28 Rules Group

Commentary on Rule XII, Part III of V

R&I (234-240)

(All Highlighting, Bolding and Underlining—MDR)

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This Rule tells us that "the group toils in Pisces."  This simply means that the field wherein the New Group of World Servers works is that of mankind, conditioned and ruled for the past two thousand years by Piscean energy.  


1.                  Presently, humanity is Pisces. We can see that every effort to change Piscean attitudes to those which are more in line with the energy of Aquarius is an aspect of the great and necessary labor.

2.                  Obviously, it is a great labor, a toilsome labor. The Members of Hierarchy are ‘great spiritual toilers’. If one is afraid of hard work, one should turn from the Path of Occultism and choose a less arduous Way.


This is, as you know, the energy which produces mediation and which develops sensitivity in the individual.  The work accomplished by and through this energy is so successfully accomplished that it has produced a mediating group of servers; this group acts as an intermediary between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and it has also developed the sensitive response of humanity to contacts, and to such a degree of sensitivity that the response to be accorded to the activities of the New Group of World Servers is very real and cannot be negated.


3.                  We see the good effects of the Piscean energy through two of its qualities—“meditation” and “sensitivity”. While the Pisces energy has left many residual states which must be purified and reconditioned, it has also done much good.

4.                  The New Group of World Servers is a mediating group. In this respect the possibility of its appearance was prepared by the energy of mediation characteristic of Pisces.

5.                  Humanity has been rendered more sensitive. This is of value. Now humanity can respond sensitively to this emerging, mediating group.

6.                  DK tells us that humanity is now so sensitive that it must respond to the New Group of World Servers.

7.                  Each sign of the zodiac conditioning a precessional Age has an objective. It appears that the objective of the great Lord of the Constellation Pisces has been achieved. As for the negative residuals, the energy of the impending sign will correct them.


It should be remembered that the Piscean energy with which the group has to work is opposed to the incoming energies from the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers.  


8.                  We have an unavoidable clash of energies. This may be translating itself into what has been called a “clash of civilizations”. This is a clash between those civilizations, cultures and nationalities which continue to allow themselves to be conditioned by the Piscean energy and those which seek the conditioning of the Aquarian energies.


This is owing to the fact that the energy of this constellation is passing out concurrently with the sixth ray energy, with which it peculiarly "coincided," as it is esoterically [Page 235] called.  Hence the present difficulties.


9.                  This is an important idea. It is not that every time that Pisces rules a precessional Age the sixth ray must accompany it. This time, it was the case. Nor is it so that when Aquarius governs a precessional Age the seventh ray must necessarily accompany it. It is simply so for this cycle.

10.             We have a double battle on our hands—one between Aquarius and Pisces and the other between the seventh ray and the sixth.


 The passing out of the influence of Pisces, the slow withdrawal of the sixth ray force, the incoming Aquarian energy, via the Hierarchy (affecting at this time mainly the Hierarchy itself and the mental and astral planes) are conditions to which we must look for the origin of all our present troubles.


11.             We note that Aquarian energy affects mainly the mental and astral planes. Aquarius is a highly mental sign related to the “universal mind”. It also has its emotional implications as the wave form of its glyph illustrates. Aquarius is naturally related to the element “water” and thus, to the astral plane.

12.             Eventually it will have a very powerful physical effect, since Aquarius is the ruler of the lowest and most material of the seven manifested Creative Hierarchies.

13.             How slow is the withdrawal of the sixth ray force? It appears to have begun in the seventeenth century and will not be completed until after the Age of Aquarius has technically begun with the alignment of the vernal equinox with the constellation Aquarius.

14.             Ray cycles vary in duration and so do periods of ‘in-coming’ and withdrawal. From a larger perspective, the sixth ray has thousands of years remaining in its major cycle—perhaps 21,000 years.(cf. EP I 190=

15.             We can gather that troubles on Earth are reflective of heavenly processes. The high and low are directly interconnected.

16.             It is important to realize that the incoming energy of Aquarius affects primarily Hierarchy itself and humanity only secondarily. Since aspirants and disciples are technically included with the circle of Hierarchy, they too are strongly affected.


  In this involved situation, you have a planetary demonstration of the significance of inner causes, producing outer effects.


