Visualization for Rule I for Disciples and Initiates, Sentence I

“Within the fire of mind, focussed within the head’s clear light, let the group stand”.

1.      Align with the soul.

2.      Visualize and reaffirm the individual antahkarana.

3.      Align with the group soul and realize your identity with it. Emphasize particularly the colors belonging to your soul and personality ray, otherwise indigo blue.

4.      Visualize and reaffirm the group antahkarana glowing with all seven colors of the rainbow. Emphasize the color indigo blue of the great synthetic second ray.

5.      Utilizing the group antahkarana, imagine the group open and accessible to the levels of the spiritual triad, and increasingly infused by the energies of those dimensions.

6.      See the group soul approaching identification with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and with the Christ at the Heart of Hierarchy.

7.      Identify as a soul-infused personality within the group soul. Feel you identification extending further until you feel yourself becoming the group soul.

8.      Ask yourself, “What really is the “fire of mind”? Seek to ‘feel’ or be energetically impressed by the nature of the fire of mind.

9.      Identifying as a soul-infused disciple, at one with your group of fellow disciples, imaginatively immerse your consciousness and theirs within the “fire of mind”.

10.  Now ponder on the meaning of the “head’s clear light” and see if you can ‘locate’ it and experience it—both individually and with respect to the group.

11.  Imaginatively bring that “fire of mind” to focus within the “head’s clear light”—both as an individual and as a group.

12.  Seek to understand deeply what it means to stand (with the group and as a group) within the fire of mind and focussed within the head’s clear light.

13.  Attempt to have a clear realization of this immersion, this focusing, this ‘standing’.

14.  Find a way to make this immersion, this focusing, this ‘standing’ a stable fact of consciousness both for yourself and for the group. Imagine the stable state achieved.

15.  Send forth the essence of your realization to uplift the field of human consciousness.

16.  OM OM OM