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Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Class on the book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire in Ojai, California, USA, November 11 - 15, 2009, led by Michael D. Robbins

The following audio files contain the Cosmic Fire classes held in Ojai from November 11 - 15, 2009. Both meditations and teaching are included. Subjects: Thoughtform Creation and the Six Rules of Magic for the Mental Plane.

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Day 1: Thoughtform Creation

Opening Meditation on the Origins of Thoughts 16 MB .mp3 file
A meditation on the source of our thoughtforms. Discussion of meditation results. The observer of thoughts. Soul expression. Effects of the rays.

Thoughtform Creation Part I 15 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 947-950. The creation of thought forms. Dangers of thought form creation. Materialism. Belief in reincarnation. Plasma and atomic structure. Pairs of opposites. Dweller on the Threshold. Defining sordid. Evil from a previous solar system. Base of the spine. Scheme round. Judgment Day. Law of Freedom. Revelation of evil in humanity. How the dweller is kept alive. Astrology of the United States. Singled out for protection.

Thoughtform Creation Part II 13 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 950-953. Methods by which Hierarchy destroys old thoughtforms. Bringing in Buddhic light. Defining Ego. The Solar Angel. Group beings. Guardian Angel. Destiny of the lives after the Fourth Initiation. Shadow and reflection. Esoteric and exoteric planes. Archetype and ideal. The Blessed Ones. The centres of which we are a part.

Thoughtform Creation Part III 9 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 953-958. Destruction of the personal dweller. Monadic ray in your mind. Mental polarization. We outgrow our personality. Objectives for thoughtform building. Review of points of interest.

Day 2: Rules I and II

Meditation II on the First Four Rules plus Discussion 14 MB .mp3 file
This session begins with a meditation on the first four of the mental Rules of White Magic. This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 996-998. White magic. The three groups of Rules. Beginning of the discussion of Rule I. The Solar Angel and its instrument. The nature of Ego. Dead thoughts. Coming in of the Solar Angels. Universality of consciousness. Buddhism and esoteric teachings. Reformation of religion. How high are Solar Angels? Being in meditation all the time. Time between first and second initiation. Milarepa.

Discussion of Rule I 20 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire page 998 and then continues with A Treatise on White Magic pages 56-70. Shadow or reflection. Group of 24. Ashramic group. Rays carried over from previous incarnations. Qualifications for white magic. The soul comes through via meditation. Ten types of dreams (EPII 499-511). Need for analysis. Giordano Bruno. New schools. Utter satiety. Glamour of continued circumstances. Disciple defined. Bruce Harman art. Accepting disciple, pledged disciple, and accepted disciple. Law of Periodicity. Standing in spiritual Being. Cyclic experience. Pain and suffering. Ego as the cause of experience. Factors that block soul expression. How to make decisions. Intuition revealing right action. Working rhythmically. USA as the center of Atlantis. The Manu working with races. “The Invention of Lying.”

Discussion of Rule II Part I 15 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 998-1000 and then continues with A Treatise on White Magic pages 71-77. Insects. The purpose of meditation. Force centres on the mental plane. Manasic permanent atom. Using the circles of petals of the Egoic lotus. 21 chakras. “Layayoga” book. Eight circles of twelve. Heaven and hell on astral subplanes. Sun and spleen. Three persons of the trinity. Beginning of White Magic book discussion. The lower light. Planetary and solar initiations. True compassion. The One and the Three. The Old Commentary. The etheric body.

Discussion of Rule II Part II. 8 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 85-89. Positive and negative vibration. Sacral centre and the throat. The 22. Pineal and pituitary. Ventricles of the brain. The solar Angel imparts a portion of its energy. DK in love. The second fecundation of the solar Angels. Moon chain and solar Angel.

Day 3: Rules II, III, and IV

Meditation on Rules III and IV plus Discussion 15 MB .mp3 file
Continuing discussion of Rule II. This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 89-90 and then continues with A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 1000-1001. Esoteric schools. Thoughtform creation practice. Becoming the soul. Kingdoms and solar Angels. Satan and the millennium. Seeing the Round transition. Conditions at the Judgment Day. Transition to other planets. The Nirvanee. Rewards of soul consciousness. Beginning of discussion of Rule III and the study moves to the text in Cosmic Fire. The secondary note. Process of meditation. Sounding and visualizing together.

Continued Discussion on Rule III plus Harmlessness 19 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire page 1001 and then continues with A Treatise on White Magic pages 91-98 and then the material on harmlessness on pages 101-106 The OM. Visualization attracting the tiny lives. Being transparent. Soul Light and Body Light. The personal meditations in the books. The voice of the silence. Achievement of the aspirant. Destruction of forms. Ida, pingala, and sushumna. Sutratmic negative channel. Meditation on soul impression. Sounding the egoic note. Visualizing yourself as the soul. Doing things simultaneously. Solar Orb and Lunar Orb. Present tense of “wrought.” The drastic purging of harmlessness. The lower light. Esoteric Astrology page 329. Blending of the lights. The floor of the triangle. The chakras and the initiations.

