Commentary on Chapter XIII



The Rods of Initiation are of four kinds:

1. Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos and of the three major Planetary Logoi.

  1. We may infer that this is the kind of Rod which could be in the possession of the Logos of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One--sometimes called the 'Sirian Logos' (not the Logos of the star Sirius).
  2. It may be, however, that under certain circumstances, the Logos of the star Sirius is called a Cosmic Logos rather than a Solar Logos. If this were the case, then the Logos of the Star Sirius would wield a Cosmic Rod.
  3. It is interesting to see the "three major Planetary Logoi"; linked so closely to the Solar Logos.
  4. We may assume that Master DK means by the "major Planetary Logoi"; the Logoi of the synthesizing planets--Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.
  5. If we check the chart (TCF 344) we shall see that three Logoi are to be found focussed on the first subplane of the cosmic physical plane (a plane intimately associated with our Solar Logos). Of these three, we are simply told that they are Logoi. We are not told that they are Planetary Logoi.
  6. If these three Logoi are distinct from the three Logoi of the synthesizing planets, then it is clear that not only does a Cosmic Logos initiate the three major Planetary Logoi, but also the three still greater Logoi who are still closer to the Solar Logos.
  7. We are reminded that, according to occultism, the Solar Logos is the Brother of the Planetary Logoi and not their Father.
  8. We remember (TCF 293) that a Cosmic Logos expresses itself through a constellation of seven major Solar Logoi. This gives us some sense of the scale involved.

2. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a Planetary Logos.

  1. The implication is that our Solar Logos wields such a Rod within our solar system.

With cosmic initiation we have naught to do; it concerns expansions of realisation beyond even the ken of the highest initiate in our solar system.

  1. This is an amazing statement. Of what calibre is the "highest initiate in our solar system";? It would seem to include not just human initiates, but initiates from other orders of being. In fact, the Planetary Logoi in our solar system are all Initiates of certain degrees.
  2. It may be that the Logos of the greatest of the synthesizing planets may not include the nature of cosmic initiation within its ken. Again, we are reminded of the relative smallness of those who are relatively great when compared to us.
  3. There must be a reason why DK did not say 'the highest initiate on our planet'.

With systemic initiations we are concerned only in trifling measure, for they are on so vast a scale that the average human mind cannot as yet envisage them.

  1. The average human being does not possess a 'planetarized' consciousness. Only at the third initiation does this planetarization of consciousness begin.

Man appreciates these initiations only in so far as they produce effects in the planetary scheme with which he may be concerned.

  1. Systemic initiations are, essentially, initiations of Planetary Logoi.

Particularly is this so should the scheme in which he plays his microscopic part be the centre in the Logoic body receiving stimulation.

  1. We are told that the Logos of our planet (does this mean, 'of our planetary scheme'?) is going through an initiation. This initiation is focussed on the fourth chain of the Earth-scheme and particularly on the Earth globe.
  2. There may be other Planetary Logoi who are currently receiving initiatory attention from the Solar Logos, but we can, at least, be assured that the Logos of the Earth-scheme is certainly one.

When that is the case, the initiation of his own Planetary Logos takes place, and consequently he (as a cellular body) receives an added stimulation along with the other sons of men.

  1. Probably the nature of this stimulation is lost to sight in the general global situation involving humanity and all the kingdoms during the present era through which our Planetary Logos is passing.
  2. Certainly, human beings are being subjected to far greater pressure and to a far greater variety of subtle energies than at any other time in planetary history.
  3. Our status in relation to our Planetary Logos is given: we are as cellular bodies with the Planetary Logos.
  4. If we pause to reflect, will we find that we can sense any stimulation coming to us, individually, or in relation to our groups or to humanity as a whole, from the initiatory process through which our Planetary Logos is passing?

3. Planetary, used by a Planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher.

  1. We can assume that since Sanat Kumara wields the Planetary Rod of Initiation (the "Flaming Diamond";) and that, since Sanat Kumara officiates as the Initiator for the first time at the third initiation, that the third, fourth and fifth major initiations, are, indeed, the usual third, fourth and fifth initiations and not the fifth, sixth and seventh.
  2. The term "major initiations"; as here used seems to include initiations one and two--the Birth and the Baptism, both "Initiations of the Threshold";.
  3. The first two "major initiations"; are planetary initiations, not solar initiations.
  4. The term "major initiations"; usually includes the Initiations of the Threshold, but not always as is clear from the following:

    I would here call to your recollection the fact that (from the angle of the Hierarchy) this initiation is the second major initiation, and not the fourth, as it is regarded from the human angle; the third initiation is technically regarded as the first major initiation. The major initiations are really possible only after the transfiguration of the personality. (R&I 216)
  5. It is also clear from this excerpt that at the sixth and seventh initiations, the planetary Rod of Power is applied.

At the planetary initiation the Rod of Power, wielded by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electrical force from Sirius, and was received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands of that great Entity Who is the presiding Lord of the Lords of Karma.

  1. Here we appear to be speaking of the initiation of a Planetary Logos.
  2. We are dealing with the power energizing and sustaining the Solar Logos' Rod of Initiation.
  3. Although Sirius is not usually associated with the first ray, every Solar Logos (including the Logos of Sirius) embraces the three aspects of fire--Fire by Friction, Solar Fire and Electric Fire.
  4. It is interesting that the term "electric fire"; is not used, but rather "pure electrical force";.
  5. What may be the "secondary period of creation";? We are not speaking, I think, in terms of the process of our Planetary Logos, but of the process of the solar system of our Solar Logos.
  6. Could the "secondary period of creation"; refer to the "Second Outpouring"; of "God the Son";--embodiment of the second aspect of divinity?
  7. We are learning that there are several Lords of Karma and that one of them is the "presiding Lord";. These Lords of Karma are the ones, presumably, who are found within our solar system even though their source may be Sirius.
  8. The karmic connection to the Solar Logos' Rod of Power is noteworthy, because it is the presiding Lord of Karma (presumably presiding within our solar system ) who 'hands' the Rod of Power to our Solar Logos. The use of the phrase "from the hands of"; (in relation to this great Lord of Karma) is interesting. Are we justified in considering an anthropomorphic interpretation?

He is the repository of the law during manifestation, and He it is Who is the representative in [Page 127] the solar system of that greater Brotherhood on Sirius Whose Lodges are found functioning as the occult Hierarchies in the different planets.

  1. Here it is confirmed that this presiding Lord of Karma represents the "greater Brotherhood on Sirius";. It may be inferred that this Lord of Karma is from Sirius and that the Solar Logos' Rod of Initiation had its source of origin as Sirius.
  2. This great Entity (the presiding Lord of Karma) is the repository of the law to which, one would think, even the Solar Logos must conform.
  3. What law is this? Is it the Sirian Law of Karma? This Sirian Law is an intermediate law and is greater even than the Law of Synthesis, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Economy--all three cosmic laws.
  4. Is it not interesting to realize that the Lodges on Sirius sponsor various occult Hierarchies on the different planets of our solar system? Every planet has its type of humanity and thus its type of human evolution and, consequently, its graduates of that type of humanity--i.e., members of an Occult Lodge or Hierarchy.

Again, it is He Who, with the solar Logos to assist Him, invests the various Initiators with power, gives to Them that word in secret which enables Them to draw down the pure electric force with which Their rods of office must be charged, and commits to Their keeping the peculiar secret of Their particular planetary scheme.

  1. We are speaking of the cooperation between the Solar Logos and a great Karmic Entity who (within our solar system) represents the Great Lodge on Sirius.
  2. Let us tabulate that which "presiding Lord of the Lord of Karma"; does in relation to various initiators:
    1. He invests the various initiators with power
    2. He give to Them that word in secret which enable them to draw down the pure electric force with which Their rods of office must be changed
    3. He commits to Their keeping the peculiar secret of Their particular planetary scheme
  3. It may be that this great Lord of Karma is related to the fifth Ray Lord. Indeed Sirius has a strong fifth ray component and this great Being is from Sirius. It may be that this presiding Lord of Karma is in some way deeply involved in the initiation process, working in collaboration with the Fifth Ray Lord (one of whose initiatory functions is listed below).

    "In the major initiations at this time, for instance, in connection with humanity, not only is the first Initiator, the Christ, officiating, not only is the Ancient of Days, the embodiment of our planetary Logos, participating (either actively or behind the scenes), but behind Them both stands now the Lord of the fifth Ray of Knowledge and Understanding. (EP I 240-241)
  4. Upon the various planets and working in connection with the Spiritual Hierarchies as found on various planets must necessarily be various Initiators. The Christ, the Lord of the World, an unnamed "Existence"; and our Planetary Logos are the Initiators who work in relation to our planetary scheme. There must be analogous entities in other planetary schemes.

4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva.

  1. What may be these minor initiations? The Tibetan speaks of them on one or two occasions. They are certainly not the same as the Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Renunciation and Revelation--our first five "major"; initiations.
  2. In the following references the terms "minor initiations"; and "major initiations"; are used in a manner different from that in the extract immediately above:
    1. 1. For the minor initiations administered by the Bodhisattva, all of which are in the department of the Mahachohan, and on one or other of the four lesser rays, the rays of attribute.
    2. 2. For the major initiations on one or other of the three major rays, the rays of aspect, which are administered by the Bodhisattva, and are therefore the first two initiations.
    3. 3. For the higher three initiations at which Sanat Kumara wields the Rod. (IHS 107)
  3. These three sentences are puzzling, as the first two major initiations administered by the Bodhisattva are given on the seventh and sixth rays respectively--both of these being rays of attribute.
  4. It would seem that there are minor initiations administered by the Bodhisattva before the first initiation, the Birth, is taken.
  5. The "minor initiations"; spoken of in the extract may relate to minor initiations taken upon the astral plane (cf. EA 362).
  6. The "initiations of manas"; are thus called because they are taken in the causal body, regardless of their impact on the lower mental, astral and physical bodies.

When man individualised in Lemurian days, it was through the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos of our earth chain, which touched into activity certain centres in His body, with their corresponding groups. This application produced literally the awakening of the life to intelligent work on the mental plane. Animal man was conscious on the physical and on the astral planes. By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental. Thus the three bodies were co-ordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them.

  1. We are understanding that man's individualization in Lemurian days was the result of the initiation of the "Logos of our earth chain";.
  2. Does DK mean specifically the "Logos of our earth chain"; and not the 'Logos of our Earth-scheme";? If so we are speaking of a chain Logos, and the initiation occurring is definitely occurring on a chain level.
  3. Animal man awoke to mental consciousness (and thus, gradually, to self-consciousness) because he belonged to certain centers in the body of the "Logos of our earth chain";--centers which were stimulated by the application of the Rod of Initiation (presumably the Rod of our Solar Logos).
  4. We have to be very careful here, because sometimes the term "chain"; is used for the term "scheme";. In Theosophical literature schemes are regularly called chains.
  5. In any case, centers in the body of the "Logos of our earth chain"; are also lesser centers in the body of the 'Logos of our Earth-scheme'.
  6. We see that the coming of the Lords of the Flame and the application of the Rod of Initiation to certain centers in the body of the "Logos of our earth chain"; were simultaneous events. The Solar Angels came because, in terms of initiatory events occurring in the life of the Planetary Logos of the Earth-scheme, it was time.
  7. If the "Logos of our earth chain"; was affected by the application of the Rod, this application was also necessarily a great though lesser event in the body of manifestation of the Logos of our planetary scheme.
  8. Before individualization, the Thinker could not function in the bodies of animal man; the three bodies had not been coordinated. The application of the Rod on a chain level effected this coordination.
  9. Just as in this fourth chain our Planetary Logos is undergoing a fourth initiation, is it possible that at the time of the individualization of man our Planetary Logos was undergoing a kind of third initiation through His fourth chain? The arising of mentality in animal man would correspond to an initiation numerically expressive of the third ray.

