Commentary on Rule III for Applicants


Rule III for Applicants:

“Triple the call must be, and long it takes to sound it forth.  Let the disciple sound the cry across the desert, over the sea, and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door.” 

The sentences:

A.                 “Triple the call must be, and long it takes to sound it forth. 

1.                  We are by now accustomed to the idea that the “call” sounding forth is a vibratory state existent within each of the three vehicles.

2.                  A unified call is the chord produced by the simultaneous sounding of all three vehicles. An “interval” in music is the sounding to two notes simultaneously. A “chord” requires, minimally, the sounding of three notes. Note that there are three vehicles in the lower man, and thus their sounding creates a chord.

3.                  Indeed, the vehicles cannot help but “call” or sound simultaneously.

4.                  Although simultaneity is the rule, the concentration in a given life or a series of lives may be upon one or other of the vehicles.

5.                  The building of the vehicles is a sequential process taking place over millions of years. In the earliest days of evolution, the concentration is necessarily, first, upon the physical-etheric vehicle, next upon the astral-emotional, and finally upon the lower mental. In today’s world we find large groups of people focussed at these various stages, with the greatest proportion being focussed upon the emotional vehicle—however unconscious that focus may be.

6.                  Upon the Path of Evolution, the building process proceeds and the vehicles of the gradually integrating personality are gradually refined to the point at which directed, conscious concentration upon them and their quality becomes a possibility. At first the building of the vehicles is an unconscious process occurring as a result simply of life experience.

7.                  The sounding of each vehicle (and of all three simultaneously) cannot (during these early days) accurately be called a “call”. The degree of completeness as well of refinement is too small. The soul is not being directly invoked; the Solar Angel is not yet called upon to respond “in meditation deep” to its invoking personality.

8.                  Probably, this stage of unconscious building occurs until the opening of the fifth petal of the egoic lotus—the point at which the Solar Angel takes a definite interest in the progress of its human being; it is the point, as well, when the human being definitely begins to integrate the personality and becomes aware of higher impulses towards which it begins to reorient itself.

9.                  A human being must be somewhat ‘self-possessed’ before it becomes possible to work with deliberation upon the improvement of the vehicles. Some degree of mental focussing and self-directed action must be possible, and this is rarely the case until the personality is integrating after the unfoldment of the fourth petal and the opening (to some degree) of the fifth.

10.              When a human being becomes an aspirant and disciple, the long, slow process of the building of the vehicles is recapitulated on a higher turn of the spiral—this time consciously.

11.              The aspirant-disciple knows that he must take himself consciously “in hand”, and that conscious work upon the vehicles is required—both sequentially and simultaneously. It is necessary, however, for the foundation to be secure, and thus the easier objectives of physical-etheric control and refinement must precede the objectives of astral and mental control and refinement.

12.              Yet, one cannot dogmatize about sequence, as there will certainly be lives in which attention is given to all three vehicles simultaneously—especially as the possibility of initiation comes into view, and even more so after the second initiation when preparation for the third initiation demands a real balance and integration between the three personality vehicles and their right response to the overshadowing soul.

13.              Generically, the first initiation is associated with refining the “call” with respect to the physical-etheric vehicle; the second initiation with the astral nature and the third initiation with the lower mental nature.

14.              However, within any particular ‘span’ of the Path, astrological and rayological influences may place a secondary emphasis upon one or other of the vehicles. For instance, if a person is preparing for, let us say, the second initiation, the main emphasis must be upon the refinement of the emotional vehicle (under Jupiter, Venus and Neptune), but a secondary emphasis can be created through other astrological and rayological influences. No one in preparation for initiation is monochromatic, and always there will be at least some attention given to the vehicles which are not of focal importance for the initiation in question.

15.              The study of the relationship between one’s general phase of initiatory development, alongside the astro-rayological indications is a matter of great interest. A given horoscope and ray chart may mean one thing to an aspirant or an initiate of the first degree, and quite another to an individual applying for the second or third initiations.

16.              Can similar astrological charts be found for those engaged in differing processes of initiation? This is a most interesting question. Some will say “No”. But there is strong evidence that a chart can be made to ‘speak’ in a variety of ways. Different energies can, as it were, be drawn from the same (or closely similar) chart(s) and applied as needed.

17.              Generically, certain signs and planets are characteristically involved in a given initiation, but an individual may be passing through that initiation without all of those indicators being of focal significance in the chart, and may be endowed, rather, with others.

18.              Still, through progressions, directions and transits, the needed energies can be drawn forth in a timely manner.

19.              Even in a chart which seems ideally suited for passing a certain initiation, that initiation will not be possible until progressions, directions or transits bring such energies into focus.

20.              The sounding of the “call” begins on the Path of Probation—which, technically, cannot begin before the gradual unfoldment of the fifth petal has made some progress. Before that time the aspirant is not consciously oriented towards the soul (or “higher power”)—whatever may be the name given to the ‘source’ towards which aspiration is directed.

