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Tapestry of the Gods, Volume V
By Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D.

Physiognomic Interpretations
by Astrological and Rayological Indicators

This volume is being integrated with Tapestry of the God's Volume III, with Michael's astro-rayological interpretations of famous people, many of which include more physiognomic insights and additional photos of the individuals used to illustrate the points in this volume.

July 2007

Areas which may be covered in this volume of
Astrological and Rayological Influences Upon the Human Body

Part I: Introduction

  • Age: Chronological and Soul-wise
  • Ethnicity: Predispositions of type and temperament
  • Illness & Accident
  • Unique Expressions ...

Part II: Astrological and Rayological Influences
. . . . . . with photos of representative individuals

  • Influence of the Seven Rays
  • Influence of the Signs
  • Influence of Planetary Rulers
  • Other Cosmic Influences

Part III: Illustrations and Examples

  • Vitality, Temperament & Expression
  • The Entire Frame
    • Feet, legs, hips and waist
    • Torso, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers
  • The Neck and Head as a Whole
    • Hair and Hairline
    • Shape of Face, forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw
    • Ears, Mouth, Nose, Eyes and Eyebrows


Completed Individual Analyses

Hans Christian Andersen

Napoleon Bonaparte

John Calvin

Rene Descartes

Mikhail Gorbachev

Thomas Jefferson

John F. Kennedy

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

Abraham Maslow

JP Morgan

Modest Moussorgsky


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