfully relinquish) toward certain people.

2.                  The Master is pointing out the advantages of BSD’s life conditions, for the apparent loneliness in which he lives will lead to an increase of light along the “lighted way”.

3.                  The glamorous or illusory nature of imagined loneliness is pointed out. BSD is advised to think of his aloneness in a new way so that his vision may not be impaired.

4.                  Loneliness is not real; imagination and a true vision of inner relationships can see beyond it. Giving in to the sense of loneliness may cut off the sense of inner contacts and thus impair inner vision of the inner relationships, which are, really, much more important than the outer ones.

5.                  The Master offers a heart-felt benediction in closing. The note of heart is necessary for BSD and continuously offered.

January 1936

I do not seek to change your work for the next six months, my fellow disciple. I outlined to you in June 1935 a full quota of meditation work. Your growth in understanding has been real, though the ajna centre has yet resisted effort. The main result has been an intensification of the heart centre’s activity, but this will eventually have a reflex action upon the ajna centre. Any of the centres which have allied closely with them certain of the major ductless glands and at the same time have no large organ (such as the heart or stomach) connected with them develop more slowly and are more carefully protected in the process than are the centres with a major physiological organ closely connected with them. For instance, the thymus gland is connected with the heart centre and the pancreas with the solar plexus centre. At the same time, the energy pouring through those centres can be deflected into certain large physical organisms — such as the heart and the stomach. These centres, therefore, when being developed or stimulated, carry far less physiological danger than those which are not so related. The ajna centre is related to the pituitary body but there is no large physical organism to carry off the energy contacted; the etheric web is, therefore, in this locality specially reinforced and the activity of the centre more slowly generated. This is interesting and reassuring. It is in hints such as the above that the real teaching is given.

1.                  Six months have passed since the previous instruction. There has been progress but the ajna center has not unfolded as rapidly as desired.

2.                  The heart center, however, has unfolded and it is related to the ajna center in such a way that the unfoldment of the heart will, reflexively, promote the unfoldment of the ajna.

3.                  DK offers some rather specific teaching on occult physiology. He explains why centers like the ajna, or perhaps the crown center would develop more slowly. They are more protected, since they have no large organ (such as the heart or stomach) connected with them (unless we consider the brain to be the large organ related to the pineal gland).

4.                  The ajna and pituitary gland have for BSD been the focus of intended development. DK explains that the pituitary body has “no large physical organism to carry off the energy contacted” and thus the etheric web in this area is “specially reinforced and the activity of the centre more slowly generated”.

5.                  This is very interesting teaching and is offered not only for BSD’s instruction, but for his encouragement.

6.                  Overstimulation can lead to abnormal development of the stimulated gland, and even to dire disease.

7.                  Since certain centers are closely related to other centers (such as the ajna center to the heart center), heart development will assist in carrying off some of the energy which should not remain focussed in the ajna center (when under intensified stimulation). We can see, then, one of the reasons why DK promoted BSD’s heart development along with his psychic development to be focussed in the ajna.

8.                  We can imagine that when a given center is singled out for development, collateral and related centers should be properly involved to help preserve the balance. Thus a given center, when active and when the consciousness is focussed upon it, may help protect another center to which focal simulation is being applied. The heart center, it seems, often assumes a balancing role, as it is the fourth or middle center.

So, my brother, go forward along the same lines, earlier indicated, until I give you your next instruction; study with care the hints given to you and to your co-disciples.

1.                  The instruction on this hint is for all the affiliated disciples, not only for BSD.

2.                  To study hints in the right way evokes the intuition.

June 1936

There are two thoughts in my heart in connection with you, my brother, and two practical matters which I have in my mind to say to you. I would have you note the careful wording of the above phrase because it has teaching value in it for all of you.

1.                  The Master is conveying a hint. He is contrasting “thoughts in my heart” with “practical matters”.

2.                  The quality of these two types of communications will be different. The practical matters to be taken up are focused in the Master’s mind. The thoughts He holds in His heart will be of a deeper nature and will touch on the disciple’s soul unfoldment.

Before I tell you what these two thoughts are, I want to give you a word of commendation, knowing that you desire it [Page 115] not and knowing also that you do most certainly seek always to act under the urge and the inspiration of your own soul. You work and conform to the requirements, not from any specific idea of pleasing me or even of producing further integration of yourself into the group of your co-disciples but from a sense of duty and of rightness of activity. Nevertheless, I seek to commend you for your quality of steadfastness — a steadfastness in which you persist in the face of much psychic disappointment, if I may call it so, and the fact that there appears to be little phenomenal response to your constant effort. You seek to keep your eyes off yourself and simply to do that which must be done and which you have been induced to believe is the way for you — as well as for all true disciples.

1.                  Words of commendation from the Master are not so frequent, perhaps, as words of ‘correction’ and suggested adjustment. We have seen from a number of examples that commendation from the Master is often followed by unexpectedly undesirable behavior from the chela.

2.                  In this case, the Master assesses that the chela does not desire such commendatory words and that his major guide in action is the urge and inspiration of his own soul; the Master’s encouragement may be helpful but the implication is that BSD’s attempt to act rightly would take place in any case.

3.                  Some disciples might seek to “please” the Master, just as some clients in psychotherapy seek to please their psychologist. Such a motive is not found in BSD, nor is he motivated by seeking to produce further integration of himself into the group of his co-disciples (though this would be a worthy motive). Rather he is motivated by a “sense of duty and of rightness of activity”. These two motives again suggest the strength of Saturn in his chart and, again, the possibility that either Capricorn or Virgo may be active.

4.                  The Master’s commendation is for the quality of “steadfastness” — a quality, we realize, which is associated with the right use of the sixth ray (not necessarily the third — though the third ray may give steadfastness in higher or philosophical studies).

5.                  In a way DK is acknowledging BSD’s inner disappointment (“psychic disappointment” He calls it). There has been little “phenomenal response” to his efforts to follow the Master’s instructions which were intended to lead to the awakening of psychic sensitivity. We remember BSD’s former tendency to focus on phenomenal results.

6.                  BSD is following instructions. He is keeping his eyes off himself (except as a willing observer of phenomena that might arise from the following of suggested methods for inducing psychic response), and is simply doing what has been suggested to him as correct. He now follows the way with detachment from results. We remember that one of the terms in BSD’s ‘Developmental Formula’ is “Detachment”. It can have several meanings and applications.

Years ago, my brother, you sought more eagerly for the good results of your activity. Now you are just as active but you are willing to leave the results unconsidered. This is well and very good. However, I tell you that there are results and perhaps they can begin to be clarified in your mind. Two results I can myself indicate to you and I choose these two with deliberation because they are related to me and to your work with me, your teacher and your friend. First, I have accepted you into my own group in the technical sense and you are now an accepted disciple (chela) in my group…. Secondly, I have told you and your brothers that I am in process of preparing you for initiation.

1.                  Year’s ago BSD’s very strong sixth ray was perhaps more active. It induced in him an eagerness “for the good results of your activity”.

2.                  He has made progress in discipleship, for right activity has remained (even improved), and motive has improved, but eagerness for results has subsided. The Master is attempting to build the inner man and the edifice He is seeking to see erected may be, at first, visible to Him alone. Much faith in the Master’s judgment is required of us and it should be a ‘reasoned-faith’.

3.                  For purposes of clarification, encouragement and in the interests of truth, DK indicates to BSD that there are indeed “results” arising from his labors.

4.                  The two results discussed by the Master have little to do with increased psychic sensitivity per se, but they are of great importance.

5.                  First, DK reminds BSD that He has accepted him into His group as an “accepted disciple”. More is said here which has been deleted.

6.                  Secondly, DK reaffirms that He is preparing BSD and his group brothers for initiation. We are reminded that one of DK’s special tasks is to work in connection to “aspirants for initiation”. (R&I 586)

I am reminding you of these two facts for the following reason: You must enter upon the next cycle of activity with set purpose, clear vision and unswerving attention to facts. You have ended one cycle of effort last month at the time of the Full Moon of May. You are entering now upon another cycle. I would have you keep this steadfastly in mind and go forward to freer service, greater understanding and clearer insight. You have laid a firm foundation.

1.                  DK is reaffirming these facts anent accepted discipleship and preparation for initiation for a specific purpose with regard to BSD. BSD is to enter upon a new cycle of activity and the Master seeks to see him fortified with “set purpose, clear vision and unswerving attention to facts”. The combination of BSD’s fifth and sixth rays will be of assistance.

2.                  From many sources we gather the importance of the year 1936, as year of crisis and climax, of new possibilities and new beginnings. A new cycle for the NGWS was being inaugurated. Such cycles occur in periods of three years and nine years.

3.                  We also see how important the Full Moon of May is as a point of termination and of commencement in all the work proposed by Master DK. This should be taken to heart with respect to our own individual and group work.

4.                  The Master, then, is seeking to implant certain thoughts which BSD is to keep “steadfastly in mind” for purposes of guidance as the new cycle begins.

The two thoughts which come into my heart to tell you can be summarised as follows. Note that these thoughts come from my heart and the suggestion from my mind. Herein lies a hint as to your work in the future for those who look to you for assistance in their spiritual life.

1.                  DK is instructing us all in how we may work with those who look to us for assistance.

2.                  We are to learn to differentiate between the thoughts we hold in our heart and the suggestions we might offer from our minds.

3.                  We note that, for DK, the heart has received the two thoughts, for they have come into His heart to be told to BSD. A spontaneous, intuitive process is involved with thoughts that enter the heart.

4.                  Again we note that BSD attempts to assist others with their spiritual life. Perhaps he is also an Arcane School secretary?

1. You need to work now more definitely and more confidently as an accepted disciple. What do I mean by that statement? [Page 116] I mean that you should work in the realisation that — because of this definite acceptance — you are linked with the Hierarchy of Masters and, therefore, the quality of the hierarchical service to humanity must also be expressed by and through you. What is this quality? Wisdom, expressing itself intelligently through love. Upon this statement you should ponder. Your service is ever intelligent (highly so) for you have much knowledge as the result of ancient experience and deep thought and study in this life. That knowledge must, however, be translated into wisdom through the dynamic power of a living love. I use no further terms to express this idea. That sentence should provide you with much food for thought.

1.                  The first thought concerns the necessity for BSD to work more definitely and confidently as an accepted disciple.

2.                  Definite acceptance by a Master is an empowerment to the chela, especially when the chela utilizes the fact of acceptance rightly and deliberately.