All Rods of Initiation cause certain effects:--

a. Stimulation of the latent fires till they blaze.

  1. This stimulation results in a demonstration of light and heat.
  2. God is Fire and the application of the Rods of Initiations by those, who to the candidate, are as gods, produces an increased demonstration of fire.

b. Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings them within the radius of each other.

  1. As the chakras implicated in initiation are stimulated and their fiery demonstration increase, they swing into each other's radius of activity.
  2. As fires touch other fires, the fires can be synthesized or brought into one coordinated system.
  3. The synthesis of the fires can also be viewed from another perspective; during the initiatory process solar fire is merged and blended with fire by friction and eventually electric fire is merged and blended with the lesser two.
  4. There is also an important merging of kundalini fire with pranic fires.
  5. The high initiate is an example of synthesized fires.

c. Increase of the vibratory activity of some centre, whether in man, a Heavenly Man, or a solar Logos.

  1. Every initiation has some particular center which is the object of purposeful stimulation.
  2. Which center is stimulated depends upon the initiation undergone.
  3. The Rod of Power is the occult instrument applied to stimulate the various centers.
  4. It is of interest to wonder which chakra is being stimulated within the energy bodies of the Solar Logos by means of the extensive stimulation occurring on and within this fourth planetary scheme (the Earth-scheme) and this fourth chain and fourth globe of the Earth-scheme.
  5. Although the Earth is to be considered related to the base of the spine center of the Solar Logos, there are other ways in which it could be considered related to the spleen. (cf. EA 78 for inferences).

d. Expansion of all the bodies, but primarily of the causal body.

  1. The bodies or vehicles of the highly developed man are of greater scope and extent than those of a man of small experience.
  2. It is interesting to note that although the mental, astral and vital bodies almost certainly expand by means of the initiatory process, the greatest expansion is to be registered in the causal body.
  3. It is said that the auras of great souls are of vast extent. Of course, these souls have already relinquished their causal bodies.
  4. The measurements, specific gravity and occult 'weight' of the causal body are technical studies beyond our present possibilities. We can be sure, however, that the causal body of man (or of greater Heavenly Men) has it own kind of subtle physics best described by high souls upon the fifth ray.

e. The arousing of the kundalini fire (or the fire at the base of the spine), and the direction of its upward progression.

  1. Kundalini may rise spontaneously in the interim between initiations, but the initiation ceremony makes possible a coordinated (and rightly directed) rising according to occult law.

This fire, and the fire of manas, are directed [Page 128] along certain routes--or triangles--by the following of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner.

  1. We are given a very interesting understanding of the manner in which the fire of kundalini and the fire of manas are blended. It is as if the Rod moves in a specified manner and these fires follow. It is as if the Rod does not actually touch the fires, but simply directs them, magnetically.
  2. The specific triangles to be used and the order of chakras stimulated within the triangle depend upon the monadic ray.
  3. The initiations below the third initiation can be understood in light of the various blendings and mergings of the kundalini fire and the fire of manas. The points of juncture for these two fires are described in TCF. The center at the lower section of the shoulder blades and the throat center are two such centers. Later, the head center is also involved.

There is a definite occult reason, under the laws of electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate presented to the Initiator is accompanied by two of the Masters, Who stand one on either side of the initiate. The three of Them together form a triangle which makes the work possible.

  1. The rite of initiation, we see, is inseparable from the Science of Triangles.
  2. In all electrical phenomena of the kind with which we are familiar, there must be a positive pole, a negative pole and an equilibrizing point.
  3. There is a triangle formed by the candidate for initiation and his two sponsors.
  4. There is also a triangle formed by the two sponsors and the Initiator. In this case, the candidate for initiation is as a point within the triangle.
  5. When one thinks of the two sponsors, an astrological relation to the two pillars of Gemini comes to mind. Gemini is the gateway to the Mysteries of Initiation.
  6. Gemini also represents the two poles--masculine and feminine, positive and negative.

The force of the Rod is twofold, and its power terrific.

  1. The tremendous power of the Rod is a familiar idea; its twofold nature, perhaps, is not.
  2. May the twofoldness represent atma and buddhi--essentially the first and second rays? The twofold nature is not described though sometimes the Monad is said to be a combination of atma and buddhi.

Apart and alone the initiate could not receive the voltage from the Rod without serious hurt, but in triangular transmission comes safety.

  1. We may presume that the harm that might come would be harm even to the causal body, and thus, by transmission, to the bodies of the personality.
  2. We are told of the etheric danger to the person who prematurely arouses the kundalini fire. The protective web is burnt.
  3. Fortunately, all applications of the Rod are supervised by those, who with respect to human development, are omniscient. There will be only the most expert application.
  4. There are all kinds of situations in which the triangular formation can provide safety. This principle should be remembered in relation to our work in the field of occultism.

We need to remember here that two Masters sponsor all applicants for initiation, and represent two polarities of the electric All. Part of Their function is to stand with applicants for initiation when they come before the Great Lord.

  1. We find an elevated meaning for the term "sponsor";. It means to recommend, to stand by and to stand with.
  2. It seems that all of us who wish to serve must learn what it means to "stand with"; those we serve. A very high application of this 'standing with' is sponsorship during the initiation process.
  3. It would seem that a Master of the Wisdom cannot take lightly the responsibility of recommending one of His chelas for initiation. The Master will be one of those 'standing with'.
  4. The term "Great Lord"; here may mean the Christ or the Lord of the World. The sponsors change depending upon the kind of initiation.
  5. The term "electric All"; is noteworthy. The entire universal manifestation is electrical in nature.

When the rods are held in the hands of the Initiator in His position of power, and at the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electric force from very high levels, so high indeed that the "Flaming Diamond," at certain of the final initiations, the sixth and seventh, transmits force via the Logos from outside the system altogether.

  1. It would seem that the Initiator has a human form; at least He has "hands";.
  2. We may presume that at the first two initiations, the candidate for initiation sees the face and form of the Christ.
  3. This will not be the case (with respect to the Lord of the World) for the third and fourth initiations, for at the third initiation the candidate sees the Lord of the World in the form of a star, and at the fourth initiation the One Initiator is seen as an eye regarding the candidate. Only at the fifth initiation will the candidate for mastership behold the Lord of the World "face to face";.
  4. We see and understand that the "Flaming Diamond"; is wielded by Initiators even greater than Sanat Kumara, for at the sixth initiation an unnamed "Existence"; presides and at the seventh initiation, the Planetary Logos, Himself--transmitting energy from the Solar Logos.

    "At the sixth initiation the expression of this Existence on an intermediate plane, a Being Who must at present remain nameless, wields the Rod and administers the oath and secret."; (IHS 92)
  5. We are not told of any other Initiator who wields the Bodhisattva's Rod, but it is clear that at least three different Initiators wield the Flaming Diamond.
  6. May it be that the Flaming Diamond transmits force via the Solar Logos from Sirius? We learn that the fifth major initiation (the Revelation) renders the candidate an "Entered Apprentice"; or initiate of the first degree within the Sirian system of initiations.

This major Rod is the one used on this planet, but within the system there are several such Rods of Power, and they are to be found in three grades--if it may be so expressed.

  1. The implication is that there are several such Rods of Power of a similar nature to the Flaming Diamond.
  2. We might wonder whether there is not one such Rod for every planet. Or, perhaps, we will find that one particular Rod of Power is shared by the Logoi of several planets. For the moment, the question must remain open. The word "several"; does not suggest as many Rods are there are Planetary Logoi.
  3. As there are three grades of planet within our solar system (synthesizing, sacred and non-sacred), the existence of three types or grades of Rods of Power is reasonable.
  4. From a deep study of the subject we may find that we have four Rods of Power in three grades, making twelve spheres of focus in all.
  5. Unless it is meant that the several Rods mentioned below are graded, as is obvious.

One Rod of Initiation is used for the first two initiations, and is wielded by the Great Lord. It is magnetised by the application of the "Flaming Diamond," the magnetisation being repeated for each new World Teacher.

  1. We notice that a greater Rod magnetizes the immediately lesser Rod.
  2. The Rod here referenced is sometimes known as the Rod of the Bodhisattva or the Bodhisattva's Rod.
  3. Since it may be reasonably inferred that a World Teacher takes office once every two thousand five hundred years, the magnetizations would occur with that frequency.
  4. The Christ will be World Teacher for two consecutive periods (totaling five thousand years). One would wonder however, whether this Rod would not have to be re-magnetized for its use during the Aquarian dispensation.
  5. The following excerpt indicates the time when the Lord Maitreya took the office of Bodhisattva:

    Bodhisattva. The exponent of second ray force, the Teacher of the Adepts of men and of Angels. This office was originally held by the Buddha, but His place was taken (after His Illumination) by the Christ. The work of the Bodhisattva is with the religions of the world, and with the spiritual Essence in Man. (TCF 120) (TCF 120-note)
  6. The illumination of the Buddha occurred in the sixth century BC, and so that magnetization of the Rod occurred probably then, and has been effective until our present time. It would seem that another magnetization would be imminent if a charging of the Rod must occur in relation to the Aquarian Age.

There is a wonderful ceremony performed at the time that a new World Teacher takes office, in which He receives His Rod of Power--the same Rod as used since the foundation of our Planetary Hierarchy-and holds it forth to the Lord of the [Page 129] World, Who touches it with His own mighty Rod, causing a fresh recharging of its electric capacity. This ceremony takes place at Shamballa.

  1. The Hierarchy was founded some eighteen and half million years ago, and so this ceremony of re-charging has, presumably, occurred many times since then.
  2. It is fascinating to realize that the same Rod of Power has been the Bodhisattva's Rod since the founding of the Hierarchy. There have, of course, been a number of Bodhisattva's--the names of all but a few completely unknown to us.
  3. We can see that, as far as the World Teacher is concerned, the basic initiatory power comes from the Lord of the World.
  4. The One who is the World Teacher clearly, then, has access to Shamballa--located on cosmic etheric levels.
  5. Has the Tibetan witnessed this "wonderful ceremony";? It would have occurred in the fifth century B.C.
  6. A note on Shamballa:

    Shamballa--The Sacred Island in the Gobi desert. The centre in central Asia where the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has His Headquarters. H. P. B. says it is "a very mysterious locality on account of its future associations."--S. D., II, 413. (TCF 211)
  7. There are two 'locations' for Shamballa usually given--one upon the cosmic etheric planes and the other actually within the systemic ethers (associated with the tangible location on our planet called the Gobi Desert).
  8. The real Shamballa, it would seem, is located on cosmic etheric levels, but a reflection in the lower ethers can be found. Probably the higher systemic ethers (the esoteric ethers, atomic and sub-atomic) carry this reflection and not the lower.
  9. What are the "future associations"; of the systemic-etheric Shamballa? The day will come when, symbolically at least, Sanat Kumara descends to the systemic etheric level and "walks the Earth";. Before this will be possible, the Judgment in the fifth round must occur. It would seem, actually, as if the number seven would be associated with such a bringing of Heaven to Earth. Thus we question whether the seventh round must occur before this descent is possible; and yet, Sanat Kumara's term of special service may be over before that time. These are matters to be revealed at high initiations, and really are not very much our concern.
  10. A note on the World Teacher:

    The World Teacher--takes office cyclically. His cycles do not coincide with those of the Manu as the Manu holds office for the entire rootrace. The World Teacher gives out the keynote for the various religions and is the emanating source for periodical religious impulses. The duration of his cycles are not given out. The Buddha held office prior to the present World Teacher and upon his Illumination His place was taken by the Lord Maitreya whom the Occidentals call the Christ. (TCF 211)
  11. The cycles of the Manu and Mahachohan are much longer than that of the World Teacher.
  12. Each Age has its unique religious impulse and it is likely that, usually, there is a new World Teacher for the commencement of each Zodiacal Age.
  13. The Christ is unique in assuming the role of World Teacher for two successive precessional ages. From this we may gather that the usual term for a World Teacher is one precessional age. A related reference is as follows:

    He is the first of the great world Teachers to cover two zodiacal cycles--the Piscean and the Aquarian. (ROC 83)
  14. We can gather that the Master KH will assume the role of World Teacher after approximately two thousand five hundred years--at the beginning of the Age of Capricorn, approximately.
  15. As great as was Lord Krishna (living some five thousand years ago and was an earlier incarnation of the Christ), He was not yet the World Teacher--an office held at that time, we might suppose, by the Buddha. Can it be that the Buddha undertook the role of World Teacher during the time that Krishna flourished? It is likely that the cooperation of these two great Sons of God was significant even then.

