Commentary on Rule V for Applicants


Let the applicant see to it that the solar angel dims the light of the lunar angels,
remaining the sole luminary in the microcosmic sky.”

A.                  Let the applicant see to it that the solar angel dims the light of the lunar angels,…”

1.                  The Solar Angel is a great returning Nirvani from a previous kalpa—perhaps from a previous Mahamanvantara. This would mean, perhaps, that our Solar Angels had been human beings in the first solar system.

2.                  Interestingly, there are even human beings in the present solar system who were human beings in the first solar system. One way to think of them is as the “ancestors”. They are also known as the “Jews”, but this does not mean that all of them are to be found in the present Jewish group.

3.                  The mystery of the Solar Angels is stupendous. Page after page in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire discusses their deeply interior work. Without them, present humanity would be retarded in its development by millions of years, as are some small groups of human beings even today—according The Secret Doctrine.

4.                  Our debt of gratitude to the Solar Angels is unfathomable. Few among present humanity have any idea of what this Fifth Creative Hierarchy has sacrificially rendered to the Fourth Creative Hierarchy (the “Human” Hierarchy). Yet the rendering was not a spontaneous, capricious act, but, mysteriously, part of the planetary process and found occurring on other planets as well.

5.                  About eighty percent of present humanity will later be trained as Solar Angels and will follow the Path to Sirius in order to receive that training. Today, human beings are very much ‘lunar beings’, with the potential of becoming solar. The Solar Angels are training our capacities for ‘solarity’, and it is a lengthy process.

6.                  To most humans, these great Angels are an unknown quantity. People speak vaguely of “God” or of a “higher self”, or a “higher power”—terms which are not really inaccurate—little realizing that so much of the inner assistance and uplift they receive comes from the attendant Solar Angels who rhythmically impulse towards their ‘human’, streams of beneficence and benevolence.

7.                  One of the major purposes of meditation is to allow the meditating human being to attune to these illuminating and uplifting streams, and thus extricate himself/herself from the prison of lunar compulsions in which he/she usually lives.

8.                  The Solar Angels are, in a way, so near that they are difficult to detect. From a certain perspective, they are, to quote the old mystic, are “nearer than hands and feet”. They are so much a part of us that they seem to be our very selves—at least our higher selves.

9.                  But really, their consciousness is much higher than human consciousness. They are Masters in their own right, and have long ago passed through most or all initiations available to a human being.

10.              We are told that the “soul is the first Master”.

“In the past, the religious emphasis upon the esoteric side of instruction has been the approach of the individual man to the God within, to his own higher self, the soul, the first Master.” (DINA II 53)

“…the vibration of the soul is that of a Master, for the soul is a Master on its own plane.” (TEV 76)

This is a powerful thought. When we think of the Master, we usually think of an advanced human being who is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. But the way to our ashramic Master is through that Master who is the supervising Solar Angel of our lives.

11.              This does not mean that the Solar Angel attends to everything we do as personalities. The Solar Angel is not much interested in those mundane or lunar matters—only in those which relate to the possibility of soul-infusion and the animating of the lunar nature by soul energy. The Solar Angel is also interested in eliminating that which inhibits or obstructs soul infusion.

12.              We learn, in fact, that it is not until the human being is in process of opening the fifth petal of the egoic lotus (quite far into the span of human evolutionary development) that the Solar Angel takes any direct interest in its unfolding human. Thoughts of this nature are decentralizing, and decentralization is needed is we are to achieve “group consciousness” (i.e., “soul consciousness”).

13.              During the Aquarian Age, the mystery of the Solar Angels will be further revealed, but, perhaps we can expect a much fuller revelation when the planet enters the Age of Capricorn, some 2300 years ahead. Capricorn is that astrological sign which is particularly associated with the Fifth Creative Hierarchy of Solar Angels through the Mystery of the “Makara” (cf. Esoteric Astrology 35)

14.              By studying the signs Capricorn, Leo, Cancer and Pisces, we shall learn something of the solar redemptive mission of these great saving “hearts of fiery love”. All the zodiacal signs have something to tell us about them, but especially, in addition, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. The Astrology of the Solar Angel would make a fascinating study.