3.                  When a disciple is accepted it is his responsibility to see that the “quality of the hierarchical service to humanity” is expressed through him. This may necessitate an adjustment in his usual modes of procedure.

4.                  DK focuses on the particular quality which is to be expressed. He calls it “Wisdom, expressing itself intelligently through love”.

5.                  BSD’s service is always highly intelligent, for he is on the third ray of “Active Intelligence” — the “acute energy of divine mental perception”. To this intelligence, the Master seeks to see more love and wisdom added. When one comes under the tuition of Master DK (or any second ray Master) there will be an opportunity to increase the influence of both love and wisdom in the life.

6.                  At this point in His instructions to BSD, Master DK has not yet revealed that BSD is a third ray soul, but the many statements about intelligence and mind are hints in this direction.

7.                  As earlier stated, it is possible, even probable, that BSD’s monadic ray is the second. Further it is possible that a future personality ray (perhaps the personality ray of the next incarnation) should become the second.

8.                  In any case, BSD is given a very deep assignment: the transmutation of knowledge into wisdom through the dynamic power of living love. These last five words can be construed as hints concerning the monadic ray, for the monad is dynamic, it is the source of real power within the disciples energy system, and it lives, as the representative of the life aspect of divinity. A second ray monad would be, indeed, an example of dynamic, “living love”.

9.                  At our stage of evolution, the monad is always the unknown factor, the “x” factor. Yet if we are careful, we may find that DK is offering hints to his chelas concerning this highest aspect of their nature. When one becomes an accepted disciple, at some point mostly likely after the mid-point of progress between the first and second degrees, the monad will become more effective (though it still remains a largely unconscious factor).

10.              The Master is actuated by monadic energy and, with “acceptance”, that kind of energy subtly reaches the disciple. As well, just before, during and immediately after the second initiation, will and desire are engaged in a contest for preeminence. Will, of course, essentially represents the monad.

11.              There is no question but that the Master has offered BSD a powerful hint which is to provide “much food for thought”.

12.              We may be impressed by how carefully one must read these letters to gather what may have been intended by Master DK. Of course, as readers who are not in those groups-of-nine, we read somewhat as ‘outsiders’ and cannot possibly apprehend all that a chela for whom the hints were intended might apprehend. Yet, we can still gather much and we have the advantage of an enlarged perspective upon the entirety of the Tibetan’s exoteric work to date (both through HPB and AAB).

2. The second thought which comes to you from my heart is to urge you to remember that chelaship (discipleship) involves responsibility, and that in its turn is developed through suffering. This leads inevitably to detachment. That process of detachment will go forward in connection with all in the group and must entail difficulty. This difficulty may involve a constant stream of minor problems and detachments which will colour ceaselessly your life of service, your life in the home, and your contacts in the world. This calls perhaps for a higher quality of faith and of courage than do drastic purgings. But I have no fears for you, my brother on the Path. You have a faith of tempered steel which cannot break. Remember, however, that where the tide of love is thwarted, there might happen a temporary warping of your nature. You will understand whereof I speak and this sentence conveys to you a needed hint. Let love pour through you and all is well.

1.                  The second thought in the Master’s heart is deep and requires much thought.

2.                  DK equates chelaship and discipleship. The connotation of chelaship is that the supervision by the Master is, perhaps, greater than in the case of ordinary discipleship.

3.                  It comes as no surprise to read that discipleship involves responsibility, but it is perhaps not so commonly thought that “responsibility is developed through suffering”. Perhaps if we think that our ability to respond increases with sensitivity and that suffering increases sensitivity (as it breaks down our defenses and cherished glamors and illusions), we can understand how responsibility is developed through suffering.

4.                  When the suffering is sufficient the dynamic of detachment will enter. One realizes that that which suffers is not the real man but rather the form, and that aspect of the consciousness which is identified with the distressed form.

5.                  Chelaship, responsibility, suffering, detachment — these are the concepts here presented, but they do not necessarily proceed in strict sequence, but rather interact.

6.                  Detachment, we are told, entails difficulty. It is the lot of all disciples. We are to expect a “constant stream of minor problems and detachments which will colour ceaselessly your life of service, your home life and your contacts in the world”. Have we found this to be the case? Detachment does not occur suddenly and at once. There are many little ties to glamor and illusion and these have to be broken through a ceaseless detaching process with all its attendant difficulties.

7.                  A most important statement is made concerning all these little problems and detachments. DK tells us that such a process calls for a “higher quality of faith and courage than do drastic purgings”. Drastic purgings are soon over and, therefore, they do not call for the quality of courageous, faithful persistence. Those upon the second ray are possessed by the ability to work relentlessly with no let up. They do not so frequently go through the sudden and drastic processes. The sixth ray has much in common with the second ray in this regard (but may admit of more drastic experiences, for it is also related to the first ray).

8.                  Master DK is not simply offering His chela advice in general. There is some specific situation which requires attention. Perhaps there are difficulties at work, at home, with certain contacts. DK speaks of His chela’s “faith of tempered steel which cannot break”. This faith will be his strength and will see him through. On two other occasions DK spoke of “tempered steel” to a chela: “You have the persistence and the will (like tempered steel) of the second ray” (to FCD) and also “You have the persistence and the will (like tempered steel) of the second ray, and you can dismiss all fear as to your capacity to transcend the difficulties or to make your grade. Nothing can stop you” (to DHB). Both of these disciples were second ray souls.

9.                  DK is offering psychological advice to BSD. There is a tide of love in his nature which must not be thwarted or there will be a (temporary) warping in the nature. A warping is a distortion in a form. A certain part of the form is unduly enlarged or grows in an unaligned manner because of the energy to which it has been exposed and the incapacity to distribute that energy in a balanced manner.

10.              We remember that there are certain rigidities in BSD’s approach to living and that he has much “outer reserve”. Also his heart center has been under-emphasized and his mental nature over-emphasized. Love and its passage through the heart is needed in the situation to which DK alludes. BSD must not inhibit the tide of love but, instead, allow it to pour through him. Then, assures the Master, all will be well.

11.              Imbalance is the enemy of discipleship. The disciple is to be ever alert to the possibility of mismanaged energy within his nature. The inhibition of love is, above all, psychologically unhealthy. If the tide of love is seemingly thwarted by lack of possibilities to express it in normal circumstance, nevertheless, a way for that expression must be found.

The suggestions which I seek to make are based upon past instructions. Since June, 1935, we have set ourselves one technical achievement and one that still remains unachieved for the majority of advanced humanity. This is the awakening of the ajna centre. Your major need and the thing which would arouse that centre to usefulness lies — for you — in the power to visualise.

1.                  Now DK turns for the thoughts in His heart to two suggestions from His mind.

2.                  We have noted that Master DK is working on arousing BSD’s ajna center into activity. We also note that the majority of advanced humanity has not achieved this.

3.                  DK calls the awakening the ajna center (in BSD’s case) a “technical achievement”. This terminology in interesting given BSD’s strong fifth ray. Excessive application to strictly mental procedures may, however, set up a condition in which the psychic capacities associated with the ajna center are not easily aroused.

4.                  The simple expedient of visualization is offered as the way to arouse the ajna center into usefulness.

5.                  We also remember that visualization may not be the line of least resistance for those whose mind is focussed upon the fifth ray.

The second thing which will integrate your nature and increase your magnetic and spiritual usefulness lies in the unfoldment of the creative imagination. How shall this be done? The two are closely allied. Visualisation and the creative imagination [Page 117] are related. A great deal of your problem in this life (where your esoteric unfoldment is concerned) will be solved when these two are better understood by you and when the play of these two forces produces in you an inner re-adjustment, a re-alignment and an externalisation of your subjective life. Will you think deeply upon this matter, my brother?

1.                  DK is differentiating between visualization and the creative imagination, though He states that they are related.

2.                  Both of these suggestions are intended to integrate BSD’s nature and increase his magnetic and spiritual usefulness. The ajna center is not only necessary for self-direction, but is involved in the successful guidance or direction of others. Its power to foresee can wisely be employed in all matters of guidance.

3.                  Visualization seems primary and fundamental; it is, among other things, and when related to the sense of sight (for it can be related to other senses — as in the ‘visualizing’ of sound) the ability to summon images or ‘sensory reflections’ before the inner eye.

4.                  The creative imagination is then applied to those images which are arranged, shaped or manipulated according to inner purpose and pattern. Visualization is a summoning process; creative imagination is a building and designing process.

5.                  Via visualization and the creative imagination, the inner life can be out-pictured in form. The inner energies are given another way of ‘getting through’ to the brain consciousness. Rigorous thought, per se, may block the influence of the intuition whereas one who has developed the power to visualize may spontaneously see those intuitions take shape in visual form. Also one may build through the medium of images provided by the imagination pictorial forms which are resonant to the vibration of intuition. In fact, the intuition may prompt the appearance of certain images, for visualized images (though presented in as ‘sensory reflections’) do not necessarily arise from the sphere of the senses, but often reflect the inner worlds.

6.                  There is an element of spontaneity which is associated with visualization; that same spontaneity is a quality of the intuition. One can ask for an image which embodies an intuitive insight, and that image may spontaneously present itself to the consciousness. It may happen all at once instead of through a laborious, reasoned approach. In this way, the inner man may be evoked and recognized as ‘speaking’ through spontaneously presented images.

7.                  These images can be refined through the creative imagination. Creative imagination can also be a method of invoking the intuition.

8.                  Really, the process of relating visualization and creative imagination to the intuition is reciprocal. Intuition stimulates the appearance of certain visualizations, and images wrought by the creative imagination are invocations to the intuition and, thus, evoke the descent of intuitions resonant with the images held (as magnets, in the lower world, for the appearance of testimony from the higher).

9.                  When visualization and creative imagination are attuned to the intuition they offer faster and more certain modes of apprehending truth than laborious reasoning. The question, however, is whether the visualization processes and the use of the creative imagination are attuned, or whether they simply reflect and work with illusory forms to be found on the astral plane. Many people go astray because they cannot make this distinction, and take spurious material for the ‘real thing’.

January 1937


I am glad that you regard yourself as sensitive to my vibration, for so you are. But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the second ray vibration — as it expresses itself through a second ray group such as my group of disciples — with my individual vibration.

1.                  The Master is responding probably to His chela’s answers to questions He has posed: such questions as, “Are you sensitive to my vibration?”; or “How often are you sensitive to my vibration?”

