Visualization for Rule V for Disciples and Initiates, Sentence I

“In unison, let the group perceive the triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul and blotting out the light of form.”

  1. Align with the soul.

  2. Visualize and reaffirm the individual antahkarana.

  3. Align with the group soul and realize your identity with it. Emphasize particularly the colors belonging to your soul and personality ray, otherwise indigo blue.

  4. Visualize and reaffirm the group antahkarana glowing with all seven colors of the rainbow. Emphasize the color indigo blue of the great synthetic second ray.

  5. Utilizing the group antahkarana, imagine the group open and accessible to the levels of the spiritual triad, and increasingly infused by the energies of those dimensions.

  6. See the group soul approaching identification with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and with the Christ at the Heart of Hierarchy.

  7. Identifying as a soul-infused personality within the group soul (and, progressively, as the group soul).

  8. Realize that you are achieving a state of solar identification. This you have already achieved in Rule V for Applicants.

9.      Realize the state of soul-unity existing between you (as a soul) and all souls related within the group soul. All ‘soul-suns’ are linked.

10.  Visualize the group soul and immerse yourself, as soul, within its reality.

11.  Listen for the one ‘note’ pervading the entire group-soul field. It is the note which blends all souls within the group soul.

12.  As if seeing with the ‘group-eye’, visualize the group antahkarana, shining with the seven colors of the rainbow, extending ‘upwards’.

13.  In the midst of indigo-blue ‘space’, and as-if perceiving with the ‘group-eye’, visualize the symbolic triangle of the spiritual triad shining forth in white light tinged with blue.

14.  Imagine the manasic, buddhic and atmic permanent atoms placed, each at a vertex of the triangle.

15.  Ponder on each of the permanent atoms, attempting to be impressed sequentially by the essence of manas, buddhi and atma as you do so.

16.  Ponder on the synthesis of atma-buddhi-manas.

17.  Note the blue-white brilliance of the spiritual triad shining forth and attempt to feel that brilliance, intensifying in your consciousness the sense of the presence of the spiritual triad.

18.  Visualize the brilliant blue-white triad hovering over the group soul (shining as if a golden disk with golden solar-angelic light.)

19.  Attempt to feel simultaneously the quality of the group-soul center and the triadal center. (The group-soul is supra-individual, and the spiritual triad is planetary in its significance.)

20.  Through an act of imagination, see the blue-white light of the spiritual triad growing in intensity and the golden light of the group soul fading in intensity.

21.  Attempt to be sensitive to the esoteric ‘feel’ of this process.

22.  As the light of the group soul dims, see the blue-white light of the spiritual triad pouring through the group soul. The group-soul is increasingly infused by triadal light.

23.  See the triadal light continuing to descend into the fourfold personality which is shining dimly with a silvery light.

24.  See the light of the spiritual triad completely negate or blot out the light of the personality form. See personality light completely extinguished in the intense presence of triadal light.

25.  Grasp the ‘feel’ of this blotting-out, this extinction.

26.  Identified as the spiritual triad infusing the now-dimmed light of the group soul, and the ‘extinguished light of the form’ remain open to the changes in consciousness achieved through this process.

27.  Make note of any thoughts which come to you whilst imaginatively immersed within the triad.

28.  Send the best of those thoughts on a redemptive mission into the world of soul.

29.  OM OM OM