15.              In the Fifth Rule for Applicants, the applicant is asked to “see to it” that the Solar Angel becomes the “sole luminary in the microcosmic sky”. The imagery is both poetic and revelatory.

16.              We should not be surprised that the fifth Rule opens with discussion of the Solar Angel, for five is the number of the Creative Hierarchy to which the Solar Angels belong. Five is also the number of the sign Leo, ruled by the Sun, which the physical vehicle of our Solar Logos. Five is the number of the “Son” aspect of divinity, and the Solar Angel is correlated to the Son aspect, (the “Christ” aspect) rather than to the “Father” aspect.

17.              The word “sole” which, in English, means “only”, in some languages means “sun” (“sol”). We have words in English, like “isolate”, “insolence”, “solitude”, “solace”, (and, of course “soul”) which refer to this solar principle from various perspectives—positive and negative.

18.              In the Bible, we are told that “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”. For occultists, the “Solar God” is the one God, the sole God. As we move towards creating the solar principle within us as the sole microcosmic principle, we are rendering multiplicity into unity and the many into the one. (We are not now speaking of “the One” who is the monad, but of a state prior to monadic awareness and realization—a state which must be successfully entered before real monadic awareness is a possibility.)

19.              The “microcosmic sky” is simply human consciousness, human awareness. It is our “inner space”, our consciousness with all its “contents”—known as the “contents of consciousness”.

20.              Usually that sky is cluttered with all sorts of attractive sources and centers clamoring for attention. These various aspects of our energy system seem to fight for the “high ground” where they seek to rule or supplant all other aspects.

21.              Sometimes physical energies may command our “inner spaces”, sometimes emotional energies and occasionally, mental energies. But all these aspects of nature and their forces are “lesser gods”, ‘lesser players in the divine pageant’, and they must learn their place.

22.              Obviously, then, for most people, the Solar Angel is not the “sole luminary in the microcosmic sky”. Only once the “internecine warfare” (EP II 340) among various aspects of the personality has stopped, and hierarchical order come, does the Solar Angel truly rule the ‘microcosmic heavenly spaces’.

23.              When the Solar Angel becomes the sole luminary, we are well on our way to becoming truly human. Before that, we are really something of an intelligent animal, as are the majority of human beings today.

24.              The advantages to solar rulership are many: intelligence, love and spiritual power being foremost and the general source of the others. When some of the resources of the Solar Angel become ours to wield and direct, the quality of our life improves immensely. The Solar Angel cannot pour a great deal of its strength and quality through an untrained lunar instrument. The effect would be totally disorganizing, even destructive. Overstimulation would result and a greatly reduced capacity to respond positively to higher influences.

25.              Therefore, long training of the lunar instrument is required—long training, a training lasting millions of years. We can see how supremely patient and wise are the Solar Angels. They are spiritual scientists, every one, and spiritual artists as well. They know the ‘matter of man’, and the nature of the process which will transform it from matter responsive to the laws of the first solar system to matter responsive to the laws and intended patterns of this our second solar system.

26.              The applicant/disciple is told to “see to it” that the Solar Angel becomes the “sole luminary”. This tells us that the Solar Angel is not going to do everything for its lower man. That would be against occult law; it would violate the principle of free will which all superior positive beings/entities honor and respect, and preserve (even at the cost of much personal pain to the free-willing agent).

27.              So, the individualized human being, once awakening to the true nature of the evolutionary process in which he/she is perforce engaged, is the one responsible for creating such a condition within his/her energy system, that the Solar Angel can become the “sole luminary”.

