Synthesis Commentary For Rule XI:
Part V of V 

Rays and the Initiations

Cancer/Leo 2007

Dear Fellow Students,

I will offer a few thoughts in summary for this most vital pair of Rules. As always, the real task before us is not only to live the Rules where possible, but to live them together as a group.

Rule XI.

For Applicants:  Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to the higher and preserve that which is created through the fire at the midway point.

1.                  This is a process ages long, but in days of great opportunity, such as those which now confront us, there is a special urgency concerning the manner in which we use energy.

2.                  A higher form of creativity supervenes when the lower forms of creativity (and pro-creativity) are sublimated.

3.                  Man is ever the creator, but what kind of creator shall he be? Shall he be a creator of forms or a creator of Plan-centered thoughts (which in turn, create forms).

4.                  In a way we are also speaking of the creation of soul consciousness through the utilization of the upwardly mobile sub-diaphragmatic energies.

5.                  Heart is soul and soul is heart. Thus, something quite new for humanity is being created at the midway point, and it is related to both heart and soul.

6.                  We find the merging of the third and second aspects. It is not sufficient simply to create thought through the throat center; that thought must be soul-inspired and soul-sustained.

7.                  We know that the second ray is the ‘Great Preserver’. That which is in line with the Plan will abide and the heart and soul know the way. Heart consciousness reveals the Divine Pattern and that which harmonizes with it. If that which is created at the midway point (namely through the throat center) is not in line with the intended Pattern, the energies of heart and soul will correct and re-pattern those creations until they are in line.

8.                  The fourth ray is called “The Corrector of the Form”. We can see that this energy of the central chakra (the fourth or heart chakra) corrects the forms born through the sublimation of procreativity.

9.                  We are meant to be co-creators in the expression of the Divine Plan. This is not really possible, even initially, until a sufficient amount of lower energy has been raised for purposes of stimulating the creativity of the throat center.

10.             When Divine Purpose comes into view (to whatever extent it can), the human being seeks to utilize all his energies so that that Purpose may be fulfilled.

11.             Probably, it is time for all of us to take stock regarding our utilization of various energies. Are they consecrated to the “Higher Good” and to the welfare of humanity as a group, or are they prostituted to selfish satisfaction? Probably, for many, the truth lies somewhere between.

12.             As the disciple nears the portal the process of training becomes ever more intense. Memory of past failures protects the disciple from relapse and assures that he will respond to spiritual pressure in the right way (even if that way is painful to the personality).

13.             It is so interesting that this eleventh Rule for Applicants is paired with a Rule which speaks of the possibility of taking the fourth initiation. What is it about the consecration of the creative energy which facilitates the liberation offered at the fourth degree?

14.             It is the energy of desire which holds us prisoners to the Wheel of Rebirth. The procreative energy (utilized by ourselves and by humanity in general) indicates our continuing desire for participation in earthly processes because of desire—not necessarily because of the will-to-serve.

15.             The discontinuation of the utilization of the sexual energy largely for procreative purposes (and for physical and emotional satisfaction) indicates a fundamental change in our orientation to the dense physical plane (on three levels). We no longer desire it (for ourselves) in the same way.

16.             Fittingly, the fourth initiation marks that period in a man’s history when he need no longer reincarnate. The procreative energy (which provides the physical vehicles for man through which he may incarnate) is turned ‘upwards’ (to a very large extent) and man no longer needs to incarnate. These two processes go together and their relationship (physical, psychological and mental) can be pondered with profit.

17.             When desire (of the normal kind) ceases, spiritual will is ready to take its place. Through spiritual will we become capable of polarizing our consciousness in the spiritual triad.

18.             There is no compromising with the energy of lower desire. We go where it leads us. If it is redirected permanently as an upward-rising aspiration, we will follow it into the higher worlds of the triad and into a state of great freedom when compared with the state of being bound to the lower quaternary through the process of reincarnation.

19.             DK often speaks of “rigid discipline”. He is a second ray Master but He has much of the first ray in His system. Without this uncompromising approach to the direction of the lower microcosmic energies (at least at some time in the development of the disciple) freedom will not be achieved. The lower worlds will conspire with all their powers to hold the consciousness captive to those worlds which generation has produced.

20.             Re-generation is a detachment from these worlds, initially through the reorientation of desire. It is this reorientation which allows us to consciously enter the world of higher mind and, then, the cosmic ethers upon which the higher two aspects of the spiritual triad are focussed.

For Disciples and Initiates:  Let the group together move the fire within the Jewel in the Lotus into the Triad and [Page 23] let them find the Word which will carry out that task.  Let them destroy by their dynamic Will that which has been created at the midway point.  When the point of tension is reached by the brothers at the fourth great cycle of attainment, then will this work be done.

21.             Here we have a simply amazing directive. We may read the words, but being incapable of carrying out this directive as individuals, how, ever, shall we do it as a group?!

22.             It would seem that a first step would be to discover the “fire within the Jewel in the Lotus”. And yet, we have not even fully opened the Petals of Sacrifice.

23.             If, however, we grasp the general approach we can, at least, work towards the objective with some hope of eventual success.

24.             The whole secret is moving from the personal through the transpersonal and into the impersonal life.

25.             As long as we are personal (and even transpersonal) the Divine Will streaming through us will be refracted and distorted. We skew the Divine Will through the inclinations of our lesser individuality (individuality within the causal body). This is unexpected. We are well familiar with the idea that the personality skews the Divine Will, but not that the causal body does so as well, though more subtly.

