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Visualization for Rule VII for Disciples and Initiates, Sentence or Phrase V

 “…but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant halls where move the ‘Lights which carry out the Will of God’.”

1.      Align with the soul.

2.      Visualize and reaffirm the individual antahkarana.

3.      Align with the group soul and realize your identity with it. Emphasize particularly the colors belonging to your soul and personality ray, otherwise indigo blue.

4.      Visualize and reaffirm the group antahkarana glowing with all seven colors of the rainbow. Emphasize the color indigo blue of the great synthetic second ray.

5.      Utilizing the group antahkarana, imagine the group open and accessible to the levels of the spiritual triad, and increasingly infused by the energies of those dimensions.

6.      See the group soul approaching identification with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and with the Christ at the Heart of Hierarchy.

7.      Identified as the group soul and imaginatively under triadal impression, again attempt imaginatively to ‘hear’ the group sounding of the “dual chord”.

8.      Again, imaginatively, ‘hear’ it “reverberating in the halls where move the Masters”, and imaginatively experience the result.

9.      Imaginatively and humbly (within the group soul and as a group soul) align with the Ashrams of the Chohans. Imagining the Chohans as ‘great Lights’, imaginatively immerse yourself (within and as the group) within the radiance of these Ashrams.

10.  Imaginatively (and with humility) carry the group alignment forward towards still higher dimensions. Imagining the members of the Great Council as still ‘greater Lights’, imaginatively and reverently immerse yourself (within and as the group) within the radiance of Shamballa and the Great Council.

11.  Reflect upon the phrase, “the Lights which carry out the Will of God”? Who are these “Lights”? Are they Chohans, or Those, as well, beyond the rank of Chohans? How do you suppose They carry out ‘God’s Will’?

12.  Then, imagine the reverberations of the “dual chord” reaching beyond the “halls where move the Masters”, and “finding pause and prolongation within those radiant halls where move the ‘Lights which carry out the Will of God’.”

13.  What does it mean to you that the “dual chord” finds “pause and prolongation” within those “radiant halls”? Why the use of the words “pause” and “prolongation”?

14.  What must be the quality of the “dual chord” if it is to be capable of achieving “pause and prolongation”?

15.  Is your group capable of endowing the chord with the needed quality? What more may be needed? What are you contributing to the endowment? What more can you contribute?

16.  Pause for a moment of synthetic realization. Imaginatively ‘hear’ the “dual chord” as it pauses, (initially and momentarily) within the “radiant halls”, and eventually sounds there in a more prolonged manner.

17.  What, do you imagine, will be the result upon the group of this more prolonged sounding within those “radiant halls”?

18.  Imaginatively immerse yourself in the sounding of the “dual chord”, experiencing simultaneously its reverberations within the “halls where move the Masters” and its prolonged sounding within “those radiant halls where move ‘the Lights which carry out the Will of God’.”

19.  What impresses you as a result of this synthetic visualization?

20.  What, do you imagine, will be the effect upon the group of these simultaneous soundings?

21.  Through the use of this visualization has your relationship to sound been influenced in any way?

22.  Make note of any realizations that have come to you in the course of this meditation/visualization.

23.  Breathe forth the essence of your realizations to uplift the field of human consciousness.

24.  Sound the Great Invocation

25.  OM OM OM