21.              It is my impressions that serious students of the Master D.K. have reached the point when they must attend to the refinement of all the three vehicles—though the need to refine one or other of them may be the most focal task in any one life.

22.              Perhaps each of us should enquire of ourselves: “Which of my three personality vehicles needs the most refinement at the present time?” “And why?” And of course, how am I promoting that refinement?

23.              Another question might be directed to the attuning of the vehicles to each other and their harmonizing amongst themselves. Vehicles may, in their own right, be sufficiently completed and refined, yet be, as it were, “out of tune” with each other. We see an analogy to this problem in human relations, when, let us say, three perfectly integrated (through differently oriented) personalities come into contact and begin interacting. Each in its own right may be perfectly adjusted (to itself), but the combination needs harmonizing if there is to be effective cooperation.

24.              Thus it is with the three vehicles of any individual. Work on any one of them in particular, is not the same as work on all of them together, as an ensemble.

25.              The analogy can be related to music as well. A fine vocal ensemble does not consist of, let us say, four independent soloists. Only when the soloists are capable of listening to each other and adjusting their vocal sound to each other’s sound, can there be such as thing as a truly integrated ensemble capable of singing beautifully.

26.              In sum, we must give attention to the sounding of each of our vehicles taken separately, but, as well, to all three taken as a unit.

27.              Work upon the vehicles individually must, of course, precede work upon the ‘ensemble’. The fine-tuning of each vehicle to each (taken in pairs and in triplicate) belongs to the later stages of personality integration. The succeeding stage of attuning the integrated personality ensemble to the note of the soul requires still greater finesse.

28.              How long does it take to sound the “call”. Perhaps we could say—1) over the course of a certain measure of the Path of Probation, and 2) throughout the whole of the Path of Discipleship leading to the first initiation. (Of course, the Path of Discipleship, technically considered, continues well after the first initiation. In fact, every spiritual being is always a disciple to a still greater being).

29.              While it is not possible to make universally applicable generalizations about the duration of the sounding of the “call”, one can easily see that it could take thousands of years.

30.              There are cycles relating to the personality and referenced in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which occur in fours and sevens. One can infer that experiences with all the four elements and upon all the seven rays may be implicated.

31.              There are hidden (from us) astrological sequences (yet known by the Solar Angel) which are used in planning series of incarnations. A Rising Sign for instance, may be effective for only one life but, as well, for a period of seven lives, or perhaps for nine. There is much rounding out to accomplish, and the developing human being must gain experience upon all pertinent signs and rays during any particular developmental sequence. However, it should be kept in mind that developmentally-pertinent signs, planets and rays can be accessed even from a given horoscope that does not appear to emphasize those particular signs, planets and rays, and that, therefore, a strict and rigid incarnational sequence (life after life) of certain Sun signs and Ascendants (for instance), may not be absolutely necessary to ensure that the developmentally-pertinent energies are accessed.

32.              The ‘developmental map’ is certainly known by the supervising Master and the Solar Angel. We, as human units, “see through a glass darkly”, but we can be reasonably convinced that a great intelligence is at work ensuring that we become exposed to the necessary energies, and that the experiences which usually result from such exposure are assimilated.

33.              So each of us must ask ourselves where we stand in the sounding of the “call”. Perhaps our ray structure and present astrological chart will give us important hints.

34.              There is a scientific way to approach the sounding of the “call” and the attuning of that “call” to the high spiritual standard of the soul, spiritual triad and ashram. Esoteric Psychology is surely a help—controlling as it does internal and external adjustments.

35.              Our progress (as individuals and as groups) is related to the Science of Invocation and Evocation. The “call” referenced in this Rule applies principally to the first initiation, but surely the “call” continues to sound even after we are initiate, and, in a way, at every point upon the seemingly Endless Path—though at times the “call” becomes more focal and insistent.

36.              It is surely safe to say that from the time the first degree is taken, the “call” is sounding continuously, for we are always invoking a higher vibratory level and awaiting its responses.

37.              The duration between the unfoldment of the fifth petal (indicating the beginning of the Path of Probation) and that of the seventh (at which point the first initiation may be taken) may be long indeed. The various phases of personality integration, personality expression, personality distress, personality reorientation, personality discipline,  personality subjugation and personality attunement with the soul will intervene before the first initiation can be taken.

38.              For most if not all of us, those stages lie behind. Serious students of occultism stand, at least, at the point of the first degree. Therefore, much of the long time it takes to sound the “call” has already elapsed.

39.              But long times still lie head. We are told that many lives may intervene between the first and second initiations. Jesus was 30 years old when He was baptized by John the Baptist and 33 years old when He was crucified. The generic ratio is 3/30 or 1/10. If the second and third degree can be taken within just a few lives or even in the same life, then multiplying by a factor of 10 shows us the possibility of quite a number of lives intervening between the first and second degrees. This can mean years numbered in the thousands.

