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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra or Venus in Relation to Libra

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Venus in Relation to Libra Guards the Secret of Balance:

“Through Saturn and Venus, therefore, Capricorn is connected with Libra and also with Gemini and Taurus, and these four constellations—Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn—constitute a potent quaternary of energies and between them produce those conditions and situations which will enable the initiate to demonstrate his readiness and capacity for initiation. They are called the ‘Guardians of the Four Secrets’. …

Libra—Guards the secret of balance, of equilibrium and finally speaks the word which releases the initiate from the power of the Lords of Karma.” (EA 164-165)

2. Venus in Libra—to be Considered in Relation to Sex:

“...the second aspect manifests as the relation between the pairs of opposites (of which the scales are the symbol) and upon the physical plane as Sex;…” (EA 244)

3. Venus in Libra—Balancing Personal Desire and Intelligent Spiritual Love:

“Venus rules Taurus, Libra and Capricorn, and is the source of the intelligent mind, acting either through desire (in the early stages) or love (in the later stages). ... In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are brought to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other.” (EA 244)

4. Venus and Libra—to be Considered in Relation to Sex and the Mystery of the Vegetable Kingdom:

“ or the consciousness of affinity will reveal the mystery of the vegetable kingdom...and...this will come about through the activity of Venus when this activity in the sign(s)…of Libra is better understood.” (EA 245)

5. Venus is Related to Libran Correspondences:

“Libra—vegetable kingdom—sex—natural affinity.” (EA 245)

6. Venus in Libra—Assists the Struggling Subject to See the Issues Clearly:

Of Venus in relation to Libra it is said: “in Libra this reaches a point of balance wherein the one who struggles sees the issues clearly and achieves a desirable point of equilibrium through the wise use of the Mercury-Venus mind, ensuring the success of its final efforts in Capricorn.” (EA 362)

7. Venus in Libra—in Relation to the Results of Desire:

“Venus, the mind or the soul in Libra reveals to man the exoteric significance of the results of desire.” (EA 391)

8. Venus in Relation to Libra and the Seventh House:

“Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognised and unions and friendships achieved.” (EA 538)

9. Venus in Libra Implicated in the Concrete Mind of the British:

“Venus rules Taurus and Libra as well as Gemini and hence the well developed lower concrete mind of the British nation. The intuitive mind however needs development.” (DN 83-84)

(EA p. 250) (Only for reference)

Fickleness and variability A secure and settled position
Imbalance Balance
Bias Prejudice Justice Judgment
Dull stupidity Enthusiastic wisdom
Untrue, showy outer form life True correct expression
Intrigue Straightforward conduct
Materialistic attitudes Spiritual attitudes


Specific Expressions of Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra for the Average or Undeveloped Man

1. Venus in Libra—Strong Sacral Activation, Sex, the Consummation of Human Love:
In the early days of evolution upon the Mutable Cross, Libra is associated with “unbalanced fiery passion” and “human love”. Venus (though its higher meanings are more important to the esoteric astrologer) is associated with sex. Venus in Libra magnetically draws the partners together—at first physically, then, later, emotionally and mentally.

2. Venus in Libra—Captivation by Beauty of Form:
Perhaps “beauty is only skin-deep”, but many immature persons influenced by Venus in Libra do not realize this.

3. Venus in Libra—Models, the Perfection of Form:
Venus and Libra are both related to archetypes of beauty. In human society, the fashion model embodies the popular ideal of human beauty. Models are chosen from among the most attractive people; above all, their form must be attractive. What they are within is not an issue as long as it does not disturb their good looks and appeal.

4. Venus in Libra—Superficial Attractions, Based often on Appearances:
Venus and Libra are both associated with vision and appraisal through the eye. Both, as well, are magnetic in relation to the opposite pole. This combination inclines the individual whom it influences to be attracted to persons, places and things based very much upon good appearance.

5. Venus in Libra—Love of Fine Things:
Venus is the planet of refinement and quality; Libra—the sign of balance and proportion. Together they indicate the love of fine things which embody these values.