28.              How is this done? In a way, all that we have learned about spiritual training and about the new forms of discipleship tell us how it is done. Here, however, are some ideas:

a.                   Learn through observation the true nature and tendencies of the lunar vehicles. This is achieved through studying them and through an increasing detachment which allows that study to proceed.

b.                  Learn the nature of desire and the manner in which it energizes the lunar vehicles and keeps the incarnated human soul preoccupied with those vehicles and their tendencies, attached to those vehicles.

c.                   Realize that there are higher energies and do all you can to provide the conditions in which alignment with and reception of those higher energies become possible.

d.                  Compare the nature and effects of the two kinds of energies—of the soul and personality. Do this experientially, by studying your life in relation to those occasions when you have been preoccupied with lunar energies and those during which soul energies have been your focus.

e.                   Establish such a firm sense of spiritual values that your value system will act as a protection when aspects of your consciousness are drawn toward an unnecessary involvement with the lunar vehicles and their forces.

f.                    Set your will firmly “on the side of the angels” (the Solar Angels, in this case) and seek out an increasing communion with this great Being. (In fact, there are a number of “manasadevas” or lesser solar angels involved in the creation and preservation of the egoic nature of man. But that is a technicality which can be probed through a study of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.)

g.                   Cultivate daily contact with the Solar Angel through occult meditation and service. Seek to remain aware of the impulses and energy streams which may be emanating from this ‘internal solar deity’. Be ready to use these energy impulses positively in service. Let your personality activities be pervaded by and qualified by these energies.

h.                   Do not let any other ‘god’ usurp the throne of the ‘solar microcosmic lord’. Always there will be attempts at revolution and overthrow, until the personality is completely transformed. The climax of this process occurs at the fourth initiation, and so, until that point, various aspects of personality or of ahamkara may assert themselves (in increasingly subtle ways), seeking to claim the attention and preference of the soul in incarnation (you). Therefore, we must be vigilant in order to preserve the dominion of the Solar Angel.

i.                     Part of this vigilance, of course, is keeping the Solar Angel in mind, communing with it, expressing it, utilizing its energy streams in service.

j.                    Utilize much ‘sun imagery’—solar imagery, as it is resonant with the Solar Angel and can serve as a method of invoking the presence of this great being.

29.              When I think of many modes of spiritual approach today, very few are cognizant of the presence, place and role of the Solar Angel. Perhaps, this is why so many go students go astray.

30.              ‘Solar culture’ will be a prominent feature in the New World Religion, and in the approach to divinity characteristic of the Aquarian Age. Meditation will be at the heart of this approach. Also, there will be sanctioned methods of invocation which will call the presence of the Solar Angel into prominence. Disciples of the modern era have to evolve these methods on the basis of that which has been conveyed (and will be conveyed) to them by the Teachers of Hierarchy.

31.              As stated, the use of ‘solar imagery’ can offer a constructive approach. There are certain symbols and figures which are magnetically resonant with the Solar Angel. The golden lotus, the sphere of fire, the wheel with nine spokes, the radiant sun, the upright pentagram, and an angelic presence (however conceived) are all images which find an easy link to the presence of the Solar Angel. Obviously, invocation must be practiced and note made of the result.

32.              Before long the ‘feel’ of the presence of the Solar Angel will become recognizable, and the disciple will know the difference in vibration between the Solar Angel and his/her own causal body. There are further differentiations which are necessary as progress is made. Once the Master can be contacted (by the Chela on the Thread), the disciple will want to be able to differentiate between the vibration of the Master (of the Ashram) and the “first Master” (the Solar Angel).

33.              Our lives are presently rather exoteric, but through an increasingly refined ‘soul culture’ the secrets of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy will gradually be revealed to us (as need arises in service).


B.                 “…remaining the sole luminary in the microcosmic sky.

1.                  As stated, there will always be ‘challenges to the throne’. One has to have the experience of what it is like to have the Solar Angel established on the throne of consciousness. That state must become familiar, so that there will develop an instinctive repulsion (under the Law of Repulse—the Fourth Law of the Soul) to any attempts at usurpation by any lesser aspects of one’s energy system.

2.                  The relatively undisturbed reign of the Solar Angel begins at the third initiation. The fight to establish the ‘solar king’ to his rightful place (the ‘throne of consciousness’) is waged during the periods following the first initiation and until the third.

3.                  A major decisive point in the battle occurs after the second degree when the Temptations in the Desert are successfully passed. When the full power of “the World, the Flesh and the Devil” fails to overcome the illumined, soul-inspired consciousness of the human soul, the Solar Angel is close to mounting the throne unopposed.