40.              So, although great initiatory opportunity is now being presented to spiritual aspirants and disciples, there is no reason to imagine that we will all be initiates of the fourth degree in the immediate future. My estimate is that there is much work to be done during the Aquarian Age upon the second degree, and during the Age of Capricorn, upon the third degree—though the timing will, of course, differ with each individual (and with respect to the soul group and Ashram to which the individual belongs).

41.              The Christ is the World Savior for the whole of the Aquarian Age (or at least the majority of it). The Master K.H. will only become the Bodhisattva after the Christ relinquishes His position. The Master D.K. is closely bound to the Master K.H., and many of us are closely bound to the Master D.K. The inference is that there will be a lot to do during the next 2000 years, and that the “call” for many or most of us will be sounding forth during the entirety of that time, albeit with ever greater clarity, strength and beauty.

42.              If 2000 years seems like a long time to the personality, it is more like a brief moment in the aeonial life of the soul. Our perspectives about durations become adjusted the more experienced we become in treading the Path.

43.              When we begin truly to serve the Plan, we begin to think in terms of centuries rather than merely in years or decades. As our identification with soul increases, so does our patience and perspective. For the semi-ignorant personality this is “rush” and “hurry”. The soul, which breathes in an entirely different rhythm, has transcended such an ineffective approach.

44.              It can be fairly said that we are just learning really to serve. We are facing an Age in which service is the emphasis. Aquarius represents the “World Server”. All of us have much to learn about the pouring forth of the “Waters of Life”. This will be our curriculum during the 2000 years of the Aquarian Age. And all the while the triple “call” will be sounding.

45.              But we will have lost the sense of tiresome duration, because we will be so invested in the life of service, that the impatience of the personality will have become subdued. This will especially be the case if we learn to judge our work (and every moment) by its quality. It is worth pondering the relationship between Venus (planet of beauty and quality) in relation to Saturn (the planet of time). Both are rulers of Capricorn (sign of Initiation) and of Libra (which leads into Shamballa). Venus (shining in beauty upon the “Mountain whereon Form Dies”) is indispensable in overcoming the apparent limitations of time. Venus, we are told, will come into full expression during the closing seven hundred years of the Aquarian Age—the ‘Age of Brotherhood’. Venus (the soul) has an entirely different sense of time than has the personality (represented in some ways by the Earth).

46.              To the truly soul infused individual or group, time spent in service is conceived far differently than as conceived by the personality-bound mind.

47.              Thus, though the time of the ‘sounding forth’ be “long”, the joys of soul-service under Venus will make the time pass quickly—and, in fact, ‘stand still’, as it must necessarily do upon the Mountain of Initiation within the perception of the Eternal Now.


B.                 Let the disciple sound the cry across the desert,

1.                  Again the idea is familiar; we have been studying this theme.

2.                  There are a number of ways to define the term “desert”. One thing deserts have in common is privation of the element “water”. The astral plane will never be called a “desert”, but the physical plane certainly can be, and so can the arid mental worlds if they are uninfluenced by the ‘watery’ factor of unification.

3.                  Have we experienced aridity? How would we describe this experience? Why is it undesirable or less than fully desirable?

4.                  Although, in their own way, deserts can be very beautiful, especially at certain seasons, we might say that a desert is a condition of privation. Privation can be very useful when the hour for clarification and essentialization strikes. But under normal circumstances, full growth and fruition is not possible in the desert environment (except for certain specially adapted species).

5.                  The desert experience, thus, teaches us about essentials, about true values. Through privation we learn about the fundamental principles of life, and are disabused of vices and superfluities.

6.                  Probably, every awakening soul experiences his present environment as something of desert, for the yearnings of his heart cannot be entirely fulfilled in his present environmental limitations.

7.                  But, then, the true disciple is not in the desert to enjoy himself in the usual sense of the word. He is there to serve and not to receive (except through the joy of service). So if there is aridity (which there almost certainly will be, relatively), it will be no deterrent to his spiritual fulfillment (the source or fountain for which is ‘within’).

8.                  The “call” will not be muted by an inhospitable “desert” environment, but, through experience with privation, will sound even stronger and more true.

9.                  What we progressively witness is the independence of the disciple from his environment. The disciple is not conditioned by his environment, but, rather, is the conditioning factor.

10.              He carries unity within, and brings this unity to a place largely devoid of the unifying effect of ‘moisture’—namely, positive feeling and love. The serving disciple in the desert ‘moisturizes’ his inhospitable environment. He is a stable and permanent ‘oasis’ in a ‘parched land’  And those suffering in the aridity will come to him to drink of the “Waters of Life”.

11.              Let us think of the true server; his “cup runneth over”. The soul is pouring its spiritual moisture  upon and through him, and, as if from a vessel (for is he not a “chalice” or receptive vessel?), he pours it forth to others.