6. Venus in Libra—Love of that which is Pleasant and Agreeable; the Seeking of Superficial Harmony: The love harmony is characteristic of both Venus and Libra. Venus acts magnetically, and Libra, the sign of peace, seeks not to offend. Upon the Mutable cross, however, there is no real depth to the harmony; it touches only the surface. As long as outer relations remain pleasant and agreeable, the need for harmony is satisfied. It is not based upon a deep knowledge of the “other”—a knowledge which may include the recognition of many unpleasant or disagreeable personality qualities. What is said here of the desire for superficial harmony among persons, can also be applied to the environment. Such persons do not function well within disagreeable circumstances. Later, under Venus in Libra, they may bring peace and harmony into such circumstances.

7. Venus in Libra—Deliberation, Evaluation, Appraisal:
This combination promotes the process of evaluation. There is a constant weighing and balancing (Libra) of relative values (Venus). A typical manifestation of this process is found in the work of appraisers—those whose task it is the determine the value of the thing appraised. In the area of personnel management, there may be an appraisal of the value of people for different kinds of work; in this case the objective would be to find a harmonious relationship between person and position.

8. Venus in Libra—“Untrue, Showy Outer Form” (EA 250)
The Tibetan offers positive and negative qualities of the sign, Libra. Only some of His assignments pertain to Venus in Libra. In this case, the desire to attract (coming through both Venus and Libra) combines with the superficiality of much experience upon the Mutable Cross, to produce an extroverted display intended to attract attention and, often, a mate.

9. Venus in Libra—“Fickleness and Variability” (EA 250)
Superficial attractions based upon outer appearances and shallowly pleasing qualities do not last for long. New attractions easily take their place; the person turns to whomever or whatever is most pleasing and attractive in the moment.

10. Venus in Libra—a Delicate, Fragile Balance:
Under the influence of Venus in Libra harshness, ugliness, dissonance, etc., are avoided at all costs. The subject seeks to preserve a life of balanced (Libra) beauty (Venus), but is easily disrupted by the intrusion of harsh, ‘un-beautiful’ reality.

11. Venus in Libra—Aestheticism, Artificiality:
This combination can lead to attitudes which are precious, and perhaps, a bit too good for the world. There can develop a kind of aesthetic snobbery which looks down upon those who do not meet a sufficient standard, especially in matters of form. Artificial and separative attitudes emerge.

12. Venus in Libra—Valuing Relationship
Under both Venus and Libra the opposites merge. Upon the Mutable Cross, however, the person with this placement has a very difficult time feeling whole and complete within himself. The desire for the ‘other’, for the ‘opposite’ becomes compelling. A high value is placed upon relationship and relatedness; the subject is motivated by the “urge to merge”.

13. Venus in Libra—Unrealistic Expectations, Romanticism:
Those influenced by this combination often have very high standards for relationship; they desire beauty and a perfection which is impossible to sustain.

14. Venus in Libra—Projection:
The evolutionary period upon the Mutable Cross is not characterized by any depth of psychological understanding until the time of preparation for transference to the Fixed Cross has arrived. Those attracted to each other (under both Venus and Libra) do not really know themselves, and so are likely to project their unknown self onto their partner, their “complement”. The refining influence of Venus in relation to Libra will incline these projections to be full of hope and high expectation.

15. Venus in Libra—Dependency upon Partnership:
The Sun (symbol of identity) “falls” in Libra. Many Libran people are, initially, unsure of who they are, unless they are able to be with someone else. Venus, a magnetic planet, adds to this urge for affiliation. In early days, those under the influence of Venus in Libra (feeling alone unless they ‘have’ another) look for their “better half”, their mate, the ‘other’ one who can bring harmony to them and make them feel complete.

16. Venus in Libra—Performing Feats of Balance, Acrobats, Aerialists, Ballet:
Libra gives the highest skill in feats of balance; Venus (especially if well aspected) brings refinement to whatever area of life it touches. The courage to undertake the more dangerous acts may have to come from some additional influence, but the finesse in performance is greatly assisted by Venus in Libra. In the realm of dance and especially those kinds of dance where perfection of forms in required, this combination excels.


Venus in Libra for the Advanced Man

1. Venus in Libra—Personality—Ajna and Sacral Center Relationship:
The following thought from the Tibetan integrates the functioning of the ajna center and the sacral center:
“The sacral centre is also connected with the ajna centre in the last analysis; the two together create a functioning duality which is productive of that subtle quality which we call personality. There is a wide field for investigation in the theme of personality as an integrated whole and in the quality of personality, which is the aroma, the influence, the effect and the radiation of a personality.”

