Visualization for Rule XIV for Applicants

Listen, touch, see, apply, know.

1. Align with the soul.

2. Affirm your relationship to the Ego. Realize that you are a personality in process of soul-infusion.

3. Attune your inner ear and listen for the “voice of the soul”, the note of the soul, the sound of the soul, for the “Word of the soul”. Listen within, carefully. What do you hear? What do you learn from what you hear?

4. Attune your inner sense of touch to the soul and attempt to touch the soul. What do you discover?

5. Open yourself to the “touch of the soul”. Can you feel its touch? If so, what is the nature of the impression? What do you discover?

6. Attune your inner sense of sight to the soul and, with the aid of the imagination, attempt to ‘see’ the soul? What do you see or imagine you see?

7. What is the effect upon your consciousness of this effort to imaginatively ‘see’ the soul?

8. Realize that you can actually or imaginatively hear, touch and ‘see’ the soul. With the aid of the imagination, attempt to do all three simultaneously.

9. Then, ponder on the personality injunction “apply”. How can you best “apply” the result of what you have heard, touched and ‘seen’?

10. You as a personality are the instrument of the soul. Visualize yourself in your personal nature applying to the circumstances in which you find yourself the will and purpose of the soul. What do you discover through this visualization?

11. As a personality in process of soul-infusion, affirm your relationship to the soul, the Ego on the higher mental plane.

12. Using your creative imagination, see yourself merging into causal consciousness, the consciousness of the soul on its own plane, the higher mental plane.

13. As you imaginatively do this, what do you discover? What do you learn about the nature of soul consciousness?

14. How is this different from the experience you had when you listened for the soul, sought to touch the soul, sought imaginatively to see the soul?

15. What do you think it would take for you, the soul-infusing personality, to achieve stable causal consciousness? Imagine living your life in the state of stabilized causal consciousness.

16. Meditatively repeat the five injunctions of Rule XIV to yourself, pausing for impression after each injunction.

17. Imagining yourself as a soul-infused personality in the state of causal consciousness, sound the Great Invocation pouring forth blessings upon the world.