The Rod of Initiation known as the "Flaming Diamond," is used by Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator. This Rod lies hidden "in the East," and holds the fire hidden that irradiates the Wisdom Religion. This Rod was brought by the Lord of the World from Venus,

  1. It is important to recognize Sanat Kumara under His Biblical appellation (the Ancient of Days). This recognition will offer the possibility of bridging the Ageless Wisdom Teaching with the New Testament.
  2. The Flaming Diamond must have some relation to the planet Venus, for Sanat Kumara is said to have come to the planet Earth from the Venus-globe of the Venus-chain of the Earth-scheme--a location obviously linked to the planetary scheme of Venus.
  3. The Wisdom Religion may be said to have had its commencement with the coming of Sanat Kumara to the Earth. The relation of Venus to the Wisdom Religion is easily seen. It is essentially the "Religion"; of the Solar Angels, of Venusian origin--from one perspective.
  4. If the Flaming Diamond irradiates the Wisdom Religion then it is closely related to the "One Fundamental School of Occultism in Shamballa"; and may be considered to inspire that great Source of unfettered enlightenment.
  5. The Flaming Diamond may belong with our Earth-scheme (and perhaps with certain other schemes which are developmentally comparable).

and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar process to that of the lesser Rod, only this time it is recharged by the direct action of the Logos Himself, the Logos of the solar system.

  1. We need to know the duration of a "world period";. The term is fairly generic. It could refer to a time as short as a "Great Year";--a "Platonic Year"; of approximately 25,000 years, or perhaps to a period as long as a planetary round; or perhaps to an intermediate period such as the duration of one round segment with respect to one of seven globes.
  2. The pattern, we note, is that any Rod of Power is recharged by the Rod immediately superior to it.
  3. The relationships concerning this Rod are of the Sun to a planet, and thus, the term "world"; would seem to refer to a planet, and a world period to a planetary period such as a round or a portion thereof.

The exact location of this Rod is known only to the Lord of the World and to the Chohans of the rays, and being the talisman of this evolution the Chohan of the second ray is--under the Lord of the World--its prime guardian, aided by the deva Lord of the second plane. The Buddhas of Activity are responsible for its custody, and under Them the Chohan of the ray.

  1. Let us list those responsible for the guardianship of the Flaming Diamond:
    1. The Lord of the World
    2. The Buddhas of Activity
    3. The Chohan of the Second Ray (at this time the Master KH)
    4. The Deva Lord of the second plane--Varuna.
  2. It may be that guardianship and custodianship are to be considered differently.
  3. "What is the difference between being the main guardian, aided by a deva Lord (Varuna), and the Buddhas of activity being "responsible for its custody"; and under them the Chohan?
  4. Why, in fact, must such Rods of Initiation be guarded? Clearly they transmit a force which just not fall into subversive hands.
  5. There is an implication here of the close connection between Venus, the Wisdom Religion and the second ray. There is an aspect of Venus that corresponds closely to the second ray--very likely its major monadic ray, located 'above' ray six--its monadic subray.

It is produced only at stated times, when specific work has to be done. It is used not only at the initiating of men, but at certain planetary functions of which nothing is at present known.

  1. The Flaming Diamond is clearly a planetary Rod and responsible for the empowering of planetary events.
  2. We see that the use of the Rod is entirely ritualized.
  3. It seems that it would be produced seasonally.
  4. We can imagine that the Rod may be used in relation to the various kingdoms of nature.
  5. We can understand how very occult is the functioning and management of our little planet.
  6. The word "produced"; is of interest as it may signal something concerning the transportation and materialization of this Rod.

It has its place and function in certain ceremonies connected with the inner round, and the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars, and Mercury.

  1. The "inner round"; may refer to hidden chains without our planetary scheme. There may also be inner rounds on other planetary schemes.
  2. Usually there are considered to be seven planetary chains in each planetary scheme, but it is possible that there are three more highly subjective chains which are known as the "inner round";.
  3. The Earth, Mars, Mercury triangle maybe operative on a scheme level and also a globe level within the Earth-chain.
  4. In this triangle (considered at a systemic level) the Earth would represent the physical nature, Mars the astral nature and Mercury the mental.
  5. If Venus should be added to the triangle, making a quaternary, then Venus would represent kama-manas and Mercury, manas.
  6. From another perspective (considering the quaternary), Venus would represent Manas, and Mercury the integrated personality.
  7. A note on the "inner round";: (TCF 211)

    The inner round is a mysterious cycle of which little can be told. It is not concerned with manifestation through the seven schemes or globes, but has to do with certain aspects of the subjective Life or the soul.
  8. The description of the inner round given here does not really support the suggestion earlier made--that it may involve development on certain subjective chains of the seven schemes. One notices, however, that we are told that it does not concern "schemes"; or "globes";, but the word "chains"; is not used!
  9. The following reference to the inner round should be carefully studied:

    3. The inner round, which carries with it vast opportunity for those who can surmount its problems and withstand its temptations. This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units on certain Rays, and has its own specific dangers. The inner round is the round that is followed by those who have passed through the human stage and have consciously developed the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioning consciously on the three higher etheric planes in all parts of the system. They have--for certain occult and specific purposes--broken the connection between the third etheric and the four lower subplanes of the physical plane. This [Page 1176] round is followed only by a prepared percentage of humanity, and is closely associated with a group who pass with facility and develop with equal facility on the three planets that make a triangle with the earth, namely Mars, Mercury, and Earth. These three planets--in connection with this inner round--are considered only as existing in etheric matter, and (in relation to one of the Heavenly Men) hold a place analogous to the etheric triangle found in the human etheric body. I have here conveyed more than has as yet been exoterically communicated anent this inner round and by the study of the human etheric triangle, its function, and the type of force which circulates around it, much may be deduced about the planetary inner round. We must bear in mind in this connection that just as the human etheric triangle is but the preparatory stage to a vast circulation within the sphere of the entire etheric body, so the etheric planetary triangle--passing from the Earth to Mars and Mercury--is but the preparatory circulatory system to a vaster round included within the sphere of influence of one planetary Lord. (TCF 1175-1176)
  10. This is a very rich reference and will bear pondering for many years.

The purpose of the Rods of Power.

In the sceptre of a ruling monarch at this day is hidden the symbolism of these various Rods.

  1. The king is the human symbol of the Initiator. Perhaps the doctrine of the "Divine Right of Kings"; is also related to the illustrious spiritual figures which kings represent.

They are duly recognised as symbols of office and of power, but it is not generally appreciated that they are of electrical origin, and that their true significance is concerned with the dynamic stimulation of all the subordinates in office who come under their touch thus inspiring them to increased activity and service for the race.

  1. We receive a hint that "noblesse oblige"; (nobility obligates).
  2. We learn that the sceptre is a far deeper symbol than usually suspected.
  3. If we study the duties and obligations of the Initiator, we shall learn something about how those in power are to behave.
  4. The true leader has an obligation to stimulate and inspire his subordinates. His is not in authority to exact tribute from subordinates. His subordinates' increased capacity to express and to serve is the reward of a true leader. We can see how far from an ideal state are those who 'hold the sceptre"; in today's world. It is intended that there be nothing personal about their position. They must understand, impersonally, the high duties of their office.

[Page 130]

The great Rod of Power of the Logos Himself is hidden in the sun.

  1. This is an extraordinary statement. We are faced with an occult blind. We cannot imagine that the physical sun is meant, for the Rod must necessarily be wielded within the principled vehicles of the ones to be initiated.
  2. If the analogy holds good, the human candidate for initiation is initiated within the causal body on the higher mental plane. Then, will this mean that a Planetary Logos who becomes a candidate for initiation will be initiated in His causal body, on the higher subplanes of the cosmic mental plane? If so, the Rod must be capable of precipitation on that level (as well as of applying initiatory energies to lower levels).
  3. The planar origin of the various Rods is not given, but it can be imagined that they can be "produced"; (and, hence, precipitated) on any level where they are needed.

To recapitulate, the esoteric location of the various rods is as follows:--

  1. We note that DK speaks of the "esoteric location"; of the various rods. This may mean that there is both an esoteric location and a "produced"; exoteric location.

1. The Rod of the Bodhisattva lies hidden in the "heart of the wisdom," that is, at Shamballa.

  1. Shamballa may be considered the four cosmic ethers--the systemic buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes.
  2. Or Shamballa, perhaps, may be considered only the higher two (or even one) of these planes.
  3. It is beautiful to read that Shamballa is called the "heart of the wisdom";. We thus see the strong heart emphasis within Shamballa as a planetary center related to the Solar Logos Whose major energy (the second ray) is an expression of solar fire.
  4. It is understandable how the One Fundamental School (which can be considered the custodian of the "heart of the wisdom";) finds its focus within Shamballa--the place of "Unfettered Enlightenment";.

2. The Rod of the One Initiator is hidden in "the East," a definite planetary location.

  1. This is the Flaming Diamond and, as it is a greater Rod than the Rod of the Bodhisattva, its place of hiding must be still more occult.
  2. We note that the Rods of Initiation must be hidden. This must necessarily be the case as their abuse by unsanctioned powers would be catastrophic.
  3. We note that "the East"; is a planetary location. When we think of the East we think of the rising sun and of light. When we think of light, we may well think of Venus, Lucifer, the bright "morning star";. When we think of Venus in connection with our Planetary Logos, we may think of that globe or that chain named after Venus. Is it not interesting that Sanat Kumara (the principal wielder of the Flaming Diamond) is said to come from the Venus-globe of the Venus-chain of the Earth-scheme.
  4. Of course, we cannot know whether one of these Venus aspects of the Earth-scheme is literally the 'area' where the Flaming Diamond is hidden, but the suggestions are not unreasonable.

3. The Rod of the solar Logos is hidden in "the heart of the sun," that mysterious subjective sphere which lies back of our physical sun, and of which our physical sun is but the environing shield and envelope.

  1. Usually "the heart of the sun"; is considered to be the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos upon the highest subplane of the cosmic mental plane.
  2. In this case, the Sevenfold Flaming Fire (the name of the Rod of the Solar Logos) would be secreted in an extraordinarily secret place--inaccessible except to those, who from our human perspective, are among the highest sort of Entities we can imagine.
  3. But there also seems to be some occult hint in DK's wording. The "heart of the sun"; lies "back"; of our physical sun. Our physical sun "is but the environing shield and envelope"; for the "heart of the sun";. It is as if the deeply subjective "Heart of the Sun"; has a more physical-etheric externalization, which is not an unreasonable thought. It is almost as if the "heart of the sun"; can be considered an etheric sun substanding the physical sun which is its "environing shield and envelope";. The terms used seem more physical-etheric than related to the causal level.
  4. Yet, because the Rod of the Solar Logos may have to be used upon the cosmic mental plane for the initiation of Planetary Logoi, it is highly improbable that its esoteric location could be considered strictly etheric, or even the cosmic etheric planes (buddhic, atmic, monadic, logoic) at all.
  5. If a Rod is to influence substance of a certain tenuity, its nature must be vibrationally higher than the level it is to influence. In other words, if a Rod is to affect the mental plane, it cannot be a strictly etheric instrument.