2.                  DK is always the voice of truth and realism, for there can be no glamor where these two exist.

3.                  An adjustment is needed in BSD’s thoughts regarding sensitivity to contact and so the DK elaborates on the other kinds of vibrations which can be confused with the individual vibration of the Master. The whole matter requires a very keen discrimination.

Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish:

1. The vibration of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The vibration of the Master M. or the Master K.H. should They happen to use the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group.

3. My vibration, which is naturally strongly coloured by the second ray.

1.                  There may be interesting hints in what is here said.

2.                  The first type of vibration is general; it is the vibration of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom irrespective of any directing source, such as a Master.

3.                  We are not surprised to see that Master KH is associated with the second ray, but we also gather than the first ray Master Morya can “use” the second ray vibration for purpose of stimulating a group. Although the vibration received would have in it much of the second ray, the vibration of M. or KH would also be present.

4.                  DK says that His own vibration is “strongly coloured by the second ray”. We would certainly expect this to be the case, but is He also suggesting the presence of other rays (such as the first — in His Triad — or the third — in His monad?) which would be felt whenever His vibration was felt. The word “coloured” has to be analyzed as it may suggest that which is effective and qualifying, but not essential.

4. The vibration of a second ray group which is an aggregate of all the notes and tones of the disciples in the group.

5. The vibration of advanced second ray disciples. This can at times be confused with mine.

6. The vibration of sixth ray groups which respond to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and is contacted relatively easily.

A consideration of the above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough you and your fellow disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process of theoretical recognition. You both recognise a certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W. is more sensitive to my vibration than you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality to it; you lose much by being too sure at times.

1.                  The first three types of vibration are strong sources. The last three mentioned are important but secondary.

2.                  From the fourth type (“vibration from a second ray group”) one would expect to distinguish the ray type, but the vibration would not be as strong as that of any of the Masters.

3.                  The fifth type of vibration (“vibration from advanced second ray disciples”) will be increasingly present as more second ray disciples achieve their objectives. Distinction between the vibration of advanced second ray disciples and the vibration of the Master would have to be made both qualitatively and in terms of intensity. In the vibration of any Master or disciple there is more present than simply a ray, just as, for instance, in the vibration of Mars, there is more present than the sixth ray. The vibration of the entity Mars is also present, along with the ray which is emitted from the entity. And of course, there are other rays associated with Mars.

4.                  The sixth type of vibration needs consideration, as it is easy to confuse higher examples of the sixth ray with the second ray. One of the main discriminators in this case will that the higher sixth ray (when emanating from sixth ray groups) will most probably be felt in relation to the astral plane whereas the second ray is not so confined to that level, more readily touching the heart.

5.                  It is certainly good to have all these possibilities in mind, just as the various sources of guidance or of dreams should be understood. The disciple will then not fall so easily into mistakes as to the source of that which he/she registers.

6.                  The approaches of BSD and BSW to the Tibetan’s vibration are contrasted. Both are sensitive to DK’s vibration (and BSW, if anything, more sensitive). But BSW is a first ray disciple with a seventh ray personality, and so seeks to be impersonal in his responses, thereby negating the full effect of the vibrational contact with DK. He probably discounts it or dismisses it, negating its effect by the imposition of the attitude of impersonality. BSD, having more sixth ray, and being, if anything, more eager, over-estimates his degree of sensitivity to the Tibetan’s vibration and presumes that he is experiencing that vibration when, in fact, he may be experiencing other types of vibration (such as the kinds listed by the Tibetan).

7.                  The Tibetan is teaching both disciples that they need an adjustment in their approach — in each case, a movement towards a balanced center. We have noted how, in true Geminian fashion, DK will often contrast the approaches of two disciples in the group, showing their differences of approach, thereby illuminating for them (and for us) a more desirable approach. RSU and SCP have been contrasted. Also FCD and BSW. Comparisons have also been drawn between JWK-P and BSW. And there are also other examples.

In connection with this matter of sensing vibration, it is of value to remember that all sensing is naturally and normally an astral or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by the effort of some of you — and of you, in particular — to repudiate emotional or astral sensitivity. Some of you admit it but regard it as undesirable; others consider it as something to be inhibited or to be unexpressed and ignored. Few of you, if any, look upon the astral body as a divine expression of reality with its definite and specific uses.

1.                  DK seeks to clarify the value of the astral body in the matter of “sensing vibration” Such sensing is “naturally and normally an astral or an emotional reaction”.

2.                  So much has been said about the dangers of astralism and emotionalism that there are disciples who (in self-defense) completely discount the value of the astral body “as a divine expression of reality with its definite and specific uses”.

3.                  Such an approach is not helpful for a balanced approach to living, and, moreover, it shuts off certain avenues of possible sensitive perception.

4.                  BSD repudiates emotional or astral sensitivity. His strong third and fifth rays make it possible for him to do this with ease. However his two sixth rays are an open door to such sensitivity and, really, he has a very sensitive astral or psychic body developed in previous incarnations. Thus he is deliberately shutting doors which, if utilized, would supplement his mental/intellectual knowledge with knowledge gathered psychically.

5.                  Thus, we must not think of astral sensitivity as undesirable, nor should we strenuously seek to inhibit it; all is to be used by the soul-infused consciousness.

6.                  Admittedly, in the Teaching, there is an apparent contradiction, for sometimes we are told that the astral plane does not really exist, and that one must regard all astral phenomena with divine indifference. On one level, this is true, but it is also true that the principle of kama/desire is sufficiently ‘real-to-consciousness’ to be a strong developmental factor in the life of every evolving human being and cannot be ignored. Especially in those who hope to serve humanity, the solar plexus is an important doorway for contacting many human beings.

7.                  There is a way to use the solar plexus and the astral body and its sensitivity without succumbing to astralism. Some disciples are still so close to periods in their incarnational development when they have succumbed that they protect themselves from this level of divine expression by repudiation or an imposed but unnatural ‘disinterest’ or indifference. There is, in this whole matter, a desirable “Middle Path”.

These questions which I have imposed upon your minds are in the nature of what might be called “catch” questions. The astral body is — in its time and place — of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. It serves to relate the higher impression to the lower and you cannot record my vibration in the physical brain consciousness except through its mediation. You can be aware of my vibration upon the plane of the soul and your mind consciousness can be impressed by it. Unless, however, the sensory body, the emotional vehicle, is also active in the right sense (negative to the world of the senses and receptive to mental impression) that impression will not be registered in the brain or waking consciousness.

1.                  DK refers to His method of posing certain questions for all members in His groups to answer.

2.                  In this paragraph He gives the astral body a value, purpose and usefulness equal to that of the mind. This is an arresting thought and must be pondered by one who would be a practical occultist.

3.                  The Tibetan is saying something that must be remembered by all of us. He is indicating the place of the astral body in the process of recording His own vibration in our physical brain consciousness. Without the astral body, He says, we cannot register that vibration.

4.                  The teaching becomes technical but certainly comprehensible. Soul and mind may register the Tibetan’s vibration, but the disciple in His brain consciousness will not realize that contact — unless — the emotional/sensory/astral body is rightly active (negative to the world of the senses and receptive to mental impression).

5.                  All this fits together, does it not? DK has been training BSD in the development of psychic sensitivity which involves, to some extent, the release of his already powerfully developed psychic/astral body. But this disciple inhibits astral response, repudiating its testimony. This is one of the reasons that he is having difficulty developing psychic sensitivity. His mental reaction to astral sensitivities is dismissive.

6.                  The general teaching offered in this paragraph is of importance to all who would be integrated disciples, sensitive in all areas of their personality equipment.

Much that you say in your communications in the form of written papers upon this subject deals with the effect that your work and life has upon others through your manipulation of the forces with which disciples have to learn to work, and which are productive of real benefit to others as they study them and watch the reactions called forth.

1.                  DK is commenting on the content of the papers which BSD has written.

2.                  We see that he is involved in the manipulation of the forces with which disciples have to learn to work. We remember that he has a powerful third ray (soul and brain) and that the third ray is the ‘Ray of Manipulation’.

3.                  BSD’s approach is that of the ‘doer’ rather than the ‘sensitive receiver’

It is of value, however, to note the differing type of reactions evoked when:

1. You work with those subordinate to you upon the Path, those who are the average people or the probationers who are treading the Path for the first time. With this type of person you have much to do. Is their effect upon you of the most desirable kind?

1.                  DK calls BSD’s attention to types of reactions of which he would well-advised to take notice. The Master is working to reveal BSD to himself.

2.                  DK suggests the examination of BSD’s reactions to three levels of people: those subordinate to him, his equals and also his superiors.

3.                  Again, we see that BSD has much to do with probationers — those who are just beginning on the Path. DK seems to suggest that there is something in BSD’s response to them which is not of the most desirable kind. What may be the problem, we do not know, but a disciple can learn much about himself by examining how he interacts with those who have not yet reached his point on the Path. Does he become proud, condescending? Does he develop paternalistic attitudes? Does he enjoy the company of probationers because it inflates his sense of importance? Something needs examination.

2. Your inter-relation with those who are your equals upon the Path and those whose vibration occultly “neutralises” yours, or “parallels in intensity” yours and consequently evokes from you (as evidence from them of status) no [Page 119] reaction practically, except a sense of well-being or comradeship.

1.                  The next analysis relates to the interrelation of BSD with his equals upon the Path.

2.                  It is interesting to see that the vibrations of equals neutralise each other. When encountering those individuals whose vibration “parallels in intensity” his own, it is apparent that BSD has no particular reaction except the sense of well-being or comradeship. With respect to our own life we may ask, “Who are these people and why does this happen?”

3.Your recognition of those ahead of you upon the Path who can — if they so choose — call forth from you or evince in you a powerful response.

1.                  DK asks his chela to focus upon his reaction to those who are ahead of him on the Path.

2.                  When he recognizes such an individual, what it his response. Such people can, if they will, call forth from BSD a powerful response.

3.                  This threefold examination will reveal to BSD how he ‘stands’ within respect to his own spiritual development and that of others. The examination will also reveal weaknesses in approach and attitude which must be corrected.

We are beginning to deal with the more occult subtleties in our work and for these you must be prepared. Your papers and replies to the questions given to you deal primarily with your work in connection with your spiritual inferiors. How about your spiritual equals and superiors? Reread your questions and replies in this light and see what response is then evoked in you. The initiate of the fifth degree in Atlantean times had to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate of the second degree has to evidence this. Are you, my brother, prepared to say that this evidence can be produced?