4.                  That reign in consciousness will last until the fourth degree, but even after the third degree, a ‘new sun’ may be sensed rising over the horizon. That ‘new sun’ is the monad, the spirit, the “Father-in-Heaven” aspect. The Solar Lord gives way to that rising sun at the fourth degree, and there is then established an entirely new ‘ruler’ of the microcosmic sky.

5.                  The microcosm, though, has changed, and is no longer so individual, because the disciplines of identification have been somewhat mastered. In short, the microcosm, following the fourth degree, increasingly realizes itself to be one with the macrocosm. The monad becomes the “sole luminary”, but the monad is all monads, and the One Self rules through its apparent emantory divisions—i.e., ‘individual’ monads.

6.                  About such a stage we need not speculate too much. Our task, while we are building the causal body, is to subdue the lunar lords (the eighteen fires) and to render them serviceable subjects to the Solar Lord (the Solar Angel) enthroned within the ‘kingdom of our consciousness’.

7.                  Each will have to ask himself/herself, “Who rules my consciousness?” “What energies or forces really rule?” When answer comes, honesty will be required, for probably, the rule of the Solar Lord is not complete, and disciplined steps will have to be taken if Rule Five for Applicants is to be fulfilled.

8.                  From time to time, one may check oneself: “Who is ruling now?” The tendencies and machinations of the lunar lords will thereby be revealed. The sooner this is so, the sooner are the lunar lords on their way to subjugation.

9.                  It is best not to be too kind to the lunar lords, or they will seek to take over kingdoms in which they should be servants and not rulers. Without the ‘solar will’ to guide them, the lunar lords simply seek increasing stimulation and scope for expression. If left unchecked, such a tendency would lead prematurely to disease and death, and the frustration of the solar objectives.

10.              In a way, each of us is designated as a sentinel. Our task is to ‘guard the king’. The ‘king’ is, of course, the Solar Angel, the Solar Lord. This is, perhaps, a new way of considering the duties of our spiritual life.


C.                 To fulfil this injunction all applicants need to do two things, first, to study their origin, to realise their own true psychology occultly understood, and to become scientifically aware of the real nature of the Ego, or the Higher Self, functioning in the causal body.  

1.                  The points in this paragraph were emphasized above. We do see the role of study, do we not? We cannot succeed if we do not know the nature of the entities with whom we have to deal, and this requires study.

2.                  To study the “origin” of these lords will lead us directly into The Secret Doctrine. Briefly, there were intelligent deities on the Moon-chain who were known as the Lunar Lords (not the “lunar lords”). Jehovah, we are told, was one of them. They gave to the human monad its principles in the lower worlds of form, but they could not give solar fire, because they had it not to give.

3.                  In a way they gave of themselves to the early, unselfconscious human unit. The vehicles they conferred (emanations of themselves) came also to be known as “lunar lords” or “lunar elementals”, but the elementals were not self-conscious, while the “Lords of the Moon” were.

4.                  Our study of the “Lords of the Moon” and of the “lunar elementals” would take us back to the first solar system and to the processes of life upon the Moon-chain (the chain of globes whose focal activity within the life of the Planetary Logos preceded our own).

5.                  The Moon-chain was resonant with the energy of the first solar system, which was intelligent and materially inclined. Love was not developed.

6.                  Our lunar elementals (our physical, emotional and mental elementals), are, in a way, products of the energy of that earlier solar system and of the earlier chain--the Moon-chain. Left to their own tendencies, these elementals do not follow the divine patterns to be instituted during our present solar system, the second (or fifth, depending on the manner of counting).

7.                  The Solar Angels however, are not only self-conscious, but have already passed through the human kingdom in an earlier time cycle. They are entirely different in their nature from the lunar elementals. In a way, they are in a ‘redemptive war’ with the lunar elementals, and their victory is a victory for the elementals as well.

8.                  There are a number of sources of origin for the Solar Angels, depending how far back we with to trace that origin. Starting with sources closest to the Earth and moving towards the remote we have: the Venus globe of the Venus chain in the Earth-scheme; the planet Venus; the Heart of the Sun; and finally, the star Sirius (from whence they are breathed-out once their training is complete). Sirius seems to be a prominent source point for the hosts of Solar Angels.