17.             The Aquarian energy is likened to an inner cause. The planetary “trouble” is an outer effect.

18.             The occultist always looks for causes and is never satisfied merely with the registration of effects.

19.             From one perspective, the World of Meaning is the world of the soul. From a higher perspective, the World of Causes finds its focus on the highest levels of Shamballa.


  Slowly, however, the Hierarchy is beginning to implement both the Shamballa energy and that of Aquarius;


20.             These two energies are distinct. The Aquarian energy is, however, the much greater. The Aquarian energy helps Shamballa with the implementation of the will.


the Masters Themselves have to learn how to use new incoming energies in the service of the Plan, just as the individual has to learn, in any particular incarnation, to work with and use the available astrological forces which make their impact upon one or other of his bodies or upon his entire personality;


21.             The Masters, however, think in planetary, systemic and cosmic terms. The individual thinks largely in terms of the planetary adaptations of systemic and cosmic energies. Probably, he does not go even that far in his thinking.

22.             Just as the individual has to adapt to a new set of energies—new for the particular incarnation in which he finds himself, so the Masters have to adapt to energies newly release by a ‘change of Age’. It is a learning process for both.


such energies, as you well know, can be turned to good uses or to bad.  It is not possible for the Masters to turn energy to evil ends, but They necessarily have to master new techniques and the new methods of work called for by the new conditions;


23.             What is being said is that even Masters can, over time, improve their skill-in-action in the handling of cosmic and systemic astrological and rayological energies.

24.             The point is that the Masters are faced with “new conditions” and have to learn how best to deal with them.

25.             As they learn, humanity is affected positively.


 these can either affect the Hierarchy itself or will produce reactions in the fourth kingdom and in the other kingdoms, producing rapidly changing orientation and attitudes.


26.             Both humanity and Hierarchy are rapidly adapting to unavoidable new conditions brought about the impact of a new set of energies.


These forces and energies—from the zodiac or from one or other of the seven rays—have poured into and through our planetary Life for countless aeons.


27.             The combinations of these energies, however, change as do the personnel within the Hierarchy.


 Each time that they cyclically make their appearance, the forms and substance in the three worlds upon which they impinge and through which they pass are different in the degree of evolutionary response and of sensitive reaction to impact.


28.             The cosmic and systemic energies impinging upon the planet may not change all that much (though their combinations may). It is the forms to be found upon the planet that change, for the intervals between the appearances of the same combinations of heavenly energies may be lengthy and evolution will have done its necessary work in relation to those forms.

29.             Lemurian man receiving the same general impacts as Aryan man would respond very differently.


 The response and the reactions of the human family as a whole, or of the individual within that whole, will differ from that of the previous cycle; with these factors the Hierarchy has to contend, changing cyclically its technique and altering its modes of work in order to meet the changing need.


30.             Therefore, the Hierarchy must assess as exactly as possible the present condition of humanity and the planet. This is why periods of study and evaluation (during which the Hierarchy studies and evaluates the condition of humanity and the planet) are necessary from time to time.

31.             We can see that the energy of acute intelligence is certainly needed by members of the Hierarchy as They seek to serve humanity and the planet in general.


 Bear this in mind.  This has never been more evident to the Masters than today.


32.             There has always been a degree of changing need, but never moreso than today.

33.             We often forget the high degree of intelligent adaptability required of the Masters of the Wisdom. 


 The war might be regarded as a revolt by the form side of nature against the old conditions, and [Page 236] against the new incoming conditioning factors on the part of the Black Lodge.


34.             We are given two kinds of revolt as the cause of the Great War:

    1. The form side (sensing new possibilities?) revolted against the old conditions.
    2. The Black Lodge (seeking to preserve its ancient prerogatives) revolted against the new incoming conditioning factors.


  Between the two forces—one sensitive, onward moving, ready for that which is new and better, and the other reactionary, static and determined to gain a strangle hold upon the life within the form—the Hierarchy stands at the midway point:


35.             The term “strangle hold” suggests the signs Taurus and Scorpio, both of which are fourth ray signs and both of which were prominent in the horoscopes of those engaged negatively in the struggle. All the Axis Powers had as one of their major energies, the fourth ray!

