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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius or Mercury in Relation to Sagittarius

Evolutionary Mantram of the Sign Sagittarius:
“And the Word said: Let food be sought.

Spiritual Mantram of the Sign Sagittarius:
“I see the goal. I reach that goal. Then I see another”

Quotations from Esoteric Astrology, relevant to the meaning of Mercury in relation to Sagittarius.

1. Mercury in Sagittarius—Intellect Becoming Intuitive Perception:

“In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience, and to this we give the name of intuitive perception. There come flashes of light upon problems; a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths to which he has descended in Scorpio and sees ahead of him the mountain of Capricorn which he knows he must climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to do and he therefore makes rapid progress and travels ‘fast upon the Way.’ He ‘flies from point to point, searching for the arrows which he has discharged.’ He has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him; he travels on the ‘wings of the soul’ (note the relationship to the winged feet of Mercury, the messenger of the Gods) and becomes, in his own personality, the winged God:” (EA 180)

2. Mercury in Relation to Sagittarius—No Planet Falls or is Exalted:

“It is interesting to note that no planet is exalted in Sagittarius and that no planet falls in this sign. Only one things happens and that is that the power of Mercury is greatly lessened.” (EA 191)

3. Mercury in Relation to Sagittarius—Transcending the Human Kingdom and the Mind:

“Mercury, which is the expression of the fourth ray and also the God of the mental processes, has his power definitely lessened in this sign and this for two reasons, esoterically speaking.

First, the disciple has definitely to cease identifying himself with either his own human personality and processes or with the human kingdom, prior to taking initiation. His emphasis is, for the future, to be upon the spiritual soul and the fifth kingdom in nature; in Sagittarius he begins to express this first stage. This involves a complete withdrawal, in the personality sense, from the form side of life. This again entails (at a certain point of crisis) a point of balance. Secondly, the power of the mind, having been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio, begins to wane in its activity and the intuition begins to take its place. This is essential before the sign Capricorn is entered by the disciple and preparation for initiation begins.” (EA 191-192)

4. Mercury in Sagittarius—University or Spiritual Mind Transcending Dualism:

“In Sagittarius, the dualism of Mercury as it expresses itself in the lower-higher mind is transcended by the universal or spiritual mind. More than this hint is not at this time possible.” (EA 369)


Specific Expression of Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius for the Average of Undeveloped Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Sagittarius—Blunt truth, thoughtless expression.

2. Mercury in Sagittarius—Haphazard thinking.

3. Mercury in Sagittarius—Discontinuous thinking.

4. Mercury in Sagittarius—Exaggerated thinking.

5. Mercury in Sagittarius—Overly hopeful, unrealistic thinking.

6. Mercury in Sagittarius—Blind belief.

7. Mercury in Sagittarius—Kama-manas.

8. Mercury in Sagittarius—Mind the servant of opinion; opinionated.

9. Mercury in Sagittarius—Reasoning serves selfish desire.

10. Mercury in Sagittarius—Selfish experimentalism

11. Mercury in Sagittarius—Sticking to one’s opinions beyond the point of reason

Mercury in Sagittarius for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Sagittarius—Truthfulness.

2. Mercury in Sagittarius—High-mindedness.

3. Mercury in Sagittarius—Mental abstraction—possibly “lost in thought”.

4. Mercury in Sagittarius—Foresight and planning.

5. Mercury in Sagittarius—Imagination.

6. Mercury in Sagittarius—Speculative thinking.

7. Mercury in Sagittarius—Accurate hunches, the beginning of intuition.

8. Mercury in Sagittarius—Optimistic thought.

9. Mercury in Sagittarius—Power to arouse through word and speech.

10. Mercury in Sagittarius—One-pointed thinking, targeting. Inclines towards the interpretation of life in terms of goals, objectives and the motivation necessary to reach them.

11. Mercury in Sagittarius—Steadiness of thought.

12. Mercury in Sagittarius—The power to reason.

13. Mercury in Sagittarius—Mathematics.

Mercury in Sagittarius for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Sagittarius— [Parenthetically, we might ask what happens when Mercury retreats from its usual functioning, and is elevated to a superior kind of functioning. Since Sagittarius is one of the ‘intuitive’ signs, the power of the abstract mind and of the intuition can be accentuated with this placement. Thus, it would be only the *concrete* functioning of Mercury which would be lessened in Sagittarius. Its higher, of more *triadal* functions would be enhanced. Of course, non-esoterically, a haphazard and disconnected thoughts process may result. But, esoterically, for a highly developed individual, penetration into the “Mind of God” {triadally considered} is a strong possibility. This would be an excellent position for a mathematician or esoteric theorist.]