Venus is the ruler of the ajna center and Libra has definite relations to the sacral center, for Libra is the major sign of sexuality, and its esoteric ruler, Uranus, is given as the planetary ruler of the sacral center for ordinary human beings and for disciples and initiates. (EA 517)

In the case of Venus in Libra, we have unitive energies at work. When the sacral energies are elevated to the throat (which is also governed by Venus which is the ruler of Taurus—the sign of the throat center), then the integration of the personality is facilitated. Mars in Libra, under ordinary circumstances, would not facilitate this integration.

2. Venus in Libra—a Developing Sense of Proportion (Especially Visual Proportion):
Libra and Venus are both visual indicators. Libra indicates visual objectivity, and Venus transmits the fifth ray which is associated with sight. The fifth ray is the enemy of exaggeration and minimization (which are the sources of glamorous distortion). Libra seeks to see all things justly—exactly as they are—and in perspective. Together, in the advanced man, they confer a keen ability to appreciate or produce proportion, and an undistorted sense of values (which is a psychological corollary to an outer sense of proportion)

3. Venus in Libra—Reciprocity in Relationship:
Libra is an influence which contributes to fairness, to a “give and take” which gives each its turn and its due. Venus is innately appreciative and considerate. With Venus in Libra there is a deep understanding that each party to a relationship has a need to have its values respected and, even, honored. This combination (through its magnetism) gives the capacity to receive the partner, and to respond to the reception with a giving of the self. There is no “one-way relationship” as may be found when Aries, Leo or Mars are pronounced.

4. Venus in Libra—Aesthetic Evaluation:
Under this combination, the advanced individual becomes a discerning judge (Libra) of all that is beautiful (Venus). All deviations from the beautiful and proportionate are easily registered. Artistic taste tends towards the “classical”, especially if Saturn is strongly involved.

5. Venus in Libra—Focus on Evaluation through Ajna Center:
Libra is the discerning judge; Venus is the “eye for beauty” and works through the ajna center. Libra, a dualistic sign, has a symbol which is strongly suggestive of the shape of the ajna center. Through this center a weighing and balancing occurs—just the kind of process which Libra induces. The ajna center appraises value, and determines whether it is worth sending the integrated personality in the direction of the appraised value. The “eye” (ajna) is active before desire is mobilized.

6. Venus in Libra—Harmonizing the Environment:
Both Venus and Libra are harmonizing, equilibrizing influences. Together they have great skill in action, and can take dissonant forces and convert them into harmonious relationships. Venus in Libra is the sign of the “peace-maker”, not only at the negotiating table, but in normal daily involvement with the environment.

7. Venus in Libra—Consequences of Desire Revealed:
Libra, a karmic sign, is adept at prefiguring the consequences of action, whereas Aries, which initiates so many karmically consequential actions, rarely is. Venus rules the sense of sight. Venus also represents the “fruits of action”. After an act has been initiated under the impulse of desire, it comes to fruition. Venus sees the fruits of action (the value or its opposite emerging from action taken). With Venus is Libra, there is judgment (Libra) of these fruits (Venus), and desire is adjusted and refined to promote a more satisfying, i.e., a more valuable outcome. This combination is one of those which confers some degree of foresight. Eventually, there is such understanding of the quality of actions and their emergent values, that only those actions are undertaken which promise the emergence of soul values. But this eventuality occurs on the Path of Discipleship and of Initiation, and is not yet possible for the advanced human being who is not yet orientated towards the soul.

8. Venus in Libra—Evaluating the Process Stimulated in Either Virgo or Scorpio
Depending upon which way the wheel is turning, the Libran experience is preceded by either Scorpio (ordinary wheel) or Virgo (reversed wheel). Libra governs a process of decision. The Libran energy (acting after the Scorpio experience) can send the human soul back into Scorpio for an intensification of the testing process, or onward (in a clockwise manner) into Virgo, for materialistic endeavor, or perhaps for spiritual germination. Or, receiving the human soul from Virgo, Libra can send that immersed consciousness onward (counterclockwise) into Scorpio for the true tests of discipleship, or backwards (clockwise) into Virgo again, for a deepening of soul life. A prolonged oscillation will occur in Libra, with the scales tipping now one way, now the other, before the decision (and the direction on the wheel) are finally determined. For the advanced human being, Venus (the plant of values) in Libra, the sign of judgment, brings to bear the influence of the soul (Venus) as the judgment is in process.