36.             We can gather that in the war, the Hierarchy served as a mediating energy and also as a “Great Defending Wall” protecting progressive, sensitive life from the reactionary forces.

37.             We can see that the inevitable karmic result for such reactionary forces will be their own retardation. Those who seek to retard others become retarded. Those who promote the progress of others find their own progress promoted. Such is the Good Law.


a. Throwing all its weight on the side of that which is new, spiritual and desirable.


38.             We have become aware that the Hierarchy took sides and threw all its weight upon the side of the Allies in WWII.

39.             Probably They took sides in WWI as well. This may be indicated by the fact that the Solar Logos almost intervened in the third year of that war. What that intervention might have been, it is almost impossible to imagine, but obviously there was some threat to the planet and its place in the solar systemic Plan.


b. Adapting itself simultaneously to new conditions and new emerging factors.


40.             The Hierarchy is characterized by adaptive intelligence. A Master of the Wisdom is called an “Adept”.


c. Standing like a wall of steel, unshatterable and immovable between humanity and the forces of evil.


41.             This presents the image of Hierarchy as the “Great Defending Wall”.

42.             How did Hierarchy do this? Is it not allowed to compel anyone, yet there is no doubt that it worked powerfully to protect humanity from dire consequences. Perhaps as we move more deeply into the Ashram we shall realize the methods.


This has been an epoch of crisis, and the great moment for which the Hierarchy has been preparing ever since it was founded upon the Earth.


43.             We have an extraordinary statement. Our era and the crises of the Great War have been the “great moment for which the Hierarchy has been preparing ever since it was founded upon the Earth”.

44.             An “epoch of crisis”—what is the duration of such an epoch? A century? A millennium? In any case, a small unit of time when compared to the millions of years during which humanity has lived (as humanity) on this planet.


 Slowly down the ages, men have been trained and prepared for initiation; they have been taught to develop the initiate-consciousness; they have taken then their place within the ranks of the Hierarchy and have—later—passed into the higher centre, Shamballa.


45.             This is the story of the development of initiates—one by one, usually, and not in group formation.

46.             On our planet, men have not only passed into Hierarchy but into Shamballa. Hercules, we are told, was one such. The Buddha was another.


Paralleling this line of unfoldment of the individual, there has also been a great though slow expansion of the human consciousness and a gradual steady progress forward into light.


47.             The evolution of humanity has been steady—at times retarded—but overall, the trend has been upwards through the evolving root races.


 It has now become possible to create the New Group of World Servers—men and women sensitive to the inner and newer vision and to the incoming forces and energies.


48.             The New Group of World Servers is being created from humanity itself. This signals the success of the human evolutionary process.


 Each group, therefore, whether it is the Hierarchy, the New Group of World Servers, or mankind itself, is wrestling with its own interior problems of response, of recognition and of responsibility; each also is actuated by an outgoing movement in two directions:


49.             Every group is faced with its challenges.

50.             The problems are described as those of response, recognition and responsibility. Each of us can give his own interpretation to these words in relation to Hierarchy, the New Group of World Servers or average humanity.


  towards that which is higher and which indicates a better and more spiritual future, with all that that implies, and also towards that which is rooted in and related to the past, which is crystallising, reactionary, blind in its selfishness and materiality, and which is implemented to retain the old things which should pass away and to fight that which is new.


51.             Each group necessarily stands at a midway point—different from that of every other group.

52.             The inherent dualism of our cosmos makes this inevitable.

53.             Each of us has a shadow and each a possible future. First these two have to be clearly discriminated. Then the proper stance with respect to the two needs to be taken.


As individual aspirants, you all know that this condition [Page 237] exists in the conflict waged interiorly and expressed exteriorly between the soul and the personality.  The same conditioning factors can be seen also working in every group, organisation, world religion, and in every nation, as well as in the planet as a whole.


54.             The analogy is exact. The individual is pulled in two directions and so is every group—large or small.


  Millions of years ago, the Hierarchy realised that such a time of crisis and of conflict was inevitable.


55.             Think of the foresight involved in such a realization! But such is the nature of great intuitive minds actuated by pure reason. The gift of prophecy is Theirs.