9.                  Of course, there will be many unsolved mysteries concerning their origin. Capricorn has something to do with them as well, and must contribute its stream of energy to the training and sustainment of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy. (cf. TCF 844)

10.              We know enough, however, to think of the Solar Angels as embodiments of divinity, and of the lunar elementals (called sometimes, “lunar lords”) as lives which are to be redeemed through the good offices of the Solar Angels and the incarnating human monads (the human souls understood as emanations of the monad on its own plane).

11.              We, as incarnating human souls, are caught between their contradictory magnetisms, and, as Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra, we have to choose and choose wisely. Obviously, our choice should be solar, but we have also to find the ways to make that choice effective and lasting. Hence, the purpose of all our spiritual training.


D.                Then they have to assert upon the physical plane, through the medium of the three lower bodies, their innate divinity, and to demonstrate in ever increasing degree their essential value.   

1.                  We note that the word “assert” is used when considering the obligation of the disciple. Earlier we saw that Leo was a sign closely associated with the Solar Angels. As disciples, we need to develop a new kind of ‘spiritual assertiveness’—asserting not the personality, as the lower Leo type will do, but asserting the soul. Perhaps this means allowing the Solar Angel to assert itself through us (the incarnated disciple) and then furthering that assertion with the power of our trained, purified and spiritualized personal will.

2.                  We note that the assertion must reach the physical plane. Initiation requires a physical brain, and if the “Highest and the Lowest” are to “meet” (the seventh ray Word of Power), then that which is “in heaven” has to be expressed upon the lowest plane of Earth.

3.                  We can see that the Rule is calling for an aligned and integrated personality nature through which the “inner god” can makes its presence felt on the physical plane, thus redeeming the lowest kind of matter (the matter most resonant with the first solar system and with the Moon-chain).

4.                  Each of us is innately divine. Our monad is that divinity. Secondarily, our causal nature, infused by the Solar Angel, is that divinity. Really, however, every aspect of our nature is divine. There is nothing but divinity. But, using the factor of comparison, we tend to think of entities characterized by higher vibration as being ‘more divine’ than entities characterized by lower. In truth, more of the qualities and capacities of divinity can be expressed through spheres, dimensions or fields characterized by higher vibration.

5.                  When the Solar Angel is the “sole luminary” in the microcosmic sky, then ‘our divinity is showing’. The lunar nature usually veils that which we consider divine—preventing a light-filled, love-filled, will-filled demonstration.

6.                  One of the great capacities to be developed is the power to see through ‘lunar opacity’. If we look at a being (for instance a human being) and see only the personality, we are failing to detect the ‘divinity within’. The “innate divinity” of the person is concealed from us and we cannot truly know the individual as he/she is.

7.                  The soul is the “quality of life”. The soul/Solar Angel is the symbol of all that is valuable, all that is ‘golden’ in one’s life. The soul/Solar Angel is also that which is essential—meaning essentialized and “of the essence” (in this case, the “fifth-essence” or the “quintessence”)—as the soul/Solar Angel is associated with the number five, since it is a member of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy.

8.                  As we develop spiritually, our value system changes. We move from crude Mars, to Venus the planet of values and also the planet of the Solar Angels.

9.                  We (as incarnating human souls focussed periodically within the causal body on the higher mental plane) do have essential value. It has been garnered under the inspiration of the Solar Angel and stored in the causal body over millions of years. It is that value which must be expressed, and will be expressed when the Solar God illuminates the microcosmic sky.

10.              For so many people, their true value is hidden—unrevealed and unexpressed. ‘Lunar density’ prevents the expression. Under the program of ‘soul culture’, however, this will end, and we human beings will being to shine, radiating our essential value into the world.

11.              It is clear that we have a solar destiny, and the beginning of that destiny is to recognize the solar factor within us, and allow it to condition and transform our lunar nature. This is the entire theme of human evolution. It governs the movement from the four of form into the five of soul.