9. Venus in Libra—the Love of Beauty:
It has been said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. The combination, Venus in Libra, thrives on beauty—its consideration, its contemplation, its creation. Beauty emerges through right balance and proportion. Venus in Libra gives itself to the consideration of those proportions which produce beauty.

10. Venus in Libra—a Refined Sense of Values:
Values are the harvest of experience. We might call values ‘stably-oriented desires’. Libra weighs and balances for a prolonged period; in the process, the relative worth of many desire-alternatives is determined. That which is of lesser worth, lesser value, is eliminated, and only desires of a relatively high quality are retained. It has been said that the soul is the “quality of life”; Venus in Libra is one of those combinations in which this understanding is realized.

11. Venus in Libra—the Fine Arts:
Venus in Libra has a general association with the arts, but in the case of the advanced man, the standards are so high and the taste so refined, relatively, that a love of the “fine arts” is likely to emerge. Essentially, the fine arts are those through which soul values are expressed rather than strictly personal values. Considerable refinement in expression is required if the vehicles of expression (the three vehicles of the personality) are to be sufficiently sensitive, coordinated and skillful to express the beauty inherent in the higher worlds).

12. Venus in Libra—a Good Sense of Design:
Ultimately, all design is beautiful or not to the degree that it conforms to the archetypal pattern in the “heavens”—a pattern to which Venus in Libra is clearly related. Archetypes represent “perfected relationship”. Perhaps Aries can be considered to be the pure idea ,or the pure archetype, and Libra the idea or archetype in expression. Suffice it to say that design is all a matter of the manner in which the elements of any system are related to each other; Venus in Libra represents an ideal relationship expressive of beauty—the perfect placement and perfect functionality of every contributing part of a system.

13. Venus in Libra—Real Marriage Among Human Beings:
The old adage runs that “marriages are made in heaven”. Few marriages on earth testify to the accuracy of the saying, but the more powerful the soul expresses through those who enter into the marriage relationship, the more chance such marriages have of real success. Marriage must be based upon respect and understanding, and a true appreciation of the essential value of the marriage partner which make a real, psycho-spiritually intimate relationship between two individuals possible. These requirements are all within the province of the Venus-in-Libra energy.

14. Venus in Libra—Symbolizing the Pairs of Opposites:
Under Venus in Libra it is realized that normal male-female relationships upon the physical plane (entailing sexual attraction) is simply a symbol of a higher pair of opposites—soul and personality. The mind (Venus) becomes sufficiently illumined in Libra to see that the desire of the male-female polarities for each other are simply a reflection of the desire of one part of the human energy system for another. The causal position of the vertical relationship is realized in the horizontal. The reversal of the wheel can then occur; spiritual introversion takes the place of worldly extroversion. Soul-infusion (the true “marriage in the heavens”) is consummated.

15. Venus in Libra—Emergence of Right Human Relationships:
Perhaps no combination of influences is more associated with “right human relationship” than this one. If Mars and Aries/Leo represent the anti-social assertion of the lower ego, then Venus in Libra represents an appreciation of the value of others, and a loving insistence that they be treated fairly and in a brotherly way. For Venus in Libra, right human relationships are beautiful relationships. This beauty is further developed as the Law of Polar Union (EP II 111) continues to condition the approach of the individual soul (is there really such a thing?) to all souls in the one soul. Ultimately, right human relationship on the personal level are dependent upon correct a relationship between soul and personality, and even more deeply, upon the relationship existing between souls, even though all souls are but one soul.

16. Venus in Libra—Respect for Others; the Sense of Justice:
The sense of justice emergent through this combination is based upon the “law (Libra) of love (Venus)”. Justice arises through appreciation, respect and understanding, and not because it is enforced, as it would be with Saturn in this sign.

17. Venus in Libra—Peace Work:
Libra is the sign of peace, and an indicator of the work of that great Entity, the “Spirit of Peace”. Peace comes through justice, sharing, cooperation and mutual respect—all processes governed by Libra. Venus is the orthodox ruler of Libra and stands qualitatively opposed to the planet of War, Mars. Venus is magnetic, cohesive and centripetal, gathering into a harmonious integration those elements which, under frictional Mars, would be at war. Venus in Libra confers a deep appreciation to the needs of other parties, and an attempt to be lovingly fair in ensuring that those needs are met. This is a prescription for peace.