4. The Rod of the cosmic Logos associated with our solar Logos is secreted in that central spot in the heavens around which our solar system revolves, and which is termed "the central spiritual sun."

  1. Another extraordinary statement!
  2. There are at least two significant meanings to "the central spiritual sun";. On the one hand, "the central spiritual sun"; may be the Monad of our Solar Logos. On the other hand, it may be the star Alcyone (within the Pleiades) around which (so occultism states) our solar system (and perhaps a number of other solar systems) revolves.
  3. This place of hiding (for the Cosmic Rod) represents a great leap from the next lower 'hiding place'. It is a big jump from our minor sun (Sol) to Alcyone some four hundred plus light years away.
  4. The "central spiritual sun"; may be considered the central point in the constellation of the Pleiades through which the One About Whom Naught May Be Said expresses. The Pleiades, as a whole, may be considered the central vehicle of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.

One Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new World Teacher;

  1. As stated earlier, this recharging may occur every 2,500 years or so, which is the approximate period for the duration of a precessional age, if the periods of overlapping between ages are added.

the Rod of Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in the history of a planetary scheme.

  1. This is another occult hint which is important for those seeking to understand the chronology of the history of the Earth-scheme.
  2. According to this extract, a "world period"; occurs seven times in the history of a planetary scheme.
  3. To decipher this we will have to look at the difference between chain rounds and scheme rounds--no easy matter with no easy answers.
  4. We see that either Sanat Kumara has the duration of an entire planetary scheme or His Rod does. Yet it can be inferred that His work for our planet may be concluded during the next round.
  5. What does become clear is that, in this context, a world period is far longer than a "Platonic Age"; of 25,000 Earth-years or even more than one revolution of our sun around the Pleiades: said to be 250,000 Earth-years.
  6. It may be that a world period is the duration of an entire planetary chain. But since it can be deduced that the planetary chains of our Earth-scheme exist simultaneously, then it may be that our planetary chain and all the others have seven incarnations. Such are the speculations into which one is led when trying to solve the problem of the duration of a "world period";.
  7. One meaning of "world period"; is the duration of a round for any particular globe in a string of seven globes. Obviously such a segment of time would occur far more frequently than seven times in the duration of a planetary scheme.
  8. We see, then, that the term "world period"; can be defined in various ways and one must study the context in which it is used to understand its specific meaning.

The Logoic Rod of Power is electrified at the recurrence of each new period of creation, or for each solar system through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physical body life.

  1. Periods of creation (logoically considered) are the incarnations of the Solar Logos.
  2. We are being told that the Sevenfold Flaming Fire is recharged at the dawning of each new solar system.
  3. Of these solar systems there have been (so close study reveals) four preceding this one (cf. TCF 605, 860-861) Casual study will suggest that only one solar system preceded this one.

The first two ceremonies take place at Shamballa, the sacred point of planetary manifestation, that central location in our physical planet which corresponds to the heart of a human being.

  1. Shamballa is called "the sacred point of planetary manifestation"; because Shamballa is 'located' on the cosmic physical plane (most probably in the higher ethers if the highest shamballic focus is considered).
  2. We are also told that Shamballa is a "central location in our physical planet";. What may be meant by the word "physical";? We must interpret this word as meaning "etheric";. Shamballa, despite its probable anchoring in the cosmic ethers, is said to have an undisclosed systemic etheric location somewhere in the Gobi Desert. In that location it is known as the "White Island";.
  3. Usually, we are told, Shamballa corresponds to the head center. To think of it in relation to a heart center is thought-provoking and reasonable from a certain point of view.
  4. One thing corresponds--the life aspect expresses through the heart.
  5. To decipher this hint concerning Shamballa's physical location, we will have to understand far more than we presently do about the occult geography of our planet.
  6. If these ceremonies take place in systemic ethers, it must be for the sake of ensuring impression upon unprincipled substance. After all, Shamballa is not only a directing center but a center from which the energy of salvation emanates.

Many of the places on the earth's surface, for instance, which are famed for their healing properties, are thus noted because they are magnetised spots, and their magnetic properties demonstrate as healing influences.

  1. The discovery of magnetic places will be one of the sciences of the Aquarian Age, with its emphasis upon the etheric body and its various potencies. Through the enlightened use of the seventh ray these sacred places may also be found.
  2. The etheric body of the planet will be carefully studied and the reason for the existence of various magnetic places discerned.

The recognition of these properties by man is but the preamble of a later and more definite recognition, which will eventuate when his etheric sight is normally developed.

  1. DK seems to be telling us that we will see Shamballa (or the systemic etheric extension of Shamballa) for ourselves, when our etheric sight is sufficiently developed.
  2. We are to look for a normal development of etheric sight. Apparently, this is a faculty which will soon be available to many.
  3. The future holds many necessary etheric recognitions.

[Page 131]

These magnetic spots are magnetised in three ways:--

1. By Sanat Kumara working through the Manu. This occurs when it is desirable to form a central magnetic point which, by its attractive power, will draw into a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organisation.

  1. This represents magnetisation on a large scale. The largest external groupings of humanity are gathered by this means

Every nation has its "magnetic point," formed in etheric matter by the application of the "Flaming Diamond" to the ethers; it is the national heart and the basis of the national character. Usually the chief city of a nation is built up around it, but this is not invariably so.

  1. This extract sheds a new light on the origin of capitol cities. The word "capitol"; suggests the head center, with which Shamballa and the Manu are often associated, for the head center is the center of will.
  2. And yet, the heart is definitely involved in the nature of capitol cities, as here stated. The heart may presently be so important because of the level of evolution of our planet and of humanity in general. There is that within a nation which can respond to the Spiritual Hierarchy (the heart center of our planet), but there is little which can (as yet) lovingly respond to Shamballa (the head center of our planet). Humanity and the planet have not yet reached that stage of development.
  3. The idea is suggested that we attune to the divine energies lying behind and within places of importance; they carry Shamballic Purpose.
  4. In the formation of these magnetic points, the Law of Synthesis would be operative.

2. By Sanat Kumara working through the Bodhisattva.

  1. We note that the magnetization always, as in this instance, originates with Sanat Kumara, but He uses one or other of the Three Great Lords as instruments of expression.

In this case, the electric force in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate in the great religions of the world.

  1. It is amazing to think of the world's great religions as impulsed by the Flaming Diamond. This would almost certainly mean that the founders of these religions were definitely initiates, having been 'touched' by the Rod and thus able to carry the extension of its force.
  2. It is remarkable to note that the Bodhisattva is behind all the true world religions. The Bodhisattva must have no entirely western or eastern biases, especially in our modern era.
  3. We must also wonder whether the Flaming Diamond is as well a factor of coherence in relation to the magnetic places of Earth among which are the great cities, and great religions.

The lesser Rod of Power is used here in conjunction with the greater. By their means the attractive quality or keynote of any religion is struck, and of any organisation with a religious basis.

  1. We note that in relation to the great religions of the world two Rods of Power are used in conjunction--the Flaming Diamond and the Bodhisattva's Rod.
  2. The lesser organizations with a religious basis are also included and also related to both Rods, but more probably and more predominantly to the Bodhisattva's Rod. Correspondingly, lesser religious organizations within the great religions will probably have been founded by lesser initiates.
  3. One wonders about the various ways of applying these two Rods in the creation of the great religions and of religious organizations.
  4. As some world religions have been founded relatively recently (the Muslim faith for instance) these Rods of Power must have been used relatively recently. Would a Rod have been used at the founding of the Theosophical Society considering the intended destiny of that organization?

3. By Sanat Kumara working through the Mahachohan. By the wielding of the Rod of Power the magnetic focal points of those great organisations which affect the civilisation and the culture of a people are brought into coherent activity.

  1. When Sanat Kumara works through the Mahachohan, civil and cultural organizations are founded--largely through the third ray and its subsidiaries.
  2. It would seem that the work occurring through the Manu would occur relatively infrequently. The most frequent type of application of the Rod would occur in the Mahachohan's Department because the kinds of "great organizations"; mentioned above are established fairly frequently.

All physical plane organisation--governmental, religious, or cultural--is the working out of inner forces and causes, and, before they definitely appear in physical manifestation, a focalisation--if it might be so expressed--of these influences and energies, takes place on etheric levels.

  1. We note the definite etheric focus in relation to physical plane organizations. The etheric body corresponds to the third ray (the astral to the second and the mind to the first).
  2. It would seem that some astral application of the Rod would also be needed to create the great religions of the world.
  3. The third and seventh rays are rays of organization, and would be prominent in this third type of application of the Rod.

The organisation of the Freemasons is a case in point.

  1. We are being told that Freemasonry had its ultimate origin in Shamballa and was founded by a mahachohanic impulse, impelled by Sanat Kumara.

It has two magnetic centres, one of which is in Central Europe.

  1. The location is not given. Is France considered "Central Europe";? Is Hungary considered Eastern Europe?
  2. It may be that the second centre for Freemasonry is in the United States. The Master R. is Regent of America (as well as of Europe) and (as Francis Bacon) took great interest in the New World.

In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was the officiating agent, as is ever the case in the founding of great and important [Page 132] movements.

  1. The word "movements"; is important and is dynamic in relation to the word "organization";.
  2. This is another way of saying that "great and important movements"; must be started by those who are at least initiates of the third degree (since at that degree their response to the Lord of the World has truly commenced).

In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through Their disciples, the aid of the Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed.

  1. We have a graded process. Just as religious organizations which reflect the great religions are probably more closely related to the Bodhisattva, so in all lesser movements, the Bodhisattva is more involved than the Lord of the World.
  2. We note that the great movements are initiated by Sanat Kumara through one of the Three Great Lords. The lesser movements are initiated by the Masters through their disciples.

When disciples initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale, the Master with Whom they work can similarly assist them, and though He wields no Rod of Power, He has methods whereby He can stimulate and cause to cohere the little endeavour of the faithful followers.

  1. It may be that a number of us are in the position of starting, if not movements, then, organizations.
  2. We see that blessing may come to such movements, not through a Rod of Power, but through a Master's methods.
  3. The types of assistance are:
    1. Stimulation
    2. Causing to cohere.
  4. These are valuable methods, as so many organizations die internally for lack of spiritual stimulation, and then fall apart.

Thus in all departments of human life the Rods of Initiation and the Words of Power are used. The entire world government functions under law and order, and the whole scheme is interdependent.

  1. This is a summary statement.
  2. It is a foregone conclusion that the use of Rods of Power is inseparable from the use of Words of Power.
  3. When dealing with the Rods we are definitely related to the First Department of Hierarchy.
  4. A grasp of planetary interdependence is essential. It must often be preceded by a grasp of individual, group and communal interdependence.

To return to the subject of human initiation, and these Rods of Power. At the time of the Initiation ceremony, after the two great revelations there comes a moment of utter silence, and in the interim the initiate realises within himself the meaning of "Peace."

  1. "Peace";, we remember, is a quality of Shamballa. If peace is to be realized, it will be greatly facilitated by silence.
  2. We are being told of procedures which occur during the processes of initiation.

He stands, as it were, in a void, or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly can reach him; he stands betwixt earth and heaven for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning of things as they are, realising his own essential divinity, and the part which he must play when he again returns to earth service from the Council Chamber of Heaven.

  1. For practical purposes, and in relation to the earlier of the major initiations (the first, second and third), the Council Chamber of Heaven must be considered the causal body.
  2. In a higher sense, the "Council Chamber of Heaven"; exists in Shamballa, but only the very highest initiations would occur within its precincts.
  3. We have been told that "nature abhors a vacuum";. Into the vacuum discussed above enters a deep impression of Reality.
  4. Revelation of future service seems also to occur within this void or vacuum.
  5. Let us tabulate. Within the void or vacuum there occurs:
    1. A consciousness of the meaning of things as they are
    2. The realization of essential divinity
    3. The part to be played upon returning to earth service
  6. One wonders whether the great Void (Sunyata) discussed in Buddhism is related to this void or vacuum encountered in the initiatory process.