12.              Never does he forget the beautiful worlds behind the “veiled and hidden door”, but all the while, he is giving to a parched land the ‘waters’ of the higher dimensions with which he is in constant contact—the “Waters of Life”.

13.              No matter what he may be doing in and upon the desert, no matter how busy or engaged he may be, his “call” is heard far beyond his deprived environment.

14.              The sounding, however, depends upon his full engagement with the desert environment and its needs. The server cannot ignore the desert. As he attends to its needs, this very attending is the sounding. We “call” by directing our attention to the place of need, and not by incessantly focussing upon our eventual spiritual destination—except to ensure that we are sufficiently en rapport with that ‘Place and Source of Destiny’ to guarantee a perpetual flow of revivifying, regenerative, ‘spiritual moisture’.

15.              So, what is it like to stand in the desert, to labor in the desert, to cultivate the desert in such a way that one’s sound “calls” across the desert to the veiled and hidden door”? Let each group member decide for himself or herself. More importantly, let us decide as a group.

16.              When attempting to call across a desert, our sound is rapidly swallowed up in the vastness. Conventional calling will not suffice. The “call” is effective only as selfless labor on behalf of ‘others’.


C.                 Over the seas

1.                  Water muffles the voice—so it seems, except that, under water, sound travels swiftly.

2.                  The serving disciple, however, is only apparently submerged within the ‘waters’. He breathes with an ‘inner breath’. Have we tried this (successfully) in very emotional situations?  He is not ‘drowned’ in the emotional waters in which he, perforce, labors.

3.                  Further, the element of air is implicated in this injunction to sound the “call” over the seas. What lies over the seas? Indeed, air, and the fire of the Sun.

4.                  The disciple serving in the watery depths thus, figuratively and spiritually, has his head in the air—which can mean, focussed within the plane of higher mentality and, especially, within the plane of the intuition (for which “air”, esoterically, stands).

5.                  Thus, the waters cannot stop the voice of the serving one. Again, the “call” is not a ‘calling out’, but an inner reverberation based upon the vibration of service—a reverberation which reaches its soul-destination inevitably (the “halls where walks the Master”).

6.                  The majority of humanity is living in a kama-manasic ‘mess’—a term D.K. reserves for “maya”. For the majority, the good is constantly interrupted by the engulfing waves of kama and kama-manas. These waves, “engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun, and render all plans futile”.

7.                  Wherein, then, lies immunity from the engulfing wave? Certainly, at the very least, in emotional calmness. The field of service may be as roiling waters, but the server is serene within. However stormy the waters, the “call” is not subdued, but reaches its objective, even over the roar of the hurricane and the crashing of great waves.

8.                  The major problems facing humanity cannot be solved through emotion. In fact, the troubled condition of the emotional body is the greater part of the problem—for humanity is, largely, emotionally polarized.

9.                  Practically, this phrase of the Rule involves the necessity to maintain alignment with the soul regardless of the emotional atmosphere in which one may be immersed.

10.              Through service and through alignment the “call” sounds forth—in clarion tones. The correct attitude is “in the world yet not of the world”; emotionally sensitive without being emotional; sensitive, yet not debilitated thereby.

11.              How many “seas” are there? Every human unit we meet is a “sea”, and many are “all at sea”. Then, there are the collective “seas” of groups and still greater groups, until we come to the vast ocean of human astrality.

12.              It is possible for a person to become immersed in the emotions of another? Indeed, it happens all the time, and we call this immersion, “co-dependency”. How much more is it possible for the would-be server to become immersed in the collective sea of human emotional response!

13.              Some servers are well advised to “come up for air”; others carry aqualungs. Still others, the most experienced, seem to be able to breathe within the ‘water’ by accessing an inner source of ‘air’.

14.              Next time we find ourselves serving within an emotionally-charged situation, let us note whether the “call” is sounding. How each of us does this will be an individual matter.


D.                 and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door.

1.                  The fires of mind are raging. They distract and preoccupy the attention.

2.                  The soul is upon the mental plane, but the lower mental fires (the fires of the concrete mind) are not the fires of soul.

3.                  The word “separate” is interesting and important. Lower mind is, at first, separative. The lower mind, however indispensable, is initially the “slayer of the real”. Delighting in distinction, in differentiating this from that, the factor of unity is dismembered. One passes the “door”, however, only in a state of unified consciousness.

4.                  The “call” can use the lower mind as its vehicle, but only if the consciousness is filled with the light of the higher mental plane.

5.                  So many fires dance upon the lower mental plane—so many thoughts disrupt and appreciation of the substantial unity underlying the three lower worlds.

6.                  If the disciple becomes preoccupied with the dimension upon which he intends to serve (whether than dimension be the desert, the sea or the ‘sea’ of mental fire), the “call” will not sound effectively and will not be heard within the soul and beyond.

