Visualization for Rule VI for Disciples and Initiates, Sentence III

“The fifth feeds on the fourth”.

  1. Align with the soul.

  2. Visualize and reaffirm the individual antahkarana.

  3. Align with the group soul and realize your identity with it. Emphasize particularly the colors belonging to your soul and personality ray, otherwise indigo blue.

  4. Visualize and reaffirm the group antahkarana glowing with all seven colors of the rainbow. Emphasize the color indigo blue of the great synthetic second ray.

  5. Utilizing the group antahkarana, imagine the group open and accessible to the levels of the spiritual triad, and increasingly infused by the energies of those dimensions.

  6. See the group soul approaching identification with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and with the Christ at the Heart of Hierarchy.

  7. Identify with and as the group soul.

  8. Ponder your relationship with ‘your’ Solar Angel (a misnomer, really). Attempt to fathom the depth of this relationship.

  9. Ponder the relationship of the group to the Solar Angels which supervise its members (and which can be considered, together, as a Group Solar Angel).

  10. Ponder the relationship of humanity to the billions of members of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy Who are supervising human development.

  11. Realize that each kingdom in nature must live, and that the sources which sustain life come both from kingdoms below and kingdoms below.

  12. Visualize the members of the lower three kingdoms (mineral, vegetable and animal) in this regard. How are they sustained both from ‘above’ and ‘below’?

  13. Visualize the members of the human kingdom in this regard. How are this kingdom and its members sustained both from ‘above’ and ‘below’?

  14. Think particularly of humanity. In what manner is it ‘fed’ from ‘below’? Visualize this ‘feeding’, this sustainment.

  15. How is this different from the manner in which it is ‘fed’ or sustained from ‘above’? Visualize this ‘feeding’, this sustainment.

  16. Using the power of analogy, try to understand the perspective of the Solar Angel. In what way and for what reason would the “fifth feed on the fourth”? How would this ‘feeding’ occur? Why is this ‘feeding’ necessary (if it is) for the Solar Angel?

  17. How does the human being (the fourth) experience being ‘fed upon’ by the fifth? Can you relate this process to your own experience?

  18. Is there any advantage to the human being when it is ‘fed upon’ by the fifth, or is the process purely sacrificial on the part of the human being?

  19. In what way (if any) is there a ‘mutual feeding’ occurring? Can the “vivid, flaming, drenching life” which floods the fourth be considered as ‘food’, even while the fifth is ‘feeding upon’ the fourth?

  20. What do you think are the dynamics of such an interchange? How do you feel about participating in this ‘feeding’ process?

  21. Send forth the essence of your realization to uplift the field of human consciousness.

  22. OM OM OM