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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus or Mercury in Relation to Taurus

Evolutionary Mantram of the Sign Taurus:
“And the Word said: Let struggle be undismayed”

Spiritual Mantram of the Sign Taurus:
“I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined.”

Note: There are few if any direct quotations from Esoteric Astrology linking Mercury with Taurus. The following rather indirect references may serve to stimulate thought.

1. Mercury Working in Relation to Taurus—Two Triangles:

“He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holy triangle (Venus, Mercury, the Earth, A.A.B.). There is to be found the point of radiant fire which shines within the eye (Taurus), which burns upon the mountain-top (Capricorn) and which the water cannot quench (Aquarius). These are the holiest three.” (EA 594)

2. Mercury, Taurus, Rays Four and the New Group of World Servers: This Group is also closely associated with the fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict.

“Ray IV. This ray is not in incarnation at the time and therefore few fourth ray egos are available in world service. There are, however, many fourth ray personalities and they can learn much by the study of the work of the New Group of World Servers. The major task of the fourth ray aspirant is to harmonise the new ideas with the old, so that there can be no dangerous gap or break. They are those who bring about a “righteous compromise”, and adapt the new and the old so that the true pattern is preserved. They are engaged with the bridging process, for they are the true intuitives and have a capacity for the art of synthesis so that their work most definitely can help in bringing forward a true presentation of the divine picture” (EP II 142-143).

3. Mercury in Relation to Taurus (and Aquarius):

“Rule XII: For Disciples and Initiates: Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.” (R&I 23)

4. Mercury (Reasoning Power) and Taurus (Illumination) Working in Relation to Aquarius and Pisces:

“For the initiate, this rule simply carries the same message but on an infinitely higher scale, and (if I may so express it) obedience to this rule calls in Aquarian energy, the reasoning power of Mercury, and the illumination of Taurus, in order to carry forward hierarchical work upon a planet and in a planetary cycle which have been conditioned by Pisces for more than two thousand years.” (R&I 228)

Note: The New Group of World Servers is ruled by Taurus.

5. Mercury, Taurus and the New Group of World Servers:

“The initiate sees the New Group of World Servers brought under the illuminating power of Taurus, with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces. You have, consequently, the ‘over-shadowing raincloud of knowable things’ hovering over humanity, just as the Hierarchy overshadows the New Group and just as the soul overshadows the personality of man; you have all the needed illumination and light upon all the coming problems, waiting to precipitate itself through the New Group of World Servers under the influence of Taurus, the nurturer of all illumination, and you have humanity, at the same time, conditioned and made sensitive by Piscean energy during the past two thousand years” (R&I 229)

6. Mercury Cooperating with Taurus and Aquarius:

“The group, therefore, which ‘serves as Aquarius indicates’ is the Hierarchy; the group which is “speeded upon the upward Way” is the New Group of World Servers. This group is ruled by Taurus, and to it that divine Taurian energy brings ‘illumination and the attainment of the vision.’ This group is, figuratively speaking, the ‘bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beaming light’.” (R& I, 232)

“These objectives are not only individual objectives, but the goal for the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to the light-giving force of Taurus can and will work in the New Group of World Servers, even though they have no occult knowledge and have never heard of their co-workers under that name. Forget this not. (R&I, 233)

7. Mercury, Taurus, the NGWS and the Ajna Center of the Lord of the World:

“The ajna centre of the Lord of the World is just beginning to express itself in a recognisable manner through the New Group of World Servers.” (R&I 368)

8. Mercury in Relation to the Ajna Center: (the Ajna is Related to Taurus, also):

“a. The throat centre is ruled by Saturn just as the two head centres are ruled respectively by Uranus (ruling the head centre) and Mercury (ruling the ajna centre). This is only where the disciple is concerned; the rulership changes after the third initiation or before the first. (EH, 151)

MDR: We see, therefore, that the NGWS, ruled by Taurus, serves a fourth-ray, Mercurial function, bridging the past with the present. Mercury is the ruler of the ajna center of the human being at a certain relatively high stage of evolution.

Putting these thoughts and indications together, we can see quite a close relation of Mercury to the sign, Taurus. And let us remember that the name for Mercury “Budh”, associates it closely to the Buddha, Who is the very emblem of the meaning of Taurus.



Specific Expression of Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus for the Average or Undeveloped Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Taurus—Lethargic, sluggish, inert thinking; mental placidity; non-responsiveness.

2. Mercury in Taurus—Mental inflexibility; stubborn mentality; fixation.

3. Mercury in Taurus—Repetitive mind; ruminative.

4. Mercury in Taurus—Concrete-mindedness.

5. Mercury in Taurus—Materialistic mind.

6. Mercury in Taurus—Non-adaptable mind.

7. Mercury in Taurus—Brooding mind.

8. Mercury in Taurus—Kama-manasic mind; mind much influenced by desire nature.

9. Mercury in Taurus—Commercially-minded.

Mercury in Taurus for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Taurus—Constructive mind, ‘building-mind’. That which is built mentally abides in the mental body.