18. Venus in Libra—New Attitudes Towards Sex and Money
Libra is the sign which relates to the triplicity—law, sex and money—coming under the first, second and third rays, respectively. Soul values emerge through the protective agency of the law, which expresses the will of the higher powers. Instead of animalistic sex, love and caring are expressed. In relation to money, there emerges a refined sense of what is materially worth while, and the method by which this creative energy can serve the emergence of soul values. Venus in Libra is particularly related to questions surrounding sex and money, indicating the possibility of introducing soul-expression into sexual and monetary practices. Law, sex and money, as here indicated, all pertain to the expression of the third aspect of divinity (with each of them expressing a different sub-ray of the third ray). Venus introduces a second aspect/second ray energy to this expression, seeking to change a personal orientation; into its transpersonal correspondence.

19. Venus in Libra—Dilettantism:
A negative quality associated with Venus is Libra is dilettantism, understood as an artificial refinement too precious for the world. It leads to a snobbish, egoistic aestheticism, a prideful attitude expressed as “more aesthetic than thou”. The satirist W.S. Gilbert had a sharp understanding of this type of individual when, in the opera, Patience, he had the false poet Reginald Bunthorne declare the less than exalted nature of his true motivation in the following words: “In short, my aestheticism’s affection, born of a morbid love of admiration.”

20. Venus in Libra—Harmony in Relationship:
Although in the rays given for both Venus and Libra the fourth ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is not to be found, the suspicion often arises that this ray (especially in its harmony aspect) is present in both instances. The presence of this combination in the horoscope of the advanced man goes a long way towards ensuring the expression of right human relationship in his life.

21. Venus in Libra—“Soul-Mate” Expectations:
Among advanced people the concept of the “soul-mate” begins to arise. Archetypally, Venus in Libra represents beauty and perfection in relationship. This is seldom achieved among personalities, though hope persists. At least the advanced human beings in relationship can begin to discover the deeper sources of affinity which unite them.

Venus in Libra for the Disciple/Initiate

1. Venus in Libra—the Noble Middle Path:
Libra rules the “Noble Middle Path” between the extremes of spirit and matter. This Noble Path is the Path of the Soul and, as well, the Path of Beauty, on which the “golden mean” is respected as the standard of behavior. There is, of course, a particular connection between Venus and the soul, thus, Venus in Libra strengthens the understanding of the Noble Middle Path and the ability of the disciple/initiate to tread it.

2. Venus in Libra—Balance within the Personality Vehicles
This combination contributes to the achievement of a refined (Venus) and balanced (Libra) state within each personality sheath and between the sheaths themselves, bringing about a greater fusion of soul and personality.

3. Venus in Libra—Elevation of Sacral Energies to the Throat:
Venus is a secondary ruler of the throat center because it is the orthodox ruler of Taurus, which sign is anatomically related to the throat. Libra (a sign closely associated with sexuality) is related to the sacral center—the chakra which stimulates sexuality. The sacral center also brings about the concrete manifestation of physical vehicles using the seventh ray; Libra is the seventh sign and is esoterically ruled by Uranus, distributing the seventh ray. In order for the “Marriage in the Heavens” to occur, the energy of the sacral center must be elevated, in large measure, to the creative throat center. Venus in Libra is a position which contributes to artistic creativity—the creation (Libra/third ray) of beauty (Venus). Such activities are instrumental in achieving the chakric elevation here discussed.

While Uranus, Mars, Pluto and the Moon, can all be reasonably related to the sacral center, Venus (distributing the sixth ray, probably monadically), too, has an eventual relationship with this sixth center. Personality, too, has been said to result of the combination of ajna and sacral energies: “The sacral centre is also connected with the ajna centre in the last analysis; the two together create a functioning duality which is productive of that subtle quality which we call personality. (EH 178) This fact relates Venus, already powerful at the ajna center, with the sacral center—influenced by Libra, the orthodox ruler of which is, significantly, Venus.

4. Venus in Libra—Balancing Negativity with Soul Values:
When thoughts contrary to yoga arise, the yogi is to think thoughts which are opposite to the contrary thoughts; thus are wrong tendencies corrected. The combination of Venus in Libra is adept at proposing the soulful thought or action which balances and neutralizes negativity.