1.                  The Master continues to attempt to deepen his disciple’s understanding. Instruction from the Master must deal with matters increasingly subtle or it will fail to push the disciple’s limitations.

2.                  DK does not tell his disciple what the examination will reveal — only that it is sure to reveal something of significance.

3.                  The point is driven home: BSD prefers to think about his work in relation to his “spiritual inferiors”. For some reason he does give proportionate attention to those on his own level or ahead of him spiritually. There appears to be an emotional reason for this, and DK wants him to discover what it is.

4.                  An important hint is given. It becomes apparent that BSD is being trained for the second degree but has not yet taken that degree. DK implies that there is something in BSD’s emotional response to his spiritual inferiors, equals and superiors which is not characterized by “the right use of emotion”. Until BSD can use emotion rightly, he will not be able to take the second degree.

5.                  The undue mental emphasis with which he has lived (not only in this life, but the life immediately preceding) has been, in part, an avoidance of having to deal with emotional sensitivity. This mental emphasis has created an unbalanced condition which needs attention. DK is almost forcing BSD to examine his suppressed emotional responses so that the uncorrected emotional orientations may be corrected and so that BSD’s equipment may be rounded out.

6.                  We realize that at the second degree, the astral body is controlled, rightly utilized and subject to the energy of love and buddhi; it is not simply suppressed, as suppression is not a solution to emotional inharmonies and difficulties.

You entered this group work as the result of serious and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties, much questioning which wrested response from your soul and the earned right of a pledged server who had worked steadfastly alone for many years. You brought to this group activity certain assets of a pronounced nature and certain liabilities, equally pronounced — as have all the group members. My task is to use the assets in the group and to aid you in relinquishing the liabilities…. I would ask you, therefore, to ponder on this matter, standing as the soul upon the narrow razor-edged path between the pairs of opposites — your assets and your liabilities — viewing them with complete detachment.

1.                  We can see that the Tibetan’s training of BSD is taking on a new level of directness and seriousness. The Master seems to be forcing the issue.

2.                  BSD’s history is reviewed. Serious and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties and much questioning which wrested response from his soul have earned for him the right to enter this group work. Moreover, for many years he has worked steadfastly and alone.

3.                  DK is now speaking to all his disciples. Their assets are considerable, but so are their liabilities. Disciples are, perhaps, not so keenly aware of their real liabilities. The Master however, is profoundly aware of them. From the very first He has known them, though He does not reveal such liabilities to His chelas all at once. To do so would discourage them. Often He relies upon the process of revelatory self-discovery which is inevitable in such intensive spiritual training.

4.                  It is clear that each of the disciples in His group has much to correct. At the same time, He once told AAB (who could not understand why He had included certain people within the groups) that their faults could disappear quite rapidly, leaving the potent inner life much freer and their real value more evident.

5.                  A very important teaching point emerges and one which has application to all of us. The Master attempts to use assets in the group to help group members relinquish their liabilities. Each of us uses our strengths to rid ourselves of our weaknesses.

6.                  DK calls for a very serious assessment of strengths and liabilities, and He is calling to each of us as well.

7.                  It is a scientific rather Libran evaluation that is needed — one characterized by complete objectivity and detachment. The disciple (midway between soul and personality) is evaluating his strengths and weaknesses with no attachment to what he may discover. It is a sobering moment of self-assessment. Certainly, such a reckoning must precede that step known as the second initiation.

The occult sentences in which I would like to state your problem and its solution are as follows:

“The magnet swings, and swinging, fails to touch the pleading hands, held forth for help. It swings in heaven high, held by the soul — serene and unafraid — whose will is firm, whose eyes are clear, whose heart is slowly opening to a distant sound — a sound of pain and sorrow, of weakness and distress.

1.                  DK is attempting to state BSD’s problem, but He does not do so in a direct and obvious manner. Rather, He chooses phrases from the Old Commentary, hoping, it would seem, to evoke from BSD an illuminated, intuitive response.

2.                  It would appear that the “magnet” is the consciousness of the disciple and its potential to draw others closer to spiritual energy and life. In the case of BSD the consciousness is focussed above the planes of earth and fails to touch those in need — those who, in pain, sorrow, weakness and distress plead for assistance.

3.                  BSD (like BSW, and, to a degree, like ISG-L) is focally interested in the higher life of soul and Hierarchy. The sixth ray was strong in each of these disciples (even in BSW where is ruled ‘only’ his astral body). Each of them, in some way, was removed from the sorrows of ordinary humanity. Each of them aspired to the heights without wishing to walk the dusty roads of life with his brothers.

“The magnet drops into the mass of clutching hands. It disappears from view. Disturbance then occurs. The soul, [Page 120] whose eyes serene have looked upon the far horizons of the world, withdraws its gaze. Both eyes are focussed on the tumultuous group of seekers after truth. The soul searches for the magnet and sees it not, for it is hidden in the forms of many men. The soul descends and walks the way of earth and not the ways of mind. The far horizon disappears. The vision just before the eyes succeeds; the immediate takes the place of that which has been distant. And in that place immediate, the magnet reappears.”

1.                  The second stanza describes the sacrifice through which every disciple must pass. Contact with high spiritual energies is not for oneself alone; it is to be shared with all those in need. One’s magnetic power must bring one not only into the high world of the soul; the magnet must be used below.

2.                  The disciple must descend into the mass — disappearing amidst the many clutching hands of those in need. This is disturbing.

3.                  The disciple no longer has so much leisure to contemplate the far horizons of the world. The immediate needs of the seekers before his eyes now require the greater part of his attention and energy.

4.                  The stanza shows the interesting division between the soul on its own plane (let us call it the higher consciousness of the disciple) and the human soul in incarnation.

5.                  In deep meditation and contemplation these two are united. Those who live the contemplative life (often ignoring evident human need) are aware of the union of human soul and the soul on its own plane. But the union will remain incomplete until there occurs a sacrificial descent.

6.                  When that descent occurs, the soul in incarnation (the magnet) disappears into the lower energies. This human soul is then preoccupied with the immediate presented needs, and may feel separated from the soul on its own plane.

7.                  But that higher soul (metaphorically) descends to find the serving magnet. Soul powers are now addressed not to the contemplation of the far horizon (which disappears) but to the assistance of the serving soul-in-incarnation.

8.                  The higher soul finds its magnet, and joins it in service.

9.                  The language is symbolic and metaphorical, but from it we may gather that when the disciple decides to serve below (instead of, with spiritual selfishness, seeking the delights of the higher worlds) the “soul on its own plane”, too, descends and empowers the service of its instrument.

10.              Then, soul and personality (the soul on its own plane and the human soul in incarnation) are again united, but in a way spiritually superior to the earlier union on the higher planes. They are united in service in the lower worlds and are truly fulfilling the intended mission of redemption.

11.              We can see that the stanzas are very deep, and that each should make application according to his/her consciousness and circumstances.

12.              It is important to realize that when the soul descends (after the apparent loss of the magnet) it walks the ways of earth and “not the ways of mind”. In the case of BSD, the soul had already descended into the mind, but it had not effectively reached the physical plane. This means that BSD was not applying soul energy effectively in his everyday life. But the highest and the lowest must meet, and no disciple can call himself a true server (or initiate) unless the high energies proper to the higher planes can also be displayed ‘below’. This greater degree of soul infusion still lay ahead for BSD, and DK is helping him realize this.

July 1937


The mental body in your case is governed by fifth ray energy. This is a pronounced condition and constitutes much of your life difficulty. It is, in the case of all aspirants thus conditioned mentally, the paramount cause of their non-magnetic behaviour, using that word in its psychological implications. I would remind you that being non-magnetic at your stage of development means that (even though you may have some measure of soul contact) you cannot radiate that soul life to others as you would like to do, for your dominant fifth ray mental body (the Ray of Concrete Science, as you know) is insulated, isolated and has a natural tendency to that discrimination which leads to separativeness. The reverse effect is also true. The radiation of others can be also shut off and hence your inability to register telepathic impressions. The value of a fifth ray mind is however very great, for it means a keen and useful mind and (ponder on this) an open door to inspiration.

1.                  Only now, some six years later does DK discuss with BSD his rays. In fact, He has not really discussed the soul and personality ray with this disciple. Other disciples received some of their ray information earlier.

2.                  Although in BSD’s energy system there are two third rays, two sixth rays and only one fifth ray, the fifth ray is powerful and accounts for many of the difficulties which DK has been discussing in early instructions.

3.                  DK has been discussing with BSD the need for him to increase his magnetism and radiation. Further, selections from the Old Commentary on “the magnet” were given in the last letter instruction. Now we learn that the fifth ray (as BSD is using it) is responsible for his non-magnetic behavior (as it is for all aspirants).

4.                  We note that DK is calling BSD an “aspirant”, even though He is an “accepted disciple”, technically understood. The relativity in the use of terms of probationer, aspirant, disciple, etc., must be noted. Surely, BSD is an aspirant for initiation.

5.                  It is not ‘goal-fitting’ that BSD remain “non-magnetic”. He does have some measure of soul contact, but he cannot radiate it as he would like. This means that his service is curtailed by his lack of magnetism.

6.                  A very good description of the fifth ray mental body is given. While this type of functioning may not be true in all cases, it will be so for many people. This type of mental body “is insulated, isolated and has a natural tendency to that discrimination which leads to separativeness”.

7.                  It is the fifth ray mental body, in interaction with the sixth ray astral body, that prevents that astral body from assuming its true and constructive functions in BSD’s energy system.

8.                  In evaluating BSD’s use of the fifth ray mind, DK sees it, therefore, as a separative and separating factor, for it also shuts him off from the radiation of others and militates against his telepathic sensitivity.

9.                  Yet, the closing sentence affirms the value of such a mind, which is, we are told, “an open door to inspiration”. We know the relation of the fifth to the first ray (which, allied with the spirit aspect, is the source of inspiration). The fifth ray is associated with the “Angel of the Presence” (focusing for now on the fifth systemic plane). That Angel veils the source of inspiration, the “Presence”. Via the fifth ray, the door through the “disk of golden light” can be opened, and the adventuring consciousness can begin to live in the Presence. As well, the fifth ray contributes to the power to take initiation.

10.              We note that the fifth ray is not the open door to intuition but to inspiration. This does not mean that fifth ray types cannot be intuitive but that the fifth ray’s natural line of connection is to the spirit aspect rather than to intuitive world of harmonious inclusion (ruled by the fourth ray, in influential alliance with the fifth). The fifth ray is, however, related to the second ray in relation to light.