He is conscious of no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen the vision. He knows what he has to do and how he must do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart.

  1. It is obvious that the disturbing lower vibrations have been utterly negated for a brief moment. Disturbances to realization have been banished.
  2. The glory and beauty of Divinity are seen as they are.
  3. The initiate has entered the "Presence"; (ray one) and has seen the vision (ray two). He also knows what to do and how to do it; thus the testimony of the activity aspect (ray three) is confirmed. He will manifest his vision.

This is an interlude of stillness before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the moment that the Rod is applied.

  1. We are reminded of the structure of the meditation process. The higher interlude must precede renewed activity.
  2. It appears that this interlude of hugely revelatory stillness begins the moment the Rod is applied.

Whilst he has been thus withdrawn within himself,

  1. An example of the pratyahara process.

with all his forces centred in his heart,

  1. Apparently this is the case no matter which initiation is occurring.
  2. We must also remember that the "heart"; is the "soul";, as we are often told. This means that to be "centered in his heart"; may have several levels of meaning. It may mean, to be centered within the causal body.
  3. There are some thought-provoking statements which bear close examination. It is clear that the major initiations take place within the causal body, and yet terms are used which suggest that the disciple is focussed within aspects of the apparatus of his personality--such as, for instance, the heart center (if the phrase "centered in his heart"; means 'centered in his heart center').

the attendant Lodge of Masters have been performing certain ceremonies and chanting certain words, preparatory to the appearance of the Initiator upon the throne, and the wielding [Page 133] of the Rod.

  1. We learn (or are reminded of) certain deep procedures which occur during the initiation.
  2. It seems that for the Initiator to appear, He must be invoked.
  3. The "throne"; is the symbol of power, place and authority. No one has the right to occupy the throne except the true King/Initiator.
  4. The Initiator does not, we are told, appear as standing before the candidate, but as seated. The standing will come in due course but the establishment of the Initiator's position upon the throne comes first.

The Hierophant has hitherto been present, but the work has been handled by the Lodge and the Sponsors. He now ascends to the place of power, and the Rod is brought to Him by its legitimate custodians.

  1. There may be some purposeful ambiguity in what is said. It appears that while the Lodge and the Sponsors have been handling the necessary work, the Hierophant has not been visible. It appears that the Lodge and the Sponsors invoke the Hierophant into visibility, at which time He appears upon the "throne";.
  2. When it says here that "the Hierophant has hitherto been present"; it may be as an invisible Presence (invisible, at least, to the candidate for initiation). The word "hitherto"; must be interpreted. Does it mean 'before the Hierophant appears or 'before the Hierophant ascends to the place of power'?
  3. While the Buddhas of Activity are responsible for the "custody"; of the Flaming Diamond, we are not told who may be the custodians of the Bodhisattva's Rod.
  4. The "place of power"; is, it appears, distinct from the "throne";. In this case, the process of the Hierophant's appearance might occur as follows:
    1. The Sponsors and Lodge invoke the Hierophant
    2. He appears upon his "throne";
    3. The Sponsors and Lodge continue the work as the Hierophant looks on from the "throne";
    4. At a certain point, the Hierophant ascends to the "place of power"; which is distinct from the throne

It is not possible here to publish the details of the next stage, beyond using the description as embodied in the words "fire descends from heaven."

  1. The exact energy channels involved in the descent of the fire would be too revealing.

Through the utterance of certain words and phrases, which are one of the secrets of initiation, and which vary with each initiation, the electrical force to be employed descends upon the Rod, passing through the heart and the hand of the Initiator to the Three Who stand in triangular relation to the throne of office.

  1. We are being told of secret mantrams which cause fire to descend.
  2. The necessary electrical force "descends upon the Rod";--an interesting phrase. Some of the sources from which the fire emanates would be, it seems, distinct for every initiation.
  3. We note that a human figure is suggested for the Initiator, for He has a "heart"; and a "hand";.
  4. The heart suggests a combination of the first and second aspects of divinity and the hand, the third.
  5. If the Initiator is the One Initiator, Sanat Kumara, then the Three are the three Buddhas of Activity, Who are also custodians of the Rod.
  6. It is implied that there are also three who surround the "throne of office"; of the Bodhisattva when He is the Initiator.

They receive it in turn, and circulate it by act of will through Their hearts, thus passing it to the Sponsors.

  1. We notice how much the heart center is involved in the initiation process. DK has not specified a particular initiation. The involvement of the heart seems constant.
  2. Is there some way in which this whole process is at once a causal and (finally) an etheric event? It would seem so.

They again, by an act of will, prepare to transmit it to that centre in the body of the Initiate which is (according to the initiation) to receive stimulation.

  1. The center in the Initiate to receive stimulation is reached and stimulated, so it appears, through an act of will of the Sponsors.
  2. Let us tabulate the events in the process thus far presented:
    1. The Initiator pronounces a certain mantram and fire descends from heaven "upon the Rod";
    2. The fire passes through the heart and hand of the Initiator
    3. The Three who immediately surround the Initiator receive the fire and it passes through their hearts.
    4. The fire is then passed (through an act of will) to the Sponsors who prepare to transmit it (again through an act of will) to a specific center in the body of the Initiate
  3. We note that the "Three who stand in triangular relation to the throne of office"; circulate the fire through their hearts by an "act of will"; and that the Sponsors transmit the energy to a center within the body of the initiate "by an act of will";. This has to be significant.
  4. We also note the use of the term "body"; in relation to the Initiate.
  5. The big question: to what extent is any body other than the causal body present and receiving attention during the initiation process?
  6. Is it possible that the initiation takes place within the causal body, and yet the other personality bodies or vehicles are in some way present so they can receive the appropriate stimulation. This, it seems, would have to be the case.
  7. After all, the three members of the atomic triangle (physical and astral permanent atoms and the mental unit) are contained with the causal body, and these three are the roots of every personality vehicle. This is by way of saying that within the causal body is a definite connection to all three subtle personality vehicles (the lower mind, the astral nature and the etheric nature).

Then succeeds an interesting interlude, wherein the united wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that force which the Rod has put into circulation.

  1. Is the entire membership of the Hierarchy assembled? So it seems.
  2. We see how the transmission of force to the bodies and centers of the Initiate requires, apparently, the "united wills of the Hierarchy";.
  3. Clearly, the initiation ceremony and process is a group event

The Hierophant utters the word, and the force is literally thrown into the initiate's bodies and centres, passing down through the centres on the mental plane, via the astral centres, to the centres on etheric levels, which finally absorb it.

  1. Here a question posed above concerning the presence of the three subjective personality vehicles is resolved: although the ceremony takes place, as it were, within the causal body, the personality vehicles of the initiate (except for the physical body) are definitely present.
  2. The words "thrown down"; suggest an application of considerable force.
  3. Do the "centres on the mental plane"; include the causal centers, which would really be tiers of petals? Even if the extract above does not indicate the petals of the egoic lotus as energy centers, it would seem that such petals (considered as energy centers) must be involved in the initiation process.
  4. In any case, the mental, astral and etheric centers are definitely involved as recipients of the circulating fire.
  5. Initiation is a vivification and all the energy centers within the personality are involved.
  6. In the 'morning' (after initiation is taken) the initiate's subtle bodies return to the physical body and convey to the physical body the stimulation which has been encountered. The physical body undergoes considerable strain thereby.

This is the stupendous moment for the initiate, and brings to him a realisation of the literal absolute truth of the phrase that "God is a consuming fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal of all that is.

  1. The moment is one of deep identification with fire. Through fire, there come intimations of the nature of the Great All.
  2. We must always bear in mind the electrical nature of the initiation process. Electric fire seems definitely to be involved as well as (one would presume) solar fire.
  3. We see that the phrase "God is a consuming fire"; is not a piece of symbolism: it is "the literal absolute truth";
  4. Initiation is an experience which confirms the nature of Reality.

He is literally bathed in the fires of purification; he sees fire on all sides, pouring out through the Rod, circulating around the Triangle, and passing through the bodies of the two sponsoring adepts.

  1. We can see how much the Sponsors share in the initiation process. It is as if they are undergoing the initiation along with the Candidate/Initiate.
  2. The major factors within the Initiate's field of vision are the Initiator, the Rod and the two sponsoring adepts.
  3. One would wonder how the mechanics of the initiation process thus far described would be accomplished when at the third and fourth initiations, the Initiator is represented only by a star or an eye, and does not appear in any semblance to human form. Perhaps the procedure is different.

For a brief second, the entire Lodge of Masters and initiates, standing in Their ceremonial places without the Triangle, are hidden from view by a wall of [Page 134] pure fire.

  1. It appears that the two Sponsors and the Initiator are not hidden, for the Sponsors are part of the Triangle.
  2. The most intense part of the ceremony is being described.

The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but a fiery blaze of pure, blue-white flame, which burns, but destroys not, which intensifies the activity of every atom in his body without disintegrating, and which purifies his entire nature. The fire tries his work, of what sort it is, and he passes through the Flame.

  1. In this excerpt, however, it seems as if the two Sponsors, as well, are hidden from sights.
  2. The flame is "pure";. We probably do not know how to distinguish between pure and impure flame, but there probably is a distinction.
  3. That the flame is "blue-white"; relates it to the star Sirius--the major Energy behind the initiation process.
  4. White relates to synthesis, and blue to the major energy within our solar system--that of Love-Wisdom.
  5. We come to understand the purifying effect of the flame. All aspects of the lower nature are purified--even, so it seems, the atoms of the physical body.
  6. Although "our God is a consuming fire";, there is no disintegration of the bodies which involved in the initiation process. We remember the energies which emanate from Shamballa: Purification, Destruction and Organization. The first of these three energies characterizes the initiatory process, but not the second. To some extent, the factor of Organization must also be involved as, through the application of the Rod, new lines of energy-connection are established in the various bodies.
  7. Some kind of test or trial also seems to be suggested. It is as if the vibratory level achieved by the Candidate/Initiate is tested and tried against the standard of the Flame.
  8. One would imagine that all the good which the Initiate has built by means of the process of living is confirmed.

The Effect of the Application of the Rod.

A. Upon the Initiate's bodies:

The effect is four-fold and lasting, but varies according to the initiation taken.

  1. The lastingness of the effects of initiation is significant. A new and stabilized rate of vibration, which will endure despite environal vicissitudes, is impressed upon the initiate.
  2. Of course the initiate has earned this impression by achieving with some consistency the required rate of vibration through his own efforts. The initiatory impress stabilizes that which he has achieved.

The action of the Rod is most carefully and scientifically regulated, and at each succeeding initiation the voltage is increased, and the activity of the resulting fire and its heat intensified.

  1. Let us tabulate what is said of the Rod:
    1. Its action is regulated carefully
    2. Its action is regulated scientifically
    3. Its voltage is increased at each succeeding initiation
    4. The activity of the resulting fire is intensified
    5. The heat of the resulting fire is intensified
  2. We must understand how carefully the outflowing fire of the Rod must be commeasured with the condition of the one undergoing initiation (the candidate for initiation).

By the application of the Rod the initiate finds:--

  1. Various specific results are given which arise from the application of the Rod.

1. That the activity of each individual atom in the various bodies is increased, resulting in a greater degree of nervous energy and an elasticity and resistance which will serve him in good stead in the strenuous life of service ahead.