5. Venus in Libra—the Beauty of Union:
In unity there is beauty. When states of inclusive love sweep through the consciousness, the perceiver is impressed by beauty as well. Union with the soul is union with beauty. These two astrological influences, Venus and Libra, (both so associated with the magnetism which produces union, and with the quality of beauty) reveal the beauty of the soul-infused and soul-fused states.

6. Venus in Libra—Search for the Archetype:
Among the Sabian Symbols, the first degree of Libra contains the symbol of an impaled butterfly displaying the beauty of its wings; this symbol suggests to the author, Dane Rudhyar, an “immortal archetypal reality”. The symbol for the first degree of any sign is foundational in meaning for all subsequent degrees. Libra embodies the idea of the perfection of the form—a perfection which, at this stage in the evolution of our planet, can only be found upon the archetypal realms. Venus rules the process of refinement—until the quintessence is reached. This refining process restores the expression of form to its originating archetype. Disciples and Initiates strongly under the influence of this combination understand the perfect archetypal pattern within the imperfect expression of a form. They seek to create forms expressive of this perfect pattern, or to refine present forms until the internal pattern is to be seen.

7. Venus in Libra—the Triangularization in Relationship:
In every bi-polar relationship, a third and synthetic factor is ultimately to be found reconciling the poles. The soul, for instance, is the third and synthetic factor reconciling the ‘opposition’ between spirit and matter. Libra is associated not only with duality, but with triangularity—as its symbol suggests. Venus, orthodox ruler of Libra, is associated with the middle point from which the magnetic energy of fusion emanates. Through the agency of Venus in Libra, many pairs of opposites are unified within the point of soul consciousness which, Venus, planet of the soul, represents.

8. Venus in Libra—a Balance Achieved Between Soul and Form:
Venus is one of the foremost planets of the soul, and Libra represents the balance between opposites. As well, Libra expresses the third aspect (related to personality) and (because of its emphasis upon “Divine Love”) (EA 333) Libra, increasingly, will be found expressing the second aspect. If Aries is the one, then Libra is the two. Under Venus in Libra, soul values emerge and balance material values, without entirely overcoming them. A beautiful relationship between soul and personality is achieved; soul seeks to express through beautiful material forms. The destruction or radical transformation of such forms awaits more drastic astrological influences. Under the combination of Venus in Libra, soul and personality achieve an harmonious and beautiful partnership, based upon love and mutual respect.

9. Venus in Libra—Soul-Mate Relationships:
Increasingly, the disciple and initiate understand human living from the perspective of the relatively immortal soul. They realize that partners and cooperators in this life are not really ‘new’ acquaintances. Perhaps, when they find those they have loved before, they recognize these individuals. Perhaps, they recognize those whom they have loved many times before, and perhaps they recognize that such love is not based simply upon superficial personality attraction, but upon a deep similarity between the subjective patterns of being. Those whose soul rays are the same, or whose monadic and soul rays are the same, are true friends in life, and true mates a spiritual sense. Venus in Libra helps one detect mutual patterns of deep, subjective affinity, and brings together individuals who share such patterns. Thus, are formed ideal partnerships between those who are in deep harmony and resonance with each other. Such individuals become inseparable partners, persistently, lovingly and ‘lightedly’ related to one another. In the higher sense of the term, they become “soul mates”, because of recognized affinity between their soul patterns.

10. Venus in Libra—the “Marriage in the Heavens”; the Consummation of Horizontal Relationships:
Soul and personality must come together in harmony, beauty and truth. This is the true marriage, of which outer marriages are reflections. This holy marriage takes place, not on the planes of earth, but within the causal body (i.e., in the “Heavens”) during the initiation process. The consciousness of the human soul is “drawn up” into the consciousness of the Solar Angel (which pervades the causal body far more fully than it does the lower personality consciousness). The inner harmony which results from the inner marriage between the “opposites” soul and personality, flows through the personality, rendering its normal, horizontal relationships more beautiful and harmonious. We might say that the Marriage in the Heavens resulting in the intimate, harmonious union of soul and personality is a consummation (albeit a relative consummation) of all previous horizontal relationships, no matter how harmonious or how satisfying.

11. Venus in Libra—Changing Partners:
The tendency to emphasize the importance of a human partner changes to the emphasis upon the soul as partner.