2. Mercury in Sagittarius— [The relationship between Jupiter and Gemini should here be compared, as this combination indicates the union of spirit with soul. Aquarius, of the three air signs, has also been associated with the “universal mind” and Libra with “super-mind”.

3. Mercury in Sagittarius—The arrows of thought.

4. Mercury in Sagittarius—Mercury in Sagittarius accentuates the higher manas.

5. Mercury in Sagittarius—Thought the planet is said to be “in detriment” in this sign, the abstract mind is emphasized. In a way, Mercury is free from its lower limitations, just as, when it “falls” (according to the Tibetan, speaking of the “falls” of planets) is “falls away” from its lower expressions.

6. Mercury in Sagittarius—Highly intuitive mind; intuitive reception of pure truth, often in symbolic form. Thus, a mind which divines much through higher ‘symbolic reading’ (like spiritual reading of the more abstract kind).

7. Mercury in Sagittarius—A mind which know ‘where to look’ for the ‘Treasure of the Heavens’.

8. Mercury in Sagittarius—A mind proficient in the apprehension of abstract pattern; suited to the higher mathematics and abstract philosophy.

9. Mercury in Sagittarius—The mind which “hits the mark” without cogitation; “straight-knowledge”. Thus, a mind useful in discerning the salient.

10. Mercury in Sagittarius—The one pointed thought which must, at some point, characterize the “one-pointed disciple” which Sagittarius rules.

11. Mercury in Sagittarius—Impassioned mind, formed by the union of R6 (major ray passing through Sagittarius) and Mercurian propensities towards communication.

12. Mercury in Sagittarius—Visionary mind; ideal for grasping the large scope of the Divine Plan.

13. Mercury in Sagittarius—Thus, shedding the light which illuminates the ‘distant horizons’.

14. Mercury in Sagittarius—The soul/personality dialogue relates to the theme of whether the personality will follow the vision indicated by the soul.

15. Mercury in Sagittarius—The messages borne from the soul are like “arrows of light” illuminating the darkness of lower mind.

16. Mercury in Sagittarius—Antahkaranic bridging is a natural activity; the inclination of the mind is always to “leap the gap”; careful building, and regular, sequential use are less likely.

17. Mercury in Sagittarius—Aspiration as an aid to illumination.

18. Mercury in Sagittarius—This type of mind is associated with “Inspiration” in the Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, Inspiration, Initiation, Identification process.

19. Mercury in Sagittarius—A mind important in understanding the difference between Idea, Ideal and Idol.

20. Mercury in Sagittarius—Aids in the process of relating soul and personality by presenting a vision which will motivate the personality, elevating its forces aspirationally, and rendering personality forces one-pointed.

21. Mercury in Sagittarius—The soul/personality dialogue centers upon the theme of the possible vision, and whether or not the personality sees the same vision seen by the soul. The dialogue is not carried on through normal conversation, but through flashes, and ‘sendings’.

22. Mercury in Sagittarius—The soul/personality conflict generated by increased soul/personality communication centers upon the issue of direction.

23. Mercury in Sagittarius—The rays of Sagittarius, 4, 5, 6 can be combined with Mercury (and its rays 4, (and I hypothesize 3 and 5) to yield various reinforcements and other blends.


Individuals with Mercury in Sagittarius

Woody Allen
Marie Antoinette
Marc Antony
Isaac Asimov
Clara Barton
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Vincenzo Bellini
Hector Berlioz
Robert Bly
Willy Brandt
Carlos Casteneda
Marie Curie
Father Joseph Damien
Gaetano Donizetti
Christian Doppler
Fyodor Dosteovski
Indira Gandhi
Uri Geller
Howard Hughes
Chiang Kai-Shek
Genghis Khan
Martin Luther
Margaret Mead
Sir Isaac Newton
George Patton
Auguste Rodin
Junipero Serra
Steven Spielberg
Baruch Spinoza
Mao Tse-Tung
Eli Whitney
Paramahansa Yogananda

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