 The easiest way to handle it would have been as lesser conflicts were dealt with in the past—by a process of final intervention.  Shamballa and the Hierarchy could have unitedly ended this world crisis, but it would then have again arisen and have gone on arising until humanity itself ended it once and for all upon the physical plane.


56.             We have a display of the planetarily ultimate form of ‘tough love’. The slower and more painful way is permitted because it will be the way of surety and will, in the long run, prevent even greater suffering.

57.             People have to outgrow the negativity within them. A forceful suppression of that negativity from superior agencies does not cut at the root of negativity. Only an act of interior will can root out negativity. Each must do so for himself


Of this situation the determination of the United Nations to win and to enforce complete surrender upon the aggressor nations which are the agents of the Black Lodge is symbolic and also symptomatic of the progress of the human spirit.  (Written in September 1944.) 


58.             It would not do to compromise with the “aggressor nations”. To have refrained from forcing surrender would have allowed the same malignity to arise at a later time.

59.             But the real ending of the malignity which afflicted the perpetrators of war could not be arranged by force alone. It would have to come from within. Still, it has not been accomplished. The malignity which causes wars against the light remains.


This time, the Hierarchy refrains from outer action, but simply inspires and transmits the needed energy, leaving mankind to find its own way into freedom,


60.             So one of the functions of the “Great Defending Wall” is as a ‘Wall of Inspiration’. The forces fighting for the progress of humanity were inspired and thus strengthened.


and out of Pisces into the aura and the field of activity of Aquarius, guided by those who are responsive to the illumination which Taurus confers.


61.             The winning of the War by the Forces of Light should have resulted in the emergence of humanity out of Pisces and into “the field of activity of Aquarius”.

62.             To an extent this occurred. It will soon be determined whether it has occurred to a sufficient extent to avoid a war far worse.


See you not the beauty of this plan and its synthesising, culminating usefulness?  See you not how the present crisis only indicates the success of the previous evolutionary cycles wherein humanity mastered certain lessons?


63.             The disciple realizes that not all crisis indicates disaster. It can indicate the purging of humanity—the destruction of ancient patterns of attachment which no longer serve the evolution of the race. The lack of crisis could indicate morbidity.


 All the post-war planning, the widespread reaction to ideals (in spite of all the efforts of the evil and reactionary forces), and the seething turmoil reaching throughout all levels of the human consciousness, plus the inspiration of disaster and suffering, are blasting open hitherto sealed areas in the minds of men, letting in illumination, sweeping away the bad old conditions.  


64.             The Tibetan is showing us how the first ray is assisting the approach of the New Age.

65.             We note the phrase, “the inspiration of disaster and suffering”. It is a “hard saying” but true. Disaster and suffering allow the entry of the “Forces of Life”—the ‘Forces of Inspiration’.

66.             The power of Uranus and Pluto (planets responsible for many kinds of ‘blasts’) has been released.

67.             We recall how Hercules cleansed the Augean Stables. His means were more ‘fluid’ but “bad old conditions” were swept away, just as in the late war. The process of “sweeping away” has been Aquarian in nature.


This is symbolised for us in the destruction of ancient cities and by the intermixture of races through the processes of war; this also signifies progress and is preparatory to great expansions of consciousness.


68.             Old forms had to go as cherished as they were. Races had to realize their common bonds.

69.             When attachment to forms is negated, consciousness is free to expand.


 These expansions in the human understanding will, in the next [Page 238] one hundred and fifty years, completely alter the manner of man's thinking; they will change the techniques of religion; they will bring about comprehension and fusion.


70.             DK write during the middle 1940’s. He is looking towards the year 2100, shortly before we enter the Age of Aquarius (astronomically considered). Already (qualitatively) the Aquarian energy is with us—growing in intensity.

71.             We are very much in need of a change in the techniques of religion. The old techniques are a great threat in today’s volatile world.

72.             DK is speaking of a Jupiterian process. We remember that Jupiter is esoterically related to Aquarius and is responsible for much of the promised fulfillment which the Aquarian Age will bring to the human race.

73.             Presently there is a recrudescence of reactionary patterns, but this trend cannot long persist. It runs counter to the growing intensity of Aquarian energy.


 When this work has been accomplished we shall record an era of world peace which will be symbolic of the state of the human spirit.