12. Venus in Libra—Contemplation: the Fusing of Subject and Object in Consciousness:
The energy of Libra, when rightly appropriated by a disciple or initiate, confers undistorted objectivity. In Libra, the opposites face one another from positions one hundred eighty degrees apart, and thus can see and be seen clearly, face to face. Objectivity is a first step and must precede contemplation. In the meditative process, Libra is the sign associated, especially, with contemplation. Further, Venus is the planet of the soul, and it is the soul which contemplates—not the personality. Libra brings subject and object into relationship; the beauty of the object is seen. Venus facilitates the process of merging, whereby the meditator merges with the life and interior pattern of the object (or person) considered—this is contemplation.

Aesthetic appreciation is especially related to contemplation. When one is enrapt in the consideration of a thing of beauty, one enters within the object of consideration, temporarily suspending the awareness of one’s own ego; then, through a process of fusion—the contemplating subject becomes the contemplated object. While contemplation may begin with the most attentive observation, as the process continues, the one who contemplates is no longer, strictly speaking, the observer, but becomes a participant in the life and pattern of that which is contemplated. The contemplator lives within the object of contemplation. Both Venus and Libra promote this aesthetic attitude which facilitates contemplation.

13. Venus in Libra—the Law of Magnetic Impulse; the Law of Polar Union:
The Law of Magnetic Impulse—magnetically drawing souls into relationship—is also called the Law of Polar Union and is definitely connected with Libra (under which sign, the union of the poles occurs). Magnetic Impulse (Polar Union) has little to do with relationships between personalities (no matter how harmonious or correct). This law functions in the world of souls and in relation to souls. Venus is the planet which rules the fifth kingdom of nature, the Kingdom of Souls. As well, Venus rules the magnetism which attracts souls to each to her and holds them in relationship with each other.

With respect to Libra (and to Venus) three kinds of relationship are involved:
1) horizontal relationships between two personalities;
2) vertical relationships between the soul and the personality; and
3) horizontal relationships between souls (on their own plane). It is to this third category of relationship that the Law of Polar Union applies. Venus in Libra can be seen functioning within those human relationships which, in the quality of their exchange, reflect the horizontal relationships on the plane of soul. In such a case, persons, who realize they are souls, will relate personally as if “soul-to-soul”.

14. Venus in Libra—Contributes to Brotherhood:
The era of achieved brotherhood occurs through Venus in the third decanate of Aquarius. All air signs, however, are powerful when any one air sign conditions a precessional age. Thus Libra is powerful during the Age of Aquarius, as is its orthodox ruler, Venus. Broader brotherly relations between the members of human society are based upon right relations between individuals in partnership—which partnership Venus in Libra promotes. As human being learn to relate harmoniously in pairs, they transfer their developing relationship skills to larger collections of people. The progression proceeds from the individual, to the couple to the group. Right Human Relationships (indicated by Venus is Libra) is an essential ingredient in the establishment of Intelligent Brotherhood. Venus in Libra and Venus in Aquarius work out the interesting similarities and distinctions between friends and lovers.

15. Venus in Libra—Drama of Polarities Transferred to Meditative Life:
Under Venus in Libra, the dramatic interplay between the polarities which works out upon the physical and astral planes, must be further internalized and elevated to the level of the mind. Upon the mental level, and under the influence or the light of the soul, the polarities are harmonized and resolved. Conflicts are harmonized in the mind before they are allowed to express more crudely upon the outer planes.

16. Venus in Libra—Interpersonal Relations Reflect Harmonious Soul-Personality Relations:
For the disciple/initiate, right human relations emerge as a reflection of the loving relations between soul and personality. The improvement of horizontal relations reflect a continuing improvement in the quality of the “marriage” between soul and personality.

17. Venus in Libra—Justice Based upon Soul Values:
Libra demands justice and fairness; Venus insists upon the expression of soul values. Justice is seen to be desirable because the consciousness is influenced by soul realization and the values arising from that realization.

18. Venus in Libra—Activation of the Love Petals, Especially the Fifth Petal.
The petals of the egoic lotus have many and various zodiacal and planetary correspondences—not to mention ray correspondences. Love is the middle principle in the trinity, and Libra is the pivotal or middle sign, especially when Leo/Virgo are considered as one sign. (cf. EA 230) Libra has some association with the fifth or love/love petal of the egoic lotus. The second petal of the second tier is the representative petal of love; Libra controls that choice point which “reverses the wheel” and orients the human soul towards the spiritual soul. This reorientation and the unfoldment of the fifth petal occur together—though, of course, the process is not sudden. Leo and Libra together refer to both the opening of the fifth petal and to the possibility of the first initiation.