11.              It seems clear that what DK seeks for BSD is the right and non-separative use of the fifth ray. As BSD uses it, it has placed a barrier between him and other people. A wall of thoughtforms produces a cleavage preventing both outgoing radiation and magnetism and right reception. We have already gathered that his overly mental focus has been somewhat of a defense against his strongly developed (but inhibited) astral sensitivity.

12.              This factor of inhibition should appear in the horoscope. Perhaps those planets and placements representing astrality and psychism are in inharmonious aspect with a planet of suppression or inhibition such as Saturn.

The astral or emotional body is conditioned by the sixth ray of devotion or of idealism, but this can be most easily transferred and transformed under the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Your task this life is to make this possible so that, in your next life, you can have an astral body conditioned by the second ray. Your ability to go forward in the face of obstacles in order to attain your ideal is your outstanding asset, and one that will land you eventually at your goal. Your major [Page 121] difficulty, at this time, is your fifth ray mind. Is this not true, my brother?

1.                  The astral body is given as the sixth ray, but DK places the emphasis on the possibility of transforming that sixth ray into a second ray. In his next life (if all goes as it should) BSD is to have a second ray astral body.

2.                  It seems that disciples always have access to the second ray as, in general, it conditions the soul no matter what may be the soul ray. Further, we have speculated that at a very deep level, the second ray may be that which conditions BSD — monadically considered.

3.                  It would appear that BSD is closer to the possibility of this transformation from the sixth ray to the second than at any other time in his life. We remember that his heart center has been “rapidly awakening”.

4.                  DK always tries to present a balanced picture. BSD’s outstanding asset is his persistence, his ability to go forward despite obstacles in order to attain his ideal. This, says the Tibetan, will one day bring him to the fulfillment of his goal.

5.                  But this asset is balanced by the difficulties inherent in the fifth ray mind (or at least in the way that BSD uses that mind). In retrospect, we can see that DK has been working with BSD’s mind, seeking to open it to different forms of knowledge — especially psychic knowledge.

6.                  To this end, a breathing exercise for the stimulation of the ajna center has been given. The ajna center, we remember, is most often ruled by the fifth ray and Venus. In the case of initiates, however, it can be ruled by the fourth ray and Mercury. The fourth ray is altogether more inclined toward visualization, creative imagination and the reception of the intuition. DK has been training His disciple in this direction.

7.                  When we think about BSD’s persistence, the signs Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn are suggested. Also the possibility of a strong Mars and Saturn can be inferred. Mercury, as the planet of the mind, has to be very important and its aspects (once we have ascertained a correct chart) will be very necessary to study.

You have a third ray (the Ray of Intelligent Activity) physical body. This is largely controlled, interiorly, by your fifth ray mind. Again you see the dominance of this type of energy in your equipment of expression. Your rays are, therefore:

1. The soul ray — the third Ray of Active Intelligence.

2. The personality ray — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind — the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

4. The ray of the astral body — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body — the third Ray of Activity.

This analysis should throw much light upon your problem for you will note the dominance of the third major ray and the sixth minor ray of devotion.

1.                  DK does not elaborate extensively on BSD’s rays. He tells him that he has a third ray physical body, but does not say much except that that third ray body is controlled by the fifth ray mind. The control is an interior control. It appears that the fifth ray mind is very powerful and conditioning (and may have been prominent in the previous incarnation, which also had a strongly mental emphasis). Such control would be a recipe for regulated action upon the physical plane. The random motion of the third ray (on the physical level) would be subject to purpose, and discrimination would be exerted with respect to action.

2.                  It is unusual that DK says nothing about the influence of the soul ray other that that in contributes to a situation in which the third ray and the sixth are dominant.

3.                  BSD, however, will understand how the third ray has worked in his life, for he has led an overly mentalized life, rather detached from the world of everyday. The soul (as previously stated) has descended no lower than the mind. DK seeks to bring soul influence into the astral and physical fields.

4.                  We can see, however, that to bring the soul into physical plane expression would be a strong possibility, as the two third rays are easily aligned.

5.                  When we evaluate these rays, we see that the second ray is certainly needed as a balancing factor, and to this end DK has been working. Imagination, as it is related to the fourth ray, would also help.

6.                  We remember that only two of DK’s some 51 disciples had the third ray soul — BSD and LTS-K. Of these two, the third ray was far less a liability for BSD (a more advanced disciple) than for LTS-K.

January 1938


I have earlier indicated to you the point of view from which I personally gauge the capacity and growth of the group and from that angle I am pleased with the progress you have made. During the past few years I have many times spoken to you with frankness and even with apparent harshness. This I have done in an effort to galvanise you to a greater oriented reaction to the urge of your soul and thus draw away from you the two factors which have blocked the free intercourse which should exist between your soul and your personality. I have ever hinted. I do not voice my suggestions in clear words at all times for my object is always to evoke the activity of your higher Self, thus exacting the correct type of obedience. What are these two factors?

1.                  DK puts BSD’s progress within the group context stating, from that perspective, that He is please with His chela’s progress.

2.                  It has been noticeable that DK has spoken to BSD with frankness. Has harshness been apparent? Perhaps in some the editor’s deletions the harshness has been more evident.

3.                  DK has had a good motive for His directness. The purpose has been galvanization towards a “greater oriented reaction to the urge of your soul” and also to draw BSD away from two factors which inhibit the free intercourse between soul and personality. He will shortly elaborate on these.

4.                  We have noticed (have we not) that DK has used many hints with BSD, often presenting such hints through symbolic language. The purpose of this type of hinting has been “to evoke the activity of [his] higher Self”. If a person discovers something for himself it is always much more meaningful than if he is told directly.

5.                  DK also suggests that the method of hinting, which can evoke the higher Self, will also exact “the correct type of obedience”. That obedience is not so much to the Master as to the inner will of the higher Self, and also of the Angel and, later, of the spirit/monad. DK seeks for His chelas to be self-directing and Self-directed.

1. A life activity which, though somewhat balanced by the work done in my group, has nevertheless had a restricting effect and which does not succeed in evoking the highest powers of your soul. You have tried to meet this situation and to raise the general tone, but one lone disciple is hard put to it to offset the vibration of a powerful [Page 122] astrally polarised group. Do you know to what I here refer?

1.                  DK now begins to speak of the two factors from which His frank, direct and apparently harsh words were meant to draw BSD away.

2.                  It appears that BSD’s work in the world, though ostensibly service work with a spiritually based organization, has restricted him and has not evoked the highest powers of his soul.

3.                  This work has had, perhaps, a somewhat stultifying effect even though BSD has labored to “raise the general tone” encountered in the “powerful astrally polarised group” for which he works. DK has sought to refocus BSD’s consciousness in such a way that the effects (upon him) of his participation in this group could be offset.

2. A life tendency towards depression which you have amazingly offset by negation and a persistent attitude of service. It has nevertheless complicated your life pattern and yet has been one of your major educators.

1.                  This is the first time a tendency toward depression has been mentioned. Again Saturn may be implicated and perhaps Capricorn.

2.                  DK is commending His chela for offsetting this tendency towards depression “by negation and a persistent attitude of service”.

3.                  DK, therefore, has sought to draw BSD away from this psychological limitation, offering the possibility of an influx of a new type of contact and knowledge — through cultivated sensitivity and psychic unfoldment.

4.                  The tendency towards depression, we are told, has complicated BSD’s life pattern, yet been for him, also, “one of your major educators”. How might this be the case? Always there would be a factor to overcome through the assertion of that which faith and spiritual experience have revealed. One would be forced always to ‘live above’ one’s negative psychological tendencies. In attempting (persistently) to do this, one would learn much.

This life experience has netted you big results and you will enter upon the next cycle of phenomenal existence with much upon which to draw, and having worked out many life relations during this particular incarnation.

1.                  DK is summarizing BSD’s life gains. This particular life has been very fruitful, so says the Master. The gains accrued will provide a very good foundation for the next incarnation.

2.                  Also, many relations have been “worked out” in the present incarnation.

3.                  It is not always possible to assess the value of a life in terms of evident, external accomplishment. Some lives are given to the building of a better and stronger foundation and/or for the balancing and clearing of karma.

4.                  It would seem that DK wishes BSD to be appreciative of his gains. This, too, will aid in the offsetting of depression and will bring increasing radiation and magnetism into the life. A little joy goes a long way.

What have been your major gains in this life?

First of all, the shift of your life emphasis from the outer objective work to the inner subjective realities. In order to accomplish this, you came into incarnation in restricted and limited surroundings so that there might be no dominant obstructing outer attractions; you were, therefore, free to concentrate upon the inner realities. You have largely profited by this experience and your subjective orientation is stabilised upon a rightful basis. Only one major adjustment remains to be made and one major sacrifice. Your problem is, as you know, to effect this readjustment without producing the material suffering of those dependent upon you.

1.                  A very important gain has been the shift of life emphasis from “outer objective work to the inner subjective realities”.

2.                  We learn something which may be of use in proposing an astrological chart for BSD. He came into incarnation “in restricted and limited surroundings”. Perhaps we are to look for Saturn in the fourth house (or the third), or Saturn in some restrictive aspect to the Moon.

3.                  The purpose of this restriction was to render BSD “free to concentrate upon the inner realities”. This soul-intended process has been largely successful and BSD’s “subjective orientation is stabilised upon a rightful basis”.

4.                  DK hints at “one major adjustment” lying ahead and also a major sacrifice. Perhaps this adjustment involves BSD removing himself from the organisation which has consumed so much of his attention over many years. This is a possibility because there are financial implications to the adjustment. The one requirement (as the adjustment is made) is that it not produce material suffering for those dependent upon him.

5.                  DK speaks mostly of the adjustment and not of the sacrifice, but it would seem that they are related. Some liberating change of life seems to be in the offing, but it will have financial implications (which BSD must find a way to meet).

6.                  He is to separate himself from some condition. The planets of separation (Saturn and Pluto, and perhaps Uranus) should be looked for in the chart at this time.

Secondly, you have oriented the astral body to the higher values and impressions and have done it so successfully that your emotional sensitivity to others is now definitely a working asset. This sensitivity I would have you develop into still greater usefulness through the awakening of the heart centre and a renewed interest in the Way of the Heart. To this end, I will give you a meditation in this personal instruction which I would have you follow until further notice.

1.                  Another gain relates to the reorientation of BSD’s astral body “to higher values and impressions”. The astral body that he had been repudiating is now a definitely working asset; he has greater emotional sensitivity to others and is less conditioned by mental separatism.

