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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio or Saturn in Relation to Scorpio

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Specific Expressions of Saturn in Scorpio

1. Saturn (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Etheric-Physical Vehicle:
Congestion and insufficient vitalization may occur in relation to the genital organs or the organs of elimination (including the lower bowel). Obstruction in the bowel must be guarded against. The major centers involved are the sacral center (and related minor centers) and also the center at the base of the spine (which is ruled not only by Pluto, but by Mars—“kundalini latent”).

Scorpio can be associated with negative energy, as can Saturn (ruler of the third divine aspect the momentum of which seeks to retard the expression of the second aspect). Saturn in Scorpio is associated with concentrations of such negative energy. Narcosis and miasms in general begin in the etheric body before they every reach the dense physical nature. Saturn with Scorpio may indicate morbid areas within the etheric system, which, if not cleansed, de-congested and regenerated, can undermine the health of the whole. Perhaps every system in the three worlds carries it own “seeds of death”.

2. Saturn (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
The “dens of evil” are said to be concentrated within the astral world. The analogy within the astral body of the individual human unit, are areas of concentrated emotional negativity—hardened negativities which, at length, can poison or even destroy the entire system. Saturn (with its first ray power) is the crystallizer and all crystallizations become, at length, obstructions. Hardened negative attitudes (the proverbial “hard feelings”), the grudges, cultivated animosities, sustained resentments—all these are conditions of morbidity within the sentient vehicle, preventing it from serving as an instrument for the expression of soul love.

These selfish, negative attitudes and desires must be overcome. There is much danger, however, in the some methods chosen for overcoming. Suppression is one such method. (About repression, which is unconscious, there is very little that can be done until—through professional or soul-administered psychological therapy—it becomes conscious.) But suppression can be noticed and corrected. Essentially, suppression is the “putting down” of emotional conditions which, for one thing, are incompletely understood, and for another, are feared.

The personal ego knows that such selfish, negative emotional attitudes are destructive, but fears it cannot handle them. So the personal will suppresses them. While this gets them “out of the way” for a while, the conditions only go ‘underground’ where they grow in malefic strength, only to erupt in a form far less controllable than earlier.

The suppressive method, so associated with Saturn in Scorpio, is associated with the disease, cancer. The following statement from the Tibetan makes this clear:

“…as the race develops right emotional control we shall see the gradual disappearance of the phenomena of cancer. I said right emotional control; inhibition and the suppression of the desire impulses by the force of the will is not right control.” (EH 60)

“Cancer is a disease most definitely related to the centres, and it will be found that the centre in the area wherein the cancer exists is overactive, with a consequent increase of energy pouring through the related bodily substance. This energy and the overstimulation of a centre can be due not only to the activity of the centre and its consequent radiation, but also the suppression imposed by the mind upon any activity of a particular centre. This brings about a damming up of energy, and again we have the creation of too much concentrated energy in any particular area. One of the main sources of cancer as related to the sacral centre, and therefore to the sex organs, has been the well-intentioned suppression of the sex life, and of all thought connected with the sex life, by misguided aspirants;…” (EH 239)

And further:

“The same thing can be said about the violent inhibition imposed by an aspirant upon all emotional reactions and feelings. In their effort to control the astral body, these people resort to a process of direct inhibition and suppression. That suppression makes of the solar plexus centre a great reservoir of drastically retained energy. Transmutation of the emotions into aspiration and love and directed control is not present, and the existence of this vibrant reservoir of power brings about cancer of the stomach, of the liver, and sometimes of the entire area of the abdomen. I simply mention these causes (overactivity of a centre and the retention of energy, unexpressed and inhibited) as fruitful sources of cancer.” (EH 239-240)

Saturn in Scorpio is dangerous in relation to cancer of the sexual organs and bowel; Saturn in Cancer is similarly dangerous in relation to the stomach, liver, etc., as described above. Clearly, transmutation, elevation and creativity are more suitable antidotes to the management of powerful emotional forces (among them, negative emotional forces) that direct suppression.

Fortunately, Saturn is not only a first ray planet, but distributes even more strongly the creative third ray, the Ray of Creative Intelligence. Therefore, there are other more creative solutions available to the Saturn in Scorpio person—especially since third-ray Saturn rules the third-ray throat center, towards which the sexual energies (Scorpio) must be lifted.