E.                 Secondly, to study the constitution of man, to understand the method [Page 196] of functioning in the lower nature, to realise the interdependence and interrelation of all living things, and thus bring the lesser lives, which compose those three bodies of manifestation, under control.

1.                  Again, we are enjoined to study the field and the lives which must be transformed.

2.                  A progressing disciple needs only to know the constitution of man and the “next step ahead”. The requirements are simple and to the point.

3.                  There is no really occult progress for those who are only mystically conscious. Of course, mystics make progress too, but the well-informed occultist can move faster and with fewer mistakes—provided the heart is kept alive!

4.                  Occultism is a science. The utilization of the Fifth Ray of Science and Concrete Knowledge is required to make progress on that Path.

5.                  If the interdependence and interrelation of all things are realized, action will be rightly adjusted and fewer blunders occur. The occultist is considerate of other forms of life, and this consideration grows not only out of the heart quality of love, but from an understanding of the specific nature and function of all things.

6.                  The little lives, the “lesser lives” which comprise the lunar vehicles abide by their own laws—natural laws, and these must be understood. If spirit asserts itself too powerfully, the form will be destroyed. Time and again ambitious students of spirituality destroy their form through excessive zeal and insufficient wisdom.

7.                  While the greater must dominate the lesser, the lesser must be understood so that that domination becomes a beneficence and not a stultifying imposition. All aspects of the human energy system must ‘win’ through the hierarchicalization of life processes. A good analogy is in the functioning of the human physical body; the heart may be more important than the arm, but, under ideal circumstances, the right functioning of the heart promotes the right functioning of the arm.

8.                  The principle is simple; we have to understand the forces which have to be subordinated and the energies, the expression of which are responsible for the subordination.


F.                  Thus the solar Lord, the inner Reality, the Son of the Father, and the Thinker on his own plane becomes the intermediary between that which is of the earth, earthy, and that which finds its home with in the sun.

1.                  This is a most occult sentence. Synonyms are given for the “solar Lord” and we see it equated with “inner Reality” and with the “Son of the Father”.

2.                  The Solar Angel is, indeed, a kind of penultimate “inner Reality”. The monad will become for us a greater Reality but—not yet, not until after the fourth degree has been passed.

3.                  Interestingly, the “solar Lord” is also the “Thinker on his own plane”. Man, too, is essentially the thinker. We are learning rationality from the Solar Angel. We are learning to become illumined, thinking beings—beings thinking in line with the Divine Plan (which the Solar Angel knows to a great extent).

4.                  To be a “Thinker”, in this sense, is not the same as being an intellectual. Many intellectuals are deluded by the concrete mind and have no real wisdom (a quality with which the Solar Angel abounds).

5.                  When, at last, we have learned to center our consciousness within the causal body (i.e., center within the ‘best that is within us’) we can begin to assume our role as the Thinker. We will think in the manner of a participator, and not as one who thinks under the illusion of separativeness. The reality of unity (as seen on the higher mental plane) will qualify our thought, and our thoughts will be impersonal and constructive in terms of the Divine Plan.

6.                  This would be solarized thinking, and the thought process would be pervaded by solar fire. It would be a kind of “thinking in the heart” or “feeling in the mind”. For such Thinkers, the heart and mind are united under the influence of Jupiter and Venus. The era of separative, destructive thinking is gone.

7.                  Further, we learn that the Thinker is an intermediary between “that which is of the earth, earthy” (namely, the lowest form of material energies) and “that which has its home within the sun”.

8.                  Now what is it that “has its home within the sun”? Surely, this must mean the “monad” (our truly essential Self—once the Solar Angels have begun their return to their source).

9.                  Again, we see that , even without the redemptive intervention of the Solar Angels, we, in essence are still solar beings—monads.

10.              If the true home of the highest aspect of our nature is “within the sun”, our destiny will one day take us to the sun—i.e., consciously into the life demonstration the Solar Logos (“in Whom we live and move and have our being”).

