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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Moon in Cancer


Individuals with the Moon in Cancer

Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Annie Besant
William Blake
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Claude Debussy
Stephen Foster
Francisco Goya
Ulysses S. Grant
Charlton Heston
Genghis Khan
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Joseph Lister
Douglas MacArthur
Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim
Sir Isaac Newton
Giacomo Puccini
Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Edmond Rostand
Upton Sinclair
Henry David Thoreau
Andreas Vesalius
Boris Yeltsin

Astrological Interpretations
by Michael D. Robbins

commentary and projects
by Michael D. Robbins

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updated February 2008