7.                  Preoccupation is a muffling of the “call”. Preoccupation is based upon attachment. It arises when there is an inability to stand back and disidentify from the environment of service. Preoccupation greatly reduces the quality of service, because it militates against the sustained alignment with sources of higher spiritual energy—an alignment which nourishes the service.

8.                  The formula for success is always ‘in but not of’ How to be remote from the environment of service yet completely intimate with it? This is an apparent paradox to be resolved by the server.

9.                  What veils and hides the “door”? In a way—everything else but itself. Only when ‘environmental displays’ quiet down is the “Door of Initiation” really seen.

10.              At this moment in history, the Door of Initiation is being revealed—more completely and vividly than ever before.

11.              Coincidentally, the Hierarchy is flooding humanity with the energy of love more completely and fully than ever before.

12.              It is love that reveals the Door of Initiation. Ultimately and finally, there is no other way in.

13.              Love is also the ‘subduer’ of the raging fires of mind.

14.              It may be said with conviction that the “call” will not continue to sound unless nourished by the energy of love—an energy which must and will express itself through practical service within the three worlds.

15.              Love is the negator of separation and separativeness. If there were no separation, there would be no need for a “call”. In fact, there is no real separation, because all living beings are synthesized-in-essence along the “sutratma”—the “life thread”.

16.              But there is certainly an experienced separation. Since love is the ‘great connector’, it brings the “call” ‘home’, and makes possible the experience of ‘home’ even within a ‘foreign land’—whether parched, inundated or raging with separative flame.

17.              In a way, love is the ‘life-line’ which delivers the candidate to and through the Portal of Initiation.

18.              Another way of saying this is that the “call” must be sounded through the heart. The voice alone (the pure third aspect of intelligence) is not enough.

19.              On this planet, the transition desired is from the third aspect to the second. One cannot use the third aspect to transcend itself—at least not completely.


E.                  Under this symbology comes to the disciple the injunction to make the desert of the physical plane life to blossom like the rose, so that from the garden of the lower life may arise those sounds and scents, and a vibration strong enough to cross the intervening space between it and the portal;

1.                  The symbolism is clear enough; life upon the physical plane is to become a beautiful garden, rich in natural forms—lovely, attractive, healing.

2.                  There is surely a difference between a garden and a jungle—full of instability, danger and predation.

3.                  The soul itself is a garden—wherein qualities of many kinds are beautifully harmonized. Again, we will notice the influence of the planet Venus, ruling both the soul and the sign Taurus (related to the fertility, earth and gardening). Venus, in general, also rules all flowers.

4.                  Whatever service may accomplish in any of the three dimensions, the result of that service is to be felt within the realm of the soul (i.e., in the realm which lies on the ‘other side’ of the Portal of Initiation).

5.                  No feeble attempts at service will suffice. The results must be “strong enough to cross the intervening space between it and the portal”.

6.                  Of course, there is no real “space” between the physical plane and the Portal of Initiation. The space suggested is a kind of ‘vibrational space’—a difference in vibration between that which lies on either side of the door.

7.                  Another way of viewing the requirements would be to say that the desert blossoms when it reflects the world of soul, or when the energies of soul can pour through the forms which are created upon and within the desert.

8.                  Some forms are so arid and ugly that they will not bear the soul and its quality (though they cannot escape from being spirit).

9.                  But when one serves in beauty upon the etheric-physical plane, that which is created is resonantly beautiful with that which exists within the dimension of soul (a realm of harmony qualified by buddhi—the faculty of harmony).

10.              Then the apparent ‘distance’ between these two worlds is bridged by resonance—by the appearance of forms which can vibrate to the frequency of soul, even though these forms belong to another (and apparently ‘lower’) world.

11.              Perhaps this is why the quality of what we do here ‘on earth’ is so very important. Through intelligent creativity of a sufficient quality, the soul is invoked and sustained in its expression through form. In the three lower worlds, patterns of true quality are resonant to soul patterns, and the soul, called “the quality of life”, can resound through them.

12.              Thus, let us ask ourselves individually and in group formation, are our creations strong enough and beautiful enough to “cross the intervening space”? It has been said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. The equivalence of beauty and soul, and beauty and truth can be seen in this saying.

13.              Are our creations-in-service reaching the portal? How will we know? Perhaps by the unitive feelings we experience in acts of service or true creativity. Perhaps by feeling the presence of soul in our immediate, physical service environment. When what we think, feel, say or do reaches the portal, we are flooded by a sense of “well being”, which, in actual fact, is a reflection of the Shamballic “Life More Abundant”.

14.              Let each of us endeavor to find the way to assess whether our creations-in-service “cross the intervening space”. Yes, we want to serve and we will serve—but are we truly effective in our service?  Some realistic assessment is due from time to time.