  1. This application of the Rod results in:
    1. The increase of activity of each individual atom in the various bodies
    2. Thus, a greater degree of nervous energy
    3. A greater degree of elasticity
    4. A greater degree of resistance
  2. This is an interesting correlation, is it not--that the increased activity of the individual atoms results in an increase of nervous energy?
  3. This appears to be largely an etheric effect. We remember that when the fire from the Rod is "thrown down"; into the vehicles of the initiate, the etheric body is the vehicle which is the final recipient in the descending flow--until, that is, the subtle vehicles return to the physical body.
  4. Increased elasticity and resistance are also etherically related.
  5. We are reminded that service is not easy; it is "strenuous";. A vibrant etheric condition is required to fortify the initiate in his service.

2. That matter of an undesirable type in his bodies is shaken loose, and the atomic wall somewhat destroyed, making the atoms radioactive--if it might be so expressed--and therefore more easily eliminated.

  1. The sounding of the Sacred Word, the OM, has an effect similar to the application of the Rod--the shaking loose of matter of an undesirable type.
  2. We are given interesting technical information. These things happen to matter of an undesirable type when the Rod is applied to the bodies of the initiate
    1. The undesirable matter is shaken loose
    2. The atomic wall of the atoms of undesirable matter is somewhat destroyed
    3. Such undesirable atoms are rendered radioactive
    4. Because the atoms become radioactive, they are more easily eliminated. (This is an interesting thought. Is radioactivation a form of destabilization?)
  3. We see that it is the fiery stimulation from the Rod of power which acts as an agent of purification.

3. The fires of the body are stimulated, and the total energy of the threefold lower man is co-ordinated, so that there is less waste of energy and a greater coherence and uniformity in action.

  1. Let us tabulate the third effect of the application of the Rod:
    1. The fires of the body are stimulated
    2. The total energy of the threefold lower man is co-ordinated
    3. As a result there is less waste of energy
    4. There is greater coherence of action
    5. There is greater uniformity of action
  2. There are three types of fires which can be stimulated by the application of the Rod
  3. Latent fire (in all three lower vehicles)
  4. Radiatory fire (in all three lower vehicles)
  5. Elemental fire of the mental vehicle
  6. From another perspective
    1. The kundalinic fires are stimulated
    2. The pranic fires are stimulated
  7. It is clear as well that the fire of mind (often called solar fire) is stimulated.
  8. When the term "body"; is used, it may or may not mean the physical-etheric body. From the occult perspective, the entire personality is body.

4. The aligning of the various bodies in connection with the causal, or egoic body is aided, and thus continuity of consciousness, and receptivity to the behests of the Ego, become possible.

  1. The fourth effect is improved alignment with the causal or egoic body.
  2. People think that perhaps it is easy to be in constant alignment with one's long-enduring spiritual 'home' on the higher mental plane, but it is not so. The theory is well assimilated but practical achievement often lacks.
  3. The continuity of consciousness here referenced seems to refer to awareness of the "behests of the Ego";. Awareness of the activities occurring on the astral and lower mental planes can also be considered an aspect (though lower) of continuity of consciousness.
  4. Without adequate alignment, the will of the Ego does not "get through"; to the personality consciousness focussed in the physical brain. So this effect of the application of the Rod is most important
  5. Let us tabulate in brief the four major effects of the application of the Rod of Initiation:
  6. The activity of the individual atoms of the body is increased
  7. Undesirable matter is shaken loose and expelled
  8. The fires of the body are stimulated and coordinated
  9. Alignment with the causal body or egoic lotus is enhanced.

[Page 135]

The initiate will find, when he returns from the ceremony, and takes up his work in the world, that the stimulation received will bring about in his bodies a period of great activity, and also of strife.

  1. The interesting results of having participated in the ceremony of initiation are great activity and strife.

This strife, persisted in to the point of victory, will result in his taking out of his body undesirable matter, and building in new and better material;

  1. Not all the undesirable matter is eliminated by the application of the Rod of Power.
  2. The newly imposed and stabilized vibrational level continues to contend with the tendencies established before the ceremony, and conflict automatically arises between the two, resulting in the expulsion of the type of matter which feeds the undesirable tendencies.
  3. We see that it is important to see the battle through. It is not enough to struggle; one must persist until one wins.

he will find that his powers for service are enormously increased, and his nervous energy intensified, so that he can draw upon reserves of force in service hitherto unsuspected.

  1. The power conferred at initiation strengthens the power to serve.
  2. We see the importance of nervous energy and its relation to strength and endurance in service.
  3. The intensification of nervous energy suggests etheric stimulation.

He will find, also, that the response of the physical brain to the voice of the higher Self, and its receptivity to the higher and subtler impressions, is greatly furthered.

  1. When alignment with the Ego is improved, the physical brain can more easily respond to the voice of the higher Self.
  2. The voice of the higher Self has been called the "Voice of the Silence";.
  3. We can understand that the processes of progressive initiations necessarily lead to a gradual attenuation of the protective etheric web which serves to prevent the brain from registering many subtle impressions

Eventually, through the work accomplished, he will succeed in eliminating all matter of a subatomic character, and will then build bodies of substance of the highest subplane on each plane;

  1. We are being told that though the process of graded initiations, the fourth initiation will be reached. This is the initiation which is taken when the personality vehicles are composed only of atomic matter.

    Again, the four initiations, prior to that of the adept, mark respectively the attainment of certain proportions of atomic matter in the bodies--for instance, at the first initiation one-fourth atomic matter, at the second one-half atomic matter, at the third three-quarters atomic matter, and so on to the completion. Since buddhi is the unifying principle (or the welder of all), at the fifth initiation the [Page 17] adept lets the lower vehicles go, and stands in his buddhic sheath. He creates thence his body of manifestation. (IHS 16-17)

he will become aware that all his energies can be consciously and constructively controlled, that he knows the real meaning of continuity of consciousness, and can function simultaneously on the three planes with full inner realisation.

  1. The advancing initiate is progressively in control of his personality vehicles--the fourth degree initiate completely so.
  2. Continuity of consciousness is related to the principle of simultaneity. The real meaning of "continuity of consciousness"; is the ability to "function simultaneously on the three planes with full inner realisation";.
  3. When this condition of full, simultaneous functioning is reached, we have the fully integrated, soul-infused personality.

B. Upon the causal or egoic body.

It is only possible to touch very briefly upon the effect of the application of the Rod to the causal body of the initiate.

  1. It is confirmed by this sentence that the Rod of Initiation is, indeed, applied to the causal body of the initiate.

The subject is immense, and will be more fully dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

  1. It appears that A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was either planned or in process when Initiation Human and Solar was written.

There are just two ways in which some idea of the fundamental truth will be conveyed to the mind of the student, which we might now consider.

First, the student should bear in mind the interesting significance of the fact that he, on the physical plane, is a functioning personality, with known and realised characteristics, and yet withal, that he is a subjective Life, who [Page 136] uses that personality as a medium of expression, and who--through the agency of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies which comprise the threefold lower man--makes his contacts with the physical plane and thus develops.

  1. We are given a summary of the objective and subjective nature of the human being.
  2. The disciple must possess this dual consciousness. Do we, in fact, possess it, remaining aware of the fact with continuity?

The same general idea of development must be now extended to the higher Self, the Ego on its own plane. This Ego is a great solar angel, who is the medium of expression for the Monad or pure spirit, just as is the personality for the Ego on the lower level.

  1. As presented here, the Ego "is a great solar angel";. The "higher Self"; is the Ego.
  2. From other perspectives often presented in the teaching, the Ego both is the Solar Angel and yet is not.
  3. We have to remember that IHS was the first book published by AAB. The detailed differentiation of the Solar Angel, Ego and Higher Self had not yet fully appeared nor the material from which distinctions could be inferred.
  4. There would be no Ego if not for the presence in higher mental matter of the Solar Angel and yet, the Solar Angel is a being far greater than this.
  5. The egoic lotus is built and informed by the Solar Angel, but to say that the Ego is the Solar Angel needs amplification (which DK offered in later books).

From the point of view of man in the three worlds, this Ego, or Solar Lord, is eternal; he persists throughout the entire cycle of incarnations, just as the personality persists during the tiny physical life cycle.

  1. This is another way of saying that the Solar Angel is with incarnated man for millions of years--throughout the entire cycle of incarnations.

Nevertheless, this period of existence is only relatively permanent, and the day dawns when the life which expresses itself through the medium of the Ego, the Thinker, the Solar Lord or Manasadeva, seeks to loose itself from even this limitation, and to return to the source from which it originally emanated.

  1. Here is (so it seems) a more accurate description of the relationship between the Ego and the Solar Angel, for we read of a "life which expresses itself through the medium of the Ego. That life, therefore, is other than the Ego.
  2. If we analyze this closely, we can infer that the Ego is the Thinker. The Solar Lord is the Manasadeva. The distinctions between these terms are sometimes blurred in common usage, but they are significant.
  3. In other parts of the teaching we learn that the true Ego is the spiritual triad (cf. TCF 166-167). The spiritual triad persists long after the Solar Angel has returned to the Heart of the Sun or Central Spiritual Sun at liberation. For practical purposes, these aspects of the Sun are "the source from which it [the Solar Angel] originally emanated";.
  4. So we see we must clearly define these four terms: Ego, the Thinker, the Solar Lord, and the Manasadeva. Sometimes it is legitimate to consider them equivalent. Significant distinctions can, however, be made.

The life then, which manifested as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long ages the form egoic, withdraws itself gradually, and the form slowly dissipates;

  1. This withdrawal of the solar angelic life begins at the third initiation when the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus begin to disintegrate.
  2. The withdrawal is complete at the fourth initiation but the dissipation (or final dispersion) is not complete until the fifth initiation.
  3. The Solar Angel holds together the form egoic, but is also responsible for creating a functioning Ego on the higher mental plane. After the withdrawal of the Solar Angel, that which we call the Ego (the higher consciousness of man) will function on triadal levels. Eventually the term Ego may be psychologically applicable to man within his monadic center.
  4. The word Ego, in Greek, means "I am";, so we can understand that it may be a term transferable to a number of levels within the constitution of man.

the lesser lives of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of deva substance, plus the increased consciousness and activity which is theirs through the experience of being built into a form, and utilised by a still higher aspect of existence.

  1. DK is speaking of the lesser lives which are native to the higher three subplanes of the mental plane. These lives are organized into an egoic lotus by the Solar Angel (and--so one may reason--by accompanying Manasadevas of lesser degree). I am suggesting that the Solar Angel may possess a number of emanated aspects and that the Ego functioning through the causal body on the higher mental plane is a group phenomenon just as the personality with its three/four vehicles is a group phenomenon.
  2. A principle holds: whenever a lesser life is built into a divinely intended form (a form utilized by a life far greater than the lesser life), that lesser life benefits vibrationally from the 'in-building'.

Similarly, in the case of the personality, when the life egoic withdraws, the threefold lower self dissipates; the little lives which form the body of what has been called the lunar self (in contradistinction to the solar self, being but its reflection) are absorbed into the general reservoir of deva substance of a lower vibration to that which composed the body egoic.

  1. Two types of reservoirs of devic substance are here discussed.
    1. A reservoir of the little lives which constitute the lunar self
    2. A reservoir for little lives of a higher nature which constitute the body egoic or "solar self";
  2. The withdrawal of a greater life from the vehicles it utilizes for expression results in the dissipation of the vehicles and the return of the little lives composing those vehicles to the appropriate reservoir of life.

Similarly, also, their evolution has been furthered through [Page 137] having been built into a form for the use of the higher Self.

  1. In both cases the evolution of the little lives (whether lunar or solar) has been furthered.

Through the application of the Rod of Initiation, the work of separating the spiritual self from the higher self is furthered, and the imprisoned life gradually escapes, whilst the causal body is slowly absorbed or dissipated.

  1. Here is yet another result of the application of the Rod of Initiation. We are distinguishing between the "spiritual self"; and the "higher self";. The word "spiritual"; is, in this context, most appropriately applied to the spiritual triad. The term "higher self"; represents, in this context, the Ego functioning through the causal body.
  2. At the fourth initiation the spiritual self is withdrawn into the spiritual triad and the causal body is destroyed and dissipated.
  3. We see, however, that the process of separating the "spiritual self"; from the "higher self"; is gradual, though final and climactic at the fourth initiation.