74.             The state of the Spirit is that of peace—“peaceful silent will”. Shamballa is a greater center of peace.


  Men will then settle down to the great task which confronts all of us in the New Age—the task of dissipating glamour and of bringing about a clearer light upon the astral plane, in the same way that better physical conditions will have been brought about upon the physical plane.


75.             The betterment of conditions upon the physical plane must precede the improvement of conditions upon the astral plane.

76.             How long will we have to wait for the predicted concerted attack upon world glamor. We know that the planets Mercury and Venus are potent in the dissipation of glamor. Mercury will rule the second decanate of Aquarius (some eight hundred years from now) and because the subruler of that decanate will be Gemini, Venus will enter esoterically. In the last decanate, Venus will again show itself, plus the transformative power of Uranus (as Libra will be the subruler of the last Aquarian decanate).

77.             The necessary energies for the necessary task will be available.


 All is planned and ordered; the right energies and forces will be available, for the Hierarchy works ever under the Law of Cycles and of Cyclic Compensation. 


78.             What is energetically missing in one cycle will be made available in the next.

79.             The Hierarchy knows, in principle, what is coming and when. They gauge Their plans accordingly.

80.             We disciples should more closely study the Science of Cycles if we wish our cooperation with Hierarchy to count for more.


The Masters know exactly that which must be done by right timing and by what has been called "the crisis of spatial extension."  They call this the interchangeableness of time and space—a meaningless phrase to you but one which is already being dimly sensed.


81.             This interchangeability is clearly set forth in the “new physics”.  Every space has its time, and every time its space. The two are completely interdependent. Can we conceive of a time without its space or a space without its time? Both time and space arise through acts of perception.

82.             Accomplishment requires both time and space. Humanity needs time to accomplish its goals and also the proper space or environment in which to do so. There are occasions then despite the limitations of space, an incredible achievement can arise through the intensification of the use of time. Also, if spatial conditions are propitious, much can be accomplished in a very short amount of time.

83.             As the disciple matures both time and space are compressed. When space is lacking time must compensate; when time is lacking space must compensate. Hierarchically, time is superior to space, just as Saturn is preeminent when compared to Jupiter. There are probably a number of ways to interpret these occult ideas.

84.             We may relate “the crisis of spatial extension” to the interpenetration of vibratory spheres. Evolution tends to promote this interpenetration.

85.             Such interpenetration is closely related to the process of initiation.

86.             Points of life are ever breaking into new spheres and, thus, functioning within new ring-pass-nots. What is the timing involved in such breakthroughs? The Masters know in principle.

87.             As the power and scope of perception expands new ‘spaces-in-consciousness” are created. Ring-pass-nots of consciousness expand and new ring-pass-nots take the place of old.

88.             Consciousness, space and perception expand simultaneously, and each expansion entails a crisis of adjustment.


The two Rules which remain for us to study concern the work of the Hierarchy in the Aquarian Age.  Hence they are specifically for the more advanced disciples and for initiates.


89.             We presume we may all study them, but that initiates of the third degree will begin truly to understand—at least the basics.

90.             What is an advanced disciple? Perhaps a disciple of the second degree converging upon the third.


 We have seen in many ways that—at this time—the Hierarchy, because it is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara Himself, is coming peculiarly and in a new sense under the influence of His will nature.  This means that the Members of the Hierarchy, familiar as They may be with the Plan for the immediate cycle with which They and humanity are confronted, are being brought to a new and more "appropriate" conception of the divine Purpose which lies behind the Plan and which motivates it.  The will of God is becoming plainer to Them.  It is taking on more definite lines.


91.             The Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are participating in a curriculum revealing to them the truer nature of will. For Them, Divine Purpose (planetary Purpose) is being revealed, and not alone the Divine Plan.

92.             It is quite humbling to realize that the Members of Hierarchy are still uncertain regarding the entirety of the Divine Purpose for this planet. They are even uncertain regarding the Purpose of Sanat Kumara.

93.             We disciples are newly studying the nature of will because Hierarchy itself is being exposed to the Higher Will in a new way.

94.             When we ponder Hierarchy’s greater appreciation of Divine Purpose we must remember that Purpose is inextricably related to pattern.