11.              That day of destiny will involve some very high initiation—beginning, I would think, with the seventh. But, even so, we can begin practicing our solarization by achieving greater intimacy with the Solar Angel (a practical matter). A higher kind of solarization will await us as we discover the true nature of the monad and re-identify as the monad. Really, we are that monad, but the immersed part of the monad which we call the “soul in incarnation” must rediscover what we-as-monad already know. Consciousness is mysterious.


G.                Two verses in the Christian Bible hide something of this idea within themselves, and students in the occident may find it helpful to meditate upon them:  "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ."

1.                  We are put into a position to interpret Biblical statements in terms of occultism.

2.                  The personalism is taken from the statement when we come to understand it in terms of the relationship which exists between the lunar angels (“the kingdoms of this world”) and the Solar Angels (“the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ”).

3.                  “Our Lord” might refer to the Solar Angel, directly. It can also refer to Sanat Kumara and one of His foremost chelas, the Christ.

4.                  The words, “are become” speak of the processes of transmutation, transformation and transfiguration, which allow the Solar Angel to infuse the lower kingdoms. The higher kingdom, in this case, is the Fifth Creative Hierarchy. The lower kingdoms, “of the world”, are in this case, the Sixth and Seventh Creative Hierarchies.

5.                  This “becoming” is the very process of human evolution. Humanity is the battleground (under Scorpio) between these two kingdoms—one represented by one Creative Hierarchy and the other by two.

6.                  The term “Christ” refers to a principle and to a person. The Lord Maitreya is the consummation of this battle, a completely solarized human being.

7.                  One day we shall all be, more or less, as the Christ is now.  There will be ray differences of course and different destinies, but we shall be solarized and shall stand ready to pursue “monadic destiny”. The way to this destiny is through right relations with the Solar Angel—our “Elder Brother in the Heavens”.


H.                "O Lord, our God, other lords beside Thee have had dominion over us, but by Thee only will we make mention of Thy name."

1.                  This is a very interesting sentence. The first part is obvious enough. We have been for ages ruled by the lunar lords. During the whole period of development of the first four petals of the egoic lotus (millions of years, really) “other lords beside Thee” have ruled the lower man.

2.                  “Thee” in this case, is the Solar Angel. This Solar Angel has a name which inspires the true name of the real human entity. There is a “hidden name egoic” which must be gradually learned and sounded in the lower worlds.

3.                  When we begin to use the name of the soul, in approximation at first, we must be attuned to the Solar Angel (“by Thee only”), otherwise we are taking the name of the Solar Angel “in vain”. If we are out of the energy stream of the Solar Angel, we cannot sound its name properly—or our own, as that name reverberates on the higher mental plane.

4.                  This occult sentence from the Western Bible asks that we attune with the “inner Reality” and within that energy, try to fathom its name or energy pattern, and then, live according to that pattern.

5.                  Of course the Solar Angel is a Master and more; thus we will never know its full name and full extent of its being. But we can know our own egoic name which has been inspired and ‘held-in-cultivation’ by the supervising Solar Angel. We can come to know that part of the Divine Word we are expected to express in the lower worlds. This will require great sensitivity and attunement.

6.                  As we approach the “inner name” we will be able to control those who have had dominion over us in former days. The “army of the voice” has ruled us (the incarnating human soul) but the ‘name from heaven’ can control them and end their ancient authority.

7.                  All this requires of a disciple—“know thyself”. To “know thyself” is to search for the Solar Angel and the manner in which it inspires and informs our inner being, and sustains the inner pattern which is our own true egoic name.

8.                  It must be apparent that this fifth Rule calls for deep self-knowledge, achieve in many ways—study, meditation and service.


I.                   The last verse is particularly interesting, as it demonstrates the suppression of the lower sound and creative force by that which is of higher origin.

1.                  When we enter a consideration of sound we are dealing with the essence of occultism.

2.                  We have already spoken much of the Word, of the O.M and the A.U.M.

3.                  The sound of the lunar lords is the A.U.M. The sound of the Solar Angel is the O.M.

4.                  The higher sound subdues the lower; the higher pattern reconfigures the lower; the higher luminary blots out the light of the lower luminaries.

5.                  The Redeeming Angels achieve victory as we recognize them for what they are and begin to serve them, just as—unknown and unsung—they have served us for millennia.


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