This has led to the expression, sometimes used in occult books, of "the cracking of the causal body" at each initiation, and to the idea of the inner central fire gradually breaking through and destroying the confining walls, and also of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon through the withdrawal of the Shekinah.

  1. The term "cracking"; is somehow appropriate because the causal body is an auric egg.
  2. We gather the impression that the confining wall of the causal body is weakened at each successive initiation, until, at the fourth initiation, the wall can no longer contain the intensifying inner life.
  3. The manner of the destruction of the causal body for souls upon each of the seven rays is given in LOM 15-20.
  4. The term "Shekinah"; can be understood as equivalent to Spirit/Monad. From the Shekinah shines the "Greatest Light";.

All these phrases are symbolic wordings, and are attempts to convey to the mind of man fundamental truth from different angles.

  1. If the number of angles is sufficient, some approximated understanding of the real process may be gathered.

By the time the fourth initiation has been reached, the work of destruction is accomplished, the solar angel returns to his own place, having performed his function, and the solar lives seek their point of emanation.

  1. Is there a difference between "the solar angel"; and "the solar lives";? There are a number of solar lives liberated at the fourth initiation. Some thought must be given to the Solar Angel as a multiple being--multiple through the process of emanation.
  2. What is the "point of emanation"; of the solar lives? From one perspective it may be considered Venus (not only the planet, Venus, but the Venus globe of the Venus-chain of the Earth-scheme). From a deeper perspective the point of emanation is the two higher aspects of the Solar Logos (the "Heart of the Sun"; and the "Central Spiritual Sun";). From a still deeper perspective, the point of emanation is Sirius. We are not told if and when the Solar Angels return to Sirius from which they were out-breathed.
  3. We must ask: is there a difference between the Solar Angel returning to "his own place"; and the solar lives seeking "their point of emanation";? Are we talking about the same beings and, therefore, the same origin? Or are we talking about different beings and different origins?
  4. The Solar Angel is referred to in the singular and the "solar lives"; are obviously plural. All this will be clarified if we can understand the expression of the Solar Angel on the higher mental plane as a multiple, emanated expression.

The life within the form mounts up then in triumph to the bosom of its "Father in Heaven," just as the life within the physical body at the moment of death seeks its source, the Ego, and this likewise in four stages:--

  1. The "life within the form"; is the jiva.
  2. Is it correct to say that there is an immediate return of the indwelling life to the Monad, the "Father in Heaven";? It would seem that the uprising life is abstracted first into the spiritual triad.
  3. Perhaps, since the spiritual triad is the personality expression of the Monad, the spiritual triad can, loosely, be considered the "Father in Heaven";.
  4. We note that after physical death the "life within the physical body"; seeks its source--the Ego. That seeking may take some time as the life must transit through the astral and lower mental planes.
  5. Is there an analogy? Must the life withdrawing from the causal body seek its source, the Monad, but first transit through the planes of the spiritual triad?
  6. We see that liberation from form represents a triumph. Death of the form and triumph go hand in hand.
  7. We are now speaking of the fourfold process by which the life within the physical body seeks the Ego.

1. By the withdrawal from the dense physical body.

  1. This is the moment of physical death.

2. By the withdrawal from the etheric body.

  1. This withdrawal shortly follows physical death. Some have said that the process takes three days.

3. By a later vacating of the astral body.

  1. The term "vacating"; is interesting. Is it used simply for the sake of variety, or is there the suggestion of leaving a vehicle far behind?

4. A final leaving of the mental body.

  1. This "final leaving"; would normally follow the devachan period of "heavenly rest";.

Another way of emphasising the same truth is to regard the egoic body as a centre of force, a wheel of energy, or a lotus, and to picture it as a lotus with nine petals, hiding within these petals a central unit of three petals;

  1. We have seen the egoic body described in this manner earlier in the book.
  2. Let us tabulate some frequently found descriptions of the egoic body:
    1. A center of force
    2. A wheel of energy
    3. A lotus with nine petals hiding an central unit of three petals
  3. We note that the image of an angelic presence is missing (cf. IHS 115-117)

these in their turn secrete the central life, or the "jewel in the lotus."

  1. The "jewel in the lotus"; is called the "central life";. This means it is closely related to the Monad and really an extension of its presence and power.
  2. We notice how the principle of concealment is built into the nature of things. Occult and powerful energy sources are concealed until the time comes for their revelation.

As evolution proceeds, these three circles of three petals gradually unfold, having a simultaneous effect on one or [Page 138] other of the central three.

  1. There is a reciprocal relation between a certain tier of three petals and one of the inner petals.
  2. When the stage comes for the three petals in one tier to spring open together, then a kind of synthesis has been reached, and therefore, quite naturally, the correlated petal of synthesis (one of the innermost three) is affected.

These three circles are called respectively the petals of Sacrifice, Love, and Knowledge.

  1. Here DK is giving information on the egoic lotus for the first time. IHS was published in 1922. The whole subject is developed in great detail in TCF.

At initiation the Rod is applied to the petals in a scientific manner, and regulated according to ray and tendency.

  1. We do not know whether this application means an actual touching. It is in any case a radiatory and magnetic stimulation.
  2. Again we see the force of the Rod regulated according to requirements.
  3. From this sentence it is again confirmed that the Rod is applied not only to a center or centers in the lower bodies but to the petals of the egoic lotus themselves.
  4. Perhaps different degrees of force are released from the Rod as different petals are stimulated.
  5. The science required for this energy manipulation staggers human thought.

This brings about the opening of the central bud, the revelation of the jewel, the withdrawal of that jewel from the casket which has so long shielded it, and its transference to "the crown," as it is occultly called, meaning its return to the Monad whence it came.

  1. A number of vital processes are here mentioned. Let us tabulate:
    1. The Rod is applied to appropriate petals in the three tiers
    2. This application brings about the opening of the central bud
    3. When the central bud is opened it reveals the "jewel in the lotus";
    4. At the fourth initiation the "jewel"; is withdraw from the "casket"; (probably the central three petals)
    5. The jewel is transferred to "the crown";, which means it is returned to the Monad, its source.
  2. Is this return sudden or gradual? It would seem that the Monad has represented itself through the "jewel"; throughout the duration of the cycle of personality incarnations.
  3. Another question: is the "jewel"; destroyed at the destruction of the causal body? There are many reasons to think that it is. Perhaps the return of the jewel to the crown is the return of emanated monadic energy (once housed in the structure called the "jewel";) to its source, the Monad.
  4. The following excerpt suggests the manner in which the life of the "jewel"; returns to its source:

    "The Jewel of fire blazes forth as seven jewels within the one, or as the sevenfold electric spark, and in the intensity of the blaze thus created is reabsorbed into the Monad or the One. This process is paralleled at the final consummation of solar evolution when the seven Suns blaze forth before the great Pralaya. (TCF 1119)
  5. It is conceivable that the life informing the "jewel"; is returned to the Monad and the life informing the various petals of the egoic lotus is translated to the spiritual triad.

We must clearly recognise that all the above is but an attempt, through the limiting agency of words, to describe the method and the rites whereby spiritual liberation is finally achieved in this cycle; first, through the method of evolutionary unfoldment, or gradual development, and then in the final stages through the Rod of Initiation.

  1. The Tibetan points again to the limitations of language to describe this occult events.
  2. We do see that "spiritual liberation"; involves "rites";. The seventh ray is involved in creating the conditions under which liberation can be achieved.
  3. We note that the first phase preceding liberation is long indeed. The final stage is, in a way, both unnatural and purposeful.

C. Upon the centres.

At the time that initiation is taken, the centres are all active, and the lower four (which correspond to the Personality) are beginning the process of translating the fire into the three higher.

  1. Is the heart center included within the lower four? Or do the lower four consist of base of spine, sacral center, spleen and solar plexus?
  2. We see that initiation does not come to the man whose centers are unawakened. This is obvious.
  3. We see that when initiation is begun the translation of fire from lower centers to higher is only beginning. When the processes of initiation are completed, the transferences and translations will also be completed.
  4. The usual and familiar modes of transference are:
    1. Sacral center to throat center
    2. Solar plexus to heart center
    3. Base of spine to the crown center

The dual revolution in the lower centres is clearly to be seen, and the three higher are commencing to be similarly active.

  1. In TCF the different modes of motion in the chakras are described. The term "dual revolution"; suggests a relatively advanced stage in which the "Wheel of Consciousness"; is turning contrary to the "Wheel of Form";. We have the wheels turning simultaneously in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. (cf. TCF 159-161)
  2. See also the following:

    "4. The circle divided into four. We come now to the point where the centre is exceedingly active, with the cross within its periphery rotating as well as the wheel itself, and causing an effect of great beauty and activity. The man has reached a stage of very high development [Page 172] mentally, corresponding to the fifth root-race, or to the fifth round in the larger cycle; he is conscious of two activities within himself, symbolised by the rotating wheel and the inner rotating cross. He is sensing the spiritual, though actively functioning in the personal life, and the development has reached a point wherein he is nearing the Probationary Path."; (TCF 171-172)

By the application of the Rod of Initiation at the time of the initiation ceremony, definite results are achieved in connection with the centres, which might be enumerated as follows:--

The fire at the base of the spine is definitely directed to whichever centre is the object of special attention. This varies according to ray, or the specialised work of the initiate.

  1. The fire at the base of the spine is uniquely stimulating. This fire is the kundalini fire and must be brought into vivifying relation with specific centers at specific initiations.
  2. This fire is increasingly active as an agent of vivification as evolution proceeds, but its real activation occurs under the stimulation of the Rod in the initiatory process.

The centre has its activity intensified, its rate of revolution increased, and certain of the central spokes of the wheel brought into more active radiance.

  1. The particular center coming under initiatory attention is greatly stimulated, resulting in--
    1. Intensified activity
    2. Increase in its rate of revolution
    3. Certain of its central spokes brought into more active radiance
  2. The spokes within the wheel correspond in function to the petals within the wheel of the egoic lotus.

These spokes [Page 139] of the wheel, or these petals of the lotus, have a close connection with the different spirillae in the permanent atoms, for instance, and in their stimulation comes into play one or more of the corresponding spirillae in the permanent atoms on the three lower planes.

  1. We have a close interrelation (a correspondence) between spokes of the wheel and petals of the lotus (which can be considered equivalent) and the different spirillae of the permanent atoms.
  2. Atoms demonstrate greater livingness through the activation of their higher spirillae. Such activation is directly connected to the "spokes"; or "petals"; of chakras as they undergo stimulation from the Rod of Initiation.
  3. The particular spirilla now in process of stimulation is the fifth, activated upon entry into the Kingdom of the Soul, and increasingly activated as progress into this Kingdom continues.
  4. There are many petals or spokes in some chakras--more than spirillae in the permanent atoms. It would seem, then, that certain of these spokes or petals are correlated to lower spirillae and certain to higher. No doubt the study of this correlation is intricate.

After the third initiation a corresponding stimulation takes place in the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to a co-ordination of the buddhic vehicle, and the transference of the lower polarisation into the higher.