Saturn, therefore is not at all a proscription against creativity. Mozart, for instance, one of the most prolific musical geniuses humanity has produced, had Saturn in the fifth house of his natal chart. The fifth house relates directly to the creative life, and refers here to the brilliant structure (Saturn) of his creations rather than to a musical version of “writer’s block”!

Upon the Fixed Cross, and once the method of direct suppression has been abandoned, Saturn helps the disciple manage the astral vehicle and its desires with intelligent creativity according to soul law. Yes, there is emotional regulation, and negativity is not allowed to express destructively, but there are also applied rules and procedures for breaking up the negativity, and for elevating its energy to the throat center. We could call the approach, one of ‘controlled release’.

3. Saturn (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Lower Mental Vehicle:
Upon the Mutable Cross, Saturn in Scorpio can produce the selfish, materialistic mind, intent upon the fulfillment of low desire. This combination is a power indicator, and, at first, the Saturn in Scorpio person will seek the acquisition of power for itself alone. There may be a certain ruthless quality to the thinking; the first ray potentials of both Saturn and Scorpio will make it easier for such a person to “do whatever is necessary” to achieve his ends.

As evolution proceeds, the mind, in Scorpio becomes active in two ways: firstly as an intellectual instrument aiding in the control of the astral body, and in the process of release from low desire; and secondly, as an illumined instrument which aids in the release from “surrounding world glamour”. (EA 180) Saturn, a planet much associated with intelligence, can certainly play a role in both processes. As an agent of control, Saturn is undisputed; this relates to the first process. In relation to the second process, Saturn helps the disciple realistically face whatever glamors the illumined mind (under hierarchical Mercury) may reveal.

4. Saturn (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
Saturn in Scorpio produces a serious person who realizes that “life is not a game”. The stakes are high, and correct decisions (Saturn) can mean the difference between life and death (Scorpio). A focal Saturn in Scorpio can be hard, materialistic and cruel in the extreme. The Hydra is in control, and Saturn (looking ‘down’ rather than ‘up’) seeks no reason why this Hydra should not be gratified. Such a combination, unregulated, can contribute to what the Tibetan has called, the “Monster. Unity of Selfishness.” (EA 333)

But, of course, the potential for positivity is equally great. We must remember that Scorpio transmits the fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict, and is, therefore, a sign of extremes.

“Extremes ever meet in the disciple who stands at this midway point or at the centre of the Fixed Cross in Scorpio.” (EA 225) “In Scorpio, the purificatory waters of testing and trials are applied. This takes place upon the Fixed Cross and their effect is drastic in the extreme.” (EA 287)

Scorpio is the sign of triumph, and Saturn is the planet of law. With this combination, the advanced individual knows that if he carefully follows the laws of the soul, facing his negativity realistically and bravely, he will triumph. Here then, is the individual who will not let himself “get away with anything”. The movements of the Hydra are always countered; the surveillance constant, the attitude exacting. If Scorpio is the sign of “Test, Trial and Triumph” and Saturn is the planet of testing (EA 138), then the combination, Saturn in Scorpio, is peculiarly representative of the Path of Discipleship, and peculiarly powerful upon that Path.

5. Saturn (in Scorpio) and the Presentation of Opportunity on the Path of Discipleship:
On the Path of Discipleship, presented difficulty is presented opportunity. The Hydra represents man’s great difficulty, his ancient and continuous opponent—until defeated. For the Saturn in Scorpio person, there is no escape from the presentation of negativity. The tendency of Saturn is to “do something about it”. Under this combination, the disciple realizes he is always being tested, thus he remains alert, realistic, and ready to proceed against the enemy according to the ancient rules. He is not foolish; he does not over-estimate himself. He has been defeated before, perhaps many times, and is now determined to win. His way is not easy. Obstruction seems to meet him with every step. But at least he faces evil within himself (and others) and is not naively deceived into thinking he as triumphed, when he has not. At length, through the cautious approach, the triumph will be his.

6. Saturn (in Scorpio) and Choices to be Made and Destruction to be Endured in order to Promote a Freer Expression of the Soul:
The choices are between evident good and evil. This is an intelligent combination; Saturn is intelligent and Scorpio knows how to “get what it wants”. If the path chosen is the negative path, then there is enough cunning to ensure a temporary success. But we are speaking here of discipleship and its ongoing tests. The choice in such cases concerns how seriously (Saturn) one engages in the process of transformation (Scorpio).