Ending Discussion of Rule III 12 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 106-109. Apana mudra. See TWM 569. Indigo center of the sun. The light in the head. Condition of the etheric body. The Bull of God. Physical age and initiation. The steps of the magical work. The Third Eye. Music: “The Bull of God.” “Shine in the Darkness.” The discussion moves to the Compilation on the Eye of the Soul. Three possible Eyes of the Soul. Lower psychic powers. Astrological chart of Leadbeater. The universal mind. The Eye of Shiva. Laya Yoga centers. Spiritual Triad chakras. Domination and the third initiation. Blue Logos. Eye of the Cyclops.

Beginning Discussion on Rule IV 6 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 1002-1004. Dynamic and Egoic will. Dying mental thoughtforms. Mudras to help you think sharply. Unconscious recollection. Workings of black magic. Ethical investment. Right speech. Purgatory and hell. Being used in the fight. Review of the first four Rules. The audio ends abruptly due to battery problems.

Day 4: Rules IV and V

Meditation on Rules V and VI 13 MB .mp3 file
Opening Meditation on Rules V and VI. This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 123-127. The future externalization. Sound, light, vibration, and color on the planes. The withering of the Law. Planets and color. Venus and the lower quaternary. Categories of planets in terms of spiritual age. Total numbers of Masters. Initiations of the Sun, Venus, and the Earth. The creative work of sound. Selfish action. The loving mind. Rays of nations. Helena Roerich visits Maracara. Zanoni, Crowley, Osho. Detached participation. The dual note of personality and soul.

Discussion of Rule IV 20 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 127-128 and 140-146. Continued discussion of the dual note. Words of power. Overtone singing. The soundless sound. Tinnitus and spirits. Questions regarding our aptitude for magical work. The use of the OM. Training of the disciple. Universal thought. Contacting the thought of the Master. Moon in Taurus. Power of alignment. The three uses of the OM. Control of speech. The potency of sound. The big bang. Sound creates relationship. Patterns of beauty. Momentous words. Meter and beat. Bach quote. Harmlessness and speech. Manly Hall. Annie Besant. Temptations of Jesus. Defining bread. 6th Ray minds. Light revealing thought forms. Vibration of thought. Spheres of the creative process. Planets and sounds. Vibration and Being. Types of motion. Outer and inner vibration.

Continued Discussion of Rule IV 10 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 146-154. Music. The effects of vibration. Atrophying of desire. Standing in spiritual being. Vulcan experience. Five Sagittarius moons. Seeing the inner worlds. Developing the spiritual body. Etheric vision. The stages of Rule IV. The science of the breath. Prana-yama; defining Yama. Samadhi. Three stages of the art of breathing. The dark night of the soul. The four veils. Creativity through exhalation.

Beginning Discussion of Rule V 12 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 1004-1007. Start of discussion of Rule V. Descent of mental form. Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. The need for purity. Ego and karma. Method of sending out thought forms. The karma of Masters. Choosing suitable mental matter. Lucille Cedercrans. Seeking a higher quality builder. The Nirmanakayas. Dangerous devas. Protection from the Egoic Lotus. Mantric protection. Identity guarded. Crowley’s impurity. Transmutation of the lunar bodies. 300 year Hierarchical review. Anchoring idea of spiritual university. 14 years to work with fohat. Cycles. Sigma cycle. The use of the third eye. The heart centre as protection.

Day 5: Rules V, VI, and Closing Service

Continued Discussion of Rule V 13 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 155-159. Opening meditation on the Rules. What is our purpose? Review of the meditation. Yes we can. Swell the note of the soul. The Ego’s flow. Green devas. People cutting through ice, for Summer’s use. The agent of the creating Ego. Synthesis of the teachings. World disciples. Signs of the Zodiac as thoughtforms. 12 equal arcs by lunes. A rare ability to suffer. Use of psychic powers. Spiritual protection.

Finishing Rules V and VI. 20 MB .mp3 file
This session covers A Treatise on White Magic pages 159-167, and then a few quotes through page 172. Then for Rule VI it briefly covers A Treatise on Cosmic Fire page 1008. The condition of the waters. Hinderances to the work. Dead thought forms. Drowned thought forms. The real warrior. Problem of criticism. Right desire. Meditation on the “I” who desires. Public emotion. Astral condition of humanity. Uranus in Aries. Living in the eternal. The safety of the one who thus creates. International Day of Forgiveness. Steady contemplation. Heart, throat, and eye. Beginning of the brief discussion of Rule VI. The eye of the thinker. Review of the Six Rules for the Mental Plane. Building devas. The raincloud of knowable things. Follow the rules before experimenting.

Closing Service 10 MB .mp3 file
Closing Service for Class 10.