2. Mercury in Taurus—Brooding, ruminating, pondering mind.

3. Mercury in Taurus—Patient mind; steady-minded.

4. Mercury in Taurus—Common sense; matter of fact.

5. Mercury in Taurus—Ability to calculate; good with numbers.

6. Mercury in Taurus—Appreciation of beauty; artistically minded.

7. Mercury in Taurus—Mind much affected by the senses.

8. Mercury in Taurus—A mind adept at understanding matter.

9. Mercury in Taurus—Mental realism.

10. Mercury in Taurus—Power to achieve mental concentration.

11. Mercury in Taurus—Mind expresses in poetry and oratory.

Mercury in Taurus for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Taurus—Shedding the Light of Wisdom.

2. Mercury in Taurus—Buddha-mind, which “buddhic” access. Noteworthy capability of achieving still mind (the “mind held steady in the light); thus a mind which can thus reflect the “clear, cold light”.

3. Mercury in Taurus—The intuition reveals that which is considered desirable and valuable from the perspective of the soul. Mind sheds light on that which is worth having.

4. Mercury in Taurus—The work of the Antahkarana is stable and constructive. The mental ‘cables’ are emphasized and strengthened through repetition. The mind goes over the same ground, thereby strengthening the range of the thoughts it thinks.

5. Mercury in Taurus—The mind is especially adapted to the stable reception of soul light. Soul light is particularly brilliant. Ideas are often of a practical nature and lead to the practical application of soul light.

6. Mercury in Taurus—Mind susceptible to intuitions of the “Beautiful”—(a correlation with the R4 Taurus emphasis).

7. Mercury in Taurus—Since Mercury is “mind-wisdom”, and since Taurus is the sign especially associated with the Buddha, Mercury in Taurus is a position much associated with the reception and distribution of the Light of Wisdom. .

8. Mercury in Taurus—This is a mind which can shed much light through speech.

9. Mercury in Taurus—Willfully, tenaciously holding to higher principles.

10. Mercury in Taurus—Aspirational mind, ever oriented to the Light. (cf. p. 332, EA)

11. Mercury in Taurus—The mind which can (at a very high stage of development) understand and receive to some extent the “unfettered enlightenment” of Shamballa.

Note: There is no attempt here to distinguish, when listing these characteristics, between the various ‘levels’ of mind, as Mercury has at least co-rulership of all of them.

12. Mercury in Taurus—Mind with unusual access to the mathematical aspects of the Light of Pure Reason. R4 (the “ray of mathematical exactitude”) Likely with special facility for comprehending the geometry and structuralism of buddhi-manas.

13. Mercury in Taurus—A mind sensitive to detecting the light in substance, and which knows how to increase the illumination and radiation of substance.

14. Mercury in Taurus—Intuitions from the soul/Triad take into consideration the material structure of the personality. It is wisdom well-suited to the material plane.

15. Mercury in Taurus—Right relations between soul and personality easier to achieve because of Taurean respect for the material plane. Wisdom gathered from the light of earthly experience.

16. Mercury in Taurus—A mind especially adapted to using the light of the intuition to detach from desire.

17. Mercury in Taurus—The transmission of light and vitality via the word (the pranically-charged word).

18. Mercury in Taurus—Brooding, ruminating, pondering mind—facilitating intuitive reception, at length.

19. Mercury in Taurus—Contemplative mind, able to maintain its intended focus without mental instability.

20. Mercury in Taurus—The soul/personality conflict arising because of increased soul/personality communication centers around whether the personality owns and offers the treasures of soul wisdom and light or whether it owns and offers merely the treasures of personal experience.

21. Mercury in Taurus—The mind as an adept carrier of Spiritual Will (via Atma and the “Jewel in the Lotus” (Vulcan association).


Individuals with Mercury in Taurus

Both David Hume and Bertrand Russell, well known materialistic and skeptical philosophers (Russell-also a great mathematician) had Mercury in Taurus (3°+ for Russell, 22°+ for Hume). More associated with the esoteric work, Jeddu Krishnamurti has Mercury in Taurus (28Taurus40).

Czar Alexander II
John Audubon
Marcus Aurelius
Robert Browning
Oliver Cromwell
Baba Ram Dass
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Albrecht Durer
Richard P. Feynman
Sigmund Freud
Martha Graham
Thomas Hobbes
David Hume
Saddam Hussein
Jim Jones
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Jeddu Krishnamurti
Nicolai Lenin
William Lilly
Carolus Linnaeus
Edward Bulwer Lytton
Moses ben Maimon
Yehudi Menuhin
Franz Anton von Mesmer
John Muir
Sir Lawrence Olivier
Norman Vincent Peale
Bertrand Russell
Charles P. Steinmetz
Richard Strauss
Queen Victoria
Richard Wagner
Walt Whitman

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