2.                  We have seen that Master DK definitely has second ray objectives in mind for His chela. At the very least, his astral body is to be conditioned by the second ray in the succeeding incarnation.

3.                  The heart center has been opening, and DK seeks to see this trend continue. This opening will also make the acquisition of a second ray astral body more likely.

4.                  BSD has trodden the Way of the Mind. Now, as a balance, DK seeks his renewed interest in the Way of the Heart.

5.                  We have seen that BSD is in training for initiation (in all likelihood the second initiation). This continuing opening of the heart will recondition the emotional difficulties to which DK earlier referred (and the thwarting of the love energy) and bring the possibility of taking that initiation closer to realization.

Thirdly, you have in this life stepped off the probationary path on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship and have made good progress upon it. The accentuation of the times and your own intensity have together sufficed to carry you a long way towards the goal and this I think you are beginning to realise — much to your own surprise at times. The recognition of facts — spiritual and subjective facts — is part of the needed training of all disciples; the recognition of a physical plane fact requires no such training in sensitivity. The recognition of spiritual [Page 123] realities requires both training and formulated definite expression.

1.                  We must note that since accepted discipleship (technically understood) requires that a disciple be at least an initiate of the first degree (in almost all instances), the term “probationary path”, as here used, relates to those who have taken the first initiation. It is usually only after several lives following the taking of the first degree that it is possible for one to become an accepted disciple.

2.                  Disciples may remain upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship for a number of lives — perhaps three, usually. But BSD has made good progress on this Path. His own sixth ray intensity has helped him progress and the “accentuation of the times” (the very critical period through which people were living in England and Europe immediately prior to and at the onset of World War II) has contributed to the acceleration of his progress.

3.                  It appears that when he pauses to reflect, BSD is surprised by his own progress.

4.                  BSD has a fifth ray, factual mind, and we find DK constantly facing him with facts — in this case, spiritual and subjective facts about his spiritual standing and progress. Sensitivity is required for the registration of such subtle facts.

5.                  DK is training all His disciples to recognize such spiritual realities. Meditative training is part of this recognition, but so is the attempt to tabulate in “formulated definite expression” one’s assessment of what has been accomplished and what still needs to be accomplished. Hence, the many searching questions posed by DK for His students.

The past year has not been an easy one for you, my brother. You have suffered in many ways, known to you and recognised by me but by no one else. I have stood by and watched and at times have strengthened you when and where I could and twice I definitely succeeded in aiding you. Do you know the occasions when this happened? Training in the registering of offered and accepted aid is sometimes of value to disciples of your type and hence I am pointing out what I attempted to do. I would have you work during the coming year at accustoming yourself to my vibration. It will increase your subjective sensitivity so to do. That is the true value or permanent gain.

1.                  DK knows the conditions of all His chelas’ inner and outer lives.

2.                  From what is here said about BSD, we may expect the prominence (during the past year referenced) of some of the testing planets (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus).

3.                  The relation of a Master to His accepted disciples is hinted. The Master, in full awareness, watches and seeks to aid. Sometimes He succeeds, for it is not always possible given the condition of the disciple. DK asks if BSD recognized the moments of successful assistance.

4.                  This question is part of the continued training in sensitivity to which DK has now, for some time, submitted His disciple. We remember that BSD has (through the fifth ray and a strong mental emphasis) as strong streak of doubt. DK is working to wear this away.

5.                  Earlier, the Master said that BSD is not as sensitive to His vibration as he thinks he is. But work in the direction of that sensitivity is definitely useful and DK wishes to see it continue. Such work will increase his subjective sensitivity. Any increase in such subjective sensitivity can be considered a “permanent gain”.

In connection with the occult sentences I gave you a year ago and which I promised to discuss with you, the following comments may prove of value. The main lesson of your life has been the cultivation of the power to respond to the distant sound of human pain. This I referred to in the words “the slowly opening heart.” For two reasons, this response of the heart has not been an easy thing for you to do. One is the fact that in your last life you over-emphasised the intellect and thus came into incarnation with a predisposition to polarise yourself in the mind nature, with consequent detachment from human touch and sympathetic contact. The other is a subconscious recognition that if you “descended to the unhappy ways of human sympathy,” you possess a capacity for identification with your brothers and for sharing their pain which would make you phenomenally uncomfortable. This, in your earlier years, served to hold you away from people, and led you to dwell on the plane of thought — detached, serene and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change all this; though you are not now so comfortable in yourself, you are open to others and sensitive to them in a very real manner.

1.                  We noted the two occult stanzas or collection of sentences which DK offered his chela to help clarify his life problem. Now, after the chela has had plenty of time to ponder, the Master is ready to discuss the interpretation of those sentences.

2.                  DK actually suggests that BSD has had a “main lesson” in life — “the cultivation of the power to respond to the distant sound of human pain”. BSD’s heart center has been slowly opening, and this opening will also open the door to that pain.

3.                  DK analyzes the reasons that it has been difficult for BSD to respond to the cry of human pain. An over-emphasis of the intellect in his last life, leading to a predisposition in this life to polarise in the mental nature, detached from the human touch and sympathetic contact. We see how the conditions of one life lead immediately into the next and are fundamentally conditioning (regardless of the present astrological chart or ray chart).

4.                  The other reason why BSD has found it difficult to respond is self-protection. He has a highly developed capacity to share the pain of others and, subconsciously, he realizes that descending “to the unhappy ways of human sympathy” would make him phenomenally uncomfortable. This discomfort he seeks to avoid.

5.                  Yet, the life objective is to respond rightly to human pain.

6.                  DK notes His chela’s progress in this regard. Whereas earlier he held people away from himself and was content to “dwell on the plane of thought — detached, serene and isolated — as those with a third ray soul can do so well, he is now much closer to humanity, open to other and responding sensitively to them. He is also much less comfortable in himself. This, DK, regards as a good sign.

Next, the realisation that “both eyes are focussed on the world of human pain” is steadily becoming yours. You are learning that only in true self-forgetfulness (forgetfulness of the soul’s goal as well as of all personality goals) will be for you any real consummation, and that humanity is of far greater importance than the individual human being. As The Old [Page 124] Commentary says: “The focus now is true and real, for both the eyes, the left and the right, are turned upon the ways of men and in this way the truth is clearly seen.”

1.                  BSD is now learning to walk “the unhappy ways of human sympathy” with “both eyes focussed on the world of human pain”. He is required to do this even though he is a third ray soul. Again, the implication is that he is learning something of the meaning of his proposed second ray monad.

2.                  DK defines a dual mode of self-forgetfulness — forgetfulness not only of the goals of the personality but of the soul’s goals. This bears pondering. All personal and individual goals (i.e., soul goals) are to be forgotten in the meeting of humanity’s need. This is the only way of consummation and relates the disciple to the plane of buddhic love, which is also, for humanity, the plane of consummation.

3.                  DK gives a bit more from the Old Commentary. We see that the eye of the personality and the eye of the soul are both focussed upon humanity’s needs. With this focus upon the “ways of men” the “truth is clearly seen”. That which was taken for the truth before full engagement with humanity was not really the truth, but a formulation of the truth.

Then, we come to the words, “that which is distant fades from view and the immediate present looms.” One of the most difficult tasks which faces any disciple is to exchange the abstract vision of future glory and reward for the immediate duty and goal and to learn the spiritual values of the immediate moment as they are to be found in the foreground of daily living. I can remember the time, my brother, when it was hard for you to identify yourself with the problem of the hour, so occupied were you with the Hierarchy, its personnel and plans, and with your relation to the unseen Master. Perhaps in the right adjustment which you have been successful in bringing about, you may have forgotten that time of distant and difficult striving. But I have not. You have to lose sight of the far-off spiritual possibility in the service of the hour. This you have learnt to do in no small measure, only to make the discovery that this path of service and of self-forgetfulness brings you by a long and weary way back to us.

1.                  A great lesson is being imparted: to exchange a yearning for future glory for a joyous participation in the spiritual opportunities of the immediate moment. One can only be alert to spiritual need in the moment; right appreciation and response are required here and now in conditions as they exist.

2.                  The Tibetan contrasts BSD’s attitude in former times with the attitude he has now succeed in developing. Earlier he was focussed very much on the Hierarchy and not much on humanity. In this respect, he was like ISG-L.

3.                  The most potent sentence to one and all is the following: “You have to lose sight of the far-off spiritual possibility in the service of the hour”.

4.                  The important realization to arise from this contrast is that participation in the needed service of the hour brings the disciple back to the Hierarchy. His former aspirational pursuit of Hierarchy was but the pursuit of an ideal.

5.                  As disciples, we must remember that the Hierarchy is the “Hierarchy of Love” and that only love opens the door to that ‘place’ where reside the Masters of the Wisdom.

6.                  This is a lesson applicable to all disciples, is it not? We can each assess for ourselves the balance between the desire for close association with the Hierarchy or our love of humanity. A deep love of humanity, followed by the selfless service of humanity’s immediate needs, bring us, inevitably, into fellowship with the Masters (Who, in a much more intensely loving and intelligent manner, are similarly engaged).

Finally, “thus the magnetic life again holds sway.” This time, however, the magnetism is not that of the soul in its own high place but that of the spiritualised personality in the ways of daily, earthly contact. It is the development of this “magnetic life” to which I call you afresh — for the remainder of this life and its succeeding cycles….

1.                  There is the magnetism of the soul on its own plane and that other type of magnetism, so necessary in the life of true discipleship, the magnetism of the soul-infused personality — the spiritualised personality, serviceably magnetic and radiant in the life of everyday.

2.                  From the first we have seen DK working on enhancing BSD’s magnetism. The work on inducing psychic sensitivity was all part of this process. The right kind of spiritually magnetic personality will result when soul infusion has advanced to a sufficient degree. BSD’s use of the fifth ray mind has militated against this, separating him from his own already highly developed astral sensitivity and from those people he might more effectively serve.

3.                  All of DK’s objectives for His chela are related: greater response to human need and suffering; recognition of that need and suffering through an opening heart center and emerging psychic/emotional sensitivity; the emphasis upon the power to visualize and upon the creative imagination, as faculties to be used for the enhancement of sensitivity and in subjective service; increasing magnetism of a spiritual kind expressing through the personality and enhancing rapport with those who are to be served; a less abstracted life — engaged in the “service of the immediately present”.

4.                  Again there is an editorial deletion. There have been many in this series of instructions to BSD. Probably, there are significant items of information missing, but we must proceed as best we can.