F.                 … to still the restless waters of the emotional life, so that in their limpid, still expanse, that portal may be reflected, and the lower life mirror forth the spiritual life of the indwelling divinity;

1.                  What makes the “waters of the emotional life” “restless”. Changeability of desire? Wanting this, and wanting that? Attraction here and there?

2.                  As long as lower desire is active and compelling, preoccupation (and thus blindness-to-soul) is inevitable. Emotion and desire preoccupy us with the foreground of life, and the soul  is blotted out.

3.                  We are told, anciently, “Be still, and know that I am God”. We might also say, “Don’t crack the mirror; see Me Whole”.

4.                  In a condition of disturbed emotionality (inharmony), the wholeness of soul cannot be seen or reflected. Interestingly, true love is the great quieter. Perhaps, this is why the second Ray of Love Wisdom has a reputation as the ‘Ray of Quietude’, and it color, blue, is considered  quieting and tranquilizing.

5.                  When desire for the One supersedes desires for the many, stillness supervenes and the World of Soul is reflected in consciousness.

6.                  A gradual and continual proving of the worthlessness of most desires is an eventually tranquilizing agent.

7.                  We can see that stillness of the astral waters only comes with some degree of emotional maturity. Desires quieten and cease their tumult when desire for what desires produce has been reduced—through long (and dis-illusioning) experience.

8.                  Raja Yoga is so interesting. Revelation comes, not so much through what one does, but through what one no longer does. Revelation comes through the negation of habitual (disturbing) actions—external and internal-for instance, through the quieting of the “mind stuff”, “chitta”.

9.                  Illusion is a perturbation of Reality.

10.              The third aspect of divinity is busy. Busy-ness and disturbance are akin. The second aspect of divinity reduces busyness, and promotes revelation.

11.              We can see one of the reasons why “love reveals”; it harmonizes and tranquilizes, reducing disturbing cross-currents which disrupt the reflecting surface—whether of emotion or mind. Fear, of course, is a great disrupter, and “perfect love casteth out all fear”—an amazing statement.

12.              We begin to see how much the sounding of the “call” “over all the seas” depends upon the “stillness of the waters”—not the waters of the world astral body—that would be too much to expect at this early stage in the planetary redemptive process—but the waters of the astral body of the individual serving disciple (or discipleship group).

13.              Stillness, love and the “call” spanning the intervening spaces  between illusion and intensifying Reality—these are related ideas.

14.              So a question arises: “Do we love enough for our “call” to be heard?”

15.              When the “spiritual life” and the “indwelling divinity” are mirrored forth in the astral nature, then the flow of love, which can pour through that often troublesome vehicle, is greatly augmented. A ‘virtuous circle’ is created. Stillness increases the flow of love, which increases the stillness, increasing further the flow of love—from the buddhic plane.

16.              This virtuous circle is the beginning of the negation of the astral body—which means the negation of selfish, separative desire—and the utilization of that body for the expression of a the fourth (buddhic) plane. Astrologically we have Venus (and even more, Neptune) dominating the Moon.


G.                 … to pass through the fiery furnace those motives, words, and thoughts which are the mainspring of activity, and have their origin upon the mental plane.  

1.                  Fire reduces to essence. There are many excrescences to our usual motives, words and thoughts. Unseemly things adhere, and we remain, often, unaware of them.

2.                  The “fiery furnace” here referenced cannot mean, simply, the “fires of mind”, for the fires of mind are often the problem, itself.

3.                  The fiery furnace is an condition of energy existing upon the mental plane when the influence of the soul is irradiating that plane, and the mind is, thus, “held steady in the light”.

4.                  Separative mind is a fire of its own kind, and induces an agony of its own. But unless the unifying influence of soul is present within the raging fires of lower mind, the refining, essentializing influence of Venus will not be felt, and there will be no true ‘gold standard’ to test the products created by that mind—motives, words and thoughts.

5.                  Such refinement of thought, motive and word upon the mental plane is not an easy (or even, pleasant) process, and will often have its emotional and etheric-repercussions, producing within the entire personality a “burning ground”.

6.                  This refining process is the attempt to use the mind to ‘square the life with the soul-standard’. Sounds like the “gold-standard”, doesn’t it? The friction produced feeds the fires.

7.                  A life of extreme vigilance is required—more vigilance than most care to invest. Habit is so powerful, that before one can catch the ‘tail’ of that which should not escape into expression—the thought or word, actuated by an unworthy motive, is already ‘out the door’—of the mouth (or mind). A little thought will reveal the potential intensiveness of the supervision required.

8.                  The mind, a good servant but a poor master, can at length be subdued and disciplined. Then the observing, willing consciousness has a good instrument at its disposal, and the battle to end separation and annihilate the ‘interval’ (between the vibratory nature of the usual products of mind, and the much higher vibrational level of the Portal of Initiation) can be waged with hope of success.


