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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini or Saturn in Relation to Gemini

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Saturn in Gemini—Opposition and a Basic Revolution:

[Decanate rulers in Gemini—Jupiter, Mars, Sun] “You will note how two out of the governing planets of the decanates in the case of the ordinary wheel serve to enhance the planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini with Saturn offering at a certain fairly advanced stage the opposition needed to bring about a basic revolution. Note this phrasing.” (EA 369)

2. Saturn in Gemini in Relation to the “Dweller on the Threshold”:

“Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on the Threshold, for humanity as a whole has to face that Dweller as well as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both the Dweller and the Angel are that complex duality which is the human family. Saturn in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes this possible.” (EA 164)

Specific Expressions of Saturn in Gemini

1. Saturn (in Gemini) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles:
Congestion and insufficient vitalization may occur in relation to the lungs and the lung centers. Complaints may appear in the arms and hands. Gemini (with Aquarius) rules the etheric body and the nadis. (EA 357), and is always associated with vitalization. The lungs, the lung centers, breath, life, vitality and pranic transmission in the etheric body are all related. Saturn is restrictive and hardening, and may contribute to a ‘narrowing’ of channels of etheric transmission, and, hence, devitalization. As the physical counterpart to the etheric condition, there may be insufficient oxygenation of the blood. Saturn, however, because it breaks up obstacles, can destroy congestion and, at length, contribute to a freer flow of vitality. Saturn in Gemini will, in general, somewhat limit physical activity or, at least, make it more purposeful and deliberate. The waste motion, to which Gemini so often contributes, will be restrained under this influence.

Because Saturn, transmitting the third ray, rules the throat center (of disciples) and because Gemini is so to speech and ideation, the area of the throat will also an energy focal point when this combination is prominent. Speech is slowed and becomes heavier and more serious. One learns the lesson not to waste his breath through idle talk.

Upon the astral plane, there rages a great conflict between the pairs of opposites. The Tibetan speaks of the “desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon the astral plane” (EA 362) which characterizes our planetary life because, Earth is related to dualistic Gemini as its hierarchical ruler. Gemini, though an air sign, and, hence, mentally and buddhically related, has a strong influence on the astral condition. Even the Second Cosmic Path (ruled by Gemini) deals with the regeneration of astral energy. Saturn in Gemini clarifies the demarcation between the kamic/astral pairs of opposites.

The realism of Saturn forces one to see clearly the distinctions between the members of the pairs, and to choose. The many conflicting desires are somewhat quieted, their variety lessened, and a few critical choices brought to the fore. Gemini is deeply connected to the energy of love, and when Saturn is found in this sign, the discipline(Saturn) of love (Gemini) is forced upon the desire body, and one is forced consciously to choose between love/soul and desire/personality. The result of choosing wisely, will be the introduction of more second ray energy (Gemini) into the astral nature.

Gemini is the third sign and strongly associated with the third ray. Saturn transmits the third ray. Hence the power of Saturn in Gemini in relation to the lower mind, which is the third of the personality vehicles. Saturn in Gemini makes the mind more structured and rigorous in every respect. Thought (Gemini) is taken seriously (Saturn). The mind is not used for play, but for work; (Saturn). Because of the double emphasis upon the number three, some third ray is necessarily evoked within the mental body because of this combination. There may a capacity for mental intricacy, but a tendency towards mental rigidity as well. Thoughtforms are laboriously built and may become inflexible.

There is, at a certain point of evolution, relatively easy access to the higher mind. Abstraction and concretion mix and blend. The following, from the Old Commentary, uses language very reminiscent of the antahkarana, with which (in its lower aspect) Saturn is associated by H.P.B. “…a younger son (Saturn) sought to rescue his brothers, and to this end he built a triple bridge between the old and new. This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible.” Saturn and Mercury both rule the Path of Discipleship, whereon the “rainbow bridge” is built, and the fourth initiation after which the bridge is the only means of communication between the Triad and personality, for the causal body has been negated.

We might say that Saturn in Gemini is effective in relating the manasic permanent atom in the higher mental vehicle and the mental unit in the lower. This combination can contribute to the structuring and stabilization of the bridge between the higher Triad and the lower—the personality.

2. Saturn (in Gemini) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
Saturn is generically associated with the personality vehicle (the composite lunar lord) just as are Mars, the Earth and the Moon. Gemini suggests the idea of the great pair of opposites, soul and personality. At first, the presence or the soul is latent and unconscious. Saturn in Gemini refers to the environment and the necessity of learning the hard (Saturn) lessons (Gemini) which the environment teaches. One may not learn quickly, but one learns well—eventually. The personality learns to think intelligently and with due respect for the “many things” of life and their inter-relationships.

Later in the evolutionary cycle, the basic opposition between soul and personality becomes a great fact in consciousness. Saturn is the planet of “encounter”—the facing of difficulty, the facing of reality, the facing of the opposite. A conscious confrontation between the two is arranged. It may not yet be the battle which appears in Scorpio, but it is a realistic appraisal, a knowledgeable encounter, and the incarnated human soul (standing between the lower personality and the soul), intelligently understands the contrast.