January 1939

There has been much questioning in your mind during the past few months and also much mental discomfort, if I might so express it. There has been, at the same time, a steady adherence to the chosen way and to your group brothers. You are still, however, under the influence of an ancient thoughtform, forgetting that one of the tasks of a disciple is to free himself from these holding forms. This thoughtform leads you to look, aye, to demand results of a phenomenal nature; it incites you to believe and urges you to demand that your years of devotion, your personality energy and your astral force (a strong combination, [Page 125] my brother!) should be rewarded by a recognition from and a contact with a Member of the Hierarchy. You look for this, not in order to feel any personal satisfaction or prideful reaction but as a justified and right reward of patient effort and true occult obedience.

1.                  The tendency towards much questioning is one of the tendencies of the fifth ray mind. DK has presented His chela with suggestions which, if followed correctly, have life-changing implications. The Master has been, if anything, more frank than usual. In the assessing of his own strengths and liabilities BSD has probably discovered much about himself. All this has contributed to his mental-discomfort. Despite the discomfort there has been, as usual, a “steady adherence to the chosen way and to your group brothers”.

2.                  During this period, a number of disciples were reminded that many tendencies they had been working to eliminate were still strong in their nature. Perhaps the pressures of the impending war were causing a degree of retrogression.

3.                  DK informs BSD that he is still imprisoned by the ancient thoughtform which seeks results of a phenomenal nature as a reward for years of service rendered. The expectation is even a demand, strengthened by the strong sixth ray emphasis.

4.                  BSD seeks to be “rewarded by a recognition from and a contact with a Member of the Hierarchy”. Can it be that the problem of doubt persists, and that there is a part of BSD which does not believe that the letters written to him through Alice Bailey really come from a Master?

5.                  He seeks some more phenomenal assurance; a (mere) letter perhaps seems too remote, too indirect.

6.                  This expectation still “holds” him and negates the efforts which DK has been making to see the life of His chela brought into better balance.

Yet, my brother, you have had all you asked for if you could but recognise it. You know who I am and surely, therefore, the recognition for which you asked has been accorded you and you are aware of that for which you are being prepared by your soul, by me and through the chosen group work. Yet in all of this, you take no joy nor find any rest. Should you not realise the truth of what I say, I would ask you to reflect awhile and maybe in time illumination will come.

1.                  DK specifies the problem. The longed-for contact with a member of the Hierarchy has occurred, the recognition which BSD has long desired has been accorded. He is an “accepted disciple” in the group of a Master of the Wisdom, and he knows it. Yet he finds no joy in this realization, nor any rest.

2.                  The problem is most likely a matter of form. Probably BSD has been hoping that a Master will appear to him phenomenally, as KH appeared to Alice Bailey when she was still in her teen-age years. He probably longs for direct and immediate conversation instead of a mediated contact through letters written by AAB. From the first we saw that there was, in his nature, a strong emphasis upon results of a phenomenal kind. Perhaps it is the third ray (the ‘Ray of Manifestation’) which contributes to this hope or expectation.

3.                  DK hopes that patient reflection on the perspective of achievement He is presenting will bring illumination and an alleviation of His chela’s unnecessary disappointments.

The group work is not easy for you. It is hard for an Englishman to free himself from his national assurances and prejudices, as it is for the nationals of all highly developed countries. But in this work and at your stage of spiritual awareness, the inclusiveness of the life realisation should bar out insularity. For this you must strive, and for you the keynote is the conviction that all men are brothers — a thing most easy to say and to hold theoretically but most difficult to express as a living factor in one’s life.

1.                  Usually it is first ray types for whom group work is not especially easy. But the third ray is also one of the “hard-line” rays, and is also inclined to separateness.

2.                  As in the case of SCP, DK is calling BSD’s attention to national prejudices which are inhibiting his full participation in group life.

3.                  BSD is a relatively advanced chela, apparently in training for the second initiation. He cannot be allowed to retreat into the insularity which characterized him in the earlier part of his life. Instead “inclusiveness of the life realisation” should see him in ever closer relationship to his fellow chelas and to humanity.

4.                  DK is seeking in BSD the expression of true brotherhood through the overcoming of separativeness (which is his line of least resistance and for the alleviation of which DK has been training him during the past eight years).

5.                  DK does not always identify the nation in which a chela may be working, but in this case He does so. With SCP, He only hints at the nation — England


6.                  During the year 1939, the letters to disciples tended to ask them to revisit their difficulties (which in many cases proved resistant to change). We must remember that later in that year, the groups-of-nine were dissolved. It had become apparent to DK that the groups and their members had not achieved sufficiently to warrant the continuation of His effort, especially once the German invasions had begun.

We are going to work with frankness henceforth and with freedom, and I — your Master and your friend — will mince no words with you or with any of my group. There is not time, such is the immediate urgency to train workers and it is surely needless with a group such as this.

1.                  The Master reaffirms the necessity to approach His chelas with frankness and to “mince no words”. The times were desperate and full of pressure.

2.                  If disciples who had already undergone about eight years of intense spiritual training could not be relied upon to accept direct statements from their Teacher, that in itself would prove the failure of the project.

3.                  We have already seen DK’s tendency to be quite direct with BSD — more direct that with some of the other disciples.

You will remember that I gave much time to the consideration of the rays which governed the various aspects and vehicles of each of the group members, and I trust that a careful analysis of what I said has enabled each of you to know yourselves and to understand your problems more truly and more fully. Today I seek to indicate the vehicles of force through which the two major rays are predominantly focussed, reminding you that the task is to relate two energies and three forces in such a manner that you become, in fact, a divine manifestation. Let me here be precise.

1.                  In this paragraph, DK is speaking to all His chelas. DK’s purpose in offering His chelas His assessment of their rays is to enable them “to know ourselves and to understand your problems more truly and more fully”.

2.                  The additional piece of necessary information is the “vehicles of force through which the two major rays predominantly focussed”. Note that He did not say “exclusively” focussed. This bears pondering, for indeed, the soul must at length work through all personality vehicles as must the personality.

3.                  The goal in the impartation of this information is that the disciple may become, in fact, a “divine manifestation”. The two energies and three forces will necessarily be related, but they must be rightly related.

First, your egoic or soul ray focusses itself in and through your fifth ray mental body. This — as I told you in an earlier [Page 126] instruction — has given you your defined mental focus, your critical attitude and your isolation, relatively speaking. It is this combination which has always enabled you to rationalise yourself into a confidence in the rightness of your decisions and into a surety that your particular life choices and your preferred circumstances are correct and justified. This energy and force are reinforced also by the controlling force of your physical body which gives you a third ray brain.

1.                  Whereas it might be supposed that the third ray soul would focus through the third ray brain, DK indicates that the soul focus is in the mind (which being on the fifth ray is closely related to the third).

2.                  The results of this focussed combination of third and fifth rays have been a “defined mental focus” a “critical attitude” and isolation of a relative kind.

3.                  An interesting comment follows. Both the third and fifth rays are “rational”, but BSD has used them to rationalize the correctness of his decisions. He uses his reasoning processes to confirm that his decisions are correct. Of course, where rationalization is involved, there is no strict impartiality and desire is playing a part.

4.                  So BSD’s confidence and assurance come largely from his reasoning processes.

5.                  It is interesting to note that the other third ray soul in the group, LTS-K, also had a fifth ray mind and a third ray brain — and a sixth ray personality. Only the ray of the astral body was different. In LTS-K’s case, it was the first ray.

6.                  What we notice about BSD is that his conviction as to the correctness of his choices and decisions did not have a sentient or intuitive foundation. His assurances were mentally derived.

Second, your personality ray is focussed in your astral body. The rays — three, five and six — are your controlling factors. This gives you devotion and mental control and it should give you real balance but, unfortunately, it does not, because the mind aspect is unduly emphasised and you are afraid of devotion. Yet it is your devotion, my brother, which has brought you to us and not your mental ability. It is your devotion which has led you steadily all these years and produced your service in the world. To what have you been devoted? This is an important question for you to answer to your soul.

1.                  BSD’s case is very interesting. He is well equipped and should be balanced, for he has three rays of mentality and two rays of sentience. But strangely he is afraid of the devotion with which he is so richly endowed. The reasons for this have been reviewed by DK in other letters and comment has been made.

2.                  There is an imbalance in BSD’s nature. The mind nature is unduly emphasized, strengthened by the fact that the third ray soul expresses through the fifth ray mind.

3.                  It is not unusual for those with a prominent sixth ray to refuse to recognize it, or to acknowledge that it can used in a manner different to the way it is presently expressing.

4.                  Earlier DK emphasized the value of the astral body relative to the mind. Now He is emphasizing the value of devotion (the major quality, with idealism, of the sixth ray).

5.                  DK tells of the importance of devotion in BSD’s life. Devotion brought him to the Great Ones, and not his mental ability. Therefore, the devotion must be very strong and of value. Devotion has also led BSD to his service in the world.

6.                  It will not do for BSD to remain afraid of devotion. This fear only furthers the split in his nature and maintains the imbalance which DK has long sought to help; correct. Rather, he is to learn to use devotion properly. It can be a most valuable energy.

7.                  DK poses a very important question to His chela: “To what have you been devoted”? There is no attempt to answer this question. The answer must be provided by BSD and it is to be answered “to the soul”, which means in all truth and with as much clarity as possible. No doubt this answer is the seed of yet another revelation.

I ask myself anew: How can I convey to this disciple the nature of his problem? I will put it in this form. Your egoic energy, focussed in your mind, is at the service of your personality and of the work which you are endeavouring to do in the particular field wherein you are forcing yourself to remain. It should be the other way round and the personality — with all its unified powers — should be at the service of the soul. All the forces of your lower nature should be at the disposal of the higher Self, working through an illumined mind and sensitive brain. Ponder on this. The energy of the intelligence and two intelligent forces — the soul, the mind and the physical nature — serve your devoted personality. You should reverse this, my brother, and let the intelligent soul control your devoted personality. There lies your problem.

1.                  A most lucid rayological analysis emerges as DK attempts to convey to BSD the true nature of his problem — and it appears to be no small problem (despite his evident attainment, acknowledged elsewhere by the Master).

2.                  The egoic energy focussed in the mind makes a powerful combination, but it should not be at the service of BSD’s personality as now it is. This soul-mind combination is also at the service of the work which he has been doing “in the particular field you are forcing yourself to remain”. It becomes clear that BSD has not succeeded in carrying out the “adjustment” suggested by DK and the sacrifice probably entailed in this adjustment. That which is forcing BSD to remain in a non-productive field is not his soul.