H.                 … only those disciples who seek initiation because of the added power to help and bless that it confers, will find a response to their plea.

1.                  Is this the reason we seek initiation?—for surely, we do seek initiation.

2.                  Let each one ask, “Why do I seek initiation?”—and take the patience to be very clear within himself or herself.

3.                  Yet, the true motive is not so very hard to acquire or generate. Just a little experience with the “joy of service” will demonstrate the possibilities. Probably, all of us have some of this experience of the joy of service under the influence of love. Is it not its own reward? Is there anything more beautiful? Higher? It is just a little of what the Christ must feel in the midst of His exalted and constant service to humanity and the planet.

4.                  When the demand to help becomes so strong as to be irresistible, the ‘rewards’ of initiation will be conferred because they have become necessary.

5.                  Elsewhere, we have discussed the beauties of blessing. There are few joys greater than the power to bless. Just as it is better to give than to receive, it is better to bless than be blessed—though surely the gratitude engendered through the reception of blessing is very useful. Even greater is the gratitude which arises when one, in the midst of blessing, discovers the great privilege it is to be the bestower of blessing.

6.                  With regard to these matters, the motivations of many disciples need a total reorientation. The loving, blessing individual is so much closer to the goal than his proud or learned (yet unconsciously selfish) brother—thoroughly steeped in the Great Teaching yet unable to make the Teaching real through the instrumentality of applied love.

7.                  Both Masters D.K. and M. have enjoined us to imagine what the world would be like if human beings vied with each other too see how much good they could do. This would be no competition in a destructive sense—but rather an incessant motive to augment benevolence, with no ego-motive whatsoever.

8.                  If we are learning to be actuated by such generous motives, such that our entire life is swept by this force of outgoing benevolence, there is no force in the world that can stop us—either in the growing effectiveness of our service or in our progress through the various Portals of Initiation. As we ‘advance’ our humility will grow. As we grow more powerful, we will be animated less and less by self-concern. As we grow into some degree of significance in the outworking of the Divine Plan, the sense of our insignificance in the vaster whole will inevitably dawn. The greater I am, the less I am, until, as Life itself, I am No-Thing. (All this is a metaphysical formula with which, no doubt, we are all familiar.)

9.                  D.K. calls our desire for initiation a “plea”. It is that, in a way—originating from our deepest recesses where dwells the spirit-urge to sacrifice and serve. The ‘pleading’ personality (in itself) will not go far along this Royal Road. Its own consciousness of itself as a personality is a fundamental illusion which must be overcome before the higher initiations can be conferred.

10.              There are so many ways to train ourselves—according to ray and astrological endowment, but above all, the understanding and exercise of Love-Wisdom is the safest, and (judging from the progress of the Christ), the fastest.

11.              This Rule III for Applicants seems simple enough—for the so-called “learned aspirant” (as D.K. has called the majority of us). Yet, in the daily application of its suggestions comes success.


I.                    When these three aspects of the manifesting Ego, the God within, are brought under control, co-ordinated, and utilised, then, even unconsciously to himself, will the voice of the disciple be heard, demanding the opening of the door. 

1.                  D.K. makes an important point here when He uses the words, “even unconsciously to himself”.

2.                  We, the disciple, are at work, and are not always consciously “calling”, so to speak—yet the “call” is sounding. We are reminded of “right spiritual habits” and the rule of “memory” rather than of “recollection”.

3.                  We do see, however, that the energies of the threefold Ego are not simply pouring through the personality in an unregulated manner. The intelligence and will of the personality has a role to play in controlling, coordinating and utilizing these energies. Ill-regulated soul energy can be a danger, and we are assured that if the entire energies of the soul were released prematurely into the personality, an act of destruction rather than redemption would ensue.

4.                  So when we contact the higher energies (as we do in moments of meditation and inspiration produced in whatever manner), how do we handle what we contact? Is the intelligent, coordinated mechanism of the personality placed at the disposal of that which is ‘descending’?

5.                  Salvation is a cooperative enterprise, and we shall soon study in Rule III for Disciples and Initiates, the phrase, “Dual the moving forward”. Personality and soul move forward together. The personality cannot abrogate its responsibility. It cannot say to the soul, ‘You are everything and I am nothing’. Saturn, in the lower sense, cooperates with Jupiter in the higher, without allowing itself to be entirely supplanted. Mars yields to Venus, but does not abandon its post. The “man” and the “angel” work together—responsibly and lovingly. “Dual the moving forward”.

6.                  When we study the word “demand” we realize that the demand here referenced is lawful. There is no lawless, inappropriate, peremptory demand, but one which is fully justified—vibrationally. If we do the right thing (and become the right thing) we cannot be held back; in fact, we cannot stay back if we would. Right action is lawful progression.


J.                   When the lower life upon the physical plane is fertilized, the emotional stabilised, and the mental transmuted, then naught can prevent the latch upon that door being lifted, and the disciple passing through. 