The responsibility (Saturn) is one’s own. No one can face the Hydra for another. Faults or weaknesses can be indicated for good motive, but the testing belongs to each alone. The choice is really between two contrasting orders of life—one anciently established and long familiar; the other new. The question is: “Are you really serious about soul-control; even if it means the death of desire, and more—the death of the personality”? “Just how serious are you?”

The destruction to be endured under the pressure of Saturn is the destruction of vice. The Hydra is an “existing condition” which must be broken up to produce greater freedom of soul expression. The important thing is, that under this influence, there is no evasion. The enemy is clearly seen, and it is oneself. Although the enemy is an enemy, there is pain in its defeat, because a cherished (though unworthy) part of ourselves is defeated with it. In the case of the true disciple, Saturn in Scorpio indicates that one has the grit and stamina to endure the destruction.

7. As “the sacred planets endeavour to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul and the non-sacred planets influence more specifically the form nature”, how does Saturn, a sacred planet, fuse the personality and make it a responsible instrument of the soul in this particular sign? How does it enforce the law(s) of the soul, and assist in the fulfillment of the Purpose, Plan and Dharma conceived by the soul?:
The nine heads of the Hydra are forces of disintegration, preventing fusion. Once these heads (and their ancillaries) are defeated, fusion is a natural process. Instead of conflict and division under Scorpio, the harmony aspect of its fourth ray supervenes, and the personal forces are harmoniously blended.

Scorpio represents the overbearing will of the soul, pushing its personality to the proverbial “edge”. There is no room to maneuver; there is no “slack”. Saturn only reinforces the Scorpionic intent, making it impossible for the personality to escape its fate. The personality, under Scorpio, is the “Warrior”; further, the personality has agreed to let the “Inner Warrior” fight the battle within and through the personality. The tiny personal ego cannot win; Mars and Pluto cannot win alone. One thing the personality can do in this final battle is to be humble, and it is this humility that Saturn (in relation to Scorpio) helps to enforce.

Saturn in Scorpio will do whatever is necessary to win. In this case, it is necessary to kneel, which means, psychologically, to see all things in proper proportion; to realize the magnitude of the forces arrayed against one; to realize the limitations of one’s personal powers; to realize that higher forces await to assist if one will only allow them in. It is realistic Saturn which helps the disciple to “take the steps” to kneel.

A Few Miscellaneous Meanings of Saturn in Scorpio:

a. the effect of the Triadal Lives (ruled by Saturn) upon the Fourth Creative Hierarchy (ruled by Scorpio)
b. atma in relation to buddhi
c. chastening effects of karma; hidden retributive karma
d. determination to face one’s negativity and negative karma
e. making the necessary sacrifices for the sake of the Plan
f. fulfilling karmic requirements before transformation is possible
g. the stern requirements to be met by those who would tread the Path of Discipleship
h. transformation (Scorpio) through discipline (Saturn)
i. detachment from negativity
j. breaking-up resistant negative conditions
k. restraining negative instinct; suppressing but not understanding negative forces
l. realism about human negativity
m. firmness in dealing with the opponent
n. investing and acquiring according to law (Saturn)
o. see that you make the necessary sacrifices
p. intelligent manipulation for selfish financial purposes
q. determined selfishness
r. hardship and survival issues; survivalism; doing what you must to survive
s. deep-seated emotional blockages
t. pathologies arising through suppression
u. humanity’s Dweller; the Forces of Obstruction
v. the Black Lodge blocking (Saturn) human progress (Humanity ruled by Scorpio)

Individuals with Saturn in Scorpio

Marlon Brando
Leo Buscaglia
Andrew Carnegie
Jimmy Carter
Carlos Casteneda
Marie Curie
Amelia Earhart
Elizabeth II
William Faulkner
R. Buckminster Fuller
Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi
Bill Gates
Johann von Goethe
Johannes Kepler
Jeddu Krishnamurti
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Robert E. Lee
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
William Lilly
Cosima Liszt
Martin Luther
Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim
Marilyn Monroe
J. Pierpont Morgan
John Muir
Dane Rudhyar
Jean Sibelius
Algernon Swinburne
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Margaret Thatcher
Arturo Toscanini
Immanuel Velikovsky
Oprah Winfrey
Frank Lloyd Wright
Wilbur Wright

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