  1. The stimulation which occurs before the third initiation involves the chakras as they relate to the simulation of the spirillae in the permanent atoms related to the personality.
  2. The third initiation is that spiritual juncture at which the spiritual triad begins to be the recipient of initiatory stimulation.
  3. In other writings, DK speaks of the coordination of the buddhic vehicle necessitating the prominent presence of the planet Neptune in the astrological chart.
  4. When, actually, is the buddhic vehicle coordinated? Probably, to a degree, that coordination begins at the second initiation at which time the ray of Neptune is so prominent. However, from this reference, it seems evident that there is no true or complete coordination of the buddhic vehicle until after the third degree.
  5. May we say that at the third degree the manasic permanent atom is stimulated; at the fourth degree the buddhic permanent atom and at the fifth, the atmic permanent atom? Some sequentiality seems reasonable.
  6. We know, however, that some stimulation of these atoms occurs earlier (as the atmic permanent atom at the third degree), but complete simulation no doubt occurs later. It is not really possible to focus fully in the buddhic consciousness until the fourth degree.
  7. Along with the transference here discussed goes the dynamic of 'etheric substitution'. The etheric focus of the individual becomes (through the process of initiation) a higher etheric focus (for the spiritual triad--involved in the higher initiations--is 'located' on the higher etheric planes).
  8. In regard to the coordination of the buddhic vehicle, the power of sacrifice is of much assistance. Since the ninth petal of the egoic lotus (signaling the "utter sacrifice of all forever";) is fully opened at the third degree, we can see how sacrifice would play a far greater role after this point than before. Thus, a preliminary condition is created for the fuller coordination of the buddhic vehicle.

By the application of the Rod of Initiation, the downflow of force from the Ego to the personality is tripled, the direction of that force being dependent upon whether the centres receiving attention are the etheric or the astral at the first and second initiations, or whether the initiate is standing before the Lord of the World.

  1. We are here given most important occult information. The Science of Initiation is a science. Science of full of quantifications, as in this instance.
  2. We may well wonder concerning the degree of augmentation of egoic force in relation to personality which arises from a good meditation, for instance. The tripling of such force seems arresting in its implications.
  3. The fact that for every candidate there is one Initiator and two Sponsors (thus three intimate officiants) may relate to this tripling.
  4. The tripling may also be related to the Science of Triangles. Frequently we read of energy circulation passing three times around the area of circulation.
  5. It becomes clear that at the first initiation, it is the etheric centers which, principally, are stimulated. At the second initiation it is principally the astral centers which receive stimulation and, presumably, at the third degree, the mental centers are those stimulated.
  6. Since there are presently only four chakric centers upon the mental plane, it is clear that that the causal body with its tiers of petals, correlated to the head, heart and throat chakras of other planes, would receive stimulation by the One Initiator.
  7. Perhaps one day (after the return of the Solar Angel) there will be seven chakras within the mental body of the human being.

In the latter case, his mental centres, or their corresponding force vortices on higher levels, will receive stimulation.

  1. In this case, the "corresponding force vortices on higher levels"; are energy structures within the causal body.

When the World Teacher initiates at the first and second initiations, the direction of the triadal force is turned to the vivification of the heart and throat centres in their position of synthesising the lower.

  1. Note that we are speaking of the "direction of the triadal force";. Above we spoke of the "downflow of force from the Ego to the personality";. The term "Triad"; and "Ego"; are seen as equivalent.
  2. It is clear that the Initiator promotes a flow from the spiritual triad to the personality.
  3. The spiritual triad carries the energies of synthesis.
  4. If we pay attention to the order of vivification, we shall note that it is the heart that is stimulated at the first initiation and the throat at the second. Love means something new at the first degree, and the second degree is characterized by spiritual intelligence and a degree of mental illumination.
  5. It is interesting to see that even at the first and second degrees, triadal forces are active producing an enhanced capacity to synthesize the forces of the lower centers. Initiation (even the early initiations) is a process involving synthesis.

When the One Initiator applies the Rod of His power, the downflow is from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response, the main direction of the force is to the seven head centres, and finally (at liberation) to the radiant head centre above, synthesising the lesser seven head centres.

  1. Most valuable information is again given.
  2. Egoic/triadal force is liberated in downflow for the first two initiations.
  3. One would expect that atmic energy from the spiritual triad would also be liberated at the third degree--perhaps accompanying the down-flowing energy from the Monad.
  4. It is important to realize that at the third degree the heart and throat continue to be stimulated.
  5. The seven head centers are related to atma, just as the Great Bear (representing the seven head centers of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said may be inferred as focussing on the cosmic atmic plane, cf. TCF 1162).
  6. The third degree is a pivotal initiation, relating soul to Monad. Under the regime of the soul/Ego, atma is contacted, but under the regime of the Monad, the One Initiator draws down monadic force for the stimulation of the seven head centers.
  7. Liberation signifies the fifth degree. The major head center on the top of the head is related to liberation. But that same major center is also related to the atmic plane, as we have earlier learned.
  8. While the seven head centers are the object of stimulation at the third degree, the synthesis of these seven centers is apparently not completed until the fifth degree.
  9. Some experience with the monadic energy will clearly be necessitated before it becomes possible to take the third degree.
  10. We are not told whether the downflow of force from the Monad to the soul--infused personality is tripled, doubled or in any way magnified, as is the downflow of force from the Ego to the personality. Some augmentation, however, would be expected.

The centres, at initiation, receive a fresh access of vibratory capacity and of power, and this results in the exoteric life as:--

  1. This "fresh access"; is due to the stimulation of the Rod. A clear channel of reliable access is created.

1. A sensitiveness and refinement of the vehicles which may result at first in much suffering to the initiate, but which produce a capacity to respond, that far outweighs the incidental pain.

  1. Here we are speaking of the "sacred pains"; so relevant in the life of the advancing initiate. The initiate Krishnamurti experienced such pains to an extreme degree during the period when his vehicles were being prepared for the overshadowing of the Christ.
  2. To endure the pain is a sacrifice, well-rewarded, once the ordeal has been passed, by greater sensitivity and responsiveness.
  3. We learn that the process of initiation, promoting the fresh access of the centers to vibratory capacity and power, will lead to refinement through pain.

[Page 140]

2. A development of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporary distress, but which eventually causes a recognition of the one self in all selves, which is the goal of endeavour.

  1. A development of psychic faculty is another form of sensitization. All sensitization, initially, may lead to pain and distress.
  2. This psychic development is an aspect of the wearing away of the veils which will reveal the One Self. Usually, registration of this One Self is blocked by insensitivity.
  3. We see that every type of advancement has its price.

3. A burning away of the etheric web, through the gradual arousing of kundalini and its correct geometrical progression,

  1. We have seen that the power and vibratory capacity received at initiation via the Rod have promoted--
    1. Sensitiveness and refinement of the vehicles
    2. A development of psychic faculty
    3. Now we add a burning away by means of kundalini
  2. The burning away must be accompanied by a correct geometrical rising of the kundalini fire. The power conferred by the Rod apparently promotes not only kundalinic arousal but its geometrically correct arousal.
  3. That which is burnt away is physical-etheric dross. There is no doubt dross on the astral and mental planes which the higher correspondence to etheric-physical kundalini will also burn.

and a resultant continuity of consciousness that enables the initiate consciously to utilise time as a factor on the planes of evolution.

  1. Time is related to the third aspect and so is the web of life.
  2. If the web is too prohibitive, the life is subject to the limitation of sequentiality rather than the liberation of simultaneity.
  3. The right kind of burning away allows the simultaneous registration of energies and forces on all three levels of the personality--etheric-physical, emotional and mental.
  4. Under normal circumstances "it takes time"; for the impressions of the astral and mental nature to filter through into the brain. What if such impressions were immediately available in relation to any physical impacts being experienced? A wholeness of perception not formerly available would be immediately so. Patterns of relation would be immediately grasped rather than sequentially so.
  5. May it be suggested that a fairly accurate knowledge of the Science of Cycles will be in the possession of the initiate?
  6. As well, it would not be necessary to wait so long before acting intelligently. With fairly instantaneous apprehension, swift and appropriate action could follow.

4. A gradual grasp of the law of vibration as an aspect of the basic law of building, the law of attraction, is brought about,

  1. Only matter characterized by certain vibrations can be rightly built into the divinely intended, Plan-appropriate forms.
  2. Understanding the Law of Vibration reveals appropriate substances for the building process.

and the initiate learns consciously to build, to manipulate thought matter for the perfecting of the plans of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels, and thereby affect the physical plane.

  1. We remember that this manipulative ability is related to the fresh access of vibratory capacity and power received through the application of the Rod.
  2. There is a resonant relationship between the mental and physical planes. All thoughts tend to become actions.

Motion originates cosmically on cosmic levels, and in the microcosm the same will be seen. There is an occult hint here that, pondered on, will reveal much.

  1. The mind is a field of movement. The field of becoming begins with mind. The stilling of the mind, therefore, reveals the realm of being. In a way, movement, though cosmically inescapable, distorts the face of Reality.
  2. Movement on planes above the mental is of a different order that motion on the plane of mind. Though, since the cosmic ethers are still to be found upon the cosmic physical plane, motion will play a part in their expression.
  3. Those of us who wish to move the lower worlds, had best learn white magic which begins with mental magic.

At initiation, at the moment of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realises the meaning of the Law of Attraction in form building, and in the synthesis of the three fires. Upon his ability to retain that realisation, and himself to apply the law, will depend his power to progress.

  1. The Rod of Initiation conveys principally the second aspect of divinity correlated with the Law of Attraction.
  2. The application of the Rod reveals
    1. The realization of the meaning of the Law of Attraction in form building
    2. The realization of the meaning of the Law of Attraction in the synthesis of the three fires
  3. Power and progress in this second solar system, and upon this essentially second ray planet, depend upon progressing along the line indicated by the second aspect.
  4. Let us maintain the consideration of Law of Attraction as a dual law encompassing repulsion as well--a law operating centrifugally and centripetally, both cohering and refining the material.
  5. It is implied that the initiate may not remember the realizations impressed during the initiation ceremony. It would obviously be of value to consciously retain that which has been imparted.

5. The Hierophant transmits higher manasic energy to the initiate, so that he is enabled consciously to know and recognise the plan for his group centre, through the immensely increased stimulation.

  1. This transmission emanates from that aspect of the spiritual triad called the abstract mind.
  2. Unless there is triadal penetration, it is impossible to know the Divine Plan as it is.
  3. The "group centre"; is another name for the Ashram (which is found focussed on triadal levels). Even the scientific Ashrams on the mental plane are focussed on the highest subplane of the mental plane and, thus, on triadal levels.

This force descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antahkarana, and is directed to whichever centre the Hierophant--under the law--sees should be stimulated.

  1. We see the necessity for the relative completion of the antahkarana before certain of the initiatory processes can be completed.
  2. We build the antahkarana from the mental unit to the manasic permanent atom of the spiritual triad. The Hierophant can then utilize what we have built.

6. The Initiator stabilises the force and regulates its flow, as it circulates through the egoic body, so that when the work of unfoldment is accomplished, the seventh principle [Page 141] at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed.

  1. Within the "jewel in the lotus"; the seventh principle, the atman, is to be found. The Monad is the representative of pure Spirit, and the "jewel"; is the representative within the egoic lotus of the Monad.

After each initiation the lotus is more unfolded, and light from the centre begins to blaze forth--a light or fire which ultimately burns through the three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested.

  1. We come to understand that light is fire and, in this context, is a destructive force burning through the "three enshrining petals";. The "jewel in the lotus"; is placed within a "shrine"; consisting of the three synthesizing petals.
  2. We can see that as a result of each initiation, the central tier of petals (the synthesizing petals) opens just a little more revealing more light emanating form the center.
  3. The "jewel in the lotus"; is brilliant and the transmitter of "inner glory";.
  4. One could imagine that it shines with the "unfettered enlightenment"; characteristic of Shamballa.

As this is brought about on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated)

  1. Following initiation and, actually, I think, preceding it somewhat, as in the case of advanced man for whom the egoic lotus is also located on the second subplane.

a corresponding stimulation takes place in the dense substance which forms the petals or wheels of the centres on the astral and etheric levels.

  1. It is clear that there is a closer correspondence between petals of the egoic lotus and certain petals of the chakras in the lower vehicles.
  2. What may be the exact nature of these correspondences will eventually have to be worked out. There cannot be a one-to-one correspondence.


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