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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn or Mercury in Relation to Capricorn

Evolutionary Mantram of the Sign Capricorn:
“And the Word said: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide.

Spiritual Mantram of the Sign Capricorn:
“Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back”.

Quotations from Esoteric Astrology, relevant to the meaning of Mercury in relation to Capricorn.

1. Mercury in Relation to Capricorn in the Pleiades-Capricorn-Mercury Triangle:

a. Capricorn connotes density, firm foundations, concretisation, the mountain of karma that holds down the struggling soul or the mountain of initiation which must eventually be climbed and surmounted. It signifies, therefore, the great force of liberation which both drives into experience and brings experience to an end, from the angle of humanity. This is the major stream of force in this particular triangle at this time.

b. Mercury brings in that quick and intuitive mind which interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition and relates the inner spiritual man to the outer human being in such a way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. Mercury brings about those changes in mental perception which eventually enable humanity to act as the mediating interpreter between the higher worlds and the three lower kingdoms in nature. (EA 435-436)

2. Mercury in Relation to Capricorn—Crises of Initiation, Destruction and Mental Perception:

In this particular world cycle it is Capricorn which is producing a moment of crisis—a crisis of initiation plus a crisis of destruction (related primarily to the mineral kingdom) paralleled by a crisis of mental perception, precipitated by Mercury. It is this mental perception plus world participation in the “crumbling of the mountain load of karma” which heralds the vision of the new day from the top of the mountain.

Here in pictorial language I have endeavored to indicate the three streams of energy which meet in the centre called Humanity, involving therefore:

1. The active intelligence of man, latent in the human centre.
2. The initiatory activity of Capricorn.
3. The illuminating radiance of Mercury.
This combination of energies produces a triplicity of activity of supreme importance today. (EA 436-437)


Specific Expression of Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn for the Average of Undeveloped Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Capricorn—Concrete thinking.

2. Mercury in Capricorn—Matter of fact thinking; the practical mind.

3. Mercury in Capricorn—Materialistic, earth-bound, thought.

4. Mercury in Capricorn—Thought firmly bound by the illusions of space and time.

5. Mercury in Capricorn—Thought bound by rules and traditions.

6. Mercury in Capricorn—Calculating thinking; manipulation.

7. Mercury in Capricorn—Rigid, crystallized thinking.

8. Mercury in Capricorn—Conventional thinking, predictable.

9. Mercury in Capricorn—Common sense.

10. Mercury in Capricorn—Humorless thought.

11. Mercury in Capricorn—Ambitious thought

Mercury in Capricorn for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Capricorn—Impersonal thinking.

2. Mercury in Capricorn—Thinking in terms of principles.

3. Mercury in Capricorn—Realism, pragmatism, no-nonsense.

4. Mercury in Capricorn—Responsible thinking.

5. Mercury in Capricorn—Well-structured, organized thought.

6. Mercury in Capricorn—Mental aspiration.

7. Mercury in Capricorn—Professionalism.

8. Mercury in Capricorn—Thought conferring the power to plan.

9. Mercury in Capricorn—Purposeful thinking.

10. Mercury in Capricorn—Thinking according to principles.

11. Mercury in Capricorn—Thinking in terms of economics.

12. Mercury in Capricorn—Deep understanding of matter and physical process.

13. Mercury in Capricorn—Decisiveness.

14. Mercury in Capricorn—Realistic thinking.

15. Mercury in Capricorn—Logician.

16. Mercury in Capricorn—Moral philosophy.

17. Mercury in Capricorn—Thought well-cognizant of the law.

18. Mercury in Capricorn—A mind which dislikes “small talk”.

Mercury in Capricorn for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Capricorn—Shedding the “light supernal” the light of the “mountain-top of revelation”. Soul light shed on circumstances is intense. The light which reveals life upon the summits.

2. Mercury in Capricorn—The “clear cold light”.

3. Mercury in Capricorn—Practical initiatory intuition.

4. Mercury in Capricorn—Intuition as the servant of a growing synthesis of mind. Capricorn conveys ‘synthetic vision’. Mercury in Capricorn is the mind which sees from the perspective of the synthesis revealed at the acme.

5. Mercury in Capricorn—Messages from soul to brain reveal what must be done to put one’s foot upon the “Mountain of Karma”, and thus ascend.