1.                  The words used here are telling—“fertilized”, “stabilized” and “transmuted”. Each word would repay much meditation.

2.                  We are attempting to be part of the process in which “Life More Abundantly” will be manifested upon the Earth. The abundance shows itself through the fertilization of the physical plane, yielding a great variety of soul-responsive forms fit to the expression of Plan and Purpose.

3.                  The stabilization of the emotional plane transmits the image of spiritual success without distortion. That soul-image is not broken-up by conflicting, unstable desire.

4.                  “Transmutation” is a word related to fire. Through transmutation there is a “passage across from one state of being to another [and higher] through the agency of fire”.

5.                  It must be entirely apparent that we are dealing with matters of law. It is not what we wish, or even what we will (in a personal sense), that will bring success to our spiritual enterprise—but what we are. There are no evasion, subterfuge, special dispensation, etc., possible. The integrity of the Divine Structure cannot allow the admission of the unready and unproven, else the entire structure would fall.

6.                  Perhaps, realizing this, we will have the incentive to build slowly and surely.

7.                  The growing sense of the lawfulness of the entire procedure of spiritual advancement will certainly inspire trust—without which very little can be accomplished.

8.                  A little study of the human condition will reveal that humanity, as a whole, does not really know where it is going. There may be a vague sense of possible progress, but the true nature of the Path is unfathomed.

9.                  Perhaps we can see how valuable are these Rules (both sets) to the struggling human race. Some degree of certainty is required for real progress to eventuate.

10.              Our task is to prove the truth of these Rules within our own life so that we may bear witness to them (through proven example) to others.

11.              Through the study and application of these Rules we are being built into the “likeness of God”—the soul. We are undergoing the process of edification. Patience will be required, but the end is sure if we persist under the triple influence of light, love and spiritual will.


K.                Only synchronous vibration to that which lies the other side of the door produces its opening, and when the key of the disciple's life is attuning itself to that [Page 195] of the hierarchical life, then, one by one, the doors will open, and nothing can keep them closed..

1.                  There are musical analogies here. A key may turn in a lock, but a key is also a sustained vibrational level—a “pitch” in the language of music.

2.                  A steady heightening of vibration is required, and its stabilization and attunement to an established spiritual standard or vibration.

3.                  How do we know anything about the vibrational level on the other side of the door? Theoretically, we may know much. Experientially, we will know when we are, first, ‘in tune’ with that spiritual vibrational standard, and later, synchronous with it.

4.                  I think we see why the study of music, harmony and mathematics were considered so important as entry requirements in certain mystery schools of old. Spiritual success was to be achieved through musical/mathematical harmony. An ongoing process of harmonization and attunement were required; within each  personality vehicle, amongst the various personality vehicles, between the united vehicles and the soul vehicle; and between the harmonized and integrated soul-personality vehicles of the many—in groups smaller and progressively larger.

5.                  “Call”, “invocation”, “attunement”, “harmonization”, “synchronization”—with these concepts we are speaking the language of release into greater, wider life.

6.                  The Great Work is very subtle, is it not? We are asked to be sensitive to the smallest vibrational nuance, in a constant process of ongoing adjustment meant to reduce the dissonance between our present state of vibrational expression and the vibrational standard on the ‘other side’ of the “door”.

7.                  Behind and within these apparently simple Rules are many fine actions—internal and external. Success lies in an understanding of subtlety. The “door” does not yield to a crude onslaught—even for those who attempt to “take the Kingdom of Heaven by storm”. The Law must be fulfilled in every particular.

8.                  With regard to keys and keynotes—how much thought have we given to this subject, both musically and symbolically? Life experience tends toward the discovery and clarification of one’s keynote. Musical understanding and the pursuit of Self-knowledge are, thus, related.

9.                  It becomes clear, does it not, that only by being who we truly are, will the door open. On the “other side of the door” lies our Archetypal Self. If we fail to approximate with, harmonize with and eventually synchronize with that Self, how can the “door” open? Thus, the need for authenticity. When the Bhagavad Gita says “better one’s own dharma than the dharma of another”, we are in the process of learning one of the reasons why. Only thus (through finding and executing one’s own dharma) will the “door” open—because the vibration in the outer worlds will resonate to and eventually synchronize with the inner vibration.

10.              Under Leo, we had best find out who we really are. Only thus will there be entrance into the joyful realm of the soul. Later, when the causal body has to be relinquished, we must discover the Self in a still higher and more impersonal way, but as regards the pursuit of transfiguration, the discovery and expression of the Archetypal Pattern or ‘Soul Name’ is indispensable.

11.              It will take some bravery to trust the Law in this regard. But, through little steps successfully accomplished this trust will grow, and little doors will open. With greater acts of trust, the greater doors will open.

12.              At length we come to realize that ‘where we are is what we are’—vibrationally considered.