Dear Fellow Students,


Attached please find FCF Commentary Semester 7 Section 14, Part I. We are now moving from considering the devas and elementals of the watery and gaseous subplanes of the systemic physical plane, to the devas and elementals of the systemic ethers.


This is really fascinating material. DK divides the kinds of lives to be found, all the way from the Raja Deva Lords, like Lord Kshiti, through four lesser etheric though highly developed lords, to seven devic supervisors who are in the council of the four lords. He also distinguishes groups of violet devas and elementals, green devas and elementals and white devas an elementals.


As well, there are twelve extra-planetary highly developed devas who have come in from another planetary scheme (only twelve of them), and they supervise the violet group, the green group and the white group.


Other divisions exist a well concerning etheric elementals and the types of etheric bodies with which they are associated--whether human, animate or apparently inanimate.


One of the most important tasks set  before us as we read this material is the task of discriminating devas from elementals. Sometimes the distinction is not so clear. What really are fairies, sylphs, gnomes, brownies, sprites and other lesser beings? To what degree are they conscious or even self-conscious? To what degree can they be called elementals and to what degree devic? How really do we discriminate between the elementals of the involutionary arc and the devas of the evolutionary arc?


Above all, when considering the devas and elementals, who controls whom, and how is this control arranged?


It will be clear to us that we are into a stupendous task of discriminative understanding.


Parts II and probably III of this Commentary will be on their way shortly, but you have much to keep you busy as you pour over the suggested hierarchies of devic and elemental lives.


We are working our way up sub-plane by sub-plane. Our present focus is systemic-etheric.


Light Love and Power,