3.                  The energy situation in BSD’s equipment is unfortunately reversed. The soul is at the service of the personality instead of the personality at the service of the soul. The desirable situation would be that all the forces of the lower nature “should be at the disposal of the higher Self, working through an illumined mind and sensitive brain”. The personality will (or its rigid habit system) is obviously in control.

4.                  The “energy of intelligence” here referenced is the energy of the third ray soul. This energy, plus two intelligent forces (the fifth ray mind and the third ray brain) serve the devoted personality. But to what is BSD really devoted? Perhaps answer to this question before the bar of his soul would help him reverse the situation, as DK requests.

5.                  A reversal is what is called for — especially in the case of an accepted disciple. We might say that the final “reversal of the wheel” has not yet occurred for BSD. This final reversal may be expected in the vicinity of the second initiation or a little beyond.

6.                  This assessment must have presented BSD with much to ponder. In fact we all may ponder. In our own lives, what is in control — the soul or the personality? The matter may be subtle and difficult to see, but it is a foundational discrimination. Obviously, in an accepted disciple, the soul must certainly be gaining the upper hand.

The need of every disciple is ever to develop a closer and more direct alignment between soul and personality and that is, therefore, your problem, even if it seems to you an elementary problem. What you need to do is to focus the energy of your soul in your sixth ray astral body instead of in your mind, so that intelligent love may be your outstanding characteristic.

1.                  DK reviews an “elementary problem” — producing a more direct alignment between soul and personality. It all comes down to something so simple. We must never think that an assessment of the actual state of soul/personality relationship is something long-ago solved.

2.                  The focus of the soul as it presently exists, is not, we see, the most desirable focus. It is interesting that the foci of soul and personality through particular vehicles can change.

3.                  The third ray soul is to focus through the sixth ray astral body (on its way to becoming a second ray astral body). Then “intelligent love” will be BSD’s “outstanding characteristic”.

4.                  We notice in this refocussing, the ray lines will change. At the moment, the third ray soul focusses through a fifth ray mind; both of these rays are closely related. The sixth ray personality focusses through the identical ray qualifying the astral body.

5.                  But DK proposes a focussing in which a third ray soul will focus through a sixth ray/second ray astral body, and presumably, a sixth ray personality will focus through either a fifth ray mind or a third ray brain. Thus ray lines are crossed. This possibility is important to bear in mind when attempting to determine our own foci. Similarity of ray lines does not always determine the focus.

This shift will do certain things for you and in you:

1. It will create a temporary upheaval in your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solar plexus, producing a period of real difficulty.

1.                  DK is most specific with his disciple He is advising certain reversals and rearrangements and He specifies the probable results.

2.                  DK promises a “temporary upheaval” in the life when the third ray soul focusses through the astral body. Probably desires and values will change making the present outer pattern of life untenable.

2. It will transfer the energy of the soul and the force of the mind into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response, thereby greatly increasing your usefulness but also increasing for you the “dire pain of life itself”; this is a pain with which all disciples must learn to live and from which all disciples must inevitably suffer.

1.                  The force of the soul (and the mind) will be transferred “into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response”.

2.                  BSD will become much more useful but also much more vulnerable.

3.                  DK uses an arresting phrase to describe the pain with which all disciples must learn to live. He calls it, “the dire pain of life itself”. The life of humanity and planetary processes in general are as yet far from harmonious; in fact, both are filled with distress. The average non-aspiring individual may develop many defense mechanisms to protect himself/herself from this pain, but a true disciple (especially an accepted disciple) is not allowed to do this.

4.                  The Teaching cannot become a defense mechanism against the pain and inharmony of life. DK seeks for His disciple to re-engage with the pain of the world, which he may have fled in immediately preceding incarnations.

3. It will stimulate your brain cells and swing into activity many hitherto dormant cells, thus making you capable of increased service of a different nature to that with which you are now occupied. It will lead you to enquire if your present field of service is, for you, a legitimate one or — if it is — what must you do to “change the nature of the seed which must therein be sown.” You will know to what I refer without my further elaborating.

1.                  DK has been subtly working to help release BSD from his present focus in service (one that is restrictive and form-bound). DK apparently thinks that BSD’s “present field of service” is not legitimate for him.

2.                  In that field, BSD cannot assert his true occult knowledge. He cannot sow the seeds which of which he is capable; the organization would resist any such sowing.

3.                  Part of the upheaval would probably entail a disengagement from BSD’s present service field, with a possible temporary disorientation and financial repercussions.

4.                  DK indicates that a stimulation of dormant brain cells may be expected. Possibilities for a different type of service may be related to such a stimulation. Also, the enhancement of psychic sensitivity, for which BSD has been in training, may be promoted by the realignment of his energies.

5.                  We might expect this stimulation of brain cells as the third ray soul impacts more potently the third ray brain, having come closer to that brain by means of its new focus within the astral body. DK does not actually say where the personality itself will focus. The best candidate is probably the mind.

6.                  There may be a hint as to presence of astrological energies. Aries is the “sower of seeds”.

Such is your problem. How shall we change your egoic focus and, at the same time, fuse more closely your two major rays so that the personality is subordinated to the soul. To aid in this specific meditation must be followed….

NOTE: This disciple is no longer working with the Tibetan Master, Who makes the following comment about him:  “He has reached his high water mark for this life. Further instruction is not necessary. He has enough upon which to work.”

1.                  The Tibetan closes with a reiteration of BSD’s problem — change the egoic focus from the mind to the astral nature and fuse the personality and soul rays so that the soul dominates the personality.

2.                  The meditation assigned is not given.

3.                  We do not know how it came about that BSD was no longer working with the Tibetan. Perhaps when the groups were disbanded, He was simply not invited to participate in the New Seed Group.

4.                  If he was not invited, we might ask, “Why was an accepted disciple, so earnest and so long in the application of his aspirations, not invited?”

5.                  The only information we get is that he has reached his high water mark for this life and that he has enough upon which to work. If DK can see that the high water mark has been reached, He may foresee that further training would not be profitable.

6.                  The implication in this closing statement is that BSD (a persistent disciple) will indeed work on that which he has been given over the years.

7.                  Apparently, he discovered that there was a New Seed Group and later sought reinstatement. However, AAB’s health and time commitments prevented this.

Additional References to BSD

You will place yourself, I know, under those who, through lethargy, fail to achieve the utmost possible. I would point out to you that though you may have this liability in a physical or emotional form, you have not got it mentally. You are among those who take the kingdom of heaven by violence and enter therein. B.S.D. needs this mental activity in a dynamic form, even if he recognises not the truth of my remarks. (DINA I 151)

1.                  DK is talking to the advanced disciple/initiate FCD — an “initiated disciple”. Lethargy is of several kinds. FCD’s first ray mind is anything but lethargic even though his emotional and physical bodies may not be as active as desirable.

2.                  Although BSD has been mentally polarized, his mental activity has not been dynamic as has been FCD’s. We remember that the Tibetan remarked that it had been BSD’s devotion which had brought him to the Masters and not his mental abilities. BSD’s mind was analytical, studential, critical and somewhat separative, but not a powerful penetrating, synthetic force as was the mind of FCD.

You will note, my brother, how you reverse the problem of B.S.D. because your personality ray, your soul ray and your astral ray are all along the same line of force — the line of the second ray. I have already pointed out to you the difficult nature of your problem which is that most subtle one of the right balancing of energies. You have no third ray energy in you at all (the energy of the ray of the intellect) and this in spite of the fact of your physical constitution. It accounts for your intense feeling that you have no racial relationship to the Jews at all in spite of the fact that you are of the Hebrew race. This is a true feeling, and the only thing which relates you to the Jewish race is the fact that your mental body is on the first ray which is the same as the soul of Judaea

. The soul knows no distinctions or differences and on soul levels no problem of any kind exists — except the problem of understanding love. Of this you know much. (DINA I 155)

1.                  Again the comparison is with FCD. FCD has a second ray soul, a fourth ray personality and a second ray astral vehicle. Further, the mental and physical rays were not along the line of the soul ray.

2.                  BSD’s soul and personality ray were not on the same line of force. For BSD, the mental and physical rays were along the same line as the soul.

3.                  It is still not entirely clear why DK tells FCD that he reverses BSD’s problem.

Several of the students did not spiritually appreciate the opportunity with which they were faced. It was in reality a case of non-recognition, of which they were practically unconscious; they remain in this condition, awaiting another incarnation. (L.D.N-C. was a striking instance of this attitude; another was J.A.C. though he would greatly like to be reinstated. This is not possible; however, had the tenure of life by A.A.B. been better, it might have been accomplished. Another of these types was B.S.D.) (DINA II 92)

1.                  DK numbers BSD among those who did not spiritually appreciate the opportunity with which they were faced.

2.                  Speaking of non-recognition, we have seen that although BSD knew he had been recognized by a Master and was working in a Master’s group, he seemed to fail to appreciate this fact, preferring, perhaps, a more phenomenal presentation of the Master.

3.                  The implication in this paragraph is that BSD wished to be reinstated just as did JAC, but that AAB was not sufficiently strong for this reinstatement to occur.


The rays of BSD are unusual when compared to the majority of DK’s disciples for he was a disciple upon the third ray. He had, however, obviously worked strenuously within the spiritual field and had achieved at least academic attainments there.

DK’s task (as a second ray Master) was to subject him to the conditioning of the second ray, thereby emphasizing his sensitivity rather than his mentality. BSD had become unbalanced, and his latent depression was probably evidence of this imbalance.

While it seemed that much progress was being made in opening the heart center and increasing sensitivity, psychic training met with resistance, probably because an old thoughtform relating to the phenomenal appearance of or direct recognition by a Master were still powerful in his mind.

Upon assessment, it appears that DK decided not to invite BSD to be a member of the New Seed Group (even though he was an experienced and determined disciple). Perhaps the attitude of separation and insularity had not been sufficiently overcome.

To study the letters to BSD is to learn the value of balance in the life of the disciple. The ray chart of BSD should have promoted balance, but it did not do so sufficiently, because he could not release himself from outmoded expectations nor fully appreciate (and find joy in) the spiritual opportunity with which he was being presented.

There were, of course, a number of gains as a result of working with the Tibetan, but when letters to him ceased, BSD seemed to be numbered among those who were waiting for a further incarnation to make additional progress.