3. Saturn (in Gemini) and the Presentation of Opportunity on the Path of Discipleship:
Presented difficulty is opportunity—to be faced and overcome. The difficulty is the chasm which divides the higher pair of opposites (soul and personality) from each other; on a lower turn of the spiral, the difficulty is everything that prevents communication between man and man, and man and his environment. The aspirant or disciple faces two very different and apparently very separate worlds. Yet the two must be brought together, through right and lawful practice, discipline on all three levels of the personality, meditation, careful thought, and, in general, through right living. The bridge between the two must be built; it will not do for them to remain in cloven opposition.

Saturn in Gemini must so train the lower mind that it can receive accurate impression from the soul and Triad. This is laborious, and requires the fostering of serious (Saturn) dialogue (Gemini) between soul and personality. The soul is the Thinker. That Thinker must come into power through an intelligent, mentally polarized personality. The structuring of the mind so that it, eventually, becomes an intelligent instrument for the expression of soul light and pure reason is one of the major tasks at hand.

4. Saturn (in Gemini) and Choices to be Made and Destruction to be Endured in order to Promote a Freer Expression of the Soul:
Early choices are between different ones of the pairs of opposites, with the emphasis on intelligently choosing the higher of the opposites, for in most cases the opposites are not equal but graduated. For the individual on the Fixed Cross, the choice (and it must be an intelligent choice) is clearly between emphasizing the soul or the personality.

The destruction to be endured is the destruction of illusion, of obstructive thoughtforms which have been constructed in the half-light of the lower mind. Saturn in Gemini (because of the powerful third ray emphasis) can build a mental labyrinth form which there is no easy escape. Mind alone will not solve the problem which mind has built. The bridge must be well constructed (according to rule and law—Saturn) if the intuition is to be touched, and descend into the world of illusion, dispelling it.

This is one of those combinations which emphasizes the truth of the ancient saying, “The mind is the slayer of the real”. A veritable wall (Saturn) of thoughtforms (Gemini) may separate the human soul from the higher sources of light, love and power. That wall must be destroyed, so that the disciple can again breathe. (Gemini rules the breathing process and Saturn represents obstruction.)

Another destruction to be endured is of lines of communication which do not carry soul energy. Saturn in Gemini “cuts off communication”—for good or ill. Certain lines of relationship are frivolous or destructive and must be severed with the Saturnian scythe. Serious (Sirius) communications take their place.

5. As “the sacred planets endeavour to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul and the non-sacred planets influence more specifically the form nature”, how does Saturn, a sacred planet, fuse the personality and make it a responsible instrument of the soul in this particular sign? How does it enforce the law(s) of the soul, and assist in the fulfillment of the Purpose, Plan and Dharma conceived by the soul?:
The soul knows what the personality must do, but the personality does not know that the soul knows. The lines of communication have never been established, or they have been blocked by mental or kama-manasic obstacles. Proper lines of connection must be built and purposeful dialogue between soul and personality established. There is always a constructive way to communicate—field to field, vehicle to vehicle.

The internecine warfare between personality vehicles, and between the personality as a whole and the soul, would not rage if the lines of communication and exchange were open. This combination can be described by the phrase, “Let’s talk seriously.” This talk may simply be non-verbal interplay, between the vehicles, or a more intelligent dialogue between soul and personality, but the messages exchanged have to be serious and purposeful. Miscommunication causes chaos and disintegration. Purposeful communication produces fusion.

Gemini is the sign of the Messenger, and with this combination the soul becomes the Messenger. The soul has serious (Saturn) things to say (Gemini) to its personality. The disciple with this combination learns to listen carefully—not to the many clamoring voices, but, with discrimination, to the “still small voice” which represents the Word. Eventually all is clarity, and the messages received tell of Purpose, Plan and Dharma, and guarantees the availability of a certain intelligent guidance of a higher order.

6. Miscellaneous Meanings of Saturn in Gemini:

a. Saturn in Gemini represents the confrontation with the Dweller on the Threshold for humanity:

“From certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on the Threshold, for humanity as a whole has to face that Dweller as well as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both the Dweller and the Angel are that complex duality which is the human family. Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes this possible.” (EA164)

b. Abstract thought pursued rigorously
c. Pains taken to understand the patterns of interrelationship
d. The lower portion of the antahkarana uniting personality and soul
e. The exacting pursuit of truth
f. The regulation of Geminian mobility
g. The theme of Saturn is “one and not the other”. When Saturn is in Gemini, the need to choose between the dualities is accentuated.
h. The disciple faces both dualities intelligently, thinks about them, and makes an intelligent choice. He must choose, because Saturn forces a choice.
i. The pillars of thought
j. Careful, rational thinking.
k. Serious thinking and conversation
l. Formal logic
m. Pedantry
n. Aridity in the thought process
o. Lack of spontaneity in the conversation process
p. Retardation in the learning process

Individuals with Saturn in Gemini

Dante Alighieri
Sir Francis Bacon
Cyrano de Bergerac
Willy Brandt
Paul Foster Case
Benvenuto Cellini
Nicolaus Copernicus
Albrecht Durer
Stephen Foster
Sigmund Freud
Ivan the Terrible
John Keats
Carolus Linnaeus
Amadeo Modigliani
Benito Mussolini
Auguste Piccard
Eleanor Roosevelt
Franz Schubert
Eli Whitney
Oscar Wilde

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