26.             There is a higher Individuality (which is monadic) and which is exactly representative of the Divine Will (in tiny measure).

27.             Together we must learn to break through those familiar aspects of ourselves which (though cherished) are higher forms of impediment to a greater planetary destiny in which we could cooperate.

28.             Those who would accomplish this transference are full souls. They have reached the point of fulfilled individual unfoldment and so they have entered the phase of relative synthesis (synthesizing all their life experience in the lower three worlds) and are understanding somewhat the Higher Will as it is conveyed through the fire of the "Jewel in the Lotus".

29.             There is a tremendous group richness in the group which is getting ready for this transfer.

30.             The group must recognize its accomplishment. It is (in a way) a ‘rich young group’) parallel (in a group sense) to the “rich young man” of the Bible.

31.             But at that point a wider life will call and that call will be insistently transmitted through the fire within the "Jewel in the Lotus".

32.             The little ring-pass-not of the group causal body is sensed as too small and some far more expansive life (life within the being of the Planetary Logos) beckons.

33.             Only the thoroughly integrated, soul-infused group accomplished in service can reach the point when the transference can take place.

34.             What has been created at the midway point? For the individual, there has been a creation in relation to the throat center. For such a group, they have certainly created an approach to group service which (through the plan-making power of the group throat center) is effective and which is sustained by the heart and soul of the group.

35.             The causal body is love and heart, but it is also mind and throat. It is a creative center as well as a magnetic, cohesive center.

36.             The causal body is like a great thoughtform which has been created “at the midway point” by energies elevated and sublimated from the personality.

37.             It becomes clear that the group’s intensity of purpose carried into manifestation will produce the Word, which later may be amplified and further developed by the Ashram and the Master.

38.             So nothing can substitute for Purpose—strenuously and tenaciously pursued. If alignment with Group Purpose is correct and on-track, many interior developments (which the group cannot possibly manage for itself) will be managed from within by the ready and attentive Ashram and even more attentive Master.

For Disciples and Initiates:  Let the group together move the fire within the Jewel in the Lotus into the Triad and [Page 23] let them find the Word which will carry out that task.  Let them destroy by their dynamic Will that which has been created at the midway point.  When the point of tension is reached by the brothers at the fourth great cycle of attainment, then will this work be done.

39.             What is this “dynamic will”? May we call it the ‘will to know and do the Greater Will?” As satisfying for the individual or the group as life within the rounded-out causal body may be, it is as nothing to the greater, wider life lived within the Will of God the Heavenly Man or God, the Planetary Logos.

40.             The causal body (even the fulfilled causal body) is like a huge ‘comfort zone’ which must be sacrificed for more intense participation in that which is still more real.

41.             The group which is ‘on fire’ with the fires of the spiritual triad cannot abide ‘causal containment’ (as lovely, comfortable and individually fulfilling as it may be—both for the individuality of the individual and the individuality of the group).

42.             From our rather lowly developmental position, life focused within the causal body looks like an elevated prospect, but perspective changes as the rounding out becomes a reality. The Christ saw this but the "rich young man" did not. His spiritual ‘altitude’ was not sufficient to see what he would be ‘getting’ for what he was to ‘give up’. Nor was the triadal fire burning with sufficient intensity within his consciousness and energy system.

43.             Later, the triadal intensity becomes so great (and with it the yearning for a life which actually does the Will of God) that the causal structure cannot withstand the intensity.

44.             It would seem that a certain number within the group must share this irresistible, internal intensity if the group is to be able to “move the fire within the Jewel in the Lotus into the triad”.

45.             What would it be like to associate with such individuals? What would it be like to be integrally related to a group which was reaching the “point of tension at the fourth great cycle of attainment”? Only "rich young men" would be equal to the task and they would have to be sufficiently ‘tired’ of their riches.

46.             When do people tire of their riches? Is it not when something is stirring within them which reveals the actual poverty of their riches? Something which reveals the riches to be something other than long thought?

47.             I think this change of attitude arises when the Spirit begins to stir enlarging the point of view. That which was highly valued, begins to look less valuable, and one seeks to ‘break through’ into that which is anticipated as of far greater value.

48.             We see that the real work will not be done until the “fourth great cycle of attainment” is reached. So, this means that we are simply rehearsing.

49.             I sometimes think it is fruitless to try to sacrifice. I think the necessity for sacrifice will arise in a natural manner as the ever elusive Purpose is pursued to the point of no return. The obstacles to the attainment of that Purpose will then gather before the intent initiate-group (for most or all will have taken the third degree) and they will know what they most do to forge ahead until Purpose is manifest.

50.             So, we must ask ourselves—what is the highest that may be achieved? And, how much do I want to achieve it? How much do ‘I-the-group’ want to achieve it? This simplifies the whole question of how to reach the “fourth great cycle of attainment” and hold the ground gained.

51.             When we want what the Ashram wants, a step has been taken. When we want what the Master wants a further step has been taken. And thus for the Christ and His entire Hierarchy, and finally for Sanat Kumara and Shamballa. When we will with all our heart and strength to know and do the Will of God (a very different condition to that which now exists) then the “fourth great cycle of attainment” will loom before us and we will have earned the right to make the decisions which will admit us into new dimensions of reality.

52.             This Rule is extremely important. Each individual and each group must work out the implications. Who can do it for them? No one.

53.             The Rule will stand revealed to those who know how to “onward move in life” and who are not simply attempting to move forward in consciousness. Thus, must occult experimentation is required.

54.             As with all these Rules—all twenty-eight of them—let’s do what we can to make the indications real.