19. Venus in Libra—Unifying Consciousness Through Beauty:
Master Morya has said, “With beauty, thou hast the light.” The contemplation of beauty unifies soul and personality. Conversely, when soul and personality are united, the beauty of creation is revealed. Venus in Libra confers the love of that which beautiful. This love intensifies until the principles, formulas and relationships which produce beauty are revealed, and the human being considers not only things of beauty but “the beautiful”, itself. To discover the meaning of “the beautiful” takes one into the realm of archetypes, and therefore, into the realm of soul. To love the beautiful is the beginning of loving the soul. Beauty is akin to solar fire, and the contemplation of beauty invokes solar fire. The Path of Beauty is the Path of Soul, the Path of Return—returning a man to his high estate.

20. Venus in Libra—Representing the Spirit of Peace:
Venus is the modifier. It reduces fire by friction, so basically we are looking at peace here. The spirit of Peace.(there might be a triangle of the Spirit of Peace, Libra and Venus)

21. Venus in Libra—Detecting the Value within Life Experience:
From the many converging energies of life, value must emerge. Venus in Libra is one of the principle combinations of evaluation. That which is truly useful for the soul is recognized and extracted. One becomes the judge of the value of life experience, and, further, seeks only those life experiences which are of sufficient quality to be valuable for the soul.

22. Venus in Libra—the Path on which Soul Values are Expressed:
The path of directed descent, the sushumna , the central path ---You always have to respect the rights of either party and you have the held mental illuminative focus that allows you to do that. ---(It is almost like there is a merging of Aries and Libra, there is an immediate connection between the two, so it really speeds up and the narrow middle path being the path of beauty is the expedient way. And the minute we talk about expedience we are talking about manifestation and Ray 3)

23. Venus in Libra—Avoiding Negative Karma:
Venus represents the illumined mind, and Libra, the capacity to foresee consequences. Thus, under this combination, the consequences of action are held within the illumined mind, and intelligently evaluated (Libra and the third ray). This combination, thus, helps avoid negative karma by ensuring that the subject avoids obvious karmic blunders caused by impatience, impulse and blindness. Venus succeeds where Mars fails; Libra succeeds where Aries fails.

24. Venus in Libra—Realization of the Consequences of Desire:
Desire is blind and ruled by Mars. Under Venus, the human sees the consequences of the desires which have been set in motion. Under Venus in Libra the human being is free to choose (Libra) its desires according to soul values (Venus). Desire is not dead, but it is karmically intelligent.

25. Venus in Libra—Balancing the Causal Body:
Within the causal body is nothing evil, but the causal body can have deficiencies which manifest as deficiencies and imbalances in normal physical plane living. Libra is an energy which, when applied to the causal process, restores that process to balance, and contributes to the “rounding out” of the causal body. No doubt the karmic agents (and the Solar Angel as a karmic agent) utilizes the energy of Libra to determine which energies are to be utilized in the succeeding incarnation. The selection of ray, zodiacal and planetary energies is not done by chance. A larger developmental purpose is served. Libra (“Lord of the Balance”) and Venus, the “Arbiter of Quality”, reveal the next step. Eventually there develops a balanced and beautiful causal demonstration through which the energies of Libra (balance) and Venus (beauty) have full expression.

26. Venus in Libra—Karma as an Agent of the Law of Love:
Saturn in Libra is the stern karmic judge. The purpose behind the ‘exactions’ of karma, however, is the emergence of the principle of love, expressed by Venus, and by Libra as well. Severe and exact justice is the balance required if love is to triumph in relationship.

Individuals with Venus in Libra

Woody Allen
Vincenzo Bellini
Annie Besant
Nadia Boulanger
Augustus Caesar
Bill Clinton
Aleister Crowley
Elizabeth I
Paul Joseph Goebbels
Hermann Helmholz
Charlton Heston
Ivan the Terrible
Jawaharlal Nehru
Earnest Rutherford
Junipero Serra
D. T. Suzuki
Noah Webster
Oscar Wilde
Orville Wright


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