6. Mercury in Capricorn—The mind which intuitively receives the Law (though, from my perspective, Moses, who was an Aries {says D.K., speaking of Mohammed as of the same sign} was more likely to have had Mercury in Aries). There are some similarities between these two positions in relation to the Law.

7. Mercury in Capricorn—Profound thinking leading to the acquisition of power.

8. Mercury in Capricorn—Serious thoughts which eliminates the non-essential in the spiritual quest.

9. Mercury in Capricorn—Great ability to think in terms of the Law of Economy as well as the Law of Synthesis. Probably, less ability to think in terms of the Law of Attraction.

10. Mercury in Capricorn—Mastery of the knowledge content necessary for the next initiation.

11. Mercury in Capricorn—The intuition required to know what is need in terms of the next initiation. The mind to divine the next necessary “hint” (as D.K. discusses the subject of “hints” in DINA II).

12. Mercury in Capricorn—Organized thinking which keys into the spiritual ‘Power Structure”.

13. Mercury in Capricorn—Power to receive communications from Hierarchy (the spiritual ‘Power Structure’).

14. Mercury in Capricorn—Ability to structure one’s thought life in conformity to ashramic thinking.

15. Mercury in Capricorn—Special capacity to understand the structure and timing of the Divine Plan.

16. Mercury in Capricorn—Capacity to imbue thought with Divine Purpose and Divine Plan.

17. Mercury in Capricorn—Thought process in one sense very abstract because dealing with light- supernal: but in another sense very concrete, because concerned with the practical application of supernal light.

18. Mercury in Capricorn—Facility with ‘structured holistic thinking’, i.e., ‘hierarchical thinking’. Discerning the natural hierarchicalization of life within Cosmos.

19. Mercury in Capricorn—Intuitively revealing the vision as seen from the state of initiate consciousness.

20. Mercury in Capricorn—Intuitively revealing the steps which lead to spiritual power.

21. Mercury in Capricorn—Inclines towards the interpretation of life in terms of transcendent achievement.

22. Mercury in Capricorn—The voice of the soul as the voice of conscience.

23. Mercury in Capricorn— A mind given to spiritual pragmatism.

24. Mercury in Capricorn—A capacity for the apprehension of spiritual will. The mind as a representative of atma.

25. Mercury in Capricorn—A mind capable of fathoming seed principles.

26. Mercury in Capricorn—A mind capable of ordering thought into perfect crystals of thought (as Morya uses the word “crystal”.)

27. Mercury in Capricorn—Strong stimulation of the head center possible, as is the case with Mercury in Aries.

28. Mercury in Capricorn—Meditation leads to the state of “Diamond Soul”; thought simulated by streams from the “Jewel in the Lotus”. There are said to be eight such streams, and Mercury is the “Guardian of the Eighth Gate” and is much associated with the number eight.

29. Mercury in Capricorn—The dialogue between soul and personality revolves upon the theme of law, conscience and karma. Can the personality live up to the law of its highest conscience? Is the vision of possible achievement too demanding?

30. Mercury in Capricorn—A thought process inclined towards the completion and utilization of the Antahkarana; it becomes a much utilized avenue into initiatory realms. The ‘Bridge of Light” becomes very firmly structured through orderly, repetitive use; a solid, crystallized construct.

31. Mercury in Capricorn—Mercury in Capricorn aids in the promotion of right relations between soul and personality by conveying “peak-experiences” to the mind. Thought and ideas which convey spiritual power to the personality.

32. Mercury in Capricorn—In relation to this combination, one can begin to understand the statement that “Mercury and the Sun are one”; all “Sun-gods” who are “Lords of the Mind” are said to be born in Capricorn.

33. Mercury in Capricorn—A mind adept at following the occult laws and rules.

Individuals with Mercury in Capricorn

Horatio Alger
Joan Baez
Tycho Brahe
Louis Braille
Eva Braun
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Al Capone
Lewis Carroll
Paul Cezanne
Charles Dickens
Benjamin Disraeli
Jane Fonda
Hermann Goering
Stephen Hawking
William James
Joan of Arc
Johannes Kepler
Robert E. Lee
Cosima Liszt
Douglas MacArthur
Edouard Manet
A. A. Michelson
John Milton
Richard M. Nixon
Louis Pasteur
Auguste Piccard
Edgar Allen Poe
Elvis Presley
Giacomo Puccini
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Ronald Reagan
Vanessa Redgrave
Albert Schweitzer
Alexander Scriabin
Jean Sibelius
J. R. R. Tolkien
Boris Yeltsin

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