 As our planetary Logos nears the climaxing point of the initiation which He is now undergoing,


95.             From what is given in the Teaching, this seems to be the fourth initiation taken through the fourth chain in our planetary chain.

96.             From the human perspective, great initiatory processes move slowly and so we cannot be sure of the time when this fourth initiation process will climax. We are certainly living through times sufficiently intense and full of suffering to make us think the climactic time could be now or in the foreseeable future.

97.             We anticipate that this fourth initiation will occur upon the fourth chain (our chain) and within the fourth round—our present round.


 His Ashram, the Hierarchy, must and does (as part of a normal development) feel the effect.


98.             Hierarchy is feeling the effect of the fourth initiation through which the Planetary Logos is passing. Humanity is also feeling the effect.


 From the Christ down to the newest and latest accepted disciple, each in his own place, all are becoming increasingly responsive to the "will of God."  


99.             Responsiveness to the Will of God is the curriculum for all of us who may be affiliated or affiliating with some Ashram.

100.         Divine Will is the actuation of Divine Purpose—it is Purpose irresistibly applied.

This [Page 239] does not take place in a blind, acquiescing manner, but with understanding and "fortitude."


101.         DK is trying to help us understand the right attitude to the will. It is not blind acquiescence, but understanding (a second ray quality) and fortitude (an attitude of the first ray).


 This receptive attitude on the part of the Hierarchy will bring about great, necessary and unexpected changes.  Some of these, I have earlier hinted, may now be taking place; some will follow later.  The following ideas may serve to clarify the whole concept in your minds:


102.         So Hierarchy is the primary recipient of the Will of Sanat Kumara. Disciples and initiates are the secondary recipients. Nevertheless, everything about discipleship training is changing as a result of this reception.

103.         The following is a list of changes in hierarchical approach:


1. The entire technique of training disciples for initiation and of absorbing them into the various Ashrams which constitute the great Ashram of the Lord of the World has been altered.


104.         This is a radical statement and we can only ignore it if we wish to misunderstand how Hierarchy approaches the development of the modern disciple.


 The Masters are no longer concerned with an individual, here or there, who endeavours to go forward on the Path, who evidences capacity and who is apparently ready for what has been called "the evocation of the initiate consciousness."


105.         We notice how the initiate appears. The initiate is a ‘state of consciousness’. Hierarchical training results in the evocation of that consciousness.

106.         In any case, Hierarchy is decreasingly interested in the elevation of isolated individuals.


 It is becoming obvious to the Hierarchy that with the arrival of the Aquarian Age, group preparation, group initiation and group acceptance must and will supersede the older methods. 


107.         The order is interesting. Acceptance seems to follow initiation. Presumably, we are speaking of acceptance of a group into an Ashram following the initiation of that group.


These older methods, built around the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple, reached their highest point of usefulness early in the Piscean Age.


108.         By this we must mean in the early centuries of the Christian era.

109.         Its quite astonishing that the methods still very much in vogue today reached their highest point of usefulness perhaps 1500 years ago!

110.         Does this tell us something about the adaptability of spiritually inclined students?!


 For nearly two thousand years these methods have proved so successful that the intensity of humanity's response is such that hundreds are now ready "for absorption."  


111.         We are speaking of absorption into the Ashram.

112.         This was written in 1944. The number does not seem large, but it is quality that counts. Perhaps the number is many times as large today.


This readiness and success present a difficulty and pose a problem for the Masters, necessitating a reorganisation of Their plans and a readjustment of Their techniques.


113.         It is being suggested that the number (even hundreds) is so large that only group absorption would make it possible to absorb those who are ready.

114.         Another example of hierarchical adaptation relates to the manner in which ashramic processes are adjusted to accommodate the ‘in-take’ of new members of the Ashram. As students on the verge of being gathered within, we tend usually to view the process from our own point of view forgetting the difficulties incident to the process which must be faced by Masters.


2. Not only has the individual approach to the Hierarchy been superseded by a group approach, but it is now found to be possible to make a certain measure of the training objective and exoteric.  Hence the establishment of the New Group of World Servers. 


115.         The rendering of certain aspects of occult training exoteric is all part of the Externalization of the Hierarchy.

116.         The New Group of World Servers (though it is still a rather subjective group) is an externalization of an essentially esoteric group—a kind of objective extension of the inner Ashram.


This is primarily a group which, while working on the outer plane of daily, physical living, yet preserves a close ashramic integration;


117.         This preservation has occurred even though members of the group may not realize that the Hierarchy actually exists!


 it thus provides a field of service for accepted disciples who are seeking service-expression, and it also provides a rallying point for all determined aspirants where they can be tried out and where their motives and persistence can be tested, prior to direct acceptance.


118.         In this section of text the New Group of World Servers offers expression to accepted disciples but opportunity for those who are insufficiently tested to be called disciples—namely aspirants.

119.         It is clear to us that the stage of aspirant precedes that of accepted disciple. Aspirants (as here named) are primarily probationary disciples. The term probation suggests testing.

120.         Therefore, we conclude that the New Group of World Servers is a testing and training ground for those who would become accepted disciples as well as a field in which accepted disciples can labor in service.


 This is something new, for it [Page 240] shifts the responsibility of preparing aspirants for accepted discipleship onto the shoulders of the pledged disciple and away from the immediate attention of the accepting Master.


121.         Now this is interesting. Usually the term “pledged disciple” suggests a phase which must occur before acceptance. Not so here.

122.         DK seems to mean pledged disciples who are already accepted disciples. After all, the disciple does not relinquish his pledge once he becomes an accepted disciple.

123.         The work of the Arcane School secretarial group and other groups which train aspirants in similar ways is an example of the kind of work DK is discussing.


  He is thus freed for other fields of service.  This, in itself, is one of the major indications of the success of the evolutionary process as applied to humanity.


124.         The accepted disciples and pledged disciples are taking some of the load off the shoulders of the Master. Because portions of humanity can now do this, it indicates evolutionary process in the human race.

125.         Our goal, similarly, is to train those who are rising towards our level of achievement to gradually and safely take some of our load upon themselves. By this means the one who assumes the additional burden is trained and grows, and we (at whatever level we may stand) are relieved to more fully assist someone further advanced than we.


 This "shift" was initiated by the Christ Himself; he worked with men very frequently through others, reaching humanity through the medium of His twelve Apostles, regarding Paul as substituting for Judas Iscariot.


126.         The Christ was, we can see, an Expert at apportioning responsibility.

127.         This is interesting concerning Paul and Judas. Lately much effort has been made to redeem Judas as, perhaps, one who, in apparently betraying the Christ, only obeyed His orders so that Law might be fulfilled. Apparently the Tibetan does not see such a quality in Judas.

128.         If we substitute Paul, completing by doing so the requisite twelve disciples, Judas becomes the ill-omened thirteenth disciple—the one who opposes the Master otherwise considered as the major thirteenth Member.

129.         If we include both Judas and Paul we have the number fourteen—twelve on the level,  with an additional one elevated and yet another one submerged.


 The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of His group was, in the first instance, to Him and not so much to the world of men.


130.         The disciples and Arhats Who surrounded the Buddha did not face towards the world but, rather, towards their Teacher.

131.         There are many today who persist in this orientation.


 Christ sent His Apostles out into the world to feed the sheep, to seek, to guide and to become "fishers of men."  The relation of the disciples of the Christ was only secondarily to their Master, and primarily to a demanding world;


132.         This is the new attitude of service, and suggested the coming Aquarian Age of universal service.

133.         Notice that the “sheep” relate to Aries the Ram/Lamb and the “fishers of men” suggest the sign Pisces. When Christ’s disciples were instructed to look for the man carrying the pot of water, the image of Aquarius the “Water Bearer” was brought into the Biblical narrative.


 that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no less of devotion to the Christ. 


134.         The Hierarchy has learned to look in two directions simultaneously.


What the Buddha had instituted symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demands of the Piscean Age.


135.         Those demands were demands for redemption. Those who would redeem must look ‘outwards’ and especially ‘downwards’ for those in need of redemption.

136.         The Buddha worked in the Age of Aries, and the emphasis was more upon the head.

137.         Still the Tibetan recognizes the continuity between what the Buddha instituted and what the Christ fulfilled—or rather began to fulfill, for the real fulfillment will come during the Aquarian Age.